Hodling time

As investment advice, this post represents rumor, speculation, and incomplete information. Keep an eye on the bad weather I speak of, and make your own judgment about the storm. I have lost a great deal of money, and made a great deal of money. Future performance may not reflect past performance.

I am long on land, stocks, and crypto currency. Will soon no longer be long on stocks.

We are now a time of high inflation, though the CPI and general public are still in stubborn denial. To accurately assess real inflation, look at the prices of spot traded base commodities: Oil, natural gas, copper, silver (not gold, it is demonetizing) wheat, soybeans, corn, coffee, cotton, rice, cocoa, and the used vehicle index. The apartments for rent index is not useful, as it differs radically in different locations as order and safety collapse in some locations far more than in others.

Commodity prices are soaring, and they are all soaring in roughly the same way at the same time

It looks like the underlying inflation rate for commodities is around fifty to a hundred percent. Commodities are the primary leading indicator for inflation. List prices are a lagging indicator, reflecting the inherent detachment from reality of book keeping denominated in fiat currency.

Last time we had high inflation, stocks were an absolutely terrible investment. Once Reagan checked inflation, they were a terrific investment.

It is difficult to operate a business during rapid inflation. A business is built on its books, and when you have rapid inflation, the books are meaningless. It is like trying to build a house using rubber tape measures and silly putty set squares. This is another issue that future crypto currency wallets must address.

Businesses were an accounting fiction before they were a legal fiction, and they still are primarily an accounting fiction imagined into reality, rather than a legal fiction pretended by the state.

Normality bias is built into the way a business operates, so they get hit first and hardest when the seigniorage tax approaches and exceeds the Laffer limit.

Last time we had high inflation, you should have invested in gold. I was late into gold.

This time, crypto currency. Gold is being spontaneously demonetized as silver was. In a time short as measured in decades, will fall to its value as an industrial metal, as silver did. Though if the grid goes down and you are stuck in an area where the grid has gone down and stayed down, and have no plans to move, being nestled with like minded and like armed people, gold will be mighty handy. On the other hand, the situation may well arrive when it is move or die, in which case gold will be useless, and crypto currency mighty handy.

But which crypto currency?

The nature of the Cathedral is to assimilate, rather than to intentionally destroy, though they usually wind up unintentionally destroying. And they are assimilating crypto currency, or attempting to, for example WBTC, an enemy institution run by people who hate us and intend us harm.They are assimilating through KYC, with the result that the KYC exchanges are suffering a downturn, which will eventually be fatal. The KYC exchanges will die with fiat.

KYC exchanges are, and will remain, the path from fiat to bitcoin, but in order for this to work for our enemies, they have to demonetize “dirty” bitcoins. Some of our enemies have made a start on this, and I am becoming very worried, but Shaniqua is in charge, the game plan remains assimilation. The threat looms, but is likely to go on quietly looming for some time.

Because miners are few, well known, and immobile, the blood diamonds attack (demonetization of “dirty” bitcoins) is likely to work. I am writing code for preparations for this eventuality, for the use of crypto currency in a considerably more hostile environment, but my preparations are very far from ready. For the moment, safe harbor from the blood diamonds attack is Monero. Not moving into Monero yet, but getting ready to jump. Probably going to jump soon, depending on how the wind blows. Some people are jumping already, and this may be behind the recent rise in Monero. If you jump late, you will be buying Monero at a higher price, but if you jump early, you are acting on rumor, speculation, and incomplete information, which is always bad.

When allocating capital to its highest and best use it is generally wiser to jump in late, and miss out of some of the appreciation that you wisely anticipated, rather than to jump in early and be totally wrong.

Monero faces even worse scaling problems than bitcoin. It is not going to be the one. The one will have the capacity to scale to being a world currency, and will have its privacy system and most of its contract system in the lightning layer, not in the primary blockchain. Monero has inherent problems implementing a contract system and a lightning layer. But Monero may well be a safe harbor in the coming storm.

The one will have a sophisticated and flexible lightning contract layer, and simple, inflexible, and seldom changing contract system in its primary layer.

The bitcoin lightning layer is theory capable of being a better shield than Monero, but we will have to see how things develop. It does not seem adequately weaponized to resist the blood diamonds attack, though it can be and should be.

Weaponization means you don’t just have to worry about individual bad apples and screwups doing bad things out of self interest or incompetence, but brigading, entire highly organized groups saying “we are your side, we are here to help”, with the intention of doing you harm, even at their own expense, as for example WBTC.

The chief flaw in all existing crypto currencies, including Monero and Grin, is that the metadata about a transaction goes through outside your wallet, and, of course, gets integrated with blockchain analysis data. Which blockchain analysis causes considerably less damage to fungibility in Monero and Grin, but does not do zero damage. We need a system where the social net through which you transact, and the reputations of business and financial institutions, are inside the wallet. The wallet has to be a chat and messaging system, in which messages can carry money, but do not need to. So when you pay someone, your data about the transaction and his data about the transaction are rendered immutable and linked to each other, but linked only by hashes existing in your wallet and his wallet, which therefore has to be frequently backed up, and therefore can contain no secret keys, just the information about how the secret keys are derived from the master secret. It should be possible to enter additional master secrets and secret keys, but they should be used once, then the wallet immediately discards them.

This means that the wallet is potentially capable of being a business book, in which which case we will eventually have to separate the value of transaction at the time it was made from the current value of the currency in which it was made. Bitpay does this by representing everything in American dollars at the time of transaction and Bitcoin beach wallet gives you your choice of fiat currency to represent the value of a transaction, a solution that with rapid inflation now, the likelihood of hyperinflation looming, and the role of the dollar as an international medium of exchange, measure of value, standard of value, and store of value collapsing, is no longer satisfactory and likely to rapidly become less satisfactory. Some people are proposing a commodity index as a replacement for the measure and standard of value roles of money, separating those two roles from the medium and store roles of money. Thus one should have the option of representing transactions and making promises of transactions in terms of the commodity value that the crypto currency had at the time of the transaction.

If we rely upon the existing eco system of networks, it is likely to be applied against us as it was against Russia. All existing networks will be weaponized, resulting in fragmentation. The internet is becoming the splinternet. When blood diamonds attack comes through, lightning servers that do not comply are going to lose their domain names. So, we have to have a reputation system where a server’s reputation is attached to a public key, whose master secret is not hot anywhere, and similarly, a proof of stake has to function as a replacement for the corporate form, or else we get what happened to bitpay

Bitpay did great work of immense value to all bitcoiners by making it easy for a business to accept payment in bitcoin. Unfortunately it organized itself as a limited liability corporation, and the state became pissed when people used bitcoin to do what bitcoin was designed to do, and the boot of the state is now on Bitpay’s back.

Crypto currency corporations, to resist the kind of pressure that crippled Bitpay’s functionality, need to be organized as sovereign corporations, with a proof of stake blockchain in place of shares. And they need to support a lightning wallet with a lightning wallet style transaction that exchanges their shares for lightning layer bitcoin off chain.

We will likely see what happened to SWIFT – as existing networks become weaponized against privacy and freedom, demand for alternatives will rise. There has been a big rise in bitcoin-ruble transactions.

Russia was utterly unprepared for being thrown out of SWIFT, and still has not organized any satisfactory replacement, but as people and governments found ad hoc, messy, complicated, and unsatisfactory workarounds, this is having an effect less and less damaging for Russia and Russians, and more and more damaging for the US dollar and the international banking system. The ruble has now recovered against the US dollar, while the US dollar is falling like a stone again commodities and losing primacy as the currency in which goods and services are valued internationally.

If all goes well, by the time that existing networks are fully weaponized against crypto currency and blockchain based technologies, we will manage to stumble our way to bringing up a counter system of networks, and something similar will happen. By weaponizing the network, the state will bring about splinternet, and thus makes its networks less useful, as it has made SWIFT less useful.

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  1. Pax Imperialis says:

    I’m frustrated that some on the right have indulge in a schadenfreude over those who have taken the vaccine and had health problems. Millions have taken it under extreme duress because ultimately they needed to put food on the table. Some mock those people saying they should have just quite their jobs and found new ones not recognizing that many are incapable of so easily changing. A brick layer can’t all of a sudden become a programmer. In the meantime his family goes hungry. Some have even taken to mocking those joining the military.

    This is a drunk post, an emotional post, and likely an unwise post. I know many who have both stayed in the military and entered in spite of the vaccine. Many who have willingly taken it knowing it is both fake and dangerous. I know because I am one of them and I know many others. Many who are hoping in the distant possibility that a good man might lead us to victory. That we might be there when needed because if we are not the consequences are certain doom. It’s likely a false hope that we are willing to die for. Many of us also know that our lives will most likely be wasted. It’s an extremely tragic state of affairs.

    I implore those on the right, especially those who might one day be directly involved in politics, to utilize the immense sacrifice many have made to be there when called upon. Do not let it go to fucking waste.

    • someDude says:

      The problem with your post is, it asks those on the right to be better people, but does not tell them how to achieve victory.

      Tell us how being better people will bring us victory and we are all ears. That which brings us victory makes us better people

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        It’s not asking the right to be better people. It’s asking the right to do what Trump failed to do. Here’s a tool to be used. Fucking use it.

    • Pooch says:

      It’s ok but you must repent and stop worshipping idols. Worshipping idols is inflicting damage to you spiritually. Christians were made martyrs for less.

    • jim says:

      Lots of people took the vaccine as a result of extreme duress.

      But lots more took it with enthusiastic holiness. For those, scadenfreude is merited and entirely appropriate.

      People who took the vaccine under duress are like Christians who burned incense to the divine emperor in preference to being eaten by lions.

      Repentance is required.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Can’t say I was personally very affected, though at the height of the insanity I had to make plans to escape forced injection, which was a real concern at a point when it wasn’t clear how far the escalation would go. But how far the escalation would go probably depended on how many people complied.

      It was a bluff all along. The hospitals that fired nurses had to rehire, the banks that fired investment bankers had to rehire. They could only do it if people complied.

      I feel for those who took it under duress, but every person who took it put the rest under increasing pressure: if it were only 1% or less who didn’t take it, I’m not so sure they wouldn’t have gone door to door (or perhaps a modern version of it like cancelling bank access etc.: we know there were ATMs with vaxpass scanners planned).

  2. The Ducking Man says:


    A video you might find interesting. The goal post of the apocalypse are getting shorter and shorter. This year might turn out to be “great” year like I’m expecting it to be.

  3. Pooch says:

    Interesting article about Yarvin and the “New Right”. Actually makes it seem like they are winning which is overly optimistic IMO.


    • Dr. Faust says:

      Personally, I’d prefer not have them so close to the truth. It’s much better having them chasing hood wearing Klan members, secret nazis and, and MAGA devotees then stumbling near the nest.

      Maybe It’s my cynical side. Maybe I’m blackpilled. But we cannot survive the light of today and instead must grow in darkness sheltered only in a light golden and divine. We are already athwart with entryists eager to set hard to starboard and we barely have a name.

      • Adam says:

        Defending our space from shills and entryists is part of becoming the fittest. If we can’t detect shills and entryists, not going to halt the holiness spiral for long.

        It’s nice to share space with like minded people but ultimately our goal needs to be getting power and keeping power.

    • jim says:

      We are winning by that measure.

      we have the cool kids and the smart kids.

      Leftism used to be the smart faction. It is now the dumb faction and very rapidly getting dumber.

      Back when leftism was the smart people belief system, Christianity was dumb, as Christianity got lefter and more and more post Christian and demon infested, it got even dumber.

      The faith of Gnon, red pilled Christianity, Christianity that integrates Evolutionary Game theory into the Book of Genesis, is a smart people faith.

      So by that measure, by what she is measuring, we are winning.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Theonomists take a very dim view of Darwinism.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          For thousands of years, every right thinking man in christendom intuitively understood darwinism before there was a Darwin.

        • jim says:

          Judeo Christians larping as theonomist Christians take a very dim view of Darwinism.

          Is not my belief system theonomist?

          The Old Covenant judicial laws given to Israel have not been abrogated, but legalism has been abrogated in absolutely no uncertain terms. Caesar has authority and duty to apply the spirit of the law in a manner appropriate to the people, the time, and the situation.

          I need to make another post on the the mostly peaceful chicken blood protest. Time and change renders the letter of the old law irrelevant, and following the letter in practice always turns into the grossest possible violation of the commandments.

          The reason Judeo Christians take a dim view of Darwinism, is that Christian Darwinism implies consideration of the purpose and effect of the law, and they don’t wanna do that.

        • Pooch says:

          I need to make another post on the the mostly peaceful chicken blood protest.

          Could not find a source which states the Roman cop attempting to keep the peace after the chicken blood protest was killed. Is your source Josephus?

    • Nicodemus Rex says:

      He is noticing what many people now notice. That our memes are better and funnier than their memes. That the culture war (fake and gay as it is) is now more often than not fought on battlegrounds of our choosing — e.g for a topical example, groomers was a term that originated in the alt-right and now is mainstream. Any student of game knows that in a contest of AMOGs, the man who is *reacting* more is perceived as the beta — same goes for ideologies. Leftists look like the weak horse whenever they react to the latest right-wing meme.

      What more? Our models are more predictive of reality. We are psychologically healthier than they are because of not having to twist our minds to say 2+2 is 5 one day and 3 the next. Men in the “New Right” are more socially adroit, have more friends, and are successful in their professional life because of the IQ filter. Women who date them and adopt their beliefs (and that is obviously the only way a woman adopts right-wing politics) are much more likely to be owned in the way they desire and have six children.

      In my extremely left-wing city, surrounded as I am by a social circle of broadly liberal 20-somethings, conspicuous wokeness is uncool. being too woke gets you silently disinvited from parties. dropping subtle hints of views that used to be anathema — my go to line is that “I’m so far right that i don’t believe in politics anymore” and then not really elaborating further — gets me IOIs & more from cute girls.

      Doesn’t mean that the “pendulum will swing back” or any such nonsense. we are the cool kids but without a Caesar to unite us they will pick off every shitlord individually and ruin us. leave our kids raped and brainwashed. But it’s *something*. which is why I disagree with the blackpillers (cough cough @Contaminated NEET). We have the best people and have truth and God on our side. there is no reason we cannot win whether it takes 5 years or 50.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I do not think they will be able to pick us off. They are getting rapidly more incompetent. Aidan referred to them as zombies rather than elites, because they are just shambling around in the ruins and not capable of any higher thought or organization. Give it 5 years and it will be us versus something that looks like the USA from Idiocracy. They will not have what it takes to stop us.

      • Pooch says:

        In my extremely left-wing city, surrounded as I am by a social circle of broadly liberal 20-somethings, conspicuous wokeness is uncool. being too woke gets you silently disinvited from parties.

        I don’t doubt that. There was a time when all the cool kids called gays fags and made jokes about blacks, yet the inevitable march leftward continued.

      • The Cominator says:

        “In my extremely left-wing city, surrounded as I am by a social circle of broadly liberal 20-somethings, conspicuous wokeness is uncool. being too woke gets you silently disinvited from parties. dropping subtle hints of views that used to be anathema — my go to line is that “I’m so far right that i don’t believe in politics anymore”

        This is a lot of people being really pissed about Biden rapidly fucking up the economy. It used to be okay to be unwoke even in Mass but fanatical leftism (really it started with faggot marriage acceptance which happened like flipping a switch) came into vogue in about 2015.

    • Anon Poaster says:

      I was about to post that actually. Great news. Conservatism Inc, or at least a significant and potentially powerful part of Conservatism Inc, does not seem too worried about palling around with Yarvin. And while Yarvin has not said anything remotely controversial or redpilled in a long, long while, probably because he is a public figure with children and a company he’s tied to, there was a point in time when he was still anonymous and said some seriously spicy stuff about race, slavery, Anders Breivik and Nelson Mandela.

      • Pooch says:

        The big problem I see with Yarvin, Thiel, and the “New Right” is it lacks a faith. I predict beating the Cult of Reason with merely better reason will fail.

        Moldbug gave us red pills, but stopped short of taking the Christ pill, maybe because he’s half-jewish I’m not sure. Need to take a gun to a gun fight and faith to a holy war, and the red pill alone is not a faith. Red pilled Christianity, well now we are talking.

        When neo-reaction no longer becomes an analytical movement and moves to an action movement it must necessarily become a throughly Christian movement.

  4. Varna says:

    The way globohomo tends to try out new concepts in out fringe places before applying them to the center, I think they are currently experimenting with many things in the Ukraine, including the “collaborator” branding.

    Thus far all sorts of deplorables have been “racists”, “fascists”, “radicals”, “terrorists”, and “dumb bigots”. Perhaps “collaborator” is around the corner. I can imagine it first being applied in perhaps the three Baltic EU states, then Poland, then Germany and France using “collaborator” to crush political opposition.

    CNN and the like starting to gradually use “collaborator” to describe people they don’t like, first only “in the heat of the moment”, then gradually more and more.

    • jim says:

      Worrying, because in Ukraine, they don’t fart around with cancellation, deplatforming, and demonetization. They just kill real and suspected opponents, in considerable numbers.

      If copying the words, likely soon they will be copying the deeds.

  5. someDude says:

    Jim, I’m trying to buy a new laptop where I can store crypto. The plan was that this laptop never connects to the net and I’d use it to run python to generate the keys. However, it seems, that the very first time you login to the laptop, you have to connect to the internet to activate the OS. This seems true about laptops running windows and chrome books as well.

    Would a one time login to activate the OS and thereafter never connecting to the internet thereafter impact security of storing cyrpto there in any meaningful way?

    • jim says:

      No, if it knows no secrets, cannot leak them, but rather than buy a new laptop that you never connect to internet, why not buy a Trezor Model T hardware wallet that you never connect to the internet?

      It is a micro laptop with no internet connection and a pile of built in cryptographic and crypto currency software that has been vetted by people I have reason to trust.

      And, unlike a laptop, no software that is written by people whom I have every reason to distrust. Also, it works well with Wasabi.

      My recommended stack is a pile of peers that are always on the internet, and contain no valuable secrets, some seldom on client wallets that contain secrets of moderate value, and a Trezor that contains high value.

      • someDude says:

        The reason I want a laptop or some sort of computing device is so I can run python to generate the keys. Or at least run html code from github repositories of moneroaddress.org or bitaddress.org to generate the keys. That can’t be done with the hardware wallet.

        Second, I live in India. And I can’t seem to be able to buy it with cash at any of the stores. It’s not available in the stores. That means its an international order through Indian customs where the Eye of Sauron is sure to fall upon me. I could ask a relative to get it for me from abroad though, but that will take time. However, the code running issue.

        • coomeet says:

          What are the criteria for not being allowed to buy computer devices in your country? If you bring them from abroad, does that mean that you will be prosecuted by the state? Maybe you should try living somewhere else if you want to do this.

          • someDude says:

            It’s just that the trezor is not available in any of the stores where I can pick it up for cash. You have to buy it off the internet using a credit/debit card which I would rather not do unless all other options are exhausted.

            Bringing them from abroad would be fine. The customs officials are looking mostly for people smuggling Gold or drugs or contraband. Not this. Not right now.

            Maybe I’m being unduly paranoid, but I just want to make it a habit to start exercising caution

        • Get a laptop with freedos and install Linux offline without an internet connection.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Just about to post this. Also, could get a bunch of old laptops for cheap. If only need python, could run minimal OS, xfce or something, and it would be fine.

        • notglowing says:

          Your hardware wallet will generate the keys by itself just as well. I don’t get the rationale behind using a laptop instead of a cheaper, safer, dedicated hardware wallet.

          • someDude says:

            Thanks, did some research. Yeah, I don’t need a new laptop. A Trezor it is. I asked a relative living abroad who will be returning to India next month to bring me a couple.

      • alf says:

        why not buy a Trezor

        I know I wasn’t asking but I went ahead and did just that, thanks.

        I like bitcoin and assorted crypto, I don’t like how hard it is to learn the basics for a non-techie.

      • someDude says:

        Thanks Jim. This is Gold. Will have a Trezor sometime next month.

  6. restitutor_orbis says:

    It seems possible that the reluctance we’re seeing to engage in Information Era warfare is because of some implicit doctrine of MAA Mutual Assured Assassination is still keeping it in check. Nobody wants to be the first to open Pandora’s box.

    Historically, warrior elites have been willing to risk their lives in battle in circumstances where criteria such as bravery and prowess could be put on display. They haven’t tended to do so when death was arbitrary and random or sneaky, and have gone out of their way to make illegal or unacceptable attacks on each other using those means when they can. And non-warrior elites have never wanted to absorb such risks. The US will assassinate world leaders but only of nations that can’t strike back.

    Imagining a world where elites live their lives as targets for Information Era war is imagining a world that will be horribly dystopian for them. The closest I can imagine is Mexican cartel lords and the lives they lead. I think they would be very reluctant to allow such a world to develop.

    So it might be e.g. elites quietly agree to fight each other to the last redneck or last drone, but stop short of slaughtering each other.

    • notglowing says:

      If they all rely on everyone else not doing it, it’s easy to see how that will play out.
      Eventually, someone will break the rule, and win.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        First mover effect. The first leader to pull the trigger on his enemies wins.

    • jim says:

      I will be seriously disappointed

      Information Epoch Warfare is likely to give us, possibly after a considerable time and a great deal of destruction, an aristocratic elite. Something that our civilization has sorely missed.

      I will also be little bit surprised. War tends to escalate. Weapons that are off the table eventually get brought to the table. On the other hand, Russia really needs to harden its computer networks, and may well attempt to back down, rather than escalate when its computer networks look thoroughly penetrated.

      If not this war and it looks like it will be this war, there will very shortly be another war for very similar reasons or for exactly the same reasons, because if Russia does not escalate, the reasons will remain, and then Information Technology warfare will be on the table.

      • Karl says:

        Killing high ranking officials of other governments outside Ukraine would be a huge escalation, but there are some escalation steps available before it comes to that.

        For example, the Ukrainians in Mariupol had been ordered not to surrender. If such an order is giving by some general anywhere in Western Ukraine, that general would be an easy escalation. Generals are soldiers and so legitimate targets in any war. Nonetheless, it would be much closer to the people making the decisions. The next general might then be killed while he meets his foreign advisors.

        Putin had threatend to hit such targets. Don’t understand why he isn’t doing it or doing it more severly

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted because yet another argument why we should all live in big blue cities, and why conservatives should destroy the lives of everyone in red America to benefit those in blue America.*]

      • jim says:

        The internet has made big cities technologically obsolete. The economy of the big cities is the parasitic and unproductive quasi statal FIRE economy. Information Epoch warfare will make them politically obsolete.

        Constantine set up a new center of governance far from Rome. The next Constantine will set up governance distributed in such a way that it cannot easily be found by robot assassin drones.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          [*deleted as the same argument over and over again*]

          • jim says:

            Your argument is relevant, and makes some slight effort to be responsive, and I feel kind of bad about censoring it.

            But it is always an argument that the right should adopt left wing policies to subsidize our enemies at the expense of our friends. It drips with hostility to the productive people, to the people that Trump appealed to when he put the position that I have called “National Capitalism”. You don’t even condescend to us. You hate us. And you keep saying “We”. You don’t sound like “we”.

            It was you saying “we” that pissed me off. Your measures would destroy technological progress and the creation of real wealth, would destroy real capital and real productivity, to benefit a horde of people who have paid far too much for excessively lengthy and worthless educations, and a horde of people brought in from abroad to live on crime, welfare, government jobs, and voting Democrat.

            I censored you because you propose hostile policies while saying “we”.

            Your proposed measures are harmful to my economic self interest, to the interests of people who look like me and live like me, to the interests of the Trump voter base. I would debate you, but you keep saying “we”.

            You say that to achieve power, the right needs to live your lifestyle. Your lifestyle does not seem to be working out too well for you, and you want someone else to make it work for you.

            The right cannot acquire power by moving to the blue state megalopoli. There is no power there. Rather, the powerful live there. The right needs to take power away from the currently powerful elite, an operation that will necessarily destroy the blue state megalopoli, since the economies of the blue state megalopoli rest almost entirely on the parasitic and unproductive quasi statal fire economy.

            When we win, maybe, if insufficient virtuous, we will wind up with another parasitic and unproductive quasi statal economy, but it will not be doing the same things as the old parasitic and unproductive quasi statal economy, and it will not be physically located where the old elite lived, it will be physically located where the new elite live.

            And if we do wind up creating another parasitic and unproductive quasi statal economy, which I very much hope we do not, for if we do we have failed, but if we do, you and people like you are going to move there, move away from where the old elite lived to where the new elite lives, and will find that moving there no more gives you power than hanging out where our current elite lives gave you power.

  7. Pooch says:

    Example of a Satan worshipper able to say the name “Jesus Christ”, strangely.


    • Guy says:

      Isn’t there the “Jesus Christ is really Lucifer” demonic mythology? It’s surprising how little of that you see given how inverted everything is in the culture, gives credence to the belief in the power of his name.

      • jim says:

        > Isn’t there the “Jesus Christ is really Lucifer” demonic mythology?

        Yes, vatican and great reset. The great resetters sacrifice goats. Rumored to sacrifice children.

        • The Cominator says:

          Goats? I’ve seen more evidence of child sacrifice than animal sacrifice.

          • Pooch says:

            I’ve seen killing of various animals/pets as sacrifice to the Covid demon. I wouldn’t attribute this to the great resetters but just as general Covid demon worship.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        I believe you’re referring to a form of Gnosticism which places a distinction between God and Creator and inverts most of the teachings of the bible. God becomes evil and the Devil becomes good. Some believe the devil is God and use examples from the bible such as God possessing “petty” emotions such as jealously and demanding worship, while at the same time remaining largely hidden and unknown.

      • ExileStyle says:

        Absolutely. Coincidentia oppositorum; opposites, most notably evil and good, converge as one. Core to Rosicrucian, Alchemical, Kabbalist, and Freemasonic hermeticism and all manner of Gnostic mysticisms and heresies throughout the ages. It is the root of all our modern evil, and arguably the reigning religion of our era.

        The basic formula is “If God is Light, then all sources of Light are God: the Sun, Gold, and Fire are all Divine, and the Prince of Light, Lucifer, is the Lord of Light. Hence Lucifer, or Satan, is God.”

        If you want to go down an extremely deep and almost endless rabbit hole, read about Gilles de Rais’s alchemical experiments through the lens of Huysmann’s “Là-Bas” (“The Damned”). It is the most disturbing book I have ever read. Huysmanns was a decadent fin-de-siècle Parisian artist who ultimately converted to Catholicism after witnessing Parisian Black Masses and attempting to write the story of de Rais, the notorious 15th century child murderer.

        The secret of Gilles de Rais was that he was not a madman but a practicing alchemist and magician. His torture, rape, and murder of hundreds of children was a religious ritual.

        To think such things would not happen today is bonkers. They happened when the Church was at its healthiest and most powerful. Gilles de Rais fought personally alongside Joan of Arc for goodness’ sake.

        • Guy says:

          I sometimes see the interpretation of stories such as the Fall of Man and Tower of Babel as being anti-knowledge and anti-human. As in “God wants to prevent humans from having the knowledge from the tree” or “God did not want humankind to become too powerful”. Under that interpretation the serpent could be looked at as Lucifer/prometheus trying to elevate humanity or give humanity knowledge.

          I personally look more at those stories as being about centralization in the case of the Tower or disobeying the hierarchy / law / taking unearned knowledge in the story of the Fall in the garden (among.many other lessons to be drawn). Is there any salvageable truth to the other interpretation? Say, that humans are imperfect and pretensions to the ability to aquire absolute knowledge, especially of Gnon, are bound to end poorly for them? Or is that a complete perversion f the original stories’ meaning? Because I can often use that frame to argue with the humanists to say that their attempts to control society scientifically are bound to fail, so even if you wanted to look at it under their interpretation it would seem that they are on the wrong side anyways.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Des Hermes is putting off intense Pseudo Chrysostom vibes. Thanks for the recommendation… I think… The Gutenberg translation is excellent.


    • Mr.P says:

      Yikes! That was pure pain to read. Quick, I need to take a shower and scrub my eyes and ears with bleach.

  8. Severian says:

    From a very critical Russian source Strelkov:

    “According to #Strelkov this morning, the offensive has begun. The reason it may look small now, is because of recon by fire. Like Austrian military SITREP says, Russia now uses recon by fire, and ONLY pushes through with massive forces, if a weakness in defence is found.”

    “This is a major deviation to before, when Russia would push through regardless, and sustained heavy losses. New military leadership and tactics seemed to be working out, still crazy that Russia only now uses its own doctrine, which it threw out the window at the start.”

    • jim says:

      Recon by fire will discover no substantial weaknesses in defense.

      They are looking for some place to launch a blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is obsolete. Recon by fire will not find what only a time machine could find.

      Ultimately, you have to get your boots on the ground. But if enemy boots are already there, smart autonomous weapons make it very difficult to remove them.

      So, you don’t attack their boots with your boots. You have to strike at the enemy’s capacity to act cohesively, their capability to organize, to command, to tax, and to conscript.

      • Aidan says:

        Moving to Information Era warfare is a massive political step. Dropping a missile down Zelensky’s chimney is going to make every leader in the world fear that a missile will be dropped down their chimney. And that makes a lot of people very likely to drop a missile down Putin’s chimney. Or at least Putin is afraid of that. It has been a very long time that a military/political leader has had skin in the game, actual risk of actually being blown up. Somebody who actually has skin in the game will have to cross the Rubicon of decapitation strikes. And if Putin does it, everybody organizing the war will move to Nato countries, so that an attack on them is an attack on NATO.

        Escalating to Information Era warfare will be an escalation to WWIII.

        • A2 says:

          I’d say that cat is already out of the proverbial bag, cf. the US personalized strikes in the Middle East. Even Trump did one, with an interesting Iranian response.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            As an imperial power, the GAE enjoyed indulging in many privileges it did not permit to others especially regional powers that could not say boo about it either way. Russia in Ukraine on the other hand is one empire contending with another peer, but GAE leadership never the less retains it’s ‘protagonist centered morality’ in it’s approach to the issue.

            • A2 says:

              It would be foolish by Globohomo to think itself invulnerable.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                The nihilists with animal cunning like Brzezinski or Kissinger are all dead or retired at this point; broadly speaking, only the useful idiots are left.

          • Aidan says:

            Trump was hitting people who had no capacity to respond in kind. That includes Iran. Would he have knocked off the leader of a country who could drop a missile on the White House with no warning? The US media has been hinting that Putin should get a missile down his chimney. I wonder who would helm Russia if he did. Maybe someone even more anti-west and warlike.

            • A2 says:

              Iran dropped a brace of missiles right next to a US base as a response, whereafter things settled down.


              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                That was just a face-saving gesture, not even close to a proportional response in kind.

                • A2 says:

                  I beg to differ. It was a measured response that showed Iran could strike back if they wanted to. And indeed it looks like the US got the message.

                • jim says:

                  The Iranian missiles were end guided, with targeting capability of a meter or so, but due to inadequate information, or because fear discouraged them from adequate response, did not hit anything that mattered.

                  Perhaps they were intended as a demonstration of capability. “See, we also could do Information Epoch warfare. But we will not this time. Maybe next time.”

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  It showed that Iran’s ICBMs had pinpoint accuracy. Since there are nuclear power plants in the middle east, Iran has “indirect” nuclear capability. Wouldn’t want to “Chernoblate” Dimona now would we?

                • Aidan says:

                  A response in kind would have been an assassination of Pompeo or someone like him. Dropping missiles on an empty base is face-saving. It was Iran that got the message, knew they could not respond in kind.

            • jim says:

              If a missile down Putin’s chimney, then a missile down Biden’s chimney.

              • Karl says:

                That would be rather pointless. Putin is in power, Biden is not.

                The people who decide what Biden says should have to fear retaliation, not their puppet.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >Dropping a missile down Zelensky’s chimney is going to make every leader in the world fear that a missile will be dropped down their chimney. And that makes a lot of people very likely to drop a missile down Putin’s chimney.

          Yep. The best time if any for such things would’ve been in the opening minutes, where the shock of rapid events can let many things pass. Everyone’s focused now though. There are still possibilities though, for example, compiling profiles on personnel, and hitting local and regional leadership figures with ties to globohomo, and letting the ones left surrender.

          • Aidan says:

            It would have been. But it would be crossing a Rubicon that fundamentally changes politics and war until technological decline bites. There aren’t many men who can do that.

            • jim says:

              If you will not cross the Rubicon, the Rubicon will come to you. It was coming for Putin.

              Blitzkrieg failed. He is trying it again a different way. It is likely to fail again for the same reasons as it failed the first time. He can accept defeat, and allow to Cathedral to continue the forever war it has been conducting for decades, a forever war that is bound to succeed sooner or later, or he can cross the Rubicon.

              The Rubicon came for Trump, and he went fishing in the Rubicon. What will Putin do?

              • someDude says:

                1700s: Sweden
                1800s: Napoleonic France
                1900s: Nazi Germany
                2000s: GAE?

                Astrology says Putin will cross the Rubicon

        • The Cominator says:

          The big problem with dropping a missle on Zelensky and the Uke leadership is that they are almost certainly in a bunker in Poland.

          • jim says:

            Nonetheless, their network must be connected to Ukraine. Find the network, then through the network find the bunker in Poland. Destroy bunker and network.

            The Taliban network was far more deeply hidden.

            But, during negotiations, Trump sent the leader of the Taliban a picture of his house.

            “Why are you sending me a picture of my house?”

            “Think about it.”

            • The Cominator says:

              Attacking the bunker in Poland (if they can even get them and it might be too deep) would be a direct attack on a NATO country.

              • jim says:

                They can easily reach Poland – and indeed the US. Attacking a bunker in a NATO country would definitely check enthusiasm for joining NATO, and actively involving in NATO’s pressure on Russia.

                The whole point of this war, as an issue of global strategy, is to stop the USG from launching not-wars which kill thousands of its enemies, to establish the principle that not-wars are apt to explode in your face.

                To achieve this goal, necessary to bring the explosions closer to the face. It has been revealed that you cannot do that with grunts, tanks, and artillery.

                If you want to stop NATO from killing anyone who fails to hold a gay parade, got to kill people inside a NATO country, or demonstrate the capacity and will to do so.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They can reach Poland…

                  But if the bunker is deep underground they might not be able to kill their targets (if they even know exactly where they are at a given time) and also Poland will be screaming to invoke Article 5 despite their and NATO’s own egregious violations of classical international law…

  9. notglowing says:


    Perhaps the tranny worship is closer to reaching its apex and deflating

    • Pooch says:

      Nah. Conservatives applying the stabilizing brake to the more comfortable gradual leftward shift.

    • That’s not “pretty close.” That’s actual and real sacrifice of a live child to the gaia demon.

      • The Cominator says:

        I take a neutral position between the abortion is murder of a full baby and abortion is nothing bullshit.

        It becomes more a person and less a clump of cells as it gets further along, but in this case it sounds like said demon worshipping woman was actively sacrificing what she believed to be no different than a full live baby of hers to the climate demon.

        • jim says:

          Three dee full motion ultrasound reveals a full human, a person with personality and character, at sixteen to eighteen weeks.

        • This “neutral” position on many issues of previous generations is what becomes the slippery slope in subsequent generations leading to full fledged demon worship.

          • count your blessings and chromosomes says:

            It used to be that society turned a blind eye when retards disappeared into the woods at night, never to be seen again. Society no longer allows parents to quietly dispose of their defective progeny, so abortion is a convenient compromise.

            Say, you know that your wife is pregnant with a Down Syndrome drooling ‘tardo. Are you not going to commit infanticide?

            I would assume that post-restoration, society will once again turn a blind eye when retarded children undertake a journey into the deep forest, perhaps accompanied by an uncle, never to be seen or heard of again. Same principle applies to rape-babies and adultery-babies. Then abortion will be totally unnecessary.

            As long as it’s unacceptable and horrible to wink-wink ahem-ahem when ‘tards, rape-babies, and adultery-babies disappear in the night, should be legal to dispose of them prior to birth.

            • The Cominator says:

              If they are going to be born with horrible defects its better to do it before there is any self awareness than having them spend early childhood mistreated horribly and then be murdered.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Abortion can damage the womb. The doctor can give a false positive regarding prenatal screening for defects.

              Your solution is superior to present abortion policy.


        • ten says:

          What are you, except an animated clump of cells continuously reassembling itself according to its blueprint?

      • someDude says:

        DR, look at our neighbors going Globohomo, https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/boys-club-no-more-pakistans-new-cabinet-has-women-in-key-positions/ar-AAWnad3

        A sobering thought is that Islam is like a cat with 9 lives. I fully expect the chaps next door to come back from this like Afg.

        • The pak army is CIA controlled and hence Imran was soft coupled out of power. No politics possible in Pakistan without the CIA approved army chief’s blessing.

          But even the rise of a radical Islamic anti-American Pakistani general would not be exactly good news for India.

  10. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Looks like the festivities in the east are kicking back into gear.

    • jim says:

      Putin’s mouthpieces have been talking escalation, and Russia is launching a major offensive on the Donbass front line.

      In the Information Epoch, a major offensive on the front line is pointless and stupid. The Russians will advance a few miles here and a few miles there. Big deal.

      Real escalation in the Information Epoch is penetrating computer networks to identify the human social network, and sending a kilogram of high explosive down the chimney of a key vertex in the social network.

      But Putin, like most military leaders, has been behind the times on Information Epoch warfare.

      We shall see if he knows how to escalate.

      And he urgently needs to do something effectual about Cathedral penetration of his networks. His apparatus of network control is designed to spy on Russians, and conveniently delivers all the spy data it collects to the American National Security Agency wrapped up with a pretty pink bow.

    • Severian says:

      It looks like they are using more concentrated artillery and bombardment than on the initial offensives.
      We’ll see if they get better results but I’m very skeptical of major breakthroughs. This offensive has been pre announced weeks ago and there is practically zero element of surprise by now.

      Russians keep threatening to escalate targets to decision makers but no such strikes materialize beyond a few logistic spots. Which makes me believe they don’t have the ability to follow up on those threats.

      • come-up anxiety says:

        Russians keep threatening to escalate targets to decision makers but no such strikes materialize beyond a few logistic spots. Which makes me believe they don’t have the ability to follow up on those threats.

        If they are willing to go all the way, they can drop a nuke on Zelensky’s head.

      • jim says:

        They certainly have the capability to drop a missile on the head of a particular person if they know that person’s location at that moment.

        From the absolutely abysmal state of Russian network security, it is plausible that they don’t have decent penetration of other people’s networks, and so do not know where that person is located at that moment. They seem unaware of how their own networks can be penetrated, which would suggest lack of awareness of how other people’s networks can be penetrated.

        They need to hire those infamous “Russian hackers”, in the same way that China is now hiring South Korean chip fabricators.

        If they were vigorously penetrating other people’s networks, would not have the welcome mat lying around on their own.

        On the other hand, it is possible that all that seeming insecurity is actually clever honeypots to attract NSA hackers and feed them misinformation.

        I am impressed by Russian advances in AI, which have gone well ahead of Google, which is getting dumber and dumber as Google lobotomizes their AI to stop it from seeing race and sex. If the Russians are good at AI, can they be as shitty as they seem to be at state network security?

        • The Cominator says:

          I thought I read that Russia basically believes all their networks will be hacked no matter what so anything they REALLY don’t want their enemy knowing will be litterally be typed on typewritters and transmitted physically by couriers.

          • jim says:

            All their networks are hacked. If they are not hacked, it is because the NSA has appointed Shaniqua as tech lead.

            But they are wrong about the “no matter what”. That is the council of despair. You can make your network reasonably secure.

            Russia urgently needs to secure its networks. Also, if they suspect that their government networks are insecure (and I surely suspect them to be insecure) they should stop spying on their own people’s private networks and allow their people to secure their own private networks, because they are inadvertently passing all that data on to the NSA. When they find they cannot spy on one of their subjects, instead of saying “hey, stop securing your network”, they should say “Hey, we are firing our network administrators, and want you to take over their job.”

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      With all those kick-ass anti-tank/vehicle missiles out there, I can’t imagine the Russians driving very far ever again. Even to close off the Donbass “cauldron”, I just can’t see it. Way too dangerous out there fuck that. We’ll see.

      They’ll need a shitload of Ural motorcycles or (stolen?) four-door Hyundais and Skodas, spaced out on the road.

      The few “Ukraine skeptic” guys that get online or onto Fox News anymore never bring this up, which dismays me, but shouldn’t.

    • A2 says:

      I saw an article a couple of days ago telling us that the Jewish community in Odessa had regretfully decided to run away. To me, that looks like a fairly honest signal that Russian forces are approaching.

  11. Red says:

    Antifa/BLM was just reactivated. Jim’s predictions on the 2022 midterms being rigged is looking more likely.

    • Red says:

      Reddit’s back to banning people for mentioning black crime again.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      What’s so great about the cathedral is that they can activate their masses at will. And the fact that BLM and Antifa are on payroll really telling me that money solves everything.

      Tho I’m still confused why people still take BLM/Antifa seriously.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        >I’m still confused why people still take BLM/Antifa seriously.

        They successfully do violence to their enemies on a group scale. Nothing in the world is cooler or more serious than that.

      • someDude says:

        If money solves everything, then Power solves more than everything. You read this blog, but don’t understand it.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        They are not burdened by Romans 13. Vigilantism, you know?!

    • The Cominator says:


    • Oog en Hand says:

      Antifa has a taboo against euthanasia. Ableism or something. This means that they are very vulnerable to mutilation attacks.

    • Ghost says:

      They communicate over Twitter. That’s where their instructions are written, rallies are organized, followers meet.

  12. […] Jim looks at commodity pricing, real inflation, and crypto-currencies. […]

  13. Edmund Cellar says:

    Chie Paedo of the AngloCuck Church:

    Oh lord, grant unto us lovely little dark boys. They can join our choir & change with us in the Vestry.

    As Leviticus ch42, verse3 says: For not to Rwanda does the light of Jesus shine, in the direction of Canterbury is the light of the lord.

    Also gives us those lovely boys who aren’t tellers of tales. Orphans are good too. Even Jesus didn’t like too close family around!!!!!

  14. Alfred says:

    I’ve picked up a lot of good advice on the mating dance from Jim and many commenters here. I would appreciate input on the following: is it possible to neg too hard/too much?

    To use something I said the other night as an example, I was talking to a girl I’m interested in the other day and the subject of former relationships was brought up, and she mentioned one of her boyfriends cheated on her with “a bunch of girls.” I was a little loose at this point in the night and I said without thinking I said “Were they prettier than you?”

    Now this girl is the prettiest I know and I said this knowing that internally, but still, kind of a shocking thing to say in normiedom. It didn’t go as badly as I thought it may when I blurted it, she just made a face then she said something tongue in cheek like “Well, they weren’t prettier AND smarter than I am!”

    I’ve gotten the sense that when you get to a certain level of “in” with a girl it might be wiser to lay off the negs a bit. I also feel this may be my inner normie trying to sabotage me and that I should resist.

    Any thoughts? Do the negs have to continue in some form or another as long as you want a successful dynamic?

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Tell her, “I can’t stick my dick in your college degree.”

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      It’s a lot easier to go to little than it is to go to hard with women, and the ratio of penalty for the former is also much greater than the later; this is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles men marinated in ‘nice’ bluepill values growing up have in trying to internalize.

    • jim says:

      You call that a neg?

      If there is a limit, you have not gone near it.

      • Alfred says:

        Fair enough. This one might be used to being treated with kid gloves though. I’m not sure if that would make her more or less amenable to more ruthless negging.

        • Pooch says:

          The harshness of the negging should be directly proportional to how hot she is.

        • Adam says:

          Ultimately you want her to do what you want her to do, and not do what you do not want her to do.

          Apply pressure until her life revolves around yours. Keep her in line the same way.

    • Adam says:

      She will never love you more than after you leave her sobbing curled up in blanket.

      • The Cominator says:

        Being a sperg this was always one of those things i couldn’t do very well.

        • Pooch says:

          It’s a learned skill. Practices makes perfect. But The bar for your competition is low and you’ll only need it to work on 1 broad.

        • jim says:

          Sperg is not inherent, rather it is despair – often a result of attempting to communicate over a large IQ gap and failing.

          Work on it. Not being a sperg is a collection of learned skills. PUA is in large part a body of lore about these learned skills.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Sperg is inherent, because autism is a brain condition. It is a wiring thing, like IQ. You cannot teach someone to have an IQ of 145, and you cannot teach an autist to understand body language and social cues the way normal people do.

            What you can do is rely on pattern matching and training to condition someone to recognize them. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it works. In some ways you are even better than the normal man on the street because you have to understand all of the ways people work. You know why people act the way they do, not just what you have to do to respond.

            Using “Sperg” as an excuse is like using fat as an excuse. My brother, go and work on yourself. If you are fat, lift weights and diet. If you are a Sperg, read the PUA blogs and start hitting the street. Do what you need to do to get to what you want to be.

            • The Cominator says:

              Wulfgar you are right but there are some things I can do and some I can’t… and I have read PUA blogs and gone out. It was much easier 10 years ago.

              • Pooch says:

                Your only option would the conservative churches like PCA, particularly being in South. Go to the mens Bible study. The older men you’ll meet with have daughters.

        • Red says:

          Com, you sure the hell can learn it. You figured out both the COVID hoax and the people behind developing it. Treating women the way they want to be treated shouldn’t be much harder than that.

          • Adam says:

            I agree. None of us are special.

            Something I always wondered about is if you took someone socially awkward and had them train a dog, like a big headstrong breed, if that would help them with women. Learning to set boundaries, act and speak with authority.

            PUA is like fake it till you make it. But you would be better off making it. Training a dog to follow orders means having to learn how to calibrate your words and actions in a way the dog responds to. Social calibration works kind of like that.

            Worst case you learn to carry yourself and speak with authority, and that is a very valuable skill that will help with women.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Most the guys here will probably disagree or find this reprehensible, and I think they are right to do so. I carry a lot of baggage that is not helpful.

      I have a hard time distinguishing between Negging and Needling. Negging gets a girl wet; needling gets a girl frustrated. Negging is what a man does to amuse himself; needling is what a man does if he has to much feminized, simpering bullshit clogging his subconscious. It is kind of like the difference between ironic bitching and actual whining. I’ve worked with some guys that are piss-yer-pants hilarious with quips that seem like whining but aren’t. I’ve also had subordinates that just can’t let 5 minutes go by without making some whinging observation on the current plight or predicament. The comments are often the same exact words, but the source or delivery or something makes one amusing and the other intolerable.

      I am finding that silence is just better. It makes her work harder to draw me out. It gives me time to see if I’m being a man or being a bitch. And it keeps me safely in Leadership Territory. If you find yourself second guessing your negs and comments, go with the less is more option.

      … alternatively, you can also step on the gas and see where she goes. A woman’s capacity to tolerate abuse from The man she wants (as opposed to A man she wants) is practically limitless.

      Here’s a Bill Watterson quote that I’ve always found strangely insightful: “I imagine bugs and girls have a dim perception that nature played a cruel trick on them, but they lack the intelligence to really comprehend the magnitude of it.”

      • Adam says:

        You want the girl to feel bad, not gross. If you say a negative, say it in a way that says “I carry this burden with ease” and not “this burden is too heavy”.

    • alf says:

      Ha that’s funny.

      “Back in my Day”, the pua theory went that you move from ‘flirting’ to ‘comfort’, the latter being less neg-heavy. Which model in less black and white form still holds fine. There’s always the steel glove and the velvet glove.

      You can be nice, in fact it’s great to be friendly. But there’s always gotta be that slight hint of violence, that scent of danger. That’s what makes people keep coming back.

      She brought up her badboy ex, you reminded her of her place in a witty manner. Seems fine to me.

    • Nicodemus Rex says:

      Never stop negging a girl, but once you’re “a certain level of in” with her you should also be bestowing her with a solid amount of indicators of interest / approval (don’t confuse these with compliments.) Too much negging with a girl who’s interested and she’ll perceive incongruency & wonder why you’re still sticking around.

      there’s no such thing as a “limit” to negs BTW, you can say the most outrageous things as long as you HOLD THE FRAME when she tests you on them.

      • jim says:

        You have to make a girl work for your approval. Give her approval when she rightly earns it. Withhold approval, or explicitly voice disapproval, when she does not.

  15. The Cominator says:


    A more radical position on the woman question seems to be going more mainstream…

    While this article is purple pilled (there is no innate biological desire to require commitment as a condition to sex from women, in fact men have to have sex with women to get them to stick around more than the reverse… and women only value marriage if marriage brings status) its good to see this even being discussed.

    • Red says:

      This is pretty standard Cuckservitive crapola. I’ve seen this shit my entire life. These “Conservative” women go to whore school then get married and then don’t have kids because they’re busy “enjoying” life and often cucking their husbands.

      Marriage is high status in Conservative circles, but having children and being faithful and obedient to one’s husband is not.

      • The Cominator says:

        No this isn’t moralfagging this is saying that women now are something profoundly fucked up and unnatural and its wrecking everything…

        Purple pilled but closer to red than I’ve seen before among cuckservatives.

        • Red says:

          The left ruins everything it touches. You can add women to the list.

          The left ruined marriage and families and the conservatives like the daily signal helped them. They’ve just moved on from blaming men to blaming the left without providing any concrete solutions to the problem.

          Real change would have would them advocating people not sending their daughters to whore school and finding them nice young men to marry at an early age. Instead they throw up their hands and surrender. They show no signs of understanding the true nature of women.

          • The Cominator says:

            Saying there is a huge problem, blaming the left, and not claiming that men are guilty are HUGE steps in the right direction. I didn’t say it was perfect but more progress than I ever would have expected from normiecons.

            • Red says:

              They stopped blaming men after the rise of the public incelism 5-8 years ago. They realized they sounded ridiculous when the percentage of men getting their dicks wet was dropped like a stone.

              Blaming the left while still lying about the true nature of women is fucking retarded. Every other line of that article was lies about women’s nature. Their logic is throw the left out of power and women will return to normal that never existed. Given power they’ll end up like Hitler did: wanting big German families while giving women rights and then wondering why the birthrate was so low.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                West-African Christians do not marry 12-year old girls. They do have large families.

                • jim says:

                  UNICEF thinks there is a lot of child marriage in West Africa, though they do not break it down by religion.

                  What makes you think West African Christians do it any differently? There is no age of consent in Old and New Testaments, and there is no requirement for consent in the Old and New Testaments.

                • i says:

                  The design of the body itself should provide clues to its optimum use. Including whether someone is psychologically prepared.

                  That means prepubescents are automatically out. But teens preferably mid to late teens are definitely allowed. Based on known medical information to minimize downsides.

                • Aidan says:

                  The design of the body is that girls start craving dick right about when they get their pubic hair. Which is sometimes long before they stop looking like children, but that does not stop them from cruising for dick.

                • i says:


                  Indeed. But that doesn’t necessarily match up with the suitability for pregnancy.

                  Including plenty of Data that makes it suboptimal before 14-15.

                  Must be one of the reasons why co-habitation by the Catholic Church wasn’t allowed until 14.

                  “Improvements in prenatal care have resulted in decreases in medical complications among babies born to teenage mothers, but mothers aged 14 years and younger continue to experience unacceptably high rates of adverse outcomes. The most significant medical risks for infants of teenage mothers are likely related to the parental care those infants receive after the first year of life. Infants born to younger teenage mothers have a higher rate of mortality by their second birthday than infants of older adolescents and adults. [3] The incidence of prenatal mortality and low birth weight increases with subsequent pregnancies in adolescents. [4] The morbidity experienced by the infants of young mothers is more subtle to define but has been reported to include increased rates of hospitalization and increased risks of accidents, poisonings, burns, and superficial injuries. [5]

                  In several studies the cognitive levels of infants of younger v older mothers have been compared, and the results indicate lower cognition among the infants of younger mothers…”

                  “Health Risks to the Mother”

                  “A teenage mother is more at risk of pregnancy complications such as premature or prolonged labor, anemia and high blood pressure. These risks are even greater for teens who are less than 15 years old.(3)”

                  “Health Risks to the Baby”

                  “A baby born to a teenage mother is more at risk than a baby born to an older mother.

                  “Nine percent of teenage girls have low-birthweight babies (under 5.5 lbs.), compared to 7 percent of all mothers nationally.(1)”

                  “Low-birthweight babies may have organs that are not fully developed. This can lead to lung problems such as respiratory distress syndrome, or bleeding in the brain.”

                  “Low-birthweight babies are 40 times more likely to die in their first month of life than normal-weight babies.”


                  Of course poverty and malnourishment alongside bad hygiene may have contributed. But this is what has been known so far.

                • jim says:

                  > Including plenty of Data that makes it suboptimal before 14-15.

                  Yes it is suboptimal for most females before fourteen or fifteen. Which is why they get rather noticeably hotter when they go from fourteen or fifteen to sixteen or seventeen. Hence the song is “Sweet sixteen”, not sweet fifteen or sweet seventeen.

                  And it is also suboptimal for most females after twenty nine. Yet somehow no one worries about that.

                  If a chick is has not yet reached optimum hotness, pregnancy is suboptimal.

                  And if a chick is past optimum hotness, pregnancy is also suboptimal. And most women these days do not get pregnant till past optimum hotness.

                  If we err on the side of girls getting pregnant too soon, we nonetheless ensure stable marriage and families.

                  If we err on the side of girls getting pregnant too late, which is what is happening now, we get comparable damage to women and babies, plus we destroy marriage and get fatherless children.

                  If every single girl got married at twelve, pregnant at thirteen, and gave birth at fourteen, there would be significant adverse health consequences, but probably less significant adverse health consequences than the adverse health consequences we are having right now as a result of widespread extremely late pregnancy. And we would have stable families and children who have fathers.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          It is the Left who is redpilled about women. They just happen to be blackpilled. Women being sluts and not having babies is seen as GOOD.

          • Adam says:

            They are not blackpilled they are bluepilled and failing because they are incompetent. Femininity is allure. A lure. Like a fishing lure. Trad girls aren’t any different than leftist girls in that they are both working to impose their will on man. Trad girls are more competent. They have better camouflage and are better liars. They put much more effort into playing the game, and will give more to get what they need.

            Overtly leftist girls are lazy and incompetent.

      • Pooch says:

        Yeah this article by Jewcon Prager is nothing useful. The destruction of the family has nothing to do with female “desires” and everything to do with the dismantling of Christian patriarchy. Without patriarchy, women revert to their natural state of destructive behavior.

    • Red says:

      Com you continue to gag on the reactionary red pill on women: All women are like that.

      • Pooch says:

        Yeah I think Com is more blue pilled than red on the woman pill, which is ultimately the only pill that matters.

        • The Cominator says:

          All I said about this article is despite the purple pilled nature that its way more progress than I ever would have expected from a cuckservative.

          • Adam says:

            It’s good in the sense he’s headed in the right direction. He’s not very far down the path and has a long way to travel but it’s better than just attacking feminism with conservative ideology.

            There’s nothing wrong with being friendly to those to our left, as long as they are traveling right.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            TC, you’re absolutely right that the dissemination of the Red Pill is happening. As a matter of process, it is going to be diluted and unhelpful at first. Pooch and Red are right about the purity aspect, but it is immaterial to the issue. As public sources of thought begin to flirt with the Meme, people will naturally dig deeper and search further afield in territory adjacent.

            We are like a Kardashev III society here, so it isn’t going to be well received when you tell us “hey, look, those proto-hominids are playing around with combustion!” Everyone is just going to respond with “lol that’s not how fusion works, what a pointless waste of time!”

          • Red says:

            Com your ideal that not all women are like that, bleeds through by posting this sort of stuff. Women are naturally destructive when unowned. Leftist didn’t fuck them up rather they made it illegal to own them and for men to be manly which tossed women back into their normal destructive mode. They’re not ruined, rather our civilization is ruined due to it being very difficult to resume normal patriarchal roles.

            Consider how hot young women go running to men who practice open patriarchy like ISIS and Muslims in the west. They want to be owned and gladly toss off everything the left pushes on them when an alpha male backuped both by religion and his tribe comes around. While it’s very difficult to get the sort of backing for men in the west, it’s not impossible to alpha up and start building your own tribe, much as Abraham once did.

            • The Cominator says:

              The west does not have natural unowned women because of all the artificial status boosts and all the protections uncle sam the white knight gives them, natural unowned women are more like Latin America, the Slavlands and Asia has. Our women are something worse.

              • pyrrhus says:

                By way of contrast, in the early middle ages, any single woman without a male protector could be enslaved in most countries..Single women could never wander around by themselves…

                • The Cominator says:

                  I think basically until the 1980s when Uncle Sam started his most serious phase of white knighting it was very hard to be an attractive single woman because no laws against so called “sexual harassment”, as such singledom and inceldom didn’t start until then…

      • question says:

        Can women do math?

    • Dr. Faust says:

      No comment section or a highly moderated comment section is a sign a website fears thoughtcrime. Cancels it instead of facing bad feels lest they slip into nazi territory. 9/10 of the comments for that post would be approval with most saying too left and one shrill harpy screeching outrage.

    • Adam says:

      This man is not passing shit tests, and is friends with his wife.

      He is scratching around in the dirt until he accepts that every word spoken by a woman is potentially being spoken on behalf of Satan.

  16. Anonymous Fake says:


    What if the Cathedral (oh the irony) could be defeated simply by bringing back the Vatican’s banned book list, and then anathematizing all the college ranking magazines that have all the usual suspects on top? It would be a step towards universal meritocracy, not secret prestige that holds mystery power over supreme court clerkships, etc.

    We’re at the point where the weirdest solutions might be the only ones that work because everything else has been tried.

    • jim says:

      Far from simple.

      We already have a banned books list. All the old romance novels in public libraries get burned every so often to adjust romance to the latest levels of political correctness.

      At regular intervals older stuff is made more difficult to access. You regularly see in Wikipedia, on some issue where the orthodoxy has suddenly changed, the complaint that this Wikipedia article is using older secondary and derived sources, and needs to be updated to the latest secondary and derived sources.

      You always have a banned books list, though in the age of the internet, outright open bans that actually listed what needs to be suppressed would merely result in the Streisand effect – people would know what to read, and look for it, and find it, so the banned books list has to be top secret and guarded by a bodyguard of lies. (Though you can figure it out by what sources get suppressed in Wikipedia and what books disappear from the public library.)

      We need a based priesthood operating the banned books list – which is a coup complete problem.

      The problem is that we need based priests operating the banned books list.

      Korean soaps are gaining in popularity among western women, because they depict the mating dance in a way that is slightly less ludicrously unrealistic than western soaps. Difficult for the Cathedral to do anything about it without taking sterner measures against Korea. Another color revolution coming?

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        The popularity of Korean soaps due to depiction of the mating dance is likely accidental. Korean entertainment industry can’t directly compete with Hollywood in international markets and naturally ends up lower in the value added chain.

        High value added TV shows are ones that last multiple seasons. Franchises. This is what Hollywood loves. Multiple season romance is naturally going to have to keep changing love interests to keep things interesting.

        Low value TV shows are one season hit or miss. One season is naturally going to have much tighter narration and strict story lines. Less possible to run through 10+ different love interests like American dramas do. 2 love interests is typically the max with 1 being optimal. Korea operates in the one season hit or miss market.

        The mating dance in Korea (East Asia in general) is extremely different than the west. Arranged marriages were the historical norm especially in higher status groups. Modern Korea (East Asia in general) still has high utilization of marriage brokers/informally arranged marriage dating. It’s partly why you see so many Asian men flounder in the west when it comes to dating. The mating social infrastructure largely did not follow them to the west. Arranged marriage doesn’t need (much) game. If mate selection isn’t dependent on game, it deteriorates over the centuries.

        Dating in certain social circles in Korea has more to do with pragmatic assessment than ‘love.’ It’s a way of checking up in a close and personal way to see if that dossier on the prospect was accurate. Love develops latter into the marriage if it develops at all.

        • Aidan says:

          Obviously, the pragmatic Asian approach to marriage is going nowhere for them. A man can arrange a marriage, but cannot arrange for his wife to take his load and have his kids. Contrast with the trad Christian “God has commanded me to cum inside you and nowhere else. Birth control is a sin”

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            It worked until it didn’t. Like most systems, there are breaking points. What changed between the Asian method working and not working? You’ll find that female voting rights to be highly correlated. Female education as well. Do these correlations sound familiar because they should. If a society undermines everything that makes Christian marriages feasible, of course you will find the Christian marriage system breaking down. If a society undermines everything that makes Confucian/Buddhist/Shinto/Mahayana marriage possible… the result should be obvious.

            Should you look back into both Western and Eastern history you’ll find distinct similarities in how social pressures stemming from both family and religious authorities were used to promote fertility. While Eastern traditions do not contains something like “God has commanded me to cum inside you and nowhere else. Birth control is a sin” it did have functionally similar values. Otherwise there wouldn’t be 4.561 billion Asians today the vast majority of whom are not products of Christian marriages.

            So it’s not obvious that the pragmatic Asian approach to marriage is going nowhere for them because it’s not obvious that the Christian approach to marriage is going nowhere. The cause of marriage decline is due to something far more fundamental than just some trad Christian value being absent. I would argue that the decline is due to widespread social and religious hostility to reproduction originating from communists (CCP/CPUSA) and their sympathizers (Harvard/Yale/Princeton).

            • jim says:

              You are missing the forest for the trees.

              It is much simpler than all that.

              It is defect/defect equilibrium. Reproduction requires cooperate/cooperate equilibrium.

              Give a woman half a chance, she will spend her youth, her beauty, and her fertility cruising for the most alpha male around, and men will calibrate their own behavior accordingly, resulting in the game of players and bitches.

              To achieve cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, a woman must be compelled to be always sexually available to the first man she has sex with, and forbidden from ever being sexually available to anyone else so long as he lives.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                I’m not sure how I’m missing the forest for the trees. Something had to disrupt the cooperate/cooperate equilibrium. Cooperation out competes defection over the long term. These things don’t just fall apart on their own. The historical record points to long term stability. So the question becomes what changed in our recent past that caused destabilization?

                But going back to the metaphor of forests and trees, I’m more interested in who planted that damn forest of bad ideas.

                This all started with overt female political activity. Something the Classical Greeks were well aware of being a danger. Sending women to higher education, voting, involvement in public life, etc. The main political effort to bring women outside the normal role of women was done predominately by the communists/Harvard types with the odd old maid thrown in.

                And today that damned forest is continuously being replanted and spread by the communists and the Harvard types. The reason why the Asian marriage system broke is because many Asian elites are ultimately educated and influenced by Harvard. The same is broadly true of Christian Western nations.

                • jim says:

                  > Cooperation out competes defection over the long term.

                  If no property rights in land, then no corn. If no property rights in cattle, then no milk and calves. If no property rights in women and children, no children.

                  In the long term, a woman’s fertility goes away. So cooperation does not beat defection at the level of the individual. It beats defection at the level of the durable and extended family.

                  But for this to work, fathers have to have secure and socially enforced property rights in their daughters, and husbands in their wives.

                  It is very easy for church and state to give up on enforcing property rights in people. If no property rights, cooperation does not beat defection.

                  “she was not yours, it was just your turn”

                  Damn that. If you want successful reproduction, honor killing needs to be OK.

                • Pooch says:

                  The interesting thing about Asians who do reproduce in a healthy way today, in the US or in Asia, is that they are Christians.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Damn that. If you want successful reproduction, honor killing needs to be OK.”

                  Beatings coverture and arranged marriage needs to be okay. But when were honor killings generally part of Western law… other than perhaps catching your wife in the act.

                • Aidan says:

                  The reason the Asian marriage system broke down was the absence of coercion. So you have girls slutting it up and then getting married at 30 through a marriage broker to uphold social normalcy and then having one kid, if that. A man who goes to a marriage broker is buying something he does not own.

                • Adam says:

                  Jim is right, but I have been working on a sort of hypothesis as to how female sexual choice became widespread and accepted, after centuries of repression.

                  My idea is that mankind is a victim of its own success. With widespread trade, agriculture, technology, industry etc. life is pretty easy and safe. Man is no longer hungry, and no longer nurtures his killer instinct.

                  Life is easy, safe and fun. A thousand years ago the best you were ever going to feel was having sex. Now there must be dozens of things guys would rather do than fuck their wives. We are just too comfortable.

                  Even if you get divorce raped and loose your wife and kids, you can replace her with a much younger girl and do it all over if you want to.

                  Not enough danger in life today. The consequences for failure today are nothing like what they used to be.

                • jim says:

                  > Jim is right, but I have been working on a sort of hypothesis as to how female sexual choice became widespread and accepted, after centuries of repression.

                  Nah, happens all the time. Entropy. Why did marriage fail among the Spartans and the Romans?

                  Any institution is complex, things break, sand gets in the gears. Requires effort, will, and intent, to maintain it.

                  The breakdown does not need any explanation. The normal condition of everything is that stuff does not work unless people make it work and keep on making it work.

                  Asking why marriage collapsed is a stupid question. It is like asking why the Roman Empire fell. Wrong question. The Roman empire in the west last a remarkably long time, and the Roman Empire in the East an extraordinarily long time. You want to look at how it was built, and who built it, not how it fell.

                  If you are asking questions about cars, you don’t look at the guy whose car stopped in the middle of the road, you look at the men who build cars.

                • Pooch says:

                  Female choice is directly proportional to the gradual deconstruction of Christianity by Harvard.

                • Adam says:

                  Is the decline in testosterone entropy? What would reverse it? Obviously acting manly is a start, if it can be done without improving the gene pool. What would it take for guys to act manly again? Scarcity, and lots of danger. Lots of war.

                  Widespread prosperity is not a function of entropy. Social entropy might be a function of widespread prosperity though.

                  Personally I live on very little. I save everything I can and when I spend money I buy tools. I have no cable tv, no internet other than a pre-payed phone, very little comfort in my life and it keeps me sharp. It’s good to be hungry. Comfort dulls the senses.

                  Obviously it happens all the time, like you said. Social entropy that is. Even in individuals. There is always considerable turnover in the alpha male population. My point is that prosperity is a stumbling stone that mankind repeatedly stumbles on, individually and collectively and is a major contributor to social entropy.

                • jim says:

                  > Is the decline in testosterone entropy?

                  Probably fear and weakness caused by women being given social superweapons.

                  Or maybe it is excess omega six fats in the foodchain, or imbalanced intake of divalent salts.

                  Women were granted social superweapons as a displacement activity from what we actually desire: To control women. Female misbehavior was evaded by misidentifying it as male misbehavior. Since ever more drastic measures strangely failed to have any effect whatsoever on restraining the behavior we actually want to restrain, the punishments have escalated ever further, and the standards of evidence erased ever more completely.

                  The Cathedral is not in itself a fundamental cause. The fundamental cause is that if we don’t control women, we get very bad problems we very much do not like, and then we look around for something other than control of women to fix the problems. If your car stops in the middle of the desert, and you try push starting it, it is not the hot sun making you thirsty. It is stupidity.

                • Adam says:

                  If your saying the root is failing to restrain women, and the cathedral, philanthropy, and prosperity is a displacement activity and downstream I can buy that.

                  All the guys I know that can get pussy don’t have a lot of money. Don’t have the motivation. All the wealthy guys I know couldn’t get laid with a blank check sticking out of their zipper.

                • jim says:

                  Prosperity is utterly irrelevant to the issue. Marriage has collapsed before, in many times and many places. The most recent truly spectacular collapse was Japan 1949. Was 1949 japan more prosperous than 1939 Japan, which had great fertility?

                • Adam says:

                  Just looking at easily available statistics and information, states started passing domestic violence laws around 1880. Total fertility rate in the US at the time was 4.8, now around 1.8.

                • Adam says:

                  I never said prosperity was the only issue. Just that it was a big enabler of male weakness. Losing a war is low status. So marriage collapsing in Japan after WW2 makes sense the way the baby boom in the west makes sense (I don’t know if that had anything to do with Japans marriage collapse in 1949, just guessing).

                  Do you think “good times creates weakness in men” is just a meme? There’s definitely something to it. If you spend your weekend partying your not going to be yourself on Monday.

                  Afghanistan’s fertility rate is 4.0, dirt poor, perpetual hard times.

                • jim says:

                  Do you think “good times creates weakness in men” is just a meme.

                  Just a meme. Not seeing a historical correlation.

                  What I see is high fertility begets manly men. And also results in empire. The men who conquered the British empire were typically the younger sons of aristocrats, or affluent middle class, and were ridiculously manly by modern standards. The old word for them was “Merchant adventurer”.

                • jim says:

                  Afghan fertility was rock steady at seven and a half per women until the US invasion, when it took a sudden dive.

                  I expect it will soon be back to seven and a half. It does not look like poverty has much effect one way or the other, short of actual famine.

                  When we see major and dramatic trend changes in fertility, always related to political events. If American occupation had been successful, soon would have been down to 1.1 per woman.

                  And sons who grew up in that environment would be weak men. Chaste mothers and strong fathers produce strong men.

                • Pooch says:

                  There is a gradual decline of fertility starting from the 7-8 TFR of the Puritans to what we have now, the decline directly proportional to the gradual deconstruction of Christianity by Harvard, which was done incrementally in small changes.


                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Do you think “good times creates weakness in men” is just a meme?

                  It is not just a meme; but the whole point of a perennialist weltanschauung, is to make sure it is not a necessity.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      > universal meritocracy

      Let me guess, “merit” is defined as the number of years one spends in progressive indoctrination camp and how well one performs on the guards’ evaluations of obedience, orthodoxy, and memorization. No thanks. It sucks that they lied to you about school, but the correct response is not to remake the world to make their lies true. If we can remake the world, we can remake it into something better than that.

      • i says:

        Victories on the Battlefield where Generals are personally at risk if they lose is what “Meritocracy” is meant to be about.

        Genghis appointing Subutai and Jebe to their positions of Authority based on Merit after which they kicked ass across their entire lifetimes also:

        “Testing” can be falsified and Merit assessment fudged. But Reality is uncompromising.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          My problem with “meritocracy” is that the word assumes the point being argued. It is “begging the question” in the technical sense.

          “The best and most competent people should be in charge.”
          Yeah, no kidding. I agree. Everyone agrees.
          “Excellent! So we all agree we’ll be ruled by faggy resume-builders because they went to the most prestigious schools and impressed the AWFLs in HR.”

          • i says:

            You are right. We simply haven’t found a better way to assess and put the best people in charge and in other positions suited to their capabilities.

            Outside of Genghis Khan appointing the truly best. For now the historically proven area of examination is the battlefield and that being reality itself is far more reliable test of Merit.

            The more it contacts reality which cannot be cheated the more Merit is True.

  17. Basil says:

    The special operation is already being displayed on Russian society. If you go to some social network, you can see how young girls under Russian names are discussing what kind of sexy Chechen guards are. For some reason, conscripts from the liberated Donbas, dressed in cast-offs from the last century, do not cause sexual appetite.

    Russian boys who are forced to shout “Akhmat – Strength” do not understand what is the reason for this phenomenon, they are indignant at injustice and continue to die for this Russia, remaining in their well-deserved place during the “Russian Revolution”. Considering that Russia will be impoverished, and the Soviet prick will spend the lives of slave soldiers (not Chechens, of course) in the style of Zhukov/Trotsky, and there will be no reform of the family institution, those who are starving from prohibitions on hatred have the right to hate in the West, one can be sure to say that everyone around the world will wipe their feet about Russian men. At this time, apparatchiks are decided to extend the secrecy of documents on the crimes of the Bolsheviks and discussing the import substitution of nails. Nails! The truth is surprising why Russians who call themselves Ukrainians / Belarusians somehow do not want to be part of such a beautiful “Russian” world? After all, they have such a tempting civilizational offer.

    Destroyed culture.
    Destroyed the economy.
    Fucked up the country.
    Destroyed the people.
    He banished the memory of this people.
    If this is not “crap” or not “betrayal”, then what can generally be considered crap/ betrayal?

    • Oog en Hand says:

      OF COURSE they ogle the Chechens. Compare the following cases:

      A Russian Christian and a Dutch Pagan get captured by Chechen Muslims. They cut off their ears. The Pagan can get euthanasia, the Christian can’t.

      A Chechen Muslim and a Russian Christian get captured by Dutch Pagans. They cut off their ears. Neither can get euthanasia.

      The third possibility I leave to your imagination.

      Do you know get the idea that Christian men do not do exactly well with women?

      • Pooch says:

        Repent or perish.

      • Basil says:


        • Pooch says:

          What is the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia saying about patriarchy? Anything?

        • Skippy says:

          Obviously no one anywhere understands your point, which is that an Orthodox-izing regime should be destroyed in favor of a Harvard regime because it doesn’t yet have institutions that don’t exist anywhere in the world.

        • The Cominator says:

          Putin “decriminalized” domestic violence (provided you don’t send the woman to the emergency room).

        • jim says:

          You are starting to pump out Cathedral memes against Putin and Russia, transparent lies that no one takes seriously, not even those pushing them.

          Take the shill test. You are on moderation till you prove that Shaniqua of human resources is not looking over your shoulder.

          Putin is Christian, the sanctions are biting globohomo far harder than they are biting Russia, and the Russian Orthodox Church, though still heavily penetrated by our enemies, has recovered a fair way, and is likely to recover a whole lot faster now that the special operation has set Putin free to cut off globohomo tentacles.

          He urgently needs to do something about Cathedral penetration of his computer networks. For an ex KGB guy, he sucks at dealing with computer penetration. When we get full on Information epoch warfare, this is going to be a huge liability. I am not worried about his Chechens, I am worried about his computers. Trump knew information warfare. Putin does not. Notice that Trump’s data does not leak, Hillary’s leaked, and Putin leaks. When Trump dealt with Isis, he did not apply such stupid obsolete methods as tanks and artillery, instead applying highly targeted attacks against key network nodes.

          Putin is using obsolete methods to attack globohomo in Ukraine, and obsolete methods to defend Russia against globohomo penetration. Xi is using more appropriate methods to defend China against globohomo computer penetration.

          • Basil says:

            I don’t see that Putin is a Christian. At least if we are talking about the old, real Christianity. Neither his politics nor his personal life speaks of this. To begin with, he does not have a Christian marriage, and his daughters grew up in the “best traditions” of progressivism, judging by the available information. Also, a Christian ruler would not allow his country to become Muslim at a record pace. This has been happening for the past 30 years and the trend continues. It is a matter of time before Russia becomes a Muslim country. In fact, this means that the best option for a Russian guy is to convert to Islam and find himself a Tatar wife with a European phenotype, and not go to a branch of Stalin’s secret service. It was possible to cut off the tentacle of a Globohommo without exposing one’s own neck. I’ll be glad if your guess turns out to be correct

            I do not argue that the policy of the Russian Federation in some aspects is better than the policy of many European countries, but given the suicidal course of Europe in recent decades … There is no achievement in overtaking the old woman who shot herself in the foot. Putin made several important reforms in his first two terms, and now his economic team (primarily Mishustin and the national bank) has shown itself to be professional. But the main task of a politician is not to solve problems, but not to create them. Not only China showed itself better in terms of the economy, but also Israel, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Vietnam and a number of other countries. Russia had huge potential for economic growth, but most of the time was wasted. Even if the sanctions kill Europe before they kill Russia, by the time Europe dies, Russia will be a sick weakened country, it means other political actors will benefit from the death of Europe. Economic and military victories are worthless if they do not lead to the achievement of political goals.

            It takes brains to modernize military doctrine and industry. With all the efforts of the government of the Russian Federation, valuable specialists and holders of capital (and therefore brains) are fleeing from Russia, and not to Russia, as even the Russian government openly talks about. If Russia were a Katechon, they would be replaced by an influx of Christian migrants from other countries, but this influx is not visible. And time, and the longer Putin stays in Ukraine, the more “Moskva” loses, the weaker Russia will look. The defeat by Poland and the “victory” over Finland caused the USSR army to look very weak, which caused millions of deaths in the future, and Belarus lost more than a quarter of its own population.

            Chechens are not a problem. But when monkeys gain power in a country, this is a very clear way to demonstrate that there are big systemic problems in the country. Symbol of decline.

            • jim says:

              Take the shill test.

              Your arguments are true, very relevant, and worthy of debate.

              But arguing with someone who has Shaniqua from HR looking over their shoulder while he types away on a computer run by the FBI IT department in a crowded FBI office full of H1Ba is a waste of space. The discussion is disruptive and never goes anywhere, because with Shaniqua looking over his shoulder, there are certain responses that she, and his boss, are not allowed to see. People exposed to crimethink have to remain at the bottom, and so the shill cannot directly engage their points. He cannot respond to the point in a way that would expose his boss to crimethink.

              Say something that could not be said with with Shaniqua of Human Resources looking over your shoulder. I will allow your comments through when you pass the shill test.

              Say something that someone who had Shaniqua looking over his shoulder could not say.

              • Basil says:

                Yes, female sexual energy is destructive, and societies that do not control it are doomed to degradation and death, therefore fathers must choose husbands for their twelve-year-old daughters in order to ensure the birth of children and cooperation between men. This is not only useful, but also liked by the women themselves, when a girl is not under the power of a man, this causes terrible anxiety inside her, “liberation” will make the girl feel abandoned. Islam is right about women, but Jewish feminists are not.

            • jim says:

              Putin’s Christianity is pozzed, and Russian Orthodoxy is pozzed.

              But in America, an old type Christian priest will be cancelled, deplatformed, and demonetized. His church building will be vandalized, and quite likely burned by mysterious persons unknown, and police will display a strange lack of interest in finding these mysterious persons unknown, which strange lack of interest reveals that they know damn well who did it.

              In the Ukraine, an old type Christian priest will simply be killed. The same may well soon become true in America. Should I get into the prophet business, very likely will become true.

              But in Russia, old type Christian priests are doing fine. As a result, Orthodox Christianity is unpozzing itself.

              Plus, at war, Putin needs Russia to have an animating state religion more than ever. Pozzed Christianity is likely to lead to defeat and his death.

              Putin has no choice but to move the Information Epoch warfare, and is doing so, and no choice but to move to old type Christianity, and is doing so.

              • Pooch says:

                But in Russia, old type Christian priests are doing fine. As a result, Orthodox Christianity is unpozzing itself.

                When the top of the Russian Orthodox hierarchy said “Vaccinate or Repent” this is indicative that old type Christianity is not doing fine in Russia. The Confessional Protestants, who made no official statement on Clot Shots, are doing much more than this by virtue of doing nothing.

                The Bill Clinton-era Christianity of Russia is not going to win a holy war.

                • jim says:

                  > When the top of the Russian Orthodox hierarchy said “Vaccinate or Repent” this is indicative that old type Christianity is not doing fine in Russia.

                  I said old type Russian Orthodox priests are doing fine, not that the top of the Russian Orthodoxy is old type Christianity.

                  If old type Christians are free to operate, and in Russia they are free to operate, going to win.

                  Old type Christianity is doing fine. Just not at the top of the Orthodox hierarchy yet.

                  > The Bill Clinton-era Christianity of Russia is not going to win a holy war.

                  Indeed it is not, but holy war is upon us, so Christianity in Russia is likely to move away from Bill Clinton Christianity.

                • Neofugue says:

                  The position of the Russian Church on vaccination is that the process should be voluntary, and this subject was discussed some time ago.

                  Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev was instated as the head of a commission of high-ranking Russian Orthodox clergy which discussed mandatory vaccination. While the consensus was that Covid vaccination should remain voluntary, Metropolitan Alfeyev abused his position and relayed his own personal viewpoint to deceive viewers into believing that mandatory vaccination is the official position of the Russian Church. There are various factions within the Russian security state who desire clot-shot cattle-tagging, and Metropolitan Alfeyev is a member of that faction. Patriarch Kirill and the official church have always maintained that vaccination should be voluntary.

                  Metropolitan Alfeyev is a scion of Oxford who studied under Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, another highly influential bishop whose mission is to make Orthodoxy “regime compliant” with Progressivism. Met. Alfeyev is the head bishop of the Department of External Relations, maintaining connections with all of the Prog/Ecumenist/NGO groups which dominate Christianity in the West. Only God knows Met. Alfeyev’s personal convictions; he may simply suffer from a lack of memetic sovereignty.

                • neofugue says:

                  *…the process should be voluntary. This subject was discussed some time ago.

                • Pooch says:

                  Thank you for clearing this up about Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev.

      • jim says:

        Chechens are doing well with women, because part of the peace deal is that they get exemption from Globohomo. Now that war has begun, I expect this exemption to be more broadly available.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          They get exemption because Russian conscripts don’t want to have their ears cut off.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fun larp OOGA BOOGA, but in the real world it was Charlemagne killing, executing, and beheading pagan Saxons and Frisians etc. not the other way around, and forcing them to convert or die.This also applies to later on the Germans conquering killing and converting various Slavs and Baltics, Scandinavian Christians conquering killing and converting Finns and Baltic Pagans, Rus conquering and converting Siberians to Christianity, the Spanish conquering and converting the Aztecs and Mayans and Incans, Portuguese in South America and English in North America etc.

        I see low T pagans on the internet complaining about how Charlemagne was a big meanie head all the time who killed the pagans and forced them to convert. And the Scandinavian Catholics/Lutherans to the Sami and Finns and Baltics, and the Russian Orthodox to various Mongoloid tribes etc.

    • Pladimir Vutin says:

      The truth is surprising why Russians who call themselves Ukrainians / Belarusians somehow do not want to be part of such a beautiful “Russian” world?

      Regardless of modern Russia’s degeneracy, Ukrainians will never forgive and never forget the Holodomor. It is amusing watching some corners of the e-right twisting themselves into knots when alternating between “the evil Jews deserved to be brutally punished for Stalin’s Holodomor against innocent white Christian Ukrainians” with “actually the Holodomor never even happened and was totally not a planned genocide against Ukrainians, so they have no historical grudge against Russia.” Same people now calling Chechens who rape and behead 50-year-old babushkas in Orthodox Churches “based.” The cognitive dissonance is jarring.

      • jim says:

        You have to go with Caesar you have, not the Caesar you want.

        Putin is leader of the resistance. I wish we had a better leader – mostly I wish he would go to information age warfare. On the cultural front, since the special operation started, he has been doing great, but needs to start killing people.

      • The Cominator says:

        There was not until recently such a thing as a Ukranian national identity. It was a forced meme their government imposed…

        The Holodomor was not Stalin’s it was the communist party in general caused by general incompetent commie policies and it happened across the Soviet Union. With some areas having a greater death rate than Ukraine.

        • Basil says:

          The famine was both Stalinist and communist. But not Russian. When Russians stop praising Stalin en masse and instead talk more about their muzzled grandfathers, the perception of this tragedy will be different.

          Any nationality is a meme. You cannot tell what is the difference between “real” and “fake” nations, because nations are connected only in the human imagination. Unlike kinship. The kinship is real.

          • jim says:

            Some memes, however, are more fake and artificial than others.

            The Ukrainian meme is fake an artificial.

            The Russian nationalist meme is real, but is suppressed because Russia is an empire. Russia needs a state religion to animate it, and Putin is working on that problem.

            The vitality of a nationalist meme depends on language, culture, and race. The Ukraine is a random conglomeration of people who speak different languages and have different cultures, and globohomo is industriously working on eradicating any racial commonality.

      • S says:

        Ukrainians memory are so long they appear to have forgotten the more recent 1947 famine which also took place in Ukraine and killed between 100,000-1,000,000 people.

      • Basil says:

        Ukrainians and Russians are too similar for this point to be impossible to decide. After all, there were more Ukrainians among the communists, not fewer. To solve this problem, it is necessary to arrange decommunization in Russia and perhaps mourn the Russians. This will allow the Russians to associate themselves with the murdered kulaks, and not with the Bolshevik executioners. In turn, this will change the perception of anti-Soviet people around Russia.

        But for this we have to admit that the Bolsheviks occupied Russia… And as a rule, these Bolsheviks were not Russian.

        • jim says:

          Putin has the same problem as Xi. He does not want to disown the regime with which he has continuity.

          But, unlike Xi, has ditched the previous state religion, which makes a full break with communism possible.

          Your criticisms of Putin are similar to the right wing criticisms of Trump, which criticisms were true, and in the end, catastrophically true.

          But true or false, war begins, and you have to go with the leader you have. Globohomo aims to conquer the world. Trump was what we had, and Putin is what we have.

    • Aidan says:

      Amusing how you didn’t start pouring out enough salt to render a dozen Carthages uninhabitable on the Russian issue until the reoccupation of Novorussia.

      I can side with the pragmatic modernist who imperfectly defends Christianity and the patriarchy, or I can side with the empire of child mutilation and rectal parasites.

      Sure looks to me like the damage the USSR did to the nation is slowly healing, and Russia has been getting better, not worse, since the Yeltsin years. Putin is not defending the patriarchy, but nobody is except for Muslims.

    • jim says:

      What I hear from based Russian Orthodox priests is wildly different from your account.

      Putin restored an economy ruined by Harvard carryonbaggers. He has not been as successful as China, but he is doing OK. (And China is now starting to screw up, as Xi attempts to restore faith in the dead zombie state religion of Maoism)

      The Russian culture continued to go globohomo, but Putin started to push back. Now, with the special operation, Globohomo has abruptly had its tentacles cut off. suddenly people have room to breath.

  18. Leon says:

    Any one have recommendations on books about Physiognomy?

    • Neofugue says:

      It amazes me how Edward Dutton manages not to be cancelled, though it may be because he is careful not to cross a certain line.


      • Leon says:

        I have that one already. It is very good, but I was hoping for a more detailed book. Hell, I will take one from the Victorian era if such thing exists and can be found.

      • jim says:

        Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West is more relevant to our current predicament.

        • Basil says:

          Are the stories about the Inquisition’s persecution of redheaded women a lie of the progr, or is this type of witch more common among women of a certain (for example, Celtic) origin?

          • Aidan says:

            Redheaded women are on average worse behaved and sluttier than others, so they are going to be disproportionately prosecuted under a patriarchal system

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Next: blonde, blue-eyed women.

              White men should only reproduce with black-haired black-eyed women. Take the Jesus Pill. He is a false prophet. Then, marry Abigail Shapiro.


              • Aidan says:

                You cannot reconcile a racialist ideology with old school paganism, which had a caste system and believed in arete. There are a whole lot of white niggers running around, and they need a boot on their neck.

                • suones says:

                  > white niggers

                  Aryan proles. Every bit as Aryan as Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Vaishya, but proles. Make good soldiers, artisans, workmen, and are the backbone of society. But only under good, ahem, guidance. Left to their own devices, they mope about and self destruct (with poisonous moonshine/firearms in India, and fentanyl/firearms/both in USA). They may also join a prog Army if they perceive it as high status, in which case killing them is absolutely necessary but very hard (because they’re tough as fuck). Eg: Historical Red Army — led by Jewish moneylenders, grunts mostly Russian proles/peasants. Also, US Army and the the current “Ukraine” butthurt brigade, but I repeat myself. To keep proles from joining enemy armies, a good King makes them join his own patriotic Army and uses their ferocity towards eusocial goals. Similar to the Roman “serve the Legion and get land and a wife after service is successfully completed” offer.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Quit blowing up my spot, bro.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            If burning witches is good, burning widows is better.

            • The Cominator says:

              Um no… not unless she poisoned her husband or something.

              • suones says:

                Burning widows actually prevents poisoned husbands to a shocking degree, so much that the actual burning is rare enough to be a spectacle.

                PS: Fuck Rammohan Rai the Christcuck

        • The Cominator says:

          We should perhaps distinguish between the types of female bad behavior and perhaps think of it as two polar opposites…

          Witchy: Excessively hostile to men, dykey, mean, anti-social, wants to corrupt other women into hating men etc. Cat ladies, generally leftist and feminist. Strong preference towards other women in general and hatred of men, identifies as a lesbian often. Will deliberately present a repulsive appearance and encourage other women to do so. Personality also tends to be abrasive and repulsive. This characterizes the type of misbehaviour of women in the modern west. These type of women are cancer with no redeeming qualities and should ruthlessly be burned.

          Slutty/whorish: Likes men though may shit test a lot (but generally not nuclear… BPD cases being the exception). While they have some female friends generally views other women outside their small group with hostility. May identify as bisexual though. Tries to keep decent or at least indecent but attractive appearance. Personality tends to be amusing. Generally will have a boyfriend/husband most of the time but cucks them. Fun to be around… not always so good to date or marry.

          • S says:

            The former is ‘can’t achieve telos; wants to sabotage everyone else’. The latter is ‘not under control of strong man’.

            • The Cominator says:

              I’ve seen some of the latter who were with pretty strong charismatic alpha guys… but the former is much worse and has no place in society.

          • Aidan says:

            Women do not really become evil witches until their fertility begins to fade. My experience is that most women who act like dykey feminist cunts in general get quite sweet and feminine when I am talking to them. The type you describe is just affecting a fashion that they believe to be high status. When they are of fertile age, are just like any other girl.

            • jim says:

              The Cathedral is heavily staffed by witches, many of which are literal demon worshipers attempting to practice literal witchcraft.

              Social media and state backing declares them to be high status, so impressionable young chicks imitate them and take their extremely bad advice on how to be attractive to men.

              • The Cominator says:

                “The Cathedral is heavily staffed by witches, many of which are literal demon worshipers attempting to practice literal witchcraft.”

                Most of them are foolish dried up old larpers… Maria Abramovic is the exception not the rule.

                Also when we say witches we must be careful, here in Florida there is a whole town full of witch larpers (Lake Helen). Except they consider (yes I’ve had conversations with some of the denizens) the pizzagate stuff evil black magic they generally hate Biden as much as the rest of Florida and also they are generally pleasant and have kids. Witches should be judged by their fruits…

                • Aidan says:

                  Usually the literal witch/pagan girls are just fulfilling their female religiosity in an alternate channel to low-status Christianity without going full on Cathedral religion. And it goes to show how disgusting the Cathedral religion is that the wiccans or whatever you call them are a substantial improvement on it.

            • The Cominator says:

              Well we’re not all outlaw bikers are we. So we ought to burn a few to show it ain’t high status.

              • Adam says:

                I always thought the best way to form a cult would be as a biker gang. Stay in one place long enough to attract young women, leave before you attract the authorities. Set it up like a caravan. Bikes and motor homes.

                • Aidan says:

                  That would be so incredibly based

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m sure BAP will endorse this idea of a biker gang/nomadic RV camp following/warrior cult but I forsee some practical difficulties.

                  How are you going to convince a bunch of outlaw bikers that one of them is a living God (and bikers already get pussy)… cults generally have a few alpha males leading supported by 10 compliant beta males… the Federal Government which ain’t collapsed yet is likely to take a keen interest in you etc.

                • Aidan says:

                  Not as a new cult, but as old-type Christians.

  19. linq says:

    Do you anticipate a change in lightning or the development of another L2 solution that does *not* require capacity restricted payment channels? I haven’t thought too much about how it would work unless it was more centralized (Liquid for instance works great, but is more centralized, and doesn’t have a way to peg-out to the main chain). Right now the best UX in lightning is using a custodial service which has a well connected node – it’s a bit of a pain to open and manage channels yourself, especially for non-technical users. Routing in general is quite hard to solve for unless you have large nodes that can connect most parties together, but then you face a centralization issue.

    I generally don’t transact both ways with the same party, I get paid from 1-3 sources and spend with N vendors while never receiving money from them. Plus, my employer(s) don’t want to lock up N months of income in a payment channel with me – and if they did than a multisignature wallet would be easier to manage.

    Also since I brought it up, what are your general thoughts on Liquid?

    • jim says:

      A lightning network without capacity restricted payment channels requires a radical redesign of the base layer.

      I have some ideas about how to do that, and have made a start on writing them up. But it cannot be done over anything much resembling existing blockchains.

      A lightning transaction done right, links a group of gateways in a small transient blockchain, which gets discarded when the transaction is finalized.

      To handle unrestricted channels, you need a hierarchy of such blockchains, with the higher levels of the hierarchy being less and less less transient, more and more permanent, and also slower and slower, and the top level being permanent, slow, and being the base transaction layer. It will be considerably slower than existing blockchains, but will support a lightning network that is fast, and in which the creation and destruction of gateways is fast.

      When things go wrong, the transaction is kicked up the hierarchy for resolution, with very few transactions arriving at the top layer. The further the issue gets kicked up the hierarchy, the slower and costlier the resolution.

      Lightning transactions are complicated, and what I am describing is considerably more complicated. The fundamental gimmick is that you don’t have to create and destroy gateways in the top layer. Each element of tree is a gateway and a child blockchain that can create children, which are themselves gateways and blockchains. Albeit when a gateway creates children, its blockchain slows down and has to hang around for the life of its children.

    • jim says:

      “Liquid” is centralized and in the pocket of our enemies.

      The true names and faces of their development team are publicly displayed, meaning in our enemy’s pocket.

      But something very like Liquid, done by people not in the pocket of our enemies, would be a very good idea.

    • notglowing says:

      Liquid is centralized and doesn’t pretend not to be. It’s a useful platform for certain institutions needing to use bitcoin, for example the new bitcoin backed bonds from El Salvador are on Liquid. There’s no problem with that, as they are just bonds. Not decentralized to begin with. Still much better than trusting a broker and a traditional exchange.

      As for Lightning, it’s not nearly as difficult as you seem to think.
      The UX is really simple, you download something like Breez wallet on your phone, you have bitcoin on an exchange that supports Lightning, you withdraw to your Breez wallet and they will create a channel to you on their own without you ever needing to hold BTC on the blockchain and they will take a small fee from your payment in exchange for that.

      Not custodial. The user doesn’t need to understand anything either, just receive money and it works automatically.

      Even without Breez’s service, there’s plenty of nodes that will open free channels to you. No bitcoin required. Those channels typically have higher fees to use them. But you can then use them to get LNBTC to your now connected wallet. If you need more liquidity you can use your LNBTC to pay nodes to connect to you with more incoming liquidity.

      You can easily connect to many well connected nodes, for example Bitfinex’s. I don’t get why you think you need a custodial service or even that that’s currently the most used option for lightning. It’s not, in my experience.

      Beyond that, lightning wallets like Breez are going to soon offer remote nodes with services like Greenlight.
      Currently Breez runs an LN node on your phone which is fine. But it can do a bit more with an always connected node.
      Greenlight will offer remote nodes running on their infrastructure, to which Breez connects. The keys are not on the nodes, making them fully non custodial. Your phone and PC can all have the keys and connect to your remote node to authorize transactions.
      So, having a fully remote node does not make it custodial at all. But it’s not necessary either, as demonstrated by plenty of smartphone based lightning nodes that work just fine.

      • jim says:

        Well that is great, if you don’t mind sharing all information about your lightning wallet with google, and if your bitcoin is on an KYC exchange, rather than in your own wallet, connected to your own full peer on the bitcoin blockchain, which peer is also running on a computer that you yourself control. (Hence my frequent complaints about the ever growing bitcoin blockchain)

        But the point and purpose of crypto currency is to escape from that ever more aggressively intrusive system of authority.

        Sure, everything is easy if you just let centralized authority take charge. Similarly, it is very easy to post on facebook and twitter, and very easy to have a wordpress blog on WordPress – provided that you don’t mind minding your tongue. But it is rather harder to have your own wordpress blog and your own mail server on a computer that you yourself control, which however allows me to say what I please.

        • notglowing says:

          Nothing I’ve said implies giving up control. Your BTC don’t need to and shouldn’t be on a KYC exchange, but being on a KYC exchange is the default initial situation for most people. That’s why that’s my example.
          The great thing is, the exchange has no idea where the BTC are going. They can’t track them afterwards. They can ask you to confirm it is your wallet legally, but that gives them no more information than they already had before.

          It’s easy to move on chain BTC to a lightning wallet, there’s multiple ways of doing it and one of them is using submarine swaps without needing any KYC exchanges in the process. Swaps can even be done from XMR, so you can start by just owning XMR and get LNBTC without giving up any of your documents or relying on trust.

          No one controls your lightning wallet. And even if it is running on something like Greenlight, you have the keys, which are not on the node. Privacy is not optimal, it is better for it to be on your own device, which can also be easily done.
          But they are working on technology to improve privacy for nodes that are externally hosted like that, protocols to obscure actual transactions from the host and plausible deniability.

          Running it on your own device is no more difficult, so long as you own your device. Current phone lightning wallets are an example, as well as phone and desktop wallets that let you connect to your remote node and manage it. Remote node can be easily installed to a raspberry pi. There’s multiple levels of control you can have depending on what you’re willing to do.

        • notglowing says:

          An interesting app, end to end encrypted chat built on the Lightning Network

          • jim says:

            Almost great. What I have been long calling for, and working on without a lot of progress.

            But I am mighty suspicious of closed source cryptographic software. Has their code been reviewed? Is it written by our guys or their guys?

            Could be an NSA op, deliberately or inadvertently, to let them see what is going on in the lightning network, by introducing closed source software into open source wallets. There are no end of such NSA ops. I don’t like contaminating open source cryptographic software with closed source cryptographic software.

            What cryptographic libraries does it use? Ours or theirs?

            • notglowing says:

              Not sure about which crypto library they use to encrypt messages, but it relies on LND to do most of the heavy lifting, being a simple protocol built on top of Lightning, which as you know uses onion routing. So it could be that it does no encryption on its own.
              Not sure what you mean is closed source. https://github.com/stakwork It seems the sources are available.

              I know this was born as a small open source proof of concept. Still not that many people involved. Didn’t take it seriously at the time, but it’s become something more real, and it uses Lightning itself for a lot of its functions. For example to communicate, you send a small 3 satoshi transaction, then receive another 3 satoshi transaction back as an ACK. Since lightning nodes charge by the transaction amount the routing fees are low or null.

              Makes it easy to pay other people directly, invite them to your private chat, as well as having messages that are decrypted by paying a sum of money, which could be good for trading all sorts of things.
              You could build a lot of stuff on top of that system alone, there’s an API for bots too.

              Spam can be prevented by requiring you to send an amount of extra satoshis per message, which are returned after a while if you are not a spammer, held otherwise. It’s pretty well thought out and neat, but onboarding is somewhat complicated compared to a regular chat app.

              Still, the spam prevention system and the use of bitcoin wallets makes traditional accounts completely unnecessary, and the integration with payments is obviously a huge bonus. If lightning becomes widespread, this will be easy to onboard people to.
              A point they like to make in their writing is that you can charge a fee per message, as well as to join your group, if you want to.
              The idea being that this can finance moderation and make it sustainable. It’s interesting though it would require a shift in how we think about this kind of service which is now free. Still if it’s a few satoshis most people wouldn’t mind.

              They integrate with Greenlight nodes. So you can have your keys on your personal device, raspi for example, and an always-online lightning node hosted by them would run without your keys, and contact your pi whenever it needs to sign something.
              The advantage here is your pi can be behind firewall, NAT, no public IP, and frequently offline, and everything still works.

              You can also host everything yourself on the pi. Personally I might run it locally and expose it through a wireguard tunnel.
              The mobile app can be installed through APK, which is also available to download from Tor.

            • notglowing says:

              I’m going to summarize how Sphinx works based on my current understanding, which could be a bit off.

              The fundamental concept is as follows.
              When you send a lightning transaction to someone, this transaction can include some arbitrary data.
              So, you can send someone a small 3 satoshi transaction with a message included.
              Then they automatically reply with another 3 satoshi ACK transaction to confirm the message was received, making this a zero-sum game where you do not lose or gain money.
              The routing nodes in the middle will charge mainly based on the amount of money forwarded, and being 3 satoshis they would generally charge nothing, making this system virtually free.

              Since this uses LN transactions to send messages, we get many automatic advantages:
              – All messages are onion routed. So intermediate nodes do not know where the message comes from, where it is going, and whether the next node is the destination, etc.
              – For the same reason, the messages are automatically end to end encrypted, with the data only visible to the destination.
              – Relying on LN’s onion routing means neither the sender nor the receiver will know each other’s identity other than a public key (of which you could have many, and rotate them if necessary). They do not see each other’s IPs necessarily. This system is therefore as anonymous as it gets.

              – So, the keys and LN invoices are how users find each other. No fixed IPs, domains etc, are necessary. So long as you are connected to Lightning, you are reachable if you give someone your LN invoice. Identity and communication established without having to own any kind of identity controlled by the enemy, close to absolute privacy.

              – Resilient to attacks for the same reason. Can potentially bypass firewalls if you can get a lightning node through them.

              – In addition to the token amount of 3 satoshis, users can trivially include more money and make this transaction an actual payment, paying each other exactly like they send messages.

              – You can also send encrypted messages which you only decrypt if they send you money.

              So, this is fundamentally a 1 to 1 private communication system using transactions with extra payload, and keys as the only identity.
              This is what I saw when I first found Sphinx a year ago.
              Now they advertise chat rooms, called Tribes.
              It turns out they work in fundamentally the same way.

              Communication on this system is always 1 to 1. With Tribes, you are simply always sending a message to the Tribe as if it was any other individual on the network, 1 to 1 communication. This works exactly the same as above.

              The big difference is in reading, if you are a member of the Tribe, said Tribe will send you the messages it receives from other members, through a pubsub model. This happens through MQTT and I believe entirely outside of the Lightning Network itself.
              This is how a “chatroom” is implemented.
              It’s just a normal lightning node receiving messages from people, but unlike normal nodes, it will publish what it receives through this pubsub system.

              I think this is somewhat weaker than the 1 to 1 communication, because it probably relies on a stable IP for users to communicate with to receive. Sending messages would still be just as private, but reading requires connecting to the server hosting the tribe. Still, each tribe is independent, users do not depend on the tribe to talk to each other privately, and their messages sent to it are onion routed like before.

              In order to prevent spam, a small “staking amount” might have to be included with each message to a Tribe. This is configurable by the Tribe owner, the stake amount is returned to users after a while if they are not deemed spammers.

              Sphinx includes a few separate systems. For example sphinx-meme is used to handle media. Users can store files on it, which are client-encrypted, and which the uploader can decide to share access with to with anybody they want. Integrated into that is a system to automatically accept payment for decryption, allowing users to sell media just like they can sell encrypted messages.

              It seems like exchanging money for services, paying small amounts of money per message, etc is a big design goal of Sphinx. The idea being that the tribe owner can impose a fee to join the tribe, and a small fee per message to be kept by the owner (permanently, unlike the stake). This makes moderation and hosting communities sustainable and potentially directly profitable without needing to sell user data and ads.
              It’s also possible to “boost” other users’ posts in a tribe. This sends them a small amount (100 satoshis, but configurable).

              • notglowing says:

                Sphinx-meme, the media sharing system, also provides optional integration with S3 if you do not want to use your local filesystem.
                Amazon would have no access to your files anyways, since each user of the service encrypts them before they reach the host.

                Authentication to Sphinx-meme is based on a challenge you need to sign using your secp256k1 private key.
                The system includes full text search for optional metadata attached to the files (presumably not client-encrypted)

                Files can also be made entirely public.
                Statistics on file downloads are available, though only to the file owner (the kind of thing you need challenge-response auth for, same with deleting and uploading files)

                When merchants get paid for a file, or if you want to share it with anyone, you can generate a signed token, send it to the person who needs to receive the file, then they can retrieve it from Sphinx-meme. Presumably you also send them a decryption key along with it. The download tokens have an expiration time, and they also cannot be shared since they are specific to the buyer’s public key.

    • notglowing says:

      Regarding changes in Lightning, it seems they are actively working on PTLCs (aka Multi-Hop Locks from Scriptless Scripts), which are based on Taproot, and will offer substantially improved privacy as well as being cheaper in terms of space used on the chain.


      • jim says:

        That was plan behind taproot, and taproot was the major reason for me going back to bitcoin.

        I was worried, and still am worried, that someone in the government will understand the implications and shut it down, but if they attempt to do so, we will fix the lighning network from underground. So far, they seem oblivious to the threat.

        • notglowing says:

          The privacy implications of Lightning seem to always be under-discussed for some reason. It’s not a secret, and some news articles talk about it. The developers do talk about it, but not super prominently.
          But overall I feel like there is a lot less attention on this than you would expect.
          I get the feeling that the developers intentionally try not to make LN look like it is about privacy. Yet when I read the rationale behind a lot of design decisions they made, they seem to always be focusing on that, and improving on it over time, with every component being built with privacy in mind, particularly something like neutrino, the light client that enables phones to use LN. It is both very secure in that it does a lot of verification, and it gets data in such a way as to prevent the source nodes from knowing what you wanted to query.

          There isn’t a concrete reason for me to believe they’re doing anything to make it less obvious LN hides your transactions.
          But there isn’t that much light on it, whereas Monero gets the flak for being private. No exchange has decided to shy away from Lightning due to its privacy implications and compliance, many did so for Monero; I have not seen a single angry article about how Lightning could be used for crime due to its privacy. Yet many journalists complain about how Monero is the cash of criminals.

          I have a feeling this is simply not well understood by the press and governments, and the crypto legislation they are trying to implement doesn’t really affect lightning as much. Everyone still treats Bitcoin as a completely transparent currency.
          In fact, even other bitcoin users I know do not seem to think LN is very good for privacy. They do not understand it, and they only think of Monero as the privacy coin. I explain it to them, and they believe it, but they don’t totally get it.

          • jim says:

            Tap root is stuffed full of a whole lot of “contracts on the blockchain stuff”, copied from Bitcoin’s evil twin, Ether. So Shaniqua was happy, and could not see that Taproot’s primary cargo was that it was carrying our payload, our payload requiring a certain amount of technological and cryptographic knowledge to be visible.

        • notglowing says:

          It seems PTLCs are being used on testnet already.
          Last month there has been discussion on the mailing list for Lightning regarding the upgrade process for taproot features:

  20. The Cominator says:

    The good news about twatter invoking the poison pill is it effectively proves it is not in fact a for profit company but a government propaganda front run by spooks.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Not even government. Cathedral. The almighty egregore. The Matrix green dots are slapping us in the face.

  21. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Polygon’s approach to the Musk eying twitter seems to be simply debasing twitter shares the same way they’re debasing USD.

    • Pooch says:

      The thing is even if Musk acquires it, they can just have Apple force it off the app store if they want, effectively making it no different than Gab at that point.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Yes, there’s a whole range of flagrancies the whig faithful can escalate too, and the interesting thing will be seeing how far either party will go over a symbolic bauble.

        • Jehu says:

          The interesting question will be whether Vanguard and Fidelity—two of the biggest holders of Twitter shares—egregiously breach their fiduciary duty to their shareholders. My guess is they will, and egregiously.

          Those are probably 2 of the last companies that people trust. Pretty much no social institution has real prestige anymore.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Another angle is that if the twitter platform itself becomes ‘deplatformed’, like gab, that would be a major blow against the decades long social engineering project to centralize the internet into a few walled gardens, which can be more easily leaned on for control. Doubtlessly alternatives will spring up, but there will be a lot more ‘shopping around’ once the spell of convention is broken.

            Which is likely also a reason powers that be will resist anyone like Musk taking meaningful ownership over twitter by any means necessary.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              > Another angle is that if the twitter platform itself becomes ‘deplatformed’, like gab,

              I can’t believe that would ever happen. The Schelling point has been staked out forever, and it’s Twitter, and only Twitter.

              That’s why this situation is so fantastic.

              All this time Twitter (and Google and Facebook) has been pretending that it’s a company. Elon’s calling the bluff and talking to the skin suit with a straight face, just daring Buffalo Bill to say one single word. This is it!

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                >I can’t believe that would ever happen.

                Why not? Where’s Myspace now? Heck, Facebook is pretty much finished, as a social media platform if not yet as a company. If the cool, interesting, influential, and lucrative people go elsewhere, that’s the end. It has happened before.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Twitter beat Myspace and Facebook because its interface was so clean and tight, and thus perfect for mobile.

                  Meanwhile Instagram and TikTok haven’t fully penetrated because they’re photo- and video-based, and thus expose how old/fat/ugly/lame Cathedralites are (as opposed to the bottom-rung attention-seeking suck-ups on Libs of TikTok), and who needs that?

                  Journalism and academia are politics for /really/ ugly people.

                  So they “can’t” deplatform Twitter because then Cathedralites would have nowhere else to go to signal to each other, which is death when signaling is how you survive.

                  But then again, Shaniqua doesn’t need Twitter as much as Kaitlin does, so maybe they’d deplatform it anyway? Shaniqua to the rescue.

                  I expect it to happen, and also can’t believe it ever would, at the very same time. It’s great.

                  So next, here’s a good question. Imagine the full Jimmian Cryptopia Twitter in the shadows, with full (yet optional?) anonymity and somehow impervious to DDOS and DNS attack.

                  Is there any conceivable way this could have a mobile app on the App Store?

                  Maybe by embracing-and-extending it to commerce, exactly as Jim has been proposing for years, so that “I need it for work” can actually be genuinely true?

                • Aidan says:

                  You make it impervious to ddos and dns attacks by making it run fully peer-to-peer. Not only are servers targets for cyberattack, they can be physically taken control of as well. The data that goes between peers needs to be encrypted, and stripped of metadata, so that nobody who captures your packets even knows you’re using jitter

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            > Pretty much no social institution has real prestige anymore.

            Except Tesla maybe.

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    One wonders if any of the “new owners” of those various confiscated yachts would dare take them to sea in international waters? If I were Putin I would pull up an armed submarine or two, confiscate it back and arrest the crew for possession of stolen property. Or if that is not feasible, outright sink them.


    • pyrrhus says:

      That’s the future after WWIII is finished…letters of marque everywhere..Hard to believe anyone would pay serious cash for one of these stolen yachts…

  23. i says:

    Thoughts? Are Democrats really doing sex ed for Pre-K children?

    • The Cominator says:

      They have a powerful faggot faction and fags gonna fag.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Faggots want young boys, and they write books about why it should be legal…no mistaking their intentions…

    • jim says:

      Of course.

      Faggots want to fuck your children. They are teaching them to transition.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      “Masturbation Camp” scandal proved that they will stop at nothing, and the speed it stopped being discussed proved that they’re very much insulated from any consequences. Anyone asserting that Conservatism is waking up/pushing back has to explain that first.

  24. someDude says:

    Jim, whats your opinion regarding creating a Crypto Private and Public key using the cryptographic libraries available in Python. Are they part of or similar to the FIPS cryptographic libraries that are backdoored by the hordes of Sauron?

    What would you say is the best and most secure way to generate public and private keys for Crypto?

    • jim says:

      If it uses libsodium, then secure, which is to say, pysodium is secure. Pysodium calls libsodium, but makes it look like NaCl, because the python NaCl software is widely used, but our enemies have their fingers in it, so pysodium is intended as an NaCl replacement. Libsodium ristretto, more secure, not because there is anything wrong with the other libsodium libraries, but because the best people use libsodium ristretto. It is a cultural thing. If your software uses libsodium ristretto, our guys very recently wrote it. It is a tell, like using Dark Enlightenment terminology in a correct and relevant way. But but since aiming to be a drop in replacement for NaCl, not going to use libsodium ristretto, because their objective is backward compatibility, and ristretto is new.

      I am unaware of any flaws in NaCl, but, given the authorship and that libsodium does everything worth doing that NaCl does, would not take the trouble to look.

      The backdoors are deeply obfuscated, and they are seldom a flat out unambiguous back door – they are usually an odd way of doing things, that unexpected and unobviously leaks seemingly harmless information, which information, in conjunction with something else that also unexpected and unobviously leaks seemingly harmless information, is not harmless at all.

      • someDude says:

        Thanks Jim. This is very helpful.

        Since my background is in hardware and I just know enough software to help me work the CAD software we use to design the hardware, a lot of this stuff is difficult for me to understand in detail. So I am going to go full Paranoid/retard as you may call it. I’ve decided on generating public and private keys for all the cryptos using python on a machine that has never seen the internet and never will.

        If that is the case, then does it matter whether the cryptographic libraries in Python have backdoors in them?

        Could it be possible that the cryptographic functions/libraries being called to generate the keys themselves are compromised in a way that one can back calculate and arrive at the private key given the public key?

        • jim says:

          Nope, only the NIST public/private key backdoors work like that. If your private keys are not somehow leaked in some incomprehensibly complicated backdoor way, you are golden.

          • someDude says:

            Nice, very nice! And makes a lot of sense. Let’s take this thought experiment a bit further.

            Suppose one had an old computer on which one did a fair bit of browsing on sites that might not exactly have been kosher or Halal and is probably carrying all sorts of spyware etc on it like keylogger or what have you.

            Now if one resolved never to ever connect this possibly infected computer to the internet in the future. Then would this machine be a decent place to generate public/private keys and also store them there?

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Do you read kuttha websites?

              • someDude says:

                Ain’t you the chap Aidan kicked in the nuts a few hours ago? Are the testicles in your mouth or did you swallow them back to be digested by your gastric juices?

                • Oog en Hand says:

                  How many Amerikaners did your mother satisfy before shemet your father?!

      • Frank Matters says:

        Besides using common sense about contributors, what are some heuristics one can use to determine the overall integrity of a cryptographic library?

        • jim says:

          That is the problem: Analyzing a cryptographic library is very hard. We know the NIST elliptic curves are backdoored at the fundamental algorithmic level in that those who know the secret backdoor can derive the private key from the public key, but most of the breaks are not at that level, not at the level of the cryptographic algorithm itself. They are like the backdoor in the Wifi protocol, where the library, not the cryptographic algorithm itself, unnecessarily leaks seemingly harmless information through unnecessary complexity, and if you gather enough of this information, it is not harmless at all.

          Such backdoors are deeply obscure, and we can be sure that the vast majority of them are as yet undetected. That we have detected a few indicates that there are many more to be detected.

          OpenSSL is incomprehensibly complex, our enemies fingers are all over it, and we have information that indicates that NSA has access to everything supposedly protected by the OpenSSL library, even though no one has identified a specific backdoor in it. Which is why, if you are using a VPN, you need Wireguard.

          But Wireguard has a known flaw, in that deep packet inspection can detect Wireguard packets, even though it cannot detect what is in them.

          This needs to be fixed. Wireguard should use a random port, rather than a standard port, and should generate packets indistinguishable from random noise to those that do not have the key.

  25. Pooch says:

    Went to my first Men’s bible study at my local church. Dropped some Jimian red pills which were very well received by the group. Would highly recommend.

  26. notglowing says:


    Elon rejected the offer to join the twitter board in exchange for promising to never own more than 50% of twitter, and now he’s counterattacking.
    He will buy 100% of twitter at a high premium over the current market price, and if they refuse he threatens to dump his current share.

    • A2 says:

      My impression is that Twitter has not been a great tech investment so this might be a great opportunity to get out, but on the other hand there seems to be a lot of odd people on the Twitter board … they might fight the offer.


      • notglowing says:

        >My impression is that Twitter has not been a great tech investment
        It has been a terrible investment profit-wise. But it obviously has great influence way beyond what its market cap suggests.
        Trump was on twitter. Most famous people are there or used to be. Its importance has waned since most on the right including Trump got banned of course.

        Still, the fact that it’s *not* been very profitable, suggests to me that the people who are deeply invested in it might not really care about direct profits, so they will likely refuse.

  27. Mike Thalassitis says:


    Elon going to buy the rest of Twitter

    • Mike Thalassitis says:

      Chairman of the Board,

      I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy.

      However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company.

      As a result, I am offering to buy 100% of Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, a 54% premium over the day before I began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before my investment was publicly announced. My offer is my best and final offer and if it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder.

      Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.

      Elon Musk

      • notglowing says:

        I’ve been wondering for years if a hostile takeover of one of these social media public companies could happen. It could buy someone immense influence.
        So far they have for the most part simply followed the general cathedral line in terms of promotion or censorship.

        What if someone started abusing that influence for their own personal gain?

        • Pooch says:

          Personal gain is completely fine. Promoting heresy to the state religion will have the DOJ knocking on the door.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            I’m always amazed that someone as high profile as Musk keeps poking the beast with a stick. Twitter is basically a Cathedral mounthpiece. And it’s obvious the Cathedral hates him. It seems to me he has too much ADD and he needs more danger in his life. He’s the anti-Bill Gates, the latter tries to curry favor with the Cathedral and who they use but basically mock and hold in contempt.

            • Pooch says:

              And it’s obvious the Cathedral hates him.

              I don’t know if he was all that hated but he surely is hated now. Anti-white male hit pieces commencing by the journo class. They are not at all happy with the prospect of his takeover of their favorite playground.

              You’re going to hear much more about this bid than you would about a normal proposed M&A transaction, in large part because Twitter is where journalists congregate and do a lot of their work, and they really don’t want to be working in Elon Musk’s private playpen.



            • Javier says:

              Musk got rich primarily by selling carbon offsets, aka papal indulgences, something that shouldn’t rightly exist. The cathedral had no problem with it until the found out he planned to use the profits to send people into space rather than teach gay sex to fourth graders. They try to compromise by at least making sure he’s launching gay muslim trannies into space but he wants the rockets to actually work so no deal there.

              The twitter buyout is interesting because if it’s a publicly traded company they would essentially be in violation of fiduciary duty to tell him no. I’m not an expert so maybe someone else can explain better, maybe I’m wrong, but if he’s offering the shareholders (investment firms) this huge profit they basically have to tell all their customers “No we won’t increase your portfolio value by 50% because some faggy journalists are worried they’ll see mean tweets.”

            • Starman says:


              “And it’s obvious the Cathedral hates him [Musk].”

              There are (((Major factions))) within the Cathedral that hate him, but the Cathedral’s military dominance over China and Russia in outer space is completely dependent on him.

              • Red says:

                The Cathedral doesn’t seem to care about the tech Musk brings. I would guess that his threat to twitter is an attempt to get the Cathedral to let him go back to building rocket ships.

                • Ghost says:

                  I’d like to see the deal go through and want to think he’s on the level about wanting free speech. In Musk’s words, free speech is someone you don’t like, saying something you don’t like.” Which sounds pretty good. If we can get people talking again, and some of the banned back on, perhaps misconceptions can be removed.

                  Either way, its going to be interesting.

                  Libs think Twitter will turn into 4chan. My reply is: yes.

                • Starman says:


                  The Cathedral doesn’t seem to care about the tech Musk brings. I would guess that his threat to twitter is an attempt to get the Cathedral to let him go back to building rocket ships.”

                  The (((kosher factions))) don’t, but the others who don’t want to be crushed by Russian and Chinese military power do care.

                  Death focuses the mind rather beautifully.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The usual relationship of antipriests to merchants is usually to, just take the money, and then say fuck you anyways.

          • The Cominator says:

            I imagine that like with Conrad Black and Zuckerberg defiance would cause legal problems to appear.

            Rupert Murdoch likely had some flexibility with Fox News… because as originally a tabloid guy I imagine he had extensive blackmail files on a lot of people and thus it was a lot harder to fuck with Fox. But unfortunately they promoted 90% neocon cuckservatism.

            • Pooch says:

              With the exception of Tucker Carlson, who is the only one who toes the line of heresy, Fox News is 110% in compliance with the state religion. They just recently hired Caitlyn Jenner.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Gab has a good thread on Twitter on the difficulties of bringing free speech to Twitter.


            • Pooch says:

              The problem with Gab is that they don’t censor at all (or moderate to be more accurate). This place is so great because of Jim’s excellent moderation of shills.

              Gab on the other hand is just non-stop Soros shills spamming Hitler memes/Jews run the world crap to the point its difficult to have meaningful discussions on there in the comments. To me, Gab is a failure because of this.

              If Musk can moderate out the fed/soros/nazi shills while also not allowing egregious heresy to the state religion, what he’s doing may be feasible.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                True. Every site needs to be curated some way to keep out shills and spammers if it does not want to be converged and ruined. Leftists sites appear to have “organic” curation. Most Right Wing sites are fake and gay.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      From our frame, this is the latest escalation in the Cold Civil War. From the normie frame, this is just the latest nose honk in the clown world that began in 2016. With each honk, things once considered impossible or unbelievable quickly become the new normal. Recently listened to an audiobook about a collapse of the US, and some of the key contributing factors were gas going up to $6 a gallon and inflation going up 15% over 3 years. This was written in 2015.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      His crazy women notwithstanding, Elon knows what’s up. He’s calling the bluff that Twitter is a company, and not a state institution like Harvard or the State Department.

      It’s a lot more expensive to force Twitter/Cathedral to publicly reveal what they really are in this way while everyone’s watching, but also more effective than just complaining. Plausibly deniable too. “Oh look at that everyone. I guess it was a scorpion after all. Huh! I had no idea!”

      That and if they ever do ban him, Tesla and SpaceX are through anyway, so it’s an obvious cost of doing business, like Bezos buying the Washington Post.

    • Contamianted NEET says:

      Musk is picking a fistfight with a steamroller here. The system can and will destroy him before it lets this happen.

      • Starman says:

        @Contaminated NEET

        “Musk is picking a fistfight with a steamroller here. The system can and will destroy him before it lets this happen.”

        If the USG does that, it will no longer have military superiority over Russia and China. And the USG system will be destroyed.

        • Pooch says:

          Are their generals in the military personally loyal to Musk?

          • Starman says:


            “Are their generals in the military personally loyal to Musk?”

            That doesn’t matter.

            What matters is whether the USG will have military superiority over Russia and China or not.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              The people who decide policy and “””reality”””” aren’t interested in “having superiority.” In fact, they hate the US and want it to collapse. That’s a large part of why they do what they do.

              • Pooch says:

                Certainly the case for the civilian government, but I think Starman has a point for the Pentagon. The uniformed military does not like the idea of losing military capability superiority one bit, particularly to China.

                • Aidan says:

                  There may be plenty of guys with stars on their shoulders who are very concerned about losing Musk’s ability to put things in space. But I’m not sure if the dumb buck Austin even thinks space is real. If Musk undercuts the top brass and appeals straight to more junior officers, those are the conditions for a coup.

        • Red says:

          If the USG does that, it will no longer have military superiority over Russia and China. And the USG system will be destroyed.

          They destroyed the faith in democracy to get rid of Trump. These are not rational people who happily saw away at the very branch they sit on.

          • Starman says:


            “They destroyed the faith in democracy to get rid of Trump. These are not rational people who happily saw away at the very branch they sit on.”

            They can join their comrades that are trapped in Mariupol.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          >If the USG does that, it will no longer have military superiority over Russia and China.

          Maybe. But do you think the system believes that? They think the only reason it’s Musk and not some vibrant hijabi lesbian-of-color running SpaceX is racism. As far as they’re concerned, he’s easily replaceable.

      • Jehu says:

        Another possibility here is he’s hoping to get Twitter to do one of the various permutations of Poison Pill-ing itself to cause it to self-destruct.

  28. Pax Imperialis says:

    McDonald’s benefits from the result of economies of scales and long term supply contracts. So it really says something when the McChicken was only $1 last year, around $1.25 sometime last month, and now $1.5 in April. I’ve been seeing similar levels of price increases in fast food this year. I don’t know what that means for the wider economy, but my gut feeling is that double digit inflation is around the corner.

    • jim says:

      McDonalds is widely used as a reliable price index when people doubt the official cpi, because its expenses are much the same as everyone’s expenses.

      So, the big mac index is saying around fifty percent inflation, in line with the commodity indexes.

      I don’t think double digit inflation is around the corner. I think it arrived some time ago.

      • notglowing says:

        I look at the regular hamburger more than the Big Mac, because the margins for the small one are probably much lower. Here it used to cost 1€ as far back as I can remember.

        It suddenly jumped to 1.20€ in 2022, and has stayed there since. It can only mean their ingredient costs jumped by that much.

        (Side note: Pax, how is the McChicken that cheap where you live? It’s almost 7.30$ here.)

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          McChicken is a dollar menu item in the states. It’s at or past 2$ currently.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Different prices in different states. McDonald’s coffee ranges between $1 and $2. Either-way I’ve noticed that prices in the low cost areas are raising to what high cost areas use to be.

          I think you may be confusing the McChicken (dollar menu) with the Crispy Chicken.

          • notglowing says:

            >I think you may be confusing the McChicken (dollar menu) with the Crispy Chicken.
            I’m not confused, rather, the names are actually different. I’d forgotten about that.
            The chicken dollar menu item is called Chickenburger here, costs 2.05$ (whereas it used to be some 20% lower last year).
            The “McChicken” we have is probably similar to your Crispy Chicken.

            We also have items like Crispy McBacon, which is the most popular burger here besides the Big Mac. The Crispy McBacon is not served in the US as far as I know.
            Americans usually laugh when I tell them this: the McDonald’s drive-through is called “McDrive” here.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Someone close to me was a McDonalds executive until a few years ago..Even at that time, she said that their wholesale costs were rising 4-5% per year, which suggests that inflation was being seriously underreported…

  29. Karl says:

    Jim is long on real estate because real estate does well during hyperinflation. That’s true relative to other assets within the country that has hyperinflation, but overall it is much better to invest outside the hyperinflation countries.

    When hyperinflation is over, society has suffered so much that maybe noone wants to live that newly created shit hole. On top of that the government might conficsate half of the real eastate value with an equalisation of burdens act.

    I expect hyperinflation in the USA and the EURO countries of the EU. There is a lot of real eastate outside of these countries. I think Eastern Europe looks (relatively) good. I’d be grateful for any commenter’s view on the situation in Eastern Europe, like Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro etc.

  30. T says:

    What’s the best way (for a grugbrain like me) to exchange coins? Say, starting with BTC or ETH and getting Monero (or Memecoin)? Metamask and Uniswap and everything is all difficult to parse, wrapped coins, etc. For a typical person who wants to treat this like going to a currency exchanger, handing them USD and getting back an amount of EUR that matches the rate they quoted me, what’s the best way to go?

    • hodler says:

      You have crypto currency, you want to convert into other crypto currency.

      Bisq is best, but not really all that easy. Using Bisq makes even me sweat.

      Lots of exchanges around with no KYC that cheerfully do that and make it easy.

      I have never used Changehero, but it is famous, outside US jurisdiction, famous for being easy, and used by people who are knowledgeable and almost as paranoid as I am.

      • someDude says:

        Speaking of paranoia, is it possible at all to anonymize a bitcoin that has been de-anonymized? And if it is possible, is it something that a technical person but a non-software guru can manage?

        • jim says:

          Happens all the time. Rinse it through Wasabi wallet, rinse it through lightning, rinse it through Monero, rinse through one of the better De-Fi

          • someDude says:

            Would bitcoin Laundry or mixbtc be classified as among the better deFi?Can these centralized services be trusted to delete the logs after some time delay as they claim. The user is sure unable to verify that they do. Could the eye of Sauron already be upon them?

            • jim says:

              Mixing services are not De-Fi, and the algorithm used by bitcoin laundry and mixbtc reveals them to be enemy operations.

              It is not hard to make a mixer such that no one except the particular recipient knows who a particular coin is going to, making logs empty of useful information, and deleting them irrelevant. If they can log the connection between your input coin and your output coin, they are logging it.

              Assuming they send you your output coin at all, which I am inclined to doubt.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:


      Besides the panhandling, this is a good simple guide for a normie looking to get into cryptos as a store for his value.

      • jim says:

        I endorse the daily stormer as the best source on privacy currency and ease of use of wallets.

        But if you want to convert fiat into crypto currency at a reasonable rate, want to do it all legally with clean money and KYC, and want to declare any profits before causing the crypto currency to disappear off the government radar, use Kraken for US fiat, and Binance for everything else.

        I suspect spyware on all of the wallets he recommends, and would not use them for serious money without considerable further investigation, but his advice is primarily oriented to protecting his donors from being linked to the daily stormer, and for that purpose, works.

  31. Gedeon says:

    [*deleted for posting with complete confidence from an alternate reality*]

    • jim says:

      “I see no inflation” says the man who cannot afford to travel by car, lives on canned beans with meat once a week, and lives in a little box in a tower in a neighborhood rapidly becoming intolerably dangerous.

  32. Cloudswrest says:

    Off topic.

    Read today the Chinese doctor He Jiankui, who (successfully) “Crispr’ed” in the anti-HIV gene into 3 human embryos, has been released from prison after 3 years. “Ethicists” are all taking the occasion to bellyache on the matter.


  33. Severian says:

    Russian MoD confirms their Black sea flagship was seriously damaged and crew evacuated, after Ukrainians claimed a strike on it with the Neptune.

    Seriously humiliating.

    • The Cominator says:

      I expect NATO proxy forces to be able to hit ships with missles…

      The land campaign being bogged down is way more humiliating and I don’t quite understand it…

      • Severian says:

        I think Russians had a serious lack of manpower for the initial scope of the campaign, especially support infantry. They could not generate enough density to keep the momentum. So they downsized the campaign to the Donbas area which fits their military advantages better.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          They had a lot of manpower, but didn’t actually commit most of it. You can speculate as to why.

          • Severian says:

            170k doesn’t seem a lot to take half the Ukraine, the biggest country in Europe, fully mobilized.

            As for not committing, I don’t know… have you seen the loss of kit? Even if you don’t believe that Onyx guy for being biased, the sheer amount of visual evidence is pretty big, I think they committed lots, and the losses are significant. UKR losses are big too no doubt, but again, fully mobilized.

            Calling up reservists would force them to admit the existential nature of the war. Putin’s problem is trying to square this circle with the current force. Hence downscaling the war to the Donbas where the battlefield is more advantageous to them.
            This is Kofman’s take on the situation too, and I think he’s correct again.

            • jim says:

              Attempting to fight World War II in the Information Epoch has been a military disaster.

              The only way out is to escalate to Information Epoch warfare, which they recently threatened to do on the grounds of Ukrainian attacks on Russia.

              They really need to escalate to Information Epoch warfare on the grounds of failure to make peace on Russian terms.

              World War II tactics. weapons, and strategy just are not moving the needle.

              Information Epoch warfare is the existing network penetration conflict, augmented with end guided drone launched missiles carrying less than a kilogram of high explosive. Tanks, battleships, mobile artillery, manned fighter planes, and all that stuff is as irrelevant as cavalry charges wielding sabers.

      • Mr. Explainer says:

        I noticed during the Trump years a discrepancy in behavior.

        The crazy left OrangeManBad types would start with facts – not all the facts, but specific and verifiable facts – and then draw wildly exaggerated conclusions from them. The Steele dossier, to pick one fact, existed. [*large collection of Cathedral “facts” deleted*]

        • jim says:

          The Qtard facts “existed” in the same sense as the Steele dossier existed.

          I just deleted two screenfuls of Cathedral “evidence based reality” full of the most utter lunacy and detachment from reality.

          WattsUpWithThat is evidence based. Global warming was based on highly selective use of real facts from which exaggerated conclusions were drawn, but rapidly came to rely more on what is now the Cathedral method.

          These days the Cathedral just makes shit up. And you just gave us, with complete confidence, two screenfuls of shit they made up.

          It is not evidence based when you get to invent the evidence.

          Let us compare the Cathedral and Right wing handling of the Bucha massacre:

          Cathedral: Real pile of dead bodies. Must be the Russians.

          Right: Real pile of dead bodies, at least one of which had been alive and well and and a notable opponent of the Ukrainian regime when the Russians left.

          There is your evidence based discourse.

          Bucha is a perfectly real evidence based atrocity. Except that the dead are Russian “collaborators’ who failed to evacuate with the Russians.

    • jim says:

      Information Epoch warship. Battleships have long been obsolete.

      Russia is still fighting World War I and II

      • Severian says:

        Some Russian sources also confirming missile strikes. The ship might be totally lost.


        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Moskva headed to port, under its own power. Don’t announce you’re yellow & blue themed transition party just quite yet, and I’ll delay my embarrassment suicide plan.

          • Severian says:

            Yes the ship survived. Still unclear if it was a missile or not. Russians saying it was accidental fire.

          • Severian says:

            Well, scratch that, Russian MoD now days the ship sunk while being towed to port.

          • Anonymous says:

            Flagship is sunk, largest ship sunk since WW2, baton and accomplishment handed from Argentine navy. Looks like you’re going to have to go through with that embarrassing plan after all.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I think RF is spinning its wheels and wasting money on a blue water navy. Their better bet is going all in on ship-killers, SOF, anti-sat, and guided artillery. So in that sense, the Moskva is just an opportunity to course correct.

              The room and gloom about the portents of this naval loss are media succor for the rash of surrenders by UKR marines, supposedly the big dicks of their military. Regular Ukes are selling their vehicles to Russians for Rubles. The Moskva is a PR loss, but I also haven’t forgotten the previous weeks of Cathedral lapdogs spouting that the Black Sea fleet was pointless and irrelevant.

            • pyrrhus says:

              The blue water navy has been obsolete for some time, but the US kept building carriers and such at enormous cost…MIC loves them, but this war may KO the program…

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Massive fleets of low-cost, high-automation missile destroyers look to be the future of naval warfare. Big enough to carry a decent magazine of over-the-horizon weapons and drone swarms, but small enough that the loss of one is not crippling. Possibly low-depth submarines are another option providing the same role. War games with basically any opponent using modern technology results in massive losses to a WWII-style navy. Whether that being Chinese hypersonic ship-killers or Iran clogging the Straits of Hormuz with missile launchers on basically every single boat that can handle one, and using the ones that cannot as fireships. US Navy is arrogant and out of touch, and it looks like the Russian fleet is, too.

      • Pooch says:

        The US is pumping Ukraine full of Information Epoch weapons. Bodes well for US military capability, at least for futuristic warfare.

        • Severian says:

          The Neptune is Ukraine made and developed apparently.

          • jim says:

            It is an Information Epoch weapon. You send it to the general area under inertial guidance, and then it autonomously targets the first thing it sees that looks like a ship.

            Its weakness is that it uses radar, but it uses Information Epoch radar, which is hard to jam. Sends out random pings of random frequency. To jam effectively, you need a smart jammer and your jammer needs to be nearer it than the target is, needs to see the ping, and produce fake echoes of fake targets.

            It is subsonic, and therefore vulnerable to point defenses – if you see it in time. But information epoch radar is hard to detect, and it skims just above the waves, making it very hard to see by visible light or active radar.

            • Severian says:

              Apparently the weather was bad and the ship was distracted hunting down the TB-2.
              According to some analysts this will clear up airspace for UKR drones in the south since this ship was carrying tons of s-300.

              I think the Ukrainians are very serious about trying to take back Kherson at some point.

    • Godzilla says:

      The West’s performance here doesn’t bode well for btc. If you’re not already in xmr I suggest jumping. Our elite is still very capable.

      • jim says:

        I don’t think our elite is very capable. We shall see.

        I don’t want to be among the first to jump, but getting ready to jump. Things are starting to look bad. The jump may be beginning.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I wonder how GAE navy feels about this. Was Moskva a modern ship, or a modernized ship?

      • jim says:

        It makes little difference. All ships are vulnerable to the weapons of Information Epoch warfare. If your enemy’s ships are not vulnerable, your anti ship weapons are out of date.

        Submarines have a little longer, but stick out like dogs balls to spread spectrum sonar with a central wavelength of the same order as the submarine dimensions. Then a depth charge lands on top of them.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          I would think some sort of hybrid ship/submarine, that shallowly submerges to avoid targeting my cruise missiles, might be useful.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Semi-submersible capability is a simple means of removing a lot of simple options for an adversary.

    • Aidan says:

      Russia is fighting a war against Russians under the dominion of a hostile ideology. The lesson here is not about information era warfare; it is clear that Russia, fighting on its own historical territory against its own people, is still using kid gloves and is very unlikely to ever take them off.

      The lesson here is that when we fight against our own people captured by a hostile ideology, it will be right and proper to show no mercy. They can walk across our lines and join us, but everything else should be a target.

      • Pooch says:

        Need a faith for a holy war and Russia lacks a faith to fight a holy total war.

        If the South had realized, rightly, they were Christians resisting invasion by the hostile enemy heretics of the North, (as many of the intellectuals in the Southern churches had voiced) would have marched to Boston and destroyed Harvard after the rout of the Union army at the First Battle of Bull Run, burning every Unitarian Church on the way there.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Replace Unitarian Church with University, and you have yourself a plan. Finish up with Jim’s targeted strikes once you have the Harvard database, and leftism is dead for centuries.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            >Harvard database

            No need for that. Every Harvard grad, faculty member, and administrator publicly trumpets his connection with the Great Font of All Truth and Authority. They’re all in the open on LinkedIn.

          • Aidan says:

            Hard to do a decapitation strike if the enemy does not have a head. If there were a head to strike at, then I would advocate unremitting terrorism against the left, assassination of every one of its leaders until it is completely disorganized and incapable of action. But I do not think there is such a head, even fifty heads, that can be assassinated, and their replacements assassinated, to halt the holiness spiral.

            • The Cominator says:

              Oh i think if you had a religion such as the Hashishim which could sustain it… i think it would be very effective.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              As Jim has pointed out, there does seem to be a, command and control element on the left. The one mouth speaking from all of the mouthpieces. Find that mouth, then grab it by the neck, then cut its had off. I am sure that if I went trawling through the Harvard database, I could find some hint of it. Then go through the NSA’s collection and find the whole thing. Then it would be party time.

              • Pooch says:

                The head is all R1 professors. It’s an enormous amount of people.

                • jim says:

                  The capability to come up with a single consistent lie, and retcon everything into place around that lie, trampling on yesterday’s sacred and immutable truths in the process, indicates a group small enough to meet around a coffee table and feel the warmth of each other’s breath.

                  Albeit it is evident that this group does not have total power. It is riding an unruly and considerably larger group. But it has a great deal of power, and in the leaked emails, we see clear evidence that people near the top are very afraid of that group.

                  From the emails, looks like they work rather like Winston’s Smith’s Ministry of Truth. Important matters are delegated to several minor underlings, who produce several detailed and consistent revisions of the past, one of which is picked to become the official reality of the reality based community, fact based discourse, and evidence based discourse, with previous facts and evidence abruptly and uniformly vanishing down the memory hole.

                  I have many times observed every single academic everywhere throughout the American hegemony abruptly turn on a dime in perfect unison without a single exception anywhere.

                • Pooch says:

                  Technocracy. Rule by “technical experts”. Depending on the issue, topic, and field at hand, decision-making gets outsourced to the small group of “technical experts” in that issue, topic, and field.

                • jim says:

                  The technical experts are Winston Smith. On minor matters, they get to do as they see fit, but on more important matters, several groups of technical experts submit several versions, and one version becomes the official reality of the reality based community, fact based discourse, and evidence based discourse.

                  Michael Mann sends out an email that certain inconvenient facts need to be removed, and for a while the facts hang around, and then rather suddenly there is absolutely unanimous and total agreement on a replacement set of facts.

                  And I do not believe it was Michael Mann who picked which replacement to run with. Pretty sure he kicked the final decision upstairs.

                  He solicited replacement narratives, and suddenly one of those replacements became the reality of the reality based community, fact based discourse, and evidence based discourse, but though the proposed replacement narratives went up the chain of command through him, the final decision as to which narrative to run with did not come down through him.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  It is this theoretical group that scares me. Them getting away is probably the worst case scenario.

                • Pooch says:

                  It is this theoretical group that scares me. Them getting away is probably the worst case scenario.

                  The Puritans were incredibly virtuous. Went to America and had 7-8 kids per women. These guys can’t reproduce. They’ll just wither and die like the old Roman priesthood.

                • jim says:

                  There seems to be a strange lack of direct mayflower descendants.

                  Some of the Puritans were quite prolific, but the leadership group died out fairly quickly.

                • Tech Priest says:

                  I am not sure that there is a head, but if there is one, I am surprised that the CIA isn’t being mentioned as a candidate.

                  A) Isn’t the CIA supposed to have done some manipulation of feminism (Gloria Steinem) which seems like the sort of thing such a head would do, we would just have to suppose that that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what they are actually doing

                  B) Being an agency that is supposed to be doing secret things they have a greater capability to get away with doing secret things that they are not supposed to be doing than other organizations.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The CIA is traditionally very closely aligned with the state department as Moldbug points out (the reason why is not gutsy enough to operate without “Official Cover” as they could then be executed if caught so they work thru embassies in foreign country)…

                  But as far as them illegally doing domestic operations… the media coordination (and likely big tech) is somehow managed and enforced by them. One reason I keep saying I’d spare Jimmy Dore as I think unlike 99.9% of leftists his leftism is genuinely pure honest and well intentioned is he tells these people rightly that Operation Mockingbird never ended.

                  This is also why I think one of Trump’s most foolish actions before 2020 was firing Rex Tillerson who (whether him and Trump got along or not) initially ruthlessly purged the State Department. Unfortunately Pompeo though he knew how to be sympathetic to Trump rehired many of the leftist faggots Tillerson purged.

                • Pooch says:

                  There seems to be a strange lack of direct mayflower descendants.

                  Not seeing that. The initial Puritans came to America 400 years ago. Anglos in the US who are willing and able to do a family tree 400 years back tend to find some Puritan descendants.

                • Aidan says:

                  My completely intuition and anecdote-driven impression is that there is a lack of Puritan descendants and a glut of descendants from very old Anglo settlers who followed saner and more fertile religions. For every Mayflower descendant, there are ten people descended from that Puritan’s Irish slave.

                • Pooch says:

                  400 years is an incredibly far ways for one to go back in their family tree. Most old stock Anglo Americans are satisfied to just say they are “American”, but the infinitesimally small number of those who go back 400 years in their family tree always seem to say they have an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower. Maybe they are lying, but it would be very hard to prove.

            • pyrrhus says:

              If you know Ivy League academia, you know that a small group of professors, not necessarily well known, run the place…I was extremely fortunate to be somewhat mentored by one because of my skill at games…He bailed me out a couple of times…

        • The Cominator says:

          Stonewall Jackson’s plan was similar to this… though I’m less sympathetic to the Confederacy than most here (I really don’t like those who want to import 3rd world slaves today or then)… the best thing that would have happened if the South separated was that Woodrow Wilson would never have been an American citizen.

          • Pooch says:

            he best thing that would have happened if the South separated was that Woodrow Wilson would never have been an American citizen.

            There’s no scenario where the South could have “separated”. The only victory condition would have been for the Christians to take the heretical priesthood to the sword in total.

            • jim says:

              In a holy war with a universalist religion, separation takes centuries of warfare. The only way to get a rapid conclusion is for one side to win and one side to lose. The crusades ended when both sides became cynical about religion, and tired of bloodshed.

      • The Cominator says:

        “The lesson here is that when we fight against our own people captured by a hostile ideology, it will be right and proper to show no mercy. They can walk across our lines and join us, but everything else should be a target.”

        More people on our side begin to understand…

  34. Aryaman says:

    Vitalik Buterin: In Defense of Bitcoin Maximalism
    Somewhat interesting given how ethereum is pretty chock-full of our enemies.

    He favorably posts pictures of masculine, armed bitcoiners juxtaposed with effeminate and stereotypically gay ether holders. Then he favorably cites Conquest’s Second Law, “any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing”, endorsing the idea it is good to use technology designed by people who are explicitly not your enemy.

    He also says this,

    Hopefully, this is much more obvious now than it was six weeks ago, when many people still seriously thought that Vladimir Putin is a misunderstood and kindly character who is *merely* trying to protect Russia and save Western Civilization from the gaypocalypse. But it’s still worth repeating. We live in a dangerous world, where there are plenty of bad-faith actors who do not listen to compassion and reason.

    Which seems to suggest there was some credible basis for someone to think Western Civilization has to be saved from a gaypocalypse, and that at worst Putin could be forgiven for thinking as much; at best justified in doing so.

    He takes pains to point out how all of this is good for poor people in Africa, but cannot be lost on him that the idea he is endorsing offends enemies closer to home.

  35. Kunning Drueger says:

    A couple interesting articles:

    Pakistan has “seen the light,” and the new regime will tow the GAE line now that Imran Khan has been soft-couped out of power.
    Pakistan is a weird country. The patriarchy has some measure of power/control, but the Cathedralites in the ISI are probably the dominant faction. Here’s an Indian YouTuber on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MXv87V3sAs&ab_channel=AmitSengupta
    and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngW5YDwSkss&ab_channel=AmitSengupta

    Here’s the channel for the Indian guy. Lot’s of very interesting topics: https://www.youtube.com/c/AmitSenguptaAKS/videos

    Here’s an article about DIA assesment of Space Battlespace: https://www.globalsecurity.org/space/library/news/2022/space-220412-dodnews01.htm?_m=3n%2e002a%2e3301%2edk0ao43u5w%2e328u

    And here’s the direct link to the PDF referenced: https://www.globalsecurity.org/space/library/report/2022/challenges-to-security-in-space_dia2022.pdf

    Space Force was established under Trump. It was probably effective and somewhat competent at the outset, which may explain why the Biden regime made it a priority to purge the leadership.

    Queermo Zeihan, the geopolitical strategist, is subtly shifting from Russia Bad to Russia Not Good, but Hunger/Famine Magically Appearing On Horizon. He seems to realize that Covid0, China’s hybrid war tool for assailing Occidental Trade/Commerce, is going to cause problems, but he is advocating that China needs to stop using the TradVaxx and import the mRNA vaccine. If you’d like to see what happens when a genuinely smart person buys into Cathedral bullshit…

    • Varna says:


    • someDude says:

      Kunning, you might find this guy interesting as well. He pretty much blames George Soros for all the chaos in India. I wonder if he reads this Blog. Jim is probably the most quoted and least attributed source in today’s world.

      There was a time when I only used to hear about Soros’ misdeeds on this blog. Now I hear about it every where. Then that gay parade thing with Patriarch Kirill.

      • jim says:

        Good stuff.

        Traces out how Victoria Nuland and George Soros manufacture war and revolution.

        But he worries too much about thorium. You can make nuclear weapons from thorium, through molten salt thermal breeder reactors, but at present, there are no working useful thorium molten salt breeder reactors, and the weapons would be considerably inferior to weapons made through liquid metal cooled uranium breeder reactors. I think thorium would be excellent as the reflector for a thermonuclear weapon but no one is using it for that, and in the Information Epoch, thermonuclear weapons are less useful than pure fission weapons.

        Should be worrying about the gay parade, not thorium. The future belongs to those that show up. Soros and Victoria Nuland are fostering war and revolution against those who do not like the gay parade, not against those that have thorium.

        • someDude says:

          Hmmm, maybe he does not read this blog then. Any reader of this blog would know that the Cathedral acts primarily from religious motivations. He does not seem to understand that. If he reads this blog, then he has not grasped one of the many seminal points that this blog makes. Perhaps the polygon/red-state would worry about Thorium, but then what power do they actually have?

          I will go with, not a reader of this blog. In that case, impressive that he managed to trace it all to George Soros by himself. I’m impressed.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Just a terminology nitpick, the Pentagon is a synecdoche for red tribe, but ‘polygon’ is not the pentagon, rather it is a word for referring to all the branches of the real government collectively, also known as ‘the cathedral’.

            • someDude says:

              Thanks Pseudo. I was under the impression that polygon was the DE terminology for the Pentagon. So Polygon and Cathedral are synonymous, then?

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Yep, it was a term also coined by moldbug and used interchangeably by him.

                I prefer using it since cathedrals are nice, and i don’t like tarring nice things with associations with not-nice things.

          • Frontier says:

            Knowledge that Soros is funding pro-crime district attorneys has percolated to the right.

            I sometimes see what talk radio is saying, and the other day Lar’s Larson had a guest on and they were freely talking about Soros money in DA races as an awful thing.

        • His analysis is impressive, but stops short of mentioning the gay agenda.

          Like you say, the GAE wants to impose gay parades on all nations and everything understood from that context.

        • someDude says:

          Here the Indian media notices that Ole’ George is not all that Kosher, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQbVyHVmmKs

          • Some of the Indian mainstream media has shown surprising resistance to the Cathedral diktats of late.

            We need this kind of reporting of more red pill truths.

            With these kinds of mainstream media reports, expect the Soros shills to come out in full force.

  36. Oog en Hand says:

    “Most of us were unaware of what was happening. It wasn’t even until 1966 that Dr. Reisman became aware there was a problem. That year her 13-year-old daughter was raped by a neighbor’s boy.

    The investigation determined that the boy had most likely been aroused and motivated by viewing his father’s Playboy magazines. At some point during the investigation, the boy’s family left the country, escaping justice by taking their teen child offender with them.”


    Does porn promote early marriage?

    • Aidan says:

      Yeah man, there’s no other reason why a teenage boy would want to bang a teenage girl. Trust the female doctor (((Reisman))). Are you a mouthbreathing retard or something?

      • Oog en Hand says:

        The (((rapist))) could easily leave the country…

        • Aidan says:

          The creepy thing about shills and entryists is how they blithely ignore incendiary ad hominem attacks. Even though you have to be here, your testicles wither a little bit every time you let an insult like that go unanswered with a scripted non-response.

          • Varna says:

            “And here’s why that’s a good thing”

            • Redbible says:

              And #5 will shock you!

              But on a serious note, being too reactive (to the point of being emotional) to incendiary ad hominem attacks seems kinda of feminine to me.

              Don’t take shit, but don’t get all uppity if shit gets thrown at you.

          • alf says:

            Oog en Hand is reminiscent of a more older style of commenter on Jim’s blog. Writes cryptic comments which are sometimes useful but often noise or worse. Not a shill.

            • I think he’s a European pagan or something similar. A strange style of commentary, lots of seemingly unrelated references without context and very laconic.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                “European pagan”

                Understatement. I think there should be a Pagan theocracy. Theocracy is to the RIGHT of monarchy.

                • jim says:

                  All known pagan theocracies relied on human sacrifice, and during the long conflict between Christians and pagans, pagans could not get their states together because their rulers kept murdering each other.

                  Demon infestation following the decline of patriarchy and the loss of ancestor worship. When they worshiped their paternal ancestors in the paternal line, they did OK, for they were worshiping the souls of good men.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            I do not respond to “fascist” either.

            Let us see what some would do to this little (((jimian))):

            “How about castrating blackpill posters and letting them bleed out; if they complain we heat metal then use it to coterise wound and chop off arm or leg. Repeat if poster complains until dead.

            (In Dead by Dawn)”


            • Aidan says:

              You choose to snipe like a faggot or a woman instead of saying what you mean and stating what you believe. If you actually took a position, you would get your shit pushed in, which your little ego couldn’t handle.

              Who is the blackpilled one here? A man faces reality with his chin out, and if the future looks bleak, so be it. You are absorbed in a LARP, and the gods of the copybook headings are likely to catch you with your pants down.

          • Skippy says:

            “The creepy thing about shills and entryists is how they blithely ignore incendiary ad hominem attacks.”

            Exactly so. When you accuse an honest man of being a shill he gets offended, even irrational and unbalanced. A shill calmly explains why he shouldn’t be considered a shill.

            • Neurotoxin says:

              “The creepy thing about shills and entryists is how they blithely ignore incendiary ad hominem attacks.”

              Aidan, I don’t agree with this, at least not totally. Consider e.g. our host, who can be astoundingly patient in responding to insults from shills, freelance leftists, and miscellaneous fuckwits.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                Again, who of you would waste your time when charged with “FASCIST!!!!”

              • Aidan says:

                It’s about space. When a man comes into your space and gets ridiculed, it lowers his status if he takes it and continues to hang around. If he bites back, an accord between men can be reached. Jim does not need to respond to ad hominems because he has plenty of allies in the comments who will do it for him; high status.

  37. Nicodemus Rex says:

    Why is China locking up Shanghai so brutally and capriciously? Do they actually believe in the Covid demon? have they always been doing this and only now its being reported (if so, why now?)

    • The Cominator says:

      I can’t figure that one out either…

      • The Ducking Man says:

        Actually this is very simple.

        CCP Party Congress is right around the corner, until then Xi need to maintain his electability.

        Xi already said they’ll beat covid by mandating zero covid policy, so Xi faction with all their power and insanity are “fighting” covid merely for the sake of fulfilling Xi’s mandate to keep his electability.

        As soon Xi get re-elected I can guarantee that CCP will look at covid like it never happens.

        Source: CCP past history “fighting” poverty.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      China is facing extreme agriculture shortages that coincide with fertilizer shortages and major losses in the pig herds (the equivalent would be it 2/3s of US beef chicken and pig herds died). Covid is a convenient tool to force rationing. People are starving not because of Covid lock down, but because of real food shortages. Starving people in the streets is more politically destabilizing than starving people locked up in apartments.

      • Varna says:

        We have a question of scale then. How does locking up Shanghai help simulate a lack of famine, within a country of 1.5 billion people?

        The global Great Reset does indeed look like a way of bringing about a drab Soviet existence but with trannies for the North and famine for the South. But that’s different.

        The losses of pig herds (and chickens, and some staple crops) over the last three years in China was due to sudden explosions of various viruses. A good paranoid helmsman could easily conclude that imperialist pig-dogs are chipping away at the motherland via sub-visible bio warfare.

        Once this is accepted as a working hypothesis, any viral infection that hits humans would be treated as a possible bio-hit by Washington or London or what have you. Every time it’s a possible “real thing” from their POV.

        IMO it’s either the above (bio war paranoia), or pseudo-paranoia masking a purge of possible political opponents, or both.

        Once it’s over we should pay attention to the fate of the city officials. If they are praised for their good work, it was bio-war paranoia. If they are sacked for grossed incompetence, then it was a purge.

        • jim says:

          > A good paranoid helmsman could easily conclude that imperialist pig-dogs are chipping away at the motherland via sub-visible bio warfare.

          Obviously they are. The Covid virus was created in a bioweapon lab. We now know the spike protein is the product of genetic engineering. If Covid, probably the animal epidemics.

          If you want to create a bioweapon that destroys a mosquito species that transmits dengue fever, you face ridiculous regulatory obstacles, and creating a bioweapon against rats and cockroaches is absolutely out of the question, but bioweapons against humans, cats, chickens, and pigs, no problem. There is a whole lot of research under way that is supposedly research into what future diseases could emerge – which looks remarkably like research into making sure that they do.

      • The Cominator says:

        Capitalistic economies don’t have famines, it must either be do to lockdowns or some other stupid socialist thing Xi has brought back.

        • Varna says:

          If they are ran by a colonial overclass, they do.
          And today’s “free world” is mostly ran by a crypto-colonialist overclass. So we’ll see.

    • [*rapid fire pile of random misinformation deleted, being too tedious to rebut line by line*]

      • even gookettes reject your sexual advances now, baldcel says:

        So funny seeing Kookanic still PWNED after all these years.

    • Anon Poaster says:

      No clue. If you look back 9 months, during the party’s centenary celebrations in Beijing, you had tens of thousands in maskless rallies, you had stadiums packed full of party maskless members crammed against each other attended by Xi and the rest of the party’s heads. That doesn’t seem like something a regime that’s particularly concerned about corona would organize.

      I had thought that China’s harsh foreign restrictions were a means to achieve neo-Sakoku, a kind of deliberate isolation and bio-cultural-political firewall done at great economic cost. My thoughts regarding Hong Kong’s recent lockdowns were that it was an extension of this process, a way to crush and expel foreigners and cosmopolitans, and as a show of dominance. And, of course, Chinese state media constantly plays up the fact that the West’s vax program is failing, and that the way they did things in 2020 was better.

      The recent Shanghai lockdowns are really something though I can’t see how locking up to 25 million people in their apartments is any good, but I’m not Xi.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I think this reinforces the idea that China is using Covid as a weapon against the West as well as a way to “trim fat” internally, which tracks with how they initially handled the whole thing.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      DuckingMan and Pax give good reasons. I’ll offer a 3rd option, none of which mutually exclude the other.

      Covid0 is a tool for hybrid warfare. Under the guise of safety and health, weak/vulnerable points of the supply chain can be hammered by halting trade, letting shipments/containers back up, then unleashing them in a mass that overwhelms the port capacity of the target. The proof of concept occured last year, when Covid0 had (I believe) Shanghai closed for a month, then opened and ramped, which swamped the China oriented ports for a long time, which caused 2nd and 3rd order effects that led indirectly to the precarious place the West found itself when Russia launched the Special Operation.

    • Pooch says:

      The Chinese regime was founded on Bolshevism. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that they act demonic.

    • James says:

      I think this is all a test run for the possibility of real biological warfare with an actually dangerous virus.

  38. Leon says:

    Thoughts on the ground in a red state: what people view as “conservative” is really just culture/ public thought from a couple decades ago. The area resembles what life was like back during the 80s/90s/00s. However, the culture is changing, just at a slower pace than blue states/ areas. Children aren’t walking long distances or going out throughout the locals areas for Halloween. First wave feminist thought is ingrained deeply in the culture, women walk around practically naked even as young girls and men are required to not look too closely. Many of the local churches are converged, albeit either not as badly or far more discreetly than blue state “churches.” The larger city areas have lgbt groups walking the streets. The wealthier areas had Biden signs or were mostly into the GOP, but the GOP is just the jobber party anyhow. The locals have put up some resistance to convergence, but they always stop short of rolling anything too far back. They are slowly losing the fight and simply aren’t aware of it. And many of the local farmers or land holders are selling out their land to various groups to have it developed, transforming small towns, rural areas and countryside into suburbia and growing cities.

    • The Cominator says:

      The poz on the woman question gets ever worse everywhere… too many thirsty simps (and god do I hate simps…) competing over too few thin attractive women. In other ways right wingers are far more angry reactionary and militant than they used to be. But perhaps its just because Florida’s right wing is dominated by a combination of crazy rednecks and exiles like me who REALLY hate leftists…

      • Leon says:

        Conservative men fail the woman question in mass. They also aren’t anywhere near as tough as they like to think. That rugged individualism that constantly gets pushed is one of the conservative states’ greatest weaknesses.

        • The Cominator says:

          It has little to do with conservative men, leftists are more likely to be simps… but Anglo societies fail the women question en masse. At least do the politically possible step now of legalizing prostitution so as to crash the pussy price and obliterate simping.

          • Leon says:

            Anglos in general seem to be the cuckiest of cucks. Hephaestus syndrome writ large.

            • Pooch says:

              Not Southern Anglos, who were not properly subjugated and de-Christianized by Harvard after the War of Northern Heretic Aggression against the Christian South.

              • Leon says:

                Aren’t the old school southern boys mostly of Scots-Irish descent though? And descendants of the British Empire’s old warrior elite?

                • Pooch says:

                  And descendants of the British Empire’s old warrior elite?

                  Cromwell’s old Christian warrior elite.

                • Pooch says:

                  Aren’t the old school southern boys mostly of Scots-Irish descent though?

                  Not quite sure actually. I would guess some sort of mix of Anglo, Scots-Irish, and Scottish but a lot of them just identify as “American” so hard to get data on that.

                • Jimmy says:

                  It’s a mix. 40/40/20 cavalier/scots Irish/German (and some Swiss, brought in to settle the frontier as a buffer against the Indian way way back before the war for independence). Masculinity is still barely alive among indigenous Southerners.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Very few religious dissenters went to the Southern colonies (though maybe some were sent as indentured servants and perhaps a very few went to Applacia) as they overwhelmingly went either to either New England or Pennsylvania (few went to New York either). Most of the (white) people who went to the Southern colonies went either to make money or ala Australia they were sent there as indentured criminals.

                • Pooch says:

                  The Christian Southern elite who resisted in the War of Northern Heretic Aggression were overwhelmingly Anglo.

          • Leon says:

            Also, prior to prohibition, prostitution was legal in America, just heavily frowned upon. Prohibitionists went after not just alcohol but everything men loved and did as a pastime. They were predecessors to the modern SJWs.

            • The Cominator says:

              The social purity movement was always about progressive leftists (though perhaps not hardcore Marxists) manipulating women and tradcucks to ban anything they didn’t like and lower the status of men.

              To the Christian tradcucks they would go hail fellow Christians we must shut down the bars and the red light district despite centuries of christian thought as to why those places had to exist.

              To the housewives at the time they would send a bunch of lesbos going hail fellow housewives you are oppressed…

        • Ogre says:

          All good relationships will be consensual not consensual: woman agrees to sex, once, if that. Women hates the need to agree to sex, and hate when man simps for sex.

  39. Chad Johnson says:

    So what do should I do? I have some cryptocurrency, I can prepare to move it to Monero soon. I have no land, and only rent. Assuming my rent will soon skyrocket (it has already gone up slightly), will I soon be underwater due to rent and food costs?

    Should I invest my some of my savings into something like an index for land? Because I cannot afford to buy a house currently. Or should I get a fixed loan to buy a house and let hyperinflation do the rest?

    Any tips to ride this out?

    • jim says:

      If you don’t have substantial capital to invest, then the issue does not arise.

      Other than any durable list prices goods that you will need to buy eventually, buy them now. If inflation follows the usual pattern, list price goods will lag for some time, but eventually stop lagging.

      • CheezeIt says:

        And if you do have substantial capital to invest? Then what?

        • jim says:

          I am getting out of stocks, slowly, and going longer on crypto currency.

          • someDude says:

            Is there a list of ones you like somewhat. Based on what I have been reading on this site you have variously mentioned Bitcoin, Monero, Cardano/Ada, Grin, Near and Zcash as possible safe havens in the coming storm even though they may not have potential to be the one. Are there any other that I may have missed?

            • jim says:

              Probably some that I have missed. There is a lot of promising stuff from people with ideas that importantly overlap with my own, that I have not adequately examined.

              I would need to investigate Zcash a whole lot more before I would touch it, looks like a scam, but the fundamental idea of using Zksnarks is interesting. But you have to use them to put less data on the blockchain, not more. Zcash does not really give you fungibility, puts a painful burden on the peers. Zkstarks, the fastest form of Zksnark, look promising, but the Zkstark library, like all the Zknark libraries, lacks the features a true Zkstark crypto currency would need.

              I believed that Cardano/Ada would be the way of the future, because the future is proof of stake, but Cardano’s proof of stake smells bad, and is not getting better. Maybe the problem with Cardano is that I expect results in Musk time, while I myself am progressing painfully slowly with my own code. Perhaps I am too impatient. Cardano has been talking a good game, but I actively participated in the Cardano stake pool, and it looked mighty like an unregulated bank thinly disguised as a crypto currency. Maybe that is being fixed, I have not checked lately, but the last time I checked, no fix, and no apparent plans to fix it. Perhaps I am merely impatient.

              Any genuine stake system is going to have a fair bit of centralization, but it should resemble a joint stock corporation, with the whales in a position to exercise power analogous to the power that big shareholders exercise in a joint stock corporation. Stake pooling is evil. Well, it is more complicated than that. What is a proof of stake currency but one big pool? Rather, as implemented in practice, evil. Could be done right.

              • Mike in Boston says:


                I’m hodling a bunch of Zcash and have taken the trouble to meet one of the zk-snark guys in person. So I am maybe too emotionally invested in thinking Zcash is not a scam. But I am curious what you were thinking of when you wrote:

                Zcash does not really give you fungibility, puts a painful burden on the peers.

                I completely concur with the second part of your statement and can raise other objections to Zcash besides.

                Certainly generating shielded transactions takes a lot of CPU. Therefore it’s not feasible to run even something like lightwalletd on your phone, so you have to rely on, and trust, not only the full node, who has to burn a lot of CPU, but also the lightwalletd operator.

                And for that reason there are too few full nodes, and the adversary can probably de-anonymize transactions at the network level. Zcash is funding getting tor to be baked into the nodes in order to address that, but in any case, there are darned few shielded transactions per day, not enough for a real anonymity set. Most transactions are among transparent addresses, which of course are just as susceptible as Bitcoin to the blood diamonds attack.

                And while I don’t think that zooko is our enemy, some of his staff are woke to the point of self-parody.

                Stipulating all the above, I have been under the impression that shielded Zcash transactions actually do offer fungibility. From the Zcash docs:

                A transaction between two shielded addresses (a shielded transaction) keeps the addresses, transaction amount and the memo field shielded from the public (with the exception of migrating funds between Sprout and Sapling shielded addresses).

                Senders to a shielded address may or may not include an encrypted memo.

                Recipients of a shielded or deshielding transaction do not learn about the senders address through the transaction recipt in their wallet. The receivers only learn the value sent to their address(es) and if receiving to shielded addresses, any encrypted memo that may have been included by the sender.

                If this is true, I think it’s a big point in Zcash’s favor; but if you have reason to believe it’s not true, I would sure like to know before I accumulate any more Zcash. Thanks.

                • jim says:

                  > shielded Zcash transactions actually do offer fungibility. From the Zcash docs:

                  That was the design objective, the design objective of good people with good intentions. But because of all the other issues that you mention, fairly useless in practice.

                  But also useless for another reason. Zcash did not apply Zksnarks as they need to be applied, because of the intolerable computational cost, not to mention the very great cost of producing the necessary UI software. But I don’t want to get that deep into the weeds.

                  Zcash does indeed shield the information it says it shields, but shielding that information is insufficient. It would be sufficient if everyone was shielded, and if transaction metadata lived entirely in shielded memos, but blockchain analysis of unshielded transactions combined with analysis of SSL “protected” metadata about the shielded transaction reveals much about what is inside the shield.

                  This is the chronic problem of too clever cryptography. You build an unbreakable fortress wall, and the wall is truly unbreakable against the threat model, but it is just one wall and does not actually enclose what needs to be protected. The enemy is not using your threat model.

                  Adequate protection of transaction metadata would do vastly more for fungibility than Monaro does.

    • Aidan says:

      Get fixed rate loans. A few years down the road, you will be able to pay them back with a near-worthless dollar, but the things you buy with them will still exist. I recently bought a truck. Just now, a few months later, I could flip it for a substantial profit, but I am anticipating a country where having a truck is vastly more useful than any amount of fiat. If you peg the dollar to things that people need to live and work; food, vehicles, gas, the dollar is plummeting like a stone. Holding savings in the dollar is very unwise at the moment.

  40. Dead Dog says:

    The benefits of a centralized single currency do not accrue to different parties trying to make a quick profit. Therefore the current multicoin fighting will continue. I think “there can be only one” is not a good argument when there will always be dissenters.

    • jim says:

      The matter will not be settled by parties trying to make a quick profit on coin appreciation, but by parties trying to do business. The coin whose wallets best support doing business will win.

      Which is currently the lightning network wallet, but it is early days yet, and there are a host of serious problems with the lightning network that need to be resolved.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      99% of the population can only intuitively maintain 1 or 2 currency.

      The idea that there will be multiple general population-use currency is insane.

  41. BANE says:

    Apologies for a very off-topic comment, wanted to comment on the previous post, but since there’s a new one, doing it here.

    I’ve been thinking of how to square the circle of differing core beliefs among different corners of the online right on what’s causing this leftist hell that we’re living in. As far as I’ve gathered, there’s roughly 2 camps:

    Abstract analysis (Nrx): the culprit is a decentralized institution engaging in a holiness spiral (the Cathedral)
    Concrete analysis (Conspiracy right): the culprit is [centralized conspiracy]. There’s subcamps like wignats blaming the jews, some focusing on the WEF/Great reset, The Cominator has been mentioning Jesuits

    The fact that the Cathedral is an emergent, self-propagating and decentralized institution very neatly explains the inertia of its themes – once something becomes an important issue according to priestly consensus, it will be propagated even further by people within the system, without any external influence. However, this doesn’t exclude the possibility that external powerful actors are nudging academia into forming a consensus on specific issues/subjects, thus starting the Cathedralization of a new issue. Just like evolution doesn’t exclude the existence of God, hence Gnon.

    Globohomo is interconnected, I think all of its themes are inevitable consequences of universalism – once homosexuality became normalized, trans and pedophilia were logical conclusions – but covid isn’t explicitly globohomo, it was just stapled onto globohomo because that was the most efficient way of getting NPCs to adopt the false consensus. Russia was even more easily stapled onto globohomo by going Putin = Hitler.

    I don’t doubt for a second that most “elites” are not drinking their own kool-aid. If a supposed elite is doing so, probably not actually an elite. This is close to an unfalsifiable proposition, but I have some justification. Taking covid as an example, its likely that none of the public spokespeople (fauci, that woman cdc director, visible politicians…) actually got vaxxed. We’ve seen sudden “inexplicable” deaths among everyone except those calling the shots, those most “holy”. True believers die, cult leaders don’t.

    A common take on covid theatre has been that it was just the consequence of incompetent bureaucratic institutions trying to justify their own existence and cover up their mistakes, therefore not a conspiracy. I think that’s a good explanation for covid theatre’s inertia (ie how stubbornly everyone clung to their ineffective “solutions”), but it doesn’t in any way exclude the possibility of a deliberate conspiracy.

    In short, just because the Cathedral is a decentralized emergent “conspiracy”, doesn’t mean it can’t get nudged into a particular direction by a real conspiracy. In fact, I think its the prime target for it. When you’ve got a self propagating consensus manufacturer like the Cathedral, you need to exert minimal effort to shape the emergent consensus. Everything else is done by the process itself.

    Especially with covid, this seems like the most likely explanation to me, because it doesn’t map naturally onto globohomo (neither does climate change for that matter), barring the fact that the worst restrictions (besides China) were implemented by western countries and enforced for white people, not for browns. If this is the case, then our elites are not truly incompetent – or rather, the incompetents are not the true elites. The true elites seem to be good enough at fulfilling their goals. I wanted to add some stuff about how this means leftism is just true Evil, but this is already pretty long.


    • jim says:

      > I don’t doubt for a second that most “elites” are not drinking their own kool-aid

      If they were not drinking their own koolaide, they would be successfully reproducing. They are not. If they have children, they send them to drag queen story hour. They are getting clot shot.

      Fauci had three daughters, sent them to whore school, zero grandchildren.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I think this is a casual dismissal of good analysis. You can list a single example for shock value (genuinely assumed Fauci was a virgin), but that doesn’t prove your point. Tucker Carlson has 4 daughters. They’ll probably be going to whore school, but could very well go to Bob Jones for an MRS degree. I alluded to this in an earlier post, but until we have reliable, bounded estimates of population size, for NPCs or Elites or even Jesuits, a lot of our analysis is half baked out the gate.

        Before I had property, I never realized just how variable Tree Health was. I assumed healthy trees grow, unhealthy trees fall. Way incorrect. Healthy trees fall, get knocked down, become unhealthy trees, about as regularly as unhealthy trees twist their warped way toward the sun. I literally missed the trees for the forest.

        The Elite, in general, is not *optimally* reproducing, but it is reproducing. Chelsea Clinton and Liz & Mary Cheney are in existence. Just look at that scatter shot of spawn and marvel at how far a broken bike can go.

        Some are drinking their own Kool aid. Most are sipping it in public when they have to. They aren’t going to disappear in a generation. Chestnut blight and Emerald Ash both kill the tree eventually, but the doomed trunk still towers.

        • Skippy says:

          Ultra smart powermaxers are not going to encourage their kids to chop their balls off but that doesn’t mean they can be as patriarchal as even a plumber without giving their opponents political ammunition.

          Perhaps more importantly people like Clinton used to be just the smartest of the anonymous children of a broad pool of upper middle classes with healthy families. Now that pool really is competing for status by cutting their kids’ balls off and the elite is left with the mean-reverting biological descendants of families that were never chosen for pedigree.

        • Aidan says:

          The old elite, FDR’s mandarins, already bred themselves out of existence. The people running the show this generation are second-stringers; even the ones counted as very smart are not really all that smart. The young left are not just midwits, they are below-average intelligence. That the elite keeps getting dumber and dumber is all the proof you need that they are not reproducing.

          At a certain point, maybe we need to stop talking about an elite at all, and consider a network of headless institutions motivated by evil, like zombies, like a tree’s corpse held up by the roots of the ivy that killed it. Cut into a dead tree covered in ivy, and you find that there is more ivy inside than tree.

        • Pooch says:

          Interesting chart. >300k income whites are just barely reproducing above replacement while the white middle class gets genocided.


          • Aidan says:

            Many of the elite, especially professors, employees of state, and employees of NGOs, do not show very impressive income numbers, so a 300k cutoff does not parse anything useful. Above 300k is generally limited to large business officers, established professionals, and small business owners.

            The children of professors tend to bum around in an urban boho lifestyle; not only do they not reproduce, they did not join the elite either.

            • Pooch says:

              Many of the elite, especially professors,

              The professors aren’t the elite. They are leaders of the priesthoods, the top of the religious hierarchy (with journalists being the bottom of that religious hierarchy). The priesthoods, from top to bottom, are definitely drinking their own koolaid and not reproducing because of it.

              The Governors, House leadership, and the Senate are a good proxy of our elite class. Your Gavin Newsoms, Nancy Pelosis, the Cheney Family, the Bush Family, the Bidens, the Obamas etc.

              It’s clear these people aren’t really drinking the koolaid all that strongly. We see that when they are all maskless the first moment the cameras are off and when they fly their private jets around whilst berading middle America for driving gasoline cars. They are reproducing more than you would think. Just barely at or above replacement sounds right.

              • Pooch says:

                Quick sample that suprises even me:

                Pelosi – 5 children
                Obama – 2 children
                Newsom – 4 children
                Biden – 4 children
                Liz Cheney – 5 children
                GW Bush – 2 children

                • alf says:

                  Yes those samples surprise me too. I guess they shouldn’t, considering especially the elder ones come from a different era…

                  For example, let’s go a layer deeper. How many grandkids?

                  Pelosi has nine. Considering she has five kids, her kids dipped below 2 tfr.

                  I’ll bet you the same goes for every boomer on that list.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Salary/income isn’t the only measure. Status/power is why professors and bureaucrats stay where they are. Their pay may be “low” (I’ve never had/met a professor that doesn’t complain about compensation), but they still exercise disproportionate influence.

              Nonetheless, they are failing to reproduce *optimally.* But they are reproducing. They also transmit their memes parasitically, which they feel obviates the need to actually reproduce. Seems to be working pretty well for them.

      • Skippy says:

        Agree with this, from personal observation.

        I know a few professors, smart enough to know what’s really up, compliant enough to publicly embrace progressivism, high enough up to possibly be “in on the scheme” if it were a scheme.

        All their families are a mess. Zero grandchildren.

      • Frank Matters says:

        If we’re going the conspiracy route, we don’t necessarily know what is in the koolaide. Perhaps they believe they are to recieve eternal life, or are to be offered some sort of prize to be obtained in a following life. Normal people that are not in a world spanning secret conspiracy care about their bloodline legacy. Crazy destructive people involved in some strange possibly literally demonic or alien cult probably care very little about their bloodline.

        The uniform *overreaction* to the manufactured virus is highly suspicious. You would expect different spheres of influence to act in drastically different manners, but by and large the behavior was nearly identical across all governments, with very notable exceptions that are very hated. It takes more effort to rationalize the null hypothesis in this case, no conspiracy, which is pretty alarming. As things destabilize further, more behavior will be forced into the light, and we’ll see the shape of the beast if and when it attempts to tighten the grip. I wish for an incoherent enemy, but I fear a strongly organized one.

        • jim says:

          We know Covid was a conspiracy. We now know that the spike protein was created by human genetic engineers.

          And we know that a bunch of Roman Catholics, not Jews, are connected to that conspiracy.

          • The Cominator says:

            To be fair I’ve read that Redfield is theoretically registered as a Seventh Day Adventist (a church which officially considers the Roman church the Whore of Revelation) but his educational background being entirely at Georgetown, his support for lockdowns, Scott Atlas identifying him (along with Birx) as part of the lockdown Troika… and his still being connected actively at Georgetown…

            “Georgetown was critical in terms of my formation as a young adult and young physician,” says Redfield, noting that he is a member of the university’s a cappella singing group the Chimes.
            “The Jesuit tradition is important to me—women and men for others and a commitment to health justice and equity, seeing the gifts of science applied equitably. Georgetown taught me that science and medicine are made to impact public health.”


            All of this strongly suggest that Redfield is a Jesuit coadjutor and that his official affiliation as a non Catholic is a front (one that he was likely ordered to do by his superiors).

          • T. Rex Sex says:

            >And we know that a bunch of Roman Catholics, not Jews, are connected to that conspiracy.

            Oy vey, is Jim awaking to the Papist Menace?

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Isn’t it interesting how plants always use the same rhetorical curlicues across different platforms? Almost like they were all the same person.

      • BANE says:

        >If they were not drinking their own koolaide, they would be successfully reproducing.

        Valid objection, but when you’re pozzing the world, it’s almost impossible to stay completely unpozzed yourself. Especially when staying unpozzed requires you to not only ignore the pozzing but visibly contradict it in practice (ie. in order to keep your kids from drinking the kool-aid you must be patriarchal, which is a sin as Skippy put). The only way to accomplish this is to fully segregate yourself and your family from the public. Which is close to impossible these days, so I’d expect “elites” to performatively affirm, sometimes even with actions, their globohomo religion. So I’d expect them to reproduce suboptimally, but perhaps less suboptimally than the true believers among the masses.

        Although, Covid is probably the easiest thing to fake – just say you got the shot and wear the mask, nobody is going to doubt Lord Fauci when he says he got triple gigavaxxed.

        Its possible that Soros is at least partly influencing the Cathedral. He funds various NGOs around the world and has an academic powerbase in Hungary’s central university. He has also been shilling Open Society for very long and has a very good grasp on mass psychology – he knows exactly how The Cathedral influences the minds of the masses, even if he is not familiar with the nrx concept itself. He had a talk (im paraphrasing from memory) on the cognitive vs manipulative function of human thinking where he distinguishes between “objective” information gathering (cognitive) and projecting our desires onto reality until reality hits us in the face (manipulative). Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCaCrWzFPYY. Of course as far as I can gather, his open society curiously only objects to right wing ideological distortions of reality, as if left wing thought cant distort reality.

        I have no idea how he ties into Covid and Ukraine though, if at all. I haven’t heard much of Soros in the last 2 years.

        A friend sent me this interesting image:


        Ukraine has fallen below covid as a search term on google trends. New “current thing” incoming perhaps?

        • BANE says:

          Either way, I’m not sure who is behind this, if anyone. I am however, becoming more and more convinced there is an actual cabal of “literal” demon worshippers in power. Globohomo is a death cult, so expanding the Cathedral’s influence over the world spreads death worship over the world. Covid was, again, a death cult – specifically a Moloch cult imo, since the end goal was the vaccination of 6 month old toddler, possibly even newborns. Moldbug showed that Universalism is a descendant of degenerated Christianity, so I don’t think it’s too farfetched to claim that our enemies are worshipping literal demons.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Maybe it is impossible for powerful people to breed optimally, and therefore have no option but to cull their lessers.

        • jim says:

          Hey, if I was an actual powerful person, I would build a gold plated palace and fill it with one hundred virgins aged sixteen to twenty six.

          The incapacity of our elite to reproduce reflects consensus decision making and the holiness spiral.

          Consensus is a terrible method of making most decisions, and even when it is the right method, you need each person to independently decide, without consulting all of the others, without “attempting to reach consensus”, and then one special person, at most two, then looks it all over and then he tells them all what he thinks the consensus is. If he gets away with it, if the decision takes effect (and where consensus is appropriate, it is in situations where you need a lot of people to go along with the decision for it to take effect) it retroactively becomes true.

          And holiness spiraling, of course, inevitably leads to demon worship, and demons invariably demand the blood of children.

    • The Cominator says:

      Holiness spiraling and Pournelle’s Iron Law are useful as to why government always only grows without one man in charge (absent very unusual circumstances) and why Cthulu only swims left…

      But much of what happened with Covid is only explainable by a very Alex Jones/David Icke conspiratorial view… and as far as formenting the initial crisis Fauci and Redfield were very very deeply involved in a way that it seemed that the people in charge did not want to delegate to some venal jewish frontman… and they had very deep Jesuit connections. The extent of the hoax in Italy early on also further makes me suspicious as does Fauci getting an award in Rome in 2021…

      Australia and New Zealand being so insanely fanatical is the only piece that doesn’t fit the Jesuit theory so well.

      The Great Reset looks like a real agenda to me… but Klaus Schwab, he looks like a frontman. Like they deliberately picked a guy who would look like Ernst Blofeld (or his parody Dr. Evil). If the Jesuits are the top agents of the conspiracy that means the top people are

      1) Within the Vatican and the Jesuit order


      2) From the Black Nobility and associated families

      Its not the Jews because Israel got vax poisoned horribly and as has been discussed here progressivism far from being a jewish ethnic survival strategy is all but wiping them out.

      • simplyconnected says:

        This may be well-known, disregard if so.
        There’s an alternative, which may amount to something very similar.
        Carroll Quigley (Georgetown history professor) wrote “Tragedy and Hope”, whose first edition (later censored), contains an account of how Cecile Rhodes created a secret society structured on the old illuminati structure of “rings within rings” (have say CFR be controlled by a few members who meet in secret in a smaller society which is controlled by a few members, who meet in secret in a smaller…).
        Quigley claimed to have first hand information of such structure, whose plan was to formalize a world government based on some form of collectivism. This video seems like a good summary.
        I have no idea how that fits into Jesuit conspiracies, just thought interesting that there was an account of a world government conspiracy, involving several secret societies working in a hierarchy (whose structure is secret from its own members), from a history professor at a prestigious institution (the censoring of his book seems to me only adds to its credibility).

      • pyrrhus says:

        But the higher level jews have never had a problem with killing lower level jews for whatever cause they are pushing to make them wealthier or more powerful…Examples include 9/11, blowing up the King David hotel, WW1 and the Warsaw uprising…

      • Richard W. Comerford says:

        Does the Jesuit theory connect with the eschatology of folks like Jack Chick who are/were certain that the roman catholic “church” will produce the antichrist?

        • The Cominator says:

          While I generally appreciate Jack Chick being absolutely redpilled on the Catholic Church his idea that being a D&D nerd would lead to you being initiated into real magic and stuff was hilariously cringe.

          The Man of Sin will have to fool the elect for the 1st part of the Tribulation until he is too strong to oppose (then he suddenly turns from the most wonderful king ever until a demonic maniac)… I do not think he can fool the elect if he is per se part of globohomo… so initially he must destroy globohomo. Likely the man of wipes out the Jesuit order, WEF, most of the Catholic hierarchy, most leftists. The woman who tries to ride the beast (the Catholic Church) is likely to get destroyed by it quickly…

        • jim says:

          If The Cominator is correct, and he has assembled a fair bit of impressive evidence, the Roman Catholic Church is definitely trying to produce the antichirst.

          • Pooch says:

            The Catholic Church is owned and operated by Harvard. That any serious person could differ from this rather obvious fact I find shockingly bizarre.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I don’t think you can qualify that assertion. I do think the Vatican bows to Harvard, but saying that Harvard owns the Vatican is pretty tinfoil.

              • Pooch says:

                Harvard marched soldiers to the Pope’s front door. Europe is no longer sovereign.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  Soldiers are a flash in the pan. No quantity of soldiers can control a serious organization such as the Roman Catholic Church, which operates on the timescale of centuries; at most, they can impact its operations by destroying its artifacts and killing its known networks.

                  Did either happen circa 1945?

                  Probably not.

                • jim says:

                  Seems to me that the sack of Rome definitely induced a considerably humbler attitude.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  Let’s sack Rome again.

                • jim says:

                  Worked last time. But sacking Massachusetts would be the equivalent this time.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Need to sack both Boston AND Rome…

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  Sacking Massachusetts, unfortunately, wouldn’t help much. Sacking New York would help quite a lot. To really solve the problem one would need to sack D.C., several unincorporated communities just outside of D.C., Sand Hill Road, the City of London, and Brussels, and nuke the Vatican City State and all of Switzerland.

                  I don’t support this, of course. I’m a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen who unconditionally loves, respects, and admires the powers that be, who definitely do not worship demonic entities.

                • jim says:

                  Sacking Rome worked. Therefore sacking Massachusetts would work. There is nothing terribly important in New York except middle level minions.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  We will sack Boston, and level it. Its inhabitants will get the Aztec treatment, and its holy buildings will receive the Carthage treatment. Do as the Israelites did to Jericho. That will solve the problem of progressivism.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  >There is nothing terribly important in New York except middle level minions.

                  Oh, sure, there’s nothing terribly important in New York, just, oh, the United Nations, four of the six biggest U.S. banks, the leading outpost of the Federal Reserve, 45 of the Fortune 500, the New York Times, and some other stuff. No big deal.

                • jim says:

                  United Nations is unimportant, and its insignificance is daily demonstrated. The federal reserve is not power, merely an instrument of power, and the small proportion of the fortune five hundred residing in New York are primarily in the FIRE economy, leeches that live by the power of the state, which, as it loses cohesion, drops crumbs of power everywhere.

                  Nuking New York would erase a nest of parasites, significantly improving my standard of living, but it would not do anything about a system of power and faith that enabled those parasites to flourish.

                  And the thing that drives the whole apparatus is a faith, a religion, whose Vatican is the Ivy League. Which Vatican is not located in New York.

                  As I said, nothing in New York except middle level minions who attach themselves to power like remoras attach themselves to a shark. Deal with the shark, the remoras will leave.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  >We will sack Boston, and level it. Its inhabitants will get the Aztec treatment, and its holy buildings will receive the Carthage treatment. Do as the Israelites did to Jericho. That will solve the problem of progressivism.

                  There is nothing in Boston. I think you may have brain damage.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Harvard, retard. If you say it in a Boston accent, it even rhymes.

                • The Cominator says:

                  T. Rex agree on DC and the Vatican perhaps Switzerland… don’t know what Sand Road is. The parasites in “NY” are actually mostly in Connecticut…

                  And yes trust me as a masshole Boston needs to go.

                • jim says:

                  Sand Hill Road is where you go to get your startup purchased by an HR approved and SOX approved corporation.

                  You sell your idea to venture capitalists, they fund you, then, when the idea is working and proven, they sell you and your idea to Google. Which then destroys it due to priests overrunning engineers.

                  Google has made a whole lot of engineers rich, and venture capitalists richer, by purchasing good ideas that venture capital developed into working businesses. And then unintentionally killed off the businesses it purchased.

                  Sand Hill originally existed to fund good ideas, and was enormously valuable. Now it exists to fund good ideas and render them HR aligned. Which puts a serious damper on good ideas.

                  Sand Hill’s bread and butter, and my own, used to be IPOs. But SOX killed off IPOs, so instead of many small corporations run by engineers and scientists, we wound up with a few gigantic corporations run by HR and accounting.

                  Musk’s fix for this problem is “take it private” – thus cutting SOX out of the picture, which also enables him to somewhat curtail the power of HR. But it really is not a satisfactory solution if you do not happen to be the world’s richest man.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Sounds like T Rex is right about the area.

                  New York City without vote fraud is more right wing and less insane than most big cities… its more merchant and less priest the evil is elsewhere.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  Jim, I’ll put this as delicately as possible: you’re wrong. This world doesn’t run on faith; it runs on surveillance, psychological conditioning, compartmented programs, secret technology, and good old-fashioned bribery, blackmail, and violence.

                  The Ivy League plausibly has psychological conditioning. It doesn’t have any of the others in any meaningful degree. It is therefore a convenient place of recruiting but not much else. To the extent that there is power at the Ivy League, it is borrowed from somewhere, it is of some other provenance.


                • jim says:


                  quis custodiet ipsos custodes

                  The trouble is that you are ignorantly and uncomprehendingly looking at power from the outside, and from the bottom.

                  To understand power, have to understand what it looks like from the inside.

                  The world always runs on faith. Always has. Otherwise how do the rulers know if their surveillers are spying on their enemies, rather than themselves?

                  An army needs a faith, or else it is no army, and a spy apparatus needs a faith, or else it will betray its masters. What good did the Tsar’s and Trump’s spy apparatus do them?

                • T. Rex says:

                  [*deleted for confidently telling us all sorts of facts without explanation or evidence*]

                • jim says:

                  You speak as if with authority and inside knowledge. The things you tell us are plausible, probably true, and are not enemy misinformation, but you need to earn the right to speak with authority.

                  If you have anecdotes that support your conclusions, I would gladly share your conclusions and learn from your experiences. But you smell to me to be far, far on the outside.

                  Of course these days I also am far, far on the outside, but having inside knowledge, I can make sense of what I see from the outside, even though my inside knowledge is now long out of date. It does not look to me as if you know enough to make sense of what you can see from the outside.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  Yeah, nigga, it’s called the law.

                  The law is the secular religion, the lawyers are the priests, the judges are the church fathers, the constitutions and precedents are the greater sacred texts, the statutes and codes are the lesser sacred texts, the court opinions are the commentaries, the Supreme Court is the inerrant Pope, discovery and sworn testimony is the confession, the record is the memorial, sentencing is deterrent, imprisonment is excommunication, fines are indulgences, the rules of procedure are the rituals, paper-pushing is the means by which one demonstrates faith, and the whole process operates by declaration and consent.

                  Search your feelings. You know it to be true…


                • jim says:

                  > Yeah, nigga, it’s called the law.

                  Normality bias.

                  Courts and police pay no attention to what is merely written down as law, not if they know what is good for them.

                  Legality is long dead, as it was in the latter days of the Roman Republic.

                  As Henry the Lion of Justice realized, law must reflect the consensus of the powerful. The trouble is that these days the powerful consense in secret. So real “law” is secret, and not written down anywhere. You can be punished for knowing it, as well as punished for disobeying it. Observe for example the travails of General Flynn, the entirely unmysterious death of Epstein, and that the Jan 6 protestors are detained indefinitely under torture without trial.

                  Back when consensus was publicly achieved, and law was actually written down, it worked though the faith, not mere letters on paper.

                  Merely written laws do not matter. They never did, except that writing them down was a symbol of consensus of the elite.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  IIRC TRS is a lawyer, so it’s natural that he filters everything through that lens. Further, Jim didn’t disprove what he said, just claimed it was normality bias. This might be the case. Then again, there’s a lot to substantiate TRS’s claim(s). The Cathedral always falls back on the Rule Of Law meme to hornswoggle the warrior class into carrying their water. ROL meme also is a warm blanket/rationalization for think tanks, NGOs, nonprofits, and other Cathedral organs when they do what they do. Normies use “law abiding” as a descriptor to draw lines between acceptable and unacceptable.

                  Of course, the letter of the law doesn’t mean anything as it is applied. A white man will get locked up for a single offense that a black man commits regularly. Many such cases. So it’s the twisted spirit of interpreted law that rules GAE, not the actual law. The appearance of legality is requisite for Cathedral activity.

                  I think it’s actually pretty accurate to state that the faith of the Cathedral is law, but it is barely connected to the law. Thus, Jim is correct that a faith is required. It underpins the Cathedral.

                • jim says:

                  > Jim didn’t disprove what he said, just claimed it was normality bias. This might be the case. Then again, there’s a lot to substantiate TRS’s claim(s).

                  Obviously there is, but I am offended that he made no effort to substantiate them, just confidently proclaimed them as from high authority.

                  I listed a bunch of events substantiating my claims.

                  He is a lawyer? I would not hire him. The job of a lawyer is to fix things so that it does not go trial, or get for you the bagman who has an in with the bureaucrats. If he thinks laws matter, the fact that his client broke them would present difficulties. And there are so many laws, that no one can avoid breaking a great many of them.

                  If the laws were widely enforced as written and widely obeyed, everyone would starve, because nothing could get done.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  [deleted for insanity and grotesque detachment from how law and the legal system actually works in practice*]

                • jim says:

                  Could be an attempt to inject enemy memes, but since you have expressed the contrary memes elsewhere, more likely sheer incoherence.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  >If the laws were widely enforced as written and widely obeyed, everyone would starve, because nothing could get done.

                  Obviously this is correct. That’s why you need to be a squirrelly bastard who can’t be pinned down without extraordinary difficulty.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  [*deleted*]The courts aren’t lawless; they remain perfectly honorable.[*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I left that one bit in the middle standing to show why the rest was deleted.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  [*arbitrarily, capriciously, and unfairly deleted*]

                • The Cominator says:

                  Kek I lost a lot of money because the opposite is true.

                • jim says:

                  Context lost. Opposite of what is true?

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m agreeing with you the courts are NOT honorable at all..

                  And this was not an area I thought was overly corrupt or political…

                • jim says:

                  T Rex has, both in the material I allowed through, and in the material I deleted, that if your lawyer knew the right magic legal formulae, which he supposedly knows, all would have been well.

                  Nah, if your lawyer knew the right judge, and the other guys lawyer did not, all would have been well.

                  Over the years, I have wound up paying quite a lot to lawyers. And it has never been for knowing the law, but for making stuff go away. So far it has gone away.

                • T. Rex Sex says:


                • jim says:

                  In accordance with long standing (though erratically applied) policy, insults are deleted unless relevant to the debate, or entertaining, or mingled with informative and relevant debate.

                  But the main reason why all your stuff keeps being deleted is that you sit yourself in the seat of Moses, and confidently make assertions from on high, without evidence, explanation, or argument.

                  You have not earned the right to do that.

                  Sometimes you assert something that is likely true, but likely to be doubted, sometimes something that is obviously false. But this is not the place for arguments of that form.

                  When you assert something that is likely to be doubted, or presuppose something likely to be doubted, you have to explain on what basis you believe it.

                  You are a lawyer, and I would ordinarily treat lawyers as being authoritative sources on how the legal system works. Except when their claims are self serving, as they frequently are. Claiming that courts follow the law, that courts are honorable, that secret magic legal formulae work – these are self serving claims, and therefore require external support. I don’t pay lawyers for knowing what the law is. They seldom do, because the law seldom matters, and I have often had to inform them of applicable and relevant law and applicable and relevant judicial precedent. I pay them for having connections I do not, and to direct me to the proper channels – the proper channel frequently being a “””consultant””” (bagman).

                  “””consultant””” is intended to be spoken with a bad Russian accent.

                  I can easily look up the relevant law and judicial precedent, and always do. I cannot have a friendly chat in the corridor with the judge and the prosecutor, and I cannot look up bagmen. That is what I pay lawyers for, and if a lawyer tells me I should pay him for something else, I know I am dealing with a scammer.

                • T. Rex Sex says:

                  [*deleted for selling snake oil*]

                • jim says:

                  You are not only a dangerously incompetent lawyer, but a scammer.

                  You are permabanned for trying to plug your scam. You probably believe that rightists are rich and stupid.

                  Lots of people tried that magic legal incantation (marital estate trust) as defense against divorce rape. Judges paid absolutely no attention. It ceased working long ago and no one tries it as defense against divorce rape any more.

                  The suspected intent to use a marital trust as a defense against divorce rape is now sufficient legal grounds for the judge to disregard it completely. Much as it is sufficient for a judge to suspect racist intent or disparate impact in an election integrity law. No end of people set up a marital trust purely as an estate planning and tax minimization measure without a thought in their head about divorce, and then it gets blown out of the water in the divorce, because lawyers are apt to suspect illicit intent in anyone who holds the reigns to a pool of money, and their trust gets swept into a stupendously expensive legal morass and looted by a horde of lawyers attracted to blood in the water.

                  The broad story about law that you are selling – that legality still exists, that courts pay attention to what the law says, and that therefore magic arcane words work, is untrue, and that particular story that you just told is a scam that got a lot of money out of suckers.

                  Lawyering is indeed a high verbal IQ profession, but in the same way and for the same reasons as being a courtier or a “””consultant””” is a high verbal IQ profession, not because magic legal incantations work any more. That is not what I pay lawyers for, and anyone who is induced to pay a lawyer for that is being scammed.

                  You think we are stupid. If you were half smart you would be trying to milk a scam more likely to succeed against us. Dunning-Kruger effect. You think you are smart because you are smarter than your usual pigeons, but because it is hard to judge the smarts of people smarter than oneself, when you look at actual smart people, you are unable to realize that we are much smarter than you are.

                  When Henry the first delegated power to judges, he attached strings, and subsequent Kings attached more and more strings as judges found clever ways around those strings. And when Kings got weak, judges granted themselves the Kingly power to judge on “equity”, and forgot those strings existed.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  Your characterization of what I said as you accuse me of “dangerous[] incompeten[ce]” and falling victim to the “Dunning-Kruger effect” isn’t the exact opposite of what I actually said, but it’s pretty close.

                  “Marital estate statutory trust” doesn’t mean that you should form a trust as part of premarital estate planning, it means that (state-officiated) marriage itself forms a constructive trust (named e.g. JOHN AND JANE DOE) in which the state is the executor and over which your friendly neighborhood “family” “court” “judge”, as the authorized agent of the state in this subject matter, wields absolute authority.

                  A statutory marriage is less like a marriage than it is a harem: you and the woman you thought was your wife are in fact both wife to the state, which is your husband, and which retains many of the husband’s customary powers, including without limitation the power to fuck you when, where, and in such manner as He pleases.

                  Remember back in March when I elaborated, you apologized for misunderstanding me, and I forgave you?

                  I still forgive you, nigger.

                • jim says:

                  You are changing your tune. You say one thing, and then when I call you out, you claim to have said a different thing. As I said motte and bailey.

                  You claimed that marital estate trust could bullet proof one against divorce rape. On the contrary, if a wealthy man establishes a marital trust even purely for estate planning and tax minimization purposes, without the slightest thought in his mind about divorce, and then to his surprise gets hit with divorce, a ravening horde of lawyers and accountants will descend upon his trust and bleed it dry. The lawyers and accountants will hire additional lawyers and accountants to fight each other over the spoils, like sharks disputing over the bleeding carcass of an unfortunate diver, while the remoras zip in to catch the fragments ripped loose by the shark bites.

                  Almost all your posts are inappropriate claims of authority and dubious legal expertise, in which you claim to be able to issue arcane magic legal formula that do magical things. Because this post is less fraudulent to than the rest of them, I am going to allow this identity through on moderation, but any inappropriate claims to authority will be silenced. You will have to present evidence and argument for any claims or presuppositions likely to be doubted, just as I myself am socially required to do, and if you do not, deleted. And if I see you selling any more lawyer scams, this new identity is going to be permabanned like the old one.

                  And because you have been selling legal scams, I am going to be particularly sensitive to claims about the integrity of our legal system and claims about how it functions. Ordinarily I would treat a lawyer as being a good source on our legal system, but you have been a very bad source.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > You are changing your tune.

                  T. Rex Sex is not arguing with you, he is using psychological tactics, mainly gaslighting, in an attempt to demoralize you. Almost every shill on this blog for the past few years has been speaking the same language, your interlocutor on this thread included. However, it is interesting to see new tactics designed to get reactionaries to say stupid and insane things; after all, they managed to convince Teddy Spaghetti to deny the moon landing.

                  One could use Elon Musk’s strategy of getting the wife to sign a postnuptial agreement: https://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/a5380/millionaire-starter-wife/

                  But this is normality bias. The judge ruled in favor of Musk, but only barely, and that was in 2010. Attempting to use a postnup today may not be as successful, and it is likely that the only reason why Musk’s postnup worked is because he regularly bribes his wife outside the postnup in order not to cause trouble. If Jeff Bezos and all his billions got burned, there is no way to circumvent divorce rape except by extralegal, if not illegal, means, which is only possible if someone exists under the radar.

                • Sexy Rexy says:

                  [*deleted for inappropriate pretense of authority*]

                • jim says:

                  You are using legal jargon inappropriately, without regard to context, sense or conventional established meaning, for decoration not communication.

                  You think you are going to impress the ignorant rubes. But it does not work on people who know what the words mean.

                  You keep using conventional legal phrases, impressive to the ignorant idiots that lawyers scam, that in context, when I charitably interpret the meaning, do not have their standard meaning. And when I call you on it, you “clarify” that that is not what you meant. And when I go back and charitably interpret the meaning of your text, rather than uncharitably interpreting it as I did the first time around, it is indeed what not what you meant. If it is not what you meant, why are you using those words?

                  On charitably interpreting the meaning of your words, it does not look as if you were setting us up for a scam. But you are claiming inappropriate and irrelevant authority, which is a method of argument not permitted on this blog.

                  You probably were not setting us up for a scam. But you are writing the same way that lawyer speaks when he is setting his client up for a scam.

                  If one is on the board, and a representative of the company law firm is also on the board, and he is preparing to rob the shareholders blind and share the loot between him and his buddies in another law firm, and he speaks like that, one knows what is cooking.

                  One’s lawyer is always talking to the judge and to the other guy’s lawyer, or the prosecutor, and he is buddies with them, does a lot of repeat business with them, and needs them more than he needs one. So lawyers are always scamming, or attempting to scam, their clients. I know how they talk when they are up to no good. They attempt to mystify so that the client will not understand what they are up to. Does not work on me.

                  Should the board and the management fall for it, the next thing they will notice their is legal team and the other guy’s legal team go on a shopping trip together to buy some brand new luxury cars.

                  If you want to set up a prenup, your wife has to get an “independent” lawyer, who is of course a buddy of your lawyer, and “her” lawyer, (actually your lawyer’s lawyer) is telling her that if she divorces you, she will be rich and high status, and being rich and high status will easily remarry to a six foot six billionaire with a dick the size of a salami, and “her” lawyer and your lawyer are working together to fill the prenup with land mines that will blow both you and your wife up.

      • notglowing says:

        My view on your theory that it is a Jesuit conspiracy is the same as it was a couple months ago, in that I still don’t see substantial evidence of it. I think it’s a mix of a few connections and too much confirmation bias.

        Fauci isn’t an actual Jesuit, though he could’ve been. He does have Jesuit connections, and he might do whatever they order him to, and that is the most significant point you’ve made.

        But you talk about Italy being fanatical early on as being a reason for it. That’s just confirmation bias. It simply wasn’t the first country where covid broke out, nor the most fanatical about it in the entire world. Far from it, China deserves that crown, and in terms of white countries, Australia or New Zealand, so I see a lack of actual correlation here. Italy was the most fanatical in Europe, but Catholic countries weren’t particularly worse at this compared to non-Catholic ones.

        I don’t see the connection between the origin of the virus and Italy. The health minister, who has been directing the country’s response from the beginning, is a socialist, son of socialists, and has no connections to the church I have found. Having connections to the Church is fairly common for Italian politicians, less so for open leftists though. Still, I don’t see anything there.

        This would make far more sense if the spread had started in Italy, but it started in China, where it was developed; if they wanted to infect Italy first they wouldn’t have spread it there and then had Italy be affected months later, which is more easily explained as a random event.

        It’s a country with an aging population (much like Japan, which has not reopened at all yet), with a very controlling socialist government, a large military police with the ability to broadly enforce measures, and the result is not surprising, considering how many old people died early on.
        Still, there’s a long delay between the start of the infections and its spread to Europe. China was the first country to develop draconian lockdowns, Europe followed. And the holiness spiral started once journalists and academics joined in.

        There’s no connection I can see between the Jesuits and this pandemic other than Fauci himself being connected to Jesuits (along with Redfield), which certainly shows he is untrustworthy, as Jesuits themselves are evil and untrustworthy, but I don’t see a good reason to believe they ordered him to do it.
        Fauci is also a leftist, as is Italy’s Speranza, and a great majority of academics in Harvard and every other university.
        I would expect there to be more reasons to believe it if this was true. Jesuits and most of today’s Catholic Church are supporters of leftism, but historically it was leftism that infiltrated the Church through Jesuits and homosexuals, not the other way around. And even the demon-infested Christianity preached by Francis receives little more than contempt from Harvard. It’s hardly the cutting edge of leftism and it never was, much like Republicans aren’t the cutting edge of leftist politics.

        >Its not the Jews because Israel got vax poisoned horribly

        It’s not really meaningful either way. Clearly most of the Elite took the vaccine, which is why we have seen many of them die from it. They’ve always been drinking their own kool-aid.
        Someone pointed out Fauci has no grandchildren, now we hear one of the Disney heirs is a tranny. All the signs point to the elite being far more pozzed than regular people.
        And how could it be any different, considering that status is tied to devotion to their death cult. It’s not like they’re all in on the joke. If they were at some point, that time has long passed.

        • The Cominator says:

          “Fauci isn’t an actual Jesuit”

          How do you know that, the Jesuits have ALWAYS been an order of spies. As such some Jesuits are officially part of the order and obey all the rules and are openly Jesuits… and some operate in the world under the guise as laypeople (sometimes as non Catholics) with families even these are called coadjutors. Fauci looks very very much like a coadjutor.

          Out of an abundance of caution they should all be burned like the Templars.

          • notglowing says:

            I’m not arguing he couldn’t be receiving orders from Jesuits, I’m just saying he isn’t an actual one, since that involves celibacy etc. It’s not really my main point.

            But sure, you can see it as him being a Jesuit since he likely would work with them, if they asked.

        • notglowing says:

          Furthermore, I think that looking at it from our current point of view, after it’s almost over, I don’t see how the model of Jesuits wanting to bring the end times really fits the whole story of the pandemic.

          It ended, long before most of the population was killed by infinite booster shots, and before the unvaccinated were murdered.
          The actual events as they transpired fit much better with the model that this is “doctors” and “experts” using faulty, fake science to tackle the situation, and reacting to people pointing this out, and exposing their lacking technology, by doubling down and holiness spiralling on the correctness of it.
          After they managed to implement all sorts of measures to force the vaccine on everyone, violently suppress any opposition, and eventually reached high compliance, the crazy side lost its steam, because they lost their impact. Impact generates status. A fourth dose has far less impact than the first.
          Then the somewhat less crazy people within the system started pushing back, slowly.

          I pointed out back in mid-January that we had reached an inflection point, and countries were withdrawing from the covid-induced hysteria on their own, one by one. Then the narrative took hold that the new variants are not as dangerous, which is true. Some of the more sane people must’ve realized how more vaccine doses would also be counterproductive. In any case, the cover of “the vaccine ended the pandemic” effectively made this transition possible.
          In the end, Ukraine was the final blow, since the holiness spiral had something else to focus on. But the end didn’t start with Ukraine.

          • The Cominator says:

            I never personally got that specific into speculation as to the WHY they did it… its just I’m pretty sure they did it.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              He annihilated your Jesuits As The Cause theory, so there’s no sense clinging to it, but that doesn’t at all change the centrality of Jesuits to the Cathedral in the Brain section. I never bought into your idea that Jesuits “did” Covid, and notglowing has done a very good job in explaining why he didn’t. But that doesn’t change what you’ve found, it just invalidates a specific conclusion.

              I don’t know if it’s because you will not stop bringing it up, or if I’m just starting to see it for myself, but there’s definitely a Jesuit Connection, at least in DC, in the State Department, and in the Foreign Service.

              They also enjoy positive media (entertainment side) memetic license, similar to the FBI. If you do a cursory review of 80s/90s/00s big budget movies, the FBI is usually portrayed as the adults in the room, the ones you call when the police/military/politicians are corrupt, and always the noble antithesis of the evil CIA. Jesuits get the same treatment; as catholic priests have become synonymous with “hetero pedophiles that target boys,” Jesuits skate by as cosmopolitan, understanding, wise councilors.

              • notglowing says:

                Jesuits are certainly part of it. They control a lot of educational institutions, particularly Christian ones, including important universities, which might otherwise lean more right, and they have missions all around the world.
                I would compare them to a very large NGO that also runs schools. They work in a similar way, and many of their activities are focused on third world countries.
                I don’t dispute the importance of Jesuits though I do dispute them being the main instrument or the centre of the cathedral. But it’s clear there are a number of them in positions of power outside the Church.

                My own university is Catholic, but I have been unable to find any connections with Jesuits in particular, while there are quite a few important connections to the Church and the state.
                Some very important people in the government are alumni or connected to it through honorary degrees. This is despite it not being *the* most prestigious institution in the country (unlike Harvard), though the name does carry prestige. It’s big, but not the most important overall.
                Being private, it’s more business oriented, and the connections are mostly to businesses, this is mainly for the science/math departments. These business connections are with some very productive businesses (steel for example) and a lot of less productive international financial institutions and associated firms.
                I don’t know what our Theology and Philosophy department looks like, though I’ve studied Theology as part of my curriculum.

                The politicians and intellectuals on the socialist side wouldn’t go to a private religious university where presenting your baptism certificate is part of the enrolment process. The ones that prefer that, on the other hand, don’t have many other options. Still, it is a thoroughly cucked institution, as proven by their newsletter insistently reminding me of climate change, poverty in Africa, and of course, war in Ukraine.
                Not based in any sense of the word, with the exception of my Theology professor condemning trannies.

              • The Cominator says:

                Nobody has annihilated my Jesuits as a cause theory and won’t until they can show that the Jesuit connections of Fauci and Redfield are just coincidental, if Fauci operates in any way under the influence of the Jesuits covid is a Jesuit conspiracy simple as. Why they did it is not necessary its only necessary that Fauci and Redfield are Jesuit coadjutors and they appear to be.

                • Pooch says:

                  The Jesuits are owned and operated by Harvard, as is most of the Catholic Church. Fauci and Redfield operate under the state religion of Harvard and the Jesuits operate under the state religion of Harvard.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I don’t agree… you underestimate them. Plenty of very intelligent people in the 19th century (Samuel Morse being a big one) in the 19th century did not…

                • Pooch says:

                  The Catholic Church was not captured until 1945. If your Jesuits on the brain theory can’t describe the “Why?” just like the Jews on the brain people can’t describe the “Why?” then you have no theory.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I cannot describe the “why” on covid, but the overall aim of the Jesuits is to establish a world government they and some people in the Vatican controls.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sounds suspiciously like how Jews supposedly want to establish a world government controlled by world jewery.


                • The Cominator says:

                  Except the Jesuit mission was always to do this… to extend the temporal power of the papacy over the earth. Jews are a fractious quarrelsome ethnic group and not an order of spies.

                • Pooch says:

                  to extend the temporal power of the papacy over the earth.

                  What temporal power? The temporal power of the papacy was crushed in the unification of Italy.

                • jim says:

                  Jesuits have been working on remedying that problem since the unification of Italy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  That kind of overt temporal power actually collapsed when Charles V’s army sacked Rome… and the Jesuits were founded I think 12 years later (might have been 7). They stopped trying to boss monarchs around overtly. So the purpose of the Jesuits is to further that power more COVERTLY than overtly…

                  And there was definitely a global Alex Jones/David Icke style conspiracy behind Covid, its not explicable merely via holiness spiraling, cargo culting and Pournelle’s Iron Law not as a worldwide thing. There would have been WAY more dissent way more early… and looking into the two most key people in the whole hoax Fauci and Redfield who had to not only fund the gain of function but orchestrate multiple multiple lies about the virus its lethality its treatment etc the Jesuits are the prime suspect (a job complex enough that they perhaps did not want mere venal frontmen in charge).

                  I cannot find any evidence they are jews or even part of the WEF or the Bilderbergs or something… but the Jesuit connections are there.

                • Pooch says:

                  Jesuits have been working on remedying that problem since the unification of Italy.

                  If so, have failed miserably. The pope kneels before Black Lives Matter.

                • Aidan says:

                  The Jesuits are a very old conspiracy to increase the power of the pope. But when the Vatican was taken over by Harvard in the mid 20th century, the Jesuits fell under control of Harvard. The Cathedral obviously saw great utility in having a ready, competent, experienced, and compartmentalized spy agency at their ready. In the same way that State farms out its dirty deeds to NGOs, the Cathedral relies on the Jesuits to do some of its dirty work. When you have a spy agency nominally under your command, but operating independently, it is often the case that it clandestinely pursues its own aims

                • The Cominator says:

                  I like the way you think Aidan… maybe the Cathedral thought they could use the Jesuits but if so they were fools. The Jesuits are (though I hate them) the best spy agency to ever exist and utterly dedicated. Maybe them “assimilating the Jesuits” in 1945 was like the King of Numenor capturing Sauron (forgive my nerdiness). Eventually Sauron the prisoner ended up ruling Numenor… except he still hated Numenor so he ordered them to sail to Valinor as he knew the Valar would nuke them.

                • Aidan says:

                  I’m actually a big fan of Tolkien myself; back in college I had the Eye of Sauron embroidered on my motorcycle jacket. My disdain for nerds is a disdain for neglecting the material and experiential side of life in favor of the intellectual. The classic fantasy writers generally had interesting lives with real adventures, which made their writing good; as of now, with all the creators raised in basements obsessed with the worlds imagined by real men with real lives, the genre is more or less dead.

                • The Cominator says:


                  Another interesting detail on the Jesuits and the Cathedral/left

                  “In fact, when I was visiting Nicaragua, I used to stay at the Jesuit house. It was quite a change.” – Noam Chomsky (yes a Jew and not to my knowledge a Jesuit but interesting they are apparently allies).

                  Also this article is all about how the poz will require a “spiritual transformation”.

    • Anon says:

      The only semi-convincing argument behind the “concrete” position is that it is by far the most censored position. You can talk about abstract hypotheses, but you really aren’t allowed to talk about conspiracy of thatvparticulsr group. Obviously that does not constitute actual evidence but I imagine that is why so many people end up suspecting something along those lines.

      • jim says:

        A whole lot of the conspirators are Jews. And a whole lot are not.

        The Jewish conspirators hate Jews, which is why Israel got whacked with the vaccines harder than anyone.

        Take a look at the Russian Revolution. A whole lot what happened is accurately described as a Jewish conspiracy motivated by hatred of the Goyim. And yet the biggest victims of the Trotsky’s crew when they were in power were other Jews, who got tortured for real and imaginary hidden gold, and Trotsky’s crew eventually got purged, resulting in a party that was very nearly Judenrein. You cannot describe the Russian Revolution as a Jewish group survival strategy. The Jews were behind a whole lot of what happened in 1905 and 1917, and Jewish hatred of the Goyim was behind a whole lot of what happened in 1905 and 1917, but it bit them really hard. Not a group survival strategy, a suicidal group psychopathology.

        And in the end, when the dust settled, the Russian Revolution was not a Jewish plot. It was a plot that had a whole lot of Jewish plotters with Jewish motivations, it was a plot funded and protected by international Jewry, but because those motivations were foolish and self destructive, the plot wound up being run by saner plotters.

        • Hornswoggle says:

          Read “the protocols of the learned Elders of Zion”. it is too clearly predictive of the following century to be a simple hoax. it states clearly that the takeover is being run by a secret society within the Ashkenazi. it states that the Jews not in the conspiracy are a much bigger danger to the conspiracy than the goyim.

          in fact it is unclear that the members of this conspiracy are actually believing Jews, rather than say Satan or Baal worshipers pretending to be Jews. there are those who believe they are Khazars who were forced to convert and underwent a fake conversion, although I haven’t seen the historical evidence of that.

          this is my favorite quote from the book, published in 1905: The GOYIM are not guided by practical use of unprejudiced historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical regard for consequent results. We need not, therefore, take any account of them – let them amuse themselves until the hour strikes, or live on hopes of new forms of enterprising pastime, or on the memories of all they have enjoyed. For them let that play the principal part which we have persuaded them to accept as the dictates of science (theory). It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the GOYIM will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our AGENTUR specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.
          — protocols of the learned Elders of Zion

          • jim says:

            > Read “the protocols of the learned Elders of Zion”. it is too clearly predictive of the following century to be a simple hoax.

            A plausible fit for the events of 1905 and 1917, but after 1936, does not fit.

            There are no end of perfectly real Jewish conspiracies, and who knows, maybe the elders of Zion was one of them, but if so, they had delusions of grandeur. Real or hoax, does not matter any more. If real, they are now out of business.

          • The Cominator says:

            The Protocols are a ripoff of the Illuminati Manifesto updated in some… unfortunately the relevant Illuminati doc was scrubbed from the internet…

            Everyone in the 19th century knew that Weishaupts Illuminati were Jesuits, the Protocols were made to make people look elsewhere.

            • skippy says:

              Yet the explosion of revolutionary governments in the decades immediately after appearance of the Protocols were openly Jewish, not Jesuit. It didnt stop with Stalin either. Kaganovich stood behind Stalin to the end and the post WWII Warsaw governments were heavily Jewish.

              Was Hitler a Jesuit? He was a Catholic. And the government of Germania he describes in “Table Talk” sounds a lot like Catholic polity with election of a supreme leader for life by a college of “cardinals.”

              • jim says:

                It is absolutely obvious that 1905 and 1917 revolutions and the liquidation of the Kulaks were instigated in substantial part by a Jewish conspiracy, which might well have been the Jewish conspiracy depicted in “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. In is also absolutely obvious that that conspiracy was out of power in 1936, and quite irrelevant by 1945.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Bolsheviks were in a large part Jews, and its quite plausible they were able to seize control of St. Petersburg from the weak provisional government. But the Bolsheviks NEVER should have gotten close to winning the civil war… who helped them win. If it was just Wilson and Colonel House it’d be interesting to trace who was behind Wilson and Colonel House.

                • Pooch says:

                  The faith of the Reds was strong and cohesive. The faith of the Whites was weak and incoherent.

                • skippy says:

                  The Jews lost a lot of influence under Stalin, but they don’t really start to lose their position entirely in the Soviet world until the 1970s. By that time, the Jewish world has recentred on New York instead of Warsaw and Vienna, Freudianism and Zionism instead of Bolshevism, English and Hebrew instead of Yiddish.

                  I am not making a strong argument for this or that “conspiracy”, but the mechanisms of Jewish influence are rather plainer in history than 20th century Jesuit.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The reds did not have a united faith other than in coveting. Hence the purges and hence Beria being hired by one communist group to kill members of another, and when Stalin decided that nearly all of them needed to go him elevating Beria despite knowing that Beria was actually a reactionary.

                  The real details on the civil war of the Bolshevik takeover are not something easily found and the official story is obviously as false as the story of the Los Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, but knowing the official story cannot be true doesn’t tell you what the truth is… maybe Russia speakers can get fragments but I doubt even that.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  The Jewish Wall Street bankers and the Rockefellers, also Jewish bloodlines, gave the Bolshies vital financial help along the way….

                • Herman says:

                  @Com The German Military were big (secret) early supporters of the Bolsheviks.
                  They brought Lenin from Switzerland to Russia across Germany.
                  Clearly they wanted to destabilize the Russian empire to win the war.

                  And the Bolsheviks signed the Brest-Litovsk treaty with Germany ending the first world war on the eastern Front. This treaty was quite unfavorable for Russia. This raises the question why the Bolsheviks would sign this? A return for German support?

                  But I think that the German Military lost interest and the ability to do much after the Versailles Treaty.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The Germans were not so secret supporters while the provisional government still refused to make peace…

                  I suppose it might have helped the Bolsheviks a great deal if during the interim between December 1917 (when the Bolsheviks agreed to an armistice with Imperial Germany) and November 1918 if they allowed the Bolsheviks to raise militia troops on their territory and denied their opponents the privilege… okay thinking about that it would give the Bolsheviks a major advantage in the civil war.

                • S says:

                  They were true believers who thought world revolution was just around the corner so it would shortly not matter.

                  Not so crazy given the revolutionary uprisings that followed; their mistake was thinking they’d succeed.

                • Skippy says:

                  The Bolsheviks were weak and wanted their own state and free hand to crush enemies rather than to preserve an historical Russian national position (which they didnt identify with anyway).

                  German socialist revolution then signed a similar treaty with the US resulting in the USSR reconquering a lot of the land almost immediately.

              • jim says:

                When the Rothschilds suddenly lost financial and political power in 1930, revolutionary movements suddenly stopped being distinctly Jewish.

                Best fit to events is that “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a forgery, but story about the evil Rothschilds pulling strings was accurate – except that all their strings broke in 1930.

                • Guy says:

                  Another point in favor of it being a forgery in my view is the tone. It has always appeared to me to have been written by someone who did not approve of the plans being written about. I would expect something more like you get from the WEF/Schwab types if written by Jewish conspirators. They talk as though they know they are the baddies, but it’s rare to read actual writing from that frame that isn’t fictional or forgery/misattribution. It’s also a little bit like the bad guy in the Bond movie telling Bond all his secret plans right before he falls to kill him.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Jewish trannies add an interesting dimension to the suicidal psychopathy thesis, particularly the media attention they bask in which, of course, is managed and propagated by… survey says… Atheistic leftist Jewish media personalities lol.

      • The Cominator says:

        That you cannot talk about the jews (in some places and in some ways, you can certainly make attacks on the jews from the left) doesn’t prove its them.

        A group that wants to remain secret would not censor all discussion of them as in doing that people notice. The jews are meant to be noticed…

        • jim says:

          > The jews are meant to be noticed…

          Exactly so. Soros shills are louder than anyone in telling us to notice them.

          • Anon says:

            What do you think is the shape of the group, so to speak? As in are they a specific tight-knit bunch with some specific religious/ideological creed, or is it a more distributed, emergent phenomenon of leftism in general? Your model of “demon worship” I find pretty compelling but sometimes I wonder if these people are literally worshipping a demon in some kind of actual cult, not just in the metaphorical sense. The demon wouldn’t even have to be real for them to be doing this. In the past I wouldn’t really have considered this but the Corona situation is so immensely bizarre and seemingly worldwide coordinated that it has made me look at more fringe hypotheses.

            • jim says:

              They are a tight knit disciplined group. Usually these conspiracies leak like a sieve.

              I know that the great reset is in substantial part demon worshipers who hope to bring about Revelation as they read it – a thousand years of global empire by demon worshipers.

              The Cominator has assembled substantial evidence that it is the Jesuits, and we have pretty good evidence that the Jesuits, or their inner circle, worship serpent christ, the Red Dragon, a literal demon.

              • Skippy says:

                More likely “Jews.”

                “Jews” have a lot history of easily and aggressively worshiping idols, which is why the prohibitions by orthodox Jews are so strong, and why the strength of those prohibitions looks weird to Christians.

                • The Cominator says:

                  It could be a subcult of Kabbalistic jews but i doubt it and it certainly isn’t jews in general who are a fractious and quarrelsome ethnic group with no command and control.

                • Skippy says:

                  Jewry tends to be a patchwork of half-aligned conspiracies, each conspiracy having powerful command and control.

                  In the long term, most of them fail a few survive.

                • jim says:

                  This is accurate.

                  The Jewish conspiracy depicted in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” really existed and was doing the stuff attributed to it, though the protocols are probably fake and a grossly inaccurate depiction of this conspiracy.

                  That conspiracy was largely responsible for the 1905 and 1917 Russian revolutions, but mysteriously ran out of gas when the Rothschilds lost power and most of their money.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*payload deleted*]

      • jim says:

        Your payload being that Harvard’s power is the spontaneous will of the masses, and nothing whatsoever to do with actual state power.

        • Anonymous Fake says:

          The football league element and the intellectual standards of USNWR are in fact strong hints that the masses do in fact have a spontaneous admiration for Harvard
          [the rest deleted]

          • alf says:

            Do I shit because I eat or eat because I shit?

            Anyway, hey AF, here’s a shill test for you. What is the opinion of Jim’s commentariat on you?

            a) we might have our disagreements, but we respect you as a headstrong intellectual
            b) we feel bad for how you’ve been treated by the academic world and hope you will someday receive the appreciation you so deserve
            c) we think you are a loser who pretends to be one of us but fails miserably
            d) we try but fail to understand your complex high IQ thoughts

          • Aryaman says: