Gold, crypto currency, and hyperinflation

The fed is printing a pile of money, and what is happening to that money is as obscured and obfuscated as the claims about inflation.

We have for some time been seeing shortages of critical products, typically special products with sticky prices. A contractor cannot get his final payment for lack of a three hundred dollar part, and goes bankrupt. These shortages are increasing and we are now starting to see shortages of basic products, the most basic of them all being labor itself, and very high inflation in products that do not have sticky prices, such as lumber. This prefigures a lot of inflation already baked into the cake, which inflation will greatly exceed inflationary expectations, which are low due to normality bias. There has been quite a lot of inflation lately, considerably exceeding inflationary expectations. The shortages and the inability to maintain monetary discipline which underlies those shortages prefigure a great deal more inflation, exceeding inflationary expectations even further.

Hat tip Pseudo-Chrysostom for the image.

The official inflation numbers have long been detached from reality. They have now, rather suddenly, become rather more seriously detached. They are about to rapidly become a great deal more detached.

The underlying cause is collapse of cohesion and discipline among the elite. They are just unable to stop all sorts of people helping themselves to the printing press, which lack of control and discipline prefigures hyper inflation – not tomorrow, not probably next month, probably not next year or the year after, but not far off.

Hyperinflation does not happen all at once. It starts with wave of startlingly bad inflation, then a wave of relative stability, and people think normality has returned. But it has not. There is another wave, and another, each with more inflation than the last, each with more rapid inflation than the last, and the waves coming closer and closer together, finally blending into one continuous wave until no one knows what prices should be, and the money just stops being useful.

Asset prices are inflating, as people with access to easy money buy real assets, but in the final stages of inflation, asset prices no longer keep up with inflation, because the money ceases to be useful as a measure of value, and assets are illiquid. Someone has a trillion dollars, is not sure whether he should invest in a house with it buy or a hamburger. He is hungry, so he buys the hamburger.

Gold and crypto is hedge against hyperfinflation. Anyone who buys bitcoin intending to sell it for fiat money is a fool,, because investing with the intent of selling presupposes that it is a bubble. Outsiders cannot profit from a bubble. You cannot get out of a bubble sooner than everyone else, because by the time you know it is time to get out, everyone also knows it. (Unless of course the government is the buyer of last resort, or is funding wetbacks with no id, no income, no job, and no assets to take out million dollar mortgages, as in the great Minority Mortgage Meltdown) The primary argument for bitcoin is that fiat is a bubble, hence the hodl strategy. Pay no attention to the latest news, because you know the final destination. Dips are a buying opportunity, assuming the hodler noticed the dip, which he probably did not.

When one does book keeping and accounting, one wants the entries in the assets and liabilities column to be as directly as possible connected to real things that have real value. In contrast, the fed balance sheet is unreadable, and its flows incomprehensible – this has gone beyond normal government incompetence and looks more and more like three card monte. The budget and the debt limit and all that have become as meaningless and irrelevant as the Queen travelling in a stage coach to open the British Parliament.

Silver, these days, is an industrial metal. In the long depression, it was spontaneously demonetized, because people used banks and banknotes for small transactions, and it has been steadily demonetizing further and further. In a hyperfinflation, it might remonetize for transactions of moderate size, but I don’t think so. Crypto currency renders it irrelevant.

The real value of silver relative to other resources, like oil and iron, is likely to remain approximately stable, but as people see what is coming, the real value of crypto and gold, relative to resources and goods, is rising, with crypto rising far faster than gold. If, as I think likely, crypto currency results in the demonetization of gold, gold is going to fall in real value relative to resources and goods a very long way, while silver will remain relatively stable. Stability sounds good, but you will not be able to buy food, guns, and ammo with it.

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  2. Varna says:

    Lukashenko grows a pair?

    Like in many other places oy vey the fourth wave is coming, mandatory masks, hospitals closed to most people, how to get people vaccinated…
    Suddenly, two weeks in, Lukashenko comes in today and says cut the panic, stop forcing people to wear muzzles (sic), vaccination is a private choice, no one should be forced to wear a mask anywhere except airplanes and trains.

    Health ministry jumps to attention, publishes new guidelines about lack of guidelines. Also sprach Lukashenko.

    Belarus is currently 11% jabbed, only with the trad Sinopharm and the Sputnik clotshot.

    • might bugout says:

      I’ve heard he has also said 0% tax on crypto transactions for the next few years.

      How is Belarus to live?

      • Varna says:

        Looks like this

        The basic implicit social contract between Lukashenko and the population from the mid-1990s onward was “create a country where the Soviet perestroika succeeded”. If the USSR had not collapsed but had managed an orderly move toward pretend democracy, pretend capitalism, open borders, well-stocked shops, and a comfier infrastructure, at its best it would look like this.

        This social contract is now “being renegotiated” but up until COVID this was the one-sentence explanation of what’s what. A USSR that survived and became flexible and nice. By USSR standards.

        The local news is as you would expect–everything is about the dear leader. However, before COVID, borders were open, and Internet censorship–minimal.

        Wages are modest but mostly adequate for local prices. Out of 9 million people, 900K went abroad as tourists in the last pre-covid year of 2019

        The industry of Belarus is to a large extent oriented toward Russia, which as a market absorbs:
        Belorussian foods
        Belorussian cosmetics
        Belorussian clothes
        Belorussian home electronics
        Belorussian tractors, trucks, and sheit

        Flat with lots of marshes, and the biggest oldest primeval forest in Europe, with prehistoric bisons. So if you want seasides and mountains–no. If you want lakes, rivers, and epic forests–then yes.

        Normal north Slav climate–not Mediterranean warm, not permafrost.

        Summary: white, Slavic, orthodox, chilly, marshy, moderately prosperous and safe chunk from an alternate reality USSR which adapted and survived.

        It is, however, a one-man show of one determined boomer supported by a silent majority of heartland boomers. No one can tell how the country will go after Lukashenko. If he manages to swing some sort of integration with Russia in return for concessions before retiring, that’s one thing. But then again Russia itself is also one determined boomer supported by heartland boomers, so who the hell knows. Plus, Russia is more corrupt than Belarus, and has oligarchs.

        The time to move into Belarus and raise your kids was in 2010.

        Left to its own devices a “westernized” Belarus can become either a second Ukraine, or a second Lithuania, or a second Poland.

        • Varna says:

          Important healthcare caveat for EE as a whole, especially the cheaper places outside the Visegrad group: it’s only OK up to a certain level of complexity.

          Basic dentistry, basic surgery, setting broken limbs, fixing cataracts, fixing pneumonia–fine. Same as the 1st world but more affordable. So far so good.

          But anything more complex than this, which needs doctor who able to tell the difference between say eye nerve degeneration or a brain tumor which is mimicking the same effect — you’re fucked.

          Unless you can afford to fly to Germany or Austria, or unless you live in the capital and have managed to make connections with the three best doctors in the country.

          EE works if you’re mostly healthy.

    • Varna says:

      Romania just chose the opposite direction, joining Bulgaria and going beyond mere vax passes, including mandatory masks and curfews.

      70% unjabbed.


  3. Alfred says:

    There’s the smoking gun of a fed urging people to go inside the capital the night before J6:

    He’s never been charged and he was filmed committing crimes that day.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >The FBI is a renegade, out of control, criminal organization no different than the Mafia, except it has more power. Your average FBI Agent gets up everyday, suborns perjury, alters official documents (302’s), destroys evidence under subpoena, withholds exculpatory evidence, hides Brady Material, lies under oath to the court, lies under oath to Congress, ignores the 4th amendment and supplies ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, phony evidence then initiates with no predicate, investigations into perceived enemies of the D 卐 M ☭ CRAT party, conduct pre-dawn raids on “dangerous” septuagenarians, illegally leaks classified material to sympathetic press pack dogs who work in support of the D 卐 M ☭ CRAT Imperium, slow rolls subpoenas for FOIA information and lies about the need to classify ever more evidence that the American public should be able to see and that is before 9 o’clock.

        Lmfao, that’s the kind of fudd indignation i love to see.

  4. Alfred says:

    Sounds like they’ve finally realized they need to massively increase truckers salaries to get things moving again. The one thing I’m unclear on, if the feds are trying to make the supply chain disruption worse or not. I get conflicting reports on that.

    • Pooch says:

      They are increasingly going after fossil fuel engines. The CA port back up seems to be completely caused by a shortage of climate compliant trucks.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        I read there are two reasons. The first you mentioned. The second is California banned temporary “gig”, (i.e. contract) labor. They have to be hired as *employees* of the company. Many truckers where independent contractors hired by shippers for individual shipments.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      It’s both because using ideologically rationalized backstabbing as a coordination mechanism results in a circular firing squad. The left hand bails water out as the right hand bails it back in.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The only way they were able to coordinate is through occulted networks of backroom strongarming, extortion, and blackmail, to keep a line running through an indefinite series of unprincipled exceptions; where every now and then someone on their way up will be taken aside to ‘have a chat’ about how things things work; about how ‘the fundamental ideals of humanism and progress’ square with their form of power, ‘the ways of the world’.

        But that network has been breaking down at an ever accelerating rate.

    • jim says:

      > The one thing I’m unclear on, if the feds are trying to make the supply chain disruption worse or not. I get conflicting reports on that

      Doubtless both at once. The fedgov always works that way.

  5. Neurotoxin says:

    The Associated Press is now using the phrase “Far-right cryptocurrency” to describe BitCoin:

    The “news story” is being picked up by the Chicago Sun-Times, ABC News, SFGate, etc., etc., …

    By the way, whatever you think of Andrew Anglin, the story is a white pill on using cryptocurrencies as part of a strategy to remain below the Deep State’s radar. The entire story is a screech of frustrated rage that the legal system can’t find him.

    • jim says:

      One hell of a white pill.

      Note, incidentally, that he is being charged with political offenses. His “victims” are those that claim they were harmed by his thoughts.

      • Neurotoxin says:

        Yeah, it’s amazing that they’re going after cryptocurrency on the pretext that some right-winger hurt someone’s feelings. That’s the best pretext they could come up with? Nothing about the traditional “drug dealers,” “arms dealers,” etc? Any one of us here could write a better boilerplate leftist attack article than this.


        • jim says:

          These people are not in power. The deep state is in power.

          My prediction was that they would devour the deep state in a few months. To my surprise, the deep state has not been devoured.

          When this news story appears in the New York Times, you will know that the deep state has been devoured.

    • Mr.P says:

      “Similar to their jihadist counterparts, many of these groups ….”


  6. A2 says:

    The revolution has begun devouring its own. Is it that time already?

    • jim says:

      Truly delightful.

      The board controlled a lot of wealth and power, so fellow leftists kept coming after their applecart:

      The board members also took the extra step of humiliating themselves by noting that they were under the close oversight of minders who might slap them down if they went off-script.

      And suddenly, no more applecart, and no more apples. They did to the gay parade what they did to Star Wars, what they are now doing to SpaceX.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      Interesting, and timely, that I just saw this.

      People starting to identify Boston and the Puritans as the ancestors of modern leftist politics. The power behind the throne gain so much of its power from being arcane and occluded. If you can name it, point to it, then you can target it.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Then again, if it is being reported on and spread, it could be that the Brain has decided it can twist the narrative to its own ends…

        I don’t mean to be unnecessarily pessimistic, but I am certain that if there is any kind of cuckservative reconquista that it will only strengthen the Cathedral, buy them time to consolidate and continue.

        • A2 says:

          Far too soon to get involved, in my opinion. Let them fight for a while.

          The cuckservatives seem more intent on a third party to crush the ogre Trump at the moment and, at a guess, there will be no such reconquista neither this time nor the next.

  7. alf says:

    Devil’s advocate: what are the opinions on this take —

    Shill or nuanced take? The media narrative is that 90% of COVID-hospitalised are unvaccinated.

    • Pooch says:

      Well I think the biggest criticism would be that data from the CDC, being part of the regime, is hard to trust.

      Having said that, I do believe this is an appropriate Moldbugian nuanced take to at least consider and not a shill take. As Yarvin has stated, we know the Cathedral lies and we can assume that everything they say is a total lie, but the right often falls into the trap of reflexively assuming the opposite of the official Cathedral line is the total truth. The actual truth may lie somewhere between the two poles.

      If Trump had won, the holiness-spiral could just have easily gone in the opposite direction and leftists were indeed prepping the narrative that the “Trump vaccine” is dangerous. Kamala even said she may not trust it the debate against Pence. In that scenario, it’s easy to imagine an anti-vax holiness spiral with the FDA denying Trump’s vaccine to the thunderous applause of the media. Maybe the holiness-spiral would have gone further into lockdown madness or some other craziness. It’s kind of arbitrary where it heads.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Local data for Santa Clara Co. showed that the infection RATE for vaxed was about 10% the infection RATE for unvaxed, although both were low as a percentage of the total population.

        • jim says:

          Perhaps, quite possibly. But politically correct data is frequently fabricated. We just don’t know.

        • jim says:

          We know that deaths from China flu are enormous exaggerated (from the mysterious decline in deaths from all other causes whenever deaths from China flu rise significantly)

          If an unvaccinated gets run over by a truck, bits of him spatter all over the road and they take his nose to hospital and it swabs positive for China flu, he died of China flu.

          I am not making this up. Policy is that all deaths within 28 days of swabbing positive for China flu are corona virus deaths, not matter if you swabbed negative three week before you fell from a skyscraper, if you also swabbed positive four weeks before you fell, it is a corona virus death. This is not hyperbole. This is official statistics.

          No one dies of China flu. They die with China flu and something else. So, in order to know what this alleged statistic means, you have to know how deaths of the vaccinated were attributed to China flu, and how deaths of the unvaccinated were attributed to China flu. Were deaths of the vaccinated attributed to china flu in same rigid and absolutely indiscriminate manner that deaths of the vaccinated are attributed?

          Which we we do not know, and attempts to find out will result in hostility, deplatforming, cancellation, demonetization and violence.

          • Javier says:

            Every time someone dies from covid you can trace back the treatment history and find the point where they were given full body paralytics (which nuke the immune system) and remdesivir (which destroys your liver) before ventilating them, then they die weeks or months later after an enormous amount of horrific medical torture. Yet they want to say the minor lung infection killed them.

            Meanwhile vaccinated people randomly expire for no reason, rapidly going from healthy to dead in an alarming amount of time. Happened to a cousin of mine; got the shot, felt fine for a little while, stayed home from work with a headache, dead the next day. Yet no one is allowed to draw conclusions form that.

            • Alfred says:

              Meanwhile vaccinated people randomly expire for no reason, rapidly going from healthy to dead in an alarming amount of time. Happened to a cousin of mine; got the shot, felt fine for a little while, stayed home from work with a headache, dead the next day. Yet no one is allowed to draw conclusions form that.

              A good friend of mine just went through surgery for a blockage that caused a heart attack. He is 39, in great health but 6 months ago he got the clotshot. The second shot really fucked him up but he seemed to be doing ok a few weeks later. 39 is pretty young for that short of shit especially in someone who’s good physical condition who doesn’t have diabetes.

      • The Cominator says:

        “but the right often falls into the trap of reflexively assuming the opposite of the official Cathedral line is the total truth.”

        Its best to assume they are completely lying and then from that set of assumptions work backwords and find out if for once they told the truth.

        I called China flu as an exageratted hoax early on using that approach while Moldbug got it wrong.

        Am I as smart as Moldbug, no not nearly. I’m above average IQ but more the highest level of midwit tier… but Moldbug has too much sympathy for the Brahminate (BAP called him out on this) and really doesn’t see them in a sinister enough light still.

    • Javier says:

      It’s all bullshit. The graph doesn’t even make sense. “Cases or deaths” those are very different things.

      Vietnam had 0 covid until they started injecting people. Then Bam, “delta variant.” It’s all ADE and vax side effects but no one is allowed to notice it.

      • Varna says:

        Factchecking debunkers will pounce on the “ADE” thing and try to use this as proof this is all unfounded paranoia.

        It really isn’t ADE yet, at least not massively. What it is, is segments of the population having their immune system conk out even before the 3rd or 4th boosters that finish it off for the majority.

        Mechanical AIDS without the need for HIV beforehand, just crude burning out of the natural antibody production system. As I’ve mentioned before, Soviet experiments with animals between 1968 and 1974 illustrated that regular trad vax boosters kill the natural immune system of most guinea pigs by the fourth boost.

        With the harsher clotshots, segments of the population likely start getting similar effects earlier.

        England is already hit by a “super flu” right now, which affects the vaxed, as is Israel. Ironically, both England and Israel have also just discovered a “new strain of COVID” which is six gorillion times more infectious than the “delta”.

        • jim says:

          > Ironically, both England and Israel have also just discovered a “new strain of COVID” which is six gorillion times more infectious than the “delta”.

          Sound like the Marek effect may be biting.

          MDV became increasingly virulent over the second half of the 20th century [19,21–24]. Until the 1950s, strains of MDV circulating on poultry farms caused a mildly paralytic disease, with lesions largely restricted to peripheral nervous tissue. Death was relatively rare. Today, hyperpathogenic strains are present worldwide. These strains induce lymphomas in a wide range of organs and mortality rates of up to 100% in unvaccinated birds.

          • Alfred says:

            > Sounds like the Marek effect may be biting.

            That would explain the endless blather about the unvaccinated killing the vaccinated. It’s the other way around.

          • Varna says:

            Creeping AIDS for the booster riders, creeping Marek for the purebloods, what’s not to love?

            Ideally every surviving biodegradable unit (falsely called by conspiracy theorists “a citizen”) will need a pill an hour in order to survive.
            Better yet implanted tech that provides a constant stream of RNA and DNA “meds”.

            Saw an article about the mysterious reasons people aren’t getting jobs.

            A masterclass of how to dance around a forbidden topic until you shroud it completely with bullshit. In this case the invisible topic being “people don’t want your work because it comes with a vax mandate, bitch”.

        • Upravda says:

          Can you write (again?) a source links or other material for Soviet experiments, “super flu” and “new strain of Covid”? No need to be in English.

          Pretty please, because among my near and dear people I’m in the middle of probably futile Crusade against third clot shot which our beloved government okayed recently (although only for those of “weak health”, “immunocompromised” and their household members).

          • Varna says:

            Not gonna work I think, because it’s always circumstantial stuff which “may or may not be true”. Only really convincing to people whose instincts are already screaming at them.


            Summary of a few concepts

            Russian immunologist quoted today by the biggest mainstream, carefully saying that too frequent boosting leads to “immunity paralysis” and thus totally not closer together than six months, preferably once a year.

            Simple explanation how AIDS overloads the immune system

            My elderly mom is getting the booster so I feel you. But after a certain point it’s people’s free will.

            Belarus doctors hypothesize today that getting infected with COVID-19 can help people get LESS cancer.

            A few months back I ran into Russian online discussion (can’t find), where they swapped stories of people who instead of feeling like crap after COVID, started feeling better, smarter, more energetic. The users hypothesized that perhaps COVID was to an extent an unfinished leaked experiment to do with a general reset of the nervous, endocrine, and cognitive system of humans, and that those who are lucky genetically experienced the beneficial effects as opposed to brain fog, neurodegenerational crap etc.

            Maybe good genes combined with not being a fat sack of lard with twenty chronic conditions help get the “benefits” more than the negatives.

            I do know one guy who claims he became better at a number of things (from composing to stocks) after going through a medium-bad covid flu thing with his family a few months back.

            Just always remember to remind loved ones who choose the jab that the first fortnight afterward is a lowered immunity risk period and no matter how much they believe in the protection, the first 14 days is when they should REALLY self-isolate and protect themselves in various ways.

            • Upravda says:

              Thank you.

              Even the first link ( is enough to raise the eyebrows, specifically Mr. Čerešnjev’s words who also seems to mention in passing old Soviet experiments with revaccination you talked about:
              “Чем грозит частая вакцинация? Это тоже *установлено классиками* – развивается иммунологический паралич”

              Domain is held by at least somewhat veracious entity (Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company”), and Mr. Čerešnjev does exist and he is what the linked article claims him to be.

              (BTW, funny surname 🙂 )

              Same man, similar article, on other link ( of similar veracity.

              I see, Belarussian doctors are into really interesting theories. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stonger” I suppose. I’ve already read about HIV in New Scientist, I even have the article in favorites.

              The last link is real eye-opener because it is quite detailed in “popular science” sense of the word. Detailed, but you do not have to be medical doctor to follow it. I suggest everyone to read it – and yes, translation services actually can make some decent work of translation. There is nice conclusion in last two paragraphs.

              • Varna says:

                Very glad online translate works and that you enjoyed the material.

                Here are two more: longer and wackier, to top up the initial stuff.

                One is an interview (Sept 2021) with a famous red-pilled futurologist

                The other is a longer ever-updated (summer of 2021) article on the habr platform which is still surprisingly pro free speech

                Difficult to agree with everything said by these two chaps, but the very act of reading and forcing the brain to examine events from different perspectives is enjoyable cognitive gymnastics.

                Have fun!

        • SJE says:

          ***having their immune system conk out***

          Can anyone explain what the mechanism of this is supposed to be? Physiologically, how does the “vaxx” accomplish this.

          I’m not doubting that they could/would do this, it’s just, I am a doctor and have not seen an explanation for how this actually works.

          • jim says:

            Vaccination is a strong and unnatural stimulus, that provokes a strong and unnatural response.

            China flu vaccination is a stronger and and even more unnatural stimulus.

            When your system reacts to disease, it gets stressed. When any body system is subjected to sufficient stress, it is likely to cause harm, Unnatural stress is more likely to cause harm, while if your body is not too damaged by the natural stress, it will be stronger after recovering from the temporary damage.

            On this theory, a live virus vaccine based on one of China Flu’s many, many, harmless relatives, or a genetically knackered version of china flu, which is applied through the natural route (sniffed up in a spray), should be quite safe, being a natural stimulus.

            That was the basis of our first, greatest and most totally successful vaccine, the smallpox vaccine – cowpox (variola) being applied to the skin through mechanisms similar to wild smallpox and wild cowpox, not injected into a muscle.

            The fact that we are no longer using this approach (it is not even legal any more except for an ever diminishing set of grandfathered in vaccines) represents technological decline.

            The main reason for banning it seems to be that unnatural vaccines are easier to develop, big money wants new vaccines that are still under patent, and the priesthood takes a very substantial percentage of the action from big money, so agreeably concocts, after the style of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change, transparently bogus and blatantly fake reasons why older out of patent vaccines are a bad idea.

            Unnatural vaccines are in a sense lower tech, even though developing them and manufacturing them is high tech compared to the old type live virus vaccines, in that finding a safe relative that gives effective cross immunity is difficult, and requires an extended trusting and trustworthy scientific community, which no longer exists.

          • Varna says:

            The more the informational environment becomes a cloud of closely curated monopolist propaganda with tiny pockets of chaotic madness, the more rational autonomous citizens need to take a step back and anchor themselves the way the ancient Greeks did–through the simple building block of logic and analogy, via the use of, whenever possible, defined categories and concepts.

            In the case of the endless booster cycle that overproduces antibodies every X months we can use two analogies:

            1) Forcing through regular doses of meth or cocaine the human body to constantly burn through its energy reserves, until finally there are none left.
            2) Forcing soil to overproduce constantly, until it becomes dead soil.

            The exact opposite of “sustainable use” or “sustainable development”.

            This is combined with the banal “narrow focus hubris” of the type when holy scientists decide they have figured out the “important elements you need in food” or “the only really important part of the sleep cycle” or “the only important part of what makes breastmilk nutritious”.

            And then they make food which is missing half its important ingredients which are outside their focus, and they shift sleeping cycles to modes that lead to psychosis, and they produce baby formula which gradually starves infants and so on.

            The third is the substitution fallacy “our margarine is even healthier for you than butter”.

            The pharma lobby today can produce thousands of experts funded by billions of dollars to create a cloud of bullshit with lots of tech jargon. But we take a step back from that cloud and break down the situation the way an ancient Greek would have.

            And this is what we get:

            1) The narrow focus fallacy is in play with the clotshots. If virus X is made up of 10 components, the clotshot delivers 1 (the “only really important one”), while the trad vax delivers all 10.
            Thus, when the virus starts to change over time, the trad vax immunity works until all 10 components have changed beyond recognition. The fancy clotshot stops working the moment the single protein changes form.

            2) The “aggressive exploitation of inner resources/soil” fallacy, where the corporation provides super convincing charts how they can keep giving you meth forever and you’ll remain energetic and smart forever with no payback time ever. Here even with the trad vax you still get the “exhausted soil”/”crashed adrenal glands” equivalent for the immune system after enough boosters. Especially if close together.

            3) The “margarine is butter” fallacy where synthesized imitations of the virus components are “just like the real thing” and will totally not rip up your vascular system from the inside.

            Lastly, airborne respiratory viruses should be introduced through the nasal mucus membrane in order to start the defense cycle properly and activate all consecutive levels of the body’s defense cascade, instead of directly going into the muscle.

            And, of course, suppressed research shows that not infrequently the spike protein enters the bloodstream after injection, instead of staying in the muscle, and starts circulating, and this is not unlike injecting margarine directly into the intestines, bypassing the filtering process of the mouth saliva, and overall gastric breakdown of the ingested product.

            Over the last decades checks and balances have been dismantled aggressively across the board, and we see the result now with the covid business. Imagine a ten-step process from conceiving the clotshot to implementing it to making it mandatory.

            40 years ago someone would have said “now hang on” at the experimental stage.
            30 years ago someone would have said “now hang on” once the serum was out in the world, being examined by other scientists.
            20 years ago after the first wave of reactions someone would have said “now hang on”.
            10 years ago a courageous journalist or rogue scientist would have presented his findings and said “now hang on” and the big progressive media would have hailed him as a hero.

            Today there is no one left to say this and be listened to.

            • Karl says:

              “Today there is no one left to say this and be listened to.”

              Nah, there are some (perhaps plenty) of scientists that say that the clot shots are harmful. It’s just that they say it either in private only or have no forum outisde some corners of the internet.

              In addition, many physicians (at least where I live) simply see there duty ending after counseling their patients. So after a phsyician tells his patients that he recommends against taking the clot shot, he is done.

              Why give unpaid advise to people who are not your customers, espially as you make a living by giving paid advise to customers? Not saying that I agree with that position, but I can understand that reasoning

            • Varna says:

              Curious little sentence on page 23 of this new UK govt report:

              > recent observations from UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination

    • Starman says:


      John Rivers is a confirmed fed shill. After he responded to me, I asked him a Redpill on Women Question.

      He refused to answer.

      And I suspect that he’s a urbanite fat fuck as well.

      • alf says:

        Yeah I remember having a similar exchange a while ago. Into the shill category he goes.

        • Starman says:

          Once I started making every single one of my replies to John Rivers have a WQ at the end, he stopped doing “repost with comment” responses to me. In order to avoid putting a redpill on Women Question on his timeline.

  8. Pooch says:

    So looks like Trump is not out of the woods quite yet and Jim’s prediction of Trump’s arrest may yet still come true. Seems like a considerable faction of the elites still have TDS and will just not be content until Trump is behind bars.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Better a bad king(Biden) than a good president(Trump)?

    • Alfred says:

      Sounds like the leftist infighting is over for now and they’re returning to their normal program of human sacrifice to the COVID demon and working to murder Trump and his supporters.

      • Pooch says:

        Looks like it. Doesn’t seem like the McCarthy faction of leftists want to outright arrest/kill him, at least yet. They want to keep him around to subsume his political movement first and where it around as a skinsuit to further their own personal grift and power.

  9. Varna says:

    Certain immigrant developments piling up in Russia:
    1. Uzbek migrant workers to be imported in compact chunks to work in poultry production
    2. A million hectares to be leased to Uzbekistan as farmland
    3. Amnesty of hundreds of thousands of Uzbek and Tajik migrants, to be allowed back into Russia.

    According to some this is a policy correction after the cops were previously given the right to use their judgement (Judge Dredd style, without courts, appeals etc) to kick out migrants out of the country for infractions, and instead of the expected couple of hundred thousands, the cops kicked out 3.5 million.

    And now a shortage of working hands is alleged.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Related news:

      Uzbekistan is the ingress point for UN aid for Talibanistan.

      Uzbekistan gives a hard No to US overtures regarding basing US assets for striking Taliban “terrorists.”

      So Russia could be playing quid pro quo politics with Uzbek government to stymie US intentions and/or counter Globohomo influence. UN missions bleed money. So much corruption, grift, and waste. Local governments fall for the shekels in the short term and pay the toll in the long term. I still think Uzbekistan is a dark horse contender for the rebirth of the Neo-Horde, a reintroduction of a steppe based force of reavers and pillagers. They are well insulated from any superpower’s conventional forces as well as naval punishment. They are so far out of Western consciousness that they could go very far down the path of anti-Globohomo monarchism before the wailing womynz would notice. But so long as Ivan the Bear continues to employ Stalinist divisive “support” in the region, this is a pipe dream. But the Bear is sick, and if it continues to fall apart, who knows…

      • yewotm8 says:

        The whole area certainly is based enough to pull off something. I’m sure this has probably been shared here before but I haven’t seen it in the comments:

        Funnily enough I remember discussing the video with female family members many years ago and they thought the idea of kidnapping as “marriage proposal” was quite charming. I’m fairly surprised it’s still up in its current form, with all of the bride’s family and the bride herself being happy with the situation.

    • jim says:

      The opponents were speaking from a script, and arstechnica links to the script.

      The point of the script is not to stop spaceX altogether, but to engage more and more bureaucrats each of whom can introduce some additional obstruction – to share the loot around. When one bunch of bureaucrats are getting a substantial payoff to get out of the way, another bunch of bureaucrats send in some shills to demand their cut of the action.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The funny thing about clickbait videos like this is, not so much the contents exactly, but the fact that they betray how the ‘average everyday’ perception of bureaucrats is as entities that exist only for making it difficult for people to do things.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          That is to say, the way that a normie relates to them is not as ‘fellow neighbors and citizens’, but as *enemies one needs to defeat*.

  10. Italianon says:

    Since last Friday, Italy has a vaxx pass on all working, including working from home. Obviously, most or all of the EU will be like this soon, but Italy is especially bad for now. What should someone who finds themselves in Italy do? Or should they pack up and leave, and if so to where?

    • Pooch says:

      What about negative test?

    • C4ssidy says:

      Depends on the politics of the country. The east is great, and many countries there are not caring about the vaxx. U.K. is being moderate. Also Scandinavia including Denmark apparently do not care too much

    • Arqiduka says:

      As mentioned by others, plenty of reasonable jurisdictions within the EU, to where one would incur minimal costs to move. One can come back in an afternoon from Denmark to Italy when the madness ends.

      • jim says:

        Supposing the madness is going to end – meaning return to the levels of evil and madness of a few years ago, is normality bias. Every year the new abnormal gets replaced by the newer even more abnormal.

        Expecting a return to the previous normal is like reacting to a burst of inflation by deciding “Prices are too high. I will save my money and wait for prices to drop back to normal.”

        • Pooch says:

          Is it right to assume the supply and production of large complex items like cars and boats will continue to decrease as the West loses the ability to create them?

          If so, the earlier the better than to purchase them? Even though there is uncertainty in the supply chain, being thrifty and waiting to purchase big ticket items is actually not ideal for the foreseeable future?

          • jim says:

            That is happening slowly.

            Wave of madness and the collapse of social institutions like fiat money are happening fast.

          • The Original OC says:

            If you believe that prediction, you don’t want a modern car that uses 10,000 computers to reduce emissions by 2% and cannot work if 1 of the 10,000 computers breaks.

            You want to buy an old car you can work on by hand. Or a motorcycle.

        • Varna says:

          Derailing is possible in theory. Like we see in Russia toward the start and end of the 20th century.

          First while tsarists and anti-tsarist liberals and social democrats were duking it out who gets to decide the future–the tiny Bolshevik party wedged itself into the situation and pulled a full-blown Taliban takeover on them.

          The later, as Gorbachyov’s reformers and GKCHP hardliners were struggling who gets to decide the future–Yeltsin and his peeps met up and officially disbanded the USSR as such. Totally unexpected move that kicked the stool from under both of the other two big players, destroying the prize they were fighting over.

          It seems to me there will be a number of similar windows of opportunities in Europe and North America in the coming 1-2 years. Starting this winter, then the summer of 2022, and then again the cold months. Moments in which the current controlled global crisis spins out of control for a bit, before being reined in again. These are the openings.

          Like with the Bolsheviks and with Yeltsin, it has to be something completely unexpected and outside the gameplan. A way to overturn the table in a way that until that instant was utterly outside the attention of the big factions playing their games.

          • jim says:

            Such derailings are not unexpected. Always happen. Completely predictable. Failure to predict them is normality bias.

            The Tsarist and ant Tsarist liberals should have realized that they were predictably and inevitably going to meet the same fate as the their French Revolutionary equivalents. The Reformers and Hardliners should have realized they were fighting over the corpse of a dead state religion, that the basis of the power they were fighting over had vanished underneath them.

          • Starman says:


            “First while tsarists and anti-tsarist liberals and social democrats were duking it out who gets to decide the future–the tiny Bolshevik party wedged itself into the situation and pulled a full-blown Taliban takeover on them.

            The later, as Gorbachyov’s reformers and GKCHP hardliners were struggling who gets to decide the future–Yeltsin and his peeps met up and officially disbanded the USSR as such. Totally unexpected move that kicked the stool from under both of the other two big players, destroying the prize they were fighting over.”

            And that’s why I still occasionally come here for good gems like this among the Pissobiec and disguised Q posts.

            Think of the “left-right” spectrum. It’s obviously not about your right hand vs your left hand. Nor is it about the left side of your face vs its right side. The “Left” is illegitimate because of empty shelves, antagonizing its own security forces, etc. And the “Right” is illegitimate because they cannot (or will not) physically stop the “Left” from doing those things.

            Ask multiple men on the street who pay attention to politics, to try to place the Taliban as “right wing” or “left wing.” Think of people or entities who don’t quite fit on that artificial spectrum. He/it is embraced by left-wingers and right-wingers… and also he/it is detracted by left-wingers as “right wing” while being detracted by right-wingers as “left wing.”

            • Pooch says:

              Left and Right are only meaningful terms in a democracy. Outside of that context, they are totally arbitrary and meaningless.

              • jim says:

                Not true.

                The left was quite recognizable in pharaonic Egypt, and looked distinctly modern in the eleventh century caliphate.

                The left during the English civil war looked remarkably like the nineteen fifties anglosphere “super protestant” left, and the left that gave Cromwell a hard time and which he eventually had to crush looked awfully like the late nineteenth century left, and a faction of the nineteen sixties left took the name of a faction of the sixteen fifties left that they strikingly resembled.

                The word “left” comes from a faction of the revolutionary French Assembly, which faction was primarily responsible for the overthrow of King Louis the sixteenth, and had continuity of doctrine, organization, and personnel going back to the fourteenth century false popes of Avignon. However, it has no continuity of doctrine, organization, and personnel with the modern left, which instead has continuity of doctrine, organization, and personnel with the Brownist faction that successfully engaged in entryism against the Church of England, leading to the English Civil War in 1642. The Avignon descended faction died under Napoleon, as communism died under Stalin, leaving behind a zombie communist faith that governed till someone gave it a hard poke, whereupon it crumbled to dust.

                The Brownists were obviously leftists, but scarcely recognizable as modern leftists, and you could plausibly argue I am stretching the term “left”. However their numerous mutant heretical offspring who gave Cromwell a hard time in the sixteen fifties had among them numerous factions that were entirely recognizable as the twentieth century anglosphere left.

                • Karl says:

                  After a while all holiness spirals look very similar, regardless where they started.

                  The left is always on the leading edge of the holiness spiral, the right is trailing behind

                • Alfred says:

                  The left is always on the leading edge of the holiness spiral, the right is trailing behind

                  The left is about short term gains through power. The right is about long term gains through power where the fruits of those gains my not even be collected until their children or grandchildren’s days.

                  Rightist will build nuclear power plants because such power will make everyone richer for decades down the road. Leftists will shutdown down nuclear power so they can loot the public till with green energy companies that quickly fail.

                  Socialism vs Capitalism is the same dynamic. Capitalist Markets long term create more and more wealth but limits the amount of wealth those in power in extract at any given time. Socialism greatly increases the amount of wealth that can be extracted but at the cost of less wealth being produced next year.

              • Dave says:

                All societies have left and right factions jostling for power. To distinguish them, one must understand that left and right are directions, not fixed positions, and that war favors right factions while peace favors left factions.

                It’s a one-dimensional spectrum because there is no third force, of a magnitude comparable to war and peace, that might pull things in a third direction.

                Afghanistan has been at war almost constantly for the last fifty years, so no surprise that it’s so far right today. When the Western social order breaks down, Christianity will become more right-wing than Islam or be crushed by Islam. Christians of the Levant failed this test, but Charles Martel passed it just fine.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Right wing and left wing only work inside a recently collapsed order. The monarchists and the rebels. Outside of that, it does not properly map. With the situation in Afghanistan being what it is, right wing does work for the Taliban. The forces of order and reality facing against the forces of chaos and insanity. Two sides: the Taliban and the US, and the Taliban won by force of arms. Which force of arms they had because of the force of their faith, which is the reason America fled the field. The US not have a left and a right, just two forces of chaos and disorder. In that sense, some third party has to arise in order to provide an alternative.

              A better conception of politics is a funnel. There is an unstable equilibrium at the lip of the funnel that requires plenty of effort to circle. Then there are an infinite number of points where you can begin your descent, but it all ends up at the bottom, circling the drain. “Right” is trying to keep the civilization at the top of the funnel. Once you push it off, you are “left.”

              • The Cominator says:

                I enjoyed their humiliation of the regime but NEVER get the idea that Islamics are your friends.

                Its another bad universal religion.

        • notglowing says:

          Perhaps, but the madness has hardly stayed exactly the same for too long, they will find something else to spiral about. Going further in this direction is more and more difficult, and they’ve already had their impact and reaction to it.
          Salvini managed to get a small concession in the last laws, that those who get a PCR test can do it every 3 days instead of every two, because doing it 3 times a week was unreasonable for workers. That’s a very small whitepill since he was at least able to argue from the frame of people being able to work despite the pass.

          At least I hope so. I have a source of income that cannot be affected directly by the state, and I don’t need to go anywhere strictly speaking. But it’s going to be an issue for my academic career which I am not yet willing to give up on, I still want to get a Bachelor’s. So long as tests are viable, I won’t be affected.

          However I will say that the current state has weighed on me psychologically. Having to constantly think of all the stuff I am restricted from if I don’t have a pass, having to decline invitations from friends because I was not allowed in, it makes you want to just shut yourself in your home and try to ignore everything outside. But that’s damaging to my mind in itself.

        • Arqiduka says:

          Understand what you say, but I wouldn’t go all in.

          UI reckon there’s a 50% chance that Covid madness will ratchet up, a 35% chance it will stabilise at post-jab levels, and a 15% chance that people will dial it way down to pivot to climate (already happening in NSW, it may be early days still). I wouldn’t advise a guy to drop his home country and disappear to India if there’s a 15% chance he may get a chance to come back.

  11. Varna says:

    Some here we discussing going to south-east Europe, and one user even settled on Bulgaria, which is in general an excellent choice.

    However, as of tomorrow midnight, Bulgaria is shifting to a vax pass system.

    So, yeah, no. It’s 80% unvaxed, but the govt went for it anyway.

    Things are moving fast in many places, so if going to a cheap quiet place–perhaps better the invisible ones outside the EU like Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro.

    Inside the globohomo citadel things are kinda unpredictable.

  12. Leon says:

    How are individual American states or areas (midwest, south, etc) going to fair the coming years?

    I used to think the intermountain states would do great and be a great place to prepare. However, Colorado has become a left wing craphole with Denver being a left wing city and expensive thanks to progressive whites. Idaho has had massive growth and housing prices have doubled in the last few years. Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas have all had growth and housing costs increased as well. New Yorkers and Californians have been moving to these states and driving up costs. Certain southern and midwest states are now cheaper overall.

    Texas and Florida have been hailed as promised lands by conservatives, but demographics are destiny. Not sure how the south will fair.

    • Pooch says:

      Same rule applies for the western states as anywhere else in the US. You want to be in the red the exurbs, small towns, and rural areas (but with some neighbors) outside of the cities in the collapsing American Empire. These places are generally cheaper because there are no shitlibs there to drive up costs (even in Colorado). Shitlibs are mostly flooding the cities and suburbs of all the places you mentioned. They generally aren’t going to the country areas. Overall party of the state doesn’t matter too much because state governments are no longer going to matter too much as the collapse intensifies.

      That said, the demographics of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, etc are among the best in the country so global South Africa may not come there quite as severely. They are good places to be. Global South Africa has already arrived for many places in the South and east coast. However, they are still increasingly getting tons of spics in the mountain states so a Venezuela eventuality is still likely.

      As we devolve into a barely functioning third world country you want to keep in mind that not only is it man vs man, but will also be a return to man vs nature. if you move to a cold climate, heating your home for the winter without any functioning or intermittent utilities is going to take more competency.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Yes, when the energy delivery systems, including the electric grid, start breaking down, the appeal of living in a warm weather State will become apparent..If you’re going to live in a cold State, you should own a good wood stove and have access to fuel for it…

  13. Anon says:

    Following up with uni covid exemptions RE “NeedItForSchool”. Curiously, I got several reports back. The individual I advised to use a tweaked version of The Ortho Defense said it worked. Some high school classmates of his that ended up going to different unis said there was no need to provide an explanation at all and simply requesting a religious exemption was sufficient, with caveats. No need to go into detail about what those caveats are

    Well? Just lie and see what happens: the original advice. If you’re not clever enough to do that right, good luck

    • Anon says:

      If you’re able and/or willing to say I would appreciate the cavaets in case I need to go this route in school or work or some other aspect of life. I know its specific to schools/unis but still would appreciate it as I might have to go to uni/ get a degree in the near future.

      • Anon says:

        The caveats vary wildly from region to region and school to school, enough to specifically identify which school I was talking about were I to post it. You’re asking me to help you dox people: the answer is of course “No”

        I’ve already commented on what I thought was going to happen with people trying to dodge vax mandates. If you “need to go this route in school or work or some other aspect of life” and you can’t figure it out yourself then you shouldn’t be at university, like most of the other people there. I only researched it to help out someone I knew. I don’t know you

        On that topic, I’m entirely unimpressed with every single argument I’ve heard against getting the vaccine, including the people I was trying to help. That I don’t care how many fat or old or immunocompromised people not immediately related to me die – especially in the West – should be sufficient, but I then again you can’t post that on social media

  14. Yul Bornhold says:

    The Cathedral has found a way to make consent even more gay:

    • jim says:

      It can only get gayer, until she is required to bop you over the head with her club and drag you off to her lair.

      Observe how racial equality between blacks and whites has been escalated to whites bowing before blacks, the right of blacks to assault whites, and denial of the right of self defense to whites.

      • Alfred says:

        and denial of the right of self defense to whites.

        I’ve been trying to think of a way to deal with this. I carry a gun, but clearly using a gun to defense yourself is going to get you locked up for a long time unless the nignog also has a gun and they know it. I need an easy to carry blunt weapon that’s generally legal to have to qualify for self-defenses.

        • Pooch says:

          The guns aren’t needed now. They are going to be needed when the state ceases to matter.

        • Pooch says:

          In terms of actionable advice, situational awareness is the best defense. Hostile negros give off a hostile vibe which is easy to detect once you see it enough. Avoid situations where you’d be at risk in close quarters with possible hostiles at all costs. If something is off just leave. Also, they tend to go after easy prey. Insane nigs tend to prey on the weak, the old, and the clueless specifically so looking strong by lifting weights and showing good situational awareness is usually a good enough deterrent.

          • Alfred says:

            Also, they tend to go after easy prey.

            Everyone is easy prey when it’s legal for them to beat you up and illegal for you to fight back using effective weapons.

        • jim says:

          Flashlight with two 26650 batteries.

          By a strange coincidence all such flashlights are also heavy, hard, and strong at the business end. Funny thing that.

          • Edward H. McNamara says:

            Maglites are made in three colors: Carbon Black, Vibrant Red and Malice Green.

    • Upravda says:

      Comments are hillarious. 🙂

      Old Romans supposedly had proverb “The more corrupt the state is, the more laws it proclaims”. What would *do* all that governmental institutions:
      – agency for education
      – state ombudsman for equality of sexes
      – ministry for ore research and time wasting 🙂
      – etc. about 180 of them

      (In Croatia, universities are not *yet* monasteries to be dissolved. Governmental institutions and all those “citizen’s associations” funded from state budget certainly are.)

      What would they do if not for omnipresent criminals in society in need to be brought to justice or, even better, to re-education.

      However, regarding sexual questions, you colonial Anglos (North America & Down Under) seem to be the most crazy. Totally of the hook. 🙂 I mean, c’mon, your politicians are the only one who actually say that banging should go like: “Very respected owner of the vagina, not implying your gender, can I put my penis into your vagina in order to eventually achieve mutual satisfaction?”

      Who votes for those? 🙂

      • Cancel says:

        What Oz politician said that?

        • Upravda says:

          Tom Wolfe? 🙂

          Yes, yes, he did not say it in those words, but even semi literate goat keeper would unmistakably interpret his words exactly as I did.

      • jim says:

        > “The more corrupt the state is, the more laws it proclaims”.

        Corruption means instead of one stationary bandit, the supposed servants of the sovereign are a horde of mobile bandits, that the state is losing its corporate character.

        So, they want lots of laws, which they can enforce arbitrarily and capriciously – as we are now seeing at the SpaceX hearings.

        • Upravda says:

          Regarding one of your upper comments…
          I do not expect madness to end any time soon, and probably no one of your readers. However, it might happen that Branch Covidians loses its edge and gets replaced by something else. How would it benefit the ordinary Joe is another question, however. Facehuggers and clot shots might be replaced by… something worse. Any idea what?

          Regarding this comment…
          Right now, can USA even launch *manned* space mission? Or is it only in reach of Russians and Chinese? And, regarding Mr. Musk’s enterprise, it’s obvious that it’s over. Putting aside everything else, and despite me not being an American, it saddens me a lot because it means the end of the American space program. So, The Right Stuff and a lot of other things we looked up as kids is going to smoke.

          • Pooch says:

            Facehuggers and clot shots might be replaced by… something worse. Any idea what?

            Impossible to predict. What happens is something comes along that the regime arbitrarily deems an existential crisis and delegates all decision-making about said “crisis” to a faction of priests who than proceed to out-holy each other for status and away the holiness-spiral goes. Where? Who the hell knows.

  15. Karl says:

    A recurring theme here has been that our rulers are getting dumber. I just encountered proof for this phenomen here in Germany.

    The German government has been bullying people to get the clot shot. Proof of vaccination (or recent recovery) is necessary for entering shops, restaurants, gyms etc. However, proof of vaccination is very easy to fake. Of course, (almost) everybody had assumed that forging a vaccination pass is a crime.

    However, apparently that isn’t the case. The government passed a law that at first glance looks like forging a vaccination pass or using a forged pass is a crime punishable by up to 1 year imprisonment or fine. Careful reading shows that it is only a crime if the pass was forged by a physician. The law firm also states that the state prosecution of cologne agrees that such forgery is no crime.

    For those, who don’t want to take my word for it, here is a link to an article posted by a law firm that analyzes in detail why forging a vaccination pass is not punishable under criminal law.

    Of course, the article is in German, but machine translation should work for those that are interested.

    • alf says:

      Here’s one that got my friends laughing. In an attempt to convince the unvaccinated, they made a couple of commercials featuring a fat immigrant doctor shilling the shot.

      Which the Dutch minister of health proudly boasts will soon be aired in Dutch cinemas…. Where the unvaccinated are not allowed.

    • Pooch says:

      Just curious what life is like in Europe. So are most of the unvaxed just forging documents to get into places? Or is it not being enforced so strongly outside of the major cities to much of an inconvenience?

      • Upravda says:

        In Croatia, on 4th of October government obliged medical and social workers to either get vaxxed or subject themselves to test on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, payed by public money. Or get Covid – it counts as being vaxxed.

        About 15 percent of doctors and one third of nurses still refuse to be vaxxed and rather subject themselves to periodic testing.

        Among idiots and cowards who used to attach facehugger on themselves when walking alone on wastelands or driving alone their own car, there’s growing amount of unease because more and more of infected are vaxxed. Since the claimed reason for introducing Covid Ausweiss was “preventing virus entering hospital system” or something, it was quite hilarious when few days ago, less than two week since the introduction of the Ausweiss, entire department of otherwise fully vaxxed personnel in city of Rijeka hospital catched Covid.

        Pubs are fully open since September, indoor and outdoor, I don’t know how, by the grace of God is the only explanation, and absolutely no one enters them with facehugger attached. Generally, folks do attach it loosely when shopping, in public transportation, and such. Older kids, 12 and up, still have to attach it in schools. On all other places, more and more people pretend they are outdoors, even when in churches and kindergartens.

        Earlier this year, it seems to me that there was an attempt to get the Catholic church into obligatory vaxx camp, but priests, including local cardinal Josip Bozanić, have said something like “yes, yes, vaccines are nice, but vaccination should be entirely voluntary. And parents should decide for their kids.”

        Since then, our cuckservative government has been repeatedly saying that there will be no obligatory vaccinations, and no lockdowns. There weren’t. For now.

        Surprisingly, out President Milanović, nominally a lefty, but clearly an alpha male, has publicly denounced all that mindless hysteria as exactly that – “a frenzy” – calling for return to normal life. He even proclaimed CNN and other media outlets as “lunatics” who “spread panic”, and all attempts to eradicate Kung flu as “madness”, “out of mind”, something that “can not succeed”.

        He has two sons, one of them is in high school. Milanović said: “My first two years in high school were formative for me. My son spent them in darkness, in front of computer screen.”

        Never agreed more with a leftist.

        • chris says:

          “Since the claimed reason for introducing Covid Ausweiss was “preventing virus entering hospital system” or something, it was quite hilarious when few days ago, less than two week since the introduction of the Ausweiss, entire department of otherwise fully vaxxed personnel in city of Rijeka hospital catched Covid.”

          I’m worried that the plan is to normalise the spread of covid amongst the population so that it is as common as the flu. Then neither the vaccinated nor the unvaccinated will be able to avoid covid infection and we might end up with a Marek’s disease situation.

          • Alfred says:

            It is the flu. The only issue with it is the difficulty in getting Ivermectin to treat it. India’s already over it by most accounts because they’ve been handing out Ivermectin.

          • Karl says:

            As far as I understand a Marek’s disease situation require a working vaccine. Don’t think we have that.

      • alf says:

        Ups and downs. Situation here comparable to Croatia it seems. No masks, but all-in on the shot. Unvaccinated are officially barred from restaurants, but unofficially many restaurants are not checking, save your local mcdonalds.

        Most people seem to be done with the covid hysteria, even if they got the shot. But I see no signs from the state that they’re done with covid hysteria. Not sure what’s going on. Probably the holiness spiral spiraling further, as they await what are probably weekly changing instructions from the US/EU.

      • Gauntlet says:

        In Norway all covid measures are rescinded except entry into the country in which you need to get a rapid test.

        Normal life has resumed. Restaurants are open, public transport is open. I flew domestic recently and “had to wear a mask” in the airport, I did not and no one cared not even going through security. I had to have it to board the plane but quickly slid it down after passing the cabin crew.

        As of Monday the 18th of October masks are not even required in the biggest airport and the two largest domestic airlines do not require them on flights either.

        The people has moved on but are all in on the shot. Some will get a booster if offered but the uptake won’t be 90% as with the first doses. No vaxx pass required anywhere. Corona has been declared to be not much more serious than the yearly flue epidemic.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Mullah Krekar will thank Jens Stoltenberg for handing over Norway.

        • Gauntlet says:

          We all (as in Europeans) live in countries where the “leaders” sold out the people and handed the land to invaders.

        • Upravda says:

          @alf, @Gauntlet
          You two are from Netherlands and Norway, am I right? Those countries, together with Sweden, Denmark and recently UK got some positive press coverage from, let’s say pro-liberty, press in Croatia regarding handling that mindless hysteria.

          Is that positive press coverage deserved? At all?

          I’ve also heard that Spain, despite being pretty much coronatard, manage to escape some of the worst consequences of mindless hysteria – Covid Ausweiss, to be precise, by ruling of their Constitutional court.

          So, if some or all of that is true, I can not but notice that those countries are kingdoms, not republics. Furthermore, while some European republics did retain some amount of common sense, it seems then that monarchies retained, on average, noticeably higher amount of common sense.

          Could there be some connection…? Or am I simply wrong?

          By the way, I’ve started to enquire can Croatian company employ a Croatian citizen (me) whose temporary residence (“boravište”) is outside of Croatia and/or whose permanent residence (“prebivalište”) is outside of Croatia. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, to be more precise. If it can, I’ll further find out how to obtain some residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Just in case that everything goes downhill. Nobody will actually check where do I actually reside, nor could they, so I intent to actually stay at home but have some good shielding from eventual fees.

          • alf says:

            Is that positive press coverage deserved? At all?

            For the Netherlands, a little bit, but not so much. Does not seem like a mandatory shot is around the corner like our Italian friends. But at the same time there is a media offensive that tells us the unvaccinated are the new nazis, and the state at its best is cuckservative. Non-shots are already barred from restaurants. So who knows what the future holds in store.

            I dont think it is correct to see the Netherlands as an ex-monarchy. Monarchy was always an off-on affair, I think arguably only the first Willem III pulled it off successfully, and that was 300 years ago. the Netherlands for most of its early history was a virtuous republic, and noting how it has declined into a corrupt republic, not so optimistic for the future.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            Yes, there is a connection. Compare Saudi-Arabia (kingdom) with Israel (republic).

            • Upravda says:

              What’s the comparison? As far as I can read in mainstream media, Saudi government is only just a little bit less coronatarded than Israeli. And I had in mind primarily European republics and monarchies…

        • Gauntlet says:

          Yes, I believe that some of the good press coverage you speak of is warranted. The kingdom connection is interesting but I doubt it has much to do with anything. The king is cucked in general and race cucked by his daughter dating a negro.

          Life is almost back to normal. Only the holy are mentioning coronadoom in everyday conversations. Everyone is aware “something is off” with the vaxx but dare not question it and talk little of it. It goes much like this:

          “Surely the government would not give us anything bad. I could never believe that… oh you heard about there might be a third booster for the elderly? I don’t know much about it”

          Complete official trust but a nagging doubt is noticeable.

          I have heard nothing about vaxx passes, there is no need for them as the government declared victory over the Corona demon.

          • Upravda says:

            “Surely the government would not give us anything bad. I could never believe that…”

            That’s precisely the attitude of my dad and mum. Despite dad reading everything (wouldn’t be surprised if he even stumbles sometimes on this blog). There’s simply a mental line, a barbed-wire fence, he is unable to cross, unable to fathom the possibility that he is being grossly lied to. It saddens me a lot. Mum, of course, listens to him. And that’s the real mind-state of many elderly people.

            In a way, Covid *is* the most dangerous disease ever – it turns off higher brain functions.

            But, this lovely couple:

            I’ve almost fallen from the chair laughing when reading one detail of her Wikipedia biography regarding that black fella: “Verrett claims to have been initiated spiritually by an American woman who calls herself ‘Princess Susana von Radic of Croatia'”

            I actually did hear for that woman, “princess” Susanna, when I was a boy, in early days of Croatian independence when some magazines for women and “yellow” magazines did feature her a few times.

            • Pooch says:

              Apparently the Princess’s divorced husband killed himself shortly after hearing of her relationship with the black. Fucking Christ.

      • Karl says:

        Europe is huge. Covid laws and regulation differ by country. In Germany, covid regulations generally are enforced.

        Face diapers have to worn in train stations, public transport, public buildings unless a medical exemption is certified. Non-compliance is treated as a misdemeanor and punished by fine of 70 to 250 EUR.

        Vaccination passes have to be presented whenever a restaurant, hotel, gmy etc. is entered. The business owner is required to check the documents. If he doesn’t do it, he risks being fined (500 EUR to 5000 EUR usually). The police checks restaurants and such places often enough that most business owners do not want to risk being fined.

        Hard to say how many of the vaccination passes in Germany are forged. I guess a few percent.

        • Pooch says:

          Wow that is quite a black pill. Are they even enforced that severely outside the population centers? Don’t dox yourself but how are you getting groceries and such? Is it possible to manage an unvaxed life there at all (without forgery)?

          • Karl says:

            Supermarkets at present do not require proof of vaccination, only that a face diaper is worn.

            Enforcement in the countryside is generally somewhat lower, one reason is that there is simply fewer police. Another, perhaps more important reason is that the fewer people see that a business doesn’t care about corona regulations, the fewer people can tell the police. So if you walk into a family owned business when no other customer is present, chances are pretty good that no-one will care about your lack of a face diaper or vaccination status.

            The population is divided on this issue, but many think that the black plague has returned and survival of everyone is at stake. Those people enforce corona regulations against businesses.

            • Pooch says:

              The face diaper situation sort of mirrors that in America. In the cities, compliance is high indoors and if you don’t wear one you will be in the minority. You may or may not be asked to wear one when entering businesses although the diversity/migrant workers and cops seem generally uninterested in enforcing it. The populace seems mostly willing to comply anyways, but you’re more likely to just get dirty looks from white shitlibs than anything if you don’t wear one. Blacks would never get questioned for not wearing one because of their privilege so maybe this has contributed to the overall lax attitude in physical enforcement of the mask.

              As you travel farther away from the cities compliance steadily drops to about zero in the exurbs and country, where the occasional face diaper wearer may be seen.

              As far as vax mandates, I’m not aware of any major city that has them outside of NYC (and maybe LA?) so I was curious what it was like in countries that have them widespread.

              • Karl says:

                Well, it is not yet a vax mandate, but we are getting there. It has started for some professions.

                Funny thing is that the mandate started this year with teachers who now have to vaccinated against measles. So far corona vaccinations are not strictly required.

          • yewotm8 says:

            What he describes seems very similar to Canada. However there is no “passport”, just show the receipt that you get after second injection. Ontario government was nice enough to leave a large, static space for your name, dob, health number etc so anybody’s details can easily fit in the spot on the pdf you show to the hostess on your phone. There are a few other blue collar purebloods working in my company’s shop and none of them have had any problems.

            Gyms are only required to check once and then record in their system that they’ve seen it. No copy is kept, they’re just covering their ass. The based ones just added that to people’s membership info anyway.

      • notglowing says:

        In Italy there have been protests because since the 15th all workers, even those self employed, need to show a covid pass in order to access their place of work, or face suspended pay.

        You can get one by testing every 48 hours.

        I actually have an interesting whitepill.
        I recently had dinner with a childhood friend, whose family is part of the local elite and has connections.
        He soon started telling me about his side effects from the vaccine, and how the rest of his family didn’t take it. He has to do errands for his father in his place.
        They all had covid, grandma died (but she was on the brink of death already) and the rest survived, that was before. So they are still more worried about the vaccine than the virus.
        But the interesting thing is that apparently the Marshal of our local Carabinieri force did not take it either, he is forced to just take a test every 48H and has been doing so for over a month.
        The Marshal apparently thinks that the vaccine is a ploy to reduce the world population by the elite.

        The Carabinieri are a branch of the military, and they act as our regular police basically. They’re also the military police, at the same time. Their stations are legally military bases.
        The Marshal is the local chief, which makes him like a police chief.
        I don’t know if he’s still testing but I hope so. I feel bad for him, having to do that and being in that situation. I’m pessimistic about people like that resisting for long with all the pressure but maybe I’m just being unfair towards him and pessimistic.

        Restaurant owners including some of my friends are the most pro vaxx, they have been devastated by the inability to conduct business for almost a year and a half, with only a couple months of reprieve in that time.

        I have not yet been asked for the pass anywhere, but I have also avoided places where it is required. It’s not required for outside seating in restaurants.
        I’ve found a loophole that lets me take the test with minimal inconvenience to myself and at any time, but I will not detail that here.
        Normally, getting the test is pretty annoying.
        First off, there’s no free testing for this.
        Second, in my city no one actually offers testing at any time, and without reservation.
        There’s just two options, the pharmacy and the hospital
        The hospital doesn’t require reservation, but is only available during one hour of the day.
        And you need to wait for 40 minutes to get your results, walk inside and pick them up.
        The pharmacy is faster, but it requires reservation on the day before, and they don’t let you choose the time.
        Workers who have to do this every two days have been reserving the tests for the entire rest of the year in advance, so reservations can be difficult now.

    • ExileStyle says:

      Any links for the curious containing an example/template of this? German links are fine, am fluent.

  16. Leon says:

    Governor Inslee of WA state just called for proof of vax to attend large events. Also doubled down on state employees required to get the vax.

    • Alfred says:

      Washington State is like California Jr. How did the west coast get so fucked up?

      • Leon says:

        WA state was the first place the Californians invaded. Plus a great deal of immigration into Seattle, and Seattle is home to some of the biggest leftwing companies and organizations. The massive growth of the Seattle area let’s it dominate all of the surrounding areas and the rest of the state. Sadly, I think the same is happening to Idaho. Idaho is getting not just Californians and Washingtons, but last year they were the number one immigration spot for New Yorkers.

        • Leon says:

          To add to this,the Californians and Washingtonians have been invading Wyoming. Housing prices went up there, Montana, the Dakotas, even Tennessee thanks to Nashville.

      • Pooch says:

        My guess would be that you can trace the origin of the West Coast white shitlib to the New England Brahmin. At some point, it became highly fashionable and high status for Brahmins to move out west.

        • Andy says:

          I agree – the question is how to survive and where to flee if you’re just a regular Amerikaner. My family basically walked across the North American continent over the course of 400 years and spent the last 100 or so in Cali. Now what? Where does one go to sit out the collapse, or whatever comes, without being Holodomored? Find a secondary center of power and sidle up to the belly of the beast, hopefully going unnoticed? I have my eye on the great American redoubt but wonder if it will ultimately be targeted and starved out. Better to disappear in the coastal mountains for a time?

            • Andy says:

              Thanks. Currently in a small town with its own local police force at the periphery of a major power center. Gun ownership is high and the diversity is wary. However, we do have a feral woman problem that seems to be getting worse…or perhaps getting a boost from the Covid/Woke insanity. We’ll see how things hold up as the rot continues. There may not be many better options for me in any case.

          • The Cominator says:

            Within the Continental US Florida, yes its not strictly white but the right here is just more consistently competent than other places and actually for whatever reason does a good job at keeping the minorities from supporting the left.

    • Varna says:

      Globohomo and the sane diverging into separate biological species is happening faster than anyone expected.

  17. Basil says:

    Don’t you think that Orthodoxy is too centralized? If you look at examples of what can be called living religions in our era (some Protestants, Hasidim, Mormons, Russian Old Believers, and so on), they have a completely different organizational structure. The higher the hierarchical church ladder, the more likely that from top to bottom will be lowered “women’s rights”, “the fight against Nazism” or something like that. The risk that every next patriarch will become an analogue of Pope Francis is too great. Well, or the King, on whom the head of the church depends.

    Of course, one can hope for a true revival of the ROC and the restoration of Orthodoxy, but one should always count on less positive scenarios.

    • jim says:

      Centralized? There are umpteen national orthodox Churches. It is not like Roman Catholicism, where if the Pope is apostate, everyone is out of luck.

      Of course Orthodoxy will not work if the sovereign is not Christian, but what does?

      • Basil says:

        Itis not like Catholicism, but it doesn’t is not like Protestantism / Sunism either. The level of centralization at the national level is already too dangerous, as practice has shown.

        • The Cominator says:

          The Orthodox Church seemed to survive a century of communism and in many places multiple centuries under Muslim rule fairly unpozzed with quick self correction…

          It looks like it will survive the cathedral and globohomo as well.

          “Of course Orthodoxy will not work if the sovereign is not Christian, but what does?”

          Yeah this. The Sovereign doesn’t really have to be christian but he can’t be hostile to Christianity.

          “Itis not like Catholicism, but it doesn’t is not like Protestantism / Sunism either. The level of centralization at the national level is already too dangerous, as practice has shown.”

          A totally decentralized church that has massive political power is potentially prone to holiness spirals. I tend to think for various that American Southern low church Protestants would tend to avoid this for generations (as Southerners are not very holy by nature) but in time if the church is powerful you’d get entryists…

          • Basil says:

            It is an open question how well Orthodoxy survived communism… During the Empire, the average Russian woman married at 16 as a virgin, gave birth to 6-7 children, went to church, listened to her husband, the marriage ended in death.

            In just a few decades of communism, the age of marriage reached 26, a very rare woman marries a virgin, 1.5 children, in practice household matriarchy reigns in many families, churches are filled with grandmothers, marriage ends in divorce, world records for abortion (due to taxpayers), HIV epidemic at the level of Africa. Georgia is the only Orthodox country with a birth rate higher than the US birth rate (2.05). Given that every Orthodox country is poorer and has the same or less urbanization.

            If there was one national church in the modern United States, it would be a globohomo church of worship of whores and blacks.The number of different sects and the affordable home education is something that somehow holds back the flow of crap.

            • jim says:

              There is one globohomo national Church.

              There is always a national Church. If no national Church, it is a vacuum that inevitably gets filled swiftly. The reason that the United States had several national Churches before the war of Northern Aggression was that each state had its own state Church – the war of Northern Aggression being the Church of New England imposing its religion on all the others.

        • jim says:

          Practice was submission to communist rule. Seemed to handle it rather well.

      • Pooch says:

        Of course Orthodoxy will not work if the sovereign is not Christian, but what does?

        Afrikaner Protestantism working fine for the Afrikaners as they wait for the collapse of the sovereign. I reckon Amerikaner Protestantism will be fine for the Amerikaners.

    • HerbR says:

      You want decentralization when out of power, centralization when in power.

      A “decentralized” priesthood sounds like a priesthood with open entry. That is exactly the problem, along with priestly power over state affairs.

      Catholicism is supranational, that’s what rubs so many of us the wrong way. A national church (i.e. state religion) is not only necessary, it’s inevitable. The only question is what it will be and who will run it.

      • Basil says:

        I understand that decentralization has its costs. But the costs of centralization are incomparably higher.

        It seems to me that fragmentation is the best way to deal with leftism. In a centralized system, socialists and feminists integrate into the system and change it to their liking. In a decentralized system, they will stray into gangs of shakers and gradually die out.

        • jim says:

          It always comes down to war. If fragmented, the enemy will come for each fragment one at a time.

          • Dave says:

            War selects for right-wing values; peace selects for left-wing values. This is not a claim of fact but an axiom that serves to define “right-wing” and “left-wing”.

            Empires tend to instill right-wing values in the countries they invade, while the imperial homeland, untouched by war, drifts ever leftward.

        • HerbR says:

          This is all backward. Globohomo is a highly centralized system and has no trouble dispatching agents all over the globe to deal with any decentralized pockets of resistance. We watch this happen in real time every day. It crushes any attempt by these decentralized groups to organize into anything larger. Feminism was always centralized, never decentralized. That’s Reaction 201/Jim 101: the left looks decentralized, makes itself look that way intentionally, but is in fact highly (if not totally) centralized and extremely well coordinated. Globohomo is starting to become weak and disorganized not because it is centralized, but because it is in the advanced stages of a holiness spiral/left-singularity and is rapidly losing the human capital necessary to organize effectively.

          Come the reaction, government is still going to be centralized, because government must by definition be centralized. But it will openly centralized, clearly expressing the authority of one king over many warriors and some warriors over many priests, with an openly official state religion. We want to have one king a thousand miles away, not a thousand kings one mile away.

          This does not imply that every aspect of society should be centralized (i.e. totalitarian). A wise king/effective government only centralizes the essential government functions of providing peace, security and order. There is no reason to get involved with trifles such as how many minorities a business employs or whether the husband and father down the street from you keeps a collection of shotguns and a wooden paddle in the closet. Although the large business will probably still centralize its operations, and the father of a large family may centralize familial responsibilities.

          There are things we want to decentralize right now because centralization under an evil and increasingly incompetent authority is crushing the life out of them, but that does not equate to “hierarchy bad”. That’s the lefty mentality.

  18. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Vertical integration was one of the defining features of the ‘captains of industry’ of the eighteen hundreds, who, in the course of providing one particular good, found that they needed to essentially recreate an entire society in miniature in order to best provide that good.

    Many of those valuable freeholds were ultimately destroyed at the hands of whiggish theocrats, under the pretext of monopoly busting, and the vital civilizational energy of that epoch was never fully recapitulated since heretofore. As it happens, they did in fact need to recreate an entire society in miniature in order to best provide one good in particular; and one part of society they more or less all missed, was it’s priesthood.

    But the inevitable logic of what converges towards greater potency remains the same, and becomes all the more pertinent as broader structures of potency in general disintegrate in our most current of years.

    We could call a landed gentes Lord, because he had valuable property, and a means of defending that property, and that property itself in turn also facilitating his means of defending it.

    The organization of his land, his tenants, and his militia of tenants, altogether represented a teleoplexing of capital. As more potent forms of capital have increasingly developed, we should see how the old metaphor of comparing captains of industry to feudal lords, in fact can well be literally appropriate. The landed gentry that grew up out of the chaos of the western roman empires disintegration, reestablishing civilization, had power first, and were declared Lords after, a formalization of this fact, after the fact. And just as we might intuitively recognize ownership of land and supervention of it’s tenants as naturally entailing lordship, so should we also recognize supervention of more advanced superstructures of capital as freeholds that necessarily entail – and depend on – lordship.

  19. Cloudswrest says:

    Prince William says entrepreneurs should focus on saving Earth rather than space tourism.


    This is a sophistic false dichotomy. Why are the two linked? Some equivalent examples:

    Entrepreneurs should focus on saving Earth rather than software development.

    Entrepreneurs should focus on saving Earth rather than movie making.

    For some reason there is a faction that REALLY hates space technology development, even when it is private, no matter that it has provided us with GPS, Iridium, Starlink, weather monitoring, … and then come up with these bogus rhetorical reasons.

    • Starman says:


      “For some reason there is a faction that REALLY hates space technology development, even when it is private, no matter that it has provided us with GPS, Iridium, Starlink, weather monitoring, … and then come up with these bogus rhetorical reasons.”

      With the Inspiration 4 mission and Captain Kirk’s ride to space in a sub-orbital capsule, I noticed fed shills posing as flat earthers suddenly showing up in multiple comment sections. From old accounts that barely had any posts. On Gab I spotted three of them in only two days.

      • Guy says:

        I understand fed shills’ motivation for a lot of things, but not flat earth shilling. Speaking as someone who entertains a lot of conspiracy theories, I think the main reason we see them so prevalently today is not just because of the internet allowing their proliferation, but because the idea that the elite are retarded fags stuck in holiness spirals is in a lot of ways more scary than the alternatives. And it’s also hard for some people to believe who see the western society as mostly meritocratic.

        Jim pointing out a lot of troofer lies has made me more cautious. The fact that people said building 7 was undamaged before it fell despite the pictures to the contrary was a big one. Obviously I shouldn’t take anyone’s word for it, but I didn’t imagine they’d lie so blatantly and did not initially understand why they would have the motivation to do so.

        • jim says:

          Flat earthers could well be just genuine idiots. I have never checked them out for shilling minionesqe behavior.

          But their videos are stylistically similar to Troofer videos.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            I knew a flat earther one time who was a good guy, and it was an honest belief. He would listen to me and respond to my arguments, but he always returned to his beliefs in the end. Some of them are honest, but it would not surprise me if plenty were feds.

            • The Cominator says:

              Was he just stupid…?

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Not really. He was seeing that there were people who said that the earth was round that there are 51 genders, and that God did not exist (but who worshipped Satan at Epstein’s island); and people that said that God is real, the earth is flat, and there are only two sexes: man and woman. Who would you trust? If the foremost men in the fields of astronomy and geology are talking about 57 genders, are you going to take their opinions on geology and astronomy seriously? Who do you believe? The scientists, or your lying eyes. There was a bit of hallucinogens influencing his worldview, but he was not stupid.

                • alf says:

                  Yeah when people bring up flat earthers I maintain that, insofar it is not a fed operation, I’ve seen people believe all kinds of obvious falsehoods, such as that blacks and whites have the same iq and that women do not cause trouble in the workplace. Why should I be amazed at one more falsehood?

                • jim says:

                  Because one is something people are required to believe, and they tend to believe it in a sunday sort of way, not a weekday sort of way – they believe it without necessarily expecting any connection to reality.

                  And the other is something people are not required to believe.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Well, this friend was not a fed, because I could have red pill conversations with him about women and politics. Some of it was over his head, but he followed my thoughts where he could and agreed or disagreed with me the way feds cannot. He was definitely an odd one, but I got more a sense of loss of faith in what authorities said more than anything else.

        • Starman says:

          At first I thought flat earthers were just schizopoasters or just trolls having a good time. Then I asked them multiple choice RedPill on Women questions. And they all refused to answer.

          • jim says:

            That is a tell. An independent can answer, if only to disagree.

            Can’t see any payload in it, but I could not see any payload in the guys claiming that Rothschild’s ruled the world until I taxed them on Soros, Victoria Nuland, and antifa. The payload is “Don’t look at us Jews. Look at those other Jews”.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Flat Earthers could be a similar psyop to Westboro Baptist Church. Recently read some old posts about WBC I found link-hopping from this comment garden and it was pretty clear that WBC was an operation to stigmatize any opposition to momos as mouth breathing morons. FE is a pysop intended to stigmatize climate skeptics as mouth breathing morons.

              • The Cominator says:

                Also 5G, also people who claim israelis remote detonated everything on 9/11, also people who claim the moon landing was faked.

              • jim says:

                Of course. Should have been obvious to me. The noise is the payload.

                If you lack faith in the mighty anthropogenic catastrophic climate change demon, you are a flat earther.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              There doesn’t necessarily need to be a specific payload in signal jamming; sometimes the static itself is the signal.

              That being said, of men i am personally familiar with who might happen to truck in stuff like flat earth, they definitely fall more into the ‘trolls having a good time’ camp, with a little side order of schizopoasting. Think like Eddie Bravo.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I was pretty sure FE started as a trollOp against the sciencists because it really riles them up. Maybe it was Cathedral psyop from the get-go. Either way, it seems to me that we need to be wary of assuming the Cathedral is universally inept. The WBC psyop was brilliant and worked incredibly well. Trooferism, too, is a gift that keeps giving. Somewhere in the tangled web of incompetence and demon worship, there are competent and capable enemies.

                • Aidan says:

                  Poisoning the enemy discourse is a priestly activity and priesting is what they do best. The WBC was not really even aimed at us, it was set up as a strawman to push normies into the homo camp. In 2000, any normal blue-voting dad would say “they can do whatever they want in private but I don’t want it around my kids”, and in 2008, you’re either down with the poz or you’re the same as the WBC. Same as the KKK being kept alive by the feds as an approved public enemy.

                  The WBC had suspiciously broad media coverage for being one fringe church and a suspiciously deep pocketbook to be flying all over the place. Obviously an op. Flat Earth may be an op, but it is a bit different. The enemy is uncomfortable to see climate skeptics talk about logarithmic relationships, the Medieval Warm Period, and 1970’s cooling hysteria. They want the signal jammed by flat earth, hollow earth, lizard people, and so on, not just so that we cannot talk to each other, but so that people cannot join our side; our spaces being permeated by stupid and/or crazy shills turns away smart people who are dissatisfied with the official truth.

                  Thus, calling the stupid and insane who appear to be on our side an op, is good hygiene for a faith whether the WBC is actually getting a check from Soros or not.

                  There is a disturbing implication in what I just said. There is somebody in the enemy camp who can look at our discourse and realize that our talking about logarithmic relationships and the Medieval Warm Period is a problem, and thus we get shills. The enemy has a reverse-Beria working for it, somebody or some body of people who can commit crimethink, who can target the most dangerous parts of our discourse for infiltration and jamming, which means that they can understand what we believe. So yes, the most competent man among our enemies is probably leading the counterintel ops. That makes it our duty to turn him of course. Or maybe he’s already been turned and is waiting.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  An anti-Beria is a frightening thought, but I do not think it matters. He can try to jam the signal, but we have reached critical mass. Our memes spread regardless of the jamming. The NRx memeplex is the dominant force on the right. Everyday more people are reached and become more based. I hear things today that would have been unthinkable just months before, and the pushback against these prole-NRx heretics is steadily failing to keep them in check. We are cool, and the left is not.

                • notglowing says:

                  >but we have reached critical mass
                  Even if we had not, the enemy is effectively forcing people to the right one way or another. It is increasingly impossible to just ignore and accept, because they come up with increasingly intrusive ways to make your daily life impossible, and the constant lockdowns and vaccine passes are an example of that.

                  They will simply not leave people alone, which is poor judgement. Because many of those people would probably just try to ignore the problems, if they could, losing your job is not worth it.
                  But what if you are gonna lose your job either way? Then you have nothing to lose either.
                  If they had better judgement, they would not push things this far.
                  More than anything this is proof that our enemy is not a well coordinated, rational, well organized monolith. The only fitting explanation for this irrational behaviour is a holiness spiral.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            When you mentioned “flat earthers” above I thought you were using it as a slang for anti-space people, but now I see you were being literal.

            While I’m aware there are people on the interwebs that claim to be flat earthers, I always considered them to be trolls or schizo loons and never paid them much attention.

            • notglowing says:

              There is way too much attention towards flat earthers. You will find no end of videos on youtube minutely analyzing and “debunking” their claims or ridiculing them. Traditional media also features that stuff sometimes.
              It’s a go-to example for them to ridicule the right, and conspiracy theorists.
              Which makes me believe they prop it up intentionally. I’ve never met a “flat earther”. It might not be an op in itself, but it being widely publicized absolutely is. And it’s not as big as they pretend it to be.

              • Cloudswrest says:

                I once read of an FE who, when asked, “What happens when you get to the edge?” Replied, “There is no edge, you reappear on the other edge.”

                This is basically the geometry of The Real Projective Plane. This is a regular, compact space that is not embeddable in 3 dimensions, sort of like the Klein Bottle. More complex than a sphere, and I don’t think it’s what the FE had in mind.

                • f6187 says:

                  “There is no edge, you reappear on the other edge.”

                  When my cat knocks a pencil off the edge of my flat table, I would love to see it reappear on the opposite edge.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “For some reason there is a faction that REALLY hates space technology development, even when it is private”

      “They hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us.”

      I never went to high school or college football games and complained about sports stuff “taking” money from nerd stuff for the exact same reasons. I look back on that now with regret. So freaking obvious, and so unnecessary! What a little bitch. Facepalm!

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Steve Sailer has an article today on NASA sending minorities to the moon. Here’s one hilarious comment!

      “If making RuPaul mission commander is what is required to get humanity back to the moon, I’m all in favor Steve.”

  20. Fëanor says:

    Jim made this point a while ago, but it was buried in other discussion:

    [Orthodoxy] is the only faith remaining that has the chain of apostolic succession alive and unbroken (Roman Catholicism, Episcopalianism, and Anglicanism found apostolic succession far too embarrassing, and very quietly stopped doing it, though I expect that there are still a few secretly Christian Bishops that managed to quietly receive apostolic succession in those Churches.)

    What did you mean by this? As far as I know, Catholics believe that they and the Orthodox both have apostolic succession, while Anglicans do not; there are movements within the Catholic Church that believe that the chain has been partially or entirely broken for various reasons, but no one that I’m aware of has ceased to teach that it exists.

    • Fëanor says:

      Clarification: Catholics believe that Anglicans do not have apostolic succession. I’m not sure what the Anglicans teach about it, although I don’t think most of them teach anything distinguishable from progressivism these days.

    • jim says:

      > As far as I know, Catholics believe that they and the Orthodox both have apostolic succession,

      The Roman Catholic ceremony has been amended to make it less embarrassing and to make it comfortably and conveniently ambiguous as to whether apostolic supernatural power and divine authority is being passed on or not, and comfortably and conveniently ambiguous as to whether that power originates in an unbroken line starting from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • pyrrhus says:

      France wants recognition that Europe will be one of the “three world superpowers” in this century…totally delusional

  21. Basil says:

    How disgusting. Nations that allow their women to dress like whores have no future.

    • Fëanor says:

      Whores should dress like whores, and our women are currently whores whether we like it or not. Any current fashion trend towards modest dress is whores trying to convince men that they aren’t whores, and is good insofar as it indicates that men are waking up from the bluepill and realizing their preference for modest women, and bad insofar as anyone actually falls for it.

      (I have seen multiple e-thots posing in blue floral dresses very reminiscent of the tradwife meme. Hopefully this is a sign that we’re winning the meme war.)

  22. Cloudswrest says:

    Does it seem to anybody else that the amount of *IMPLICIT* fedposting has gone way up lately? By “implicit” I don’t mean calls to “do a terror”. I mean news and information, primarily on alternative networks, that’s guaranteed to make a red blooded white man’s blood boil. A few immediate examples:

    The crackdown in Australia on the unvaxed

    The two female student rapes by a tranny student and the coverup by the school board, and the beat down of one of the girls’ father by the police.

    Bullshit videos like Kamala Harris chatting with children who turned out to be actors!

    I’ll have to turn off media for awhile.

    • Pooch says:

      They are hoping, praying, and salivating at the prospect of a “domestic terrorist” doing actual terror. Don’t feed into it. Yes the Western world is collapsing around you. Yes it is absurd, shocking, and outrageous. Learn to reach into your limbic system and turn off all emotion about it. Complete calmness needs to be the response.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Pooch and I rarely seem to agree, but I think he’s dead on the money. I would bet that the Female Bureau of Inquisition has started to realize they need cassus belli and it isn’t happening fast enough, meaning the lower and mid-level cunts will be sharpening the knives of “streamlining” and reorganization. I know the Feds we may be/seem to be encountering are morons, but the OSINT wing of DHS is actually pretty good at aggregating data that can be engineered to be “””evidence.”””

      It’s a very interesting time, or so it seems to me, because I feel like there are plenty of events that could emasculate any nascent knives in the normie sheepdog crowd, but for the first time in my living memory it also seems like a lot of events that could snowball very quickly. Wulfgar and others were discussing the possibility of another Waco and the ramifications thereof. I’m of the opinion that the Feds could touch off a “controlled burn” that spins out of control because of their religious blindness, baseline incompetence, or some other factor.

      If the Voice is actually trying to start a fire at the behest of their psyop handlers, it pretty much proves Jim’s analysis that it’s incompetent turtles all the way down.

      • Fëanor says:

        the Feds we may be/seem to be encountering are morons

        I have begun to think that perhaps there are no feds, and what we are calling feds are legitimately just hapless autists. In which case I do feel sorry for them, although not telling them where to get underage girls or whatever is probably for their own good.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          That’s funny; i have often felt that many of the folk who post here might originally have come to do no good, but ended up flipping after a while of exposure.

        • jim says:

          I have had very long conversations with very persistent feds, and the conversations make no sense unless a computer is scoring their output, and problematic texts get sent to human resources.

        • Aidan says:

          Autists tend to be responsive to your arguments when you engage them. If they refuse to even acknowledge your point, there is probably someone looking over their shoulder.

          I remember getting into conversations with an incel account on twitter that held the mutually contradictory beliefs that women do a lot of dogfucking, and that their attraction to men was based only on that man’s bone structure, and when I pointed out that dogs have nothing resembling an attractive human’s bone structure, the point went completely ignored. When I posted pictures of hot girls with their ugly drug dealer boyfriends, the point went ignored. It is not that he sperged out, or got mad at me, he completely ignored what I was saying and went right on with what sounded like a script. I presume the account was run by an agent to incite sexless men into planning violence and then arrest them.

          • Fëanor says:

            Yes, inciters are probably feds, but most of the accused feds that I recall on here specifically were either proposing IRL meetups or asking for potentially incriminating information, which I think are as likely to be done by noobs unaware of the danger of infiltration, as by actual infiltrators.

            On a side note, committing violence against more successful men is the natural reaction of a man shut out of the sexual market, and in the ancestral environment presumably worked quite well sometimes, but Elliot Rodger etc. seem to be exempt from the usual female tendency to simp for mass murderers.

            • Prophet says:

              Maybe killing (attracts women) and being an incel (repels women due to mate choice copying) canceled each other out = indifference.

              • Fëanor says:

                Indeed, it seems to be a much broader truth, that if you do anything specifically to get women, especially if you admit this, you will get no women, even if you are doing something that would normally get you lots of women.

                Frame trumps everything.

            • Dave says:

              Women simp for living mass murderers, not dead ones. See e.g. all the girls crushing on Dzokar Tsarnaev and none on his dead brother Tamerlan, even though the latter was more of a badass. Girls want guys who kill people and don’t die. Their instincts have no concept of “life without parole”.

          • 2:45 says:

            There is a certain forum I read from time to time. The population there consists of maybe fifty or sixty regular posters, a few hundred or so rare posters, and maybe a thousand lurkers at peak. This group of people has been hanging out online for the better part of two decades now. I met quite a few of them in person in the early days, when I was working in the same field as most of them. The current forum isn’t technically the same as the one they started on but the group of people is essentially the same, with some younger additions, and the group dynamics haven’t changed.

            They behave EXACTLY as you describe. They have their ideological premises – leftist ones. If one presents concrete evidence that the premise is wrong, they simply refuse to process it. They do not discuss it. They do not engage the truth or falsehood question. At best, they declare it “obviously” wrong and the person who brought it up “shitty”. Afterward, the matter is no longer addressed. The premise continues to be presented as true, and all participants in subsequent discussions continue to take it as true. References to contrary evidence are met with denials or genuine incomprehension.
            They have been behaving this way for as long as I have known them – like I said, the better part of two decades. I know the day jobs for many of them. I have personally worked with some of them.

            If they are feds, it is a deep cover operation that has been going on since George Bush the Younger, supporting cover identities and occupations throughout that time, and the possible intended audiences for the deception are so marginal that for such an op to exist, similar things would be so common that feds must make up a plurality of the population of the United States. If you find that believable, you are a fool.

            If you observe this behavior among other groups and decide that “fed” is the only possible explanation, you are a fool and/or lying to yourself. Specifically, you are operating on false premises, just like they are, and it will bite you in the ass eventually, just like them.

            If you decide that I am obviously a fed for trying to divert you from what you knows to be true, you’re one of Lewis’ dwarfs stuck in the Ape’s hut.

            But that’s none of my business.

            • jim says:

              There are lots of real people who will not engage your position because crimestop.

              But inability to notice Mueller and the FBI among troofers, and inability to notice Soros among those ranting about the Rothschilds, is not crimestop. It reflects organized sponsorship.

              There are lots of “people” who monotonously push the same crap, and fail to acknowledge anyone disputing their crap. It looks remarkably a broadcast into a narrowcast medium.

              Usenet was designed as narrowcast medium, and suddenly various large organized groups realized they could broadcast into a narrowcast medium. Resulting in an outbreak of scripted and robotic behavior which killed off usenet. Similarly the chans. The outbreak of robotic posting followed a little while after the Greencard lawyer incident. At first it looked like well funded private actors, but pretty soon Harvard got into it, roboposting communism into every newsgroup.

              New scripts appear abruptly and uniformly and change abruptly and uniformly. If you see one script in one group, you will see the same script in every group. If a script stops being pushed, it stops being pushed everywhere.

              Plus, we have various leaks about organized and well funded efforts to broadcast into narrowcast media, for various objectives from promoting Bezos to president, to suppressing “terrorism”.

              I hear leaks about such efforts, and I see behavior that looks like such efforts.

              Plus there is internal consistency, in that those doing the broadcast cannot acknowledge, or notice anyone else noticing, the misdeeds of the beneficiary of the broadcast.

              If someone complains about the Rothschilds, orthodox Jews, and Tel Aviv occupying Washington, he cannot notice George Soros, cities burning and people murdered by mobs funded by Soros, or Jerusalem. (He cannot notice Jerusalem because Soros does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel)

              If someone is a troofer, he cannot notice what Mueller and the FBI have been up to. He will attack competing spook agencies, such as military intelligence, but will not acknowledge, or notice anyone else noticing, the misdeeds of the FBI. (Because trooferism was from the beginning an FBI operation created by Mueller to cover the fact that the FBI turned a blind eye to the terrorists)

              Inability to notice the Mueller and the FBI among troofers, and inability to notice Soros among those ranting about the Rothschilds, is not crimestop. It reflects organized sponsorship.

              If someone has genuinely has a bee in his bonnet about Rothschilds, he might well refuse to respond to or acknowledge the red pill on women because crimestop, but what is stopping him from acknowledging misdeeds of Soros, or that Israel is run from Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv?

              There are lots of people who absolutely genuinely have a bee in their bonnet about Jews – no doubt there are some people who think that I am one.

              But is it not odd that some of those persistently posting on the topic, though theoretically opposing antifa, think it a spontaneous mass movement of the poor and oppressed, and find the proposition that many of those showing up live in mansions with a personal security detail keeping an eye on the mansion walls absolutely hilarious?

              These unresponsive posters have a consistent pattern of unresponsiveness – and that pattern does not reflect crimestop, but the interests of a particular sponsor – sometimes a private sector sponsor who is just trying to make a dollar, but usually a state or quasi state actor like Soros.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                “Usenet was designed as narrowcast medium, and suddenly various large organized groups realized they could broadcast into a narrowcast medium.”

                Great synopsis.

                Can “crypto stuff” even theoretically help with this?

                My naive first guess would be to theoretically charge bits of theoretical crypto-money to post somewhere, but that has to be stupid. Soros people have more money to throw around at that than anyone. Bummer.

                Is there another angle to this? I know you’ve been thinking about it.

                • jim says:

                  If you are aware that I am working on it, you have probably read social networking

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Stellar understanding and synopsizing:

                  “The highest priority for a crypto currency should be to re-open free public discussion. (Since we are, at the moment, out of power, we are temporarily free speech enthusiasts).

                  “But the second highest priority, and the one that will get us money, is re-opening the path to entrepreneurship.

                  “Thus we should primarily be interested in freedom of speech about money and transactions. The enemy is shutting down forums where people can discuss unregulated crypto currency transactions.”

            • alf says:

              There is a nuanced position and an not nuanced position on this.

              The nuanced position is that, considering there is a great deal of people and a state that is not nearly as powerful as it portrays itself to be, not every shill is a literal paid shill. Mostly, paid shills show up in places where we’d expect them to show up — public fora, alt-right groups and pro-Trump gatherings. They tend to stick out once tagged, but of course, have to be tagged.

              The kind of shills you talk about are unpaid shills, or rather, normal people who feel the tug of power. They read the paper every morning, have well-paid jobs in offices and consider themselves educated. They value their place in society and go to reasonable lengths to defend it. In cliche terms: they are plugged into the matrix and automatically rush to defend the matrix.

              It is wrong to say these people are ‘victims’ exactly. In some ways, yes, but in other ways they are paid for their opinion just as much as literal paid shills are. Sometimes in status among their peers, sometimes also in money — if one works for the state, say as a teacher or bureaucrat or judge, one naturally feels a pull to adopt the opinion of the hand that feeds.

              There are differences in the ways paid shills and unpaid shills act. The latter will engage in shards of real conversation. He might acknowledge some of what you say, he might even agree with bits of it. The conversation will be more idiosyncratic, less as if you are being read to from a script. But he will still derail the conversation, and because he gets his memes from progressive society, will in the manner of derailment still sound like he is reading from a script.

              Whether he succeeds depends on whether the platform is moderated or censored — if censored, conversation dies, if moderated, you’ll get a truce of some sorts and you’ll find that despite differences, everyone has the feeling they are free to express themselves.

              That is the nuanced position.

              The not nuanced position is that in practice the difference matters not so much. When people act like shills, you treat them like shills.

              • The Cominator says:

                “The kind of shills you talk about are unpaid shills, or rather, normal people who feel the tug of power. They read the paper every morning, have well-paid jobs in offices and consider themselves educated. They value their place in society and go to reasonable lengths to defend it. In cliche terms: they are plugged into the matrix and automatically rush to defend the matrix.”

                I think plenty of them are paid. One way broadcasting via a megaphone with inability to discuss things like the woman question as Jim says indicates their work is being reviewed for crimethought.

                Yes since 2010 at the earliest and blatantly since late 2015 leftists are increasingly like NPCs and generally without being paid but the ones who show up on far right forums and stick around… you have to wonder if they are paid. I do not think they are generally full FBI agents or anything, THAT would be absurd (in 99% of cases) I mean generally low paid “private” contractors of some spook agency or Soros with the shills probably in most cases unaware of where their money actually comes from. Remember “thank you for “correcting the record” two cents has been deposited into your account”.

                • alf says:

                  Low paid shills wouldn’t go through the trouble of meeting up.

                • ten says:

                  “Since i got aware of it leftists have been leftists”

                  People are NPCs to the vast majority. Going against power has in evolutionary time been extremely bad for your health. Engaging in questions of power, politics, is a stupid waste of time for most people, and they wisely and virtuously defer to whoever has the power to dominate signal. Low friction cohesion and cooperation, vulnerable to exploitation from evil power, necessitating the existance of the few disagreeable non-NPc canaries in the coal mine, and demonstrating the reactionary position.

                • The Cominator says:

                  ““Since i got aware of it leftists have been leftists”

                  No there has been no point in my life where I was a leftist and I’ve always been aware of them… But they used to have way more capacity for independent thought. The NPC plague was not a thing not the way it is now before 2010 or so and it wasn’t so total until late 2015.

                • jim says:

                  What has been happening is that universities selected for holiness. Which resulted in faith that makes empirically falsifiable claims (“All men are created equal”) constantly strengthening its claims, and becoming more and more readily falsifiable.

                  Which until about the time of Bertrand Russel was handled by coming up with ever cleverer sophomoric rationalizations, so the faith was able to select it upper level priesthood both for intelligence and holiness. But sophomoric rationalizations ran out of puff, being replaced by troofer level lies (lynchings and all that) Whereupon any smart, thoughtful, person became increasingly suspect.

                  Suspicion of the overly smart set in as early as 1875, when a ceiling on the IQ component of university entrance tests becomes visible, which ceiling has dropped faster and faster to the present day.

                  But the brains of elite only really started turning to cow mush around 2010 or so, though you can see it starting to have significant impact in 1906-1910.

                • Pooch says:

                  It takes a certain amount of IQ to critically think and realize everything you’ve learned in your life is propaganda bullshit, which is why, unfortunately, the lower races are mostly hopelessly brainwashed by Cathedral propaganda.

              • The Cominator says:

                And to reiterate going to places that are organically far right is not even normal NPC leftist behavior, the NPC leftist gets mental pain at crimethought and avoids it and has a terror of it like a vampire avoids sunlight…

                So if they stick around areas of crimethought but do nothing but one way broadcast… good indicator they are being paid to do so.

              • jim says:

                It is impractical and unwise to be nuanced about deception, because nuance requires a lot of accurate information, while we have a shortage of information and oversupply of misinformation.

                Further, it you detect one thing that is hidden from you, there is going to be a lot more that have not detected. One lie all lies. If you add a cup of wine to a barrel of sewage, you have a barrel of sewage. If you add a cup of sewage to a barrel of wine, you still have a barrel of sewage.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Very good point..Something I learned later in life, partially from practicing law, is that if they’re lying about one thing, they are probably lying about many things..When I got the time to seriously study history, I quickly found that almost everything I was taught in secondary school had been twisted to support a narrative that was either nonsense or dangerously insane…

    • Alfred says:

      The deep state is desperate for some sort of violence that would really enable them to put the hammer down hard so they’re trying foment it harder and harder. They’ve tried 2 shitty false flags using their usual recruit an mentally ill dude in the last 2 months but people saw right through it and no one was harmed by the idiots. They’re going to have to step up the level of incitement or go full on false flag with only their actors involved. They need blood.

      Though the likelihood of that hammer working the way they want it to work is declining. Trannies, spooks, and female cops can’t don’t actually do well during home raids. And the respect that people once had for the feds is way down.

      • Karl says:

        If the deep state wants violence, what is keeping it from creating such violence? Wouldn’t be the first false flag.

        My guess is the top of the deep state (the old, less crazy left) doesn’t want it. They want stagnation, not escalation. Maybe the lower levels of the deep state want it, but the top for now doesn’t allow false flags.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          There have been a few false flags attempted, but no one is giving them the benefit of the doubt anymore. The right does not trust the cops or the feds. I was reading the comments on a cop drug bust that went bad. They went after some black drug dealer who had an automatic Glock and he fucked a few of them up. The comments were sympathetic to the black guy, because he had not committed any real crimes, and the police were the police. That attitude was rare on anonymous or semi-anonymous gun forums just a month or two ago, and now it is the norm and the guys defending the police just back down and slink away when challenged.

          If the feds try to commit a serious false flag, they will fuck it up because they are incompetent. Even if it was mildly successful and looked somewhat plausible, no one would belive them simply because it came from the feds. If the media jumped on it, it would make it worse, as there is a large and growing section of the country that reflexively disbelieve anything that regime mouthpieces announce. The people that they are trying to false flag are almost certainly more competent than the false flaggers themselves, which does not help the feds.

          False flags were attempted, and everyone just pointed and laughed at the obvious fed is obvious. So the narrative just moved on. After a year and a half of riots, burning cities, murders, FBI false flags and entrapment plots, and everything else, a fake bomb in DC is just boring and low energy. They tried, failed, and are now sitting around looking sheepish and poking the right, as if to say, “c’mon, do a terrorism.” A false flag does not work because they are too impotent to make people believe them.

          • Karl says:

            I don’t think the feds are too incompetent to execute a false flag and at the same time smart enough to know it won’t work.

            Incompetent people are rarely aware of their incompetence and most of those that are aware try to hide their incompetence.

            Maybe false falgs won’t work, but that alone does not mean they won’t be done.

            • Pooch says:

              They can’t do a total false flag with only exclusively FBI agents because they need people to blame and then arrest/kill like in J6.

              • Karl says:

                Don’t think so. If, as Alfred assumed above, the deep state simply wants to be able to put the “hammer down hard”, they don’t need arrests, especially not arrests of people actually involved in the deed.

                • Pooch says:

                  “Dropping the hammer down hard” would be the mass arrest of Amerikaners. Don’t need to arrest the actual perpetrators (FBI agents) of the false flag event, but need to plausibly implicate Amerikaners from their actions as in the Reichstag and J6. Otherwise no need for a false flag.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              They are not smart enough to know it will not work, which is why they tried it. Remember the guy who was parked in DC and said he had a bomb in his truck? That was a false flag attempt. Everyone called it for what it was, and they moved on and forgot all about it. I am not saying that they will not attempt false flags. I am saying that they already tried them, and they failed miserably.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Can you recommend a place that is aggregating suspicious events, near misses, and/or likely false flags? It is a daunting task because you can’t just use MSM. So much local news gets pruned, suppressed, or even counter signalled.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  No, not really, and I would not trust one if I saw it. It would probably be a fed operation itself. You just have to pay attention to the news. If the regime media starts loudly broadcasting about something that is obviously minor and fake, it is probably a false flag. Maybe it is just the autism, but the pattern is so obvious to me now that I can see how something gets reported and moves on social media and just know. The fact that their false flags are so forgettable and half-assed just goes to show that the idiots are in charge now, and they cannot do anything. Their provocations are so incompetent that people did not even realize that was what they were supposed to be.

                • Pooch says:

                  Exactly. Cathedral propaganda outlets don’t cover stories that aren’t favorable to the regime as they are happening.
                  If something unfavorable to the regime happens (fall of Kabul), it will cover it way late in order to give itself time to spin in it in some sort of positive light.

                  If it’s covering some sort of suspected “terror” plot immediately the day it happens, you can assume it’s a false flag.

    • Varna says:

      When I notice I start spending the day in a quiet rage and start sleeping badly I know it’s time to turn off the news for at least two days.

      Not good for health to be constantly fuming, and a guy needs to be in good condition and aware, especially in the current historical period. Not be cracked and drained and easy to anger.

  23. Leon says:

    Is it worth it to buy a house in the USA right now? Rent and housing keeps going up in price, even in red states. I keep getting told that the housing bubble will pop but it just keeps trucking on. That might just be normalcy bias anyways.

    • jim says:


      We are heading into massive inflation.

      • Cat says:

        If I cannot afford a home in the west right now, what is my best course of action? A fixed interest loan seems like it would make sense, allowing me to lock in current (relatively) low interest rates, which will then inflate into very low to no interest rates. Alternatively, I could invest in real estate indices.

        Would one of those two be my best courses of action, or should I invest in something else entirely? (Excluding cryptocurrency).

        • PSeudo-Chrysostom says:

          Step 0: not excluding cryptocurrency.

        • jinn says:

          When massive inflation hits, what countries are likely to be affected? Inflation is already happening across Europe too. Will Swiss Francs be safe? Will currency in Eastern Europe and/or South East Asia be safe? Or will the whole world economy hit the fan?

          I ask because I am not in a position to buy property in USA but could pick up a house elsewhere.

          • Alfred says:

            Anyone on the Petrodollar is going to get fucked. Russia on the other hand should do very well.

          • jim says:

            While the similar causes are likely to have similar effects, each national currency will follow its own path, with most of them decoupling from the dollar eventually.

          • Varna says:

            Many if not most EE countries can be self-sufficient in the basic foodstuffs and even clothes and shit if the global system undergoes an eruption of entropy that could cause real chaos and suffering in places like France, Germany, Britain, and the like.

            Back in Soviet Empire times many “approved systemic virtues” were dialectical combinations of opposites. For example extreme centralized control was combined with also extreme promotion of local ethnic identities and histories. Every region answered to the center, but every region was also a mini-country in many respects. Which is why even these days if some chunk of Ukraine or Georgia changes hands or goes solo, or some chunk of Serbia or Moldova, they have the deep infrastructure to instantly pull off either independence or reintegration into a neighbor. Like Legos.

            Likewise, while EE were very integrated into a common market of communist countries, self-sufficiency in the North Korean sense was also seen as a parallel virtue.

            It was a question of national pride to make your own washing machines, TV sets, primitive computers, your own Kalashnikovs and your own clothes, to have your own own pharma and their own auto industry, no matter how small and poor the country, since it wasn’t a matter of short-term market logic, but rather a matter of combining hyper-internationalist solidarity with hyper-nationalist pride.

            Combining this knowhow and experience heritage with the very very low population density of almost all EE countries today, plus no imported third worlder population chunks, means that big civilizational storms below the level of all out war–these places will ride them out with comparative ease, by falling back on old habits.

            As mentioned above, territorially as well–the countries are made up of “lego pieces” which can fall away and go solo, or recombine into new configurations with other “lego pieces”, and still make it. Every “mother ship” is made up of smaller “emergency pods” per the old timey schizo Soviet Empire logic of hyper-centralized hyper-decentralization.

            Even if half the injected with the clot shot get aids– EE will tighten its belt and survive. Also their cultural memory is about tenfold richer in “picking up the pieces and moving on” moments in the 20th century alone, compared to most western places.

            (Places like Indonesia or the Philippines on the other hand, look to me as more fragile systems, whose balance between population density and theoretical self-sufficiency in case of global disruptions is not quite as favorable. EE is “prepper country” in the global disruption sense, even if they themselves don’t really see it that way)

            Then you’ve got your multi-vector players like Montenegro, Serbia, and Belarus. They’re trying to balance the West with Russia and increasingly China. The positive of this is that even if one or two of those powers lose interest in stabilizing these small places, due perhaps to internal problems, one will always remain in the game. If the west and Russia are out–China will step in. If China is out–Russia will step in. If Russia and China are out–the west will step in.

            The negative is that in times of geopolitical tension it’s these places where coups and overturned elections and theatrical assassinations and engineered separatist/border conflicts could likely take place.

            Right now inflation is hitting everyone everywhere, since the dollar influences everyone everywhere. People are thus investing what they have into real estate. Thus prices there are growing. But growing compared to prior local prices, not compared to the really expensive places.

            So now is still a good time to buy a place somewhere in south-east EE, by the sea, or in the mountains, or in some nice medium-sized city. I’m not sure if they all allow foreigners to buy property though.

            I would stay away from the most globohomo EE countries such as, seen today by the vax mandate enthusiasm, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Slovenia.

    • Pooch says:

      Yes but I would only buy a house that I personally would live in in a outer suburbs/exurbs/rural county that is overwhelmingly majority white (at least ~80%) and majority Trump voting (at least ~60%). Anything else, and you are at risk at buying into a future niggerhood.

      Rental properties are another story, I would buy anything where the numbers make sense.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        You should remove suburbs and exurbs from that list. Just went through the whole process. Made it into a rural zone, but if one greedy/tired/old farmer quits the fight, my defense-in-depth calculations could be adopted-by-gays fucked. Subdivisions are a powerful tool completely unused by the Right. What’s more, I can’t figure out how to argue against them. The land belongs to the farmer. The developers are just chasing profit. The contractors are feeding families. The denizens are NPCs. I know this is a post post-coup-complete issue, but I wonder how a Jimian Christian King would deal with mass migration of the momentarily moneyed to rural areas without falling down the slippery slope of central planning.

        • The Cominator says:

          “I know this is a post post-coup-complete issue, but I wonder how a Jimian Christian King would deal with mass migration of the momentarily moneyed to rural areas”

          Why would they need to do anything about it?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Turning away from the men of the farms in favor of the worms in the cities is always an initial step in decline. Rural areas need to be protected by the king, not some scribe or representative. As I said, post post-coup complete, so probably not relevant, but ruling North America is an incredible challenge for a single leader. Protecting the status and capacity of the farmers, and their sons and daughters, should be a fairly high priority. Suburbs are a waste of good farmland. If men with hollow chests wish to be clumped together, let them do it in the cities. If a suburb is organized into minimum 7 acre plots that cannot be combined or appropriated for non-agronomy use, I think it might work out. But I think you’d be hard pressed to argue for large concentrations of commuters. No ties to the land, easily swayed into laziness, and fertile ground for hedonic misadventure. I guess it could work as a transition state, but probably better to send young men into the wilderness or foreign lands if they need external motivation to become good citizens.

            • The Cominator says:

              Cities are due to decline due to technological developments if we avoid a dark age anyway.. The last thing you want to do is force people to stay in them.

        • Pooch says:

          Why remove exurbs or small towns? I want armed Amerikaner neighbors around me that I’m in cooperate-cooperate with.

          • Alfred says:

            Pooch is right, you need Amerikaners at your backs.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Maybe I misunderstood. I thought the question was where is a good place to buy property. I think the suburbs are better than cities, but not by much and not for much longer. Virginia is the best example, but I’m sure there are plenty of other states (Colorado? Arizona?) that have based rural areas but are overwhelmed by blue suburbs. In my experience, Joe Biden is the new garden gnome.

            That said, small towns are an option. But it is becoming apparent that we need to make massed moves. Especially in low population density areas, it doesn’t take that many highly capable people to effect dramatic changes. The NJ election fraud machine has been exported to the Mid-Atlantic with great success for Soros. They targeted assumedly safe red states and slipped enough turncoats under the wire and dominated state elections. Maybe that method could go both ways?

            • jim says:

              > Maybe that method could go both ways?

              No. Works for the left because power.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I thought as much, but I don’t want to discourage nascent Trumps, Musks, and Theils. There is honor in fighting losing battles.

            • Pooch says:

              Cities and the inner suburbs are toast. Where the outer suburbs meet the countryside (exurbs) and small towns, as long as they haven’t been race replaced yet, are likely to be defensible by close-knit communities and seem ideal to me. Isolated farmers with no neighbors and no tribe tended to have a rough go at it in prior collapses.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                I had an incorrect definition of “exurbs” in my head. I thought they were suburbs directly next to urban areas, but they are in fact the opposite. And they are a great place to be.

                If anyone comes to us for advice on land, I think we should say “go rural,” and leave it at that.

                • jim says:

                  I live in an exurb – they are great. Seems to me that everyone who matters is moving.

                • Aidan says:

                  I was gonna say, you live in one man. Though the name is also used to refer to the mcmansion developments that get stuck out in rural areas, at the extreme range of city commuting.

  24. Boy from Mama's Basement says:

    [*deleted for being way off topic*]

    • c4ssidy says:

      what could actually be off topic on here? people bring up all types of random subjects

      • jim says:

        In the current world, almost everything from obesity, exercise, dieting, education, architecture, to history, to who is the new Israel, what Gods should we worship, and how should we worship them, is unfortunately political.

        But not everything.

  25. Sole Poster says:

    How does one handle the red pill on women while staying sane and healthy?

    I have been reading this blog for a year. There is something disturbing regarding many of the threads on this post, something downright disgusting not about the content of Aidan’s thread rather that the subject matter of what he describes is ignored or accepted as “moral” by everyone around him and that there is no way to get around it. Like “the Wall and settling” my parents married when my dad was 30 and my mom 32, and she had me at 37, and that no one seems to find it disturbing or evil. There is a part of me that refuses to accept “taming a whore” as you put it.

    I am a college-age musician attending conservatory in New York City, and there is a loneliness as all of my friends and family are hardcore progressives. I am maintaining my studies, but there is a part of me which refuses to accept the red pill, “getting gud” with women, and I am afraid that if I don’t figure something out I am going to fall apart. As men fight and suffer for women and progeny, how does one deal with the part of him which wants “puppy love,” doesn’t want to “tame the whore,” and can look at all of what surrounds him while staying sane? Is there something I am missing?

    • Cancel says:

      I tend to agree with you.

      Most commenters here will tell you to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to get a woman and keep her in line, which if you’re successful at will involve you pretending for the rest of your life in order to keep your wife. (Even jim admitted failing at this and losing a woman. Imagine failing and losing your wife lol)

      Or you can incorporate the knowledge on women here into your identity and just be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

      Pretending to be someone I’m not for the rest of my life seems a worse prospect than dying alone and childless, but being myself still gets me laid now and then, so I’ll take my chances. YMMV.

      • jim says:

        Men are always on stage. We can never be ourselves when women are around, but as time passes, you grow into the role.

        • Cancel says:


          What role would you have to play to get and keep a 3?

          • alf says:

            Depends on your relative value. If you are a 2, better role your ass off. If you are a 6, provided you’d want to marry a 3, merely giving her your attention will be enough most of the time, although being a woman, she will still give you the occasional shit-test as sure as the sun sets.

            In response to OP: the trick is to play your role in a manner you enjoy. There is a part in all men that enjoys being an asshole some of the time.

            • Cancel says:

              The whole point is that men’s value is relative.

              I’d rather start a cult to get pussy and fail rather than pretend to be someone I’m not my entire life to keep a woman. The latter is the worst sort of bugman death that could only be dreamt up in this depraved age as a solution to the woman problem.

              • jim says:

                Your demons are telling you you are not that man. Become that man.

              • Varna says:

                The “show the real me” thing is mostly a mirage.

                You show different aspects of yourself to different people in different contexts. A to close friends, B to colleagues, C to relatives, D to spouse, E to online strangers, F to safe looking strangers, G to iffy looking strangers, H to people you’re negotiating with, and so forth.

                Sometimes the sum of those different aspects is the real you, sometimes it’s the sum plus additional stuff you’ve kept from everyone.

                The fact that you’ll only have to show certain sides of yourself when with your woman is a given. Just organize life so that you don’t always have to be with her 24/7, and also regular times away “on business” or “fishing expeditions” or what have you.

                Some people need a bit of daily time away to recharge, while others–more extended periods out of town.

                If you find a good balance it’s not agony always showing only certain aspects of yourself. If the balance is off then yes, it’s agony. But not inherently. Only because the tuning is off.

              • alf says:

                Yet for some strange reason the love I share with my current woman is a thousand times more genuine than the love I thought I shared in failed blue pill relationships.

      • Aidan says:

        I don’t feel like I’m pretending to be someone I’m not. I am a man- there is a part of my soul that rides with Attila. Maybe it’s a caste thing, but even if you are a spiritual peasant, there is a tough-as-roots old farmer in you who does not take shit from his wife. Your ancestors survived a mountain of staggering hardships that would probably crush you the way you are now. There is a boar in every pig. When pigs escape into the wild, it doesn’t take many generations for them to grow bristle and tusks. It’s in your blood.

        That inner strength is not playing someone you are not. It’s a vestigial part of you that’s been made weak and locked away, and it’s necessary to get in touch with it. In a liberalism that pretends to value authenticity, showing or not showing different parts of yourself to different people is considered “playing a role”, but it’s not. It’s simple good human nature to summon the powers within you to accomplish certain tasks and temporarily suppress other parts of yourself that are counterproductive to the task at hand.

        Being myself did not work too well when I was high school age, but being myself works very well right now, because I grew stronger and resolved the tensions within myself. Jim said that the blue pill is like being possessed by demons, and he is right. It muddles your thoughts and your actions. When I read the posts of blue pilled men in crisis, it is like they are trapped in hell.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          “I am a man- there is a part of my soul that rides with Attila. Maybe it’s a caste thing, but even if you are a spiritual peasant, there is a tough-as-roots old farmer in you who does not take shit from his wife.”

          This is searing burst of white pill that stands alone in the same way as “do unto other as ye would have them do unto thee.” Needs no further explanation. The blue-pillers can make no answer beyond bleating about toxic masculinity.

          The rest of the explanation; the boars from pigs, the ancestral hardships, inner strength; that’s all very well and helpful for anyone interested in what you’re saying but they’re also the parts the enemy will instinctively seize upon in his rebuttal because the first part is so powerfully true.

          Dalrock was powerful because he stated the blue pill in real words. When you bring it into the light, there are few things uglier. “You should take shit from you wife because that thing between her legs is holy and you can only appease it by cringing before her.”

      • restitutor_orbis says:

        I think the entire concept of an “authentic self” or “real self” needs to be rejected. It’s a grotesque distortion of good Greek wisdom “know thyself’ perverted into new age memetics that weaken you.

        I see the so-called “authentic self” as a foundation you build on to achieve arete. It’s the starting point, not the destination. Per Aristotle, a man becomes what a man habitually does.

        A man is a hero who habitually does heroic things. A man is a coward who habitually does cowardly things. And every habit starts with a day where you wake up and say “today I will begin.”

        If you want to be a man who has a particular type of wife, starting doing the things that man does. Do it long enough and you become that man.

        • jim says:

          > I think the entire concept of an “authentic self” or “real self” needs to be rejected.

          Absolutely: “Authentic self” is your demons telling you that you are those demons.

          You create your own self.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          ‘Finding myself’ is the eternal solipsism of the post-modern mind.

          The sense of a thing can only be understood through relation to something beyond that thing; but the nuager rejects reference to any supervention of more transcendent teleologies at work in the course of Being, and hence is left only with tautological masturbation.

          It has no capacity for discriminating between the value of one thing or another in any principled way, operating then primarily on an uncritical recourse to the caprice of impulses that themselves were shaped by forces far beyond them.

    • jim says:

      > there is a part of me which refuses to accept the red pill, “getting gud” with women

      That part is weakness and fear

      The red pill will make you mentally ill if you try to cling to blue pill morality. Recognize blue pill morality as demonic, cast out those demons, and you will be healthy.

      You think you are clinging to your demons, but your demons are clinging to you.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I do not think it is just fear, but there is a great part that is. There is also the distaste that someone who wants a proper pair-bonding has with the hardened sluts that you have to deal with in college. College girls are usually not worth the time, and those who are are snapped up almost instantly. It is really rather repulsive the shit they get up to at school. It turned me off of dealing with women for a while.

        That said, a starving man has few options other than dumpster diving. A man has to eat, and a man has to fuck. If you can only fuck sluts, then that is who you have to fuck. A hobo does not turn up a half eaten hamburger in a dumpster, and you do not get to turn up the used-up disasters that are college girls. Once you work your way through a few, you will find that they improve their attitudes once you establish yourself as the man. If they do not, then dump them and move on to the next.

    • That is why the red pill is not about the women per se but the restoration of patriarchy, which to my surprise, has few takers even in dissident right circles. 90% of women troubles would disappear in a functional traditional patriarchy and the remaining 10% can be easily handled by the individual men concerned without fear of state interference in private affairs.

      The problem is that we see the results of blue pilled society all around us and the way women behave reflects the present social order rather than the other way round. Remembering that alone will make your perspective better.

      I think you should rename the WQ as the PQ – patriarchy question- because everything boils down to that.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      As men fight and suffer for women and progeny, how does one deal with the part of him which wants “puppy love,” doesn’t want to “tame the whore,” and can look at all of what surrounds him while staying sane?

      Reevaluate your priors.

      What part of you wants puppy love and why? Why do you not want to “tame the whore”?

      Consider this: when boys are young they naturally “tame the whore” with girls, pulling their hair and being “mean” to them. Did you do the same? Why did you stop? If you never began, why didn’t you ever begin?

      No one can give you the answer which you must find within yourself, looking inside of you and find the truth, what is really a part of you and what was put there by someone else?

    • Aidan says:

      I have written in the past to not show weakness to a woman. That does not mean you cannot be tender, kind, or affectionate with your woman, does not mean you be an emotional robot, it means that you cannot betray anxiety, fear, and powerlessness to your woman.

      My girl believes that if there is hardship, I will endure it, if there is a problem, I will solve it, and if there is danger, I will defeat it. Loving and cherishing is not weakness, in the same way that playing with a dog or small child is not weakness. If you are the most alpha man she has been with, you will get “puppy love” indeed from her, and ensuring that you are the most alpha she’s had is the essence of what I advise.

      The blue pill involves using your woman as an emotional toilet; your morality is as disgusting to me as mine is to you. I’m not joking. Strength is beautiful and weakness is ugly- unloading your weakness onto your girl is as disgusting and wrong to me as dressing up in drag and taking a shit on her chest, and she will internally react with the same disgust and horror. I refrain from displaying fear and distress in much the same way I do not shit and piss my pants.

      The blue pill mixed with the red pill is that we are reluctantly playing a character that women like, because we are doing things for womens’ sake and accommodating their nature (the only part of the red pill you accept), that it is hard and miserable for us to not treat women like second halves and soulmates and all that crap. Give me a fucking break.

      I am fulfilling the natural order, and it is pleasant and satisfying. I know what men and women are for, and what they are not for. There is moral and spiritual force behind my assertion that men control their fear and weakness like we control our bowels. I do not have to restrain myself from slipping into the blue pill because the blue pill is not the default- it is demons fucking with your brain, malware that prevents your masculine inclination toward the natural order from running properly. The blue pill is gut-level disgusting and unnatural to me. So make an effort to understand my perspective.

      • neofugue says:

        > the blue pill involves using your woman as an emotional toilet

        This is perhaps the most succinct summation of the blue pill for men.

        Therapy as a profession is based on using licensed professionals as emotional toilets. Using the analogy of avoiding defecation around others, it is as if one were hiring a peeping sodomite. If a man faces problems he must act, not wait for mommy/therapist/female to save him.

        There is a spiritual gap between one’s heart and one’s mind, and while OP has accepted the intellectual red pill he has yet to accept the spiritual red pill. Through forgiveness, repentance and humility he will be able to accept his predicament and make the best out of his current situation. The red pill on women is not only that women should be women and not men, but also that men should be men and not women.

        • Oak says:

          > the blue pill involves using your woman as an emotional toilet

          This is perhaps the most succinct summation of the blue pill for men.

          I know men who are stoic and unemotional around their women, but could be described as bluepilled.

          I think in essnce the bluepill is the presumption that certain traits that men would find attractive in a son in law (high investment in one woman, protective instinct/not putting them in danger; more generally, pro-social behaviour towards other good men, adding value to a tribe/society) are inherently attractive to women and will be rewarded with reproductive success by feral women.

          Hence, one could be bluepilled on the WQ, but be alpha/high status (as men understand status). The importance of the redpill is understanding that what you respect about yourself or other men won’t necessarily translate into attraction in a woman (for higher races) or even be detected by them in the first place. Hence the need to be on a stage for women, and, at the the societal level, to give pro-civic men the means to demonstrate status in ways women understand (e.g. cruelty in response to dyscivic behaviour, enforcing physical deference of men of lower civic value, allowing only good men to carry big weapons and wear ostentatious clothing to cater to women’s more primitive detection of status).

  26. chris says:

    My university might be going in the direction of mandating vaccinations for its staff and students.

    The vaccines currently available are;
    AstraZeneca – risk of blood clots
    Moderna – risk of heart inflammation
    Pfizer – mRNA technology that isn’t long term tested.
    Possibly Novavax which may become available in November.

    If one had to get one of these vaccines, (unable to get a religious or medical exemption), would the Novavax one be the best as it is based on traditional vaccine technologies and trials on 30 000 people show no evidence of myopericarditis or thrombosis?

    (I am one year away from finishing an electrical engineering and computer science degree which is a 5 year commitment and which I would not want to drop out of in the last year.)

    • Alfred says:

      Any vaccine with the spike protean causes myopericarditis and thrombosis. That’s the nature of the COVID spike protean. How bad a case of it you get is depended on the amount of spike proteins in the vaccine and if the jab fails to hit the blood stream. Studies show that despite all the vaccines are suppose to be injected in muscle tissue 12 out of 14 people getting the vaccines show spike proteins in their blood. The clotting then causes damage to the Circulatory system, but the amount of damaged varies a lot from person to person and drug to drug, with Moderna being the worst.

      I recommend you don’t get any of them. Take a year off from school instead.

      If you do have to take one, make sure you are taking blood thinners like aspirin, blood protection drugs ivermectin and nicotine ahead of time and during the first month to reduce damage. After getting the vaccine stop to any sort of heavy physical activity until your blood cells are recycled completely(120days). Myopericarditis is made worse by exercise.

      • Karl says:

        If you do have to take one (unlikely at present anywhere), use suction cups to get the poison out of your body. Have some in you backpack (and a sharp knife, and bandages for dressing a small wound) and immediately after getting the shot, go to a toilet and treat the puncture site like you were bitten by a very poisonous snake.

        If you are right handed, make sure you get the injection into your left arm (or some other accesible place)

      • Varna says:

        Also self-isolate for real for a fortnight after any hypothetical shots.

        Natural immunity to other shit takes a nosedive while the body deals with the injected shit, so for a few days or weeks people have Freddie Mercury levels of defenses against viruses and bacteria.

        Luckily, important people have decreed that if anything happens during the first 14 days, it’s registered as happening to an “unvaccinated person”.

        So spend a few days chilling and boosting your immunity before hand, and then great care for the first two weeks after, while the natural defenses are overworked handling the introduced toxins.

        Also, put off any boosters as long as possible. If your body is constantly overstimulated to produce insane levels of antibodies, this may gradually grind down natural immunity the way HIV grinds it down through constant overstimulation.

        Once this happens, the over-jabbed start getting typical AIDS pneumonias, which luckily important people have decreed are “new variants due to the unvaxxed”.

        They’re already preparing the narrative that the flu is back and “when it combines with covid” this will lead to twice the deaths.

        Also the first wave of “the worst flu ever” has already hit the UK.
        The narrative is that those who experience it are lucky to be vaccinated, because otherwise it could have killed them and may in fact be covid all along.

        And that’s after two jabs. After enough mass boosters as “everybody gets AIDS” metaphorically speaking, the “worst flu ever” and the “bad combination of covid and the flu” will turn into full-fledged super-pneumonia waves.

        The less shots, the higher the chances the natural immunity will still work.

        The pharma-corps are already preparing daily pills which people should take in order “to stay protected”, in essence turning billions of people into AIDS sufferers who need daily pills to not get pneumonia every half hour.

        But that’s still a few months away. For now it’s only “the worst flu ever” that’s kicking off this highly interesting winter of shortages and blackouts.

        If you’re lucky, you can get off this ride after one round of jabbing. But the deeper you go into the booster cycle, the more likely you’ll have to spend your life being a good goy in order to earn the daily pills that keep AIDS symptoms at bay.

        • Varna says:

          Sweden has a sudden eruption of respiratory infections already right now, so… we should all get lots of sleep and do vitamins and liquids, gurgle listerine to keep the throat protected, and sit back and watch the approach of a very exciting winter.

        • Varna says:

          Here, found it.

          Vintage Soviet revaccination experiments on guinea pigs 1968-1974.

          By the third revaccination the monophagic antibody response is depleted.

          I.e. after the second “booster” a lot of people are going to need to take daily pills for GRIDS fags to survive.

          Although you can already see the gradual shift in the dominant narrative. At first the vaccinated were “bulletproof”, but today they’re already almost treated like immunocompromised wretches who are mortally threatened by selfish purebloods and their aggressive natural immune systems.

          Nonsense of course, but based on guilt-tripping inversions which have become the basis of policy over the last half century.

          Should not have allowed that to happen, in hindsight. Now’s the time to put on the “everyone has AIDS” song from Team America.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Any vaccine that does not contain mRNA or other genetic engineering stuff in it would be safer than Pfizer et al…

      • chris says:

        So that would be Novavax which is a subunit vaccine. Hopefully I don’t have to get any.

  27. Deebly Concerned Citezen says:


    Here is one of the greatest extreme dieting channels ever, Sv3rige, going through his latest breakdown and disastrous breakup:

    He married that bitch a couple of months ago. It’s over already.

    It’s always sobering to find out that most men still have no idea about women.

    • A2 says:

      Part of growing up is to learn not run towards the red flags. The various birds with broken wings that meep pathetically at you are thus as a rule not relationship material, even if you do feel a twinge in your heart. Please note that if she furthermore looks kind of hot it will be even worse. The counterintuitive wisdom of NRx.

      “Catherine came to me as a desperate attempt to get away from her abusive, narcissist father / family. ”

      Case in point, though I believe the commenters here already have read the plentiful commentary on this.

    • f6187 says:

      Sv3rige was long on mumbling psychobabble and short on salient points. No wonder she regards him as weak. Yes, she’s an irresponsible narcissist with a dismal attitude and a serious daddy issue, but if he could think and act more incisively he might have recognized that sooner and either changed her into a Samantha Stephens or dumped her over the side. Easier said than done, but needs to be done.

  28. Aidan says:

    Posting this up here because it turned into a good and illuminating comment as I was writing.

    “The standard evopsych line, that… women are inclined to save themselves for the best man they can find, in reality belies a lot of variance in actual female behavior.”

    The girl chastely awaiting gigachad is an alpha widow- she’s been with someone approximating gigachad, often by blind luck on her part, and normal men have become uninteresting to her. They often call themselves lesbians- there are no real lesbians.

    Hypergamy is a ratchet. When you see a girl going home with a different guy every week, that is the ratchet clicking away at shocking speed, but that phase doesn’t last long. It ends up that the vast majority of men become uninteresting to her, so her “partying phase” is over, and she chastely awaits a booty call from gigachad that is unlikely to come.

    Variance in female behavior is mostly because you are looking at different stages on the ratchet, snapshots of a girl’s sexual career where you can’t be sure what her past is, how far along she is. The endpoint of a long period of chastity and settling shortly before she hits the wall, as her body is screaming at her to reproduce, is determinate. But whether the ratchet clicks to the end for ten years through a series of long relationships, or clicks in ten weeks after she hit college as a freshman, or clicks in ten minutes as a rockstar hastily deflowers her backstage when she is 14, depends on circumstances.

    Dealing with women can be mystifying, frustating, and leave you feeling insecure, because sometimes a five will give you the cold shoulder, and later that same night an eight will gleefully submit to mating, but that is because the five has banged a man more alpha than you and the eight has not. Once the red pill has been totally internalized, you get a state of zen where the apparent contradictions in female behavior cease to bother you, rejection ceases to hurt you, and success ceases to puff you up with pride.

    There are actual aberrants in female behavior, but they fall into two categories, at two extreme ends of the bell curve.

    One are women born with abnormally low sex drives, to the point that they do not even have an urge to masturbate. All the software for getting themselves banged and impregnated runs properly- shit testing, following a man to a place alone, and so on- but the script that makes them enjoy being banged fails to run, and actual penetration is as traumatic to them, I imagine, as a straight man getting raped by a fag would be. I feel like the internet amplifies the voices of what is a tiny minority of women; when you see some cunty feminist bitching that all sex is rape, or talking about how girls hate sex, it is probably this.

    The second is “actual nymphomaniacs”, but I think this has less to do with sex drive and more to do with hypergamy malfunctioning. Nymphos don’t fuck any better than normal girls who consider you alpha- it’s just that their fucking alpha males doesn’t disqualify lesser men from banging them. And again, it is a tiny minority of women whose party phase lasts for most of their lives, and their voices get amplified on the internet to the point that one can believe it is more common than it actually is.

    For 98% of women, the hypergamy ratchet goes like this:

    Virgin- depending on how alpha her father is, she will be interested in 10-50% of men. Regardless of how alpha her father is, she will have lower standards in general than a girl who’s been exercising her hypergamy. If her father is absent or very weak, she is liable to start getting banged very young.

    First partner- If he owns her properly, she will overestimate how alpha he is, and it will take a lot for her to go to another man. If he owns her improperly, or pumps and dumps her, she goes looking for more alpha men.

    The ratchet- The starting point, her initial standard of alpha, is determined by how alpha her first partner was, and the speed at which she sleeps with progressively more alpha men can vary greatly, whether a series of LTRs or a whirlwind of slutty partying. Eventually, she sleeps with a man of a quality she’s very unlikely to get again.

    Alpha widow- A girl can even jump right to this phase from virgin if she finds herself pumped and dumped by gigachad. This is where girls chastely await a booty call that will never come, and most men are completely unexciting for them.

    The wall, and settling- We all know about this. Women who stay relatively attractive through their alpha widow phase manage to settle down with an herb and maybe pump out a kid or two, Jim’s “truck stop hooker” who manages to get married and have kids. Women who let themselves go to shit cannot even manage that and become catladies.

    • restitutor_orbis says:

      Epic. That’s one of the best one-page summaries of female psyche I’ve ever read.

      Question: Do you think what defines “alpha” for a woman in terms of its trappings is related to her relationship with her father? E.g. if Dad is a gun-owning construction worker vs Dad is a NY litigator, will the trappings of masculinity the girl is attracted to be different, and what seems “bad boy” different? Or is it all driven by paleolithic biology without much cultural influence?

      • Pooch says:

        Do you think what defines “alpha” for a woman in terms of its trappings is related to her relationship with her father?

        A woman is attracted to a man as least as alpha and masculine as her father to start out with.

        A woman with a strong masculine father is likely to not have a high n-count because not many men are going to qualify. A woman with a weak, feminine, or non-existent father is likely to be a whore, because every man is going to qualify.

      • Aidan says:

        Yes and no. Women have conscious preferences that dictate who they hang around with and spend time with, so most of the time end up sleeping with men of the same tribe, subculture, whatever. When it comes down to being alone with them, their conscious preferences of masculinity and their tribal identification don’t matter very much.

        In other words, when it comes to meeting girls, helps if you are in the same tribe. When it comes to getting her back to your place, doesn’t matter much. I am an eccentric individual who doesn’t fit in to any subculture or is recognizable as a “type” and I’ve made it work. But if you’re using a dating site or something, more helpful to signal adherence to a tribe, just for the sake of initial interest.

        • Pooch says:

          I have to disagree here somewhat. A woman’s subconscious detection to alpha and masculinity is going to be what she has been exposed to.

          For example, a country girl is likely to get wet for country boys who hunt with big mud-splattered pick up trucks and be completely unimpressed by high-powered suit-wearing CEO types because that is what she knows high status masculine males to do.

          • Fëanor says:

            What Aidan is saying is most true if you go around surrounded by men of your own tribe who recognize you as the alpha. If a country girl is for some reason at a business conference, she is going to want to fuck the CEO. If a CEO walks into a country bar, alone, then no, he’s probably not going to get very far.

            • Pooch says:

              That’s exactly right. There is universal male behavior that all women instinctually pick up as alpha (everyone in the tribe taking orders from one man or everyone in the room looking at the man on stage).

              Sans the obvious indicators, they go off what they have been exposed to. The CEO walking into the country bar alone, for instance, is unlikely to get very far, where as the CEO walking into city bar alone is likely to get eyed by the women who know what CEOs tend to look like.

              • Aidan says:

                Yup. As long as the truck-drivin’, buck-shootin’ country boy is high status in her environment, the CEO in the country bar isn’t going to get very far. But put the same woman in a club in NYC, and the soft suit boy she’d talk disparagingly about back home seems strangely irresistible.

                It makes a difference in practice, that it is easier to fuck emo girls if you are an emo boy, and easier to fuck country girls if you are a country boy, easier to fuck sorority girls if you are a frat boy, but the underlying status mechanics are much more powerful. Women like being stolen by men of other tribes.

    • Varna says:

      Five women I had to meet up awhile back after realizing they’ve been alpha widows for a decade, and present myself as a silly chap who’s not really as awesome as some might have thought in the past.

      I’m pretty sure this released three of them back into the market, the fourth I think became an embittered lesbian, and the fifth became a bisexual poly mumbo jumbo something something.

      No one told me all the truth pills in the above post, so had to figure out stuff by myself. And late in the game at that.

      A sixth one I set up with another guy and it was a good match, they’re still a couple.

      Two more went looking for owners and found generic BDSM masters and then married them to themselves and then quickly outgrew them and divorced them. Another did the same but it was some astral magic BDSM guy, and after the divorce I think she dabbles in witchery as well. Two of the three gave their temporary owners sons but then raised them alone.

      Then there’s another blurry pile from earlier in my youth whom I do not remember very well. One at least emigrated. One went through a cock carousel for a couple of years and is now a trad wife with two kids. One became an air hostess and is now also a wife and mom. One is a UN functionary in Brussels and I think still has a master. One went to London to become a webcam model with her new boyfriend/pimp and I don’t know what happened then.

      In hindsight, I was surfing a wave with a complete disregard for anything except immediate pleasure, perfectly sure everybody else was also a rational adult only looking for fleeting pleasure. This was not correct, but I think the obvious disregard for anything else which this misconception propped up was a major part of what made them constantly jump into my lap.

      Now I’m a trad husband fuddy daddy and… and glad I don’t have daughters, cough.

    • Fëanor says:

      Well said.

      However, a man is always more alpha to a woman when he’s right in front of her, than when he’s far away, or on the other end of her phone, and most of the variance I’m talking about is probably variance in how large this effect is for her. The so-called nymphomaniac is a very extreme example, but there are a thousand steps on the way.

      To put it another way, “alpha” is situational enough that the ratchet is sometimes not all that racheting. Some women have been banged by men who outrank all others even as distant memories, but these are the outliers.

      I have been with women who had almost certainly been with men who would outrank me in any social situation that would put us in the same room, and while I would like to believe that this perception is just me underestimating myself, I imagine I would have found them easier to lock down in that case. And on the other hand I have been with women who had boyfriends I certainly did outrank in their minds, and found them no less difficult to steal away long-term.

      (Possibly it is my desire for a long-term relationship itself which is actually wrecking my perceived status, though I try not to be too obvious about it. And possibly I would not even want one all that much if I had continuous access to new women, but I do not.)

      • Aidan says:

        It happens that women sleep down- you can be alpha enough in a girl’s face to outrank an even more alpha man who is a memory. But when she wakes up the next morning, she will compare the memory of you to the memory of her most alpha, and will likely fail to return your texts. She might even be lukewarm on you in comparison to a distant memory of alpha, but it is unlikely that you can keep her on the hook.

        In the movie Titanic, what Rose remembers on her deathbed isn’t her husband and family, it is the starving artist who banged her on a boat for three days fifty years ago.

        I can tell a girl on a first date that I want a relationship in general, with the unspoken underlying frame that if she does not meet my standards, she will be nexted shortly after her body has begun to bore me, but if you have the frame that you want a relationship -with her-, that will come across as low status.

        • Pooch says:

          It happens that women sleep down- you can be alpha enough in a girl’s face to outrank an even more alpha man who is a memory. But when she wakes up the next morning, she will compare the memory of you to the memory of her most alpha, and will likely fail to return your texts.

          Happened to me more than I could count. Fucking the chicks was never the problem, it was holding on to the ones that I liked after I had fucked them that had eluded me in my early game days. Perhaps I messed up in my post-fuck behavior and text, did not focus on fucking them well enough, or perhaps I just never was going to get another go once their alpha-comparison subroutine ran.

          I can tell a girl on a first date that I want a relationship in general, with the unspoken underlying frame that if she does not meet my standards, she will be nexted shortly after her body has begun to bore me, but if you have the frame that you want a relationship -with her-, that will come across as low status.

          Yes this. “Sure, I’m looking for something long term with a special girl,” Always served me well if asked and makes it clear that I’m not just looking for a relationship with any girl, only a special girl.

          • yewotm8 says:

            tfw, the post.

            It’s odd how they never really seem to shit test much, to see if you’d qualify. They just disappear. From the section down below, I am left to assume that letting them leave your house in the first place is the failure.

            Regarding post-sex texts, I always let them text me first, but maybe you’re not supposed to do that? It’s worked for me.

            • Pooch says:

              Yes eventually I realized that I was not allowing them to text me first for the 2nd meet, not being sure that they cummed when we fucked (extra time allotted to foreplay), and generally just being too much of a simp the next morning (offering them breakfast, ride home, etc).

              After rectifying those issues, the problem largely went away but I was likely also getting more alpha as well.

              • Pooch says:

                (not enough time allotted to foreplay)*

                • Varna says:

                  Orgasm and gender roles rambling with coffee.

                  I think that in current year many if not most women know their orgasms inside out via women’s articles and toys that they’ve tried/kept and so on.

                  They are “orgasmically independent” in other words, and the orgasmic experience is increasingly separated from the sexual experience with another person.

                  Thus, IMO, “trying to make sure she orgasms” is rather a late 20th century approach that hasn’t adapted to the new reality in which the girl will almost always have a more massive masturbatory orgasm alone than that with a new guy she’s banging.

                  Girls today masturbate and watch porn the way boys did in the 1990s but in an environment that constantly encourages this and flogs them all sorts of toys and tells them how cool and subversive it is to go to school with buttplugs etc.

                  The point is therefore not to kill yourself trying to give her an orgasm that pales with something she does to herself after edging for half an evening. (At least before you get to know each other well enough to become more in tune to each other’s bodies)

                  The point is emotional catharsis and a feeling of belonging/ownership. The point is her being able to allow herself to switch off her mind and lose control. But what form shall that take?

                  Globohomo society is primitive in that it turns men into faggots and it turns women into faggots, no difference. Hence female fascination with reading about gay vampires and sheit. The “modern emancipated woman” has been assigned the traits of a male fag, and they try to act that out like “good citizens”.

                  So a guy today has two types of catharsis he can deliver to a current year woman: a) fuck her like she’s a tranny faggot, b) fuck her like a trad woman. Or do a bait and switch: start with a) then gradually make a shift into b)

                  Summary: sexual women these days are not looking for an orgasm from a new guy they’re banging–they’re looking for something else which they themselves probably can’t articulate. This something else is a combination of catharsis and belonging.

                  Today they are programmed by globohomo to exhibit the character traits of tranny fags, and many of them have integrated this programming. A guy who wants a crazy one night stand is going to have a lot of fun (before the stalking and false allegations of rape start). A guy who wants something more stable will need to be aware that part of his job is gradually uprooting globohomo’s implanted mind viruses, and teaching the girl to just relax and accept her nature and stop pretending.

                  For this to work the guy must have learned to stop pretending and accept his nature as well. I.e. become some version of a trad man.

                  Female orgasm arrives on its own when she’s feeling it, and when it arrives it’s a deep primal thing; like with many red pill things it tends to happen when you’re not trying to make it happen.

                • Aidan says:

                  I somewhat disagree with Varna. I don’t find the female orgasm very rare at all. Masturbatory orgasms are unsatisfying for women just as they are for men, on a psychic level rather than a physical one.

                  Women on SSRIs generally cannot orgasm with a man, and a lot of women these days are on them. I apply a hard filter to antidepressant users, especially for relationships. It fucks with pair bonding. A woman who can’t cum and can’t fall in love is just a sex toy. I know this because way back I had a regular booty call who was on them, and for the life of me I couldn’t get her to cum until she went off her meds for a week, at which point she got off absurdly easily.

                  He is right, though, not to “try to make her cum” or “focus on her pleasure”. It will not work and it’s bad frame. At the same time, trying to get yourself off as fast as possible is not the point either. Don’t focus on her and don’t focus on you. Sex is fun, just enjoy the moment.

                  As for technique, it is hard to put into words, but don’t fuck with your dick, fuck with your hips, in the same way that you don’t focus your attention on the bat you are swinging when you play baseball. To throw a good punch, you aim at a point behind your opponent’s head, and punch “through” them, not “at” them, and to fuck good, it is the same, fuck like you are fucking through her. Don’t think about what you see in porn. The dudes in porn are fags who can’t lay it down right, because they need to shoot from angles that leave the guy out of the frame. You should be holding her down or even pulling her into you as you thrust, and sometimes you should ram it into her as hard as if you were deadlifting or squatting, something no sex toy can replicate. If you are going balls deep, your pelvic bone will be hitting her clit just as your hog rams into her cervix, but that is an angle that doesn’t fly in pornos, so you don’t see it. I don’t mess around with foreplay very much- just enough to aesthetically enjoy her body and get her wet enough that I can fit in and get to work.

                  My frame, and I sincerely believe it, is that she cannot fail to cum when I fuck her like a werewolf, and I am rarely disappointed in that. I have a big hog, but you can satisfy most woman with a single finger, and even if you have a small dick, it’s bigger than a finger.

                  If you cum too fast, no apologies, no excuses, tell her good girl, you got me off fast, then you can play around with her body for a few minutes until you are ready to go again. If it’s been a while, I can go five or six times in a night, though I’ve never met a woman who can take it for that long.

                • Varna says:

                  Agree with Aidan on the hip movement.

                  Sometimes guys have very frozen waists and pelvises and it takes weeks of self-work to gradually unfreeze them muscle by muscle. Lower back too.

                  Until that point, while still an awkward stiff robot, placing a non-giant pillow under her ass can help control the angle and depth in a mutually satisfying manner, but the ideal is to have a functioning flexible hip-action pelvis thrust, and be able to do the deed well in any position.

                  After the initial banging to establish what’s what, the next ones can be more “expansive”.

                  When you learn to expand you attention to the whole situation and absorb (and control) the details, with no fretting or fantasies in your mind, just the moment–then ejaculation control becomes easier and easier. The penis becomes one (central) limb within a larger scenario, with lips and hands participating, guiding her internal experience.

                  That’s the point where you can go on for hours (going closer or further from orgasm via managing speed and depth) if you wish, or you can let yourself go and build up and finish within a minute. While she’s tripping balls internally.

                • Fëanor says:

                  Sometimes guys have very frozen waists and pelvises and it takes weeks of self-work to gradually unfreeze them muscle by muscle. Lower back too.

                  I have encountered this problem myself. Presumably there are non-sexual exercises that can help with it, but I am not sure what they are.

                • Varna says:

                  Men’s frozen waists can be unfrozen with a fornight or a month of
                  – focused mild stretching,
                  – self-massage for 10min a couple of times a day (always very very careful and gentle at base of spine, always the tissues around the spine never the spine itself)
                  – 2-3 minutes of early vintage rock’n’roll
                  – faggy aerobic stuff, including hip rotation

                  It all looks silly until you start getting very fast results.

                  Sometimes men get sucked into the division of “fags are fluid and flexible while real men are stiff and wooden”.

                  This is likely at least to an extent based on peasants and workers (and trad merchants and even aristos) getting frozen lower backs at an early age due to the effects of what they do, and the status of the stiff alphas gradually creating the image of the “real man” having the visual symptoms that the alphas used to develop. But in all classes after say 30-40 men tended to get locked up and stiff in the joints early on, especially in cold and wet climes.

                  When porn actresses give fake moans, those do not come from nowhere. Those are based on authentic moans of a woman losing control, which we now associate with fake whores. Even self-directed dirty talk can be authentic free-flow at peak sex tripping, as opposed to cringy fake shit.

                  When strip dancers do snake-like movements running their hands up and down themselves, this also does not come from nowhere. Authentically over-excited women (with non-blocked bodies) do move like snakes and do touch their bodies while sensual currents flow through them. But today we associate this with fake stripper behavior.

                  Likewise when low level hoodlums of all sorts walk with an exaggerated expansiveness, shoulders and hips rotating, limbs a-swinging, this makes them look like retarded clowns. But this is also a moron-filtered imitation of the authentic condition of being an unfrozen, flexible, cat-like male. Think Simon Templar as described by the Leslie Charteris or Conan as described by Robert E Howard.

                  Or, in a very exaggerated and hyperbolic manner, the vintage negro pimps in Tom Wolfe’s old essay about the flack-catchers.

                  Non-frozen waist and neck (shoulders), non-drab core, non-drab leg muscles–that’s the ticket.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The anatomy of the ball-and-socket joints is designed for changing position, while the anatomy of the spine is designed for holding a position.

                  So more or less by definition, the most common issue in the general population is not enough movement in the sockets and too much movement in the spine.


                  Tangential lifehack: don’t sit to shit, squat to shit.

              • Fëanor says:

                not being sure that they cummed when we fucked

                Obviously you want them to. But worrying too much about it is bad frame, as Aidan has said.

                offering them breakfast

                Make her cook it.

                I jest, but only slightly. If she volunteers to make you breakfast, don’t let her leave. (I have had girls once or twice offer when I was at their place, but not when they were at mine—I suppose it is somewhat awkward to go barging into someone’s refrigerator…)

                • Pooch says:

                  I think Jim has touched on this before but after the first bang if at your place you want to kick her out afterwards, if feasible. She should be wondering if you are having another girl coming over.

                • Fëanor says:

                  Jim undoubtedly knows more than I but man I’m not sure about that one. Seems like a great way to have her get fucked by someone else before she makes it back. If this were the Old Testament, she would not leave, ever.

                  If you are having another girl over, I say the more the merrier, lol.

                • Aidan says:

                  I spent most of my womanizing career either living in a dorm with roommates or at my parents’ house/apartment, so I can’t say which is best. (though there is nothing that cultivates ZFG like banging a girl in a small apartment that you share with your mother) Roommates coming back and parents being home is a very good excuse to kick a girl out.

                  When I would bang girls at my own place, I’d often let them spend the night, because I’m a horny bastard and I like taking them again in the morning or middle of the night. And then I’d make them leave at some point during the next morning when I had things to do. Kicking a girl out makes her think you are higher status, makes her chase you, so it’s the right move when you need to secure your status. But banging her again in the morning light when the both of you are stone cold sober will make her feel owned. Pros and cons.

                  What to avoid is clinginess and giving her the impression that you want or need her to stay for as long as possible. Should seem, if you’re keeping her over, that it is totally routine and natural for you to wake up with a girl in your bed, it’s all part of enjoying a fling. Not beta when James Bond wakes up with some naked chick twisted up in his bedsheets.

        • Fëanor says:

          Incidentally, what is it with the “starving artist”? Have never really understood the appeal the type has to women, unless having a lot of people paying attention to you is just that much of a hack to the female psyche, even if the attention is somewhat distant and abstract, and not enough to pay the bills either.

          • Leon says:

            They are raging narcissists. They are tempermental, don’t really give a damn what the woman thinks and full of themselves. Constant highs and lows. Chick crack.

            • Leon says:

              To use a mythology angle, Aphrodite didn’t just fuck Ares. She also fucked Hermes. She just never fucked Hephaestus.

          • Aidan says:

            The brooding loner artist type doesn’t do well with women, but faggy, histrionic men, which overlaps with “artist” tend to do well at getting laid, because they incessantly babble, and women see men’s disinclination to pop them in the jaw as proof that he is the alpha who can run his mouth off. But, in most places and most times, the annoying fag would get popped in the jaw, and act more humble.

            However, that type is exceptionally bad at keeping women around; their relationships are always short, dramatic, and unstable. It’s a mating strategy for weak men to seduce wives and daughters, and thus men need to pop the little shit in the mouth, or at least make a credible threat of it.

    • notglowing says:

      >when you see some cunty feminist bitching that all sex is rape
      Those that I have seen online are clearly the opposite, they are openly fantasizing about it
      I’m not denying the overall point though.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The ‘all sex is rape’ meme is perhaps the most succinct example out there of the ironic female tendency to end up describing their own desires when accusing a man of something.

      • Aidan says:

        Should clarify. Sometimes you will see a woman complaining that “women don’t actually enjoy sex, they just go along with it because of societal pressure”, and that’s what I’m talking about. The feminists who fantasize about rape are vastly more common.

  29. Varna says:

    Current map of vax mandate in Russia by federal state.

    Green–QR codes in action
    Yellow–coming soon

    In Tatary yesterday “international games for biothreat containment” have commenced, with WHO participation.
    Fema swat stuff basically.

    Tatary is also one of the places in green on the map where the QR codes just kicked in. Only on a smartphone, apparently. Printed out doesn’t count.

    • Gauntlet says:

      Lots of people without smartphones in these areas. This thing has a certain feel of biblical prophecy in it. Question is, how long can it last before in is abandoned or implodes, not just in Russia but also in the rest of the world?

      At some point the economic cost will be too much and the black market will take over most trade. I mean, soon there won’t be any incentive to participate in “legal” society, that’s when the parallel institutions become indispensable.

      With the lack of capable enforcement in the west, it wouldn’t take much mafia-styled resistance/protection of businesses in order to scare off the enforcers. Could be a future business idea for the right person. But that would only work locally and regionally, world trade would be impaired.

      • Varna says:

        Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovenia have also gone full globohomo in terms of the vax mandate.

        Usually when people discuss EE, they point out that the “progressive almost western ones” are
        – the three Baltic republics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
        – the two western Balkan ones (Slovenia, Croatia)
        – The Czech republic

        We can now watch in real time the extent to which this is true or not.
        Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovenia are already full globohomo in the vax mandate sense.
        Estonia is planning it

        The Czechs on the other hand, appear to be shielded by a forcefield of Visegrad don’t give a fuckery.

        A week back the prez of Croatia said that vaccination is not going to be pushed at everyone, and that 50% of the population is enough and society needs to learn to live with covid.

        Thus, we can see that the three Baltic states and Slovenia are the “lost” territories of EE as of today.

      • Gauntlet says:

        Excellent points about EE and the Baltics. The globohomo is severe in Norway, but the Corona and vaxx stuff is actually very lax right now. Almost all domestic restrictions are gone and I haven’t heard a thing about vaxx passes or forced injections. The problem is that 85-90% of the entire population is vaxxed by now.

        The only way for me to find an unvaxxed wife here is to find a 16 year old. Which would be legal, but very hard. Well, the sex would be legal, babies yes, but not actual marriage until age 18.

        • Karl says:

          Real marriage is illegal anyway. I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t push the vaxx on 16 year olds as well

          • Fëanor says:

            Real marriage is illegal, but it is at least not illegal to have an 18 year old living with you, which is fairly essential to even imitation marriage. I don’t think get away with “marrying” a 16 year old, even in eastern Europe, though it might be easier than it is here.

      • Karl says:

        Economic costs never stopped a holiness spiral. It might be stopped by too many people dying of the clot shot, but only because those pushing the clot shot usually also receive it.

        Don’t think there is a chance for businesses to organise in a way that would scare of enforcers. Businesses defend against stiffling government regulations by forgery and bribery, not by killing government’s enforcers.

        • Pooch says:

          I have doubts that the people at the top are even taking the shot. The Pfizer CEO already admitted it’s not necessary for him to take it.

          • Karl says:

            Those involved in the development of the clot shot probably know better than to take it, but those guys are not at the very top. People who develop or manufacture the clot shot are engineers or scientists. Even the CEO is not at the top, but rather taking orders from the high priests.

            Maybe the high priests are not taking the clot shot, but most of the priests do.

            • Pooch says:

              You are likely right. The priests are taking it. The vaccine merchants taking advantage of the money windfall are surely also pushing it just as enthusiastically as the priests, but are smart enough to not actually take it themselves.

              The political elite (the Bidens, Pelosis, McConnells, etc) may also be smart enough to not actually take it either. They clearly don’t actually believe in the mask worshipping that much. As soon as the tv cameras are off, their masks are no where to be seen.

    • Gauntlet says:

      I agree that a holiness spiral won’t be stopped by economics. What I struggle to understand is how the Nordic countries are not keeping up with the vaxx/Corona demon. They declared it to not be a big problem anymore.

      In Norway there was recently an election. The outgoing coalition ended the restrictions before the incoming coalition formed a government. The only logical thing is they they ended it to hurt the incoming “red” “socialist” coalition. It will be interesting to see what the new government will do when we get the winter peak in flu cases.

      Note: All parties in Norway are socialist. They argue over a 2% spending difference in the national budget every year. So they are all the same with small variations.

      • Gauntlet says:

        Sorry, I was supposed to reply to Karl.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Simple. Antifax defeated Coronas.

        Enforcing lockdown on migrant populations wasn’t feasible.

        • Gauntlet says:

          The immigrant population in Norway is nowhere near Swedish levels. It is still extremely bad, but not as out of control as Sweden. Denmark has started deporting second generation immigrants back to their parents home countries if they are convicted of crimes.

          I do agree that the immigrant situation in Sweden is the reason they didn’t lock down. But it doesn’t explain Norway’s sudden shift nor the official acknowledgment that Moderna is bad (suspended for males 30 years or younger).

          • Oog en Hand says:

            In Norway, the absolute numbers of non-immigrants are far lower. Also, during the Cold War, Sweden had to run its own army.

          • Gauntlet says:

            That is true, only 5.3 million or so if memory serves me, total population. Largest immigrant groups are Swedish and second largest is Polish.

            The people have picked up that something is wrong with the vaxx and are trying to reassure themselves by saying “surely the government wouldn’t give us something bad”. They cannot or do not dare to acknowledge what they feel or articulate it.

            Norway has not had an effective military since the union with Denmark haha. Half the population were sure the nazis would win, until about 1943.

      • Karl says:

        Corona regulations have been chaotic from the start. Huge difference form one country to another. Sometimes the regulations are made a little bit less harsh, before they are tightened.

        I guess the Nordic countries are just lagging a bit behind the general trend.

  30. Tityrus says:

    Looks like James Bond is a cuck now.

    > LONDON — There’s a scene in the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, in which 007 takes a young woman back to his bungalow in Jamaica, thinking that — as in the past — he will effortlessly seduce her. Instead, she removes her wig, and Bond, who’s been retired from MI6 for five years, realizes she’s a British agent.

    > “The world’s moved on, Commander Bond,” says the agent, Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch, who also starred in Captain Marvel.

    • Fëanor says:

      Well, at least he didn’t actually fuck the negress.


      • Aidan says:

        Sorry man, but WB. We Scotsmen have to be extra horny, considering what our women look like.

        • Fëanor says:

          Alternatively, your willingness to fuck anything that moves is why your women look like that, just as the similar willingness of negroes is why their women look like that.

          If you want hot women, gotta impose at least a little bit of sexual selection.

          • Aidan says:

            I’m basically shitposting at this point but big butch wives = big manly sons.

            Don’t let what happened to Korea happen to your race…

            • Leon says:

              False. The healthiest children are produced from high estrogen healthy women and high tesosterone healthy men.

    • Varna says:

      The new Superman just admitted he’s a blowjob queen.
      When the roles are reversed and he comes into a tranny’s mouth, does the tranny’s head blow up?

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      There’s a kind of morbid fascination that comes from trying to get in the heads of these people who, on a semi-conscious level, are basically trying to kill the very mythos they are working with.

      • Varna says:

        They are trying to kill every institution they infiltrate, while at the same time to use its dying body to spread their virus.

        To them the value of James Bond or Superman or Star Wars or Ghostbusters is not the inherent essence of the fictitious world and the joy it brings, but rather how much political value they can wring from it before throwing away the husk.

        They are the opposite of “sustainable development”. Every social or political or media institution they come in contact with they suck dry and then move on. Behind them is always a wasteland.

        They can’t into creation of new things, only into feeding off preexisting things and then moving on to the next one like civilizational locusts. It doesn’t matter what they claim they do and why, what matters is results.

        The results are as if they are servants of the father of lies and destroyers of life, on every single level of any single part of the human existence.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          It’s sympathetic magic. The theory is that “representation,” which is to say depiction, of minorities in positions of talent and success will cause real life minorities to occupy positions of talent and success.

          Originally, the minorities occupied peripheral roles. Hence all the hotshot negro scientists in film, dating back to at least Jurassic Park but probably all the way to the 70s. That’s a long time but these depictions failed to produce actual black talent in the real world, so the Cathedral revised its theory to the idea that the *main characters* must be minorities in order for the magic to take effect. They seem also to have developed a theory of conservation of memespace, which is to say non-diverse media necessarily takes up limited memespace which could be occupied by diverse media.

          Thus, the push starting in the last decade and now accelerate to diversify all legacy media. Don’t know what they’ll do when this magic fails but it will surely be ugly, stupid and violent.

      • jim says:

        Just as it is accurate to model a well functioning corporation as single person pursuing its rational long term self interest, even though it is a very large group of people attempting to cooperate to pursue their collective rational long term self interest, a difficult thing to accomplish, it is accurate to model these people as possessed by a cacophony of demons.

    • someDude says:


  31. Kunning Drueger says:

    I am not claiming Christ. I do not come to this place as a Christian. Everything I’m saying I’ve lifted from my betters or cobbled together myself.

    There is a Christian elite, and they are the sole of the boot firmly pressing on the neck of the faith.

    I was raised in a deeply baptist environment. I read through the bible 2 or 3 times by the age of 14 (school mandated reading, aloud, with whole family). I was steeped in the apologia of white southern baptist circa 1990s. For those of you too young, too foreign, too Yankee, or too lizard, the southern baptist convention, the white one, held a lot of power, had a lot of adherents, and preached a doctrine largely consistent with Jimian Christianity. They have been reduced greatly, and have gone over heavily to a Latino demography. To be honest, I avoid looking into them because the pain of being so very, very close to a good thing and having lost it because I was so certain that I knew better… I’m sure we all carry regrets.

    There were hypocrites in the leadership. There were imperfect vessels. There was obstinance against scientific truth. But before I was ever taught to poke holes in my own faith, before I was ever forcefed blue pills by promiscuous bitches and fairweather friends, before I began worshipping the demon of unrestrained lust, there was contemporary christian music/entertainment. This was the exploit that brought down American Christianity. Once DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline are allowed into the home, it isn’t long before Five Iron Frenzy follows (look them up; disgusting cultural marxist entryists, men with millions of checks to turn, eschewing all vestiges of old type faith). There is no such thing as a good Christian family that allows pop entertainment into the home. Non-denominational faith is no faith at all. And the Christian entertainment memeplex is how Christianity in America was converged.

    I am not calling for a people’s rebellion or anything like that, but before the Choppernators take the first batch of associate professors out over the north Atlantic, every single megachurch manager, every single “praise and worship” charlatan, and every single Karen Christian that let’s her daughters play slut must be crowding the haunt of lobsters. I fear that for the Christians to rise again, there needs to be a terrible bloodletting. And this is why I remain an advocate of a “new” faith. There are just too many of us failed Christians wandering about. As always, just my opinion and I’m sure I’m failing to see something obvious.

    • Alfred says:

      I am not calling for a people’s rebellion or anything like that, but before the Choppernators take the first batch of associate professors out over the north Atlantic, every single megachurch manager, every single “praise and worship” charlatan, and every single Karen Christian that let’s her daughters play slut must be crowding the haunt of lobsters. I fear that for the Christians to rise again, there needs to be a terrible bloodletting. And this is why I remain an advocate of a “new” faith.

      This is the way.

    • Fëanor says:

      I’m not familiar enough with the SBC/evangelical protestant world to know if contemporary Christian music is responsible for as large an effect as you attribute to it, but I agree wholeheartedly with the conclusion.

      Jim does not want me telling him what Christianity is, which is fine, but there are certainly a lot of people calling themselves Christian, many of whom would probably even pass his demon worshipper test, who would nonetheless be horrified by the things preached on this blog. A Christian revival movement will likely need new creeds with more comprehensive tests against the errors of the day, something like the Thirty-nine Articles (although having read the actual Thirty-nine Articles recently, I expect they would keep out most of those I have in mind, if for reasons that seem somewhat tangential to the real problems).

      • Pooch says:

        I reckon actual Christians like Phil Robertson would not be all that horrified by the things being preached on this blog.

        • Fëanor says:

          Well, of course not. Although, to me, his specific brand of Christianity seems rather like the backwoods evangelical protestantism that I was accused of conflating with Christianity in general.

          I’m not saying you’re advocating this, but I doubt anyone here wants Phil Robertson’s church to become the state church of America.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The proverbial ‘backwoods evangelical protestant’ is a man who lives nowhere; he does not live in Appalachia, nor does he live in the midwest, or the south east, nor Maine, nor Montana, nor Iowa, nor Oregon, nor anywhere. He is a universalized, obscure, hyperreal simulacrum that stands up in the minds of people who have never met anyone from any of these places in their lives when they imagine what ‘the other’ must think about ‘christianity’.

            I have personally met many good men from some of these places, though that’s more or less incidental, since i wouldn’t be enshrining them spiritual authorities anyways.

            Regarding the matter in the thread starter, the main underlaying dynamics im sensing is, on one tentacle, im not seeing the measures described as bad things in the first place, and also, basically the same as what some of our more bloodthirsty commentator have already been advocating.

          • Pooch says:

            I’m not saying you’re advocating this, but I doubt anyone here wants Phil Robertson’s church to become the state church of America.

            I absolutely want Phil Robertson’s church to become the state church of America. He is distinctly Amerikaner and his brand of evangelical Christianity is distinctly Amerikaner.

            • Fëanor says:

              The problem with Amerikaners is that they are a nation without an aristocracy. The old Amerikaner elite, what Moldbug called the Optimates, died out or was converged to the prog aristocracy years ago. The program some have proposed, of killing the whole prog aristocracy and elevating the likes of Phil Robertson, or even Donald Trump, to the ranks of the new elite, is going to be massively dysgenic.

              We need to un-converge the Optimates, and we are not going to do that with evangelical protestantism as practiced in the swamps of Louisiana. My test for a potential state religion is if I could see Elon Musk converting to it. Americanized Russian Orthodoxy, or some kind of Anglican revival, sure. Swamp Evangelicalism, no.

              • The Cominator says:

                The prog aristocracy isn’t that smart not much genetic damage in wiping them out.

                Trump seems like hes a bit dyslexic but he has legitimate geniuses in his family, his uncle and apparently Baron Trump for example.

                • Fëanor says:

                  Yes, perhaps not fair to Trump. I can see the case for his being much smarter than he looks.

                  In their war on the existence of innate intelligence the prog elite are rapidly supidifying themselves. However, I believe they are still above average, at least for now. The thing about blue counties producing most of the GDP does not come from nothing. The red-state response, “well, we produce all of the food”, presupposes a dark age and technological decline that, while inevitable, I would nonetheless like to avoid as much as possible,

                • The Cominator says:

                  Red states more rural or more niggers. Also the best group of immigrants America got by far were the Germans and 80% of them went North.

                  So whatever developmental advantage the pozlands have its not connected to the existence of the prog aristocracy.

                • Starman says:


                  “The thing about blue counties producing most of the GDP does not come from nothing.”

                  Most of that is bullshit financial instruments. Most of the farming and even the manufacturing is in the red areas.

                • jim says:

                  The reason blue counties “produce most of the GDP” is FIRE. Finance, Education, and Real Estate.

                  Universities count as adding to GDP, although they in fact are a drain on the economy, a cost, not production.

                  Banks count as adding to GDP, though they just move bits of paper around that symbolize other people adding to GDP.

                  And urban real estate is not primarily valuable because people are using it to produce value. They are using it because it is more important for your top people to be close to power than close to production.

              • jim says:

                > We need to un-converge the Optimates, and we are not going to do that with evangelical protestantism as practiced in the swamps of Louisiana.

                Nuts. Your image of Christians in the swamps of Louisiana comes from 2010 internet atheists.

                Should the New York Times treat them respectfully, and we start recruiting the Board of Harvard from that lot, optimates will find their faith impressive and congenial.

                I favor Orthodoxy, because that is the only faith remaining that has the chain of apostolic succession alive and unbroken (Roman Catholicism, Episcopalianism, and Anglicanism found apostolic succession far too embarrassing, and very quietly stopped doing it, though I expect that there are still a few secretly Christian Bishops that managed to quietly receive apostolic succession in those Churches.)

                But Protestantism as practiced in the swamps of Louisiana is the last survivor of a high IQ faith created by upper class intellectuals for upper class intellectuals, or a living memory of that faith. There is nothing in it likely to repel optimates and highly intelligent people except that it is low status, which can be easily remedied.

                The optimates all cheerfully converted to progressivism, because high status, even though it is stupid, every time it gets reinvented it gets even stupider, and it gets reinvented at alarmingly frequent intervals. Protestantism in the swamps of Louisiana is a much more intelligent faith, or a memory of that much more intelligent faith.

                Also, the optimates are pretty smart people, and progressivism hates smart people. The optimates are largely capitalist, and progressivism hates capitalism. Louisiana Protestantism likes smart people and likes entrepreneurs. They are big on thrift, industry, and wise application of talents. What is not for the optimates to like?

                • Fëanor says:

                  If Amerikaner Protestantism becomes high status, and Optimates begin converting to it, it will quickly come to resemble the upper class, intellectually serious faith that it descends from, by which you presumably mean something like Restoration Anglicanism, and all forms of retardation with which it is justly or unjustly associated will swiftly disappear. However, it is getting there from here that I see as a problem.

                  You argue that Caesar (or more pedantically Constantine) will get us there, because you argue that progressivism only looks intelligent while being stupid because it is high status, and it is only high status because its adherents are in power, and power is an essentially military phenomenon. Thus, all our Constantine has to do is roll tanks into Harvard Yard and put Phil Robertson on its board, and our elite will enthusiastically come to believe what Phil Robertson believes.

                  Maybe this will happen; progressivism is getting stupid enough fast enough that it is having trouble keeping up the illusion of being intelligent, and it is becoming hostile enough to our Optimates that they might jump ship without caring about how stupid or unfashionable they look. But what I am arguing is that there are intrinsic things about progressivism that cause it to look smart to most people even when it is quite stupid (although perhaps not infinitely stupid), and its current status and power is at least partly an effect of that, and not entirely the cause.

                • jim says:

                  > But what I am arguing is that there are intrinsic things about progressivism that cause it to look smart to most people.

                  What are they? Progressivism was definitely smart from about 1800 to 1916, but it has not been smart within living memory.

                  And the hostility to “nerds” and to the kind of art and entertainment favored by smart people, what used to be high art, shows progressives know this in their hearts. They hate Musk because he is smart.

                  For any intelligent person, the illusion that progressivism was smart was shattered by Pinker, Global warmism, Paul Krugman, Michael Mann, Gould, “an inconvenient truth”, and official Genius Aaron Swartz.

                  The left has not had any really smart intellectuals since Bertrand Russel, and each new crop of intellectuals is worse than the last.

                  In the sixties, they had all the good songs. Now they have Star Wars. In Bertrand Russel’s time, they had all the really smart intellectuals. Now they only have fake officially smart intellectuals like Krugman.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  There is nothing that makes progressivism look smart to anyone but force. If I had a bunch of armed men behind me that were going to smash the teeth of anyone who disagrees with me I could superficially appear smart no matter what dumb shit I did or said. That force disappeared when the American military tripped over itself running out of Afghanistan, and all of a sudden other countries started using treatments that worked, canceling vax passports, and other reactions. Which says that no one thinks much of the brains behind progressivism, but feared its fists and teeth.

                • Starman says:

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III

                  “There is nothing that makes progressivism look smart to anyone but force. If I had a bunch of armed men behind me that were going to smash the teeth of anyone who disagrees with me I could superficially appear smart no matter what dumb shit I did or said. That force disappeared when the American military tripped over itself running out of Afghanistan, and all of a sudden other countries started using treatments that worked, canceling vax passports, and other reactions. Which says that no one thinks much of the brains behind progressivism, but feared its fists and teeth.”


                • Fëanor says:

                  Progressivism has been getting steadily dumber since 1916 or so, because in that time it has not faced an enemy that was both intellectually serious and numerous enough to threaten it, but it has always been the case that progressives overwhelmingly think of themselves as smart people, are extremely proud of being smart whether they actually be or not, and primarily recruit new progressives by convincing them that progressives are smart.

                  Leftist memes are walls of text, because they primarily work by implying that if you don’t agree with the argument, you must not understand it, therefore you are not as smart as the author and ought to shut up and listen to what xe says. Obviously this selects for arguments that are as nonsensical as possible, defending conclusions that are as absurd as possible, so that the author can convince everyone that xe is very very smart. It is the same way with art—and Star Wars is more prog propaganda than prog art—a lot of the art that progs claim to enjoy bears some superficial resemblance to high art but has been intentionally ruined, so that they can claim they are even more sophisticated than the old dead white men who made the old high art.

                  Admissions to Harvard are biased against white people, but within each race they still broadly correlate with IQ, or at least they did within living memory. And it is no longer quite true, but was certainly true within living memory, that no one cared if jocks were old-type Christians, but an old-type Christian kid in a so-called “gifted” class would be mocked until he apostatized. The nerd stereotype exists because a lot of smart young men actually are like that, but they’re like that because they’re marinated in anti-masculine prog ideology from the age of ten at latest, while the less smart kids are left alone. They hate Musk, not because he is smart, but because he is smart and not a beta bitch like them.

                  (As the spiral spirals ever lefter, and the left gets ever browner and consequently ever dumber, there are a growing number who don’t so much hate smart people, as deny that intelligence is a meaningful thing that exists at all, but the historical core of the left as I understand it has always been, and to a substantial extent still is, white and Jewish nerds.)

                • jim says:

                  > It has always been the case that progressives overwhelmingly think of themselves as smart people, are extremely proud of being smart whether they actually be or not, and primarily recruit new progressives by convincing them that progressives are smart.

                  During the early part of the twentieth century, this perception had much truth in it. It has ceased to have truth for quite some time and reality is sinking in. I can see in the materials they produce that even progressives themselves have come to doubt that they are the smart people. Their self perception is out of date, and they are starting to lose confidence in it.

                  Without power, when the holiness spiral is forcibly stopped, or they murder everyone within their power including each other, suddenly no one will share this perception.

                  > Admissions to Harvard are biased against white people, but within each race they still broadly correlate with IQ, or at least they did within living memory

                  They correlate fine with IQ up to a certain IQ, but there is a ceiling, and the ceiling is getting lower. Anyone who is too smart is suspected of heresy.

                  Havard graduates used to be ignorant, but very smart, because the entrance tests were IQ tests, and because they tended to be children of the elite, which used be smart. Now they are ignorant, and stupid.


                  On seeing this video, I asked my cleaning lady the same question. She passed. Most Harvard students failed. (I no longer have a cleaning lady, for my wife looks after me, and they do not like each other.)

                  The entrance tests from a hundred years ago asked about four points on a conic section. Today’s entrance tests ask about triangles. You can see the ceiling in the entrance tests.

                  When they took analogies out of the SAT, that should have told you that they are not interested in the kind of people who can understand analogies.

                • Fëanor says:

                  I will add that in recent years, their beliefs have become so insane that no amount of rhetorical slight-of-hand is doing much to convince people, and they have resorted to hard power and censorship of their enemies, but it is easy to identify when they started doing that on a large scale, and it was not that long ago.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  We’ve all seen that Harvard students seasons video a dozen times. It’s the equivalent of those “man-on-the-street can’t answer simple questions” comedy bits, and like those, you can only wonder how many people answered correctly and ended up on the cutting room floor.

                  Harvard kids are not dumb. They are very, very smart. Intelligence is not the only selection criterion, though; they have to be politically sound, yes, and they have to play the “meritocracy” game at the highest possible level. These are people who were willing and able to turn their entire lives into resume-building exercises, or at least plausibly present their lives that way. The ambition and dedication it takes to do that in ones teen years are terrifying. This is a formidable crew, and it has crushed all challengers who came against it for last 100 years. Do not underestimate them.

                  Also, the smartest kid in my high school class went to the big H.

                • jim says:

                  > Harvard kids are not dumb.

                  If you want to recruit a smart elite, you have analogies in the SAT. One after another the selection criteria that filter for smarties have been biting the dust. MIT was the last to drop, Yale the first.

                  Older Harvard grads are mighty smart. Recent Harvard grads …

                  The really high end questions have dropped out of the entrance criteria one after another since around 1875 or so. That simply undeniable. And now some of the questions that have recently dropped out, such as analogies, are for half smart midwits.

                  > the smartest kid in my high school class went to the big H.

                  How long ago? Before or after they dropped analogies?

                  There is an IQ ceiling in the entrance tests, and if you compare old tests with new tests, you can see over time that ceiling getting lower and lower, faster and faster.

                  > you can only wonder how many people answered correctly and ended up on the cutting room floor.

                  If the Ivys drop analogies in the entrance criteria, many of their students cannot do analogies. If many of their students cannot do analogies, probably cannot explain why summer is warmer than winter.

                  That video is consistent with Ivy entrance criteria. If you are way smarter than the morons in the video, and most of us here are way smarter, it is not going to show up in your university entrance testing.

                  If you look at the change in testing over time, the consistent pattern, even for MIT, is that they are dropping the questions that are too hard for midwits.

                  Obviously they are selecting hard, and ever harder, on political correctness. It used to be that Harvard progressivism had elaborate ingenious sophomoric explanations of the falsifications of Harvard theology, for example Gould’s young human species creationism, and mastering those ingenious lies took some smarts. Now, it is a lot easier for a really dumb person to pass as politically correct than a smart person. Everyone now seems to have forgotten Gould’s young species creationism.

                  In so far as the Ivys are selecting for smarts, it can only be because passing as politically correct requires smarts. It used to be that at the top end, political correctness did select for smarts, because of elaborate ingenious sophomoric rationalizations of the conflicts between ideology and people’s lived experience. Those elaborate ingenious sophomoric rationalizations, such as Gould’s young species creationism, have dropping like flies.

                  Today, you pass as politically correct by being too stupid to notice the contradictions between ideology and life, not by being smart enough to understand a clever rationalization.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >How long ago? Before or after they dropped analogies?

                  I admit, it was before.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Medieval Popes could easily pass the Trinity Test. Alaric couldn’t.

      • jim says:

        > Jim does not want me telling him what Christianity is, which is fine, but there are certainly a lot of people calling themselves Christian, many of whom would probably even pass his demon worshipper test, who would nonetheless be horrified by the things preached on this blog..

        Are there?

        Perhaps, but I simply have not encountered them – apart from the issue of priestly celibacy, which has been debated on this blog, and the perpetual virginity of Mary, which has been discussed in another place.

        Which is why I am far more optimistic about Christianity resurrecting than Alf is.

        What do you think would horrify them? It is not obvious to me. It seems to me more like actual Christians find a part of themselves remembering a much older Christianity.

        Prog Christians do not actually inwardly perceive themselves as Christian, but as progs. I get the overwhelming impression that none of them would pass the Demon Worshiper test. They may say “Jesus Jesus I love Jesus” all day long, but flinch at the “the Lord Jesus Christ”. Christian progs, on the other hand, shed their prog easily, like an uncomfortable mask that they have been wearing. There is a tension between prog and Christianity that a Christian finds bothering him.

        • Fëanor says:

          The single most horrifying thing is likely to be your noticing of early female sexual behavior. Your positions on race and genocide are probably a close second, and your use of the ancient definition of adultery, while not exactly horrifying, is likely to receive vocal opposition.

          I am obviously already excluding people arguing for female emancipation or open borders or the like. These people easily affirm “honor and obey, love and cherish”, but believe that a husband must be within X years of his wife’s age to properly love and cherish her, or that he is failing to do so by fucking bitches while away from her, even if she has no idea of it at all. The really insane positions on sex, the elevation of celibacy over marriage and the like, appear to only be held by incels trying to claim holier-than-thou, and might just vanish as soon as we have restored marriage, but thanks to priestly celibacy these positions are not new in the Western Church, and have quite a weight of tradition behind them.

          Early female sexuality, and certain other redpill truths stated bluntly, are opposed so vociferously and irrationally even by people who are perfectly willing to violate all other prog taboos, that I have concluded I am not running into taboos at all, but something innate, and it in fact it requires very strong taboos and copybook headings to force most men to notice, or at least act as though they notice.

          Similarly, even those Christians who are strong nationalists often believe in a sort of “separate but equal” nationalism, and believe that all races are created equal, not in actual real-world capabilities, but in some sort of metaphysical dignity that nonetheless means we ought not allow natural selection to occur against the inferior ones. They do not seem all that upset about the Christian conquests and genocides of the past, so maybe you are right that there is a seed of older Christianity inside waiting to sprout, but I would not count on their alliance if it were happening in front of their face.

          It may be that such squeamishness about the reality of nature is simply normal regardless of faith, and such men simply do not move the wheels of the world. Even Moldbug has lately taken to advocating artificial technology restriction to protect the economic relevance of the low IQ, so it cannot really be blamed on Christianity.

    • Karl says:

      There is no way to avoid a terrible bloodletting. If the present holiness spiral is not stopped we eventally get a terrible bloodletting like the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia. The holiness spiral can only be stopped by bloodletting regardless of the faith of the men who stop it.

      Why do you think a “new” faith would be able stop the holiness spiral with less bloodletting? The necessary bloodletting is not about the blood of the men doing the stopping of the holiness spiral.

      • jim says:

        It won’t

        Stopping the holiness spiral has to come first.

        With the holiness spiral stopped, leftism withers away, leaving a vacuum. The faith in the Republic will have already died. Only Qtards still believe.

        And then the vacuum will need filling, lest demons re-occupy it.

    • The Cominator says:

      As Jim would say nuts.

      Baptists proles are not a problem, and people almost never live up to their religious principles. Prog academics otoh are a real problem.

      Now prog entryists within christian denominations that had leaned right… that is another matter.

  32. Atavistic Morality says:

    How many red pills can you dispense/consume in an hour?

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe -The Idea of a Private Law Society: The Case of Ludwig von Haller (PFS 2021)

  33. While this is not Jimian red pill, I doubt that politicians in the West can express regret at women not bearing children and get away with it:

    BJP is at best, purple pilled on the WQ, but there are signs that the Cathedral doctrine on women emancipation is being questioned, somewhat indirectly.

    • Alfred says:

      I’ve talked to leftists who openly admit that they’re policy on women’s lib in India is about reducing population. They have the same policy for the US but screech like shit flinging chimps if you point it out.

    • someDude says:

      Politicians in India are not Boler, just ignorant about the power of Woke. Here is the backlash,

      Once wisdom has dawned as to the power of the woke, watch him try to wriggle out
      “First of all, I would like to convey that I am my proud father of a daughter and I am also a medical doctor by training”

      Obviously that’s not going to work. So let’s wait for tomorrow’s installment where he finally cucks and takes it from behind in the you know what.

      In Jaahil Gawaaron ka koi bharosa nahi

      • While you have a poiint, Poz is not hard power in India. The retraction is not quite a retraction. Most of the power of woke in India is through the English language media which still has very poor reach beyond the Urban elites, which our politicians especially regional ones care two hoots about.

        Though the English media in India is a cathedral agent, the power to enforce woke is quite weak in India at the moment and weaker due to the Empire’s fall in Afghanistan.

        • someDude says:

          The problem is that English is high status all over India including the hinterlands. Hinterland Folk want their kids speaking English by the time they are adults. So they read English newspapers to up their language skills. So what the English speaking Indians believe today, the hinterland folk will believe tomorrow.

          Still, I hope to be proved wrong and hope you are right. I just can’t rid myself of these damned black-pilled thoughts. And God, I am trying and failing.

          • I know. But though high status, the English media is still subservient to state power in India. At least till Modi is in power, the power of woke will be restricted. If Congress or any other leftists come to power, expect them to take orders directly from the cathedral..

            • someDude says:

              Well, the issue here is that Modi is merely slowing down the rate of increase of woke power, dP/dt if you please. The power of woke has been growing much more slowly since Modi came to power, but growing all the same. When the secular-left is in power, woke increases at an alarming rate.

              What we want is someone who can roll back woke power. Not slow it down or even hold it at current levels. And I don’t see anyone on the horizon who can do that. Not even Yogi. So it seems Modi is just buying us a few years before the inevitable.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            Convince people to learn Mandarin.

            • someDude says:

              No one convinced the Indians by means of elaborate arguments that English was high status. British conquest convinced them of that. For Indians to be convinced that Mandarin is high status, the Chinese will have to conquer them first.

              In India, the winner takes all.

  34. Kunning Drueger says:

    Thoughts on this essay, Jim?

    @St. John
    If the Middle Kingdom and the Progressive Empire go to war, where does the good reactionary stand?
    I’ve discussed with Aidan the idea of gathering a group of men, their women, and wealth & weapons, and entreating King Xi to render up an enclave in the Western Wastes as a refuge. We would swear fealty and guard the marches, keeping our sabaton firmly on the necks of the slanted Mohamadans. In exchange, we extricate the genitals of our sons from the snips of the sinful, raise our daughters to be obedient, and build a new home for ourselves. But of late it seems that Xi is not going to declare Monarchy. Rather, he seems to be staggering Left.

    • The Cominator says:

      Putin is the only game in town.

    • jim says:

      Very disappointed in Xi. He is on a course that will lead to the destruction of his party – his state religion is at best a zombie, at worst a corpse, and he is doing exactly the wrong thing about his problem.

      Xi is not a leader that anyone can follow to reach a safe future. He needs to converge communism to Mandate of Heaven Confucianism and Hong Kong capitalism, as Deng did, but is on the opposite course, sailing away from safe harbor into the storm.

      If communism was a live faith, the party could weather the storm with no problems, but is dead and it is not coming back, and as a result, the party, like the Czars, is losing memetic sovereignty, what Putin calls “Spiritual Security.”

      • Pooch says:

        The problem I see with the CCP regime in China is that, like the USSR before it, it is Western-derived.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          The link I posted disagrees with your thesis and he supports it pretty well. He may be wrong, but it could also be the case that the Cathedral has managed to infiltrate his brain trust. That is their primary specialty, after all.

          • The Cominator says:

            “Cathedral infiltrating CCP”


            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Your argument sucks, as usual. Something is decaying the good works of Deng. Something is leading the Chinese away from their instinctual monarchism and towards Western rot. It very well could be communism, but I just don’t see it. With no evidence to provide, I nonetheless claim that Cathedral agents have been infiltrating the CCP brain trust and leading them towards convergence. I think it is going to become clearer over time, and I’m quite comfortable with being wrong. Indeed, I genuinely hope I am. It could also be the case that China wrests itself free from the grasp, after millions have starved to death.

              • The Cominator says:

                Its Xi, a fish rots from the head. Xi is an actual communist.

                You generally have to join the CCP as a kid… Baizuo ideology isn’t conducive to promotion.

              • jim says:

                This is true, and untrue. It is only in small part Cathedral agents in the sense of men literally on the Cathedral payroll.

                What it is loss of what Putin calls Spiritual Security, what the Dark Enlightenment calls Memetic Sovereignty. The problem is that there are no end of Chinese members of the communist party born and raised communist who would feel it an enormous honor, and not treason at all, to be on the Cathedral payroll taking orders from the Cathedral.

                They all want their kids to go to Harvard.

                • Varna says:

                  I am going to just add a note concerning Harvard.

                  This applies to the whole world, except to mainland China, which introduced a systematized version of the whole public exam thing around the time Rome was drifting toward collapse.

                  To them “getting into Harvard” or “into Oxford” was a thing for a very brief moment in the 1990s and a bit after that.

                  Since then, especially over the last decade, they have settled on a more “traditional” social position of “foreign universities are a way to save face for parents whose kids can’t get into a proper university in China.”

                  By the time graduation of high school approaches, it becomes more or less clear can the kid get into a first tier uni in China. If the kid can’t, then the face-saving device which saves the family from the dishonor of a second or third-tier university, is to send the kid to Yale or Cambridge.

                  If the kid shows to be only capable of a third-tier university, then they give up and just send them anywhere in the west just to get some damn degree and maybe make some damn connections.

                  This does not count of course focused infiltration. With focused infiltration even Slovakia and Kenya universities get a quota of Chinese students. But for the rest of the white collar population, who make higher education decisions based only on prestige and career options, going to some New England uni is a face-saving device for kids who have shown that they can’t handle the brutal breakdown and suicide-inducing competition back home on the mainland.

                  In most, if not all other parts of the world, if someone flies off to study in America or England or France or Germany, this is proof that they have risen above the local level.

                  In contemporary mainland China a degree from Ivy League means “couldn’t handle a real university, huh?”

                  You’ve got your “white guard tsarist” overseas Chinese who settled abroad decades ago, that’s different. But the kids of the “bolsheviks”, they go to study abroad either as actors in focused infiltration, or, in the vast majority of cases, as “surplus students” who may be smart but can’t handle the pressure back home.

                  It’s not easy to remember the degree to which East Asians are a culture of autists whose natural impulse is tp just encapsulate themselves and to whom the external world is mostly a persistent irritant that stands in the way of the encapsulation, and with whom in a perfect reality contact would only be trade through intermediaries.

                  Not counting the travel boom of the new Chinese middle class over the last 15 years, when they started doing selfies in Paris and buying handbags in Milano. But again, this to them was mostly “extended shopping abroad”, and not “holidays in a place where I want my kids to study”.

                  You’ve got your eccentrics who buy land in Australia and live out a cowboy dream with the horseback riding and the hats and spurs and sheit, but that’s not what helps a party career back home. Rather it’s a one-way ticket.

                  Likewise, you’ve got your safety-conscious upper middle class who hedge their bets by buying a house in Portugal just in case, but that’s also different. Party members are 5% of the population, and behavior like this is killer for their career, unless it was sanctioned as part of an infiltration effort.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Chinese seem to flood the prog universities and integrate well. Their outlook on it is a bit different, but they don’t consider top Western universities inferior to middle-ranked Chinese universities in terms of granting them personal social status. They accept their place in a Western status hierarchy.

                  Compare to Japanese, who are supposedly good suppliants of the US, but whose children are practically invisible at US universities.

                • ten says:

                  “foreign universities are a way to save face for parents whose kids can’t get into a proper university in China.”

                  I recently lived in china.

                  This is the perfect opposite of the attitude of the beijing elite. They speak only about getting into a “top ten” university, of which none are in china, most in america. Being left in china means you are second rate or your parents need you close for some reason or you just aren’t all that ambitious.

                  “hahaha i get to study critical theory and art at northwestern, while my stupid 胖友 ate too many egg tarts instead of study long time and has to settle for 国立北平艺术专科学校”.

                  I knew literally not a single chinese student who would agree with you – the staybehinds were the losers.

                  And chinese universities are also just universities. There’s no breakneck competition. They just play phone games all day.

                • jim says:

                  Loss of intellectual sovereignty. Xi’s current course will destroy his regime, as it destroyed the Czars.

                  The state religion of China is Maoism, Maoism is dead as a doornail, and Xi’s efforts to breath life into the corpse may well destroy the Chinese economy, but will not bring back the dead.

                  Should try Mandate of Heaven Confucianism, and if that fails, Chinese Christianity with divine right monarchy.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  A Chinese Constantine’s Moment, officiating Christianity, would really be something.

                  Once it’s legal and official, they can have their own Council of Nicaea and decide what it exactly is. The Chinese Orthodox Church is born! Their own Bible edits and everything.

                  Could it really be that Xi doesn’t understand the memetic/spiritual situation that China is in? Could he possibly not be that smart?

                  He hid out in caves during the Cultural Revolution, which to me says yes, he sure does understand these things, and how important and powerful they are.

                • Mike in Boston says:

                  the beijing elite… speak only about getting into a “top ten” university, of which none are in china, most in america.

                  I imagine that if Xi one way or another re-establishes intellectual sovereignty, attitudes will change in response and Chinese universities will become higher prestige than Cathedral universities.

                  What’s interesting is that Viktor Orban seems to be taking a chance on this happening, by trying to open a branch of a Chinese university in Budapest, perhaps more-or-less as a replacement for the Soros-backed Central European University, a Cathedral indoctrination center that Orban recently managed to kick out of Hungary.

                  The Cathedral seems to be aware of the risks; it is not only squawking about Fudan University’s Budapest campus, but also fighting it tooth and nail. The whole Cathedral apparatus is mobilized against Orban in next year’s elections.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Whenever I talk to born-in-China Chinese about world politics, they always have some way to totally justify China and whatever it is doing, but their takes are always grounded in USA ideology. USA is bad because it had slavery. Yellow lives matter. We were wronged by the Chinese Exclusion Acts.

                  They don’t seem to realize that this ideology is steered inside the US for the benefit of interests in the US and always will be. They’re either unable to come up with their own ideas, or uninterested in doing so.

                  The Japanese Yasukuni Shrine is the same by the way (at least on the commentary that’s translated into English). Japanese war crimes were justified or excusable because Japan was fighting a war against American and European colonialism and capitalism. But maybe that’s just a public face.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >”Could it really be that Xi doesn’t understand the memetic/spiritual situation that China is in?”

                  >”He hid out in caves during the Cultural Revolution, which to me says yes, he sure does understand these things, and how important and powerful they are.”

                  Rather, his behavior in the former case is precisely because of the later case. In short terms, it’s stockholm syndrome.

                  One who is abused in some manner will often recapitulate that same kind of abuse in others, because they have sublimated their perception of the abuse as something normal, as not abuse, as a defense mechanism.

                  Xi *needs* to believe that communism is worthy and worthwhile, because otherwise, he would not be a patriot inheriting a glorious legacy for the good of china… he would be a victim, just like everyone else, instead.


                • jim says:

                  This makes total sense out of Xi’s self destructive and nationally destructive behavior.

                  He does not want to believe, does not want anyone to believe, that the crimes of the revolution, the crimes that were committed against him and his family, were all for nothing.

                  But plainly, they were all for nothing.

                  And because people need to believe in something, and what Xi is offering does not fly, they start believing in what the Cathedral is offering.

              • f6187 says:

                Jim wrote: “Should try Mandate of Heaven Confucianism, and if that fails, Chinese Christianity with divine right monarchy.”

                That’s what “NTD” (New Tang Dynasty) is all about, with a strong emphasis on Falun Gong. Their “Shen Yun” dance performances are heavy on “Mandate of Heaven” imagery. It looks like they’re trying to establish not so much a state religion, but a national religion — the difference being that “nation” refers to common place of birth, as in the Latin “nativitas,” not the ruling government itself. They aim to displace godless communism.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  Confucianism led to “intelligent yet idiot” public officials and stagnation in China…Nationalist Christianity would be a much better choice in the modern world…

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >If the Middle Kingdom and the Progressive Empire go to war, where does the good reactionary stand?

      The CCP is not harvard, but their are not your brothers, either.

  35. What do I do says:

    Apologies for being wildly offtopic but I need the advice of our esteemed commenters. I consider myself knowledgeable and experienced with women, but this one is a real doozy.

    A few nights ago I had a date with a rather attractive woman and joined her in her backseat afterward. During foreplay, in between sucking my dick, she said “I’m not gonna let you cum, I’m gonna just stop and you can go home and jack off in a tissue like you normally you do you pathetic little bitch, no way I’m gonna let you fuck me”, or something to that effect. I’d never been so brashly shit tested, but I took the hint.

    She did not stop with this type of talk throughout. Afterward, I left her sitting there in her car and just walked away, assuming she’d text me days later with an apology after her hamster worked its magic. Instead, I’ve just received a text from her, repeating the same clichéd insults and calling out the way that I passed the shit test.

    I sense that she feels upset that I left her there and is continuing to chase me and shit test me in the way that she naturally does. I can’t help but think of how many men she’s pulled this on before.

    I’m slightly spooked by this. What I need to know is: if I ignore her, will she just go away? I could go back into PUA mode and respond with something cheeky like “you really get off on this don’t you”, with the aim of trying to bang her in order to make her accusation seem more ridiculous than it already is. I’ve never met a woman further to the right of the AWALT bell curve, and I’m certainly not trying to wife her, but I could cover my own ass a little.

    • jim says:

      > I sense that she feels upset that I left her there and is continuing to chase me and shit test me in the way that she naturally does.

      Continued shit testing means you failed the shit test in a way that gives her hope that if she continues, you will pass.

      Obviously she was cruising for rape, but the rape might well have been disturbingly strenuous.

      Her backseat is the wrong place. You need her in your place. Tell her to come over. Or show up and haul her over.

      If in doubt about what constitutes passing, ask what General Buck Naked would do in this situation. Of course, what General Buck Naked would do would likely get you killed, so arrange circumstances where General Buck Naked would likely get away with doing his thing.

    • alf says:

      “I’m not gonna let you cum, I’m gonna just stop and you can go home and jack off in a tissue like you normally you do you pathetic little bitch, no way I’m gonna let you fuck me”,

      My experience has been that women who pull this kind of shit are damaged goods and not worth the trouble. I’d walk away.

      • jim says:

        > damaged goods

        Previous exposure to a plausible imitation of General Buck Naked.

        • alf says:

          Yeah or daddy issues or a daddy who did a plausible imitation of general butt naked.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Speaking of which, I’d very much appreciate a Jimmish rendering and rectification of just whatever it is that we’re talking about when we use the term “daddy issues.”

            • alf says:

              Good point. I’d say: we argue that a woman compares her latest man with the most alpha man she’s been with. Who is the first man she ‘is with’? Well, her dad.

              So if she is used to an abusive (step)dad, she expects the same behavior from men. That kind of women gives stupid unhealthy shit-tests, like the one OP describes.

              • Pooch says:

                Or a non-existent dad from divorce or a dad who left, in which case she craves the male authority that she never had in an unhealthy way. The biggest whores and sluts usually are like this.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Easy to appear super-alpha to a two year old. Try carrying a 25 year old out of a restaurant because she’s acting up.

                • jim says:

                  > Try carrying a 25 year old out of a restaurant because she’s acting up.

                  Been there, done that. There is no T shirt but I should sell one.

                  Not hard.

                  Before picking her up, leave enough large denomination notes on the table to cover the bill and provide large a tip that is roughly one or two of the notes.

                  If she is difficult, use a fireman’s carry, but if her struggles are strangely ineffectual, carry her like a child.

            • Aidan says:

              “Daddy issues” as used in a bluepilled context conflates two different things. All girls compare you to their fathers, and measure your alpha to her father’s alpha, regardless of whether she wants her dad to bang her or not. Fathers influence a girl’s initial levels of hypergamy. It’s totally normal, because a father owns his daughter for many years, nonsexually.

              A father who is too strong, one who is overprotective of his daughter and scares off her suitors, the archetypical “conservative shotgun dad” will cause a girl to date progressively more dangerous and violent men, because she is searching for one who can kill her father and take possession of her.

              A father who is too weak, or totally absent, will create a girl with very low standards of alpha, where any male authority at all will get her going. Theoretically, that sounds great if you’re low status and looking for a girl with lower standards, but you’ll never get to these girls because they start hopping on dick at absurdly young ages, and by the time you get a shot at them, they’ve been thoroughly used up and have Buttnaked-level standards.

              • Pooch says:

                Perfectly articulated.

              • The Cominator says:

                “A father who is too weak, or totally absent, will create a girl with very low standards of alpha, where any male authority at all will get her going. Theoretically, that sounds great if you’re low status and looking for a girl with lower standards, but you’ll never get to these girls because they start hopping on dick at absurdly young ages, and by the time you get a shot at them, they’ve been thoroughly used up and have Buttnaked-level standards.”

                Not my experience that they develop general butt naked standards, as an autist I’ve always done better with girls who are either fatherless or lost their dad sometime in early puberty.

                • Fëanor says:

                  A lot of fatherless girls, especially those who lost their virginities at extremely young ages, for some reason become indiscriminate nymphomaniacs, who will settle quite a bit rather than sleep alone, but for just this reason it requires Buttnaked levels of violence to keep them loyal.

                • Aidan says:

                  Yes, what Feanor said- Buttnaked standards for keeping them loyal, until they hit 35 or so and burn out.

                • Pooch says:

                  Can confirm. Most attractive girl I used to bang had an absent father. She was sweet and feminine and the sex was great but for the life of me I could not figure out how to nail her down, keep her from partying so much (and presumably fucking other guys), and move past just the casual fucking every 1-2 weeks.

                  In hindsight, I did not need general butt naked standards to casually fuck her, but I most certainly would have needed general naked standards to take ownership of her and make her mine.

                • Fëanor says:

                  The standard evopsych line, that men are biologically inclined to fuck anything that moves, while women are inclined to save themselves for the best man they can find, in reality belies a lot of variance in actual female behavior. There are women chastely awaiting the 6’3″ jacked billionaire vampire werewolf boyfriends their romance novels promised them, and there are women who never leave a party alone—although I’m actually somewhat inclined to think the former extreme is something the redpill community made up. Aidan would say they turn into lesbians, but half the lesbians I know have higher cock counts than any straight girl and mostly appear to use “lesbianism” as an excuse not to sleep with the same man twice in a row.

              • Fëanor says:

                Unless, of course, you get them young. But there is a reason these girls’ standards rise to Buttnaked level so quickly—you have to be fairly insane to try it.

                However, it is not that hard to get away with fucking underage girls, unless you are such a loser that as soon as her tits finish growing in and she’s able to attract a real man, she’s disgusted with herself for letting you touch her with a ten foot pole, and she has to be really disgusted to overcome the natural fondness that all women have for their first.

                The problem is that it is not possible to get away with marrying them, and if you express a desire to marry her and then don’t do it soon, no matter how illegal it would be, you will be unmanned in her eyes.

                • Míriel says:

                  >it is not that hard to get away with fucking underage girls

                  Enlighten me, where and how do you meet underage girls? Jim has alluded to this before, but I do not know exactly.

                  >it is not possible to get away with marrying them

                  Alone, that is. If you have a friend or two or three on board with your plan then it becomes possible.

                • jim says:

                  > Enlighten me, where and how do you meet underage girls?

                  If you put on some sort of fun entertainment, a big party, (be prepared to spend quite a bit of money) and you are in charge, preselected, and, and from time to time everyone including the entertainers sees you calling the tune, if you can wander into the entertainer’s space, they look at you and you give them instructions, you will meet all kinds of girls.

                • Fëanor says:

                  Enlighten me, where and how do you meet underage girls? Jim has alluded to this before, but I do not know exactly.

                  I do not. If you want to, I suggest becoming a musician, or selling drugs. Jim may have other methods, but I presume he has kept them to himself for a reason.

                  Alone, that is. If you have a friend or two or three on board with your plan then it becomes possible.

                  OK fed.

                  Why are you named after my pseudonym’s mother, anyway?

                  Take the shill test.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  “Crimes” against children are the go-to pretext for federal door knockers. Asking the question as he did is incredibly suspect. Fuck the shill test; hellban the faggot.

                • Fëanor says:

                  Let him take the shill test, then ban him. That way, if he manages to pass, we will know that our shill test is flawed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  While I no more think its morally wrong to bang POSTpubescent girls than it is to exceed speed limits or structure finances to avoid taxes I don’t do it because not worth the risk and talking about it in this explicit terms sounds very much like fedpoasting and in a way designed to make us look bad even among those who might be inclined to be sympatheic.

                  Nuke the whole thread…

                • Fëanor says:

                  I do not like self-censorship, but given the unwanted attention this has attracted, I would be on board with nuking.

                • Míriel says:

                  Longtime lurker, not a fed. I could pass the shill test, but it’s besides the point.

                  >designed to make us look bad

                  Muhammad literally married a 6 year old and consummated the marriage when she was 9 and women even hardcore feminists don’t care (I wonder why?). This is “bad optics” because you are out of power. If one of you got a little wife (as Poe called his) the regime fell and marriage 1.0 legalized you would look very high-status and women around you would be jealous. Nuke the thread, ok by me. Last poast under this acct

                • Kunning Drueger says:


                  When you want to buy drugs, you don’t walk up to strangers and ask them where they buy drugs.

                • Varna says:

                  In the Russian chans I’ve discovered that these days they use a specific term for glownigger feds and a specific shill test.

                  For glownigger they use “comrade major”. So when some anon says fellow forum users how does one get underage girls or when are the people going to rise up, they instantly answer something along the lines “relax, comrade major, we are but loyal patriots who merely discuss anime”.

                  Comrade major memes

                  The current shill test is “say Putin blows Klaus Schwab on the Island of Secrets”. The Island of Secrets (or Adventure Island) is the current euphemism for Epstein’s island and in general any global elite hideaway with boy buggering undertones.

                  When anon says I don’t need to take the shill test because I’m not comrade major, the other anons proceed to write comments how they ritualistically pee on this anon’s face.


                  I for one celebrate the vibrant diversity of the internets and gladly learn from other cultures.

                • jim says:

                  So Putin is busy putting shills on Russian chans?

                  Our chans, last time I looked, were dead, just US gov robots talking to other robots.

                • Varna says:

                  I wouldn’t know who is shilling who on 2chan, but it looks robust and authentic enough to my foreign eye. Unexpected info pops up. Highly entertaining stuff too, not least of all the constantly evolving internal language.

                  And I guess the shill test is always based on local systemic taboos.

                • jim says:

                  Perhaps Japan does not have a state sponsored shill problem.

                  But in our environment, any unmoderated forum that comes to the attention of the authorities is going to die because signal gets drowned out by meaningless repetitious noise from state sponsored shills, and all the real users get bored and go away.

                  That the unmoderated 2chan still lives, tells me no very large state sponsored shill problem in Japan.

                • Varna says:

                  Oh no, my bad, that’s a different 2chan.

                  I meant lurking in the Russian 2chan which totally does constantly need to evolve new ways of maintaining an internal immune system to identify and segregate shills and comrade majors.

              • Basil says:

                According to my observation, more alpha than the father of a girl is required in the case when a guy directly enters into a confrontation with this father. When the bride’s father (more alpha) in one way or another approves of the guy (less alpha), that he is less alpha than her father does not cause problems if he is still a man. An absence of a father or a weak father is more of a bad sign, even if you are not very alpha. Fatherlessness sleep around and just picks up the counter faster in this I agree with Aidan.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      She was asking you to take her by force and rather miffed it didn’t happen.

      Many such cases!

      • Advice says:

        In hindsight you are correct, but I wasn’t even thinking about that at the time. What I did was a much easier solution to get what I wanted, which I figured would be enough to satisfy her, but she wanted an even higher level of alpha than that. Quite frankly I didn’t really want to put in the effort of kidnapping, which I suppose she could be mad at due it being a hit to her ego or something.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          What you should be thinking about is that any time you are alone with a woman in an ambiguous situation, the most dangerous thing possible is backing out, and your safest pathway in fact is forwards all the way through.

          It’s not the men who fuck who women hit with charges, it’s the men who don’t fuck.

    • Varna says:

      Welcome to current year, buddy.

      She’s trying to be a sissy bitch dominatrix with you being a sissy bitch. Turning someone into a sissy bitch through sexual tension is a fetish which is growing by leaps and bounds.

      Ideally you should wearing a cock cage and a butt plug at work and a dress at home, watch a lot of sissy hypno, and take estrogen pills while she sucks some Tyrone’s dick in front of you. No joke.


      Lots of websites with advice how to do sissification to a guy by the new breed of wannabie witches.

      Many such cases.

      If for some reason you want to keep at this chick, this is beyond generic shit-tests.
      If you really want to have her as your woman, you’re gonna need to juggle deprogramming her while she’s trying to reprogram you.

      Wouldn’t put it past her to put on stealth subliminals 15-19kHZ while you’re around, or ground estrogen into your food.

      In short: this is wizard/priest territory. You’re gonna need 100% focus and 100% confidence and stamina, and you’ll need to pull a James Bond–i.e. get the enemy agent chick so overwhelmed with your skill and personality that she switches sides.

      Otherwise before you know it you’ll be trancing to Bambi Sleep and moaning like a slut while the crazy bitch is pinching your nipples.

      If you organize an offline getaway with the understanding that there’s no Internet for the duration, and you’re her whole environment and you constantly perform at peak condition, confidently molding her personality into healthy directions, then maybe you’ve got a shot at a happy ending, long term.

      Short-term, I’m honestly just get her worked up with some porn, tie her up and bang her, and go your separate ways.

      • Varna says:

        Another, sleazier variation: fight dildo with dildo. Go full dom, talk dirty to her, tell her she’s a crazy whore hungry for cock, etc, and stuff gets decided one way or another. Either she gets scared off, or she starts leaking and lets you have your way with her.

        But again, you’ll have to perform at superman capacity to pull this off, and then continue performing like this in perpetuity, even as she periodically tries to pull a fellow white person trick on you hijacking your idea of justice and reciprocity, how it’s only fair is sometimes you switch roles, you’ll like it, get in touch with your feminine side, come one, everybody’s doing it, what are you, afraid, etc.

      • Aidan says:

        You seem kind of hung up on this. If it’s true that sissy bitch dominatrix fetish is getting more popular with women, it’s because gen Z men are generally sissy bitches already. Maybe the girls who are into this kind of thing are jilling off to it when alone, but when they end up in bed with a real man, any pretense of being a dominatrix swiftly disappears.

        • Varna says:

          Let’s hope you’re right.

          In the past I’d have said some people are excessively hung up on for example vaccinations and fema camps and muh freedoms and trannies and other “weird stuff”.

          I have since been forced to revise my attitude.

      • Advice says:

        You’re not far off. I said below that she made over 100k in the last few months collecting money from paypigs on twitch. Basic findom shit that could easily become dominatrix stuff for some of her simps.

        I did engage in the verbal sparring myself, calling her some pretty demeaning things, but it wasn’t enough. More drastic solutions were likely required, as others have mentioned.

        • Varna says:

          She sounds like someone who could use the power of the state through false witness as leverage for whatever petty or psychotic reason.

          In less globohomo places this would mean she is primarily dangerous through mindgames and maybe through lying to some relatives or friends that you have been abusing her in order to have you stomped.

          In more globohomo places she can snap her fingers and you’re a rapist kidnapper who drugged her and threatened her and whatnot. So I would suggest saving as many dated screenshots as possible of her talking dirty, then finding a way of tapering communications off in a manner that does not set off her demons, and move on.

          The more one’s society is set up to channel and amplify the impulses of crazy bitches, the more the crazy bitch is dangerous, as the state becomes her exoskeleton robot suit with the power of a thousand suns.

          I don’t know where the described events are taking place, but depending on whether it’s inside core globohomo, or on the periphery of globohomo, or outside globohomo, the objective mundane non–sci-fi risks take different forms and reach different scopes.

          Tread with care is what I’m saying.

      • It's Not Making Sense To Me says:

        I doubt this has any appeal to women. What woman would want the situation you described? Only one who was willing to totally ignore the reproductive instinct in her brain.

        It’s easy to see why femdom material appeals to men. Most men (maybe 90%) are beta enough that it causes relationship problems. Men (maybe just beta types, but I would bet all men) have a very common sexual fantasy of a woman who wants to have sex, enthusiastically, and does not require game, but who is also exclusive. The way porn studios square this circle is the fiction of the dominatrix, who is extremely sexually aggressive but specifically attracted to timid types. Clearly she is a male fantasy for the many men who find game a chore, and not a real woman (as any highly sexual woman will require tight game). The only reason a woman would act like a dominatrix is because she was acclimated to it by playing one as a character, which the OP reveals below is exactly what happened.

        In particular I would highly doubt the likelihood any woman is going to put estrogen in a man’s food. It would change my mind some if you could produce a website, written by a “witchy” woman, for a female audience, about how to turn a male sexual partner into a “sissy” as you described.

        • jim says:

          There are no female dominatrixes, or else women would not have to be paid to do it. Or if they took pay for doing it, would actually fuck their clients.

          But women are told that they want to rule the house, and when they shit test, it seems to them that they are attempting to rule the house.

          And indeed they are attempting to rule the house, but if they succeed they will mysteriously leave and not come back, while if they fail, they will mysteriously stick around.

          • It's Not Making Sense To Me says:

            When I was younger I had a long term relationship with a hairdresser who was interested in “kink” and who called what we had a “female led relationship.” She was not much like the OP describes. Outside of the bedroom the main issue was that she insisted on cutting my hair and dressing me in clothes she bought. As a result I spent about a year looking like a flamboyant homosexual. You can probably guess this relationship never involved intense or harsh shit tests, because I was so inept at the time my only chance of passing a shit test was by accident.

            She never ruled the house, despite claiming to do so for almost a year.

    • Aidan says:

      Very occasionally you meet a girl who turns into a total ice queen, cocktease, or some variation thereof once the pants are off. She wants to make you angry so that you give her an extra hard ravishing. I myself don’t feel confident passing shit tests like that in public.

      If you don’t want to ravish her the second she starts talking like that, you can always fight back with words a little bit. She enjoys the tension of being on the edge of being raped and wants to prolong it for a while.
      “Ugh I think I threw up in my mouth a little”
      “Keep suckin like that and won’t I cum anyway”
      It’s not that you should get dragged into endless banter, It just feels more natural to me to parry the verbal before you bang her.

      On one hand, she probably has a low body count because only chad rayp enjoyers get to bang her. On the other hand, she’s only ever slept with chad rayp enjoyers and you’ve got an uncertain chance of being the chaddest. This is what I mean when I say that quality matters more than quantity for a woman’s notch count

      • jim says:

        > She wants to make you angry so that you give her an extra hard ravishing. I myself don’t feel confident passing shit tests like that in public.

        Well obviously you cannot give her an extra hard ravishing in public. (Nor in the backseat of her car.)

        So abduct her to your lair (hard to bang women without a nice secure lair) rip her pants off, and just when she is expecting an extra brutal ravishing, spank her.

        Having passed the shit test, and demonstrated willingness and capability to give her an extra hard ravishing, and just when you are about to proceed from spanking to brutal and cruel ravishing, proceed to find distractions that delay you endlessly. Remember. You have an important mission, much more important than mere women, and important things to do. She will stick around despite your attention purportedly being elsewhere. Women, unlike men, have unlimited patience in this matter.

        • Fëanor says:

          How exactly do you advise “abducting” a woman to your lair? If she is already in your car, easy to drive wherever you like and she probably won’t complain, but just picking her up and carrying her off seems unlikely to fly in most circumstances.

        • Advice says:

          The choice of location did not seem to matter, as she made no effort to get away or attract the attention of others nearby. Unless you mean that it needs to be my domain, regardless of privacy level. In my experience women love being fucked in public, in close proximity to other people where they might be caught. But I’ll take your word for it.

          • jim says:

            Yes, women want a man to display dominance in public, as publicly as possible, to prove he is more alpha than all the other men around, but it is inevitably going to cramp your style. Inevitably you will reveal doubt that you are the most alpha male around.

        • Advice says:

          In my experience, it’s too easy to lose wood in this scenario, which is why I went for it right away. I have been in situations where when it came to the moment of truth, I was not stiff enough to commit the act due to all of the hubbub of pant removal and whatnot.

          • jim says:

            Time is never of the essence, unless you are getting sleepy. You should be taking all the time in the world to get around to checking to see if she qualifies.

          • Varna says:

            The woody at half mast is rooted in viewing the act as proving something to someone. Most of us get sucked into this trap in one way or another.

            Banging a chick is not, however, about proving something to anyone. Not her, not yourself, not any imaginary judges.

            This is about you, and should be happening at your own speed. I mean this theoretically, not necessarily with the current bitch as she sounds toxic and dangerous in a very real false witness sense.

            When it’s about you and at your own speed, when you confidently take control and her mind switches off, you just go with the flow. Speed up the process of undressing her, or slow it down. It’s not a blur where you’re scrambling for the goal posts. You’re in the moment, everything is real, better yet hyper-real, you’re in complete control, her flesh reacts to your every touch, be it gentle or rough, erotic or simply possessive.

            It’s easy to reach such a moment and then exit it through clumsiness, but shit gets real when you enter it and expand upon it, maintain it. The moment of hyper-reality when everything is going by your speed, according to your needs, while she understands that here is her chance to switch off her mind and get some relief from pretending to be sane and rational, and does just that.

            She needs to really believe you’re providing a safe environment for her to stop pretending, and that you know what you’re doing. When she believes this and let’s go (from frenzy to limpness to a million variations inbetween) — and you’re in the moment, playing her like an instrument, gradually approaching the moment of actual intercourse — then potency is never in question.

            In fact, even if soft in between orgasms, this is still completely fine. You just keep up the cocoon of sensation for her via other means, until again ready for a proper banging.

            Every woman is different so it takes a bit to get in tune with her specifics and start doing “a musical improvisation” but 90% of the basics are the same.

            You take control even on the level of kissing and groping, you show that you know what you’re doing and that this is a safe environment for her to stop pretending, and that’s it.

            She’s no longer trying to prove something to someone, you’re no longer trying to prove something to someone, the act is suddenly authentic and the million voices inside one’s head are quite silent. Only the moment.

            • jim says:

              > This is about you, and should be happening at your own speed.

              If you fail to believe it is all about you, and her preferences are irrelevant, if it is not happening at your speed, and your speed is that you have all the time in the world, being secure in your domain, and women are unimportant to you, having a plentiful supply of women and an important mission far beyond the ken of mere women, you are not going to pass the test, because to be seen to try to pass the test is to fail it.

      • Advice says:

        While she was pretty hot and I certainly would not mind fucking her in the future, I am more interested in making sure she does not file a police report, as she accused me in the text of doing a very illegal thing. I should have emphasized that part more. I am not starved for pussy at the moment. While I am confident that I could handle myself with her another time, my priorities lie elsewhere. If I can ignore her completely and move on with my life, I’ll definitely take that option. Perhaps I am being too worried, I have never been called out for my actions in such a way.

        I have since discovered after a little investigation that she does twitch “hot tub streams”, where she shows off her body in a bikini for simps to give money. Furthermore, thanks to the recent twitch leaks, I was able to see that she made 6 figures doing this in the last few months. I really should have done this before meeting her, as if I’d known that I probably would have stayed away.

        • jim says:

          Whores are always looking for a new pimp. She was giving you the pimp job interview. You are unlikely to qualify, and in the unlikely case you did qualify, you would find it even harder to stop her from whoring.

          • Varna says:

            Twice in my youth I’ve been with a new girl who’s introducing me to some assholes she knows, and I realize that in this situation I’ve been assigned the role of The New Pimp for a whore that’s Trying To Move On.

            Hence the girls behaving the way they did, hence the appraising looks I got from the assholes.

            This was of course before livestreams and paypigs and online simping. These days the scene is way more Martian.

          • Advice says:

            I do not want any of these posts associated with the pseudonym I usually post with here and elsewhere on the web, so thank you for continuing to let my comments through moderation.

            I will just ignore her for now and move on with my life. If I don’t need to hit her up again to cover my own ass from legal troubles, then I will refrain. Although my dick really wants me to give it a try.

  36. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    > The worldview of the ancient Christians, where truths about the material world could be derived from pure reason, because the Creator was rational, seems as stupid to us as the worldview where Jupiter threw lightning bolts from Olympus was to them.

    But in reality of course, a being’s capacity for the formation of worlds, the degree to which it is capable of apprehending more or less transcendent teleologies – that is to say, amongst other things, it’s ability to see futures – is the chief quality that distinctifies Dasein from other kinds of beings, like say a rock; and it is differences in possession of this quality that in turn makes for the most consequential differences between various agentified beings, which is their degree of agency in the first place.

    It is a recurrent desire by certain types of men, perhaps archetypically exemplified here by those 16th century academoi, self-styled as ‘enlightenment’ (and those unwittingly possessed by their modes of thought haunting the discourse to this day; which is most people), for a wholly ‘impersonal’ system of perfect epistemological providence that would render the necessity for any subject’s own powers of thought irrelevant. That is to say, an artilect, that could be utilized by any one, to produce any truth, for any thing.

    More pertinently, the issue was not just that they would desire such a thing, but the *why* of why they would so desire such a thing; problems inherent to *the kind of person* who would be desiring such a thing. That they not only desired something to free them from the burden of relying on the faculties they were so insecure of, but as a natural function of the same insecurity, wanting to believe that *nothing else besides* such an artilect could hold value as a belief; that if they can’t get a good hold on Being, then *noone else can either*. Such is the way that ‘modernist’ epistemology leads naturally to ‘post-modernist’ nihilism; a pretense of overturning the enlightenment, yet retaining enlightenment standards of evidence at it’s core. In reality, it was rather the dissolving any any unprincipled exceptions in the corpus of their predecessors, which here and there with passing generations clung on through cultural inertia.

    If as it so happens that a venture by such beings for the creation of such a thing, the eponymous ‘enlightenment project’, inevitably produces calumnies, that masquerade as the desired object instead – for an exact model of Being would imply the creation of something even greater than Being as such – then, rather than consider that it was their preconceptions that were flawed – that *they*, were flawed – it must of course be *existence itself* that was flawed, instead…

    The great preoccupation the modernist school of thinkers had, growing out of the renaissance, with the idea of certainty, derived largely from the great *un*certainties they felt, bewildered by the motions of a world they could hardly seem to wrap their heads around.

    We speak of men tormented by deep insecurities in parts of themselves over weakness in the powers of their own cognition, which, at the same time alloyed by other parts in blithe solipsistic narcissism, is then projected onto everyone else instead; it could not be that *they* are not qualified to think, so if it came to that, it must be that *noone* is qualified to think. (And from hence, one naturally arrives at all manners of demotisms, liberalisms, communisms, and other synonyms.)

    Such lines of thought whose convenience for the conceits of men can, of course, lend it a broad spectrum appeal in popular discourses – and as such, are so often found to be execrably recurrent throughout the ages…

    >”…Moore’s argument for the indefinability of “good” (and thus for the fallaciousness of the “naturalistic fallacy”) is often called the open-question argument; it is presented in §13 of Principia Ethica. The argument hinges on the nature of statements such as “Anything that is pleasant is also good” and the possibility of asking questions such as “Is it good that x is pleasant?” According to Moore, these questions are open and these statements are significant; and they will remain so no matter what is substituted for “pleasure”. Moore concludes from this that any analysis of value is bound to fail. In other words, if value could be analysed, then such questions and statements would be trivial and obvious. Since they are anything but trivial and obvious, value must be indefinable…”

    ‘The existence of matters more difficult than my ability to grasp would imply that i am not as intelligent as i think i am; also there is no way my personal preferences could be bad either; so then therefore, there is no way natural law could exist’

    So said George Edward Moore (presumably after he, Russel, and Keynes were done buggering each other at the cambridge apostles meetings), highly influential founding figure of the 20th century ‘analytic’ branch of our contemporary priesthood, who, it is said, was a serious thinker taken seriously by many people. Postergirl principle you know; here we see a picture of the creme of the crop, the ‘intellectual titans’ of the milieu; when you ask the contemporary academy to give honor rolls of ‘official smart people’, examples like these are what you can hope to expect as the best of it’s best.

    There’s an ironic trap that has dogged priestly fields of endeavor from times immemorial. For one to name the unnamed, you could call it Heidegger’s Lemma. So named, after his analysis of the phenomenology of tool use.

    When a tool is in good working order, for a man familiar in it’s operation, it almost passes out of mind, becomes an unconscious extension of his own being. If then it becomes a malfunctioning tool, interrupting the flow, then, it suddenly becomes thrust back into the forefront of conscious concern, to divine the manner of malfunction.

    But what, then, if the factor who’s troubles preoccupy one’s mind, is their mind itself? And that they hope to work through their difficulties with thinking by… thinking?


    Before the distressingly insecure sets out to proffer any sort of theoretizing, they first proceed from rule 0; that they are a very smart person. If ere circumstances conspire to give the appearance of things that might possibly conflict with this axiom, the obvious explanation must be, it must be something else – *anything else* – at work elsewhere in creation.

    • Mr.P says:

      Genius. Thank you. Clarifying.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I’m not saying I hate myself, but I do feel like I see an enemy in the mirror. So I guess “clarifying” is correct. I’m also thankful. St. John is a luminary. But I obviously need to lurk moar and do some pushups, because I found myself nodding at the Moore quotes.

  37. The Original OC says:

    To argue about whether Christianity should be taken literally or figuratively is to miss the point of Christianity.

    Christianity is not of this world, but it is for this world. That is why God sent his Son to appear in the flesh. He, who is not of this world, sends that which is for this world.

    It does not matter when or if the world was created. It does not matter if elements of a story can be reconciled in time. Christianity is a doctrine of correct action stated, like the English Common Law, in terms of general principles which have not be lawyered. These principles are justified by an unconditional faith.

    The opponents of Christianity do not dare attack the doctrines that are central to its being.

    Let them attack, if they dare.

    • Calvin says:

      As a non-Christian, my greatest beef with it is that it’s way too easy to interpret Christianity as commanding leftism, promoting celibacy over marriage, and worst of all pacifism. You can have your state church suppress certain things but as long as the Bible is your holy book these issues will just keep popping up. “Turn the other cheek” is never a good idea.

      • jim says:

        From 1660 to about 1820, none of those popped up under established Anglicanism. Yes, problem, but scarcely an insuperable one. From 1539 to the present, promotion of celibacy over marriage just has not happened in the various religions descended from that fracture with Rome. Everyone realized that Rome had gone crazy on celibacy, and wanted to be clearly different from them.

        Turning the other cheek is an excellent idea, provided you make it clear to the other guy that you have only two cheeks.

        See my discussion of the issue in “How to genocide inferior kinds in a properly Christian manner.

        In a world of imperfect information, tit for tat degenerates into defect/defect, a low trust hostile world. One tit for two tats is the optimal solution.

        • Calvin says:

          I have read your post on proper Christian genocide. Big problem is that it’s very hard to fit within any extant sort of Christianity – even Orthodoxy is largely theologically anti-racist even if its laity has more nationalism. Christianity just doesn’t provide a framework for grouping ethnicities into superior and inferior and often tries to deny that there are such differences. But Jews are Jews and Greeks are Greeks, whatever they believe or whatever St. Paul says.

          The issue with cheek-turning is that if you turn the other cheek where anyone can see you, you are correctly going to be regarded as a beta bitch, and if the other guy has the slightest inclination to do so he will shortly be fucking your wife. If violence against you isn’t promptly met by violence (proportionate or not) in response you are weak and will be perceived as such. If a man strikes me on the cheek if I’m generous I slap him back just as hard, if I’m not I slug him right there. An eye for an eye is a fundamentally fair and functional code. Letting someone with a knife get suspiciously close to your eye without doing anything is not.

          One tit for two tats isn’t that bad a strategy if you’re dealing with, say, European Christians, but if dealing with for example Muslims of any sort the slightest tat on their part should be met with genocidal levels of tits. If we were going to do anything, Afghanistan should have been shamelessly wiped off the map.

          Mercy only works between people already inclined to be civilized, when dealing with barbarians it is a fatal poison. Maybe God can afford to forgive, but people cannot and should not be expected to. Imo an ideal religion should encourage harsh but fair justice in this life and confine rehabilitation to the safely dead. If you’re truly repentant you understand why we need to cut your head off and if you go willingly God will reward you in the afterlife, that sort of thing. Certainly no sparing of a woman from being rightfully stoned for adultery.

          • jim says:

            > I have read your post on proper Christian genocide. Big problem is that it’s very hard to fit within any extant sort of Christianity.

            It fitted fine into Christianity when Christians were conquering the Americas.

            > The issue with cheek-turning is that if you turn the other cheek where anyone can see you, you are correctly going to be regarded as a beta bitch

            Daniel Boone did plenty of cheek turning, and no one ever thought he was a beta bitch. I have done some mighty big cheek turning myself, and no one thinks I am a beta bitch. (It kind of helps when you are get a short two handed double bladed axe before offering the other cheek.)

            What gives the appearance of a beta bitch is the signal that an unlimited supply of extra cheeks and extra miles may be forthcoming. The point is to signal the possibility of peace and the prospect of total war, rather than going directly into total war.

            • Calvin says:

              It fitted fine into Christianity when Christians were conquering the Americas.

              Problem with that is that the conquest of the Americas was largely an unprincipled exception to Christianity, one without much theological underpinning. There’s little New Testament framework for violently seizing lands of other people on the other side of the world that pose no threat to your homelands. Even during the conquest you had a lot of Christians trying to convert and save the Indians, or even going outright John Brown and taking their side. It’s thanks to the Catholic Church that South America is so thoroughly mixed instead of pure Iberian stock.

              What gives the appearance of a beta bitch is the signal that an unlimited supply of extra cheeks and extra miles may be forthcoming. The point is to signal the possibility of peace and the prospect of total war, rather than going directly into total war.

              Problem is that that’s exactly the sort of signal that Jesus, in context, is saying to give (literally give a robber the shirt off your back, wtf). And it’s undoubtedly the one he practiced, what with willingly going to his death and then praying not even that justice be done, but his killers be forgiven. St. Stephen prayed that his own murder not be laid to the murderer’s charge. Praying for a fair punishment is one thing, praying for forgiveness for egregious crimes against you is quite another.

              • jim says:


                Not unprincipled exceptions. They guys that conquered America were operating on the original Christianity that did the crusades, the Christianity that unified Britain, the Christianity that reconquered the Roman Empire under Saint Justinian the emperor.

                It is modern progressive “Christianity” that is an unprincipled exception to traditional sane Christianity.

                When you go to Church, you will required to say “Peace on Earth to all men of good will”. Which implies that it is OK to go to war with men who are not of good will.

                It is modern fake Christianity that is the unprincipled exception when it drops the “to all men of good will”

                Daniel Boone was as Christian as Saint Justinian the emperor. He was a Christian as those that waded through blood into the Holy Sepulchre.

                Some of the guys that conquered America, quite a few of them, notably Pizzaro, were bandits, and were not constrained by aby high moral principles, but for the most part they were operating under traditional Just War doctrine. Just War doctrine is wonderfully red pilled, and is not an exception to Christianity, but the application of Christianity to war. It is modern pastors acceptance of deviation from traditional Just War doctrine that is the unprincipled exception to Christianity.

                • Calvin says:

                  What variation of the Just War doctrine allows you to attack and conquer a civilization thousands of miles across the oceans from your own that was more or less just minding its own business and in no conceivable way a threat to you? I don’t want to be misunderstood – I’m unambiguously in favor of killing the men of inferior civilizations and taking their women, land, and booty, but I don’t see any plausible interpretation of Jesus Christ who is.

                  Daniel Boone and St. Justinian were, as far as I can tell, fine folks with good heads on their shoulders. Unfortunately, neither of them were the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins, and hence their examples can only pale next to his. And Jesus’ example is willing submission to hostile authorities, to the point of an unjust death in a rigged trial, whereupon he prayed not that justice would be done on his tormenters but that they be forgiven. It’s the opposite of the healthy self-assertion necessary to colonize anywhere.

                • jim says:

                  Christ did that stuff so you don’t have to.

                  Article 14: Voluntary Works besides, over, and above, God’s Commandments, which they call Works of Supererogation, cannot be taught without arrogancy and impiety

                  Cortez did not actually wanted kill all the Aztecs. He wanted to take over as Lord and Christianize them, for which aggressive program he had ample excuse.

                  For conquering distant civilizations, obviously Mohammed works better than Christ – but Muslims lack internal cohesion and peace between Muslims.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If you roll up on a group of blood-drunk, demon-worshipping savages, and say, “Hello, good fellows, I come to trade,” and they kill your traders, then you can kill them all and fuck their women. If they say, “No thank you, not interested,” then leave them be.

                • Fëanor says:

                  What variation of the Just War doctrine allows you to attack and conquer a civilization thousands of miles across the oceans from your own that was more or less just minding its own business and in no conceivable way a threat to you?

                  None, but this is generally not a good idea, because having it as your doctrine leads to breakdown of cooperation at home, and it is generally not what happened in the conquest of the Americas.

                  The way you genocide inferior races according to Just War, according to Jim’s post, and according to the way it mostly happened in the conquest of the Americas, is that you offer them a blatantly bad deal, for example land for whiskey and glass beads, which they are apt to take because they are stupid and impulsive, then when they discover that they have been screwed, they are apt to renege on the deal in a rather violent manner. Then it is Just War.

                  If they are not stupid and impulsive enough to take the bad deal, they are not inferior enough to genocide.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “… is that you offer them a blatantly bad deal, for example land for whiskey and glass beads, which they are apt to take because they are stupid and impulsive, then when they discover that they have been screwed, they are apt to renege on the deal in a rather violent manner. Then it is Just War.”

                  You mean like land, infrastructure, intellectual property, etc. for things like iPhones and stuff and Walmart?

                • Calvin says:

                  And what do we do with Christ’s commands that we forgive seventy times seven times, literally on pain of hell? Or “whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me” when that could be (and often is) applied to inferior races in need of elimination or criminal scum in need of execution? Commands purportedly direct from God aren’t easy to ignore, but if you forgive every nigger who breaks in looking to rape and loot your culture is over. Even in Russian Orthodoxy, St. Seraphim of Sarov went to court to demand the guys who beat him half to death with an ax be allowed to more or less get away with it. That is not only deeply stupid, but from my pov (and doubtless all the remaining people they beat and robbed afterwards) actively evil. But Seraphim is still considered a saint.

                • jim says:

                  The apostles asked if that was the standard, how could anyone make it to heaven.

                  To which Christ mysteriously replied that God would make it possible.

                  Standard Christianity is that God did make it possible.

                  Standard Christianity is that Christ did this stuff so you don’t have to.

                  Standard old type Anglicanism is that it is a lot easier to preach this stuff than to actually do it, and people who are preaching it are up to no good – except, of course, that Christ actually did do it.

                  The Saint was made saint because he actually did do it. If he preached it instead, better crucify him and see if he rises.

                • Calvin says:

                  If you’re going to be so blatantly discarding the commandments of God in one area, going to be mighty hard to keep up the faith that we need to vigorously enforce the commandments of God in another area, such as marriage. You need real believers to be an appreciable proportion of the population or the whole thing will hollow out like communism did, but real believers exposed to the real Jesus’ real commandments may well come away with some alarmingly anti-social ideas in their heads. State religions need to be both pro-social and live, seems like Christianity has trouble maintaining both at the same time.

                • jim says:

                  > If you’re going to be so blatantly discarding the commandments of God in one area

                  Take the demon worshipper test, or acknowledge what religion you do in fact follow, for it does not sound much like Christianity to me.

                • Calvin says:

                  I started this by saying that I am not a Christian.[*deleted because I want this conversation to end*]

                • jim says:

                  OK, but I do not intend that this blog will waste space on non Christians telling Christians what Christianity is.

                  Any non Christian interested in the topic is apt to confidently, unshakeable, and incorrigibly believe that Christians believe, have always believed, or should believe, in something outrageously stupid and evil, making conversation impossible and a waste of time.

                  So, no lecturing me or anyone else on what the law of God says. The ridiculous conversation with Fëanor was a sufficient waste of space.

                  If you are interested in the topic, learn what Christianity is before telling me what it is.

                  I welcome debate with Christians who disagree with me about what Christianity is and atheists who are aware of what Christianity was, and has become. Not going to discuss it with non Christians who don’t know and don’t want to find out.

                • neofugue says:

                  We interpret scripture through the lens of our traditions and our saints. Even Protestants claiming sola scriptura base their traditions in Luther or Calvin and borrow theology from Augustine and Aquinas. Unless one’s view of scripture comes from tradition or a saint his interpretation should be considered false until proven true. The term in Orthodoxy for this tendency is “prelest,” spiritual delusion, as even the most venerable monks are required to assume that some of their beliefs are in error.

                  When Christ commands forgiveness of one’s brother “seventy times seven,” he is not discussing statecraft, rather referring to personal forgiveness of wrongs as debts owed between men are insignificant compared to debts men owe God. This parable is recounted in the Lord’s Prayer, “forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” as Christ came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.

                  Poster girl principle applies here; if the Progressive interpretation of “seventy times seven” is false, all Progressive interpretations of scripture mentioned here are false. Pride leads to destruction; humility is a virtue.

                • neofugue says:

                  Jim, linked below is a more complete version of the meme.


                • Calvin says:

                  [*Questions deleted for lack of the background knowledge to ask sensible questions or understand sensible answers.*]

                • jim says:

                  That line of questioning is unlikely to be profitable.

                  I suggest you have an imaginary conversation with Saint Justinian the Emperor about these topics in the context of his restoration of order and empire.

                  It is obvious what answers he would give you, if he did not cut off your head for asking them.

                  And since he is officially a Saint, you will not be able to tell him that his answers contradict Christianity. and true Christians will never accept them.

                • Calvin says:

                  I can imagine what Justinian or any other successful Christian imperial leader would say, what I cannot imagine is how you would square his answers with the teachings of Jesus Christ on forgiveness. [*rest deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  This has been explained to you several times, and discussed for two millennia.

                  You insist on obstinately interpreting Christian words in a way wildly different from the way Christians use them. This makes conversation unprofitable.

                  Christians are required to show mercy and forgiveness. This not a requirement that Christians lie down and become a carpet for someone else to walk on, and has never been so interpreted, except by people who are not Christians telling Christians to lie down and be walked on.

                  In game theoretic terms, it is a requirement that Christians take the necessary risks to escape defect/defect equilibrium.

                  You say “what forgiveness means”. No that is not what it means. It is not how Christians use the word, it is not how anyone uses the word except they are trying to jerk Christians around.

                • Calvin says:

                  Please define, in a Christian context, what forgiveness is and what it’s limits are. That is all I am asking. If I’m failing to understand, please educate me from your perspective.

                • jim says:


                  Accepting defeat in war, submitting to conquest, and allowing criminals to commit crimes with against one with impunity does not seem to have any page rank at all, and I have never seen anyone use the term that way except when trying to gaslight Christians.

                  As for mercy, the infamous Hanging Judge was infamous for lack of mercy, not because he gave effect to the law as written (death penalty for any criminal activity)

                  The way it worked is if someone stole a loaf of bread, his friends and relatives would ask a respectable gentleman who was a friend of a friend to come forward and say he is a good boy and his family and friends are good people, and will make sure he does not do it again. Of course, if he was a bit short of friends and family, or his friends and family tended to feared and hated by all the respectable gentlemen, he would be hung. In public, and the crowd would watch him dance and crap himself. But most people, most of the time, were not hung. Instead their friends and family were tasked by the respectable gentleman with taking care of things.

                  Although the law was severe on stuff that was simple uncomplicated crime, it went very easy on violence and complicated crimes – following a general principle that if there was no underlying crime that provoked the violence, it was just too hard to sort out who was at fault. Which non intrusive policy made for swift and simple justice, and allowed plenty of room for private justice.

                  The mercy was linked to a process that might reasonably be hoped to lead to reconciliation between offender and offended.

                • Calvin says:

                  [*deleted for stubbornly disregarding the definitions of mercy and forgiveness just posted*]

                • jim says:

                  To my total lack of surprise.

              • Fëanor says:

                You mean like land, infrastructure, intellectual property, etc. for things like iPhones and stuff and Walmart?

                If your point is that the Cathedral uses this tactic against its enemies, yes, they do. But when they get to the war and genocide part, they are pathetically incompetent, as seen most recently in Afghanistan.

                And what do we do with Christ’s commands that we forgive seventy times seven times, literally on pain of hell?

                Ignore them, or reinterpret them into something less stupid, and enforce the non-stupid interpretations with the power of the state. I have been arguing that this inevitably leads to periodic outbreaks of holiness-spiraling heresy, which sometimes win, as the Puritans eventually won, but apparently the counter-argument is either that this is not inevitable, or that it is no less inevitable no matter what religion you choose.

                Cortez did not actually wanted kill all the Aztecs. He wanted to take over as Lord and Christianize them, for which aggressive program he had ample excuse.

                The Aztecs were not killed, and appeared to Christianize enthusiastically, with famous purported miracles, but went back to their demon worship the moment there was no longer a white man to be lord over them. So perhaps Cortes should have focused less on Christianizing and more on killing.

                • Alfred says:

                  The Aztecs were not killed, and appeared to Christianize enthusiastically, with famous purported miracles, but went back to their demon worship the moment there was no longer a white man to be lord over them. So perhaps Cortes should have focused less on Christianizing and more on killing.

                  Cortes was following Alexander the Great’s model which created a Greek dominated elite and culture over his conquests. Cortez did much the same.

                  The fact that the white elites failed to reproduce in large enough numbers to rule over them is evidence that the Demon gods are stronger, thus they return to their roots.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Alexander’s empire, much like the Spanish empire, rather quickly reverted to type.

                  Looks to me like the anglican model of mercenary adventurers bringing their women with them and ‘resettling’ any incumbent indigens in the way works a lot better.

      • The Original OC says:

        Christ preached obedience – but nothing more – to those who were undeniably in possession of the government.

        Anyone who says “no” to a plot proposed by a “glownigger” practises obdience to those who are in possession.

        But the money changers in the temple? Christ hit them with a stick.

    • alf says:

      The opponents of Christianity do not dare attack the doctrines that are central to its being.

      Let them attack, if they dare.

      The easiest attack vector towards the central doctrine, which attack is ubiquitous these days, is ‘nice story bro, don’t care.’

      • jim says:

        Not seeing it. You need to ask, why they don’t care.

        Christianity is dying because hostile to fathers, husbands, and family.

        If Christ is foundational to hatch and match, then people care.

        • alf says:

          Not seeing it.

          Because you are the type of man who, when having a fish dangled in front of him, responds ‘what fish?’ with such conviction that everyone in the room will start to doubt if there is really a fish.

          You are still acting as if there is a red-pilled, Christian elite hiding behind the curtains, ready to jump out at the first sign of safety. There just isn’t. We’ve arrived about one hundred years too late. Time to accept this loss and move on.

            • alf says:

              I’d say that is typical work from lord Kek, who I’d interpret as a trollish angel sent by God to help.

              Who summoned Kek? Does he represent old Christians with everything to lose, or young Christians with nothing to lose?

              • Karl says:

                Your comment suggests that old Christians in general have more to lose than young Christians. Please explain.

                My impression is that young people have more that they can lose and can lose it more easily, especially a job, job prospects, rented house or appartment and small children, which the government can take away.

                Old people generally have more wealth, but that is rather difficult to take away (the more difficult the more wealth) and child protection services won’t take adult sons and daugthers.

                Or did you think about young crippled Christian men with a criminal recordt, without a job and no prospect of ever being hired, with a lot of debt they will never be able to repay, without a wife and no prospect of ever finding one?

                I have never met one of those young Christians and doubt they exist – like you doubt the existance of a hidden Christian elite

                • alf says:

                  Supposedly there is a formidable Christian elite out there which has to hide its power level, implying that that elite has much to lose would it reveal its power level.

                  But pepe and wojak and assorted tomfoolery are all made by young people who realize playing nice ain’t getting them anywhere — the bridges are burnt, might as well troll a little.

                • Karl says:

                  I don’t know them personally, but I do think that Pepe and wojak and assorted tomfoolery have a lot to lose.

                  Don’t you think they have a chance to start a familiy (or already started one)? Sure, they’ll never have career in administration, but there is a life outside of those circles.

                  As far as power levels go, there is nothing formidable to hide. What power there is outside of the cathedral is in muslim clans and organized crime.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                The man asking, “What fish?” in this conversation is you. Jim is pointing to what are clearly Christians attacking the governing religion of the modern American state. Your response is, “Its just a joke, bro.” The jokes being attacked by several high-level Cathedral mouthpieces and yet the jokesters closing ranks and getting more aggressive. That is impressive. There are no Babylon Bee tell-all books or leakers trying to attack them. Just more pointed jokes pointing out that the supposed president is a mental patient and the other religion is the domain of an assembly of other lunatics.

                • alf says:

                  Wowzers, they’re making fun of SJW’s *and* the president? Based!

                  In all seriousness, they make some funny content. But lets not pretend they are less purple pilled than they are.

                • jim says:

                  The point I am making is not that Babylon Bee is red pilled. I am not making any point at all. I am pointing to the Babylon Bee making my point.

                  The point Babylon Bee is making is that people are of necessity hiding their power levels.

                  You cannot know if a red pilled Christianity exists except by talking to people when they are drunk.

                • alf says:

                  Everyone is hiding, everyone is scared, everyone agrees that political correctness has gone too far.

                  But in order to restore, needs to be agreement on what exactly should be restored. Two Christians, three opinions.

                • jim says:

                  > Two Christians, three opinions.

                  One entryist, one shill, one Christian, two opinions, and you are not hearing the Christian opinion because he dare not speak.

                  There was nothing wrong with Christianity till the Socinians took over. The men who are pushing this crap cannot pass the Demon Worshiper test.

                  This is like the argument we had about whether the neonazis are “wingnuts”. No one could find a wingnut who was not an obvious Soros shill.

                  You hear fake Christians pushing progressive crap, and you don’t hear real Christians pushing back.

                  You will hear them when it is safe for them to do so. This modern “Christianity” crap was not pushed until the Socinians took over, and Socinians cannot pass the Demon Worshiper test.

                  Socinianism found an intellectual loophole in the Apostles Creed, which enabled them to enter Christianity. The Demon Worshiper test specifically addresses that loophole, and look how effective it is. Most Christians who could pass the Demon Worshiper test will do fine, once they are no longer afraid.

                  That the Demon Worshiper test works implies that what you are seeing is not Christianity, but entryism.

                  The Apostles Creed is a bunch of antibodies against the entryists that afflicted early Christianity. You always need new antibodies against new parasites. The thirty nine articles were a bunch of new antibodies against new parasites, and the Demon Worshiper test is three antibodies against the three major current parasites.

                  Just enforce something like the thirty nine articles, modern vaccines against modern forms of non Christian Entryism, take away the climate of fear, and Christianity will be fine. If Christianity is as limp dicked and worthless as you say, why does the Demon Worshiper test work so well?

                • alf says:

                  I have heard Christians speak, confidentially and honestly. Purple pilled at best, always.

                  When your opinion is surpressed for long enough, across generations, you tend to forget your opinion.

                  Your interpretation of Christianity, which I find righteous and agreeable, I just do not find outside this blog. I find fragments of it, like when I talk to older Christians and gently mention certain truths, they light up as if remembering some old dream, but not a dream they can articulate.

                • jim says:

                  > I have heard Christians speak, confidentially and honestly. Purple pilled at best, always.

                  No one speaks honestly in public, or even in private, unless he is drunk, or thinks his anonymity secure.

                  Every time I hear a Christian preaching progressivism, I apply the Demon Worshiper test, and he cannot pass.

                  The blue pillers are entryists, and the purple pillers are namefags.

                • jim says:

                  > When your opinion is suppressed for long enough, across generations, you tend to forget your opinion.

                  Yes, and Christianity has been almost forgotten. But it sleeps as a mustard seed. Behind the shield of Putin’s nukes, it awakens – check out some websites of Orthodox Churches. Greek Orthodox is almost as blue pilled as Pope Francis bowing down to pagan idols, but Russian Orthodoxy lives, and I see some Greek Orthodox looking at Russian Orthodox, and stirring.

                  When the Cathedral loses its nukes, you will see Christianity remembered in the West.

                  OK, I suppose you will correctly say of those websites, “purple pilled”. But they are beginning to remember. The full red pill is on its way. Look at our penetration of the real neo nazis and the meme magicians. We cannot expect too much from Christians till the weight of repression is lifted off their necks. I never expected anything much from namefag Yarvin. You want the full red pill from some Christian namefag?

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If you have n Christians, you will have n+1 opinions on Christianity. One that they will all share, and n different opinions of progressive Christianity. The lack of consensus shows that they are wearing a mask, and will drip the mask when drunk or no longer hunted by progs.

                  Anyone that shows up with a different brand of normal Christianity has a striking propensity to both fail the demon worshipper test and act as if the name of Christ is painful to speak. Such “Christians” behave as if they are liable to burst into flame if they should touch a Bible or be splashed with holy water. I think it is safe to say that their opinions on Christianity should not hold any weight in our evaluation of proper Christian thought.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  That half-remembered dream is a seed that needs only a little water and soil, or kindling that just needs a spark. The core is there, it just needs a little work and it will be good as new. “Who wants to kill and fuck pussy, in the name of the Lord” is a damned fine rallying call, and will wake those people up like nothing else.

                • alf says:

                  “Who wants to kill and fuck pussy, in the name of the Lord”

                  We shall see how long it takes for folks to say this out loud.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I will occasionally say it out loud, and people look around to make sure no one says anything, but they do not leave. The people to whom I say it are not particularly religious. If anything, they are distinctly irreligious.

                • Pooch says:

                  Example of an old-type Christian:

                  I bet if you talked to Phil Robertson in private his interpretation of Christianity would be quite thoroughly Jimian and something tells me there are more Phil Robertsons out there.

                • jim says:

                  It is absolutely obvious that Phil Roberton is an actual Christian, and faggot Christianity is embarrassed before him. When the Cathedral’s thumb is removed from the scales, the Phil Robertsons will have no problem. The mustard seed will sprout.

                • HerbR says:

                  I don’t like the “hiding his power level” metaphor in general, but especially don’t like the way it’s being used to equivocate here.

                  Exactly what are they hiding – that they are red-pilled Christians, or that they are powerful figures?

                  I’d like to believe that there are powerful people who are hiding their red-pilled Christianity until the time is right. I seriously doubt that there are any significant number of red-pilled Christians who have a lot of power but somehow manage to hide that power – that sounds ludicrous to me, as power is practically the opposite of having to hide. What type of hidden power could we possibly be referring to? Life isn’t an anime show where people spontaneously transmogrify into a new hairstyle and manifest superpowers. Real power is a very visible and public phenomenon – it has to be, because power that is not being exercised is power in free-fall.

                  But I think we are really talking about the former – people in power who hide their true beliefs. The problem is that this is apparently unfalsifiable. Where are these people? “Duh, they’re hiding”. How many are there? “According to the Babylon Bee, a lot”. Not very persuasive, and the Bee isn’t even depicting powerful people hiding their beliefs, just ordinary nobodies hiding their beliefs. We know that millions of ordinary nobodies and edgelords and trolls are either hiding their beliefs or hiding their identities, but none of that answers the question being asked here.

                  The canonical Caesar scenario – or so I thought – was that someone who is probably not very Christian takes power, realizes they need a state religion to keep people in line, and makes red-pilled non-elite Christians (we hope) high status and elite. But suddenly it’s not about that anymore, and we are supposed to believe that there are hordes of actual high-status/high-powered elites who are red-pilled Christians and who are merely hiding one attribute or the other? No, I’m not buying that.

                  I’m not saying that red-pilled Christians *couldn’t* occupy all the upper echelons of society, under the right circumstances, given the right catalyst, and so on. Yes, by all means, let’s fire all of the Harvard staff (out of a canon) and replace them with a bunch of Russian Orthodox or Southern Baptists or whatever. But, it is going to take more than a Babylon Bee video to convince me that there are thousands of red-pilled Christian “sleeper agents” already in place.

                • jim says:

                  > Exactly what are they hiding – that they are red-pilled Christians, or that they are powerful figures?

                  Yes, confusing term, needs rectification of names. Used to mean that someone is hiding his awareness of reality, hiding the power of his sight.

                  > The canonical Caesar scenario – or so I thought – was that someone who is probably not very Christian takes power, realizes they need a state religion to keep people in line, and makes red-pilled non-elite Christians (we hope) high status and elite.

                  That is the scenario I have always argued for, and seems to me the only course out of this mess.

                  Now after it happens, then we will find that we don’t have a state religion, and urgently need one.

                  I am saying that after it happens, Christianity will swiftly recover to a fit state to fit the job.

                  Alf is saying that now, Christianity is in an unfit state, which obviously is, and can never recover, which is far from obvious.

                  > But suddenly it’s not about that anymore, and we are supposed to believe that there are hordes of actual high-status/high-powered elites who are red-pilled Christians

                  No one is saying that we have a secret red pilled Christian elite ready to step into the job tomorrow. Quite obviously, we do not. The question is whether Christianity can come back from the dead once the boot of Child Protective Services and the School system is removed from its throat.

                  If there was no life left there, our enemies would not be jumping up and down on the corpse quite so enthusiastically.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Today redpilled people tend to withdraw from society, at least in so far as it concerns their family. Christians are people who still think they can rely on formal community support strategy, which is a purplepilled outlook, either because they think things are less bad than they are, or because they don’t think they can possibly succeed alone.

          • Pooch says:

            There is no Christian elite hiding but there are plenty of non-pozzed Christians left in Amerikana. They go to evangelical Christian churches, which is a thoroughly American institution. Likewise Afrikaners in South Africa in Afrikaner Protestant and Dutch Reformed Protestant Church. I don’t know if Europe has an equivalent, maybe not.

            • Karl says:

              Well, maybe the problem is in the word “elite”. If you are out of power, can you be part of the “elite”?

              Usually the powers that be are called “elite”. At best, you can have something like a couter-elite or elite aspirants in hiding.

              • The Cominator says:

                In a warrior society can be out of power but elite, the outsider daimyo of the Tokugawa shogunate being perhaps the best example…

                In our society or any priestly society its hard.

      • The Original OC says:

        There are a thousand times as many stories written as can be read in one lifetime. Perhaps a thousand thousand.

        You do not get a choice which you can care about.

  38. Fëanor says:

    Final comments on Christianity:

    It seems to me that Christianity is good at maintaining civilization, and not very good at (re)building it. The Church came into being in a pagan empire that had already conquered the known world, and when that empire fell (in the West), the pagan barbarians who conquered it converted to Christianity—after they had already done most of the bloody work of restoring civilization and patriarchy.

    If there is a sane Christian response to the collapse of civilization, it is to remember that Christ did not come to abolish the Old Testament, and behave more or less as they did in Deuteronomy, until we have restored an environment where the virtues of the New Testament make sense. Maybe this was the response of St. Justinian the Emperor, but in the West, the reaction of the communion of saints was very often to tacitly assume the world was ending, and encourage people to literally or metaphorically go into the desert and pray. Well, Catholics consider their saints vindicated, because the pagan barbarians eventually converted to Christianity, but how many of those who went into the desert or were martyred had descendants to enjoy the restored Christian civilization? I want to have descendants that enjoy the next phase of civilization, whether it be Christian or not.

    Maybe all this proves is that the root of the rot is at the root of the East/West Schism, but I am a Westerner, and cannot very well stop being one. Russian Orthodoxy lives, Jim says, but I am not a Russian and cannot become one. The closest thing to a faith of my ancestors is the old type Anglicanism that Jim so admires, but that is nearly as dead as the pagan gods of Rome.

    There are still churches in America where a semblance of patriarchal civilization still lives, but they are all, as Jim would say, hopelessly backwoods, whether Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, or otherwise, and I can join the church, but I cannot so easily join the patriarchal civilization. If I were to follow these churches’ teachings on sex and marriage, I would be an involuntary celibate, as most so-called traditionalist Catholics that I see online are involuntary celibates.

    I do not much believe in any of the supernatural claims of Christianity, except maybe as metaphors, and maybe they have always been metaphors, but to be worthy metaphors, they must be shared with a worthy community of believers. I do not see such a community, so I do not see the point in believing in any metaphors, at least until I see a prophet with the potential to unite a worthy community behind him. Maybe he will be Christian, and maybe he will not.

    • jim says:

      > It seems to me that Christianity is good at maintaining civilization, and not very good at (re)building it. The Church came into being in a pagan empire that had already conquered the known world, and when that empire fell (in the West), the pagan barbarians who conquered it converted to Christianity—after they had already done most of the bloody work of restoring civilization and patriarchy.

      Christian doctrines, the consensus of the communion of the saints, frequently have that problem. The Christian doctrines on sex and marriage make sense in an environment where you start with your fiancee in situation of cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, because your patriarch acquired her for you from another patriarch, to whom he was connected by blood or through connected positions in the social hierarchy, thus he was able to acquire her for you because he and her patriarch were already in cooperate/cooperate equilibrium.

      They make no sense under situations where all available women are unowned, and you have to start out in defect/defect equilibrium, and somehow get from there to cooperate equilibrium by any means necessary. If you follow Christian rules designed for times of sexual order in a time of sexual anarchy, you will be involuntarily celibate and die alone and childless.

      The Christian rules need to be qualified and clarified by saying they apply to ladies, not bitches, and no woman these days is a lady unless her man makes her so.

      The Pauline doctrine of non resistance to lawful governors made perfect sense in a situation where there were lawful governors, but became suicidal during the dark age following the fall of Rome, and Christianity then proceeded to clarify it by getting picky about which governors were lawful, perhaps rather more picky than Saint Paul was, and by dropping from obedience and respect, to non resistance and respect, but staying alive required such pickiness and a lot of violence.

      But in another sense, Christianity is very good at restoring civilization in a dark age as a tool of a good, virtuous, and militarily competent, King A King who is reluctantly willing to kill quite a lot of people when necessary. That is how post Roman Britain came out of its dark age. Christianity was the standard tool in the toolbox used for the job.

      Alfred the Great and Saint Justinian the Emperor are good examples. They relied very heavily on state Christianity in restoration of order and civilization. Also on killing quite a lot of people.

      • Fëanor says:

        Is there anyone among the saints that discusses the distinction between order and anarchy, and the question of what the rules should be in the latter case?

        • neofugue says:

          Saint John of Damascus presided over the Islamic Conquest of the Levant and the first Iconoclast period and Saints Theophan the Recluse and John of Kronstadt lived when the faith in Russia was collapsing. Seraphim Rose has the unique attribute of being an old-type Christian while being normie-friendly.

          But as for our current predicament…you will not find one who judges, but no saint tells one to eat human flesh during a famine. Christianity is not like Islam with its Sharia; God tells you to do things and you are supposed to figure it out to some extent. Situations change, but the rules do not.

    • Aidan says:

      From your earlier thread:
      “If you think that the Church never pontificates on materially falsifiable claims, then your definition of what is materially falsifiable is too narrow. The red and blue pill positions on women are material and falsifiable, and any doctrine on sex and marriage must necessarily presume one of those. The problem is not the pontificating, which is necessary, but the consensus based decision mechanism.”

      No organization is willing to openly commit heresy on the WQ today, not even the LDS, and its members will probably be quite uncomfortable when the truth is spoken out loud, even if they quietly agree. Same reason why the WQ shill test is so powerful; entryists do not dare even ask their employers for permission to pass it. It’s the ultimate taboo.

      “the pagan barbarians who conquered it converted to Christianity—after they had already done most of the bloody work of restoring civilization and patriarchy.”

      Alaric was a Christian, dude, long before he burnt Rome to the ground and stole everything that was not nailed down. Most of the barbarians did the civilization building work after they converted to Christianity and not before.

      “Russian Orthodoxy lives, Jim says, but I am not a Russian and cannot become one. The closest thing to a faith of my ancestors is the old type Anglicanism that Jim so admires, but that is nearly as dead as the pagan gods of Rome.”

      ROCOR is a converts church. Their goal is to evangelize Orthodoxy to America, and so you don’t have to be Russian. I’m not Russian Orthodox, but I went to one of their masses recently and it was quite nice. Their church looked like American Colonial architecture with some Eastern touches. Not alien at all. It looked like a holy place appropriate for westerners, and the priest spoke with a thick southern accent. The whole parish sat down to a home-cooked meal afterwards, and I talked to the priest about guns and politics while his thin and modestly-dressed daughter poured us coffee; he was as red-blooded an Amerikaner as anyone.

      • Fëanor says:

        It does not matter, or rather it is too much to hope for in this day and age, that the red pill be preached from the pulpit, as long as fathers are giving their daughters in marriage, and this still happens (though informally and imperfectly because they cannot realize they are doing it) anywhere that good men with daughters form a community with good men with sons. The question is whether an outsider can ever really be part of this community enough to benefit from it like this; frankly, I haven’t tried very hard. (Also I am probably too old, since the daughters are usually lost as soon as they’ve gone off to college, and the age gap taboo is even stronger than the rest of the redpill taboo.)

        Perhaps I will take a look at ROCOR. I am rather disappointed in the tradcath scene lately, even besides the various doctrinal errors that I think go back rather far in Church history; certainly there was no home-cooked meal after the TLMs I’ve been to, and the whole thing frankly seems as LARPy IRL as it does online. Your story reminds me that I actually have an aunt and uncle who converted to some Orthodox church, don’t know which, from Southern Baptistry; I had once entertained the hope of an Amerikaner Orthodox Church that absorbed the remnants of the various dying Protestant traditions. Maybe ROCOR could be the seed of that, though if the trend picks up real steam it will probably be shut down on grounds of muh Putin.