Elections and voting

Democracy died on 2020-11-04, so I have been paying no attention to elections, electoral integrity laws, and all that.

But, due to normalcy bias, lots of people have:

In the run up before the 2020-11-03 election, the Democrats massively escalated all their regular routine fraud, sufficient to deal with a massive Trump landslide.

But instead of a massive Trump landslide, they got a colossal Trump landslide, so in the early hours of the morning of 2020-11-04, halted the counting, and proceed with hasty, panicked, and incompetent last minute fraud. Which last minute fraud was only applied to the federal election results, with the result that a lot of states went Republican at the state level.

And, theoretically, the states control the election process. So those freshly minted Republicans think they are onto a good thing. So, a bunch of election integrity laws.

Also, a whole lot of laws against critical race theory.

The laws on critical race theory appear to be having absolutely no effect. Law has ceased to matter. The laws on election integrity are likely to be similarly ignored. Only Republican scrutineers backed by physical violence are likely to have a significant effect on election outcomes. To attain a fair and honest electoral outcome, Republicans would need to deploy the methods that Julius Caesar and the NSDAP used attain a fair and honest electoral outcome. Such methods are likely to produce a fair election only once.

But it looks like the Republicans are going to try another ride on this merry go round. It will may well be their last ride. I count my survival prospects much better than theirs.


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  1. The Cominator says:

    Takimag tradcons embrace our worldview…

  2. SJE says:

    Well, speaking of elections, we have one here in Canada tomorrow, for all the marbles. Please pray for us eh, Jim anons.

    • Varna says:

      Good luck. The Russian one just passed the other day, and were quite Biden-esque.

      Some anti-system wins on state levels, especially provincial sparsely populated ones, but mostly overwhelming cheating. Anecdotally “everyone knows” that the heartland deep nation shifted toward the commies in 2020/21, but on the vote-counting level this shift got decisively muffled.

      In Chechnya Kadirov remained governor with 99,7% of the voted, of course.

      But a fifth party squeezed into Rus congress with just a handful of representatives–the New Humans. Weirdo futurists who believe humanity is going through a collapse of roman empire phase, with chaotic dictatorial governance erupting everywhere, according to their program.

      • Orangecat rides again says:

        Wait, I thought you were Indian based on your name. Are you Russian? Either way you are a negative-contribution commenter.

        Russia is blessed with a marginally competent government (which type of government will invariably include letting dependent ethnic groups like e.g. Chechens be ruled by brutal and destructive dictators in order to keep them from fucking with the state’s actual clients). Under these conditions you (if you are Russian) should be thanking your lucky stars that they cheated. You do not want an alternative to good government in control.

        If you are a blog.jim.com reader and commenter we at least expect you to understand that democracy is an ill, and that the problem in Russia is not that they have “unfair” elections – it is that, in the presence of marginally competent government, they have elections at all.

      • Publius says:

        Isn’t Kadirov at least a little embarrassed in cheating that blatantly?

        • Allah says:

          That’s not how things work in Russia. What would actually be embarrassing is having to play along. They respect being told what to do, they feel insecure and vulnerable when their rulers are hesitant or weak. Exactly like a woman, heh.

          • The Cominator says:

            This is Chechneya not Russia, Chechneya is only nominally part of Russia and it follows your particular form of moon god demon worship zealously as opposed to globohomo demon worship.

      • The Cominator says:

        And you know this how? Commies claiming to be popular “real worker” types is always what they say, but always they are really popular with phony intellectuals and not actual worker types.

  3. The Cominator says:

    Looks like they plan to install Kameltoe soon.


    • Alfred says:

      Posting Biden’s approval being at 38% is designed to push Breznoff faction out in favor of the Cunt’s radical faction.

  4. HerbR says:

    In light of the recent spate of “docposting”, I submit the following Covid shill test.

    Ivermectin is:

    [a] Horse medicine that might be dangerous to humans, and which you should avoid unless you want to wind up in the hospital for poisoning.

    [b] Generally safe for humans, but only meant to treat specific parasitic infections like river blindness. In vitro studies proved that even if it does work against Covid, the effective dose required would be toxic.

    [c] Possibly somewhat effective against Covid, but obviously not as effective as a vaccine, and therefore a waste of time to investigate or prescribe except maybe as a last resort for people who can’t get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons.

    [d] A cheap and effective Covid treatment based on non-US outcomes, but sidelined and villainized in the US for political and maybe economic reasons so that it will probably never see a legitimate clinical trial.

    [e] Just the latest fixation of the usual anti-vax conspiracy theorists who are putting everyone else at risk with their insanity. It’s been debunked and they’ll shut up about it eventually, just like they did with Hydroxychloroquine which was also debunked.

    I’d like to see how our recent “doc anons” waggling their fingers at the unvaxxed fare on this.

    • jim says:

      Pretty sure that is not going to work.

      Worship of the Covid Demon is new doctrine, and heresy enforcement has not yet gotten down to every HR cat lady commissar.

      Likely to start working quite soon.

      • HerbR says:

        Shill tests measure (in)ability to commit thoughtcrime. The HR lady looking over one’s shoulder is a metaphor for that. The medical profession doesn’t have HR ladies, but it has something equally intimidating: professional licensing and “board certified” status.

        I’ve already seen the question work its magic offline. Keep in mind it is only for people claiming to be in medicine, obviously has little value outside of that domain, at least for now. It’s not intended to validate their claims of being a doctor, just as the red-pill test is not intended to validate anon-flake’s claims of being a shitlaw graduate. Their professional claims are believable enough, it’s their motivation for posting and overall grasp on reality that’s being called into question.

        Perhaps it won’t work consistently. Why not try it out? One of them already preemptively gave an answer to the red-pill test. Let’s see if he can also pass the horse-pill test.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I can only comment on the private side, but the HR cat ladies straight up own professional medicine. They treat the doctors like children, the nurses like hired help, and the other staff like slaves. They decide almost everything, and they hold dominion over culture and identity. There was a trend in 2020 of starting diversity councils, and it was literally name & shame lynch mobs.

    • notglowing says:

      How would you distinguish a shill, from someone who is wrong on this topic?

      To me the answer is D, since prior research shows it is innocuous, some research has shown its effectiveness, while the research that has shown it to be ineffective used improper dosages and treatment schedules.
      At the same time, the countries that are using it have been doing better than those who did not, in practice.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        >How would you distinguish a shill, from someone who is wrong on this topic?

        Why would you need to?

      • HerbR says:

        You can’t, for the same reason that you can’t conclude from a red-pill test whether the respondent is truly a shill or just blue-pilled.

        The distinction tends toward irrelevancy, most of the time, but in the instance of irresistible curiosity, you can ask the respondent which of the choices he thinks that WE believe is the correct one, and explain why it is not, same as we do for the red-pill test. Can he even acknowledge that the position and the evidence for that position exist, in order to argue against them?

        I believe not. Maybe Jim is right and we are not yet that far along. My own experience with doctors suggests that many will fly into a rage, and many more will only give the CDC-approved answer.

        • notglowing says:

          >for the same reason that you can’t conclude from a red-pill test whether the respondent is truly a shill or just blue-pilled.

          I guess not. However, you can very much conclude that someone is not a Christian if they are not willing to take the affirmation.
          You would not be a Christian in the sense that we understand, and therefore could not argue from the frame of being a Christian. That is also how the Nicean Creed prevented entryism.

          >you can ask the respondent which of the choices he thinks that WE believe is the correct one, and explain why it is not, same as we do for the red-pill test.

          If one was unable to do that, he would indeed have to be a shill.

      • Anonymous says:

        The shill wouldn’t engage with the question in the first place and he wouldn’t acknowledge the content of the correct answer even after you pointed it out to him.

        • Starman says:


          “The shill wouldn’t engage with the question in the first place and he wouldn’t acknowledge the content of the correct answer even after you pointed it out to him.”

          Exactly. The actual behavior of women is right in front of your face, while the various effectiveness and side effects of treatments aren’t as fully visible.

          Also while the Covid Demon pillar is existent within the Cathedral, it’s relatively new and is not quite the central pillar that feminism, gender-neutrality and female pedestals are to the Cathedral.

          No one from the Cathedral spectrum, including American pastors, will deviate from putting women on pedestals.
          I’ve been blocked by hard core American conservative Christians for merely asking them to condemn the US family court system. That’s how strong and pervasive the feminist pillar is.

          • notglowing says:

            It has been pointed out here already, but the redpill on women is in fact the strongest redpill for the purpose of getting young men to turn to our side, because it touches on what they desire.

            Though at the same time it is actually the one most universally recognized as a thought crime.

            The propaganda pushed by the Cathedral portrays redpilled people as mysoginistic (though without really acknowledging their beliefs), and everyone has women in their life, whether mother, daughter, wife, sister, and so on.

            So any thought crime can be construed as insulting and hateful towards these specific people around them.
            In fact, I have seen leftists use that argument explicitly. “Do you not have a wife/sister/mother”, etc.

            It’s similar with race, but the big difference is that not everyone is surrounded by people of other races, and they are not necessarily in your family. It is much easier to make them “others” in this sense. Leftists coined the term “otherizing”, I will mention it but not use it as I don’t wish to use enemy language.

            At the same time not everyone is exposed to racial differences in real life, but everyone is exposed to female behaviour. And some understanding of female behaviour is intuitive, I think.

            Men will admit to thought crime regarding women with relative ease in private, in a joking way, but they won’t go all the way, at least that has been my experience.

            I used to be extremely bluepilled on women, even a year and a half after being redpilled on many other things.

            But I changed my mind very easily when exposed to the truth, despite it being exactly the opposite of what I believed before. That was some five years ago.
            Yet pretty much no right winger who had influenced me up to that point had really talked about women in a way that contradicted the narrative. At the time “feminism” was a big topic, and the most right wing opinion you could have was “denying” the “wage gap”.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >So any thought crime can be construed as insulting and hateful towards these specific people around them.
              >In fact, I have seen leftists use that argument explicitly. “Do you not have a wife/sister/mother”, etc.

              A: do you have a cat?

              S: yes

              A: do you love your cat?

              S: yes

              A: are cats different from humans?

              S: …yes ?

              A: why do you hate your cat?

    • The Cominator says:

      I would say d but if you still want kids do want to be careful with ivermectin because it does seem to have a negative effect ob your sperm.

      • notglowing says:

        I saw that somewhere, though I dismissed it as propaganda.
        Does anyone have more information on it?

        • The Cominator says:

          Apparently the study was done in Nigeria but it was way before this Covid so who knows, funny enough the official truth is pushing back on this claim rather than embracing it.

          I wish the Japanese (who can be trusted) had an opinion.

          • c4ssidy says:

            a group of Nigerians with no control group. total junk. good for a redditcuck upvote but even FDA rejected it and the articles have been withdrawn. remember the official science is that ivermectin is safe for treating parasites

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m the original ICU doc anon. I haven’t done much reading on this ivermectin issue and I cannot easily choose between c, d, and e.

      Speaking for myslef I took both vaccine doses a long time ago. I also bought myself some Hydroxychloroquine and some Ivermectin. I’ve used both myself when I was exposed to COVID patients, as post exposure prophylaxis/treatment, but in short spells. I do consistently take Zinc, Vit D, Vit C though.

      Initially I was very much on board the hydroxychloroquine train but that kind of fizzled out (we were even using it in the ICU for some time, official prescriptions). That experience kind of queered me on this entire “alternative remedy that the authorities are hiding from the people” pitch. Maybe its true, maybe its just a bunch of bros thinking they can always outwit the system. Like some other doc anon down below said, scientific advance is actually going on at a pretty good pace in medicine and biology. There may be declines in the physical sciences and engineering, but within medicine there’s fancy new tech, biologicals and drugs every few years. So much so that it gets really difficult as a doc to stay updated on everything. This may end in a decade or so, as wokeness continues its long march through the institutions, but so far it’s not been terrible.

      I don’t care enough to wade through a bunch of data for and against ivermectin, especially since it seems like fatalities for the vaxxed from covid are actually quite low, touch wood. Too much hysteria from either side makes it difficult for a casual reader to discern what’s true.

      Either way, I’m convinced Ivermectin and HCQ are pretty safe, so I see no harm in taking intermittently if I feel it warranted. I’d tell my friends and family to do the same, but I wouldn’t stick my neck out and prescribe it officially to any patients unless official guidelines change.

      • jim says:

        > Like some other doc anon down below said, scientific advance is actually going on at a pretty good pace in medicine and biology. There may be declines in the physical sciences and engineering, but within medicine there’s fancy new tech, biologicals and drugs every few years.

        Yes there is, but the ratchet of technological progress exists within a ratchet of social decay, and you can see the social decay making stuff queer and gay, overtaking and breaking the ratchet of technological advance.

        The “hot and fancy new tech” is in substantial and increasing part deurgic magic.

        As for example, the vaccine itself, which is dangerously untested new tech of no real relevance, deployed because it was hot and fancy new tech, not because it was useful for solving the problem, hence my regular comparison of the use of mRNA lipid based delivery technology for a vaccine to the wings on the space shuttle, an assessment shared by the man who invented, developed, and commercialized the mRNA lipid based delivery technology. He does not think it useful, or even sane, to create a vaccine around his technology.

        An actually relevant high tech approach would have been to use our fancy tools to find, or create, a harmless variant of China flu with strong cross immunity to the original, the immensely successful approach taken with the first vaccine, smallpox vaccine.

        The use of deurgic magic in place of actual technology reflects what gives status to priests, not what gives profit to corporations. That deurgic magic gets approved, and sound leading edge technology does not reflects priests seeking status and power, not corporations seeking profit.

        Deurgy is an effort to steal magic from God, as for example the Kabalists making magic formulae out of mangled scripture, and the wiccans celebrating mass with an upside down cross and goat blood. I describe the RNA vaccine and the wings on the space shuttle as deurgy, because they are attempting to magically appropriate the power of science. The Kabalist and the Wiccan is attempting unholy magical appropriation of the power that is in holy things, and the vaccers are attempting unscientific magical appropriation of the power that is in scientific things.

        Space planes are idiotic. And synthetic mRNA vaccines are idiotic – a grotesquely and absurdly inappropriate use of an interesting and valuable high technology.

        • Anonymous says:

          I completely agree with your take on what’s going to happen to biomedical science and tech in the next few decades. I myself am a living example. I consider myself reasonably smart (as is everyone who reads Jim’s blog), and I noped the fuck out of academic medicine as quick as I could. I couldn’t stand the fakeness and gayness, though I love and admire biology and science and would have loved to make some contributions if I could.

          Perhaps the reason the decline is slower in biomed is that women can actually do okay-ish levels of biomed science. It’s not as sex skewed as physics and engineering are, since those call for raw talent much more. There’s a lot more stamp collecting in biomed science, which women are good at.

        • neofugue says:

          The Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated upon reentry because a piece of foam broke off from the main fuel tank and destroyed a section of the heat shield on its magic wings during launch.

          Just as no one came to the conclusion that having magic wings on a rocket with two boosters and a giant fuel tank was stupid and dangerous, should mRNA vaccines prove tragic no one will question that technology either.

          • f6187 says:

            I thought the shuttle needed wings so it could glide in and land on a runway. Am I missing something?

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Yes, you are missing the fact that the easiest way for a rocket to land is the same way it takes off. And that any bit of extraneous shit you have on your space vehicle precipitates a cascading effect of compromises throughout the whole of the design.

              • neofugue says:

                Cause of Columbia Disaster:


                • Alfred says:

                  I’ve often thought the worse disaster was not trying to send a second shuttle up to recuse the crew. NASA might have been able to do it, they had a shuttle that was prepping for launch in about a month. Instead they decided that a it would be fine to land with a hole in the heat shield.

                  It was at that point I realized that America was in steep decline.

  5. Atavistic Morality says:

    I have a bunch of names for your list Cominator:



    Latoya Abbott, Risk Management/Global Senior Director Occupational Health Services, Marriott International
    Stan Bergman, Chairman and CEO, Henry Schein
    Sofia Borges, Senior Vice President, UN Foundation
    Chris Elias, President, Global Development division, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    Tim Evans, Former Senior Director of Health, World Bank Group
    George Gao, Director-General, Chinese Center for Disease Control
    Avril Haines, Former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Former Deputy National Security Advisor
    Jane Halton, Board member, ANZ Bank; Former Secretary of Finance and Former Secretary of Health, Australia
    Matthew Harrington, Global President and Chief Operations Officer, Edelman
    Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director General, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control
    Martin Knuchel, Head of Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Management, Lufthansa Group Airlines
    Eduardo Martinez, President, The UPS Foundation
    Stephen Redd, Deputy Director for Public Health Service and Implementation Science, US CDC
    Paul Stoffels, M.D., Vice Chair of the Executive Committee and Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson
    Hasti Taghi, Vice President and Executive Advisor, NBCUniversal Media
    Lavan Thiru, Chief Representative, Monetary Authority of Singapore

    All of these people require death, and you can liberally including anyone involved with the WEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the administration of the Johns Hopkins.

    Also, I’ve read from a Russian Intelligentsia man that China is not as cohesive and you’d think, apparently there is a pro-America faction inside who were responsible for the Wuhan lockdown that Xi had to go stop himself. It would explain why is there a faggot like this “George Gao, Director-General, Chinese Center for Disease Control” who doesn’t even have a real Chinese name.

    • Alfred says:

      This is stupid fucking shit to post. Deaths lists? You’re starting to glow.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Come, now. By the time we would be even close to letting The Cominator off the chain, the war would be over and won. This is not a death list. It is just a list of the people organizing. It is a good idea to understand how people organize and operate if they are your political opponents. Constantly shouting, “Fed! FED!” whenever someone starts to point out the people behind the current misfortune does as much damage as actual fed infiltration. Have a little faith in each other.

        • notglowing says:

          > This is not a death list
          Well you could say that, had he not followed it up with

          > All of these people require death

          I’m not against discussing lists of names of bad people, nor am I against saying that some people need killing.
          However writing a list of specific names, and saying they need killing, in the same post, is pushing it a bit.
          I don’t think AM is a fed, but posting X people should be killed on a forum is definitely going to make you look suspicious.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Taking the history of this comment section into account, I’d say somebody’s Minecraft boop list is pretty tame.

            • Alfred says:

              I generally prefer to commit thought crimes online and in real life, not publish silly lists that can become the basis of a charge of conspiracy.

              I broadly agree with Com’s sentiments, but I think that this is not the time nor place to plan such actions. We don’t know yet if they’ll be necessary and as much as it would warm my heart to see all the demon worshipers given their just rewards, it’s not clear yet if such rewards will be a good idea to dish out. Giving your foe a path to surrender on without total war is a useful tactic. Secondly we’re completely out of power. Mentally masturbating in the blood of your foes when you have no power to spill that blood seems pathetic.

              Of course having one part of your faction crying for blood while you give your foes a way to avoid dying can be very useful in compelling an early surrender. As can intimating your foes to flee early for fear of what happens when they lose. Com’s grown a lot since he first started commenting here and his faction of execute them all and let Gnon sort them is good to have around, but lets not start drawing up lists before the time such lists are necessary.

              • jim says:

                Yes, “Atavistic Morality” is looking more and more like a fed, albeit a fed sufficiently familiar with our ideas to not glow in the dark.

                Which is unusual. We may have attracted enough attention that they are sending us better quality feds.

      • Atavistic Morality says:


    • The Cominator says:

      I have no intention of any freelance violent actions.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        Good to know, me neither.

        Now you have some names and faces for “the Cathedral” though.

  6. Starman says:

    Will the limpwrists of NYC force vaccine mandates on Russian diplomats?

    The suspense rises.


  7. Need it for School says:

    Well, I fucking blew it in a day.

    The chick from the bus stop flaked and ghosted me for our coffee date yesterday at noon.

    I invited the other one to my place, in hope of a second chance. There was no second chance. She gave me the bizarre lie that she “just doesn’t like touching,” which I’ve heard before.

    • Need it for School says:

      This was after the one I invited over had stayed at my apartment for like 2 hours being physically avoidant of me, flinching at my touch.

      I’m suffering, man.

      • Need it for School says:

        Knowing I’m too weak to get what I want. Knowing it’s all my fault. It’s very sad.

        • alf says:

          Haha don’t be to harsh on yourself. Shit happens. Sometimes you get lucky and feel on top of the world, sometimes it goes terribly wrong and you feel like utter shit. It all passes.

      • jim says:

        Flinch at your touch means you failed a shit test, or demonstrated lower value.

        You can usually fail a shit test, and get another one, and pass it. I don’t know what went down, and if I did know would probably have trouble expressing it in words, but I am guessing that you over-reacted to her avoidance, which over reaction made it worse by demonstrating neediness and lower value.

        The correct reaction to avoidance is the frame “This girl is no fun. Bored now”. If you react correctly, you may eventually be rewarded with another unpleasant shit test, which if passed, leads to pleasanter things.

        • Need it for School says:


          You weren’t there.

          I expect it was hopeless from the moment I let her leave my place the first time. I did not get a “good guy freebie.”

          • Alfred says:

            >I expect it was hopeless from the moment I let her leave my place the first time.

            Your thinking in terms of actions rather than frames. Start with the correct frame and with practice the correct actions will flow from it.

            The very fact that she came back a second time was her hoping you’d start passing her shit tests. Back in my blue pilled days I let a girl leave without sex because she said she didn’t want sex, despite every every indication that she really did want sex. The shit tests I received the next time we met up where very nasty but she kept coming back. I unfortunately failed those as well.

    • Gauntlet says:

      I understand how you feel. I have felt the same way before. But when I am with a girl alone I make myself stop thinking and act like I have a puppy at my place. Are you scared of puppies? Will you let a puppy walk over you or would you take a puppy seriously?

      You did blow it, but there are tons of women around and you can get another one. I would not advise you to settle for one of the first you get into bed. Practice and upgrade. These women are your training wheels women before you are ready to take ownership of the kind of woman you truly want.

      • Need it for School says:

        Well, this time I did act afraid of the proverbial puppy. Which makes me a fucking coward

        • Pooch says:

          Women want a man who takes what they want without asking, not a fucking faggot. It’s ok though, learn from your mistake and move on.

        • Neurotoxin says:

          Need it for School wrote: “Which makes me a fucking coward.”

          Whoa, dude! Every man fails shit tests sometimes. They’re designed to be tough to pass: if any guy could easily pass them 100% of the time, they wouldn’t serve the purpose for which women use them. Also, women can, and typically do, wait until you’re off your guard before they throw a shit test at you.

          The correct attitude is to learn from the occasion so that it’s more likely that you’ll do better next time. (You’re unlikely to get the same kind of shit test from the same chick, but it helps your overall frame.)

  8. simplyconnected says:

    Apologies if off-topic. FDA did not approve booster shots.
    There’s an interesting short video from a FDA doctor which is surprisingly skeptical of injections in general, and pretty informative. Note she refers to “vaccines” as “injections” or as “covid products”, and to “double-vaccinated” as “fully-injected” (not once calls them vaccines).

    I believe this picture is from the same FDA presentation (link to full video in the above link). Note point 9 in defense of early treatment (as compared with vaccine):

    9. They [early treatments] do not cause prion diseases.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Link to exact time in yesterday’s FDA presentation where that slide comes from.

    • Fireball says:

      Point 7 also talks about vaccine enchanted infection. So is prion disease a normal concern in the making of vaccines?

      >A 1000% Increase In Adverse Events In 2021!

      A lot of people around me are starting to admit they had adverse effects when they took the vaccine and quite a few still have problems months after. Still all gun ho about the vaccine for some reason.

      • simplyconnected says:

        So is prion disease a normal concern in the making of vaccines?

        I’m no biologist, but I think it’s not a normal concern.
        There have been some (~32) cases of CJD (mad cow), possibly related to vax. However, they tend to be in the sort of demographic that gets CJD, so AFAIK it’s still inconclusive whether there is increased risk of CJD or other prion disease.

        • Fireball says:

          I believe that this type of disease takes a long time to manifest so it will probably be a long time until we are sure. But if they are talking about the alternative not having this problem it is sure that they at least suspect it is true.

          One more possible problem to what is starting to be unconformable long list of possible problems of a untested cocktail.

          • Varna says:

            Proteins folding into prions manifests in 5-6 years, usually.
            But when it does, it turns people into vegetables.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Here’s another slide from that presentation.

      • D Brinn says:

        A Covidian talking about his adverse effects from the vax is like a Christian saying how much his knees hurt after a long night of prayer. He’s not saying prayer is bad. Just the opposite; he’s saying his willingless to put up with the pain proves how valuable it is.

        • jim says:

          Further comments from you will be stalled until you pass the shill test and the soros test.

        • Alfred says:

          Short term effects yes, long term no. People talking about getting heart problems from the vaxx get censored. Hell a friend of mine had 2 weeks of horrible pain from flamed limp nodes and he told no one besides me about it. Everyone else he just said he was out of the for the weekend, but that proved it was working!

    • Pooch says:

      It should be noted that this was just an advisory panel with no real authority over the FDA. I would just assume the FDA would ignore all evidence that the vaccine is evidence during their decision making.

      • Pooch says:

        is dangerous*

      • Alfred says:

        We’ll see.

      • simplyconnected says:

        This was an “Open public hearing session”, which I thought meant the public could listen in, but means members of the public are allowed to speak. So Dr. Jessica Rose in the talk is not affiliated with the FDA, and the slide talking about prion is also from a member of the public.

        In the end it FDA approved boosters for 65+ year olds and high risk people. At least they voted not to approve for younger healthy people.

  9. Alfred says:

    I wonder how the FBI’s false flag will go this weakened? The last couple of false flags they tried fell so flat the media forgot them by the next day. Every conservative site out there now assumes the Feds are organizing all such events.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      At the very least, it is an excuse to continue keeping the subject of their bavarian fire drill in the news cycle for beating people’s heads with.

  10. Varna says:

    From Anna Karenina (1878), chapter 3

    Having finished the letters, Stepan Arkadyich drew the office papers to him, quickly leafed through two files, made a few marks with a big pencil, then pushed the files away and started on his coffee. Over coffee he unfolded the still damp morning newspaper and began to read it.

    Stepan Arkadyich subscribed to and read a liberal newspaper[3] not an extreme one, but one with the tendency to which the majority held. And though neither science, nor art, nor politics itself interested him, he firmly held the same views on all these subjects as the majority and his newspaper did, and changed them only when the majority did, or, rather, he did not change them, but they themselves changed imperceptibly in him.

    Stepan Arkadyich chose neither his tendency nor his views, but these tendencies and views came to him themselves, just as he did not choose the shape of a hat or a frock coat, but bought those that were in fashion. And for him, who lived in a certain circle, and who required some mental activity such as usually develops with maturity, having views was as necessary as having a hat.

    If there was a reason why he preferred the liberal tendency to the conservative one (also held to by many in his circle), it was not because he found the liberal tendency more sensible, but because it more closely suited his manner of life. The liberal party said that everything was bad in Russia, and indeed Stepan Arkadyich had many debts and decidedly too little money.

    The liberal party said that marriage was an obsolete institution and was in need of reform, and indeed family life gave Stepan Arkadyich little pleasure and forced him to lie and pretend, which was so contrary to his nature. The liberal party said, or, rather, implied, that religion was just a bridle for the barbarous part of the population, and indeed Stepan Arkadyich could not even stand through a short prayer service without aching feet and could not grasp the point of all these fearsome and highflown words about the other world, when life in this one could be so merry.

  11. Shooter McGavin says:

    My question is for the Hindus. What do y’all think of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev? Seems pretty blue pilled on the woman question with temple entry. I had read he claimed Hinduism was not a religion but a geographical identity, which sounded off.To what extent is Hinduism a racial religion, haven’t seen any non-Indian Hindus. The new age boomers don’t count since they just want the yoga without a hereditary caste system or the WQ. Looked to me like another crypto socialist Bhagwan Rajneesh trying to reintroduce capitalism until the „right stage“ when enough enlightened beings can end castes, borders, patriarchy, and the rest.

    • He is just a regular businessman in the business of peddling his brand of bogus spirituality wearing the garb of holiness. Of course his interpretation of Hinduism will be blue pilled.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      Uttar Pradesh: Adityanath and Ivermectin…

      • Shooter McGavin says:

        I bring him up because like Rajneesh he is gaining popularity in the States and is in the process of setting up an Isha living area in Tennessee which looked a lot like Rajneeshpuram. He is also promoting the vax even though he is refusing it himself, which made me wonder why Indian gurus inevitably promote bioterrorism. Could have supported Ivermectin use in India, but probably couldn’t afford to offend the Cathedral. Was Ivermectin more popular in Northern states like Uttar Pradesh? I know that the Isha are in Tamil Nadu and are probably more contaminated by Western influence as a result.

        • Not a guru, he is basically a Vaishya, selling his brand of Cathedral approved bogus spirituality tailor made to be consumed by the elite English speaking “I’m spiritual not religious”-bullshit Hindu.

    • anonymous says:

      Very difficult to say. On the one hand I detest his blue pill talk, and his unwillingness to defend Hinduism. He teaches 100% Hinduism but denies it, which leaves Hinduism with nothing but Caste Cows and Curry. Though to his credit he does a great job of bringing modernized Hindu thought to non-Hindus.

      That aside, some very, very spiritually advanced people I know say that he is the real deal, spiritually speaking.

      In Hinduism a god-man like this is not someone who’s really good at memorizing books. These kind of God-men figures are usually highly advanced Yogis who have achieved very subtle states of consciousness through years of meditation etc.

      Some highly regarded spiritual people I know and respect, have great respect for Sadhguru from a spiritual perspective. They may still disagree with his blue pill stuff and his idle talk on Hinduism, but they admit he has achieved significant “Shakti” ie Power, his Yogic ability is not in doubt.

      What are these abilities good for? Are they real? I don’t know. I’m nowhere near that level of attainment.

      re Hinduism racial identity- It is more racial than Buddhism, but there’s actually been a lot of non Indian hindus in history. Even today we have ethnic Hindus in Bali, Indonesia – remnants of an ancient / medieval Hindu empire. There were hindus in Vietnam as well. To this day, the King of Thailand is named Rama, and his consecration is done by Hindu Thai Brahmins. Lots of Hindu gods are worshipped in Japan. Before Islam there were lots of Hindu gods in Xinjiang, Tajikistan areas. Alan Watts has described Buddhism as “Hinduism stripped for Export”.

      Hinduism is not an “all or nothing” religion – there’s never “thou shalt have no other gods”. So that hard edged identity as “Hindu” has not developed in many places outside of India.

      This is very similar to what ancient Roman and Greek religion were – there was a lot of fuzziness in determining who exactly was part of which religion. there were Greek gods in Rome, Roman gods in Anatolia, both gods in Egypt, some Iranian gods thrown into the mix, and so on. No one cared that much. The hard boundaries came with the Jews.

      • jim says:

        > they admit he has achieved significant “Shakti” ie Power, his Yogic ability is not in doubt.

        Yogic ability is manism:

        Unwin categorizes religious belief in four levels:

        Zoism – subhuman, animal level culture.A zoistic society has no religious beliefs – it is not that they do not believe in the supernatural, but rather that they do not believe in the natural. At a zoistic level of culture all influential and high prestige people engage in magical thinking, attributing to themselves and other people capabilities rationalists would consider supernatural. They dispose of the dead like garbage, and do not tend the graves of the dead.

        Manism. Some special men are attributed supernatural powers, much more than regular men.

        Deism: We all know what deism is. Deism with god far away, a god who dumped problems on us and commands us to solve them as best we can, is pretty close to being rationalism.

        Rationalism: There is no supernatural, or if there is it is far, far away, and long, long ago, in the next world, not this one.

        If you allow yourself to be impressed by Yogic powers, you are well on the way to worshiping demons. It is psychologically dangerous and harmful to attribute special magical powers to living people.

        • Anonymous says:

          I thought the same until I was initiated into a Yogic tradition some years ago. Since I started experiencing some minor shifts in consciousness, I no longer do a blanket dismissal of Yogic claims that I used to. I still find the big claims very hard to believe, but what I can admit into my realm of possibilities is definitely higher than before. But there’s no way of me demonstrating this to you, it’s all subjective, so there’s no point in me talking about it.

          And to be clear, Yogic does not mean the lame Yoga class contortionism we see among young chicks.

          Demon worship is to some extent a matter of definition, Jim. I remember you had said Krishna and Kali were demons. While I’m not sure I agree, I was very impressed because you had picked up something that most Hindus don’t.

          There are a lot of Yogic Tantric traditions within Hinduism that say Kali and Krishna are the same entity. There is a folk tale to this effect:

          Krishna was known to sing and dance with several women in the forest at night. All married women. His favorite was named Radha.
          One day, Radha’s husband came to hear of this. He decided to follow her and confront her. When he came to the grove, he saw all the women dancing in a circle, but in the center stood Kali, not Krishna!
          Radha’s husband realized that this wasn’t some frivolous adultery matter, but something else entirely.

          When you get deeper into the imagery, other parallels emerge. The depiction of both as black skinned. The seed Mantra (to be repeated during deity meditation) for Krishna is “Kleem”, while the seed Mantra for Kali is “Kreem” – not very different, especially when you consider how R and L are often interchanged in many of the world’s languages.

          Kali is remarkable among popular manifestations of the Goddess in that she is not typically approached only in pure, orthodox fashion. Animal sacrifice, liquor, meditation in cremation grounds, are all par for the course (that’s true of most Goddess traditions in India but Kali is the most vividly antinomian).

          Krishna, for his part, is the only one among the 10 avatars or manifestations of Vishnu who is considered a “complete” avatar. In the Mahabharata, Krishna repeatedly lies, cheats and politicks to achieve his ends. He dallies with many women, marries several of them. Very much in contrast to Shri Rama in the Ramayana, who had one wife to whom he was loyal to the end, and was always truthful, upstanding and moralistic. Even though both are manifestations of Vishnu, Shri Rama is not considered a complete manifestation.

          Both Kali and Krishna are thus emphatically against dualist set ups of Good vs Evil. They encompass everything. And therefore they are most consistent with true hindu philosophy which is based on an underlying naturalistic Unity. Hinduism is at its core a naturalistic religion. There’s no good or evil in a jungle or in a galaxy.

          Good-Evil Dualism and Morality based religion derive from Zoroastrianism and spread westward from there. This gives rise to Human-centric religions.

          Perhaps the reason you consider them demons is that these two deities are diametrically opposed to a Christian worldview. A Christian could theoretically consider accepting Allah, Buddha, Rama, perhaps Vishnu, maybe Shiva.. But Kali and Krishna are the opposite end.

          • jim says:

            If you have a morally neutral religion, you are vulnerable to failure of elite cooperation, as was obvious in the British conquest of India, and to demon infestation. Kali is obviously a demon, and Krishna does not encompass both good and evil, rather evil clearly predominates (adultery and kinslaying)

            You are also likely to get an elite that behaves very badly to its subjects, as Munshi Abdullah depicts in Hikayat Abdullah – loss of social cohesion on every scale at every social level.

            In Christianity, the peasant bows before the lord, the lord bows before the King, the King bows before God, God is sacrificed to the congregation, and the peasant eats him. Which symbolizes many things, among them social cohesion. The King, if claiming divine appointment, has to proclaim, enforce, and obey, laws that are plausibly the application of the eternal and unchanging law of God to a particular place and time.

            The original religion of the Aryans was ancestor worship, and the ancestors were originally men, and did bad things and good things in life, and beyond. Thor/Zeus/Jupiter/Indra was a man who lived somewhere near where we now know the Aryans came from. And Hinduism is the last surviving descendant of that religion, hence its necessarily racial and hereditary character, which racial and hereditary character is what is central to it, not a morally neutral universe. If your Guru is deracializing it, he no more a Hindu than any get-rich-quick white western swami.

            I don’t agree that the universe is morally neutral, and if it is, men cannot cooperate to build stuff if men are morally neutral.

            • Anonymous says:

              No arguments with most of your points – Christianity, Islam and Judaism are vastly superior than pagan religions in social aspects, they promote cohesion, conquest and procreation. Hinduism has frequently suffered from elite failure and elites conspiring against the plebs. I agree moral neutrality is not an ideal state for men.

              Hindu philosophy is less like the three Abrahamisms and more like Science. The old Science aka “natural philosophy”. A relatively value free inquiry. More towards “Is” than “Ought”. Of course, it is difficult to see anything scientific in Hinduism from a modernist viewpoint, such as yours – Hinduism only makes sense in the light of Yogic insights.

              My understanding of Hinduism radically altered after I was initiated into the Yogic tradition I spoke earlier of. There is literally no way a non-initiate can make any sense of the entire edifice.

              I disagree that the original religion of the Aryans was ancestor worship. I do Rigvedic rites every month and therefore I probably have a lived experience closer to whatever the original Aryans did than any modern Western scholar.

              There are three categories of obligations a man has – to Devas, Rishis, and Pitrus. Only the third of those, Pitrus, refers to actual ancestors. Rishis are somewhere midway between spiritual and ancestral. Devas are entirely spiritual/natural.

              The Vedic religion, with its echoes in modern Hinduism, is nature, psyche and fire centric. Most of the Vedic religion was about trying to commune with Devas by offering things into the fire while chanting mantras and doing rituals that affect your psyche.

              There are some times when you do ancestor worship, but it is not the central focus. When you do the ancestor rituals you were your sacred thread the opposite way to usual, you use black sesame instead of rice, lots of things are done in the opposite manner to indicate you are doing something different from the run of the mill way of doing things.

              The Vedic tradition has become mostly unintelligible to modern HIndus, but some like Sri Aurobindo have managed to reach back across the ages, and elide some of the core insights of the Vedic ways. https://theveda.org.in/rigveda/sa/15

              • jim says:

                > I disagree that the original religion of the Aryans was ancestor worship.

                The ordinary Greek and ordinary Roman remained an ancestor worshiper even when the elite developed a more elaborate theology.

                Roman generals continued to urge men to fight for their family deities, rather than broadly shared deities.

                At least some pagan Icelanders identified the Gods as originally mortal ancestors like themselves.

          • pyrrhus says:

            I have worked with hundreds of children over the years, and my observations confirm those points, except that I don’t know about the homosexuality…Good looking children are consistently smarter and more athletic, no doubt…

          • While I have a bone to pick with Jim on characterizing Lord Krishna as a demon, I think more harm than good is caused by a universalist interpretation of Hinduism which says there is no good or evil, which isn’t that much different from the progressive interpretation which says “Hinduism rightly understood is progressivism.” Hinduism and Hindu society has been more harmed by the universalist interpretation than by Christians calling Hindu gods as demons.

            Anonymous, what is the frame you are coming from? Are you a Hindu? If so, take the Sri Rama affirmation. If not tell us who you are.

            • Anonymous says:

              Of course I am a Hindu, I’ve clearly stated I wear a Janeu, do Amavasya tarpana every month and I also have a daily sadhana practice deriving from a hoary Sampradaya.

              I don’t recall the entirety of the affirmation but I remember it has something to do with Shri Rama being the ideal King of Bharat. I agree with that.

              My discussion of good and evil may have been inaccurate. I don’t think I managed to convey precisely what I wanted to. Kali and Krishna both do fight their “bad” enemies.

              Hinduism rightly understood cannot be progressivism or universalism because Hinduism is all about sadhana and identification with the deity and communicating with them. Modern Hindus both left and right have forgotten this and focus on the social aspects, where they wil l forever remain on the back foot compared to other religions which are society-centric.

              Do you have a daily sadhana practice , btw? You have excellent insights on the political and societal questions, but I am not sure if I’ve seen you post anything spiritual.

              • I do have a daily sadhana rituals. Which I must admit I find hard to perform regularly but I do try.

                I agree on spiritual aspects of Hinduism but the problem is that by focusing too much on the yogic and spiritual aspects the Hindu culture has forgotten to defend against enemies in this material world.

                My practice of daily sadhana as a Hindu is threatened when the world around me is burning and the Hindu way of life is being destroyed.

                We cannot practice sadhana when being assaulted by demons from all sides. Even the ancient rishis performing yagnas needed the support of the dharmic Kshatriya protector to keep the rakshasas at bay.

              • The reason why the Vedic religion seems not to address the social problem is not because of lack of consciousness of good or evil but because the Vedic times presuppose an existing dharmic social order.

                The average modern Hindu struggles on the society question because invoking Varnasharma and patriarchal nature of Vedic society has become crimethink.

              • By the way may I also suggest we may take further discussion of Hinduism to my blog?

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Depends on what we mean when we say ‘magic’.

          In the 18th and 19th centuries, pharisaical entryists would say that if you were not fully ‘otherworldly’ then you were a ‘materialist’, as any concern with ‘this world’ ineluctably means ‘materialism’.

          But such is a sophism that does not even fit into the picture if you do not consider ‘this world’ to be merely chance chaotic gyrations of inert substance in the first place.

          That that which transcends this plane is eminent within the plane, the subsidiary an emergent property of the superceding; that Lower, in a real and tangible way, has direct connexion with Higher; and hence it’s inherent logic, an order of things, natural law… the Will, of those Powers and SuperPowers that shape it; and hence the wisdom of a ‘magi’, who might better understand the will of God, to hear his voice in the music of the spheres – and if he does, prosper over those that do not.

  12. Leon says:

    Anyone read Miles Mathis? Some of his stuff is good but he seems to believe the powers that be (Jews, crypto Jews, some European families) are in charge of everything. Don’t get me wrong, they are in charge of a lot, but he makes them out to be these super masterminds. Plus he seems blue pilled on women.

    • Shooter McGavin says:

      Don’t know how to feel about the David Dukian types. All problems get sourced back to a Jewish monolith that’s perfectly cohesive which sounds a bit suspect. The numbers on Jewish representation are pretty high while the IQs are sufficiently low. Lots of Jews in the Ivy League and few National Merit scholars. So there is room for conspiracy. Knew an Asian kid with a 36 that got rejected from the Ivies and the Jew with a 33 got right in.

    • jim says:

      There is no way we can win if we think we are fighting a rational, smart, unified, competent, and disciplined enemy, so it is hard to tell the difference between Soros shills and people who have taken the black pill.

      We are going to continue moving left faster and faster, though what is “left” is mutating faster and faster so that it is scarcely recognizable as left, But as we move left, the cancer gets cancer, our enemies become weaker.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        It is an unspoken deal. Orthodox Jews hand over their best young men and women over to Liberal Judaism and then to Cathedralism in exchange for being spared the obliteration warfare waged on White Christians.

        Replace Trinitarian by polytheist and Unitarian by monotheist and you know the pact of protection.

    • EH says:

      Miles Mathis is a Brit psy-op. See Allan Weisbecker’s: http://blog.banditobooks.com/an-open-letter-to-miles-mathis-part-one/

      and part 2, linked at the bottom of that.

      (Or just note that MM seriously claims that pi = 4, and that’s not even the dumbest claim of his.)

    • pyrrhus says:

      Miles refers to the dominant group as the Phoenician Navy, because the Phoenicians were a sea people and dominated the Mediterranean since at least 2000 BC..Jews are only one part , ancestors of Charlemagne and other ruling families including all of the British nobility are equally important and have interbred over the centuries…Miles has shown that virtually everyone important in US history has ties to these dominant families, especially the British Peerage…

      • EH says:

        His genealogical research is laughable, just free association. Then there is the basic innumeracy – go back 10 generations, you have 1024 ancestors, then trace their descendants and you have at least several million 8th cousins (each generation averaging more than two kids per couple). There is a bit of real information sprinkled on, but it’s just for flavor, to get you to swallow the disinfo.

  13. Cloudswrest says:

    First (publicly announce) baby born after polygenic embryo screening. Cute as a button.


    • jim says:

      IVF is an increasingly widely used technology, because of the propensity of women to only settle for mister average after they stop getting booty calls from Jeremy Meeks.

      IVF plus polygenic screening has big potential for solving our race problem.

      And, on average, babies born through polygenic screening will indeed be cuter, not because they are directly screening for cuteness, but because cuteness is a reflection of our intuitive and instinctive assessment of the genetic potential of a baby.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Indeed. Physiognomy is real. Attractiveness tends to be a reflection of (low) genetic load. Just look at the ranks of Antifa to get a glimpse of the number of mutants being produced lately. There is an actual acronym use in pediatrics, FLK, which stands for “Funny Looking Kid” which refers to kids who don’t look right, but can’t be pigeon holed into some pre-existing syndrome like Downs.

      • Varna says:

        On the structure of physical attractiveness and beauty, from the scene where the protagonist lectures city artists. “The Razor’s Edge” (1963) by Ivan Yefremov, the Soviet Julius Evola-meets-Ayn Rand. As approach and style.

        — Хорошо! — голос Гирина неожиданно загремел. — Тогда условимся, что вы меня не перебиваете, каким бы странным вам ни показалось сказанное. А потом я к вашим услугам, спрашивайте, сомневайтесь, критикуйте.
        Итак, наш организм может отталкиваться только от чего-то вполне реального, стоять на материальной почве. Вот вы, художники, постоянно сравниваете, скажем, соотносительные длины линий на глаз, а как вы это делаете? — В наступившем молчании Гирин продолжал: — Я задал вопрос не для того, чтобы унизить вас, упрекнуть в незнании и показать свою мудрость. Мало людей представляет себе истинный механизм такого, казалось бы, простого процесса, как сравнение двух линий. Мы поворачиваем наши глаза, пробегая ими сначала по одной линии, потом по другой. Более длинная линия потребует более продолжительного поворота глаз. В мышцах, движущих глаз, накопится больше молочной кислоты — токсина усталости, а это на основании опыта нашего мозга и нервной системы даст впечатление относительно большей длины. Точность тут поразительная, потому что разница в количестве токсина усталости будет ничтожнейшая — буквально чуть ли не в несколько молекул. Но в то же время это совершенно материальная основа, использующая химический процесс работы мышц тела.
        Человек из всего мира высших животных отличается наиболее развитым чувством формы, соразмерять и ощущать которую помогают указанные мышцы глаза. Это чувство использовано природой для выполнения важнейшей задачи — взаимного привлечения разных полов. У древнейших наземных позвоночных — пресмыкающихся — и родственных им птиц основным чувством было зрение, острота которого у них иногда поразительна: грифы с высоты видят лежащую на равнине падаль почти за сто километров. Очень зорки крокодилы и даже маленькие ящерицы, вообще все ящерообразные — зауропсиды, как называют их зоологи. И вот пестрота чешуй, перьев, самая причудливая раскраска или тончайшие оттенки цветов составляют у зауропсид сигналы распознавания, отличия и приманки. У птиц, с их более развитым, чем у пресмыкающихся, мозгом, красочный наряд самца зачаровывает самку и покоряет ее. Чем выше интеллект, тем более сильные средства надо применить, чтобы заставить особи разных полов, и главным образом самку, подчиниться требованиям природы. Определенная гамма цветов просто гипнотизирует чувствительное к этому животное.
        Пройдем выше по лестнице эволюции. У высших позвоночных — млекопитающих, к которым принадлежим и мы, главным чувством стало обоняние — это ведущее чувство у зверей, хотя и зрение стоит у них довольно высоко в ряду восприятий внешнего мира. Запах — вот главное средство привлечения и очарования разных полов у зверей.
        Человек, с его более слабым обонянием, возместил недостаток этого чувства предметным, бинокулярным зрением, остро воспринимающим глубину и форму. Сходным зрением обладают многие хищники и обезьяны: чтобы скакать с ветки на ветку на страшной высоте, надо видеть, очень точно — так же как и при преследовании добычи. Высокая психическая мощь мозга человека еще больше обострила предметность зрения. Чувство формы стало у нас очень важным ощущением, и это немедленно использовала природа для той же великой задачи продолжения рода. Остро чувствуя форму, кроме цветов, звуков и запахов, мы получили всю гамму ощущений, из которых складывается восприятие красоты. И вот, использовав чувство формы для влечения полов, природа необходимо должна была обеспечить автоматическую правильность выбора, закодировав в форме, красках, звуках и запахах восприятие наиболее совершенного. Тогда предок человека, стоя еще на очень низкой, звериной ступени развития, стал правильно выбирать лучших жен или мужей. Половой отбор стал действовать не только интенсивнее, но и в верном направлении, — словом, все пошло как надо для быстрого восхождения по лестнице исторического развития, все большего совершенствования организма. Потом, когда мы стали мыслить, этот инстинктивный выбор, закодированный так, что он радует нас, и стал чувством красоты, эстетическим наслаждением. А на самом деле это опыт, накопленный в миллионах поколений при определении того, что совершенно, что устроено анатомически правильно, наилучше отвечает своему рабочему, функциональному назначению… Механизм — да! Но в этом механизме длительное историческое развитие заложило программу неизбежного совершенствования, восхождения к лучшему. Вот почему прекрасное имеет столь важное для человека значение.
        Решительно все виды чувств, доставляющие нам ощущение красоты, в своей основе имеют важное и благоприятное для нашего организма значение, будь то сочетание звуков, красок или запахов. Что линии, которые мы воспринимаем красивыми, гармоническими, построены по строгим математическим закономерностям, — это уже бесспорно. Дальнейшее же раскрытие тайн красоты зависит от точных физических исследований процессов, совершающихся в нашем организме. Но я не буду отвлекаться на то, что еще должно быть сделано, — это целое море интереснейших и загадочных явлений, — а ограничусь разбором примеров красоты человека, физического совершенства его тела.
        — Неужели все так просто — только анатомическая целесообразность? — вырвалось у красивой золотистой блондинки с черными бровями, сидевшей недалеко от кафедры.
        — Вы правы, — ответил ей Гирин, — совсем не просто. Это лишь фундаментальные, скелетные основы восприятия, на которых строится вся запутанная гамма нашей психологии и личных вкусов, зависящих уже от индивидуальной структуры, темперамента и опыта. Но надо начинать с этих основ и, найдя в них конец нити, постепенно, осторожно и медленно распутывать весь клубок. В этом без помощи художников обойтись немыслимо.
        — Но ведь художники издавна занимались познаванием законов красоты, и я не понимаю, о чем вы говорите, — раздраженно перебил человек с бородкой.
        — Что ж, тогда я не сумел ничего объяснить, — с едва заметной насмешкой отозвался Гирин. — Жаль, что я не подчеркнул с самого начала, что за все тысячелетия существования изобразительного искусства не было ни единой действительно научной попытки объяснить чувство красоты. Каноны, измерения, куча немецких псевдонаучных, лжеантропологических книг, жонглирование словами «объемы, соотношения, каноны» у искусствоведов, переводивших язык искусства в рационалистические понятия. Пропорции человеческого тела тысячекратно измерены одним ученым аббатом в семнадцатом веке. Нельзя не склонить голову перед титаническими усилиями понять красоту в Древней Индии, древней и новой Европе, Китае, Японии! Но нельзя и не видеть всей безрезультатности этих попыток, потому что объяснение искали вне человека. Теперь уже совершенно ясно, что ощущения красоты заложены в глубинах нашего существа. Надо идти дальше и установить причинные закономерности, по которым определенные формы, линии, краски отражаются в нашем сознании «красой ненаглядной». И если говорить о человеческой красоте, то никак нельзя отрывать ее от чувства страсти, потому что ее первоначальная цель — это компас в поиске совершенного, наилучшего для продолжения рода? Однако рассмотрение, даже самое поверхностное, великой сложности строения человека увело бы нас далеко. Вернемся к наиболее простому.
        Каковы общие отправные точки нашего заключения: человек этот красив? Блестящая, гладкая и плотная кожа, густые волосы, ясные, чистые глаза, яркие губы. Но ведь это прямые показатели общего здоровья, хорошего обмена веществ, отличной жизнедеятельности. Красива прямая осанка, распрямленные плечи, внимательный взгляд, высокая посадка головы — мы называем ее гордой. Это признаки активности, энергии, хорошо развитого и находящегося в постоянном действии или тренировке тела — алертности, как сказали бы физиологи. Недаром актеров, особенно киноактрис, танцовщиц, манекенщиц, — всех, для кого важно их женское или мужское
        очарование, специально обучают ходить, стоять или сидеть в алертной, мы в просторечии скажем — подтянутой позе. Недаром военные выгодно отличаются от нас, штатских, неспортсменов, своей подтянутостью, быстротой движений. Скажу больше. Обращали ли вы внимание, в каких позах животные — собаки, лошади, кошки — становятся особенно красивы? В моменты высшей алертности, когда животное высоко приподнимается на передних ногах, настораживает уши, напрягает мускулы. Почему? Потому, что в такие моменты наиболее резко выступают признаки активной энергии тела! Неспроста древние греки считали удачными изображения своих богов лишь в том случае, если ваятелю удавался энтазис — то серьезное, внимательное, напряженное выражение — основной признак божества. Вспомните великолепную голову Афины Лемнии — в ней алертность или энтазис может служить образцом для всех остальных скульптур.
        Итак, тугая пружина энергии, скрученная нелегкими условиями жизни, в живом теле человека воспринимается нами как прекрасное, привлекает нас и тем самым выполняет поставленную природой задачу соединения наиболее пригодных для борьбы за существование особей, обеспечивая правильный выбор. Таково биологическое значение чувства красоты, игравшего первостепенную роль в диком состоянии человека и продолжающееся в цивилизованной жизни.
        Идеально здоровый человек не испытывает потребностей сморкаться или плевать и обладает лишь слабым собственным запахом. Излишне пояснять, какое большое значение имела такая отличная химическая балансировка организма в дикой жизни, когда человека выслеживали хищники или он сам подкрадывался к добыче.
        Но это лишь первая ступень красоты, хотя и основная. Пойдем дальше. Что безусловно красиво у человека вне всяких наслоений индивидуальных вкусов, культуры или исключительных расовых отклонений? Скажем, большие глаза и притом широко расставленные, не слишком выпуклые и не чересчур впалые. Чем больше глаза, тем больше поверхность сетчатки, тем лучше зрение. Чем шире расставлены глаза, тем больше стереоскопичность зрения, глубина планов. Насколько ценилась испокон веков широкая расстановка глаз, показывает очень древний миф о красавице, дочери финикийского царя Европе. Ее имя по-древнегречески означает или «широколицая» («широковзорная») или «широкоглазая».
        Положение глаз в глазных впадинах говорит о состоянии окружающих тканей и точности гормональной регулировки организма: очевидно, что среднее их положение во впадинах — наилучшее. Красивы ровные, плотно посаженные зубы, изогнутые правильной дугой, — такая зубная дуга отличается наибольшей механической прочностью при разгрызании твердой растительной пищи или сырого мяса. Красивы длинные ресницы — они лучше защищают глаз. Нам кажутся они изящнее, если изогнуты кверху, — ощущение верно, потому что отогнутые вверх кончики не дают ресницам слипаться или смерзаться.
        Анатомическое чутье, заложенное в нас, очень тонко. Подсознательно мы сразу отличаем и воспринимаем как красоту черты, противоположные для равных полов, но никогда не ошибаемся, какому из полов что нужно. Выпуклые, сильно выступающие под кожей мышцы красивы для мужчины, но для женщины мы это не считаем достоинством. Почему? Да потому, что нормально сложенная здоровая женщина всегда имеет более развитый жировой слой, чем мужчина. Это хорошо известно, но так ли уж всем понятно, что это не более как резервный месячный запас пищи на случай внезапного голода, когда женщина вынашивает или кормит ребенка? Попутно заметьте, где на теле женщины располагаются эти подкожные пищевые запасы? В нижней части живота и области вокруг таза — следовательно, эта резервная пища одновременно служит тепловой и противоударной изоляцией для носимого в чреве ребенка. И в то же время этот подкожный слой создает мягкие линии женского тела — самого прекрасного создания природы.
        Еще пример. Стройная длинная шея немало прибавляет к красоте женщины, но у мужчины она воспринимается вовсе не так — скорее как нечто слегка болезненное. Шея мужчины должна быть некой средней длины и достаточно толстой для прочной поддержки головы в бою, для несения тяжестей. Женщина по своей древней природе — страж, а ее длинная шея дает большую гибкость, быстроту движений головы, — снова эстетическое чувство совпадает с целесообразностью. Наконец, одна из главных противоположностей полов — широкие бедра прямо безобразны у мужчины и составляют одну из наиболее красивых черт женского тела.
        — Это в домостроевское время, старо! Теперь все изменилось, что и доказывает вашу неправоту. Нет вечных канонов красоты! — бесцеремонно перебила женщина с тягучими движениями и словами, та, которая спросила: «Зачем?»
        — О-о! Я ожидал подобных возражений. Действительно, в истории человечества было немало периодов, когда здоровые идеалы красоты временно заменялись нездоровыми. Подчеркиваю: я имею в виду только здоровый идеал, канон, называйте его как хотите, — в природе никакого иного быть не могло. Да и во всех культурах в эпоху их
        Мода современности ведет к признанию красоты в удлиненном, как бы вытянутом теле человека, особенно женщины, — явно городском, хрупком, слабом, не приспособленном к физической работе, успешному деторождению и обладающем малыми резервами сил. И опять появляются «гордые» рахитические лбы, непомерно высокие от отступающих назад жидковатых волос, некрасиво выпуклые, с вогнутой, вдавленной под лоб переносицей. И опять идеальный женский рост в 157–160 сантиметров сменяется «городским» в 170–175, как бы специально для контраста со странами, где у бедно живущих народов «экономный» женский рост в среднем около 150 сантиметров.
        — Словом, у вас древние вкусы! — съязвила та же женщина.
        — Я не говорю здесь ничего о вкусах и не могу обсуждать, правильны они или нет. Безусловно, появление множества женщин городского, нетренированного облика, не делавших никогда долгой и трудной физической работы, должно оказать влияние на вкусы нашего времени. Разве их можно назвать неправильными для настоящего момента? Однако они будут неправильны с точки зрения наибольшего здоровья, мощи и энергии, на какую, так сказать, рассчитан человек. В связи с этим поговорим еще немного о широких бедрах, не имея в виду их красоту, хотя древние эллины, обращаясь к женщинам, частенько восклицали: «Красуйтесь бедрами!»
        Процесс рождения ребенка у человека более труден, чем у животных, и ведет к более резкому различию полов. Налицо крупное противоречие.
        Вертикальная походка человека требует максимального сближения головок бедренных костей — этим облегчается бег, равновесие и обеспечивается выносливая ходьба. Но человек рождается с огромной круглой головой, и процесс рождения требует широкого таза с раздвинутыми бедренными суставами. Проклятие Евы, так умело использованное религией, — «в муках будешь рождать детей своих» — существует на самом деле: процесс родов у человека более мучителен и болезнен, чем у животных. В истории развития человека это противоречие возрастало — увеличение мозга требовало расширения таза матери, а вертикальная походка — сужения таза. Разрешением этого противоречия частично явились роднички — незаросшие области на темени ребенка. В момент прохождения через нижнее отверстие таза кости свода черепа ребенка заходят одна на другую, череп сдавливается, и голова приобретает характерную удлиненную форму, впоследствии исправляющуюся. Но мало и этого. Человек рождается абсолютно беспомощным и требует продолжительного кормления материнским молоком, дольше, чем все животные. Из сравнения развития человека и слона — животного, наиболее сходного с ним по долголетию и всем этапам роста, можно думать, что человек родится недоноском и что нормальный срок для беременности у человека должен быть того же порядка, как у слонихи, носящей детеныша 22 месяца. Очевидно, что за такой срок ребенок стал бы значительно больше и его огромная голова обязательно погубила бы мать. И тут пришло на помощь особое биологическое приспособление — возвращение к стадии низших млекопитающих — сумчатых, рождающих недоношенных детенышей. Только у человека вместо сумки — интеллигентность, самоотверженность и нежность матери.
        А для того чтобы нанести наименьшие повреждения мозгу ребенка, так же как и для того, чтобы выносить его в наилучшем состоянии, мать должна быть широкобедрой. В то же время спутница жизни дикого человека, много бегающая, носящая подолгу добычу, да и ребят за собой, в процессе отбора становится узкобедрой, часто гибнет при родах, рождает ребят менее жизнеспособных. Живущие в наихудших условиях представители человечества — дикие охотники Австралии, пигмеи, многие лесные племена Южной Америки — могут служить примером. Как только люди стали жить более оседло — еще в пещерах Южной Европы, Северной Африки, Азии, — начался отбор могучих широкобедрых матерей, давших человечеству тех его представителей, которые по праву заслужили название хомо сапиенс — человека мудрого. Это происходило во всех частях света, от Японии до Англии — в удобной для жизни средиземноморской полосе, когда обилие животной и растительной пищи, а также изобретение копья и дротика превратили человека из бездомного бродяги в обитателя крепкого жилья.
        Так, в инстинктивном понимании красоты запечатлелось это требование продолжения рода, слившееся, разумеется, с эротическим восприятием подруги, которая сильна и не будет искалечена первыми же родами, которая даст потомство победителей темного необозримого царства зверей, как море — окружавшего наших предков. И что бы там ни говорили законодатели мод и выдумщики всяческих оригинальностей, когда вам, художникам, надо написать образ женщины-обольстительницы, покорительницы мужчин, в серьезном или шутливом, бидструповском, оформлении, — кого же вы рисуете, как не крутобедрую, высокогрудую женщину с осиной талией? Заметим кстати, что тонкая, гибкая талия есть анатомическая компенсация широких бедер для подвижности и гибкости всего тела.
        Для мужчин тонкая талия, увы, противопоказана, если они хотят быть действительно мужчинами, могучими и выносливыми, как древние эллины. Я уже говорил, что тело человека не имеет скелетной компенсации позвоночнику спереди. Поэтому, для того чтобы носить тяжести, поднимать их, быть выносливым (вспомните об особенностях мужского дыхания), на передней поверхности тела, между ребрами и тазом, должна быть толстая и крепкая мышечная стенка, да что там, целая стена, сантиметров в пять толщиной, как на греческих статуях. Не меньшей мощности пластины нужны и на боковых сторонах — косые брюшные мышцы. Тут уж не до гибкой талии, в этом месте мужчина становится шире, чем в бедрах, зато приобретает великую мощь.
        А у женщин важнее совсем другие, не поверхностные, а внутренние мышцы, способные в прочной чаше удерживать внутренности при огромной дополнительной нагрузке — ребенке. Помните, все это не для города и даже не для деревни. Создавалось оно в дикой жизни, полной огромного напряжения. Поэтому широкий и крепкий лист поперечной брюшной мышцы стягивает талию глубже косых мышц, до самого лобка, низко поддерживая мышечную чашу живота с помощью еще и пирамидальной мышцы, которая, будучи сильно развита, дает тот плоский живот, о котором мечтают красавицы. Я думаю, что мускульная анатомия вам известна. Упомяну еще, что у хорошо танцующих женщин наиболее сильно развиты средняя и маленькая ягодичные мышцы, а в самой глубине — грушевидная и подвздошно-поясничная. Все они заполняют впадину над вертлугом и дают выпуклую, «амфорную», линию крутых бедер. Можно прибавить развитие самого верхнего конца портняжной мышцы и мышцы, натягивающей широкую фасцию. Если проанализировать мускулатуру превосходно развитых танцовщиц, конькобежек и гимнасток, то мы увидим несколько иное, чем у мужчин, усиление самых верхних частей аддукторов бедренных мышц. Посмотрите на фигуры здоровых, привычных к разнообразному труду деревенских девушек, и вы увидите, что и тут наше эстетическое чувство безошибочно отмечает наивысшую целесообразность.
        Вот мы и разобрали вторую главную ступень красоты — гармоническое разрешение, казалось бы, губительных противоречий, разрешение, доведенное до той единственной совершенной возможности, которая, как лезвие бритвы, как острие стрелки, качается между противоположностями. Путь нашего познания прекрасного, поисков его везде и всюду, видимо, лежит через поиски этой тонкой линии, сформировавшейся за долгую историю и означающей совершенство в многостороннем преодолении величайших затруднений существования в природе живого мыслящего существа — человека. Позвольте на этом закончить!

        — Давно, вы были в ту пору мальчиком, — почти кричал человек с бородкой, — в Ленинграде был такой профессор — биолог Немилов! Он написал книжку «Биологическая трагедия женщины», доказывая, что рок деторождения так тяготеет над ней, что она никогда не поднимется до мужчины. Нет ли во всех ваших высказываниях некоторого э… э… влияния Немилова?
        — Судите сами. Никакой трагедии у женщины я не вижу. Наоборот, во многом мы, мужчины, можем ей позавидовать. Разность полов существует совершенно реально, и с ней нельзя не считаться — вот тут и есть корень всех недоразумений. Не надо требовать от женщины того, чего она не может или что ей вредно, а во всем остальном она вряд ли уступит мужчине в наше время, когда ей открыты сотни профессий, и в том числе наука. Надо объяснять нашей молодежи реальную разницу между женщиной и мужчиной — об этом мы как-то забыли или были принуждены трудностями индустриализации, потом войны.
        — Если я правильно вас поняла, — спросила седовласая женщина в больших очках, — эстетическое удовольствие, чувство красоты сильнее от женского тела у мужчины, чем у женщины — от мужского?
        — Это правильно, и причина заключается в некотором различии воздействия половых гормонов на психику, у мужчин, действующих порывами, импульсно, чрезвычайно обостряя восприятие всего, что связано с полом, следовательно, и красоты. Вопрос еще мало изучен, но в общем-то очевидно, что вся гормональная деятельность — вещь очень серьезная для психофизиологической структуры человека, и пренебрегать ею никак нельзя. Могучий половой тормоз — мозг, в природе стимулирующий естественную лень самца и сопротивление самки, у человека уравновешен очень сильной половой системой, еще более усиленной памятью и воображением. Человек обладает таким количеством половых гормонов, какого нет ни у одного животного. Они подавляют естественный протест интеллекта, по-иному поворачивают психическую настройку. Известно, что количество половых гормонов очень важно для энергетического тонуса организма, как, например, насыщение крови кетостеронами. Жизненно необходимо исследовать это и научиться переключать энергию гормонов на другие стороны жизнедеятельности и в то же время не утрачивать всей великой привлекательности и счастья половой любви.
        — А вот вопрос, который ставит под сомнение все ваши не лишенные остроумия доводы, — вызывающе сказала художница, все время старавшаяся уязвить Гирина. С уверенностью испытанной обольстительницы она выставила стройную ногу, изящно обутую в босоножку на высокой «шпильке». — Женщины всего мира, — продолжала она, — при всех модах и вкусах исправляют вашу премудрую природу обувью на высоких каблуках. И попробуйте отрицать, что это менее красиво, чем ходьба босиком!
        — И не попробую, потому что в самом деле красивее, — весело ответил Гирин. — Однако следует понять: почему? Что вы можете сказать, кроме того, что каблуки удлиняют ногу и делают маленькую женщину выше? Но ведь и высокие выглядят лучше на каблуках. Почему же так важно это удлинение ног? Не просто удлинение, а изменение пропорции ноги — вот в чем суть каблука. Удлиняется голень, которая становится значительно длиннее бедра. Такое соотношение голени и бедра есть приспособление к бегу, быстрому, легкому и долгому, то есть успешной охоте. Оно было у древнейших представителей нашего вида кроманьонской расы, оно сейчас есть у некоторых африканских племен. Наше эстетическое восприятие каблука доказывает, что мы происходим от древних бегунов и охотников, обитателей скал, — это подсознательное воспоминание о совершенстве в беге. Добавлю, что каблуки придают вашей ноге крутой подъем. Тут эстетика прямо, а не косвенно сходится с необходимостью высокого подъема для легкой походки и неутомимости. Все обладатели крутых подъемов знают, насколько они экономнее в носке обуви, чем люди с обычной или плосковатой стопой.
        — Значит, мы испортились с древних времен? — не унималась длинноногая художница.
        — Ничуть, хотя колебания в общих пропорциях у разных народов довольно значительны. Если мы как следует займемся собой, то быстро превратимся в кроманьонцев. Ничего из той наследственности, которую приобрели далекие предки, еще не утрачено. Вот свидетельство тому: как только человек длительное время живет в суровых условиях, но при обилии пищи и здоровом климате, он превращается в высокорослого, с мощной мускулатурой и более длинными ногами.
        — А длинные косы у женщин? — спросил кто-то из-за спины Гирина.
        — Уже отмирающее эстетическое ощущение, уходящее потому, что десятки тысячелетий человек пользуется одеждой. Длинные волосы закреплялись в нашем чувстве прекрасного тогда, когда люди в теплую межледниковую эпоху еще не знали одежды. Возможность прикрыть маленького ребенка от ночного холода у своей груди, защитить от непогоды — вот смысл длинных волос и их значение для выбора лучшей матери.
        — А почему красивее считается прямой нос? Не все ли равно?
        — Прямой нос — прямой ход для вдыхаемого воздуха. Для нас, европейцев, северных людей, характерна высокая переносица и высокое небо — воздух проходит в горло по крутой дуге и лучше обогревается. Но все это надо еще исследовать. Действительно ли узкие глаза монголоидов — это приспособление к богатому ультрафиолетовыми лучами свету в горах и высокогорных пустынях? Много есть подобных вопросов, которыми вместо расовой демагогии давно должна бы заниматься антропология. Но функциональной антропологии пока еще нет, и мы можем лишь догадываться, какие важные причины сформировали расовые особенности. Кстати, большинство расовых признаков, отвечающих опять же анатомической функциональной целесообразности, не кажутся нам чуждыми и вызывают в общем те же эстетические ассоциации. Все дело в том, что мы, люди вида сапиенс, безусловные сестры и братья по самому настоящему родству. Всего пятьдесят тысячелетий назад нас была лишь горсточка, и эта горсточка породила все великое разнообразие народов, племен, языков, иногда воображавших себя единственными, избранными представителями рода человеческого.
        — А все-таки это страшно, — вдруг сказала красивая блондинка с черными бровями, смотревшая на Гирина, как на злого вестника. — Все наши представления о прекрасном, мечты и создания искусства… и вдруг так просто — для детей, для простой жизни!
        — Простая жизнь? Ее нет, мы только по невежеству думаем, что она проста, и постоянно расплачиваемся за это. Очень сложна, трудна и интересна жизнь! Но не понимаю, отчего вам страшно? Оттого, что станет понятно, в чем суть прелести ваших красивых бровей? Брови, назначение которых отводить в сторону пот, стекающий со лба, и не давать ему заливать глаза, должны быть густыми. И при густоте они не должны быть чересчур широкими, чтобы в них не скапливалась грязь, не заводились паразиты. Вот секрет красоты ваших соболиных, узких и густых бровей.
        Под необидный смех окружающих блондинка прикрыла лицо рукой. Гирин продолжал:
        — Но это лишь грубая основа нашего понимания причинности тех или других эстетических ощущений. А по этой основе миллионы лет будет плестись прелестный узор очарования синих, серых, зеленых и карих глаз, всевозможных оттенков волос, кожи, очертаний губ и всех других мыслимых комбинаций, число которых не меньше количества атомов в солнечной системе. Так что же вас страшит?


        Блондинка умолкла, но тут к Гирину пробился широкоплечий юноша, давно уже не сводивший с него глаз:
        — Можно вас попросить рассказать еще какой-нибудь пример противоречия в строении человека… такого, исторически сложившегося?
        — Я боюсь задержать присутствующих. Лучше приходите ко мне, и мы побеседуем.
        Юноша нервно теребил записную книжку.
        — Если можно — сейчас. Я должен рассказать своим ребятам сегодня же…
        — Хорошо, — уступил Гирин. — Вертикальное положение тела человека целиком перенесло вес его передней части, ставшей верхней, на позвоночный столб. Позвонки, особенно поясничные, стали нести вертикальную нагрузку, очень сильную при носке и подъеме тяжестей. В результате одно из наиболее характерных заболеваний человека — всякие болезненные изменения в поясничных позвонках, например, так называемый спондилоз, не говоря уже о болях в пояснице и радикулитах, одолевающих почти каждого человека к старости. Интересно, что такими же заболеваниями страдали вымершие саблезубые тигры — они одни могли посочувствовать человеку. У тех беда пришла в результате развития громадных сабельных клыков в верхней челюсти, удары которых, очевидно, давали очень сильную нагрузку на позвоночный столб, в этом случае не вертикальную, а горизонтальную, но действовавшую также по оси позвоночника. И вот среди сотен скелетов саблезубов, раскопанных в асфальтовых лужах Ранчо ла Бреа в Калифорнии, очень многие имеют признаки спондилоза.
        — А чем же компенсировалось это противоречие?
        — Развитием мышц брюшного пресса, вместе с лестничными межреберными мускулами, дающими дополнительную поддержку туловищу. Наибольшим развитием этих мышц, судя по статуям, отличались древнегреческие атлеты. Вспомним хотя бы лисипповского «Апоксиомена» или особенно поликлетовского «Копьеносца». Человек обязательно должен развивать эти мускулы — они жизненно важны во всех случаях.
        — Вряд ли возможно сопоставлять древнего и современного человека, — сказал тот, ученого вида старик, который вспоминал Немилова. — Прежде всего у нас гораздо больше нервного напряжения, стрессов, чем в первобытной жизни. Отсюда, нужно думать, что прежние каноны физической силы и выносливости сегодня неприменимы. Нужна крепкая нервная организация — это главное.
        — Вы сделали сразу две крупные ошибки. Начну со второй, она проще, — возразил Гирин. — Крепкая нервная организация может быть только на основе полного здоровья, физической крепости и выносливости всего тела. Хилое тело, подвергнутое нервному напряжению, сразу же даст шизоидный комплекс психики. Что касается первобытных людей, живших в постоянной и смертельной опасности, в длительном напряжении охоты и поисков пищи, то их организм выработал способность отдавать сразу огромное количество адреналина для мгновенной форсировки мышечно-двигательной системы. Сильнейшие нервные стрессы, какие случаются у современных людей, кроме войны, всего несколько раз в жизни, заставляли наших предков жить в алертности, напряжении всего тела, расходуя всю пищу, какую только мог потребить организм. Никаких холестериновых накоплений, склероза или инфаркта. Мы унаследовали отличную боевую машину, приспособленную для битв с могучими зверями, и сетуем, что она может своими стрессами погубить наши вялые, нетренированные как надо тела. Я не имею в виду спортивные тренировки — они пока что истощают ресурсы тела. Индийская йога учит накапливать эти ресурсы, но мы еще не взяли ее за образец и не приспособили к нашим нуждам. Вот вам еще пример. Частыми заболеваниями у человека, обязанными не инфекциям и не травмам, являются подагра, отложение солей в суставах, а также образование камней в почках и мочевом пузыре. Это отложение мочевой кислоты, малорастворимого азотистого соединения. В крови почти всех животных, за исключением обезьян и человека, есть особый фермент — уретаза, переводящий мочевую кислоту в растворимую мочевину. Как случилось, что уретаза отсутствует у человека? Можно догадываться, что мочевая кислота, принадлежащая к группе пуринов, к которым относится и кофеин, является стимулятором нервной деятельности. Когда мозг стал ведущим приспособлением в жизни, обезьяне и человеку потребовалось держать нервную систему в постоянной алертности, возбуждении, и это было достигнуто упразднением уретазы. Избыток мочевой кислоты дал необходимую стимуляцию, но за это пришлось расплатиться. Мать-природа ничего не дает своим детям без того, чтобы что-то не взять взамен, — этот важнейший закон мы, защищенные цивилизованными условиями жизни, плохо понимаем.

        • alf says:

          Why would you waste space with this

          • Varna says:

            Obviously I thought it was a) on topic, b) worthy of sharing.

            Basic online translate provides the content, and the style does not matter in this case.

            The quoted bit is a super compact summary of the basics on which the eternal standards of beauty stand. 1963 was more or less the last year this could be published, before the brief thaw ended.

            Unless, of course, one holds the view that “old stuff” and “foreign stuff” can’t possibly hold anything of value. There are a great many people who hold such views. Perhaps even the majority.

      • Leon says:

        I disagree. IVF is a medical technology, and that technology is going downhill as the west becomes more diverse, effeminate and stupid (like all technology is). These types of stories are propeganda to women to party hard through their teens, twenties and now thirties. I have read that many of the medical procedures that help women have kids later on in life don’t work that well, are immensely expensive, and often the children have defects. Likewise, women having kids later in life has been shown to have children with increased rate of birth defects, and has also led to an increase in sexual disorders (such as homosexuality) amongst those children. Plus, I seriously doubt the kids of women who waited that long in life are going to have the best childhoods and upbringing. Their mother will sacrifice them in a heartbeat for globohomo. Just another mutant white kid amongst an increasing sea of mutant white kids.

        • Pooch says:

          Interesting observation about homosexuality. I wonder if there is any data on the correlation between age of the mother and prevalence of homosexuality.

        • Aidan says:

          My observation is that kids born to old moms with donor sperm are mutated to the point of barely being human. Our understanding of genetics and their manipulation is as crude as the Bronze Age’s understanding of surgery. “cut hole in DNA, CRISPR good gene here” is about as sophisticated as “drill hole in skull, let bad spirits out”. Designer babies are not going to become a thing anytime soon.

          • Basil says:

            In this case, there is no DNA cut, just the selection of the best embryos based on the data we have, no? Of course, a couple of Asians will not be able to get a baby with blue eyes, but will they be able to get a baby with less mutational load, with a lower risk of hereditary diseases and a height.

            It seems to me that the technology has a downside and it rather lies in its effectiveness. Previously, the offspring of a feline lady and a cuckold who agreed to wear a white dress on a whore who came to the finish line received a fine. This penalty has now been reduced, because female felines and cuckolds will produce more efficient offspring than they naturally produce, causing the population to drift to the left even faster than now.

        • pyrrhus says:

          I have worked with hundreds of children over the years, and my observations confirm those points, except that I don’t know about the homosexuality…Good looking children are consistently smarter and more athletic, no doubt…

  14. martin yenn-zohr says:

    I confess that I used to object to the term, “Reaction”. “Consider the phrase, ‘Revolution and Reaction'”, I once told my master. “Reaction comes second both temporally and semantically. That indicates lateness and a lack of capacity”.

    My master berated me at length for entertaining such foolish ideas. “It is Reaction”, he corrected me, “as in, reactive. Having the capacity to be alert, active, aware, conscious, responsive.”.

    Now is the time to share this.

    “Progressive-Futurism.txt” is a follow up to Reactionaries Read Star Wars.txt. (Archived here. Also, I switched to anonpaste because pastebin was spying on me.)

    An excerpt.

    A Reactionary taxonomy is necessarily cladistic.

    Prophet Moldbug (Peace Be Onto Him) produced a cladistic analysis of
    the branch of Leftism that revolted with success against royalist rule
    in the 18th century, that conquered the United States of America in
    the 19th century, that conquered Europe in the 20th Century.

    This is a cladistic analysis of the the Futurist branch(es) of 21st
    century Anglosphere Progressivism.

    (You will not have to read “Progressive-Futurism.txt” or “Reactionaries Read Star Wars.txt” in order to understand the comments below.)

    • martin yenn-zohr says:

      I am sharing this because I had a nightmarish vision, in which the historians of the future wrote things like this:

      It was inevitable that the branch of leftism that took the longest time to go pear shaped would wind up ruling the Galaxy, as each of the other branches self destructed.

      I claim that at least one Progressive Futurist has come here to infiltrate and spy on us. The administrator of https://sinceriously.fyi. Ziz.

      The Simurgh (pronounced: “Si-morg”) is an Endbringer.

      Another name for “The Simurgh” is “Ziz”.

      The Simurgh continuously emits a psychic ‘scream’ – a type of psychic echolocation that allows her to scan her surroundings while exerting psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages, or create compulsions.

      To victims, it is usually perceived as a scream in the back of their minds, constantly changing in pitch and tone. However, she was capable of keeping it inaudible.


      She could see things that were otherwise obscured by looking at people’s perceptions of them, or otherwise observing their consequences, as well as by predicting their most likely course.

      She uses scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occurring in areas she’s been active. She can influence machines as well as people.

      With enough knowledge of a subject, she can evoke memories subconsciously through her posture and actions. By placing a target in a stressful environment, this can be used to cause hallucinations.

      Interesting. What is an “Endbringer”?

      The Endbringers are monstrous beings that take turns attacking locations around the globe to cause as much damage as they possibly can. After sustaining sufficient damage, they retreat to their respective domains to heal, only to attack again months later.

      How durable is an Endbringer?

      All Endbringers have a core, a lens that essentially projects their mass into reality.

      As long as their core remains intact, an Endbringer can fight at peak capacity and regenerate damage, even in the middle of a battle.

      So. Total War.

      I claim that “Miserius”, “Calvin”, “notglowing” are Progressive entryists. Collaborating with Ziz.

      See Jim’s summary for a review of the discussion with Miserius. (Miserius has not been seen since then.)

      See this comment thread. Calvin had made a similar comment before, during the discussion with Miserius. Calvin would not have been able to push the “if you’re a Christian, then you’ll just have to agree with me that…” false frame at us without the posts from Miserius.

      See this comment here. It precedes the posts made by Miserius and Calvin. It is something of a criticism of Futurism, but from within a false frame. “if you’re a neoreactionary, then you’ll just have to agree with me that…”. Similar to Calvin’s attempts to push a frame at us. Similar to Miserius’ attempts to push a false frame at us. A clear pattern.

      notglowing gave fake reasons as to why the “futurist” movement is bad. See below.

      It might seem like this would promote a more reactionary system, since people can survive for much longer and still participate actively in government and management.
      But it would be a threat to the concept of the family itself, which is what constitutes our current immortal legacy.
      If you can live for an indefinite period of time, you do not need to have children, nor do you need to be concerned about being too old for that purpose.
      It would be an illusion of immortality, sure, but it would give them ammunition to end not just the family, but religion with it, since thinking that death is not inevitable would make it easy to think of eschatological matters as irrelevant.

      Pushing a caricatured, propagandized version of Reaction at us. Suggesting that future developments in technology will make Reaction obsolete. (A popular futurist myth.)

      So. Three commenters in the same thread, three comments that push a false frame at us. This is to be expected from an antagonist named “Ziz”.

      Probable objectives: Cause commotion, cause confusion about who is who, cause confusion about what we believe and why, collide us with each other, gather INTEL, demoralize us, and so on.


      • martin yenn-zohr says:

        This comment from notglowing is especially interesting.

        If you want to be believed then…

        Would an ally say such a thing?

        This comment from Calvin is especially interesting.

        the dark side is powered by extreme emotions, which means the most unstable and erratic people tend to get powered up really fast, which encourages constant chimping out.

        Attempting to weaken us by preaching Light Sideism? As part of a broader plot to deceive Reactionaries into accepting death?

        • martin yenn-zohr says:

          deceive Reactionaries into accepting death?

          An effort in futility.

          Gnaw off other people’s body parts and it might be hard to get a job — that’s the kind of lesson a tight-feedback, cybernetically intense, laissez faire order would allow to be learned. It’s also exactly the kind of insensitive zombiphobic discrimination that any compassionate democracy would denounce as thought crime, whilst boosting the public budget for the vitally-challenged, undertaking consciousness raising campaigns on behalf of those suffering from involuntary cannibalistic impulse syndrome, affirming the dignity of the zombie lifestyle in higher-education curriculums, and rigorously regulating workspaces to ensure that the shuffling undead are not victimized by profit-obsessed, performance-centric, or even unreconstructed animationist employers.

          As enlightened zombie-tolerance flourishes in the shelter of the democratic mega-parasite, a small remnant of reactionaries, attentive to the effects of real incentives, raise the formulaic question: “You do realize that these policies lead inevitably to a massive expansion of the zombie population?” The dominant vector of history presupposes that such nuisance objections are marginalized, ignored, and — wherever possible – silenced through social ostracism.

          We of the Dark Enlightenment have decided to live.

        • notglowing says:

          > This comment from notglowing is especially interesting.

          > If you want to be believed then…

          > Would an ally say such a thing?

          No, because I am not *your* ally. You attack me in a cowardly fashion, and implicitly threaten me by claiming you know who I am in real life, call me a shill and try to get other people to attack me, suggest I should be banned, based on absolutely no facts, and not even presenting any argument I can respond to.
          Do you actually expect me to have any amount of good will towards you?
          I asked you to substantiate your claims. You have responded with more accusations.

          I am not any of the other posters you mentioned, nor is anything I say even remotely similar to what they say. You are either insane, or a shill yourself, intentionally trying to sow distrust.

          Everything I post represents my own thoughts and doubts, I do not come here to shill for any groups or organizations, and the vast majority of my posts do not even push for any political idea, I am mostly asking questions, which are genuine, and not loaded.

          Even now, most of your arguments are entirely based off of associating my posts and identity with that of other two posters I do not particularly agree with, and that is based on extremely flimsy reasoning.
          There isn’t even a similarity in what I posted, and what they posted, except that in your view it was from a false frame, which by the way as a criterion would include a lot of people who have posted here.

          Am I Anonymous Fake too?

          > Pushing a caricatured, propagandized version of Reaction at us. Suggesting that future developments in technology will make Reaction obsolete. (A popular futurist myth.)

          That is indeed a popular futurist myth, and that was not my frame. My frame is that that is what futurism tries to do, and it might be concerning. It’s not that reaction becomes obsolete, but that it can successfully create an illusion of that being true.
          I am not a futurist, and if you have an issue with my critique of futurism, then explain it and do not throw out cowardly accusations.

          Unfalsifiable accusations on members of a community by other members in the long term sow distrust and division.
          The reason why this comment section is able to survive despite the possibility that some people are enemy agents, is that Jim is able to probe against them in a falsifiable way, by testing them for being shills, and giving them a public challenge they can pass or fail, that is visible to anyone.

          You are giving out accusations against which it’s impossible for me to effectively defend myself, because you are claiming I said things I have not said, and that I am someone who I simply am not.
          Nothing I wrote has caused people here to “collide” with each other, and the example you came up with in particular, didn’t even receive much in terms of response.
          Your only argument until now was that I have a funny name.

          I have only ever posted under this name, and I believe my IP address has always been in my country, and in the general area I live in (though I am using a VPN, but one close to me).

          • ExileStyle says:

            >You are either insane, or a shill yourself, intentionally trying to sow distrust.

            I think the “insane” theory seems strongest. It took me a bewildering few moments to grasp what I was reading in his comments (or more precisely that I was not going to be able to grasp whatever is in them).

            Insane plus a dose of simple taste for drama, which is very womanish and weird.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              My estimation of martin is going up.

            • jim says:

              I have suspected for some time that martin yenn-zohr is simply insane.

              Putting him on moderation. You may in future see a new deletion reason: “deleted for insane ramblings”

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                I don’t think censure is merited here when an argument could be had first, and it’s always suspect in my eyes whenever newfags show up to pick bones with someone or other, including each other.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                His pastebin was interesting, if somewhat brief. And NG was incessantly shilling the Submit To Coronatarianism pill until AM bitch slapped him back the male side of the table (the irony is palpable). I can’t really follow what he’s trying to say about infiltrators, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something worth saying.

                • notglowing says:

                  I did not suggest anyone submit to the system and accept the vax. That’s just an unfair assessment. “Incessantly”, even less so.

                  I said I was starting to look into how I could leave the country if things got worse, and that things were not looking good.
                  I was jumping the gun and more black pilled than was justified, that much is true. But it’s also not like the situation is good or that the source of the problems is entirely imaginary.

                  AM made the point that I was eroding my own will little by little through fear by being as pessimistic as I was, and worrying about issues that aren’t yet impacting my life, and I admitted he was right on that account.

                  I’m not shilling anything, you can frame it as him bullying me into shutting up, but the way I see it, I am just like many others in this comment section willing to listen to what someone else says and change my mind if they make a good case.

                  So long as they are not being dishonest, and there is some common ground you both agree on. Arguing with a shill or a leftist is generally completely pointless.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Hi KD, remember me?

                  I knew this would morph into a “is too, is not” kind of thing.
                  As a precaution (I’ve also taken other precautions), I called in a favor with martin, because I’ve read drafts of martin’s posts and it seemed to me that sharing them would put him in a better position than me to talk about SUS commenters.
                  I think that is pretty reasonable, no?

                  His pastebin was interesting, if somewhat brief.

                  That’s my fault. I pressed martin to post some of the drafts I’d already read. And yeah — I agree — they’re really interesting.

                  I can’t really follow what he’s trying to say about infiltrators

                  Yeah martin is kind of weird and hard to understand, but I think he’s pretty smart and I’m pretty sure I made the right choice by asking for his assistance. (TBH though, IDK what the fuck he was saying about “my master” this or “my master” that…)

                  martin pointed out to me that there wasn’t much need to single out notglowing et al, and he said something like the expected value of doing that was too low, and just post a critique of Progressive Futuristm and that would be enough…

                  Maybe he’s right and I should’ve listened, but I insisted that on talking about notglowing/Calvin/Miserius because I said I’d return to defend this blog, and I was serious about that. (B.J.C. blog is just too valuable — anyone who attacks it is striking at our capacity for collective action, which will never be OK with me.)

                  I literally said, “I’d not say so at this time” so I’m pretty sure “if you want to be believed” was notglowing trying to goad me into talking anyway. I’m also pretty sure “notglowing” is actually uh… not glowing. I maintain that he’s a non-governmental operative. (Ironically that would make him an NGO. LOL.)

                  Reproducing — with permission — a private message from martin to myself

                  …I will wait until the one who bears the name of that theologian gives a response…

                  Unless I’m misreading this (which does happen), “the one who bears the name of that theologian” is Calvin and martin is giving him a chance to defend himself.

                  I was using this identity to talk about covid (and sometimes other stuff), but the awesome and mighty covid demon doesn’t seem all that awesome and mighty to me anymore.
                  I trust martin, so I’ll leave the rest to him.

            • martin yenn-zohr says:

              It is my intention to spread clarity and not confusion.

              So. An even shorter summary: Palpatine is right, so it follows that Yudkowsky is wrong.

              Doubts are understandable, but I will not respond to claims about the state of my mind.

              Questions about what I have written, I would be happy to answer.

          • martin yenn-zohr says:


  15. Chud says:

    Jim, do you know if there is any truth to the following, or is it just some LARP?

    Apparently the sequences used in the mRNA vaccines have leaked

    Supposedly there is statistically significant amount of HIV in there.

    I’ve got no clue about any of the technical side of things, but I do recall early on COVID Papers were published suggesting a link to HIV, but were quickly pulled down. You mentioned this too. There was also HIV “false positives” in Australian vaccinations.

    • jim says:

      It has long been known that the Corona spike protein is significantly related to its HIV equivalent, which I conjecture to be the result of a cross breeding event between two positive stranded RNA viruses, and other people interpret as an evil plot resulting from Fauci’s gain of function experiments.

      So there is nothing sinister about significant commonalities in the vaccine and HIV, other than what is sinister about the virus itself.

  16. notglowing says:

    Green Pass restrictions in Italy have been escalated, now every single worker, public or private, must have it.
    My understanding is that even self-employed must have the pass in order to work.
    They’ve doubled down hard even compared to American restrictions, and right wing opposition to it has been useless. This will go into effect on October 15.
    So far nothing about mandating vaccinations for the Green Pass, tests are still valid, there is a small concession that those who cannot be vaccinated can get the tests for free, until december.
    With those tests only being valid for 48 hours, that is forcing them to repeat it every two days.
    Additionally, unlike in the US, recovering from infection grants you a six-month pass.

    The price of tests is around 25€ where I live, with the closest testing place being around half an hour from where I am. I imagine some people will simply absorb the cost, and get tested three times a week.

    Though, for now I have no need for a pass. Not until mid January, if testing is still an option then it won’t be an issue for me though.

    None of these measures directly affect me, though the direction is not good.

    • Varna says:

      What about the talk of Salvini making a comeback soon to replace this “technocrat govt” ?

      • notglowing says:

        Well one can hope so, Salvini is currently in the government though. He joined Draghi when the new government was formed, with the other right wing party, Fratelli D’Italia, remaining in opposition.

        FI has been somewhat consistently to the right of Salvini’s Lega, always somewhat less popular though, and generally on Lega’s side on most issues.
        Salvini has had more success, but he has also been a somewhat weaker opposition.
        He was opposed to the Green Pass despite being part of the majority government, and was criticized for it, and against extending it, but that all passed anyways.
        I think FI does serve a useful purpose of competing with Salvini and forcing him not to cuck too much or lose his base to them, while also not tying the right wing in Italy entirely to his persona. He’s not nearly as strong a character as Trump, though I like him, I don’t love him.

        FI is also led by a woman, which is why I couldn’t imagine actually rooting for them to come first in elections (though we are a parliamentary democracy, so it’s generally a matter of getting more seats in parliament rather than electing a prime minister, and the leader of the party is not as important)

        My worry is that the right here has been extremely weak in successfully opposing restrictions, and this is the result. Salvini was much stronger politically back in 2019 before he was ousted from the government. He was an effective interior minister, preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country, and was punished for it.
        Being out of the government made him look weak because he couldn’t actually get anything he wanted done. Being in the government has been better, but he hasn’t prevented any of the things his supporters don’t want.
        That said, I can’t imagine PD or 5 Star gaining much ground in elections when they do happen.

        • Pooch says:

          I would not bank on any opposition figure or party helping out. This goes for all provinces under control of the American Empire. But I just don’t see some places enforcing all of this craziness that enthusiastically especially the exurbs and countryside. The cities maybe but you should be getting out of the cities anyway, as global South Africa comes to a place near you.

          • notglowing says:

            I’m not in a city, rather a small town whose main business is tourism, which is big here, and where mostly the wealthy and upper middle class of the province live, while the factories they own are on the other side of it, which is less nice, more polluted, and also has far more immigrants, who are far less present in this area due to higher real estate prices.

            Most are involved in the tourism industry one way or another if they don’t own factories, even those who are not directly involved with tourism own real estate whose value depends on it, and might rent it seasonally to tourists through airbnb.

            There are a large amount of restaurants as well. Mostly Italian and american type, with two or three chinese/japanese restaurants and I think one spanish in the mix, among many dozen total.

            We were hit hard by the pandemic, but also recovered significantly.
            The restaurant owners weren’t very happy about the lockdowns but they comply with the pass stuff because they are afraid of having to lock down again.
            I wouldn’t say everyone supports the restrictions enthusiastically but I have scarcely seen direct opposition to it. If they are sloppy with enforcement it is due to their own sloppiness and the difficult of enforcement rather than being against it.

            I don’t know of any organized crime activities around here, and it is very peaceful crime-wise, with some areas being worse, but we don’t really have any violent crime, just some cars get stolen if they’re in a bad place. The locals very much do not like taxes, and find various ways to pay less legally and illegally, and that is probably the biggest kind of “crime” you will find here. Many being small business owners, it’s not very strange.

            I used to often hear anecdotes of locals being fined ludicrous amounts of money for very small violations during lockdowns. The opinion was usually that these are excessive, and that the people did not deserve to be fined for these marginal violations, but never that the lockdowns or the measures that imposed those fines were wrong. Just about the enforcement.

            I am sure that many of these anecdotes are true, because while they are third hand, they are about real local people, and real local places, they are not just stories printed on newspapers.

            The place I live in feels safe from turning into SA at the moment, judging from the ethnic makeup of schools and of random people on the streets during the periods of the year where tourists are not a big part of the population.
            However the towns in the vicinity are a different story. Very large amounts of african and chinese immigrants, and their children fill the classrooms.

            We do not yet have ius soli, meaning they are not citizens for being born here.
            The left has been pushing that for years. It will likely happen eventually, unless center-right returns to the government.
            I don’t think the right will accomplish much, but getting ius soli passed is difficult for them as it is, and Salvini could simply prevent it from happening for quite a few years.

    • Anon says:

      Is it possible to pay a nurse off in one of the more corrupt Italian cities to say that you have been vaxxed?

    • Fireball says:

      Does anyone expect the italians to follow the law?

      • notglowing says:

        In my experience Italians tend to simply comply less with regulations that they deem unnecessary, rather than protest them more, or revolt against them, or engage in civil disobedience (which is a public, political act)

        Of course all those things do happen sometimes, but the way things tend to work in Italy is that people are fairly disillusioned about being able to enact a change in the government, and feel extremely cynical about politics.
        If the taxes are too high, they find a way to not pay them, and those around them will not snitch, but either pretend nothing is happening, or participate.

        One thing I liked about Americans when I started getting interested in politics is how much they seem to believe in politics and idealistically try to involve themselves in it.
        Over the years I started to realize, that there are many negatives to it as well.
        Here, I can be friends with leftists, even if they know all my positions, and I can invite them to dinner. Because the belief in politics is low, people don’t see ideological opponents as actual enemies as easily.
        Of course, there are still people like that. But this is my experience.
        It’s a lot harder to cancel people, when that mentality isn’t there.

        • Pooch says:

          Sounds amazing and significantly better than America.

          • Karl says:

            Give them another 10 years or.

            As politics invades ever more into the daily live of people, it gets ever more important. The more important it is, the more emotional people are about it

            • notglowing says:

              Unless, somewhere between today and 10 years from now, it is suddenly no longer important to to the daily lives of people.

        • HerbR says:

          Because the belief in politics is low, people don’t see ideological opponents as actual enemies as easily.

          That’s Moldbug 101/Reaction 101. Democratic systems turn us all into political entities, and political entities are always in a state of total war unless and until all rival entities are eliminated. Popular government is the same thing as revolutionary government, even when the democracy is fake, because even the perception that your neighbor can bring destruction on you via some distant proxy is enough to maintain a state of conflict.

          When no peasant believes that his fellow peasants have any real power, there is no need to fight over who rules. There may still be private violence over women and other private matters, but this tends not to escalate into total war.

          • Pooch says:

            Exactly right. When Caesar and Augustus overthrew the oligarchy of the old republic, the plebeian-patrician conflict simply went away overnight.

          • notglowing says:

            I didn’t know this was an idea expressed by Moldbug.
            It was just my intuition from following American politics while living here, though the fact that people of different alignments can be friends without too many issues is something that is known and spoken.

            This is also why the covid narrative is particularly insidious to me, since it undermines that relationship.

            When it comes to the vax, those who are unvaccinated, unlike voters of a different party, represent a direct threat to the lives of those who are vaccinated, especially the elderly, who constitute the majority of the local population (and are very high in compliance).

            Overall, tensions *have* been rising for years along with the rise of populism, and politics becoming more significant as a result.
            But for ninety nine percent of the population, that still wasn’t something they cared about, until now, and specifically around the mandate.

            I will say that most of those who are in favour of it, are not quite as crazy as some of the people I see from the US and around the internet. It is significantly less polarizing on both sides here, but that’s a lot for a country that has not been very polarized since the terrorist era decades ago.
            The downside of the way Italians think about politics is that they tend to make less of a direct resistance. But that might be changing.

  17. Oog en Hand says:

    ChristenUnie and vd Kaag rip out each other throat. New elections?!

    • alf says:

      You have no doubt also noted that, despite the elected officials being both demissionary and unable to form a new cabinet, new state policies are continuing as if nothing has happened.

  18. ExileStyle says:

    Durham’s first indictment just landed:


    Great reading. More to come? Who do we think is “Tech Executive 1” and which company is “Internet-Company 1”? He was offered a White House position by Clinton if she won, so probably Google/FB/Amazon?

    • Aryaman says:

      The only way any of this is going anywhere is if he presents evidence of a conspiracy to steal an election that gives a pretence of legitimacy to forceful resistance. The only way that is what he is doing is if he privately has the support of a credible dictator. The only plausible credible dictator is Trump. If Trump, unclear why he would not have secured the same result when doing so would have been absolutely legitimate, when he was still the Constitutionally legitimate President in whom the absolute and unlimited executive power of the government was vested.

      So likely just boring stuff rehashing old news. What on earth is a special prosecutor going to do in a regime that tolerates blatant before-your-eyes stealing of an election? What on earth are courts going to do in a regime that tolerates blatant before-your-eyes stealing of an election? All the courts are going to do, if things go our way, is years from now ratify the pretence that the fraud never happened, that Biden was never inaugurated, that it was all a big error that took decades rather than minutes to correct.

      Equity regards as done what ought to be done

      Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak for fraud


      Not all the certifications, signatures, ceremonies nor inaugurations can ratify a known fraud so it is very possible though not necessarily probable that the Republic survives both the coup and the conflict that comes after. But only if things go the right way.

      • Dave says:

        so it is very possible though not necessarily probable that the Republic survives both the coup and the conflict that comes after.

        What Republic?

      • ExileStyle says:

        The interesting element here is not so much the political impact this will have (likely none; far too late) as the glimpse behind the curtain into the Actually Existent Cathedral. In one minor indictment we see State + Tech + University + Political Campaign + Law Enforcement + Newspaper + Bank all dancing their incestual dance, which is at the very least useful reading in internal Cathedral dynamics, not to mention empirical evidence of one of our central claims.

        Also days can be long and depressing recently, and it’s nice to taste even a drop or two of justice while thirsting in the desert of the real.

    • Pooch says:


    • The Cominator says:

      Low level fall guys, nobody remotely important will be touched. Believing otherwise is Qtardism and hopium.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Most high level conspiracies that get exposed and/or unraveled find the beginning of their end in the decisions of low level functionaries. Prattling on about kraken and server farm airsoft battles is Qtardery. Building up network maps through concrete events and interactions is the bedrock of strategic analysis.

        “Before the choppers can fly, the canaries must sing, my dude.”
        – Karl Ludwig von Haller

        • Alfred says:

          That’s delusional. We’ve known everything about Russiagate for ages now. This is Durham closing up shop.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I maintain that there is no central control apparatus of the Cathedral. Others here disagree. Taking their thesis to be correct as a point of departure, it should be possible to construct an org chart, network topology, whatever, that maps out the hierarchy. For an organization to have power, meaning the ability to directly influence events to effect outcomes, they must connect to the wider world at some point. A mafia with no connection to businesses, turf, or commerce is no mafia at all. So the connection between the Don and his lieutenants to the corner bakery is a bagman or an enforcer or a messenger. The low level actors are necessary for the high level strategy of the organization, conspiracy, whatever. Going after the Don is hard. Going after the lieutenants is equally hard, or maybe just slightly easier. Going after the messenger is probably easiest. The easier it is to get at someone, the less valuable they are to your destabilization operation. This is all pretty elementary.

            If one hopes that Durham’s indictments are going to Jenga the Cathedral, they are hopelessly naive. But I guarantee that trapped in those dry, nebulous pages are real names of real people with real connections to real nodes of power. That is the value of the indictments to my way of thinking. I don’t see where I’m delusional in that, but if I was I guess I wouldn’t.

            Again, I think the Central Control Theory is incorrect. I think it is a miasma of holiness spiralling, priestly masturbation, silo infighting, petty squabbles, and the slow collapse of the New Deal. It just seems like an orchestrated thing because the opposition is a parade of retards.

            • jim says:

              > I maintain that there is no central control apparatus of the Cathedral.

              Obviously Fauci can do a U turn, and everyone falls in line – which implies that Fauci is taking orders, and everyone knows better than to cross those who give him orders.

              Also, A tell revealing central authority over the official line

              If your faith is based on falsifiable claims about this world, and some or all of those claims are false, then elaborately constructed lies are needed.

              Such lies cannot be constructed in a distributed manner, because there would be too many mutually contradictory rationalizations for inconvenient discrepancies. A central authority has to delegate to one man the job of coming up with one internally coherent and consistent story, approve the story, and then command everyone to adhere to the story.

              Thus, for example, the story of Negroes being oppressed by racist whites lynching them out of racism needed a poster boy. Who? This poster boy had a one serious problem, the next potential poster boy also had a serious problem, and so did the next. Someone had to choose the poster boy with what was deemed the least serious problem, and create a myth around that poster boy, which was Emmet Till “lynched for whistling at a white woman”. Well, they could have created a similar myth around any prohibited killing, but someone had to decide that using this prohibited killing as the killing on which to build this myth would be the way to go. If spontaneous decentralized mythmaking, there would have been a bunch of myths, with people slowly gravitating to the myth that had the least ridicule. And there would have been a great deal of ridicule, because no one myth would have been initially backed by overwhelming and decisive power.

              And if everyone spontaneously jumped on the Emmet Till bandwagon, they would have come up with a hundred different myths about him, with one myth slowly winning out.

              Women’s fashions have spontaneous decentralized coordination, and you can see one hundred would-be fashion setters fighting it out in broad daylight.

              You do not see one hundred would be progressive mythmakers fighting it out in broad daylight.

              • Pooch says:

                Why does this imply Fauci is taking orders? Looks to me Fauci says something and the media runs with it forgetting what he said today is a u-turn from what he said yesterday implying he has real power over the narrative.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Fauci cannot enforce the media narrative directly so obviously he is taking orders.

                • Pooch says:

                  Fauci is the head Virologist. Obviously the virus narrative is shaped from his expert opinion. He says “no masks”, no one is wearing masks. He says “masks”, suddenly everyone is wearing masks. He says “vaccines”, everyone is lining up for vaccines.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The grand inquisitor of the spanish inquisition was a powerful man, but if he denied the incarnation or accused someone close to the king of heresy he’d find himself hoisted by his own petard.

                • Alfred says:

                  >Why does this imply Fauci is taking orders? Looks to me Fauci says something and the media runs with it forgetting what he said today is a u-turn from what he said yesterday implying he has real power over the narrative.

                  It’s long been observed that Fauci just repeats back what the media is already saying, and the media gets it’s talking points from journal list. The few times Fauci flubs it and says something the media isn’t saying they just ignore that statement and soon Fauci gets the correct talking points.

                • D Brinn says:

                  If Fauci came out today and said the pandemic was over, the media would quickly correct him and explain that what he really meant was that it’s not over, and start debunking the right-wing conspiracists who claim he said it was over. If he said the pandemic was fake and gay, they would all turn off their cameras and start writing pieces about how there was always something sketchy about Fauci, pulling out his pre-Covidism quotes about how this was no big deal, just wash your hands more.

                  I don’t think many phone calls would have to go out to make that happen, but that’s because they all know tne narrative and what its boundaries are, so they’re always watching each other for heresy. They know that Fauci isn’t the final boss, and in any organization built on corruption, those lower-down are always looking for a chance to ingratiate themselves with those higher-up by helping to identify and burn a heretic in the middle.

                  The problem with looking for an org chart is that, in a normal organization, each person has one direct superior. All orders come down through that superior, and all requests go up through him. It’s considered bad form for others higher than you to give you direct orders rather than going through your superior.

                  I don’t think the left has anything that rigid. It’s more like an informal social club, where there’s an unofficial pecking order that everyone knows but no one writes down. Hillary Clinton’s emails made it pretty clear that she is below Lynn de Rothschild in their pecking order, but that doesn’t mean she literally gets her orders from her. She’s below lots of people in the org chart who can “suggest” what she should do, and the people beneath her are beneath lots of others as well. There’s a hierarchy, and they all know where they stand in it, but trying to draw organizational lines of command between individuals on different levels would be difficult.

                • jim says:

                  > Hillary Clinton’s emails made it pretty clear that she is below Lynn de Rothschild in their pecking order,


                  When Clinton attends a fund raiser put on by the Rothschilds, that is power taking money from the powerless.

                  The major supposed evidence that Clinton is below the Rothschilds in the pecking order is that she (or more likely one of her minions), wrote a letter apologizing for canceling on them raising money for her.

                  It was obvious that the Rothschilds were kissing ass, and hoping and praying that Hillary’s communications were actually seen and read by Hillary rather than one of her minions.

                  Take the shill test.

                  Take the Soros test.

                  When a politician attends her fund raiser in person, that means a horde of rich people are paying serious money for a chance to speak to her in person. She (or the minion that wrote the letter) apologized for stiffing them.

                  The powerful stiff the powerless.

                • Arakawa says:

                  Also, based on how he reacts when someone asks a question he isn’t prepared for, Fauci is unlikely to be smart enough to formulate policy. Someone most likely does the pointy haired boss routine of spoon feeding Fauci his decisions in a way that gives Fauci the illusion he made the decisions himself. Fauci then experiences cognitive distress when reasonable-sounding questions from outside the bubble break his illusion.

                • D Brinn says:

                  >take the shill and Soros tests

                  I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord, Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell. On the third day He rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. From thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Ghost, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the ressurection of the body, and life everlasting.

                  Women should be the property of their fathers until they marry, and then the property of their husbands. Girls become actively sexual at a much younger age than people like to admit, and we should control their behavior rather than pretending it is innocent and trying to control the men around them. Preferably this would be done by marrying them off younger and backing up the headship of their husbands.

                  The Internet says Soros got his money from investing, so I assume that means he basically launders money given to him by sources who don’t want it tied directly to them, and applies it to left-wing activities. In the US, he has spent a lot of money to rig elections and to get people elected or hired who would help rig elections and ratify fraudulent results turn their offices into a revolving door for leftist criminals and their rabble. Abroad, he has funded color revolutions.

                  I wrote these ad-lib, so if I’ve missed any important points, I’m not avoiding anything and would be glad to follow up.

                • jim says:

                  You missed antifa, but you are doing fine.

                  Soros got his money by buying up the worthless debt of bankrupt third world nations, which was then made worth something by the World Bank, aka US taxpayer.

                  He also, back in the days of fixed exchange rates, received advance information on devaluations.

                  These rather blatant forms of handout seem to have stopped, but he continues to spend money on “ngos”, who though nominally privately employed, act like they are government employees, overlap heavily in personnel and office facilities with state department employees, and tend to think they are government employees regardless of what accounting charges their paycheck to.

                  The laundering, if it continues, has gotten far more deeply covered up, at the same time as the organizations funded have become less deeply covered up.

                  Some ngos may be maintaining deep cover, but in a recent bust of ngos by China, those arrested had an hilarious lack of cover. Their linkage to the deep state and the State Department were far from deep.

                • D Brinn says:

                  > You missed antifa

                  Yes, I thought he was going for a color revolution in the US last year with Antifa and BLM, but that seems to have been put on the back burner, as if they think Covid provides a better angle of attack for now.

              • Varna says:

                In 2009 Fauci predicted 1 in 3 Americans would get swine flu.
                In 2014 it was going to be an Ebola apocalypse in the US.
                In the 1980s he basically curated the shift from GRIDS to AIDS.

                Autistically going through the records of anything Fauci-connected in the 1980s and 1990s may reveal a network of people and organizations, which has since then gone into stealth-mode. But wasn’t in stealth-mode back then and can be deduced from old articles and archival footage.

                IMO a lot of players now in their 70s and 60s will suddenly pop up with youngish grins in all sorts of contexts on old photographs, shaking each other’s hands, giving each other prizes.

                I have the feeling that we’re living through some kind of an endgame which for a while at least was probably much more in the open 3-4 decades ago, before shit got real and the majority of them put on cloaking devices and cut visible links with each other.

              • Aidan says:

                I believe that the poster girl principle shows the power of Schelling points rather than C&C. The poster girl myth of Emmett Till was probably published amid a number of competing narratives trying to demonstrate the evils of lynching. And it becomes clear that it is far and beyond the holiest myth out there. So, when a progressive academic has the choice of who to reference as shorthand when he talks about lynching, he can choose the story about the nigger lynched for a triple murder, or the one lynched for rape, or the one lynched for merely whistling at a white woman.

                He is going to choose the holiest poster girl so that nobody else questions his holiness. Once the holiest story is out there, nobody wants to reference anything else for fear of drawing attention to uncomfortable truths. From my time in academia, the way this works is that an impeccably holy leftist, usually some professor at some ivy league u, will coin a new word, or create a new issue, (the way trannies entered the academic consciousness as a holy group in the late eighties and early nineties.) and his paper is read almost immediately by a small incestuous circle of academics geographically distributed throughout the country, and the new issue or language is recognized as being of superior holiness. So all these other professors start using the word in their own writings, and teaching it in their classes, and using it when they talk to other professors in other departments in their university.

                The new word grows exponentially through the universities without central C&C, because everybody wants to be holy and nobody wants to be unpersoned. If you don’t use the new word you become suspect… and so on. But, this process happens outside of the public consciousness, making it look to an outsider like the gender studies professors changed their tune overnight and forgot they were saying anything else. But in reality, they believed it in private, and somebody merely gave them the OK to say what they really believed. The tranny issue boiled under the surface like this for twenty years before it was allowed on the nightly news.

                I do not have time to research this now, but I would like to. I suspect that Academia quickly, but not instantly, adopted the story of Emmett Till through organic processes, and by the time it hit the mainstream media, there was already a consensus among the holy and learned. It looked like everybody changed their tune overnight, but in reality, they were letting out something they already believed in private.

                The order of “now you can talk about trannies on the nightly news” is like central C&C, but everybody important already believed for a long time that trannies were a holy group and how they were treated a serious issue, and it became that way through organic processes. Private holiness competition among academics does not become public until it has already crystalized as dogma.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes I remember during the Floyd riots there were several pictures of different lynchings that were being shared. Finally the libs converged on Emmitt Till as the poster girl for superior holiness but it was not suddenly and overnight.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  “The Lynching of Emit Till” actually documents the whole process whereby he went from dumb niglet to Saint Emit. I was forced to read it for a class. Of course they don’t teach it properly, but their victory is so thorough in terms of Cibbil Gibbs that they unabashedly demonstrate how they changed the definition of “lynching,” paraded the corpse to drum up resentment, and turned good family men into buffoons. The Till Incident is the predicate for the direct action of the whole 1960s movement. It was not a turn on a dime; it was the crank of a ratchet, just as you described, and Yarvin before.

                  Further, Jim has an excellent paper hosted on the main site about Pol Pot, Chomsky, and the 180°. It was not widespread and instant, rather it occurred in a knot of elites and filtered out from there.

            • Alfred says:

              > I maintain that there is no central control apparatus of the Cathedral.

              > It just seems like an orchestrated thing because the opposition is a parade of retards.

              You also maintain that the feds were not running the Reichstag Fire J6 riot despite numerous identified Federal CIs, Antifa members, and capital cops all playing key roles in running the op.

              Your judgement is seems impaired when it comes to the federal government.

              > But I guarantee that trapped in those dry, nebulous pages are real names of real people with real connections to real nodes of power. That is the value of the indictments to my way of thinking.

              Why would there be? Everyone involved in Russiagate has been given a slap on the wrist and each has been let off with the notion that it wasn’t a conspiracy according to filing charges against them despite the fact it very obviously was a conspiracy that we know almost all the power players involved in it.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                The FBI didn’t plan J06, they took advantage of it using CIs, undercovers, and agent provocateurs. FedGov does this all the time. They didn’t release Covid, they took advantage of it. That is their MO. And I am reasonably certain that, whether it’s Corona, J06, the Dayton Shooting, Newtown, or any other spook, a detailed analysis of evidence would put a lot of different actors into compromising positions if it were actually organized and studied. They aren’t smart, they’re evil. They can’t construct, but they can manipulate. And they lie often, which leaves loose ends everywhere. Next to mercilessly beating conservative dumbfucks with their own fists, the other thing the bureaucratized Left does extremely well is facilitate the circumstance of no one reading deeply into anything.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Very good chance the chinese deliberately released covid and tipped off some big democrats…

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Are you asserting that USG and CCP are the same thing?

                • The Cominator says:

                  No but Xi probably foolishly wanted Trump out.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Ok. I agree. But that’s not at all what is being discussed.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Many in my county, and others, held solidarity rallies concurrently with the “FBI false flag” rally in DC. Were those set up by the FBI as well?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Genuine but deluded people who think in demotic definitions of power (which is still most people today) think that ‘making your voice heard’ is the magic spell for how ‘the system’ gets changed, so of course you will see the occasional spontaneous outbreaks of ‘voice raising’ by amerikaners in support of fellow innocent amerikaners cruelly persecuted by the synagogue in the aftermath of the capitol sightseeing tour.

    • Alfred says:

      No one cares. The Republic is dead, Durham is giving a few low level people slaps on the wrists so that they can pretend things are “normal”.

    • HerbR says:

      With 95% confidence, Tech Executive 1 is Eric Schmidt and Internet Company 1 is either Google or The Groundwork (Schmidt/Google’s cutout “startup” for the Clinton campaign).

      Given that all of this was public knowledge even back in 2016, I take the fact that they refuse to name it in the court document as a negative sign. Means they want to protect those who must not be named, same as they did for Eric Ciaramella over a year ago.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        They could be afraid or reprisal too, but it is still a bad sign either way. Regardless, no amount of muck raking or leaking is going to move the needle. They stole an election with no obvious consequences. Detailing past indiscretions will only be helpful in filling out the org chart.

  19. Dave says:

    I suspect that Jim has compiled an org chart of the people who *actually* run the US government. There is no chief executive; it’s probably a junta of 15 key people out of 200 names in total. Joe Biden’s name is entirely absent, and most likely, so is Kamala’s.

    Jim’s chart is not entirely correct, but close enough that if he shared it with us, he would have a higher price on his head than Osama bin Laden.

    • The Cominator says:

      I don’t think Jim has this information and implying he does falsely puts him at risk. The Cathedral could still get him even now in their descent into madness if he became a MAJOR priority.

      If you’re an outsider determining who actually gives ultimately orders is almost impossible, I’ve often tried to piece it together but it drives you mad. Outsiders are definitely not supposed to know because if it does become public then only a limited number of frogs with terminal cancer need to delete a very limited number of people in minecraft to really make the system come apart. So no I don’t think Jim has this information because without being an insider yourself you just can’t get it. Valerie Jarett and John Brennan seemed to have real power at one time, Zbiginew Brzienski certainly did as well but hes dead. Also given the Covid bullshit the ruling network would seem to be international.

      I do not think Kissinger is one of them because Kissinger seems from what I read to actually be a sane man who does not think globalism or globohomo will ever work… he is in their social network but he is for some reason a tolerated dissenter. If Kissinger actually got to make decisions at this time things would be better.

      • EH says:

        There are some clues, though. What’s the significance of the top dogs who show up in public with a black eye? Discipline, or a sign of being a “made man”?

        • Karl says:

          If I see a man with a black eye, I look at his knuckles. If his knuckles are calloused, I assume he gave as good as he received or that it was simply a sparring accident.

      • Pooch says:

        There’s no org chart. The permanent government delegates power to 10000 academics in no coherent or logical way.

        • The Cominator says:

          No there are a very few people in some ruling social network that give orders.

          • Pooch says:

            I don’t think you could be farther from the bullseye.

            • The Cominator says:

              We don’t know who they are but the hierarchy is 100% centralized, we just don’t know who they are.

              If it wasn’t centralized they couldn’t order the media to not only speak with one voice but to do abrupt about faces with one voice.

              • Pooch says:

                For Covid, there is one voice, Fauci, who is then piped into 1000 different microphones, but there is 1000 Faucis in 1000 different topic areas.

                • Aidan says:

                  Fauci changed his tune very quickly on both masks and vax mandates, and everyone forgot that he ever said something different. He is clearly taking cues from somebody else.

                • Pooch says:

                  Fauci, as the head Virologist (virus priest) in the American Empire, changes his tune daily and hourly in order to keep the pandemic going. As long as the pandemic is ongoing, his status remains high. If the pandemic ends, Fauci no longer has status, so he has every incentive to change his tune as often and as frequently as needed to cement his impact, and thus status, to the regime.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Fauci couldn’t keep the “pandemic” going if he was opposed by those with real power. And its clear he is not.

                • Pooch says:

                  By increasing his own impact, Fauci increases the power of the regime. He’s telling them exactly what they want to hear. Yarvin describes it beautifully at 37:50: https://youtu.be/K_8aT3pQo_I

                • Aidan says:

                  If you are right, Pooch, Fauci should be able to publicly denounce vax mandates tomorrow on the national media, and everybody would fall in line and act like they never believed anything different.

                  I believe that if Fauci publicly came out against vax mandates, he would be swiftly unpersoned and nobody would remember that they ever considered his advice credible. Being a dissident always creates impact, and thus power and status if you can get away with it. If Fauci heroically stood up against tyrannical and dictatorial vaccine mandates, in the name of inviolable human rights and SCIENCE, and succeeded in doing so, he would become much more important than “top US Virologist”. But I know, and you know deep down, that he has absolutely no power to do that.

                  The helmsman looks like he is in charge of the ship. Look at him holding the wheel and steering! If you couldn’t hear the captain’s orders, he would look like the big man on the ship. But if he tried to turn the ship around and head back home, the captain would have him pulled off the helm and flogged. Power is not just holding the helm and keeping the ship on course. You need the ability to steer it where you want to go.

                • Pooch says:

                  I believe that if Fauci publicly came out against vax mandates, he would be swiftly unpersoned and nobody would remember that they ever considered his advice credible. Being a dissident always creates impact, and thus power and status if you can get away with it.

                  If Fauci publicly came out against vax mandates, he would be quickly dragged in front of Congress and brutally questioned and then likely fired or forced to resign in shame. The oligarchs and elites in USG would not be happy one bit that he would be suddenly recommending for the restriction of newly acquired governmental power.

                  Fauci’s personal incentives are perfectly aligned with power. The higher the use of USG power that Fauci recommends, the higher his impact to the regime, and thus the higher his status. The less use of USG power that Fauci recommends, the lower his impact, and the lower his status.

                • Pooch says:

                  It is something of a Darwinian feedback loop in that the more that Fauci recommends for USG to do, the more that he matters and the more important he is.

                • Pooch says:

                  To use your ship example, power (deep state/bureaucracy/Congress) is fine allowing Fauci to drive the ship insofar that he drives in a general direction that they are ok with. If tries to do a 180 and head back to port, they are most certainly taking the wheel from him and throwing him overboard.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Being a contrarian can create a feeling of impact, but telling power to do what it already wanted to do even harder also creates a feeling of impact, and is also a lot more reliable.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes exactly.

              • Aryaman says:

                They have their Schelling points, can in fact retroactively decide what those are, and no one allowed to influence the consensus is allowed to notice any of this, and so no one does.

                Abrupt about faces like the one you describe might be evidence of centralised authority on obscure topics that NYT and NBC and CNN don’t pay attention to. But obviously the NYT and NBC and CNN can change their mind just because changing their mind favours some obvious narrative for the regime.

                Granted I suspect George Floyd blowing up happened on some specific instruction.

  20. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Passing the magazine rack, espied a breathless frontpage on wired, featuring an engineerette with a tagline along the lines of, ‘mRNA: it conquered covid, now hiv, flu, and hpv are next’.

    There was a faction that really did believe it could just waggle it’s fingers and banish the covid demon with a magic spell; but their magic is weak, the sorcerer’s apprentice that does not understand the forces it tries to invoke. Besides the fact of not understanding the provenance of the covid demon in the first place.

    • Varna says:

      Make pics of everything. Pretend to be checking out stuff on your phone if shy. The descendants must know.

  21. notglowing says:

    A recent narrative I have seen pushed is that there is a shortage of ICUs because of unvaccinated people.

    It’s another point used to rally against the unvaccinated and accuse them of causing the continuation of the pandemic.

    Is this narrative completely imaginary, or are unvaccinated people being put in ICUs in order to cause this problem?

    I know people mentioned this here, though until recently I didn’t want to believe it, because it seemed too twisted and evil to be happening at such a large scale. Though, intuitively, it seemed quite possible.

    It’s also impossible to convince a normal person of it, because in practice the cause of death of someone put in ICU is unfalsifiable. It’s easy to argue that they were put in the ICU because they would die, and not the other way around, even if they were able to breathe by themselves.

    Plus, although a large amount of anecdotal evidence of treatment protocols from doctors talking about it on the internet is good evidence for me, it can be easily dismissed by someone who considers it conspiracy talk.

    • jim says:

      > Is this narrative completely imaginary, or are unvaccinated people being put in ICUs in order to cause this problem?

      Unvaccinated people are being put in ICUs in order to kill them. They are not being put into ICU for inability to draw breath without mechanical assistance, which is the only reason that justifies being put under a ventilator. They are put into ICU to put them on a ventilator, and are being put on a ventilator for having a positive nasal swab while being unvaccinated. It is punitive, not medical.

      They are not putting unvaccinated people onto a ventilator on the basis of medical symptoms that require a ventilator (low blood oxygen level combined with physical difficulty drawing breath) They are putting people onto a ventilator punitively, in order to make them suffer, and possibly die.

      • Pooch says:

        Can confirm they did exactly this to a family member of someone I know on Facebook. Longwinded post about his death was preventable by getting vaxed, but it essentially amounted to exactly what Jim has described here.

        • jim says:

          The shortage of ventilators and ICU space is not a result of large numbers of people suffering low blood oxygen levels and physical difficulty drawing breath. It is a result of a policy of putting unvaccinated people who have a positive nasal swab for the Holy, Awesome and Mighty Corona Demon on ventilators, which is punitive and murderous.

          The reason for this policy is that without priests giving the the Holy, Awesome and Mighty Corona Demon a little helping hand in killing off the impious, he does not seem to be very awesome and mighty at all.

          It is the same Modus Operandi as every religion of human sacrifice throughout the ages.

      • Anonymous says:

        I held off on commenting for a long time because I just didn’t have the energy to get into an argument.

        But Jim, you’re way wrong on this.

        I’m a doc with Icu training. Your comments read like someone who’s read a lot of literature and articles but has not really experienced what it’s like to be on the physician / nurse side.

        First- Icu docs don’t like putting people on vents. You claim they feel they’ve achieved high status by putting the patient on a vent. Yes, to a small extent this is true. But this wears off within a few months of starting working in an ICU. The biggest thing every Icu team focuses on during their rounds is when the fuck all these patients can come off the vent. And when the fuck they can leave the ICU to go away to a lower intensity bed. Because, like everyone else, Icu docs and nurses would prefer to not be overworked. Work day is much more pleasant when your Icu is empty. Plus it’s much easier to get days off when things are light.

        Second, Icu docs don’t get paid by the patient, unlike say surgeons. They are shift workers. There’s literally zero financial incentive for them to increase the number of sick intubated patients under their care. They get paid the same regardless. They would all prefer to chill in the call room watching football than spend their shifts fiddling around with a ventilator.

        Third, intubation and putting someone on the vent is an immense chore. It sucks balls. And worst of all if it’s a covid case you need to put on all this bullshit protective gear. Plus you run the risk of exposing yourself to covid while intubation. Why the fuck would any sane doc do that?

        Fourth, the doctor on the floor, who’s taking care of the patient who’s struggling to breathe, does not WANT their patient to get tubed. Intubation means you’ve failed. You’re forced to call in the intubation team from anesthesiology or the ICU, and watch from the sidelines as they do the classic “we’ll take it from here” AMOG routine. It stings when you need to report to your team at shift change that you failed.

        There’s no hurry to put unvaxed people in the icu. If anything there’s a sense of resentment that the unvaxxed are creating this situation of overload for the hospital system. And increasing the risk of exposure for people who work in the hospital.

        And the covid hysteria is not all fake and gay. Two nurse admin people I work with have had their young fat unvaxed brothers die of covid this year. A colleague lost his dad and his aunt. A friend lost his uncle. I never heard of this level of crashing and burning from the flu.

        • jim says:

          The relevant criteria for putting someone on a ventilator should be low blood oxygen levels and difficulty in drawing air. If the patient can inhale under his own power, he can inhale oxygen through an oxygen mask under his own power. If he can inhale under his own power, a ventilator will not provide any benefit over an oxygen mask, but will severely punish him and may well kill him.

          You have, somewhere, official criteria for putting a Covid patient on a ventilator. What are they? And where do oxygen masks figure in this story?

          If everything is totally fine, tell me what it is.

          You are not saying anything that would get you into trouble. Unlike most of us, you don’t need to avoid being doxed: Tell me “At my hospital, which hospital such and such, the criteria for putting a Covid patient on a ventilator is such and such”.

          Why are you anonymous when you are reporting official government reality, and reporting it in suspiciously vague and non specific terms. You have not even denied that vaccination status is a criterion.

          What is the policy? What are the criteria?

          I have had far too many mystery people show up on this blog telling me anecdotally that reality is such and such, from their direct personal experience, when I know damn well, and have ample evidence, that it is not such and such. Give me some specifics to make it plausible, not vague generalities that joe random shill can conveniently make up without bothering to check with anyone to see if it is consistent or coherent with other data or other official truths.

          If the criteria are not unvaccinated and a swab positive for China flu, what are the criteria?

          Normally there are very specific concrete rules for applying some treatment, and the rules are something like “any two of the following three test results” What are the rules for putting China flu patients on ventilators?

          • Anonymous says:

            I’ve replied to your comments in more detail below but sometimes the simpler options are not enough to get the patient’s oxygen level up. And sometimes the patient is producing a lot of sputum that increases the risk of aspiration with cpap and therefore has to be intubated. Here’s a good overview https://emcrit.org/ibcc/support/

            • jim says:

              You, Anonymous, are sending people to the ventilator. Are you sending them from CPAP to the ventilator?

              The correct way to use a ventilator is to first put someone on nostril oxygen, then if his blood oxygen levels are still bad, on an oxygen mask, CPAP, non invasive respiratory support, and then if his oxygen levels are still bad despite CPAP, or he cannot tolerate CPAP or similar, stick him on a ventilator.

              Is this what is being done?

              Are they going from oxygen mask to ventilator, or direct to ventilator

              Are Corona patients being given an oxygen mask first?

              CPAP is the most drastic non invasive respiratory support. Somehow, strangely, I am not seeing or hearing of wards full of corona patients on CPAP.

              If they go directly from nostril oxygen to the ventilator without CPAP or similar being tried, that is murderous. If they go directly to the ventilator, without even nostril oxygen, that is astonishingly murderous.

              • Aryaman says:

                My reading of comments on subreddits that have certain cues suggesting they are legitimate anecdotes suggests yes they go on oxygen masks first, though the threshold of escalation is not clear or consistent. This may be different if CPAP machines in shortage compared to ventilators, though would be odd.

                What numbers do not seem consistent are ICU admits seem to be much, much higher than deaths and by their own admission the survival rate of ventilators is appallingly low.

                • anonymous says:

                  Just because someone is in the ICU doesnt mean they are intubated. They may often be moved there to be watched more closely by nurses – everyone would still prefer not to waste their energy intubating if possible.

                • jim says:

                  Are you sending patients to ICU after non invasive respiratory support has been tried and failed in the regular hospital ward, or are you sending them to ICU to receive ICU respiratory support instead of you providing respiratory support?

                  You don’t need to go to ICU to get an oxygen mask. In most jurisdictions any nurse can stick nostril oxygen on a patient according to her judgment, and any doctor can stick a CPAP oxygen mask on a patient according to his judgement, and does so often enough.

                  The non murderous approach, the medical rather than priestly approach, would be to first give someone oxygen, and then ask whether ICU is appropriate.

                  ICU is needed for dangerous treatments, and dangerous treatments are needed for some conditions, but also needed to punish the impious who have failed to show sufficient respect for the Holy, Mighty, and Awesome Covid Demon.

                  You complain about the high priests of ICU cutting into your status and power. Has your status and power over oxygen been cut?

                  If your authority over non dangerous treatments was intact, you would be sending patients wearing CPAP masks to ICU when monitoring says CPAP is not working, or the patient says CPAP is not working.

                  Is this what you are doing? Is your authority and status over relatively safe treatments intact?

                  You don’t need to send patients to ICU for “monitoring”. When someone goes to hospital, it is absolutely routine to put a device on him in his comfortable private room that monitors his blood oxygen and heartbeat, and twice I have been in a comfortable private room wearing a cyborg like harness of medical monitors. ICU is not needed for this stuff. It is needed for treatments that are likely to kill people if applied carelessly.

                  Monitoring, nostril oxygen, and CPAP oxygen does not need ICU.

                  Covid patients should only be going to ICU if they are on monitoring and CPAP oxygen or similar, and monitoring tells you that CPAP is not working. If you send Covid patients to ICU without you trying CPAP, you are sending them to a place where they can be sacrificed to demons, and hoping that they are not being sacrificed to demons.

                  Are they going to ICU wearing CPAP masks?

              • Anonymous says:

                Of course they’re trying nasal cannula and oxygen mask first!
                This is the resource that all docs everywhere resort to when in doubt. Pretty much the establishment voice.

                Even NIH recommending trying other simpler alternatives before tubing – https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/management/critical-care/oxygenation-and-ventilation/

                There was a period of time when early intubation was preferred, not in the least because everyone was worried the virus would be spewed all over the place if other strategies were used. but that was back before there were ICU bed shortages and vent shortages.

                • HerbR says:

                  I believe you about doctors and policies. However, like most doctors – and I am very close to a few of them – I think you are being naive and a little bit defensive about the medical system.

                  To understand the situation, we must look at the system first, the leadership second, and the rank-and-file only after those two. You want to skip directly to the rank and file, most of whom only want to do their jobs. To do their jobs, they follow orders and they follow incentives. They aren’t virologists, and they aren’t administrators, they are employees and practitioners.

                  The current system of testing and treating Covid in America is:

                  * Unvaccinated inpatients are virtually always given a nasal swab, regardless of presentation, and treated as Covid patients even if they came in for an unrelated problem. This is the prime reason why hospitalization rate in America (irrespective of vax status) appears so high in America relative to other countries with the same strains, vaccination rates and transmission vectors.

                  * Vaccinated inpatients are virtually prohibited from being tested for Covid, unless presenting irrefutable indications of Covid. That is the prime reason why the breakthrough rate in America appears lower in America relative to other countries. This policy is starting to change in order to promote “boosters”, but many reports are still based on data from 2-3 months ago when the CDC was still trying to push a full-immunity narrative.

                  * The health of the average American is very poor by historical American standards and current European standards, which may also contribute to the higher hospitalization rate. Obesity, diabetes, COPD, an enormous cocktail of comorbidities endemic to the population turn what would otherwise be a mild illness into a hospital visit. Doctors being angry at the unvaccinated is partly a case of negative transference, not being allowed to get angry about these patients being fat lazy fucks who don’t take proper care of themselves. At least one doctor admitted as much to me in private.

                  * American pharma companies are also bending over backward to try to deny access to, or downplay the benefits of cheap and effective life-saving drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that are most effective (or maybe only effective) at pre-critical stages, while the US government seems to be severely restricting the flow of monoclonal antibodies and other post-critical (but pre-terminal) treatments. They are still pushing that Remdesivir garbage in its place, even though it mostly failed the clinical trials! This means many more patients going critical who should not be going critical, and another source of negative transference for the docs.

                  * While many, if not most hospitals are likely trying to do right by their patients, all it takes is a few in order to seriously skew the state and even national statistics, as the New York hospitals and nursing homes did during the alpha outbreak. It doesn’t have to be an evil-sounding, moustache-twirling directive to intubate every unvaccinated patient. It can be just a few administrators doing something much more subtle, such as sending out an internal memo saying “we may get sued if it looks like we’re restricting ICU treatment, so don’t wait til the last minute.”

                  * Nurses play a part in this as well. Some locales give nurses surprisingly high levels of responsibility and autonomy, and if actual nurses posting on Twitter are any indication, they are far more likely to push for early intubation. Some of them are downright giddy about it, as though they’ve discovered a new form of shit test, while others are probably just hysterical and making poor emotional decisions.

                  Are most doctors evil bastards trying to kill their unvaccinated patients? Probably not. Notwithstanding, people who work for an evil system (or follow an evil religion) will too often commit horrendous evil while remaining perfectly unaware. All it takes is a lot of misinformation, executive meddling and the right social or economic incentives.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          And the covid hysteria is not all fake and gay.

          Yeah, sure, buddy. Not like there is endless, “I’m a doctor and I know all these people who died of Covid,” copypastas all over Twitter and Facebook. Hey, Starman, looks like we got someone for you to put the screws to.

        • The Cominator says:

          “There’s no hurry to put unvaxed people in the icu. If anything there’s a sense of resentment that the unvaxxed are creating this situation of overload for the hospital system.”

          I’m not going to question the ICU details because I lack the knowledge to do so but…

          Why would there be any resentment towards the unvaxxed when very basic research shows that the vax (whether its an evil plot to poison or sterilize everyone or not) just doesn’t work. Gibraltar successfully got 97% or so of everyone vaxxed, still had a covid outbreak. You cannot vax against a virus that doesn’t have antigen stability.

          So why is there no discussion of the vax not working?

          “I never heard of this level of crashing and burning from the flu.”

          People get pneumonia from the flu and sometimes people die of pneumonia. If Covid genuinely kills people that the flu doesn’t (absent insane murdering people at the hospital via ventilators and denying treatments that actually work) it seems to all be diabetics and very fat people.

          • SJE says:

            ***Why would there be any resentment towards the unvaxxed when very basic research shows that the vax… just doesn’t work.***

            Come on bro. How can you be a long time commenter and ask this question. The answer to it is, that many many many many normies are STILL blissfully unaware that the vaxx doesn’t work, and moreover, not merely “unaware” in an intellectual sense, but they actually have trouble grasping it because of the pervasive religious perspective that the vaxx “must” work; “society’s high priests are saying it works, it must.”. It would break their minds to think that they’ve been lied to.

            Speaking as an emergency room physician, I’m inclined to believe that this is a real ICU doc – at least, to me, there are multiple elements in the comment showing a familiarity with the culture of medicine., familiarity with the way that a medical man thinks and relates to others.

            • jim says:

              OK, sounds like a real ICU doc.

              But I still want to know what the rules and indications are for putting someone on a ventilator.

              His response is that those working in the hospital are good guys and would not do bad things. OK. What are they doing?

              Since a ventilator is horrifically unpleasant and frequently lethal, one might ask on what basis are people being put on ventilators, which is something he somehow neglected to tell us.

              • The Ducking Man says:


                There is source from my home country, basically oxygen saturation (tested via oximeter) below 94% will be put to breath with oxygen tank, below 90% is considerable for ventilator.

                I am not icu doctor, but I can confirm that is the general guideline (in my country) because this more or less same what a covid isolation nurse told me. That’s why she routinely tested oxygen saturation during my covid isolation.

                There was 1 dude I know who were put on oxygen tank because his saturation level is hovering 92-93%.

              • The Ducking Man says:

                In case you are asking for more detail.

                I am in PT Agro Indomas, Central Kalimantan, I was put into company’s isolation center on 6 – 13 August.

                Jim, you know my email. Shoot me an email, I’ll share the company’s doctor and nurses whatsapp number so you can ask them yourself. Just say you are doing academic survey the company’s doctor will be more than happy to answer. I’ll help too.

                In short they were only given general guideline for testing oxygen saturation level, the rest are purely doctor’s judgement.

              • Anonymous says:

                Here’s a guideline from the joint commission

                The hierarchy of options: nasal cannula, then face mask, face mask with a bag, high flow nasal cannula, bipap/cpap, and then finally intubation.

                I’m not saying people who work in hospitals are good guys. I’m saying they are normal people with regular concerns about workload and salary. You’re the one who’s saying they are all Uber religious zealots who would sacrifice their health and comfort to serve their faith while also killing the patients in their care. Maybe a small number at big name priestly places like Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins are. Not the average doc in a small town.

                I give generalities because I don’t want to get doxed. Not because I’m saying anything wrong in these comments, but this is Jim’s blog. I don’t even open this link from my hospital internet. Your opinions are extraordinarily controversial.

                That being said, I actually share the vast majority of your opinions. Women have an ancient lust for Chad thundercock that manifests ata disturbingly young age etc etc. Not a Christian but I generally agree with your diagnoses of the spiritual issues in church and society.

                And that is why this entire covid stance of yours makes me unhappy because I feel that if you could be wrong about this, then perhaps you’re wrongabout other things as well. Which means I’ll need to find alternative sources of unbiased info to be sure I’m being accurate in my understanding of the world. Which is easier said than done.

                • jim says:

                  This document seems to be about what to do once the decision to put someone on a ventilator has already been made.

                  Are you telling me that everyone below 92% blood oxygen gets put on a ventilator, and no one above 92% gets put on a ventilator?

                  This does not seem to address the decision. There has to be more to the decision that that.

                  In COPD they talk about non invasive ventilation under these circumstances, (mask, not intubation)

                  So how does noninvastive ventilation, oxygen mask, fit into this story.

                  It is completely reasonable to put someone on a ventilator if he is being given oxygen through a cpac, and his blood oxygen levels are still low despite the oxygen and the cpac.

                  Are these people on cpac before they go to ventilator?

              • Aryaman says:

                I have been reading a lot of nursing subreddits and other forums and trying to discern anecdotes of real experiences.

                Does not sound like they are trying to put unvaccinated people who do not need it on an ICU, and does seem like they really don’t like ventilating people. On the other hand, they recount the novel phenomenon of “happy hypoxia” which is people with low oxygen saturation not only able to inhale under their own power, but not even apparently ill at ease. But seems to me like the protocol is to put such people on CPAP or high flow oxygen, not ventilation, until unable to breathe — but they are not too clear about this at all. Also many of them hate the unvaccinated, and report shockingly low survival rates for the mechanically ventilated. So I think it is partially what you are saying but not entirely. But there is definitely malice. For example the failure to use monoclonal antibodies.

                On the other hand hospitalisations in this country really do seem to be disproportionately of the unvaccinated — even compared to other countries.

            • The Cominator says:

              If true this is why I favor leftist NPC mass minecraft deletion, this is in their field and they can’t look into very basic research… and nobody in their office can. This kind of thing fills me with rage.

              To paraphrase 40k if we have the opportunity its not that its wrong to um delete them we in fact have no right to not delete them.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                That rage is the problem. You cannot go around killing a shitload of people because they piss you off. They are what they are, and no amount of killing and purging will stop that. You can punish those that have done severe wrongs, but mass executions for insufficient wisdom is even more insane than for insufficient holiness. You should only be targeting the players that guide this. The non-player characters are just along for the ride.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If the lockdowns didn’t cure you of NPCdom nothing will.

                  You should be physically and genetically “removed from society”.


                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Nothing will cure them. Fighting the NPC characteristics of the masses comes from the same impulse as feminism or other forms of leftism. There are perhaps latent PCs hiding among the NPCs that can be activated by a sufficient shock. That said, the vast majority of them are incapable of that sort of awakening absent trauma on the level of a civilizational collapse. A smaller amount would not awaken regardless of what would happen. The latently aware are a tiny fraction of the whole.

                  People are not equal, whether that be between man and woman, white man and black man, or man to man. I see this attitude all of the time, and it reminds me of trying to seduce a woman rationally. Stop acting like the NPCS matter. Stop arguing with them. Their words are dictated to them, their thoughts practically nonexistent, and their emotions slaved to the will of another. Once the controlling will is supplanted with another, the NPCs will dutifully follow the new commands, speak the new words, and slave their emotions to the new will.

                • Pooch says:

                  that said, the vast majority of them are incapable of that sort of awakening absent trauma on the level of a civilizational collapse. A smaller amount would not awaken regardless of what would happen. The latently aware are a tiny fraction of the whole.

                  100%. This is why the Matrix analogy is so apt. The vast majority of people are just plugged into the simulation by their machine overlords unable to awaken from their slumber. But the select red-pilled (represented by Morpheus giving Neo the red-pill) few have been jolted out of the system to have the truth revealed to them in way where going back to Wonderland is impossible.

                • notglowing says:

                  Although I have found myself erring on the side of agreeing more with your solutions, TC, I also don’t think that killing NPCs in particular, if the premise is that they are merely NPCs, is reasonable.

                  The thing is, I’m not sure it is wrong for people to simply follow the rules of society and not think for themselves.

                  If everyone really thought for themselves and acted that way without conforming, how could you have a stable society? It would just be chaos.

                  For us, because we are dissidents, people conforming and not questioning the current order are a problem.
                  But in a healthy society, that is not a problem.
                  As Jim said, they will not even realize it when they change their mind. They won’t even remember thinking the old way.

                  That said, there are many people who are guilty of defending or committing unspeakable acts for the current regime. Such people should be punished, because they deserve it.

                • Pooch says:

                  It’s a moot point if Caesar doesn’t come and we go all the way to darkness. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s coming isn’t going to make it any way.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I think the Cominator Solution is a very, very good idea for the fully aware, the players. They are dangerous and they know how to hide their power. The non-players are just there to do as they are told, and applying the Cominator Solution to them is terrible and excessive. It is cruel and wasteful, because it serves no greater purpose and achieves no worthwhile goal while causing immense suffering and tragedy.

                • jim says:

                  Ninety nine percent of the people The Cominator wants to kill change their beliefs when official beliefs change, and never notice that their beliefs have changed. When we are in power, they will believe what we believe, and never remember ever having believed anything different.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Ninety nine percent of the people The Cominator wants to kill will change their beliefs when official beliefs change, and never notice that their beliefs have changed. When we are in power, they will believe what we believe, and never remember having believed anything different.”

                  Some will some won’t, but people that credulous to official truth especially in the age of mass communication are STILL a problem… because there is always the potential some malefactor will grasp the reigns of official truth.

                • D Brinn says:

                  There was a good example of this recently in NYC, when a restaurant threw out a group of blacks for failing to present their vax papers. Liberals on reddit exploded in immediate support for the white (or Jewish) restaurant owner, without a hint of concern that they might be committing racism. Had the blacks been evicted for raping the cook and setting the place on fire, the same people would have condemned the restaurant owner for racism and called for the place to be shut down. In this case, they all knew it would be safe to flip the other way, and unsafe not to.

                  Non-NPCs have been wondering how this would shake out when Covid demon worship ran up against negro worship, with speculation going both ways. But the NPCs didn’t even have to think about it; they knew right away which side they should take, or they picked it up from each other so quickly that it seems like a real hive mind.

                  They have to get their opinions from somewhere, so if you control those sources, you control what they believe.

                • Pooch says:

                  It is rather amazing how quickly blacks lose their privileged status the moment they fail to worship the covid demon.

                • jim says:

                  The spontaneous, widespread, and heartfelt worship of the Holy, Mighty, and Awesome Covid Demon reflects the fact that our excess priestly class was getting mighty sick of worshiping blacks.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Ninety nine percent of the people The Cominator wants to kill change their beliefs when official beliefs change, and never notice that their beliefs have changed.

                  Which is why I do not support the full Cominator Solution. I suggest that we limit it to the areas where the other one percent are overrepresented, filter them further to sort out that one percent, then let Com go nuts on the one percent. A Full-Cominator is, as I noted above, “cruel and wasteful, because it serves no greater purpose and achieves no worthwhile goal while causing immense suffering and tragedy.”

                  A targeted, directed, and controlled Cominator Solution would rid us of those most dangerous to our project right at the outset, before they can run and hide. It would prevent another Harvard from being built. It would impress upon everyone that considers defecting against the new religion that we can and will kill our enemies in brutal fashion if they stand up. That one percent that you mentioned must be killed. The success of our project depends on it. Sometimes, you show mercy; other times, you pray, and trust that, “God will know his own.”

                • yewotm8 says:

                  NPCism must be adaptive for some reason, and because of that, and their general prevalence, NPCs should not be exterminated. I was going to point out that Q worshippers, flat earthers and such are just the modern example of what happens when somebody has insufficient NPC levels and low intelligence. But in the past, in a more primitive society, it must have been very dangerous. NPCism, on a phenotypical level, seems a “safe” choice compared to thought independence, which if paired with stupidity, can be dangerous.

                  Why resist the mainstream when you aren’t smart, strong, generally competent, etc to do anything about it?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It is *personally* adaptive, in that sensitivity towards power, status, validation, and an instinct for aligning oneself with them, is a generally reliable strategy for assuring the gene’s survival, and more pertinently, is a strategy that can be pursued with a minimum of cognitive investment necessary, which is oft evolutionarily quite expensive. A dynamic that is similar too and related with how leftist strategies of in-group backbiting can also have contingent adaptivity in a parochial frame.

                  To channel more of a ‘horrorism’ view, there is something of an ‘outer darkness’ that lurks underneath this dynamic, which is often circled around, but rarely so consciously faced; which is that any particularly enduring social order is essentially impossible with a large population of solipsistic folk in a nation, because they do not ‘hold principles’ as such. That is to say, modes of thought that they are willing to cleave too in the face of adversity, or more pertinently, are willing to fight to impose or reimpose in the face of antagonism, as a corrective. Thus, any such imperium, however old or storied, is always indefinitely under threat from signal hackers, who might so easily turn over all it’s great history in but a generation’s time, for all it takes is just one moment where a subversive impression of validation is impressed upon popular discourse, thence comes preference cascade, as those bodies of folk more steered by validation naturally align themselves with what they perceive as most validated, to great collective ruination.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >Why the fuck would any sane doc do that?

          Because insanity is an article of the faith, and a normal person feels like they are a good boy doing his duty to society by following the official faith.

          • jim says:

            Hence, when the official faith succumbs to demons, it is very hard to fix.

          • The Ducking Man says:

            Perhaps that people working in ICU or other medical industry are just people working to pay-off their bill.

            I mean look at this way, how much people is actually passionate about their job?

            Having worked for several companies I can say there were only tiny fraction of people emotionally attached to their job. This fraction gets even tinier on lower level who couldn’t care less about official duty.

            “as long as I keep my job, why would I do unpaid extra work?”

            Perhaps this ICU doctor (and a lot of doctor also) is just person trying to pay bills. No emotion attached. Thus it is illogical to think that he would do extra UNPAID work just to satisfy his “religious duty”.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >just to satisfy his “religious duty”

              The mistake you are and ostensible icu commentator are making is, thinking of ‘doing your social duty’ as like some especially obvious or particular thing; rather, it is above all the following of fashions, trends, and implied customs.

              One of my acquaintances is a man who was born slightly before the baby boom generation; he grew up watching television, and has watched television his whole life. You could say, like many men of those generations, his belief in what he sees on television is childlike and absolute. He is a particular fan of public access tv. Amongst other things, part of the regular programing is cooking show segments, and one of the regular cooks they have on is a lady of ambiguously hispanic descent putting on a theatrically obvious accent (even has her own kids, who sometimes also appear, sound completely midwestern) who shows mexican cooking.

              Now this man in question has literally no connection with mexico – he is not related to anyone from mexico, he does not know anyone from mexico, he has never even been to mexico – and yet, he evinces a most curious behavior; if there is anything that has a nominal connection with mexico, he will never fail to make a remark about how good or interesting or remarkable it is, regardless of how mundane or unremarkable it is. Whether it’s cheese – ‘they make good cheese in mexico, that queso seco stuff!’ (in the event, the cheese was remarkable, in that it managed to hold properties of both a bland tastelessness, and a foul malodorousness simultaneously) – or cows – ‘cows are different down in mexico, they’re ornery and got an attitude!’ (which was immediately pointed out as a ridiculous fib, which he backpedaled by saying of course he was joking) – or anything else.

              The provenance of such unusual behavior is of course obvious; his lizard brain has been given the sense that brown people and or brown people adjacent paraphernalia are fashionable, that power considers them fashionable, and hence he is motivated; he is not feeling like he is following a script, he does not think he is following a script; every time he says a good thing about some random mexican related thing, *he is filled with a feeling of satisfaction*, like he is a good boy who has just done a meritous deed; because he supported the fashion, the team, the religio.

        • Docanon says:

          Can confirm.
          I got interested in dissident thought when I started reading Roissey and realized that I had been taught a lot of bullshit. Dissent thought allows you to have a more accurate view of the world but it also tempts you to farm clout by inventing bullshit narratives and refusing to edit them in the face of evidence. Everything Jim says about medicine is pulled out of his ass.
          1. Everything anon said about working in the ICU is true.
          2. Peer review is a method of crowd sourcing is editorial responsibility and is less politicized than other than other editorial options. it has nothing to do with whether a study is reproducible. You’re climate science bullshit has fuckall to do with medical research.
          3. Science and especially medical science continues to advance. To give only one example, hepatitis C essentially cured in the last few years.
          4. Many of these bullshit narratives about science and medicine originate with Vox Day who is a resentful fuckwit incapable of revising his takes in the face of contravening evidence.

          • jim says:

            You can confirm that what he said is true, and then proceed to gaslight me as to how Peer Review works.

            I spent a lot of time investigating climate research, and I know how peer review works.

            Read Watts Up With That for all the gory details.

          • The Cominator says:

            “Everything anon said about working in the ICU is true.”

            Maybe I don’t work in one and did not argue that point.

            ”Peer review is a method of crowd sourcing is editorial responsibility and is less politicized than other than other editorial options. it has nothing to do with whether a study is reproducible. You’re climate science bullshit has fuckall to do with medical research.”

            Having a collective in charge rather than a bunch of independent science lords (who all hate each other and compete with each other) is more politicized. Einstein (yes he was a shitlib but I’m not interested in hearing wignat crap about how all relativity is Jewish or something or that its all bullshit) absolutely hated peer review for good reason.

            “Science and especially medical science continues to advance. To give only one example, hepatitis C essentially cured in the last few years.”

            Yes in some areas medicine continues to advance but in some areas like aerospace we seem to be in downright decline. We’re certainly not advancing nearly as fast as we did from the early 19th century to the 1960s. Certain types of technology (mostly revolving around fortifications and heavy cavalry) continued advancing during the darkest parts of the dark ages.

            “Many of these bullshit narratives about science and medicine originate with Vox Day who is a resentful fuckwit incapable of revising his takes in the face of contravening evidence.”

            We’re well aware of the shortcomings of Teddy Spaghetti here but he isn’t always wrong either. Progress has very much slowed since the late 1960s.

          • HerbR says:

            A little mini-fisk before I go to bed:

            Peer review […] has nothing to do with whether a study is reproducible.

            That was always the point. Peer review has no relationship to reproducibility, and applying “editorial methods” to science stunts the science. Prior scientific advances did not rely on any kind of editorial review, they relied on reproducibility and citations. Why should science be subject to any kind of editorial review – what place does that have in the scientific method?

            Science and especially medical science continues to advance. To give only one example, hepatitis C essentially cured in the last few years.

            I see your Hep C and raise you a Cancer and Influenza. Medical “science” has been working on the cancer issue for fifty years, with bottomless funding, an endless supply of research subjects, wide latitude for clinical trials, low expectations and prestige up the wazoo, and in all that time, and the result of all that has been: bupkis. The same awful radiation and chemo treatments that are worse than the disease and still have less than a 10% chance of success. Where are your exciting medical advances here, Doc?

            “Cancer is hard”. OK, then the flu should be easy, right? We should have eliminated it by now, right? Highest annual cause of pathogenic death prior to 2020, as far as I know. Been a regular visitor since the 1920s, different strains of course but fewer than a dozen general categories. What do we have to show for all that time? An endlessly rotating carousel of annual “vaccines” that work less than half the time.

            Advancing, my ass. Medical science is regressing. Early to mid 20th century, it looked like we were going to conquer all disease because of the miracle of antibiotics. Late 20th century, just could not seem to figure out an equivalent solution to viruses, and early 21st century, even the bacterial infections we thought we’d eliminated are starting to make a comeback with drug-resistant strains. We made small dents in Hepatitis C and HIV: diseases which mostly affect degenerate poopdicks who probably weren’t worth saving anyway. Go figure.

            When the CDC is changing the definition of a vaccine from something that provides “immunity” to something that provides “protection”, we know that medical science is regressing.

            Only one biological field is truly advancing, and that is genetics. And globohomo is doing everything in its power to kill that field.

      • Karl says:

        People are very good at rationalizing what they are doing and believing what they have to believe.

        Right now, most people are not yet comfortable with human sacrifice. So they so do not believe they are sacrificing to a demon. In most cases, the physician giving a clot shot to a 12-year old boy actually believes he is helping the boy.

        Now why are unvaccinated being put in ICUs?

        There is a reason why medicine came up with double-blind trials. That would be a waste if physicians could be trusted not to be biased without being aware of their bias.

        For this reason, I assume that most physicians putting someone on a ventilator are convinced that they follow some rules and guidelines that they apply in exactly the same way to vaxxed and to the unvaxxed, but in fact they are biased and more likely to put unvaxxed to a ventilator than vaxxed.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      ‘ICUs’ were always and already ‘short’ before china virus was even a thing, because contemporary hospitals are always run on the edge where demand and capacity meet.

    • Karl says:

      When the madness started an argument for strict covid measures has been that such strict measure are necessary to prevent ICUs from being overwhelmed. When ICU are overwhelmed, many die that could otherwise be saved.

      So a severe shortage of ICU was necessary to preserve the narrative.

      If not enough ICU patients, simply create them by putting as many as needed on a ventilator.

  22. hohumdrum says:

    @Jim – what do you think of the upcoming Bitcoin Taproot soft fork?

    • notglowing says:

      Jim has said before that he likes the idea of scriptless scripts and wanted it to be implemented in Cardano, though Cardano seems to be going into the direction of creating Ethereum on UTXOs, which seems absurd to me.
      To be fair, I haven’t looked deeply into their technology.
      They could’ve had Lightning Network on a 6k tx/s blockchain.

      I like Cardano’s consensus layer, but I don’t like the project because I don’t trust C.H.

      Jim was disappointed in Bitcoin’s slow progress earlier this year when he endorsed ADA, but I think at this point things are not looking bad at all.

      Aside from the Taproot fork, which will provide lots of features including greater privacy and fungibility on-chain, Lightning Network has been increasing massively in popularity, and in usability.
      I’ve tested it myself, installed Breez Wallet on my phone, fresh new wallet with no on-chain BTC, withdrew LN-BTC from an exchange that supports it, and a channel was made for me for a fee of 4 cents, taken from the incoming amount, with enough incoming liquidity for everyday transactions.
      The money was instantly spendable before the channel creation tx was even confirmed.
      Which tx can create up to 80 channels by itself, hence the low fee.

      Sending a few dollars to other users costs around 1 satoshi, and is instant.
      I’m not running a real Lightning Node but people I know who do have reported constant exponential growth in channels and liquidity as well as fees earned over the year.

      I think BTC has essentially solved the problem of scaling payments to unlimited users, and onboarding is laughably easy. Only with large amounts of money does LN still hit issues. Transactions which can happen on the blockchain.

      Additionally, with scriptless scripts and RGB in development, and taproot coming soon, I think the future is pretty bright for Bitcoin itself.
      It doesn’t seem the speed of development, or on-chain scaling, has been such a big issue.

      The thing, BTC development goes at a slow pace, but it is also well planned and reliably executed, and ends up being the slow and steady currency that wins the race.

      Ethereum has massive scaling problems which they have no working solution for, and no solutions that will be deployed in a reasonable timeframe.
      Bitcoin did things slower, but actually solved its problems before Ethereum did.

      Cardano development has also taken a very long time to get to smart contracts, and I don’t think the direction is very good.

      I mentioned before I like Solana, back when it was around 5-7$, I still hold it at 150$, and I think it’s a great project, I don’t believe it will be the chain to rule them all, but it has some very nice properties and I think it will continue to be a big part of the blockchain ecosystem for a long time.

      0.5 second block times and massive on-chain, non-sharded scalability make it the ideal chain for a decentralized exchange, I think tokenized assets will be very significant on it.
      The Raydium exchange on Solana has hit 24H peak volumes within earshot of Uniswap on Ethereum a few times.

      • Pooch says:

        Is Solana closed or open chain?

        • notglowing says:

          Not sure I get the question.
          Solana is open source, if that’s what you’re asking, and it is decentralized.
          However, it’s not entirely complete, it works, but there are a few consensus features that will be fundamental in the long term that are not yet implemented but only the theory is figured out.

          The Solana team is very practical/engineering minded (some of them come from Qualcomm so they are also very hardware-minded) and they prioritize shipping a working product to having all of the parts completely done, so for example slashing which will be very important hasn’t been implemented yet.

          It’s a proof of stake chain, where you can delegate your stake to any of the ~1060 validators that currently exist, or make your own.
          Unlike Polkadot, Solana manages to work with unlimited validators.

          It does have its drawbacks, such as the high cost of nodes.
          Solana achieves massive TPS (60k/s) with no sharding and confirms transactions in 0.5 seconds because every aspect of the blockchain system has been made very efficient in it. They figured out high speed P2P block propagation (a major issue with shitty big block chains like BCH), transaction forwarding with no mempool, as well as massively parallel transaction processing with SIMD instructions and GPUs, Solana can potentially use a GPU to actually process transactions.

          However all this means a computer capable of running a Solana node is the equivalent of a high end ~1500$ gaming PC. And it requires a symmetric gigabit connection, effectively you need a server that costs 250-300$/month (you might be able to find a good deal for much less)

          Still, you make money running one, so there is an incentive.

          But BTC is nice in this aspect, since you can run a bitcoin node on a raspberry pi or even on a phone.
          A BTC node that uses some of the newer designs can potentially work with just under a megabyte of storage (of course preserving no tx history, which is unnecessary even for a full node)

          • Pooch says:

            In other words, can anyone run a node? Or privileged access to run a node? If not open chain, cannot possibly become the one true coin to rule them all.

            • notglowing says:

              Anyone can run a node. Anyone with enough SOL can run a validator which participates in consensus.
              Anyone with any amount of SOL can delegate them to a validator of their choice, and claim staking revenue. Validators receive a percentage of that.

              Currently there are over 1000 validators, though most of them are very small with a little voting power.
              Earlier this year, 33% of the overall voting power was in the hands of just 8 validators, now it’s 28 and they are actively working to encourage more even distribution of stake.

              Most of the stake comes from delegation from regular users, who tend to delegate to the largest validators, though there is no technical reason why the users couldn’t just be convinced to switch and delegate to more smaller ones. Slashing and total slashing once enabled, will incentivize stakers to back multiple validators, and especially ones that are operated by different people and uncorrelated with each other.

              As one of them going byzantine would mean loss of the staked amount.

          • jim says:

            Validation that requires a supermajority of validators for each consensus step is inherently closed, one way or another way, because if too many validators, things are going to slow to a crawl, and huge amounts of data has to be kept.

            The way to do proof of stake validation is that each step in the consensus is a small sample of validators, and each consensus is a consensus about all past consensuses, so by the time a consensus gets buried in enough subsequent consensuses to be final, unchanging, and impossible that it should change underneath you, it eventually has, or will predictably over time acquire, a supermajority. Each step of the consensus must sample validators in a representative way.

            Suppose each validator is assigned an integer, an OID, and has little control over what the integer is – it is approximately sequential in the order in which a validator first appeared.

            We weight each validator’s vote by its stake * 2n, where n is the the number of trailing zeroes in the hash of (the validator OID and the chain height.)

            We weight each proposed consensus by weight of the top validator.

            For any one proposed consensus about the total and complete past, this is very random and its randomness very subject to manipulation and hostile conspiracy (Byzantine defection), but as one consensus gets piled on top of another, less and less so, because the weight of a deeply buried consensus is its weight, plus the weight of every consensus piled on top of it.

            This is an application of the general principle that if you collect the relevant data and look backwards in time far enough, Byzantine failure and Byzantine defection gets exposed eventually, so you do not design your protocols to be resistant to Byzantine defection and failure at each and every step, but to be resistant to Byzantine failure over time and cumulatively.

            So if you have a deeply buried fork, you choose the branch of that fork that is the more deeply buried by greater weight.

            Bitcoin proof of work is a random sample from computers operated by people who have an incentive to acquire all proposed transactions that other people want included in the blockchain. Empirically and theoretically, it is cumulatively resistant to Byzantine failure (with the usual caveat about an organized thirty three percent minority, the blood diamonds attack.)

            Explanation of the terms Byzantine failure and Byzantine defection:

            During the latter days of Byzantium, each general plotted to become emperor, and therefore, during war, wanted regiments following generals loyal to the emperor destroyed.

            So he would send a message to one general that he was falling back, and therefore the other general should fall back, and to another general that he was advancing, and therefore that general should advance, so that he and his men would be destroyed.

            Messages being misleading by accident or design is Byzantine failure.

            Messages being deceptive by design is Byzantine defection.

            Organized and collective Byzantine defection by a group of defectors is Byzantine attack.

            If you keep the messages around, you cannot bring troops back from the dead, but you can switch to the branch of the fork that reflects the true consensus. If one consensus is more widely distributed and known than the other, more validators are going to put their proposed consensus on top of it, so while any one sample may be randomly false, or deliberate defective, the cumulated weight represents true consensus. There will be as many branches are there are validators, but you can compare any two conflicting branches, and for a deeply buried fork, the comparison will represent the true weight of consensus. Every time two honest validators gossip, a branch gets eliminated, and any transactions that were in it, but not in the branch with the greatest weight, get piled on top of the branch with the greatest weight.

            • HerbR says:

              by the time a consensus gets buried in enough subsequent consensuses to be final, unchanging, and impossible that it should change underneath you, it eventually has, or will predictably over time acquire, a supermajority

              Is it a coincidence that this is almost exactly how citation-based scientific consensus used to work, before the field was taken over by peer review?

      • jim says:

        I am coming around to your point of view, but I have always found that I am apt to change horses too quickly.

      • jim says:

        Taproot makes a true lightning network possible. It also makes opaque contracts on the blockchain possible, creating many possibilities for doing business in privacy.

  23. Varna says:

    Before Trump appeared and said “I will teach you how to win”, the GOP appeared to had mostly accepted its role as a tame “opposition” within a dominant-party deep state system.

    You channel the energy of the “unhappy pleb”, periodically do some theatrical rejection of this or that policy, get some places in certain institutions in return, and that’s your role in the show.

    Like say Zhirinovsky’s nationalist LDPR vis-a-vis Putin’s United Russia.

    The GOP had even accepted the psyop that they can never really win again due to demographic change, before Trump mobilized negroes, latinos, jews, and women (and even some homos) in numbers that shocked globohomo.

    Trump shook enough republicans out of their self-hypnosis rut that now the momentum appears to be still alive to an extent on a sub-federal, state and municipal level. He also forced the hand of globohomo in numerous ways. Plus, he delayed by 4 crucial years the attempts to fuse “the free world” into one huge cartel.

    Right now republicans are constantly trying to slide back into the role of a perpetual tame opposition, since it’s much easier, but this approach is predicated on the system being stable and long-lasting.

    The vax crisis, combined with the media and institutional legitimacy crisis, not to mention the economy and the looming product and energy shortages that have already begun manifesting in Europe, England, and North America, puts a real dent into the whole “inevitability” of the globohomo planetary project.

    2022 elections will be exciting for sure, one way or another. Including the differences between who counts the votes where.

    The red states and municipalities should be aggressively head-hunting starting yesterday all the nurses, teachers, soldiers, policemen etc who resigned recently due to vaccine mandates.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Right now republicans are constantly trying to slide back into the role of a perpetual tame opposition, since it’s much easier,

      Not only is it much easier, but they are paid well by globohomo for playing their role as “Washington Generals“, perpetual losers in the ongoing political theater. Case in point: Google paid off Conservatism Inc. and the GOP establishment to stay silent while Google monitored, harassed, and excluded Trump supporters..

      I agree that Trump ended up closer to a Zhirinovsky figure than to a Caesar, while Jim wrote below that “our problem in a nutshell… [w]e lack a Caesar.”

      Apropos of this, Darren J. Beattie had a Twitter thread on Caesarism addressing this, which I thought raised some good points.

      [R]allies notwithstanding Trump was allowed to use enemy’s mass media as vehicle to achieve power. The surprise element was crucial. Post-Trump, present ruling class is very sensitive to this and will just institute ban hammer.
      So Trump has made possibility of Caesar, already extremely remote, basically impossible in American context.
      Also unclear, absent buy-in from existing or altnerative class of educated people, how the Caesar gains control of the vast bureaucratic apparatus required to govern and wield power.
      What’s the path from Caesar’s unmediated connection with masses, to the requisite class of competent and loyal functionaries who will staff the sprawling bureaucracies under the Caesar’s command?
      This underscores importance of cultivating talented class of people who can navigate some of these structural asymmetries with parallel institutions.

      The claim is: either you’ve gotta have parallel institutions, or take over the existing ones. Trump was nominally in charge of the existing ones, and failed to take them over. That leaves building parallel ones. Jim, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

      • Pooch says:

        The claim is: either you’ve gotta have parallel institutions, or take over the existing ones. Trump was nominally in charge of the existing ones, and failed to take them over. That leaves building parallel ones.

        On the default path, where Caesar does not come and we experience a Western Roman Empire-like fall into barbarism, parallel institutions are the way forward. The Afrikaneers have already gotten a good head start on theirs because the South African government lacks the ability to stop them.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I rarely get to call this out, but normalcy bias. This tweeter, and many others, cannot envision a future without sprawling bureaucracies, aged institutions, and bloated elite demographics. Under those circumstances and assuming the media landscape remains unchanged, no Caesar. But this is a failure of imagination. Caesar/Stalin/Cromwell will arise in counterpoint to this paradigm, not as an aspect of it. Probably military, probably male (though I’m starting to have my doubts on this for a few reasons), probably good looking, probably polymath. They will offer a very narrow, and very deep, range of competencies and capabilities that will address a very shallow and wide pain point, terror point, or wellspring of existential dread.

        To my thinking, they key ingredient, “catalyst” is I believe the proper term, will be a cataclysm of epic proportions. A real pandemic, solar storm, Yellowstone event, climate shift (climate change is very real and humans have nothing, or almost nothing, to do with it), asteroid impact, antibiotic immune pathogens, chain reaction financial meltdown, or global conflict. Something needs to break the veneer of controllability, understandability that USG and/or Cathedral enjoys. This will create the circumstances for A New Rise. Until this happens, I don’t see a Caesar.

        • Varna says:

          >antibiotic immune pathogens, chain reaction financial meltdown, or global conflict

          It’s looking like a combination of these three “almost catalysts” on the verge of combining into one big one.

          Europe is in for a cold winter now that the green energy thing failed; inflation and first hints of shortages are popping up all across; the vaxed are generating curiouser and curiouser strains, while the vax overlords are applying increasingly grotesque basic liberty restrictions; in the Pacific and in the Black Sea certain globohomo factions are poking the dragon and the bear.

          In the West populists want healthy nation states at home but with external imperial glory; the globohomo factions want to the contrary, to apply at home all the negatives of being an empire, without any glory whatsoever.

          Perhaps the time is fast approaching when Western populists will ditch the external imperial glory shtick and throw everything into healthy nation-building at home. This will leave globohomo holding the “imperialist” brand alone.

    • Pooch says:

      2022 elections will be exciting for sure, one way or another. Including the differences between who counts the votes where.

      The 2022 elections and every election after are going to be completely unexciting because we already know the Democrats are going to rig the vote in every race they possibly can. And in the few races they can’t steal for lack of a vote rigging machine infrastructure, they will just import enough third worlders into those places until they do. Voting no longer matters.

      • Varna says:

        Today is the start of a three-day vote on federal and state levels in Russia. Let’s see how that goes there.

        Due to at least nominal political pluralism, the opposition is trying to do “smart voting” against United Russia. Whoever has the higher chance in your county to beat the local United Russia candidate–vote for them.

        Likely this will translate into lots of votes for the commies, both the bigger and the smaller party. Both are anti-vax mandates, which instantly attracts heartland boomers and millennials who are skeptics. Combined with the “smart voting” of the zoomers, this would, in a fair election, lead to the communist party of Russia becoming at least equal to United Russia, and overtaking decisively the social democrats and the nationalists.

        So let us monitor how exactly the cheating will happen, which media and online personalities will try to call it out and analyze it, how the nation will react, and what laws and mandates the govt has been holding off before the elections and will begin to apply once the results are in.

        Since in the globohomo post-West the swamp is using the same tricks and trying to build the same system (structure-wise, not content-wise), it pays to watch this weekend’s Russia elections very closely.

        Specifically in Putin’s case, he has:
        1) Just retreated to an unknown location due to “people around him infected with the corona”.
        2) Has placed high-ranking officials under “special protection for their own safety” because you never know.
        3) The govt has declared it may or may not do some robust testing and close watching of the Internet connections during the weekend.

        IMO citizens of America, England, France, Germany, etc should all be watching closely, because globohomo likes to learn from China and Russia, but with more double anal and less online free speech.

  24. ExileStyle says:

    Off-topic question: Anyone here have any tips on dealing with explosive rage episodes? I’ve been happily married for about a year now in a Jimian equilibrium-equilibrium marriage (my wife made me more of a man in desiring my manliness, and I made her more of a woman in desiring her womanness) and we’re both much happier for it but the main or even only lingering problem in paradise is that I just explode into rage from time to time, often without warning, and often about political issues. It seems unmanly (because un-self-mastered), even if my wife has developed a healthy level of terror about how I might react to disloyalty, etc. Two questions, I guess:

    1. How much should I worry about this? What do women think about rage unlinked to actual violence?
    2. If I should worry at all, what can I do about it? Anyone else have any experience with this issue? They’re very classic white-rage episodes where I kind of go full blown Hitler and say all sorts of wild shit, and often seem to draw her into them, frightening her and obviously exhausting her.

    • Varna says:


      1) Cigarettes help
      2) Male friends with whom to rant help
      3) Long walks

      But seriously, try to mostly show her your interpretation of events which are either obvious, or come to reality quickly, as to validate your powers of observation.
      If your rants go into topics she can’t process, she’ll start gradually losing belief in your views, and this could play out badly at a time of crisis when she has to make a snap choice between socially enforced reaction A, or husband-enforced reaction B.

      At the time of this hypothetical crisis she needs to fully trust husband reaction B, even if it is at odds with socially mandated reaction A.

      It is thus part of family survival strategy for you to always be if not visibly right, then at least obviously plausible and in control.

      • ExileStyle says:

        Ha, that meme is uncomfortably spot on. Thank you for the input. She has completely outsourced her political views to me, so it is not so much the content of what I am saying as how I am expressing it. (Loudly and violently.) It is not an everyday thing by any means, but I do notice a danger of her gradually putting “that” version of me in a box, and simply going about her business, which might actually not be the worst solution. But ideally I could develop more indifference and self-control, although berserker-mode has its benefits in the right contexts.

    • Karl says:

      Do you have such explosive rage episodes only with your wife? Does your wife trigger the rage or third person that is also present or news ony the radio/TV?

      If radio or TV can trigger expolsive rage, it is unmanly. Stop consuming news. Tell your wife that you don’t like TV/radio etc and that it is to be off in your presence.

      Your wife should follow your lead in all things political. If she has a different opinion about an important political topic, treat it as a shit test.

      If a third person triggers your rage while your wife is present, a lot depends on why the third person is present and the circumstances. If you can escalate to violence if he does not back down, your rage is not unmanly.

      • ExileStyle says:

        I have these episodes presently with my wife, and previously had them (maybe even more intensely) when I was a competitive athlete and did not win, and towards my father. (From whom I very obviously inherited the tendency.) My wife and I do not watch TV or listen to radio, and that propaganda which I do consume tends more to entertain me than outrage me (Andrew Anglin, e.g.). The theme seems to be involuntarily being exposed to, or more recently subject to, globohomo nonsense (Covid passes, the happenings in Australia, some fool in our social circle mouthing empty leftist heard words).

        As I wrote in response to Varna, my wife has outsourced politics to me. It just effortlessly happened once we realized what our sexual and matrimonial dynamics were. She is not interested in politics, and trusts me about it. For example, she’ll occasionally whimsically think she might get the clot shot because all of her friends and colleagues have and “she doesn’t want to get grandma sick” or whatever and then I sternly remind her why she will not, and then she does not, until she forgets and the same thing happens a month later. (She is flighty.)

        It is not so much the content of my rants as the truly Wotan-like rage the content is packaged in.

        Third persons are never directly involved, except insofar as my neighbors might hear yelling; I am, thank God, talented at strategically keeping my lips shut in public. (Which in turn seems to impress my wife, actually.) I am not stupid in that sense. This is really more a matter of making sure not to upset our dual equilibrium – Jim has expressed the view that rage is feminine because it is emotional, which makes a certain amount of sense.

        • Tsymbal says:

          Really? Where has Jim expressed that (rage=feminine)? I am currently in a similar situation, short bursts of anger with my girlfriend that I would like to solve.

          • ExileStyle says:

            I cannot remember exactly where he said it, and maybe I am misremembering, but it stuck with me. I think the gist, whether concerning rage or simple emotional outbursts generally, is that it was an unproductive and unbecoming lack of self-control and composure.

            Maybe Jim can chime in? What are your thoughts on what women think about men’s rage or bursts of anger, and what to do about it?

            • jim says:

              Getting angry at the television is unmanly, because you cannot punch the television.

              When I get angry, my wife’s perception is that someone is likely to die, and she understandably finds this disturbing.

    • A2 says:

      I suffered from the same for a while, in particular in front of the lügen-TV (unmanly).

      After a while, I came to the conclusion that it was caused by stress and reasoned myself out of it, basically by asking myself why I was trying to convince, not the TV, but those around me, so forcefully.

      So to conclude I’ll add one more new agey destressing technique after cigs, mates and walks, and that is: tell your wife to give you a massage. And don’t tell her you’re stressed out or on the edge.

    • Aidan says:

      I am not advocating committing crimes, but you feel spiritually emasculated. What your soul needs is to beat another man half to death. In lieu of that, small acts of defiance against the homo make up for emasculation.

      Impotent rage and ranting is feminine. Imagine a fag when he gets angry, or Karen. Cold fury is masculine. In the movies, they always have the evil king rant and rage when somebody defies him, but that is to make him look weak. I doubt it ever went down like that in real life.

    • Pooch says:

      If the source of your anger is the news and politics, you are still mourning the decline of our civilization. Yes, things are bad, they will continue to get bad, but you need to learn to reach around in your limbic system and turn off all emotion about it. Anger is only going to make things worse at this point. Accept that your county WILL turn into South Africa, not if. But so what if it does? The Afrikaners are getting by and will withstand the collapse. We will too.

      • Varna says:

        This is very right and also very difficult.

        It took me a year of sleepless nights tossing and turning in denial (“Surely not? It can’t be! I’m imagining things!”), then another year of panicky rage, before a sort of vigilant acceptance mixed with a feeling of duty became the dominant mood.

        But it was a long and difficult road, and you have real life shit at the same time as well.

        For a while there I couldn’t handle an episode of Magnum PI or Alf without experiencing instant overwhelming grief constantly on the verge of morphing into murderous rage.

        It’s better now. I can watch old stuff again and listen to old stuff again and just be grateful they exist. Also foreign stuff can be quite helpful in providing elements out of which to construct a pop-cultural bubble that allows to maintain sanity and good humor.

        Russian stuff, Euro stuff, Asian stuff, African stuff. Combined with western vintage mainstream stuff and some current indie stuff. It can be done.

      • ExileStyle says:

        Yes, that is a lot of it. I’m trying to cultivate that equanimity, but it is difficult.

      • Pooch says:

        The combination of being outraged in your frontal lobe, but completely calm emotionally is difficult and takes time to master, but it’s what’s necessary to be effective and think strategically. In fact you shouldn’t associate with people who can’t do that.

    • Aryaman says:

      I’m a little like this, and usually only like this with my wife. Unhinged rage that doesn’t accomplish anything may not be a good thing, but you might just think of it as entertainment. The drawback may be that ranting ceases to be didactic beyond a point. But I am less sorrowful about the world and the loss of what once was than I used to be.

    • Keto Person says:

      Ketogenic Diet.

  25. Alfred says:

    Not that we need any more proof they’re trying to murder people who catch COVID:


    • jim says:


      This is rapidly and obviously turning into mass human sacrifice in worship of the Holy, Mighty, and Awesome Covid Demon.

      And once human sacrifice begins, it usually escalates.

      Unfortunately, to stop human sacrifice, you are going to need a sovereign who objects, and a war. Or at least that is what ended it all the previous times around. If the priesthood does not have a sovereign on their side, they attempt to raise an army anyway, and are crushed easily. If you have two sovereign, things can get seriously unpleasant.

      • someDude says:

        I wonder if the Chinese, Russian and Hindu Vaccines are too different. Sure they are based on dead virus technology that’s been proven to work but who’s studying those and what they are doing to the immune system?

        • Varna says:

          If we don’t count side-effects in the sense of “horrendous amplification of latent health issues you could have spent your life ignoring”, i.e. side-effects based on the serums interacting with what you’ve always had in your body, you’ve got another level of interaction — with the fauci flu itself.

          Lots of people have it without really noticing it, or even being completely asymptomatic. The vaccines activate the shit out of the flu. I.e. if you’re one of the 90% who would have experienced either as a mild head cold or as nothing–you get a full blast instead.

          Likewise, just after the vaccine, say 2 weeks at least, getting the flu will also results in a severely amplified reaction.

          Thus, ideally, any of these shots would be applied under two conditions:
          1) The person has no underlying chronic or latent health conditions
          2) The person has not been in contact with the flu in the prior fortnight, and will then maintain quarantine for another fortnight.

          No one applies this criteria (space marine health + plus a month of quarantine with the jab happening in the middle), hence the vaccines crippling and killing people at much higher levels than anticipated.

          Now we get to the trad vax. Russia, India, and China all have trad vaccines, but only China applies it massively to its civilians. Russia prefers the Sputnik kike-spike, and India also has a love affair with the various clot-shots.

          Almost the whole world treats the trad vax as some last ditch third rate thing you only use if you can’t get “the good stuff”. Only China went the opposite direction–civilians get the trad vax, whereas its clot-shots go to the army and client states like Uzbekistan.

          If we can get real data on reactions to the trad vax in China, this will show us how it interacts with your latent health problems, when you have not come into contact with the corona. Because China is, allegedly, the only major country which is sterile in terms of the corona. The only place in the world where there’s no need for a month-long quarantine for every jab, because there’s no COVID around you.

          Thus, in China, if we believe in its sterility, you get “pure data” on how the trad vax interacts with the average civilian.

          Everywhere else in the world, we get a mix of two sets of influences: 1) the vax interacting with your personal health issues, 2) the vax interacting with the circulating kung flu strains.

          That’s not counting additional factors such as climate, genetic clusters, lifestyle habits, and pollution.

          Even if the globohomo mutagen serums and clot shots were the start of a long-term play to do with genetic priming and gradual sterilization and overall population experimentation–this would have worked if they were a huge group of mentants. They are, however, psychopaths and morons.

          They failed to take into account how badly the average citizen reacts to the clot-shot (as opposed to space-marine health levels of the participants of the trials of the pharma companies), and they also failed to take into account how badly the injected citizen reacts to the corona itself–either if it’s already inside him, or if he comes into contact with it in the first fortnight after the injection when he has the immune defenses of Freddie Mercury.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            “Russia prefers the Sputnik kike-spike”

            Muh based Orthodoxy…

            • Varna says:

              I’ve spoken to otherwise based gentlemen from the trad places like the Caucasus and Malaysia, and they’re pulling all the string they have back home to get their kids and relatives jabbed with a Pfizer. or Astra They look at me with completely empty eyes when I try to even softly question the wisdom of that.

              The West-oriented cargo-cultism runs super deep. Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Vietnam even — when a snap choice has to be made they all reflectively go for whatever America or France are doing, because it’s gotta be the good stuff.

              They all behave and think like it’s still 1995, and in a sense like it’s 1985, meaning that whatever the West is doing must be the right thing, then if you can’t do the same thing, then at least do what the Russians are doing, cause they’re like the second-best option, and then if you can’t even do that, then you’re stuck with whatever the Chinks are doing, which has got to be the stupidest thing.

              You can see all sorts of proud and based Eastern Europeans and even Mongolians and Cambodians scrambling to do “what France and America are doing”. Preening themselves when they manage to “overtake Austria” or something. They sure proved to the world they’re members of the top class, sure have.

              And if possible via the same injections

              Even in Russia most of the anti-vaccine peeps are only anti-Sputnik, and would gladly instead take an Astra clot shot or a Pfizer mutagen. Whereas the pro-Sputnik peeps are all like “see, ours is as good as Astra. Better even. We have conquered this tech level. Glory!” Total cargo-cultism both with the pro and anti crowd.

              Literally the only places not utterly caught up in this bullshit are:
              1) Afghanistan
              2) China
              3) Negro Africa
              4) Little invisible peripheral European hobbit-shires like Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova etc whose historic survival strategy is skepticism and passive resistance.

              We are in a global situation in which the only sane actors are niggers, albanians, and afghans, and I don’t know what to say about that.

              • Karl says:

                They are suffering form normality bias. Rejecting the modern Western state religion as evil is a reliable way to overcome that bias. So that explains Afghanistan, maybe Negro Africa.

                I doubt China isn’t also caught up in that bullshit as they are vaccinating large parts of their population against something that is harmless for most people unless they alreay have one foot in the grave.

                • Varna says:

                  Well yes, the China thing is closer to “sanity” in the sense of providing the population with banal flu shots as opposed to “the good stuff”, in spite of being capable of producing and enforcing said “good stuff”.

                  So someone somewhere made a choice that balanced conforming to The Science on the one hand with Not Destroying Your Population on the other. In my book, when compared to what the rest of the northern hemisphere is doing, that’s a “mostly sane reaction”.

                  It shows a belief in your own analysis and capabilities which no one else has shown.

                  Sweden and Belarus tried to show independence in terms of lockdowns, but not in terms of the clot-shot.

                  Japan, Korea etc showed way better abilities that the West to control the spread, but when it came to the shots they all jumped into the clot-mania.

                  But we’ll see, we’ll see, it’s still early days in a sense.

                  Maybe in the cold months there will be a wave of deep state faction coups against the current rulers, as certain realities sink in.

              • D Brinn says:

                Vox Day has a new post with links to a couple articles about how India has wiped out the covid in large areas with ivermectin. I’ve seen covid maps of Africa where the center part that never had a problem matches up with the part where people are given ivermectin regularly as a malaria preventative. And a 400-pound friend of mine who came down with a pretty bad case beat it at home with a few doses of horse paste.

                It appears that ivermectin handles it quite easily, and could have nipped the whole pandemic in the bud had it been given out from the start. So naturally the more information that comes out supporting its use, the harder devout Covidians fight to block access to it, with reports of some pharmacies refusing to fill legit prescriptions.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                1488 in Hungary opposes clot:


                As does 1488 in Poland:


                This means socialism will survive.

      • Dave says:


        This is seriously scary stuff. Even if the effect on killer T-cells is temporary, cancer cells multiply while your immune system is on vacation, and in the process, a few mutate in ways that let them escape detection later when those T-cells repopulate.

        This could be another Chernobyl, an event that convinces the masses that their rulers are either murderous psychopaths or lethally incompetent morons. Survivors will adopt the Arab mentality — tribal, superstitious, paranoid, and mistrustful of all authority.

    • Alfred says:

      Texas won’t hold with that flowing over the border.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Nothing will hold until more than one ballot stuffer gets “shot while resisting arrest” and the offending ballots burned.

  26. Need it for School says:

    GF quest update.

    I got two girls’ phone numbers at school. One was in class and another was on the bus. Both are asian FOBs and hot.

    Classmate’s number I got telling her we could collaborate on problem sets. Bus’s number I just got for no given reason. I offered to get lunch or coffee with Bus after church last Sunday but she saw my text too late and so we moved it to Friday. I met with Classmate to study today; I wanted to meet at a coffee shop but it turned out to be closed so we went to my place (studio apartment). She was constantly bumping into me when walking and I kinoed her back awkwardly. No hug, no hand holding. When she was at my place she was laughing hard at everything I said and wanted to know my zodiac sign. She seemed preoccupied with the idea that I was going to drink alcohol, and mentioned it without me bringing it up. When we were done she wanted me to walk her home.

    I don’t know if I fucked up with Classmate; any advice on this? I didn’t want her in my place before I had gotten more serious with her but there was no readily apparent option. How do I get these girls where I can claim them (of course claiming them with my seed)?

    I think Jim’s theory suggests that she unconsciously wanted me to get drunk and grope her at my place but I wasn’t prepared to do that.

    • Need it for School says:

      Also, anything I should do with Bus?

    • Pooch says:

      Obviously if a girl is alone with you in your apartment she wants you to fuck her. The whole end goal of going on a date is getting her back to your place to fuck her, and women know that. So yes you fucked up. Maybe she gives you one more chance but you better not blow it again if she does. With the 2nd one figure out a way to get her to your apartment like the 1st one and fuck her.

      Not sure how to transition to sex? Here you go: https://blog.reaction.la/politics/make-women-property-again/#comment-2725090

      • ExileStyle says:

        Yeah, only women should be shying away from getting fucked on the first date. (Which can be a good sign of future loyalty, or a shit-test, or both.) You might get a knight-in-shining-armor/good-guy freebie at your age, esp. if you both go to church. But yeah, you’ve had your freebie.

        Also I wouldn’t think in terms of “claiming” her, as that probably gives her too much dignity in your eyes, as something already worth owning, rather than just plowing rent-free. What she really wants and you also, even if you don’t know it yet, really want, is to fuck her like an animal, or at best like a whore. Do that, and she’ll be trying to “claim” you, which gives you the power that both of you want you to have.

        That’s my experience anyways. But I sure as hell didn’t learn that until quite a few women in, so take it easy on yourself.

    • Javier says:

      Other guys here scoffed at this but for men with anxiety over making a move (like me) it really helps. When you have a girl alone ask her how tall she is, then whatever she says ask her to compare heights. She will stand right up next to you and you can easily lean in for a kiss, put your hands on her hips and pull her in. Of course it doesn’t stop there you need to make steady progress towards undressing her and getting her to your bed or couch or kitchen counter but that first physical move is usually the toughest.

      If you’re really struggling with this just realize you are actually insulting a woman by bringing her into your home and not ravishing her. She wants to tell herself that she tried to fend you off but you were just so overwhelmed with lust from her amazing beauty that you couldn’t help yourself. Failing to do so will make her think you’re gay or a loser. Even if you don’t close the deal showing her you’re a sexual threat by making some kind of move is crucial.

      • ExileStyle says:

        This actually sounds pretty effective.

        I’ve also found that an old-school, stoic “May I kiss you?” can work, especially if she starts jabbering on and on (which means she feels awkward and wants you to make the first move) and everything just flows from there. Still nothing wrong with being a gentleman, if you are a gentleman with a strong frame and solid follow-up. Make sure you are standing close to her, and hopefully looking down at her.

        It’s how it started with my wife, and she still thinks of the moment fondly, and with good humor in light of the rest of the night, and of our relationship to this day.

        It’s an art, not a science. I’m a fairly tall, stoic midwesterner by nature and appearance, which means I have a certain aesthetic and frame that can make the suddenness of that very appealing on its own. She never for a second thought it was about a “kiss.” Let her chatter on a bit in nervousness, and surprise her by how direct and not nervous you are. That’s worth a lot.

        • ExileStyle says:

          Oh, and this just popped into mind in between meetings today (yeah, long day): about the sex itself, if and when you get there. We rarely talk about that in that here, assuming nature will magically take over, but that isn’t always true unfortunately with all of this globohomo & feminist conditioning.

          Perhaps the most cosmically satisfying redpill (whitepill?) I’ve swallowed in my whole life is learning that what *I* want is what *she* wants. Fucking her in a way that pleases *me* to the max pleases *her* to the max. By that I mean, don’t fucking act like a reader of Cosmo or whatever thinking all the time about “her needs”, just do whatever the fuck feels awesome and right (and never ask her what she wants; I’d recommend saying nothing at all, ever). Just do and take what seems good to you in the moment, and you will find, during and at the end, that she’s just as breathlessly satisfied as you. That’s what equilibrium-equilibrium is all about, sexually. I’ve talked about this with women at length. They find gentle, eager, overconcerned pleasers unpleasing and kind of repulsive bordering on creepy. Just have fun, and she will, too. It’s literally magic.

          Remember, you’re a man. And nothing is more precious and desirable to a woman than that. Be yourself.

        • jim says:

          > Still nothing wrong with being a gentleman,

          That has not been my experience at all. But these things are hard to put into words. Perhaps you do it differently.

          “May I” feels horribly awkward, and my experience is that is is awkward for women

          • ExileStyle says:

            Worked for me, as reported. Whether May I, Can I, Should We, or Whatever – works with a certain kind of woman (the kind I ended up deciding to marry, btw, an important detail), but it also needs to sound more like an I Will or We Will. Not an actual question but a breaking of an unstated barrier without making it awkward for anyone. This isn’t operating at a linguistic level at that point. It just needs some sort of gesture to get from not touching to touching etc.

            But there are plenty of other women for whom it’s different. Again, art, not science. Learned through experience.

            • jim says:

              > Worked for me, as reported.

              I really find this hard to believe. I think you are rationalizing away what really happened in order to make it conform to legality and social expectations.

              A more ancient part of you took charge, and then the narrator, recovering consciousness, recast what went down.

              If you asks a woman for permission, it feels like hiring a whore, and she feels like she is hiring out to be a whore. Women want a man to take possession.

              Also, you might just be making shit up to inject enemy memes. “NAWALT” being an enemy meme. Take the shill test.

              You asked:

              > So do we have to wait to be accused of shillship to perform a shill test? Or can we just dive right in? I think I have some wonderful new phrasing, but dare not undermine the project.

              Give it a roll.

              • The Cominator says:

                I’m too gentlemanly in disposition by narture but the only gentlemanly thing that in my experience seems to get you any positive points with normie women is giving them a light when the opportunity presents itself. For some reason they tend to like that one (female lizard brain likes a man who provides fire)?

                • Pooch says:

                  Remember, women like to be told what to do, not asked. It is a huge burden off their backs when they don’t have to make a decision. Violating that rule is not being gentlemanly at all.

                • notglowing says:

                  You mean a cigarette?

              • ExileStyle says:

                You have a long, precise memory, I see. I would expect no less. That all sounds entirely plausible, but what’s wrong with hiring out a whore? What else does she want? I see no counterargument here.

                Honored to finally have this opportunity to take the shill test. Please excuse any flourishes or private additions I have added to the fundamental narrative; I have thought long about this:

                Around the age of 11 or 12 at the latest, girls begin to develop aggressive, covetous sexual desire for the men who surround them, or, more precisely, those men who seem desirous to those other girls who surround them. This is the start of a process of recognizing their only source of actual worth, namely as sexual property of what they perceive as a high-status male. They will spend the rest of their sexual development seeking validation of this worth, idealls (in their minds) through getting fucked by the highest status male they can access. This process will only come to an end through a Father and a Culture’s stern negation through property-based marriage (the ideal) or will continue, the Girl astride the cock carousel, until their late thirties, when even they can no longer resist the imperatives of reproductive biology, and seek a source of semen. The latter, more than anything else, has led to “globohomo”, or the great degeneration.

                Women are fundamentally unrapeable; consent is a pernicious modern fiction. Rape is simply poorly executed beta game. Perhaps long in the mists of the distant past women could be raped by raiding warrior-hordes, but that does not exist today, at least in the non-African West.

                This failure to regulate eleven-year-old female sexuality is in large part the source of destructive sexual, and thus political, disequilibrium to this day, and the main focus of our analysis.

                The sex question is the overriding question, but beyond that we recognize racial difference and distinction: the races exist, and they are different, and their real difference (expressed e.g. in differences in IQ or proneness to violence – Detroit is a nightmare not because of economics but because of race) is a more satisfying explanation of most political phenomena than any other we have encountered apart from the sex question.

                What we are looking for is a political theology comprehensible to Charles II ca. 1660; where men own women and other property, as kings in their domains; all property, esp. the property of the Sovereign, is sacred, a reality only possible in light of clear-eyed recognition of the physiological reality of the sexes, races, and religions.

                I could go on, but is that a good start?

                • jim says:

                  One correction.

                  > Around the age of 11 or 12 at the latest, girls begin to develop aggressive, covetous sexual desire for the men who surround them

                  Sexual conduct in girls does not set in reliably at twelve.

                  It is apt to set in ridiculously earlier or ridiculously later, having inconveniently little relationship to physical development of sexual characteristics.

                  This really is a huge problem, which everyone is politely not noticing, and if we had a sane society we would be researching medical intervention to synchronize female sexuality to female sexual development.

                  I conjecture that they have drifted out of sync because women have not been subject to selection on sexual choice since we looked rather like apes. Evolution cared if the physical characteristics of fertility came on line in sync, did not care if the psychological characteristics of fertility came on line in sync, because in any functional society, female sexual and reproductive services are male property, and we are all descended from functional societies – which from time to time become non functional and those populations vanished from history, like the Romans and Spartans.

                  Female circumcision is a crude, damaging, and destructive attempt to stop socially disruptive early sexuality. There is a whole lot of socially disruptive early female sexuality going on. It is extremely inconvenient for alpha males and for fathers. We need some less permanent and destructive medical intervention to do something about it.

                • ExileStyle says:

                  > Sexual conduct in girls does not set in reliably at twelve.

                  > It is apt to set in ridiculously earlier or ridiculously later, having inconveniently little relationship to physical development of sexual characteristics.

                  I can confirm this anecdotally from conversations with previous women partners: two mentioned beginning to masturbate around the age of five or six (a common phenomenon, apparently), while another one did not even try it until after losing her virginity at 22. Yet another regaled me (unrequested) with the childhood exploits of a friend of hers who, at literally the age of 12, successfully seduced her twenty-something equestrian coach. Every other girl in the group, all of the same age, was aware of this and encouraged this and assisted her in this and was proud to have played a part. Said woman seemed to find nothing strange in this, and the man is still an equestrian coach for girls at the same place. Said woman in fact said “I feel bad for him.”

                  And these are just stories from those women who were willing to talk about it; who knows what else there is to hear.

                • alf says:

                  A while ago a six year old girl flirted with me at the playground, with the subtlety of a trainwreck. It was cute and funny, especially when she wanted to follow us when we left and my girl politely told her to get lost, but it was also a very Jimian experience. 6 year old boys just don’t act like that.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >It was cute and funny


        • A2 says:

          The traditional way is not verbal permission but to look in her eyes and draw into kissing range, a couple of inches or a little bit more, then pause, then continue and kiss her on the lips. If she draws away or gives you the cheek, back off but keep trying after a decent interval and cooing some sweet words in her ear. If she runs out of the room, you have been coming on a bit too strong and may have to resume another evening. Then again, she may come back in.

          • jim says:

            Verbally asking for permission is incredibly awkward and unnatural, because sex came first and language came later.

            If you are using words, other than as grooming, you are not performing the mating dance.

            And if you are non verbally asking permission, still not performing the mating dance.

            A long period of play and grooming is part of the mating dance, and it unwise to strike before the iron is hot, but that is not asking permission.

            A good seduction experience for a woman is that she feels he could suddenly stick his dick into her at any moment at whim, but her seducer is just taking his time to get into the mood and enjoy himself, and also to decide whether she is good enough for him. And that the moment he decides she is, he is going to ride her regardless of what she has to say about it.

            When I am with a woman, more ancient forces sweep away the rational and rationalizing part of my mind. There is a part of you that knows what to do. Unleash that part, and act on instinct, powerful and ancient instincts, that silence the part of your mind that creates a narrative of what you are doing and why.

            One of the reasons I have difficulty putting this stuff into words is that the knowledge is not in words. The mating dance is more ancient than words, and when I perform it in privacy with a comfortable horizontal surface near the two of us, the narrator in my head has fallen silent.

            You should not act as if sex is urgent. Your actions should be congruent with abundance mentality “Is this chick good enough to spend my semen on”, and congruent with privacy and security. “This is my place, no one would dare disturb us if I do not wish to be disturbed”

            So you should act as if you have all the time in the world. But you should also act as if you rightfully possess this domain, and all that is in it, including her.

            You have to perform the mating dance, which came before anyone had words with which to express the thought of consent, or she will not perform it either.

            Men conquer and women surrender, but men perform and women choose. The mating dance is conquest and surrender.

            Your performance is eighty percent passing shit tests, (“no” and physical resistance being part of those shit tests), twenty percent grooming and play.

            Humans are carnivores, and our mating dance has rather more in common with the feline mating dance than the gorilla mating dance.

            The tom cat smells a pussy in heat. So he climbs up on a prominent place and yowls, thus proving that no other tomcat can knock him off his perch.

            After a while, after it becomes apparent that one tomcat has achieved pole position, excluding all others, the pussy rips a hole in the mosquito netting, forces her way out of the house where her owner has locked her in, and joins him.

            And then proceeds to give him a hard time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Doz5w2W-jAY

            • ExileStyle says:

              This is absolutely true, but I wonder whether you underestimate the power of language, particularly for a certain kind of man, many of whom might be the kind drawn here. We all know each other after all only through the words we’ve written here.

              I, for example, am intensely verbal, know how to essentially enchant people with rhetoric, entertain them with extravagant tales, draw them into a world of my own rhetorical making. Women are particularly prone to enchantment by poets, rhetoricians, men on stage shaping their imaginations with word and song. Dionysus effect. How many Dionysuses are skinny, faggy-looking nobodies on the street and then woman-commanding gods on their stage, with their words and song?

              Half the women I have slept with were drawn to bed by sheer compelling narrative combined with a sense of humor and humorous self-awareness. Megalomaniacal, self-aggrandizing self-commentary is the best of all, I’ve found: laughing about, and making her laugh about, just how astonishing you and your life are and have been. (Never self-deprecate, unless you’re a Jew chasing a shiksa.)

              We are composed of language as well as body, and women, as debilitatingly verbal creatures with virtually no power of judgment, are intensely prone to falling for someone who seems to be weaving them an alluring tale of romance, regardless of content. See troubadours, followed by Western civilization. Maybe they made the problems we’re living with through their Woman Cult, but they got laid plenty along the way.

              I was trying to look out for the obviously inexperienced, awkward neophyte kid above, but a good old fashioned “Should we fuck now?” as a postscript to a charming, humorous evening has served me better than anything at all.

              I’d read Euripides about women. Next to Jim, he and his Bacchus taught me quite a lot, much I did not want to know before. Do not be a Pentheus.

              • Aidan says:

                Women like a performer because other men are paying attention to him and not speaking when he speaks. Men, for their egos’ sake, attribute to verbal language what was actually the work of nonverbal biosemantics. The mating dance. Human zoology. For a while you can pretend you get laid because you are a smooth motherfucker, but then you end up the alpha male of a tribe, and you get laid by telling a girl you met fifteen minutes prior to follow you, and you lead her to an unlocked closet and proceed to bang her. Or you are half a zombie due to a night of heavy drinking and drugs, can barely speak, and bring a quite sober girl back to your place and bang her with the little energy you have left. Believe me, it’s not the magic of language.

                “Should we fuck now?” may work, because nonverbally you have been telling her all evening that you are going to fuck her and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Just like how singers can sing beta songs about beta romance and then get laid like rugs. The verbal content doesn’t matter. The rockstar gets the best pussy because he has thousands of people treating him like he is a king.

              • Neurotoxin says:

                “a good old fashioned ‘Should we fuck now?’ as a postscript to a charming, humorous evening has served me better than anything at all.”

                This strikes me as appallingly awkward. I can’t imagine it working. If it worked for you it was exceptional.

                How bad is going for it verbally? Try this:

                When I was 14 I asked a girl who had a crush on me (she had confessed that to me earlier) “Can I kiss you?”

                Her response: “No.”

                THAT’s how bad making a verbal pass is.

                Of course telling her about your amazing life, if it’s really amazing and you tell it believably, helps generate attraction. But that’s an earlier stage of the seduction process. That’s not making a move.

        • The Original OC says:

          Did men ever say “May I kiss you?” Can you provide a quote from a Georgian novel or a movie clip from the 50s or something?

          “May I have this dance?” maybe (generally coming after action not before – it’s not a real question)

          • jim says:

            I am pretty sure that ExileStyle, assuming he is telling us what he thinks is the truth, has re-remembered events to make them politically correct.

            You are on a diet, you decide you will break your diet by eating one tomato, because one tomato has very few calories. Then you eat a tomato, then three tomatoes, then a hand of bananas, an entire tub of chocolate icecream, and a family sized tub of yogurt. Then in the morning you wonder why you are three pounds heavier because you somehow, strangely, do not remember the bananas, the tub of icecream, and the tub of yogurt.

            Assuming he is telling what he thinks is the truth, I think it is probably like cheating on your diet. You lie to yourself that you did not cheat on your diet.

            We are impelled to perform the mating dance correctly by forces considerably more powerful and just as ancient as those that impel us to eat an entire tub of chocolate icecream, and performing the mating dance correctly is illegal, and demonized as hateful, hated, and immoral. And people don’t want to remember that they have done something hateful, hated, and immoral.

            It is like so many people remember adhering to a very strict diet, which after a while strangely ceased working.

            • ExileStyle says:

              I’m truly honored by the namedrop, and the attention given to my motivations. I have long awaited an initiation ritual, and had almost given up hope in ever experiencing one.

              What did I say, or point out? That there is another mode, undeniable across thousands of years of documentary literary and historical evidence, of ways to fuck a woman? Namely through language, and its artful manipulation? How do we have any history or literature at all, by the way? Through speaking it, and writing it down…

              Think of birds, their song and their feathers and their dances. Women birds, and human birdlike women, find that shit almost impossible to resist.

              Maybe I come from a different milieu; I am a back-marcher through the institutions, i.e. a university person, which shapes my language but makes me someone you all need. I’m willing to put up with it all; better than the cuck-ass nonsense I deal with from day to day.

              But that is absolutely how I initiated my relationship with my wife; to suggest otherwise is an affront, one I’d be happy to challenge in person if we could.

              • jim says:

                undeniable across thousands of years of documentary literary and historical evidence, of ways to fuck a woman

                Not seeing it.

                Give me some pre troubadour sources. (The troubadours were lying or self deceived about how they fucked women)

                You don’t impress a woman by singing and dancing, but by other people watching you sing and dance.

                • ExileStyle says:

                  I neither sing nor dance literally (that was a metaphor). My point, and experience, is that women are quite easily transfixed by pretty words, and all apart from the recognition of other men.

                  I think this poem might be of interest, ca. 660 B.c. It’s addressed to one woman and concerns the fucking of another woman (or is it the fucking of the woman addressed?), which is as good a content as any: https://web.archive.org/web/20110606113929/http://www.stoa.org/diotima/anthology/archiloch.shtml

                  But I don’t want to push the point, as it takes real talent to be a poet and not simultaneously a fag. But it is possible.

                  Anyways, the whole context here was saying that yes, from my experience, it’s possible or, depending on the man, even advisable to use words, if you are able.

                  AWALT, but not all men are like that.

                • jim says:

                  Talking to women is hard, because they are not interested in the things that men are interested in.

                  But the poem you quote addresses what women find interesting, so you might be onto something.

                • The Original OC says:

                  Exile’s position is a Motte and Bailey. Note that he refused to answer the clear and simply question I asked.

                  Of course talking to women can help to charm them. It can increase the probability of getting them back to your room, or increase their compliance once in your room. But you cannot get a woman to initiate sex by talking to her. If you ask for permission, she will say no just to see what you do.

                  I have experienced women refusing to leave my room under all sorts of pretexts, when they wanted something to happen and I didn’t, but I have never experienced a woman taking her or my clothes off, or initiating any sexual contact, without me starting things or giving her a clear instruction (not a request). They just do not do it, even though it would usually be very effective.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I’ve talked women into bed. It is but one of many ways to take possession of a woman’s desires. It is exceedingly rare, but not impossible. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re bored or masochistic.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Prosody is impressive to other men, and men can impress themselves with (the idea of their) prosody, which is a sentiment they can all too often project onto their fairer help-meets.

                One of the biggest keys to the troubadour’s game was the fact that he tried to seduce women who were already owned by another man, whether a daughter of wife – ie, badboy behavior by default. His speech was flowery, but he also didn’t take no for an answer – badboy by default.

                The phenomena of a stage performance is basically a simulated hack of how women perceive alpha – regardless of the fact that they may rationally understand that everyone is simply coming together for the sake of some entertainment or other production, in the end what their brain stem is perceiving is still a situation where one man is the center of attention of a lot of people; most especially other women.

    • Aidan says:

      Asian FOBs! Child are species incorrect grandparent cry.

      But yes, you fucked up. If she is going back to your place with you she wants to get railed out. Don’t think too hard about when and how to make the first move. She’ll end up in physical proximity to you and you just kiss her and go from there.

      • Need it for School says:

        Well, I’m not going to be some blithe natural.

        Even if I made a mistake here I am feeling good because I still enjoyed myself and I am better than ever in terms of women. She even wanted to know my zodiac sign. That said, I’ll be ready next time she comes over – which will be soon as we have a pretense of “collaborating on assignments.”

  27. Kunning Drueger says:

    Instead of a digital social network, Jim should build an MMORPG. The game would give access to weapons and tools as well as upgrades based on metrics from poster’s comment history or something. World of Whoresmack lol.

  28. Alfred says:

    With the nail in the coffin of GOP elections with the CA Recall Fraudlet they appear to be moving onto removing less leftwing Dems. The Mid term primaries are going to be fun to watch as moderately left Democrats are replaced by entirely insane leftwing Democrats.

  29. Andy says:

    The recall in CA seems to have gone as expected. Will Newsom be on his best behavior due to the pressure, or out for revenge? I’m leaning towards revenge to those who challenged his dictatorship.

    • Alfred says:

      Revenge of course. He’s squeeze regular folks in CA into mush. Probably have Larry Elders and other GOP officials arrested and sent to prison as well.

      • Andy says:

        Elder was too much of a clown to be real. I suspect a nice beach house is in his future, a la Bernie Sanders, rather than prison. The looming recall put pressure on Newsom to tack towards center and open schools. How much he used the recall as an excuse to discipline his base is another story. Not sure of answer. It did help him scare the teachers’ unions into a more sane position. He’s a canny bastard, that’s for sure. I’m wondering who else is going to get it and how?

  30. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    In spiraling news, The polygon has signaled that merely written rules against double jeopardy do not apply with those found to be heretics and apostates against it’s faith, in the ongoing forever-trial of St. Fentanyl.

    First the officers who were in the vicinity, then perhaps demographiclly challenged bystanders in the crowd, and ultimately i expect we will find that all who ever watched the video after the fact will be guilty of doing so while white.

  31. Alfred says:

    The General Milley sold the US out to China stuff is interesting. Completely believable and a good way for a deep state faction to get rid of him. The leftist online propaganda machine hasn’t yet been given orders on the story based on the lack of posting in defense of him or against. Why it’s being done is less than clear, beyond the fact the intelligence agencies authorized the stories on it.

    More evidence of leftist infighting.

    • The Cominator says:

      The british leftist in MI6 are pissed at Biden over Afghanistan.

      • jim says:

        The forever war faction in the state department is not happy either – hence the false flag attack at Kabul airport. But they don’t seem to be doing anything about it yet other than ineffectually murder a few marines. The race-war-now and the get-rid-of-the-Republicans factions are on the ascendant, but the get-rid-of-the-Republicans may have the lead, and, due to normality bias, may wait till 2022 in order to maintain the pretense of legality.

        Sold out to China is a talking point for the forever war faction, and that they not running with it suggests that they are thoroughly quelled, but no so thoroughly quelled that other factions are not nervous. The forever war faction may well gain ascendancy when leftists start sorting out their quarrels more violently.

        • Fireball says:

          The forever war faction has a huge problem. No one is sure how effective is the american army.

          • jim says:

            What was revealed in Yugoslavia was that the European armies were utterly worthless and completely incapable.

            What was revealed in Basra and Helmand province is that the British army was utterly worthless and completely incapable, but the American army could still kick ass.

            Can it still kick ass?

            • Fireball says:

              >Can it still kick ass?

              That depends on who they are fighting and how bad the purges are.

              Also even if they aren’t effective doesn’t mean they will not be after a defeat. Look at the glorious red army it was trash but in 1945 was a competent force.

            • The Cominator says:

              If the American army can still function (when allowed) this is probably all on the basis of senior NCOs from a less pozzed era keeping the tribal knowledge alive.

              Between the purges and retirements this situation will not be much longer… BAP’s latest podcast had his guest a soldier talking about the South African military once it got blacked and them crashing submarines.

    • Pooch says:

      Could be genuine disagreement on China. The communist sympathizer types like Milley seem to have a bizarre love for China.

      • The Cominator says:

        I admired post Deng China, i hate Xis China.

        • Pooch says:

          I don’t trust the little slanty eyed fuckers. The way they are playing footsie with the ANC in South Africa, I’d just assume they’d side against us with our own black communists if it came to that.

        • notglowing says:

          I admired post-Deng china and I liked Deng Xiaoping until I read about how their one child policy was enforced. I still think he was very based in other ways, though.

          They sterilized over a hundred million women, and planted permanent IUDs in hundreds of millions of them, basically every woman after her first child.

          Deng and his party were willing to rebel against Nature in such a grotesque way, and prevent their women from having children, because some scientists told them it was the right thing. They are no different from our own leftists who did the same with the virus, except the chinese were even more invasive, and their population more compliant.

          The result is China now has 70 million excess men. And, they have an aging population just like the west.
          And who knows if their population numbers aren’t inflated, it’s not like you can trust them not to lie.

          • The Cominator says:

            They didn’t want to fall in the India trap while still poor, I understand why Deng did what he did.

            Xi is doing lots of stupid things for certain reasons though the ban on effeminancy being portrayed in media is incredibly based.

            • For an avowed leftist hater you have a surprising amount of tolerance for leftist totalitarian measures. Forced Population/birth control as a means to “reduce poverty” is a leftist meme and a particularly evil one at that and is nothing but worship to Moloch. Population has nothing to do with poverty which is purely brought about by socialism.

              Even the leftists in India of the day felt that Indira Gandhi’s sterilization programme was too much.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                Rounding up ekatvah-sandaka is the right way to solve population pressure. In Dungeons & Dragons of course.

              • someDude says:

                Yes, Jim has spoken about this at length. Jim’s understanding is that with Capitalism, the earth can support a population in excess of 100 Billion.

                Cominator here is allowing his dislike of what he calls Pajeets from seeing things clearly.

                • Socialism as a solution to poverty doesn’t work and makes more poor, for which the socialist solution is to apply more socialism more severely and when that fails even more spectacularly the conclusion is that the Gods of Socialism are angry and demand human sacrifice. Which is duly proceeded with.

                  In India we luckily escaped that particular holiness spiral thanks to the Green Revolution and real scientists in charge of the programme.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                TC is playing darts. He occasionally hits the bullseye. He often lands elsewhere.

                • someDude says:

                  Sure, but every genuine movement that means business needs a Cominator of it’s own. We just tell the other side,
                  “Look here, you better deal with reasonable people like us or else you’ll have to deal with the Cominator for whom the only real quandary is whether to drop you into the pacific via a helicopter or to shoot you off a cannon”

  32. Fëanor says:

    Not related, and apologies if this comes across as fedposting, but the subject has come up on this blog, and I was curious:

    How does one reconcile projecting the image of an alpha male capable of violence, with having a boring (to women) but lucrative job and a place in civilized society, not to mention being a Christian? I would consider myself fairly high in the personality traits women find attractive, but have neither motive nor opportunity to act in that way, and rather like it like that. People in my IQ bracket, as an overwhelming rule, do not even get in physical fights, and I do not enjoy the company of savages, nor do they enjoy mine. Probably I could get a whole lot of virgin pussy by buying drugs on the dark web and selling them to high schoolers, and could almost certainly get away with it, but I don’t use drugs, don’t want to hang out with people who use drugs, and don’t want my woman using drugs, so I’m not going to do this.

    To distil the problem into an actual example: not all that long ago I faced a shit test which I could only have passed by committing multiple felonies, and came rather close to doing the felonious thing, but I talked myself down from doing it because the logical likely outcome was not me living happily ever after with the girl, but me in prison, or at best a permanent fugitive with no stable income and in a terrible environment to raise children. Obviously I don’t doubt that I made the right choice, but if there is a third way out of this sort of situation, I would like to know about it.

    • jim says:

      The stereotype that smart people are peaceable is new – it did not exist until the seventies or so.

      Obviously smart people are less likely to engage in stupid violence and get in stupid fights, which women find rather disappointing, because they like to see alpha males in conflict. But the idea of the smart nerd whom it is physically safe to bully is new. It is part of globohomo ideology. Also part of female supremacy, since they find smart alphas avoiding stupid violence disappointing.

      I am a very smart male who is capable of violence. I project an image to women of being more capable of violence than I am, but women see me as very smart and very dangerous, and they are not entirely wrong about me being dangerous.

      > To distil the problem into an actual example: not all that long ago I faced a shit test which I could only have passed by committing multiple felonies,

      You are likely over estimating the capability and will of the Cathedral to enforce its emasculating laws. If you comply with emasculating laws, you will be emasculated, that being the intention and purpose of those laws. If a smart person, know when you can get away with breaking them, and how to break them in ways that you will get away with.

      If you have not had to hire a good lawyer from time to time to get you off the hook for violence, you are not committing enough violence. If a good lawyer cannot get you off the hook, you are committing stupid violence.

      • Fëanor says:

        I am not safe to physically bully, and do not get physically bullied as a result—but I do not have the sex appeal of the guy who bullies nerds just because he can, and I find this disappointing, because bullying nerds is stupid. To women used to being around nerds I generally come across as quite alpha, but there are not very many of these, and a lot of them are 4/10 chinks or blue-haired landwhales. To average women I am still a nerd, and this seems to hurt me even though I don’t look or act much at all like the negative stereotype. (Maybe I am imagining it and hurting myself.)

        I did not want to discuss specifics, because there are a lot of feds on this forum and I don’t wish to be known to them as the sort of person who even might do something like this, but I don’t think there’s a lawyer in the world that could get me off the hook for bride-kidnapping a 15-year-old, which is more-or-less the thing that I would have had to do. I suppose this means it qualifies as stupid, even though by our standards, by objective standards apart from globohomo law, it was the only right thing to do under the circumstances. Probably there were paths that would not have ended with me dead or imprisoned, but I don’t think there were any that would have ended with me keeping the girl.

        • The Cominator says:

          Lookup the Ken McElroy case… you probably wouldn’t get away with it but there is at least one case of a guy who REPEATEDLY got away with that and worse until the point the town murdered him.

          • Fëanor says:

            Avoiding prison is not the same thing as continuing to have a well-paying job afterwards. If I were a low-IQ, impulsive loser, I would probably get more pussy than I do, but I would not make that trade even if I could.

            • The Cominator says:

              If you make money and you just want to get laid and lack the status and dark triad traits women like, a good 1/3 of strippers are generally eager to do more than strip. For often no more money than regular lap dancing.

              I’ve said this here before but you may be unfamiliar.

              • Fëanor says:

                I am familiar. Have not been to a strip club, but I do know a stripper by other means, and she has kind of dropped hints that make me think I would have a head start if I did decide to try your method. Although my prior for a whore flirting with me is that she is somehow trying to play me.

                At any rate, I am not super interested in “just getting laid” anymore; I want to get married and have a family, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t marry a stripper even if I could get away with keeping her chained up in my basement.

                • jim says:

                  > Although my prior for a whore flirting with me is that she is somehow trying to play me.

                  Most whores, most of the time are not exactly trying play you. They are always looking for a replacement pimp, but since they have been banged by the likes of General Bucknaked, you are not going to qualify.

                • Pooch says:

                  Move to a small town. The Sexual Market Place in a small town is more normalized and hypergamy is not as rampant. The hot cheerleaders have been already married off with the alpha star quarterbacks and the single women left who are not married yet have cultural forces pushing them to get married. Pleb girls will also be much more impressed with a well paying job than city lib college girls. There is less selection yes, but the few available are more wife material.

                • Fëanor says:


                  I am not sure whether I agree with your theories on pimps, but I somewhat knew this girl’s ex-boyfriend, and he was no General Butt Naked—not sure whether this confirms or denies your theories.

                  It does seem quite likely that she was fishing for me to be her new beta provider while she bangs GBN behind my back, but I’m not really sure why a whore would need a beta provider apart from her customers, or where GBN comes in if he isn’t her pimp.


                  I have met some small town girls, either online or when they were in the city for some reason or another, and generally found them to be quite pleasant and have low body counts for their age and attractiveness compared with city girls. But one’s status as an outsider in a small town is generally quite low, and I thought it better to bring them to me somehow, but the logistics of that are difficult.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes may require actually moving to a small town to allow for dating them, which may or may not be a good idea anyway.

                • Clytemnestra says:

                  Your biggest problem seems to be not knowing who you are or what, specifically, you want in a woman. Finding the right one should be treated like you are an employer with a job opening.

                  First of all work on your own interests and skills that you take pride in. Then think long and hard about the qualities that you are looking in a woman to have your children.

                  Make sure she shares most of your interests, but has enough of her own that you can enjoy some “me” time without recriminations.

                  Meet (interview) as many candidates as possible. Doing so keeps your social skills polished and you look less “thirsty.”
                  Have lots of women who are friends. Don’t only have Plan A where socializing with women are concerned, Plan A through Z should be your goal.

                  Even if you are out with a female who is just a friend, you will get more interest from women than if they see you going solo.

                  Looks should not be the primary initial factor, because then you might be distracted by crazy sex. Remember the sex may fade, but the crazy remains. Just ask Brad Pitt.

                  Next do a background check. Meet her friends, meet her family, particularly the men in her immediate family. If she has issues with them, take a hard pass. How responsible is she with her finances?

                  Last, pick the candidate you’re most attracted to.

                • Orestes says:

                  Clytemnestra eh? Very… interesting name. Not bad advice for a woman. Considering yourself an employer is the right abundance and choosiness mindset.

                  But there is not much in the way of personality traits and interests that you need to care about. “Does she like kids?” is about the only question you need. If you have sufficient force of personality as a man, your woman becomes the inverse mirror of your masculinity. All the girls I dated eventually became the same girl. If you enjoy her company it’s more or less enough.

                  There is one criterion that is important above all else: “Am I the most alpha man she’s ever slept with?” Not easy, or always possible, to figure out. But, if true, she will fall for you like a teenage girl and the sex will always be great. I would take a girl with 10 previous faggy numale boyfriends over a hymen-intact virgin who sucked a rockstar’s dick backstage at a concert once.

            • jim says:

              I have managed to commit considerable violence, avoid prison, and it had absolutely no effect on my career (Because no criminal record. All my illegal acts have been sorted out well before the point that they create a potentially inconvenient record). Just no violence in the workplace.

              But I have found I can threaten people quite effectively by just staring at them steadily with a blank expressionless face. You can do that in the workplace.

            • chris says:

              So your problem is you don’t have “fuck you” money?

              Then the solution is to get “fuck you” money.

        • Varna says:

          The age of consent is 14 in Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, and such.

          It is 15 in Poland, Slovakia, Czechkia, France, Croatia, Slovenia, and others.

          1. Go to a small continental european, perhaps best eastern/south european town, rent a cheap single-room, and get the feel of the place
          2. Pick up the teen chick of your dreams. Maybe you’ll have to stare down a few teen suitors.
          3. Woo her parents with a few simple tricks.
          4. Make babies and be happy.

          Additionally, if you fuck 4/10 chinks or blue-haired landwhales well enough, the 4/10 chinks start becoming 6/10 chinks and 7/10 chinks, while the blue-haired landwhales start losing weight in weeks.

          Women are ugly when insecure, depressed, eating crap, and consuming crap media. You can turn this around in weeks by confidently taking control and presenting self as a representative of a new and better world.

          Fat women have oral issues and esteem issues, so very crudely speaking if you bang them in the mouth confidently and tie them up etc, but the rest of the time combine cozy feeling with confident steering feeling, they get better super fast.

          Like in trad places women say ‘you don’t find the perfect guy, you create him’. The opposite can also be true. You can find a decent mousy girl or fatty, and through good sex and good steering turn them into sexy and confident women much more quickly than many people realize.

          Visualize a girl having a nervous breakdown after her first hard sex with some rando, and two days later she’s dressing like a whore and getting a tattoo, determined to utterly change herself to fit her new perception of herself. Probably develops a form of anorexia or bulimia as well. This is also how sex-cult leaders and pimps get their women to be their slaves, but through regular application as opposed to the one time hit-and-run thing above.

          This mechanism can be used for good as well. You reach the same deep buttons, but press them in ways that create happiness for both of you, transforming her into a thing of goodness and beauty, as opposed to a self-hating agent of chaos.

        • Aidan says:

          The problem with having a lucrative job and a place in civilized society is not that women believe you incapable of violence, it is that you’re unlikely to have a tribe. And “right wing extremist” is a weak tribe at the moment. Women put you in a tribe based on the way you present yourself, and “clean cut professional nerd” is also a weak tribe.

          Even if you are very alpha, it is still necessary to maximize your chances of having kids, and imo that means dating down a bit. I’ve slept with a handful of models, an heiress, and a couple of e girls, but I wouldn’t try to put a ring on any of them. Too much work, too much risk. Instead I am marrying a plain, quiet, nerdy girl who can’t believe her good luck, because if I am mister one in sixty in normal society, I am mister one in six hundred when it comes to nerdy men.

          • jim says:

            > The problem with having a lucrative job and a place in civilized society is not that women believe you incapable of violence

            Women find it entirely easy to believe that someone with a lucrative job and a place in civilized society is capable of violence, because they have an irresistible intuition that male status in relation to other males is very directly connected to capacity for violence. Their alpha radar is exquisitely sensitive, but has not been updated since we looked very like apes, while male perception of status has adapted to a larger and more complex society.

            They bend over backwards to believe. Nice stuff does not turn them on, but other men obeying you does.

            • Pooch says:

              Which means status is most important, not acting like you might be violent. By virtue of high status, it is good enough proxy that you can deploy violence to the female brain.

              • jim says:

                High male on male status makes capability for violence easy to fake. You still have to fake it. Women incorrectly perceive male on male status as fake, unless you let them think it is still the kind of male on male status that ruled back when we looked very like apes.-

              • Aidan says:

                Should be noted that male status means having a posse, not wearing a suit and driving a nice car. The keyboard jockey, no matter how nice his suit and car, is unlikely to have a posse- he is isolated and atomized. I have a lot of experience being the lone wolf. It works, but it’s hard. If you’re a lone wolf, need to come off as a very hard man. The atomized professional without a posse is very unlikely to be hard enough. Even drug dealers and thugs meet women with other men in tow.

                • A2 says:

                  At a startup job when I was promoted from developer to the next rung higher up, i.e., ordering around a handful of devs, the reaction of the women there was palpable. So it doesn’t take a lot to stand out.

                • Pooch says:

                  Should be noted that male status means having a posse, not wearing a suit and driving a nice car.

                  Yes absolutely. Money means nothing in today’s status hierarchy. Athletes, today, are not high status because they’re rich. They are high status because they travel with a huge entourage of large men that will deploy violence on their command.

                • Aidan says:


                  Yeah, you were ordering around other men in front of said women. When you go to the bar, or talk to a woman on the street, she doesn’t see the dominance that gets her caveman-brain going. You can date in the office if you have status in the office, but even if you are the CEO, have the HR guillotine hanging over your head

          • Pooch says:

            I wonder if this can just be summed up by notch count. The models and such will have higher notch counts with views of alpha from their alpha ex boyfriends that are very much different than the notch counts of nerdy girls.

            • Aidan says:

              Notch count is quality and not quantity. Well, after enough quantity all women will lose the ability to pair bond, but if you are the most alpha man she has ever been with, it will be like dating a virgin. Dimepieces often have low body counts, but high alpha counts.

              • Pooch says:

                Right right. Even if you are very alpha, after fucking the model, unlikely to be the most alpha man she has been with. After fucking the nerdy girl, quite likely to be the most alpha man she has been with.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Meathead violence means smacking someone in the face who insults one’s race, religion, or mother in one’s own presence. Intellectual violence means destroying someone’s career and family because he told a joke about gay Chinese people 20 years ago. People are terrified of priests (or at least were until 2008 when they controlled all the best careers), and no amount of meathead violence compares because clueless soys and the you know who’s don’t ever see the smack coming so it lacks disciplinary power potential. “Fighting words” has no meaning to them.

        The impotent school nerd is a counterbalance to the all-powerful corporate elite manager nerd. In some ways this is constructed just to highlight the relative power of the latter, but in some ways it is a form of justice of compensating the nerd for impotence now in exchange for power later. Basically, honor culture. Generally a good thing.

        I project an image of strength because meathead violence is stupid and nerd/HR violence is fundamentally dishonest as well as cruel. The meathead archetype is the entrepreneur, and the nerd archetype is the manager, while my own ideal is that of being the perfect employee. I mean to attract women, but this isn’t working, but I don’t know any other way… So I don’t know…

        As for what happened in the 70’s, I see that era as part of declining industrial capital being replaced by service sector capital, and this form of capital uses “good school districts” (racial or academic, doesn’t matter) as a rallying point. Nerds with good grades, or if you really can’t see past race, nerds who don’t get into racial fights in school, are major contributors to property values from that point on the way factories used to be.

        Peak American oil might just be the root cause we’re looking for. And I still don’t know about any fracking business making a respectable profit.

        • jim says:

          Your descriptions how status works, how violence works, and how our social order works are wildly discrepant with my experienced reality, making it likely that your efforts to appear high status fall horribly flat, like a leather boy trying to appear masculine or a drag queen trying to appear feminine, or a blue pilled college boy trying to pick up a chick.

          I really should fisk it, but it would be as painful as fisking a drag queen’s performance.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Reading his posts is disorienting. It is the same feeling you get when you go on carnival rides that disturb your equilibrium or enter a hall of mirrors where everything is distorted, reflected, and obscured. The experience is quite unpleasant. Why do you keep him around? I am curious about his utility. Do you keep him to have a baseline for leftist insanity?

            • jim says:

              I just feel bad about censoring someone who is not obviously running off a script, but his last few comments, which I did censor, were, as you say, coming from an alternate reality that is a sickeningly and disorienting distorted version of our own.

              The one where I started silently censoring him had to be disingenuous – even if someone did not know that stuff or did not believe that stuff, he would know that everyone in right wing circles knows it.

              I suddenly feel better about censoring him, because I knew his most recent posts were posted in bad faith, were hostile meme injection. not coming from sincere delusion, or genuine ignorance, but from a knowingly falsified reality, were intentionally manipulative.

              I just have libertarian instincts and libertarian values, but libertarianism does not work in a hostile world full of hostile people. It only works within a high trust circle of trustworthy people. It does not work where we have organized collective groups of people lying because they intend you harm.

              I kept him around because he seemed to be not part of any large scale organized shilling operation that I recognize. Not Government employ, not Dar al Islam employ, not demon worshiper.

              On reflection, has to be a new Cathedral faction, one I do not recognize. The FBI shills and Soros shills glow in the dark, because so many of them, and so repetitious. The Demon worshiper shills are more diverse, since they worship one hundred different demons, but the power of Christ to cast out demons seems to frighten them off.

              Maybe the Recucklicans have started their own vote harder shilling operation in an effort to retain relevance, and I did not recognize it because new.

              • Mike says:

                I respect Anonymous Fake more than most entryists on here because he seems to know he made a mistake. A lot of his posts revolve around academia, and a lot of those posts seem to me to be desperate cries for help. He realized too late that his education was a farce, that it taught him nothing useful, that it in-fact taught him the opposite of knowledge, and he now is trying to reconcile that mistake. He isn’t ready to let go of his latent leftism yet obviously, but he does seem ready to admit that something about the college experience is deeply wrong.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  My read on him is that he is someone who has – or is still – spending a lot of time in academy or academy adjacent circles; meaning constant marination in the pilpul as the effective total of one’s personal world; which is often enough to drive people bonkers even when they aren’t being paid to act like it at first.

      • truthspeaker says:

        This is a true point. While working security, I caved faces in when off camera while using verbal skills on, and I was always aware of who was watching. I smacked a retailer clean in the face for trying to impose mask tyranny on me, even being on camera, because I knew I was in an area with too much crime for the police to have time to deal with such trivialities.

        Be violent but be aware.

      • nope says:

        >The stereotype that smart people are peaceable is new – it did not exist until the seventies or so


        • Aidan says:

          From the Latin “gentilis”, a noble family, one who had ancestor deities to worship, adapted by the European nobility to refer to themselves. Until the seventies, if a man was called a gentleman, it meant he acted like nobility, not that he was disinclined to violence.

        • jim says:

          The eighteenth century understanding fo the “gentle” in gentleman was rather different.

    • EH says:

      “How does one reconcile projecting the image of an alpha male capable of violence, with having a boring (to women) but lucrative job and a place in civilized society, not to mention being a Christian?”

      It’s like with women – there are some that would have to go to some trouble not to be hot, others no amount of makeup, clothes, diet and excercise will do the job. But, because what women respond to in a man is primarily psychological rather than physical, men can fake it easier, and it quickly becomes second nature, unless you’re a real simp.

      In a word, it’s confidence. Confidence that your status doesn’t depend on others’ opinion, confidence that you could kill anyone barehanded in seconds, confidence you won’t have to.

      How does that show up? One style that works (there are others for the more naturally energetic): natural good posture when standing or walking, being relaxed, almost boneless when sitting, stillness unless intentionally moving (then may be surprisingly fast), no facial expression, often a sleepy-eyed look (can be an indicator of a natural killer), but seldom blinking.

      • Pooch says:

        Lifting has always worked for me. Women associate nerds with low muscle mass and alphas with muscle mass, so good to be fit with some muscle mass.

        • EH says:

          Definitely. On that:
          *Learn the muscle names, anatomy.
          *Watch videos of good lifting form, lift in front of a mirror, or with a knowledgeable trainer
          *low reps (4-8) per set, depending on size of muscle, 2-4 sets for each type, except abdominals – do them until you can’t, plus some
          *2 or 3x/week only (4 is OK if alternating muscle groups, 1-3 days rest for each muscle type, but don’t skip leg day),
          *high enough weight that the last one of the set is just barely possible, or even may have to go down a notch to complete,
          *work all the big muscles, don’t worry about the small ones much (using free or cable weights they’ll take care of themselves mostly).
          * cable weights (e.g. lat pulldown) are great
          * aerobic exercise is for girls, but if you must, rowing is best, followed by elliptical trainer; don’t do high-impact (e.g. running)
          *high protein diet, but no need for much over 1 g/kg/day (some say 1g/lb/day, but it’s a waste)
          *most supplements are BS, but creatine is worthwhile.
          *don’t screw up your joint cartilage, stop at the first twinge, (distinctly different pain than the good kind).
          *make a plan and keep a log
          *resolve to keep going for at least 8 weeks, if you miss a day, don’t let it become two, three. It gets easier and less painful (though this means means you really need to lift bigger weights)
          *don’t consider steroids unless you’ve reached a plateau for months after using all natural methods (and even then do your research)

          • Pete says:

            Agreed with most of that, but don’t you think an elliptical doesn’t give enough resistance? I prefer a stationary bicycle on a “hills” program (or riding my real bike on a trial with hills).

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              The elliptical is intentionally low-resistance. Running is terrible for the human body unless you are specifically adapted to do it. Hiking and sprinting are more akin to what our ancestors did. I got badly injured, as do many others, because my unit leaders did not understand physical training beyond, “run fast good, slow bad.” Do not run, do sprints and high-rep weightlifting for conditioning.

              • EH says:

                True, but hiking can be bad as well – the highest high-impact is bounding downhill with a heavy pack. It took years for my knees to recover even as a teen.

                OTOH plyometrics and other power training, though risky, especially for the poorly conditioned, and really needing a specialized trainer, can increase speed and power far beyond what strength or endurance training can.

                At the other end of the spectrum, isotonic and isometric exercises can be done without equipment or with minimal or improvised equipment anywhere, any time and generally give more balanced development by working muscles against each other. Low risk, high reward, even for just a a few minutes spread out over the day, especially compared to not exercising.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If running is bad, then running with a heavy pack is worse. Plus, if you are bounding down a hill with a heavy pack, you are probably going to eat shit. Of course that is bad for you. Do not do that. Walk down a hill.

                  By hike, I mean practicing forced marching. That will help your endurance, both physical and mental.

                • Varna says:

                  Any particular ways one helps the knees bounce back?

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Only the obvious ways: notice what movements trigger your pain, and stop doing those movements. Figure out modes of exertion that cue the legs without pain, and a level of resistance without pain, and start your way building habilitation back up from there. Even a level of zero is still a level to start from. Some commonly useful examples are sled work, deadlifts, weighted carries, and hip thrusters. Ensure you have sufficient fat and protein intake for regeneration of damaged tissues. Sleep is the number one performance enhancing drug; majority of bodies juvenation processes on all systems takes place during this time. Hydration substantial brick in the wall of injury prevention; low hydration, tissues tear like paper – high hydration, tissues flex and stretch like spring.

                • EH says:

                  “Any particular ways one helps the knees bounce back?”

                  For myself, just time and rest, but more serious issues need an orthopedist. I have heard that glucosamine / chondroitin can help joint recovery for minor problems, and may extend lifespan.

            • EH says:

              No, elliptical trainers don’t provide nearly enough resistance to build muscle bulk, nor does any aerobic / cardio, that’s why I don’t recommend aerobic excercise, but that’s not what they are for. They work fine for getting your heart up into the target range for your age, though. Unlike bikes, they allow some upper-body workout, though most people don’t work the handles as hard as they would need to to get any benefit.

              Rowing, on the other hand, if done correctly, works out virtually every muscle in the body, particularly the back muscles which are often neglected, a fair fraction of total muscle mass, and more importantly for attracting women, are some of the most visible and important for erect posture. I prefer the fan-type rowing machines strongly over the friction resistance, they’re much more natural feeling.

              However, high-resistance, low reps to muscular (rather than aerobic or whole-body) exhaustion is by far the best way to build mass. The more reps, the less mass.

              High reps gives a more wiry build and better endurance, but requires more time and effort for less gain, and may actually be less efficient for losing fat — adding muscle mass raises your basal metabolic rate.

              • Pooch says:

                In addition to weight training, doing some sort of cardio is good for fat loss and just overall fitness. If I’m in the gym, I like the stairmaster which really burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time, otherwise I like being outside to also get sunlight while walking, biking, hiking, etc.

          • Aryaman says:

            Probably best to get protein in 3-5 high quality servings (whey, animal, etc. with enough leucine) of 20-25 grams each every several hours, and the balance through your other meals. Not worth paying attention to it too much, but makes a difference especially if you’re on the lower end of the range.

            Personally don’t think aerobic stuff is for girls. I ought to do more of it. Even sets of five on heavy compound movements are actually pretty aerobically demanding after the first set, without inordinately long rests. (https://www.strongerbyscience.com/avoiding-cardio-could-be-holding-you-back/)
            Don’t really need to go overboard with it at all.

            Starting Strength + a few obvious aesthetic things probably a great place to start if you are extremely lean to begin with like I was. But they are nutritional extremists. Most men have no business weighing 200 pounds unless they are very strong or tall, possibly both.

            • EH says:

              Whey is good, meat is good, oily fish such as salmon is even better, but don’t forget the eggs. Egg whites and egg-beaters for the protein, but a few yolks as well for the cholesterol, which is the precursor to all hormones. (BTW statins / anti-cholesterol drugs are really bad unless you have rare genetic hypercholesterolemia.)

              Best research site on health and fitness I’ve found: P.D. Mangan’s Rogue Health and Fitness, though it’s not easy to find topical information there, you’ll need to search and spend some time.

              Aerobic exercise is good for most people, if not overdone (use a heart rate monitor), but as usually done, it works only the legs, and it won’t bulk you up much. For some people, such as with chronic fatigue or some heart problems it may be quite harmful. Strenuous exercise in the heat can be deadly or cause permanent brain damage. For those with non-sedentary work it is unneeded.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              No need to be eating several times a day. That keeps your insulin high which means if you are overweight, then the fat is going to stay on you. Intermittent fasting is a better approach to nutrition. Have a smaller meal with protein and milk after your workout, then a big meal with lots of meat a few hours later. Play with whey and casein to figure out what works with your system, and drink milk. Lots of milk if you are skinny and need to bulk up, less if you are fat and are trying to alter your body composition.

              • Aryaman says:

                Protein intake every several hours is however in line with bouts of muscle-protein synthesis triggered every 3-5 hours by a serving or so of good protein with at least a few grams of leucine. Obviously if you are fat or notice other symptoms of insulin tolerance then longer fasting throughout the day is probably a good idea. Seems like just a fifteen minute brisk walk after carbs or whey could help with the insulin a lot as well.

                @EH – I wouldn’t imagine aerobic exercise, even rowing, is any good at all for building mass though perhaps it is. Eggs are great and I try to have many especially since am vegetarian. I hate egg whites without the yolk — cannot digest raw without the yolk. Some good reasons to think protein bioavailability is poor when consumed raw, but I think it’s a lot better when properly beaten with yolk and after developing digestive tolerance after a few days. Eggs even better for someone trying to lose weight given how satiating they are per calorie when cooked.

        • EH says:

          Looked up the research on protein for bodybuilding – 1g/ kg body weight per day is minimum bodybuilding maintenance, 1g/ lb is definitely too much, but tolerable. Beyond 1.8 g/kg (0.82 g/lb) there is no benefit for absolutely anybody. (2 s.d. beyond the observed 1.6 g/kg limit for pro bodybuilders in intensive training).

          * 1.4 g/kg (0.64 g/lb) should be more than enough for anybody else.

    • Humble Acolyte says:

      >How does one reconcile projecting the image of an alpha male capable of violence, with having a boring (to women) but lucrative job and a place in civilized society, not to mention being a Christian?

      Train a combat sport

  33. Aryaman says:

    Other day I looked up “Anglican churches [my major USA city]”. Was curious to see what was out there. Top link looked pozzed as you would expect, pictures of children from the United Nations. Second link under its “values” subheading “Liturgical” endorses practices and teachings consistent with the Book of Common Prayer. (Also endorse the 39 articles) It links to Book of Common Prayer. I see what they have to say about “The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony”.

    Per the link, the wife vows obedience; though under the priest’s guidance the groom executes the sacrament: “With this ring I thee wed.. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Ghost, Amen.”

    Now in all likelihood the church does not teach to or adhere to this creed. But I am not a Christian and not knowing much, if I had to report on this mainline church’s position on marriage would be that it is patriarchal, endorsing the husband’s authority. Furthermore citing the 39 articles, if I had to report on this mainline church’s position on economic practice would be that it is not just capitalist but vehemently antisocialist disavowing common property among Christians.

    I was surprised that these references were not subliminal and oblique but clear and straightforward.

    • D Brinn says:

      Modernized churches keep some of the words and forms, maybe for nostalgia, maybe so the break from tradition isn’t as obvious. Everyone just agrees to ignore them or pretend they don’t mean what they say.

      For another example, I’ve been to Catholic funerals where the priest, in his sermon, goes on and on about how the deceased was such a wonderful, saintly person and is certainly looking down on us from the lap of Jesus right now. Then the very next prayer asks God to have mercy on the soul of the deceased and allow him into heaven. They kept that even in the Novus Ordo rite. If you’re paying attention, you might wonder why someone already in heaven needs mercy, or any prayers at all. But they’re not paying attention.

      • Aryaman says:

        I looked at the Church leadership and it is as terrible as you would expect. Worse, probably.

        But on this particular topic, I am surprised to even see the words and forms maintained. Especially as “official” alternatives have proliferated, it being 99 years and 2 days since the Episcopalian Church removed “obey” from the vows.

      • Aryaman says:

        Usually when they maintain traditional words, forms, and practices done along the lines of wearing the carcass of a formerly respected institution as a skinsuit. In this case, more like being out and open about evil, terrible historical mores they would very much like everyone to forget lest someone figure out that planes, trains, and automobiles were commercialised by men who at least maintained the pretence of authority over their wives. Would be like under Darwin’s bust crediting his contributions to the natural history of civilised European man.

  34. Death threats from hindutva groups against the organizers of the anti-Hindu conference it seems:

    Seems like another false flag operation to arrest and incarcerate Hindu nationalists in America who pose a threat to globohomo and look like aligning with white nationalists.

    • jim says:

      If was a false flag operation, should not have been.

      These guys intend to destroy you as they intend to destroy us.

      • Agreed. It’s clear to me that a lot of Hindu groups have been strongly protesting this conference and protests have been widely publicized in India. Whether the “death threats” received by the attendees are real or an FBI operation is somewhat unclear.

  35. In Hinduism, we divide life into roughly four stages: Celibate studenthood (Bharmacharya – the pursuit of knowledge/studies without distraction), Family duties (Grihastashrama – marriage and becoming the householder/chief patriarch and raising a family), retirement (Vanaprashta – withdrawing from all worldly affairs by handing over the reigns to your eldest son in old age) and only finally Sanyasa (which is optional, since it is a rigorous life that even the most hardy can find difficult).

    The Hindu solution of pursuit for a “higher purpose”, is the very extreme pursuit of Sanyasa, where you give up all your possessions, attachment to worldly pleasures, property and even your relations and become a wandering ascetic living off food that is offered by others. The Sanyasi is not even supposed to be particular about the taste of food that he is offered and supposed to live the life of a wandering ascetic.

    All pursuit of “something greater” has to necessarily involve giving up of pursuit of worldly pleasures/material/power and so on.This can only be for the very few who are determined to reach for greater spiritual pursuits. The Sanyasa path is so hard that, even in the religious sphere, he is not allowed to gather devotees and become a center of power.

    The Grihasta’s primary duty is to raise a family and take care of his family.

    Reaching for “greater things” within the material sphere, beyond the primary duty of the householder often leads only to demon worship. In that sense, even the King is a householder whose primary purpose is to maintain and uphold the patriarchy within the Earthly realm. Any King who sees something greater than maintaining the patriarchy, often sows the seed of Leftism. Because the Leftists are the ones who see “greater things” in the material sphere beyond the primary duty of the householder and they pursue those at the detriment of the primary duties within the material sphere..

    Those who want to pursue a higher purpose, should necessarily give up all things worldly, physically and mentally, including pursuit of wealth, social standing, luxury, comforts, love of women and tasty food, etc. and become a Sanyasi having nothing more as wealth than the cloth he wears. The Sanyasi is not even supposed to earn a living and ought to live on the food that he is offered by way of alms, while pursuing higher spiritual goals.

    That is to say, Hinduism realizes that pursuit of “higher purpose” is to be something with a very high entry barrier and should involve massive sacrifice of all the worldly stuff and that sacrifice has to be completely voluntary and after reaching a higher level of spiritual prowess , and never as the result of becoming weary of life. The pursuit of all other things in life, in this worldly sphere, must always be within the context of the pursuit of the goals of the Grihastashrama. Anything other than this, leads to demon worship, like all the Leftisms of the modern era.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      >All pursuit of “something greater” has to necessarily involve giving up of pursuit of worldly pleasures/material/power and so on.

      Nominally, this is supposed to be penalties one oneself must bear for the pretense of superior holiness; what one often observes in practice however is, if giving up potency is holy, then the do-badder will endeavor to make everyone else very holy indeed, by destroying all that makes for their potency.

      • That is why the rules prescribed for Sanyasa is very stringent. And the giving up of worldly power is a fundamental prerequisite, and accumulating any kind of power even through disciples is absolutely forbidden.

        Strictly speaking, Sanyasa in Hinduism is not priesthood, but a complete withdrawal from wordly affairs to meditate on the Divine. Of course, in the modern world, many “Gurus” claim to be Sanyasis, all while accumulating wealth and power.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          I think my point on it, which i have circled around proximately in other posts, is that it is the very attempt to divorce them, whether one way or the other, that is the real error in the first place.

          A true faith is life-affirming; which is to say, it is power-affirming; that it affirms the ways of power, which are the ways of God; that it is observance of the ways of God, which is participation in God, that brings power; that that which can better participate in the more transcendent teleologies that shape this plane, subsists in this plane, over that which can not.

          • I think the search for a higher purpose by man is something that cannot be entirely denied or suppressed. Which is why almost all religions have some path of asceticism. And mostly individual ascetics tend to be harmless.

            What is important is that religion gives a path for those people who seek such high purpose which doesn’t interfere with or deny the life affirming Dharmic duties of this material world. So necessarily those on the path of a higher purpose has to be an individual enterprise and separate from the regular social order.

            The real problem is those who find a higher purpose in this material world that directly interferes with the dharmic ( Gnon aligned) order and then try to impose that higher purpose on the masses.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The meaning im getting at here is that i am also speaking of higher purpose – that when one speaks of higher purpose, you need to point to something that *really is* a higher purpose, not fruitless signaling where a signal hacker may merely declaim themselves to have a ‘higher purpose’. The advance from participation in more parochial teleologies, to more transcendent teleologies, in which the more parochial serves to advance.

              There is a place and utility for remote monasteries and other ascetic orders remoted from the broader social organism, for those men who, while they may not necessarily mean ill, are simply less than capable of participating in their society adaptively, and or whose modes of thought are simply inevitably corrosive to more adaptive systems of thought, and or whom merely *present* as not meaning ill but are infact wishful signal hackers looking for easy outlets for pseudosanctimonia. (Which is to say, the spergmatics, mattoids, and jacobins of the world.)

              The bishop-prince with a loving wife, fifteen grandchildren, and holdings he profitably executes, should be understood as the sorts of models that point more towards what is pleasing to God than the cloistered anchorite, who should be understood as pitiable, but making the laudable choice to mitigate any ill he may unwittingly cause, making the best of his misdemeanors. (And that such a vocation would be a waste for a more capable man.)

              When asceticism is held up as an acme of holiness by and in of itself, then one finds no end of signal hackers looking to ‘improve the moral character’ of their societies by bringing everyone (but their immediate neighbors and rivals especially) down into ‘asceticism’, whether they like it or not, ‘for their own good’ of course.

              • The Hindu position is that the Dharma of this worldly life affirming activity is as important or more important spiritually than pursuing “higher purpose” so in fact asceticism is not accorded higher status originally.

                In fact Sanyasa is meant as an optional and a very hard path to follow with little reward by way of status in this world.

  36. Varna says:

    The US is suddenly NOT rushing toward the booster shot Israel and Lithuania-style.

    Either a flash of sanity, or a simple temporary pretense that it’s not an endless ride, in order to get the refuseniks to let down their guard.

    • notglowing says:

      It’s possible over time they will get bored of this narrative and move to something else to annoy people about.
      Narratives don’t usually last beyond a few months, they cycle different stuff in order to keep people fresh and on edge.
      Covid to illegal immigrants, to BLM, to healthcare, to abortions, etc. Sometimes multiple at the same time.
      And right wingers reactively move to the next thing as well, sometimes without even realizing.

      • Karl says:

        Progressives move to a new narrative as soon as resitance to the old narrative is obliterated. Way to go with Covid.

        Look at immigration. No active resitance against it anymore. So no opportunity to out-left anyone and progressives needed a new narrative..

    • Pooch says:

      They are using the rationale that they need to inject the rest of the third world first before they give people boosters at home, not that boosters are dangerous or unnecessary.

      • notglowing says:

        That seems like a pretty impossible goal though

      • Varna says:

        So a guy returned to China from Singapore, and became patient zero of a mini-outbreak (“mini” in the sense of China instantly clamping down as it does), in spite of spending 21 days in quarantine first.
        He came back from Singapore

        And here we see that Singapore is one of the most jabbed places

        And over here we see that Singapore jabbed itself by only using the two fancy RNA vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer https://covid19.trackvaccines.org/country/singapore/
        Apparently, in spite of its many admirable qualities, Singapore is suffering of a severe case of pro-Western cargo-cultism, which may suddenly not be harmless at all.

        So you have a Chinaman who went to Singapore, which is fully jabbed by RNA vaccines, and came back to China carrying a Singaporean COVID strain that remained virulent even after 21 days of isolation.

        And the US progressives are at this very moment like “It is our moral duty to jab all the darkies in the world in the name of cosmic justice.”


      • HerbR says:

        They can’t even vaccinate the third-worlders in the USA, never mind the third worlders outside the USA.

        I don’t see it talked about much here, but noncompliance with the clot shot is especially high among nonwhites. A black coworker of mine referred to it as a “white people thing” (I cleaned it up a little) and said he doesn’t know any black guys who got it. And no, he isn’t one of the “black conservative” unicorns, his political leanings are typical for his race, he just thinks the shots are dumb conformist bullshit that are being pushed for corporate profit – which is only about half-right, he can’t grok the religious aspect, but still a saner take than any white leftist. And I have reasons to believe it is the same among the browns (mostly Latinos and Indians) – although the yellows seem to have very high compliance rates.

        I’m not bringing this up as an “enemy of my enemy” thing, or to make a dimwitted DR3 argument, or to express impotent rage at “muh hypocrisy”. I just think it must be very embarrassing for globohomo that their most favored groups are being the least cooperative on their favorite issue, especially considering that only a few months ago those same elites made such a huge deal over how vital it was to prioritize nonwhites for the nonvaxx. Actually, I know it must be embarrassing, because race breakdowns are conspicuously absent from all or most of the official statistics and reports, and under normal circumstances they would be headlining with that because “disparate impact” = “faster, please”.

        • Andy says:

          Posted some of this in another spot but sums up the black POV on vaccines


          Nicki later goes on to refer to Joy Reed as a homophobic coon

          All in response to Nicki tweeting about a vax injury

          I doubt any black males will get the vax now.

          • Andy says:

            Sorry for the repetition but I’m finding it delightful to watch the media scramble to rein in one of their pets.

          • Pooch says:

            It’s amazing that the black worship cult actually takes a backseat to the Covid demon the moment they don’t comply.

        • D Brinn says:

          Another surprising factoid I saw was that PhDs are the most vax-hesistant educational tier (though the chart only went down to high school graduate, so high school dropouts might be higher). Since PhDs as a group lean left, you wouldn’t expect that. I wonder if they tend to be in favor of vax mandates for the masses, just not for themselves.

          • Jehu says:

            PhD’s know peer review. You don’t get a PhD without having been on both sides of that process unless you’re in a totally lame school in a lamer major.

            Everyone is conservative about what they know best.

    • Varna says:

      The Brits invented a reason to not use the trad vaccine developed by the frogs

      And since the Brits will never use the Chinese or Russian trad vax, do not appear to be developing their own, and do not even appear ready to import the Hindu one, apparently the deal really is “only clot-shots and nothing else”.

      Let’s see if this spreads across the Anglosphere. It increasingly looks like it’s not “about vaccination” per se, but specifically about the kike-spike. Nothing else is acceptable. For some mysterious reason.

      One the ruins of this planetary experiment a whole lot of people will need to rethink their pro-Western cargocultism, and specifically their pro-Anglosphere cargocultism.

      The survivors will have to grapple with the fact that from now it’s up to them and no one else to make existential decisions. Simply following the lead of “the smart developed folks” isn’t an option anymore.

      • jim says:

        > it’s not “about vaccination” per se, but specifically about the kike-spike. Nothing else is acceptable. For some mysterious reason.

        There is a widespread suspicion that the clot shot is some magical superscience gimmick to turn us all into zombies, or just kill us all.

        But from what I know, moron science seems more plausible than superscience. Nothing but the clot shot is acceptable, because anything else would undermine the status of ignorant idiots.

        • Varna says:

          In hindsight, when did solipsistic magical status, imaginary science, and imaginary GDP manage to completely displace the structures of the previous civilization?
          Somewhere in the late 1990s?

          I hear they’re developing “new improved” ways of measuring the GDP again, after the 2013 “upgrade”…

          • Andy says:

            Regarding your associate with the swollen balls (in another thread), apparently he isn’t the only one:
            Via Nicki Minaj,
            “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied”

            She won’t back down from her statement either, currently slugging it out with the media. Pure comedy.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      ” Israel and Lithuania-style.”

      Why does Lithuania look up to Israel?

      • Varna says:

        Lithuania, since supporting the latest failed revolution against Lukashenko in neighboring Belarus, has decided to stake everything on being the best possible globohomo vassal in the region.

        In 1990 the population of Lithuania was 3 700 000. Today it’s 2 900 000. Yet even as they shrink–demography and economy wise–into peripheral irrelevance, they also have a glorious past to look back to–the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth. And some of them obviously feel they can get a bit of borrowed power by channeling globohomo central.

        Their only play to maintain relevance and secure needed economic and military gibs, as they see it, is to become the perfect US and EU vassals in the region. A naive, one-dimensional version of becoming ”our best ally” to globohommo, but without even a millionth of Israel’s clout of western policy-making. Lithuania is trying to becoming a ”best ally” without any clout, just by being the most aggressive critic of Beijing, Moscow, and Minsk, by being the most aggressive vax enforcers, and so on.

        Self-conscious, sunk-cost amplified pro-Western cargo-cultism, which seems to result, in this case, in Israel-type approach to the vax.

  37. Pseudonymous Flake says:

    the Repooplicans are insane by the cliché definition of insanity as “doing the same thing and expecting a different result”

    what do you expect

    • jim says:

      You are very likely correct – but a sane Republican would beaten up or murdered, so some of them might well be concealing their power level. I hope that some of them are, I fear they are not.

      • Pooch says:

        Republicans are not insane. They serve the regime, are part of the regime. They are very sanely providing a useful stabilizer to it.

        • The Cominator says:

          That varies from republican to republican.

          • Pooch says:

            There is a tiny faction defecting but they have very little power, if any.

            • Jim says:

              Very possibly. Probably. But if a large faction is defecting and if they do have power, they are not going to advertise it.

              The soviet union fell in a preference cascade, as a whole lot of party members quietly defecting from communism suddenly publicly defected.

              This is unlikely to happen, because with lots of applecarts to be knocked over, the regime has an ample supply of true believers. But it also has an increasing number of silent disbelievers.

              • Pooch says:

                Maybe, but just hard to see that. When the Soviet Union fell, party members defected to the strong horse, Western Liberalism. Today there is no replacement strong horse in waiting, they are the strong horse because they are the only horse in town.

                The geriatric elite across both parties seem to be content looting the country top to bottom and knocking over applecarts. There is a tiny younger nationalist elite faction publicly defecting, and Caesar only needed a tiny elite faction to support him against a decrepit regime, but again as we have been saying, without a Caesar and an army, they can be safely ignored by the regime.

                • jim says:

                  > When the Soviet Union fell, party members defected to the strong horse, Western Liberalism.

                  It was not the strong horse in the Soviet Union until it was. And then after a little while, it no longer was.

                  The immediate defection was to nationalism and capitalism, rather than Western liberalism. And, as we saw in Yugoslavia, Western Liberals are not too keen on nationalism any more.

                  Russian Capitalism is globohomo capitalism, but Chinese capitalism is largely based on Hong Kong capitalism, which was the last survivor of Manchesterism, which had been largely eliminated in the rest of the British empire. They have the usual post communist problem that all your actual indigenous capitalists were criminals under communism, and post communist capitalism tends to be dominated by thugs and scammers, but on the whole their capitalism seems to be performing better than Russian capitalism.

        • jim says:

          The regime, however has given up on the appearance of the Republic, and needs them no longer.

          If the pattern of past holiness spirals is followed, the regime will come for them, before it comes for me.

      • Varna says:

        When the Soviet system begun to collapse, after 70yrs in Eurasia and after 45yrs in EE, it turned out that under the surface hefty chunks of the population had been concealing their power levels.

        Once instant destruction stopped looking inevitable, they turned off their cloaking devices and across whole continents started flickering into visibility.

        And the more “primitive” the local society the faster it threw off the Soviet veneer. Central Asia and the Caucasus went back to 900AD in like a week.

        Eastern Europe returned to “the last save of the game” circa 1930 and begun adding to it Reganism and Thatcherism, as they interpreted it. And simply remained there, which is enough to increase tensions with Western Europe by the month.

        Except Lukashenko, whose implicit social contract was to create and maintain a tiny version of the USSR where the Perestroika succeeded.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Soviet propaganda was ham-handed and boring. Globohomo propaganda has people lining up overnight dressed as its characters to get tickets to consume it. They’re just not in the same league.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            The more globohomo tries to converge entertainment into it’s propaganda, the less people line up to patronise it.

            The commies simply got to that point more quickly.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              The Soviets tried hard to combine entertainment and propaganda, but they weren’t nearly as good at it as globohomo is.

              • The Cominator says:

                Globohomo entertainment isn’t entertaining.

                • Varna says:

                  Globohomo doesn’t have to be entertaining currently, just like it doesn’t have to be able to build anything, because globohomo inherited ready shit from the builder civilization before them.

                  In a sense like South Africa inherited skyscrapers and highways.

                  Aside from the infrastructure, globohomo inherited also brand names, from cultural brands such as “Western civilization” and “liberal democracy”, to commercial ones like “Marvel” and “Disney”, to various tech product brands.

                  The carry-over works to the extent that even today the rest of the world thinks that globohomo is just a thin veneer below which the West is still the same like always, hence the enthusiastic adoption of all the COVID-related crap the West does, in spite of everyone clearly seeing the West screwing up their COVID response utterly.
                  The world is still conditioned to pretend stuff like this isn’t really happening.

                  So in this sense, today’s globohomo entertainment is boosted by the franchise names established by the previous civilization.

                  The last writers and musicians capable of actual craftsmanship are now in their 60s and 70s, but they’re still doing it, maintaining the illusion the current civilization is culturally fertile, although it’s the relics of the previous one that are generating anything solid.

                  In a sense just like the last white boomers are consantly plugging the holes in the maintaining of US and UK institutions, from airports to supermarkets.

                  So yes, today there is still considerable pop cultural leverage used by globohomo, via the inherited brands and franchises. Today’s Star Wars freaks are finding meaning in the whole franchise, especially the layer from before the great pozzing.

                  If we take circa 2010 as the last moment when something like “a new wave” happened (Inception, Avatar, Game of Thrones ), then since then it’s obvious stagnation, accelerating, but globohomo still taps into the inherited cultural resources, tech resources, and infrastructure resources.

                  This cannot continue indefinitely, even today women are starting to defect to Korea soaps for example, but for now globohomo can indeed flex cultural muscles it did not build, and is indeed destroying, but still using it.

                  The younger Zoomers are the first generation that don’t get “what’s so good about X” and “what’s so good about Y”, because the X and Y they know sucks ass, whereas older folks mean older incarnations of X and Y.

              • jim says:

                Not seeing it. Communist propaganda was not nearly as good as Nazi propaganda, but it was considerably more entertaining than Globohomo propaganda.

                Can you imagine Globohomo producing “Battleship Potempkin”

                Notice how light handed and inoffensive the propaganda is in “Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik”, while Globohomo propaganda is screaming at you non stop and spitting in your face. Globohomo just cannot do humor any more, because they have to beat you over the head with a message.

                • Upravda says:

                  From a viewpoint outside of the Anglosphere, I can only say – it depends.

                  If „globohomo propaganda” is umbrella term that encompasses entire modern Hollywood production, from, say, the beginning of 21st century, then yes, globohomo propaganda *is* quite entertaining, although eventually it *did* become insufferable, especially from 2015 onward. The last Hollywood movie I could watch is Passengers from 2016, I think.

                  (Nowadays, if watching Hollywood films, I watch older ones, especially westerns, and believe it or not, I’ve found Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire quite entertaining, and those B&W musical even quite redpilled in comparison with modern day “romantic comedy” crap.)

                  From 2015 onward, it did become impossible for globohomo to produce Battleship Potemkin, but earlier they could pull it off. C’mon, Avatar is a fine example of good, pre 2015 globohomo propaganda, and while, on first thought, one can be astonished with that comparison of mine (Battleship Potemkin vs Avatar), on second thought one can see that the differences are mostly in technical area only. Bourgeoisie there, and neoliberal euro males who rape Mother Pandora here in the name of profit – I’d say the enemies are mostly the same. 🙂

                  Communist propaganda was actually good, even on par with Hollywood, especially in Yugoslavia. While some partisan movies (about resistance or “resistance” in WW2) were wholly stupid, quite a few of them were… well, both master piece *and* entertaining. However, when I watch those movies today (“Battle of the Eagles”, “Walter defends Sarajevo” and especially “Battle on Neretva”) one thing is glaringly obvious – they never, ever mentions communism. At all. Even the enemies in “Battle on Neretva” are not shown as Imperial Stormtroopers, but as humans, both good and bad. In “Battle of the Eagles”, the main character even loudly says: “I’m not a communist”. In “Walter defends Sarajevo” the main character is “class enemy”, “small bourgeoisie”.

                • jim says:

                  > they never, ever mentions communism. At all. Even the enemies in “Battle on Neretva” are not shown as Imperial Stormtroopers, but as humans, both good and bad. In “Battle of the Eagles”, the main character even loudly says: “I’m not a communist”.

                  Light touch. Globohomo, even in 2015, was excessively heavy handed.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Well, I have to admit that I haven’t consumed much Soviet entertainment/propaganda, and I was judging it based on Western caricatures. What I have seen (Alexander Nevsky) was actually pretty good.

            • jim says:

              Again, not seeing it. Seems to me that communist propaganda has always been way better than Globohomo propaganda.

              • EH says:

                Examples of good commie propaganda? Stalker was one of the most boringgggg films I’ve ever slept through. Come to think of it, the only film I ever slept through, and I;m usually an SF fan.

                I watched Metropolis with a high-ranking retired Soviet officer and he couldn’t make it even halfway through.

                Even Potemkin, which I only watched with an avowed commie film instructor seemed pretty ham-handed. The Bicycle Thief in that class also seemed exceptionally dull.

                So what’s good lefty propaganda in your opinion?

                • Varna says:

                  Gentlemen of Fortune (1971) deals with gangsta culture

                  White Sun of the Desert (1970) deals with pacification of islam

                  The Diamond Arm (1969) anti western cargo-cultism

                  Moscow Does not Believe in Tears (1980) success through hard work, female manager finding happiness through submission to blue collar guy

                  The Cranes Are Flying (1957) WWII

                  Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future (1973)

                  Kidnapping, Caucasian Style (1967) local party officials behaving like 3rd world mini-kings

                  Except for the Cranes are Flying, the rest are epic examples of how to make light-hearted upbeat masterpieces that manage to present the prevalent system as the only correct one.

                • Varna says:

                  Irony of Fate (1976) became the mandatory New Years Eve film for the whole Russosphere.

                  Whip up some Olivier Salad, boil some dumplings, slice up some salami and bread, open a can of sardines (all those being the Soviet festive eats), and start getting tanked up on the booze of your choice while watching Irony of Fate, is the yearly tradition for hundreds millions of people for the last half century.

          • jim says:


            Not seeing it.

      • Karl says:

        Wouldn’t a sane Republican simply get out of party politics?

        As you repeatedly pointed out, it might soon and suddenly get very dangerous to be card carrying Republican, even of the cuckservative variety.

        • Pooch says:

          As you repeatedly pointed out, it might soon and suddenly get very dangerous to be card carrying Republican, even of the cuckservative variety.

          Why would it be dangerous? Republican politicians will just eventually get frauded out of elections and that will be the end of them, but before that point completely sane of them to continue serving in the regime as just progressives going the speed limit. The Uniparty system has served the current regime quite well.

          • Karl says:

            No true elections, no need for a second party.

            Holiness spiral motives leftists to prosecute anyone to the right of them to show superior leftism.

            • Pooch says:

              Holiness spiral motives leftists to prosecute anyone to the right of them to show superior leftism.

              Sure but the Republicans represent the minimum allowable leftism to avoid prosecution. They simply move to the left as needed. The Republicans of tomorrow are the Democrats of today.

              • jim says:

                When collectivization failed in Communist China, Mao ordered a purge quota of the party – most of those purged suffered long periods of imprisonment, many of them died.

          • jim says:

            > Why would it be dangerous?

            Demon worshipers are dangerous to their employees and dangerous to their colleagues.

            The decision has been made, by at least some substantial elements of the left, that the two party system is unacceptable, because it produced Trump.

            When the Khmer Rouge took power in Cambodia, the official Harvard line was that they were mild mannered agrarian reformers who had revolted against US oppression, and a bunch of western academics went there to worship and adore.

            Some of those visiting were executed for insufficient leftism, and were instantly memory holed by their Western colleagues. An unsurprising outcome, since at the time the Khmer Rouge were busily executing each other in considerable numbers for insufficient leftism.

            Obviously, if mid term elections in 2022 are honest, there would be another and even larger Republican landslide, bigger even than the 2020 landlide. This is obviously not going to be acceptable.

            > The Uniparty system has served the current regime quite well.

            No, it served the regime quite well until holiness reach 2015 levels. At current levels of holiness, they do not perceive it as serving them well.

            The Republican position is “Oh well, we will just vote harder” They voted hard enough in 2020. Regime did not like that.

            It took drastic emergency measures, which proved insufficient. They were caught flat footed, so in the early hours of the morning, took even more drastic measures.

            They are unlikely to be caught flat footed a second time.

            • Pooch says:

              Should Amerikaners particularly care if Brahmins are eating other Brahmins? Neither Brahmin faction represents Amerikaner interest.

              Is it a pity if the one Brahmin faction pretending to represent Amerikaner interest gets eaten? Is it a pity if both get eaten and pass power over to the black communists?

              • jim says:

                It may well be that we will not get out of this problem until the white Brahmins are eaten – possibly literally eaten, the way the faith is heading now. The Old Gods of Mexico walk again. While Moloch delights in the sacrifice of infants, the old Gods of Mexico delight in the sacrifice of adults and in cannibalism.

              • Karl says:

                Violence usually escalates. Therefore a future Stalin will find it much easier to take power and kill everyone to the left of him, if leftists are already used to killing other leftists when ordered to do so.

                So I hope for Brahimins eating Brahmins as a prelude to a Stalin stopping the madness

                • Pooch says:

                  Hard for me to envision Brahmins using violence on anyone but the Amerikaners, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised. I am not banking on it though.

          • jim says:

            > Why would it be dangerous?

            It will soon be dangerous to be a Democrat. It is never possible to stay ahead of the salami slicer.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Every Republican is either completely clueless or controlled opposition. No exceptions.

  38. Calvin says:

    Only tangentially related to the elections, but I finally found a legitimate case of a spic doing jobs Americans won’t do:


  39. Guy says:

    Don’t know if this is meaningful at all but I have staff in the reserves that just got called up until the end of October. Thinking it’s in connection with the upcoming September false flag. I don’t get a lot of reserves called up unless we’re dealing with a war time situation or a natural disaster. None of which are happening in my state at the moment.

  40. Mountain says:

    From Market Ticker about the Covid vaccine

    The data is clear:

    The jabs are destroying existing immunity in that they have negative effectiveness in preventing infection among a wide swath of the population. If you get (or have been) vaccinated and are between 40 and 79 you are more-likely to acquire a Covid-19 infection and thus be able to spread it than an unvaccinated individual.

    The jabs do appear to continue to confer protection against hospitalization and death however this must be, on a public-health basis, compared with what they do to others. For those who cannot be vaccinated (e.g. immune compromised where the jabs will not “take”, for example) creating a mass of walking plague rats will kill those individuals at a materially higher rate. Public health is about the aggregate impact on the population. We made the decision to change the DTP vaccine in children to DTaP because, even though as the latter is non-sterilizing and thus occasionally caused an infant to get infected by his sibling and get very sick or die the aggregate harm was lower than that caused by the DTP vaccine across everyone, including those who needed tetanus boosters and could not get a stand-alone tetanus shot as they are not produced.

    The trend toward failure in preventing death is one of deterioration. While this has not yet accelerated greatly it likely will. This is due to two problems; the sequencing in public databanks which suggests VEI is just a matter of time and waning antibody titers over time. These two are are very likely to combine in the months ahead and the probability of them doing so into the maw of flu season this winter is, by my estimation and previous timelines for mutation (e.g. Delta’s emergence in said databanks to it becoming prevalent) is likely odds-on. If it happens those not previously infected but vaccinated are going to get slaughtered this winter given the above data. If this is done intentionally by some nation that just-coincidentally doesn’t allow the vaccines that exhibit this problem as we do in in the US, the UK, Israel and similar…..

    • jim says:

      The pattern was that at first infections among the vaccinated were lower. The vaccine was leaky, but it did not leak that badly. And then, as time went on, it leaked worse and worse. And now infections among the older vaccinated are higher. That is not leaking, that is not the vaccine wearing of rather fast, that is pathological.

      This is consistent with some form of immune system exhaustion. We have lots of reasons to believe the vaccine is abnormally stressful on the immune system.

      The death rate among the vaccinated is still substantially lower, but we have no way of knowing whether this is natural or murder. They could be saying “Oh, you are unvaccinated, therefore we need to put you on a ventilator”

      • Pete says:

        > They could be saying “Oh, you are unvaccinated, therefore we need to put you on a ventilator”

        There is a Reddit thread under r/nursing where several nurses are saying this is actually their protocol. And also that most patients on ventilators end up dying (but it doesn’t seem to occur to them that they should stop doing that).

        • jim says:

          It is perfectly obvious and kind of well known that it is homicidal to put someone on a ventilator who is responsive and able to breath under his own power. He should get an oxygen mask.

          So this protocol would seem to amply explain the curious fact that the unvaccinated are no more and no less likely to get and spread the disease than the vaccinated,

          but are strangely more likely to die of it.

          • f6187 says:

            “… but [the unvaccinated] are strangely more likely to die of it.”

            Hmm. In one sample I saw, the vaccinated were five times more likely to die than the unvaccinated. Here are those numbers.

            “Delta” deaths Feb-Aug 2021

            742 total deaths
            401 full vacc
            79 one shot
            253 unvacc

            402 deaths out of 47008 vaccinated cases = 0.86%
            253 deaths out of 151054 unvaccinated cases = 0.17%

            Ratio vax / unvax = 5.1

            HOWEVER, for those over 50, it was the other way around, with the unvaccinated three times more likely to die than the vaccinated:

            389 deaths out of 21400 vaccinated cases = 1.82%
            205 deaths out of 3400 unvaccinated cases = 6.03%

            Ratio unvax / vax = 3.3

            Of course, there is so much blatant lying about actual causes of death, and such a flimsy definition of what constitutes a “case,” often when no actual disease can be diagnosed, that it would require a major research project to get to the plain facts of what is truly happening here.

            Hell, I even question the premise that influenza and Spanish flu are caused by airborne transmission of pathogens which cause disease in an otherwise healthy animal. Experimenters failed to demonstrate airborne transmission of influenza among ferrets, and in 1918 they could not cause healthy prisoner volunteers to contract Spanish flu even when they swabbed mucus from deathly ill patients and jammed it directly into their sinuses.

            I suspect that all of these microbes are present in our bodies at all times, possibly even in a symbiotic relationship, but firmly under the control of the healthy immune system. When the immune system is compromised, the microbes can multiply beyond control and become actual pathogens which cause disease.

            I don’t know how else to explain the Spanish flu experiments in 1918. I’m thinking the microbes responsible for Spanish flu spread throughout the world over decades before 1918, and it was the stress and privation of war which compromised immune systems and allowed the microbes to cause disease.

            • Gauntlet says:

              This is a question I have asked myself recently. Is virology a real science? I have not concluded yet, but reading old medical and biology research makes me question it. I am currently reading Béchamps work from the 1800s and the discussions of his work from early 1900s.

              The truth about human health and disease seems to be buried under a pile of crap. Partly wartime propaganda, parts chemical industry propaganda and later the pharma lobby. I am not suggesting that free of this lobbyism and regulations we will magically cure cancer and everything. It’s just that with all other sciences, it is illegal to practice real science.

              What is most interesting is that there is little mention of pollution and toxicity in the environment around outbreaks of disease in human populations.

              If anyone else has researched this topic it would be awesome to get some book recommendations.

              • Aryaman says:

                Thomas Franics Jr’s observations on the imprinting of antigenic response to influenza at time of first exposure in the paper “On the Doctrine of Original Antigenic Sin” in 1960 looks like it is real science.

                Pollution and toxicity in the environment, or maybe lack thereof, is discussed in connection with polio where it is suggested epidemic breakouts starting in the late 19th century were the result of better plumbing and sanitation frequently delaying first infection until after waning of maternal antibodies.

                But it seems like the trouble is a lot of good virology relies on technologies that only proliferated well after the science was deposed in favour of Science.

              • D Brinn says:

                In Duesberg’s book on HIV/AIDS, he argues that the early successes against diseases like polio turned everyone into virus hunters, to the point that researchers continued hunting (and getting funding to hunt) for viral causes of conditions even years after other causes had been proven.

                The way they’ve arbitrarily redefined terms like “vaccine,” “isolate,” and “herd immunity” in the last 18 months suggests that if virology was ever a real science, it’s been turned into something else now.

        • EH says:

          Link? I searched there and all I see are bots, shills and the party line.

          My instinct to keep the facts to myself on this issue is borne out by the murderous hatred I saw there; if you get into the hospital, never let them suspect you are unvaxxed. Nurse Ratched will feel virtuous about killing you, no shit.

          • jim says:

            I found that on Gov.Uk, but failed to record the link and the original document.

            I searched again, and now I cannot find it.

            Summarizing the data from memory, way higher death rate for the unvaccinated, but strangely similar infection rate.

            • EH says:

              Must have replied to the wrong post – I was looking for the /r/nursing thread saying unvaxxed get put on ventilators. Your table is from market-ticker at the link Mountain gave above. Karl Denninger took it from a PDF he links to there.

  41. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim, what is our position on Governess Noem in SDakota? Her character is absolutely mauled on Wikipedia, she is this far rigidly anti-vaxxport, highly consistent in hard rightwing Republican polici