Extent of Clot Shot sequelae

Poster girl principle:
If the poster girl for some cause (Emmett Till, Madam Curie) is fake, the cause is fake – we are being pushed to pay attention to something that does not exist. No plausibly innocent negroes were lynched (ever, anywhere in the United States), there are no female scientists.

News blackout principle:
If some event that is cause for concern and alarm is being suppressed, there is one hell of a lot of it and you should be concerned and alarmed. When the Facebook Covid-19 vaccine side effects group was shut down, you knew that there were massive numbers of people suffering adverse affects from the vaccine. The blackout principle is far more reliable than any number of statistics.

The Vaers reporting system is reporting far more adverse vaccination events for the Clot Shot than for any other vaccine ever – but the Vaers reporting system is official science, and if science is official, it is not science – the scientific method was defined by the Skeptical Chymist, which definition was adopted by the invisible college and then endorsed and socially enforced by the King when he made the invisible college in to the very visible Royal Society, is that official science is not only unreliable, but wicked.

We have no end of examples of official science lying about statistics, and it is likely that Vaers is under reporting by a very large factor.

How big a factor?

Well, people are not dying like flies, but they are dying at in unusual numbers. We are seeing a lot of anecdotal serious consequences among friends of friends, in the news, unusual numbers of high profile deaths, healthy athletes, airline pilots suddenly dying, sometimes in flight, prominent people. I have long said that we will know how lethal the clot shot is when it shows up in excess young mortality

Graph deleted due to lack of provenance for the data


“Our reanalyses of these data explain why during the massive vaccination project initiated mid-December 2020 during a confinement, daily new confirmed COVID-19 cases failed to decrease as they do during confinements, and, more importantly, why numbers of serious, critical, and death cases increased during that period that covered at least one month. From mid-December to mid-February (two months), 2,337 among all Israeli 5,351 official COVID-deaths occurred. Our analyses indicate orders of magnitude increases in deaths rates during the 5-week long vaccination process, as compared to the unvaccinated and those after completing the vaccination process. Presumably, asymptomatic cases before vaccination, and those infected shortly after the 1st dose, tend to develop graver symptoms than those unvaccinated.”
“The Ynet article is organized in an exciting way and uses data provided in an erroneous way by the Ministry of Health. It is unclear whether this was intentional to prove the vaccine’s efficiency or if this was done erroneously because the provided data were misunderstood. Note that in Israel, all vaccines are from Pfizer.

“The data in the table, rather than indicating the vaccine efficacy, indicate the vaccine’s adverse effects,”

It is not huge, but it is significant. This is our earliest data, and when we have better data, likely to be considerably bigger, but it is still not going to be huge even when we have better data. This is not the zombie apocalypse, but it is mass human sacrifice to the Awesome, Holy, and Mighty Covid Demon.

It looks like mortality attributed to China flu is remarkably high in the forty days following the first clot shot. Which is what we would expect if mortality and China flu/Clot shot sequalae are due to circulating spike protein. The Clot shot is dosed so that most people do not suffer immediate and obvious harm, but if you have China flu and the clot shot, you get a higher dose of circulating spike protein than planned. And you already have, from the clot shot, the highest mostly safe dose. More on top of that, you get into much more dangerous territory.

I would really like to get data on Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), not because it is a major vaccine sequel, but because it is normally very rare, so should stick out in the data like dogs balls. I am hearing a lot of anecdotal reports of people getting very weak and falling over. I expect we would see an epidemic of Guillain-Barré, if the extent of Guillain-Barré was not being suppressed. But the primary threat is the diverse consequences of blood vessel inflammation, blood vessel inflammation in the heart just being those cases that get specific diagnoses, and inflammation of the brain only getting specific diagnosis when the victim is dropping dead. If your heart is inflamed, you are probably inflamed all over, including lungs, brain, liver, and kidneys. We are not getting the whole picture when the sequelae get shoe horned into inflammation of one particular organ. Inflammation of the lungs means the victim cannot walk very far without getting out of breath. We are hearing a lot of that anecdotally. Inflammation of the brain leaves the victim in a fog. We are hearing a lot of that anecdotally, but it is not getting diagnoses, it is not being recorded in official science. And inflammation of the liver and kidneys has no immediate consequences, but is likely to have severe and eventually fatal long term consequences, leading to deaths that cannot be clearly attributed to the vaccine, or anything else in particular.

But the big problem is not lethality, but adverse affects – People get sick, stay sick. A few of those sick people die, but the vast majority of them are just chronically ill. We don’t have a handle on how many have serious and lasting ill effects.

We have anecdotes, but we don’t know how serious and common these anecdotes are:

But in the long run, the biggest problem we face is not that after a long series of faulty, ineffective and dangerous vaccines, we now have vaccine that is a lot less effective and a lot more dangerous, but that if they are sacrificing large numbers of people to the to the Awesome, Holy, and Mighty Covid Demon, pretty soon they are going to be ripping out people’s hearts on pyramids and rolling the bodies down the pyramid steps to be eaten by the congregation. The official faith has tasted blood, and it is appetite is only just beginning. The historical record is that once the official faith wants humans sacrificed to its idols, it is going to want a lot more humans sacrificed to a lot more idols.

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  1. notglowing says:

    I know someone who is very redpilled on most topics, from women to covid, but he is convinced, and has always been convinced, that those “at the top” are smart, rational, and self-interested, and that all their actions result from that.

    I’ve pushed back against this idea of his and I knew he was inviting demons by thinking like that.
    Now he thinks that the push against CO2 emissions is not about climate change, because climate change is nonsense, but rather it is a different reason, which has to make sense and be rational.

    He says that by extrapolating the rise in CO2 concentrations, and extending the chart, we will reach a level before 2100 that is toxic to humans and which will simply kill us all or at least make us dumber. And therefore he supports any sacrifice to the climate demon to save humanity, and he does not think it is a holiness spiral, rather this is the real reason for it.

    They are not pushing for this reason, because it would make people too scared and it would be evident that it’s necessary to kill people and reduce the population to achieve it. He agrees that we could support hundreds of billions of people otherwise.

    He even came around on the vaccine, thinking that it must be a way to reduce the population (of course he will not take it himself) and that they are only killing those stupid enough to take it, and rewarding the others with survival.

    I do not know how to argue with this, but I fear it is impossible.

    The idea that CO2 concentrations will reach such levels that they can damage our brains just because of emissions seems like complete nonsense to me.
    The predictions I found place the 2100 concentrations for “business as usual” at 910, which is high, but still fine.
    Apparently over 1000-2500 is where you start feeling symptoms from CO2 poisoning.

    • jim says:

      CO2 is in equilibrium with enormous sinks and sources, and humans are incapable of affecting its level significantly. CO2 change follows global climate rather than causing it, except in events that result in stupendous CO2 emissions, like the formation of the Deccan Traps. Warmer temperatures mean that rain, river, and oceans can hold less CO2, so less gets carried down into the deep sinks.

      The current rise in CO2 levels is a result of the end of the little ice age, and has no relationship to industrialization.

      If you observe levels of carbon 14 resulting from atmospheric nuclear testing, it did not remain in the atmosphere for very long, indicating equilibration over a few decades with gigantic natural deep sinks.

      We can survive CO2 at twenty thousand parts per million, but one thousand parts per million will have a small adverse affect on intelligence and general health two thousand parts per million a significant effect on intelligence and general health. But there is no way we are going to have CO2 at 910 parts per million, even with a world population of a trillion living the US suburban lifestyle.

  2. alf says:

    Jim (or others who are knowledgeable on the subject),
    I am trying to recreate this graph from the source, which is a general link to Israeli central bureau of statistics.

    So far, having little success. Not sure if that is because the site is a bureaucratic mess (possible) or because anti-vaxxers want to peddle a false narrative (not entirely impossible). At any rate, I’d like to get to the bottom.

    All I can find is mortality rates for an entire year, but only up to 2020.
    Health -> Mortality rates and life expectancy –> Health Statistical Abstract –> Deaths and mortality rates.

    Confusingly, the year added to the report refers to date of publication, not to date of deaths.

    Related to the graph, a little addition gives me for total deaths in the 20-29 age category:
    2018 446
    2019 437
    2020 422

    The graph gives the deaths over a three month period, and every above figure divided by three fits the tone of graph. But I’m missing deaths for 2021, and I’m missing deaths per day / week/ month.

    • jim says:

      http://www.mortality.org is in the business of collecting the data you want, but I have not sanity checked them.

      I conjecture that their zipped data files are sort of truthful, but seriously obfuscated, and I need to spend some time figuring them out.

      What I expect to commonly find is that in most countries there was a rise in mortality during flu season, except that this flu season, there was no flu, only China flu, and the rise in mortality was in line with the usual. And then, with the vaccinations, a mysterious rise in all cause mortality, a susbtantial rise in young people’s mortality, because young people normally have very low mortality, and that this mysterious rise occurs in all causes of death, including motorcar accidents.

      But as yet, no concrete evidence for this conjecture, though it may well exist in those zipped files.

      • alf says:

        your link has data on death rates for Israel, but only up to 2016.

        The source in your graph links to https://www.cbs.gov.il/en/Pages/default.aspx. The data should be found there. If it can’t be found there, the graph is made in bad faith and should not be used as an anti-vax argument.

        • jim says:

          You don’t like that graph?

          Here is one for Australia from a government website

          Same pattern. Deaths during the China flu epidemic in line with normal flu season deaths, then unusual excess mortality following vaccination.

          The graph is confusing to read, because it plots all cause weekly deaths and Covid infections with different scales on the left and right side, and you have to read the fine print at the bottom of the graph to figure out which line refers to which

          covid infections (right side) flatlined after 2020-11, but shortly thereafter, weekly all cause deaths (left side) rose outside the normal range, and continue to be above the normal range – about which mysterious rise, far exceeding the number of covid infections, there is a strange lack of curiosity.

          I confess to not having dug hard enough, but paranoia about anti-vax misinfo is excessive. I have done some digging, and turned up no end of dirt. I know what is going on, and am just looking for some killer data that is difficult to ignore. If I had young people deaths for Australia, that would probably be killer evidence, but the evidence is still pretty good.

          I have a miscellaneous pile of stuff along these lines, and am looking for one clear and undeniable factoid – too much messy data – I need something that will fit in a meme.

          As more data on excess mortality comes in, it becomes increasingly obvious that vax deaths are far above China Flu deaths. I am looking for good stuff, and have found quite a bit, but I expect to find better soon.

          • alf says:

            You don’t like that graph?

            Here is one for Australia from a government website

            Are you troofering me and moving the goalposts Jim? ^_^ I am not interested in the Australia deaths, I am interested in the Israeli deaths as presented in the graph in your post.

            It is rough to make sense of all the data in the light of so much state misinformation. I mean hell, we are arguing death rates using state-provided information.

            But still, nullius in verba. If the Israeli graph claims its information is from the Israeli CBS, and I can’t reproduce that graph using information from the Israeli CBS, it is a graph meant to deceive. Perhaps I am blind, but I have been clicking around the CBS site for about an hour now. Can’t find it.

            • jim says:

              > Are you troofering me and moving the goalposts Jim? ^_^ I am not interested in the Australia deaths, I am interested in the Israeli deaths as presented in the graph in your post.

              I don’t have the chain of provenance for that graph, because I would need to read Hebrew. The source cited appears to have the data claimed https://www.cbs.gov.il/he/Pages/search/TableMaps.aspx?CbsSubject=%D7%AA%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%AA%D7%94%20%D7%95%D7%AA%D7%95%D7%97%D7%9C%D7%AA%20%D7%97%D7%99%D7%99%D7%9D- I just cannot read it to verify it, and am not trying very hard to find it, because more data is coming in. I am not terribly worried about the missing chain of provenance, because this is a work in progress. Israel is not the only country going overboard on the vax.

              So I cannot prove that some anti-vaxxer did not pull it out his ass. But it is consistent with other data that I know a vaxxer did not pull out of his ass.

              > But still, nullius in verba. If the Israeli graph claims its information is from the Israeli CBS, and I can’t reproduce that graph using information from the Israeli CBS.

              I went digging also. It looks like the information is on the Israeli CBS – just that it is in Hebrew, thus inaccessible to us. It is not like they cited the CBS and the CBS has no such data. The CBS does have such data, or something like it – it is just that I very rapidly found myself no longer on English language pages.

              • alf says:

                The source cited appears to have the data claimed https://www.cbs.gov.il/he/Pages/search/TableMaps.aspx?CbsSubject=%D7%AA%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%AA%D7%94%20%D7%95%D7%AA%D7%95%D7%97%D7%9C%D7%AA%20%D7%97%D7%99%D7%99%D7%9D- I just cannot read it to verify it, and am not trying very hard to find it, because more data is coming in.

                When I click the ‘English’ button on the top left, the page is translated into English, with no discernible bits of information left out, and it is equally useless. The information is just not there, and if it is there, in Jewish, it is mighty well hidden, and in the light of the many shill memes out there, I’d rather it first be uncovered before I believe it exists.

                • jim says:

                  On doing the homework I should have done, I find that you are correct.

                  The provenance of the data is suspiciously opaque. So it is just some guy’s graph, and I should not be carrying it.

              • alf says:

                update — there is a link on the front page, of all places, to an excel sheet that neatly shows deaths per month, for the past ten years. It even has it sorted per age group: 70+, and all ages. But not 20-29…

                So logically the data for 20-29 year olds must be in there somewhere, only it is @#*$ impossible to get to it as an outsider.

                Also, to wit, total age group death rates in 2021 are noticeably higher than 2020. So might be the graph is correct. I just hate these CBS sites so much.

                • jim says:

                  It is highly probable that the data was there and unhappened.

                • jim says:

                  Whenever official data gets cited by those who lack faith in the awesome greatness of the covid demon it is apt to disappear.

        • Karl says:

          Alf, that would not be the first time that some government presented data is suddenly deleted as soon as some demon priests inside the government understand what the data implies.

          You can’t conclude anything from the fact that some data is no longer to be found in a place where someone claims it could be found a few weeks ago

          • alf says:

            You can’t conclude anything from the fact that some data is no longer to be found in a place where someone claims it could be found a few weeks ago

            Well yeah but you can’t use that data to argue in your favor either.

            The fundamental problem is that such graphs are trying to prove a point using data compiled by people who hate us and want us dead. I think the data probably is somewhere on that site, but the mere laity is not supposed to access it at their whim, so it might be deleted, might be edited, might be hidden in some damp digital cellar.

  3. Joe says:

    Moderna has a half dose option that was added some time in the last 8-9 months.

    2020-12-29: https://archive.vn/fqyUf

    2021-09-13: https://archive.vn/icS73

  4. Kunning Drueger says:

    This is just a taste of what is to come in terms of rationalizing camps for the unholy. I’m posting the whole thing, apologies for the length, but I think it is better to see the context. This shit is very depressing…

    The Way Out – and Forward
    By Peter Zeihan on September 10, 2021

    The seven-day moving average for new COVID deaths in the United States is back up above 1,000 – a figure the Americans have not suffered since before COVID vaccines became widely available back in April. To that end, a series of new government and private sector policies addressing COVID have popped up in the past few days. Collectively, they suggest the United States finally can see an end to the COVID tunnel.

    From least important to most:

    First, Biden has directed OSHA to force all firms employing at least 100 people to get their entire staff fully vaccinated. This is on top of his pre-existing orders for all federal workers, all military personnel, and all federal contractors. In all, it potentially impacts two-thirds of the American work force.

    The law is firmly on the government’s side here. A 1905 Supreme Court ruling – which has been reaffirmed multiple times in the decades since – makes it exceedingly clear that any U.S. legal jurisdiction can force mass vaccinations. The precedent has already been cited by multiple federal judges in flatly denying petitions filed by those challenging COVID vaccine mandates. Chief Justice John Roberts actually has a portrait of the judge who penned the 1905 decision on his office wall. None other than Trump Supreme Court appointee Amy Coney Barrett has brushed off similar challenges from even reaching her bench. Legally, challenging this (successfully) is a dead letter.

    But this is OSHA and OSHA isn’t quick. Between the standard rule-making process, the fact that this is not an act of Congress, and the inevitable legal challenges, this will take months. The biggest impact for the remainder of the year is that firms who were afraid of their own vaccine holdouts now have all the political and legal cover that they could want to implement their own mandates. This does move the needle. This is going to impact millions of workers. But not the 100ish million workers the headlines would suggest.

    Second, the new Biden announcement forces the staff of any firm which who provides any services that use any funding from Medicare or Medicaid to get vaccinated. This covers all employees of any relevant medical facility from the surgeons to the janitors.

    This directly impacts several million health care and support workers, and is far from small, but the real impact isn’t direct. What’s truly at stake is the health insurance industry now has the full federal cover they need to cut the cord connecting them to 2020’s emergency measures. The collective decision made last year – both in health care and government – was that COVID was not a “preventable disease” and so sufferers should not be responsible for COVID-related medical bills. Not simply the big tickets themselves, but even “normal” things like health insurance deductibles.

    This norm has been loosening since June, when it became obvious there was going to be a substantial vaccine hold-out population. With Biden’s Medicare decision, the cord will now be cut. Private insurance will now consider COVID a “preventable disease” which means unless there’s a mitigating factor, unvaccinated COVID patients will largely be responsible for their own medical expenses. The average COVID-related hospital stay runs $17,000 – that goes up to $50,000 if you end up needing ventilator time.

    Delta Airlines has proven that such financial disincentives work. Less than a month ago Delta told its employees that if they could not prove they were vaccinated, they would have to pay insurance premium surcharges of $200 a month. Just one paycheck later, some one-fifth of the holdouts had already joined the ranks of the vaccinated.

    Third and most importantly, this week the Los Angeles school board adopted plans to force all students eligible for the vaccine – that’s everyone 12 and over – to get vaccinated if they are to remain in school in-person for the spring 2022 semester. The rationale isn’t difficult to justify. Children are now the single largest block of unvaccinated, and while young COVID sufferers tend to have less severe symptoms than adults, the Delta variant hits them far harder than the initial China strain. Fully one-quarter of all cases are now in children.
    The chief reason why the United States is not a disease-infested dystopia is that all children under 18 are subject to a rolling series of vaccinations as a precondition for attending school. Think tetanus, chicken pox, and mumps. This system not only vaccinates a large chunk of the population directly, but establishes lasting immunity to a host of diseases that regularly plague less advanced countries.

    With COVID, this standard process has not been an option. Initial vaccine trials focus on healthy adults, and only over time move into younger population cohorts. In addition, we’ve been vaccinating the population in reverse, starting with populations with the highest mortality rates (the elderly) and working our way backwards. This was done to prevent deaths, but it also means the normal bulwark against long-term disease spread hasn’t been built. Hasn’t even begun to be built.

    There will be legal challenges to the LA board’s decision. (Honestly, I’m sure that in the time it took me to write this, the first ones have already been filed.) All of consequence will fail. Not only because the legal precedent is with the board, but because all the board did was add one more vaccination to the existing list – a list that the board has full legal authority to expand as it sees fit. Others will follow LA and its six hundred thousand students.

    To be direct, this sort of mandate is how the United States beats COVID.

    Why do I care? Why am I considering a health issue to be part of my geopolitical bailiwick?

    Two reasons:

    First, demographics. The healthier the population, the more economically productive a population, the less dependent upon foreign factors a country is. COVID has already resulted in the single-greatest reversal in the average American’s lifespan since the country’s last major health crisis: the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1919.

    Second, the world is in the midst of the greatest geopolitical transition of our lives, and arguably the largest one since the onset of the deepwater navigation era in the late 15th century. Globalization is in a state of collapse. Ten years from now, the countries that have proven able to secure their means of production, their manufacturing supply chains, their internal consumption, and their labor force from the vicissitudes of global disorder will be the ones who rule the future. America’s unvaccinated population is now the single biggest threat to each and every step of that process.

    Mass vaccinations are how the United States retains its population and its position and its potential and its freedom for action – for decades to come.

    So get the damn shot already.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      > get the damn shot already.

      The cry of the Damaged as they seek to make everyone as damaged as they are.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Indeed. It will only get worse. Zeihan tends to be out in front of a lot of trends. I suspect they will create quite the catalog of rationalization and justification for mass disenfranchisement. It will start with access to leisure and labor, and end with access to food and water.

  5. I was curious about the use of the word demon. and found that the idea that COVID is literally a demon is actually present among Hindu religious groups in India even quite as early in may 2020


    • Alfred says:

      It became clear the left viewed COVID as a Demon when they declared the holy BLM mobs were immune to COVID back around the same time.

    • jim says:

      The priest claims that re-opening the temples will save people from the Covid demon. It is true in a sense, in that there is a obvious correlation between faith in earlier versions of a mainstream religion, and enthusiasm for effective medical treatment such as the ziverdo kit.

      People who believe in religion as it was when it was relatively sane, also believe in science and medicine as it was when it was sane.

      The young earthers and flat earthers represent a correlation between faith in the literal meaning of the bible, and lack of faith in real science. But what we see today is the reverse correlation, a correlation between lack of faith in the spiritual and metaphorical meaning of the bible, and faith in holy official science resulting in lack of faith in real science.

  6. sandman says:

    So, when do things start popping off? Hearing about the new vaccine pressure makes me want to kill myself or others so I’m eager.

    • jim says:

      Things have been accelerating. They will continue to accelerate. I have long predicted war, genocide, etc, around to 2025 or so, but, supposing that prediction comes true, it will not be that everything was normal up to 2025 and suddenly the balloon went up. Rather, historians will in retrospect argue about the date of the final crisis.

      Right now we are seeing massive normality bias about flagrantly rigged elections, and we are also seeing massive normality bias about left wing violence. Things are right now extremely abnormal, and going to get a lot more abnormal. And the more abnormal they get, the more people will pretend they are normal. Romans still practiced the rituals of the Republic after centuries of the imperium.

      • Karl says:

        Most massive normality bias is in the clot shot. People assume that a vaccination must be good, because it is widely recommended

        • Pooch says:

          Yes. This is why arguing with vaxers is so pointless. Vaccines have been normal and safe for decades (centuries?) so of course they couldn’t possibly be dangerous today. Anyone who believes so is an insane conspiracy theorist.

  7. Ulfhethnar says:

    CCP Joe had a Freudian when he said, this isn’t about freedom.
    Fellow traveler comrades don’t give a rip about any freedom.
    Rights come from God and not some traitorous nomenklatura apparatchik RAT POS.
    I had to exit to the park as family watched that pablum puke speech by esteemed party member comrade Xhou Bai-Den or Sum Dum Fuk in CCP speak.
    The sounds coming from the rifle range and the hawks overhead were a morale boost plus being outdoors always makes you stronger.
    Contemplate the are you ready to live in the field question posed by a Patriot blogger, too many boat anchors in the Karenocracy and it will sink like a stone.

  8. Leon says:

    Anyone else see Biden’s speech? Guess the covid demon is hungry. Biden called upon all private companies with above 100 employees to either vax them or force them to take a covid test every week.

    • notglowing says:

      I found this: https://i.imgur.com/TolCHE8.png
      This exemption tells me they are for now only willing to go as far as they *think* they can go. We haven’t reached the deepest end yet.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        It shows weakness. Had he gone for everyone right at the outset, maybe he could have pulled it off, but not now. Too many exemptions carved out. It shows their position is not strong. And threatening governers, especially with threats he cannot follow up? More weakness. If I can smell the blood in the water, the sharks living in DC must be going mental.

        • notglowing says:

          It seems to me the opposite is true, if you add these measures slowly people come to accept them.
          You give them a way out at first (eg testing) and it’s easier to comply than to lose your job. But then you’ve accepted some measures.
          You go with the nuclear option immediately, and it’s easy to rally opposition against it.
          It’s been the same with all of these covid measures.

          • Alfred says:

            I agree, this is more testing the waters and justifying physical attacks on the unvaccinated.

            Though it sounds like they put the fences back up in DC and might call out the national guard again.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              Right after a massive and disgraceful defeat is not when you choose the path of moderation and slow-walking things. You go for the hammer to show your strength. This does not show strength, it shows the regime cannot enforce this across all of America so it is trying to take bits and pieces. What that tells me is that their position is weak, and they know it. When you have a shit hand you either fold or go all in. They are doing half measures. Not a good sign for them.

              • jim says:

                Slow boiling the frog is standard operating procedure.

                It appears that the vaccine is only effectual starting at a three or four weeks after vaccination, and ceases to be effective about four months after vaccination.

                It also appears that the risk of harmful side effects increases cumulatively with each dose. The vaccine only works as long as your immune system is hyperdrive, and your immune system gets tired of that rather quickly.

                I don’t think this is a sinister plot to kill people off. Looks more like the space shuttle. We have had a long series of ever less effective and ever more dangerous vaccines, just as NASA had a long series of ever less effective and ever more dangerous rockets, and covered their asses by lying to themselves and the world about it.

                Problem is that this time around the likely outcome is “What space shuttle disaster. There was no space shuttle disaster. That is dangerous misinformation which cannot be allowed.

                What is going to happen is an endless booster shot treadmill. And each time around the treadmill, more people will have anecdotes of unpleasant and sometimes disastrous consequences.

                But everyone who knows of any sexual harassment or rape accusation knows it is bogus, but cannot say it. Oppresses women to notice. And similarly, endangers public health to notice ill effects of vaccination. This is likely to go all the way to ripping out people’s hearts on top of a pyramid and rolling the bodies down the steps to be eaten by the congregation, though by the time we get that far, likely the pyramids will be in honor of the Global Warming Demon rather than the Covid Demon.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Also, slowly boiling the frog only works when the frog does not know it is being boiled. Everyone with any sense has woken up from that delusion, and they can tell this is only the start. The normiecons are saying that very thing; “This is where it starts if we don’t stop it.” The frogs are getting jumpy, getting froggy. If Biden’s faction had what it took to force this, they would have done so. Carving out so many exemptions just makes them look weaker when they could not afford to do so.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Remember, “If you are unvaccinated you have to wear a mask?” Well, that went well. Everyone told the regime to pound fucking sand, and only fags in blue states have to wear masks. This is less popular, less enforceable, and the regime looks much weaker than when the mask threat was made back in May. So the voices telling the regime to go pound more sand will be louder, now, than they were in May. Blue states will get fucked harder, but red and even purple states have had enough. The pushback on this one is going to be rough for the Biden regime.

                • Alfred says:

                  They’re itching for a reason to Genocide Red states people. They didn’t get what they wanted with the J6 Reichstag Fire so they’re pushing hoping to get the sort of reaction necessary to sell their plan of mass murder of their political foes. They’ve spent months dehumanizing people who won’t get the vaccine now all they need is some real or false flagged up murder by the anti-vaxers to implement their most heartfelt desires. Don’t play into that game. Resistance must be organized by elites.

                  The Demon god Covid must be fed one way, or another and they intend to feed it either by compliance or via mass murder.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  They can try to genocide red states, but we all saw how that turned out in Afghanistan. The woke military sucks balls, and because it is so busy sucking balls it does not have the time to do the military portion.

                  Besides, I am not an idiot. I did not call for us to go out and start shooting the regime forces. The pushback is going to come from the state governors. Abbot, DeSantis, and others do not want their economies shut down to appease the Covid Demon, so they will tell Biden’s handlers to fuck off and die. Blue states will accelerate towards autogenocide, while red states will watch.

                • Alfred says:

                  >Blue states will accelerate towards autogenocide, while red states will watch.

                  They’ll likely try another false flag in order to justify action. If the governors back down then we’ll all march together towards autogenocide. If they stand up and fight back they may win or not, depends who the shooters still left in the military decide to side with.

                  Or maybe Biden will fold and be replaced by Kamala the Mad Cunt.

                • Pooch says:

                  Exactly. Covid demon allows them to genocide people with white competence of those doing the genociding which explicit anti-white racism wouldn’t allow for.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  So what? Their first false flag failed, and that was when no one was expecting one. They lost in Afghanistan, they lost on the masks, they lost on Jan 6th, and they keep losing. Over and over again. All they managed to do in the meantime is humiliate the people they need most if they are to succeed and pissed off more and more people along the way. These people are inveterate losers. Their spirit animal is the kid picked last for gym class.

                  They failed to secure their gains after the election and they have allowed opposition to coalesce around authority figures like DeSantis and Abbot. More and more of the American empire is breaking with them on the Covid Demon. They are the weak horse, and the weaker they look, the less likely anyone is to follow them. Do you think the Florida National Guard is going to side with Milley or Governor DeSantis if it comes to that? And Texas would be even harder to turn.

                  Biden either follows up with his threats against governors, which sets them up to play Caesar, or he does not follow up, and looks more toothless and pathetic. The only people listening to Biden now are die-hard Democratic governors like Newsom or Whitmer. Everyone else has moved on from the Covid Demon. They are preaching to the choir, and pretty soon will start sacrificing the choir, but only the choir is left; there is no one in the pews of the Church of the Most Holy Covid.

                • Alfred says:

                  >So what? Their first false flag failed, and that was when no one was expecting one.

                  Yes and no. The false flag installed Biden as President behind a wall of 30,000 troops after he stole the election. It failed to give them the power to Murder all the Republicans like they wanted. False Flags can and do work but never as well as intended.

                  You are right about everyone viewing Biden’s handlers as a weak horse, but I only see people trying to outflank him on the left, not the right. A cuckservitive’s first instinct is always to cuck and GOP governors are cut from the same cloth as the rest. I have no confidence in Republicans to do anything other than shit the bed and run away when the next false flag hits.

                • jim says:

                  I agree with that assessment.

                  The power vacuum is likely to be filled by people lefter than the Biden crowd – who will have more of a power vacuum.

                  This dynamic, of regimes ever more evil, insane, and ever weaker, is apt to lead to civil war sooner or later, which civil war the right usually loses, with the result that a militarily formidable leftism optimized for war takes charge and the holiness spiral continues, but sometimes the right wins the civil war, abruptly ending the left singularity.

                  However the “right” is apt to be merely relatively right – an earlier and considerably less insane version of leftism. Brezhnevian stagnation ensues, often for a very long time.

                  The ideal solution is to reach all the way back in time for a system optimized for war, survival, large scale cooperation, and successful reproduction.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  There is no militarily formidable leftism. There has been none for decades. The most formidable force the left can field is Antifa, and they are pathetic. The military is going to become more and more useless, and the rot has set in throughout the entire structure. The generals are idiots, the officers below them are suck-ups, the NCO corps is gone to shit and the disciple of the entire structure is lacking. There is no one coming to save the left. Not that the military is going to save the right, see above.

                  Biden keeps making threats, and not following through with them, and fewer people are listening to him. Unless he starts arresting GOP governors, that trend is going to accelerate. Replacing him with an unlikable cunt like Harris is not going to change that. The shrill bitch might be stupid enough to try, but I doubt she will succeed. The cops are telling the civilian government to fuck off with their mandates. Parts of the military are doing the same. They need to escalate dramatically if they are going to be taken seriously. Right now they cannot push around dope-smoking goatherders, let alone the most armed populace in the world, and it shows.

                • Alfred says:


                  All that’s true, but without elites leading and religion to fight a holy then there’s no way to win a war against them. The Taliban had Islam, we have a religion controlled by leftist Demonic Priests who want us to die.

                  When the cops protect Antifa do the people being attacked by Antaifa attack the cops? Nope. Until people feel they have the moral authority to attack the limp dick leftist cops when they protect Antifa, they will not do so in a cohesive manner.

                  If a rightwing elite stands up to lead people it could happen, the problem is a rightwing elite in America is just a leftist a few years behind the times and is very unlikely to feel he has the moral authority to overthrow authority figures in his religion.

                  Hence the only people taken advantage of Biden’s weakness is people to the left of him. Which is probably why he’s pushing the clot shots to the max. He either does it and wins, he gets replaced by someone more leftwing.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  There are people getting ready to challenge the left. That Marine, Col. Scheller. He was auditioning for the part of Caeser. Trump has figured out that these people cannot be reasoned with. Abbot and Paxton crafted a law that guts abortion, and the left is having conniptions about it.

                  In Portland, now that the cops have been defended, they cannot respond to back up Antifa when they get into trouble. That led to Antifa withdrawing from the field in Portland. Fire another couple hundred cops over the vaccine, and they will be even more helpless.

                  The ability of the left to project force is collapsing. We have a religion, Tucker Carlson is shopping it around to prospective elites, and we have military officers looking to play the role of Caesar. That is a winning combination when our opponent can barely field a thousand fighting men in an area roughly the size of Texas.

                • jim says:

                  > In Portland, now that the cops have been defended, they cannot respond to back up Antifa when they get into trouble. That led to Antifa withdrawing from the field in Portland.

                  I think you meant to write defunded.

                  Conditions are right for a right wing restoration. The Republic has lost credibility, and is running on normality bias. But a right wing restoration needs legitimacy. Colonel Scheller just does not have that legitimacy. Trump has that legitimacy, but having fled the field of battle, is unlikely to be able to return.

                  States rights struggles against obviously illegal federal overreach might work, but I am seeing cuckservatives in every state.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I did mean defunded. Thank you for catching that. I have noticed that my autocorrect has taken recently to trying to “correct” words of which the regime disapproves. I am curious if it was by instruction, or of their own accord.

                  Texas just spit in the face of the Most Holy Sacrament of Baby Murder. That is not a weak, cuckservative step. That was an out and out attack on one of the holy tenets of progressive faith. That is why the left is shrieking so loud about abortion right now. They got stabbed, the Supreme Court let it stand for now, and they feel fear.

                  The left has been going from loss to loss under Biden. If that streak keeps up, and it is looking like it will, someone is going to get ambitious, and make a play. His weakness practically demands it. The left has no militarily effective segments anymore. Antifa are pathetic, and effectiveness in combat is almost perfectly inversely proportionate to how left someone is today. The Red Army they are not. So that leaves challengers on the nominal right.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Never understood caring much about early term abortions myself.

                  If regular electoral politics applied the Texas GOP would have been making an enormous political mistake (note that personhood referendums always fail no matter how red the state). Banning late term abortions is popular, banning early ones is not.

                  But maybe its not a mistake in terms of dirty elections politics, on the lower levels the left is full of fanatics high on their own bullshit willing to commit any crime to ensure victory because they fervently believe in their demons. The right is full of rational self interested individuals who want the government to leave them alone. The right thus has few people willing to stick their neck out and commit crimes to win…

                  But what group that votes Republican is full of irrational fanatical emotionally thinking busybodies willing to commit crimes and such to win because they believe in their stupid cause (even though it can never possibly work out) on the right, the extreme pro-lifers. They think in a way far more like leftists.

                • Pooch says:

                  States rights struggles against obviously illegal federal overreach might work, but I am seeing cuckservatives in every state.

                  Not all the optimistic that strategy doesn’t end up exactly like the first time it was tried. Red elites need to feel a right to rule not only themselves but everyone, as Caesar and Augustus did.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  @The Cominator

                  Never understood caring much about early term abortions myself.

                  I’m more concerned about a society that promotes and lionizes abortion, instead of silently smothering it away to dark corners. I’m more concerned about people gleefully and willingly killing their own offspring.

                  I don’t particularly care about zygotes dying, like I do not care if millions of niggers drop dead by mosquito bites. But I particularly care about those gleefully killing and celebrating the murder of zygotes and the existence of vermin that present a danger to humans.

                  Thus I want abortion illegal, quietly smothered to remote corners altogether with faggots, drug addicts and lumpenproles and I want mosquitoes erradicated.

                  Hopefully that clarifies my position, from someone who may would consider “pro-life”. I’m not pro-life, I’m pro-civilization.

                • Pooch says:

                  The abortion law in Texas is performative theater with no means of enforcement just as every “based” law that DeSantis signs in Florida is.

                  Unless backed by men with guns and badges, as the left’s law is, they are just words on a piece of paper.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Anti-baby murder is low hanging fruit in terms of potential conservative Schelling Points. What utility is gained by splitting hairs on this issue? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Prostitutes and roasties will always have aspirin and coat hangers.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I was just trying to make sense of it. Maybe the GOP thinks they can turn pro lifers into their own fraud team.

            • D Brinn says:

              >more testing the waters and justifying physical attacks on the unvaccinated

              So, more of what they’ve been doing pretty much since Biden was inaugurated. It was May when he tweeted, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.” They not only failed to enforce that; it wasn’t long before they were forcing the vaccinated to wear masks again, while millions of unmasked, unvaccinated went on with their lives.

              You can make only so many threats without following up before people stop taking you seriously. They already would have reached laughingstock territory with this stuff if not for the open question of whether the military would obey if ordered to start rounding people up. Pretty soon they’re going to have to enforce a mandate and fire a bunch of people, whether at a government department or one of their pet corporations, and then that institution will cease to function. So that’ll be interesting.

          • Atavistic Morality says:

            You’re a coward with a weak will, ready to buckle at any time as you’ve let all of us know previously telling us that you’re shitting yourself because of what is going on in Italy. Your judgement is faulty and blinded by fear, you’re the one ready to accept the covid measures and think everyone else is a coward like you about to buckle.

            Wulfgar’s position is supported by evidence, the progs keep saying something and we keep ignoring it and nobody is doing to us a goddamn thing because of it, in fact there’s more and more people ignoring it every day. It’s not just the US, I see it here in Spain and I’m seeing it in the news in many other places in Europe even though the media is trying to hide it. I’ve seen in videos dozens of thousands of Frenchmen do whatever the fuck every weekend even though it’s supposed to be the worst place in this regard.

            Biden has kept talking about masks for months and entire States and their governors are ignoring him, and just like they’ve been ignoring him for months they will continue. No one cares what Biden says, the progs are weak, every day less capable of enforcing their insanity, every day there’s less people willing to play ball and the progs have neither the strength nor the will to enforce shit. My entire family has been straight out breaking the holy covid law for 18 months, we don’t give a fuck and nothing has happened to anyone.

            Show the evidence that people are accepting it without CNN headlines.

            • Pooch says:


            • notglowing says:

              If I was weak willed, I would have taken the vaccine. By far it’s the easiest option, and it’s what everyone else expects of me. But I’m not going to, and I don’t change my mind easily.
              I was quite ready to throw away my academic career if they forced me to take it. Which for now has not happened, but could happen at any point. They just need to make the jab mandatory for the Green Pass.

              Yes I am also willing to leave my country. Which would be a painful step for me – if I am not forced to leave, I want to die here, as all my ancestors have.

              But I am increasingly pessimistic about the future of Europe, and it feels like it will only be a matter of time until things become unbearable. I’d rather plan for it, and be ready to do it, than find myself trapped when it’s too late.

              I don’t know why you’ve taken such hostility against me.
              You are right that I am worried about what is happening, but I have good reason to be worried.
              I am seeing news of some people ignoring it, especially in other countries, and some in my country. I am glad about that. But few people around me, all I see is hostility towards anti-vaxxers.

              The only person who still refuses is my father, which has been white pilling, but his conviction is not as strong because he doesn’t believe it’s dangerous. He never takes medicines or treatments he doesn’t absolutely have to, and just recovered at home when he caught covid long ago (which in hindsight unfortunately I did not). He simply refuses to elaborate why he doesn’t want to take it, and no one dares ask him, because he is usually stubborn in that way, and he doesn’t talk a lot. Nor did he offer an explanation for not attending my uncle’s wedding, despite my mother begging him to attend it or explain why he didn’t want to, while in tears.

              But he doesn’t really support my view either, he doesn’t have a strong conviction except his stubbornness,
              and if they threatened to fire him from his job that he needs to provide for his family he might take it.
              On the one hand he says that he doesn’t care if he lives for any longer at this point, on the other hand he does have a strong sense of duty towards providing for his family.
              As a side note, he himself escaped from his country while in a similar situation in the 80s. There are a lot of details I do not understand, where my mother’s story about it (he won’t really talk about it) doesn’t really make sense – such as how he passed the berlin wall – but I cannot help but make a parallel between his own life and mine in this case. His situation was still infinitely worse, though.

              The governments are simply willing to double down on it as a matter of principle, and if it creates opposition they like it that way. All the more reasons to double down again.

              Am I coward for wanting a way out of this madness? Maybe.

              I didn’t say people were accepting it. You’re interpreting my message as a total blackpill, but that isn’t really the point.
              Also I wrote that right after it was announced. I said that this is generally how things went with covid rules, they try to slow boil the frog, first giving you a way out, promising the end of lockdowns, then increasing the measures and making things worse. Even Jim agreed on that specific point.
              You can’t deny that people are far more accepting today of things unthinkable long ago.
              Of course if they were stronger, they’d make the measures even more extreme from the start – I am not denying that. And I am not denying that especially in the US this will likely in practice result in more people opposing the system.
              But that doesn’t mean this isn’t just what they’re trying, giving you a way out so you accept it.

              I feel alone, and my enemies are weaker than before, but they are not that weak. If I was surrounded by people who actually pushed back against it, I would feel differently. But I am just the only person who feels this way that I know. I’m not a one-man army. For now I’m just biding time, seeing for how long I can continue to live here without issues, and considering my options. I have become very paranoid, even of the people around me.

              I get that you think I am trying to demoralize you, but I really am not. I certainly hope that their measures in the US crash and burn so hard that European countries will think twice about implementing them.
              I also see evidence of the measures backfiring there, and I posted about it: https://i.imgur.com/GJpD0Pi.jpeg
              But the Green Pass seemed unthinkable a month ago. I have not heard a single soul complain about it in real life. Not a single word. It’s not always enforced strictly, but that’s mostly a matter of luck.
              It’s probably too pessimistic of me to think that they can actually force everyone to get vaccinated.
              But my paranoia, irrational or not, has reasons behind it. You could call it abnormality bias.
              Maybe I am a coward. But I am not weak willed.

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                I don’t think I’m being willfully hostile to you, but what you’re showing is cowardice and that cowardice is making your will weak. Don’t take it as a personal insult that is describing your inherent existence but a description of the behavior you’re showing.

                I was quite ready to throw away my academic career if they forced me to take it. Which for now has not happened, but could happen at any point. They just need to make the jab mandatory for the Green Pass.

                Or not, maybe they make the jab mandatory for the Green Pass and you gleefully ignore them and nothing happens to you like all the Italians that gleefully participate in the 1/5h of your economy that is black and nothing happens to them. And you know, taxes are the real deal for governments. Or maybe you look for religious exemption or some other legal hole, like someone else did with Orthodoxy here a few weeks ago.

                You’re afraid of losing the convenience and comfort of life as you’ve known it, becoming cowardly and it’s making you weak willed. Weak willed because you’re immediately assuming doom scenario and are undermining yourself and your options. Weak willed because your resolution is that if they make the jab mandatory with the pass the game is done, you’ll accept it or run away from the country altogether, even though nothing has happened yet, even though there isn’t even a real danger to your person yet.

                Talk about unbearable when it’s truly unbearable.

                But few people around me, all I see is hostility towards anti-vaxxers.

                If you’re afraid, everything seems dangerous. I saw not long ago a video of one of this conservative pundits with parody youtube videos asking on the street to people to sign a petition to make vaccine mandatory in Cuckfornia. Those who signed were mostly women, mostly harmless and maybe a couple of effeminate cucks. On the other hand several men, mostly white, reacted with aggressive behavior against him for trying to push such a thing. Who is the dangerous? Who cares about the conformism of the sheep? Worry when your neighbor is a tiger ready to pounce.

                The governments are simply willing to double down on it as a matter of principle

                Yes, and they are also very adamant about getting their taxes and the 1/5th of the economy keeps laughing at them. Talk is cheap.

                You can’t deny that people are far more accepting today of things unthinkable long ago.

                I don’t see a noticeable difference in the behavior of normies, they’ve always been normies and following their NPC patterns. The people who have never accepted something still don’t accept it and there’s plenty of them, perhaps it’s time to look for real friends instead of NPCs. The NPCs will always maintain NPC behavior, I’d be worried when the 1/5th of the black economy suddenly decide to become well behaved NPCs as well.

                But the Green Pass seemed unthinkable a month ago.

                This is not true, many of us have been seeing the Green Pass for more than 18 months, like we’ve been seeing civil war and civilizational collapse for decades.

                It was unthinkable for normies and NPCs a month ago, like everything is unthinkable for them and a month after is the best thing and they’ve always known.

                Plenty of meme pictures around of criticism against “conspiracy theorists” who are basically being vindicated in every single thing they’ve said just a few weeks after saying it.

                Maybe the fear you’re experiencing is a product of your worldview shattering, since you thought the Green Pass unthinkable. You should then review that worldview, luckily because you’re here you’re already way ahead of most.

                Also remember, irrational optimism triumphs over rational pessimism every single time. Ask the Taliban.

                • notglowing says:

                  > I don’t think I’m being willfully hostile to you, but what you’re showing is cowardice and that cowardice is making your will weak. Don’t take it as a personal insult that is describing your inherent existence but a description of the behavior you’re showing.

                  Well it kind of sounded that way. But I can see where you are coming from, and why you think of me the way you do.

                  > Talk about unbearable when it’s truly unbearable.

                  You can call it cowardice, but I contend that it is paranoia. You might think it’s the same thing, sure. I am acting as if it’s already a done deal that things will be a certain way, sure. But it’s not like paranoids have not been right more often than not recently. It seems better to assume the worst and think of how to avoid the problem than being caught with your pants down, surprised that things have taken an unthinkable turn.

                  >This is not true, many of us have been seeing the Green Pass for more than 18 months, like we’ve been seeing civil war and civilizational collapse for decades.

                  Yes. To us. To me it was obvious this specific issue would become huge in the future back in 2019, as I wrote in the previous post. I was very much against the vaccine mandate they were trying to create then, and saw the pushback from people who on other matters, were not concerned with the Cathedral’s dogma at all.

                  > Maybe the fear you’re experiencing is a product of your worldview shattering, since you thought the Green Pass unthinkable.
                  What changed between the past and now is not my whole worldview, but rather that the things I was worried about happening elsewhere suddenly touch me personally, when they didn’t for a very long time.

                  I couldn’t ignore what was happening in the US, and what was happening in politics, and I never did. But it had not yet gotten to my real life to this extent, and now I am faced with that, which I absolutely knew would happen, but perhaps it was sooner than expected. I feel on edge, and not just because of this particular issue.
                  Is it cowardly to run away? I cannot argue with that. But it’s a bit less cowardly than just giving in and accepting what they want me to do.

                  > Yes, and they are also very adamant about getting their taxes and the 1/5th of the economy keeps laughing at them. Talk is cheap.
                  Indeed, taxes are different however. The vaccine is far holier than taxes. I can avoid or evade taxes, and others, especially the rich and middle class, will praise me for being smarter than the government.
                  Even lower class people, because our taxes are universally very high.
                  The reason why Italians can avoid the government’s rules in many situations is that they all agree that the government is unfair in regards to those rules. They do not believe in it, so they would never collaborate to rat people out who are swindling the tax man. That’s a big difference in that for the first time I am seeing strong affirmation of Cathedral faith even among people around me, who would generally not care about anything similar at all.
                  There isn’t even a specific word for “snitch” in Italian. There is a word for not snitching however.
                  In that we are at an advantage compared to countries where snitching on others to the rulers is seen as an honourable and holy thing.

                  > Also remember, irrational optimism triumphs over rational pessimism every single time. Ask the Taliban.

                  I have been irrationally optimistic for six years now, and have seen most of my optimistic hopes disappointed.
                  Of course it’s true however, that being irrationally optimistic is more practical than being pessimistic.

                • Karl says:

                  notglowing, you write that it seems better to assume the worst and think of how to avoid the problem than being caught with your pants down.

                  Ok, so what do you suggest to avoid the problem?

                • notglowing says:

                  For now, avoiding the problem for me means not doing things that require the green pass.
                  Come January, it will depend on whether exams are remote again or not, in the latter case I would need to find a way around it, or abandon my studies.I have money, so I don’t

                • notglowing says:

                  (it seems I pressed the wrong button by accident so my partial comment was submitted)

                  For now, avoiding the problem for me means not doing things that require the green pass.
                  Come January, it will depend on whether exams are remote again or not, in the latter case I would need to find a way around it, or abandon my studies.
                  I have money, and I work freelance and get paid in cryptocurrency, so they cannot force me to take it through employment or financial means.
                  My net worth is around ten years of an entry level salary.

                  Originally I considered accepting a traditional whole-virus vaccine later on, when they become available, as it didn’t seem that dangerous.
                  But my opinion changed when they decided to continue escalating these measures, increased their hostility, and started to push booster shots.

                  Leaving the country is always an option. I can potentially charter a flight if normal airports do not accept me. Painfully expensive, but possible as a one time emergency measure. My money can quietly pass through borders. In that case having residency in a friendly country ahead of time would be a necessity. Which is what I was thinking of when I made my original post.

                  It is a bit of an extreme option. I will admit that I have been feeling stressed for quite a while, not all of the stress is justified by real problems. But I have had this impending sense of doom for a long time, that just won’t leave me alone. So I feel on edge, and I try to find ways to ensure my future.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  But it’s not like paranoids have not been right more often than not recently.

                  They haven’t, lately I’m getting extra cancer skimming over some Trump spaces like patriots.win, where the paranoids (if not shills and feds) are using this moment of skepticism towards government to peddle everything, from flat earth to 5G stuff to I don’t know, any insanity without evidence this people come up with.

                  Those who understand the incentives of the government and the actions they are taking are not paranoid, they are rationally calculating the actions of the enemy. You should always trust your gut, but you should look for evidence too.

                  It seems better to assume the worst and think of how to avoid the problem

                  This is irrational and whittles your will piece by piece. The worst case scenario is that a meteor falls on top of you right now without any possibility of escape. Or that a CIA squad arrests you, they get you into a gizmo type prison and torture you for information they think you have. Or that you end up in a re-education camp where faggots take turns raping your asshole. It just never ends, because you’re assuming, you’re not observing, you’re not calculating, you’re blackpilling yourself and getting consumed by fear, which further fuels your blackpill, clouds your judgement and worsens your “worst case scenario”.

                  The vaccine is far holier than taxes.

                  Absolutely not, nothing is holier than taxes because taxes are the basic foundation of government. If you don’t believe me ask anyone who tried to play stupid games with the IRS in America, including Al Capone. I have jaywalked through an eight lane road without mask in front of the cops in the middle of lockdown and obligatory mask, absolutely nothing happened to me. But if they were to catch me evading taxes, lol yeah, I’m getting the whole squad and ending up in a fucking box for a hot minute at the bare minimum.

                  I am seeing strong affirmation of Cathedral faith even among people around me, who would generally not care about anything similar at all.

                  And I’ve seen a video of Italians, even those who took the vaccine, burning their stupid passes in a pile of fire in the middle of a public square with cries of liberty on the background.

                  Seeing how scared you are, your perception of the facts is not exactly trustworthy, because fear clouds judgement.

                  You say many people would praise you for evading taxes in Italy, many people here in Spain would too. But at the same time many others would condemn you, which leads me to believe that also many others would condemn you in Italy and that your fear is making you see all the condemnations and none of the praises.

                  and have seen most of my optimistic hopes disappointed

                  Your first and foremost optimistic hope, the essential and most important of optimistic hopes, you should believe in yourself, in your ability to overcome and survive. And that one so far seems to hold up pretty well, after all you are at leisure to comment here.

                  I think you’re slightly hysterical, like someone who has never been in a fight and suddenly finds himself in one. Things are not so bad, or scary, or impossible, especially for someone like you who is capable and independent enough to freelance in something that allows payment through crypto. There is a lot of medical personnel around the world that are actually at a real risk of losing their livelihoods and they’re getting the mental hit way better than your suspicions. Many are optimistic about it, believing they’ll find something better considering the circumstances and I’ve seen some indeed have.

                  Take a breath, you’re fine, and stop telling yourself you’re not or you’ll keep making yourself so.

                • notglowing says:

                  > This is irrational and whittles your will piece by piece

                  Yes, that is true.

                  > I think you’re slightly hysterical,
                  I probably am. You are correct that I let my mind make my circumstances seem worse than they are. I can’t deny that.

                  > If you don’t believe me ask anyone who tried to play stupid games with the IRS in America, including Al Capone.
                  I don’t know, I mean that’s true but the US is also by far the most extreme western country in regards to taxes.
                  You’re not treated as badly here. I’m not saying that they don’t prosecute you for it though.
                  They do. But criticizing taxes will never get a very strong reaction from people in the same way the vaccine does. It’s not as concrete as “you are killing us”.

                  In any case not seeing people around me condemn the measures is a big part of what makes me pessimistic, yes. I am probably seeing the glass half empty. There is some resistance to it and we might see more as restrictions increase further.

          • Ryan says:

            I have a modicum of hope that the test option will end up as a legal blunder. The rational interest in the OSHA regulation is a disease free workplace, not people taking a vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t prevent infection or contagion, so limiting the testing requirement to only people who aren’t vaccinated has no rational basis.

    • Pooch says:

      Wow I was not expecting them to go this far. It’s starting to become clear they will not stop until every single person on earth is vaccinated.

      • Alfred says:

        Blood for the Blood God!

      • Pete says:

        And then you’re only “vaccinated” for that 4-6 month period until the next mandatory booster shot comes out.

        So they have set us a goal that is literally unreachable. Which is fine by them, because they can keep justifying their “emergency” powers as long as the goal isn’t reached. So a goal that continually recedes juuuust out of reach is perfect.

    • Anon says:

      So now would probably be a good time to get one’s hands on a fake COVID pass, am curious if anyone in the UK knows how to go about acquiring one, asking on behalf of a couple friends who will likely need them

    • notglowing says:

      Found this:
      It seems some people are understanding the situation

  9. Kunning Drueger says:

    Yarvin on Carlson within a month of the Taliban retaking Kabul as the West literally and figuratively neuters its industrial, financial, and cultural capacity by means of pseudoscientific socioreligious demon veneration.

    Jim, I know the namefag issue is real, and I know that the orks are multiplying, and I know that sauron is looking, but I fundamentally believe that you need to consider the possibility of stepping out of the shadows, in some way or somehow, and giving us a banner to rally around. This is such a midwit plea, and there will be no end of very logical reasons to say I’m dumb, say I’m a fed, say whatever.

    To whom much is given, much is required. You have a capacity for interpretation and analysis that is literally mind boggling. Maybe not today, maybe not this year, but you need to take up your burden. I have no idea when, where, or how. But who at all thought Yarvin would be given a platform like this? Who that the Taliban was going to just sashay into Kabul? Just consider that things might be moving in a highly unexpected but completely predictable way.

    I sincerely apologize if this is taken as anything but a disciple’s fervent plea for a path out of the abyss.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      I disagree. We have two candidates for Caesar. Trump and Lt. Col. Scheller. We need a Caesar, not a Patriarch or a High Inquisitor. For now we wait. Those of us of a martial bent must prepare to be warriors or paladins of the Jimian Orthodox Christian faith, and await Caesar’s arrival. Ceasar needs an army to bring across the Rubicon. Start getting ready to be that army.

      • Andy says:

        What about DeSantis? Good pedigree. It seems that some of the more rational elites are gelling around him?

        • jim says:

          De Santis looks plausible. Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was an obvious deep state setup to facilitate gun control and controls on social media posting. and while De Santis did not adequately expose it, he declined to go along with it.

          It was obvious that the police commissioner was in on it. It was obvious that DeSantis was not. Resisting a deep state stunt is a good start. He continued to resist the deep state in the Mueller investigation.

          The critical issue of today is worship of the Holy and Mighty Covid Demon. He is a heretic. If this goes to Holy War (which I am not expecting until 2025 or so, but is quite possible tomorrow morning) he has legitimacy to summon the militia.

          He is backed by a Christian faction, Intercessors for America, that correctly sees this as a religious conflict, and which explicitly invokes earthly and divine legitimacy, which is the formula you need to win a civil war.

          But Trump needed to summon the militia when it became obvious how the election was going to be conducted, and failed to do so. Biden is saying he is going to do something about state governors who resist to Covid Worship. DeSantis needs to prepare for that right now. It looks to me that his normalcy bias is going to lead him to fail to take the necessarily drastic measures, while the left will have not the slightest hesitation in taking drastic measures.

          Same problem as Trump. Lack of military background. These things are always ended by someone with military background.

          Trump was merchant class. DeSantis is a heretic from within the priestly class. A common defense against a state religion going off the rails is a heretic under the protection and authority of a military man, not vice versa.

          • notglowing says:

            No military background? But he was a Navy SEAL.

            • jim says:

              I did not know that – that is a very good start.

            • The Cominator says:

              DeSantis wasn’t a navy seal he was a JAG for them…

              He might know a bunch of Navy Seals but that doesn’t mean he is one.

              • notglowing says:

                It was written he was assigned to a SEAL team. So I misunderstood.
                He was technically a military officer though – better than nothing.

                “He concurrently accepted a reserve commission as a lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the US Navy Reserve.[19] He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal.”

                He also got some kind of award.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I like the guy overall but he was a lawyer not a warrior. And he cucked a bit on Covid initially, to his credit he realized his mistake but DeSantis is not a warrior type.

                  DeSantis would be a great chief minister though when it comes to administrative details (which Trump was just retarded at) DeSantis nails though…

                • notglowing says:

                  Wasn’t there some recent thing where he replaced an old statue with a statue of a black person or something?

                • notglowing says:

                  > DeSantis would be a great chief minister though when it comes to administrative details (which Trump was just retarded at) DeSantis nails though…

                  This is true. Though I have to wonder how deep his convictions go. Being a lawyer necessarily makes him good at stuff like that, but it doesn’t make him based.

                  It’s hard to say what is real and what isn’t, and where he might understand more than he lets on, or where he is just pretending and dog whistling purely as a calculated strategy to gain support.

                  I have a hard time imagining that he would really do something if push comes to shove. I can’t really picture it.
                  I’ll say he does look like the best option right now, because I can’t name anyone else.
                  The military is difficult because everyone at the top is just a professional sycophant. At least in politics you have a chance of making it by being a demagogue.

                • jim says:

                  > I have a hard time imagining that he would really do something if push comes to shove. I can’t really picture it.

                  Same here. The left is almost certainly going to deploy drastic measures, and he seems like the kind of man that when he sees those drastic measures coming, folds to save them the embarrassment.

                  But all our people are hiding their power level. He could just be doing a good job of hiding his power level. He held a prayer meeting with Intercessors for America, and they are not hiding their power level.

                • Andy says:

                  DeSantis doesn’t appear to be an NRx dream candidate, but he’s more palatable (to me) than a Milley-type character if he can stop the holiness spiral. I don’t see a lot of white pills right now but hold out hope the spiral will be stopped before autogenocide.

                • notglowing says:

                  > if he can stop the holiness spiral.
                  Well yeah. At this point 2000s leftism even seems preferable to whatever they’re getting to now, because there is no bottom.
                  But if the holiness spiral is stopped by someone who doesn’t really understand the problem, or is a leftist himself, won’t it just be delaying the inevitable some 20 years into the future? The same shit is gonna happen again.

                  I’ve been expecting someone in the elite try to rein this back, and return to some kind of slow boil the frog compromise where they pretend the system was fixed and establish a new normal. Like Reagan.
                  I was worried about that, because I assumed they could just exhaust right wingers until they are tired of fighting, dangle some carrot to them, and then return to “normal”. But things only got worse.

                  I thought Trump might do that, but they didn’t let him do it.
                  With that over, it seems like there is no ability from within to stop this spiral anymore.

                  And there is still no potential leader on the horizon.

                  On the other hand, they keep pushing people and accelerating things.
                  They leave absolutely no room for right wingers to even give up and ignore the issue, because they try to make their lives impossible, and their measures as intrusive as they could be. So things have to progress towards chaos.

                  Virus measures went a long way in this direction, because they are so directly intrusive, all-encompassing, and impossible to deny. There is no room for retreating like with censorship, immigration, or similar stuff.
                  This might work in our favour, though.

                • jim says:

                  > But if the holiness spiral is stopped by someone who doesn’t really understand the problem, or is a leftist himself, won’t it just be delaying the inevitable some 20 years into the future? The same shit is gonna happen again.

                  Leftism must move ever leftwards, as a shark must swim or drown.

                  If no new applecarts to knock over, leftism dies underneath the ruler. If the ruler keeps selecting new applecarts to be knocked over, it devours the ruler.

                  No matter how far left the ruler, if he stabilizes leftism at that level of leftism for twenty years, it will be a dead corpse by the end.

                  Biden and company intended to stabilize leftism at end Obama level, and for a little while they succeeded. They intended to rule like the Thermidorean reaction and the Brezhnevian stagnation. And now they are saying “OK, a bit further left, and then we will stabilize it.”

                  To stabilize leftism, it has to be as dangerous to be too far left as it is to be too far right. Which is very dangerous indeed.

          • Andy says:

            I recall someone on this site making a comment about DeSantis being able to physically stop the trucks in Broward Co (from delivering fake ballots) in the contest with Gillum. Was it The Cominator? I’ll go look for it. If memory serves correctly that also seems like a good “skill.”

            • The Cominator says:

              I think they got some of them. DeSantis has prettymuch shut down the left’s ability to rig Florida elections for now…

              The problem is stopping fake ballots in enemy territory is likely to require people willing to do what the men of Athens Tennessee did in 1946 to stop fake ballots which will include shooting at police in places like Detroit Milwaukee Philidelphia etc.

              • Alfred says:

                If the LA riot’s is any indication, the LAPD flatly refused to disarm the Koreans when the Koreans made it clear they’d shoot the cops despite the urging of the mayor, the Police Chief, and the Media. A willingness to do a thing is likely enough to get cowardly shits to backdown.

            • Pooch says:


              The Florida GOP got help from incumbent gov Rick Scott to stop the steal in 2018. They seemed prepared for it.

          • Andy says:

            Re: Covid Holy War. Drs. Kulldorff and (Jay) Bhattacharya seem to be moving into orbit around DeSantis. How are they for heretical high priests? Military is still an issue for DeSantis. He likely has more connections than Trump, but enough to win? Appreciate the insights from this group.

            • jim says:

              The Great Barrington Declaration is a commitment to the old scientific method and a rejection of Cathedral official science.

              Drs. Kulldorff and Bhattacharya are priests of the old scientific method. Intercessors for America are priests of the old Christianity. Now all we need is an adequate supply of Paladins with considerably more military background than DeSantis has, and DeSantis realizing that his fellow heretical priests who have committed various heresies against the Cathedral will not suffice.

              It is the latter point that has me worried.

              DeSantis will very soon need warriors, and if he has not reached out to them in a timely fashion, he going to be toast, and will have no alternative but to bend over and take it up the ass.

              DeSantis has the right priests around him. Does he have the right warriors around him?

    • neofugue says:

      If Jim doxed himself, would Tucker Carlson provide him a platform?

      Power crushing resistance is impact.
      Impact generates status.
      Status generates more power.
      This is the demon worship cycle.

      Dissidents thrive when not persecuted. Karl Marx became popular because he was not suppressed. If members of the Russian intelligentsia such as Belinsky were quietly eliminated along with those who wrote for, supported, and published degenerate content such as that in Otechstvennye Zapiski, there would not be an Russian “intelligentsia,” thus no revolution.

    • HerbR says:

      We know that Jim uses multiple aliases, and keeps them carefully siloed. The actual man behind the name may already be out of the shadows. It does no one any good to create an obvious link between the real name and the pseudonym, or do anything else to weaken opsec.

      Moldbug was doxxed by accident. It ended Moldbug, drove Yarvin into hiding for several years and gave us an occasionally-interesting but mostly neutered namefag as eventual replacement. It would do the same thing to Jim. Do not want.

  10. Chud says:

    Offtopic questions about steroids. Any info appreciated

    1. What’s a reliable resource to learn more?
    2. Cycle or blast and cruise?
    3. What type of test? Test enanthate or undecanoate, or something else?
    4. What else needs to be taken to avoid gyno, and other side effects? AI?
    5. Should I be a certain body fat % first?


    • jim says:

      Losing weight is important, and it is easier with testosterone. But it is not an obesity cure. It just makes the necessary very difficult measures slightly less difficult but no less necessary.

      Just don’t eat.

      You should cycle. If you blast and cruise, may lose your testicles.

      Gyno is tricky. Too much testosterone without anastrozole, your estrogen goes too high. Too much anastrozole, your estrogen goes too low. You want stable normal healthy male levels of estrogen. Too much estrogen, you turn into a caricature of a young woman. Too little, a caricature of an old woman. (Albeit the officially normal male levels of estrogen keep being redefined upwards as the officially normal male levels of testosterone keep being redefined downwards.) The fatter you are, the harder it is to get estrogen right. Get your blood levels tested regularly, and don’t let your Luteinizing Hormone go too low for too long. (That is why you have to cycle.)

      Undecanoate is theoretically longer lasting, but I did not notice any difference.

      • Humble Acolyte says:

        If one is young (20s) and fit, do you recon it’s still worthwhile to supplement test? Any experiences?

        • jim says:

          Just about every male everywhere is low testosterone by the levels that were measured fifty years ago. You probably have about as much testosterone as a healthy seventy year old in the 1950s, if you are lucky.

          • Humble Acolyte says:

            Wild. I’ve heard about declining test but didn’t know it was that bad. I thought at first you were exaggerating for effect, but no.

            I guess I need to get the jab (heh). Can you recommend any guides / resources / regimens?

        • Anonymous says:

          How does one get rid of long lasting pubertal gyno?

    • Fake says:

      Check out More Plates More Dates on YouTube and the steroid clinic he is a part of. His steroid gone wrong stories are hilarious and his clinic helps you get it right.

    • Shitpoaster says:

      I recently started a regimen of 150 mg testosterone enanthate weekly, split into two injections per week. 1/2″ 30g luer lock needle to inject, a bigger one to draw. This is a TRT dose, not a steroid cycle dose. My bodyfat level is not very high (10-15%).

      Feels incredible. I find myself naturally thinking and acting in an alpha way, doing all the things I’ve read about and imitated without having to consciously emulate the behaviors. I’ve been lifting seriously for ~4 months, and it seems to be accelerating my progress a bit.

      I recommend checking out the forums on steroid.com for information on TRT and steroid cycles. Gear can be sourced pretty easily, just search “steroid site review” or check the dark web markets (if you’re a noob to this be careful!). You’ll need crypto to purchase, preferably monero.

      I am currently not taking anything else, such as HCG or AIs. My current plan is to get blood work done regularly (perhaps every 2 months?), and adjust according to blood work results. Aim for T in the 900-1000 range, and estrogen in normal range. If LH drops too low, add regular injections of HCG to my regimen.

      @jim do you think this is a good plan? Should I come off TRT from time to time, even if I’m supplementing HCG and all my bloodwork looks good? I do not plan to conceive in the near future, but certainly want to keep my fertility.

      • jim says:

        Well, in theory, if you have hcg, you will keep your fertility. But it is a complicated system, and I don’t think we fully understand it. Blast and cruise sounds a bit risky to me. You should check out whether people who have been on blast and cruise for a few years have had sons.

        • Shitpoaster says:

          I don’t intend to blast, only cruise. Low test doses and blood levels within normal ranges.

          I agree it is a complicated system and we don’t understand it. Even with HCG it’s probably safest to come off at least a few months every couple years.

          In my research I’ve seen people who have had children, but that is an excellent point about SONS. I was going to give Mike Cernovich as an example, but last time I checked he only had a daughter. I will look into it. Thank you.

        • Karl says:

          It is plausibly that a man becomes infertile, but how could a man lose his ability to father sons and keep his ability to father daughters?

          Is there a plausible theory to explain that?

          As far as I understand, sperm priduction involves “splitting” an XY chromosome to prude an X sperm and a Y sperm.

          So any sample of sperm contains the same amout of “male” and “female” sperm

          • jim says:

            I have no plausible causal mechanism, no logical reason for suspicion, and no data that gives rise to suspicion. But something worries me.

          • Alfred says:

            For the same reason that men who work on nuclear subs only have daughters: General DNA damage to the reproductive cells. Double XX Chromosome gene pairings results good genes to backup damaged genes and results in a healthy baby. With XY Chromosome, all the Y gene comes from the man and there are no backs, and if his genes are damaged the pairing is likely to result in not attaching to the uterus wall or a spontaneous abortion when the body notices the damage.

            • Starman says:


              “For the same reason that men who work on nuclear subs only have daughters: General DNA damage to the reproductive cells.”

              Did you get this from Jack Pissobiec?

              Or did you get this from Q?

              • alf says:

                I know nothing of the subject but I do read submariners have more daughters:

                Four thousand eight hundred responses were received with a total of 6,958 children included in the analysis. Respondents had a SR of 0.95 compared to 1.05 U.S. population in 2015 (p < 0.0001). Submariners on sea duty had a SR of 0.88 compared to 1.02 on shore duty (p = 0.007). Those who had regular submarine contact on shore duty had a SR of 0.72 compared to 1.17 in those who did not (p < 0.001).

                • Starman says:


                  Fake and gay.

                • alf says:

                  Nah seems real and hetero to me.

                • Starman says:


                  That’s the problem with wordsmith commentators here, credulous acceptance of bullshit statements without any idea about the topic at hand and no evidence. The downplaying of the importance of videos, photos and livestreams of the actual event. The inability of word-thinkers to understand how to use a video or what video is used for.

                  Remember commentators like “aswaes” who parroted CDC COVID19 death numbers without question long after the CDC and other health bureaucrats were caught counting motorcycle crashes and Stage 4 cancer deaths as “covid”?

                  Remember the bullshit claims about “long covid” for twenty year olds being pushed in these threads over here, that mysteriously only happens to urban sophisticate soft-handed social classes?

                  Gedeon’s hilariously incompetent claim that SpaceX used 1970s Russian rocket stages?

                  The Q posts and “trust Giuliani and Pissobiec” posts between Nov 2020 to Jan 2021?

                  I should’ve had more of Not Tom’s skepticism.

                • alf says:

                  Not talking about any of those. Talking about skewed birth sex ratios, which I find interesting.

                  If you ask 5000 submariners about their kids, and the results give you a male/female ratio of 0.88 as opposed to a general 1.05, seems like something is going on there. So what’s fake and gay about it? Did the researchers lie? Can’t see why, does not seem to me to be a politically sensitive subject. Did the respondents lie? Perhaps, but can’t see why unless they universally and without coordination thought it was funny to propagate the idea that submariners have more daughters.

                  Also F for Not Tom.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Starman, you utter fag, sit down and shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about. When I was in, we had the same problems in my unit. Lots of radio comms, and very few sons ever born, to the point that it was notable. After a couple years away it would go back to normal and men would start having sons again, but while you were at the unit, not happening. It was real, I was there, and I watched it happen. Whether you saw it or not.

                  And if your faggot ass needs “pics or it didn’t happen,” I’ll send some pics of me fucking your sister. I don’t want to hear it from your dumb ass anymore, you low-trust faggot.

                • Starman says:


                  “If you ask 5000 submariners about their kids, and the results give you a male/female ratio of 0.88 as opposed to a general 1.05, seems like something is going on there. So what’s fake and gay about it? Did the researchers lie? Can’t see why, does not seem to me to be a politically sensitive subject. Did the respondents lie? Perhaps, but can’t see why unless they universally and without coordination thought it was funny to propagate the idea that submariners have more daughters.”

                  It’s a subject I’m familiar with, along with rockets. And I immediately detected bullshit in Alfred’s claim about submarine nuclear reactors. The same way I detected bullshit in Gedeon’s claims about rockets.

                • Starman says:

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III, on the subject of submarine nuclear reactors:

                  “Starman, you utter fag, sit down and shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about.
                  “When I was in, we had the same problems in my unit. Lots of radio comms, and very few sons ever born, to the point that it was notable. After a couple years away it would go back to normal and men would start having sons again, but while you were at the unit, not happening. It was real, I was there, and I watched it happen. Whether you saw it or not.”

                  Oh really Gedeon?… excuse me, Wulfgar. You were there?

                  Enlighten me then. What is the importance of negative Alpha T in nuclear reactor power control and reactivity?
                  (Don’t go into specific designs of course, just generic principles.)

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  Also F for Not Tom

                  Sometimes I spend several days and weeks without checking anything in the dissident space because I’m busy with other things in my life. Did I miss something? Why F? I assumed he was only lurking or keeping away for a bit for personal reasons.


                  I like your self-assured tone but there’s nothing wrong in asking for evidence, alf copypasted a paragraph without saying anything else. As we can observe with the coof, science is increasingly fake and gay and the skepticism is justified.

                • alf says:

                  It’s a subject I’m familiar with

                  And I’m not, which is why I investigate.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Starman, I have not seen a picture of your dick, or your brain, so I’m going to assume you are a brainless, dickless freak, which is why, if you had been reading instead of reeeing, you would have seen where I mentioned I was around radio communications. Radio waves. Radiation. Not nuclear radiation, just garden variety electromagnetic radiation. I do not want to dox myself, so I will leave it at that. Anyway, you brainless, dickless freak, at this comms battalion, there was a distinct lack of sons born while at battalion.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  AM, normally I would provide evidence, but Starman is being disingenuous. He considers anything he disagrees with false unless he sees it with his own eyes, because apparently he was dumb enough to believe in Q until the very end and got burned or something to that effect. He is not making a legitimate query, because he will just disregard the evidence you show him. It was obnoxious the last time he did it, so he deserves to get treated like the dickless, brainless nuisance he has become.

                • Starman says:

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III, on a thread about submarine nuclear reactors.

                  “Radio waves. Radiation. Not nuclear radiation, just garden variety electromagnetic radiation. I do not want to dox myself, so I will leave it at that. Anyway, you brainless, dickless freak, at this comms battalion, there was a distinct lack of sons born while at battalion.”

                  “Comms battalion” in a nuclear submarine? This is a sub-thread about nuclear submarines.
                  Now I suspect everything you are saying is made up. And that you have no idea what nuclear radiation is.

                  The thread was about claims about the effects of submarine nuclear reactors, not radio transmitters.
                  —>Alfred’s claim:

                  “For the same reason that men who work on nuclear subs only have daughters: General DNA damage to the reproductive cells.”

                  You couldn’t answer a generic question that a person who was actually on board the nuclear submarine would know.

                  Maybe someday you will have the same amount of Twitter followers that Jack Pissobiec gets for making shit up and making John-Edward style cold reading projections.

                • Starman says:

                  @Atavistic Morality

                  “As we can observe with the coof, science is increasingly fake and gay and the skepticism is justified.”

                  Yup. Skepticism is justified.

                  Here’s a running joke about word salads the bimbo who cosplayed as Steve Jobs at Theranos constantly spewed out as “claims” and “answers”:

                  Cramer asks: “Yes or no. You prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate?”
                  Bimbo: “We have been looking at the use of the cocoa bean and the vanilla bean in our proprietary peer-reviewed studies, and even back in 2014 we discovered that they have separate synergy with chemicals and lactose products…”

                • alf says:

                  I assumed he was only lurking or keeping away for a bit for personal reasons.

                  Eh who’s to say. He went from regular commenter to completely dark, maybe he’ll come back, for now he gets an F for respects from me.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Starboi is a literal guard dog for the chat. His utility is to administer RPWQs and gargle Elon’s nuts occasionally. If you respond to his barking, he just barks more. Also, don’t use multiple syllables. It seems to agitate him.

            • Karl says:

              Radiation is known to damage cells. The explanation that XX Chromosome pairings are can stand more damage might explain why men that are subject to radiation have more fewer sons.

              But how does testosterone damage cells? If that were the case, men with natural high testosterone would have fewer sons and more daughters. That is implausible and not what I see in real life.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Probably something subtle. Maybe a hormone imbalance somewhere that we are not aware of, yet, or it could be a very mild toxin in steroids that only affects minor things and only if you are constantly taking high levels. It would be hard to tell without a lot of serious study that the subject is not likely to get, given the political climate.

                • Karl says:

                  You mean artificially boosted testosterone levels are subtly different from natural levels?

                  Maybe boosting testosterone misses to boost something else that a man with high natural testosterone has?

                  Seems possible

          • simplyconnected says:

            Always heard from my chemist friend that professors in the Chemistry dept. tend to have lots of daughters, and it’s almost a point of pride: if you still have sons then you are probably not in the lab working hard enough.
            Older parents have more daughters, and poorer families have more daughters. It seems when something goes wrong, more daughters, presumably because it’s a safer bet for getting grandchildren. Make sense because sons have more potential reproductive upside, but only when everything goes very well (good genes, high investment). (Of course rich families have more sons, and beautiful parents have more daughters, which only makes sense)

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Actually, it’s a thread about damage to gametes, you brainless, dickless freak. The original comment was in regards to steroids resulting in damage to the gametes, which would affect the male genotype more than female, because males do not have a backup for their sex chromosome. Then nuclear reactors got brought up as another area where that happens, and then I brought up a third, with high-energy radio emissions. All have a potential causal factor to result in a sex skew, but we do not know what the cause(s?) is/are, hence the discussion.

            I would suspect that the cause between nuclear reactors and radio communications would be similar, as both involve high-energy systems putting out energy waves, but the mechanism is unclear. Either way, even if they were the same, that would not be the same reason that steroids damage the gametes. That is probably related to subtle hormone imbalances that we do not understand.. You know, because steroids are not high-energy systems releasing energy waves. Do you need a citation on that, brainlet? However, my experience in radio operations backs up Alf’s contention on nuclear technicians.

            You are arguing like a leftist, and failing to acknowledge any facts that disagree with your perception of reality. You talk like a fag and your shit’s all fucked up. Go away, you brainless, dickless freak, unless you want to argue like a human being and not a subhuman lefty manlet. Fuck off and go watch the livestream of Musk’s launches and stop bothering the adults in the room.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      I just want to share my anecdote that perhaps there is more natural way tackling declining T level in men. Granted I don’t have access to blood test so this purely by feel basis.

      2 years ago I noticed that my t-level are tanking, I got a lot fatter with same diet, and my sex drive went through the drain like I couldn’t get hard-on watching porn.

      Now at 27 y.o. this month, it has been 5 months now that I feel my T level are getting better. How do I know this?:

      – Weight reduced from 80KG to 72KG (rarely fast, zero training)
      – I got more shit done at work
      – My sex drive and semen production increased
      – People telling me that I am becoming intimidating, like I have a niece that don’t want to visit my house because to her I am scary person

      Basically I came back to my college self.

      What happened in the last 5 months?
      – Paid off my mortgage
      – Had new staff at work to take some of my workload
      – I move around the house more (mainly carrying my toddler son)
      – Increase veggie and meat variety

      Basically I have freedom to being carefree like I was in my teenage youth.

      All in all, I am still huge believer that stress and malnutrition should be tackled first before considering jab.

      • HerbR says:

        It’s always interesting to read about these things, and the effect of diet is indeed significant, but even anecdotal claims need some data in order to impart useful information. What were your actual T levels at these various points? Tests are cheap and easy to get. Even a proxy measurement like sets and reps can be informative.

        I’ve learned that people are utter crap at “mentally” tracking their diet, energy levels, productivity levels and so on. That’s why people use apps, or low-tech alternatives like a notebook and pen. Body weight is obviously quantitative, but the cause and effect could be reversed, and having/raising a kid changes a lot of things on its own. “Feeling like” you have high or low T is not the same thing as actually having high or low T.

        One time, I felt sure that I was low. Unmotivated, gym performance declining, generally low energy and so on. When I got tested, it came out just above 800, which for my age and ethnicity is not really low, and higher than the previous year’s test. The actual problem turned out to be a combination of poor sleep (I’ll skip the boring details) and a minor, unrelated, temporary and treatable condition.

        I believe the guys who say that exogenous testosterone makes them feel like a million bucks, but it doesn’t work the opposite way around. You can’t reliably estimate your own T levels based only on how you feel.

        P.S. Yes, I know that at 800ish I’d probably still benefit from a boost, but that’s beside the point.

  11. https://www.deccanherald.com/national/india-russia-discuss-afghan-situation-refrain-from-criticising-taliban-for-lack-of-inclusivity-1028470.html

    Clear signs that India are Russia are almost back to alliance level of the old soviet era. we have come a long way from Modi-Trump friendship…

    Also note: India and Russia have refrained from criticizing the “lack of inclusivity” in the taliban government (useless globohomo virtue signaling) but only concerned that Afghanistan should not be used for exporting jihad in the region.

    I see this a positive sign.

    • Oog en Hand says:

      The Orthodox hierarchy approves of vaxx. How much of the military is vaxxed?

      Did you know that Old Church Slavonic is very close to Sanskrit, and OCS is a good introduction to Russian?

      • neofugue says:

        Most Orthodox hierarchs are neutral on the vaccine question. Genuine priests understand it as a demonic sacrament while others promote it in fear of the covid demon. With the exception of entryists, the official church believes vaccination should be optional. Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) is most likely a double agent (possibly a triple agent) with the worst position among the higher clergy, consisting of maintaining relations with the ecumenical movement.

  12. Atavistic Morality says:

    I remember some time ago we had a conversation about restoration and smoking and considering what we’ve seen with Covid, I find this article very apt: https://pushingrubberdownhill.com/2021/09/08/everything-they-have-told-you-is-a-lie/

    I myself when I was a kid I actually thought that second hand smoking was real lmao, now that you mention it…

    Everything they have told you is a lie. Don’t take their pills, don’t take their jabs, don’t follow their dietary recommendations, don’t do their exercise routines, don’t take 0.7 glasses of wine per day while you have your 1.2 kids, don’t listen to their music recommendations, or their reading material, or watch their evil films, don’t do any of it.

    Words to live by.

  13. The Cominator says:

    The based babylon bee names the men or women trannies behind the curtain…


  14. notglowing says:

    Kind of a random topic, but what do you think about boarding schools?
    In general, not about how boarding schools are today.
    I definitely would’ve hated it as a child, and I think children are best educated more with their parents and less with institutions, though I can also kinda see the positive side of an all day education and a disciplined environment.

    As a side note, I’ve read all sorts of bad things about these kinds of institutions for “troubled teens” which seem to be the modern versions of boarding schools. I feel like they make no sense, if you have a troubled child that is something for you to manage, not some stranger. I don’t see how they could possibly work.

    • Fake says:

      C.S. Lewis talked about how prevalent pederasty was at the boarding schools he was sent to. I can only imagine what they can get like now.

      • notglowing says:

        Yeah, I know about that. I’ve read about the prefect-faggot system in British boys’ schools. I think that’s where the term “faggot” comes from in reference to homosexuals.

        I have to wonder though, what part of it is inherent in the concept of boarding school, and what was caused by its particular implementation.

        • jim says:

          Socinians took over the British boarding school system early in the nineteenth century.

          Socinians are post Christian heretics, and the ones that took over the British boarding school system were post christian pederasts.

          Anonymous fake is trying to use this conversation to inject the meme that the problem with boarding schools is straight Christians and the influence of parents.

          • notglowing says:

            You’ve mentioned something like this before though not in reference to boarding schools specifically.
            While I agree that some kind of Christian heresy has taken over British universities, I don’t understand why you specifically mention Socinians, and that specific time period.

            • jim says:

              “Socinians did it” is a one sentence summary of Jonathan Charles Douglas Clark’s “English Society, 1688-1832” which describes and explains the fall of the social order of the restoration.

              The restoration being my ideal model of how to recover from a holiness spiral and a left singularity.

              Not to be confused with “English Society 1660-1832”, which is the purged and expurgated edition. Still pretty good, but you have to read between the lines.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            I’m telling you that [*unsubstantiated lies deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Not what I see in front of my nose. Not what happened to my children. If what you say is true, provide some evidence rather than endlessly repeating the claim while dressing it with our shibboleths.

              • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  The disinclination of corporations to openly, publicly, and in writing, discriminate in ways that would likely be highly profitable, but would be flatly illegal and would certainly result in the destruction of the corporation, the seizure of the personal wealth of its officers, and lengthy terms of imprisonment for its officers, is not evidence of anything.

                  If you keep this up, going back to silently deleting your comments.

    • Anonymous Fake says:

      [*deleted for disconnection to reality*]

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Boarding schools were simply an early manifestation of the priestly whig faction’s desire to to kidnap children from their parents – much as their desire to kidnap authority over everything from everyone, as all else in society is dissolved into a commune under their supervision.

  15. Pooch says:

    So apparently Yarvin was on Tucker…LO


    • Pooch says:


    • ExileStyle says:

      This is truly and properly mind-boggling. How the hell is Tucker still on air? More importantly, when are they going to book Jim?


      • jim says:

        Yarvin and Tucker are namefags. The Cathedral tolerates namefags provided that they stay on the namefag reservation.

        Shutting down everyone like me would require copying the great firewall of China, and they have very few half decent engineers on board, whereas the communist party of China has lots of decent engineers on board, so for the moment, they are not going after people like me very hard.

        In this interview, namefag Yarvin overemphasizes the decentralism of the Cathedral. Which it loves to see emphasized, because it is in fact far more centralized than advertised, as is obvious whenever there is a 180 on one of the thousand points of the Harvard line.

        Moldbug called the Cathedral “The Cathedral” to emphasize its centralized and top down character. Yarvin and Tucker earn Cathedral brownie points by calling it the “The ruling class” rather than “The Cathedral” and emphasizing its decentralized and bottom up character.

        • Karl says:

          Jim, if you are aware of anyone whose writing is comparable to yours, please add them to your blogroll (if not already there).

          • Max says:

            ‘Firepower’ over at the now defunct Word Press Eradica.

            What happened to him ?

            The five fingered fist of liberaldom.

        • The Cominator says:

          As much as the Cathedral loves to make the Nazis the boogeyman as an organization and in their methods they resemble more than anything the NSDAP (as opposed to say the Bolsheviks or the CCP at any point). Another reason I rather dislike the 3rd Reich as its both the regimes scarecrow and with slight adjustments its model.

          The Cathedral is both decentralized and centralized the way the 3rd Reich’s government and Nazi party was centralized and decentralized, lots of competing jurisdictions but
          all working towards the “Fuhrer” or in this case perhaps secret spook committee, secret social network of prominent Ivy league shitlibs, secret bloodline Luciferians… I wish I knew. Its just inverted in that in the Reich the decentralization and infighting and competing fiefdoms were what were hidden in favor of the image of an efficient top down all powerful state. In the Cathedral the top down hierarchal nature is whats hidden, the infighting and competing factions are what is shown. Now of course any astute American can notice that a hidden hand runs thing as any astute German could notice that the Nazi state was plagued by constant turf wars and infighting… but on the very surface they present opposite pictures.

          The various organs all compete on how holy they can be fulfilling the edicts from the occulted leadership which does not like to necessarily govern the details (for one thing they would have to tip their hand too much) as Hitler did not always like to try to play chief bureaucrat (before the war he spent more time on architectural plans than day to day governing being mainly interested in governing in foreign affairs and rearmament). On issues he wasn’t super interested in at the time he’d wait for disputes to get to him and back one side or the other. But his leadership was absolute and the Cathedral’s central decision maker or makers authority (collectively if makers) is absolute because as we both observe too many switches get flipped and too many 180s get done for it to be really decentralized.

          They also have increasingly adopted the Goebbels method of propaganda, bludgeon everyone with the same lies over and over (but in a way even more gay and retarded, and even the Nazis liked to show light comedies that were relatively propaganda free occasionally… the Cathedral leadership doesn’t allow nonpolitical light comedy that is actually funny anymore…) repeated in a theoretically privately owned media and theoretically independent priestly institutions that they absolutely control and as such on any topic of importance speaks with one voice. This noxious sickening method was not generally their preferred method of doing things until I would say they started seriously pushing homosexuality uber alles and it didn’t become all pervasive until they knew Trump was going to be the Republican nominee.

        • alf says:

          Well they are a class and they are ruling, so he’s not wrong. And for a nrx namefag I dont think you can do any better than Tucker carlson.

          He does have a pervasive black pilling though. Entropy always lurks, but it is not inevitable, and thinking that it is seems tot me to be the nrx version of normalcy bias.

          Question remains, what does a white pilled Curtis Yarvin look like? Should he convert to christianity? I mean, I kinda understand he’d have reservations about that.

          • jim says:

            > Well they are a class and they are ruling, so he’s not wrong.

            He leaves out the part of the truth that matters most, and gives that part of the truth that they are happiest to hear.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              It’s the most worthless part by far, you could say it’s even counterproductive to spread it without the corresponding information to contrast it and contextualize it.

              You hear him talk like this and you know nothing else about restoration, it sounds demoralizing and black pilling: they are everywhere, they control everything and there’s not a thing you can do! Thank you Curtis, very helpful information.

          • Pooch says:

            He does have a pervasive black pilling though. Entropy always lurks, but it is not inevitable, and thinking that it is seems tot me to be the nrx version of normalcy bias.

            Question remains, what does a white pilled Curtis Yarvin look like? Should he convert to christianity? I mean, I kinda understand he’d have reservations about that.

            Where do you get that from? I don’t see Yarvin black nor white pilled. He is providing the clearpill and analyzing things how they are.

            • jim says:

              If you leave sex and reproduction out of the story, which even Moldbug did, you are not analyzing things as they are.

              Which is not to deny Moldbug’s great and foundational work on the Puritans.

              But when he starts talking about regime change, he was ahistorical, and Yarvin more so.

              We have seen plenty of holiness spirals followed, after greater or lesser delay, by regime change. There are standard pattens there, though the pattern is less uniform and predictable than the holiness spiral pattern.

              • Pooch says:

                But when he starts talking about regime change, he was ahistorical, and Yarvin more so.

                Yarvin is comparing us to the end of the Roman Republic and the end of the Roman Empire which seems apt but he also leaving out the holiness spiral which you so famously have described on this blog.

                Yarvin is saying best case scenario we get Caesar and worst case scenario we get the fall of the Western Roman Empire into barbarism. You are saying best case scenario we get Caesar and worse case we get the Khmer Rouge where everyone murders everyone else for insufficient holiness. So I suppose we will see who is right.

            • alf says:

              As I am fond of saying, if he were analyzing things as they were, he’d have ended up in this comment section, debating with Jim. That he is not debating with jim tells us there are things he’d rather not discuss, so not analyzing things as they are. He is, as he cheerfully admits, grifting.

              The way he talks has a general sense of inevitable doom. He sells it as ‘normies are way too optimistic’ but Im not a normie and am not buying. Reminds me a bit of Saruman selling the inevitability of Sauron.

              • Pooch says:

                The way he talks has a general sense of inevitable doom.

                But is that not that truth? I think Jim and just about every commenter here would agree that things are going to get a hell of lot worse before they get better.

                • alf says:

                  Jim frequently mentions the idiocy and stupidity of our elite and how easy it is to evade the law. Yarvin kind of evasively hints at the opposite.

                  Seeing him with Tucker for an entire hour(!) gives me fanboy goosebumps still, but I’m not all-in is all.

        • ExileStyle says:

          The namefag Curtis Yarvin is a less interesting writer than Mencius Moldbug was, for sure. Though he has, in his own cryptic fashion, still kept up some of the work of redpilling as far as I can tell. (I do not subscribe to Gray Mirror.)

          My astonishment was a matter of imagining the NRx world of 2014-2015 knowing that Moldbug’s author would appear on national television a mere six years later, or ever – he was the one who redpilled me, among many others I presume.

          This should be cause for optimism, I think: the long march back through the institutions has to begin somewhere. Has begun. And it is no longer even as secret as used to be, as of this interview.

          (Part of me thinks that media types are literally just too stupid to understand Tucker or Yarvin and the implications of their beliefs, as a couple of the few voices who do not speak exclusively in soundbites. I’m feeling cheery about this.)

        • Pooch says:

          Completely disagree. Our enemies are too stupid to understand what was said in that interview, and are mostly too stupid to understand what is said on this blog. I watched the entire interview and if they were smart enough they would be quite upset with what was said (what was almost entirely about regime change) but they are much too stupid to understand Yarvin’s heavy handed language.

          • Karl says:

            Maybe they do not understand the content, but they can recognize a thought crime without understanding it.

            • Pooch says:

              They can. But what is a thought crime? Anything that can get you banned. So what gets you banned? Questioning any part of the state religion. Discussing the decentralized or centralized nature of the Cathedral and theoretical regime change does not get you banned because it is not questioning the state religion. Can discuss it all day long on youtube and twitter. Jim is wrong about that.

              So Yarvin is still saying some interesting and valuable things in my opinion that are true and not thought crimes because he doesn’t touch any individual aspect of the state religion anymore.

        • Pooch says:

          Moldbug called the Cathedral “The Cathedral” to emphasize its centralized and top down character.

          Never once has Moldbug or Yarvin said that. Where are you getting that?

          • jim says:

            That is the symbolism of the phrase “Cathedral”, as discussed by Stallman, and Moldbug discussed Stalman’s usage as justification for his own usage.

            • Pooch says:

              Maybe but that is not mentioned in Unqualified Reservations. He seems to go to great lengths to describe just the opposite of centralization.

              • jim says:

                “Massachusetts, of course, later went on to conquer first Europe and then the entire planet, the views of whose elites in 2007 bear a surprisingly coincidental resemblance to those held at Harvard in 1945.”

                Sounds a bit centralized to me – Harvard was the Vatican of Massachusetts – Massachusetts conquers America for Harvard in the civil war, then the world for Harvard in World War II.

                But it really is not true that elite opinion in 2007 bears a striking resemblance to 1945 Harvard. It bears a striking resemblance to 2006 Harvard. Harvard line changes on Tuesday, every single academic in the entire Western Hegemony changes his line on Wednesday and cannot remember ever holding a different opinion. Then the new line, as for example Trannyism, takes a while to become drag queen story hour on the floor of your local public library, but it does not take decades, or even years to reach the floor of your public library.

                So, when he said 1945 – 2007 Moldbug was understating the degree of centralization. But Yarvin is understating it a lot more than Moldbug did.

                • Pooch says:

                  He also goes on to describe, at length, the authority of the New York Times. So who is the central authority, the New York Times or Harvard? Why are they saying the exact same things at the same time? Who’s controlling who? The answer is they are the same entity, the Cathedral, populated by the same people with the same religion. Harvard does not reach consensus before Yale or any other Ivy League school or any other prestigious high-status institution for that matter. They all reach consensus at exactly the same time.

                • jim says:

                  > They all reach consensus at exactly the same time.

                  Something a little odd about that.

                  This “consensus” arose from armed conquest. That is not a mechanism that leads to distributed consensus.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  They all reach consensus at exactly the same time.

                  Precisely, this being evidence that it is centralized and top down. Otherwise, who could they ever reach consensus exactly at the same time? Entropy doesn’t magically spawn order, even less possible absolute order.

                  We don’t know who is calling the shots exactly from where, but we know someone is shooting because we can see the smoke. I reckon it’s not a single person but a well placed small group of professors/academics/lawyers/experts who shared professors, alma matter, class generations, etc., and consistently reach consensus through constant communication which then transmit top to bottom from their positions of social and political influence.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  @Jim, Pooch, AM
                  Ok, let’s make the assumption that there is a central authority making decisions and pushing out directives (I disagree). There should be some way to construct a sort of chain of causality or instances that should lead to person or persons in charge. If this is impossible, then it seems the two conclusions would be either it doesn’t exist, or it is incredibly competent and capable, enough so that it is perfectly hidden. Making the claim that there’s a central authority demands some kind of evidence. Where there’s smoke, there should be a fire.

                  I always understood Yarvin’s thesis to be that the Cathedral is a distributed consensus network with no central leadership and an assumption of thought primacy that is a side effect of institutional investment, or capture.

                • jim says:

                  > Making the claim that there’s a central authority demands some kind of evidence. Where there’s smoke, there should be a fire.

                  And there are plenty of fires: I first realized what was going on when the Cathedral did an abrupt U turn on the Khmer Rouge, after many years of running into increasingly severe head winds on the issue. And plenty of examples from the Global Warming debate.

                  But, my favorite example, because we know for sure what the truth actually is, because everyone and anyone interested knows what the truth is even when they flat out lie in your face, is A tell revealing central authority over the official line

                  Suppose you are telling a lie. The lie is going to have great big holes in it unless you confabulate a lot of details to fit it in with a mesh of other facts and other lies. So it is likely to be a somewhat elaborate construction. And everyone has to adopt the same elaborate construction absolutely simultaneously, and forget that anything was ever changed.

                  If you start discussing well maybe we could explain away this thing that way, and maybe this other thing the other way, and some else proposes some other solution to the many contradictions, the debate will sink the boat. You cannot put together a consistent set of lies in a distributed bottom up fashion. You can put together a set of values and rules in a decentralized fashion, and the Cathedral does that all the time in a genuinely decentralized collegial fashion, but when it comes to constructing facts consistent with those values and rules, you just have to go top down military command style.

                  So you just cannot come up a with a new lie, or a change in existing lie, in a decentralized fashion. One man has to confabulate the whole thing. He presents it to his boss, after the style of Winston Smith in 1984, his boss OKs it, and it is shipped out from one microphone to ten thousand loudspeakers, which switch from the old story to the new story in mid speech.

                  To operate a state religion that makes falsifiable claims about this world, rather than unfalsifiable and frequently incomprehensible claims about the next, you just simply have to operate a fully centralized top down 1984 style operation. Which is what you get anyway when your state religion expands by wars of conquest.

                  You can delegate and distribute – one guy is fully in charge of lying on one matter, and another guy fully in charge of lying on another matter, and as the official line accrues more and more lies you are going to have to delegate and distribute to more and more people, but on any given matter, there has to be total, rigid and absolute centralization. One microphone, ten thousand loudspeakers.

                  And to the extent that you have multiple authorities in charge of lying in multiple areas, you have to have clear lines of responsibility, clear limits to what any given top level liar can lie about. You don’t want one liar supporting his lie with truths that another liar finds inconvenient.

                • Pooch says:

                  I reckon it’s not a single person but a well placed small group of professors/academics/lawyers/experts who shared professors, alma matter, class generations, etc., and consistently reach consensus through constant communication which then transmit top to bottom from their positions of social and political influence.

                  Unnecessary. The priesthood always silently converge on the ideas that make the the most impact ie give them the most the status and power.

                • Pooch says:


                  34:25 Yarvin describes why there is no center of the system.

                • alf says:

                  The ‘centralized authority’ versus ‘decentralized authority’ has been a staple of reactionary debate. It’s in the nature of the left to hate hierarchy because hierarchy implies order, so decentralized in that sense. Besides, let’s be fair, coming up with the next step for a holiness spiral isn’t exactly rocket science.

                  But at the same time Gnon demands hierarchy for successful cooperation, so for the Cathedral to rule and maintain the status quo, which we see it trying hard to maintain, it has a hierarchy, and most definitely an inner party, as loose a conglomerate as it may be.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sounds a bit centralized to me – Harvard was the Vatican of Massachusetts – Massachusetts conquers America for Harvard in the civil war, then the world for Harvard in World War II.

                  You describe the genesis of what is now called the Cathedral. Started quite centralized in Puritan New England. Now decentralized through delegation across many institutions of “experts”, academics, etc (which really dates to the Woodraw Wilson era).

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Making the claim that there’s a central authority demands some kind of evidence.

                  As I said, ideas being pushed at the same time from seemingly disconnected terminals is evidence of centralization. By design and necessity, when there’s coordination there’s leadership and organization.

                  or it is incredibly competent and capable, enough so that it is perfectly hidden.

                  No? How would you know who the people of influence are if you’re not one of them? Unless they tell you, you don’t know. Unless you get a mole inside or any of them defect. But every time we see emails leaked we can see that the acolytes of progressivism consistently communicate between each other through email and connections made in priestly areas, to which they refer at first contact in such emails.

                  I remember reading about random bureaucrats/politicians emailing Fauci to ask about masks or research and what not and all of them listening to his suggestions. Or asking in a roundabout manner what the expert is supposed to make of something to know what is the right narrative to push. In Climategate it was the same.

                  Unnecessary. The priesthood always silently converge on the ideas that make the the most impact ie give them the most the status and power.

                  Impossible, you might as well be talking about magic. Magic converging with magic agreement by magic conjecture.

                  The only way people can converge on ideas based on falsehoods is communicating with each other, but ten thousand people can’t agree in a single idea through discourse among each other. Someone leads the conversation, someone settles the conversation, someone has the most influence.

                  34:25 Yarvin describes why there is no center of the system.

                  He either became retarded when he became a namefag and forgot what Moldbug himself wrote or he is scared and lying and doesn’t want to point fingers to end up suicided like Epstein.

                  Unless I’m having some serious misremembering here, the tenet of his idea of formalism was precisely to recognize the center formally because even when you don’t see a center there is always a center, in comparison with democracy where the center is informal which produces maleficent organization. These were his words and his logic, which also happen to be the truth.

                  There is always an alpha in the room, whether you know it or not, every time you walk into a room someone is in more command than every other person. That we do not know who are the most powerful or who are the most influential doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, they absolutely do. And this might be a loose centralization but it’s still a central structure of sorts. For example, Fauci probably commands a lot more power and influence than a random CDC fag. So Fauci and Hillary and some other important Deep State faggot email each other and agree on something and then send the memo to every other acolyte or whatever. Or perhaps the three of them had the same professor at Harvard or whatever Ivy League and this guy endorses some new idea.

                  There is always a center, there is always a source, entropy doesn’t randomly spawn order.

                • Pooch says:

                  For example, Fauci probably commands a lot more power and influence than a random CDC fag. So Fauci and Hillary and some other important Deep State faggot email each other and agree on something and then send the memo to every other acolyte or whatever.

                  Fauci is clearly the high priest of the Covid Demon and is the seemingly leader of that cult yes, but what I think Yarvin is describing is that Fauci has power in the realm of Virology only. Surely, there are many Faucis in the many realms of “science” ie priestly magic. The system functions now in a way that it automatically delegates power to different priests (“experts”) depending on the area. In that sense, there is no command and control with regards to top level decision making. There is no center you can kill to destroy it. The whole stinking thing has to go.

                • Pooch says:

                  And to the extent that you have multiple authorities in charge of lying in multiple areas, you have to have clear lines of responsibility, clear limits to what any given top level liar can lie about. You don’t want one liar supporting his lie with truths that another liar finds inconvenient.

                  Yes this is it exactly. Fauci clearly is the head liar on covid. Many such analogous expert lying liars in the other areas where lies are needed.

                • Neurotoxin says:

                  It is both centralized and decentralized.

                  A lot of the decentralization is obvious. SJW attack swarms as a reaction to badthink are often spontaneous. And back in the 1960s, James Burnham in The Suicide of the West observed that when some news event happened, all his leftist acquaintances would instantly express the same opinion about it. When he asked them how they did it, they responded that “It’s just implied by the enlightened modern consensus” etc. (They really are NPCs.)

                  On the other hand, search for Journolist or Journo-list. (Note the spelling.) This was a blatant case during one of Obama’s elections in which reporters for various news organizations were conspiring with each other on a private listserv to set The Narrative.

                  And the word “homophobe” appeared one day in the 1990s like a light switch being flipped. One day that word did not exist. The next day – literally in the next 24 hours – it was being used in all the newspapers. (IIRC it was in response to the Matthew Shepard murder.) That was when I first realized there was some centralization along with the decentralization.

                • neofugue says:

                  > When he asked them how they did it, they responded that “It’s just implied by the enlightened modern consensus” etc. (They really are NPCs.)

                  Clerics are centralized while laity are decentralized. Theocracies are decentralized because morality and law are determined by suggestion as religious authority rules by soft power alone. Harvard itself does not point bayonets at students for protesting desegregation, it merely gives Progs justification in doing so.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Guys relax. Curtis explained, in simple language that makes sense to a normal person, to Tucker on TV, why no President is in charge of the executive branch anymore. That implies quite a lot, without having to say the naughty stuff out loud. He had to squirt a little ink into his “why”, but still, so what? Even that is big for normiesphere IRL.

          Reminds me of some French guy who wrote that when things get really bad, “observing a carrot” will trigger a revolution.

          The big deal wasn’t even Curtis publicly saying this, but Tucker publicly listening to him say it.

          • Pooch says:

            I agree. It’s rather shocking that Fox even allowed that to be said out loud.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              The dopes on top of Fox surely believe they have Tucker on a leash, but I think he can whistle in tones they can’t hear. He can praise his captors and blink “S-O-S T-O-R-T-U-R-E” at the same time.

              • Pooch says:

                Yes. The fact that is was obvious that Tucker was deeply interested in what Yarvin was saying, and didn’t dare cut him off was fascinating and encouraging.

                • Aidan says:

                  Tucker has almost certainly read MM. He maybe even reads our host here. Yarvin on Tucker is either a sign that Yarvin is compromised or Tucker is declaring war on the Cathedral. We will see if it comes down on him like a ton of bricks. But it looks to me like Tuck is trying to create the alternative. The Antiversity as it were.

                • Pooch says:

                  Tucker openly admitted he read UR during the interview (hedged it by saying he doesn’t agree with everything written). Tucker has been declaring war on the Cathedral for years. Mocking the New York Times and Harvard is a major theme of his show. But as long as the tenets of the prog faith aren’t questioned, I just don’t think our enemy elite are bright enough to understand when we are talking about replacing them.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Tucker has been consistently pushing for our side for a while now. It is subtle, and it could have just been wishful thinking, but I think having Yarvin on shows I was not merely seeing what I wanted to see. How many conservatives are going to find the open letter to open-minded progressives? How many of them will start to realize what is going on? How many of those will eventually find their way here? It only takes a small elite to change history. This is an attack on the current elite, and if they were smarter they would realize it.

                • Guy says:

                  Given that Fox and the media companies do not care about profits or bother even pretending to care about profits, why not just fire Tucker?

                  I really like Tucker, find nothing objectionable about him, but it makes me question some premises that he is still allowed on TV. It’s either part of their long term strategy and he’ll compromise on something important when needed, or somebody in control of fox is somehow not controlled by the cathedral. Unless someone else has another explanation. They’ve (the MSM, not necessarily Fox) fired others for less.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If Fox fires Tucker, he could go somewhere else. He could start a YouTube channel, or jump on something with alt-tech. Fox got hit hard after the election coverage debacle and siding with the election theft. If they fired Tucker, all the Boomers drinking the Kool-aid might realize Fox is controlled opposition. Plus, the enemy is stupid. They might also think Tucker is no threat.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  I agree with Guy, but Wulfgar makes some good points. The way Carlson signalled elite solidarity with regard to Hunter Biden was perplexing. I think Fox is controlled opposition, and I think they believe it is in their best interest to keep their enemies closer, as it were. Carlson seems smart enough to realize this, particularly if he’s read Yarvin. The whole thing is very complicated. Did Carlson get a brief on Yarvin a week ago, or has he been trying to do this for awhile? There is going to be ferocious backlash against Carlson and Fox over this.

                • Pooch says:

                  Given that Fox and the media companies do not care about profits or bother even pretending to care about profits, why not just fire Tucker?

                  My guess would be there still is some small semblance of profit motive left as long as no thoughtcrimes against the state religion are committed. Tucker pulls in massive ratings and practically destroys every other news network during his time slot. They even gave him an additional day time slot because of it.

                • Guy says:

                  Good points, they can keep him in their pocket relatively speaking this way, he’s got a lot of draw to let go on his own, regardless of profit motive.

        • Anonymous Fake says:


          • jim says:

            Last warning, then going to silent deletion.

            Provide some actual examples of conservatives and parents getting their own way in local schools.

        • neofugue says:

          Moldbug and Yarvin are the same person communicating with different target interest groups, the former with dissident rightists, the latter with Cathedralites.

          Yarvin is as anti-demotic as Moldbug but appeals to the degenerate elite that currently runs the empire. Explaining this in words is difficult, but Cathedralites are themselves a decentralized tribe based on a set religious consensus. The Cathedral is centralized, but Cathedralites themselves are atomized and decentralized.

          Listening and reading Yarvin is like listening to someone I grew up and studied with. The way Yarvin talks about Trump supporters and Cathedralites appeals to my base tribal instincts, not at an intellectual level. Were Yarvin to talk like Moldbug, “Cathedral” becomes “conspiracy” and thus his target audience loses interest.

          That many on this blog dislike Yarvin’s content demonstrates most having never fit in with Cathedral culture in the first place.

          TL;DR: Yarvin is appealing to Prog faggots, and thus talks like a Prog faggot. I say this because I was a Prog and still carry Prog baggage.

          Is this gentle approach valuable?

          • jim says:

            Yes, appealing to prog faggots has always been the strategy of both Moldbug and namefag Yarvin, and it has always irritated me

            But there is no way to get out of this mess except by rolling back “elite overproduction” – meaning the dissolution of the monasteries, firing a gigantic horde of priests and telling them to get jobs producing actual value. Somehow I doubt you are going to get the priesthood to sign up for that.

            Either the warriors tell the priests to get a job – which will likely be delivering pizzas, serving coffee in Starbucks, or greeter at walmart. or the priesthood launches a great terror with themselves as the number one victims, after which enthusiasm for signing up for priestly jobs diminishes considerably

            • neofugue says:

              The reaction must be careful not to dissolve the baby with the bathwater. One reason why monarchy collapsed was the lack of effective and competent secret police. Many high-level professions require higher education prior to apprenticeship. The bureaucracy is needed in preventing the many tragedies of the commons.

              Academia is also at the forefront of aesthetics. Much of the high arts is maintained by wealthy people with little to no artistic sense buying status from the Cathedral. Degenerate art degrades even the most tasteless of philistines, as the soul of a nation is reflected in its aesthetics.

              The rewards for defection against the Cathedral in support of Reaction, in addition to surviving the holiness-spiral, are getting a traditional wife and children, becoming manly, and rooting out competition. After all, Leftists are the biggest victims of Leftism.

    • chris says:

      Whole thing here;


      (Not affiliated with this youtube account.)

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Why is his hair different every time I see a video of him? In his Berkeley days he had a butt length ponytail, then he had the corporate men’s cut a few years ago. Now he has the “Dutch boy” cut.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          This is a good observation, and more significant than it seems. Yarvin is trying to go mainstream and become some kind of Ben-Shapiro-like faux-edgy talking head celebrity. I think he’s has hired stylists and image consultants and they’re experimenting with different looks to try to appeal to the normalfag masses.

          • jim says:

            I don’t think we need to appeal to the normalfag masses.

            Normality is over.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Sure, but on the individual level, there’s a lot more money and status to be harvested by Yarvin as a Ben Shapiro clone than as an anonymous internet extremist.

              • jim says:

                A sound strategy if one thinks that the new abnormal is going to continue for an indefinitely long period of Brezhnevian stagnation.

                And similarly, hodling is a strategy that is doomed to fail if one thinks we will still be using government approved currency indefinitely and one’s hope is to sell for fiat currency at a profit.


      • Anon says:

        This is why Yarvin shit is boring. Thankfully I didn’t have to listen to this entire thing but I did hear this skipping around a bit:

        …we’re both from this class, we can say this: these are, in many ways, the best people in America. And just as human beings, their ideas are terrible, but as human beings they’re wonderful. They have the best taste, they eat the best food. These are not insignificant things. This is an aristocracy.”

        According to Yarvin, since I am from this class I can say: no. We have possibly the dumbest “elite”, who are in the proper sense elite at nothing in particular, that the earth has ever seen. An Aztec ruler ordering some bastard’s heart ripped out and warm body thrown down the steps was probably more competent in real terms than someone with a degree from Brown. I don’t think a Brown grad could tell you who painted The Night Watch or why the colosseum is architecturally beautiful, but they could tell you what their favorite Marvel movie is or how the new meme rap artist is hot fire. They probably couldn’t do calculus either. So what is the aristocracy of Burning Man?

        Two possibilities:

        1. Yarvin desperately wants to think he and his friends who went to Brown are smart, when he and they simply just are not. Perhaps he can do an hour long Fox special about when the last time university selected for intelligence, or explain his hilarious opinions about Iraq and Afghanistan

        2. If doxxed, might as well fall on the blade. All of this podcast shit, everything that Yarvin says about giving apparatchiks nice pensions and a ticket to the Caribbean, is fishing for “elites” who are open to defect on the current regime, and you don’t court potential defectors by telling them you’re going to string them from a helicopter

        • Pooch says:

          I suspect the latter and it keeps him from getting deplatformed. He talked openly on Tucker about regime change for over an hour and there was not a peep by the Cathedral about it. 0 attacks as far as I’m aware. Why?

          He camouflages it by saying now of course it won’t need be violent, when it is becoming quite obvious that there is very little other option but violent regime change that he himself is well aware of (he knows why Caesar failed and he has wrote as much as Moldbug). He also seems to be making a plea to people like The Cominator to have mercy on his class.

          • Anon says:

            He also seems to be making a plea to people like The Cominator to have mercy on his class.

            Well, should they have mercy? Did the first Romans have mercy on the Sabines? I don’t think talking about killing humble TAs or anyone who pursued a degree at all is wise like some people on here. Not everyone with a degree wants to kick puppies or whatever. But from having been on Twitter, there sure are a lot of prominent people who have been at the helm of various fuck ups over the years voluntarily saying fairly heinous shit, and simply having a degree doesn’t compel one to voluntarily say heinous shit. As just one example, what is to be done with someone like Bill Kristol? I’m not even a part of the disparaged class and I was offended on their behalf

            If certain vermin are going to be leaving via helicopter anyway then simply adjust the nature of the departure. I’m sure someone else has been keeping track more than I have

            • Pooch says:

              Regardless of namefag Yarvin’s plea, I think it’s fairly obvious what is going to need to be done about the elite. Those with a lot of actual real power and status to lose are not going to simply allow themselves to quietly be bought out with pensions. The Ides of March tells how they react. The mid-managers and below is where mercy can only begin to be considered.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          ‘The lieberuls arent your enemy goy’.

          This was the biggest moment where yarvin shit the bed; a neat recapitulation of perpetual cuckservative failure for the last 120 years.

          One of the hardest things for a good decent normie possessed of more conservative temperament to really, truly come to understand, to wrap his head around and be able to believe, to *allow* himself to believe… is the idea that all those people who he thought were his countrymen, do *not* in fact want to just get along; that their greatest enemies now are not any people outside, but people *inside*; that no, their hearts are *not*, in fact, in the right place, and that no, it is not a matter of just impressing upon them the virtues of your favorite economic policy which clearly they are rejecting only because they have not yet been made aware of it’s eminent logic.

          There are no prisoners in a culture war. When one clade is ‘reasonable’ and ‘willing to compromise’, while another clade will accept nothing less than total victory, the latter carries the day every time. Being ‘reasonable’ is something you do amongst brothers, whom all share the same values – which is to say, the same aesthetics, the same motivating animus – that you do; when people *do not* have that commonality – as obviously they do not today, have have not for generations – then ‘being reasonable’ instead becomes a ratchet that only ever turns one way.

          Maintaining a one way civil war is the unstable equilibrium that the old liberal order used to ride the tiger across the 20th century. But now the old underlords are all dead, and by their nature, did not foster descendants who shared their same qualities, to take their place. The pretexts they used to destroy enemies and extract capital are being used them in turn, and the unprincipled exceptions they used to prevent the internal logic from running off to it’s total nihlistic conclusions are everywhere falling in the face of ever more unholy faithful denouncing them as offenses to the officially unofficial faith.

  16. Pooch says:


    Unorthodox take, but I say time is on OUR side, not theirs. We patiently wait for the collapse of regime capability to do violence.

    • Alfred says:

      The weakness and delusional nature of the GlobalHomo empire is encouraging.

    • jim says:

      Time is certainly on our side in the sense that leftism always self destructs, and right now it is self destructing faster and faster.

      But the “Time is on our side” idea is totally false in the sense that Turley is an idiot: “Just wait for the next election. We are going to win in a landslide”. We already won in a landslide.

      • D Brinn says:

        I was at a meeting last night where someone brought up how important it is to vote in good people and then hold them to their principles, because it sucks when you elect conservatives and then they don’t stay conservative. Normalcy bias is a powerful thing. Maybe when it gets to the point where the Dear Leader is declared the winner with 99% turnout, they’ll finally get it. Probably not.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Given the fact that elections are almost formally abolished, we now have neocameralism in which the Democrats are owners of the USA. They do not even have to pretend to care about the opinions of the people…

    • Aidan says:

      Time is indeed on our side. Though, a recent trip to the mountains impresses on me how it would theoretically be possible for a rebellious state to resist and defeat the USM maybe a decade from now. If you can hollow out a mountain, you have a fortress that resists aerial bombardment. Every single mountain cave needs to be cleared out by Stunning and Brave, who have to ruck their cunts through miles of forested hills and valleys, with rednecks who have been shooting ARs every other day since they turned 12 behind every tree and bush. But, even a war of resistance needs a faith.

      • Alfred says:

        > But, even a war of resistance needs a faith.


        I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall that is christcuckery. Telling people that their religion has been highjacked by the people who hate them and who plan to kill them is a hard sell. American Christianity is even weaker than GlobalHomo.

        • Joe says:

          It is a very hard sell to tell churchgoing Christians that they are currently worshipping a demon. I think that only the rod of reality or death will sway them.

        • jim says:

          > feel like I’m banging my head against the wall that is christcuckery. Telling people that their religion has been highjacked by the people who hate them and who plan to kill them is a hard sell.

          The white Christian Churchgoer is in the same position as the tribes that the Atzecs were raiding, sacrificing to demons, and eating. His priest is in the pocket of his enemies.

          His enemies intend to harm him, and his priest intends to harm him.

          A demon worshiper is not acting in rational self interest. He hates you, he intends you harm, he hates the world, he wants the world to die with him, and he hates himself.

          I think when they first whipped up the vaccine, they were thinking “We will use some cool magic biotechnology, and the cool magic of holy science will make the Covid problem go away, granting us immense status, and making everyone happy. And we want to make everyone happy.”

          And then they noticed that ivermectin was actually effective, but if something was actually effective, it would cut in to their money and status. They wanted you to live and be happy by their priestly magic, but they would rather you died than benefit from someone else’s magic.

          And then they noticed that their vaccine was not in fact very effective.

          And then they would rather that you died, and they forgot their reasons for wanting you to die.

          Your priest wants you dead, and if he ever had any rational pragmatic self interested reasons for wanting you dead, he has forgotten what they were.

          In defect/defect equilibrium, the individual defector is acting in his individual rational self interest, even though defect/defect equilibrium is not in his self interest.

          And when a faith turns demonic, individual members of the priesthood, and factions of the priesthood, are at first defecting out of individual rational self interest. But the impact of defection on the faith, and the impact of the resulting faith on priests, results in behavior that is not well described as the pursuit of individual rational self interest, but rather as malice, destructiveness, and self destructiveness.

          First they do evil things out of individual rational self interest, do evil because they gain some benefit at someone else’s expense by doing evil. So then they believe evil things to justify doing evil things. And then they do evil things because they believe evil things and believe evil things because they do evil things in a closed circle isolated from reality, from the world, and from individual rational self interest.

          • Varna says:

            Christ, that sounds like a frighteningly valid summary of the process.

            Add to this the parasitic and predatory behavior of self-maintaining institutional structures growing around and feeding off “problems” that they need to be eternal and always worsening, and it’s demons all the way up and down, from the macrostructures to the individuals.

            Yet if in this specific part of our timeline the cycle results in quick widespread damaged health and lowered cognition and processing speed of the “individual cells” makin up these toxic organisms, this adds another…exciting…element to everything.

            I remember back in the day seeing pop history theories about how this or that ancient civilization poisoned themselves with some widespread use of a toxic substance, like some metal or some plant, and thinking “poor primitive bastards, if this is true”.

            Suddenly we seem to be approaching the “who’s the retard now” punchline.

            But looking back, what with the gradual accumulation of chemicals in the sea, land, air, and bodies, this here now is just a stunning and brave leap into the same direction.

          • alf says:

            Paste on heads of a few progs and voila, our current predicament.

        • Pooch says:

          The Christians I see who are born into their faith are simply blindly inheriting a horribly cucked dying and decaying faith apropos for a dying and decaying society.

          On the other hand, the Christians I see who have converted to Trad Orthodoxy or Trad Rites Catholicism, although very small in number, are converting to what seems like a live faith with a true vision of what a post-modern trad society should look like. Stark difference between the two.

      • Varna says:

        What with the media implicit hypno programming of boomers, and the hypno porn explicit programming of zoomers and millennials, three likely useful anti-programs.

        To snap the listener out of the social programming

        To snap the listener out of the religious programming

        To snap the reader out through visual edgy humor. https://anonfiles.com/h5Zcj5O4oa/Self-deprogramming_from_GloboHomo_brainwashing_SAMIZDAT_pdf

        Old thing, from Trump’s presidency or maybe even before, but great fun.

      • Publius says:

        You’re in a cave. What are you going to do for supplies? Live on blind fish and mushrooms? Did old fashioned siege tactics stop working? Even the vibrant can do a siege, especially with the help of drones and area- awareness systems. Nobody needs to ruck up anywhere. You just send a missile from a drone at anyone who leaves the cave. You could probably even automate it.

        • Pooch says:

          Even the vibrant can do a siege, especially with the help of drones and area- awareness systems.

          A female and black led army is going to have a tough go at feeding itself let alone maintaining and operating a drone fleet.

        • The Cominator says:

          The idea of a mountain holdout is really the idea of an underground complex and on the contrary its very very difficult to besiege such a place because a besieger probably doesn’t know where all the entrances and exits are.

        • Aidan says:

          Read what I wrote again, more carefully this time.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        Bunker buster bombs might be able to knock down the caves and tunnels. Not new tech. They go back as far as WWII.

      • Allah says:

        TAF has been clearing out PKK from their mountain fortresses in northern Iraq for the last couple years so both sides are very experienced. This only works if your enemy is cucked, just like all other “asymmetric” conflicts and keep in mind PKK has support from the West, Russia, and Iran. When things get tough they just retreat to Iran and come back later, all of their leadership is comfortable in Iran. Will you have foreign support? How much?. From what I remember Jim said something like “let the men hide, kill their women and children and the brave men will come out” and that’s exactly right. Leftists will rape your kids in public and all you’ll be able to do is watch and seethe in your cave.

        In short, not militarily significant. If you aren’t getting tons of ATGMs for free from China, forget about it.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Don’t even think of fighting back, goy. Our holy and amazing technology is too vast to be defeated.

          • Allah says:

            Just look at existing insurgencies. PKK is the best case scenario and even they only exist because we are cucked. Their enemy is hated and they are loved by foreign powers, they make billions from drugs and tribute, they have virtually limitless manpower from high fertility tribes, their members are raised from birth to fight and die for the cause, they have safe places to organize and recuperate.

            What do you have? It’s not so much that they are invincible, it’s that you are pathetic. No one likes you, you are poor, you are cowards. Americans are fat bastards raised and ruled by women and freaks. Your larps have already been exposed in 2020.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Ok kaboomer.

            • info says:

              >they make billions from drugs and tribute, they have virtually limitless manpower from high fertility tribes

              So the increasing numbers of women in the ranks of the PPK Military is actually working against that advantage.

        • Joe says:

          Are you still here, you monstrous faggot?

          • Allah says:

            I still lurk, I just don’t care about obscure American politics.

            • Joe says:

              For now.

              There will come a time, when you have worked yourself up into sufficient rage, in which you will try to destroy my brothers in Christ. I regret to inform you that you will fail, as have your Muslim brothers already in my land, and that reaction against your attempts will be more devestating than any you have experienced thus far, even unto the time of the crusades.

              Islam is the nigger of Abrahamic religions. Allah is a demon. Muslims cannot produce anything of value in the space age. They can only destroy.

              The existence of universalist Muslims, anywhere, on a space age earth is intolerable. Your religion, along with its uncompromising adherents, must be destroyed, lest humanity fall forever to Satan.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Still better than Progressivism.

                • Joe says:

                  If the scaffold of easy oil is irreplacable then Islam and Progressivism have exactly the same eventual outcome. If and only if there is a route from collapse to the stars then it will be worth worrying about the differences.

                • jim says:

                  We are not going to run out of coal for quite a while. There is, for the moment, plenty more oil, but we have already run out of oil accessible by low technology, accessible by a backward society, and easy access coal tends to be in inconvenient places. Access to iron ore is getting higher tech, and easy access very high quality iron ore, iron ore that allows low tech steel making, is gone.

                  By and large, resource availability is increasing, rather than decreasing. We are not running out of resources, any more than we are running out of food. We have an increasing abundance of resources, and far too much easy access to food, but the minimum tech level needed to get those resources is increasing. If we have a dark age as severe as the Bronze Age collapse, reclimbing the tech tree may well be difficult. If our tech level falls, then we will have a resource shortage.

                  In such case, we may well have to reclimb the tech tree with hordes of peasants equipped with digging sticks ruled by knights with steel swords fossicking through the ruins of cities for the rust of steel girders, which are then made into more steel using charcoal from forests.

                • Joe says:


              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                He cares very much about obscure american politics because you are talking with a plant.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Nah, he is not a Jew or a fed. I am pretty sure that he is a legitimate camel jockey. He was here a while back trying to talk up how great Islam is. He is making the point that the Islamist Turks are beating the Western-signalling Kurds, not that we cannot fight back. He is an entryist, but an open, Islamic entryist.

          • Allah says:

            I’m not [*deleted*]

            • jim says:

              Come clean on what you are.

              You are an enemy of old type Christianity and the Logos, and support terror by Dar Al Islam against the bloody borders of Islam and against whites.

              Therefore, an entryist for some faction of Dar Al Islam, but I am insufficiently familiar with Islam’s many complicated internal quarrels to figure out which one.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                It’s like the difference between NorCal and SoCal. Californians love to go on about how different the two are and all I hear is, “*communist noises, im a huge fag, i love trannies, more commie noises.*” A camel jockey is a camel jockey, whether he rides his camel in accordance with Shiek Raghead ibn Goatfucker or Calif Boylover ibn Donkeyhumper.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        I think you’re ascribing too much competence and cohesion to the enemy. There are almost no physical barriers stopping a bunch of veterans from capping the majority of prog acolytes like breathing air. Talking about war against the Cathedral in American soil by white men is like talking about boxing your shadow.

        The way I see it, there is only a lack of religion and tribe, because the operatives are there and the resources are there, it’s just… there is no leadership, there is no organization. No one is going to randomly undertake this mission, risking themselves and potentially sacrifice everything in exchange for nothing, in a political context of boomerism/neoconservatism/classical-liberalism/libertarianism/Trumpism/christcuckism/Republicanism and a million currents of thought formed from the different degrees of fusion between the different cucked early-leftardism and the entrysm from the Progressive Black Church. So because there is no real tribe and no real leader, there is nothing to actually sacrifice for, no side to play with, there isn’t a clear religion to begin with so right-wingers couldn’t even agree if killing Harvard is morally right or not and if you’re atomized… there is no point to it. But if there was a unified current of thought, a unified religion with a unified leadership and a strong king, there would be plenty of potential soldiers capable and willing to take the risk to do the job, knowing that they are doing the right thing under the auspices of God, King and Tribe/Nation. Knowing that if they succeed they’d be praised and rewarded, with the love and respect of kin, the company of a young pretty wife in a nice house with a nice garden, in a nice community with nice values. How and who was then going to stop them? The faggots? The trannies? The wahmen? Biden? The niggers? There’d be no one to stop them, every single competent white man would be with them anyway.

        But as things stand? Shit, you can’t even post in a Trump space without having a bunch of enemy shills and feds undermining everything you say, how will you ever agree to anything like this? And even if you had the ability to communicate with people, my God, you have to erase centuries of subtleties and brainwashing implanted into the culture and the education they’ve received. You have to reteach, reexplain and demonstrate how everything they’ve been taught is actually wrong and twisted. Because of real life experience, more and more people are waking up and you can say stuff like feminine suffrage was a mistake and find plenty of approval, but it’s still a far cry from what is a minimum requirement let alone what is actually optimal which is make women property again.

        In a way jim is already leading us in that most important endeavor, slowly but surely cleansing and guiding to virtue the hearts and minds of many, while we here commenting from time to time act as a small support.

        • Aidan says:

          Precisely. I didn’t go into too much depth in the original post way up there. The potential for a small decently-equipped state to defeat USM already exists today. The problem is loyalty and cohesion, faith and leaders.

          I believe that it might be possible to quietly capture one of a few US states that does not receive much attention from the Eye of Sauron. You don’t begin with explicitly reactionary measures. Rather, you take the model of corporate governance that is already beginning to crop up in some places, the reinvention of the company town, but apply it to a state. This, in the eyes of the Cathedral, is evil capitalist overlordship, but if it’s over a bunch of 90% white hillbillies, the Cathedral, I think, won’t care very much, and it will have a lot on its hands imposing whatever demon worship the spiral settles on. (Either the black devil, the COVID devil, or the mother earth devil. Looks to me from history that the mother earth devil tends to win out; I personally expect COVID demon worship to collapse into climate demon worship).

          When the state is captured, you gut the state bureaucracy, retiring most of its employees on pension, automating a large proportion of the day-to-day function of government via algorithm, similar to Jim’s idea of remote procedure calls, borrow a lot of soon-to-be-worthless fiat currency, and build a large tech and energy infrastructure, offering massive tax breaks and minimal regulation to relevant companies to draw them in, while requiring that employees coming from out of state sign non-voting agreements; and make sure not to put polling places in company towns anyway.

          While restoring competent and effective government, the eye of the Cathedral will fall on it, and it plays dumb, acting like it is destroying itself (and the marxist Cathedral is required to believe that our measures are suicide), the quixotic effort of dumb rednecks to turn some foundering meth addicted backwater into the new Silicon Valley. Once the plan works, once our backwater has become prosperous and orderly, and thus becomes a target, it will be too late. Give our model a name, and its ascent instantly becomes an alternative option for an America in decline, as liberal democracy was the alternative for the Soviet Union, encouraging defection and coup d’états in other regions. Our state can also literally export ‘advising statesmen’ to other jurisdictions to solidify the model as a Schelling point.

          The goal is not to hide forever, but to act weak until it cannot be denied that you are strong. People I’ve been hashing out this theoretical scenario with predict and expect war with USG once it become apparent that you are the biggest applecart to knock over. Their goal was to avoid war. But the point at which you become a target is the point at which victory is assured, and in fact war is necessary for long-term success. Tribal loyalty becomes defined by opposition to an America in rapid decline, with the new governance mode and its leadership as Schelling point; you can even name your model something cheeky, like the “Old Republic Model”, to make it palatable to the average normiecon. Actual reactionary measures, i.e. the abolition of electoral democracy, peerage based on leadership of the state’s armies in its inevitable war against the USG, the adoption of a state church, and coverture of women, are all to be instituted as emergency measures during wartime and then never revoked; there is a lot of America to reconquer after all, and by the time it is done, Caesar will have passed on to Augustus.

          Again, possible today. The number of willing and able statesmen that my plan here would require is greater than a dozen, but less than a hundred. But where is a cohesive and loyal tribe of even this many, worthy enough to pull it off?

          • Anon says:

            Before the new State could be actually established and promulgated, the idea of it and the model for its organization had already existed…

            In Aidan’s writing I hear the familiar echo of Genius.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            You would have to time this very carefully. The Eye can focus very hard, but it seems to suffer from monomania, so when it is focused on one thing, many other things can carry out operations with only local resistance. This suggests that you’d either need very strong predictive capacity (like knowing about infrastructure failings, supply chain hiccups, climatological catastrophe, midterm upset storms, etc) or false flags of a sort, things like brazen Texans or anarchic Californians or pillaging negroes. You don’t want to grow a banzai tree (easily uprooted) and sequoias take a long time and don’t generally grow alone (multiple redoubts springing up concurrently over a long, stable period). It needs to be a thicket of bamboo.

            • jim says:

              This singleness of focus is an indication of over centralization.

              Over centralization is an inherent problem of priesthood centered on lies about this world.

    • The Cominator says:

      “Firing hordes of priests” with a (minecraft) gun.

      Sparing them is both a crime and worse a mistake. You’re content to allow child abuse and worse to orphans and bastards who themselves did no wrong… these fuckers on the other hand deserve to die 1000 times over. Promising mercy maybe to get them to surrender but do not show it.

      Suharto did nothing wrong.

    • jim says:

      There is profound reluctance to report of acknowledge bad outcomes from the vaccine, but on the reported data, it looks like serious unpleasant consequences are several hundred times as common as death.

      This is consistent with anecdotal data.

  17. Oog en Hand says:

    Many Chechens do not need wages. Many Chechens do not need pensions…

  18. Varna says:

    Minimum apocalypse version of the near future of this timeline

    1) Globohomo is currently doing a “Perestroika” (Build Back Better; Great Reset)

    2) The two pillars of the Soviet Great Reset were
    a) Uskorenie (Acceleration), and
    b) Glasnost (Free Speech).

    3) Globohomo’s Perestroika is based on the opposite:
    a) Deceleration (Green energy, less travel for the proles, less industry, suffocation of small business and middles class)
    b) Anti-Glasnost

    4) The figure of the Soviet Perestroika was the young Gorbachyov after a lot of elderly decrepit dear leaders. The figure of the globohomo Perestroika is a decrepit dear leader.
    5) The Soviet Afghan debacle is mirrored in the globohomo Afghan debacle. The Soviet Chernobyl disaster is mirrored in the globohomo kike-spike mandatory vax hysteria.
    6) The Soviet great resetters had an example of “how to do it right” – i.e. a still visibly healthy and robust West. The globohomo great resetters do not have an example of “how to do it right” (aside from hypothetical Chinafags), and instead are making it up as they go along, plus certain more specific competing plans of perhaps half a dozen major players in the shadows.

    Least apocalyptic prognosis:
    1) The clot-shot hysteria sputters out in the warm months of 2022
    2) Those most vaxed who got their autoimmune systems ruined will be placed on “daily booster pills” which will de facto be rebranded HIV meds.
    3) In less pozzed placed people will be given some regeneron-type stuff instead
    4) The mainstream will pretend they knew nothing, censored no one, are as surprised as anyone can be, oy vey how could this have happened
    5) Ten years later the pharma fascists will pay out some cash like the Saklers just did for causing the opioid epidemic.
    6) Most countries will open up again, travel will become easier, but not 100% as easy as before
    7) The system will try to cling on to all the existing restrictions and emergency abilities. In some countries this will be resolved on a national level, while in others—on a sub-national level. Especially in federations, a split will deepen.
    8) The system will attempt to falsify elections across the northern hemisphere. Even where this succeeds, this will deepen the divide on a national and sub-national level
    9) No major currency will collapse, or be abruptly replaced by digital alternatives. However, fiat money will lose value at sub-hyperinflational levels, and digital currencies will be introduced, at least at first, as complimentary currencies
    10) England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and half the US will continue their march to a cyber gulag pharma utopia, but internal political realignments will occur. Normal progressives and conservatives will try to carve out niches for themselves, and in the aftermath of the played down bio-Chernobyl they will have a chance.
    11) Russia, China, Turkey, and Hungary will continue maintaining defensive stasis, until they feel the worst of the external turbulence has passed. After this, realistic plans of who gets to be the next leader and how the system will work from now on will be implemented.
    12) Over the last twenty years the West has gradually turned into a franchise network of globohomo, with former countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Canada, and so on, turning into franchise branches still called the same names. In the “pick up the pieces” aftermath of the current cycle of the globohomo Perestroika, a window of opportunity will exist to turn these franchise branches into proper countries again
    13) Hunger and famine will not hit the northern hemisphere, but shortages likely will
    14) Total blackouts will not hit the northern hemisphere, but short-term infrastructure collapses likely will
    15) Hyperinflation will not the northern hemisphere, but heavy inflation likely will
    16) Scotland will become the most cucked place on Earth.

    • Fireball says:

      Being in the periphery of the western civilization is apparent that things are already collapsing faster than that. The americans if they don’t start killing each other like madmen may actually holdout for a long time but europe is fucked.

    • SJE says:

      Great forecast. My only question is about #16 – why is this, anyway? I’ve never understood how Scotland got so cucked.

      • Varna says:

        > I’ve never understood how Scotland got so cucked.

        Who knows. Perhaps the colonies like Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland are subconsciously imitating the Queen Elizabeth/Prince Charles/faggy psychopathic Prime Minister troika dynamic, translating it into either having a stern mommy (but of the new crazy bitch generation) or a younger version of cucked simp Charles, or some local sleazy psychopath version of Blair or Boris, or a mix of all three.

        The long shadow of England on its babies, in other words.

        Germanics/Nordics today have got a similar, but slightly different dynamic going, and Scotland is right at the intersection of the Scandinavian/Germanic castrating mommy/obedient sleazy psycho simp culture and the English castrating mommy/obedient sleazy psycho simp culture.

        Thus, Scotland gets a double dose. The Germanic/Nordic variation of globohomo multiplied by the Anglo variation of globohomo.

        Whether this is sustainable time will tell. Could be the rising waves of turbulence will sweep away the bullet-headed dykes and strung out whores from their mommy positions the world over. It would be good, in such a scenario, to not forget what they did and why they were toxic.

        Scotland is over 90% white. They can still turn things around at any time. That being said, there were whole decades in which America, Canada, France, and others could also turn things around at any time. Sometimes the very fact that things can be turned around at any time breeds complacency until the moment when things can no longer be turned around.

      • The Original OC says:

        Since the wars of religion, Scotland has been run by low church protestants but without the counterbalancing force of a conservative Church of England. They’ve never been in charge of the Anglo-protestant project, but have long been accomplices of convenience. Meanwhile all the UK local governments are worse than the national government, because they were designed later and are therefore better optimized to give real power to bureaucrats. When you vote for the Scottish Parliament you are casting multiple votes for different parties under different electoral systems; no one knows what they are voting for, and the bureaucracy rules. In Wales, most people do not both to vote, and the bureaucracy claims the default victory of whoever as a mandate to do whatever it was going to do anyway.

    • The Ducking Man says:

      I’ll say better start WW3 in 5 – 10 years already, I prefer quick death than slow suffering and suffocating existence.

  19. simplyconnected says:

    Finally tracked down the source of increase in car accidents that I saw:

    Monthly Preliminary Motor-Vehicle Fatality Estimates – May 2021.
    May motor-vehicle deaths up 21% from last year.
    Through May 2021, motor-vehicle deaths decreased in only five states compared to the first five months of 2020. Eight states and the District of Columbia experienced an increase of 40% or greater.

    I also saw this graph, but it wasn’t sourced.

    • simplyconnected says:

      Obviously I’m suggesting that a 21% increase (!) in car accident deaths may be due to vax-induced brain fog.

      • jim says:

        Or it could be that they they are assigning excess deaths caused by politically inconvenient ailments at random.

        • simplyconnected says:

          No way for me to know. I do remember there was recently an increase in deaths with “unknown cause”, which is where I then thought politically-incorrect deaths went. Maybe someone more familiar with these statistics can clarify.

        • Varna says:

          It can certainly be a challenge to figure out who’s juggling figures how in order to achieve what.

          In EE and Russia it’s a bit more straightforward: just prior to elections, cases and deaths “stabilize”, as objective proof what a good job the current rulers are doing. On the mechanical level this means people with symptoms are told there’s no need to test them as they obviously have the normal flu or something, hospitalizations are provided with great reluctance whenever possible, and deaths are assigned to all sorts of other causes.

          But also, a spike in deaths can be hidden at the time of said spike, and then you divide it into smaller chunks and sneak those over a longer period, so that instead of a short period with 20% more deaths, you have a long period with 1% more deaths.

          But you can’t have the daily deaths falling too low either, or the pleb will relax.

          For example here the graph at the bottom shows Russia’s “covid deaths” right now (the rest are USA, France, Israel, Italy).
          Numbers up to Aug 6th https://imgpile.com/images/NS7bN3.jpg

          Not for Russia the ups and downs of the rest of the world. No. Iron clad stability, bitches. There’s a ceiling above which the numbers can’t go because this would be embarrassing, and a level beyond which they can’t plunge as it is not currently expedient.

          Numbers up to Sept 7th https://imgpile.com/images/NS7Rgb.png

          So there stays Russia, with the most stable and unchanging COVID mortality rate known to man, awaiting the elections 10 days from now, after which we will see.

          • Upravda says:

            There’s a running joke here that corona virus knows when the elections are, both local and state-level, and quietly retreats then. Also, before tourist season (although it can be explained away that “corona viruses are less infectious in summer” or something).

            And we have seen that corona virus itself suffers from post-weekend drowsiness, especially during tourist season. How else to explain that each Monday number of cases falls pretty sharply? 🙂

    • Fireball says:

      >The mileage death rate per 100 million vehicle miles driven for May 2021 is 1.48, compared to 1.57 in May 2020 and 1.20 in May 2019.

      Something is not right here. Why the increase in may of 2020? Did people really start to drive less in the US in may of 2020?

    • pyrrhus says:

      According to Steve Sailer, the cause is Blacks driving much more recklessly, since they no longer face arrest…,

      • Alfred says:

        This sounds correct. I’m seeing lots of cars on the roads without license plates breaking traffic laws with impunity in blue areas. Cops don’t seem to do anything about it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What’s the Jimian position on household budgeting?
    I’m from a quasi traditional background, meaning in both my family and my wife’s family, the norm was for fathers to be very alpha, but also to bring home the money and provide for the wife.

    My wife is much more spend-happy than I am. I’m tired of constantly having to tell her to curb her expenses.

    In all other ways she’s pretty feminine and submissive. Cooks cleans etc. And to her credit she wants to spend more on me and the kids as well, she isn’t just spending on herself. it’s more like we have different set points on our thermostat of how much to spend on non-essentials each month.

    So far it’s not a really significant issue, because I maintain overall budgetary control and determine how and where we save and invest. Still, I don’t know what the best way to treat this shopping addiction is. I’m sure leaving your wife at the mercy of globohomo advertising executives doesn’t lead to any good.

    • jim says:

      The way you run a household is that the wife makes the decisions subject to your supervision and authority, and in accordance with your general policy, and if she deviates from your general policy you clarify. If she continues to deviate from your policy, your reprimand her. I have very rarely needed to repeat a reprimand.

  21. Need it for school says:


    I have failed to get a job this season and so need to set up some investments so my money doesn’t go to shit.

    I bought Cardano. Is it still a good buy? What do you think about Proton? I have a decent position in Proton but would like to enlarge it.

    Anything else people should be looking at? Everything seems like it’s ballooning in value – I feel a bit late to the party. Last thing I did was lose a bunch of cash on silver.

    • jim says:

      In the end, there can only be one.

      I am not aware of anything special about proton that gives it a shot at becoming the one.

      Perhaps you are.

      Making day to day decisions about what crypto coin is going to do what next is unwise. A Hodler is betting that his currency will be the one.

  22. Anon says:

    Someone close to me who is still at university was told recently that, eventually, you get the vax or you hit the road. In the interest of helping them I’m compelled to revisit this topic.

    I told “needitforschool” to cleverly lie and see what happens, which is what I would do in this situation, but I personally don’t need to worry about it, and would rather not see this person get fucked when they don’t have the options I do. So after looking around a bit and thinking about what what I would actually do, I’d welcome input on what has actually worked in practice for people

    For religious exemption, first stop was to look local. What I can see is various local churches (evangelical protestants) who put out generic religious exemption “samples” that I could have written myself. Next

    Orthos I’ve talked to don’t mention anything about vax exemption, and I would imagine they’re not particularly opposed to it. Andrew Torba (gab retard) had someone compile a fairly impressive doc of Ortho priests allegedly talking about how the vax is satanic or whatever, fetuses, etc., but relies heavily on youtbe videos of Ortho priests speaking in Russian. A wash

    Mormons, at least the ones near me, vehemently advocate getting the vax. One jokingly said to try the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but unless I meet one outside of my security camera I’m not going out of my way to talk to them

    “Liberty Counsel”, some normiecon org I’ve never heard of before, has a half hour video about helping employees, students, and various mil grunts file religious exemptions. What’s the success rate?

    That leaves the Dutch Reform Church (haven’t found one near me), Christian Scientists, and the saracens. Haven’t explored these yet but I would imagine they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Probably have my answer from the saracen this week

    Problem is: no way to tell if any of this works, hasn’t been enough time to see what works, and they’re waiting to see what people submit so they can comb through it and find ways to say no. And I’m sure there’s tons of people just copying and pasting entire “sample” documents instead of cleverly remixing, which universities would surely notice. I’m not religious and don’t know enough about the meme doctrines to come up with something that’s convincing to me. There’s also the problem of verifying “sincerity”; so if you don’t have one million pages of trash showing you’ve attended whatever church: sorry, your appeal is denied

    • jim says:

      Orthodoxy is splitting into globohomo and based, with Greek “Orthodox” majority globohomo, and Russian Orthodoxy overwhelmingly based.

      Find some based Orthodox.

      Also Orthodox are the only ones that still clearly have apostolic succession. Episcopalians have flat out abandoned it, and Roman Catholics have for the most part ambiguously and deniably abandoned it.

      Actual Orthodox are starting to realize that the vax is act of demon worship.

    • Alfred says:

      I doubt universities are even reading the documents. People are lazy. Give them reams of crap and they might read the first page if read any of it at all.

      Eventually they’re going to slam the door shut on the religious exemptions as the holiness spiral continues.

      • Anon says:

        This is something you and I would say to each other. It’s not something you can say to someone you care about who hasn’t finished their meme degree and insists on finishing it because they don’t know any better. It’s also not a good idea to tell young people to forego a degree they’re already halfway into, in something relatively useful, when they could potentially use it to emigrate to a country less ogled by the eye of Sauron, and any country less ogled is still going to be selective: will require you to have some qualifications

        I’ve lied about qualifications in the way they “want” you to lie about qualifications, and have done quite well. But that’s only because they can’t outright give people IQ tests, and the process was mostly a waste of my time. I’d like to see people not waste their time

    • Need it for school says:

      I literally posted my documentation (in the form of a mega.nz link, I think) in a prior thread. It’s orthodox; orthodoxy is the best bet I’m almost 100% certain.

      • Anon says:

        I went back a bit and found it, thanks. It appears to be a portion of the documents that Torba hosts. I’ll advise my student friend to try it, although they’re a different kind of Christian than Orthodox so they’ll have to be clever about any follow-up requests to test authenticity, and report back if it works for them.

        A few things I’m anticipating from the half-assed research I’ve bothered to do on this topic: since these arguments seem to rest on the 3 major available vaccines having used stem cells at some point in their development, I wouldn’t be surprised if they develop a 4th without use of foetal material just to spite everyone using this argument. Another is that just about every major religion “officially” supports getting the vaccine, or at least doesn’t “officially” oppose it, so if there’s any kind of followup people are going to have to get creative with their responses

    • Karl says:

      What about switching the university? Finish the degree somewhere else?

      • jim says:

        All universities everywhere in the Western Hegemony are one university. When the line from Havard changes, every academic everywhere changes his line in absolute lockstep, and is strangely unable to remember the line ever being different. Discussing a recent line change with an academic causes one to wonder if one is hallucinating. They one hundred percent gaslite you. Every single one of them.

        • Karl says:

          They are one university with respect to the curriculum, but not with respect to admissions, vax requirement and religious exemptions.

          Right now corona restrictions and vax requirements are a mess. They differ from state to state, in some countries even from city to city and change every few weeks or so.

          Eventually the demon worshippers will probably succeed to unify all corona related rules, but that will take some time. Until that time switching universities might enable a student to gain sufficient time to finish his degree.

    • Varna says:

      How about just take a semester off?
      People take semesters off, family emergencies, trauma from orange man bad etc.
      With some luck it will take less than a year for the whole current narrative to collapse, and the mainstream to start pretending they were never trying to enforce it in the first place.

      • Need it for school says:

        We’ll see about this. Alrenous thinks so and he’s fairly smart.

      • jim says:

        My expectation is that the narrative will not collapse until after they find something else to be holy about, and that something else is going to involve bigger and better human sacrifices.

        • simplyconnected says:

          W. Briggs had a nice piece on how the corona doom proceeds next:

          Our question is: how does shift change happen in an Expertocracy? Moving past Expert failures rarely happens by admitting failure. Instead, new “solutions” or new distractions are presented, in the (well justified) hopes the old “solutions” are forgotten. Or they take recourse to telling direct lies. “The solutions worked,” they will say, “If you look at them using this new metric penetrable only by Experts.” This, sadly enough, works, too.

          • jim says:

            Briggs is suffering from normalcy bias.

            • Happens to the best of us.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              How so? His read seems pretty coherent, and it comports with your assertion about the “next big thing,” whether it is Covid 22, beginning a wide scale refugee collection apparatus, or some other demonic mega-project.

              • Pooch says:

                This jives with Yarvin’s arguement that the oligarchy always converges on ideas that justify the most use of power.

                • Pooch says:

                  use of the most power*

                • jim says:

                  Power crushing resistance is impact.

                  Impact generates status.

                  Status generates more power.

                  This is the demon worship cycle.

                • jim says:

                  The stronger the evidence that vaccination is ineffective, dangerous, and harmful, the more they are going to want to impose it on people who don’t want to be vaxxed.

                • Pooch says:

                  This makes sense.

                  The stronger the evidence that the vax is dangerous the more that people will resist. The more that people resist, the more that power will want to crush that resistance.

                  I agree that the right course of action for us, the dissidents, is what Yarvin proscribes. Passive resistance and/or compliance in a way that allows us to survive but doesn’t attract undue attention from the Cathedral to crush us.

                • Joe says:

                  Power crushing resistance is impact.

                  Hence, resist not evil.

                  (Jim, please delete my previous comment with a broken tag.)

              • jim says:

                He thinks that sanity will force re-assessment – that they will not only want to get onto the next big thing, but that unpleasant consequences will cause them to want to get off the current big thing.

                The essence of Demon Worship is that unpleasant results of worshiping demons are reasons for worshiping them more and harder.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  There will be pockets of reassessment. As the spiral spins faster, it gets harder to stay aboard through non- strategies (non-involvement, non-disclosure, etc), meaning more people will be flung into the undesirable category. As the crazies coalesce in the centers of power, higher status people will be forced to kneel or fight. This could be the source of a Caesar, Stalin, or whoever: someone who was content to keep his “””evils””” hidden in private is forced to give them up, and decides that the penalty for whiteness is the same as treason, so he elects to dissent.

            • simplyconnected says:

              Well, they do seem to be working on the next big thing (for which there is always a trillion dollar plan attached):

              The New York Times: A collection of leading health and medical journals this week declared climate change “the greatest threat to global public health” and called on governments to respond with the degree of funding and urgency they used to confront the coronavirus pandemic.

              It may be that, as Briggs suggest, they are moving on to the next demon in the arsenal (or just throwing out there every demon they’ve got, I can no longer comprehend these people).

              • They certainly are moving onto the next big thing. Or back to the old last thing, i.e. global cooling/warming. While keeping hold as tight as they can to the old. Yet they are slipping. There are cracks. We saw the WHO guy yesterday saying “get over it.” Not only Sweden, but Denmark now, too calmed themselves.

                We’ll see what they have Biden say tomorrow in his “6 point” plan. My hope is they’ll just take credit for the already waning Dreaded Delta. Just a hope. Or they may say no vaxx no fly. We’ll see.

                So they have to, well, not switch, but juice up alternatives.

                “Misinformation” will be blocked over global cooling, etc., as with the coronadoom.

                They’re tying the doom and cooling together already. They want social and carbon credits. Nature had a paper last week.

                As far as exposing sanity to normies, or to anybody, well, same thing happens here, with a different focus.

                I certainly don’t believe we can really affect the current Experts inside the Expertocracy. But we have to train our own Experts as their replacements.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Thank you for the clarification.

                  While keeping hold as tight as they can to the old. Yet they are slipping. There are cracks. We saw the WHO guy yesterday saying “get over it.” […] They want social and carbon credits.

                  I find it surprising that vaxpassports haven’t yet proven enforceable in practice (France has weekly protests, Spain’s supreme court declared them unconstitutional, Moscow cancelled them in three weeks due to pressure from businesses, UK is having some trouble with it..), yet TPTB are still going full stream ahead.

                  I certainly don’t believe we can really affect the current Experts inside the Expertocracy. But we have to train our own Experts as their replacements.

                  Edward Dutton made some observation some time ago that some of the more intelligent academics/experts/whatever would see further ahead than the less intelligent ones, and join early on the movement that would, in their estimation, eventually win.
                  Meanwhile universities are being stupefied, which should help in driving away some of the smart ambitious people.

                  As far as exposing sanity to normies, or to anybody, well, same thing happens here, with a different focus.

                  Normies waking up would be great. Hopefully the news of infinity shots helps them with their covid red pilling. That looks like a pain point (not for all, of course), like the woman question is a pain point for more general red pilling.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  The Gaia Demon is much older and more powerful than the Corona Demon. Gaia has millenia of history and worshippers, while covid is not yet 2 years old. Maybe if they could stick to the Covid Demon long enough, it would instantiate, but the Gaia Demon has more power from its faith and is muscling to the fore.

                  This is the sort of thing that makes me think that demon is not an abstraction, but a literally real metaphysical entity. The patterns repeat all across history, and there are always a few people cohere around. They demand their sacrifices, and whether or not you believe, their followers believe. It also explains why the new demons never seem to take hold. The pattern of demon worship does not seem to work if you lack an actual demon.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Nature worship is not always demonic, but the way the left worships “the science” of Gaia is demonic.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Nature worship is always demonic. I’m not talking about gardening or conservation, but environmentalists, and they are demon worshippers. You can enjoy the natural world without worshiping it, and you can want to protect it without making it into your deity, but once you start treating nature as a end in and of itself, you took the fist step down the road to the Gaia Demon.

                  I want to protect the woods because the aesthetic of the mountain forest is in my blood and bones and I love it, not because it is some sacred thing on its own. Nature is to serve man, not for him to serve. I want to be able to walk in a forest without seeing trash and ruin. That does not mean that I am dedicated to the forest, but that I want to enjoy it. Once you go beyond that, it leads to demons.

                  Demons are always an inversion of purpose. The Lilith Demon of feminism inverts the purpose of women to serve men and bear children to rulers of men that are barren. The Moloch Demon of abortion has parents sacrifice their children to protect themselves, in a perverse inversion of the instinct to protect children. The Gaia Demon has people serve the natural world instead of it serving them, but also destroy those parts of nature that are shaped to serve man directly. That is why they want to kill all the livestock and pets to save the environment, which is why they constantly go on about cow farts and hate dogs.

                • jim says:

                  We need to garden nature.

                  In particular, “old growth forests” need to be thinned out to allow a decent amount of sunlight to reach the ground, and conversely we don’t want to allow forests to be strangled by creepers and shrubs. The ideal is a forest that is open enough at the top to allow some sunlight through, and open enough at the bottom to allow you to walk around and see where you are going.

                  And noxious species like mosquitoes, sandflies, and certain kinds of bat need to be extinct. We now have the genetic engineering technology to exterminate undesirable sexually reproducing species.

                  If a bat is on the endangered species list, it is usually not because it is endangered, but because it is noxious and urban environmentalists who never leave their high rise apartments except to commute to high rise offices and urban restaurants want to harass country people. Most bats on the endangered species list need to be actually endangered.

                • Pooch says:

                  Bats eat the annoying bugs, so serve a purpose, no?

                • jim says:

                  Those bats are mostly OK. By and large, it is the noxious bats that get protected species status.

                • D Brinn says:

                  > infinity shots looks like a pain point

                  Another could be shots forced on kids. I was talking to a bunch of conservative types, and they kept stressing their opposition to violence, how you have to win with facts and respect. Then someone asked what if the schools start injecting kids without permission, and all that was out the window and they were ready to take arrest-worthy action.

                  Hard to say whether that will hold true if it actually happens, or if they’ll back down and draw a new line. It’s bound to happen soon, so we’ll see. Some school administration will be devout enough to quietly set up a clinic and start injecting kids, on the old maxim that it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

                • Cloudswrest says:

                  “And noxious species like mosquitoes, sandflies, and certain kinds of bat need to be extinct. We now have the genetic engineering technology to exterminate undesirable sexually reproducing species.”

                  This has occurred to me also, and I include not only mosquitoes, but also botflies, teste flies, screwworm flies, mango flies, …

                  It might be hard to get traction with non-flying pests such as fleas, tick, bedbugs, etc.

                  One other “mad scientist” thing occurred to me regarding mosquitoes. They could conceivably be engineered to serve as “vaccine drones”. Not necessarily with regard to humans (but there’s that) but with regard to wild animals. Rabies could possibly be eliminated in the wild, and possibly other zoonotic diseases.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  D Brinn says:

                  infinity shots looks like a pain point

                  Another could be shots forced on kids.

                  Maybe that works among conservatives, or those already suspicious of the shots.
                  I have a boomer neighbor who has a young daughter. When I ask why she has to wear a mask to school he replies that “she could transmit the virus to me”. He’s perfectly happy to make her wear a mask all day so he feels safer, even though asymptomatic spread is likely mythical.
                  The only doubt I’ve been able to seed in their mind was saying early on that this whole thing “will never end”. They had some travel problems despite being injected, so they started to realize that this is going on for too long, but only after they had to pay some sort of price personally.

                  I agree with Mister Grumpus that the WQ is how you recruit. Normies look for answers after they suffer personally.

                • Pooch says:

                  I agree with Mister Grumpus that the WQ is how you recruit. Normies look for answers after they suffer personally.

                  This is right. Blue pilled men become red pilled about female nature only after they feel the pain of being defected on by a woman, not before.

                  Similarly a blue pilled vaxer will only become red pilled about the vaxes if they literally feel the pain of a serious life-threatening side effect of the vax. But then again, that might not even be enough as we saw with Australian politician who gave himself bells palsy and still endorsed the vax.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Pooch wrote:

                  Similarly a blue pilled vaxer will only become red pilled about the vaxes if they literally feel the pain of a serious life-threatening side effect of the vax. But then again, that might not even be enough as we saw with Australian politician who gave himself bells palsy and still endorsed the vax.

                  True. Lots of examples of this, for example that medicine student who was raped and murdered by a migrant and her politician father was collecting funds for the “refugees” at the funeral.
                  What is clear is that without the pain there is definitely no change.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          “My expectation is that the narrative will not collapse until after they find something else to be holy about, and that something else is going to involve bigger and better human sacrifices.”

          AntiWhite RaHoWa. That’s my guess. Perhaps staffed on the ground by a re-skinned army of “climate refugee” Gaia Saints.

          When Covid hit, Gaia Demon lost its sparkle abruptly. Greta who? Too abstract. Too much math. Math is for nerds.

          “And where can I fence a CO2, nigga?”

          No one cares about climate change in South Africa.

          Great big apple carts to be sure, but the individual apples are too big or fungible to easily carry. Gaia Demon is great for punishing and looting western civilization, but all the loot is abstractly laundered through NGO’s full of nerds.

          So if Gaia Worship is a long con scam, then AntiWhite RaHoWa is a smash and grab robbery. Gaia Worship petered out through Covid, but AntiWhite RaHoWa built up steam.

          For one, organizing along racial lines is instinctive anyway. Plus, AntiWhite RaHoWa has that quick “street reparation” smash-and-grab dopamine hit to it. It draws a crowd. No mestizos or negroes or sand people will ever came out for Gaia, but they will come out for reparations to infinitely compensate for our centuries of evil thought rays.

          My final point is that AntiWhite RaHoWa requires zero confrontation with China, or Russia, or North Korea or anyone who’s legally allowed to fight back. Or nukes that work. Or ships that float.

          War against China is racist anyway, and they look so sexy when they stomp those loser Uyghurs like that. Only Republicans complain about it, so fuck ’em both.

        • Pooch says:

          The holiness spiral goes off in the direction where the priests can gain the most status by piling onto a freshly knocked over apple cart by the elite. We saw this during the St. Floyd riots where the priesthood forgot all about covid because worshipping blacks while they burned and looted was suddenly the most fashionable thing one could do. Hard to figure where it will go next, but it will go somewhere.

          I’ve noticed the journalist class consistently polling interest in the climate demon in the press. Every other article seems to be something about climate. There just doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for it among the elite. I guess not a juicy enough apple cart yet for them to knock over.

  23. Fred says:

    To no-one’s great surprise, it turns out the spike protein is toxic: https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/pay-no-attention-to-the-spike-proteins

  24. @Jim with the ever-increasing political instability and the woke religion/Covid demon worship continuously reaching new heights of insanity, when do you think it would be wise to pull one’s funds from the US stock market? I’m strongly considering pulling everything, paying the taxes, and putting it into crypto.

    Side note: thanks for the occasional input on investments. I’ve made $US six figures listening to you.

    • WAR says:

      I have not done so yet. Hard to tell. I have many a time jumped the gun, acting too soon on a prediction that in the end turned out to be correct. And it is never wise to go all in on anything. One needs to diversify

      But I have pulled my investments out of the US stockmarket and invested in overseas stocks.

      But my short to medium term prediction is that this is a really bad idea – the fed is directly injecting money to inflate US stocks, and the US dollar continues to do fine, despite massive printing. However another thing it is doing is quietly making it difficult to invest overseas, to bypass US institutions, hence my somewhat premature move. I sense it is getting harder to move out of stuff connected to US fiat.

      Similarly, I got out of the US housing market when the great bubble powered by the great Minority Mortgage Meltdown showed crisis developing. People who got out a bit later than I did actually made more money than I did, but they had to spend a lot more time and energy bribing and courting finance people and realtors, they had to get more personally involved in the corruption and cover up.

      Partly it was my persistent and much repeated error of seeing what is coming, and acting too precipitously, but in this case it was wise, because there was a huge rush by white speculators to dump our assets on drunken homeless no hablo english wetbacks, and everyone behind me in that rush had to do more flagrantly illegal shenanigans than those of us near the front of the rush.

    • notglowing says:

      I have been in crypto since 2016. I might cash out a lot by the end of this year, though probably not into my bank account, and if so only for a very short time.

      I am bullish on crypto for now, but the thing is I also invested long ago, and I’m involved in it in other ways. It feels a lot safer to hold it than to have it in traditional government controlled markets. It’s less about price action to me, and more about control, and privacy.

      It would be nice if we could invest in silver through crypto.

      I want to realize my gains by the end of the year for tax purposes and because of the market cycle. However the prospect of essentially giving up my money to them is somewhat unappealing.

  25. Krakov says:

    Advice on finding new bros/being charismatic around normal guys? -exceedingly atomised atm and have no idea how or what most guys talk about and how to act in larger groups. Any help much appreciated

    • Karl says:

      Practice. Start with joining any non-demon worshipping group.

    • Pooch says:

      Join a sports league. Baseball, softball, or hockey. Stay away from the Africanized sports. Hunting, fishing, and shooting. Talk to bros at the gym.

    • anonymous says:

      I have never found advice of this sort to be terribly useful. In all my time in the various gyms I went to I saw an absolute minimum of social interaction. By everybody present, no matter the time of day or year. The one half-friendship I formed was with the personal trainer I paid for a while (a guy) – when I ran into him again in another city some years later he was happy to see me.

      Sportsball anything is a dead end. The purpose of sportsball is to divert energy away from riots and warfare, at which it has had some success, for now. The people who focus on it are the people who really don’t want to have to think about serious things. Sportsball has only existed since the mid-1800s and only became widespread in the 20th century. It’s an extremely temporary phenomenon. Playing the game with some buddies is a different matter entirely, but the point is you’re playing with them because they’re your friends, not that they’re your friends because you play with them. Drop the sportsball and they will as if by complete coincidence have zero reason to communicate with you for any reason.

      D&D is similar. D&D can be a great thing to do with sane guys, but you play it because you like the guys you’re playing with (and none of you particularly care if you spend the evening shooting the shit or grilling steaks instead; my group did that more than once). But you have to have the friends first to make that happen.

      Paintball might be worth trying.

      Hiking clubs seem to skew eco-communist.

      Ballroom dancing can be hit or miss. You meet a lot of people you never would have encountered otherwise, and the whole process ingrains red pill behavior on an instinctive level without ever admitting that’s what it’s doing. You can learn a lot from the other guys at dances – it’s usually pretty easy to talk with them. However from what I’ve seen the age group tends to skew older in many venues, and there’s a fair amount of LGBT entryism in certain environments.

      The more I see the more I think this (forming mannerbunds) is something that either “just works” because you already have the social connections, or – for many of us, increasingly – it “just doesn’t work” and anything you try will have a marginal effect at best.

      • jim says:

        My advice is probably worthless, because I hang out with older guys, and most of my connections are via women and money. What I do with other guys is eating, fishing, camping, and drinking. Barbecues are good. Religion is good, but for some considerable time I have lived in an area where every Church is intolerably pozzed. The nearest actually Christian Church is a very long distance away.

        Alcohol, being truth serum, is, correctly used, a useful and effective social technology, but one should only drink with male friends – like all drugs, extremely dangerous is used for improper purposes.

        • Varna says:

          >Alcohol, being truth serum, is, correctly used, a useful and effective social technology, but one should only drink with male friends – like all drugs, extremely dangerous is used for improper purposes.

          If feeling out people, or trying to turn them (if you feel the potential), play a long game. Self evident stuff slowly connected to concealed stuff.

          As an adjacent topic comes up (for example today this could be Afghanistan), remind them how after 9/11 a bunch of rights and freedoms were taken away “just for a little while” but then never returned. Lament gosh-darn it how you can’t trust some people. Gradually connect this to the current lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

          Simple-mindedly bring up the original plan of the two week lockdown to flatten the curve, and how vaccines were supposed to make you bulletproof, but then not so much but you’re protecting grandma, then you’re not even protecting grandma only yourself, but now it’s starting to look like you have to do this constantly for god knows how long and you’re no longer feeling comfortable with the whole idea. Hesitant doubts about big pharma voiced etc.

          Say how you read that in Hungary they have all vaccines available and gosh darn it why can’t we also have trad vaccines as an option. I’m sure lots of folks would have taken it by now if the market wasn’t locked by four big corporations. If the other party parrots how clot shots are “better”, remind them that this was before it turned out that you have to take the clot shot on every few months forever and how it loses relevancy with every new strain, and how just having a choice is good anyway.

          Careful use of self-evident starting points like:
          1) 9/11 freedom clampdown which never ended
          2) The constant bait and switch with the vaccines and lockdowns
          3) Lack of vaccine product choice due to silent monopoly
          4) How it kind of feels like the whole economy is being taken over by mega corporations and how even ten years ago it wasn’t like that
          5) Anecdotal feedback about vax side-effects from here and there
          6) Simple gosh-darn it I just wrote an opinion on X and they deleted it and banned me! That’s too far. That’s censorship that is…

          Can lead after 3-4 regular drinking sessions to deep shifts. Forty-plus and thirty-plus guys I know–typical anti-Trumpers believe-the-system libs but with potential–by the third beer session were already themselves calling the RNA vaccines “the HIV jab”, with a thin veneer of humor, and also speculating “whimsically” where in the non-Western world to retire.

          If you’re confident and can shift approaches to fit different personalities and stay in control even when buzzed, you can start a subtle change all around you. Just don’t push too fast no matter the sense of urgency. Like with many other things in life. Even if one feels terrible urgency, sometimes taking a “shortcut” ruins everything.

          Adult self-control means among other things also the ability to display good humor and charm in spite of a part of your brain counting down toward the incoming tsunami.

      • Pooch says:

        You sound like a faggot. Get into the gym, lift some iron, and stop being a faggot.

  26. Krakov says:

    Jim I wondered on your advice to failure to launch young men. I’m twenty left school at 16 and have been working low level manual labour ever since and frankly have no internal drive and no true faith. Penchant for self destructive behaviours specifically excessive psychadelic usage and social media addiction. Born of single mother household and have no real idea how to remedy internal mental anguish. I weight train and am reasonably strong (500 deadlift) which is the only domain I’ve had moderate success in.

    I’m lonely – not incel but certainly incel adjacent IE only worthless club sluts and other such mentally ill – no true bros friends and feeling pretty atomized

    • Karl says:

      Lifting is fine, but essentially you do it alone. Start something like boxing, judo, etc. and you’ll meet others.

      • Pooch says:

        Lifting is good if you see the same guys over and over. I have met many friends at the gym. Requires social awareness.

      • John Wick says:

        Muay Thai is amazing and great for making friends over time. Where I train is like Hell Week every session so the bonding is quick and enduring.

    • Fireball says:

      What you like to do?

      • Krakov says:

        Yeah I’ve trained alone in a home gym for the past three years – used to train at a powerlifting style place but the guys who trained there inspire of being very strong were also pozzed (vegan, avowedly leftist etc) and further I just don’t know what most people talk about as to converse in a non sperg manner it’s either entirely pragmatic relating to training or an inability to find common interest.

        This sounds ridiculous but outside of training I don’t really know what I enjoy – used to and was kind of cooerced into ballet up until 14 – I read alot, trying to memorize some verse. Truly I feel like there’s no fire or motivation underlying my actions. I recognize the theoretical and moral importance of leading a virtuous life of action but it doesn’t come with the internal drive.

        I really enjoy talking with people who I can have good conversation with but I have no idea how to find them irl – working construction at low level isn’t filled with people I know how to talk to.

        • marku says:

          what part of the country are you in? a rural or urban area? I’d try to focus on making as much money as possible. Or figure out a plan to make good money.

        • Fireball says:

          There is a huge cultural divide for me to even know how to help you. I never in my life worry trying to live a virtuous life. For me is just try to be good to family and those that are good to you. And of course trying not to be much of a drunk whoremonger with my friends.

          But i can see that you have two problems. One is that you don’t know what you like to do with other men the other is that you may be working with people far less intelligent than you.

  27. Emmanuel The Swarthy Rat Cellar says:

    There are female scientists; every second ad I see features a sassy (usesp negro) womanshowing us how dat ting be dun nohmsayin!!!

    • Fireball says:

      > there are no female scientists.

      This is actually quite apparent if you work in science and research. Even if i know competent female lab technicians there is no much point of even in having them much less pretending there are actual scientist.

      Even if entire departments still exist doing bullshit at least with men the level of drama is much lower.

  28. Aryaman says:

    This is what I can report. I prohibited my wife from the vaccine until very recently, and she had been inclined to take it but was out of the question. I recently changed my mind because she was (in this case, actually very reasonably) stressed about travelling to a personally important event, and I was a little concerned — probably incorrectly so — about the number of younger people that were winding up in hospitals ostensibly due to covid. (I have it on good, reliable authority that most of the severely ill really are unvaccinated). So I ended up letting her get the J&J.

    Anyway, at this point there are unlikely to be any severe sequelae, or frankly even any externally apparent sequelae, but almost two weeks in she is very noticeably (to herself) less fit, and reports occasional trivial-but-acute-and-weird pain and discomfort, which pain and discomfort is not all that relevant in and of itself but evidence of a lasting effect from the vaccine. That is I can with absolute certainty and confidence deduce that the pain and discomfort in question is caused by the vaccine, which confidence leads me to believe other reported changes are also caused by the vaccine.

    Now I suspect that permanent injury is unlikely but it is by no means impossible. The vaccine is not the worst thing in the world but it is a great deal more dangerous than even most skeptics think it is. My original calculus was that I have no interest in worshipping the Mighty Corona Demon — and that the vaccine is a great deal more dangerous than most people assume — but still likely enough to be harmless that it is not worth “taking a stand” if gets in the way of life. I was likely wrong about that.

    In other news, the flu is back in India:


    • Alfred says:

      > Anyway, at this point there are unlikely to be any severe sequelae, or frankly even any externally apparent sequelae, but almost two weeks in she is very noticeably (to herself) less fit, and reports occasional trivial-but-acute-and-weird pain and discomfort, which pain and discomfort is not all that relevant in and of itself but evidence of a lasting effect from the vaccine. That is I can with absolute certainty and confidence deduce that the pain and discomfort in question is caused by the vaccine, which confidence leads me to believe other reported changes are also caused by the vaccine.

      You should really have her take precautions against blood clots, IE baby aspirin. My father’s took the J&J and his ability to do basic physical activity fell off a cliff 2 weeks after the injection. He started getting dizzy spells and developed a heart arrhythmia. He wasn’t in the best of shape to start with, having had heart surgery the year before and pretty fat. He’s feeling better now, but took him almost 4 months to start improving. I think it required most of the damaged blood cells to be recycled before he started improving. He’s still having dizzy spells but they’re less frequent.

      • Aryaman says:

        Not a bad idea. I am almost disinclined to think about it too much as it would draw me into a pretty violent rage that is likely ill-advised, though on the other hand any fault here lies squarely on my shoulders. Not her fault for feeling a degree of social pressure is women are apt to feel; my fault first for even suggesting there may be a grey area here (before which it was out of the question in her mind so not a source of much stress), and then for giving in to make it easier on myself.

        • Alfred says:

          When you fuck something up it’s important to work quickly to mitigate damage from it before worrying about the blame. This is extremely hard to do but necessary. Get her on a regiment to prevent blood clots and in a few months she’ll probably be fine.

  29. SJE says:

    “it is likely that Vaers is under reporting by a very large factor.”

    Yes, almost certainly. I am an emergency room physician and I’ve been seeing many things that I *think* are vaccine-related injuries, but of course I can’t prove it. (I have not seen anyone actually die, but have seen a half-dozen who almost died, and would have if we had not promptly identified their lung/gut blood clots.)

    As you do, I initially asked myself whether I was seeing things, and gradually “felt out” my colleagues to ask if they’d been seeing the same. They all said yes.

    More to the point, about VAERS, is that I am INTERESTED in this stuff and I often still forget to even think about it until the next day or so. People who aren’t vaxx-skeptical are certainly underreporting. I would believe a VAERS underreport of anywhere from 10-100x.

    I do think that the numbers are sufficiently low that I’m inclined against the intentional killshot theory. I think the global medical-pharmaceutical complex flew to close to the sun in believing that modern technology can do “anything” and failed to appreciate that Murphys law always strikes. I’m partial to the term I’ve seen, “cargo cult science”, meaning, they believed that if they invented a vaxx then the pandemic would just magically go away.

    • Alfred says:

      > I do think that the numbers are sufficiently low that I’m inclined against the intentional killshot theory.

      No one here is suggesting that. But it’s clear that the cathedral/deep state/IE the nut cases in power want people to get the shot and approve of the damage caused by it. If they were just interested in public health they’d make exemptions for people who already were immune, IE those who had COVID. Instead the people who are least like to get COVID delta(95% immunity so far, vs 37% with the clot shot according to official numbers) are being fired from their jobs for refusing to get the vaccine. That indicates that the inject is a holy rite of human sacrifice.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      I’ve never once thought they wanted to kill everyone who took the shot, those dying are the unlucky ones who aren’t strong enough to deal with the poison and survive. But they were fully intent on crippling people and have them medicated for life, I’m sure of it, the package information Pfizer sent to the FDA that everyone can see in their website speaks for itself.

      It’s their modus operandi after all, they don’t want you dead, they want you broken, gay and emasculated.

      • Aryaman says:

        I don’t exactly think they were intent on causing harm but were perfectly happy to — in fact required to — ignore evidence of harm once it presented, and were under through a process of regulated consensus that lends itself to a product that is relatively more harmful and less efficacious than what we would get from a proper market where people were paying for things with their own money. Crimestopped from asking certain questions and performing certain tests.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          This logic would require that those to whom you’re applying it thought similarly like you that being heterosexual, healthy, lean and masculine is a good thing. They think it’s a very bad think, they want you unhealthy, fat, emasculated and gay, and they make no attempt to hide it at all.

          They think being a faggot is great, that being a landwhale is great, that having mental illnesses makes you a revered victim, that inadequacies make one a hero like niggers, and that feminine sensibilities are the peak of humanity. When they are injecting this poison into people they don’t think they are “harming” them, they think they are “saving” them.

          So they designed to deliberately save you, deliver you from white supremacy, masculinity and heterosexuality. Meaning, they designed it to cripple you for life.

          • Atavistic Morality says:

            This is in the same manner that psychiatry has been “curing” mental illness with prefrontal lobotomies for centuries or the people of Carthage sacrificed their children to Moloch thinking it was for the best.

            Humans can convince themselves of anything, absolutely anything, and proceed righteously from those beliefs.

          • HerbR says:

            I think you’re making the mistake of taking their beliefs at face value instead of treating it as the holiness spiral and memetic warfare that it actually is. The left has no essence, everything a Cathedral priest says and does is simply a means to power, a way of spiritually crushing his enemies while very subtly defecting on his allies.

            The parsimonious explanation of wings on a rocket is far more likely. They did want to cure Covid, but more importantly, they wanted to gain lots of status by curing Covid using cool bleeding-edge tech, and didn’t know or didn’t care that the tech wasn’t fit for purpose, that Covid was already mutating into its own vaccine, or that the clot shots could end up hurting a lot of people. Eventually, after so much lying and dissimulating, all of these horrible side effects were proven to actually be good things, proof of their absolute determination to defeat the demon at any cost.

            And then, as with every demon-worshiping cult, once they realize they have failed to defeat the demon and probably can never defeat it, it then becomes about appeasing the demon.

            • alf says:

              In a sense this is a very informative experience – knowing the theory, we now see a new holiness spiral unfolding in front of our eyes.

              Many things are not planned. I see many politicians who genuinely believed themselves when they said there would not be any vaccin coercion. But the holiest take the average holy for a ride, and soon enough it grows into this amalgamation of bs and lies that starts to live its own life, which Jim aptly calls the holy corona demon.

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              I think you make a valid and reasonable point that I’m sure partially applies to some cases, that applies to some degree. On the other hand I think you’re unwisely dismissing their insanity as a form of moderate self-interested scheming, because you are projecting your viewpoint to them: your viewpoint, your values, your understanding of self-interest.

              They do absolutely hate white civilization and white heterosexual men such as us, and precisely because it’s a means to power they absolutely want to bring us to heel. So they absolutely would love to cripple you for life, so you are broken, emasculated and dependent on them for life, turning the enemy into a subdued minion ATM.

              In a way leftism has that essence, the essence of defection, and you can be sure that this poison is to further defect on you. They will never do anything that is good for you, it is impossible they made the vaccine with any possibility that it’d be good for you, if there is ever a real pandemic where we start to drop like flies you can be assured there will be no “warp operation” or “emergency vaccines”. And if they are, they’ll be to kill you faster. Notice that they did not rush the vaccine to niggers, they rushed the vaccine **TO YOU**. if they had to save someone, they’d obviously save niggers first all things considered. Instead the niggers have been spared the most.

              You’re underestimating the potential for delusion of the human mind, and how thoughts, beliefs and agreements influence it. At some point they might have not truly believed any of what they said, but eventually they do, because when you repeat it with your own voice it becomes your truth. Someone who pretends that heterosexuality and homosexuality are comparable will eventually turn gay. Someone who pretends that women and men are the same will become emasculated. Someone who pretends that niggers are poor oppressed victims by evil whites will eventually worship niggers for real and hate whites, even if he himself is white.

              What is the difference between the red pill and the black pill on women? The only difference is how the recipient of the pill perceives it, the facts remain the same. If you are an emasculated faggot who wants a gf-mommy, because you’re educated to be gay, to be egalitarian and to be progressive, it gives you a sense of dread and doom. But if you love to be masculine, deadlift several times your weight and want to conquer a woman, it becomes a blessing, a relief, that you can simply be a “toxic” masculine man and subdue the girl to have her make your laundry.

              Ultimately these people are all gay, emasculated and egalitarian. Cominator is a 100% right that the only way you should to trust the vaccine is if it comes from people who are, at the very least, not full on board with being gay, emasculated and egalitarian.

      • D Brinn says:

        Similarly with the pregnancy and fertility problems they expected: it probably wasn’t designed intentionally to do that, but that would be considered a positive side benefit, since the left is anti-natal. They’re not going to brag about it, but they also did nothing to prevent it, like saying fertile young women with no significant covid risk should skip the vax.

  30. notglowing says:


    A survey of only 300 people, and online. So of somewhat limited validity.
    What do you think? Is it significant that such an article was even written now?
    I don’t know anything about AAPS. Are they otherwise controversial?

    • Joe says:

      The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and American Medical Association (AMA) are at some disagreement regarding the clot shot. There was an article about it recently. This AAPS survey is obviously designed to counter that of the AMA. The AMA seems a very priestly organization; the AAPS less so.

      Note that the AAPS survey was of 700 doctors. The 300 you refer to was the AMA.

      Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated” against COVID.

      This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.

  31. New Guys says:

    >If the poster girl for some cause (Emmett Till, Madam Curie) is fake

    I am familiar with the redpill on Marie Curie, but am unaware of that regarding Emmett Till. To my knowledge he was killed for whistling at a white woman, but is there something else?

    • jim says:

      Emmett Till was not lynched. He was quietly murdered and quietly hidden for hitting on someone else’s wife, which happens all the time today regardless of the race of wife and the race of the person hitting on the wife. Race may have been relevant, but there is absolutely no evidence that it was. When someone hits on my girl, I put my arm over her shoulder and look at them, and their reaction indicates fear of death.

      No one saw Emmett Till whistling at the wife, no one heard him whistling at the wife, no one accused Emmett Till of whistling at the wife, and there is absolutely no evidence that anyone thought he had whistled at the wife.

      Such killings all the time today, and happened more back then. Race has nothing to do with it today, and there was no reason to suppose that race had anything to do with it back then.

      There is no reason to believe Emmet Till whistled at the wife. What happened between them, if anything happened between them, happened under closer and more private circumstances. Very possibly absolutely nothing happened between them, but the husband was inclined to believe that something bad had happened. Maybe he was being paranoid. If so, I too am rather paranoid. My wife believes that if she gets behind closed doors with a strange man, I will kill her and the man. Maybe she is paranoid, because I put on a scary guy act in front of fertile age women.

      That they decided to go with Emmett Till, rather than someone who was in fact hung by the neck in front of a crowd, indicates that all those actually lynched, all those actually hung by the neck in front of a crowd, every single one, were characters that would lead any man of any race to reflect that a few more such lynchings are much needed.

      • alf says:

        Emmett Till was not lynched.

        oooh that’s sharp. Wikipedia encircles the definition nicely though —

        A common perception of lynchings in the U.S. is that they were only hangings, due to their public visibility

        Lynching victims were also killed in a variety of other ways; being shot, burned alive, thrown off a bridge, dragged behind a car, etc.

        Which, thinking on it, I would not at all be surprised if that definition was specifically expanded as to include Till.

        • jim says:

          What makes Emmett Till not a lynching is not that he was killed in some other manner – no one actually knows how he was killed. For all anyone knows, the husband did hang him, though it is more likely he bopped him causing death, or causing unconsciousness followed by death as a result of being submerged while unconscious.

          What makes Emmett Till not a lynching is that he was killed in a secretive and furtive manner, in the same way and for the same non racial reasons as lots of people continued to be killed today.

          Emmet Till was selected for poster boy because he was a sympathetic character. Obviously people who get publicly killed are apt to be unsympathetic characters, and the fact that they had to resort to a non lynching for poster boy indicates that every single one of those lynched was so strikingly unsympathetic that they feared that no airbrushing would be adequate.

          • alf says:

            So slightly smarter tactic than with George Floyd, reflecting the same lies, but a declining IQ from those perpetrating the lies.

          • Anonymous says:

            I just read the wiki page on till. Even for a prog organ like that, the story is Pretty clear, and no normal man could argue in favor of till. He seems to have aggressively sexually harassed a married woman, and never apologized in spite of multiple opportunities.
            Even without the racial angle, I’d sympathize with the husband of the woman in question.
            And this was 70 years ago when expected standards of public decency were probably much stricter than they are now.

            • jim says:

              If he could make moves on the wife, and get away with it, would appear more manly than the husband. This requires a polite but forceful response, and for me, the outcome of such forceful responses has always been that the interloper politely retreats in a way likely to make him appear less manly. Nothing bad happens.

              If he did not retreat, well I have a swamp and an ocean handy.

              Race has nothing to do with it. It is just something that has to be done. Till should have made a dignified apology, or an undignified retreat. Failure to do that, then as now, is apt to have fatal consequences. Or I expect that failure to retreat can get you pussy, but have not tried it. Seems to me that Till was trying it, and had he survived, would have gotten some white pussy.

              • Sulla says:

                Which may explain why he refused to retreat. The wife was, according to the writeup in “Look,” extraordinarily attractive.

    • notglowing says:

      I am not familiar with the redpill regarding Marie Curie.
      I’ve heard it referenced multiple times, but never asked. What is that about?

    • Sulla says:

      There was an interesting article in Look magazine many decades back, outlining what happened. I found it through a PBS link, believe it or not:


      In thumb-nail sketch: the killer owned a convenience store in nowhere, MS, which sold mostly to the local blacks. It didn’t make bank, so he would have to leave town from time to time to take other work, leaving his attractive and petite wife to run the place.

      Till comes to MS from Chicago to visit his cousins. Outside the store, he tells them about how he shags White women all the time and, as you might imagine, this escalates. Till goes in the store and becomes aggressive with the wife, apparently genuinely frightening her such that she gets her pistol. Till goes away.

      Husband comes back, hears the story, and goes to the cousins’ house to grab Till and teach him a lesson. Till winds up imperfectly wrapped in chicken wire and concrete at the bottom of a river.

      Interesting statements in the Look article throughout. Here’s one: “Moreover, in the Delta, no white woman ever travels country roads after dark unattended by a man.” Anyway, the fact is that a White man in this situation pretty much has to respond with extreme violence to an incident like this one if he does not care to have his wife seriously harmed later on. Once the thought get in their heads that the man protecting a White woman is weak, she is put on the menu.

      • Pooch says:

        From wikipedia:

        “In an interview with William Bradford Huie that was published in Look magazine in 1956, Bryant and Milam said that they intended to beat Till and throw him off an embankment into the river to frighten him. They told Huie that while they were beating Till, he called them bastards, declared he was as good as they, and said that he had sexual encounters with white women. They put Till in the back of their truck, drove to a cotton gin to take a 70-pound (32 kg) fan—the only time they admitted to being worried, thinking that by this time in early daylight they would be spotted and accused of stealing—and drove for several miles along the river looking for a place to dispose of Till. They shot him by the river and weighted his body with the fan.”

        He was asking for it. Not apologetic at all.

  32. Guy says:

    Speaking of poster-girls. Here’s the poster girl for American’s left behind in Afghanastan…..


    For those not interested in opening the link, she’s an Afghan who refused to leave her Afghan husband when she had the chance to leave (because she was pregnant with a new Afghan).

  33. pyrrhus says:

    My impression is that the Aztecs didn’t encounter a lot of internal opposition until the Spanish showed up, at which point the side switching went wholesale…In other words, the public largely bought the theory that human sacrifices were required by the Gods, (as did the Europeans with the Corn King rituals, etc, until the advent of Christianity.). In America, where many neighborhoods in the South, West, and gang territory are better armed than Cortez’s whole army, I wonder whether the Demon lovers will have what it takes to obtain submission..James Rawls doesn’t think so…

    • Alfred says:

      The Aztecs were on top due to their religion. During the conquest it became clear that all the local tribes priesthoods were controlled by the Aztecs. Frequently during the conquest the local priests would cause the Spanish allies to flee due to bad omens and the alike and the priests were not working in their own tribe’s best interest.

      The Aztecs human sacrifice religion was mostly killing off the women and children of the tribes around them as the men would flee when the Aztecs raiding parties would show up but the women and children couldn’t run fast enough. This was resulting in externalizing the costs of demon worship while slowly genociding other groups around the Aztecs.

      From what I read the Aztecs religion spread before the Aztecs showed up and even ended up in a Maya areas where the locals generally adopted the religion. Then when the Aztecs themselves showed up they were able to use the religion they controlled to control the peoples around them. Another 300 or 400 years there might have only been Aztecs people left living in Latin America.

      The problem in America was the same problem the tribes around the Aztecs faced: Their religion is controlled by a group hostile to them, as we see today with churches and schools in even rural areas embracing CRT and BLM.

      • info says:

        Until the Spanish with the unintentional bioweapon and effective military wiped them out.

  34. notglowing says:

    Have you looked into whether the vaccine has been increasing the lethality of the coronavirus for the unvaccinated, like with Marek’s disease?
    It would be far more convenient for them if that happened, since all their enemies could die, and they would seem vindicated.

    • Arakawa says:

      Applying poster girl principle suggests no. If there was strong evidence that covid was killing the unvaxxed harder, we would hear all about it. The media would not need to be running Klaus Relotius style fake stories like “the number of Ivermectin poisoning victims in Oklahoma is so numerous that they are taking hospital space away from the gunshot victims who are also numerous in Oklahoma because redneck flyover country”.

    • D Brinn says:

      Marek’s became deadly because, as the leaky vaccine caused stronger strains to emerge, they used those to make stronger vaccines, until they’d essentially bred a strain that killed 100% of unvaccinated chickens stone dead. (And reading up on it a little, it sounds like the next time a new strain emerges, they aren’t sure what they’re going to do.)

      It does seem like that could happen with the Covid vaxxes, if they can turn their boosters into a regular thing. But they would have to scale up the strength of the vaxxes, probably through multiple iterations. So far (not that I’d take their word for it), it sounds like their boosters are just another dose of the same thing. And it appears that the makers (unlike the true Covidians) want to scale back the booster dose, probably because from their perspective, a semi-annual booster recipient is a lot more profitable than a corpse.

      So it seems like a possibility, but not in the short term. Honestly, I don’t think they have the patience to wait through what would probably be several years of strengthening the virus, if they’re even capable of doing that. They want their sacrifices *now*.

    • jim says:

      It is absolutely obvious that for the first few days after vaccination the lethality of china flu massively increases, or to look at it another way, if you catch china flu shortly after after being vaccinated, China flu increases the lethality of the clot shot.

      After a while, the vaccination works, and protects you against china flu, but before long, it wears off.

  35. Alfred says:

    But they are remarkably stable absent a strong, violent, and dangerous external opponent. When you have human sacrificing demon worshipers in power, internal opponents keep a low, low, low profile, making it hard for internal opposition to cohere into anything formidable.

    That’s a great point. Hard to resist when you’ll likely end up as a ritual sacrifice.

    The US seems doomed without a Caesar or a Stalin soon.

  36. Alfred says:

    What’s the track record for cohesion in warfare with demon worshiping cults? It can’t be that strong since it lost out to more pro-social religions everywhere eventually.

    • jim says:

      The track record for cohesion in human sacrificing demon worshiping cults is what you would expect it to be. As soon as a plausible strong, violent and dangerous opponent appears, large groups switch allegiance. The priesthood escalates, and has some success in pulling them back in line, but the escalation burns their long term ability to keep them in line.

      But they are remarkably stable absent a strong, violent, and dangerous external opponent. When you have human sacrificing demon worshipers in power, internal opponents keep a low, low, low profile, making it hard for internal opposition to cohere into anything formidable.

      • Karl says:

        Human sacrificing demon warshiping cults were present in fairly homogeneous societies.

        Now a human sacrificing demon warshiping cult is spreading in societies where there are competing faiths, especially Islam. Maybe those competing faiths will have an effect like an external enemy.

        Right now the human sacrificing demon warshiping cult is sacrificing its own adherents. Usually such cults were sacrificing foreigners and unbelievers.

        I’ve heard Muslims in Europe are very reluctant to take the clot shot. Perhaps that is simply an effect of mainstream propaganda targeting Europeans, but unless Muslims willing comply with sacrifing other Muslims it will be very difficult for European governments to enforce sacrifices.

    • Joe says:

      Read the Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo.

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