What our enemies revealed in the fall of Kabul

Newt Gingrich: “Sad not a single women’s group on the left is up in arms about Afghanistan.”

Of course not. Feminism and female emancipation is merely a shit test, and women love men who pass their shit tests, and hate men who fail them.

Reflect on the savage hatred that feminists bear against Greek letter fraternities and rich and famous movie producers who fail to rape them, with their eager and enthusiastic response to Rotherham and the Cologne rape festival: “Refugees welcome.” “We are not your women.”

If you read between the lines of the Rotherham stories, it is seems that the very young girls being raped and threatened were strangely difficult to help and protect when family members tried to help and protect them.

As the collapse began, but before the Officially Unofficial Press acknowledged that Kabul had fallen, I saw talking heads displaying awareness that this was a holy war, and awareness that you have to bring a gun to a gunfight and a faith to a holy war.

The people of Afghanistan, we were repeatedly told, loved Globohomo, democracy, and feminism, and would fight for it.

Events proved that the Afghan army would not fight for Globohomo.

They brought a faith to a holy war, but it was revealed that Satanic faiths are not very useful in holy wars.

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  1. Alfred says:

    Sounds like Moderna is trying to avoid killing people by dropping their booster dose to half the original shot dose. The FDA is refusing to approve it unless they keep it at least strong as the original:


    Note that the FDA’s is suddenly reluctance to certify the Moderna vaccine for while it did certify the Pfizer vaccine. Sounds like they’re pressuring Moderna to up it’s killing power or else they get kicked off the gravy train.

    • jim says:

      Yes. This is priestly desire for more human sacrifices coming into conflict with Big Pharma’s desire to make money.

    • jim says:

      Big Pharma:
      “Another helping of gravy please”

      Very Holy Regulatory Priesthood:
      “Blood, blood, we want blood, give us blood”

    • Joe says:

      I saw a record of Pfizer injections that showed two doses of 225mcg in January and one dose of 30mcg in August. The official record shows that Pfizer has always only been given as 30mcg. Without corroborating evidence it is impossible to know whether the dosing schedule has changed, or if the recording doctor simply made a mistake.

  2. notglowing says:

    The ivermectin story from yesterday turns out to be a complete lie


    I sometimes find myself still having more trust in journalists than they deserve, somehow

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Give yourself a break. It’s perfectly natural to believe the guy who talks to everyone, and who no one talks back to. Not because he’s probably correct, but because everyone else is listening to him as well, and you’re a fleshy and vulnerable social creature who needs support and protection, and no one likes a blasphemer, and outcasts tend to die alone and unnoticed of disease or starvation, far outside of town.

      To conform is to survive. Usually. Until.

    • Alfred says:

      I knew it was bullshit just from the title. People waiting at hospital due to ivermectin ODs? Obvious bullshit. I’m sure some people have OD on ivermectin but not enough to cause problems.

      If they’d had actual cases of it, they would have done a poster child interview with someone who went blind from it. Though they’re increasing faking those.

      • D Brinn says:

        It also showed how little understanding they have of the world outside their bubble. Multiple gunshot victims showing up at a hospital in Oklahoma? And not even in a city like Tulsa, but in Sallisaw, a town of 9000 that no one’s ever heard of? That’s the kind of story only someone who’s never left Chicago or NYC could believe. A quick search tells me Sallisaw averages less than 1 murder a year, and 10-20 assualts. Rolling Stone writers and editors can’t even conceive of such a world.

        The whole thing deserves the Principal Skinner steamed hams treatment: Aurora Borealis localized in your kitchen, really?

        • notglowing says:

          The “shooting” was a gender reveal party “gone wrong”, an accident.
          Those parties have lately been a favourite target of the left.
          They attack them for often using recklessly dangerous special effects, a legitimate reason, but they really hate them because they contradict gender ideology.

          Of course it made no sense that ER would be overwhelmed by it.

    • Wayton Henderson says:

      Sallisaw OKLAHOMA is a small town. I wonder how many gunshot wounds they see annually. Also, it’s deep in cattle country where everyone there ranches and regularly administers Ivermectin to animals.

  3. dee says:

    It’s not technically over yet. What do you see when you look at Panjshir?

  4. notglowing says:

    Seems like Italy is planning on making the vaccine entirely compulsory:

    If so I might have to leave the country. Not sure what options there are.

    • Pooch says:

      Pay someone in the mafia.

      • notglowing says:

        There aren’t any such types that I know here.
        The part of the country I live in is far too efficient and I am starting to see the negatives of it. Plus we bore the brunt of the initial deaths right at the beginning and the people are traumatized from it and willing to accept anything. Most of the people living here are rich upper class, white Italian boomers and older.

        Trying to break the law would probably just get me ostracized if not in jail.

        And a little more north-east they are all basically German speaking communists who also happen to speak Italian and whose land happens to be under our jurisdiction.

        • simplyconnected says:

          When they say compulsory, do they mean required for work, or do they mean “take it or you will go to jail” or “you will be forcibly injected”?

          • notglowing says:

            We are already required to have the green pass to do almost anything.

            > “take it or you will go to jail” or “you will be forcibly injected”?
            The language of the article very much suggests this. Draghi said it will be mandatory for all above 12 or so. What exactly does it mean? I don’t know.
            I’m not sure I want to research it too deeply. My mental state is affected by all of this stuff enough as is.
            But judging from where things are going, well, I would not exclude them busting into my home eventually. How much harsher does it even have to get for that to be a reality at this point?

            Otherwise, the only thing where they can force me is university. But if I can take one exam later this month before this new law passes, I won’t need to show up until January. More than enough time for me not to be worried about anything. If they make new lockdowns by December, exams will be remote again.
            I am starting to miss lockdowns.

            I’m examining my options for gaining permanent residency abroad.
            Panama was an option and it’s a tax heaven. The law changed, I kid you not, 3 weeks ago. I could’ve gotten residency within a week before. Now it’s no longer an option.

            I’ve been considering the various possibilities. If I am really forced to take it, some might be better than others. The Valneva whole-virus might not be as bad as the others. If that’s not available, J&J.

            If I can fake it, maybe, but it seems difficult. Not many people are easily corruptible for this kind of stuff. Most who live here are very wealthy, and allies of the system.
            My doctor is a multimillionaire. I am very isolated.
            Most of the other recent cathedral stuff has not gained that much ground here or affected me too deeply. But this is different.

            • simplyconnected says:

              It’s hard to know where to go because they keep changing the rules from time to time.
              I know the supreme court of Spain, as well as the regional courts ruled vax passports unconstitutional. I don’t know of any other European country where vax refusal has some institutional backing. Maybe that’s an option to lay low for a “while”.

              • notglowing says:

                Unfortunately our constitution is very recent and has specific language allowing this kind of thing.

                It’s ironic because it specifically prohibits the government from preventing citizens from moving anywhere they want in the country, as exile was a typical fascist punishment against dissidents.
                But there is an exception for reasons of public health.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  I would definitely make plans in case it gets to the forcible injection case.
                  But note many mandates do not materialize in the end. They like to announce mandates in advance, this may be intended to scare a fraction of the people into getting injected in anticipation of the mandate. They may be floating the idea, hopefully the threat is stronger than the execution.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Also, some mandates don’t last long if there’s enough pressure against them. See Moscow’s vaxpass lasted 3 weeks due to businesses loosing too much clientele.

            • dee says:

              Switzerland and Luxemburg noticeably were more lax in their restrictions than their neighbours last winter. Both Schengen zone.

              • Upravda says:

                Our rulers in Croatia like to say that we had “the most liberal restrictions in Europe/ world/ Known Space since summer 2020.” The sad thing is, they *are* mostly right. Which makes one to think what kind of hell is happening in, say, Australia right now.

                However, I have seriously considered, and still considering in case that everything goes downhill, the option of relocating myself and entire family to – Bosnia and Herzegovina, of all places:

                1. My people also lives there, and I would settle among them.

                2. There are *no restrictions of any kind (!!!)*, except curfew from midnight to five in the morning, and it might be that even that is lifted in the meantime. Not even facehuggers, *NOTHING!*

                3. You can freely travel to Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia and back.

                The joke goes that “in B&H we don’t have alco-tests, pregnancy tests, and such, so who would expect that we had covid tests? Or vaxx?” 🙂

                Our mainstream media has shamelessly tried to convince us in 2020 that B&H will turn into zoo since holy and mighty covid demon will kill all people there (really like those metaphors of Jim).

                It didn’t materialize. Hard to predict, especially future, I guess.

                After that, in 2021 those same media, and politicians, have shamelessly tried to convince us that B&H will turn into a pristine botanic garden because enraged Covid demon will surely kill not just people, but pets, cows, sheep and mouses. Everything that moves, actually.

                Well, didn’t materialize. – again. After that, they are simply not mentioning Bosnia and Herzegovina any more.

                So, to our dear Italian friend @notglowing, I guess you might consider temporary reallocation there. Prices are low, including accommodations and renting, the country has some nice features. I heard that skiing on Kupres is cheap and magnificent, Buna river beautiful for bathing, Una river for whitewater sports, honey is good, food is delicious, and you even have some Adriatic coast at your disposal. Pilgrims to Međugorje will take care that you don’t lose connection with your Italian compatriots. Yes there’s a language barrier, but I guess that decent amount of natives, especially in Croatian parts of the country is proficient in English and German, and some of them even in Italian.

                And no, there will *NOT* be a war anytime soon.

                • notglowing says:

                  I’ve been in Croatia before. The ex-Yugoslavia area is definitely worth a visit.
                  Thanks for this information, I didn’t know anything about it in regards to the pandemic measures.
                  It seems like there an option that wouldn’t require me to obtain residency elsewhere then.

        • Pooch says:

          Go to Southern Italy or Sicily. I would imagine there are plenty of doctors you could be set up with who get you into the system if you ask the right people.

        • Pooch says:

          Where I live, there are places that provide essentially fake negative test results that you don’t even need to come in for, to my surprise. I would imagine it’s not a stretch to go all the way to fake a vaccination if you are in the right place.

          But even if you didn’t fake it, I would also imagine places like Southern Italy would be quite lax in enforcement. Maybe you consider moving.

          • notglowing says:

            For now, real negative test results are easy to get and sufficient for the green pass.
            If the law simply changes the green pass to require vaccination, I will be fine until January at least, as long as it happens over two weeks from now.

          • Anon says:

            Obviously you can ignore this or refuse, but if you’re willing to say, what country/region?

            • Pooch says:

              East coast of the US. I did not verify these testing sites first-hand, only third-hand from acquaintances who had to travel frequently. I believe they tend to be near the airports. Looks for signs “Rapid Testing call this number!” and such.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      What are they going to do? Look for every person, hold them down and inject it against their will? To millions of Italians? Yeah right, they can’t even tax them as much as they’d like, 1/5th of the economy is black.

      You should leave the country immediately, Italy doesn’t deserve to suffer your cowardice.

    • Varna says:

      Until now only Tajikistan and Turkmenistan had compulsory vaccination, and informally Chechnya, where Kadyrov forced them by stopping their pensions and wages until they complied.

      Did not expect Italy to go the way of Turkmenistan. Anyone would have told me that in 2019, I’d have though they’re having a meltdown.

      To the point though. Some member-states of the EU have begun to quietly accept the Chinese trad vax as valid.
      For example Slovenia https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/slovenia-entry-rules-what-travellers-need-to-know/
      Countries where one can get a trad jab include Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

      If whatever it is you do in Italy you can keep doing from neighboring Slovenia, for example, then maybe go to one of the above places to get a trad jab and then do your thing in Slovenia.

      If you can work at a distance–then the above countries are fine, and mostly affordable places of residence.

      If you can take half a year away from work without catastrophic damage–buzz off to Montenegro or Albania and enjoy the seaside and the food, until the vaccine madness reaches a point where places like Italy can no longer pretend RNA serums and kike-spike shots work better than the trad vax. Then you can go back if you so wish.

      Or–the easiest and perhaps most affordable way–go to South Italy, pay someone to inject the air beside your shoulder, and that’s it. And maybe by the time the system tries to force you to jump through this hoop again, the whole narrative will have begun to collapse.

      That thing with the north being too efficient and this being suddenly a bad thing is also evident in Russia right now. The most vaxed places are the most European and efficient ones like Belgorod region and Moscow region. And also north pole places with five Eskimo, twenty oil men, and a bunch of reindeer. Also local fiefdoms like Kadyrov’s Chechnya.

      So in Russia, if you want to evade the thing while it’s still not mandatory for everyone, you have to
      a) be in a region which ain’t too efficient;
      b) be in a Slavic region as opposed to some autonomous fiefdom
      c) be in a place with enough people to blend in to

      The same goes for EE as a whole. Czech Republic–too efficient. Belarus–too iron fisted. Places keeping their heads down around the South East — just right.

      Apparently a similar logic is now starting to work for places like Italy.

      • notglowing says:

        >Did not expect Italy to go the way of Turkmenistan. Anyone would have told me that in 2019, I’d have though they’re having a meltdown.

        Back in 2019 is when I started to see this coming. At the time they passed a law forcing children to be vaccinated. I had nothing against any vaccines that existed at the time, but I saw this as a bad thing, and a bad omen, and opposed it.
        I received some very strong pushback from some friends, who are usually not bluepilled on most topics, and who aren’t the types to worship or trust the government. That made me concerned.

        When covid vaccines were produced, and all these European countries denied they would implement a vaccine mandate, I realized it was going to happen.

        There is a traditional type jab being approved in the EU, made by Valneva. It’s coming to the UK, so it will eventually likely come here. It could be an option.
        I wonder what people here think of it.
        Also, what about novavax, which seems like the opposite, but doesn’t contain the whole spike protein?

        • Varna says:

          Valneva sounds like a real trad vax.

          Novavax is also a spike vax, not an RNA one, not an adenoviral vector one, but the of the third “subunit protein” type

          One of Russia’s three is like that, the EpiVac. Russia has one adenoviral clot-shot (Sputnik, similar to Astra and Johnson), one trad (KoviVak, similar to Sinovac and Sinopharm), and the EpiVac.

          Cuba makes one of those too, and is currently doing mandatory jabs on all kids before opening the schools. Taiwan introduced one the other week. China has one and appears to be testing it out on Uzbekistan.

          The subunit spike vax like Novavax in theory have the least side-effects of the three kike-spike types. In Russia EpiVac is marketed as a good choice for old folks whose organism can handle the strain of it better than the more brutal Sputnik jab.

          Of course, this works when you compare one vaccination to one vaccination. Then yes, better get the subunit protein. However, the system has already abandoned the initial pretense, and now the narrative is you get them not once and life goes back to normal, but you get them every half year or even more often, and also you can mix them up between the different types, so whatever vax they have available when it’s time for “booster number X” — that’s what you’re getting. Unless you’re paying some worker in a clinic to keep a specific bottle just for you.

          I think playing for time is a good idea. The longer you can put off getting any type of shot, the bigger the chance that the whole scam will collapse by the time the system tries to force you into the endless “booster” cycle.

          It’s one thing to get it once or twice, another thing to get if four or five times. If the scam starts collapsing say in the spring or summer of 2022, then those who waited it out, or only got one or two shots, are likely to be in a better position, immune-system-wise, than those who started playing the game early and are already on their fourth or fifth shot.

          The psychopaths are not counting deep cellular immunity responses, but only surface flaring up of antibodies. And their logic is retarded middle-school logic–if we force your antibodies to be constantly in overheating turbo mode–this means we’re winning. And the moment your immune system tries to go back to normal–we’ll instantly jab it to get it to start overheating again. That’s how we win.

          I may not be a Nobel prize winner, but it does not seem sustainable to me, even all other potential issues aside, to keep forcing people’s immune systems to go into overheating mania shadow-boxing mode. I simply cannot see a way in which this does not end in tears if you do it too often. It’s just difficult to say how often is “too often”.

          Which is why the best play, IMO, is to try to get them as late as possible, as rarely as possible, and the least brutal serums, with the hope that the time the system begins to collapse, will come before one’s immune system starts to conk out.

          tl;er — better the trad vax, barring that the subunit vax, barring that the brutal kike-spikes, but in every case put it off as long as possible, as this raises the chance that the madness will begin to crack before you’re pulled in too deep into the endless revax cycle, that among other things keeps your antibodies in constant overheating mode.

          Let us, after all, remember that this is what HIV does allegedly. Forces the immune system to keep overheating until it finally burns out.
          “Detailed studies of white blood cells have revealed how HIV relentlessly wears down the immune cells by exploiting the body’s built-in protection against autoimmune diseases.”

          And keeping in mind young Fauci’s role in promoting the whole HIV thing back in the day… At this point I’m ready to believe that the psychopaths experimented on the poor fisting queens in the 1980s the same way they experimented on the poor niggers until the 1970s with the syphilis experiments and who knows what else they did in Africa that led to the locals to simply start burning down “vax centers” at some point, even in the middle of Ebola pandemics.

          • Varna says:

            >those who waited it out, or only got one or two shots, are likely to be in a better position, immune-system-wise, than those who started playing the game early and are already on their fourth or fifth shot.

            That is if we still live in a more or less normal, albeit retarded and psychopathic reality. I now belatedly remember theories from some paranoiacs who can sound convincing when you’re reading them through bleary eyes at three in the morning, that it could be the opposite.

            It could be that say the Israelis if they first reach the limit of for example 5 jabs per person, will turn into turbo-mutation generating walking biobombs, whose mere presence starts getting the middle eastern neighbors with a mere 2-3 jabs to start dying out en masse.

            I personally cannot see how this can happen without provoking an instant anti-Israel holocaust.

            Yet for this there are also theories, about the six gorillion obsession: that this time maybe the psychopaths on the top have decided to really sacrifice six millions–maybe 2-3 mil in Israel and 2-3 mill elsewhere, mostly in North America no doubt–in order to finally fulfil the prophecy and get the Mosiah to return and all surviving Jews will rule the world and the surviving goyim will own nothing and be happy etc.

            Thus, if we really in a warped enough reality that top Jews are turning normal Jews into walking bio-bombs in order to provoke a fiery holocaust to usher in the prophesied golden age–all bets are off the table, and it’s best to hide in the woods with a rifle and canned foods and sees and electronic copies of the world’s libraries.

            If, however, we are simply witnessing a retarded bio-Chernobyl situation that signifies the collapse of globohomo even as they push their current attempts at a Perestroika (Great Rest), then putting off any compliance for as long as possible, and when beggining complience to drag one’s feet any chance one gets, is probably the best thing to do.

            Waiting them out so that they start collapsing before they get you for real.

        • jim says:

          If you are going to put wings on the space shuttle, by which I mean an RNA plasmid vaccine, the obvious thing to do is have it generate a disabled spike protein. But I don’t know if the novavax spike protein is disabled.

          • Atavistic Morality says:

            It’s irrelevant though, the moment you accept their premise you’re trapped forever. Even if the vaccine was a traditional vaccine like every other I have had, I wouldn’t take it at this point. Once you accept to bend the knee to the devil you’re condemned to hell, and at this point the vaccine is becoming a point deer make horse for signaling progressivism and the fag which is why it has been rapidly and heavily implemented in colleges.

            Anyone who has injected themselves with this shit will suffer the consequences one way or another, I guarantee it, I just can tell. I can tell that accepting this is like waving an LGBT flag, Gnon will punish you.

            • alf says:

              Yeah at this point it’s like Hitler annexing Austria — you can let him walk over you and tell yourself this is the last time, but you just know he’s gonna take it even further.

            • simplyconnected says:

              Anyone who has injected themselves with this shit will suffer the consequences one way or another, I guarantee it, I just can tell.

              This is also what my instinct tells me: the vax is bad news. I no longer care if a super safe version comes out, I’m staying the hell away from anything they produce.

    • Karl says:

      “compulsory” covers a very broad range. Might be that you’ll be fined once in a lifetime for not getting the vaccine, might be that you’ll be fined every few months or be forcibly injected with the vaccine.

      Once there is a law and you break it, there is usually plenty of opportunity to stall, especially in Italy. Courts are slow and even when you can’t win, proceedings can be slowed down for years.

      I’d wait. Too soon to decide what the best strategy is.

  5. Contaminated NEET says:

    >it was revealed that Satanic faiths are not very useful in holy wars.

    I don’t know about that. The Proggie faith is certainly Satanic, and it has won all of the biggest and most serious wars of the last 200 years.

    • jim says:

      As recently as the 1950s, was not outright Satanic. And the level of Satanism has been rising dramatically and obviously.

      • Fireball says:

        Yes it was the only thing that changes is the quantity of human sacrifices that is needed at a given time.

  6. Aron says:

    Here is what you need to do.


  7. neofugue says:

    The Taliban moved their official websites to the .asia domain. Before the fall of Kabul, the group used the .net domain and their sites would often crash.

    Their English is, to put it mildly, lacking, but their content is interesting nonetheless:
    Feminism as colonial tool
    The unmasking of Democracy
    Liberalism is Unneded for Women’s Rights

    The best the Cathedral can do is stir atrocity propaganda of how the Taliban is turning women and deviants into lampshades and paying whores to “protest.”

    • Fred says:

      Liberalism is Unneded for Women’s Rights

      Just this title alone sounds pozzed as hell

      • Fireball says:

        That is because you were born in a liberal society and you are rebelling against it. Women always had rights and protection in patriarchal systems. Any father wants his daughters well care for.

  8. Mister Grumpus says:

    The WQ is how you recruit. It’s the master key to all the locks.

    Surely 99% of everyone who gets here came in through the WQ. That’s where I was first forced, by my own frustration, to consciously acknowledge and accept that I simply had to be full of shit. And still it took forever.

    It’s a survival thing.

    Negroes, Six Million, low fat diets, the Khmer Rouge being the official good guys at first, etc. I could have quietly self medicated my way through those, dulling the cognitive dissonance with alcohol, Alex Jones and crimestop, all the way to the end. Why? Because those weren’t directly road blocking my genetic survival, so they just weren’t worth the thoughtcrime to accept the truth about.

    But the WQ is different. It was only at the WQ where the crisis of survival was so acute, and the pain so intolerable, that I was willing to accept genuinely new information to make it stop.

    That @MalangKhostay guy shitposting for the Taliban on Twitter. Notice that he never bothers to bully Globohomo over marksmanship or artillery tactics, or whatever. Just like Jim does here, he stabs straight for the WQ. That is how you recruit. It’s the ultimate pain point. Everything else can slide. Only the WQ is powerful enough to make guys listen.

    I repeat: This is how you recruit.

    • jim says:

      > stabs straight for the WQ. That is how you recruit. It’s the ultimate pain point. Everything else can slide. Only the WQ is powerful enough to make guys listen.

      As I am fond of telling socialists, no one is going to listen to you talking about the means of production when everyone has enough bread. But every man is short of pussy. Even Mister One in Thirty is short of virgin pussy and has to worry about Mister One in Sixty.

      • Fireball says:

        Socialism has very little to do about the means of production. It is mainly about status.

    • Johnny Caustic says:

      Word. Learning the truth about women opened the door to me realizing I’d been lied to about *everything* else, too.

    • Fred says:

      The WQ is how you recruit. It’s the master key to all the locks.

      I’ve been saying for years that the modern dissident right (our thing, not eg. paleoconservatism, which is just an older version of cuckservatism) grew out of the manosphere.

      Redpilling men on the WQ and recruiting men into the dissident right are, in practice, the same thing.

    • I would suggest that the “woman question” is more generally referred as the “Patriarchy question”.

      A society that allows the natural order of things, ie woman as property and under the protection of their respective husbands (and fathers before marriage). And one where man is allowed to enforce his property rights without interference from the State and indeed with the backing of the Divine monarch.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      I should have figured this out years ago.

      Just last week I was pontificating that maybe the Covid – and more importantly the Covid vaxx – narrative might break because too many people, in too many places, have contrary first hand personal experience with them now.

      In contrast with the Six Million, for example, which was so long ago that hardly anyone actually remembers the actual real event anymore, or even did then really, thus making it much easier to brick over and redecorate. “No you may not go inside, but I’ll tell you what’s in there.” It’s water under the bridge that only a blatantly unsexed sore loser with weird hair would make a stink about now.

      OK now the WQ analogy:

      Even the boomers got laid and reproduced. Some. So sufficient pain to confront all the other bullshit just wasn’t there. Not worth thoughtcriming over.

      But today…

      But today plenty of perfectly decent guys out here have very little IRL experience with Jews, or negroes, or “gun crime”, or 1-6, or the Creature from Jekyl Island, or whatever. But they do have experience with the WQ, and with every passing year it gets more widespread, acute, painful and urgent.

      The WQ also cuts across class lines. Whether I work at Yale or at Home Depot it’s the same confusion and frustration. BAP and the gang keep reminding us that real change starts at the top, and this is a pain point that the top shares with the serf.

      So of all the pain points, the WQ is not just the most acute but also the most universal.

      Race mixes into this too, now. Keyshawn and Muhammad and even Pablo have paths to status that also yield what “status” really is and means, which is worthwhile pussy and reproduction. Some. But there’s just no such paths for a white man anymore that leads to a secure marriage and legacy. OK sports maybe, but even the Marines just got beat on TV.

      This has something to do with why whining about “status” (and forget “means of production”) doesn’t even cut it anymore. For white men all the “status” in the world won’t cut it anymore, as he understands the word anyway. Not in 2021. In 2021 you have to stab even deeper, to what this is really about. Rectification of names.

  9. Anonymous Fake says:

    The Cathedral can (or at least could up to 2008) threaten the careers of educated employees in the professional sector. Afghanistan has no Cathedral because it has too much real work to be done. It also has a private sector that is mostly independent of government, a key source of jobs that cannot be threatened for having the wrong ideology.

    Violence and alpha male thuggery explains Rotherham, but not necessarily Afghanistan. What is needed to be kept in mind is that Rotherham is an immigrant population problem, but Afghanistan has a nationalist population opposing the globalists, very different sets of people.

    • jim says:

      > also has a private sector that is mostly independent of government

      Which is why globohomo shut down the Afghan private economy, and replaced it with a welfare/government jobs/corruption/handout economy leaching on the US taxpayer.

      Did not help them.

      The Taliban does not miss the banks because they were never any use for paying private individuals for private work. If money was paid into your account from private sources, it was apt to be stolen before you got to the ATM. The ATMs were only useful in dispensing stolen money.

      > Violence and alpha male thuggery explains Rotherham, but not necessarily Afghanistan.

      It is not the population that makes the difference. What makes the difference is Talibanic Islam: Pashtunwali, پښتونولي‎, which encourages husbands, fathers, and property owners to use deadly violence.

      White British males are emasculated by their state religion. Whitish Afghan males are encouraged to be manly. Iranian Islam, on the other hand is also emasculating.

      It is the faith. Crusader Christianity was as manly as پښتونولي‎. Private violence was a sacred property right.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        “It is not the population that makes the difference. What makes the difference is Talibanic Islam: Pashtunwali, پښتونولي‎, which encourages husbands, fathers, and property owners to use deadly violence.

        White British males are emasculated by their state religion. Whitish Afghan males are encouraged to be manly. Iranian Islam, on the other hand is also emasculating.

        It is the faith. Crusader Christianity was as manly as پښتونولي‎. Private violence was a sacred property right.”

        Compare Saga Iceland. Learn Old Norse…

  10. The Original OC says:

    God is the Strength and Help of the Righteous.

    It is no surprise who runs from His name.

  11. Basil says:

    Minorities (like their genes) are already here in huge numbers. And their number only continues to grow. At the same time, “nationalist” and “conservative” groups are only becoming more gay. In countries that are considered more right-wing (Poland, Hungary), no one discusses the women’s issue, because depopulation will continue and eventually to open borders too. Although Poland has already opened the border. This is true for Ukrainians and Belarusians. But given that their fertility is also low, this doesn’t seem like a complete solution. Therefore, you will have to invite other gentlemen.

    I would prefer some kind of military coup, but … Even if they understand the threat, they don’t do anything. After that letter from the French generals, no significant action followed.

    • The Cominator says:

      You’re in Russia right? Woman question is probably less of an issue in Eastern countries because women have lower status and hence life is not so horrible for men and they can get laid.

      And if you’re in Russia you want a coup against Putin?

      • Basil says:

        No, I have lived part of my life in Russia and have a wide circle of Russian acquaintances from Russia and satellite countries. The situation in Russia is indeed better than in Europe, but it is still bad and continues to go badly. I look at it this way: a country cannot support reproduction, which means that feminism has gone too far in this country. Russia was not capable of this already in Soviet times.

        Putin is not as bad as most of his political competitors. But he is still bad and makes too many mistakes. I guess the problem is that he continues to live with the myth of the Soviet empire. A military coup in Russia will not happen, the military is loyal. The best one can hope for is that he has prepared a worthy successor.

        A military coup could help in some EU countries, where the military looks less loyal.

      • Varna says:

        >in Eastern countries because women have lower status

        It only looks that way. What they have in fact is an utterly equal status, and have seen commie times, but it’s in comparison to the western ultra-privileged position of women, that it seems “lower”.

        The status of EE women is “lower” than that of Western women in the sense of not being ultra-privileged, but in comparison to EE men the status is 100% equality.

        Likewise the homos. They seem “oppressed” in comparison to Western societies, because they “only” have equal rights. They do not, however, have a position of ultra-privilege, and thus in comparison to Anglo trannies or Scandinavian leather queens they do indeed seem “oppressed”, but in comparison to the local hetero population in EE, they have full equality under existing laws.

        Globohomo will say that this is not enough, that laws have to changed in order for “real equality” to appear (the so-called marriage and crap), but that’s what globohomo does.

        It is a bit of a shock to anyone from Eastern Europe, or red China for that matter, to hear the grievances of Western feminists about stuff like “it’s not true that women can’t get science!” or “sure women can be competent managers” and so on.

        It would not occur to a post-Stalinist Slav or to a Han that this would be an issue in the first place, because of lived experience starting with school and then work and life in general.

        Whereas in the West they at first appeared to lag behind the great Stalinist (I use the term to signify an initial period of violent uprooting of inherited culture, no matter who the dear leader is and what the decade is) equalization of the sexes, and then suddenly…went completely overboard and overshot it in rather terrifying ways.

        Not unlike the COVID thing. When the West first was all like “nah, masks don’t work” and “oh no, China shut down a whole city for a few weeks, such fascism”, and then the West also suddenly made an insane leap and overshot this way, way into pharma-fascist cyber-gulag territory which in just a few months suddenly made China look like an island of civil liberties.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      But given that their fertility is also low, this doesn’t seem like a complete solution. Therefore, you will have to invite other gentlemen.

      I’ll have to decline, however I’m willing to let you invite a bunch of niggers into your own house and see how that goes for you and your logic.

      • Basil says:

        A bunch of niggers in your house = the result of playing at nationalism instead of ensuring the reproduction of the nation.

        I predict that Poles / Hungarians / Balts will end up with niggas in their homes. Moscow is already quite a Muslim, thanks to the constant influx of migrants from Central Asia.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          You’re the one advocating to bring in niggers in the first place.

  12. Basil says:

    Europe needs not less, but more migrants. If the problem is that the Europeans are willing to tolerate … maybe should it be worth making the situation unbearable? A sea of young, energetic, radical guys who hate Progressiveism = diversity is power.

    If suddenly the European authorities do not will be able to manage the flow – this is one of the best options, friends. Plus, the West will accept migrants anyway. Afghanistan is an order of magnitude better than other countries with high fertility. Also, the sooner the crash occurs, the better.

    • notglowing says:

      That’s a terrible idea. Economic damage can easily be fixed, demographic changes cannot.
      It’s far more difficult to make those people leave than to solve many other problems.
      And once they are there, minorities are subversive towards your culture and make any kind of cohesion impossible.
      There are less damaging ways to destroy your country.
      And they may hate progressivism, but like all minorities, because they are subversive towards the majority, they will support it in practice. For you, but not for them.
      They’re going to be raping your daughter and mugging you and getting away with it. You will still be castrated.

      • jim says:

        > They’re going to be raping your daughter and mugging you and getting away with it. You will still be castrated.

        If not getting away with it, not castrated.

        1. We need to make the elite actually elite, selected for intelligence and virtue, rather than docility, ability to believe stupidity, and to parrot blatant lies.

        2. We need to give that elite personal policing powers – particularly over their wives, their children, their property, and anyone who threatens what is theirs, primarily so that women will want to marry members of the elite, rather than fuck jeremy Meeks, but also because socialism provides anarcho tyrrany in place of justice and order, for the same reasons as it fails to provide enough bread.

        If we solve our elite problem, we solve all the problems that have flowed from it.

        • The Cominator says:

          Do you also agree that since the elite should be warrior oriented and police itself… that we need to legalize dueling by consent.

          • notglowing says:

            Every society that had that ended up eventually outlawing it when young aristocratic men would keep killing each other at higher and higher rates.

            If your brother dies in a duel, you have to avenge him and duel the winner. If your brother wins and the other guy dies, his brother is going to duel him for revenge.

            • The Cominator says:

              “Every society that had that ended up eventually outlawing it when young aristocratic men would keep killing each other at higher and higher rates.”

              Having a few less excess assholes and fake badasses around is a good thing. If relative killed in a duel it was an honorable death and not a fair cause for revenge.

              Duels were outlawed because the emerging gay lawyer rulers didn’t like them. Before the emerging era of priestly rule and gayness after the Crimean and Civil Wars duels were illegal but the law wasn’t really enforced except among officers during wartime (Wellington didn’t like his officers killing each other, at least not his good ones).

              • jim says:

                Priestly members of the elite do not like dueling because the potential of a duel unmans them before the warrior and prevents them from fucking his wife.

                All conflicts between men are always ultimately conflicts over women. To get cooperation, have to privatize and propertize women, enforce those property rights, and allow private enforcement of those property rights.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Another good thing, far far less fake news.

                  Every slander article would carry the possibility of the person slandered demanding satisfaction.

            • jim says:

              > every society that had that ended up eventually outlawing it when young aristocratic men would keep killing each other at higher and higher rates.

              No they did not.

              The death rate from dueling was insignificant. They outlawed it because they were frightened of manliness.

              • notglowing says:

                Why was wergild instituted then?

                • jim says:

                  Wergild was not compulsory

                  The way wergild worked in Iceland is that you killed the guy who had offended against you. And if his relatives got pissed you called up your relatives, and pretty soon people connected to both sides were being called.

                  And then the people connected to both sides would pressure both sides to take it to a priest. And then the priest was rule on which killings were justified and how much wergild to settle things.

                  Often the priest’s posse and each faction’s posse would show up for the hearing, and the priest would take a little head count to figure out what ruling could be enforced, and what ruling he could survive.

            • pyrrhus says:

              Victorians abolished dueling, which was a useful way of settling disputes between high status men (usually the duel was avoided) and the birth rate in England was high at the time…The birth rate started declining shortly afterward, which may well indicate that women perceived men as less masculine…Victorian England failed a key shit test…

            • A2 says:

              I believe dueling is a more recent construct. But clan feuds, exhibiting the tit-for-tat you describe, were not uncommon in the days of yore. As far as I know usually resolved by the cooler-headed elders unless one side runs out of brothers.

          • jim says:

            We should be a lot more tolerant of non consensual violence.

            We should come down like a ton of bricks on behavior likely to lead to such violence. Enforcement needs to be privatized as far as practical. Centralized enforcement just has trouble applying sufficient force.

            • The Cominator says:

              Maybe so but legalizing dueling by consent has no gray areas and raises the status of manly violence… it also despite what notglowing says is MUCH LESS likely to lead to blood feuds as deaths in a duel are somewhat considered honorable and fair. The dead mans friends aren’t going to be happy but its not like he was murdered sneakily or without warning and with no chance to defend himself. Whereas some hothead member of the elite shooting some other guy in the back because he claimed he took liberties with his wife (who knows whether he did) with no formal process…

              Yeah the dead man’s friends and relatives may very very much want revenge and that is how you get Sicilian style blood feuds.

              The scope for private lethal violence that is condoned should generally be the duel. Non dueling private violence… it should be tolerated up to a certain point but not generally to the point of lethality.

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                Non dueling private violence… it should be tolerated up to a certain point but not generally to the point of lethality.

                Whether lethality is acceptable or not should depend on the **behavior likely to lead to such violence**.

                If breaking and entering into someone else’s house death is not only acceptable, it’s eminently desirable. Painfully and terribly, and the corpse should be put in the public square for all to see. If the offender were to escape the wrath of the owner he should be hanged from a post in the public square.

                And I’m not talking about the gay modern concept of self-defense, if the man (it’s always a nigger to be honest, but let’s give the benefit of the doubt…) went into your living room at 2AM you ought to be free to torture him and the neighbors clap along as spectators.

                On the other hand the same situation in a shop is different, there might be a “reasonable” (in the sense that it is understandable and you can sympathize) explanation up to a point and so if the offender dies when stopped in the act because he gets shot or whatever it’s fine, but only to that point.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Exception for imminent defense of property or life of course.

                • jim says:

                  In medieval times, the general rule was that the property owner had right to impose justice on his property against offenders against him. Does not seem to have led to problems that anyone complained about.

                  And in rural areas, there does seem to be a tendency for hostile intruders to mysteriously vanish, sometimes after they have made a getaway from the property. No one seems to get unduly curious.

                  It was routine in medieval times, and today it happens quietly, and does not lead to any excitement.

                  I am just not seeing these problems that you keep imagining.

                  I recall you being horrified at my proposition that patriarchs should have authority to kill bastards. Today we have a gigantic number of wanted children being murdered by their mothers to protect their precious independence and vitally important carreers, and no one gets excited, and up to the 1950s or so, there was profound lack of curiosity about the mysteriously high rate of natural death among bastards.

                  We are murdering very large numbers of people that it is very wrong to kill, and failing to kill lots of people that need killing.

                  To efficiently kill people who need killing, needs to be privatized as much as possible.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  If the bad people who mysteriously disappear are of the right race, there are a lot of people who would be very curious about it.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “In medieval times, the general rule was that the property owner had right to impose justice on his property against offenders against him. ”

                  As I said I support imminent defense of life and property, but killings over alleged insults to honor and such…

                  The duel is the only place where that should be acceptable.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And the middle ages were very prone to blood feuds, the 17th century acceptance of the duel (though in England at least never technically legal) was probably so private violence between aristocrats and gentlemen could be formalized and not lead to blood feuds.

                • jim says:

                  > the middle ages were very prone to blood feuds

                  Were they?

                  Not seeing it.

                  They had a huge problem with the lords failing to agree on who would be King, because the government was a coalition of smaller governments, and the smaller governments were coalitions of tiny governments, and from time to time the coalitions failed to cohere, but I just don’t see blood feuds. The conflicts were over land and power, not someone getting mad at someone, knocking him off, then one killing leading to more killings.

                  In Saga period iceland, there was a great deal of concern trolling over blood feuds, which generally were started by one hothead knocking off another hothead, but the death rate from saga period blood feuds was utterly insignificant compared to the modern murder rate. The Venetian Republic did have a bit of a blood feud problem, but again, very low death rate by modern standars, and the Venetian Republic blood feud problem is not easily distinguishable from the medieval problem of government by coalition of smaller governments.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Lots of petty wars in the middle ages and ive read a very high murder rate and at least a lot of passing references to blood feuds and revenge killings.

                • jim says:

                  Lots of petty wars, but looks like the ordinary murder and hot head feud was by modern standard ridiculously low.

                  If someone got murdered, was a really big deal.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >ive read


                • The Cominator says:

                  Seems hard to find accurate stats and a lot of sources seem to disagree.

                  Here is a balanced one, sounds higher than modern times per capita but not extraordinarily so… but also no 13/52s.

              • pyrrhus says:

                Yes, my understanding is that there were no revenge killings after a duel according to the rules of the time…Effectively, dueling was part of rule of law, and fully accepted by most…

                • pyrrhus says:

                  According to George MacDonald Frasier, author of the Flashman series, there was even a common phrase applied to those (usually military officers) whom it was unwise to offend…a “killing man.”

            • A2 says:

              Would saying “prosocial violence is no sin” be too glib?

              • Alfred says:

                The basis for all rights is the willing to commit or have someone else commit violence in order to secure those rights.

    • A2 says:

      “We can’t restore our civilization with other peoples’ babies.”

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