UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17

There is some controversy over what the UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17 shows about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Several sources claimed that table five of UK Variants concern VOC technical briefing 17 showed vaccination made you more likely to die of China Flu

“Fact checkers” said that table five said no such thing, and indeed when I looked at it, table five was about something totally unrelated.

But strangely, table four said much the same thing, in a different breakdown of the same data as the alleged table five allegedly used to cover.

From which I conclude that the document has changed, and is likely to change yet again.

Official version I downloaded

Official version right now (Which when last checked, has not yet changed from the version I downloaded.)

Page Fourteen:  Deaths classified as Covid deaths for the period under analysis:  Vaccinated seventy deaths, unvaccinated forty four deaths.

The vaccine is well known to give no protection against mild cases of the disease.  This data does not suggest it gives any protection against serious cases of the disease.

Because the data in table four is broken down differently to the alleged table five, one cannot say whether vaccination is greater risk or lower risk, but it is clearly no big improvement, and may well make things worse, which is consistent with its failure to provide any discernible protective effect against mild infections or the likelihood of spreading mild infections.

Of course another explanation is that vaccination has no effect on death rate, because there is no death rate.

A ninety year old man goes into a clinic, because he is worried that his anticancer medication is aggravating his heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure. They ask him about Covid symptoms,like they ask everyone else.  He has a blocked nose.  They swab his nose, find covid, but he is not running a temperature.  Five days later, his nose is no longer blocked.  Twenty seven days later he is hit by a truck, and bits splattered all over the place.

He gets counted in the above table..

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  1. The Cominator says:

    Looks like Biden is going to try to bypass governor Florida man, civil war may come sooner than we thought… maybe maybe not but its getting close.

    • Pooch says:

      It’s not getting close. The governors have no army and thus no real power.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        They snap their fingers and they’ll have an army. Biden showed weakness carving out so many exemptions to this mandate. There is blood in the water, now, and just like the collapse of the woke military in Afghanistan, weakness invites challenge.

  2. Calvin says:

    Biden’s going through with the jab mandate. Looks like the plan is to get big employers to enforce it first, presumably going after smaller and smaller ones in time if that pans out:

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      It is dead on arrival. The regime would not have made as many exemptions if they thought they could get away without them. Exempting the USPS, as left as they are, means the regime knows that they are overstepping, and shows weakness. Weakness invites challenge.

  3. Tityrus says:

    jim, have you seen the kind of stuff that Yarvin posts on his Substack these days? Namefagging, not even once.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Curtis Yarvin is a faggot that cries in public about Jewish whores getting deservedly shot in the back of the head, it’s in youtube for everyone to see.

      You can be a namefag and still be based:

      The fundamental error, propagated relentlessly by the ruling elites all across the Western world is its egalitarian world view. They do not recognize, or rather they do not want to recognize what should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see: that every person is unique, different and unequal to all other persons, and that the same is true for every group of persons as compared to any other group.

      The top spot of the most undeserving people is supposedly occupied by white men, and in particular white heterosexual men; and the top rank of the most deserving people is occupied by blacks, and in particular by black women and above all black lesbian women. That is: what we are essentially told to believe is this: Those people and groups of people and their respective ancestors that have apparently made the greatest contribution to human civilization, that have demonstrated the greatest ingenuity, enterprise and productivity and boast the largest amount of capital accumulation, general prosperity and common civility and thus offer the most attractive places for people to stay or go – precisely those people are supposedly in greatest need to make amends and offer compensation to all other people. And the most generous compensation they owe precisely to those of all people or groups of people, who have made the least contributions to human civilization, who show the greatest amount of social pathologies and who inhabit the least desirable locations. And why? Because the former allegedly do not deserve their superior position on account of their and their ancestors’ superior achievements, but they owe this position instead solely to cosmic luck, white privilege and exploitation; and likewise, the latter peoples’ inferior position is not the result of a lack of talent and achievement on their and their ancestors’ part, but solely the outcome of bad luck and victimhood: the victimization of blacks through conquest, colonization and discrimination by whites. – And on top of all this we are told that all biologically normal people, i.e. all heterosexual males and females, are supposed to apologize, bow down to and make amends to everyone of a different, anomalous sexual orientation.

      Director of the German chad department, Hoppe, is always appreciated.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        Q: Are you working on new writing? What are your current research interests?

        HHH: At the next, upcoming meeting of the PFS, in September, I am planning to bring back to life the work of the Swiss thinker Karl Ludwig von Haller (1768-1854). Quite famous throughout Europe during the first half of the 19th century, Haller and his work are today almost completely unknown. If Haller is mentioned at all, it is usually by historians of thought, and they typically present and refer to him dismissively as an “ultra-reactionary” – an arch-enemy of the glorious “enlightenment” – , whose ideas have long since been overcome and superseded by the sophistication of “modern” political philosophy. At best, such is the general verdict, Haller is worthy only of antiquarian interest.

        In sharp contrast to this view, I take Haller seriously, as a systematic thinker, and will present him and his theory of a “natural social order” and the corresponding idea of a “private law society” both as an important precursor and a necessary corrective to modern libertarian political philosophy, and at the same time as the fiercest of critics and criticisms of everything running nowadays under the label of modern political philosophy.

        The German chad is trying to convert every libertarian into a staunch reactionary, publicly.

        • The Cominator says:

          I’ve recommended Hoppe as someone who is basically /ourguy to Jim before. He always maintains that he is an ancap but I’m not sure he really is.

          Yarvin did some very good work on the current system and he still says some good things, but he also says some very gay things and always has (when he gets into solutions he does). Its always easy to tell them apart.

          • jim says:

            If he is still saying good things, they are hard to find among the pile of very bad things.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            I just read Hoppe’s entire LRC article. I’m quite impressed with the directness and efficiency or parsimony of his words. He describes the whole situation in pretty much the most direct way possible. And he does not pay even lip service to Cathedral shibboleths (unlike so many public cuckservatives).

      • Basil says:

        We have to say thank you for the fact that Synagogue is lifting the status of a black lesbian and a black fag up. As well as for a liberal abortion policy. The fight against patriarchy in a black environment is admirable. Just look at the birth rate of blacks before the repeal of segregation laws. We saved women from everyday oppression and now they can realize themselves as individuals.

        The main problem is that these revelations are not widespread enough in equatorial Africa. I think this is due to racism in the United States. Local women do not know anything about the bright ideas of feminism, they do not build a career and still get married before thirty. Can you imagine it? White men should repent and do something about this problem, don’t you think?

    • jim says:

      No, don’t read Yarvin, because namefag.

      But since you asked, I clicked on Uncle Yarvin #12 tradwife edition


      • Starman says:

        From Uncle Yarvin #12 tradwife edition:

        “LaTonya mentions a great tip for a marriageable person: someone whose mind you can change. To form a strong bond, both partners must be malleable; the pressures of life as a couple will clamp them to fit tightly, establishing a shared experience of reality.”

        Blue-pilled tripe and gender neutral garbage.

  4. notglowing says:

    I think I found the peak propaganda headline:

    Is there even the slightest bit of truth in this? I don’t even know if I want to read the actual article.
    Though, even if people were overdosing on Ivermectin, I would blame the CDC for not treating people with it properly and forcing them to self-medicate.
    Is this study officially peer reviewed and cathedral approved?
    Are there better studies to use as talking points?

    • D Brinn says:

      Saw a good analogy: it’s as if they found someone who read an article on the health benefits of olive oil so he drank 8 gallons of it at once and died, so they ran with that as the basis for a bunch of stories about how olive oil is dangerous and should be banned.

      Except in this case, even the guy who drank the olive oil is probably made up.

      • notglowing says:

        Regardless of whether it is made up, what is upsetting is that if it happened it was entirely the fault of the CDC and the media.

        They framed Ivermectin as “Horse Dewormer”, so people are buying horse dewormer, and taking it in horse dewormer doses.
        Even at a high dose, it’s not lethal, and you recover quickly with no long term consequences.

        But nobody would even think of getting horse dewormer if they weren’t told it was exactly that. They would be getting Ivermectin for human consumption, in human doses.

        The way they create this issue by lying, then lie on top of that, so brazenly, using it as propaganda piece against you, is incredibly upsetting.
        Now people are sharing this nonsense on reddit and social media, and gloating about how dumb maga boomers are supposedly dying from overdosing on horse dewormer.

        It’s the same playbook as when Trump asked if it made sense to put sanitizer in your lungs, and journalists framed it as him telling people to do it.
        Then ran these articles on people who supposedly did exactly that, as if it wouldn’t be their fault for lying and saying that Trump is telling them to put sanitizer in their lungs.

        • Alfred says:

          >Regardless of whether it is made up, what is upsetting is that if it happened it was entirely the fault of the CDC and the media.

          Doctors are being threaten with their licenses if they proscribe it. People are getting the horse based one because they can’t get the human stuff.

          The horse stuff actually pretty funny, Humans and horses are quite similar and meds good for horses are often quite good for us. That and humans like horses. They should have framed it as cattle dewormer. Now we have Rogan memes with Rogan having a strong horse’s head laughing at people dying on the vaccine.

  5. Alfred says:

    I take back almost all the smack I talked about Alex Jones.
    This vid on ivermectin is amazing:

  6. Alfred says:

    The contrast between Joe Rogan and Oscar De La Hoya COVID cases is quite striking. One is a 54 year old comedian who smokes, not vaxed and in decent shape. The other is a 48 year athlete is great condition who got covid right before a match despite being vaxed twice. De La Hoya looks like shit, is having trouble breathing and is in a lot of pain and is in the hospital. Joe Rogan looks fine after getting some useful drugs. That 3ed dose of the spike proteins isn’t going well for De La Hoya.

    • jim says:

      I am seeing a lot of evidence that suggests the spike protein is a cumulative toxin. The more doses you get of it, the more likely you are to get serious consequences.

      Maybe you recover from the dose faster than your immunity fades, but we don’t know how fast you recover, while we do know that immunity from the RNA vaccine fades very quickly.

    • INDY says:

      De La Hoya still a coked out drunk?

  7. Guy says:

    Britain declining to vaccinate 12-15 year olds due to the risk factor

    Could it be related to the split rumored re: Afghanistan pullout? Apparently they were pissed off and Biden wasn’t conciliatory.

    • Alfred says:

      The global-homo empire appears to be struggling. Cracks are showing up and a collapse soon might be in the cards.

      I’ve been seeing speeches from the UK pols that sounds like they view America is weak and the UK should become the leader of the global-homo empire. This is delusional but it might be causing them to holiness spiral in different directions from the US.

      • jim says:

        Soft power is valueless without hard power backing it. Britain’s military is utterly worthless.

        British troops get in trouble, and US troops rescue them.

        America’s military depended on faith in the Republic, which faith is now being rapidly destroyed.

        • notglowing says:

          > Soft power is valueless without hard power backing it. Britain’s military is utterly worthless.

          All the better if they try to lead the globo homo empire then.
          It seems to me like it could happen, if the US looks weak.

          Would it just be a farce without actual physical power behind it, sure, but would that stop them?
          It’s not like they’re not delusional, or that they are too level headed.

  8. So after digging into it, the Table 4 data is a fascinating example of Simpson’s Paradox. This says that when comparing two groups, A and B, A can score higher overall, but score lower within each subgroup. This happens if the proportions of each subgroup are different.

    Put in intuitive terms – Table 4 shows that the vaccine is associated with a lower death rate among the elderly, but a) the elderly have a higher death rate overall, and b) the elderly are more likely to have already been vaccinated. So when you look at overall death rates, the vaccinated look worse, but it’s not because the vaccine is more likely to kill people.

    To see this, look at the Table 4 numbers. If you use “All Cases”, you find that the vaccinated have 70 deaths out of 27,192 cases, for a death rate of 0.257%. Meanwhile, the unvaccinated have 55 deaths out of 53,822 cases, for a death rate of 0.102%. The vaccinated look much worse! The z-score for the difference in proportions here is 5.32, so the difference is way above standard significance levels. On a first inspection, the vaccine looks disastrous in terms of increasing the death rate.

    But the answer totally changes if you break down by age.

    In the under 50 group, the vaccinated have 2 deaths out of 19,693 cases, for a death rate of 0.0102%. Meanwhile, for the unvaccinated, there are 6 deaths out of 52,846 cases, for a death rate of 0.0114%. These two proportions are very close, and the z-score is -0.14, So it looks like a wash among the Under 50s. The vaccine doesn’t help much, but it doesn’t hurt either.

    It’s in the Over 50s, however, that the vaccine looks very good. The vaccinated have 68 deaths out of 7,499 cases, for a death rate of 0.907%. The unvaccinated are much higher, however – 38 deaths out of 976 cases, for a death rate of 3.893%. This is over 4 times higher, and the z-score for the difference is -7.89, way outside conventional significance. So the vaccine looks like it makes a very big positive difference.

    How can the vaccine have a positive impact in the elderly, a zero impact in the under 50s, and overall come out worse? Because the elderly are much, much more likely to receive the vaccine – 88.5% of the over 50s are vaccinated, versus only 27.1% of the under 50s. And the over 50s just die from Covid at much higher rates across the board.

    So weirdly, this answer doesn’t quite fit the popular narrative either – if you’re under 50, the vaccine seems to not do anything for death rates, but if you’re over 50, it’s very beneficial.

    • jim says:

      You are over analyzing corrupted and selected data.

      When you see corrupted and selected data, the important information is not the data, but the corruption and selection, because that tells you about your enemies.

      Don’t look at the data to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine. Look at the data for signs of tampering and cooking.

      • I can definitely believe that there’s some fudging going on. I mostly looked at Table 4, which seemed relatively straightforward to interpret, and didn’t fully understand the relation to Table 5.

        But oddly, the analysis above gives me more confidence in these numbers, not less. If you were just making shit up out of whole cloth, the obvious thing to do would be to adjust the overall death rates such that the vaccinated group as a whole die at lower rates overall. Then everybody who did a cursory check would see that the vaccine looked awesome. It would be surprising to fake data to get the answer that the vaccine is actually useful for the elderly, and also that the vaccine is mostly useless for the under 50s, but you need some non-trivial digging to uncover this fact. Not only that, you need more digging again to understand why the first test you’d think to run shows the opposite result.

        • Karl says:

          Difficult for a group to make shit out of whole cloth. There would be a rather large number of people who knew that the report is simply a collection of out right lies and one of them might leak this information.

          Much easier to enforce a bias in collection and analysis of data. Lying by omission of data is much safer and easier to enforce by the boss of the team who produces such reports.

  9. The Original OC says:

    “Page Fourteen: Deaths classified as Covid deaths for the period under analysis: Vaccinated seventy deaths, unvaccinated forty four deaths.”

    How it shows vaccinated are more likely to die?

    Something like 90% of UK adults are vaccinated, so the break-even point where the vaccine has no effect would be 396 vaccinated deaths compared to 44 unvaccinated deaths. For the vaccine to increase risk of death, there would have to be more than 396 vaccinated deaths.

    That assumes people are vaccinated at random but it’s not the case. High-risk people are more likely to be vaccinated in the UK than low-risk people. So in reality, the number would be even higher.

    The number also partly reflects the UK definition of a covid death (death within 28 days of a positive test) which produces some miscounting of people dying in hospital “with covid” of other things, such as old age.

    If the vaccines don’t work, the depth of the conspiracy is so great that I don’t see how it could be overcome. But these figures don’t show that the vaccines don’t work.

  10. Encelad says:

    There is this guy who presents himself as an actual taliban on his twitter(!) profile. He posts daily updates on Talibans’ campaign taken from the field, along with a lot of mohammedan propaganda aimed at westerners. The curious thing is that he uses memes from the anglosphere dissident subculture, including occasional Nrx lingo such as “Globohomo”. It would be interesting to know who exactly is behind that.

    • ExileStyle says:

      Wow. Remember how cathedral press organs constantly weep about those poor destroyed ancient Buddhist statues? I present for your consideration a tweet that made even my jaw drop:

    • Pooch says:

      Could this be some sort of fed shill operation in an effort to make the association of the Taliban with “far right extremists” for obvious reasons?

      • Fireball says:

        The memes are really good. If it is a fed operation they are using the last stock of highly competent people they have.

      • notglowing says:

        It’s too good and actually funny to be a fed operation. The most likely explanation is that he is simply a right winger who is simply trolling people pretending to be part of the Taliban. Kind of like that guy pretending to be Chinese on Twitter.
        It’s not unlikely that there is some right winger who is also afghan or part afghan and knows their language and culture, but maybe lives in the US and is part of right wing communities.
        I recall a muslim being part of an online right wing discussion group I was in long ago.

      • Atavistic Morality says:

        It can’t be a shill operation, not only he acknowledges the red pill on women, he agrees and promotes it. It might be a Mohammedan operation to convert westerners and garner support, but that is the normal operation of a living religion. Remember the reaction to the “Islam is right about women” meme? Feds can’t thinkcrime, they would not acknowledge that Islam is right about women, but rather would insist that this is not the real Islam or pretend like they don’t understand whatever is being inferred and point out that this must be evil racist white supremacist propaganda.

        This is the difference between a relatively functional and viable religion and the anathema of life that is satanic progressivism. We are so deep into the gutter that when a muslim says the normal muslim thing it sounds like propaganda to baits us. It’s not that Islam is that good or anything, it’s just that our societies are really perverse and insane.

    • The Original OC says:

      Could the Taliban using “globohomo” be the peak of globohomo?

      • jim says:

        Historically, peak empire tends to happen shortly before the retreat from Afghanistan.

        It is not that Afghanistan is a tough nut to crack. It depends on what you want to do with that nut. And empires have wars in Afghanistan when they want to do something insane.

    • jim says:

      Exactly who he seems. He talks about what he sees, he videos what he sees.

      He talks like a regular normal Muslim would be expected to talk. Regular normal guy of regular normal state religion in a regular normal state that has some degree of memetic sovereignty.

      And since the enemy faith refuses to name itself (it is supposedly just what all decent right thinking people believe) and since it is obviously not Christianity, or even Judaism, he uses our name for it.

      This is the rectification of names.

      We are making words for what is unsayable and unthinkable, and people who are outside the power of that which cannot be spoken of naturally use our memes.

      The faith is woke. Globohomo is its imperial arm and operation of world conquest. People on the receiving end of that program need a word.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I’m looking at his feed and it looks totally normal. It’s a little trolly, but who would not be, having defeated the greatest empire in history last week? He is probably so high on life he will never come down. Other than that, it seems like a normal person’s stream of consciousness. It does not come off as inauthentic at all.

    • Publius says:

      It’s actually pretty high quality memeing too:

      The account is also good at highlighting uncomfortable truths:

      I don’t know why people imagine that this is some intelligence shill op or something. Isn’t it plausible that some an actual young Taliban guy, taught English and exposed to the global internet thanks to America occupying his country for two decades, yet (as Afghanis tend to be) incredibly disagreeable and immune to cultural conversion, came around to a worldview not too dissimilar from the anglo dissident right?

    • Pooch says:

      We are seeing why the Hindus are losing interest in worship of the Covid demon.

      • someDude says:

        The Hindus are back under the Russian wing as in the Cold War. Woe Betide the day Russia turns against us. Thats very much the last friend of consequence we have. Japanese and Israelis are also friends, but can’t help us the way the Russians can.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          It wouldn’t be wise to consider the Japanese and the Israelis your friends while they have gay pride parades, if they drop the fag then it’s when you know they are in open rebellion against the American empire.

          • someDude says:

            Considering that the Hindus were about 2 minutes away from a gay parade of their own before the Afpak pullout, I have faith that at least the Japs will recover in time and reverse course. They’ve done that thrice so far in their history and my money is on them to do it a fourth time. As for the Israelis, I can only hope. Hindus need all the friends they can get. They have too many enemies as it is. Israel getting wiped off the map will be very bad news for us.

    • Alfred says:

      Losing KSM is pretty much the end of the American Empire. The people running the empire unable to make any sort of rational decisions.

  11. ExileStyle says:

    So do we have to wait to be accused of shillship to perform a shill test? Or can we just dive right in? I think I have some wonderful new phrasing, but dare not undermine the project.

  12. InsaneWorld says:

    Forgot to add the 2nd link in that post, here’s the proof:

  13. InsaneWorld says:

    Some insane stuff going on down under, look at this bitches deranged scowl, “Australia says: get used to regular boosters into the future, maybe “forever”.

    Also apparently South Australia is going to force every single person to download an app that tracks where they are with facial recognition and geolocation constantly, texting all citizens at random times, giving them 15 minutes to respond with a facial picture of them being where they are supposed to be at home, otherwise the local police will be sent to check up on them in person.

    • The Cominator says:

      Australia has indeed returned to its roots as a penal colony, sad! And as much as unorganized gun owners are mostly talk when it comes to fighting the government I do believe that masses of Americans being armed makes this level of prolonger Covid tyranny not an option or at least serves as a deterrent. You’d have massive numbers of lone wolves um deleting cops and politicians in minecraft if they tried this. It would be like Belfast in the 1980s all over the region.

      As the old folk song says I’d rather drown in misery than go to New South Wales…

    • chris says:

      SA is not in lockdown. Masks aren’t mandatory just recommended. The app is designed for people who have just travelled from interstate from states that are in lockdown due to COVID and who are legally required to self quarantine in their homes for 14 days, which is pretty standard if you have been doing any international travel. It is not as dystopian as portrayed.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not what even the MSM says, not what some of their posters on 4chan say. I don’t live there but this sounds like some weird shill talk… except that shills ussually don’t directly contradict the MSM.

      • jim says:

        Chris is correct.

        The MSM is talking up world wide support for worship of the mighty Covid Demon, but since the fall of Afghanistan, world wide support is getting a bit thinner.

        India decisively defected before Afghanistan, and lots of the rest are showing cold feet.

        • The Cominator says:

          So WHY would the MSM portray Australia as the North Korea of Coronatarianism. It seems to only make people on the right very very fanatically determined to resist it more…

          • chris says:

            Here is an article from a local newspaper talking about it. The archived link gets you through the paywall.



            Australia isn’t perfect. Lockdowns in NSW and VIC have been stringent, and they did call in the military to help enforce them in NSW. They also just passed legislation giving the government more powers to spy on their citizens. But sometimes MSM outlets just like hyperbolic headlines.

            • ExileStyle says:

              Sorry, but this is just a classic propaganda piece, and a shittily executed one at that, zooming in on the one imprecision in the Atlantic piece while ignoring all the rest. The whole tracking app thing was almost added as a post-script. List of other (actual) measures listed:

              – Inability of citizens to *leave* their own country
              – Restrictions on travel across internal state borders
              – Curfews
              – Adjournment of parliaments
              – Banning protests

              Additional actual measures the Atlantic article did not even list, or the author did not know about:

              – Physical restriction to within 5km of one’s residence. (Vaccinated persons might be allowed to extend this to 10km in the future.)
              – One hour “exercise time” within this 5km sphere
              – New law allowing warrant-free access to and control of social media by police, etc.
              – All persons required to “check in” at all public establishments everywhere in the entire country
              – Well-filmed and documented violence against protestors and journalists.

              Now of course out west and in more rural areas, people are not paying much attention, as in Texas in the US or whatever. But if anything the Atlantic article is more along the lines of a limited hang-out, and chris’s reply and posted article simply ridiculous. (Let us ignore all the rest of the even more worrying things and focus on how brilliant it is we came up with this fully voluntary idea.) If you are in fact Australian, which I suspect you are, your pathetic nation deserves exactly what it is getting if you are the best it has to offer.

              I just hope everyone else is paying attention. This is getting serious. It is winter there; this smells like a pilot test.

              • jim says:

                Restrictions on international travel are real and severe. Restrictions on interstate travel, significant and serious along some state borders. The other restrictions you list are largely unreal, or limited only to certain rather small parts of Australia where everyone is out holying everyone else for more passionate worship of the great and mighty Covid Demon – the lockdowns are largely the save-the-fruitbats crowd inflicting them on themselves.

                • ExileStyle says:

                  Fair enough. I have tried to trawl some reliable, comment-open sites for the Australian perspective and there does seem to be a huge urban-rural divide, as elsewhere, as well as a kind of east-west divide. There also seems to be a divide in our own commentariat regarding whether flight from the cities is a sustainable (personal) solution to this (biggest in our lifetimes) holiness spiral, or whether “it’ll catch up with you eventually anywhere you go.” What are your thoughts on the issue?

                • Pooch says:

                  The problem with Australia is that, because of its lack of diversity, its government can still quite competently implement a dystopian nightmare if it wants to. Face checking Apps and a National vaccine passport are no big deal to create abs enforce when your government and its security forces are still filled with competent whites.

                  Observe that America on the other hand has mostly lost the ability to implement and enforce something like a face app or national passport. South Africa essentially has very little enforcement of covid tyranny due to black incompetence.

                • Anon says:

                  A lot of them seem real in most places, and in Victoria in particular sadly almost all of them appear to be real.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, Coronatarianism is fairly catastrophic in Victoria. But “most places”? I don’t think so.

                • Joe says:


                  Insane yet competent is the true nightmare.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The truly good thing about diversity or even say natural nig spic and even med laxity and disregard for rules… they are almost incapable of truly hardcore oppression. They can irregularrly smash and grab and irregularrly kill people… but no more.

                  But oppression by nordics or Anglos without diversity… with enough technological advancement it could imaginably get to a level close to I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.

                • Pooch says:

                  But oppression by nordics or Anglos without diversity… with enough technological advancement it could imaginably get to a level close to I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.

                  Exactly my point I have been trying to make. As the madness and insanity increases around the West, the Afrikaners that have chosen to stay in black South Africa may be the truly smart ones.

                • Joe says:

                  Although as time goes on I am less and less inclined to treat them as insane, and more and more inclined to treat them as evil.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  @The Cominator

                  You’re arbitrarily conflating “nord” and “anglo” with competence, as if it was a biological characteristic like having arms and legs. Nordics and Germanics were piss and shit before Romans taught them how to be humans instead of apes of the fields. I’m not saying it as if trying to be insulting, the Spaniards were the same, and so were the French. And all of these peoples have had their moments of glory as long as they kept to certain values and behavior and when they stopped they fell, indifferently of race.

                  Progressive Anglos are observably retarded and insane and they’re getting worse. Anglo competency is not a product of simple biology, there’s an ethos imbued a long time ago by the founders of their (your) nation that is palpable in the traditional culture. This ethos comes with an appreciation for meritocracy and a certain freedom and self-sovereignty, which are a prerequisite for talent and ability to bloom. What you’re calling oppression is at odds with this ethos, it’s not niggers and spics that made the American empire lose in Afghanistan.

                  The logic you applied is akin to wignats when they claim that the problem with Venezuela is only spics, and that if Venezuela was white it’d be a paradise. Just like there cannot be a successful socialist economy, there cannot be a successful oppressive Royal Society.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My point is that reflective autistic conformity and rule following seem to be a trait that is pretty unique (among whites) to northern europeans.

                  Im not claiming the ancient nords were more advanced than the romans or any bullshit like that.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Germans are popularly known to be like what you described here in Spain, but there’s plenty of German dissidence in their history. There’s plenty of Anglo dissidence in history too, your own country being a very noteworthy example, I know some Dutch dissidence as well. I don’t know much about Scandinavian history, but they’re separated in different nations because of dissidence.

                  I don’t think reflective autistic conformity is a native trait to men anyway, seems to be more of a product of progressivism, emasculation and the Prussian school system. Niggers and spics outright reject it in America for several reasons, first and foremost because I guess they see it as a prison wypipo shit and they’re not wrong. Many whites also realize this, Christians and those more sympathetic to homeschooling seem very dissident towards lockdown oppression, at least they seem to be the great majority of people I see in anti-lockdown English spaces.

                  Meds are not as you think they are, Spaniards and Portuguese are ultra cucked. According to our media my country is leading in holy vexxine cancer in Europe. I haven’t been to Italy or Greece, but they don’t strike me as any better either, except perhaps the north of Italy which is ironically more “German” like.

                  I brought up the point about competence because you talked about technological development in oppression. There can’t be development in oppression, and it seems as if you expect there could be technological development if the oppression was in a purely Anglo environment.

              • Aussie says:

                People who aren’t Australian don’t understand the people or the country. We have a nice country with a relatively comptent and ruling class and a lot of people are happy to go along with this for that reason. Until they’re not. And in a few months not many people will be going along.

                We had a Cronulla, and if the events that lead to Cronulla happened today, there would be the same response. That would never happen in the UK, or the US. We are the last of the Anglos. You worry about your own countries. We’re fine.

                • Pooch says:

                  People who aren’t Australian don’t understand the people or the country.

                  You may be Australian but you have no country. You live in a colony of the Gay American empire.

                • Aussie says:

                  Wow mate I had no idea.

                • Publius says:

                  You don’t even have any nukes. Not a real country.

                • Fred says:

                  We are the last of the Anglos.
                  Australians are dumb as shit welfare bogans. The country has to import Asians just to keep the place running because dysgenic breeding has run the white stock into the ground.

                  You worry about your own countries. We’re fine.
                  She’ll be right

          • jim says:

            The MSM wants to assure us that everyone worships the Holy, Mighty, Powerful, Awesome, and terrifying Covid Demon.

            Hence the blackout on widespread failure to worship in India.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              From where I live I can confirm your astute observations but I’m curious as to how you get it through all the Cathedral filters of our media which is further filtered by the almighty google. Almost everything one reads in official Cathedral source/literature are worship to the COVID demon. ( if revealing your source is a security issue, I understand)

          • D Brinn says:

            To normalize it and make people feel like it’s inevitable, without giving them a personal way to fight back against it. There have been tons of headlines claiming that “[institution/municipality] will enact [overbearing mandate] on [such-and-such date].” Most of them didn’t happen or have been pushed off to the future. The point is to make you feel as though, even though your neighborhood hasn’t locked down and no one’s tried to force a needle into you (so there’s no one for you to go after), it’s happening everywhere else, so you might as well give in.

            A local school board near me voted to force masks on the kids this year, and one of the men who voted for it said he didn’t like it but he’s tired of fighting over it. That’s how articles like this are meant to make everyone feel.

            • D Brinn says:

              I should add: I’m not saying these stories are fake, or that there aren’t people in power who want to go full totalitarian with things like tracking apps. Of course there are, and some of them may be insane/devout enough to charge ahead regardless of the consequences.

              But most of them very much want to bluff, bribe, or intimidate enough of the population into voluntary compliance that when they get around to the fun purging of heretics part, they’re dealing with maybe 5-10% of the target population, not 30-50% which might get out of hand. So there’s a lot of gaslighting going on to convince people the process is further along than it is and they’re more alone than they are.

              • Joe says:

                purging of heretics

                I wish they would get on with it. I’m starting to get bored.

                • jim says:

                  I was expecting more drama by now.

                  The relatively bland are in the seat, busily demolishing the foundations on which they sit.

                  An honest mid term would be a massacre of Dems and create a Trump Republican party. The question then is whether they will create an implausible woke shill Republican party, or dispense with Republicans altogether. Meanwhile they are busy eradicating America’s military and technological capability.

                  The willingness of the judiciary to entertain absurd obstacles against the moon program indicates a significant anti-tech faction. The obvious false flag ISIS attack indicates a significant war faction. And we see the kill-all-whites faction growing restive. But right now the do-nothing faction are in the saddle, seeking quiet Bhreznevian stagnation. Lots of potential drama, and the mid term crisis coming up. The fanatics get bolder and more powerful, the center in the saddle gets weaker and more tired, but is has been a while with no drama. I was expecting an epidemic of Epstiens and did not see it.

                  What I am however, seeing is a vigorous and determined effort to make sure that every election goes the way of the Trump election. They are acting as if they expect and intend that future elections will be considerably more vigorously and thoroughly rigged. If this is the main focus of action, well replacing the Republicans for insufficient wokeness is a decent sized applecart, which will keep them distributing apples for a while.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m curious as to why they are letting Machin block Federal election “reforms” that will make it possible for every small hamlet to have elections like Chicago.

                • Pooch says:

                  I’m curious as to why they are letting Machin block Federal election “reforms” that will make it possible for every small hamlet to have elections like Chicago.

                  Because legislative laws don’t matter, they are going to rig the vote regardless of what is written on pieces of paper.

                • Alfred says:

                  >Because legislative laws don’t matter, they are going to rig the vote regardless of what is written on pieces of paper.

                  Bingo. What’s going on in congress is just a show to reassure people things are normal and democracy will continue while everything falls apart.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes politics is completely performative at this point, and as I keep saying the Republicans and moderate Democrats like Manchin are providing a useful service to the regime by keeping it from going full retard, which is all the reason we should want them to be jettisoned sooner rather than later.

                • jim says:

                  Joe Manchin is voting to hold back a budget that will legalize government activities that are likely to cause massive inflation.

                  Inflation is starting to bite because the budget is irrelevant, and passing a budget to legalize what is underway anyway is normality bias.

                  The printing press is the biggest applecart of them all, and it is falling over.

                  People have been predicting what is now happening for a very long time. And being wrong for a very long time.

                  I have long been expecting this, hence my recommendation to hodl.

                  I don’t expect the sky to fall next month. Maybe not next year. Maybe not the year after. But the sky is falling.


                • Pooch says:

                  all the more reason*

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not talking about the budget, Manchin is also opposing for now election “reform” that will make it impossible to ever have an election (even at non urban district levels) that is not like 2020.

                • Pooch says:

                  Not talking about the budget, Manchin is also opposing for now election “reform” that will make it impossible to ever have an election (even at non urban district levels) that is not like 2020.

                  The legislative process is fake and gay. Ignore it. Administrative law is all that matters now.


          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Gaslighting. They proclaim ultimate power, and try to meme the perception into as many bovinized cattle as possible.

        • New DNA vaccine from India

          Not sure on this.What’s your take, Jim?

          • jim says:

            India has eliminated China flu with Invermectin – except in some few states where they scrupulously adhere to Cathedral holiness and consider actually treating China flu with safe and effective medications sacrilege against the mighty and powerful Covid Demon.

            The DNA vaccine is an act of worship to the mighty and powerful Covid Demon, whose faith is being massively defied in most Indian states, but not all Indian states.

            There is a power struggle going on in India right now between the holy worshipers of the Mighty and Awesome Covid Demon, and actual medical practitioners, but it is a bit late for the Mighty and Powerful Holy Covid demon to make a come back, after being so decisively defeated.

            I expect the Holy, Mighty, and Awesome Covid Demon to face the same fate as Globohomo in Afghanistan, with India leading the way.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              That makes sense. You’re right. Here the top medical institutions are pozzed but most of the ground level Practitioners are openly advising people to get used to coronavirus being a commonplace virus and get on with our lives.

              For example there is a theoretical lockdown in many places in India but practically almost all have returned to normalcy which infuriates the Cathedral elements of the media and medical profession.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              Which states? Kerala e.a.?

              • Kerala is the commie central of India.

                • Fred says:

                  Anything to do with it being the most Christian part or India, or is that just a coincidence?

                • Kerala Christians are not a big problem as they are quite an old establishment. It’s missionary Christianity driven by globohomo Anglo-American funding that is the real problem in India.

                  Communism has always been strong in Kerala because of traditionally powerful labour union groups there. And yes, strong religious minority presence in Kerala especially Islam is also a factor. Keralite folk have strong Middle East business/occupation links.

            • Pooch says:

              I expect the Holy, Mighty, and Awesome Covid Demon to face the same fate as Globohomo in Afghanistan, with India leading the way.

              India has their own nukes and now is looking like they have Russian military backing. The same cannot be said of Globohomo-occupied territory.

              • someDude says:

                Too much dependence on Russian Tech. Its amazing how much of Indian weapon systems are Tech transfers from Russia.

  14. The Cominator says:

    Note some hospitals are deliberately murdering people again. I thought this aspect of it had mostly stopped but apparentlys its back on again.

    • Joe says:

      >murdering patients by sedation and intubation

      They are doing the same thing in the district of Australia (Southwestern Sydney, NSW) that has had the most cases recently. I have no reason to doubt they are doing it in many other places too.

    • Alfred says:

      This is the result of the dehumanization campaign they’ve been running on the unvaccinated. I hear over and over again of the disparate treatment between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. I’ve been telling my relatives that if they have to seek medical care say yes when they ask if you’re vaccinated. No one is checking if your statement is true and saying yes may save your life.

      • The Cominator says:

        Looks like they want to use a computer program to decide whether or not to murder you.

        • jim says:

          Any discussion of who “needs a ventilator”, without discussion of “instead of an oxygen mask”, is a plot to sacrifice people to the mighty and awesome Covid Demon.

        • Alfred says:

          I saw a tweet the other day from a nurse bragging they’d intubation people and put on vents if they were being troublesome. The implication may have been if they were asking for medication to treat covid and upset when the staff refused them. Where I live the hospitals are overflowing with COV-REGEN but the hospitals refuse to treat people with it.

  15. Pooch says:

    The Afrikaners are preparing an organized tax revolt against the black South African government. May god give them the strength to follow through.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      I can’t believe I’m listening to white men talking these words like this, Afrikaners as a group are giga crimson pilled compared to the rest of us and there seems to be cohesiveness and asabiyyah, enough to take a cohesive war path against an enemy government, very unlike us that have to live in the shadows.

      If they were to succeed and continue in this path, SA could rise to become the gold of the future. After all, even the Star Prophet is from there and one of them no? Looks good, massive white pill for me. After Afghanistan, I’m hopeful they can win.

      • Pooch says:

        Well said. They are correctly realizing that the only thing preventing them from reacquiring their own sovereignty is a rapidly diminishing US military capability. They are showing us a possible way forward. The blacker and more Africanized our own governments get, the easier they will be to overthrow following the example of the Afrikaners, if they are successful. I am white-pilled as well.

        • Alfred says:

          Jack Posobiec is indicating the navy is can’t retrain it’s nuke boys despite 100k re-enlistment incentives. Trying to replace white boys with Shaniqua’s on nuke ships and boats will blow up those vessels faster than Chinese hypersonic missiles. The US military may be collapsing in real time.

          • Starman says:


            “Jack Posobiec is indicating…”

            You take Jack Pissobiec seriously?

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              He has a lot of people feeding him info. We have seen this over and over. Not taking him seriously is stupid. He might not be right on everything, but as a source of info he is quite useful.

              • Starman says:


                ”He has a lot of people feeding him info.”

                Sure he is. 🙄

                You take Jack Pissobiec seriously too? Ha ha.🤣😂

                I respect Jim, but there’s some junk commentators over here.

                Go on Gab, and try to tell TrevorGoodchild and WallofPeople that Pissobiec should be taken seriously. I need to see that just for entertainment value.

              • jim says:

                > He has a lot of people feeding him info.

                Jack Pissobiec has a lot of schizophrenics and government shills feeding him info.

                I initially put you on moderation because you kept posting information from shill sources. The enemy is sowing misinformation under false flags.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Am I on moderation, Jim, or is Starman? I have seen Posobiec break stories from within the White House too many times for it to be sheer coincidence. His politics are still too far towards normie American conservatism to take his opinions that seriously, but his facts are often true, and we can do our own analysis of those.

                • Pooch says:

                  Yes he’s a new reporter (not to be confused with a faggot Cathedral journalist). He’s terribly normalcy biased and still thinks the President actually makes the decisions and laws/elections matter but his little news tidbits that he breaks seem to be reliable.

                  Is it really so unbelievable that our negro mercenary military is losing the ability to launch nukes? I don’t need a news reporter to tell me that. It’s a case of “no shit, sherlock”.

                • Alfred says:

                  >Is it really so unbelievable that our negro mercenary military is losing the ability to launch nukes?

                  It’s not launching nukes, it’s maintaining and servicing Navy nuclear reactors. The Navy is about the only arm of the US government that still has working nuclear tech. Without powered carriers and subs, the US navy might as well just stay in port.

              • Pooch says:

                Regardless of what Posobeic says, it is obvious that diversity is increasingly biting US military capability and I pray that continues.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        IIRC, the blacks and coloureds are not a monolithic bloc in SA, not to mention the actual indigenous and the south Asians. The Afrikaners are hardy as fuck, but if some of the other groups back the play, this could really fuck up the ANC. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays in the global media. Lol, imagine President Harris demanding the USM invade SA to fight racists.

  16. C4ssidy says:

    I’ve been drifting around the world since finding a Bitcoin fraction on an old hard drive and have been taking photos of so many stupid things that I even want to set up an Instagram. The problem is that I wish I could include my Nazi and taliban meme collection too, but no centralised social media is good for this. What about Jim’s proposed decentralised social media? I am not saying that my thousands of images should be stored on the blockchain, but a trusted user should be able to view and request content, and as long as I have an app open on one machine or another, it should automatically satisfy that request, the same way I can send someone a photo over WhatsApp . I could then specify the number of degrees of separation required to automatically receive requested files, if too high then the request should be a smart contract which activates on receipt of a set amount of crypto, meaning my machine will not be slowed down by being turned into an actual server (though if I get many requests with small amounts of crypto attached, it could motivate me to set up a server). Something which would make this particularly swell is that there is a lot of stuff which gets censored despite not being technically illegal. I enjoy isis videos, war footage, mosque shootings, and whatever, and it is annoying to find dead links, but even being able to mix in pol memes with my holiday photos would make me happy

    • Existing tech should get the job fine, if you are careful:

      1. Go get a cheap computer with cash from a store.
      2. Rip out all the wifi, cameras, microphones, speakers, and any other obvious sensors.
      3. Rent an overseas VPN service with cash in the mail.
      4. Buy a router with cash from a store that can be configured to send all traffic to the VPN service.
      5. Rent a cheap virtual server somewhere with Monero — best to access it over Tor + VPN. Bonus points for using crypto mined from the computer via the VPN to get the Monero,
      6. Configure the server to only be accessible via Tor hidden service — including shell access.
      7. Put Danbooru or some similar image board software on the server. If this is too much, it’s possible to throw together some simple scripts for putting up images and videos. 90’s Internet, baby!
      8. Load up the image server with Nazi and Taliban memes.
      9. Put up a Monero address so people can send you crypto to support your little site.

      Now when the ADL or whoever comes to wreck your life, they have a bunch of problems to solve:
      1. Where exactly is the server? They need to break through Tor to find it.
      2. Compromise the server. If they get it shut it down, just repeat steps 1-9 above with a new provider (you’re out $50 of hosting fees). They have to hack it and let it stay up.
      3. Now they have to log your attempts to update the server, which means they have to break through both Tor AND your VPN again.
      4. Now they need access to the security camera footage from the random coffee shop where you did your site maintenance from.

      This should keep them busy for a while. (Note for everyone else: did I miss anything critical?)

    • notglowing says:

      There are providers (which are legal and above-board) that can be accessed over tor onion hidden services, which accept Monero and other cryptocurrencies, in exchange for automatically provisioning you a VM server on a big mainstream cloud platform, in their name, basically acting as a middle man and requiring no account or identifying info to do so whatsoever.

      Of course, you cannot host illegal content on it, or it might get taken down, but you can easily backup the data regularly and move it somewhere else if it happens. It’s unlikely as long as your website remains small, especially if only you are posting on it (and it’s not some kind of public forum)

      The bar for banning an Instagram account is infinitely lower than the bar for censoring a website you host yourself.
      It’s much more difficult to take down a website relatively speaking and it generally requires a much bigger scandal to happen.

      If you are interested, we can also discuss federated (semi-decentralized) solutions like mastodon/pleroma (the latter is preferrable) or more decentralized solutions like IPFS.

  17. Basil says:

    Here progressivism and Islam were compared …


    The soldier of the defeated army converted to Islam received an obedient wife and six bright and well-bred children. Compare with those men who went to the United States and Europe after the collapse – thereby falling into the sphere of influence of a progressive cult. Marriage, with an “experienced” woman, which most likely ended in divorce and zero / one / maximum two children with appropriate upbringing. Or those who returned to Russia. For all the loud statements, the situation is not much better.

  18. Atavistic Morality says:

    Just in case anyone here still doesn’t understand where they’re going with the vexxines and the coof:

    If you inject yourself with this shit you’re likely going to be a guinea pig and forced parishioner of the Covid demon worshiping church and its priests for life, under threat of death by some strange condition totally not induced by the holy vexxine.

  19. Fëanor says:

    Think we have another instance of the Handmaid’s Tale phenomenon here—female sexual fantasies presented as dystopian:

  20. Kunning Drueger says:

    Jim, if this is bad look or something you think is inappropriate, please delete.

    Looking into a 7.62 for some reach in my arsenal. I’m a gun nut but I don’t over buy. I’m very technical in what I have, why I have it, and how I am disposed in terms of ammo and parts. I know I should just get a respectable AR-10 because the tools, my familiarity, and all my battle rattle is AR design/aesthetic. But there’s a part of me that wants something that is undeniably useful but also max-/k/-autist aesthetic AF. So I’ve been hunting for a 7.62 PTR G3. My gun dealer friend has 3 RLI spec FALs (I checked the barrels as well as some other little pieces of the gun that indicate when/where/who, IIRC a Portuguese one and SA?) absolutely gorgeous but very expensive. Just recently I went to a different LGS than usual and owner had a lot of very good opinions about link related. Anyone here want to weigh in with guidance, advice, or favorite brand shillory dillory?

    • jim says:

      In on stopping power, I argue for the 22 handgun as a personal carry weapon, that the smallest deadly round is the best, because you are going to practice with it a lot more, also carry it a lot more, but the main value of a handgun is to enable you survive long enough to reach your rifle.

      Your deadliest caliber is the one you have practiced with the most.

      Of course the same argument goes for rifles, that the smallest deadly round is the best, unless you are planning to shoot down helicopters, but the smallest deadly round will, as you say, not have reach.

      Of course, for reach, the sight matters more than round, Obviously for range you should have a reflex sight and a green dot, and not worry too much whether your bullet has range beyond what you can quickly target with a reflex sight when things are moving and confusing frightening events are happening fast.

      But this is the neoreaction. We worry about aesthetics. But we also want aesthetics to be a true signal of function. I am sure you are far more expert than I. You want a nice aesthetic. And the aesthetic of a weapon should truly signal its function. Which function is not careful aiming on the range.

      Impressive shooting is not hitting a target at three hundred meters. What impresses me is someone hitting his target when his eyes are covered in blood, and his opponent is grabbing for his gun and banging his head on the concrete.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Something in 5.56 with a 20″+ barrel will do you for everything from deer to two legged varmints as well over all practical ranges. Long high grain rounds are generally the best for ammo choice, having both better ballistics and terminal performance. All copper hunting rounds like barnes tsx have good penetration against a wide variety of target profiles, sometimes described as ‘barrier blind’. Solid base softhead rounds like MK318 SOST or trophy bearclaw are similar.

      Surplus frangible ammunition like m193 and m855 greentips is often cheap, and can perform just fine in putting down any meat you have no intention of eating. Bottom dollar fmj is good for getting more trigger time at the range, which is really the most important thing above all.

      The bidet administration recently banned imports of any ammunition from russia, which is something like 30-40 per cent of the whole market, so ammo prices will likely be going through the roof.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      As an aside regarding galils, im inherently biased against piston driven semi-autos in general, as they introduce extra weight, expense, and destructive barrel harmonics to designs that other forms of action like DI or roller delayed blowback don’t.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        LGS Amerikaner was adamant that his favorite thing about the Galil was that it chews through any quality ammo and doesn’t blink. He said his wife did a one month stress test, no cleaning, thousands of rounds, and it never fucked up. I am looking for a pistol, shotgun, and rifle set up for the lady as well so that made me take notice. In the end, I’ll probably just get her the Glock 19, Remington 870 P 18″, and the Palmetto 13″ AR pistol. Then mags and rounds are cross compatible. I will say the 5.56 Galil is chunky as fuck, and I personally like heavier platforms because they, in my subjective experience, slow you down a bit which can increase consistent shot pattern.

        Yeah, ice read a lot about velocity and I know for a fact that 5.56 can put down anything in most cases. I also know from lots of training that your combat effective range is quite often half your gun range average. 7.62 punches real fucking hard, and it is a good gun to have in a rural area, but it is also a flex, hence my many years of waffling. I almost went for the Ruger Predator because it is half the price of an AR-10. As has been said already, optics are 50% of the kill. But no man on this website can debate the sheer gigachad image of a Rhodie in jungle pattern daisy dukes with an iron only FAL sending half of black Africa fleeing into the bush. If I’m gonna LARP, I’m larping like that.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >He said his wife did a one month stress test, no cleaning, thousands of rounds, and it never fucked up.

          You can do that with a lot of quality long arms (though you shouldn’t obviously), the most important thing tends to be the magazines actually more than anything else. Like 80% or more of ftf’s come from people using shitty aluminum usgi mags.

    • Aidan says:

      7.62 delivers more energy at extreme ranges. But the value of that against other human beings is negligible. At extreme ranges, combat is unlikely to take place, and at those ranges, you neutralize a threat just by scoring any nonlethal hit. Nobody who gets shot with a 5.56 at even 300 yards is going to continue to advance or shoot back at you. The effect is the same as blowing a big hole in him with .50 BMG.

      7.62 works on the same philosophy as 8mm Mauser as a military round. When smokeless was first invented, people assumed that combat would take place at a rifle’s maximum effective range, thus the more range, the better; hence volley sights on infantry rifles. But a century of combat experience showed that this was not true, and that an accurate round had far more value than a big powerful one. 5.56 shoots flat and lets you score hits without having to adjust much for range, especially at the ranges where combat actually tends to take place.

      I would assume that bigger rounds have value for hunting, for taking big game, but people much more experienced than me say that you can take anything that moves in North America with 5.56. If worried about long range, I would just get another 5.56, but one with a long barrel and a good scope.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        300BLK was the rage in 2019 because it’s a hunting round that works very well with the AR platform. There are lots of reasons for hunting with bigger rounds, but the best one I know is that deer aren’t people, and just because you killed them doesn’t mean they’re going to die right away. So 5.56 can be a burden in terms of chasing the soon-to-be corpse for another few hundred meters. But 7.62 doesn’t guarantee a quick kill either. If cost weren’t a concern, I’d just get the Barrett lite 50.

        • Aidan says:

          Sounds like you answered your own question; get a nice long barrel in .30 for your AR and a big box of 300 blackout for when you go hunting.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            300 BLK is not a long-range round. It is a .30 caliber projectile stuffed into .223 brass. It will not operate well when used at longer ranges. It has a lot more falloff than .308 WIN. It is a good defense round up in close, and you can suppress it with a decent silencer, but it suffers even at longer ranges that a .223 can handle. The drop is pretty precipitous at longer ranges. Best to get a dedicated .308/7.62.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I doubt that 5.56 claim is accurate. There is a reason the hog hunters use larger caliber rounds for their hunts. 5.56 might work… eventually, but it is no sure thing. I also would not take 5.56 on a bear hunt, either. If the claim is that a shot directly into the brain will do them in, then the same argument works for .22, but good luck getting it there.

        Against people, however, 5.56 is plenty. Make sure you use two or three shots in quick succession into whoever you are shooting at to make sure they go down. It will do the job just fine.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I do a lot of training courses, and the overwhelming majority of instructors are former military. Those guys have a lot of learned experience to give and a significant minority of them put a lot of thought into translating that into applicable stuff for non-military use cases. But there is a huge issue with military types, and it’s something I haven’t seen addressed to a degree that I think should be obvious. They always operate from the assumed predicate that either unbelievable death is going to rain from the sky, uncountable numbers of reinforcements are going to arrive, or unending efforts will be put in to get you out. And this makes a lot of sense from their perspective, but it is very dangerous for the Amerikaners to think the same way. A lot of my gear turns into unnecessary weight if I don’t have back up or access to first world shock trauma medical facilities. I don’t have a solution to this issue, and it is really hard to bring it up with the “when I was in Kandahar…” crowd because they just can’t imagine a world wherein their methods and experiences don’t apply.

          So while I know 5.56 is a people killing round, I also know that 7.62 treats IIIa like wet paper. While I am comfortable with CATs under pressure, I also know that at hour 4 the limb is probably coming off and we’re still probably going to be burying our bro. Just something I keep thinking about and I don’t really know what to do about it.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Never allow them to bring their innumerable reinforcement to bear. Do not give them time for their unstoppable death from above to arrive. Now is not the time to fight, but when the time comes, meeting them on their terms is suicide. Look what the Afghans did, and how they won. They waited, they planned, and they wore their enemy down. Imitate their successes, and learn from their failures.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Don’t be your enemy’s only enemy. Same thing that worked for the Vietnamese. Maybe that is the real takeaway from modern warfare.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      For gun stuff, I prefer to have cheaper guns that are clones of the bespoke killing machine that I will eventually buy. I buy Glocks, and then one day I will pick up a Zev OZ9, because it’s a really nice Glock clone, upgraded and enhanced. Shoot cheaper guns until you can afford the one you really want. Get into weapons that are common, but work towards the high-end of those weapons. It sucks to have a super unique rifle that is high-speed and butter smooth that breaks or loses a part and you have to wait for some simple part for weeks or months. It also works against you, operating as an identifier if you have to do something that will upset the local elites. An AR-15 is an AR-15 is an AR-15. A 7.62 PTR G3 is Kunning Drueger’s gun.

      For a fighting rifle, get a 16″ AR-15, or a 14.5″ if you have a muzzle device in mind that you can get pinned and welded to bring it to length. Do not go below 14.5″ on the AR-15 platform because it introduces reliability issues with cycling pressures. Try to get a mid-length gas system. It will work out to 200-300 meters no problem, and that is the farthest range you will realistically be engaging at. It is light, mobile, endlessly customizable, and the parts are commonly available.

      For a carry pistol, get a Glock, or a Glock clone. 9mm or .22, your call, but I prefer 9mm. Load it with hollowpoints and the target will go down hard. Glocks are ubiquitous for a reason, and you can load them with magazines that are normal looking, or with long ass stick magazines for upwards of 30 rounds. There are also some nice chassis kits like the Roni or Recover 20/20 that allow you to use them more like carbines if you like. Very reliable, very customizable, and parts are everywhere.

      Unique guns can be fun to shoot, but I prefer buying 3 of the same quality budget rifle with identical setups so I can have spares and lend one out if I need. As the old saying goes, what is the best thing to bring to a gunfight? A friend with a gun. I would rather have the hardware to hand out fighting rifles to the neighborhood men to defend our community than come to a fight alone with the special, unique rifle with the correct aesthetics. The neoreactionary warrior aesthetic should be the mannerbund, not the atomized, lone wolf.

      • Pooch says:

        Good info here.

        And yes as Jim often says, 1 black can defeat 1 white, but 10 whites can defeat 1000 blacks.

        • jim says:

          Guns need to be standardized and interchangeable, but they also need good aesthetics.

          And that aesthetic should reflect and express their function.

          And their function is not bursting open a block of gelatine at three hundred meters, but action when everything is moving and frightening confusing events are happening fast.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            A good shortened AR-15 rifle or a braced pistol with a red dot or holo sight is excellent at turning very close enemies into very dead enemies. If they are wearing anything less protective than level IV plates, M855 will go through it. If they are not a black-ops hit squad, load with polymer tipped varmint rounds or hollowpoints, and they will go down hard. If you cannot open carry a rifle, get a Glock. Load it with a magazine full of hollowpoints and the only place the enemy is going quickly is the morgue.

            Here is the lowdown on fashion on guns: its the same as fashion in everything else. Men who kill other men define fashion, whether that be colorful jackets with lots of rope, camouflage fatigues and ball caps, and rifle loadouts. When killers were putting holo sights on their rifles, holo sights became cool. When those men put side-flip magnifies on their rifles, those became cool, too. Now that the men who kill men prefer the LPVO, guess what looks cool on rifles? That’s right, LPVOs. Form follows function, and the function of a weapon is to end lives.

            People are putting profiles of the AR-15 on their cars for a reason. It’s the Amerikaner rifle of choice. As the Amerikaner elite, we can make our AR-15s better and more effective, but like it or not, that’s the weapon we use, until something else comes along. Follow the big boys, the men who know how to and have killed men, and emulate them. That is the neoreactionary aestetic of rifles, because neoreaction and the individual neoreactionary are concerned with reality and civilization, and there is no place where reality and civilization are as important as on the battlefield.

            I to go on about this and if you are interested I can write a post on this. Ultimately, however, the answer is already out there. The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse carried an AR-15 when he went to war to protect his community. That is our rifle, now. The weapon that slayed commies a world over is coming home to slay those that infested its homeland. That is too poetic an image to pass up.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              Dude, fuck yes. This is such a good point. You should do a post on this. And AR pistols are such a good, natural extension of why the AR works, IMO. They’re comparatively tiny, dangerously over powered, and just as easily operated operationally.

              I’m a fan of AR500, and I’m well aware of the short comings, but III+ is a good baseline for most people coming into the tac world because the steel will make a man out of you on hikes/marches, it will stand up to Tyrone, Pedro, and Dale, that faggot in accounting. No, it is not what I’d equip a jump team in, but I think it is good enough for small caliber and frag. If you are a LVL IV or nothing, I guess I understand, but really I don’t. Any thoughts or guidance are appreciated

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                If you need heavy armor against the USG, you fucked up, and you better pull out. The armor is giving you a false sense of security. I would run Level IV if I were in a combat zone with all the support and backup I need, and medical attention if it comes to that. Alternatively if I was trapped in my home, Level IV is great because it will keep me in the fight as long as possible. Level III is fine if you are ambushing regime forces or chasing off the riff raff. Armor is a tool, like everything else. Context determines its utility.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is a good and economical material for personal protective equipment.

                It’s useful to keep a set of IV+ high level armor ready at hand in easy reach in situations where lots of running around is not involved – such as say the bedroom of your house, or driving your car though locales with somewhat less than proper respect for property rights.

            • jim says:

              LPVO on a rifle, red dot sight on a pistol, and use the pistol for close work. The LPVO needs to be kept at magnification 1 (which makes it a crappy red dot sight) until the need for higher settings arises, and then should have a one click reset to 1, because the need for magnification might very suddenly go away and a crappy red dot sight might very suddenly become very valuable.-

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                If you keep both eyes open, even at close ranges the LPVO works as a simple red dot. I have also seen them run with a canted micro red dot, but that gets expensive, so I use offset irons. Also, if you get a good LPVO, which is going to cost you, it works quite well. I picked up an EOTECH LPVO and at 1x magnification I might as well be using one of their holo sights. Run it at 1x, zoom in for a long range shot, then crank it back down before you move.

                Or, if you plan on running the gun in close quarters, make it as short as you can while maintaining the 14.5″ barrel, and run red dot/holo. It is point and shoot at those ranges anyway, and precision accuracy is not as important as putting 3-5 rounds in the other guy before he can do it to you. If he is that close and is in your optic glass, pull the trigger until he drops, then assess. There is a time for precision, and there is a time for putting lead in the air until you are the only thing standing.

                The only pistol you bring to run as primary in a gunfight is an AR pistol in 5.56 NATO or .300 BLK. Handguns exist to get me to my rifle if I am not near it, or as a last-ditch backup after running dry or having a malfunction in the middle of a fight. It is not a main gun. If things are that close up, tuck one of those mag-fed Turkish shotguns under your armpit and blast everything in the room, reload, rinse, and repeat. Or just leave a shit situation like that. If they have guns and you do not, leave. If they have rifles and you do not, leave. If there are too many of them, leave.

                Do not ever run a Glock as your main gun in a gunfight unless you show up as the only asshole in the room that knows that there is about to be a gunfight. Then it is the right thing to do, because you are acting as an assassin or executioner, not a warrior. Do not bring a knife to a gunfight, or a handgun to a firefight. Each tool has its place, and handguns are not the tool to use against men with rifles.

                • Pooch says:

                  Offset Red dot seems to be the set up of choice now for killers.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Yeah, and I have problems seeing red dots. I think it is probably an astigmatism. It is not debilitating, but it makes them harder to use. That is why I use offset irons. Otherwise, I would probably run an offset RMR.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Yeah, lots of great stuff here. My work load out is the opposite of unique. I’m a 9×19 man myself. .40 is being phased out in favor of 9 and 10mm in a lot of places, so lots of 40s for cheap everywhere. I don’t like unique guns for anything more than mantle pieces. I preach the 1 load out per 1 adult in each house dogma. Glock, 870, AR, plate carrier, 2 ifaks, 1 flashlight, 1 folding knife (fuck off Aidan, I’m no elf like you, lol), trail shoes, tac pants, compression shirt, beanie, CamelBak, 3 day pack, crash pot (I want ballistic head gear but it is pricey). 3 days of dried food is good for carry, IMO. I’m in the “bug in” tribe so I’ve got a lot of continuity infrastructure in place.

        • Aidan says:

          I’m not an autist about knives lol. Knives are bad weapons and knife fighting is dangerous to life and limb even if you are very good at it. A big stick of hardwood is a better weapon than a knife. I care about knives as long as I live in a place where it is the deadliest weapon I can legally carry. If I could legally carry a glock, I wouldn’t worry at all about the quality of my knife.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Knives are great weapons, but hatchets are better. Bayonets are nice if you can get a mount, but make your rifle really long, so they are situational. What makes them so great? They scare the shit out of people. I show up with a stick, people will still fight back. A knife, fewer, but people will still fight. An axe freaks people out, and it is apparently a rather universal fear. Someone hears, “Fix bayonets,” and guess what they are doing? Getting the fuck out, as fast as they can.

            Human beings have an atavistic fear of certain weapons that is not always obvious. The axe and the machete are the two that seem to bother people the most, while a bayonet charge is enough to break most lines outright. That is the reason there has been so few successful bayonet charger recently. When they are attempted, the enemy breaks and runs. The charge never technically makes contact, but you end up where you want to be anyway.

            • jim says:

              I keep a faintly medieval looking double bladed short axe hanging from the wall in front of me opposite my desk. Smaller than axe, but designed to wielded two handed, unlike a hatchet. A fair bit bigger than a hatchet. It came in useful on one occasion. Full axes are a bit unwieldy for that situation, and it is always better to have two one handed weapons or one two handed weapon. There are two one handed weapons hanging beside it, and a few more things hanging from the wall behind my chair, but I have developed great affection for that axe.

              If you only have one one handed weapon, pick up almost anything with your other hand.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Rhis is not so much for you, Jim, as for others who have not been in fights or are untrained in weapon usage. If you can pull your shirt or jacket off real quick, wrap it around your arm as an improvised shield. It makes strikes and slashes easier to block, reduces the damage they will do to you, and allows you to go full axe murderer with the other hand. Unless you are trained to use two weapons, it is harder than it looks. Better to have a hand focused on defense.

                Anything you can use to block, deflect, or absorb a hit in one hand, edged weapon in another, and go for the throat and spine with your hits. You can stab someone with a two-inch blade and they will die… eventually. You want to disable your opponent as fast as possible, and you do that by damaging the Central Nervous System(CNS). That is the brain and spinal column. Use slashing or hacking motions to open up their throat, especially on the sides where the carotid arteries are. The jugular is impressive, but it is carrying blood out of the brain. Limit the oxyegenated blood going into the brain by damaging the carotids. They will lose consciousness very quickly if you can sever both carotid arteries.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          A little velocity goes a long way, that’s why i personally advocate longer barrels for intermediate cartridges.

          Also consider pistol caliber carbines for pdw stuff. Very easy to handle, and also gets more millage out of a common caliber with your handgun(s), which also tend to be cheap.

      • Humble Acolyte says:

        What is the play if one lives somewhere with a draconian “assault rifle” ban?

        in;b4 move

        • jim says:

          Draconian bans usually develop loopholes due to creativity at the bottom and incompetence at the top, and if they do a thorough job on the loopholes, and a thorough job on enforcement, which I think only Japan really manages, you can always look up Ivan the Troll and build your own..

          • The Cominator says:

            I think Japan’s job on enforcement only seems thorough because of lack of demand. Japan is a very high trust low crime society and Japan doesn’t have whole regions who fanatically hate the government and their governing class is reasonably sane ever since they got nuked (though cucked on guns). Its also very urban so you don’t have a lot of hunters.

            So you don’t often need guns for self defense or to prepare for civil war (even quasi civil anarchy) or even to hunt. That being said the Yakuza when they wanted weapons of any kind never had any trouble getting them in Japan.

            • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

              There was an interesting thing where some wild animal–I think a bear–got loose in one of their cities and the cops could not stop it, so they just called upon all hunters in the city to come aid the police. It was a good feeling seeing orange-clad Japanese salary men running with hunting rifles in the middle of a city and the cops beside them. The hunters shot the bear, no one was hurt, and a good feeling all around.

        • Karl says:

          Germany has pretty draconian ban. However, Merkel’s policy of open borders ensures that anyone who really wants to have an assault rifle can have one.

          Enforcement of the ban is simply rather severe punishment for the crime of possion of an assault rifle. That works. Not many people really want to own an assault rifle in Germany that much that they are willing to risk a few year jail time.

          Draconian bans by punishment are not that difficult. I think many people besides Japan could do it. Simply punish everybody in a draconian way who is found in possion of the banned device.

          • jim says:

            > Not many people really want to own an assault rifle in Germany that much that they are willing to risk a few year jail time.

            Maybe, but around me I see quite a lot of people breaking laws that theoretically have several years punishment, but are not all that much enforced.

            • Karl says:

              Of course, many laws are hardly enforced at all other are enforced very strictly.

              The risk of punisment doesn’t depend much on the law, but a lot on how much the police, the state prosecutor and the courts enforce the law

        • Oog en Hand says:

          Knives, daggers, axes…
          The will to kill is more important than the weapon.

  21. SecondCousinisaMoron says:

    I know that you reccomend no vaccination full stop and I am unvaccinated, but for dumb relatives who insist on getting the vaccine despite all my advice and evidence against, is the Johnson and Johnson relatively less deadly/damaging than the 2 double dose MRNA

    • Alfred says:

      Based on antibody reactions, IE the number of spike proteins your body his hit with, Moderna is the worst, followed by Plftzer, then J&J. J&J also has a live virus for your body to attack, which helps avoid the immune system going over nuts looking for the virus that doesn’t exist with the mRNA ones. However J&J is made by a company that has no issues murdering people to make a buck and they use niggers to make the shit in places like Baltimore. No way that at least some of that stuff doesn’t end up contaminated.

      So it’s a crap shoot. On paper J&J is better but if you get the wrong batch, things could go badly. If they’re going to get the shot, consider getting them substances that reduce damages from micro clots like baby aspirin and possibly ivermectin.

      Finally Joe Rogan just got and got over COVID by taking Ivermectin and COV-REGEN. He’s fine. You may want to point that out.

      One last thing, if someone is unvaccinated and gets COVID, tell the medical staff that they’ve been vaccinated. I’ve read a few report after report that the unvaccinated are receiving limited to no drugs for COVID when the medical staff finds out.

  22. Pooch says:

    McConnell: Biden ‘is not going to be removed from office’

    Not that who holds the office of the Presidency matters much, but this lays credence to what I’ve been saying that the Republican Party is serving as a useful stabilizer for the regime and keeping it semi-competent, which is reason enough to have it removed. The more Shaniquas they have in positions of power the better for us.

    • The Cominator says:

      Re we don’t want Kameltoe subbed in, i went over why.

    • notglowing says:

      It’s good for them (Rs) and for us if Biden stays in office.
      I see no benefit whatsoever to removing him, and I don’t see why McConnel should.
      It would cost them political capital, and they’d get someone who is even less cooperative. If he is just a figure head (which he pretty much is) might as well leave him there.

  23. Publius says:

    The Reddit admins banned /r/nonewnormal — just like they were always going to do — backtracking on a post from a few days ago about dissent being legitimate. The ban will further embolden the powermods on the site, which would be hilarious if it weren’t for Reddit attracting hundreds of millions of eyeballs every day.

  24. Doom says:

    I had a look and a brief analysis at the data from table four.

    First – in general the death rate in the vaccinated is lower. In the over 50′ the vaccinated have 1/4 the death risk.
    *Caveat on this point – how many of the over 50 age group have already been infected and died before the vaccine rollout? Sample is biased!*

    For the under 50’s, slightly lower, but still a slight improvement in death rate on the unvaccinated (90% the risk of death vs the unvaccinated)
    *Caveat on this point – who are the people getting vaccinated under 50? The weak and sick? The effect may be bigger than this, ie. there may be better protection than the sample indicates.*

    As far as “need for emergency care” – the same basic pattern emerges. The vaccinated over 50’s have around 1/3 the need for emergency care, with the under 50’s having 85% the risk of care if vaccinated.

    Few percentages too
    – Death rate in the under 50’s is 0.13%, over 50’s 1.1%
    -Need for emergency care is 7.53% in under 50s, over 50s 18%

    – Percent of infected, vaccinated under 50’s is 24%, over 50’s 78.3%

    So.. little analysis. Overall the vaccine does seem to significantly lower the need for emergency care and the death rate. So the argument to get vaccinated to support the healthcare system does hold some weight based on this data.

    However… this data set is crazy biased – we don’t know the real number of infections. Remember that a lot of Covid is asymptomatic, in comparison to a very obvious disease like influenza.

    Dataset also seems to indicate that vaccination really doesn’t stop the spread of the virus. Very large proportion of the over 50’s in the UK are vaccinated and yet their rate of infection (from delta) is still in the vicinity of 40 per 100k (flu-ish)

    Table four is also just *for the delta variant*.

    As some have mentioned, the delta variant may well have come from the ADE effect.

    This dataset shows the effects of the vaccine for that specific strain only, ignoring others. Is it telling they don’t have the same datasets for other variants? ie.. vaccine caused and thus provides protection against delta, making for a nice looking dataset.

    Consider table 2 – overall delta death rate is 0.3% of cases compared to alpha at around 2%.

    Not sure what to make of it. My gut says its published simply to support the vaccine efficacy, with purposeful omissions.

    • Doom says:

      Oh, also. Regarding the samples bias.
      Consider that the over 50’s who are unvaccinated may well have been infirm or otherwise unable to access the vaccine. Or just very, very old.

      Over 50 is a BIG age range with a lot of different complications. Example – what if all of the deaths in the unvaccinated range are 80+? Deaths in the vaccinated range 50-60? We aren’t told this and yet this is a fairly crucial piece of information.

      Data does say lots of lovely things but what it doesn’t say (pre-existing conditions, wide age ranges) is a very loud omission.

    • jim says:

      How do you know they “needed” emergency care. Pretty that in most cases they were detained for failure to make obeisance to the holy, mighty, and awesome Covid demon.

      And it is not “One quarter the death rate”. Fourty four unvaccinated to seventy vaccinated.

      How do you deduce “one quarter” from that?

      • Doom says:

        Apologies. I meant death risk, not rate – posted this at midnight.

        Deducted using relative risk. Look at total case numbers in each group. In over 50s – 7600 odd infected, vaccinated over 50’s, 68 deaths; out of 976 unvaccinated cases, 38 deaths. Roughly 1% death rate in vaccinated, 4% in unvaccinated group, therefore, 1/4 the risk.

        But, as I note, since they bin ages on 50 hard to really make solid conclusions.

        Almost no deaths in the under 50s, can’t draw a conclusion from such a small data set except vaccination doesn’t do anything for them.

        Regarding emergency care – I just put all the numbers together, it’s quick and dirty – because it’s people who presented themselves to emergency care, doesn’t mean they needed any actual emergency care. Even if they were admitted overnight – doesn’t mean they needed care. So one possible (and likely) conclusion you can draw is that a symptomatic, vaccinated person has a lower likelihood of presenting themselves to emergency care.

        Conclusion I draw is data designed to look good, doesn’t reveal much.

      • Doom says:

        Also, see how what I wrote was imprecise. Used wrong words. You’re correct, data doesn’t show need for emergency care. But that’s part of the scam nature of this data set.

        Surface = shows the vaccines effectiveness
        Light digging = so much omission it shows nothing.

        • The Cominator says:

          No amount of data research beyond propaganda slogans shows the jab to be effective, Gibraltar is by far the most damning data point on its effectiveness.

          • Doom says:

            Agreed. The extremely positive results from this very limited and poorly designed data study is nothing but propaganda.

        • jim says:

          > so much omission it shows nothing.

          The omission is the tell. You know that what they omit shows what they do not want you to see.

          No vaccine is risk free. Some vaccines are more effective than others. Some vaccines are more dangerous than others. The smallpox vaccine was extremely effective because it was live virus that was a close relative of smallpox, but considerably less deadly, indeed, quite harmless.

          The risk benefit ratio for smallpox vaccination was hugely in favor of vaccination. Before smallpox was exterminated, vaccination was a very good idea.

          The risk benefit ratio for polio was less good, but still pretty good. But as ever more vaccines have come out, the risk benefit ratio has been getting worse and worse.

          Nothing beats a live vaccination for effectiveness, but it is difficult to find a safe live vaccination.

          Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex has an overwhelming bias in favor of vaccines, understating the dangers and grossly overstating the benefits.

          The clot shot is by far the most dangerous yet, and not very effective. It does not look to be completely ineffective, but it does not make a very big difference.

          If China flu was the end of the world, arguably justified, but it was overstated at the beginning, and has, like ebola, evolved to being less and less dangerous. From the point of view of the virus, killing, or even incapacitating, the host is murder suicide. The virus wants you wandering around coughing up mucus and sneezing snot. It does not want you dead, or even in bed.

          There are a lot of close relatives of China Flu wandering around, most of which seem to be fairly harmless, and all of which have substantial cross immunity with China Flu. That is what should have been researched, and was not. That kind of science and engineering is too hard these days.

          • Doom says:

            Yes, agree.

            If the way the data was presented showed the ineffectiveness of the vaccine, the medical establishment would have a million questions

            > Why are there only two age bins
            > Why have you reported this as “presented to emergency care” and not “actually needed emergency care”
            > What’s the actual infection ate amongst the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated
            > This data set only shows Delta variant, what about the effect on Alpha strain

            So on, so forth.
            These questions not asked, that’s the tell.

            >If China flu was the end of the world, arguably justified, but it was overstated at the beginning, and has, like ebola, evolved to being less and less dangerous. From the point of view of the virus, killing, or even incapacitating, the host is murder suicide.

            One thing you could just about learn from this data set is that Delta kills/ harms the unvaccinated more than the vaccinated, but, Delta probably came from the vaccinated.

  25. Pooch says:

    Black QB loses his job from not taking the clot shot. For now, the covid cult reigns supreme over all other cults.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Thank you for calling that out. We also have the recent impotent “won’t someone think of the poor negroes” pieces about the NYC vaxx passports thing.

      They’re actually pulling off a disparate impact while under public scrutiny! It’s like walking through walls.

      I sometimes wonder that the Deep South and Islam are doing better at resisting Covidism because they actually believe in God, and thus only …OK more so… see Covid as just a disease, rather than as a curse or sacrament. Not as many “scarlet letters” for Covid over there.

    • Alfred says:

      It’s the quickest path to turning over apple carts right now. Around where I live they just fired every doctor and nurse who wouldn’t get the injection. So now we have a hospital bed crisis because there’s not enough staff to fill up the hospitals.

  26. Mister Grumpus says:

    So the big machine is “trying” to drive this to the point that asking questions about Covid deaths, complications and vaccines ends up being the moral equivalent of asking “yeah but how could it have actually been six million, though?”

    At this point I can’t get my head around that, though. Sixmillionism’s “Genesis” took place at a particular time, in particular places that could be roped-off while the media said “OK everybody, here’s what happened in there.”

    But Covid isn’t just one roped off “crime scene”, far away. It’s all over the place and just keeps on going. Most people have zero IRL experience with the Holocaust (or Charlottesville or 1-6 for that matter), but almost everyone has a little second-third-hand experience with Covid and the vaxxes, through people they actually know and trust already.

    I just don’t see how this narrative can be fully buttoned up, especially falsely.

    • Karl says:

      It is presently fully buttoned up. Can’t you see that?

      If you really cant, tell us: what is missing in the present so that it is -in your opinion- not “fully buttoned up”?

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Hm. New guy assuming and asserting nonexistent consensus. Derisively. Ten yards, third down.

    • Pseudo-Crhysostom says:

      Because it isn’t fully buttoned up.

      But that is not so important; because while anyone who cares to look can see no end of suspicious omissions, inconsistencies, and counter-factuals, they also see what happens to anyone who thinks to point any of that out in a public forum.

      And so they stop caring to look.

  27. Looks like the Taliban are literally helicoptering the collaborators of their enemies with the enemy’s own equipment:

  28. Joe says:

    It is almost impossible to get a real answer from the data although it often provides hints. I did a quick and dirty analysis of what data I had then threw the results at /b/ to create a model of enemy intentions.

    The people who were shilling the vax on /b/ turned out to be gays who admitted that they would delight in subjecting anti-vax MAGA types to horrifying anal tortures. This tells me that the same people that are pushing the vax also want to see the people on whom they are pushing the vax come to harm. It is not absolute proof that the vax is harmful but it is close enough.

    War is hazy and one often needs to act based on incomplete or uncertain information. Probing the enemy can force him to clarify his intentions.

    • jim says:

      The main thing I learn by allowing some shills through and attempting to engage them, is what they are able to speak of, and unable to speak of.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “The people who were shilling the vax on /b/ turned out to be gays who admitted that they would delight in subjecting anti-vax MAGA types to horrifying anal tortures.”

      Trippy. Thus revealing that they don’t think Covidism is real either. If they actually believed, and hate the people on /b/, then they’d be shilling anti-vaxxism instead.

      Did I miss something?

      • Alfred says:

        They’re warming up to putting the unvaxxed into camps and taking their stuff.

      • D Brinn says:

        Most of the people trying to force the shots don’t really believe the virus is much of a threat. It’s just become lodged in their brains that anti-vaxxers are MAGA types, and therefore must be made to kneel. Even though two of the main anti-vax demographics are blacks and people with PhDs, two of the least likely places to find MAGA hats. It’s a pinch of incense more than anything else.

        • Varna says:

          Astute observation.

          Judging by the Internets, in Russia the vax thing has produced a sort of realignment:
          1) The globohomo urban liberasts are suddenly a 100% pro Sputnik–the Borg imperative that everyone must get the kike-spike is stronger right now than the previous imperative “everything Putin does is evil”.
          (In this sense who knows, perhaps if Trump had been allowed to win the election, the western liberasts would also still be 100% pro vax, like the Russian ones today)
          2) Putin’s United Russia are all like “sure the vax shouldn’t be mandatory but yeah fire their asses if they don’t take it”.
          3) Zhirinovsky’s imperialist nationalists (LDPR) are in a strange situation in which his voters don’t want the vax, but he shills it as aggressively as his direct counterpart Duterte in the Philippines. Luckily, unlike Duterte, he ain’t prez.
          4) The commies are a 100% against any type of coercion on the vax issue, while admitting it may be safe and effective. Kind of populist corporate GOP stance.

          After 30 years in the wilderness the Russian commies have gradually mutated into a disorienting Orthodox-Stalinist-Internationalist-Racialist new alloy. Their average belief/value system is a mix of Alex Jones, David Duke, Roosh, Stalin, Peter the Great, Yuri Gagarin, people’s souls can be measured by science, Noosphere, Rothchilds, trannies is the antichrist, what have you.

          A good example would be a book by Ms Garchyova, a lecturer in the Moscow military academy, typical orthodox-stalinist.

          The book is ‘When Authority is Not From God’, free online (Russians are very chill with that, to them ebook don’t really count, they’re more seen like free samples to get you to buy the paper version, possibly as a gift), starting with the relevant page.

          Online translate will show how in this book published in 2010 she already is all worked up about a looming fake pandemic which, if her fears are correct, will include three jabs: one to scramble the immune system, a second to introduce a virus, and later a booster jab to set off ADE.

          The relevant section starts after the first 3-4 paragraphs and is entitled ВАКЦИНЫ — ОРУЖИЕ МАССОВОГО ПОРАЖЕНИЯ

          And of course, the Russian globohomo liberasts who are in perfect alignment with the Russian big pharma and deep state, are ecstatic at the notion of refuseniks being hunted down. They’re practically salivating, while pretending it’s all about saving grandma.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Not being vaccinated is the new circumcised penis and hooked nose.

        Gay Worship, Negro Worship and Gaia Worship only required recitation. You could “Greengrocer” your way through those, pretty much. And buy a Tesla if you could. Can’t hurt.

        But pro-vaxx requires a public and documented sacrament (and a rosary mask for walking around).

        The Spanish finished cleaning out the Muslims and crypto Jews by serving ham in everything.

        Someone pointed out that leftists jumped on the mask and vaccine, enthusiastically and desperately, just for their signaling value. Finally, something they physically do to show everybody how they’re not like those nasty Trump people. “I swear, yes, my name ends with “stein” but look, I have my Nuremberg card to prove I’m fully Aryan.”

        (For that matter, back in 2016, the Trump hat was similar from the other side. “Fuck you and who’s with me?”)

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          More succinctly,

          There was a huge “market” for any kind of public signal-sacrament that Goodwhites could use to differentiate themselves from Badwhites.

          Plenty of things to give up, like NASCAR, Christianity, meat and country music, but they needed something positive. Preferably something monetarily affordable, but inconvenient and costly in other ways.

          The Tesla car, faggy appearance and polyamory around a fat chick were a start, but weak sauce and not nearly as scalable and Metcalf-ing as the masks (and vaxxes).

          I always “read” that the mark of the beast was something forced upon people, not begged and clamored for.

          Even if a witch meant well, the town well could run dry just because she was around, so she has to go, to keep everybody safe. Gotta be safe.

  29. Varna says:

    Cuba has announced that it will start the school year only after every single kid has taken the shot.
    They are mainly using their locally-made ‘protein subunit’ clot-shot (like Taiwan, and the looming Novovax), but have also just decided to import the Chinese trad vax.
    We’ll see which kids will turn out to be the lucky ones.

  30. Basil says:

    Our future – China as a global hegemon that rules the rest of the world with colonial methods? Or will the Chinese follow the path of isolationism?

    Considering the situation with rare earth materials, what can hinder China after the capture of Taiwan, for example, during the next internal crisis during pogroms or “elections”? (I doubt that the local liberal cuckolds are more combat-ready than the modern American army) Maybe in this case, the Chinese leadership will solve its main internal problem – the aging of the population?

    • Fireball says:

      The aging population is going to fuck everyone and this probably includes places with high fertility since must of them cant keep modern tech if they needed.

      • Basil says:

        When an aging population fucks high fertility places, there will be virtually no European countries.

        The difference is that China and other regimes in theory solve this problem, in contrast to Western regimes, including “conservative” ones. In theory, Putin can also, but Russia decided to solve the problem in a Western manner – by importing migrants.

    • Aidan says:

      China would be thrilled to be the only Empire on Earth. But projecting a European colonial frame onto it is historical, racial, and cultural blindness. It has no interest in “ruling” the world and never has, in the sense that the EIC ruled India. The European mindset of movement through space, conquest, settlement, and rule, has existed since the Aryan came down off the steppes more than six thousand years ago. It existed in Assyria, in Alexander, in Rome, in the Persian empires, resurfaced again when the German conquered Rome, again, briefly, during the Crusades, and then finally during the Age of Discovery. That is how we do things, and we can see our ancestors doing it for thousands of years.

      Far earlier, China discovered Africa and probably the Americas, and just did not give a shit for more than a millennium. Mongolia had the potential to do what the Aryan did, but their military tactics were fragile. Once a generation was born and raised off the steppe, divorced from the advanced horsemanship that made their military dominance possible, the Mongols started losing battles. The horde that went west with Subotai would never have fallen for Baibars’ feint at Ain Jalut. Mongolia could have done to China what the German did to Rome, i.e. destroy it, and after a dark age, build something better, but it did not.

      China will be happy as long as it is making money off the barbarians and doesn’t have looming military threats. In fact, I consider it likely that China’s industrialization is only due to fear of conquest by the West; if China lacks serious rivals, it may deindustrialize and slowly go back to fighting wars with spears and swords.

      • Varna says:

        They’ve already deescalated with India to periodic ritualistic skirmishes with fists and clubs, and I assume pool cues and DrMartens.

      • Basil says:

        Well I do not know. Modern Chinese policy in Africa is more reminiscent of Portuguese and British policy in Africa than the old models of China’s interaction with formal tributaries.

        Also, communicating with the Chinese, the impression is created that no one is attracted to the scenario with spears and swords. See contemporary Chinese architecture. I do not see in her any greater sadness behind the bygone bright times. The old, cozy, charismatic neighborhoods are being demolished to build the typical gray high-rise buildings of our time.

        • Varna says:

          Just a caveat: In all ex-commie places in EE the big cities have the same basic structure (unless the city was flattened during WWII): inner center preserved; outer center with office buildings and malls; outer belt of socialist apartment block suburbs, and if there’s money around, a newer outer belt of capitalist suburbs.

          In China it’s the same, at least in “old important cities”. Preserved inner center the way it was in the mid 20th century, then an outer center with the high rises, then the outer belt of socialist/early capitalist apartment block suburbs, and a new outer belt of fancy suburbs with houses and gardens.

        • Aidan says:

          Not what I meant- that there is nostalgia for the past. What I meant is that I get the impression that technological modernity is maintained in China with reluctance and a lack of understanding. If there is no need to compete with the west, they will just stop caring, and their level of technology will slowly decline. The grey abandoned high-rises in the middle of the Gobi desert are cargo cult. “Because the West does it”.

          • Varna says:

            In a sense the Soviet industrialization was like that — Stalin forcing at gunpoint a population that just wants to be left alone, to become universally literate and capable of machine production and maintenance, simply in order to survive external pressure.

            As explicitly stated in his 1931 speech: “It is sometimes asked whether it is not possible to slow down the tempo somewhat, to put a check on the movement. No, comrades, it is not possible! The tempo must not be reduced! On the contrary, we must increase it as much as is within our powers and possibilities. … We are fifty or a hundred years behind the advanced countries. We must make good this distance in ten years. Either we do it, or we shall be crushed.”

            And he was right BTW. 1931+10yrs=1941 Operation Barbarossa.

            But the moment the Soviets developed nukes and ballistic missiles, they decided they could relax behind those and stop trying to compete with the West for real, or indeed maintain internal Party discipline for real.

            The last time the Soviet camp was more or less on the same overall tech level with the West was circa 1970 (also the last period in which their proxy North Korea had living standards equal to South Korea). After that they stopped trying, thinking (quite misguidedly, in hindsight) they’re shielded forever by their rockets, and that it doesn’t matter how much better Western TV sets are.

            So we have no way of knowing objectively if your gut feeling about Red China is correct, but it certainly played out that way with Red Russia. Forced by circumstance to compete with the tech level of the West, they instantly fell behind the moment they felt they could afford to.

            On Gobi, though. Red China is a crypto-federation, Red Russia style. And its “federal member states”, especially those with “titular minority ethnicities”, tend to be given a long leash, up to the moment when they screw up completely. For example for decades the Uighurs were on a long leash, before they went Chechen and the policy was reversed. Likewise Hong Kong was on a very long leash before the revolutionary burning and looting.

            So the empty megapolises are mostly vanity projects of the bosses of regional fiefdoms, and not the result of some direct policy of Beijing. The local chief of Inner Mongolia thinks he suddenly has the chance to pour some budget surplus into making his name immortal, and builds a Chicago in the middle of nowhere.

            If it works out–he gets a pat on the head. If it fizzles out–he gets reprimanded. If it turns out millions or billions were stolen on his watch–he goes to prison. If it turns out that while pursuing vanity projects he allowed crime lords or separatists to take over parts of the territory entrusted to him–his family pays for the bullet.

            Anyway, the Ordos ghost city of Gobi is now already alive as of a Russian tourist’s blog from half a year ago. It just took a few years to get it going.

            There is, however, another dozen of those that still have to take off


            • Alfred says:

              >In a sense the Soviet industrialization was like that — Stalin forcing at gunpoint a population that just wants to be left alone, to become universally literate and capable of machine production and maintenance, simply in order to survive external pressure.

              The Soviets produced almost no new factories. Instead Stalin hired engineers from the USA to build, train, and managed the work forces. This trend continued until the Cold war got underway. When the Soviet Union fell we found that almost all the Soviet factories were the ones build by Americans in the 30s. Which is why Soviet industry declined starting in the 50s.

              • Varna says:

                >The Soviets produced almost no new factories. Instead Stalin hired engineers from the USA to build, train, and managed the work forces.

                Many express an identical sentiment concerning today’s China. While rooted in undeniable truth, at least concerning the initial push forward in both cases, also in both cases there is considerable hyperbole and one-sidedness, if we are to view the industrial developments of the two countries through this filter alone.

                Also we have various “Asian Tigers” who got their start from Western input, or places like Vietnam which got the initial industrialization push from the Soviets.

                Prior to the 1905 war against the Russian Empire, Japan was financed, armed and trained by the Brits, and to an extent the Krauts, precisely with a view of “containing Russia from the East”.

                Taking a step back, every place on Earth, outside the initial limited core in which the industrial revolution happened, imported industry tech and knowhow from that core.

                Indeed, going back to today’s popular criticism of China in the sense of “they just stole everything” or the more mild “they just licensed foreign stuff” — since when is that suddenly something negative?

                In the “Free World” everybody licenses stuff from everybody else all the time. Yet when mentioning competing powers, suddenly their virtue is measured by their ability to be utterly self-contained and invent everything on their own from the wheel up. A rather baffling approach. Sure Italy or Brazil can use German tech, but if Moscow or Beijing do it–this is proof of unworthiness.

                Likewise with the “stealing”. If we see this in a fictionalized presentation, with some James Bond type stealing terribly important blueprints from Russia or China, the audience is expected to cheer, not frown in disapproval.

                But specifically about the 1950s — this is not when Soviet industry went into its terminal decline. It peaked in the 1970s, after which the accumulated internal systemic entropy outpaced increasingly (and suffocated) any remaining healthy impulses.

                By 1980 they trying to hang on to the standards of 1970, and by 1985 everything was crumbling. Even then new inventions, copies of Western inventions, and basic housing building scored some victories, but these were isolated victories within an ever-expanding cloud of civilizational demoralization and degradation.

                By the late 1980s they managed to produce the experimental MiG 1.44, and the Soviet space shuttle the Buran, with both the MiG and the Buran being a technological leap forward compared to the Western competitors, but these were the last isolated spasms of competence within an ever expanding ring of chaos and collapse.

                Both projects died with the system that produced them. Some suspect their basic tech foundation was later sold to China.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Stalin’s industrialization was successful (with huge bottlenecks in trucks and some other areas) in what it was intended to do, industrialize the country for total war. This was in contrast to the pre NEP war communism which just kind of destroyed everything for no purpose whatsover.

                  He didn’t care if he pushed the consumer to subsistence the ONLY utility of a command economy (and this can’t be kept up forever because command economies are always extremely inefficient) is to massively suppress consumption so everything can be put into military production.

                  He was right to hire foreign experts (real experts not “experts” like Fauci) because they were the ones who knew how to do it. Stalin’s big mistake was not going Deng Xiaoping the second WWII ended. Nothing would have stopped but unfortunately he had a remnant of true belief if not in classical Marxism at least a variant of it (and also massive paranoia about anything outside state control).

                • jim says:

                  China wants its own autonomous chip industry, and its own autonomous CPU design industry, because they suspect, or more likely know, that the NSA has been industriously backdooring anything and everything.

                  They recently had a knock down drag out fight with Microsoft over backdoors in Windows.

                  China’s cpus are based on the arm architecture, but they have just performed a hostile fork with ARM.

                  If their cpus contine to progress, we will know that the criticism that China just steals or licenses foreign tech is false. From here on, any Chinese progress in computers and computing is Chinese.

                  If Chinese cpus lag further and further behind genuine arm cpus, we will know the criticism was true.

                  That they performed a hostile fork indicates that they believe the criticism to be false.

                  We shall see. My bet is that a few years down the road, I will be importing Chinese designed and Chinese made cpus. They think they don’t need ARM knowhow anymore.

                • The Cominator says:

                  And Soviet industry was in some sense always declining on the whole because a command economy necessarily starves anything outside its areas of concentration of resources while imposing massive inefficiencies across the whole economy and perverse incentives to every individual. The decline just showed up way more visibly after the 1950s because they no longer had other countries industry to steal or anymore. Military and related industries improved under Stalin because those were the areas of concentration but everything else was starved.

                  Also after 1953 Stalin wasn’t there anymore to impose draconian labor discipline to keep people terrified into working hard. Stalin kept people working hard with the stick method, the common laborer could get sent to Siberia or worse if he was late for work more than three times in a year. The bosses had production quotas which if they missed they would more likely than not be deemed a wrecker and shot.

                  Now the Soviets did very well with priority technologies right up until the fall. The Soviet education system unlike say the awful American system was well designed to cater to the best and smartest people. Its like the opposite of a system you’d expect a commie to come up with… and Russia I think still basically uses this system so unlike in America where the truly gifted end up hating school and also everything associated with school (like scientific and mathematical study) the Soviet education system was very successful in getting their smartest people to passionately love science math engineering etc. Also women were taught seperately (but virtually the only white women who can actually sort of do engineering are Russians and East Euros).

                  Although I’m not a fan of mass education I have to say if it has to be done the Soviets seemed to do it right… certainly better than America does.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Jim btw do you have a theory on why the Russians haven’t tried subsidizing (I know its economically inefficient but Russia can’t really trust American or Chinese CPUs) the creation of their own chip industry?

                  It would be massively expensive but they have the money and despite their own small internal market its not likely the US is going to last to shut them out of the rest of the world (so eventually their own chip industry probably will be profitable as Russia is probably now way more trusted than both the US and China). Given that Russia probably now leads the world in military tech I imagine that Putin and those advising him would regard dependence on computer chips supplied by their enemies as an intolerable strategic vunerability and Russia certainly has the brain power to do it.

                • jim says:

                  Jim btw do you have a theory on why the Russians haven’t tried subsidizing (I know its economically inefficient but Russia can’t really trust American or Chinese CPUs) the creation of their own chip industry?

                  They need to do it for the same reason China needs to do it.

                  Right now Russia are massively subsidizing their own software industry. It maybe just a matter of priorities. China already has its own software industry.

                  China also has a huge volume of exports containing silicon made outside China, imported, and the re-exported. So creating their own silicon foundries and China-arms makes a lot more economic sense for China. It removes an economic lever that the US can, and has, used against them. as well as giving them security against spying. There is no similar economic lever against Russia.

                  What Russia is doing is producing its own chip designs, and paying TSMC to make them – this protects against the security threat, or will when they have their own computers built from their own chip designs. They don’t have to worry about the economic threat that China has to worry about.

                • Varna says:

                  >Stalin’s big mistake was not going Deng Xiaoping the second WWII ended.

                  He kind of did.
                  At the time of his death there were 114 000 small artisanal indies called “artels”, which produced 40% of the furniture on the market, a third of the clothes,

                  Khrushchev did away with that.

                  In 1958 Khrushchev also forbade personal livestock for peasant families–cows and horses were confiscate and then slaughtered as it turned out the state kolkhozes didn’t have the capacity to care for the them.

                  In Stalin’s economy, once the WWII ravages were mostly fixed circa 1949 (the year the food coupon system was cancelled), the division of labor mostly made sense in a communist way–industry is ran by the state, consumer products are split between the state and the private “artels” + peasants selling private produce surplus.

                  Khrushchev cancelled all these “remnants of bourgeois mentality” in order to usher in “proper communism” where everything is organized, produced, and distributed by the state.

                  After denouncing Stalin, and even allowing a fleeting hint of glasnost, Khrushchev had to prove holiness by going completely overboard with the “state planning” side of Soviet communism, among other things. And also with international macho posturing.

                  The culmination of programs started by Stalin–Sputnik and the first man in space–this probably helped cement most of all Khrushchev’s brand as a carrier of softer, more progressive, pro-science communism where you can listen to jazz and wear skinny jeans while comrade scientists conquered space and soon all of humanity–liberated colonial peoples very much included–would fuse into one endless saxophone solo as orchids blossom om Mars.

                  Literally a 1962 poem

                  Евгений Долматовский
                  И на Марсе будут яблони цвести
                  Жить и верить — это замечательно!
                  Перед нами небывалые пути.
                  Утверждают космонавты и мечтатели,
                  Что на Марсе будут яблони цвести!

                  Хорошо, когда с тобой товарищи,
                  Всю вселенную проехать и пройти.
                  Звёзды встретятся с Землёю расцветающей,
                  И на Марсе будут яблони цвести!

                  Я со звёздами сдружился дальними!
                  Не волнуйся обо мне и не грусти.
                  Покидая нашу Землю, обещали мы,
                  Что на Марсе будут яблони цвести!

                  1962 г.

                • Varna says:

                  >Right now Russia are massively subsidizing their own software industry. It maybe just a matter of priorities. China already has its own software industry.

                  Russia, like all of EE, suffered 30 years of very severe brain drain, with the best and brightest go-getters being constantly filtered out into Germany, Britain, America, and the like.

                  In some places like Latvia and Lithuania they lost a third (!) of their population to intra-EU migration in a decade.

                  Even now, with the pandemic and crap, Russian zoomers and millennials are flying from Turkey to Mexico, and then claiming asylum in the US on grounds of being oppressed homosexuals. Hetero couples splitting up temporarily, preparing blog pics of themselves with rainbow flags, the whole thing.

                  Whereas in places like India or China, they have the sheer population bulk to not care. In India the high-IQ Forward Caste alone is the size of the whole population of the US, and they can keep sending the West all the managers and code monkeys it needs for decades to come without feeling it.

                  After the USSR collapsed, the Ukraine inherited the first echelon of modern weapons that was supposed to meet NATO head on. Russia inherited the second echelon of older weapons. The Ukraine sold its weapon tech to China, kickstarting China’s military modernization, whereas Russia only really begun modernizing its army after the 2008 5-day war with Georgia.

                  Using this as an analogy, Russia and Eastern Europe have also lost their cognitive first echelon to the siren’s call of the West, and have been making do with the second echelon demographic material to this day.

                  While India and China have more than enough first echelon human resource which the West simply can’t absorb.

                  One of the secondary deeper reasons China is currently clobbering its mega-corporations is to free up the first echelon professionals hoovered up by the mega corps and turned into office drones wasting their potential, or into marketing dopamine wizards.

                  At other times suddenly forcing tens of millions of first class pros to enter the market again would probably result in a hissy fit resentful exodus to “where they appreciate me” like Australia or America, but right now with the COVID travel restrictions they have no choice but to remain in China and find other professions for themselves, this time perhaps in institutional branches that pay less and are less dazzling, but where their smarts will contribute to the overall development of the country, as opposed to concentrating on making game apps that outcompete other dopamine trigger time traps.

                  In Russia though, they have a population of second rates as a kickback and connection oriented managerial class, and a population of third rates working the actual jobs.

                  It would take a decade of closed borders and/or smart internal policies to raise one whole generation of first class pros and anchor them to the country so that they don’t get sucked up by the West.

                  The only way I can see Eastern Europe and Russia reversing the brain-drain is to begin a massive campaign of welcoming all the Western wrong-think dissidents over, under the promise of “sure, you’ll have a crappy middle class life here, but you’ll never be destroyed for a joke you said a decade ago, and your kids won’t be injected with tranny hormones”.

                • Basil says:

                  Against the background of what the Jewish Bolsheviks did, when every cognitive elite, including the “kulaks” / Cossacks / priests, was deliberately destroyed, modern migration to Europe and the USA looks almost harmless.

                  And I am more worried about the incoming stream than the outgoing one. It doesn’t look like these issues will be addressed anyway.

              • Alfred says:

                >By the late 1980s they managed to produce the experimental MiG 1.44, and the Soviet space shuttle the Buran, with both the MiG and the Buran being a technological leap forward compared to the Western competitors, but these were the last isolated spasms of competence within an ever expanding ring of chaos and collapse.

                Specialized war tech isn’t the same thing as mass production factories. The Soviets could build war factories that turned out small numbers of advanced tech items. Everything else was built in 1930s style American factories.

                Stalin absolutely did the right thing to hire Americans to build his industry mass production factories. If Hitler had done the same, WW2 would have been over by 1942.

                >Indeed, going back to today’s popular criticism of China in the sense of “they just stole everything” or the more mild “they just licensed foreign stuff” — since when is that suddenly something negative?

                Stealing everything is smart. That’s what the US did to the UK on the way up. Failing to develop a native industry capable of building new factories for mass production is fucking stupid. China got it exactly right.

                >But specifically about the 1950s — this is not when Soviet industry went into its terminal decline. It peaked in the 1970s, after which the accumulated internal systemic entropy outpaced increasingly (and suffocated) any remaining healthy impulses.

                1930s American style factories were still quite good in the 50s. But they stopped building new mass production factories or at best copied existing ones.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Stalin absolutely did the right thing to hire Americans to build his industry mass production factories. If Hitler had done the same, WW2 would have been over by 1942.”

                  Not really the Reich had multiple raw material bottlenecks which made it impossible to produce at anywhere near the American or post 1942 Soviet rates.

  31. HerbR says:

    This is an interesting coincidence. It was only last night when I decided that I needed to start maintaining my own offline archive of all of these official and semi-official china flu documents, because I have a strong feeling that all or most of them are eventually going to either disappear completely or have their contents mysteriously and silently changed. While I can doubt the competence of globohomo to achieve this, I don’t doubt their intentions for one second. It will make a concerted effort to purge all official sources and leave only the stupider, less-believable anecdotes and fed-planted conspiracy theories so that they can brand all skeptics as dangerous lunatics.

    To that end, has anyone been maintaining a list of all the sources online, that I could use as a starting point for the archive? I’m talking about things like the FDA report someone posted yesterday, results in the VAERS database, NHS statistics, I think there was something leaked from Pfizer at one point, etc. When all the official data disappears or is changed to support the official demon-worshiping narrative, I want to have my own copy available, if not to persuade others then at least to retain my own sanity. Trawling through all the blogs and comments for these could take weeks, and a lot of the information may already be gone or corrupted by then.

    Data on the different treatment options would be great as well, especially if I’m unlucky enough to have to visit a healthcare facility, although the odds of that seem quite low.

    I’ve never really felt this to be important with issues like the fake and gay 2020 election or other areas of politics, because no one is going to believe anything that makes them feel bad anyway. But even living in a mostly white and Christian area, I’m seeing signs of vaxx narcs, especially among the boomers, and part of the problem seems to be profound ignorance. Having a well-organized cache of information could make a real difference here.

    • Fireball says:

      Future historians will be thankful but i don’t think many will be convince with information. The all thing is just mass hysteria powered by the media and the madness of western elites.

      It has been a year and half and i still see many wearing mask outside even when alone and in the fucking summer. No amount of data will convince them.

      • Publius says:

        > Future historians will be thankful

        Preserving our decline and fall for posterity is the least we can do. We’re grateful to the historians of late antiquity declining their descent from functioning civilization into superstition, fear, and madness — a thankless job at the time. Future historians will be grateful to those alive today who describe the times, preserve documents, and provide irrefutable proof that what’s happening today really did happen and was not (as some historians today say about the last dark age) an exaggeration or a myth. We’ve had two prior catastrophic collapses over the 10,000-year course of civilization: the first was nearly undocumented, and our picture of the second is still unsatisfying vague. Maybe documenting the third in exacting detail will be enough to avoid a fourth.

        • CogswellCogs says:

          You may as well not bother storing records in digital media. They don’t persist. Microfilm in acrylic can last a few thousand years and you can record sounds on it. Where we’re headed, it’s going to be dark for a long time.

          • jim says:

            For the moment, it suffices that anyone can download a recent full backup of this blog and website. If, as is likely, we go further into darkness, more robust means can be required, but I hope to avoid all going all the way into lasting darkness. I am planning and preparing for a restoration of old social technology – I hope sixteen sixty, failing that ten sixty eight. The internet will still be running, sort of, if we have to all the way back to ten sixty eight for our social technology. If things get so bad that the internet stops running, will have to restore the social technology of eight eighty six.

            But I think a reboot of the most recent working social technology, sixteen sixty, is likely how we will get out of this mess, and the internet will still be sort of mostly running.

            Most likely sixteen sixty, with some elements of ten sixty eight. The ten sixty eight legal system works a whole lot better with remote procedure calls over the internet than it did with bits of slate coated with beeswax carried on horseback. It is a really good legal system for present day technology, and a natural fit to the structure of a well run corporation with remote employees. It is a better fit to modern information technology than the system of sixteen sixty. The Australian Border Patrol operates on something very similar. See also the legal system of the Judge Dredd comic books, ever popular among reactionaries.

            • Anonymous says:

              The links to the tarballs are broken

            • FrankNorman says:

              See also the legal system of the Judge Dredd comic books, ever popular among reactionaries.

              The one in which a “Judge” decides your guilt or innocence, and the appropriate punishment, there on the spot, no trial, no gathering info or calling witnesses, no nothing?

              The authors of that comic seem to be confusing criminal justice with riot control.

              • jim says:

                The judge/cop in Judge Dredd comics is monitored by the computers in his helmet, his gun, and his bike. When he sentences someone, he state the reason for the record, which the computers in all his equipment are keeping track of and reporting to headquarters.

                He has to conduct himself in a way acceptable to his boss, and his fellows. If his decisions are unduly capricious, he will get in trouble. Whenever Judge Dredd kills or arrests someone, he briefly states the reason for the record, speaking to the mike in his helmet, and to everyone who might review his actions.

        • Fireball says:

          > Maybe documenting the third in exacting detail will be enough to avoid a fourth.

          All things have a end, don’t forget that not even the stars exist forever.

          We do have the problem of a global system that when it goes it will take many things with them but collapses are never total. Egypt and the assyrians survived. Byzantium survived, prospered and declined for a 1000 years after the last of the western roman emperors.

          • jim says:

            Thus it is likely that some decent technology will remain around, mostly the stuff essential for weapons systems.

            During our most recent dark age, peasants scraped the ground with stones, but weapons and armor was not lost, though iron making became very small scale, and steel making became rather narrowly known.

            Assyria is the best case of rapid bounce back from a dark age, after not falling all the way into darkness. It looks like Assyria had a state program of making sure women got married within a reasonable time and became the property of their husbands, to which I would attribute its rapid recovery.

            Egypt did not fall, but it went into slow decline until conquered by outside states. It did not fall all the way down like the rest of them, but it slowly continued to decline.

            • Fireball says:

              Guns arent that easy to produce but they arent that hard either. If an artisan in paskistan can do it anyone can. Not sure about high tech warplanes and all the fancy toys that armies have.

              If some areas are able to keep nuclear tech you could have some pretty nice tech level.

              I am not sure but i believe that because of the main assyrian god it was their duty to fight non assyrians. That probably help in a era in that everyone is trying to stabbing everyone. Never heard of that state program not that i have study the time period much. It wouldnt surprise me that or something similar was the case, it would help with fertility and if they are fighting hard is unlikely they have a bunch of whores at home. In my experience no one fights hard or even at all for whores.

              • Aidan says:

                Guns are rather hard to produce. When a third world country manufactures guns, it is because they imported western tooling and a white man to run the factory that they build around the tools. Lower order humanity cannot even run an assembly line to spec without the supervision of whites familiar with how everything is supposed to work.

                Any artisan can make a homemade gun in his garage, but even white artisans have a lot of trouble getting them to run for a long time. You have a lot of small parts that need to machined to exacting spec, those parts need to move, and also withstand extreme pressure repeatedly.

                If we have a serious dark age, smokeless powder guns will slowly disappear, though making black powder guns is far, far easier.

                • Fireball says:

                  High industrial western quality is pretty nice but not needed. Entire wars have been fought with guns less reliable than modern ones.

                  The khyber pass and the brasilian favelas can produce guns. Are they crap? yes but they are more than enough for them to keep their territories.

                  The time of western technological supremacy is over. The next 20 or 30 years is going to be a military humiliation one after another.

                  Also the dark age is never as dark as it appears. Just because Greece or England forget how to write doesn’t mean everyone has. I am sure the slavs are going to weather this pretty nicely.

                • Aidan says:

                  The khyber pass and brazilian favelas can produce guns sufficient for occasional violence. If you only need your gun to work long enough to kill one person, fine. But they do not use homemade guns when they go to war. The AKM is one of the easiest guns to manufacture. But when the Soviets armed the third world, they just gave them AKMs. They did not even attempt to teach them how to build one. China can kind of build a working gun. The type 95 works, barely. But it is a piece of shit, and if there is even a minor slip in manufacturing ability, it will disappear.

                  Western technological supremacy will end because the west stopped doing science, not because others have started. The taliban did not win because of technological supremacy; in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

                  A dark age is not the absolute loss of knowledge. Plenty of isolated pockets in the last dark age with lots of knowledge. What is lost is social technology. Without the social technology to move valuable goods long distances, and the social technology to allow one to manufacture without his goods being stolen or burned to the ground, physical technology disappears.

                • Fireball says:

                  >Western technological supremacy will end because the west stopped doing science, not because others have started. The taliban did not win because of technological supremacy; in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

                  Yes and doesn’t matter much why, it is something that has to be work around now. And it isnt even because only that the west stop doing science it is actually stopping doing engineering.

                  >A dark age is not the absolute loss of knowledge. Plenty of isolated pockets in the last dark age with lots of knowledge.

                  Not isolated pockets entire fucking empires survive and prosper.

                • Alfred says:

                  >A dark age is not the absolute loss of knowledge. Plenty of isolated pockets in the last dark age with lots of knowledge. What is lost is social technology. Without the social technology to move valuable goods long distances, and the social technology to allow one to manufacture without his goods being stolen or burned to the ground, physical technology disappears.

                  We may never recover from a worldwide dark age. We’ve extracted all the surface level raw materials required for advance tech. Without it, it’s going to be very difficult to rebuild. We just what have the the resources available to make the machines necessary to bridge the gap.

                  We need a fully advanced civilization to survive if a dark age is on the horizon. Mars may be our best bet in this regard.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This may be a geographic distortion, but I think you aren’t correct about the maintenance, manufacture, and design of homebrew guns. There’s a trade school in Utah I believe doing a bonkers level of business training gunsmiths. Within spitting distance of my land I can get guns fixed, retooled, and modified and ammo of nearly any type and purpose. A lot of this relies on stuff being shipped in, but that is purely out of convenience. Rhodesia was able to do a lot because they had to, and I think Amerikaners have a lot of characteristics of Rhodies, even the stupid tendency to allow leftists to take over institutions they find pointless or boring.

                • Aidan says:

                  I’m not so sure, Kunning. It’s not hard to fix guns with preexisting parts. But if you needed a new AR-15 bolt and couldn’t get the part delivered, that means getting your hands on good steel stock and milling it to a very precise shape and size, and the same goes for a lot of parts of a gun. Needs a source for steel, a good forge, and good shop tools. The right blueprints should be easy to store in event of a dark age. But where all that other stuff remains, it will be worth more than its weight in gold, and wars will be fought to control the places where technology has been maintained.

                • jim says:

                  Search for Ivan the Troll.

                  He is all about building guns from scratch.

                  Of course his builds depend on the very latest technology – if the supply of tools and suitable steel collapses, then we have a problem;

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  It is a hard problem, but it is a solved problem. Anecdotally, lots of guys are thinking about it and planning accordingly. I do agree that square 1 fabrication is a challenge, and it will get incredibly spicy in regions with the know-how and infrastructure. I’m interested in seeing what kind of guns Amerikaners come up with.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “Surely” there will always be more AK-family guns and 7.62 of varying quality coming out of Russia or China or Vietnam or someplace for at least another century and available anywhere on earth for a price. Or at least, whoever is receiving that flow of guns and ammo will always overpower and render irrelevant the other side carefully honing their own artisanal pieces in the basement to worn-out Steely Dan records.

                  Sure the Rhodesians could make a few things on their own, but were just overpowered by Afro’s with tons of cheap factory stuff from Moscow or Peking somewhere.

                  Now maybe the world could someday forget how to make anything that isn’t an AK-family piece, like how Boeing can’t make new jetliners or NASA can’t make new rockets today, but that’s just so long a way off, it’s like speculating about fusion power or settling Neptune.

                  If any of you explicitly disagree with the above, I do want to hear why. I’m here to learn.

                • Aidan says:

                  I follow Ivan the Troll already; his builds from scratch are very impressive. Making barrels and other metal parts by putting steel in a bucket of chemicals and running a current through it is awesome. But I do not think that he would be capable of it under supply chain collapse. When I say dark age, I assume supply chain collapse.

                • Pooch says:

                  Sure the Rhodesians could make a few things on their own, but were just overpowered by Afro’s with tons of cheap factory stuff from Moscow or Peking somewhere.

                  Were they really overpowered by negros? I always thought they were kicking the shit out of them and only decided to stop due to international pressure of white nations that if ignored may have led to high altitude bombing of Rhodesia.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Rhodesian politicians handed Zimbabwe-Rhodesia to Mugabe on a platter. If the coalition government had been supported by the international community of state departments, I genuinely believe they could have demonstrated how a mixed society with explicit boundaries based on landholder primacy could work and work well. Both SA and Rhodesia had large numbers of blacks and coloureds in their ranks, as well as a genuine and widespread support base among many tribes. But having both the first and second world demanding you submit to the negro commies is hard to withstand. In the end, the military won the battle and the politicians lost the war. This is my opinion, I bet there are more informed and nuanced opinions out there.

          • Joe says:

            not even the stars exist forever

            That the universe will eventually undergo heat death is the biggest issue that religions face in the era of modern physics. If eternal life is impossible because the universe is inescapable then nothing we do matters.

            • Fireball says:

              I completely disagree. I dont even see why what we think it will be the death of the universe in a amount of time so huge that no one can even grasp matters.

            • Varna says:

              This is the phenomenological universe as described by Kant, Schopenhauer, and a bunch of others, going back to pre-Platonic mystic cults.
              What is beyond the phenomenological universe is in the realm of deductions and/or divine revelations.
              The mechanics of the observed universe no more give an answer about the supernatural and the metaphysical, then do the mechanics of cloud formation or plant growth. It’s simply a question of scale. Both snowflakes and galaxies are elements of the phenomenological universe experienced by mortal men. What is beyond this sensory bubble is not empirically known.

              • Joe says:

                What is beyond this sensory bubble is not empirically known.

                Can we change this?

                • Varna says:

                  Only if we finds ways to enhance and diversify the human sensory input and its neurological organization and interpretation.

                  The pop sci-fi version would be some boosted cyborg chap who can now “perceive three more dimensions” or some such, including all the “alien lifeforms/forces” that do not share our natural sensory bubble universe with us.

                  However, civilizations go through cycles of sensory and cognitive expansion, in which they begin to recognize and overlap more and more with the realities of the objective phenomenological world, and sensory and cognitive contraction, when they retreat from the objective phenomenological world, and instead cocoon themselves in solipsistic bubbles.

                  Sensory and cognitive expansion period: you can notice and discuss more and more things, entertain increasingly outrageous theories, the white spots on the cognitive map start shrinking fast, tech and society work better and better.

                  Sensory and cognitive contraction period: you can notice and discuss less and less things, only “safe” theories can be looked at, the white spots on the cognitive map start expanding, tech and society start falling apart.

                  The best moment to make the jump to “perceiving new dimensions” would be at peak expansion, when most of the phenomenological objective reality has been mapped out; however this period appears to have passed, and in the last twenty years, especially the last decade, civilization appears to be in a “contracting into solipsistic cocoon” period, with taboos and white spots muddying up once more even the available mortal reality.

                  Perhaps if some form of AI is developed (in some final spasm of competence) that can “perceive the inhuman planes”, it can then begin presenting slices of them through symbolic representation that humans can make sense of. With various icons and language systems and cause and effect that don’t really exist over there, but can be used as proxies to provide a simplistic representation to the human observers, enabling them at least a crude orientation in the whole thing.

                • Joe says:

                  I feel that putting smart, white, Christian men in charge of physics again would be a good place to start.

        • Shitpoaster says:

          I am interested in learning more about the Bronze Age Collapse.

          Has anyone read this book and do you recommend it?

          I realize primary sources are best but I have no idea where to start, open to better ideas.

          • Alfred says:

            I’ve read it but it’s pretty basic. You can pick up pretty much everything that was in it by watching youtube videos channels on the bronze age collapse. History with Cy and the fall of civilizations, etc.

            The big thing about the bronze age collapse and something that Jim’s covered before is the widespread adoption of socialism:



            Archeologists who are published are all progressives so they like to play up the late bronze age embrace of centralized socialism in the palace economies while claiming that Admonitions of Ipuwer isn’t from the bronze age collapse because it pretty well spells out how Egypt was collapsing under socialism. Thus it’s hard to get the truth from official sources.

            • Alfred says:

              On that note, I need to start archiving youtube history videos. The quality of the history stuff on youtube has really taken off over the last few years, but sooner or later the eye of Soros will fall upon it and remove the better content.

              • Fake says:

                Any good nonpozzed history channels you like?

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Tik” is awesome for WWII.

                • Alfred says:

                  I second TIK but he’s super long winded. He’s a libertarian but does very good analysis on economics. He does not really get the human side of warfare.

                  Dan Davis Author – Good pre-history of the Ayrans, Based but pretending to be non political, but he’s always hocking his books.

                  History with Cy, Bronze age history somewhat Pozed, but not much.

                  Epimetheus , similar to Cy

                  Historia Civilis, decent Roman history source.

                  Pete Kelly – Mostly medieval, viking and UK history.

                  History Time, I really like his episode on Jericho, which appears to be the oldest city in history, predating the first cities of Sumer. May even been destroyed to due a holiness spiral as the city was abandoned for 2,000 years for reason that are unclear. Awesome visuals.

                  Fall of Civilizations, very long winded but generally pretty good. Pozed over the European conquests to some degree. It’s always funny watching people brag about the socialism of the Incans and then wonder why they crumbled so easily to 168 Spaniards.

                  The section on the bronze age collapse is very good.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Second TC’s mention, TIK is excellent. Historia Civilis is fun, but beware the pozz. One thing I’ve found is that there are a ton of lectures on YouTube and CSPAN with low view counts from 10+ years ago. The real issue is that if you don’t have a solid base for filtering out political posturing, it’s hard to discern signal from noise. I am a big fan of books as basis and videos for nuance and generalities. This blog’s comment section has a ton of incredibly, intimidatingly, well versed people, so you should just watch a lot and come back here to fact check and truth parse. I have a much higher tolerance for pozz than Jim, probably because college and ’tism motivated need for thought fodder, so I don’t mind sitting through a 2 hour boomercon or pozzfag professor for 2 minutes of valuable analysis.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Alfred’s list is really good. Dovahatty is also fucking hilarious and a perfect antidote to anti-Rome pozz shit.

                  The names are escaping me, but check out the battle simulation channels. Surprisingly good breakdowns of battles and great intersectional value for referencing concurrent historical and political analysis from other sources.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Oh yes Dovahatty is hilarious…

                  I literally loled for minutes when he talked about “the Pleb question” in one of his Caesar videos.

                • neofugue says:

                  > The names are escaping me, but check out the battle simulation channels. Surprisingly good breakdowns of battles and great intersectional value for referencing concurrent historical and political analysis from other sources.

                  EpicHistoryTV has an excellent series on Napoleon, Montemayor has a detailed series on Midway, and Kings and Generals produces an impressive amount of content. HistoryMarche and BazBattles are also solid. However, be aware no channel on Youtube will be completely free from poz.

                  Although his channel is not primarily history-related, Edward Dutton continues to avoid being cancelled much to my surprise.

            • jim says:

              As I said, it is carbon dated to the collapse, and depicts, among other things, the collapse of international trade. Which we know is a bronze age collapse event. What is the evidence for the proposition that it is about events from far away and long ago? The claim comes out of thin air.

              It also has a lot of parallels with the Exodus narrative, which is a bronze age collapse event.

      • HerbR says:

        That’s not why I asked, although preserving the information for posterity would also be a good reason.

        You’re talking about blue states and cities, majority-progressive areas. No one here wears masks outside. Most people don’t even wear masks inside, and the ones who do, don’t dare to berate the rest of us. The retailers and restaurants post notices of their officially-official policies of clot-shotting and face-diapering next to the front door, and majority of customers follow the unofficially-official policy of pretending they didn’t see it. No one questions this, not the staff and not the other customers. That’s a typical day out here.

        Of course I don’t hope to convince progressives, for whom this is all holy sacrament. I hope and expect to convince some of the simple (but not stupid) boomercons and legacy Republicans who are still in the Matrix, i.e. still getting too much of their information from cable TV and other mainstream media. To that end I want hard, irrefutable sources, and not what some anon nurse said about her anon hospital on Twitter. Even if the latter is true (which is often), it is not very persuasive. An accidental admission against interest from the enemy, that is persuasive.

        You may not know me, but give me the benefit of the doubt: I know how to tell the difference between a fervent believer, an uncertain believer, and a pretend-believer. I don’t care about the first category, only about moving whom I can from the second category to the third.

        • jim says:

          Well for me, the most compelling evidence is the evidence that is not there – that anyone that tries to get good information about actual China Flu rates of death and lasting harm, and anyone who tries to get good information about the prevalence of serious and lasting sequelae from the clot shot is apt to get canceled, deplatformed, demonetized, and their medical practice is apt to mysteriously and inexplicably catch on fire and get burned to the ground.

          That all these people telling us that is saving a zillion lives and harmful sequelae are very rare never explain how they know that it is saving a zillion lives and harmful sequelae are very rare. If they have any evidence, they are strangely disinclined to show it to us.

          As they said in the video, we don’t know what they want to inject into us, and though they might know what they want to inject into us, it is far from apparent that they know what they are actually injecting.

      • Shitpoaster says:

        Coronahysteria has opened my eyes to just how much of sheep most people are. I realized this in a intellectual, surface way before, but 2020 seared it into my brain forever. Helps me to understand history.

    • D Brinn says:

      I don’t keep anything organized enough to call a list, but I save a lot of screenshots of things. I do it mostly for my own reference, though, so I can look back and confirm that my memory isn’t playing tricks on me when the gaslighting narrative changes. I don’t expect to use the materials to convince anyone, for the reason you gave about election facts: those who want to believe the approved narrative will assume anything I produce counter to it is fake, whether I faked it or acquired it after someone else did.

  32. Steve Dave says:

    I’m in a better position than most to avoid the jab and myself and my wife are both self-employed but our line of work requires professional license renewal yearly and we are afraid they may make vaccination a requirement of renewal in the future. As things are now I imagine I can fake the vax card but in the future that window will close.

    I’m five years or so financially from being able to pack my toys and leave the playground. What is your advice to everyone who is still trapped in the game?

    • Varna says:

      Why not retire right now in Montenegro or Moldova or the like?
      In a place like Moldavia the locals cite 18 000 lei a month as the amount needed for a stress-free middle class lifestyle–which is about $1000.
      Half of that will work for a more frugal middle class lifestyle.
      These little EE places are always super slow to jump on global bandwagons, and by the time they maybe decide to not let people wipe their bums unless they have a vax passport, one way or another the whole thing will have been decided.
      Plus easier to buy fake docs there.
      And once shit has blown over one way or another, you can decide if you want to continue the retirement, or go back home recharged and participate in the rebuilding of society.
      Also places like Moldova, Macedonia, Moldavia, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc are all traditional wine countries with nice cuisine and nature, very affordable, and the least globohomo white Christian places on Earth. But mostly below the radar of Sauron and Saruman, just minding their own hobbit business.

  33. The Ghost of John Galt says:


    I think you might want version 20 of the briefing instead, which vox wrote about. Or 21. Version 21 currently states 390 unvaccinated deaths, 679 deaths post 14 days shot 2. Moving goalposts much? Sounds like someone is scrambling to cover their ass but can’t blatantly lie – version 20 didn’t have the 14 day requirement that I saw. Greater than 3 weeks after dose 1 was 90 deaths, and under 3 weeks was 14 deaths.

    Sounds like the poison is in the second dose.

  34. ERTZ says:


    Why are you so categorically against the possibility that 9/11 was not quite what the official story tells?

    Thermites/nanothermites can bring down such buildings:

    • jim says:

      I saw one of the planes go in. The ensuing destruction was amply sufficient to explain the ensuing collapses.

      The plane that went into the pentagon left a commercial airliner sized and shaped hole where it went in, and littered the places it went out with bits of commercial airliner. Bits of commercial airliner, and small bits of passengers, remained like shrapnel in the buildings surrounding the two towers.

      But the main and most compelling evidence is that no troofer is able to notice the misconduct of Mueller and the FBI. You are all obvious FBI shills.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        What’s your take on the dearth of security video of the plane hitting the Pentagon? Just that Shaniqua was in charge and/or that most of that equipment was probably still on “flashing 12:00” the whole time?

        I’m not making a rhetorical point. I’m asking a question.

        • Guy says:


        • jim says:

          There was enough security video showing a plane going into the pentagon.

          The images were insufficient to show it was a commercial airliner, because the cameras were not positioned or intended for that kind of threat, but they showed something mighty big moving mighty fast towards what immediately afterwards became a commercial airliner sized and shaped hole in the wall, except for the outer wingtips which the bomb resistant pentagon walls deflected. The walls failed to deflect most of the airliner wings, but wings stopped a short way in. Only the engines and the wheels made it all the way through and out the other side, and not very much of the engines and wheels. The rest of the plane bits mostly exploded through the roof, together with a lot of bits of people and pentagon.

          Eyewitnesses who watched the plane coming saw what the security cameras saw, but as with the security cameras, it was moving so fast that they did not see a whole lot. The plane was flying at ground level.

          • Guy says:

            I’m curious why you deleted my above comment. I don’t think I was disagreeing with your version of the events at all. Yeah you can see something coming towards the Pentagon and as you say above you can’t really tell exactly what it is but it’s clearly a plane.

            I guess my point was if they were trying to fake it then they would have just faked a video.

            • jim says:

              Your comment seemed strangely ambiguous, given that the context was that supposedly no security video existed.

              You needed to clarify that the troofers needed to explain such security video as exists – which security video is far from clear but it shows something that looks like it is about to make a big hole in the pentagon.

              • Guy says:

                Gotcha, makes sense, I was just pointing out the logical consistency in the argument some make there, lack of video meaning in that case relative to the WTC, not absolute. The video is very famous.

                I’m not trying to shit up your blog, most of my comments are to elicit a response because I am interested in what the commenters here would say on a topic, because it’s one of the few places left where there’s honest discussion. The items you put me on moderation for, the idiocy and wasting space, make sense. I’m not looking to push or argue them because I don’t know much about them, assume you know more, and consider your opinion on matters a valuable data point. Only thing I’ll argue against the comments about COVID because I truly hate those people.

                To help assuage your concerns: I frequently go to the playground with my boy and I have observed you are correct that girls develop sexualized behavior at a very young age, what I would say is prepubescent. It’s creepy as fuck. I’m for arranged marriages, young as puberty starts, patriarchy, the whole deal. Gays and pederasts are basically synonyms, I’ve known MANY gays in my life, and have been friends as much as one can be to some of them ( though not anymore), they’re all compulsive liars, but most of all every one of them was molested in some way. All of them were actually molested, but I’d also bet some are created by sexual abuse committed by society as a whole (porn exposure, weird fetishes from media, etc…).

                I don’t have a ton to offer honestly, but would like to comment on things where my interest is piqued. I’m not here to shill for anything, and don’t think you need to moderate me, I won’t make throwaway comments about nonsense based on hunches when I’m buzzed after a day of golfing again in the future.

      • Kgaard says:

        [*Formulaic troofer reply deleted*]

      • Cloudswrest says:

        I’m always annoyed by the strawmen arguments that jet fuel “wasn’t hot enough to melt steel” as if that is even relevant. The buildings had a fasces architecture with the much weaker floor material serving as the bindings, since it only had to support lateral loads. The jets took out multiple adjacent floors. Without lateral support the softened steel columns buckled laterally at the points of insult.

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Anyone saying that “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” is so terminally retarded that they have to be a fed or dying of brain cancer. Modulus of elasticity changes with temperature, and a fire raging inside a skyscraper is going to heat up the steel and change the elastic modulus. Anyone claiming to be an engineer and not taking that into account is either lying or is laughably inept. It becomes less resistant to bending and flexing, and once you bend it enough, you will get a catastrophic failure. I would not trust any building built by a 9/11 troofer.

      • info says:

        This website links many defunct links which possibly can be found at

        I saw a paper by Dr Niels Harriet a while back about Nano-thermite being found onsite.

        • jim says:

          This is stupid. Cutting beams with thermite can be done but is hugely difficult and requires a ridiculously huge amount of thermite – see the mythbuster experiments on cutting a car in two with a thermite.

          It is just barely physically possible, but doing it on an enormous scale would be spectacularly and dramatically visible, and require a lot more than an airliner sized amount of thermite, carefully pasted into very precise positions all over the building. Look at the amount of thermite the mythbusters used to get just a little way through the car.

          Indeed anything that can knock down a building is going to be dramatically and spectacularly visible, and we all saw what knocked down the buildings because it was dramatically and spectacularly visible.

          It is a whole lot easier to knock down a building with explosive charges placed on the beams, which is how they are normally demolished, but the explosions are still obvious and spectacular – though not nearly as spectacular as attempting to cut a big thickness of steel with thermite, which is about ten times as spectacular and ten times more difficult.

          The reason no one cuts steel with thermite is not because it is impossible. It can be done, but it requires a lot of thermite, and creates a spectacular mess.

          • ERTZ says:


            • jim says:

              We had a debate about that video already. Notice that the camera is stopped so far down that full sunlight turns to total darkness.

              You can cut steel with thermite, but that is not thermite – it is a cutting jet with thermite liberally added. Most people just use a cutting jet. Without the cutting jet, would have needed a wheelbarrow load of thermite and to have moved his camera a lot further away.

          • info says:


            • jim says:

              FBI shill data.

              • info says:


                • jim says:

                  There is no such thing as nano thermite, and if the beams of the towers were cut with any form of thermite, the light pouring out of the towers would have outshone the sun. Naked eyes watching the towers would have been blinded, and most cameras photographing the towers would have bloomed out, while the rest of them cut the brightness down to levels where full sunlight looked like near darkness.

                  Any method of bringing a tower down is apt to be as spectacularly obvious as the way they actually were brought down. There is no method of magic stealth secret demolition.

        • jim says:

          This is an FBI shill website.

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Point One: you have written on this topic extensively with great skill. I hate that you have to keep doing it. Waste of resources and time.

            Point Two: Occam’s razor. What’s more likely, that a massive industrial, intelligence, media, inspections, security conspiracy went through an elaborate engineering operation to bring down some buildings in an incredibly complicated way? Or an overpowered, under-led, highly politicized investigation bureau focused down on straight, white, Christians for Cathedral motivated reasons and ignored a very simple, brutal attack? I know books are always full of lies, but read Hank Crumpton’s Art of Intelligence.

            I’m sorry you have to deal with this, J.

            • HerbR says:

              Point Three: The past may be a foreign country, and 9/11 was a long time ago indeed, but we know what a conspiratorial cover-up actually looks like, based on the examples of the 2020 election and the china flu. Fed conspiracies tend not to be clean and smooth operations executed with perfect precision. They tend to range from clumsy to downright idiotic, leaving contradictory evidence everywhere – not subtle evidence that has to be studied under a microscope, but huge smoking guns of evidence that can clearly be seen by the naked eye of even the most unsophisticated observer. This is then followed by the thousand megaphones demanding that we believe their narrative instead of our lyin’ eyes. 9/11 trooferism also demands that we believe a particular narrative instead of our own lyin’ eyes.

              Maybe the operators were more competent back in 2001 and didn’t think they could do it right under our noses. We’d still have emails (climategate/servergate), text messages (Strzok/Page), contradictory official reports (CDC/WHO/NHS), and occasional bits of untampered data (FDA) leaking out of every cathedral orifice. There would be weird inconsistencies or impossible conclusions in the FEMA report. You wouldn’t have to study ultra-low-quality grainy smoke footage frame-by-frame to find one weird graphical artifact, or pretend that tiny trace minerals are strong evidence of novel explosives never before used in any commercial or military application.

              And we DO have all those big things leaking. It’s just that those things point to Mueller being evil and stupid and doing evil and stupid things, both before and after the main event. They point to the rot having set in a long time ago, in which a handful of camel jockeys could strike directly at the economic heart of America’s most prosperous city while the glassy-eyed stare of our ever-expanding surveillance state meticulously searched for anyone at all with lighter skin on whom it could pin the blame. Is that not an exciting enough “conspiracy” for the troofers?

              • jim says:

                > a handful of camel jockeys could strike directly at the economic heart of America’s most prosperous city while the glassy-eyed stare of our ever-expanding surveillance state meticulously searched for anyone at all with lighter skin on whom it could pin the blame. Is that not an exciting enough “conspiracy” for the troofers?

                The troofer theory requires that 9/11 terrorists were actors and agents hired by the conspiracy, but the troofers are strangely unable to notice the only piece of evidence that they have for their theory – the glassy eyed inability of the FBI to notice the terrorists.

                But, of course, the reason the FBI were unable to see them was that they had the wrong race for terrorists. And the troofers are, to a man, unable to see wrongdoing by anyone of the wrong sex, race, or color. They can see wrongdoing by nationalist Israeli Jews, but are incapable of seeing wrongdoing by American progressive Jews.

            • alf says:

              Interestingly, slightly more relevant than you’d think. For instance, alt-right politician Thierry baudet, who I am confident is not a shill, has come out as a 9/11 troofer. Reality testing in a sea of shills is hard.

              • jim says:

                On what do you base your confidence?

                Has he noticed what Mueller and the FBI are up to?

                Does he notice widespread female misbehavior, misbehavior that to an old man like myself is endlessly shocking and disturbing?

                Baudet was accused of believing that there was a correlation between race and IQ. He sued for defamation, suggesting he finds such an accusation shocking and defaming, rather than grinning because his enemies are speaking truths a facefag dare not say, and by attributing the truth to him, enabling him to speak the truth silently with a smile.

                Obviously he does believe there is a correlation between race and IQ. Everyone can see through the lie, but the lie still has some sacredness for him.

                He is a facefag. Facefags have to lie. But are they lying to us, or lying to the enemy.

                • alf says:

                  Obviously he is a facefag.

                  I do not know his opinion on Mueller. I don’t even know his opinion on 9/11, just that it’s the typical ‘lol u trust the narrative??’ troofer opinion.

                  He has winked at female misbehavior, eg how woman will flip-flop her political opinion based on the man she is with, but nothing more.

                  He sues because he is quite troubled by his normalcy bias.

                  BUT his opinion on corona could be straight out of this blog. Very adamant in his battle against Covid.

                  So it’s a mixed bag. He is far too proud to be a paid shill, but being a democratic politician rots your soul anyway.

                • jim says:

                  The Troofers always claim that people that they hate and wish to destroy agree with them.

  35. Fireball says:

    I believe that at the moment 78% of the population is fully vaccinated. By table 4

    58.48% of cases are unvacinated

    Using the number of delta cases 0.082% of the unvax died and 0.002% of the vax died

    Cases with an emergency care excluding bla bla
    0.028% of unvax died 0.087% of vax died

    Cases with an emergency care including bla bla
    0.02% of unvax died 0.06% vax died

    overnight excluding bla bla
    0.09% of unvax died 0.28% of vax died

    overnight including bla bla
    0.053% of unvax died 0.15%

    I may have done done some mistakes but the that looks like it shows that the vax gives you protection but if you case is severe it fucks you up.

    Am i correct in this? also does this happen to other vaccines or medical drugs?

    • jim says:

      I don’t think the overnight stats are meaningful, because the decision to hold someone overnight is subjective and is going to be influenced by whether they are vaccinated.

      “You have the virus, and you have failed to burn incense to the great and mighty Covid Demon. Therefore you are in grave danger, and we must hold you overnight”

      Plus we have lots of data showing that the vax is not protective against mild cases of the disease, which is the vast majority of cases.

      The claim is that china flu is killing a lot of people, and if everyone gets vaccinated, it will kill considerably fewer people. This evidence indicates that at least one of those claims must be false.

      If 78% of the population is vaccinated, and 22% unvaccinated, and 70 vaccinated died for 44 vaccinated. then the ratio indicates some protection, but not very much – that you are half as likely to die if vaccinated.

      Now it could be that you are vastly less likely to die if vaccinated, and we have some considerable evidence for this, though the effect does not last very long, and each shot has increasing risks – but if that is the case, then if far less than seventy vaccinated died of the virus, then far less than forty four unvaccinated died of the virus.

      • pyrrhus says:

        I don’t think there is any reliable data on overall vaxx rates in the US, but since only 50% of the CDC was jabbed, I doubt that it’s much higher than that…Indications are that whites are the most highly jabbed group, while blacks and hispanics have not bought into it…And I know a lot of whites who haven’t done it here in AZ…

        • Pooch says:

          Would not surprise me if they are flat out lying about vax rates in the same way they did for the 80 million biden votes.

          • Karl says:

            Not quite in the same way as there are some unjabbed people who cheerfully claim that, of course, they are vaxxed. Not everyone took the religious exemption route.

            • Pooch says:

              Right. I am more referring to the national clot shot rate reported in the media.

      • Fireball says:

        Overnight stats could not be meaningful but that is true for emergency care and the 28 days. I have got flu in the past that if it was now they would have put me in a ventilator and maybe kill me and at the time the medic just said to buy some specific medic and go home.

        Our problem is that we don’t know what is going in on the inside or how data is being handle or collected. I expect things in the UK to work relatively well but my experience is that is hard to know if data is truthful or not.

    • HerbR says:

      Unless I totally misunderstood Jim’s prior posts on the subject, I thought the group had already arrived at a similar conclusion regarding the risk/reward ratio of the clot shots (ignoring the parts about % injected). That is:

      1. The shots provide temporary, non-sterilizing immunity. That means reduced symptoms or no symptoms during that period for those who catch the china flu, but no herd immunity whatsoever – in fact, may accelerate the spread and speed of mutation because the infected do not stay home or avoid contact.

      2. The duration of the temporary immunity is about 4-6 months, after which there is a period (duration unknown) of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement leading to much worse symptoms and a much higher risk of death for the injected.

      3. Much like seasonal influenza, the shots are only effective against specific strains. With each round of shots, the pharmas must try to predict which strains will be dominant, which right now is “delta”. If they guess wrong, the shots are ineffective. If the virus mutates (see #1), the shots are ineffective. If anything at all goes wrong, the shots will be ineffective. With an immunity period no longer than 4-6 months, that is a lot of opportunities from now until the end of time for things to go wrong.

      4. The current dominant strain (delta) is profoundly NON-lethal. It is not even the flu – it is a bad cold. People said this hyperbolically about the original Wuhan strain, and it wasn’t really true – back then it was more like a very bad flu, but delta strain is actually and in reality just a cold for the majority of people who catch it, which is supported by the extremely low hospitalization rates for both “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed”. The death rates, tiny as they already are in official figures, are probably overstated, especially in the “unvaxxed” group, due to officially-stated policies of testing every unvaxxed inpatient (regardless of symptoms) with paranoid scrutiny, and often refusing to test any vaxxed inpatient,

      5. Unlike the shots, which provide only temporary and selective immunity, catching the virus itself, including this very mild delta strain, appears to provide permanent or at least very long-term immunity, and against all known strains.

      6. All of the shots, mRNA and “trad”, target the spike proteins, not the virus, and work by exposing people to the spike proteins without the virus. This was obviously based on the assumption that the spike protein is benign, which has proven to be incorrect. One of the spike proteins seems to be responsible for blood clotting leading to an increased risk of myocarditis, hypertension, miscarriages and a variety of other serious but not quite immediately fatal problems. Obviously, “increased risk” does not mean “definitely will happen”, but the risk is at least as high as the minuscule risk of death by china flu.

      7. Adding fuel to the spike-protein dumpster fire, there is some evidence that the spike proteins take years for the body to fully flush, instead of the weeks or months that is typical. This means cumulative damage, and cumulatively greater risk of clotting-related problems, with each subsequent shot, at least up to the 2-3 year mark. There are literally no long-term studies on this, which would obviously be impossible to have after only 1 year. However, if some people are having serious problems after their 2nd shot, we should assume that many more will have serious problems after their 5th or 6th shot within a few years.

      8. There are a variety of safe, inexpensive and likely very effective treatments for actual confirmed cases of china flu requiring medical attention. These include a variety of antimalarials, antiparasitics, and some broad-spectrum antibiotics. We know that for serious cases, these need to be taken early in order to be effective. For somewhat more advanced cases, patients need supplemental oxygen and possibly a more expensive therapy such as Regen-CoV, but most still recover. Terminal cases are a different story, but this mostly only applies to the old, fat, diabetic, COPD or other serious comorbidities, i.e. people who are already on death’s doorstep.

      That is the summary of everything I’ve learned, and I believe most of what’s been discussed here. I raise all of these points to highlight why I consider it dishonest, or militantly ignorant, to try to frame the discussion about “vaxxed vs unvaxxed deaths”. Even if we put aside the unreliable data, the iatrogenic deaths, and the cooked data still failing to demonstrate the promised benefits, the fact remains that we are not comparing two sides of a level playing field. We are not looking at one statistic in isolation, i.e. “how much lower is your risk of death from china flu if you get the clot shot”. We are looking at a cost-benefit calculation, i.e. “what is the risk of getting the shot vs. the risk of not getting the shot”, and that equation heavily favors the no-shot option based on what we currently know.

      When someone says “but X% of deaths are unvaxxed” or “but Y% of unvaxxed people die while only Z% of vaxxed people die”, they are being inherently dishonest on multiple fronts. They are being dishonest about the data, they are being dishonest about the intent (which was supposed to be herd immunity, not slightly lowering your personal risk of death with no benefit to your neighbors), and they are being dishonest about the stakes. It’s hard to pack so much dishonesty into one sentence, but somehow they’ve managed to do it.

      • Fireball says:

        Maybe i didn’t read all the posts. Also i had no idea about 7, if that is true the idea of injecting people every 5 or 6 months could be extremely disastrous.

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