It is just the flu, bro

We have big programs for monitoring flu. And it has “disappeared”.

Nah, it is not that flu is being deliberately misdiagnosed as Corona.

Rather, it is the other way around. Corona is being deliberately named as not just another flu in order to sound scarier. Which, now that governments have generally abandoned programs of large scale iatrogenic murder by ventilator, is killing only about the same number of people as most of the other flues usually did.

Every flu season it is a different strain of positive stranded RNA virus. Each flu season, it is a new flu. But all positive stranded RNA viruses interbreed, exchange genetic material indiscriminately, and all respiratory positive stranded RNA viruses interbreed with other positive stranded respiratory RNA viruses a lot. So making a distinction is arbitrary and artificial, a sharp line drawn on nature that lacks sharp lines.

Because they are all related, there is a lot of cross immunity between them. So making an novel and unique vaccine that targets one very specific variant is unlikely to be effective, because they go on changing, as they always have. Should have manufactured the vaccine using the same well tried (and considerably less dangerous, though far from safe) technology that they have long been using for each new flu.

The flu is always changing. And always the same. From now on, every flu season is another outbreak of the dreaded and terrible Corona virus that threatens us with vast Corona doom. Or when people stop being scared of the dreaded corona virus, maybe they will change the name again. Corona is a bigger change in the genetic and antigen signature than usual, but saying that this change is big enough for a species name change is arbitrary. That each new flu excludes the others tells us there is a great deal of cross immunity. Which we should expect from a virus that is always cross breeding.

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  1. Joe says:

    They are drinking the kool-aid after all.

    I received the AstraZeneca Vaccine and will get the second jab in a few weeks.

    New South Wales’ Customer Service Minister has taken to social media to confirm the reason for his “droopy eye”, which sparked concern after Wednesday’s press conference.

    Victor Dominello, who was there to speak about business grants, said people had reached out to him wondering if he was “winking at the camera” or if he had suffered a stroke.

    But on Wednesday night he confirmed via Instagram that he had been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a temporary facial paralysis that has no known exact cause.

  2. Joe says:

    SARS-CoV-2 is to the flu as dihydrogen monoxide is to water.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Latest local Covid statistics for Santa Clara County, CA. Updated daily. Real LOCAL data, not talking head TV data, so I found it interesting.

    New cases – 438 ⬆
    Hospitalizations – 232 ⬆
    ICU – 56 ⬆
    Positivity Rate – 3.4% ⬇️
    Rate per 100k, Overall – 15.8 ⬆
    Rate per 100k, Vaccinated 9.6 ⬆
    Rate per 100k, Unvaccinated – 31.8 ⬆

    • Alfred says:

      They’re putting people on ventilators right away trying to drive up the death rate. They no longer talk about using oxygen masks.

      • Joe says:

        It is the same in NSW, Australia too. They are putting people on ventilators and thus finally seeing the kinds of death numbers they can chide the people smugly about at press conferences. It makes the bureaucrats feel important, and feeling important is the most important feeling that a bureaucrat can ever have.

        • The Cominator says:

          Lower level bureaucrats (and officials of all kinds) tend to have the mentality of 4chan tranny jannies.

          One thing good government needs to avoid is giving people naturally low in the hierarchy power over people around them… thus if there is any permanent “law enforcement” it should be gentlemen sheriffs people who would already be “community leaders”, above all no women authorities. People given power when they’d naturally be at the bottom of the totem poll will kill you if they can to feel important.

          • Joe says:

            I based my whole career on making stupid people feel important. It is the first skill that I learned.

            It became harder and harder as time went on. For the last gasp of this career I had to appear in a job interview as a literal mumbling autist, staring at my shoes and walking in a hunched and trawling gait, barely managing eye contact. It was the only way I could get a job.

            I gave up my career forever when they put a nigger next to me and I could no longer maintain the required appearance of stupidity.

  4. Smarter than Jim says:

    Jim, do you realise the flu is negative-stranded and corona is positive-stranded?

  5. Calvin says:

    Jim, are you still predicting the major political violence to start heating up around 2026 or so? Imo, current trends seem to indicate it might be sooner.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Major cities burning, literal separatist zones established, a farcical pandemic and subsequent suspension of freedom [sic], a national election stolen in broad daylight, a false flag that makes the Reichstag look real… and all of it with more guns than people, a “””warrior”””” class with means motive opportunity… At this point, Biden could commit hari-kari on live TV after declaring whiteness illegal and I’m pretty sure nothing would change. 2026 is optimistic.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        I think it is based around the political cycle. 2024 is when everyone realizes that the Republican party is dead. After being cheated in the midterms in 2022 and the presidential election in 2024, anyone who is anyone realizes that the Democrats no longer need the fig leaf the Republican party provides. No, “we’ll get them next election, after this sort of overreach,” cope will cut it. At that point, the next election has to get solved with violence, and it is in the context of a battle over the 2026 midterms that this all goes to shit. The elites pull out the knives on each other and the fun begins.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          I hope you’re right, I think you’re wrong. I’ve had very bad luck connecting with people on this blog, but if you’re ever in the Commonwealth, let’s find a way to meet up. There once was a lad named vxxc, or some such. You sound like him. Stay smart but be safe bro.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            While I vaguely remember vxxc, I am not him. I am a Yank, and given how mad the world has gotten, I do not intend on leaving the states unless it is that or die. Too much risk traveling these days.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I was too vague. I meant the Mid-Atlantic. Putting together a homestead and there’s a standing invite to all Jimian Christians and solid bros who are willing to put in a little work, discuss some topics, and enjoy a red rural redoubt.

        • Pooch says:

          Could be a decent prediction. I am shocked at how many conservatives are predicting “red wave” for the midterms and the 2024 election as if they didn’t just see a massive landslide Trump victory stolen in plain sight. Although obvious to us now that voting is over, takes considerably longer (and ever more obvious examples of democracy being discredited) to break the normie normalcy bias I suppose.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Yeah, I think it goes a little more Republican in any place that Republicans control, but all those red seats in blue states are going to be stolen. Then the cry will be, “You have really done it now! When we take back the presidency in 2024, you will be sorry!” Then 2024 comes around and they are even more blatant about the theft. Suddenly, the elite-faction Republicans realize they have been kicked to the curb and the Democrats realize that they are all competing against each other, now.

            The stage is now set for the 2026 midterms to be violent and brutal as the Republicans realize they are going to have to get a base that hates them out in the street to fight for them. Meanwhile every Democrat has to organize up a private army to fight all the other Democrats’ private armies. The broad Republican-Democrat coalition will already broken, and now the Democrat coalition will have, too. The Republicans will already be broken due to infighting between the populist and elitist factions as the elitists allow the Democrats to steal seats from the populists, thinking they are part of the ruling coalition. The breakdown of elite cooperation is where I really think this goes, and where that happens, violence follows.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              I keep trying to envision the uniparty chaos but it’s hard to imagine. I think there will be some private army formation, but I think amassing crowds and Rwanda-mob violence will be more common.

              I rarely get the opportunity to talk to wealthy conservatives, but recently I had that happen. They were saying your script, almost to the letter, about midterms and 2024. They brought up the pendulum metaphor and I very delicately introduced the Progressive Ratchet/Cthulhu Drift in non-memernet terms and basically said it is over. At least one guy circled back and we went a little deeper down the Path. I recommended he check out Claremont Institute and look up Yarvin’s substack. Probably pointless but who knows.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Good to know they are as stupid and cowardly as I expected. The pendulum only swings back when it is left alone. When someone ties down the pendulum it stops swinging back and just stays left forever. Until someone comes along and smashes the whole machine. Which is what is going to happen eventually.

  6. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like the Feds just “deactivated” Nick Fuentes. Confiscated his ~$500K bank account.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      This first thing that should be in the mind of any man of means today, is by what means may he route his means, around the maddened dying Beast that will surely consume it.

    • jim says:

      Dismissed with extreme prejudice.

      Deep entryists and double agents tend to change sides.

      • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

        Why do you think he was a fed? He was saying seriously heretical things when no other fed or shill could. He was one of the first people to call out the Capitol riot as a fed operation, not a protest gone rowdy. If he was a fed, he went of the reservation long ago. Why take so long to cut him off.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Useful Idiot or Criminal Informant. Good guys don’t get platforms and namefag rules apply, I guess. Murdoch Murdoch may be weird, but it is rarely wrong.

        • jim says:

          Your standards for leaving the reservation are more generous than my own, but yes, some time after Jan 6th he did leave the reservation – maybe as early as November the fourth.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            He was saying our most powerful ideas out loud. Pretty explicit on the woman/lol question. I just do not see what goal they were playing with him. Was he supposed to make us look ridiculous? Horrify people about the evil, evil right wingers? I do not see the goal of hiring a shill to broadcast our ideas and start organizing people on those lines, unless it was to get a giant list of wrongthinkers? But then it is still a dangerous gambit to make the enemy’s ideas more popular.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              A thousand ‘masterminds’ with a thousand ‘master plans’. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Imagine making a living out of criticizing progressivism and leaving half a million in an account directly on your name, not even niggers dealing with drugs are this stupid. He doesn’t even make his money locally through cash, but he has no IBC, no offshore company or fund, not even US corp/fund with POA.

      Jim has to be right.

      • linker says:

        The 22 year old “shill” with >130 IQ who says things about women that you would only see on Jim’s Blog or written in Arabic who has never sold anyone out or advanced progressive causes in any way.

        [blockquote]Imagine making a living out of criticizing progressivism and leaving half a million in an account directly on your name, not even niggers dealing with drugs are this stupid. He doesn’t even make his money locally through cash, but he has no IBC, no offshore company or fund, not even US corp/fund with POA.[/blockquote]

        Very smart men make stupid mistakes, especially young hotheads. How do you know he does not have extensive cryptocurrency holdings? He received six figures in Bitcoin from a guy who killed himself.

        [blockquote]Jim has to be right.[/blockquote]

        Right about what? I do not think Jim said he was a fed. IIRC he simply said not to trust him.

        • Anonymous says:

          Very smart men make stupid mistakes, especially young hotheads. How do you know he does not have extensive cryptocurrency holdings? He received six figures in Bitcoin from a guy who killed himself.

          Very smart men do make mistakes.

          He received six figures in Bitcoin from a guy who killed himself.

          Read that again.

          • linker says:

            Let me guess, he didn’t actually kill himself, just like the Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. It’s a cover story for Hillary Clinton to pay Nick Fuentes for his service brainwashing conservatives into voting for Trump and believing that women shouldn’t have rights. He’s a CIA agent who is secretly a gay catboy who is just grifting people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, except the CIA is also paying him hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin and that’s why they hired Stanley Kubrick to create a fake suicide to launder the untraceable money into his public Bitcoin address before freezing his fiat bank account so it looks like he is an oppressed dissident while still getting paid under the table in crypto. At last I truly see.

            • jim says:

              You are insufficiently paranoid.

              Having a lot of money in a regular bank account is odd under current circumstances where people are being demonetized all over the place.

              In fact, having a lot of money in a regular bank account is odd under any circumstances. There are better places to stash very large amounts of money. The money is distinctly odd.

              • neofugue says:

                Stopped following Nick Fuentes after expressing open sympathy towards homosexual deviancy.

                Nick and Traps

                Nick is a disinhibited faggot who lacks political tact. While he did not march into the Capitol building, Nick filmed himself at the January 6 protest. The Feds probably blackmailed him and gave him money as managed opposition, and because gay was unable to keep his mouth shut on certain subjects and thus abandoned. Being put on the no-fly list was to prevent him escaping.

                • jim says:

                  Notoriously, gays are always on both sides. Feds got tired of Nick Fuentes being an unreliable double agent with divided loyalties.

                  He is on our side, but being gay, a liability. Towards the end, a bigger liability to the feds than to us.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  lol, poor linker, how will he cope now?

                  It does make a lot of sense if this guy is a fag, MGTOW’s “hatred” of women is also fueled by their faggotry. It’d explain his apparent “red pilled” comments on women, many faggots have a distinct hatred towards women because they can see them for what they are but since they are faggots there’s no upside to them.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Notoriously, gays are always on both sides.

                  Kinda like women themselves.

                • linker says:

                  Muh catboys. There is no evidence that he is gay besides jokes.

                  Stopped following Nick Fuentes after expressing open sympathy towards homosexual deviancy.

                  How Holy of you to get so butthurt over a joke that you completely flip on a person. I bet Nick Fuentes emails you every day to try to get you back. We all care very deeply that you were offended by this 90 second clip.

                  It does make a lot of sense if this guy is a fag, MGTOW’s “hatred” of women is also fueled by their faggotry. It’d explain his apparent “red pilled” comments on women, many faggots have a distinct hatred towards women because they can see them for what they are but since they are faggots there’s no upside to them.

                  Being red pilled about women does not mean you hate women. What are you? A feminist wignat? Why did you put both “hatred” and “red pilled” in scare quotes?

                • jim says:

                  Black pill on women sounds like the red pill, but the red pill is true and the black pill is false.

                  Black pill on women sounds like thought crime, but shills can freely black pill on women all they like, but are unable to red pill on women or acknowledge anyone else saying red pill stuff. Therefore not a thought crime.

                  Red pill on women says women behave badly because our society is failing a massive shit test, and forcing individual men to fail shit tests, so women are terribly thirsty for alpha, and this thirst causes them to do bad things.

                  Black pill on women says women are bad because they need a stick.

                  Red Pill on women says that women rather like a man who might beat them.

                • notglowing says:

                  He is no homosexual. I followed that whole story and he was being accused for no reason and there was nothing to hold against him except some jokes taken out of context by enemy shills.

                  I distinctly recall him on multiple occasions not only condemning homosexuality, but being explicit about the fact that he considered homosexuals to be pedophiles, and that they had to be kept away from children.

                  I recall him saying of a right winger who was also a homosexual, that he would not allow him near a playground.

                  I don’t see how he was black pilled towards women. He was not, and maintained that even in our current situation we should try to find women and have children with them if we can. He said he wasn’t going to do it yet simply because he didn’t have the security in his life to do it.
                  But he was very much redpilled on the woman question, and hated simps. I did not really see any difference in what he said compared to what Jim says, at least in this regard.

                • alf says:

                  “Because women fail to perform their duties, it’s understandable if men turn to other men.”

                  Sounds to me like an argument only a gay could think of.

                • linker says:

                  It’s a joke, you sperg.

                • Alfred says:

                  >It’s a joke, you sperg.

                  If so, it’s a joke that only a cock sucker would make.

                  Who’s Nick’s GF or Wife? A man who’s got such a devoted fanbase has to swimming in pussy.

                • alf says:

                  I mean, if it’s a joke it is a little hidden under three layers of irony.

                  But OK, as Alfred says, does Nick pass the fag test — what hot chicks is he banging?

                • linker says:

                  take your meds

                • alf says:

                  I’m taking that as a ‘no, he is not banging hot chicks.’

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  Feds pretend that they hate women because they think we hate women. Their alleged hate is about proving how much they hate them thinking this is what we think, since they cannot think criminal thoughts such as women not being like men and applying different standards to them. Faggots like Fuentes and MGTOW sing the same song because they genuinely hate women.

                  Fools like you believe that the little snippets of this hate constitute a red pill, which is why I pointed them out as “hatred” and “red pill”. A faggot like Nick Fuentes will say that women need to be housemakers because he hates them, they are bad and need this control and punishment.

                  It’s like Jim said, this is not the red pill, this is the black pill.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >Who’s Nick’s GF or Wife? A man who’s got such a devoted fanbase has to swimming in pussy.

                  No male under the age of 30 without a criminal record is swimming in pussy today.

                • jim says:

                  He is famous and demonized. That is a huge help. He has an entourage. Should be doing fairly well.

                • linker says:

                  He does not hate women or pretend to hate women. He is also not a MGTOW or singing the same song as MGTOWs. You obviously do not know anything. You are assuming things based on half remembered snippets of things that you read random people say about Fuentes and boldly proclaiming that THIS IS HOW IT IS. You are correct and other people who actually follow him and have listened to his show at least once are wrong because you are an aspie having a narcissistic episode.

                • The Cominator says:

                  A man of celebrity (I mean not a celebrity of anomity like Satoshi Nakamoto or Bronze Age Pervert) should have a few groupies…

                  That he has no women combined with other suspicious aspects of himself gives good reason to suspect that Nick Fuentes is a homosexual.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  Good luck with the mental breakdown.

                • linker says:

                  Are you really so stupid that you don’t see how fucking mentally ill attention seeking internet girls as a famous dissident is a security risk? He could easily do that; you are right. Would be self destructive and retarded. Would end up with him getting smeared, false rape accusations, etc.

                  @Atavistic Morality
                  Take your meds. NOW. I’m not going to ask you a third time.

                • aon says:

                  Linker, your insults are so crappy that for this reason alone you deserve a bullycide.

                • Alfred says:

                  @linker so Nick is a voluntary Incel, AKA MGTOW?

                • neofugue says:

                  > It’s a joke, you sperg.

                  “Hi, Nick Fuentes here, you see coprophilia is bad, yes, but let’s have some nuance here, ok, liking girls eating poo is bad but because of feminism some men might turn to it as a release, haha, joke, very funny…” 🙃

                  > I bet Nick Fuentes emails you every day to try to get you back. We all care very deeply that you were offended by this.

                  Fags are some of the nicest people I know; I have had gay teachers, professors and colleagues and hold no animosity towards them. After Nick showed sympathy towards deviants it was more that I stopped following him out of disinterest.

                  > “we all recognize the females, the femoid race, they’re not really carrying their burden…”

                  Nick is [in]volcel, rather purple-pilled than black-pilled.

                  > Are you really so stupid that you don’t see how fucking mentally ill attention seeking internet girls as a famous dissident is a security risk?

                  Henrik Palmgren did ok, Cernovich did ok, Torba did ok, Teddy Spaghetti did ok, even Molymeme got himself a wife, unless you’re the Comexterminator you should find someone.

                • linker says:

                  “Voluntary incel”

                  You are an idiot. Just shut up. You are making a fool out of yourself because you are very emotionally invested in being correct when you are not.

                • linker says:

                  Fuentes is much better than all of those guys combined (except Molyneux). They are also all at least a decade older than him. He will find a wife. I do not know where you got this retarded idea that he is a MGTOW. Choosing not to destroy your own life over some pussy does not make one a MGTOW. Or am I also a purple pilled voluntary incel MGTOW because I didn’t rape a hot teenager last weekend? This is not to mention that he is Catholic. Whether he is Catholic or not, fucking his e-girl stalkers would be a disaster for his life and for the movement.

                  I think if commienator is suave enough to fuck strippers, he can find a good wife. He just needs to develop new tactics.

                • jim says:

                  I am bored by Nick Fuentes. I have only seen a little of him, but when I saw him, he was being thought crime adjacent, rather than committing thought crimes. I just don’t think he is very good, and, whether gay or not, he is gay in that he is on both sides at once.

                • Pooch says:

                  My take on Fuentes is that he is clearly talented at agitating the Cathedral as a non-anon in a way they really hate, but I’m not sure how successful that strategy ultimately will really be at bringing about any meaningful change.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >He is famous and demonized. That is a huge help. He has an entourage. Should be doing fairly well.

                  Do you have examples of this helping anyone in his age cohort?

  7. Justin Bieber says:

    Even more news: An involuntarily celibate man in the UK couldn’t contain the blue balls any longer, snapped, killed 5 people and then himself. Here’s his youtube channel, will probably be removed soon:

  8. onyomi says:

    Who was the last effective, conservative American leader (could be POTUS but doesn’t have to be)?

    I think we can agree that Trump was good rhetorically and in terms of getting conservatives fired up (not so much in terms of making sure his opponents didn’t cheat at the ballot box), but much less good in terms of getting stuff done that we care about. What’s less clear to me is how much these were Trump’s personal failings as a political wrangler and how much because the decks were so heavily stacked against him. For example, he got all these “conservative” SCOTUS judges through and they stab him in the back. Maybe he should have foreseen that and picked better candidates but then maybe the better candidates would have been metooed even harder and never approved.

    Of course, things are different in America now, so maybe thinking about what worked in the past isn’t a good guide to what could work in the future, but I’m still curious to hear opinions: when was the last time a national level US leader actually moved the needle in a conservative direction? Reagan? Nixon? Coolidge? Alternatively, which single US individual most successfully pushed the US in an anti-holiness spiral, anti-progressive, anti-cathedral direction? Andrew Jackson?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Probably Newt Gingrich.

      From the Yarvin perspective (I don’t share Jim’s view so that isn’t derisive) the Right has been essential to the instantiation and dominance of the Cathedral. Without a lifelike opposition, they couldn’t have swept the institutions with such totality. I know they stabbed Trump in the back, but the Federalist Society has been somewhat effective in forcing small scale Cathedral retrenchment at the local level. I think we need to let go of the “enemy of my enemy” trope because it is bullshit. The enemy of my enemy is some asshole who is probably my enemy.

      • The Cominator says:

        The Federalist society is in line for the helicopter if we ever get the chance, if its up to me almost no lawyers whatsoever will be spared (Clarence Thomas will of course) the bar for a lawyer to save themselves will have to be very high (or they will have to had voluntarily quit practicing law for 10 years).

        The Federalist cuckery and betrayal proves that with few exceptions lawyers need to be liquidated as a class marxist style.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Your revenge-ocide fantasies were interesting a few years ago when you had valid points that the softer side of reaction, of which I was a part, were either ignorant of or blind to. Now you sound like a broken record. You’re a sperglord that fucks roasties and dreams of genocide. It’s just tall talk.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            There’s nothing wrong with fucking feral women if it’s convenient.

          • The Cominator says:

            The point is that the percentage of good lawyers (like good public health types and good climate scientists) is probably less than 5% of those who work in such fields.

            • jim says:

              Less than that. In order to succeed at law, you have to be palsy with the corruption network, so no one can make a living at law unless he is thoroughly corrupt and evil.

              We are going to have to close the courts, and start over with a clean slate. Replacement institutions staffed by replacement people.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            The Cominator may go too far, but you and Jim do not go far enough. We do need to seriously consider the Federalist Society as part of the enemy elite. Worse, they acted as allies and turned traitor. He is right about that, and he is right about lawyers, but that is a problem that does not need to be solved with killing them all.

            The bar will serve us, not them, so we can just ban any leftist lawyers from practicing law. But, we need to purge all of the higher-level organizers. There should be no Marc Elias left alive to organize a legal opposition to the Throne and Altar. If we win this shitshow and end up in power, Federalist Society types have to go the way of the Harvard and Yale boards of trustees. We cannot allow a disloyal elite faction to fester.

            The most important goal is victory, but the second most in ensuring that no Harvard is formed again. Charles II should have killed the Puritan leaders instead of allowing them to flee to America. Instead he showed mercy, which was a mistake that the Harvard types did not make. Now England is ruled by foreigners and the royal family is powerless. We do not want to and must not end up in the same situation.

            • jim says:

              We don’t need to kill all the lawyers, or any of the lawyers. The whole system is rotten and corrupt to the core, and needs reconstruction from a clean slate. Needs a reset to at least 1660, and even that is highly unsatisfactory. Needs a reset all the way back to Henry the First, the lion of Justice. We are going to need a system for imposing order that does not involve any of the existing lawyers and judges, which is what the Australian government did with immigration law and the illegal immigrant problem. You have a visa problem in Australia? You are never going to see a lawyer, because you are never going to see a judge. But any time you interact with the state, for example show up at a government hospital, they are going to ask for your ID, and if there is a problem with your ID, the border patrol will come.

              The usual way an illegal gets caught is he shows up at hospital, or has a traffic stop. And then the border patrol shows up at hospital, or the traffic cop detains the illegal until the border patrol arrives to take him off the traffic cop’s hands.

              We will need to handle all crime the way Australia handles illegals, and settle the disputes currently resolved by litigation another way.

              If someone commits a crime, he should be beaten through the streets, dispensing with the existing courts altogether.

              • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                In classical china, the most severe punishment of the land for a man who committed grave crimes, was ‘death by nine degrees’.

                Meaning, you would be put to death – but it would not just be you put to death, but also your parents, and children, and grandparents, and grandchildren, and cousins, and aunts, and uncles, and nieces, and nephews, and all relations up to nine degrees of separation.

                Whatever else one may think of the yellow dynasts, such sorts of approach is an expression of pure concentrated reactionary, Perennial understanding of the true ways of the world, distilled in jurisprudential form; and not by coincidence, an almost complete antithesis to Benthamite/J. S. Mill/Puritan legal philosophy, and the presumptions that underlay it, that is the dominant mode of the American Empire’s jurisprudence.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Yes, but look at what that sort of approach gets you. I do not want to live like the Chinese. It just ends up with clannish conformity, and stagnation. Societal stagnation is death.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  The chinese are what they have always been: chinese.

                  There is no shortage of europoids who already understand the utility of group punishments in general, and blood price in particular; it just so happens to, by design, be applied to exactly the wrong sorts of objects.

              • Jehu says:

                The strategy of the Left in the US has been to inflate due process sufficiently to make enforcing Order in cities a non-scalable proposition. In other words, to make enforcement of law such a daunting logistical proposition that you CAN’T make justice swift, certain and severe.

                I agree that the ideal case would be to have very few prisons and almost no prisoners. If misbehavior can be extinguished with a fine, a fine is enough. If it takes humiliation and/or a beating, then that is enough. If it requires a helicopter ride or a public execution, then that is enough. I can’t think of many cases where the appropriate penalty is a very expensive incarceration.

                • jim says:

                  > The strategy of the Left in the US has been to inflate due process sufficiently to make enforcing Order in cities a non-scalable proposition.

                  Hence the extraordinarily high cost of housing in the cities:

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                No, I agree with you that we do not need to kill all the lawyers, as satisfying as that would be. It is as simple as saying that if you were on the bar rolls or in training as of a certain time, you are no longer allowed to practice law. We can make exceptions, but they should only be for our people, never theirs.

                I vehemently disagree that we do not need to kill any lawyers. There are people that are capable of organizing resistance, and they need to go. I suppose it is that we are not killing them for being a lawyer, but for being a nexus of possible opposition. Still, the end result from their perspective is the same. Their work as a lawyer is what shows them to be so dangerous, so I do not see the utility in drawing the distinction, though I am open to hear a credible argument.

                I see you doing the same calculation and thus making the same mistake as Trump: believing we can come to an accommodation with people sworn to destroy us. Using Marc Elias as an example, what use is a man like that to be allowed to live compared to the damage he could do if he started organizing? Alive, he is a threat to secretly organize another Harvard. Dead, he is an object lesson, and no more threat.

                Same for the Federalist Society, only doubly so because they are traitors. They all have to go, unless they go all in on the right very soon. Even with a radical change of heart, their story still ends with a pension and a permanent retirement from public life upon pain of death. We do not need treacherous elites, because we need elite cohesion.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Anyone with high verbal iq who was on the left (and traitor centre right elements should be considered leftists) and part of the current system is a threat for future priestly subversion.

                  Thus if we ever get the chance very foolish to keep them around.

                • jim says:

                  Because lawyers and judges are so utterly corrupt, a lot of them are Havel’s greengrocer.

                  And they are mostly smart Greengrocers. Such people are valuable. Just keep them away from anything that gives them the opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of yourself or the state. If there are lawyers on a company board, they are there to rob the shareholders.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Do we want to spare crooks either…

                • jim says:

                  The current environment encourages, and frequently, as with lawyers, requires, misconduct.

                  Thus you should not assume that crooks will stay crooks. All of us are breaking the law all the time, and in my case I think all my illegal acts are morally justified and sanctified by Old Testament law, but it would be hard for a third party to determine that.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Btw you might want to do a piece on Ken McElroy as a low tier general butt naked and lack of real law and anarcho tyranny. This was years ago before things got really bad.

                • suones says:

                  Ken McElroy was the hero the town needed[1], but did not deserve. His Wikipedia article reveals more in its manipulation of the truth than its mention of facts.

                  What crimes did he commit, according to you? Looks to me as if the entire town conspired against him, and when they could not accomplish anything through legal terrorism, they resorted to actual violence. That too, not an honourable kind like a duel, or even an execution, but a cowardly kind like assassination.

                  [1] Another example of the name-driving-nature meme — he was literally (middle) named ‘Rex.’

              • Anonymously says:

                If someone commits a crime, he should be beaten through the streets, dispensing with the existing courts altogether.

                Let’s Make Branding Great Again!

                Brand the really problematic people and forbid them from leaving the country. (And of course, avoid lookin’ too hard into it if anyone kills ’em.)

                I recommend this for the people responsible for COVID.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Under a different monicker and a while back, I articulated a pretty extensive coup-complete system of justice. Don’t have the time to go find it now, but I will eventually. The very truncated gist:

                  3 levels of punishment
                  -whipping: in public, certain areas of the body correlate to the crime, amount of lashes determined by severity of violation, proxy punishment by case (parents of offender, people who stood by and did nothing, etc.)

                  -exile: sliding scale of 1 day to permanent, can be scaled by proxy (you, you and your family, you and your family and your neighborhood, etc.)

                  -scientific research: a death penalty wherein justice is the byproduct

                  I also articulated a structure of law enforcement with the goal of moving justice actions away from the central state and towards the man, the family, the community, the region, the king. Detainment must be temporary and enforcement must be organic. Swift, certain, severe (Becarria did nothing wrong, lol), but also truncated. You carry the scars forever, but no parole or other pointless drudgery. Public lashing is more than sufficient for probably 80% of offenses.

                  Another important aspect is the Law must be general and simple, not a voluminous collection of vagueries. No lawyers, just you, the law, and the King or his proxy.

                  *Special case: public decapitation for leaders who violate.

        • jim says:

          Lawyers are the official Harvard priesthood exercising power, and your lawyer will always sell you out to your enemies for a dime. (Fortunately the state is cheap, but make sure your lawyer is well paid. Remember he has friends on the other side. If you get the right lawyer, and you are courteous, friendly, dignified, respectful, and pay him well, he will call in favors for you. Watch out for the other side calling in favors against you.)

          • The Cominator says:

            Reading about the Ken McElroy affair and his lawyer…

            It almost helps if you’re a blatant career criminal, your lawyer doesn’t want to screw you if you’re repeat business.

            • jim says:

              Also, your lawyer does not want to screw you if he thinks he might die.

              So the correct way to court your lawyer is as alpha to alpha, not as beta to alpha.

              • The Cominator says:

                This is why I’m not cutout for a life of crime.

                Ken McElroy’s lawyer probably thought Ken might kill him if he thought he got screwed AND he was repeat business until then.

                • Karl says:

                  Whether you are cut out for it or not, all white men will have a life of crime – or no life at all. Impossible to obey all laws.

                  Normality bias is trying to obey all laws. You should simply worry not getting caught, and if you do get caught worry not getting punished.

    • Pooch says:

      No such thing is or was ever possible in the American Empire. Cthulhu always swims left.

  9. RMIV says:

    i found a lot to be learned here

    jim, what do you think about pashtunwali and what might our analog look like “when we are in power?”

    or is such decentralization… inorganic or foreign to our northern European social technology, ya’know is decentralization mostly for crypto is what i’m asking

    • jim says:

      Pashtunwali is distributed consensus on who needs killing.

      Distributing it makes it more accurate and effective, but centralized decision making has obvious advantages in projecting power and protecting long distance property rights.

      The last time we came out of a dark age, we were heavily decentralized. But we always have a sovereign and state religion, which tends to be unstable against the centralization of power.

      Distributed consensus is a hot field of computer research. If we go all the way into a dark age, probably via the path taken by the Han Dynasty, we might well wind up with something that is effectively similar to Pashtunwali, but I hope and expect, with drones and flash mobs, heavily computerized.

      The chief object of study, is how to make computer mediated consensus rapid and resistant to centralization. Maybe we can find a way to make the sovereign and the state religion not a central point of failure. Simply disestablishing the state religion was a catastrophic failure. It instantly became one hundred times as established.

      The legal code of Henry the Second, the lion of justice, was attempting to do with pieces of slate covered in beeswax, what we can now do in milliseconds with remote procedure calls. Technology now favors that legal system. It also favors aristocratic government, since expensive weapons wielded by sophisticated people matter more than guns. If we manage a quick reboot, a reversion to something modeled on restoration England. If we go all the way through a dark age, the restoration of long range order is likely to resemble something modeled on King Alfred and Henry the Second.

      The fundamental flaw in systems like Pashtunwali is that they rely on in person consensus, which does not scale. Hence Henry the Second’s bits of slate coated in beeswax.

      Centralization, the Sovereign and the Established (state) religion, obviously scales far more easily, but then runs into the problems that empires run into in Afghanistan. So you try to implement both characteristics, with scaling.

      Henry the Second’s law was simply Henry making decisions, sometimes on horseback, since his authority derived from being commander in the field. And his decisions were to add bits of slate covered in beeswax to the existing mechanisms of distributed consensus, combining absolute centralization (Henry on a horse commanding a troop of mounted knights) with massive decentralization (Henry on a throne commanding litigants to go away and sort it out themselves). Worked.

      • RMIV says:

        fascinating and appreciated. when you say expensive weapons, i confess i fail to conjure what you might mean. to what do you allude that supersedes if not obsoletes guns?

        • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

          Drones and artillery. Men with guns are useful against other men with guns, and even more so against men without guns. Drone bombs and artillery are far more effective against men with guns than the reverse. Armenia vs Azerbaijan showed just how effective a drone force is in a peer-on-peer conflict. Men with guns backed up by a force of hunter-killer drones and artillery support will destroy those who do not have such capabilities. The better the drones get, the further away the controllers must be and the more autonomous the drones must become to allow for decision making in a timely manner. Warfare becomes a chess game where the wrong move ends up with your men being slaughtered by a robot, or you yourself getting bombed from beyond your reach.

          • Starman says:

            Super robot drones and artillery didn’t work in Afghanistan.

            • jim says:

              The US robot drones and artillery are not particularly super. The US is regressing the art of warfare – our long range artillery today is substantially inferior to what it was seventy years ago, and what we were attempting to do in Afghanistan was dictated by the holy faith of the Cathedral, not the pragmatic realities of war and power – we were attempting to do what cannot be done.

              The reason empires go to Afghanistan to die is that they go to Afghanistan to do what is impossible and self destructive. Alexander had no problems, and Afghanistan bears his mark to this day. He wanted Afghanistan because it was the crossroads of central Asia, not to impose his faith at the crossroads.

              Britain, the Soviet Union, and America, went to Afghanistan to do a great big favor for the Afghans, a favor for which they remained strangely unappreciative.

              • Starman says:


                You could have Muslim Azerbaijan conquer Muslim Afghanistan with magic super robot drones, but I doubt Azerbaijan has the same magical faith in them as you and Wulfgar does.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  If you gave me, personally, command over the “magic super robot drones” that Azerbaijan had, I would have Afghanistan eating out of my hand in 6 months. Not faggot “nation builders” with their carry-on bags filled with stolen loot, lube, and dildoes. Not faggot generals who measure their body count in superiors they had to suck off to get promoted. Me.

                  Give me a thousand fighting men and “magic super robot drones” and we would accomplish what nearly all other men have failed to do, and conquer Afghanistan. Loss in Afghanistan is a failure of faith, not failure in arms. All it would need would be the will to see it through. The Riddle of Steel is how wars are won or lost.

                • jim says:

                  I know exactly why three empires failed in Afghanistan in modern times, and two of them fell, and the third one appears to be falling, and it has nothing to do with military tactics or military equipment.

                  All asymmetric wars are fake and gay, and if you are thinking of figuring out what tactics and equipment work, don’t bother looking at them. They are not decided by tactics and equipment.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Precisely. Asymmetrical warfare just means you get easy kills on the enemies, not that you handicap yourself to make it a fair fight. Someone shoots at you from a village then you bomb the village, rape the women, and kill all the men. Take some of the old men, bring them to nearby villages to explain what happens to those who attack you, then execute them. Every male and infertile female dies, and the fertile females are rationed out to the fighting men.

                  A couple of months later when everyone gets the message that fighting the invaders gets you genocided, then you have won. You set up a priesthood and a government, and you are King of Afghanistan. Make them pay their taxes, let them run their own affairs as much as possible, and keep everything running smoothly. That is victory. Not getting the Afghanis to elect some State puppet ruler.

                • Starman says:

                  @Wulfgar Thundercock III

                  “If you gave me, personally, command over the “magic super robot drones” that Azerbaijan had, I would have Afghanistan eating out of my hand in 6 months.”

                  Words are cheap, and mostly worthless.

                  Here’s the Azerbaijan Embassy contact info:

                  2741 34th St NW,
                  Washington, DC 20008, United States
                  Phone: +1 202 560 3583

                  Convince them to have you contact their leaders so that they can hand over the command of their military over to you. Since they’re Muslim, you won’t have the handicap of imposing a faith that is alien to the Afghan Muslims.

                  Then post link to all the videos produced from your glorious victory in Afghanistan.

                • jim says:

                  Your reply is irrelevant to the claims made by Wulfgar Thunderclock.

                  He was not claiming to be a great general.

                  He is saying that any army armed with modern weapons used in the modern way will make mincemeat out of old fashioned armies.

                  And the US is an old fashioned army. Seventy years ago, had better long range artillery.

                • Starman says:


                  “Your reply is irrelevant to the claims made by Wulfgar Thunderclock.”

                  It doesn’t matter. Photo and video or it didn’t happen applies.

                  No more bullshit words and paragraphs.

                  Produce the video or it didn’t happen.

                  A lesson learned against all the retarded Q posts that were allowed to happen here.

                • jim says:

                  Starman, watch the war porn drone videos on Youtube.

                • alf says:

                  A lesson learned against all the retarded Q posts that were allowed to happen here.


                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  > I deem myself lucky not to have had too intimate an acquaintance with the partisans, who rarely operated in the immediate vicinity of the front. Nor were the open plains of the Ukraine suitable for partisan operations, whereas the densely wooded areas of central and northern Russia were ideal for the purpose. As regards partisans, we soldiers adopted a principle which in my opinion is recognized by every army, namely, that no means are too hard if they serve their purpose in protecting the troops against partisans, guerrillas or franctireurs.

                  > (See for example General Eisenhower’s draconian “Ordinance No. 1 of Military Government,” directed against potential partisan activity in Western Germany.)

                  > The rules and conventions of warfare have been carefully built up since the seventeenth century; they cannot be applied to partisan activity, and a heavy responsibility rests with those governments who deliberately organzie and support thsi terrible form of war. In the Soviet Union the partisan forces had been thoroughly trained and organized in peacetime. They depended for their success, however, on the sympathy of the local population, which they certainly did not get in the Ukraine[…]

                  > […]The difficulty [with defensive warfare] was that the rear services of all front-line formations congregated at the road junctions. During a Russian offensive these places became centers for people who were not keen to fight, and of masses of vehicles impossible to disentangle. If the Russians broke through, hundreds of thousands of vehicles were lost and had to be burnt; moreover, important movments of armor were drowned in this quagmire of men and vehicles. The root of the trouble was that life in the towns was easy and soft, and that the open country was dominated by guerrillas. It was perhaps the most effective, but least recognized consequence of guerrilla warfare, that all rear services crammed together in traffic centers.

                  > The lesson of Zhitomir as afterwards applied by the 48th Panzer Corps in other towns; we simply declared such road junctions out of bounds to all troops and ruthlessly enforced this order. The rear services were spread out and accommodated in villages, a practice which automatically put an end to guerrilla warfare. Moreover, Russian air attacks on these traffic centers became relatively ineffective. The rear services had certainly to put up with a number of inconveniences so far unknown to them; in particular they had to find more guards and perform security duties.

                  – von Mellenthin

                • The Cominator says:

                  Wulfgar in all seriousness Afghanistan is “difficult” historically…

                  If hostile local tribes flee to hidden caves in the mountains just waiting for your troops to leave the cities… not much anyone historically has been able to do about that.

                • jim says:

                  Alexander did not raise a sweat. The place still bears his mark.

                • jim says:

                  I have made a fair study of Afghanistan. I know why it is difficult historically.

                  It is not because it is at all hard to conquer. Easy to conquer.

                  The problem is that Afghanistan’s primary asset is that it is the cross roads of Asia. Successful regimes maintain order and safety on a few roads used by merchants for international transport, charge a modest tax on goods entering and leaving, and let everything else govern itself.

                  In order to maintain order and safety on the roads, they from time to time genocide a group that closes the roads, and settle their land with their own people, which requires them to have an adequate supply of their own people (elite fertility required to hold Afghanistan)

                  In order to have adequate elite fertility to hold Afghanistan, each woman has to be assigned to one and only one soldier – he has to be allowed to kill anyone who interferes with his women. She is stuck with him, and if he kills or dumps her, he is at the back of the line for replacement.

                  Hanging out in caves in the mountains is not a fun prospect if there is no land to return to, and your women are bearing sons to other men.

                  Empires go there to die when they have impossible objectives for their conquest, and their elite fertility is lacking.

                  The failure of the British, Russian, and American attacks, is that they did not want to hold the roads and keep them open, but to impose their state religion.

                  The roads are Afghanistan’s primary asset and source of value. If you hold what is valuable, you hold Afghanistan. Everyone has to dance to your tune to make a living.

                  When you rule Afghanistan, you will find that your enemies are playing the long game. They ask themselves, “who has more sons?”. If you have more and they have less, then they will capitulate. These guys plan for centuries ahead.

                  The Taliban, knowing Afghan history, said “You have watches, but we have the time.”

                  When a faith that is focused on expanding by ideological recruitment fights a faith that is focused on expanding biologically, the mountains of Afghanistan provide a favorable environment for the faith that focuses on biological expansion.

                  The mountains do not provide a favorable environment for guerrilla war. They provide a highly unfavorable environment for guerrilla war, because of lack of cover. Very few caves. Agriculture on the mountains provides an unfavorable environment for propagation of the imperial state religion. Empires go there to die when they go there to impose their state religion.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Hey, Starman, remember when you insisted that video was the only good thing, then Musk’s calls stopped getting answered and he had to sit on the launch pad and wait? Now he’s talking up China, saying what a great, well run place it is. We had to bully you out of the comment section because you were being such a fag the last time, so quit being a fag or we will bully you again, faggot.

                • Pooch says:

                  A lesson learned against all the retarded Q posts that were allowed to happen here.

                  Trump was one massive Q post. We all got tricked with optimism, Jim included. In the end, namefag Yarvin was absolutely and completely right about Trump. I am never doubting namefag Yarvin’s predictions again. Doing so in the future may be fatal.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Trump was great on policy but a boomer and a merchant, also shit at administration.

                  At least we aren’t at war with Russia and there are now whole regions that massively hate the cathedral and the federal government.

                • jim says:

                  Trump was great at administration. Problem was that he was trying to actually govern, and this is fundamentally impossible in our present condition unless you are helicoptering civil servants in considerable numbers.

                  Caesar Augustus was helicoptering civil servants in considerable numbers, and it still took him twelve years to get governmental disorder down to barely tolerable levels.

                • Alfred says:

                  Trump was one massive Q post. We all got tricked with optimism, Jim included. In the end, namefag Yarvin was absolutely and completely right about Trump. I am never doubting namefag Yarvin’s predictions again. Doing so in the future may be fatal.

                  What exactly did Yarvin say about Trump?

                • alf says:

                  Trump was one massive Q post. We all got tricked with optimism, Jim included.

                  Ah in that sense. Well I won a nice bit of money betting against Trump so I’m staying out of this one.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  That is basically exactly the plan that I would implement, Jim. Genocide any who resists me, tolerate anyone who does not bother me or my interests, and richly reward anyone who fights for me. I would also get at that lithium deposit they have there, but the general pattern is obvious to those who see who has won and who has lost.

                  I would rule in the sense that no one would resist my will, not that I would impose that will on everyone else. Why would I care that the Afghans prefer to things one way compared to another? Let them follow their own ways, so long as they do not interfere with my ways.

                • Pooch says:

                  He said Trump was never going to be an instrument of regime change and his presidency would ultimately end in failure.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >He said Trump was never going to be an instrument of regime change and his presidency would ultimately end in failure.

                  Wasn’t this obvious the whole time? I know, it’s “normality bias,” but things really do tend to stay the same, until one day they’re suddenly different. Yarvin predicting that things would stay the same is not a great feat of prognostication,

                • Kgaard says:

                  JIm … That is the best explanation for Afghanistan I have ever seen. Tx.

                  Pooch: I am sort of in agreement on Yarvin. He is a maddening genius. One cannot doubt the man’s genius. And he says infuriating things. He was all in on COVID vaccines, for instance.

                  But his paradigm for understanding the world is about as good as it gets. Or, let’s say, it’s completely unique and value-added. He says one irreplaceable thing for every dumb thing. A good trade-off.

                • Alfred says:

                  >He said Trump was never going to be an instrument of regime change and his presidency would ultimately end in failure.

                  No shit, I said the same thing. I’d hoped that Trump would come through but it never seemed very likely short of a military coup. I knew were almost certainty fucked the moment Trump turned down the Red Hat Militia that was organically forming around him in 2016.

                  There’s always people who try to save civilizations as they stumble towards collapse and even when they do overcome the filth pulling down the civilization they usually fail because the rot just goes too deep and they seldom have the will to mass murder people who need killing like Augustus did. Sometimes unlikely people like Octavian pull it off, but most often they fail, just like Trump did.

                  Jim’s line was that irrational optimism gets you farther than rational pessimism, and he’s right. You need motivation and risk taking in order to have a future and pessimism doesn’t give you that. We bet that Trump might pull it off and we were wrong. But better to have tossed the dice than to have done nothing at all.

                  With that being said, best not to walk into your foes traps. I warned that J6 protest was likely a trap similar to Charlottesville but I underestimated level of false flag skull duggery they put into action there. I’m glad very few people of quality were trapped by it.

                  There were a bunch of errors of judgement on our part: The Wokeness of the military(Obama had seen to that), Barr pretending to be on our side, and surprising people around here thought Pence was something other than a traitor. I never brought the subject up because it was obvious from the Flynn affair. We also thought a merchant like Trump could rule somehow, that was quite delusional. Warrior Merchants can rule, but Trump was not a that. Best to learn from our mistakes.

                  I don’t trust Yarvin these days because he speaks lies. Liars cannot be trusted because it human nature to speak those lies that benefit the liar most of all.

                • Kgaard says:

                  Alfred … Yes those are good points too. Yarvin is maddening and clearly a liar.

                  A charitable interpretation: To some extent, at least, he is writing in a Straussian fashion to keep from getting himself de-platformed or worse. He is probably deliberately studding his work with disinformation to throw off the authorities. Almost surely he is doing that.

                  Yes he plays both sides and yes his emotional attachment is to Team Anti-Trump.

                  And yet … he keeps spilling the beans on what Team Anti-Trump is really up to. His parents are both state department types. So he has this whole conspiracy in his blood. He knows the game at a deeper level than any outsider can. And he is sharing it with us. Crumbs of it at least. It’s almost like breaking a code of Omerta.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              US military are full stack faggots. The top brass are limp wristed strategists who live and die by the results of war games. The senior officers are specialized ass kissers and bookkeepers. The junior officers are either jaded or hypnotized, some on their way out and others on their way up. The noncoms are larping as their ancestors, pretending to be tuff az nailz while actively covering for retarded policies, diversity quotas, and equality measures. The rank and file are a conglomerate mulatto welfare queen avatar, seeking gibbs and discounts. I disagree with Jim, the tech is actually amazing and probably the best, but if it weren’t for contractors, the US military couldn’t delineate their ass from a hole in the ground. Cucked by Congress, lulled by legend, faggots one and all. 2020 November put paid to the idea that the military will do something right, and the 2020 summer of love demonstrated the the blessed vets can do anything right. The fucking Rwandan army could have done a better job in Afghanistan.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                Absolutely true. And if you point any of this out they fucking hate you for it. It was why I got the fuck out as soon as I could. I realized they were not going to let me be a warrior and so I told them that they could all suck dick if they wanted, but I was done.

              • Pooch says:

                If we never get a Caesar, at some point the US military will become so incompetent and mercenary it will cease to matter in the same way the Roman army ceased to matter during the fall of the Roman Empire, in which case an opportunity for a based right-wing Alaric arises.

              • The Cominator says:

                Don’t we keep losing war games…

                The war games may be the least pozzed aspect of that?

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  If you’re referring to that stupid digital wargame wherein a computer glitched boats dozens of naughts and some old fart bag “played it as it layed,” then no. War gaming is awesome. It is a very useful tool for balancing strategic vs tactical in the context of logistics. But life is the best war game, and what we see, time and again, is that the US can get there and land the first blow, but after that we cannot follow through. This politics, not process. We won Vietnam with two hands and a foot tied behind our back. South Vietnam was abandoned by Congress. Lebanon was abandoned by Congress. Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc.

                  Our culture is dying. Everything else is just a symptom thereof.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  America keeps losing wargames against serious opponents. Against China or Russia they would lose. Against Iran they would win, but it would cost a lot if anything went wrong. Anyone less advanced is going to get steamrolled for a couple decades until Americans get bored and go home. In every instance America loses, it just happens faster against peer or near peer adversaries. As our culture degrades, more and more militaries are becoming peer or near peer to the American military, which means that eventually the D.C. regime is going to hit someone who hits back hard.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “America keeps losing wargames against serious opponents. Against China or Russia they would lose. ”

                  So its probably a good thing they are obsessed with wargames… otherwise they probably would have started a major war that would destroy us…

                  Well I’d be glad to see the Cathedral destroyed but not necessarily everything else that would be.

              • Anon says:

                if it weren’t for contractors, the US military couldn’t delineate their ass from a hole in the ground

                Even the contractors stink now, for exactly the same reasons NASA stinks and has stunk for a while now, it just hit the private sector a little later. When’s the last time you heard of anything interesting coming out of SAIC or Raytheon or LockMart? The F-35? I used to joke that the US was planning to sell the F-35 to the Turks as a prank, purposefully making bank on a product they knew was shit. But the US is actually just that stupid. At least the Turks have enough sense of self preservation to buy their planes from the Russians instead: they know which way the wind isn’t blowing

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Watched this happen in real time. Inertia seems so life like, but we really are just a shambling corpse, too dumb to know we’re dead. The white man’s true burden is building structures so sound that they end up being his undoing.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Remotely operated guns, and interference with remotely operated guns, are going to be predominant tactical concerns of coming cycles; all of which favors groups of men with higher capacity for civilization more, and lower the value of masses of human bodies alone.

      • notglowing says:

        In software development, it’s obvious that centralized systems inherently scale much easier than decentralized systems, especially comparing blockchains vs centralized services.

        However, the opposite seems to be true with regards to power in the real world.
        Decentralized power clearly scales, local administration is simpler and more effective at addressing local needs.
        Centralizing power leads to impossibly complex bureaucracy and people who do not understand the needs of the populations they are administering.
        It has been discussed here before, how monarchies where the king takes all power from local lords end up being overwhelmed, and bureaucrats too powerful.

        It seems like a contradiction, that these systems work in opposite ways.
        Now you say that centralization of power scales in some ways. But I don’t really understand what you mean.

        • notglowing says:

          Also, distributed centralized systems scale better than monolithic centralized systems.
          The current meta for large networked systems is to have them be distributed, and made up of trusted, but logically independent parts, where the state of the system is eventually consistent, rather than always consistent.
          This increases throughput, but it also increases availability in the case of network partitions.
          It would seem logical then that fully decentralized systems scale even better, but they clearly do not.
          In practice a blockchain requires every node to be synchronized like in a monolithic system, and it has to happen in an untrusted, geo-distributed network.

        • jim says:

          > Now you say that centralization of power scales in some ways. But I don’t really understand what you mean.


          As I said, projecting power and protecting long distance property rights.

          • notglowing says:

            I guess that must be true. City-states usually eventually get conquered by a strong external player. That seems to be the destiny of decentralized governance.

            • jim says:

              But the highly centralized state is apt to succumb to the scaling problems of centralization, as the Chin dynasty spectacularly did.

              The problem then is to be both centralized and decentralized, which is a problem that people have been working on for millenia.

              Computers seem to be changing the nature of this problem.

              • notglowing says:

                >Computers seem to be changing the nature of this problem.

                I’ve been following crypto since 2013 and investing in it since 2016 and I have benefitted from it financially, both because of my investment, and by working freelance as a defi dev.
                I agree that this kind of technology could be invaluable for our current political situation.

                Especially if you think of it in terms of replacing systems that require trust with trustless systems, at a time when trust is becoming scarce.

                However, at the same time, I cannot shake the feeling that this is a false hope; specifically the belief that we can mend our broken civilization with technology.
                It reminds me of what liberals think, or used to think: this optimistic outlook towards the future,where all problems can be solved through technological advancement, the end of history, etc. I used to think like that, and here I am, more pessimistic than ever.

                I am just hoping cryptocurrency will give me the wealth to escape the worst on the one hand, and on the other hand, the ability to evade the control structure enough to gain some kind of stability in my life, where perhaps I can marry and have children, somewhere in a forgotten corner of this planet. I’m not optimistic enough to hope for any more than that, and even that seems optimistic.

                • jim says:

                  We can certainly mend the problem of accounting and corporate cohesion with the block chain.

                  And if we go all the way to a dark age, I expect order to be restored by pirates and bandits organized as sovereign corporations, eventually becoming stationary bandits.

                  We have an officially unofficial state religion based on falsifiable articles of faith, lies. This can be mended by a social web that incorporates strong cryptography.

                • Shitpoaster says:


                  Any advice on how to break into defi development as an experienced programmer? What skills are in demand? How much work is in solidity vs normal backend or frontend programming?

                  My first thoughts are to learn solidity, build some projects for educational purposes, perhaps contribute to some projects, then find first clients by cold emailing defi/crypto companies, perhaps first offering pro bono work to build a portfolio.

                • notglowing says:

                  I was able to get into it because I gained the trust of a number of people in the space, after being active in crypto communities for years, networking, and showing that I had good technical knowledge of it. I became friends with people involved in various projects because they saw that I could help them and break down technical things they did not understand well.

                  The number one thing many of these DeFi projects look for, especially the small ones, is trust. They pay very well but they also need developers they can trust, both in terms of not screwing them over, and in being competent so as to not make disastrous mistakes. That is the difficult part.
                  Many cryptocurrency teams do not have the infrastructure to search and vet developers like large scale tech companies do, so they end up understaffed and seem to often be in need of new talent. Same with the endless amount of non-crypto companies who want to dip their toes into the space and cash in in some way. There are relatively few devs who can do this, even if it’s not objectively difficult.
                  In general the pay is generous, five figures for a few weeks of work is the norm. But it’s inconsistent, though I work freelance, which means pay is gonna be high and inconsistent.

                  As for the technical skills, I am a full stack developer, I just learn whatever is needed for the job. Front end and smart contract are both in demand, originally I was hired for the front end part on a project that already had a smart contract, but I convinced them to let me handle the smart contract as well because it had issues.
                  Normal backend is in the least demand, for obvious reasons, but there is a place for that too.

                  Solidity is what pretty much everyone uses for smart contracts, since most stuff is on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
                  I also know Rust, and it’s becoming more important as all the new emergent chains such as Solana and Polkadot use it, as well as the new Bitcoin stuff like RGB. I’ve also done Solana development though it’s quite a bit more complex than Solidity, which is really simple. Rust itself is vastly preferable to Solidity for anything beyond trivial programs.

                  In terms of technical knowledge, my recommendation is to have a good understanding of how the blockchains work, rather than just learning Solidity, which is pretty trivial in itself.

                  I’m an undergraduate physics student, I have been programming since I was in my early teens, and previously had a startup that although technically successful in delivering its product was not financially successful and folded. I don’t really have any impressive qualifications, but I got work because team members of some projects believe I am capable. My main skill is being able to quickly learn to use any new language/platform/tool I need to.

                • Shitpoaster says:


                  Thank you for this information, very valuable.

      • Aidan says:

        Gig economy flash mobs… UberBeats. Take a contract on your phone, go smash someone who needs smashing. I’d do it.

      • notglowing says:

        You mention the aristocratic nature of a rule by drones and machines.
        It’s something I’ve thought about as well.
        What if some tech billionaire who is sufficiently redpilled works in secret until he has created an infinite army of self-replicating drones, controlled by AI, and uses them to take over, and establish a new, better world order?

        It seems like a joke, or something out of a cartoon, and it likely won’t happen that way. In fact it seems more likely our enemies will do it, and it’s something I am worried about.
        But something in this direction is possible, because as you say technology can amplify the power of one very smart person.
        One could imagine blockchain being instrumental to the rule of such a government, since they would need a system they can use to handle money, which does not require them to trust many people. Money that cannot be stolen from them by a mob, or by traitors.

        Which can be used to pay off people who they need the loyalty of, and if those people betray them and kill the ruler, the keys are lost.

        Ironically it would lend itself well to an extremely centralized government by very few people.
        And so long as you have money, resources, and military power, you win.

  10. Anonymous Fake says:

    Just a theory, but does anyone think that the latest campaign of anti-white racism is being deliberately pushed to troll migrants into dying Western cities? Generation X and older Millennials moved to cities attracted by fake prosperity due to cost of living rigging, but this has reversed recently as more people have the privilege of growing up with the internet and they are better able to avoid dubious career traps.

    So cities need a better scheme to prop up their demographics. They’re appealing to third world migrants who want to live like kings and abuse the established whites already stuck in cities due to sticky credentials, wages, and even networks of friends and culture. These whites will tolerate the abuse because they must, while the migrants will gain more than enough utility to encourage movement to the cities to keep them viable. They’re being paid in status and prestige rather than money because the money isn’t real and this is increasingly known now, first with GenZ in the West and soon the rest of the world.

    My “pro-socialism” (really, just anything but our current system-ism but I don’t know the precise vocabulary needed to communicate it) posts that keep getting deleted mostly feature my issue with cost of living between regions manipulation, and I say that governments can take action to fix this when businesses for some reason refuse to.

    Really, businesses shouldn’t allow places like New York or Hong Kong to steal conservative talent and capital by somehow coordinating the pricing of everything to be more expensive and falsely attractive to migrants. But now we have this resulting in open anti-white racism because the old scheme has lost much of its heat. It should have been stopped in the first place. When priests and merchants won’t do, the warriors should have.

    Ultimately you can blame the atheist culture of death for why modern cities have to fool people into moving there, but this has so many effects on “economically neutral” careers that it has to be tackled on all fronts. Tackled, not ignored and hoped to go away on its own, because it won’t and never has.

    • jim says:

      I am very tired of your comments, which always say the same thing, using slightly different words, randomly decorated with our shibboleths used upside down.

      You are unresponsive and repetitious.

      I will, again, give the same reply, as I have given many times to the same comment. But the time approaches when your persistent and repetitious comments go into the bit bucket unread. You just say the same things over and over, randomly varying the shibboleths with which you decorate it.

      > Just a theory, but does anyone think that the latest campaign of anti-white racism is being deliberately pushed to troll migrants into dying Western cities?

      They are not migrants, but invaders, brought in to live on crime, welfare, and voting democrat. Those bringing them in do not want them in blue cities. They want them in marginal electorates – as for example Obama targeting very specific federal electorates with masses of Somalis. But they tend to concentrate in specific regions, moving from the areas their masters put them in, (marginal federal electorates) to areas that already have a massively blue overvote, because when the natives flee the violence and arson, living in an area abandoned through white flight becomes very cheap. You can buy a very nice suburban house in these places with pocket change, for example in Ferguson. The cost of living in cities is very high for whites, for lack of space. The invaders make space for themselves.

      Of course the apparatus for distributing goods to the beneficiaries of crime and welfare tends to collapse (racism) and then eventually the apparatus for distributing water, electricity, and removing sewage and garbage (more racism) and then the area gets abandoned:

      And the invaders move on to more white cities.

      The cost of living in cities is necessarily high because the little boxes that those who produce actual goods and services live in are necessarily small and piled one on top of each other, and you have to pay a reasonable wage to get the productive to live in them and to pay their rent.

      When you demand equalization of the cost of living in the city, with the cost of living in the exurbs and in small towns, you speak for the unproductive, the two major groups of unproductive people being the excess priesthood and the invaders. You demand that the unproductive get more loot.

      Your program is to turn all our cities into the above picture, because you want to grab more stuff as everything burns.

      • notglowing says:

        Google recently announced they are cutting the wages of some permanent working at home employees based on how far away from the city centre they live.
        Those working at home, but in NYC, get a 0% cut.
        Those living farther away face cuts from 10 to 25% for those living in the suburbs. They were earning full pay when they commuted to the city, but now google is taking advantage of the fact that these people have somewhat lower expenses living outside.
        It’s basically trying to arbitrage away any advantage someone might have over another, and I don’t like it at all. They could’ve paid them the same as before, but they’re not doing it, and it doesn’t benefit anyone.

        I am hoping that working from home will in general give people a choice where to live and reduce the value of living in a city, and reduce the power of cities.
        You’d be able to make a good living while being in some small conservative town, and on the other hand, people living in cities would probably get a better quality of life since they don’t need to compete with as many others.

        • Dave says:

          What if you live in a van in Google’s parking lot?

          Imagine working in Silicon Valley and collecting Silicon Valley paychecks for several years while paying no rent, thereby saving up enough money to retire to a third-world country and start a family there.

  11. Justin Bieber says:

    In more holiness news: Leading anti-aging scientist Aubrey de Grey cancelled for sending a romantic email to a 17-year-old woman.

    Just another day.

    • Anonymous says:
      Interesting. Let us have a look.

      Laura Deming, 27, published a blog post on the same day, describing her own ‘bad experience’ with Mr de Grey when she was 17 who she had previously regarded as ‘trusted mentor.’

      Translation: I mistakenly thought he was Alpha.

      Mr de Grey, who has been placed on administrative leave, has strenuously denied the allegations, claiming that ‘Laura and Celine have been deceived into the view that I have done many things that I have in fact not done.’

      We don’t doubt that. Nevertheless, your feeble protestations will not save you, Mr. de Grey. Neither will your whimpering earn you any sympathy from your colleauges. They will cheer as the tumbrils take you to the guillotines. (Metaphorical guillotines, soon to be followed by actual guillotines.)

      Ms Halioua, who now runs her own biotech startup Loyal, wrote that SENS had funded much of her undergraduate and graduate work and she was ‘often paraded in front of donors.’

      Clearly, “Ms. Halioua” despises the donors for the same reason that she despises Mr. de Grey.

      She continued: ‘I left that dinner sobbing. It has taken me years to shake the deep-seated belief that I only got to where I am due to older men wanting to have sex with me.’

      The wailing of a woman who has realized that her male colleauges are not Alpha.

      Mr de Grey received an elite British education, first attending the £42,000-per-year Harrow School on the outskirts of London and then going up to Cambridge University to study computer science.

      Article informs us that wealthy, intelligent, and otherwise high-status males can no longer get their wicks dipped. High-IQ women are no longer taking to bed with high-IQ men.

      Ms Halioua published her post on the same day as Ms Deming who said she has known Mr de Grey since she was 14.

      Translation: When I was 14 I thought Mr. de Grey was Alpha and now that I am older, I know better.

      ‘I didn’t expect a trusted mentor I’d known since childhood to hit on me so blatantly, and insinuate that it had been on his mind for a while,’ she wrote.

      I am pretty sure that whatever Mr. de Grey did, if he did anything, he did not do it “blatantly”. If indeed he did anything, he probably did it bashfully.

      She added: ‘I almost left the field several times as a teenager because of stuff like this happening.’

      But of course, stuck around, clinging in vain to the hope that she would find Alpha males in “the field”. (Or perhaps she did, and Mr. de Grey was not one of them.)

      Article ends with some some more remarks from Mr. de Grey:

      ‘I can assure you that I will not allow this matter to end with the court of public opinion viewing the guilt as lying either with me or with Celine/Laura while the actual guilty parties laugh all the way to the bank thinking that only we will suffer.’

      Fool. He declines to denounce the women as lying whores because he imagines that some hidden, malevolent wire-puller is responsible.

      • The Cominator says:

        Western civilian women beyond high school (nothing can replace a high school or earlier childhood sweetheart) are not worth taking any risks on.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          Anybody remember “Shirtgate”? Where they landed the Rosetta probe on a comet, and the main scientist in the news conference had on a print shirt with sexy women (that his wife/girlfriend gave him), and all the harpies in the media went ballistic (wish it was ballistic trajectory toward the comet).

      • Tityrus says:

        Halioua’s post on this is really interesting. What’s funny about all these “sexual harassment stories” that women share is how vague and confused they are unless seen through a redpill/jimian lens. I wonder, do goodthinking progressives actually bother trying to understand exactly what feelings Ms. Halioua is expressing here, or do they just nod along and pretend to get it.


        >I see pieces of my harasser in other men. Difficult men end up being projected into case studies for me to retroactively fix what happened, to prove to myself that I fixed the shitty algorithm in my head and that the same variable inputs will never give that output – a victim – again.

        >In some ways, I won. The ghost of what he did to me will always follow him. He’ll live in fear forever that I’ll become more successful than him, more famous, more wealthy; that his most notable achievement will be playing a minuscule role in mine. I probably will – because of him. His abuse shattered my preconceived notions of how the world worked and cleared a path I otherwise never would have found.

        • Tityrus says:

          >I had one bad experience with him when I was 17 – he told me in writing that he had an ‘adventurous love life’ and that it had ‘always felt quite jarring’ not to let conversations with me stray in that direction given that ‘[he] could treat [me] as an equal on every other level’.

          Aubrey tried to be both an egalitarian feminist faggot and an alpha at the same time. Predictably did not work.

          >Sexual harassment isn’t acceptable behavior in the longevity field, but Aubrey is a really bad counterexample who does a lot of outreach. So newcomers to the field – mostly students and minors – can get the wrong impression.

          Translation: Most guys in the “longevity field” are terrified betas. Aubrey looks like an alpha on first glance to impressionable teenage girls, but deep down is just as beta as the rest of them. Therefore all my male coworkers must be castrated.

          • Arakawa says:

            In a moment of sympathy to both people in this story, I would say that ‘don’t bother me with love, I’m busy trying to cure death’ is a fairly cosmic-scale shit test, and as an immortality researcher Aubrey de Grey is probably one of the least suited people on the planet to pass it.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >‘don’t bother me with love, I’m busy trying to cure death’ is a fairly cosmic-scale shit test

              ‘The cure for death is my buns in your oven nameen guuurrl.’

  12. Alfred says:

    Jim, any advice on buying an oxygen concentrator? They have them up Amazon but the higher quality units from more reputable sites seem to need a prescription and I’m not sure if the Chinese ones on Amazon are legitimate. I want to something to use to keep friends and family out of hospitals if they get sick since killing people with vents seems to be the order of the day.

    • Alfred says:

      Well I spoke too late, the oxygen concentrator are gone from Amazon.

      • Whitespace says:

        Alfred, Do you figure that’s a result of high demand or in the vein of Canadian authorities banning covid treatments*, new york using nursing homes to house covid patients ie. apparent damage maximization?

        • Alfred says:

          It was actually my VPN. They’re back at amazon with the VPN off, though I note none of the products call themselves oxygen concentrators. Amazon might ban the products if they listed what they actually are in the title.

    • Karl says:

      200 bar oxygen bottles should be available anywhere.

  13. onyomi says:

    It seems to me the single biggest problem right now is MSM. They’ve recently completely abandoned any pretense of reporting what’s profitable to report and/or what people hoping to be informed might like to know about the world and fully embraced their role as activists whose job it is to push narratives they believe salutary. And since their swollen ranks are drawn mostly from among millennial liberal arts majors, the narratives they find fulfilling to push are almost all horrible and destructive.

    Worst of all, it seems a sizable majority of populations around the world still listen to and take these establishment outlets seriously–much more than I would have thought in the digital age when I assumed, seemingly incorrectly, that more and more people, like me, got their news from a variety of online sources and not just sitting in front of CNN.

    With activists at the helm and the population still seeing their propaganda in every airport and taxi, there seems virtually no limit to their ability to keep everyone gripped with some sort of crisis all the time, the answer to which is always more communism, of course. Besides coronadoom and the fact that the police are always hunting innocent black men, I am especially worried about climate-doom as “the next big thing.” They’ve never succeeded in making it have legs before, but using the same techniques they used for coronadoom it strikes me they can do so easily–simply report on every unusual weather event happening in the whole world all the time with lots of severe, credentialed experts commenting on how it requires drastic measures.

    It doesn’t matter if severe weather events are no more common than they ever were. Simply covering them wall-to-wall may easily be enough to create the impression of an ongoing crisis among much of the population.

    Hopeful point may be that corona was useful for scaring individuals to worry about their own safety, whereas flooding in Henan Province is less effective for that.

    • chris says:

      Any future right wing government should end copyright protection laws for news, media, and Hollywood, and outlaw the business model of Google, Facebook and Twitter of selling user data. Destroy your enemies wealth and power.

    • INDY says:

      “I am especially worried about climate-doom as “the next big thing.” They’ve never succeeded in making it have legs before,”


      • onyomi says:

        By “never succeeded in making it have legs” I mean elites have never gotten regular people to “take climate change seriously” by suffering a great deal beyond sorting their garbage, paying a little more for gasoline, etc. The level of “sacrifice” people have been made to endure for coronachan is orders of magnitude beyond anything they’ve yet accepted for climate change, yet also curiously similar in nature (both problems can be solved by everybody just staying home, eating soylent, watching netflix, etc.).

        • Anonymous says:

          Pretty much.

          And seeing everyone I used to trust willingly join Cult COVID has been a very eye-opening experience.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        They made climate-doom every serious, intelligent, compassionate person’s number-one issue, but it’s mostly been words and feelings, so far. They haven’t hit us very hard in the wallet or in daily life with climate-doom restrictions. Certainly they haven’t made us do anything nearly as destructive and inconvenient as the corona-doom response, yet. Yet.

    • suones says:

      …completely abandoned any pretense of reporting what’s profitable…and fully embraced their role as activists whose job it is to push narratives they believe salutary.

      This is how it has forever been, and how it will be, given human nature. Every town-crier has hewn to the liege-Lord, and every village preacher to the Bishop. A brief interlude of “reporting what’s profitable” occurred where merchants were convinced that Kings and Prophets were not needed any more, and all bowed to the Almighty Mammon. We now know that the Vaishyacratic dream was a ruse by priests of Moloch to weaken eusocial powers. Once Moloch became enthroned, the ruse was no longer needed.

      Reaction trying to “fix” this is like an old man yelling at clouds, and equally effective.

      …the narratives they find fulfilling to push are almost all horrible and destructive.

      This can be fixed, and should. Put up a King and a Prophet, make the hundred megaphones tell a eusocial tale.

  14. Javier says:

    Still seeing iatrogenic deaths specifically in the unvaxxinated. I wonder if hospitals are being told to vent anyone admitted for covid without a vaccine in order to bolster the numbers? I’ve already seen reports of hospitals mass testing all patients regardless of symptoms in order to drive cases, we all know the PCR test is garbage.

    Anecdotally I’ve seen people claim covid put them in a coma when it’s actually the hospitals doing that. People don’t realize inducing a coma reduces all organ functions, not just the brain. They bolster vital functions with other drugs and machines but there’s no machine for you immune system; indeed many of the drugs are immunosuppressive. So whatever minor lung infection you had runs rampant and the hospital makes bank billing your insurance in an intervention cascade.

      • Javier says:

        Argh I hate being right. They are going to get away with it too. Even in that thread Braddock points out they are venting unvaxxed specifically as if it is proof the vaccine works and not grotesque medical malpractice.

      • Alfred says:

        It’s already going on. I was reading about someone’s treatment the other day and they talked about how quickly they got the guy on a ventilator. He of course died. They’re working to drive up the death toll and the medical establishment is doing their bidding. Disgusts me to no end.

        BTW, got some good intel on vacation cards: No one is currently checking them against any sort of database at least a few universities I have contacts at.

        • Alfred says:

          Vaccination cards*

          • Kgaard says:

            Problem is you don’t know until after the fact whether a fabricated vacation card is accepted or denied. Who knows what they will do to you if they find out. It’s no way to live. Better to live in places where vacation cards are not required in the first place.

            • Alfred says:

              >Who knows what they will do to you if they find out.

              Pharmacists fuck up entering stuff into databases all day long. Anyone with a story that they got a J&J shot and have the card but pharmacist fucked up entering it is decently believable. The most likely result is them insisting on another shot.

            • Pooch says:

              Fake vaccine cards are only a temporary solution. High priest Fauci has proclaimed booster shots will be a near inevitability. They are likely rolling out the vaccine phone passport soon.


              • Kgaard says:

                I wonder if this whole vaccine push could collapse just based on its inherent level of retardation. I mean these are the same people who were pushing Russiagate for eons when it was obviously a fraud from Day 1. They don’t always win.

                • Pooch says:

                  I am hoping mass non-compliance will just cause the holiness spiral to go into a different direction to lower hanging fruit. They claim 50% of the US is vaxed based on multiple states supposedly vaxing 100% of the 65 and older population which is just fake and gay. I’m guessing the real number is more like 30-40% of the total population is vaxed.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I wonder if this whole vaccine push could collapse just based on its inherent level of retardation.

                  Inherent level of retardation? Wat

                  I am hoping mass non-compliance will just cause the holiness spiral to go into a different direction to lower hanging fruit.

                  Mass non-compliance? Wat

                • SJE says:

                  ***I wonder if this whole vaccine push could collapse just based on its inherent level of retardation.***

                  Yeah I’ve thought about this a lot and I really think it’s not-well-thought-out hysteria rather than clever malice. As a doctor,.I can get a fake card pretty easily if I want. I just think the Cabal wouldn’t be this sloppy if it was part of their master plan.

                • jim says:

                  They don’t have a master plan, or rather too many master plans.

                  And they are sloppy.

  15. Rando says:

    I recently recovered from a covid infection. My job requires I get tested for it if I get sick and that’s what the test said. For me it felt like I got infected by the worst flu I ever had in my life. Whole body ached, constant high fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, and loss of taste and smell. I also developed pneumonia from it which slowed my recovery. I was out of commission for two weeks, and still feel a heaviness in my chest. Thankfully I got my taste and smell back. I took ivermectin for it but don’t know how much it helped because I can’t clone myself and have other-me be the control group.

    It is strange that the flu seems to have vanished from the country after covid hit. There is something going around though. I just hope I developed good immunity to it, cause what I had really sucked!

    Personally, I don’t know anyone who died from this disease. Though I know other people who say they know people who died of it. Had to deal with my sister try to emotionally manipulate me into getting the vaxx after I recovered. I wonder if my parents put her up to it. My whole family is a bunch of TV watchers who are brainwashed about this crap. I’ve given up trying to convince them otherwise.

    • Starman says:


      COVID19 is the 2020 flu season. Passed thru my workplace nothing unusual. Was just the flu, bro.

      I got a fever and some sniffles, and didn’t give a fuck about it. It came and went.

    • Javier says:

      Is this some kind of new shill technique? He’s agreeing with the broad reality that the pandemic is fake and gay yet reinforcing the “super sick and no taste or smell” nonsense.

      • muh shills goyim says:

        Corona does make you feel extremely sick and lose your sense of smell.

        • jim says:

          Flu also makes you extremely sick and often causes you to lose your sense of smell. On the current death rates, China Flu looks like more of the usual.

        • Javier says:

          Any disease can make anyone very sick, the shill tell is stressing the “inevitability” and “long length” of this sickness in light of like 95% of people who supposedly get it don’t even report any symptoms. A disease that only kills people in their 80s in hospice care with multiple terminal cancers is not a big deal, no matter how many drama queens post about getting it online.

      • Guy says:

        I’ve noticed that kind of comment a lot, I’ve thought it was shilling, but at the same time a loss of taste or smell is not that unusual for a bad flu right? Also I assume suggestibility gets involved, you get a flu and even if you don’t believe in covid being anything special your mind focuses on the symptoms more than usual. People get sick enough that is not necessarily a lie.

        • Javier says:

          Most people know when your nose is stuffy and your mouth is full of mucous you can’t enjoy food as much. Covid shills say “I lost my sense of taste and smell, so glad I got it back!” as if this is some kind of unique and dire malady. It’s an obvious tell.

          • onyomi says:

            I think the whole “taste and smell” thing is a way for people who didn’t actually do any testing to convince themselves and others that they’ve had the disease everyone is talking about and not some other, garden variety cold or flu. As Jim says, other respiratory viruses can cause the same thing, though.

          • Rando says:

            The sickness I had made me completely lose my sense of smell and taste. It was far worse than any cold or flu I had before. Some people are affected by it less but that was not the case for me or many people in my church who caught it too.

            Look, I know the cool thing is to say everyone is a shill but you don’t know what you’re talking about.

            The flu season ranges from fall to spring. The little outbreak I went through was in the middle of July. It’s too early for multiple families at my church and several other people I know to suddenly fall sick, many with severe symptoms to where some need to go to the hospital. Fortunately by now the last of them have recovered and nobody has died. There is something going around and it isn’t normal.

            • jim says:

              There is something going around that is different from the flues before.

              But every flue season is different from the last one. This one is more different than usual, but it is still similar. From now on, they will all be like this. Until one day they are not.

      • onyomi says:

        Eh, it could be, but I’ve heard enough similar stories from people I know irl and online personalities I’m convinced aren’t bought off, like Tom Woods, to not assume so.

        Fact is, corona is worse than your average flu. Every ten or twenty years or so it happens, with or without Chinese lab involvement. Most effective argument isn’t “corona’s not real” or “corona can’t make you really sick,” it’s “the Bill of Rights must never be suspended over a virus, whatever your statistics and experts say.”

        • Javier says:

          The lost taste and smell thing is sensationalism from the early days, at best its a side effect of blocked sinuses. It’s a dead giveaway of shills and bots now.

          the bill of rights doesn’t mean shit. The only effective argument is power aka violence, which we don’t have. You either live in a lockdown area or you don’t, standing up to power only makes you a target. Don’t comply but also don’t signal noncompliance, it fucks with their IFF heuristics. The left is like the t Rex, drawn to movement, don’t flail your arms and whine about muh rights like a fag or they’ll home right in on you.

          • onyomi says:

            I’m not saying the Bill of Rights per se is very effective–obviously we wouldn’t be where we are if it were. I’m just saying that, going forward, it seems more important to me to make the case, and ideally legislate, such that lockdowns etc. are not an option regardless of IFR, case numbers, etc. If your argument is “this pandemic wasn’t that bad” you leave open the possibility that a future pandemic might be bad enough to justify what’s been done. The push needs to be to stop them doing what they’re doing and fight to prevent them ever being able to do it again under any circumstances.

            • jim says:

              Normality bias.

              The Bill of Rights is over. Electoral politics is over. Legislation is over.

              The empty rituals will continue for some time, as they continued for many years in Rome, but they will not matter.

              • onyomi says:

                Yeah, I’m not prescribing a particular remedy within the current system, only suggesting that, whatever superior future legal regime we can imagine coming into existence by whatever means, we’ll want whatever legal, conventional, practical barriers we can put into place to stand in the way of more of the same. And maybe this is just abstract philosophizing, but I think we want those barriers to be based on a principle of “lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, school closures, etc. are evil and we shall not go there again,” as opposed to “corona wasn’t so bad so maybe all that stuff wasn’t really justified but it’s a good thing we’ve got it in our toolkit in case something really nasty comes along.”

            • Javier says:

              The problem is there was already a precedent for rejecting lockdowns–they weren’t part of any pandemic plan and the idea was commonly deemed harmful for decades. Didn’t matter, power got what it wanted and made the justification after the fact. Likewise there have already been no end of court rulings against these covid power grabs but none of them ever quite stick. The courts say it is illegal to lock down and the left just locks down again. Now states are passing laws making this stuff illegal and the left is just ignoring the laws. Who is going to stop them? They aren’t going to stop until we make them stop.

          • Kgaard says:

            Javier … Your advice to keep a low profile creates a Catch-22: If you stay low profile yeah the T-Rex doesn’t eat you personally, but eventually he eats everyone. There has to be some mechanism for getting involved in the political process in such a manner that at least you can keep your red state RED.

            I mean if there is going to be a last redoubt for normal people it is going to be in 5 or 10 red states. Obviously too soon to say how any of this will evolve. Federal power has a tendency to trump all. But we’ll see. Who knows.

            Perhaps some countries will be better than others as well. Also too soon to say because everybody keeps changing their rules every 2 weeks. (Also part of the plan.)

            • jim says:


              You cannot keep your red state red except through organized physical violence to ensure that scrutineers get a fair shake at each step of the process.

              Most nations do not use voting machines, because the scrutineers cannot get a fair shake.

              You cannot usefully get involved in the political process at the party politics level except NSDAP style.

              You can usefully get involved in your state for election integrity laws, and critical race theory laws, but only if these are going to be a bridge to actually getting them enforced. And actual enforcement is going to require methods resembling those of the NSDAP.

              Going through the empty rituals of an election integrity law for which there is no will to enforce is just going to lend the appearance of integrity to your state turning blue, quite likely in the coming midterms.

              • Kgaard says:

                I seem to recall there was something like organized physical violence in Florida in the 2000 election as Republicans protected voting locations from finnagling after the close of business — precisely what was not done this time. So yeah …

              • Pooch says:

                The problem with NSDAP tactics this time around is we don’t have remnants of an old right wing regime in the judiciary and the police, at least not in the big population centers that matter for voting. In Weimer, SA guys got off light while the communists got long jail time. Today, Antifa gets off light while Proud Boys get locked in jail with the key thrown away.

            • Javier says:

              Yeah, the T-Rex is going to eat a lot of people before it’s eventually sated or killed. It sucks, I agree. But there is no political process to resolve this. Red states aren’t even a solution because covid is kryptonite to boomer cuckservatives. Texas is doing masks again FFS.

              The left will kill a lot of people, starting with fellow leftists and openly observant conservatives. The boomercucks who say shit like “I don’t see color” and “Dems are the REAL racists” will get it HARD. The left is going to come down on them like an avalanche (already happening). They have hyper-attuned to these signals as ENEMY COMBATANT ENGAGE ON SIGHT. Don’t emit these signals and you’ll confuse their detection. Of course this is not a long term solution but as Jim has said trees don’t grow into the sky forever.

              • Kgaard says:

                It’s interesting to monitor the evolution of some of the Nordic countries. Denmark is removing all restrictions and of course Sweden did not have them. That said, both have plenty of vaxxed and also have entrance restrictions based on vax status etc in some cases.

                But the idea is that it should be possible to sort of create a spreadsheet of who is “in the big club” and who is trying to protect freedom to some degree. To paraphrase BAP, there are always soft underbellies in the world, places kept free by dint of weak enforcement of law or just by mutual recognition that having places with freedom for those who desire it heavily is useful for maintaining societal equilibrium.

                And if the goal of the elites is to thin the herd, they may not feel the need to catch absolutely everyone in the net anyway. If they can take the global pop from 9b to 6b maybe they will score that a win. But I don’t know …

            • Pooch says:

              Best you can probably do is disappear into a small red town in a red county somewhere that isn’t a big target. As the holiness spiral gets ever more insane, their competency will drop as their ranks get filled up with more and more bioleninists. As I’ve said before, I am planning for global South Africa. First-world Afrikaner enclaves in a sea of third worldism.

        • Starman says:


          “Eh, it could be, but I’ve heard enough similar stories from people I know irl”

          No such stories, none whatsoever from people I know irl. Zero stories from people I know. Zero stories from people in my workplace when this flu went through.

          Your stories are fake and gay.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        The goal of any well planned and executed psyop is automatic memetic transmission without controlled nodes. Put another way, green berets can force multiply, but you need GBs. A more efficient way is lone wolves creating cells of self starters. Then you don’t need GBs starting cells. Point being, the best shill is someone who is being 100% honest while being 100% convinced that their thoughts and words are 100% their own. A good Criminal Informant is actually a criminal.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      How fat are you? How malnourished are you? How old are you? You didn’t get the worst flu of your life, you are the most old, fat and malnourished you’ve ever been.

    • Aidan says:

      And I almost died of strep throat once because I went out partying while I had it and spent the night passed out in a ditch in midwinter. Doesn’t make strep throat a problem.

  16. Justin Bieber says:

    Jim, what do you think the (real) origins of the coronademon are?

    • jim says:

      New flues usually are a result of cross breeding between different positive stranded RNA viruses. Corona has a lot of bat flu ancestry, and a little bit of HIV.

      Some place where bats had a lot of contact with people, which they seldom do, as for example a lab, is likely involved in its history. Does not make it genetically engineered, though genetic engineering might well be part of its ancestry.

      A reconstruction on the assumption that this was just the normal cross breeding has a human flu crossing into bats, evolving and cross breeding towards bat flu, and then going back into humans – a species crossover from humans to bats, then back again. Which considerably increases the likelihood of appearing in an environment where there is a lot of human bat contact going on for a long time.

      • Kgaard says:

        Jim … What do you make of the claims that Pfizer and Moderna had the genetic blueprint of COVID-19 long before it was officially acknowledged (and that that’s how they were able to pop up with a treatment so quickly)? This is the David E Martin argument.

        • jim says:

          The Chinese had the genetic blue print very early on, before china Flu got out of China, and made it widely available through widely used informal channels. “Officially acknowledged” was very late. Smells like bullshit to me. You would need to nail down the dates.

          The genetic blueprint was widely available before it is likely that the vaccine companies would have thought about using it.

          • Kgaard says:

            Doesn’t it seem preposterous that anyone would have the blueprint if it wasn’t a manufactured virus? How is this not a smoking gun?

            • jdgalt1 says:

              The Wuhan lab was clearly developing it as a bioweapon. But thank goodness they were so incompetent that it got out a year or two early, before they were ready.

              We should be shooting back.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                Hail fellow patriotic American. I too think we need to go to war with China. Gather as many white Christian males as you can and let us throw our bodies on the Chinese communist bayonets! We have nothing to lose but our racism!

              • Aidan says:

                Viruses are bad bioweapons because they like to evolve into their own vaccines. Stupid to try and make a viral bioweapon, which is why people aren’t doing it.

                • Karl says:

                  Depends on what you want the weapon for. Sure viruses evolve into their own vaccines, but if your goal is to give every fighting man in a specific region flu-like symtoms, that is actually an advantage.

                  Gives you a 2 weeks or so window of opportunity wherein the enemy is rather weak and cannot fight very well – time you invasion accordingly. When the virus later affects your own population, no problem. The sick will (almost all) recover.

            • jim says:

              There is no blueprint. The Chinese very quickly released to full genome of the virus, but they are pretty good on producing full genomes of every virus. There is nothing odd about their quick release of the full genome.

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