Kabul has fallen

It has not quite officially fallen yet, at least not officially as I post, but this is normality bias, plus the fact that it is taking a while for the Taliban leadership to move from Pakistan to Kabul.

Due to normality bias, six thousand US troops are due to arrive, and six hundred British troops are arriving, which could result in interesting events, as official reality encounters actual guns, in the hands of people who neglect to read official sources about official reality.

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  1. Alfred says:

    In terrible news:

    Guess Xi is serious about that return to Marxism.

  2. Joe says:

    Finally Afghanistan is liberated.

    • The Cominator says:

      Don’t do the wignat thing of going US = jew therefore ALL opposition = based.

      I hate Cathedral globohomo AND Islam.

      • jim says:

        Two live faiths that hate us and want us to die.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          Islam wants us to join or die. Progressivism just wants us to die. It’s an easy choice.

          • Alfred says:

            If you’re single and join they will never give you a woman to marry. They don’t share their women with converts. Your gentilic line is dead either way. Now if you already have a wife and family then yes joining is a good option.

            • Joe says:

              The only way to join Islam is to have Islam join you.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >If you’re single and join they will never give you a woman to marry.

              Really? I’d never heard that. That’s good to know.

              • Greetings says:

                That’s because it’s not true. I’ve seen pasty British converts with paki brides. Islam is not a unitary thing, just like Christendom is not a unitary thing.

            • Dave says:

              They probably won’t give you a wife, but you’re welcome to take one from among the infidels.

              Child sex dolls are illegal in the UK. Who cares when you can convert to Islam and groom real 11-year-old girls?

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              *white converts
              Wifesourcing was a big draw for ISIS, so long as it wasn’t mixing.

            • Alfred says:

              They probably won’t give you a wife, but you’re welcome to take one from among the infidels.

              I haven’t heard of this happening in England where women converting to Islam is happening in fairly large numbers while few men. You would expect many men to take this route if it was viable.

              Muslims will welcome in male converts, but your really not part of the tribe. As such you won’t have the needed strong tribal backing required to tame the girl.

              During times of war this will probably change, as rewarding men who fight well in battle with women has always been the way.

      • The Original OC says:

        Afghanistan is part Aryan.

        America isn’t part Based.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Put a gun to my head and make me pick between the two, and my choice will be Islam without a doubt.

      • Joe says:

        Jesus Christ is Lord. Born in Bethlehem, died in Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully man and fully God. God is three and God is one.

  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    Cue pro-reunification demonstrations in Taipei, and how could anyone blame them either? “Holy shit get us out of this!”

    I might have an IQ of 92 but I’ve been reading here for a while and know a weak horse when I see one.

    At this rate they’ll have nowhere left to bomb but Florida and Kentucky. Overseas enemies are allowed to fight back, and Shaniqua ain’t got time for that.

  4. notglowing says:

    Some homosexual is trapped in Afghanistan and is posting on 4chan.
    He seems confident he’ll leave before the capital falls

  5. ERTZ says:

    [*Deleted for radical disconnection from observable reality*]


    • Anon says:

      Jim I respect your moderation and posts and everything greatly, but could you tell me the gist of how this guy was radically disconnected from reality? Some cope or something?

  6. Alfred says:

    The US is apparently bombing Taliban positions. I don’t see why they wouldn’t shell the airport and shut it down.

    • Alfred says:

      Looks like no bombing yet, just planes sent to the area for possible bombing missions.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Flight radar 24 is an interesting OSINT source. Watch Qatar, Dubai, UAE airspace and you’ll see the KCs take off and fly out over the Indian ocean. They typically disappear off the tracker just before they turn inland over Pakistan. Twice, I’ve seen tankers over AFG with their radar signature active and the next day or so (or I find out much later) it comes out that there was some kind of incident.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Bagram Base surrendered yesterday, Taliban in the fringes of Kabul. already..Civilians still being evacuated from US and UK embassies…

  7. A2 says:

    Have we been told about the mission of these fresh troops? Are there any non-Taliban parts of the country where they can be quartered?

    • jim says:

      Our rulers appear to think that there are, but it is evident that there are not.

      It is possible that since their mission is supposed to be short term, the Taliban might tolerate their presence, but I would not bet my life on it, nor would I bet anyone else’s life unless I hated them as much as our rulers hate us.

      • Severian says:

        2 to 4 weeks deployment.
        Will Taliban let troops mess around in Kabul for a month. Especially since they seem to be preparing to pushing the assault right now?

        • jim says:

          At this point predictions are unwise.

          But if I was being deployed to Kabul, I know what I would predict.

      • pyrrhus says:

        It’s over except for mopping up..Afghan troops are surrendering, the Taliban isn’t interfering with the US,UK civilian evacuations, but demanding unconditional surrender of Kabul to avoid bloodshed, which will certainly occur…

        • c4ssidy says:

          Embassy have now released a report claiming that the airport is under fire. Presumably this means that stinger missiles are in range. Might get to see a few dead mutts. The Taliban may want to avoid this for political reasons, they do not have a tight chain of a command, and it is common for individual groups of Taliban to act out of their own initiative

          • A2 says:

            The president has left the country, so there you have it.


            Article also notes, in the past tense:

            The takeover was so rapid that the Biden administration had to dispatch about 5,000 US troops to evacuate personnel from the US embassy in Kabul, ferrying staffers and classified documents by helicopter out of the facility.

            • Calvin says:

              Smart man. The last guy got dragged along the road by a truck until dead, iirc. I’m almost impressed by how quickly the army the US trained fell apart, I figured that if the Soviet one could hold out for three years post withdrawal ours could make it at least one.

              • Pooch says:

                The US trained army defected en masse to the open arms of the Taliban and its superior faith. Mostly didn’t put up a fight.

              • jim says:

                I said “well before September”.

                I anticipated a rapid collapse.

                Checking out the talking heads, I find them saying we have to re-invade in order to send girls to school. Terrorism is scarcely mentioned. Or, as I prefer to say it, we have to re-invade to teach nine year old girls to put a condom on a banana.

                I am seeing a split within the left. Those who don’t have much interest in a world crusade to impose their faith by force of arms are in the saddle, but they are getting a rough ride.

                The split, however, is not likely to lead to fatal consequences immediately.

                • Alfred says:

                  I’m not sure if external war and defeat is better or worse for us. It sounds nice because it would distract them from trying to genocide all the whites, but nothing says they can’t do both at once.

                • Pooch says:

                  The American empire receding can be nothing but a good thing in my mind. We experiencing late Roman Republic and late Roman Empire simultaneously.

                • Pooch says:

                  I am seeing a split within the left. Those who don’t have much interest in a world crusade to impose their faith by force of arms are in the saddle, but they are getting a rough ride.

                  The neocons aren’t happy at all.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  When faced with mounting defeats abroad, Hitler accelerated the final solution. I’m not interested in debating the Holocaust, and I don’t really care about the nuance, because the underlying axiom is that when faced with external failures, socialist powers go into overdrive regarding extermination. It really is a worst case scenario, either way.

                • jim says:

                  The left has to accomplish victory after victory, as shark has to swim. If outside powers resist, then it must find internal enemies to destroy.

                  The intended victory is to immanentize the eschaton . But when that turns out to be difficult, they figure some other victory must be accomplished first. It is all for the greater good, since the eschaton is so wonderful it totally justifies whatever measures are necessary. They will do it for our own good because they love us so very much, that death camps will be regrettably necessary so that we can understand their love.

                • Karl says:

                  The split within the left is very visible, but it appears boths factions are in the saddle at the same time or change in very short times.

                  The faction that isn’t interested in world crusade decide to retreat from Afghanistan. The other faction decides to send 6000 troops back to Afghanistan.

                  At least the faction not interested in crusade knew what would happen in Afghanistan after the retreat and I assume were able to say – at least in an internal discussion.

  8. “…it is taking a while for the Taliban leadership to move from Pakistan to Kabul.”

    They left Pakistan a long time ago.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Did you ever take the tests Jim required?

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        He didn’t.

        • jim says:

          The strategy seems to be to issue bland right wing comments that are thought crime adjacent, but not actual thought crimes: “jews”, “niggers”, “bitches”, etc, in order to establish cred as a member of the community, and then start inserting left wing memes dressed in reactionary shibboleths used upside down in an effort to prevent the rectification of names.

          The purpose is not so much to sell absurd left wing memes as supposedly right wing memes, but rather to destroy the meaning of words that could threaten the regime.

          What our enemies are up to is the debasement of names.

          The purpose of Newspeak is to make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.

          The corruption of language is not really used as a tool to promote left wing programs, as an objective in itself to shut down thought.

          Our enemies can say “nigger nigger nigger” all day long, but they cannot mention the problems that black people cause. Similarly they can say all manner of hateful things about women, but cannot acknowledge female nature. They can do the black pill, which looks a little bit like the red pill, (“Hail fellow woman hater, I hate women too”) but they cannot speak, or acknowledge someone else speaking, the red pill. They can talk about the Rothschilds and Israel all day, but cannot notice George Soros and Victoria Nuland.

          Their aim is not to convert us, nor to destroy us, but to destroy the capacity for thought.

          But I let them through enough so that I can see what our enemies are up to, and also, I hope to turn them. Double agents are extremely useful.

          Anonyous Fake forever complains about the cost of living in the big city, and blames our evil capitalist overlords, while unable to notice, or acknowledge anyone else noticing, that our cities are burning, which is what makes them expensive. He is in favor of white pride, but is incapable of noticing, or responding to anyone else noticing, anything to be proud about.

          I am letting “Muhammed Izi” through to see if there has been a change in tactics. If same old same old, waste of space, and back he goes to the bit bucket.

  9. Calvin says:

    How many weeks before the next big Islamist attack in celebration, you think?

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      I think France. The vaxxport angst is rising and the Muslim population is probably very strongly represented. Then again, India is always such a soft target in terms of mass casualty… I’m not actively following it, but both Somalia and West Africa are basically war zones right now. Whatever the case, I think your intuition is correct and there will be wave of trucks of peace and general martyrdom.

  10. Kunning Drueger says:

    I’m not backing down from my position on the poz in the US military or the growing ineptitude, but there are still some hard chargers. The 1000 + 500 US/UK is probably composed of the saltiest sardines left in the salty spittoon, so they’ll probably pull off Saigon II. I think USM is cruising for a bruising, though, and getting rid of pesky patriots is a specialty of Democrat presidencies. My money is on something maritime, like a stunning and brav captain bottoms out within an exclusion zone and the recovery team gets annihilated by legal coastal defensive action.

    • jim says:

      I was thinking simple delusion and lunacy, but they could be sending them to Kabul to get rid of them.

      Since they are supposed to leave again promptly, the Taliban might just wait for them to leave, and the mission can be pronounced a big success. On the other hand, who wants enemy troops wandering through your capital? The Taliban might shut the airport down, or shell it if too many US military personnel there for them simply shut it down. Too many outcomes are possible to try and figure what will happen, other than that it will probably not go well.

      • Alfred says:

        I was thinking simple delusion and lunacy, but they could be sending them to Kabul to get rid of them.

        That seems pretty plausible. This would allow them to kick out any remaining white Generals in favor of stunning and brave sheboon trannies when they investigate the military failure there.

        • Calvin says:

          As much as such a purge of anyone even plausibility competent would be good news for us, I kinda feel bad for the poor stupid white boys who may get sacrificed to the Taliban by leftist insanity.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Yeah, but try to explain to them what is happening and they would never believe you. Muh wahmen rights! Muh freedumb! Muh dumbocracy! Better that a few die and the many be purged than waiting and the many die due to the next leftist overreach.

          • c4ssidy says:

            We’re pass the vaccine mandate, anyone still around in the military has chosen to take the mark of the beast

          • James says:

            I know some of those white boys, and frankly, if they were deployed, I’m more sorry for the Taliban. There are people in the USMil who are -scary-. I could tell specific stories about their excellence but they get a bit too specific, and I’d rather share those stories with people in person than post them on this blog, if I have to choose one or the other. I’m sorry for the Taliban if these boys deploy.

            That said, those particular people stopped talking about deploying to Afghanistan awhile ago and have been more vocal about overseas training missions on the fringes of the empire.

  11. Weather Underground Government says:

    The United States will eventually fly the Communist Red Flag…the Americans Will hoist it themselves.

    John Stormer, None Dare Call It Treason, 1964, Page 9.

    • A2 says:

      Note how POC athletes act out against the flag in recent years. I would expect the Union flag to become as unacceptable as the Confederate in years to come. Perhaps the gay flag will be all that remains.

      (My exceedingly valuable comments seem to be autodiscarded in recent weeks, so I’m trying a new name and email.)

      • Alfred says:

        What’s a POC? Use the correct words, faggot.

        It’s quite obvious that only the Rainbow Commie flag will be allowed by 2025. People are already replacing the American flag with it and by next 4th of July it will be everywhere.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Protesting is pointless and political action without violence is a farce. That being said, I bet there would be some pretty substantial jimmy rustling if rainbow flag burning became a quasi-tradition. Having a campfire, burning trash, doesn’t matter. Torch a flag and take a pic. Leftists fought long and hard to make it absolutely inviolate that flag burning is a protected peach.

          • A2 says:

            I certainly agree with your sentiment, though a man has already received a 16 year sentence for burning the gay flag, so do be careful.

            … As already stated, Martinez clearly committed a crime when he stole the rainbow flag from the Ames United Church of Christ and set fire to it outside the Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, but the sentencing of 15 years has sparked a broader debate …


            (I can’t see that said debate ended anywhere fruitful.)

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Well, technically the dude got 15 years for burning someone else’s rainbow flag. It wasn’t about the speech or symbolism, just good old property rights and vandalism. And if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

              Still, I don’t see the authorities jailing you for burning a rainbow flag in the near future. They will certainly allow leftist militia thugs to beat you for burning the rainbow flag, and if you dare defend yourself against them, they will jail you for that. Their corporate buddies might also take away your bank account and fire you from your corporate job.

              • Alfred says:

                >Still, I don’t see the authorities jailing you for burning a rainbow flag in the near future.

                They don’t care anymore. They’ll charge you will arson and a hate crime for it. They’re moving past simple canceling as seen with the J6 political prisoners.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >They don’t care anymore. They’ll charge you will arson and a hate crime for it.

                  Then show me someone jailed for burning their own rainbow flag in a controlled, responsible way. We’re headed there, but we’re not there yet. This Martinez guy handed them a giftwrapped pretext.

                • notglowing says:

                  But do you want to be the first person to be charged for that?
                  You know it is going to happen, so I would not try to push my luck in a time like this.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  The goal is not to burn flags or display a stark double standard, those are just byproducts. The goal is to make it amusingly ironic for teen males to torch a rainbow flag for the lulz. This would trigger people not because of the vandalistic element, but because it is non-serious. “It’s just a flag, bro.” Literally throwing their post-modern sensibilities in their face.

        • James says:

          Ah shit, I can totally see this becoming a thing, too. It’s the logical progression of the anti-flag meme. God, I fucking hate leftist faggots so much.

  12. notglowing says:

    Do we think that they have ultimately given up, or is this the war just gonna resume?
    I’m hoping the Afghanistan experience is finally over, maybe not officially, but that it has reached the end.

    • Hollyhock says:

      If the war was to reignite, I believe the American media is going to have a much harder story to spin when the forces are handed a good ol’fashioned REAL defeat.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The Anti-American Empire has been signaling hard recently over pushing America back into cutting it’s dick off in the foreverwar. Every day on tv news there are pieces about the terrible plight of strong indipedent wiminz and what a ‘mistake’ it was to ever pull out before they ever imposed their progroid fantasy reality in spite of Nature or Nature’s God.

      It’s convenient for them to make hay out of in any case, since they’ll take any opportunity as a good opportunity for more demoralization, but we’ll see if it turns into anything starker.

    • hcm says:

      U.S. barely had the capacity to ‘secure’ small prices of Iraq two decades ago. Unlikely it can ‘secure’ anything at this point.

      • James says:

        The US also didn’t really want to secure Iraq 2 decades ago, because we were run by a cuck neocon and the whole point of that war (or at least the ongoing occupation) was to drum up support for the outer party, kick off the forever war, and make money for military contractors.

        With Trump in office, we kicked the shit out of every middle eastern faction that looked at us funny, provided doing so didn’t involve declaring official war on an officially recognized state. ISIS was basically destroyed. Why? Trump gave our troops permission to win.

        It’s not really a question of capacity but one of will. We didn’t go to the middle east to win, we went to the middle east as a pork barrel spending project. As with all pork barrel spending projects of the 21st century, eventually it became a hollow shell of its former profiteering self and turned into a prog jobs and evangelism program.

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