McConnell tells Obama he can stick it in a little bit

House Republican leader McConnell tells Obama he can stick it into the Republicans just a little bit, but not all the way, and must stop if it starts to hurt.Short debt limit hike possible

Congress and the White House could raise the debt limit for a few months while they seek a comprehensive, long-term budget deal, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Sunday.

Looks like we are headed for a budget deal wherein the debt limit is raised now, and in return, Democrats and Republicans agree that after the next election, whoever is elected then will “cut” government spending – meaning slow the rate of growth of government spending.

Thus this year they will agree, that after the next election they will agree, to slow the rate of growth of expenditure for the year after that. Thus Republicans will raise the debt limit in 2011, and will get in return a promise of good intentions to have a budget in 2013 that plans to spend less money in 2014 than some wished to spend.

I always have difficulty keeping straight which politicians are republicans, and which democrats.

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