Regulation kills

Today, a lot of people are going hungry because of an energy crisis.

When we look at businesses that are attempting to address the energy crisis, for example Linc Energy Systems, we see that ninety percent of their effort, energy, and thought, is addressed to the political problem of getting permits and approvals, and very little to the merely technical details of collecting energy from nature and making it available in usable form.

Linc energy systems plans to use UCG-CTL to produce liquid fuel from coal. They set up a test plant. The major function of the test plant was not to test the technology, but to test the environmental impact of the technology. But the only acceptable outcome was no impact, which result no genuine test could ever produce. Fake environmental science manufacturing fictional crises is met with fake environmental science supposedly avoiding these nonexistent hazards.

And so, while this game is being played, people starve.

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