The Obamized future

America was the place where the future was created.  All the world depended on America for progress. It ceased to be that place under Clinton, and things got worse under Bush.

We cannot rebuild the two towers, we no longer have a human presence in space, and the next big thing on the internet, networked money that bypasses our legacy banking system, is coming from China, and, God-help-us, Africa.

Remember that in the 1950s, we were about to settle Antarctica, (but government swiftly stepped in and saved Antarctica from the evil humans) and that back then we expected that in the year 2000 we would have jet packs, widespread private plane ownership, and lunar colonies.

Here is what Obama plans for you to be driving in a decade or two:

your future in 2029

Planned range, 25 miles, planned top speed, 25 miles per hour.  Quite a step down from jet packs.

I have seen the future, and it looks remarkably like Detroit and Liverpool – a barren wasteland of collapsed and disintegrating buildings where feral humans roam, murderously attacking at random.

A Chinese or a Russian is better able to do an internet mediated transaction than an America or European, and an African better able to do a cell phone mediated transaction than an American or European – because the government enforced and funded banking cartel is blocking progress.  Webmoney is Russian, because its western equivalents are in jail, or had their assets confiscated.

Similarly, we cannot rebuild the two towers, because to build anything, one hundred and one Brahmans need to be paid off, and they cannot agree amongst themselves on the distribution of payoffs, nor how much kow towing to our enemies is to be built into the new tower’s memorial museum. Dubai, however, can build high towers, because to build the tower, the builder only needs the permission of one religious authority.

That we cannot build a tower, nor transact through our cell phones, tells us why we cannot get into space.

An America that cannot rebuild the two towers, cannot possibly build nuclear power plants. If something is complicated, government cannot do it. If something is complicated and highly regulated by government, private enterprise cannot do it. Even if greenies were not determined to destroy western civilization, the US can no more build nuclear power plants than it can put a man on the moon.

Europe is crowded, yet a google earth view reveals vast expanses of unutilized or under utilized land, held out of use by greenies.

As the two towers demonstrate, the US has become the can’t do society.  This is the result of the dispersal of power between ever more numerous Brahmins.  To get anything done, you need an ever larger number of approvals and permits, which you are probably not going to get.

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