Trillion missing, top accountant dead

David Kellerman, the acting Chief Financial Officer and Senior VP at
Freddie Mac, was found dead early this morning from at his home in Virginia. It is described as an apparent suicide.

The press is rightly comparing this with the very similar “suicide” of Enron’s top accountant.

When large sums of money disappear, the person who knows most about where the money went often, by an interesting coincidence, winds up with his mouth permanently closed.

Freddy Mac and Fannie May have had accounting scandals before, but during the housing boom, all their sins were forgiven, and the offending executives retired with golden parachutes. This time around, the public is in a less forgiving mood.

There is an effort to link this murder with Obama, which is unreasonable because he has nothing he needs to cover up yet, not being in charge when the money vanished. On the other hand, his treasury department is full of friends of Obama who do have something to cover up.

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