Yet another vote for European style Social Democracy

As Europe collapses, Americans vote to be like Europe.

The republicans now have control of the purse strings, and, among other things, have promised to reduce next years deficit from $1470 000 000 000 to $1370 000 000 000.  We are in a bus heading towards a precipice at seventy miles and hour, and the republicans promise to slow down to sixty five miles an hour.

Any tea party candidate that made vague noises in the general direction of doing something to preserve America and avoid total collapse, lost.  That position just is not popular.

The only solution is that after the collapse comes, we have to install a system other than democracy with broad or universal franchise.

When the franchise was extended to all males, people predicted that eventually the voters would fall for politicians promising that they could vote themselves rich, and everything would collapse.   Observe.  The voters have fallen, and now collapse is in sight.

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