Soft Power

Modern leftism is a plot by some white males to use women and non whites to destroy other white males. Obama is president, but he does not know what some white male has written on his teleprompter until he reads it.

Spandrell complains about a Chinese billionairess piously saying the the politically correct things about democracy.

This Chinese billionaire just threw her whole nation and political system under the bus, and said, to the everlasting delight of that insufferable puritan busybody hag, that what the Chinese nation craves, is democracy. Not civil rights, or liberties, mind you. Democracy. And nobody even asked her! Look at the interviewers, who look like they just won at the lottery. She said it! Wew!

I would guess that she wanted the white elite, her interviewers, to approve of her.

You think Obama pissed away a lot of money giving politically correct loans to politically correct crony capitalists to produce miniscule amounts of politically correct solar power?

The Chinese pissed away even more money on solar power.

When the Chinese blew off the Copenhagen climate treaty, they did not say the truth, that it was a plot by Harvard and the rest, a bunch of mostly white people, to create a world command economy which would command the third world to permanently stay poor and third world, but instead used political events in Australia to excuse themselves.  They needed some Australian white males to give them permission to refrain from destroying their economy and giving up their national sovereignty.

Now obviously China has been moving rightwards ever since the Gang of Four was overthrown, and will probably continue to do so, but they feel really guilty about doing so.

Nineteenth century anglosphere capitalism survived in Shanghai till 1941, long after it had become extinct in the anglosphere, and to some extent survived in Hong Kong to the present day.  After the coup, Deng set to work reviving Shanghai capitalism before the show trial of the gang of four had even began, and in this sense, China has become deeply reactionary, preserving some of the best of the west’s past.  On the other hand, in another sense they are still a bunch of commies kowtowing to elite white male leftists.

What is soft power?

It is difficult to define, and difficult to explain, but I would say a large part of it is that state funded propaganda seemingly coming from multiple independent voices, each voice purporting to be high status, and confirming the high status of each of the other voices, works.

Blacks and Mestizos are stupid, thus easily snowed by the progressive elite.  That is soft power.  East Asians are not stupid, but are conformist and compliant, thus vulnerable to coordinated and state marshaled social pressure, so again, soft power.

I don’t think soft power will suffice, unless backed by hard power, and today’s progressives are rapidly running out of hard power.  But while hard power was necessary to destroy Rhodesia, soft power sufficed to destroy South Africa.

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  2. VXXC says:

    Why don’t you think in terms of what it takes to destroy them?

    They damn sure think that way about you.

    • LSD says:

      Yes. In addition, we need to start thinking about these things in terms of how the Left sees them . Always a good idea to speak the enemy’s language, as it were. We should be able to talk about, say, ‘white privilege’ or ‘false consciousness’ as though we were committed progressives.

      • jim says:

        Everyone can see things as the left sees them, and usually does. We are totally encased in a left worldview. The hard thing to do is to stop seeing things as the left sees them.

        For example the way we now see women (Women are wonderful) is leftist, imposed in Victorian times. The PUA red pill is to start seeing women as women were seen before Victorian times, and anyone will tell you how hard it is to see the world that way.

        It is easy to lag behind the latest excesses of leftism, to see the world as the left saw it last year, or even year before that, instead of how they see it right now. Indeed, only the elite can keep up. Being able to keep up is status marker they use to impress each other.

        What is hard is see the world as it was seen before left wing dominance, to see the world as pre Victorians and the Victorian right saw the world.

  3. Thrasymachus says:

    The progressive elite is a sort of non-centralized network. They signal each other, and ideas sometimes catch on and become memes. It’s dispersed enough to have low visibility and appear democratic, but not so dispersed it doesn’t have firm control.

    They need a certain amount of hard power- they can get along without troops on the ground, but they need drones. They need money power too, hence the panic over any budget cuts.

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