The boot comes down hard on the Institute of Physics

As you doubtless know by now, the Institute of Physics gave a wonderfully politically incorrect report on Global Warming.

Predictably the boot came down on them hard.

Academia is indeed like a communist country.  They don’t shoot dissidents in Academia, but communist thought control seldom found it necessary to shoot  people.  It mostly  worked by quietly blighting the lives of troublesome people.  The greengrocer that failed to put up the sign “Workers of the World Unite”  was not sent to Siberia.  Rather, his job was redefined to be of lower status, and he was denied permission to holiday in Bulgaria.  For most purposes, this sufficed in the Soviet Union, and its equivalent suffices in Academia.  Climate “Science” is the norm.  It is the way Academia has worked since the seventies.

Does that sounds paranoid?   Here is some evidence for paranoia:

Every authority before 1970 that mentions Lamarck’s position on common descent says Lamarck proposed common descent, often quoting from Lamarck at length.  Every authority after 1970 that mentions his position on common descent says that Lamarck rejected common descent, without, however quoting anything substantial from Lamarck, or mentioning that past authorities disagreed.

To check this google for Lamarck and common descent before 1970, and after 1970.  You will find a couple of seeming counterexamples from after 1970, but if you look them up, you will see Google got the dates wrong.

After 1970, as part of the rewrite of Darwinism, they deprecated survival of the fittest as excessively racist, making it necessary to credit Darwin with something else – that something else being common descent.  Since Darwin was now credited with common descent, it was necessary to deny that Lamarck proposed common descent.

Similarly, when the Soviet Encyclopedia removed Beria from history, it was necessary to adjust the history accordingly Bergholz accordingly, and when Winston Smith removed an unperson from Big Brother’s speech, it was necessary to replace him with something else.  Since Darwin was now credited with common descent, it was necessary to deny that Lamarck proposed common descent. That the history of science is abruptly revised, and all academics everywhere docilely uniformly, and abruptly fall into line without a word of dissent, or the slightest interest in what the original documents said, is apparent in the abrupt Winston Smith style 1970 rewrite of the history of thought on evolution.

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