Warmist day of reckoning

No global warming for the past fourteen years.

What is wrong with models that predict anthropogenic global warming

The undead hockey stick

Background to the hockey stick issue:

Warmists use a unique and non standard method for combining temperature proxies, such that if one combines a hundred supposed proxies, one of which, due to luck, cherry picking, or random error, shows a hockey stick, the entire graph of the supposedly combined proxies will be dominated by the one that shows a hockey stick, and not the ninety nine that do not.  Thus the history of the hockey stick is the history of discovering smelly data among those supposed proxies, and demonstrating that the supposedly combined graph is fragile, in that when a small handful dubious cherry picked outlying items are removed, the entire graph radically changes shape.

The decline that had to be hidden in “hide the decline” was that the curve was pieced together out of random noise proxies, and thus they used one temperature indicator for one period, and a different temperature indicator for another period, patching together the story that they wanted the data tell from indicators that told different and contradictory stories, as if making a ransom note out of words and letters cut from a newspaper.  What was hidden was that one supposed temperature indicator failed to agree with another.

2 Responses to “Warmist day of reckoning”

  1. josh says:

    And the indicator that their proxies failed to agree with was the instrumental record.

    • jim says:

      The instrumental record does not in fact supply the claimed accuracy. Due to gaps and undocumented station moves, one unavoidably finds oneself “correcting” the data, which corrections turn out to be much larger than climate change.

      No one who has made an honest effort to infer climate change from the instrumental record can confidently say whether today is warmer or cooler than the 1950s, but it seems to me that the bulk of the instrumental evidence suggests that today is cooler than the 1950s, though today is warmer than the 1900s or the 1970s, and warmer than most of the twentieth century.

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