How to really win the “Hispanic” vote.

If the Republican party seriously wanted the “Hispanic” vote, which of course it does not, because if it won the “Hispanic” vote it might win elections, and if it won elections, might have to implement its agenda, the way to go would be to split the “white Hispanics” from the indios and mestizos, and the indios and mestizos from the blacks. “Hispanics”, whether white, mestizo, and indio, really hate blacks, and the Democrats are the black party. It would be easy to take advantage of racial tensions to break “Hispanics” away from the democrat party. “Hispanic” children go to schools that impose equal disciplinary outcomes by racial quota, so that black kids get away with stuff that white and Hispanic kids face zero tolerance for.

So, find a prominent republican who is a fair skinned Mexican who speaks Mexican Spanish as his mother’s tongue. He tells them, in Spanish:

“Our kids are punished while black kids go unpunished, because Democrats are the black party, while Republicans are the white party. The schools are in chaos because of black misconduct. Do you want to be ruled by the black party or the white party?”

By and large the government quietly allows Mexicans collective self defense against blacks, while it does not allow whites collective self defense against blacks, but every so often, the Democrats, being the black party, give Mexicans the short end of that stick also. The Republicans could make hay out of such incidents.

Mexicans have a lot more contact with blacks than whites have contact with blacks, and are less brainwashed by Cathedral propaganda. Leftists keep telling republicans that Mexicans have old style Catholic values, are social conservatives, even though your local hospital is flooded with short fat pregnant Mexican women surrounded by a half dozen children by half a dozen different fathers getting free medical care for themselves and their grossly neglected children. Nah, they don’t have old style Catholic values, and neither does the Pope these days, they are not socially conservative, but they are race realists.

The left is run by white males, but their voter bank is a coalition of everyone against white heterosexual males. For Mexicans, problems with blacks are way more salient than problems with white heterosexual males. Electoral politics 101: Split the enemy coalition. Get some fair skinned Mexicans who don’t live in the bubble, who have friends and family exposed to black dysfunction, and have them stir up the $#!%. Are republicans worried about losing black votes? Bad black behavior is an enormous vote winner for republicans which they refuse to cash in. And never will choose to cash in.

The major victims by far of bad black behavior are Mexicans. Democrats are the black party. Republicans are the white party. You want to stir up anger at blacks among those nonblack democrats who live in the closest proximity to blacks. It really is that simple.

Instead the Republican party pursues sainthood for blacks, and always will.

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  1. Dave says:

    Kelly Osborne attacks Donald Trump, “If you kick out all the Latinos, who’s going to clean your toilets?” Then she breaks down sobbing a few minutes later when she realizes she just said something racist, and is now friendless and unemployable.

    The Progressive monster is consuming itself, exactly as Jim foretold!

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  3. vxxc2014 says:

    It’s come to this: If we want to fight for our Freedom and Dignity then we hire Mexicans to do it…a job Americans aren’t willing to do…

  4. vxxc2014 says:


    Mexicans will fight for themselves, not coward whites. It’s bad enough when you have say a coward in your own family. To fight for ones from a completely different group and civilization is really asking too much.

    “They won’t allow us to defend ourselves!”

    That is NEVER allowed and always TAKEN.


    They do not fear you, they fear the Blacks so they get preference.

  5. SFC Ton says:

    Damn fine idea however what is the point? The GOP is not the leftist opposition party nor is it really the White man party. Which is why it runs away from any such notion

    The GOP was founded to loot tax money from tariff to pay to big business. The tariff was paid by the South, the tax money was funneled mostly to rail roads; lincoln was a rail road lawyer and wealthy

  6. Dr. Doom says:

    Winning the hispanic vote is bullshit. Mexicans don’t give a shit about America and never will. White America is the only America. Without White supremacy there is no America. Find any non-White country that has freedom and guarantee of private property. There aren’t any!
    Propositions are what you make to women, they are not the basis for Nations. Nations are Blood and Soil. Anyone who thinks non-Whites can ever be Americans doesn’t understand what America is or was. The Founding Fathers meant for America to be for them and THEIR POSTERITY. Non-White populations do not understand liberty in the same way Whites do, and never will. Look around the World and see the Truth!

    • cover20 says:

      Asians are pretty conservative that way too. For Asians, private property is ALL that matters. If you’ve ever been in an apartment building in China and seen the five locks on each armored metal door, you’ll understand the mindset.

      And they are all for liberty. In fact they don’t know or care what anyone else does. The public commons, other people, basically don’t exist to them. That may not seem great, but it is liberty.

    • Corvinus says:

      “Mexicans don’t give a shit about America and never will.”

      Observably false. Those who come here stay, work, and contribute.

      “Find any non-White country that has freedom and guarantee of private property.”

      Patently false. Refer to “African Charter On Human And Peoples’ Rights”.

      “Anyone who thinks non-Whites can ever be Americans doesn’t understand what America is or was.”

      Thomas Jefferson–All men are created equal. Note he didn’t say white, black, or Asian.

      “The Founding Fathers meant for America to be for them and THEIR POSTERITY.”

      Their posterity refers to the citizens of our country.

      “Non-White populations do not understand liberty in the same way Whites do…”

      They probably understand it better given where some are coming from.

      You’re really not all there, are you, Dr. Doom.

      • Erik says:

        So I went and looked at this African Charter:

        > The right to property shall be guaranteed. It may only be encroached upon in the interest of public need or in the general interest of the community and in accordance with the provisions of appropriate laws.

        This is not a guarantee. You can drive a fucking truck through the amount of latitude involved in general interest. The whole document stinks of this sort of ass-covering escape clause. You want a guarantee, I guarantee you the exceptions will swallow the rules after a little bit of lawyering and corrupt niggers in charge. Here are some more examples:

        > The exercise of this right shall be subject only to necessary restrictions provided for by law, in particular those enacted in the interest of national security, the safety, health, ethics and rights and freedoms of others.

        > This right may only be subject to restrictions, provided for by law for the protection of national security, law and order, public health or morality.

        I think Doom’s challenge stands: Find any non-White country that has freedom and guarantee of private property.

        Can’t speak to the other points at present.

      • peppermint says:

        Look, it’s the incurious cuck again, citing documents he hasn’t read, doesn’t understand, and doesn’t care about. You shouldn’t need the words of men to make your case, christcuck, demonstate racial equality and cultural equality including but not limited to property rights based on the Word of God.

      • jim says:

        “Mexicans don’t give a shit about America and never will.”

        Observably false. Those who come here stay, work, and contribute.

        How many Mexicans volunteer for the fighting arm of the military?

        • B says:

          Lots. The Marines and the combat arms in the Army are heavily Hispanic.

          • vxxc2014 says:


            They’re not the problem.

            B is not the problem.

            Jews are not the problem.

            Blacks are not the problem.

            Jim WHITES BEING COWARDS is the problem.

            They can’t make us brave either, no man can. Not even a Father can do anything but encourage that in his son.

            However as this is going nowhere….


            What do your Bedouins charge by the hour? Or contract?

            We’ll tell them it isn’t Texas just Iraq…or something…

    • B says:

      >Mexicans don’t give a shit about America and never will. White America is the only America.

      True. Notice how you never see a guy named Rodriguez or Gonzalez or Padilla volunteering to serve in the American military, especially not in the infantry or Special Operations fields.

    • B says:

      >Find any non-White country that has freedom and guarantee of private property. There aren’t any!

      That is because there is no country with such a guarantee, and never has been. See: Shays’ and Whiskey Rebellions.

      The Founding Fathers declined to give stupid peasants like you any guarantee of private property, other than saying that it won’t be taken from you for public use without “just compensation.” You don’t have allodial rights on “your” land-you hold it in fee simple. Meaning, at the government’s pleasure. Good luck, stupid.

      • peppermint says:

        The Constitution says the the government has the right to buy people out, apparently, under any circumstances it wants to. Well, I’m a renter, so I don’t care about private property in land, and would like to see stronger eminent domain rules that limit how long lawsuits take so that more trains can be built. Otoh, trains are ridden by niggers, so maybe interminable lawsuits are for the best. Still, it is recognized in text and tradition that the gevernment does need to pay.

      • peppermint says:

        Can the Count of Cincinnati decide that a property isn’t producing enough tax revenue, and force a sale at its assessed value to his developer crony? Yes, says the man at unqualified-reservations, it belongs to him. Yes, says the man at dailykos, it belongs to society. Maybe, says the Constitution: perhaps value is best created with carefully enumerated and guaranteed rights.

        • jim says:

          If the count of Cincinnati is entirely secure, he will refrain from misappropriating property to give to cronies, because that would undermine his dynasty and tax base. Unfortunately, chances are he is not entirely secure, needs the support, or at least the tolerance, of some cronies, so …

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Holy shit B, good to see you act like a man for once.

      • vxxc2014 says:

        There’s really nothing but violence that ever protects, and never laws.

        Laws are agreements between the violent or nothing.

      • Barnabas says:

        Government disrespect for property rights may be a problem in Latin America but the larger problem is that people have no respect for one another’s property rights. If there is no razor wire around it or guy with a shotgun standing over it, it is gone.

  7. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I wonder if, due to the amount of Feminism coming out of the Vatican recently, Roman Catholics will eventually be able to see genetic differences for what they are rather than advocating for “assimilation” or killing off the white genetics in favour of the brown, third-world blob. Unfortunately, this is not a investigation that anyone can afford to make as this religious denomination works to subvert white people wherever it goes at present!


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  9. […] The GOP is performing its function. Related: How to really win the Hispanic vote. […]

  10. outsider says:

    I would vote for Satan before I would vote for Jeb.

  11. guest says:

    The only way to win is the The Sailer Strategy, it’s that or the GOP is done.

    Hispanic outreach is counterproductive, because for every one of them you turn, three Whites are alienated in the process and stay home.

    Remember that Romney lost because millions of White voters didn’t show up to vote. When i see ¡Jeb! currently going around campaigning in Spanish, it makes me wanna throw up, let alone vote for him.

    Minority outreach is a wasted effort, every way you slice it.
    A trap even, which the Democrats are trying to lure us in.

    And did you hear, Trump was right after all, even tho he was trolling:

    “While illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences in FY 2014 following criminal convictions, according to U.S. Sentencing Commission data obtained by Breitbart News.

    Broken down by some of the primary offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.”

    Meanwhile: “Jeb Bush Says He Was Hurt by Trump Remarks About Mexicans. He told MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart that he was herido, Spanish for hurt.”

    What a joke, i guess the two never heard of rape trees? Herido indeed!

  12. Contaminated NEET says:

    But, but – The Party of Lincoln! Content of their character! Liberals are the Real Racists!

    The Republicans can’t and won’t do this while white baby boomers are still in charge of them. Every last white member of that generation, regardless of political party, believes he personally ended segregation and it is his proudest achievement.

    • cover20 says:

      White male baby boomer here. I almost got bussed into the “inner city” until we were saved by the Milliken decision, which overrules most of Brown v. Board of Education. (schools have been moralistically preaching the Brown “separate is not equal” mantra ever since then even though it applies only within a school district. But they don’t preach Dred Scott, which unlike Brown has never been overturned.)

      There was no internet then. To meet the blacks up close, you really did have to have your bike stolen by them or something up close and personal like that. So propaganda was pretty effective. Then we all were supposed to buy McMansions and get so far in debt we had no minutes to think any more.

      We were brainwashed pretty hard. I know really smart classmates that took the brainwashing. But there are a few of us who actually got some contact with blacks, and maybe that’s why the brainwashing didn’t take with me.

  13. dav says:

    Steve Sailer thought this a long time ago. It’s even called the “Sailer Strategy”

    • jim says:

      I was aware he said the Republicans should focus on winning the white vote. I forgot that he correctly pointed out that large numbers of hispanics as dark or considerably darker than George Zimmerman would rather line up with whites than blacks.

      But the problem is not that it would not work. It would work. The problem is that it would not be allowed. The masses do not matter. They never have.

  14. Ciarog says:

    The GOP has pursued sainthood for blacks since the 1850s. Do you expect them to even consider anything like this?

    • peppermint says:

      No reason to use the mainstream cuckservative historical narrative, just because it pisses the Democrats off to hear it doesn’t make it useful to us

      • Ciarog says:

        I’m just pointing out that expecting a party that was initially founded as an abolitionist/free-soiler party to adopt sensible views on race. I’m not saying “MLK WOULD BE REPUBLICAN!!1” here, just pointing out the GOP’s uselessness for even achieving cuckservative principles like “law and order”.

        Assuming the GOP decided to not be cucks, as per Jim’s scenario you wouldn’t even need the guy speaking spanish. A GOP that was sensibly pro-white, or at minimum not cuck when it comes to blacks would get most of the brown and asian votes.

    • jim says:

      Obviously not.

  15. Richard Nixon's Ghost says:

    >Are republicans worried about losing black votes?
    Devil’s advocate – bashing blacks will increase their turnout. Obama’s candidacy sure did.

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