Flynn was set up to blackmail him into committing perjury against the president of the United States.

The illegal spying started when Trump walked down the escalator and announced he was running for the Republican nomination for president. The setup started when Obama was still president, but was the outgoing administration. Trump had been elected president, but not yet in office.

Biden approved illegal spying on people in the Trump campaign. We now know that in the end, this illegal spying was used to manufacture blackmail material on Flynn, which material, though loosely based on real facts obtained in part by illegal spying, we now know was forged.

We don’t have any proof that Obama ordered this illegal spying, but we do know he was in the loop, we do know he was kept closely informed of the results of this spying.

Since they could not get any dirt on Flynn, they tried to get him to lie to the FBI – which is normally a couple of weeks in jail, but with a cooperative judge, can be forty years in jail. He did not lie, so the record of his conversation with the FBI was altered.

Flynn pled guilty in return for clemency, after being financially ruined by endless legal action – the process is the punishment. After he pled guilty, the prosecution reneged on the deal, and called for the most severe penalty, because he had failed to commit perjury against Trump. They lied about him, then they lied to him.

So, Flynn clean as a whistle (otherwise it would not have been necessary to rewrite the 302 of his conversation with the FBI). The FBI, the DoJ, the Fisa court, and the Mueller investigation up to its neck in criminal acts, and these criminal acts started with illegal spying, which illegal spying came from the top of the Obama administration, with Obama in the loop.

As we move ever leftwards, politics is increasingly played for keepsies, whether it is Charlottesville or the presidency. You all know how social justice warriors behave. They hate everyone, including themselves and each other. They will murder their friends and family if they can get away with it.

If Trump and his family peacefully leave office in 2024, they are going to be arrested and Epsteined, along with many members of his administration and many Republicans. If Trump is so foolish as to peacefully leave office, the next president, or the one after that, will not be so foolish as to peacefully leave office.

As politics gets deadlier, priests will ask warriors for assistance, and sooner or late, I pray sooner, a warrior takes power. Maybe Trump is that warrior. Trump is a merchant, not a warrior, but he has a warrior spirit. When he threw his hat into the ring from that escalator, I knew what he was getting into but he did not know. Now he knows.

Monarchy is the normal system throughout history. Democracy is unstable and short lived, and always winds up going the way it has been going. A Republic requires a virtuous and cooperative ruling elite, which is hard to accomplish. Members of the elite defect by appealing to the masses against fellow members of the elite, and then go right on defecting, and here we are.

Throughout the world we see the deep state using increasingly naked violence to obtain political outcomes. We may continue to call the system we have democracy, but is not democracy today, and it will be less democracy tomorrow.

The next election will be decided by whether the Republicans imprison Democrats, or Democrats imprison Republicans.

Our plan is that when we wind up with warrior rule we then show up and tell the warrior in charge “The officially unofficial state religion of Harvard inherently hates you. You need an officially official state religion that endorses your rule as divinely ordained. When you took power it was time for Caesar, now it is time for Constantine.”

105 Responses to “Obamagate”

  1. The Cominator says:

    In other news full Cold War with China confirmed…


    • Pooch says:

      China isn’t even in open sky.

    • jim says:


      It is the other way around.

      Open Skies is a one sided treaty of US dominion. Russia joined when the Soviet Union collapsed, and it seemed like a good idea to join the American hegemony, only to discover that Harvard and the State Department are grossly dysfunctional hegemons. As soon as Russia started feeling their oats, they stopped observing it. China never joined it. America leaving the treaty is retreat from pretensions of empire to Westphalian realism, wrapped in tough-on-Russia rhetoric.

      Under Obama, America was turning into the late Chinese empire, where ambassadors from tributary states would kowtow to the Chinese Emperor and pay symbolic tribute, while the empire gave them real and substantial payoffs. Our tributaries would kowtow to Harvard and the State Department, and the American taxpayer would give them big payoffs. Trump is mighty pissed by those payoffs, and passionately believes in a system of Westphalian equals, Russia and China being the real equals. Since America has some real equals, Westphalia is a better fit to reality. Three states have the capability to impose their own state religion, and the capability to deter each of the other two. We have choice between the peace of Westphalia and holy war with nukes, and I suspect our nukes work worse than the Senate Lunch System.

      Russia has adopted spiritual security, which in practice has striking resemblance to Russian Orthodoxy, China has adopted “socialism” with Chinese characteristics. These are explicitly national, not universal, state religions, with no pretensions to convert the world. While Chinese socialism is still substantially socialist, the tenets of the state religion frequently sound like Hong Kong capitalist economic theory 101, the Hong Kong interpretation and application of Manchesterism. If God is Three and God is one, I guess you can have socialism with capitalist economic theory.

      But America’s state religion is still universalist, which has potential to resume the wars of religion.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        >If God is Three and God is one, I guess you can have socialism with capitalist economic theory.

        Of course comrade, for you see, every CEO and store manager and lemonade stand operator are merely executing socialisms in miniature, cooperating with each other for mutual aid!

  2. Icon says:

    Many here are Christian. I wonder how many of you believe this may be the end times.

    I don’t think it is, but the old way of having civil rights is over.

    Also, has anyone here given thought to the Rev. Ch 13 reference triple 6? What could it mean? The number of his name.

    • jim says:

      666 is the Roman idiom for a very long number, and “the number of the beast” is the very long number that the government assigns to each person.

      People working on crypto currency do not use the phrase “666” much if at all, but we regularly talk about “the number of the beast”. Near as I can figure, everyone in the field takes for granted that the prophecy is about the government snooping on your finances Whether or not they believe in prophecy, they believe that that was what the prophet was prophesying.

      “The beast” is also what we sometimes call the government databases linking our electronic records to a face that antifa can beat in.

      And no it is not the end times. For prophecy to be fulfilled, the temple has to be rebuilt and Temple Judaism has to adopt the spirit of the law instead of the letter. Don’t hold your breath while waiting.

      The prophecies arguably are good fit to events that seem to be shaping, but they have also been an equally good fit to past events which came and went without the eschaton arriving. Prophecies tend to be suspiciously elastic like that.

  3. Icon says:

    Yes and that is why anytime you are questioned, cops, fbi, etc. and they try to interview you, say nothing.

    If they are questioning you, they don’t have enough evidence to arrest you. They want you to incriminate yourself through the interview.

    They will pretend to be your friend and use something called The Ried Technique. Where they try to trick you into lying.

    Say nothing. Mention the fifth Amendment. Say you want a lawyer.

    They will then threaten obstruction. But you don’t have to talk.

    Also ask for a blanket right away because they will put you in a cold room to weaken you and keep you there.

    • jim says:

      I have the miraculous superpower of being able to talk to police. But I don’t suggest that anyone without that miraculous superpower try it.

      • BillyDogJoe says:

        Any tips on how to develop such a “miraculous superpower” or is it something that can’t be taught?

        • jim says:

          Not something I can teach.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          Not sure what Jim means when he says “talk to the police”, but being straight forward, a calm demeanor and acknowledging their authority will get you free of a lot of minor things, as in, traffic tickets.

          Now, if you kill a cop and they come for you, maybe Jim has the superpower to persuade them otherwise, but I don’t think that’s it.

          What I can guarantee you is that whether you talk or not, if your behavior is perceived as disrespectful by the officer they’re going to come up with whatever they can to fuck you for being a sperg. If they stop you and you don’t address them properly with an amicable tone or start to talk about your rights, good luck.

          • Notice the subtext that because policing should be a male role, we are sorta automatically talking about it as if it was so. In my neck of Europe there are tons of policewomen, so anyone who is good at Game… well, I am not, but just saying…

            • Atavistic Morality says:

              Here there are policewomen but I’ve never seen them alone, they’re always with men and the men are the ones doing the actual job. At least in my personal experience.

              • Dave says:

                When the co-ed police try to shut down your right-wing rally, attack the women, forcing male officers to fight you and protect their women at the same time. In any country with strict gun control, female officers are a great source of free guns.

                If white people start behaving like recent immigrants, the police will soon give up and declare their neighborhoods no-go zones. As the state grows weaker and stupider, it becomes easier to overthrow, or at least carve out tribal enclaves within it.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  It could absolutely be done, cops are a bunch of fags. The problem is that modern men are even worse, now there, that’s a big issue.

                  That’s why some dessert apes are able to just walk in and take over. This fall is even more disgraceful than Rome, at least they fell to true magnificent barbarians and not this inbred trash…

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  desert apes*

              • ten says:

                Three swedish police women vs one unruly sandman


  4. Princess Ivanka says:

    Hello peasants, sorry, voters, sorry, fellow citizens. hehe.

    We are pleased to see Daddy has fooled you all, those photos of him with his pals the Clintons and that nice Mr Epstein, we wondered if the rednecks would be put off by that, but Jared, peace be upon him, and his bosses knew that the cognitive dissonance would mean the right would love daddy eventually, after all, they had no other choice anyway (hehe). The deal with great uncle Roffschild to save TrumpCorp in the 90s was so sweet for us. Lots of money, we love it so much, AND a promise of becoming the royal family eventually, and like all royalty ever, we love female power, we love sodomy, we love treating you peasants exactly as we like. This lockdown, so much fun to watch you all suffering, drinking more, more junk food, more drugs too. No sefl control you peasnats have!

    I love globetrotting on your dollar, it’s such good fun, and we (the Royal Trumpsters Family) get to preach our message of hope to women in all the places where they are evilly oppressed by those brown men, horrible men, who refuse to listen to their wives demands. So we will make them in our image, for the betterment of womankind, we always work through the women, you smart boys here know that right? The women don’t really get any power of course, we keep all of that, but it’s a very good way to create some revolutions, and those bloody muslims, they are still just too…well, righteous, to fit in to our humanly world, we want all the glory you know, not some goat-humper prophet or his god. So, we will end islam as we ended Christianity and proper judaism. You think gogn god is any sort of repleacment for that? Hehe. so silly.

    It’s so nice that you turn a blind eye to daddy’s global push for the legalization and celebration of the joys of buttsex amongst men. Yes, daddy enjoys this pastime with some of the boyz at the lodge, and Jared, peace be upon him, it was part of his upbringing of course, and I was personally thrilled to try buttsex with him and with daddy, once I’d renounced my (fake) belief in Jesus. Hehe, does anyone really believe all of that bible stuff these days anyway, gosh, we sure hope not!

    Well, old uncle Constantine (yes, we are related to him, via the Jesuit blood) he was a fine fellow too, like daddy, and he stitched up the real Christians good and proper, and we do the same today, it’s so much fun to watch them all hear daddy mention ‘god’, as much fun as when dear Jim mentions ‘gogn’, we laugh, because we are all in on the joke, we know we are deceiving billions on Tv, and dear old Jim, he ignores daddy’s lies and love of our father (mr zaytun) and the female empowerment, and the globohomo push, and you will all ignore the future lockdowns and trampling of your ‘freedoms’ (hehe, so funny), and when any of you put up a fight, or when some of the regular readers and commenters here just vanish, off to the Fema camps, you will continue talking about the greatness of daddy and his strong leadership. hehe, how we laugh, we love these talking shops, and the ‘spot the shill’ games you play, and you never get it right.

    Must dash now, Jared (peace be upon him, he’s so chosen, you know) has to attend the weekly zoom chat thing with Xi, Vlad and the Pope, everyone is so excited about the prospects for the global social credit scoring, the vaccines, the currency collapses, the new gogn releigion, and the boyz at the BIS finally getting their digital money out there, that dirty paper cash, such a nuisance, the BIS boyz can’t wait to give us control over what and when you spend (y)our money, such fun times ahead.

    Oh, one final thing before I go. When the food dries up, try to avoid fighting in the streets over the carrion, and just eat your family, or your pets, we have some great hidden cam vids of the fun in Venezuala, and our activiation of the Emrgency Act thing recently (i foeget the name, deatils, I am so ditzy), it will make sure the food goes to those who need it most…fedgov staff, hehe. And me and my family. Let them eat flies, hehe. Bye bye useless eaters, thanks for the votes.

    • Strannik says:


      The insane don’t do ”humor” very well.

    • jim says:

      The left can’t meme.

      • Icon says:

        Jim, I’m curious why you let the above post get through.

        Can you go back and delete, spell correct, old posts from other people using the WordPress app?

        • jim says:

          It was submitted twice. The first time I simply deleted it as just too idiotic, the second time I let it stand as an illustration of dumb leftists trying unsuccessfully to pass as rightists.

          I get a lot of comments like this. I let a few through to show why I silence the rest. They are all the same, so I let some through at random.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “The left can’t meme.”

        Hollywood and Academia have been incredibly effective at warping our understanding of the past, present and future.

        Of course this is grug-tier, but I can’t get past it.

        (Please rebut.)

        • jim says:

          That is power, not competence at memeing. You don’t need to be good at soft power when soft power is backed by hard power. We are better at memeing because our meme warriors are selected for success at memeing, while theirs are selected for reliability and constrained by intrusive supervision.

          Their memes beat our memes on Twitter, because anyone any good at memeing gets banned on Twitter.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “The left can’t meme.”

            “Hollywood and Academia have been incredibly effective at warping our understanding of the past, present and future.”

            “That is power, not competence at memeing. You don’t need to be good at soft power when soft power is backed by hard power.”


            Sharp. This I can understand.

            It gives clarity to why “Karen” — 100% vinegar and 0% honey — can be such an insufferable bitch and not end up a bag lady on the street within a year.

    • alf says:

      > tfw you effortpoast but it’s embarassingly bad.

    • yewotm8 says:

      Way too much effort was put into this

  5. simplyconnected says:

    An excerpt of a recent Soros interview (May 11, 2020, hopefully not too off-topic):

    In the course of the interview, Soros briefly talked about President Donald Trump, accusing him of wanting “to be a dictator. But he cannot be one because there is a constitution in the United States that people still respect.”

    While the constitution, according to Soros, “will prevent him from doing certain things,” that does not prohibit the President from trying, “because he is literally fighting for his life.”

    “because he [Trump] is literally fighting for his life.”

    What? Is he openly saying that if Trump loses this fight he will be imprisoned and executed?

    I have to admit I was very surprised the first time I read Jim say this. But a year or so later I have to read George Soros implying the exact same thing.

    • Starman says:

      Cæsar Augustus Trump must strike down his opponents, or his opponents will strike him down… the same conundrum that the original Cæsar Augustus and his uncle Julius Cæsar had.

      • simplyconnected says:

        Surely Trump must have known all this for some time, so I cannot imagine Trump to be the intended recipient of the message.
        So why make such a public statement now?

        In the https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/george-soros-were-now-in-revolutionary-moment-that-allows-us-to-achieve-the-inconceivable#When:20:24:00Z interview he says:

        We’re now in ‘revolutionary moment’ that allows us to achieve the ‘inconceivable’

        Are dogooders the intended recipients of the “he is fighting for his life” message? Is he signaling to dogooders that it is time for revolution to achieve the inconceivable (imprison and execute their political opponents)?

        • jim says:


          Democracy is collapsing, has already collapsed and only the pretense continues. He who acts first on this knowledge, rules.

        • jim says:

          Why is Wu Flu a revolutionary moment?

          It is a grab for emergency power, and an attempt to shut down the food supply, as in the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution. No food, then mobs, and if the mob wants to eat, it knocks off the targets that vanguard of the people point at.

          In the lead up to the French Revolution, the King unwisely attempted to control the price of grain. Naturally grain shortages ensued, resulting in expensive bread. Funny how crops are apt to fail when the peasants don’t get paid in real money. The elite could not agree on whether to abandon the (utterly disastrous) price control on grain, or extend it to bread. So the price control faction unleashed mobs to impose mob price control on bread. So, very soon no bread. And not long that, the mob was in the palace instead of the bakery. That was a revolutionary moment.

          Soros “revolutionary movement” he is saying “shut down food production, print money, shortages will ensue, and then we can kill Trump after the style of the French and Russian revolutions.”

          When Soros says “constitution” he is saying “on the other hand, we could also arrest him under color of law, then Epstein him.”

          Trump wants to drain the swamp while keeping the mantle of Republican and constitutional legitimacy. Soros wants to kill Trump with the mantle of revolutionary legitimacy, the “will of the people”, the hungry mobs that followed revolutionary agitators around in the French and Russian revolutions because they expected to get a meal that had been denied to them by those same revolutionary agitators.

          The Swamp, however, wants to kill Trump under the mantle of “Rule of Law”. But that has not been working, and is now blowing up in their faces. Some of them, a lot of them, want to murder their political opponents, and eventually all legacy Americans, by wrecking the economy, then Trump loses the election, and then they kill Trump, and eventually all of us, under color of law. When Soros talks of “Revolutionary moments” he is, however, not talking about this. He is talking about throwing away the mantle of rule of law and getting the mob out by cutting off their food and power. Both programs propose the same means to the same end. One proposes a path between means and end that preserves the appearance of the Republic, the other proposes a path between the same means and the same end that abandons the increasingly unbelievable pretense that the Republic still lives.

          In actual application, both paths are likely to similar.

          The swamp path, murdering their enemies under color of law, seems to them more plausible because of recency bias. But they are cheerfully willing to head down both paths at once. The events on both paths will be the same, but the rhetoric dressing up the path will be different.

          When Soros talks of the constitution, he is proposing the swamp strategy, murder us under color of law. When he talks of “Revolutionary moment” he is talking about the French Revolutionary strategy, murder us with the mob.

          • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

            If you say ‘food production is shutting down’, normies say ‘essential businesses are still open’.

            What say you?

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Not an idle question, by the by. I’ve been observing fracases ‘out in the wild’, and most of the time people talk past each other on this point.

            • jim says:

              What is more essential than food? I hear farmers complaining that they have to dump their food, and that they are losing money because food is going to waste. Grocery shops are, of course, deemed an essential industry, but the people who cause food to magically appear on the shelves of grocery stores are totally unnecessary, and should be destroyed by social progress.

              Of course those holier than thou would target food. Always have, always will. They always want to bring the masses to heel by cutting off energy and food.

              They had a huge success as a result of destroying the food supply in France in the 1780s, and ever since, destroying the food supply has been the number one target of those holier than you are and morally superior to you.

              • Jan Martense says:

                “I hear farmers complaining that they have to dump their food, and that they are losing money because food is going to waste.”

                Farms themselves are totally exempt from all lockdown orders. I also know that agricultural supply companies, like pesticide and equipment dealers, were deemed essential. The problem isn’t growing food, it is the disruption to the supply chain, most significantly the meatpacking plants. But even here Trump ordered them to remain open.

                If leftists are trying to destroy the food supply, it must be through ngos (like meatpackers unions) because there is no evidence of it being done through direct govt action.

          • The Cominator says:

            “The Swamp, however, wants to kill Trump under the mantle of “Rule of Law”. But that has not been working, and is now blowing up in their faces. Some of them, a lot of them, want to murder their political opponents, and eventually all legacy Americans, by wrecking the economy, then Trump loses the election, and then they kill Trump, and eventually all of us, under color of law. When Soros talks of “Revolutionary moments” he is, however, not talking about this. He is talking about throwing away the mantle of rule of law and getting the mob out by cutting off their food and power. Both programs propose the same means to the same end. One proposes a path between means and end that preserves the appearance of the Republic, the other proposes a path between the same means and the same end that abandons the increasingly unbelievable pretense that the Republic still lives.”

            I think the swamp wants to avoid revolutionary mobs killing people under will of the people because the swamp got extremely rich under the Bush the Younger and Obama while most of the country got much poorer. Left wing mob or right wing mob generally their fate would likely be the same so that is the reason they prefer “rule of law”.

          • simplyconnected says:

            The Swamp, however, wants to kill Trump under the mantle of “Rule of Law”. But that has not been working, and is now blowing up in their faces. […] When Soros talks of “Revolutionary moments” he is, however, not talking about this. He is talking about throwing away the mantle of rule of law and getting the mob out by cutting off their food and power. Both programs propose the same means to the same end.

            I understand your explanation that they can have two plans running simultaneously. Certainly, they have no need to cancel the “mantle of rule of law” plan until it actually fails, which as you say it is already blowing up in their faces.

            Should it then be understood that Soros only now signaling revolution and “he’s literally fighting for his life” to be an indication that they internally expect current and future “mantle of rule of law” plans to fail? Hard to explain them bringing up revolution if they had a reasonable expectation of “rule of law” plans working now or in the future.

            • simplyconnected says:

              Let me try to be more precise.

              Assuming that once the “revolutionary time to achieve the inconceivable” plan is rolling, there is no going back to “under the mantle of rule of law”.
              Wouldn’t the public introduction of the “revolutionary” plan imply that they already estimate the “mantle of rule of law” plan not to work?

              • Atavistic Morality says:

                You’re assuming Soros is a big fish, but he is an agent. If it was Hillary, it’d have credibility, but this… the way I see it signaling revolution is just signaling holiness and commitment to the faith.

                • Pooch says:

                  I don’t think I can buy that. They are both one in the same, members of the ruling elite who wish to destroy us.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Soros isn’t a member of the ruling elite, Soros is a peddler that wants to be part of the cool kids no matter what. Soros pays tribute to them, no one pays tribute to this worthless Jew who sold his own people to the Nazis.

                • Pooch says:

                  Soros uses his money and power to influence policy in multiple countries. Isn’t that the definition of ruling class?

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Sorry, I replied to you by clicking in the wrong place.
                  I replied below.

                  You may be right on who the big fish are, and I have no idea the level of coordination of these people. But saying “fighting literally for his life” is a very strong statement, I find it hard to think it’s off the cuff.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  No, the definition of the ruling class would include power, which he doesn’t really have. A soldier might wield the sword, but he is not the ruler.

                  You can say he an insider of the elite, a part of the elite class in general, but not the ruling elite itself.


                  It’s not “off the cuff”, just holiness spiraling.

                  There’s no plan, there’s no organization beyond loose common points of insanity, just like there’s no plan to the 30 different struggling factions inside the Democratic party that are tearing it apart, upending each other in the holiness and the narrative and becoming more unhinged and insane every day. There’s only holiness spiral.

                  He’s doubling down on orange man bad, more holiness, to be one of the cool kids.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  I want to hate on old George, and by jealous instinct I still do, but it was this blog here — and only this blog here — that made me notice that it’s Hillary — not George — who never makes public appeals for anyone else’s attention or approval. Ever.

                  It’s like she’s the Godfather. People don’t tell the Godfather anything. People ask, and the Godfather answers.

                  Hillary doesn’t donate money to a hundred lefty causes. Hillary COLLECTS money.

                  Hillary isn’t happy to be interviewed. The interviewer is happy to interview Hillary.

                  And when it was time to show some belly and give a concession speech in November 2016, she just didn’t do it, and apparently didn’t have to.

                  What kind of power is this? What is it? Where does it come from?

                  She’s always had this “air of obviously deserving everything” about her. What is that?

                  I’ve never seen her ask a question.

                  And I don’t get it. There it is, plain as day, and I don’t get it. What in the world does she know, and who in the world does she know it about?

                  If the DNC picks her, and she dies before November, can she win anyway?

                  Why can no one manage to out-left this bitch and take her apples?

                  (Someone pointed out that maybe Bill Clinton isn’t the top dog alpha male after all, because look at the skanks he’s been banging. Maybe it’s been the Hillary Show from day one.)

                  What am I missing? What am I unconsciously protecting myself from noticing and understanding?

                • Starman says:

                  @Mister Grumpus

                  I think your observation is spot on. Soros gives out his money to NGOs. Crooked Cankles Clinton collects her money. It’s obvious she is power and Soros is servant.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  Mister Grumpus, you make some very good points.
                  I never noticed the bitch never asks a question, and people are just grateful to be in her presence. She certainly doesn’t seem to give two fucks about anyone.

                  But she really loves money (selling secrets, giving speeches for money), and is ruthless. Since Sauron has more money than her, I have to assume the bitch may not be as powerful, otherwise she would’ve found a way to grab more of it from others.

                  I’m not saying power is measured by money. I’m saying this bitch loves money. Given how much she loves money, I find it hard to see how being more powerful than Sauron wouldn’t have made her unbelievably rich.

                  At an event: “She turned to a staffer and said, ‘What the [expletive] did we come here for? There’s no money here,’”

                  She made 2.9m for 12 speeches. Someone more powerful than Sauron having to give 12 speeches for what amounts to pocket change to Sauron.

                  Just a thought.

                • Pooch says:


                  I have thought the same thing, but it would be horribly bad optics for Hillary, Obama, Cuomo etc to their voters if they were gazillionaires like the Jews, yet they can receive infinite donations from the Jews at will. In a sense, the Jews are simply the ATM for the DNC and the left.

                  I think Atavistic Morality is right. A good measurement of power is who controls the guns. It doesn’t appear to be the Jews. Hillary and Obama gave the orders to bomb Libya. Now it could be leftist top-level generals who pressure Hillary/Obama to sign off on the bombing of sand people as well. That seems plausible.

                  Looking domestically, the NYPD is the 5th largest military force in the world. Who gives them their orders? DeBlasio who takes orders from Cuomo, not the Jews.

                • simplyconnected says:


                  Well, I was only thinking of Sauron only, as compared with the bitch.
                  She certainly did a lot legal and otherwise to make money, so perhaps that is all she could do, and anything more drastic (e.g. confiscating other people’s wealth) was just not politically possible.
                  In that case control of the guns may as you say be a more accurate measure of actual power.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  If you think money is the ultimate power, try to bribe a cop in a western country and tell me how it goes.

                  The belief that money rules the world is a Marxist meme, a very convenient meme that always serves as a justification to rob and murder people with more money than those selling the message. But if money rules the world, and merchants rule the world, why are companies being drained dry by governments? Why are they completely regulated and at their beck and call? Remember 2008, remember Lehman Brothers? Obama told them “you didn’t do that” and destroyed them with policy.

                  Why are CEOs coerced by the NGOs and the media to accept a diversity that tanks their profit? Why a merchant breaks a law and goes to jail but the Democrat party is a mob and never touches the courts? If merchants rule the world, why don’t we live in Ancapistan? The answer is simple.

                  A merchant makes money selling you groceries, a priest makes money brainwashing you and setting up a Cathedral. Who has an incentive to control society, and who gets the most out of it? A merchant can’t control society selling groceries and if he stops selling groceries his “power” disappears. But a priest can control society brainwashing and selling narratives and his power only grows when he continues to do so, and stops when he doesn’t anymore.

                • The Cominator says:

                  To put it simply if capitalist ruled rhe world they could still fuck their secretaries.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  Btw I said Obama for poetic license, probably wasn’t him exactly.

                  But I used him because it was mind blogging to me at the time that he actually got to be in TV broadcasting to millions of people that white merchants didn’t do that, and he did actually proceed to spoil them. The last time you saw a CEO on TV was to kowtow to some NGO or antifa faggot.

                • simplyconnected says:

                  @Atavistic Morality

                  I never assumed that money is an accurate measure of power.
                  I only said that Hillary loves money, so I was surprised she wasn’t richer than Sauron if she was more powerful than him, given how much she loves money and how ruthless she is.

                  I conceded that she may be less rich but more powerful than Sauron, despite her love of money and ruthlessness. Pooch pointed out that it wouldn’t be good optics for her to be a billionaire. I conjectured that she just might not have been able to do anything more than she already did to acquire wealth (she did plenty legal and otherwise).

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Money is for Hillary what toilet paper is for me. When she needs it she reaches for it, it’s there, she picks it up, uses it, discards it and moves on. Easy.

                  Hillary asking why she’s wasting time in a room with no donor money in it just shows us how easy it is for her to get donations. She doesn’t even “get” them, she just “accepts” them. It’s not “love” of money, it’s “entitlement” to other people’s stuff, other people’s everything.

                  Even today, after “losing”, after Epstein, after the 30,000 emails, after Seth Rich, after Podesta’s serial killer fan art, after the Clinton Body Count, and after all the crap I can’t even remember. She’s STILL entitled to just saunter out there, in broad daylight, and just expect shit from people.

                  What in the hell IS that?

                  Meanwhile, nobody ever gave George Soros ANYTHING. Had to scrap around, change money in dark alleys, hatch his sheisty schemes and sell out his own people himself.

                  Jeez listen to me, it’s like I’m Jewish now too, but do you get it yet?

                • simplyconnected says:

                  @Mister Grumpus

                  No worries, I got it a while back. I even conceded that my suspicions are probably wrong.
                  Not sure why the fixation with Eskimos. Pooch also brought up Eskimos. I never even mentioned them as a group. I only compared Hillary with Sauron, instead of, say, with the Koch brothers, because Sauron seems to have more real-world influence (open society foundation NGOs all over the world), not because of his Eskimoness. Eskimoness wasn’t even mentioned. No need for defensiveness.

                  Thanks for the explanation, I do understand what you say, and it makes a lot of sense.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  I get exasperated and lash out. Hillary is the proof that I don’t understand how the world actually works.

                • Starman says:

                  @Mister Grumpus

                  I think you understand how power vs money works good enough.

                • The Cominator says:

                  One big quibble with all of this. Soros is an agent of greater powers but its wrong to think of him as a merchant… Soros is a priest (he even has pretensions of being a philosopher) who makes money off insider information via his Cathedral connections.

                • Atavistic Morality says:

                  I called him a peddler because he isn’t exactly a merchant like the CEO of Walmart but I wouldn’t say he is a priest either. He did rise in position making money through personal valid action.

                  It’s totally possible that is how he makes money today, but he knew how to be a merchant.

                  I’d say his pretensions are just virtue signaling for social status, different to genuine priestly affairs. It’s not unlike others such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, only this worthless Jew licks ass double their time because he is human waste. Imagine selling your own people to save your own skin to people who are going to exterminate them, good ethics.

                • alf says:

                  Money is for Hillary what toilet paper is for me. When she needs it she reaches for it, it’s there, she picks it up, uses it, discards it and moves on. Easy.

                  That’s an insightful comment, Grumpus. I think that’s exactly true.

                • Pooch says:

                  @The Cominator

                  This is right. He is the highest profile leftist Jew priest who does the left’s bidding with his wealth. Not unlike how King Richard used the Jews for loansharking. Him and all other leftist Jews like him are essentially storage vehicles of the left’s collective wealth. Come the Restoration, it all gets confiscated by the Reactionary State and used for reconstruction.

              • simplyconnected says:

                Him saying Trump is “fighting literally for his life” leads me to think that this is the plan for Trump, and whoever has influence wants the information out.
                Even if Soros’ strings are pulled, would the higher ups let him say something that amounts to a thinly veiled threat unless they want to make it public?.

                I doubt it’s an off the cuff comment. Soros speaks slowly, his speech seems calculated.

  6. Kanzaki says:

    This is w/o doubt one of the most interesting dissident blogs on the internet.

  7. Pooch says:

    Trump just admitted on tv he’s currently taking HCQ as a preventative measure apparently.

    • Strannik says:

      Could be a significant game changer in this war, for it is a war. Good job, Mr. President!

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “Admitted” my ass. That’s a salvo.

      “Wait a minute. The President can take this cheap generic drug to protect himself from Wu Flu but I can’t?”

  8. Marlow Colt says:

    Let’s hope Donald Jr runs and is elected in 2024 to protect the Trump clan from retaliation and continue the drainage.

  9. Pooch says:

    When you took power it was time for Caesar, now it is time for Constantine.

    Trump seems much more likely to pull an Augustus not a Constantine. Trump wants to Make America Great Again in the way that Augustus wanted to Make Rome Great Again by becoming emperor whilst holding up the facade of a functioning Republic. Augustus gave Rome 200 years of reaction during the Pax Romana. May not be a bad goal to reach for.

    • BC says:

      Trump was trained as a warrior in military school and while he’s a merchant, his business dealings appeared to managed more like a warrior. He went after the things more for glory rather than just money.

      However, Trump has a major flaw, he lacks the ability to be a father to the nation, which is necessary trait in a strong king.

      • jim says:

        I don’t see that. He is alpha male. What makes him inappropriate as a father to the nation? He seems to have been quite successful in being a father to his sons.

        • BC says:

          Trump wasn’t displaying the sort of father knows best resolve when it come to the Corona virus. He’s absolutely an alpha male that men would follow in to battle but I don’t get the patriarch of the nation vibe from Trump. I see it more from Putin than from Trump.

          Maybe that’s a quality that can’t be displayed when one isn’t firmly in power.

          • alf says:

            At this point his role makes him more like Han Solo than Yoda, so I think that’s right. He seems like a perfectly capable father figure to me.

          • CorkyAgain says:

            In other words, he’s more of a Crazy Horse than a Chief Joseph.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          To his sons perhaps, but his daughters on the other hand…

          Well, it’s completely prejudice since obviously I don’t know them, but they give off college temple prostitute vibe, big time. On the other hand he seems to have no problem shutting down feminists in public, so, mixed signals.

          Do you think Trump would be capable of restoring patriarchy? I can only hope.

          • Not Tom says:

            Certainly the eldest daughter does, but do all of them?

            And however much she may attention-whore, she is married, and said marriage appears to be stable, more or less.

            I’m not sure how much more one can reasonably expect in this environment. There is always an element of luck involved in children, even for model patriarchs.

          • Nikolai says:

            Trump is really a prime exemplar of the boomer/xer failure to raise daughters. They all marry women like Melania (model/cheerleader/Stacy-archetype) and then instruct their daughters to be the exact opposite. Trump seems to care far more about Ivanka having impressive credentials and gaining political prominence than he does about getting grandchildren. Just like the typical boomer marries his highschool sweetheart and then raises his daughter to be a careerist catlady. Granted, Ivanka does have a child, but her maternal qualities don’t seem to be her or Don’s primary concern.

            • BC says:

              My parents were the same with my sister. Endless resources and attention pumped into her, include expensive school. But she got married, is quite submissive to her husband and has 2 kids and one on the way even though she did wait until 32 to start having kids.

            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              Most men want a son through whom to live vicariously in old age. If they have only daughters and no prospect of sons, many push the daughters to act like sons. If they have a smart daughter and a dim son, they may do the same. When people have six or eight children, this was less likely to be an issue.

              • BC says:

                No I think it’s just a boomer thing to endlessly promote their daughters. I’m at least 25 IQ points smarter than my sister and but I received quite limited support compared to her from a very early age. I have a bit of Aspergers going on but my brother’s perfectly normal and smarter than my sister. He got very limited support as well. I think they lucked out my sister didn’t become a whore or a cat lady from all that schooling.

                A good friend of mine watched his family pay to push his sister all the way through a PHD program while he and his brother were left on their own for college. Now she’s a cat lady lady working as an incompetent over glorified lab assistant with no prospect of kids.

            • Leon says:

              A lot of men, be they macho or musho, seem to have this very passive resentment towards the women in their life. They marry those women but something irks them in the relationship, maybe he discovers she had lovers before him, she stops showing affection or turns into a harpy. They wind up trying to improve their daughters, turning them into what they want or expect from their wives. Daddy’s girls are as screwed up as momma’s boys.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Trumo has been a good father to his sons, but he has put his DAUGHTER and her awful husband in the White House as trusted advisers.

          Jared Kushner is sitting in Don Junior’s rightful place.

          Ever read King Lear?

      • Karl says:

        Trump attended the New York Military Academy, which is a private boarding school he entered at age 13. At most such a boarding school might train discipiline, but it does not train applying lethal force.

        Trump was trained as a merchant, perhaps as an administrator, but not as a warrior. His training is fundamentally different from men who were trained to kill and destory stuff.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          If the requirement to be a warrior is to be specifically trained to kill and destroy stuff, no one except special forces are warriors.

          You’d be surprised, but most soldiers aren’t really trained to apply lethal force.

          • Starman says:

            @Atavistic Morality

            Most important part of being a warrior is discipline and the band of brothers, something that is conspicuously missing in civilians.

          • Kanzaki says:

            If training to kill and destroy stuff is the requirement, ICBM missileers, bomber pilots and nuclear sub captains would be the uber-warriors. SOFs dont even register as a rounding error on the scale those guys are trained to kill at. Theyre not. ‘Warrior’ is a mindset, not a body count.

  10. Mister Grumpus says:

    I dwell in a pretty small bubble. So if this is “just me”, I’d have no way of knowing.

    But boy is the “for keepsies” nature of the situation becoming understood and (more importantly) accepted out there on “the right”… or what?

    Unless it’s “two Jews talking” (or two boomers, or two bugpeople, etc.) is there any public “dialogue” going much at all? Anywhere?

    (I mean shit they’ll take away my license for prescribing hydroxychloroquine and zinc supplements to a fat and diabetic boomer with Covid, just to save his life. The fuck next.)

    Are there proxy measures for this, outside one’s confirmation bias and digital AI thoughtfencing? Like what?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      thedonald.win has people talk about how this is going to require violence (don’t know how common an opinion it is, but it isn’t banned or mobbed down). The helicopter ride joke is a kidding/not kidding awareness of this.

  11. Steve Johnson says:

    Putting this here because its relevant to the topic although not directly related.

    Your model of almost all human relations (including government and male / female relations) being driven by the need for structures that allow cooperation has given me a framework to understand and make sense of a bunch of different topics that otherwise seem unrelated.

  12. The Cominator says:

    “Biden approved illegal spying on people in the Trump campaign.”

    Biden’s office did. Biden was not mentally lucid enough to be in charge of anything in 2015 either…

    Obama’s office via Valerie Jarett (Obama never made any decisions either hes mentally lucid enough but he was always just an actor) definitely was in the loop.


    Lets remember Obama certainly knew about Hillary’s server for one thing.


    • BC says:

      Biden was lucid in 2015. He was still directing actions like extorting the Ukraine to protect his son then.

      • The Cominator says:

        Point taken I guess… he was always stupid and seemed semi demented even then but maybe the serious dementia was only just setting in…

        • BC says:

          Biden’s brain has been misfiring since a series of brain aneurysm in the 80s that almost killed him. But his actual ability to function within the context of Dem politics started slipping in the last 5 years. Decline in the elderly tend to be slow at first and then very abrupt.

  13. Mister Grumpus says:

    Upgrade Qanon to Janon when?

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