Paul leading in Iowa

As the last non leftist still standing, Paul is now leading in Iowa, the first actual vote of the Republican nomination.

Paul twenty three percent, Mitt Romney twenty percent, Gingrich fourteen percent, ten percent or less for all the rest.

It is not “Anybody but Governor Romneycare”, but rather “Anybody but yet another leftist like Obama/McCain/Romneycare”

In the 2008 election the radical leftist McCain got the nomination, because the non left vote was split. So now Republicans don’t want to split. They all pile on to whatever non leftist is currently hot.

Expect therefore banner headlines quoting some of the more entertaining bits from the newsletter “Ron Paul and Associates”, for example that in the LA Riots order was only restored when it came time for blacks to pick up their welfare checks.

Paul’s snark was not literally true, because blacks don’t literally have to pick up their welfare checks – they get a cashcard to which welfare payments are automatically credited. But what is true is that every month crime is substantially lower from first of the month to the fifth of the month, when criminals are busy blowing their welfare checks, and the LA riots followed that pattern.

Indeed I think the switch from welfare checks to welfare cashcards was in large part to reduce jokes about the monthly crime drop and the monthly crime rise.

6 Responses to “Paul leading in Iowa”

  1. Dweezil says:

    Just the type of isnghit we need to fire up the debate.

  2. Stone says:

    It’s wdnoefrul to have you on our side, haha!

  3. bgc says:

    Sorry – I shouldn’t really have commented. Democracy is intrinsically Leftist and gets more so the longer it is in place – so by this point in history we have an intrinsically evil process choosing between a variety of intrinsically bad candidates. Sit back and watch the show…

  4. bgc says:

    I though Paul was a kind of libertarian – therefore a Leftist? There aren’t any non-Leftists in mainstream politics.

    • jim says:

      Ron Paul would turn the constitution back to the way it was before Roosevelt threatened to stack the supreme court. Of course, that is pretty left wing if you think that the removal of Charles the first was a bad idea and that things have been going downhill since then, but by the standards of today’s leftists, he is non left.

  5. Bill says:

    One news story I read claimed that Paul was almost nobody’s second choice. Thus, about 75% of Iowa Rs are crazy and 25% are sane—this seems highly plausible to me, based on my experiences. Once the field has narrowed to a crazy candidate and a sane candidate, the crazy will win in a landslide.

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