Tea Party Express is far left entryist

In its mailings, the Tea Party Express conceptualizes the political landscape of the US as  “conservative republicans”, “moderate republicans”, “right wing democrats”, and just plain “democrats”.   There is, it seems, only one liberal democrat, and no liberal or left wing republicans.

Thus betraying the writer’s real viewpoint – that the far left is normal and mainstream, and all the rest are weirdoes,  despite the fact that today’s “conservative republicans” are for the most part far to the left of the Clinton Democrats.

If the left wing of the Republican party are “moderates” to you, then you are looking at the party from outside.

Every few years the supposed right adopts the positions that were unthinkably extreme a decade or so previously.  For example today’s “conservative republicans” generally support Obamacare light, which is far to the left of the Bush position on medical care, which was itself far to the left of Clinton position on medical care.

Actual republicans conceptualize the political landscape as just plain “republicans”, “republicans in name only”, “moderate democrats”, and “liberal democrats”.

Tea Party Express has twice called Sherrod Brown a liberal democrat, but it seems that no other Democrats are liberals, whereas lots of Republicans that are pretty far left are “moderates”

If Tea Party Express opposes “moderate republicans” in favor of “conservative republicans”, why does it call them moderates? Does Ann Coulter call herself conservative?

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