The supposedly unelectable Sarah Palin

The Democrats assure Republicans that Sarah Palin is unelectable, and that for her to be nominated for president in 2012 is their wet dream, because it  would assure Obama of a second term, that if Republican nominate Sarah Palin, Democrats will be celebrating.

At the same time, the Democrats are quietly pushing the supposedly much more electable Michael Rubens Bloomberg as Republican presidential candidate in 2012, creating opportunities for him to receive favorable publicity, giving him lots of respect in Democrat controlled publications.  If he is so much more electable, why are the Democrats pushing him and mobilizing to prevent Sarah Palin from getting the nomination?

Never accept advice from your enemies.

The White House misses no opportunity to get the supposedly highly electable Michael Rubens Bloomberg some favorable publicity – Obama golfs with him, floats his name as treasury secretary, conspicuously sends prominent members of his government to conspicuously seek Bloomberg’s supposedly wise advice.  If I ask someone’s advice, I do not announce it with a fanfare.

This is mighty odd behavior for a White house that supposedly would  celebrating if the supposedly hopelessly unelectable Sarah Barracuda gets the nomination, rather than the supposedly terrifyingly electable Michael Rubens Bloomberg.  As they miss no opportunity to tell us they hope for Sarah Palin’s nomination, they also miss no opportunity to tell us they are terrified of Bloomberg’s nomination – and miss no opportunity to make Bloomberg’s nomination happen.

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