Trump taking power – slowly.

I predicted that by now he would have power, which prediction failed to come true. But neither is he defeated. He is moving along. He recently reduced US support for terror and genocide in Syria, turning off the Jordan supply line for terror and mass murder directed at Christians and Alawites. He honors businessmen who advance technology, instead of honoring businesses who appoint childless women to jobs for which they are entirely unqualified.

One of his huge problems is lack of Trumpists with Washington qualifications, as illustrated by the fact that for a long time he has had a press secretary and White House Communications director who hate him, think him stupid and evil, and have been gunning for a coup against him.

Personnel are policy, and the White House policy was that Trump was evil, dangerous, and needed to be overthrown and killed. Hence the mainstream press’s frequently accurate depiction of chaos in the White House.

So he eventually had them “move on to pursue new opportunities” and has now appointed a loyalist who is smart and able but has no particular connections or experience in “communications”.

What he needs is an institutional funnel, an anti university, for providing him with loyalists with relevant training. No such thing exists, because until now, any Trump like thinking was automatic and total disqualification for any such jobs. Personnel are policy, and Harvard gets to control the personnel. And the policy is that Trump has got to go.

Anyone with relevant and appropriate qualifications is probably an unappeasably hostile enemy of Trump

King David had his mighty men. Pinochet was conscripted into the coup by the junior officers almost at gunpoint, and hauled off from his grandchildren to the still smoking presidential palace. Trump is rather isolated in a hostile Washington. Needs to bring in an occupation force hostile to Washington, has not been doing so.

Appointing a loyalist communications director is a good start. Needs to bring in anti Washington Trump loyalists who have the attitude that they are a hostile occupation force who have come to seize the Washington establishment’s land and women, that they are there to drain the swamp, and the locals, everyone with supposedly relevant qualifications, are swamp critters who depend on the swamp ecology, who are unlikely to appreciate their beloved swamp being drained.

He needs to bring in loyalists who can themselves bring more loyalists from outside the swamp. If you are going to drain the swamp, cannot rely on swamp critters.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    >Puritans are attacking the Jewish capability to reproduce?

    Why is Scott Aaronson calling himself “shtetl optimized”? Because he’s too autistic to seduce a woman on his own, being the stereotypical Ashkenazi nerd that he is, so he desperately needs arranged marriage as has existed in the good ol’ shtetl days. In the same way, Indians (bindis) are too autistic for seduction, so they need arranged marriage also.

    While the foreskin-choppers have more charisma and social-savvy than the street-shitters, both would do best to bring back arranged marriage. Heck, whites could probably benefit from arranged marriage as well, but let’s pretend that this is not the case and that things are working “just fine” as they are. Anyways, the shtetl-optimized (like the Ganges-optimized), in the West, and if they are secular, are distinctly sterile; sterility being “A-okay” is a white meme, because whites cope with sterility better than Jews, as a matter of fact.

    Can’t find the source, but ancient Greek marriage has traditionally been for love (which is why virgin sacrifice existed there – need to induce women to get married for love), while in India it has traditionally been arranged by the family (hence, when the husband dies, the wife is suspected of poisoning him or otherwise murdering him, and she can prove her innocence by immolating herself in Suttee). Perhaps we should adopt virgin sacrifice as in Greece or Suttee as in India — the latter has been abolished by perfidious Albion, let’s not forget — to get people married again!

    At this point you can say: “but I am not Ashkenazi, or Indian, or Greek, so why should I adopt this stuff?” – and the answer is that you should adopt it societally, because societally the average TFR has been in decline since the the beginning of the 20th century, before the kikery intensified.

    • jim says:

      Wrong. If TFR had been in decline since the start of the twentieth century, you could blame the Jews, but it has been in decline since King George unsuccessfully attempted to divorce his non virgin slut wife Caroline.

      The solution to the problem is obvious. Put things back as they were before the campaign sanctifying bad women and bad behavior by women. Put marriage and female status back to 1790. We should not imitate the Jews (except the Old Testament Jews) or the Indians, or any other group. We should imitate 1790 English. (Plus a bit of Deuteronomy and Proverbs)

      • Garr says:

        Is there even a single instance of wife-hitting mentioned in any piece of English literature prior to 1790? (Maybe in Chaucer somewhere? Punch and Judy plays, where it would be seen as evidence of a lower-class mentality?)
        Are there any reports of any English king ever hitting his wife? Of any English nobleman ever doing so?

        Not as relevant, but is wife-hitting mentioned in any Roman or Greek literature? (Maybe in Aristophanes somewhere?) (Augustine does report that his mother’s friends used to complain at the well about being hit by their husbands … his mother would say, “Well, you if you weren’t so rude to them, they wouldn’t hit you!”)

        • peppermint says:

          Historically it wasn’t considered something to write down, but there is a rumor of a knight’s manual talking about beating your wife, and there’s the legend of the rule of thumb.

          I was just arguing with some nazi-puritans on discord who claimed that slapping your wife in the face with your dick is degenerate and the thought of feeling her mouth on your cock is revolting.

          Historically the specifics of what domination and sex acts you do to your wife weren’t considered to be polite or proper to write down.

          Anglin is trying to get through to these puritans. The other day he posted a picture from a thot’s social media gushing about how much she loves having a knife held to her throat.

          I don’t know what to do about this other than try to popularize the word supererogation, evolutionary psychology, and Anglin’s scientific morality.

          The latest Daily Shoah condemned porn and music as morally degenerative for men and praised Jung, a philosopher best known for not being Freud.

          • peppermint says:

            The problem is, America used to be part WN and part puritan. In the War between the States, the puritans won, but both sides were always both WN and puritan, as seen in the character of Jefferson, who cut the miracles out of his Bible and felt the need to argue that fictional books are okay to have.

          • Garr says:

            Well, sex-games are an entirely different matter; I didn’t have that in mind. I imagine that in a society in which male authority is taken for granted people wouldn’t feel as inclined toward captor-captive sex-play, but maybe I’m wrong.

            “Beating your wife” just seems weird. Swatting her now and then maybe, but “beating”? And if the knight’s wife swats the knight (as I’m sure she would; women frequently swat men, because they know it doesn’t hurt), what does he do? Pinch her ear, I guess.

            It seems to me that the occasional irritated swat is entirely compatible with domestic affection, but that calmly punitive hitting isn’t. Same with “disciplining” kids. The idea of a parent coolly administering “corporal” punishment to a kid is disturbing.

            On America formerly being “part WN and part puritan”: I’ve been reading THE AGE OF REFORM by Hofstadter. The Populists of the 1890s were WNs, it seems. Supporting your point that “both sides were always both WN and Puritan”, Hofstadter writes that the Populists were in basic agreement on major issues with people from a Puritan background: “While the silverites were raging openly and earnestly against the bankers and the Jews, Brooks and Henry Adams were expressing in their sardonic and morosely cynical correspondence the same feelings …” (91).

            Were actual Puritans really especially opposed to captor-captive sex-play? I assume that Puritan couples were as sexually playful as High-Church couples. If they didn’t play captor-captive games, they probably just weren’t inclined to do so, maybe because male and female domestic roles were so naturally inhabited.

            • peppermint says:

              Domination is essential to sex between humans just as it is between cats and all other mammals. The refusal to recognize this is due to soul theory replacing evolutionary psychology, and this is one reason soul theory is inherently cucked.

              The older puritan WNs remember a WN and puritan America and want it all back the way it was. But the way it was was going to end up in one of two places: abandoning puritanism for scientific morality, or abandoning WN for thirdworldism.

    • Garr says:

      Upper-class Athenian marriages at Plato’s time don’t seem to have been love-motivated, but it’s hard to know whether Plato’s giving us an accurate picture of what the scene was like. Maybe upper-class marriages have never been for love? But it’s easy to have sex with a decent-looking woman who’s decisively yours, and easy to love her once you’ve had sex with her, so arranged marriages seem like a good idea to me. (Loving married couples are the norm in Ovid.) I wish these NYC South-Italian kids’ parents were marrying them off to each other by about age 19; that way the boys wouldn’t all be sad sagging stoners looking ahead into nothing.

      • Alrenous says:

        Moderns: “Find that special someone.”
        Reality: conservatively, everyone in the middle 68% is compatible with everyone else in the middle 68%. Slot A being compatible with tab B is also more than skin deep, as it were.

      • Turtle says:

        You might be more sad for the boys, but the girls are sagging too, anatomically. Sagging indicates depression, as do premature wrinkles. They also need sensual ethnic culture, but I don’t know Italian dancing or anything of theirs other than food.
        Are there any exceptions who do marry early? I’d like to emulate that.

        • Garr says:

          The South-Italian girls in NYC are very nice people, Turtle. The typical set-up is that they’d become teachers and marry cops or firemen. So, if you would like to marry one of them — and I do recommend this, because, as I said, they’re very kind and pleasant although troubled by the thought that they’re supposed to have “careers” — I suggest that you become a cop or fireman. Cops and firemen make good salaries in NYC and have good benefits. The (White male) cops tend to be more spectrum-y, the firemen more alpha. You’d really be doing the public an important service if you became an NYC cop — the force is sort of deteriorating now, to the point where I suspect that two kinds of cops are unofficially recognized, the real ones and the fake ones. (What do you think, Viking?)

          • Turtle says:

            Don’t you know the surprisingly low IQ ceiling for cops? Smart cops do things like lawyering or forensics- support services. So I can’t be a cop.

            I am not conventionally heroic, as in plainly helping people. I generally assume people are partly at fault when they are in trouble, and thus would be ineligible on ‘ethical grounds.’ Basically, bureaucratization forces everyone to tolerate crime, like bad wiring,until it causes a problem,and then complain as if God failed us. this happened in Oakland with their huge warehouse fire. The problem was greed, hoarding, laziness, etc.- not managing the property, and bad music.

            So I would be too moralizing, like pointing out that evil music can cause arson. Only believers want priestly behavior. Maybe I could go back to Russia, they’re saner, but the cops are lazy and corrupt. And they have awful arson problems, killing thousands each year, especially in mental hospitals. This is the kind of news that actually matters, but is “unprofessional” for journalists to mention.

            I’d rather be in the military, but without lgbt deviants. Unless America reforms fast, I will not be employable here, regardless of my skills and likability.

            As for Italians, I’m not Italian, and that’s too much genetic distance to bridge. I did visit some Catholic churches recently, and found one good icon. The big one is no so Hispanicized that its signage is in Spanish only, and their priest hablo un poco English.It would be nice to reclaim the Roman Church from the “charismatic movement” (western hemisphere indigenous paganism masquerading as pentecostal blessings), but their poopie-head Francis is a “charismatic” Jesuit, and so, I wonder if the next pope will be African or Filipino (I want a Kazakh, they are are very traditional Catholics, thus respected by Muslims). To clarify, “charismatics” like to gossip about demons, but not venerate God’s angels. It’s dark, like the death cult in Mexico, with mock funerals.

            If only Trump were religious actually, not superficially, he would point out that our southern neighbors are idolaters. But maybe he likes taco bowls and Miss Universe Machado too much. He could have pwned her so well.. and failed. All his mistakes add up.

            • peppermint says:

              Does evil music cause arson?

              TRS thinks music, weed, and porn are morally degenerative, while Spencer and Anglin think UBI is good and inevitable.

              In reality, welfare is much more morally degenerative than drugs, porn and casual sex, or any music.

              The place hippies burned down recently and died in, it was surely a den of drugs, casual sex, degenerate music and art and porn. But it owed its existence to welfare.

  3. Aoife says:

    Jim: “Puritan descended people with Puritan descended ideologies….are attacking the Jewish capability to reproduce.”

    Puritans are attacking the Jewish capability to reproduce?

    I didn’t know this.

    All right, I have to confess that I may be partly responsible. As a young protestant girl in Northern Ireland, I once turned down the advances of a classmate named Rosenblatt.

    But this was before I knew anything about their troubles. Now I feel guilty.

    If I could do it all over again, I’d answer differently, something like this:

    “… and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.”

    (closing lines from Ulysses by James Joyce)

  4. Rick Sean says:

    BTW Jim have you looked at Macron ? He’s basically implementing all Trump’s policies, but presenting himself as Trudeau, and he seems to be getting his way.

    – He put in place an act to remove two laws for each added
    – He said no more aid for Africa until they fix their civlization and stop having so many kids
    – He’s talking about putting boots on the ground in Libya to solve the migrant crisis and stopping all boats.
    – He said all migrants should be removed from the street and put into camps by the end of the year.
    – He fooled all environmentalists by giving a ministry to a Green TV Personality and then cock blocks his every moves.
    – He managed to get full control of the parliament by tricking the french into voting for his personal goons under the guise of gender equality and other bullshit.
    – He’s acting as if the European Union doesn’t exist and acts solely in the interest of France, and does it quite aggressively, while saying the complete opposite.
    – After having 100% media support during his campaign, he dimissed them as being too stupid to understand his policies, and now they don’t know what to do
    – He’s acting more friendly with Trump than with Angela Merkel, which must piss her off immensely.

    Basically it’s the “We come in peace” Mars Attacks tactic, and amazingly enough it seems to work. I wonder what he’ll do about Islam.

    • viking says:

      Thats interesting I have often used that tactic myself earnestly saying one thing while doing another it works well and I really hope macron is really doing this and doing it for the right reason

      • Aoife says:


        On another blog you were asking for commenters opinion of Kevin B. MacDonald’s Culture of Critique, and the JQ.

        I never comment on that blog, otherwise I might have suggested that for you to read Kevin MacDonald at this point is almost a waste of time, because he’s not going to tell you anything you haven’t already figured out on your own.

        The next step is to understand that what we’re facing is White genocide by design (NOT by accident) and the following article does a very good job of connecting the dots

        First an excerpt followed by the link:

        “Miscegenation cannot be commanded, but it can be promoted. Depriving Whites of the possibility to be among themselves in terms of residence, study, work and recreation is one thing. Suggesting miscegenation in films, TV series and commercials is another thing. There is nowadays hardly any form of media that is not full of this race mixing propaganda, mostly in subliminal form, and it is the Jews who control the media.”

        • jim says:

          The next step is to understand that what we’re facing is White genocide by design

          The fundamental cause of the destruction of the white race is failure to reproduce, and in particular and especially the failure of high IQ white females to reproduce. Jews are not doing this, because Jews have the same problem only worse.

          • pdimov says:

            Nonsense. The destruction of the white race is being funded. Funding doesn’t just magically happen because low TFR.

            • Garr says:

              You mean funding of movies in which supergirls don’t want to have babies? Yes, that’s annoying — Lorilaine isn’t explicitly ruling out bearing kids to Valerian, though. I was annoyed that Gomorrah in Guardians of the Galaxy seems unlikely to become the Mom of Starlord’s quarter-White babies, and it looks like Spiderboy’s going to have quarter-White babies unless MaryJane decides that she needs a career. And it would have been nice if Wonder Woman had been impregnated by Steve Rogers (I think that’s his name — or is that Captain America?) before he died. Well, maybe she was. That would have been a sort of nonWhite baby, I guess.
              (Those posters for gyms and kickboxing places in which girls hold up their shirts to show you their slender muscular tummies are funny, because they’re like, “Look how unpregnant I am! Impregnate me!”)

              • Garr says:

                I mean quarter-non-White (three-quarters-White), Gomorrah and MaryJane being half-White. Sorry.

                • peppermint says:

                  The word for non-Whites is muds, or, in PC company, pocs.

                • Garr says:

                  Okay, but suppose you had four wives — Lorilaine (from “Valerian”) as your main wife, with Gomorrah, MaryJane (Spiderboy’s girlfriend-in-waiting, who gives him the finger and has cute political opinions), and Wonderwoman as wives 2, 3, and 4. Now you’re going to have a family-meeting, maybe to reassign housekeeping-responsibilities. You’re with Lorilaine in the kitchen; she’s just fetched you a Sierra Nevada Torpedo to help you collect your thoughts. Are you really going to tell her, “Thanks, Honey; go get the muds”?

                • peppermint says:

                  Those other wives better be quarter-Jew, sestaroon, and eighth chink, or the heirarchy will be uncomfortably clear to them. Also polygyny isn’t White.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  Spidergirl was openly ridiculous in that she was far less attractive than the random blonde girls in spiderman’s class who were there only to show that he didn’t prefer them. At least it had some relevance to the plot.

              • pdimov says:

                I mean NGOs being paid per “refugee” and literally picking up said “refugees” off the African coast to transport them to Europe.

                This is as real as it gets. It’s not about abstractions anymore.

            • Turtle says:

              > destruction of the white race is being funded

              Suicide is expensive, but it’s a choice. Will you do something about how popular it is among whites? I mean, just make people happy, with or without your own funding.

              • peppermint says:

                One of the many problems with christcuckoldry is its individualism, that foreshadowed the individualism of classical liberalism. Souls are seen as having sole responsibility for themselves with respect to sin, which is the only metric worth talking about.

                According to which, the Boomers are simply evil individuals, instead of led to their bad behavior through a combination of the latest versions of christcuckoldry and Jewish subversion. White women who choose muds may or may not have a personal failing – most christcucks believe that marrying a mud and having mud children is better than having one fatherless White child – but other Whites who are mean to them are committing a personal sin and there is nothing worse than a personal sin.

                For this reason alone christcuckoldry is unsuitable as a religion for a large-scale county instead of a network of small villages. But there are, of course, other problems, such as soul theory inappropriately suggesting that black lives matter.

              • pdimov says:

                Choice, sure.


                And that’s just the latest one. We should have fewer children, fellow white people. It’s for the planet.

                These articles are also spontaneously appearing out of nowhere. Are there limits to what low TFR can cause? Apparently not.

                • Aoife says:

                  Excerpted from the article I linked to above:

                  “The commercials sell the ideas of homosexuality, interracial adoption, marriages between white women and black men and the production of Mulatto children until they form the majority.

                  The films sell the ideas of “evil white racism”(especially of Southerners), the total dispossession of Whites, the surrender to a mass invasion of “refugees”, race war and murder of “Nazis” by Jews.

                  In the commercials the idea of homosexual marriage is sold as a “normal” variety of marriage, first between two white men and then between a white and a black man.

                  Such couples are then allowed to form a “family”, first by adopting children of their own race, and then by adopting interracially.

                  This is a combination of three Jewish agendas : 1) degrading normal marriage, 2) promoting sterility of Whites, 3) promoting race mixing.”

                  Yeah, but there’s nothing sinister about any of this. Of course not. That all this anti-white, race-mixing propaganda is occurring at exactly the same time as MASS non-white immigration into white countries, and white countries only, is just a pure coincidence.

                • jim says:

                  Degrading normal marriage started with the Puritans legalizing divorce and allowing women to speak in Church. Normal marriage was restored in the restoration, but then the desecration of marriage started again with the inability of King George to divorce the slut Queen Caroline. Jews not involved.

                  If anything, the direction of causation is the other way around: Puritan descended people with Puritan descended ideologies, for example Margaret Meade, are attacking the Jewish capability to reproduce.

                • peppermint says:

                  》Yes, I blame the Jews – don’t tell me I’m blaming women instead of Jews – I blame the Jews for convincing white men that women should be able to give opinions, rather than have their opinions given to them.

                  》If you allow women to give opinions, it is always going to be some kind of nutty sex scam.


                  So the question is, will this lead us out of White sharia into form of non-Jewish, Christian feminism? It has happened before.

                • peppermint says:

                  ((Mary)) is in heaven, therefore women have souls and are morally responsible for their decisions, therefore women have the ability to make decisions for themselves and it’s nobody else’s business.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >So the question is, will this lead us out of White sharia into form of non-Jewish, Christian feminism?

                  With no shitskins and no kikes corrupting society genetically and memetically, it’s possible to establish White sharia with the following measures:

                  a) reduce female employment to no higher than 5%, eliminating the majority of female jobs, giving females no access to high-status male jobs (these horny Austrian catladies are careerists; no careers means no catladies);

                  b) illegalize contraception. Crack down on possession or distribution of condoms and pills. GRIDS-faggots will die faster, which is excellent, and the TFR will rise sharply. Most white women aren’t into impulsive infanticide, and the ones who are have BPD or psychopathy and therefore don’t deserve to reproduce anyway lol;

                  c) instead of sending teenagers to schools so they can learn bullshit nobody cares about, send teenagers to “youth camps” where there will be both sex-segregated and non-sex-segregated activities; since the cucks are wrong and teens are indeed sexual beings, this will offer the opportunity to turn informal teen couples into formally married couples – they’ll be fucking regardless, so why not “strike while the iron is hot”?;

                  d) the most radical measure I can think of is making it legal to murder unmarried women who are aged 20+. From the age of 20 onward, they are practically no longer under the auspices of their fathers, so there’s no meaningful violation of property rights involved here. Women want to be raped, having dominant sperm force-pumped unto their ovaries, but not murdered afterwards and disposed of into a trash container in a dark alley like rat carcasses;

                  e) if sex-ed is an option, I say, why not? But not the christcuck abstinence variety, and not the kike-leftist degenerate variety; rather, make sex-ed about how the menstrual cycle works and how to recognize the fertile days of ovulation, aiming to instruct females about getting pregnant as efficiently as possible. Want schools? Okay: “the end of your monthly follicular phase is soon approaching, so your homework assignment for this week, maiden, is to get pregnant by your boyfriend.” Then have them shotgun married;

                  f) let’s say proposals (a) and (d) have been disregarded. All is not lost. In that case, let’s make “adult camps” paralleling the “youth camps”, and send, not as a choice but as a duty, all the unmarried workers to these camps every 4 months or so. Vacation with various organized activities and shit like that. So, let’s say you’re a shy dude, fantasizing about your female coworker when you masturbate before falling asleep at night. Surely, my proposal here can help you somewhat? Note: if we are encouraging coworkers to “know each other”, perforce the current legislation about “sexual harassment” “in the workplace” flies out the window;

                  g) okay, so I’m kinda deeply inspired by NS Germany right now, but why not send unmarried college/university students to camps as well? Everyone should be in a camp. If we’re gonna socially engineer, let’s socially engineer to the best of our ability. Recreational activities, physical exercise – if no muds in society, that’s all very possible, and provides the “fertile ground” (wink wink) to get White sharia implemented.

                  The overall point I’m trying to make is that “non-Jewish, Christian feminism” isn’t all that very intimidating – the solution is not philosophagging, rather, the solution must be purely practical measures. If we ditch our libertarian proclivities, and go “big state” instead, then the state should be utilized for racial-husbandry. But to implement these 7 proposals, you gotta kick the puritans in their perpetually blue balls, because all of these ideas are anti-puritan to the core.

                  If you want the 14 words, can’t have puritanism.

                • Corvinus says:

                  This is why this blog is great for laughs. You have an anonymous poster who makes these epically inane comments.

                  “b) illegalize contraception. Crack down on possession or distribution of condoms and pills. GRIDS-faggots will die faster, which is excellent, and the TFR will rise sharply.”

                  So the Heartiste’s and the Roosh’s of the world would be out of the sex trafficking, I mean manosphere, business.

                  “c) instead of sending teenagers to schools so they can learn bullshit nobody cares about, send teenagers to youth camps”

                  A Hillary inspired worldview.

                  “d) the most radical measure I can think of is making it legal to murder unmarried women who are aged 20+.”

                  Classic demented Jim logic on display.

                  “Women want to be raped, having dominant sperm force-pumped unto their ovaries, but not murdered afterwards and disposed of into a trash container in a dark alley like rat carcasses”

                  This statement is a telltale sign of a butt hurt gamma who lacks the looks and personality to get married and sire his own offspring.

                  “g) okay, so I’m kinda deeply inspired by NS Germany right now, but why not send unmarried college/university students to camps as well? Everyone should be in a camp.”

                  How about you start these camps yourself. Conduct a field report. Record it on YouTube. Inform us of your successes.

                  “The overall point I’m trying to make is that “non-Jewish, Christian feminism” isn’t all that very intimidating – the solution is not philosophagging, rather, the solution must be purely practical measures. If we ditch our libertarian proclivities, and go “big state” instead, then the state should be utilized for racial-husbandry. But to implement these 7 proposals, you gotta kick the puritans in their perpetually blue balls, because all of these ideas are anti-puritan to the core.”

                  This, ladies, is a virtuoso virtue signaling performance on display.

                • peppermint says:

                  Anglin just explained the difference between nazis and puritans, utilitariams, classical liberals, and all of their followers in , in which he quotes the 88 words if “scientific morality”, which explicitly contrasts with utilitatian morality:

                  Social and redistributive justice is replace with
                  》the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted it by the creator of the universe

                  Where “mission alloted by creator” is easily replaced by Darwin with “galactic lebensraum”.

                  He also coined another 14w: hit her in the stomach, not the face, so she looks nice at dinner.

                  Because of the explicit contrast with JS Mill, this should be radical enough for Jim.

                • Cavalier says:

                  hit her in the face, not the stomach, so your children grow up smart

                • pdimov says:

                  “Puritan descended people with Puritan descended ideologies, for example Margaret Meade, are attacking the Jewish capability to reproduce.”

                  Those evil Puritans with their mind rays.

                • Anonymous says:

                  >So the Heartiste’s and the Roosh’s of the world would be out of the sex trafficking, I mean manosphere, business.

                  So you admit that “sex-trafficking” (ISIS excluded) is a hoax, then? Also, you misunderstand the utility of PUAs. They are a force for description, not prescription.

                  >A Hillary inspired worldview.

                  We are stronger together.

                  >This statement is a telltale sign of a butt hurt gamma who lacks the looks and personality to get married and sire his own offspring.

                  SJWs always project.

                  >How about you start these camps yourself. Conduct a field report. Record it on YouTube. Inform us of your successes.

                  I am STATIST scum, it’s impossible lol. Or perhaps you think I’m a billionaire, which is flattering, I have to admit.

                  >This, ladies, is a virtuoso virtue signaling performance on display.

                  Actually, the internet-persona you were exposed to is decidedly NOT prone to virtue-signaling.

                  Also, you’re the only lady here. As such, you should be very glad indeed that I only rape small children and the occasional Terrier, otherwise the “performance” would be “displayed” upon you.

                  (it’s a joke… or is it?)

                  (It is)

                  (Viking, if you need someone to watch out for your teen daughter, y’know, to keep her “safe and sound”, I’m definitely available)

                  (“Internet tough-guys” invariably lack a sense of humor, and should be trolled more often)

                • Anonymous says:

                  Corvinus is probably too autistic to be trolled with pedo jokes. But I’ve got another plan…

                  >get Corvinus’ email address
                  >go on vacation for a week in Eastern Europe
                  >there, go to some internet cafe
                  >open a new email address
                  >email Corvinus “what’s up with the bomb?”
                  >repeat 3 days later
                  >repeat again just before flight back
                  >FBI knocks on Corvnus’ door

                  You better delete those encrypted files, Corvinus; if you’re a suspected terrorist, they’ll check your computer for stuff, and the truth will be found out. Just kidding: they can retrieve the files even if deleted lol.

                  (Now read the previous sentence CLOSELY)

                • Anonymous says:

                  Come to think of it, I should probably spend less time on the darknet.

    • Alrenous says:

      Macron, master of ketman.

  5. Anon says:

    The idea that Obama is some great intellectual and Trump is a drooling vegetable is laughable. As soon as you take away the teleprompter and sit him next to an expert in any given subject matter, Obama stumbles over his words and struggles to keep up:

    One thing that’s worth noting is the almost universal human tendency to avoid looking or sounding like an idiot. Nobody likes to think they are a dummy. One of the most commonly levied accusations against Trump is that he’s an idiot, and the meme that he is an idiot offers a unique opportunity for people – oddly enough many of them journalists, college-aged humanities majors, and generally people who have never touched maths or STEM in their lives – to signal that they’re smarter than they actually are.

    I see it all the time, in real life and on the internet. A perfect example is viking/michael/colln ryan who can’t go more than a few comments without calling Trump an idiot and yet he consistently makes some of the lowest IQ posts on this blog and elsewhere. If people were at least accurate in diagnosing how Trump did what he did instead of doubling down on the idea that he stumbled his way into the White House and he’ll be impeached the week before yesterday I could give them the benefit of the doubt but it just sounds like resentment at being outplayed.

    • Alrenous says:

      Trump doesn’t use bureaucrat/scientist shibboleths. Obviously everyone would talk like a Harvard chemistry professor if they could manage it, right?

    • Turtle says:

      That’s an adorable goofball video of our dear Insane-Hussein flirting with other closeted dweebs. Cosmopolitan? No, Sodomopolitan.

      Oh Mr. Pineapple-Head, when will your daughters marry Saudi Arabias’ 16th-highest ranking prince, or a Chinese African (they have a whole Chocolate City, Guangzhou, full of black immigrants)? When will you come out as Trayvon-al-Hawaii, team manager of the new WNBA team, D.C. Swamp-lawyerettes?

      I just mean he’s a fool, and relatedly, one of his underage daughters had a public mental crisis at an adult nightclub recently. Maybe I should pity him, but his proverb, “IF IF IF IF” is so open-minded, that it leads to confefe for all, and I want my confefe con WALL. He says in this interview that walls can’t work for security, but spying on everyone does, so… we can conclude he spies on Trump with a sense that it’s the only way to keep America safe from superior golfers.

      Now, I suddenly thought that Michelle probably hits him. He looks hurt. But more professionaly, he has no idea what to do with the rest of his life, and that is concerning. Dubya paints veterans, and has a new book out. Carter teaches Sunday school. I propose that he follow Condoleeza Rice into sports management, an all-American semi-retirement, with or without Swampettes.

      So far, his greatest legacy is as the only-Black-powder-cocaine enthusiast-in-the-world (the rest do crack, to enjoy longer prison sentences). It’s like God rewarded him for being the only sober one, in an amusingly strange world.

    • Zach says:

      Obummer funnels his every thought through a PC filter before uttering his bs, usually. Might explain his handicap.

  6. viking says:

    Trumps really blowing up “the mooch” who speaks of himself in the third person by his nickname thats uncomfortably reminiscent as he is of that other jersey shore guy “the situation” I will bet within days they will be calling him “the situation room” anyway this idiot called up the new yorker and accused Priebus of felony – turned out not true, and said of Bannon “Im not bannon trying to sick my own cock” meanwhile Jims god emperor was threatening to fire everyone as if hes also still on reality TV – this is literally the idiocracy.
    all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and build the wall and deport them all. It really makes you wonder if this wasnt the lefts seting us up to discredit the right for eternity

    • peppermint says:

      (1) Tranny shit is in the news to slide something else. What is it? I don’t know, but it’s probably something to do with the DoJ that Trump doesn’t necessarily want to look hand in glove about
      (2) Scarface is creating drama to make sure the media has to talk about him instead of carefully analyzing whether they want to double down on trannies

    • jim says:

      Trump casually reverses the outcome of World War Trans with a single tweet, and suddenly everyone is talking about the dispute between one of his alt right employees, and another of his alt right employees.

      If the focus is on alt rightists in power, it normalizes alt rightists in power, no matter how loudly people denounce them. You don’t denounce low status people. You don’t try to lower the status of people who are already low status.

      And it normalizes the reversal of World War Trans. It is win/win/win.

      You are trying to lower the status of Trump, and my status, by associating us with the supposedly low status Trump employees (the Mooch) but in doing so, you elevate their status, my status, and Trump’s status. And you normalize our sudden and utterly unexpected victory in World War Trans.

      • viking says:

        JIM JIM Jim youre as paranoid as trump. I heard the mooch was a harvard educated yet street smart fighter, I read hes going to be like what i hoped bannon would be a tough catholic school kid who made good in the wasp world with smarts but hasnt forgotten reality.
        next thing I know hes calling bannon a cocksucker literally in the middle of the night on the record while stupidly trying to get said reporter to implicate Priebus in a felony he didnt commit. I have no love of priebus or any cuckserve. I still hope by some miracle trump deports them all even the children. but its going to be a miracle because as anyone with sense realized by the debates trumps a moron who got lucky. Now i might not say that to liberals but around here i would hope we could admit the truth. I could even say in this idiocracy we lkive in using cocksucker might be ok if it were used strategically and it won something but it wasnt it was just bragging and chimping to the enemy and further hurt the presidency.

          • viking says:

            yeah i watched all those before the election and Im a newyorker been watching trump for decades.

            ok hes not actually a moron but hes way outmatched, and he wasnt smart enough to realize it was inevitable that he would be, he doesnt read hes impatient with detail. he used to operating in construction where authority is absolute.

            • jim says:

              ok hes not actually a moron but hes way outmatched,

              Outmatched by the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton, and all those really smart Republican candidates for president. </sarcasm>

              OK, the wall is behind schedule, and Obamacare is still screwing up our heathcare system, but he just reversed the outcome of World War Trans with a single tweet. I totally did not see that colossal victory coming.

              • Turtle says:

                Now he has momentum, or rather courage and support, to ban transvestitization mutilation in TrumpCare. And in short, I think “RESIST” was lame as a Gen (cu)_ehcks counterculture slogan, and when boomers take it on as an anti-Trump meme, it hands power over to his patriots. WWTrans will involve some documentary, I suppose by Cernovich, exposing these quack doctors, evil parents, and patients who regret their “transition.” De-transitioning will expand, andthis might make testosterone replacement more popular. I hope for the best.

                The wall is behind schedule because defeating MS-13 takes the first priority. It’s Sessions’ choice to prioritize public safety-by his high standards of peace, order, etc., we have an epidemic of gang violence. He’s serious about ‘bad hombres,’ and the new ‘victims of illegal immigrant crimes unit’ Trump set up is topkek.

                There’s no point in building a wall while your enemies can still take your civilians and infrastructure hostage. You didn’t hear that the cartels just launched a military assault on Mexico City? That seems like extortion- stop the wall, or the truce with bourgois Mexicans, who never leave the capital, is suspended. They are trying to negotiate, just like the Democrats. Seeing their bluffs/ lies does not change that they are making claims which must be answered. Trump just figuratively said, “I raise” in the swamp casino. Nobody calls his bets when they’re surprising. Everyone’s shocked, with or without gladness.

              • Anonymous says:

                If anything he has simply given trans a huge rallying cry. The armed forces have refused to back Trump. He doesn’t know how to roll any kind of legislative agenda out thoughtfully – whatever you think of the ideological value of the shit he’s doing, he’s doing it POORLY. He is a moron. He tries to legislate via twitter, without actually involving the rest of the government…. He is far too set in the ways of a crooked real estate shyster. He’s PT Barnum on a massive scale, except dumber and (scarily) with real power

                • Anonymous says:

                  “If anything he has simply given trans a huge rallying cry.”

                  No, he literally made them cry.

                  Go choke on Obama’s cock.

                • jim says:

                  If anything he has simply given trans a huge rallying cry.

                  Like he gave “Black Lives Matter” a huge rallying cry. </sarcasm> You guys keep telling me he is stupid, but then he makes you burst into tears.

                  The outcome of World War Trans has been reversed with a single absolutely perfectly targeted tweet.

                  It is a work of genius. Watch trans go back to the closet. A stunning victory in the meme wars.

                  Still not tired of winning.

                  And come the next election, we are going to have enough Trump republicans in house that he will be able to force through stuff that requires legislative authority – such as the wall and repeal-and-replace.

                  You can stop him temporarily, but only by burning the careers of cuckservatives. When the public see Republicans voting against Trump and for Obamacare – well who is more popular? Trump or Obamacare?

                • peppermint says:

                  》He tries to legislate via twitter, without actually involving the rest of the government

                  Anything he can command, he can command on Twitter, and that chaps your ass because you assume that the entire legal profession has been thoroughly corrupted by progressvism through the bar codes of conduct.

  7. Turtle says:

    As the last stragglers made their way toward the center, a handful of protesters with loudspeakers shouted in their ears as they passed by. There were no confrontations; in fact, most of the attendees smiled at them.

    If they are happy now, we should be too.

    And, here’s a guy like Milo:

  8. Turtle says:

    Watch Live: Senate debates Health Care

    Sen. Bill Cassidy, a doctor from Lousiana, is doing a good job introducing his Amendment. I suddenly like him.

  9. Turtle says:

    White House Hosts Second Regional Media Day

    On Tuesday, the White House hosted its second Regional Media Day. There were 95 interviews broadcast on television and radio from the North Lawn. The interviews were given by Senior White House Officials and Cabinet members, and were focused on the priorities of the Trump Administration, such as the push to repeal and replace Obamacare as well as tax reform.

    We’z in the here, talking about welfare reform!

    But, Wilbur Ross has awful posture. That hip tilt looks epicly beta, and painful for his legs. Oh dear…

    The photographer was way too close to his subjects, but that’s the selfie style. My overall conclusion is that the administration is too old, too slow, and too quiet. I want to hear more from Dr. Carson, and see far more of this Media Day overall.

  10. Anonymous says:

    He’s a moron. Your bad cop theory is more “4d-chess” fucking delusion.

    Also, he’s not a candidate for anything. He won the election, as he loves to mention like 14 times a day.

    • Alf says:

      Dab on them haters

    • jim says:

      He’s a moron

      When you have a hot wife, a flying castle, and defeated the mainstream media, you can call him a moron.

      You keep announcing victory, but we beat you up, gave you a wedgie, and stole your pizza.

      • Turtle says:

        Isn’t our H.A.E. much better at golf than obviated Obama (now it turns out Trump got many times more money for his speeches, millions versus $400,000 for Obambi at Wall St. banks earlier this year) was,

        indicating greater coordination, kinesthetic intelligence, motor cortex and nervous system health, etc.? I think that’s impressive, because Trump is much older, fatter, and bigger in body mass other than fat. Golf is easiest for lean guys, generally, just like basketball.

        But we don’t hear that Trump is TERRIBLE AT HIS FAVORITE SPORT, so he must be inconveniently skilled. And we heard nothing about Obama’s Tiger Woods-like golfing talent, so I conclude from the tactically weak media (should have profiled Obama in golf magazines for appeal to suburban lifestyle enthusiasts) that Trump is intelligent. And his Organization is #1 in the whole world for golf properties. His Scottish course might be the world’s greatest, though Hawaii’s feels nicer. People vastly underrate the Trump family’s empire, not realizing they were already politically successful for decades before earning electoral elevation.

        One secret in golf (and business) is that only humble men know their abilities, and attempt the shots they can actually make. Arrogant golfers pretend they are strong, dexterous, etc. Being realistic is the first way to win. I like mini-golf, but only took interest in golf when learning that Barron likes it. His taste in activities is valid, so I’d like to take some lessons. I don’t think golf is masonic, but it can be obsessive for retirees. In terms of fitness, it involves unusual back muscles, especially latissimus, and swinging the hip. But, I’d like to continue at the gym for more swinging power before I begin golf.

        Trump wrote a whole book of golf advice, around 2007, and anyone interested in his personal life could read it. I won’t yet, but it’s very cheap.

      • Stanley Clarke says:

        A hot wife who bats his 71-year old hand away in public? A hot wife who plagiarized her biggest speech to date from Michelle Obama? There is more to be said for a woman than how hot she is. Of course, this isn’t how Trump thinks – he’d gladly fuck his own daughter because of her perceived attractiveness. As he has stated. Out loud. On television.

        The level of denial about Trumps intellect is astounding. This is a man who is proud of the fact that he doesn’t read. His name has to be inserted into briefings to hold his interest. Yes it’s true he enjoys golf – who gives a shit? Just more hypocrisy – how many times did he bitch about Obama golfing?

        Anyone who inherits a couple hundred million dollar real estate biz from their father and isn’t able to do something with it is at least half retarded. So maybe Trump is only 25% retard.

        • Turtle says:

          Visually speaking, looks are everything. Melania looks stiff and arrogant, but so are most First Ladies. Her Twitter is sparse, because she is not involved enough in America’s affairs.

          So, I do expect her to do better, especially with her promise/ project of fighting bullying. That’s important, and she can do it. But then, will you admit she’s great? I hope so.

          Golf talent is not a perfect indicator of virtue, but Tiger Woods has lost his athletic ability in relation to his drug problems, divorce, cheating with ugly women, probably not seeing his children, etc. I am serious that Trump is better at golf than Obama was. But, Trump dances awkwardly. Different performances test different aspects of a man.

          More telling is that we hear nothing from Obama’s students of his constitutional law courses at the University of Chicago. The most important thing, however, is that Trump respects his supporters and honors virtuous people. He’s on the right side in life.

          • peppermint says:

            Melania knew she just had to say something vague and vaguely politically correct. Bullying is great and women don’t belong in politics.

        • jim says:

          You are torturing the data to find tiny things that can with great effort be strenuously misinterpreted to fit your world view.

          That Trump keeps winning against a storm of such efforts is evidence of the greatness of the God King.

          We gave you a wedgie and stole your pizza.

          You tell us the that media portrayal of him as a loser is evidence he is a loser. On the contrary, he wins, and that he wins in spite of such portrayals is evidence that you, and the fake news industry, are losers.

          And if he dies merely as Mr President, I expect that there is an excellent chance that he will be retrospectively elevated to King Trump the first.

          • Anonymous says:

            King Trump the First… bahahah!! Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

            The evidence he’s a loser is in his completely ineffectual administration, his pathological lying, the way he talks like a 9 year old, his complete lack of loyalty (though of course it is hypocritically what he demands the most), the ridiculous way he constantly contradicts himself and his surrogates, his general idiocy and total lack of intellectual curiosity, etc, etc. He said he was the best president since Lincoln on television earlier (I’m paraphrasing), and so of course let’s add his humility and grasp on reality into that list ;). He’s so fucking crooked he’s alienating his earliest and most ardent supporter in an effort to stymie Mueller. Oh, right – he’s under investigation by a special prosecutor right now and may well be impeached, so there’s that

            King Trump the Winner – lol! Keep on LARPing in the free world.. ;).

            • jim says:

              The evidence he’s a loser is in his completely ineffectual administration,

              Observe the death of black lives matter, the death of the antifracking movement, that suddenly you are no longer hearing about the latest global warming cataclysms, that the US is now energy independent and an oil exporter, that social justice warriors are losing their political commissar jobs in private companies, and that we gave antifa wedgies and stole their pizza.

              Looks effectual to me.

              • Anonymous says:

                You have myopia. Get your fucking vision checked. BLM isn’t dead – people hate Trump so much (because he’s literally the stereotype of the corrupt self-interested narcissistic moron who somehow finds himself in power) that the nation has never been more riled up. There is literally a movement that calls itself the resistance. None of us have any idea how the Mueller shit will play out, but Trump sure seems nervous as fuck..

                Fracking has been on the upswing long preceding Trump. Hey – what about all those COAL JOBS in COAL COUNTRY he’s gonna bring back? Oh, sorry, that was always bullshit…

                You keep mentioning the death of SJW, but just saying it don’t make it so Jim. There have been a series of high profile dudebro CXOs and VCs who have been axed or resigned recently in an attempt to “cure the culture” of silicon valley – how does that spell the end of SJW?

                Jim – you are old, like Trump. Your ideas and ideology (Trump has no ideology) are even older (and even dumber, amazingly), and the Trump electoral win, that probably would have gone the other way to that communist Sanders (lol) if not for DNC shenanigans, is not a mandate for Trump as dictator.

                Don’t the NRX morons talk about waiting for the right guy to take power? You really think Donald Trump is the right guy? Are you that desperate, or that stupid, or both?

                DJT is a blip. Demographics are changing, quickly. Whites won’t be the majority for long in America. Republican gerrymandering will only work for so long, because the numbers are against them, and it’s a game both sides can play.

                Enjoy your god-king while he’s still in power :). I suspect he would gladly accept the apotheosis you are so desperate to give him (he’s no Cl-cl-claudius, despite the ramblings of the sadly reduced Victor Davis Hanson).

                • jim says:

                  You have myopia. Get your fucking vision checked. BLM isn’t dead – people hate Trump so much (because he’s literally the stereotype of the corrupt self-interested narcissistic moron who somehow finds himself in power) that the nation has never been more riled up.

                  When was the last BLM riot? When was the last significant BLM protest? Fracking protest? Oil Protest? Supposed catastrophe supposedly caused by global warming? Where are all the stories about white rapists? Where are all the stories about evil cops or watchmen shooting innocent black children who dindu nuffin while on their way to choir practice?

                  Yesterday there were seven thousand people with gender disphoria in the armed forces. Watch that suddenly drop to near zero as you can no longer make a career out of being a victim in the military.

                  What you are riled up about is that funds for paying rent-a-mob to march proclaiming themselves to be riled up have suddenly been cut. You may be riled up, but without government funding to hire a rent-a-mob, there seems to be a sudden diminution in the number of riled up people you can put on the street.

                • jim says:

                  Whites won’t be the majority for long in America

                  Democracy won’t be the system for long either, and the people ending it are those talking about Russia stealing the election and preparing a coup against Trump.

                  Win, lose, or draw, a judicial lawfare coup against Trump will end democracy.

                  Probably democracy will survive this time, probably Mueller will pull back from the brink, or be dragged back by saner people, but probably not in 2024 or 2026.

                • peppermint says:

                  》Republican gerrymandering will only work for so long, because the numbers are against them, and it’s a game both sides can play.

                  (1) dhimmicrat gerrymandering is enshrined in law (2) illegal dhimmicrat votes are going away

                • Starman says:

                  Anonymous: “Demographics are changing, quickly. Whites won’t be the majority for long in America”

                  Those demographics will be deleted off the voting machines by hackers…

                  And guess the most common race of the hackers.

                • jim says:

                  “When was the last BLM riot? When was the last significant BLM protest?”

                  It’s called changing tactics

                  It is called losing. It is also called no one showing up without a paycheck.

                  “Fracking protest?”


                  two dozen people show up in Chicago, three hundred miles from the fracking location. Back in Obama’s time government buses would have taken three hundred protestors three hundred miles to the site of the fracking, where they would have left behind a gigantic garbage heap, due to the government supplying them with tents, hamburgers inside large amounts of packaging, ready made protest signs, and portapotties. Remember the pipeline protest. Suddenly no one cares about the fact that the pipeline will pass within umpteen miles of an Indian graveyard. The gigantic mount of garbage left behind by the mysteriously vanished protestors is a lot closer to the Indian graveyard.

                  Remember the occupy protests with ghost towns of empty tents occupied by handful of homeless drifters. Where did all those empty tents come from? And how come no one supplies them any more? Another change of tactics?

                • peppermint says:

                  NAACP lawfare has been active since the early 20c, to which BLM was an additional new tactic.

                  And BLM failing proves that black lives don’t matter.

                • Corvinus says:

                  “It is called losing. It is also called no one showing up without a paycheck.”

                  No, Jim, it’s called changing tactics. You are being your normal lying self.

                  “two dozen people show up in Chicago, three hundred miles from the fracking location.”

                  You asked when the last fracking protest took place. I obliged. You should be thankful rather than pissed off.

                • peppermint says:

                  Remember the Dakota Access Pipeline protests that dhimmicrats were using to grandstand and shakedown? I just remembered, it was a huge thing everyone was checking in on normiebook lol

                  I wonder if the protester that blew xirself up is getting off light. The inauguration protesters aren’t getting away.

                • Andrew E. says:

                  The Dakota pipeline thing was great. Trump is sworn in and immediately approves the project. Days later men in bulldozers show up with helicopters overhead and begin uprooting all the tents (and garbage) into giant piles with or without people in them, no matter.

                  White, dreadlocked, hippies were streaming it live to their facebook and screaching “the horror of it all!” And the alt-right was joyfully watching the hippie streams as entertainment.

      • Anonymous says:

        I love how you just keep tying yourself more and more tightly to Trump, Jim 🙂

        It makes the bare pretense of intellect at which you strive that much more transparently false, repeatedly sticking up for the intellect of DJT. I guess the two of you would make good chums – maybe the ‘Mooch could be there too, to lick Donald’s ass when your tongue got tired. You could get some tips on suits and hair gel (and rim job technique).

        • Turtle says:

          Now you sound gay, like you won’t vote for Trump, but do want to fuck him. Ew.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t project man. No judgements. I’m sure he’d love another tongue up his ass.

        • peppermint says:

          Ten billion dollars, the presidency, carrier and foxconn, trannies btfo. If Trump is an idiot, that means your plans were so retarded an idiot could defeat you.

          • peppermint says:

            Pre-Trump, everyone knew that not saying any faggot’s made up “pronouns” was going to become a crime, and so too saying the word retarded, and when the dollar eventually weakened, no manufacturing in the US because hiring competent people illegal and manufacturing also illegal.

            It’s 2017. Come on.

            • Anonymous says:

              Dude – all of you Trump-loving weirdos are fucking retarded losers. It’s rubbing off on me just trolling the bunch of you FAGGOTS!

              OMG – a “progressive” said the words retarded and faggot! Maybe your theory is … yep… RETARDED!

              Everything you just said, as with most posts on this blog, is just so much bullshit. It’s 2017. Come the fuck on.

              • peppermint says:

                You know what would be funny? Showing your social network that comment and watching you get ostracized and fired lolol

                • jim says:

                  By the way, “Anonymous” is posting under an IP that is not a VPN, tor, hotel, or free wifi IP, and a working email address that reads as if it contains someone’s true name. He has used two different IPs, each of which, however, resolves to the same very small geographical location, as if sometimes posting from work, sometimes from home, and often from his phone.

                  Notice the casual certainty that right wingers will behave in a morally upright manner, combined with regular gloating that his own thede is vicious, cruel, corrupt, and depraved.

                • Starman says:

                  Jim: “Notice the casual certainty that right wingers will behave in a morally upright manner, combined with regular gloating that his own thede is vicious, cruel, corrupt, and depraved.”

                  The Left expects the right wingers to be “Lose with Honor” cuckservatives. This is why they are so butt-hurt with Trump. Trump fights fire with fire.

                • Anonymous says:

                  It would be funny. Actually I have shared a few screen grabs, and friends laugh and tell me I’m an idiot wasting my time. Which is probably true, but stumbling into little dark recesses of the internet – a microcosm of the inner thoughts of Trump supporters and true NRX “thinkers” – it’s been enlightening, in a mildly scary way.

                • Cockasian says:

                  Hey Anonymous,

                  >mildly scary way
                  Mildly scared isn’t scared enough. Let me help out with that:

                • Anonymous says:

                  No, it’s mild. Like a very mild wave of nausea that lasts for about two seconds. And it’s not scary for the reasons you think – it’s scary for what it says about humanity, a fundamental lack of decency.

                  There is zero fear of any of the NRX nonsense about King Trump, helicopter rides, etc.

                • peppermint says:

                  your HR department will think the fact that you can converse with us in complete sentences without a professor present makes you suspect

                  also I dare you to say nigger

                • Cavalier says:

                  >what it says about humanity

                  >a fundamental lack of decency

                  >I’m not afraid of the impending Trumpenreich
                  See those eyes? Those eyes are the eyes of a killer.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Broken link, I guess.


                  Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.


              • Alrenous says:

                It’s 2017. Come the fuck on.

                Oh, it’s a troll, isn’t it? Nobody’s stupid enough to use this unironically in current_year+2, are they?

    • Alrenous says:

      You kindly took time out of your day to let us know which beliefs are high-status in your thede, but we already knew, thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        You think using words like “thede” and imitating Jims inane obsession with “high-status” and “low-status” makes you sound like an intellectual?

        Get out of the echo chamber while you can. Lose the lame NRX gobbledygook and resuscitated Middle English. Find a new “thede”, while you still can 😉

        • jim says:

          imitating Jims inane obsession with “high-status” and “low-status”

          You say in a comment that attempts to depict my views as low status, and the President of the United States as low status.

          Stick with trying to depict me as low status. You will have more luck with that than trying to depict the president as low status.

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s not the office, it’s *the man*. He has in fact degraded the office at every turn (much like you degrade blogs, if you’ll excuse the smart ass ad hominem;)

          • viking says:

            come on Jim trumps whole personality is driven by the fact that no matter how much money he alleges to have had hes not high status, hes potus now for christ’s sake and he still gets no respect.And its because he tries too hard and of course doesnt understand the cool kids standards except rudimentarily, hes vulgar as my mother would say, or a snob as my grandmother would have said, which to the aristocrats means someone who is a climber and hasnt the graciousness of the aristocracy. Oh and hes an idiot, I know he has billions a flying palace and a hot wife. but you see thats the problem he has too much money, a flying gold palace and a third model wife its -well its not the done thing.

            • peppermint says:

              He seems to have the respect of all decent people and the unhinged hatred of indecent people.

              • jim says:

                The two are, of course, connected.

              • viking says:

                yes but thats in spite of himself hes the howard beal candidate the hail mary. so we all want to believe we can win with him. very few people actually believe in the man himself. the left hates him mostly because they thought they had this thing sewed up and its not they dont fear him.

                • jim says:

                  Looks to me that they are wetting their pants in fear.

                  Observe that not only are border crossings evaporating, but Back Lives Matter, Antifa, and whatever they are calling people of trans today are evaporating.

                  Liberals don’t understand the difference between beating someone up and disagreeing with someone. (Microaggression and cyber bullying is supposedly no different from real violence.) So when leftists get arrested for violence against rightists it inhibits them from expressing positions that disagree with rightists.

        • Alrenous says:

          Your assertion that I’m not high status in your thede would hold more water if you weren’t making a bid for my attention.

  11. viking says:

    Now I really enjoyed the trump campaign and even held a tiny bit of hope he was crazy like a fox or his incredible luck would hold. But it was clear by the debates he was a moron, he didnt have a seventh graders grasp of world affairs, couldn’t see a a rhetorical trap until it clobbered him. He did have a seventh graders name calling skills and enough people were at the point of tage that that would carry him through. we hoped he at least had the sense by the time he took office ti understand he was a moron and to get good ministers, he didnt hes that particularly stupid moron that doesn’t grasp his situation. Its pretty clear he couldn’t possibly have made even the true amount of money smart jews did it for him.
    So now completely unable to figure out how to defeat the clumsy and amateurish attack on him, hes worn out a considerable portion of the only thing he had going for him, the good will of the people who voted for him and the people who supported his candidacy. He is about to fall. Mark those words, hes done. This sessions move is so retarded others are going to leave if tillerson resigns they will move to impeach.He was too stupid to understand the situation from the moments he announced.
    I have to say what I have held back for a year, anyone who hasnt at least privately admitted hes a moron is also a moron.Its ok to keep up a brave front to liberals its ok to hop to get lucky, that his ministers might take over, but to not get by the time of the debates that he was a fucking clown makes you a fucking moron.Particularly if you believe in the cathedral/ synagogue you knew theres a conspiracy they even outed themselves during the campaign, they declared open war. Only a moron thinks hes going to defeat the cathedral with clumsy tweets.We needed machiavelli we got homer simpson.

    • Inquiring Mind says:

      With disrespecting A.G. Sessions, has President Trump finally jumped the shark?

      With everything else including bombing Syria, I could get the 17-dimensional chess explanation, but Mr. Sessions has been the point man on enforcing the immigration laws on the books, Jeff Sessions has been a living breathing version of the Wall, and this?

      • Anonymous says:

        He wants Sessions to resign so he can appoint a new AG that will fire Mueller. He may not be scared of the Russia shit (or he may be), but Trump is terrified of what Mueller will do with his taxes and whatever other financial shenanigans he digs up.

        Trump is flailing.

        • peppermint says:

          Really? I think His Majesty is playing bad cop so Sessions can play good cop. How’s He going to get another AG pick past the Senate?

          Really, I’m starting to openly worship Him just to countersignal the “this will surely be the end of Trump’s candidacy” shills.

        • Turtle says:

          I just thought of this- can antifa swim in the ocean, like mermaids? Do they prefer cruise ships instead of helicopters for their goodbye tours (fair preference, I’d say)? And when Trump waves them goodbye, is that to be considered “flailing?”

          Of course, Gen X prefers the helicoptering meme as a way to avenge the Mogadishu Blackhawk Down fiasco, but we (the military) are back in Somalia, so we don’t need helicopters. And deporting traitors to a maritime prison colony would be futuristically cool. Not everyone approves of capital punishment. I haven’t decided, personally, because it’s too early.

          But “Flail” was an interesting attack in Pokemon battling- Magikarp used it, and it had more force the less Hit Points it had left. That’s indicative- if Trump is flailing, he might score a Hail Mary. Flailing is not weak, but rather hopeful. To fight, when others would flee (Fight-or-Flight) or freeze, is brave. You’re complimenting Trump, without realizing it.

          • Anonymous says:

            And you’re a big Pokémon player. How surprising.

            To clarify (where none is needed), I’m an adult, and do not play Pokémon, and used “flailing” with its actual meaning.

      • jim says:

        With disrespecting A.G. Sessions

        Sessions seems great, because his predecessor under Obama forced taxpayers to fund the murder of cops and forced working class whites to fund their own ethnic cleansing from working class suburbs, but while Sessions is tough on dope dealers, he is not tough on Clintons.

        • Inquiring Mind says:

          C’mon, Jim.

          Forget about the ACA, forget about whether taxes were raised or lowered on the rich, forget about Benghazi and foreign distractions, the big bad things were sanctuary cities, endangering law enforcement officers on both the Federal and local levels, and Federalized block-busting.

          Mr. Sessions is reversing those things and we are not going to stand up for him?

          Who cares about the Clintons anymore who are reduced to Go Fund Me appeals for their Foundation?

          There is only one reason to go tough on them or Mr. Obama for all that matters — the Russian collusion thing. Mr. Trump promised to not go after the Clintons in his magnanimous victory speech, but one is only magnanimous with people who show some respect and gratitude. The Russia thing is doing neither, and were Mr. Trump to change course, the reason is not for spite, not for revenge, not even for satisfying the base. The sole reason for doing this must be for deterrence, the massive retaliation doctrine, MAD, if you will.

          But Mr. Trump has to explain it that way, we cannot be sitting around here making up those explanations for him. “I was nice, I was magnanimous in victory in saying that I wouldn’t go after Hillary and Obama and everyone else. But people are not being nice to me. If people are going after me, we cannot have prosecutorial discretion, we cannot have selective enforcement, everyone is equal before the law and everyone shall be treated equally.” Or something like that. What he is doing and saying just doesn’t cut it.

        • viking says:

          sessions gets how to win the russian thing trump does not, that is assuming there is no actual russian thing. The entire russian thing hinges on dnc “hack” but its an actual fact that it was an inside job. The data was downloaded in 84 seconds defying the laws of physics to do this if not conected to dnc server with thumb drive. Its fact that data was then dressed up with the same program wikileaks exposed that can put fingerprints of others on data. its a fact this all happened a week after wiki announced it would be releasing original dnc data by berni bros found dead ( ok that part a bit speculative)

          Have you once heard trump the chump make this case, NO . because the above paragraph is tooooo complicated for his tiny brain and his tiny brain makes him think name calling will be more effective.

          In the process of executing this fraud on americans obama clinton have broken all sorts of laws which could easily be proven by working yourself up the line. but no one n power will help him, and he is not in power.

          jim you have been calling him “god emperor”

          • peppermint says:

            His real enemy isn’t the DNC, it’s the fake news. Letting the DWS/Clinton wing consolidate control of the dhimmicrats (Michael Moore was saying he was going to take over after the election) was a good move. Letting the fake news run with Russia all spring while los ilegales get deportaciones was a good move. I think the plan is to make trannies rage, then destroy the fake news narrative, so that dhimmicrats can know that the fake news staged a coup to put them in the position of defending tranny hormones for kids in the 2018 election.

            And while the dhimmicrat leaders thought impeachment was coming any day, their corrupt incompetent IT paki got caught fleeing the country.

            • viking says:

              no he defeated the media during the election his real problem is the state the deep state the permanent civil service. and for that you need strategy not name calling

    • Turtle says:

      Read his books, pessimist. Debate performances are subjective, while books are a better type of personal content to judge. I really like his books, and they can help you with business success, too.

      • Anonymous says:

        He DID NOT WRITE any books, moron. They were all ghost written. This is extraordinarily common knowledge. I doubt he’s ever read a whole book, including the ones “he wrote.”

        • jim says:

          The voice in “Art of the deal” is Trump’s very distinctive and characteristic voice. Therefore not ghost written.

          Obama, on the other hand, falls apart when he is not reading from a prompter.

          When Trump reads from a teleprompter, does not always sound like Trump. But he is famously prone to depart from the prompter, and then we hear Trump being Trump.

          • Anonymous says:

            > therefore not ghost written

            LOL! The Art of the Deal was written by a guy named Tony Schwartz after a bunch of interviews with Trump. How hard do you think his idiotic patter and sleazy platitudes are to imitate ? You’re beyond any help if you truly believe Trump wrote ANY of the books published under his name. All of this is well documented.

            I slightly over estimated your grasp on reality, it seems.

            • jim says:

              LOL! The Art of the Deal was written by a guy named Tony Schwartz after a bunch of interviews with Trump. How hard do you think his idiotic patter and sleazy platitudes are to imitate ?

              If so easy to imitate, anyone could summon gigantic rallies that vastly dwarfed all the rallies held by the other candidates put together.

              I recognize the lion by his paw. The voice that brought a lot of people to his rallies is the voice that sold a lot of copies of “The Art of the Deal” If so easy to imitate, why is Tony Schwartz not writing best sellers?

              • The other tell that it’s a lie is the fact that Tony Schwartz only broke away from Trump, and started claiming the things he did, once Trump ran for office. And his claims followed angry statements denouncing Trump for his political views.

                If Tony Schwartz was correct that he wrote the book single-handedly, then it would also be true that only chose to reveal this fact to us after he split up with Trump politically. But that would make him a dishonest man, revealing we shouldn’t trust his word, suggesting that his accusation is made up

          • Anonymous says:

            Not that Obama was under discussion but… he’s about 1000x more well spoken and articulate than Trump, on or off the cuff. The thing is – that doesn’t mean anything. Trump “being Trump” is a fucking cringe inducing bunch of word salad. He actually speaks like he really does have some sort of neurodegenerative disease. Just like HC did towards the end of the election, remember 😉

            I think that played into Trumps win – white racist morons don’t like an articulate black man in a position of power. Even tho Obama had a fairly abysmal record.

            • jim says:

              > Not that Obama was under discussion but… he’s about 1000x more well spoken and articulate than Trump, on or off the cuff

              When was the last time you heard a white called “articulate and well spoken”?

              Have you ever in your life called a white “articulate and well spoken”?

              Whenever people discuss Obama’s dialect, there is an implicit “well spoken for a n****r”.

              When you call him articulate and well spoken, you mean he speaks in the upper class Harvard dialect. But when he attempts a complex sentence, or to communicate a complex thought, and he is deviating from the prompter, he falls apart. But you feel comfortable because he mangles the sentence and the thought in upper class Harvard dialect.

              • Anonymous says:

                I use the phrase in the context of the presidency. In the context of GW Bush and Trump and people like Rick Perry and a whole host of dummies on the right and left (to a very slightly lesser extent). The last time I’ve used the phrase outside that context – probably about a girl I dated (she seemed smart, was well spoken, looked ok, but we didn’t hit it off – or some variation) or a co-worker or friend I’m talking about with another friend.

                Being articulate is not some magical rare thing only invoked for articulate blacks. Obama was articulate as compared to his most recent peers in the presidency, and you vastly over state any communication issues he had. Basically I think you’re making them up, but of course you’re entitled to your opinion.

                As far as the speaking well for a black person, yes it’s true Obama doesn’t talk like an inner city thug – a dialect that black hip-hop culture has rubbed off on all sorts of people, not just blacks. Wiggers do their best to pull it off. Anyway Obama sounds like a reasonably intelligent person – nothing really super impressive, except within the sad context of the recent American political leaders.

                • Anonymous says:

                  So did you trick Obama’s treat, and was it a lil’ sour?

                • Anonymous says:

                  Btw the correct answer is “no, fellow anon, a mere mortal like me doesn’t deserve the honor & privilege of having king nigger’s member spraying his lovejuices inside my mouth”

                  (Trump’s IQ is higher than Obama’s and you’re a cocksucker)

                • jim says:

                  I use the phrase in the context of the presidency. In the context of GW Bush and Trump and people like Rick Perry and a whole host of dummies on the right and left (to a very slightly lesser extent)

                  I don’t believe you. Sometimes whites are called “articulate”, but no white is ever called “well spoken” – and any black that is called “well spoken” is dumb by white standards. It is a condescending pat on the head, and the condescension is invariably well deserved.

                  Being articulate is not some magical rare thing only invoked for articulate blacks

                  Quite true. Often whites are called “articulate”. But being “well spoken” is reserved for blacks, and those blacks not terribly bright.

                  You will never hear Thomas Sowell, who actually is black, intelligent and articulate, called “well spoken”, precisely because he speaks a great deal better than Obama.

                • peppermint says:

                  Biden called Obama clean and articulate, and it was later explained that he meant clean in the sense of not corrupt unlike most nigger politicians and warlords and articulate because he’s a University of Chicago constitutional law professor Harvard Law Review alumnus.

                • Anonymous says:

                  You don’t believe a lot of obviously true things Jim. You don’t believe The Art of the Deal was ghost written. You don’t believe Trump is a moron and his administration is in poor shape. Conversely, you believe a lot of silly shit about helicopter rides and King Trump. And a lot of other really noxious shit about women.

                • jim says:

                  These things are not “obviously true”, rather they are things progressives keep telling each other until they believe it.

                  You don’t have any direct data to support any of these claims, you just have the voice of the crowd, whereas I have direct data refuting those claims.

                  The crowd tells you that “the art of the deal” is ghost written, but I recognize the distinctive voice of Trump, which sells a lot of books as it brought a lot of people to his rallies. How do you know the “Art of the Deal” was ghost written, except someone, lots of someones, whose names you cannot quite remember, told you so?

                  That lots of people as ignorant and hateful as yourself tell you hateful things that they have no way of knowing, except other hateful angy bitter people who also had not way of knowing told them those things, does not make those things “obvious”.

                  How do you know any of these “obvious” things?

                • peppermint says:

                  If Trump is a moron, how did he beat Jeb, Ted, and Hillary?

                • Mackus says:

                  >You will never hear Thomas Sowell, who actually is black, intelligent and articulate, called “well spoken”, precisely because he speaks a great deal better than Obama.

                  Huh. Kinda like you don’t tell woman she’s not fat, unless she’s fat.

  12. […] If you are going to drain the swamp, cannot rely on swamp critters. Appointing a loyalist communications director is a good start. Needs to bring in anti Washington Trump loyalists who have the attitude that they are a hostile occupation force who have come to seize the Washington establishment’s land and women, that they are there to drain the swamp, and the locals, everyone with supposedly relevant qualifications, are swamp critters who depend on the swamp ecology, who are unlikely to appreciate their beloved swamp being drained. Trump taking power – slowly. […]

  13. Dividualist says:

    He could rely on a very carefully selected subset of swamp critters in a much smaller bureaucracy, the basic idea would be to drop some kind of a “test”, which all the critters would have to “take”, that would make them utterly unemployable at any job where Prog Cred matters, and NOT threaten to fire those who fail. If he does make such a threat, idiots will pass the test just out of fear. What he wants is the people who are willing to risk their whole future career for one shot at radically changing Washington’s course rightwards.

    • jim says:

      That will work.

      • jim says:

        More generally the 37 articles were designed so that Puritans could not agree to them – whereupon, unfortunately, Puritanism mutated to stop presenting those antigens, but the 37 articles worked for a long time.

    • Steve Johnson says:

      …and people say that the Clintons running a pedo ring is a crazy conspiracy theory.

      That (of course) is the other problem – that strategy is obvious and almost certainly has already been applied to key people.

    • Turtle says:

      Too complicated. Just by keeping up his good work, Trump will win.

      • peppermint says:

        The test will come in stage, by Trump doing things that are increasingly unacceptable to kikes. Why did Spicer leave in a huff?

        • Turtle says:

          I suppose the Obamacare repeal rustled Spicer’s jimmies. He’s from Massachussetts I think, the origin place of RomneyCare, thus ObamaCare. They’re Puritans to some extent, but now health-care salvationists, as if health is holy. Anyway, Spicer is so rich he doesn’t need to work. And I’m sure we’ll have repeal and replace this month- Senators like their “August recess” vacations.

    • viking says:

      yeah he could have done all sorts of smart things except hes a moron and always does the stupidest fucking thing possible

  14. James James says:

    “Pinochet was conscripted into the coup by the junior officers almost at gunpoint, and hauled off from his grandchildren to the still smoking presidential palace.”

    You’ve said this before, and it’s mentioned on Wikipedia, but where can I see the evidence?

    • jim says:

      Sorry, I read it a history of the coup, and did not read it in another history. There seem to be contradictory accounts.

      But in the account I recall the coup was spoken of in double talk, without anyone quite saying the fatal words, and at this stage Pinochet was wobbly, blowing hot and cold.

      A bunch of junior officers decided to roll, and spoke the fatal words. And they sent someone to Pinochet with an order authorizing the coup for him to sign. He equivocated, and did not want to sign, whereupon the emissary said that if he failed to sign, this would “undermine the discipline and unity of the armed forces”, which I interpret as “sign or die”. But not everyone one so interprets it.

      Pinochet signed and vanished, though another account says he did not vanish.

      That is what I recollect, but I cannot give you a link supporting that account.

  15. Mandos says:

    Trump needs to fire Reince. He tried to make him an ally as Reince took a lot of heat from carrying his duty as RNC chair loyally, but it failed because as this article points out Trump doesn’t have the army to turn people like Reince into permanent allies. It failed, time to move on. The institutional funnel he needs is a task for a loyal Chief of Staff.

    How do you think Trump should deal with Mueller, Jim? Right now the Cathedral seems to be happy with their trap, leaving him to deal with a permanent, unaccountable political commissar to scrutinize every single move while they engineer a Watergate on steroids with the cucks on the Hill if he loses patience, which will happen eventually – my bet is a kapo in Mueller’s team will get too ostentatious in harassing his kids.

    • jim says:

      How do you think Trump should deal with Mueller, Jim?

      If he just digs up miscellaneous random dirt and leaks it, answer “fake news”. The problem, however is lawfare, that he may indict Trump loyalists or Trump himself and attempt to give them the perp walk, with a bunch of Social Justice Warriors dressed as policemen and equipped with a judicial warrant from some Obama Judge that no one has ever heard of, substituting himself for the two thirds senate vote. That would be an attempted coup. Has to be dealt with accordingly, if and when it happens – that any attempt to remove Trump without a two thirds vote in the senate shall mean civil war. People who attempt coups and fail simply have to be shot. If they are not shot, will succeed.

      A successful left wing coup would unleash unending chaos, with one left wing coup leading to another even more left wing coup, eventually resulting in massive democide unless brought to heel by a Stalin, a Napoleon, or a Cromwell. If Mueller tries a coup and the right yields to it, Mueller will not be able to control those on his left. A left coup, a coup coming from priests rather than warriors, just has to be answered by deadly violence and the threat or actuality of civil war, because if you do not answer it in that fashion, you will get deadly violence and civil war anyway, under considerably less favorable circumstances.

      Pinochet was agreement capable. Mueller is not agreement capable. Mueller has sufficient power to make war, but insufficient power to make peace. If he does not start a coup, should be free to throw as much mud has he can. If he does start a coup, he needs to be killed, and all those involved in the coup need to be killed. If not killed, there will be war. If we surrender unconditionally to the coupists, there will still be war as the Social Democrats mount a coup against the Kadets, and the Bolsheviks a coup against the Social Democrats.

      • Mandos says:

        While I agree with your stance, my takeaway from your answer is that you don’t seem to consider Trump simply removing Mueller like the parasite he is as a credible outcome. In your scenario, Mueller sticking around is a given. This suggests that Trump does not have the political capital to remove Mueller, while the Left does have the political capital to pull a Watergate-style impeachment on him if he does.

        My estimate is that Trump cannot afford to have Mueller sticking around for too long, as his presence brings credibility to a bogus narrative that ultimately harms him by antagonizing normies. His very existence is an assertion of power by the Cathedral and a testimony that the swamp is not drained – unlike Trump’s political capital.

        So what do we need? A redpilled Congress?

        • jim says:

          Removing Mueller is a coup complete problem. Were it possible to remove him, he would not be a problem in the first place.

          Mueller is a manifestation of the fact that presidents are not where the power is. Trump needs to take power. Appointing a loyalist as communications director is a good step. Needs a lot more loyalists.

          • Turtle says:

            Quality, not quantity is another issue. Talented, mighty loyalists are like berserkers or elite troops in political combat. Loyalists who work miracles are my favorite. Wouldn’t a David the Dendrite kind of guy censing the Senate be a nice panacea for our “gridlock”? I refer to how this hermit went to Constantinople, gave a speech to the Senators, saving his province from redistricting (pre-democratic gerrymandering, I guess), and then dying on his way home. He held burning coal in his bare hands for an hour, perhaps showing that he is merely an instrument of a deacon, not serving as clergy himself. And yet, he is most famous for living in a tree!

            Since his feastday earlier this month, I have been praying to St. Vladimir, Prince of Rus, about politics and dominion stuff. I believe Trump needs to lift weights instead of so much golf, to lose his fat belly, and thus lead with a healthy physique. A big part of SWPL antipathy towards flyover country is that MANY OF THEM ARE FAT AS PIGS. I find that disgusting myself, not that I work hard to stay lean. So besides building a loyal coalition, Trump needs to stay in office by staying fit, to prevent heart attacks and all that.

        • Turtle says:

          In terms of gratitude for the little good Congress does do, I appreciate that my shitlib congressman is strongly anti-casino. That’s partly wariness of Indians. He also has a podcast, which pleases me. We need to work with Congress better, rather than only noticing them when they fuck up or it’s election time.

          I tried ‘doing citizenship’ with my congresscritter, even attending nasty townhall meetings, but his office took months to respond to my simple emails. Consuela or whoever, his diverse aide, has trouble with this ESL thing. I try to be patient, but still feel insulted. Middle-schoolers with normal English could do this work better than Consuela does it.

          They only consider imminent deportation “among constituents” an emergency. We say America First, but for them, it’s illegals first. So I guess I’m not in an easy district for cooperation. But, most places in America are less cucked. And, at least my region is safe (peaceful). I plan on staying here, at least until I feel like traveling abroad.

      • Turtle says:

        I’m not so scared of Mueller. Isn’t he northern European, or German, just like Trump? Another European, Macron in France, has been surprisingly reasonable, and friendly with Trump. We must also remember that Trump has already made many friends in foreign countries, who do have some influence in D.C. and the world in general. His global support is outstanding!

        I expect ‘surprises,’ like Desi/ Indian-Americans standing up for him, n part because he will keep further H1-B competition out, while allowing some such visas for agriculture now. They don’t care about politics until it threatens their comfortable livelihood. But, I know they have a policy of measured responses to the situation at hand. They’re just too slow to start acting, not fully retarded or wimpy.

        Haven’t you noticed that we have had no riots this summer? It’s awesome!!! The longer we have comfort and other blessings under the reign of Trump, the more people will trust him and defend him, in self-interest and gratitude both. So, Trump is earning quiet support, by doing quiet public service, the kind which makes no headlines, but is written in many hearts. This second half of the year has started very well. I will be happy if it doesn’t get worse, and very glad if it improves further.

      • ilkarnal says:

        The dominant ideology here is milquetoast anglo liberalism, not Communism. If Mueller tries a coup and what passes for the ‘right’ yields to it, that will simply be a restoration of the old regime.

        I think you’re engaged in rightist catastrophizing. Rightist attitudes spring from concern about society’s decay and collapse – naturally people so inclined will see storm clouds in clear skies and hear thunder in the rustling of branches.

        There will be no war, no collapse. Things will continue as before, the economy will continue its crawl upward. There will be slow progress, but still progress. Until the root of progress is finally rotted to nothing, as the White race exits stage left brain first.

        The catastrophe is what’s happening right now, in a slow but inexorable fashion. No frenzy of explosions will rescue us.

        You seem to be confusing 2017 with 1917. People are much more passive now. Fatter and older. Sated. World’s full of Precambrian imprint-fossils like you – I assume you’re over 40 – not young men, not even not old men like me who still have some jive in their bones creeping up on the big 25.

        • jim says:

          The dominant ideology here is milquetoast anglo liberalism, not Communism. If Mueller tries a coup and what passes for the ‘right’ yields to it, that will simply be a restoration of the old regime.

          That, no doubt, is the intention, much as when the Kadets overthrew the Czar, their intention was merely milquetoast anglo liberalism, not Communism. But one coup needs the next. The Kadets overthrew the Czar, the Social Democrats overthrew the Kadets, and the Bolsheviks overthrew the Social Democrats. The Kadets imprison the Czar, the Social Democrats imprison the Czar and his family, and the Bolsheviks murder the Czar and his family.

          If the Democrats substitute an indictment and the perp walk for a two thirds senate vote, they are walking a well trodden path that leads rather swiftly to the Red Terror.

          We have two problems:

          1. A coming Dark Age. Dark ages set in slowly, at about one percent a year, and in substantial part represent genetic decline due to failure of elite reproduction.

          2. We also have a problem of left singularity, which tends to go to lunatic extremes overnight.

  16. BigCheese says:

    I thought you might find this interesting:

    Will Progressivism Win?

    • Alf says:

      Alexander Salter in 1985: Almost by definition, Communism promises power, wealth, and prestige to its adherents. Will communism win?

  17. Roman says:

    I have to wonder how they’re doing things.

    I’m a top 10 national law school graduate, volunteered and donated to Trump campaign, have a clean record, former federal law clerk, and a record of supporting Trump and applied to work in the admin and never heard a word, not even a call.

    • Turtle says:

      I’ve heard they don’t like younger people, and ignore early-career applicants. The problem is ageism.

      • peppermint says:

        Stop cucking you colossal faggot.

        Ageism is bullshit, especially here. The decision was purely political, the problem is Trump doesn’t have enough Trumpists to be able to hire Trumpists.

        • Turtle says:

          I wasn’t complaining personally, only forwarding what I hear from friends who applied to work for Trump.

          So, LOL. Who is in the Trump Administration, and under the age of 30? Only his summer interns- college students. Nobody from Gen Y is of note, except Stephen Miller… and we hear nothing from Trump’s daughter, Tiffany. Actually, none of his children are effective surrogates or leaders in public. Young Trump supporters are disappointed and frustrated by this failure.

          It’s absurd to
          > > not have enough Trumpists to be able to hire Trumpists
          It only takes one President to hire his cronies. How can there be a stupid trickling effect? Why do we need quantity to get quality?

          I think Trump is worried that young public servants would be raped by the fornication and prostitution in D.C. Why else keep them away?

  18. Andrew E. says:

    and – this is key – an idiot.

    Trump’s ability to trigger all the right people is wonderful.

    Trump is mired in scandal, searching desperately for a way to fire Mueller,

    Trump thrives in chaos. If there isn’t enough chaos he creates some. This gets everyone out of their comfort zones and makes them able to consider doing his bidding. If he’s desperate it’s only because he’s made everyone involved desperate and he likes his chances when everyone is grasping for solid ground.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Trump is mired in scandal, searching desperately for a way to fire Mueller, constantly throwing his own people under the bus, unpopular at historic levels, and – this is key – an idiot. A 71-year old pathological liar who hasn’t fulfilled a single promise (except Supreme Court pick, how fucking hard is that) and is just obviously *incompetent*

    You really want this dumb asshole as your “king” ? Hint: DJT almost certainly hates being president and almost certainly has 0 interest in protracting this any longer than he has to in order to salvage some pride.

    NRX needs to find a better piece of genetic material than Donny and sons (equally morons).

    • Mackus says:

      In six months you’ll be saying “he’s competent, but I don’t like him”.

    • jim says:

      He fulfilled his number two promise, bringing jobs back to flyover country. In the process, turned the US around into an energy exporter and rolled back huge numbers of oppressive regulations.

      The wall, his number one promise, is not yet happening, but what is happening is that the men who will man the wall are acting with authority and energy.

      He has done a multitude of smaller things, for example shutting down the “Office to combat anti semitism” (Actually the office to create fake anti semitic incidents and blame them on right wingers) Reagan talked about defunding the left. Trump has been actually defunding the left. Hence the sudden death and disappearance of the anti fracking movement, which turned out to be unable to put together a protest outside the big cities without government funding and union organizers from government unions.

      Similarly, observe the sudden vanishing of “Black Lives Matter”, which a little while ago was ethnically cleansing whites out of one suburban area after another.

      The disappearance of the Office to Combat anti semitism is the visible and legal manifestation of shutting down the criminal activities funded and organized by such offices, hence the sudden disappearance of fake anti semitic incidents, fake incidents of police murder of dindu nuffins, and the very real incidents of massive ethnic cleansing of whites.

    • DNA says:

      Harry? is that you? thank you for pointing this out to all of us. now we will stop supporting the man who is trying to save our country from the obama doctrine*

      *turn the USA into
      a third world hell hole

      • Zach says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t think anything can stop the US from becoming a hell hole. It’ll all turn into California, with used beds on the highways and garbage everywhere.

        • Turtle says:

          Don’t forget CA’s many national parks and undeveloped lands. HiIghways aren’t everywhere.

    • peppermint says:

      Barron is the expert. Bannon is actually Barron with a time machine. He even shitposted a book about him exploring the hollow earth in the early 20c.

      Don Jr is quite capable on Twitter and Eric’s dismissal of the Clintons – we make our money building and renting real estate, what did the Clintons build to earn their quarter billion? – is poignant.

      And Trump chased the JCC prank caller back to Israel and made him stop.

      Scaramucci threatened to fire the entire communications staff if they can’t stop leaking and told CNN his blown kiss is the only thing they’re getting from him fornthe next eight years.

      He’s fighting the #2 enemy of the people, the fake news. Enemy of the people is what we call them after they thought they could take him down by lying about Russia.

      Let’s see what he can do about the #1 enemy, the universities. In order for America to be great again, the journalist and educator world system must be destroyed.

    • peppermint says:

      The people who call His Majesty an idiot generally don’t understand why He announced that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, and the people who aay he’s mired in scandal don’t understand why the Russia story evolved the way it did.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or they’ve watched him talk like a retarded 4th grader and stumble through a fucking mine field of his own making, continually blowing himself up.

        The people who call Trump “His Majesty” are hilarious delusional idiots 🙂

        • peppermint says:

          the challenge for shills is to come up with an alternative mechanism to explain the winning

        • jim says:

          Observe the quiet disappearance of black lives matter and anti fracking movement. Observe the collapse of antifa. We beat them up and stole their pizza. Observe the sudden quiet end of ethnic cleansing of working class white suburbs. You proclaim victory, but are losing.

          In response to each humiliating defeat, you proclaim victory twice as loudly, but you are short a pizza.

  20. Pepe Minion says:

    A simple 3 step plan for Trump to gain power:

    1. Arrange for a dozen assassinations of prominent dems and cucks, to occur on the same day.

    2. Declare a state of emergency and suspend habeas corpus.

    3. Arrest a few thousand dems and cucks for treason, terrorism or child porn, executing about half of them.

    Yes, it would mean massive unrest and probably civil war but since they’re on the way anyway, what is to be gained by waiting?

    No, I don’t think there is much chance it will happen but nor do I think Trump can gain power any other way either.

    • Turtle says:

      This contradictory nonsense is vain. Trump has already been gaining power otherwise. History is disproving your violent pessimism. And Trump is not a sensationally dangerous mafioso, only a businessman, and now a politician.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        From the very very beginning, I told everyone who asked that I was voting for Trump because he was our last chance “to settle this non-violently.”

        I didn’t even know what the “this” exactly was, but regardless, I knew that Trump knew how to use Status Warfare to end conflicts that, to me and my frustrated mental dispositions, I could only imagine ending by cutting motherfuckers heads off and displaying them on spikes at the mall.

        But Trump doesn’t need this sperg-gone-bad lashing-out nonsense. Trump can humiliate his enemies plausibly-deniably and for free. I envy this talent of his immensely, but I don’t have it, and he does. Thus my envious admiration, and thus my trust in his negotiation and peace-making abilities, over my own.

        • Dan Kurt says:

          re: “…thus my envious admiration,” MG

          Look up the meaning of envy. I hope you meant to say: “thus my admiration.”

          Dan Kurt

        • John Morris says:

          Did not the God Emperor say unto us, “Republicans do not know how to win. I will teach them.” So envy him not, instead open your mind to his ways and learn the lesson he is offering us in the Arts of Winning.

          For unless he really does seize total power and hand down his iron throne to his sons, we must learn how to keep winning after his time passes or it is all for nothing.

      • Corvinus says:

        “This contradictory nonsense is vain. Trump has already been gaining power otherwise.”

        What power gained other than that vested to him by the Constitution?

        “History is disproving your violent pessimism. And Trump is not a sensationally dangerous mafioso, only a businessman, and now a politician.”

        Trump and his merry band are being investigated on several fronts. Are you that blind?

        • jim says:

          What power gained other than that vested to him by the Constitution?

          While the presidency has vastly exceeded the powers vested to it by the constitution, presidents since FDR have only been able to exercise vastly less power than that vested to them by the constitution. If Trump were to regain the powers vested to him by the constitution, you guys would say, and believe, he had become dictator. If he was to bring the presidency to heel, if he was to gain the power of the presidency, he would indeed be dictator, and if he and his children hung on to it for long enough, he would be King Trump the first.

    • Corvinus says:

      “A simple 3 step plan for Trump to gain power…”

      If it’s so “simple”, why don’t you volunteer to lead this cause. Precious time is wasting on your part.

  21. Turtle says:

    I don’t remember Bush or Obama having competent aides. Bush was anti-policy, all about public opinion and pandering to the people. Obama was about secrecy and credentials, not skills or talent. So the establishment is not more skilled, only winning in corruption.

    One solution is to hire from abroad, as a kind of joke- we could get mercenary bureaucrats who are free to serve their employer, apart from American politics. Imagine Japanese or Polish experienced civil servants coming in to replace some of the 500 fired VA losers. The VA is sorely in need of honest administrators, and for this purpose, I think hiring H1-Bs is fine. This would make the establishment reconsider H1-Bs overall- if they can serve Trump, maybe they are not so great. That’s the legitimate (fair play) trolling aspect- “two can play this game.”

    Looking at Trump’s summer interns, he has had very good college kids in his White House offices. They write very nice letters to his subscribed newsletter (1600Daily) recipients, which reassure me. I think they will work for him after graduation. ROTC officers are another group of candidates. Just take them from regular military service just like the Department of Defense takes them for bureaucrat service. And that’s one big department which Trump is strengthening, which needs young leaders to replace the retiring ones.

    It is important to realize anyone grateful to Trump will likely thank him. Everyone who gets real healthcare after the ACA’s repeal, everyone who knows someone who got a good job from Tumponomics, everyone getting treatment at the VA is likely to say, “Trump helped me.” Some of them will apply to work in his administration. This is a natural process.

    I am not worried about this talent shortage, but rather about a deficit of courage. Trump supporters are oddly paranoid about not wearing MAGA hats, even in places with very low violence rates. It is arguably safer for women to wear them, but they do not do this more than men do. If these people aren’t willing to carry licensed guns to defend themselves and their great hats, they are both lazy and cowardly.

    I am bold in saying, for example, that the poor must pray for the rich, who are oppressed by too much money, to honestly troll leftists. This is easy for me, but in most places, it is impolite to talk about politics with a non-majority view. In my region, everyone’s a shitlib, with few exceptions, and so I come up with creative alternatives to their memes. If I were afraid of their disapproval, I would just play along with their despair and hostility. This is why we have so few normie-appealing memes. We need things like “good doctors at fair prices” not the Oregon congressman’s aggressive “repeal and replace.” And Trump should promote his great success in firing FIVE HUNDRED VA incompetent/ corrupt parasites. On top of that, some were even demoted! And the hiring freeze continues.

    So, progress is accelerating, even for me personally. I’m more confident now, and my political behavior/citizenship has improved. Let’s hope we can soon convert normies, especially those who lean right, to MAGA. Sincere support is the source of personnel, in my model; training is secondary. Will applied over time *is* experience. To have mentors and practice follows from commitment and obedience.

    Finally, all Orthodox people pray for their president wherever they live, and other churches might too. Muslims are supposed to do this, which is surprising. All of this has effect.

    • Corvinus says:

      “Let’s hope we can soon convert normies, especially those who lean right, to MAGA.”

      “Normies” is insulting to your everyday white American and not going to win over the required number of jackboots. Furthermore, “normies” are dedicated to Making America Great Again…from our own perspective. That’s the beauty of freedom of association.

      I think the more important efforts ought to be at trying to convince “Normies” about the inevitability of the Alt Right.

      As far as Trump taking power slowly, it never fails to see our dear friend Jim fling more shit sandwiches in everyone’s direction.

  22. Alrenous says:

    Is he required by law to fill these positions? I would have thought the thing to do is publicly declare he can’t find anyone on board with draining swamp. Indeed it should function as an excuse for all sorts of things, in the eyes of his voting base.

  23. Steve Johnson says:

    I said this years ago in a comment on Sonic Charmer’s blog – a serious threat would have a shadow government that he’d install.

    Obviously the Cathedral would stop any attempts at forming a shadow government but at least Trump has some kind of an organization. Imagine the shrieking if he were to integrate command of USG under the Trump organization.

  24. Mister Grumpus says:

    And finally, DC is probably the biggest bureaucracy in human history (bigger than 1970’s Chile, feel me?), so if it’s likewise slowest to genuinely change against its will short of resorting to nuclear detonations, well I’m not surprised.

    This is why I love DJT so much: Because he certainly appears to understand what the Real Power is, as opposed to “org chart” power. He was supposed to be Big Boss of the CIA since Day One, but only NOW he can stop them from bankrolling the massacre of Christians in Syria? Only now? Well well. It appears that having your portrait on the wall In there isn’t exactly everything.

  25. Mister Grumpus says:

    For naive little me, this has been a good and guided look at institutional power.

    Law making, profit making, whatever. If the Massachusetts Empire churns out ALL of the “qualified” people then wow-wee, who is a usurper like DJT going to hire to do his work? Who? From where?

    This also reminds me of your take on why the putsch-leading “Colonel Kaddaffi”s of this world are just Colonels instead of Generals. Colonels are the highest-up people who still know how to pay the bills, make payroll and get the trains to run on time. It’s the highest you go before “politics” get in the way.

    DJT needs himself a fat stack of Colonels.

    • Bob Sykes says:

      A colonelcy is also the end of the road for most officers, and they are motivated to move up by other means. Sergeant is the other rank that produces coups.

      • jim says:

        When sergeants take power, chaos is apt to ensue. Colonel is the lowest rank with the training and competence necessary to run the state.

        • Alrenous says:

          Which is frankly a bit sad.
          “Only the better half of first class passengers have the training and capacity to fly the plane.” Um…why is flying the plane so simple we can grab some random guy and be assured he can do it?

          CEOs can’t even competently run each others’ companies, let alone random army officers.

  26. Mister Grumpus says:

    I’d sure feel better if he had John Jr. by his side the whole time, so that he can learn the ropes and pick up the torch later, but I reckon that’s an assassination risk also.

    • Turtle says:

      The Trump Organization’s business work is more important than you think. “Just making money” is itself a good deed, aside from crime. So, I’m glad Trump at least has Ivanka with him.

      I hav wondered what Trump’s siblings are doing. One is a judge, and the rest… I have no idea. They did work with him in the family business, but I think they were anti-casino, and don’t necessarily accept Melania.

      I really don’t think family conflicts are different than swamp creature vs. Uncle Sam conflicts. So I hope Trump remembers to stay in touch with Melania’s family, and his grandchildren meet their great-aunts and -uncles, and so forth.

      By the way, stress isn’t good for Eric’s pregnant wife, but at least nobody slanders her, even though she’s Jewish IIRC. I think she’s too quiet to get involved in drama. That’s great.

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