Ann Coulter goes anti democracy

Ann Coulter favorably quotes Le Bon

Mobs, according to Le Bon, have a “fetish-like respect” for tradition, except moral traditions because crowds are too impulsive to be moral. That’s why liberals say our Constitution is a “living, breathing” document that sprouts rights to gay marriage and abortion, but the age at which Social Security and Medicare benefits kick in is written in stone.

Le Bon says that it is lucky “for the progress of civilization that the power of crowds only began to exist when the great discoveries of science and industry had already been effected.” If “democracies possessed the power they wield today at the time of the invention of mechanical looms or of the introduction of steam-power and of railways, the realization of these inventions would have been impossible.”

Ann Coulter says “liberals”, but in the context of Le Bon, not to mention an electorate that is majority protected groups, approaching majority underclass, on government  handouts, and illegitimate, “liberals” means universal suffrage.

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  1. Charles Leffler…

    […]Ann Coulter goes anti democracy « Jim’s Blog[…]…

  2. Bruce Charlton says:

    Le Bon was more than a little foppish, but Duran Duran produced several memorable singles…

    – or am I at cross purposes?

  3. Bill says:

    She seems to have picked up Buchanan’s game of being as right wing as possible without being sent to Siberia.

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