Don’t worry about Trump policy reversals – yet

Trump is reversing himself on pretty much everything. Suddenly he is the cuckservative president.

But remember, he does not formally get power until January, and actually getting his hands on the real levers of power will take at least six weeks after that. He will not really have power until March at the earliest.

The wonderful smirk on his face gives me strong hope that once he has his hands on the levers of power, there will be an April surprise. If we are lucky, a March surprise.

Well, maybe we are all going to be double crossed. We always knew we might all be double crossed. But don’t start the revolution until Trump is in power and rolling. Wait for the Comintern to burn the conveniently unguarded Reichstag, and then we shall see what happens. Then we will know if democratic politics double crosses us every time.

One of the things that give me high hopes is that Trump has been cultivating the praetorians for a long time. Plan for blackshirts, not brownshirts. In his victory speech he pissed on his base, but he did not piss on his praetorians.

A lot of the alt-right has been prepping for brownshirts. Cut it out. The left has the antifa to irregularly beat up real and imagined enemies while police stand around like potted palms, but we are not going to have brownshirts. Rather, once Trump purges the justice department, if Trump purges the justice department, police are going to stop winking at the crimes committed by antifa.


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  1. Dave says:

    In the white suburbs of liberal cities, the richest towns voted for Hillary by as much as four to one, while poor towns voted for Trump. This implies that rich whites approve of Obama’s policy of flooding the country with refugees, a policy that Hillary promised to continue.

    I propose that Trump relocate all these refugees to the towns that voted most heavily for Hillary. House them in tents on the high school ball fields until high-rise public housing can be built for them, and hold off all environmental reviews until these projects are finished and fully occupied.

    What better way to signal liberal virtue than by welcoming diversity into the town you paid $750,000 to live in?

    • Cavalier says:

      The rich white suburbs of liberal cities vote—repeatedly, habitually—to drown the racist yokels in the brown flood of diversity because they don’t realize that there is no “off” valve, that the salami slicer is coming for them, and sooner rather than later one will need millions to safely insulate oneself from the seething dusky hordes.

      Very soon will the death of the boomers expose an ugly truth: $750,000 just isn’t going to be enough.

  2. Lab Guy says:

    I guess we have to see who he appoints. Newt Gingrinch is CFR vermin and I can’t say Jon Bolton is a prize.

    Trump’s Revolution Is Over.

    Gary North – November 12, 2016

    • jim says:

      He has appointed the right man to deal with the EPA.

      Maybe he is going native, but he is keeping his cards much closer to his chest than any president before, ever, which leads me to hope he has a shock and awe surprise planned for the permanent government when he takes charge.

    • jim says:

      Newt Gingrinch has to be rewarded, and as for John Bolton, he is accused of being a secret shitlord practicing entryism. We shall soon see his true colors.

    • Cavalier says:

      When God-Emperor Trump crosses the Rubicon, whence deriveth His power?

      • Cavalier says:

        That should be “whence He deriveth His” or possibly “whence cometh His”.

      • jim says:

        A democratic election should be conducted by rules that indicate who would win a civil war. Then instead of actually holding a civil war, you just accept the predicted outcome.

        Trump has the support of every male with a legal gun, as near to all of them as makes no difference. And the permanent government has the support of sexual deviants, women on child support, etc.

        If I had my druthers we would give the vote to adult males with legal guns who raised or who are raising their own sons, adult males in the army, police, rentacops, and mercenaries, and adult males with legal guns who own a house.

        • Cavalier says:

          That vote sounds like a splendid idea. Is there anything that can be done to permanently restrict the franchise to such a group, or is expansion of the franchise inevitable in your opinion?

          • jim says:

            Politicians always have an incentive to first enfranchise, then import, low information voters that can be cheaply bought, as for example with Obamaphones. Don’t see any remedy for that but actual civil war, which is expensive. Still, if the war pits high capability voters against low capability voters, will not be that expensive.

            • Cavalier says:

              Maybe there’s a clever way to do it with ownership shares and dividends. Companies can dilute their shares, but it’s an extremely rare event because of general uproar. Make the vote salable and otherwise transferable, mandate the largest owner(s) of shares sell one share at market rate to a prospective voter. Perhaps do some sort of weighting according to number of children.

              Or is your vote merely a one-time affair to decide who gets the crown?

  3. viking says:

    Have to share this comment thread over a post about yet another child beaten half to death by niggers at school for supporting trump.

    Dave • 6 hours ago
    I’m going hunting this weekend for slack-jaw drooling a case of beer on ice, a shotgun, and a rocking chair on the front porch, and a Trump sign in my yard…just gotta be patient, I built it, so you just know the liberal mouthbreathers will come!!
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    Giant Meteor 2016 Dave • 6 hours ago
    Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to hunt over a bait pile. Check with your local DNR.
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    LonesomeDov Giant Meteor 2016 • 6 hours ago
    He could disguise it as free food and money.
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    Giant Meteor 2016 LonesomeDov • 6 hours ago
    That’s still a bait pile. That may even attract game that was too stupid to vote.
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    Makdaddy Giant Meteor 2016 • 5 hours ago
    Does DNR enforce bait law when hunting for diseased animals?
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    Giant Meteor 2016 Makdaddy • 3 hours ago
    I’m not sure about that! They may be in the same class as feral hogs. You can hunt them anytime.
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    Fred Smith LonesomeDov • 4 hours ago
    No money, need to use a EBT card much more efficient has a stronger scent to it, they can sniff them babies out from 100 yards
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    LonesomeDov Dave • 6 hours ago
    Just so’s ya know…..their meat and hides aren’t worth anything.
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    zoobreath Dave • 2 hours ago
    Yeah, it’s all fun and games till you gotta field dress them. Pure stank.
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    Bildo1 Dave • 3 hours ago
    Don’t you know it’s against the law to hunt liberals over bait?
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  4. viking says:

    heres donald is remembered again explaining no enemies to the right

    theres another video with T Boone Pickens talking up trump.

  5. TheBigH says:

    Off topic, here’s a real world test on the Jewish controled/not controled theory on who’s running the left. It’s Jewish Soros who’s trying to start a war in the streets and now the Jews in German media who pushed Merkle into declaring that German is the leader of the free world against Trump. Or rather it appears that the Jews are making their bid for total power while the traditional left is divided and infighting.

    If the Jews really don’t have power I’d expect the left to beat them down and kick them out. If they do have the power I’d expect non Jewish elements of the left to be purged shortly.

  6. Texas says:

    Note that Trump looked very somber when it was announces that he won while most everyone around him were elated. Ben Carson mentioned this.

    This strikes me as a good omen, time will tell.

  7. Inquiring Mind says:

    Whither Climate Change?

    The big pushback against Mr. Trump I am seeing is that he is appointing some “Denier” in a big Environmental Policy role in the transition? Is this a good move, to move that fast to fulfil one’s commitment to Saving the Planet from SUVs, central air, and wide-screen TVs?

    I like my car and my AC as much as the next guy, but is pushing back against Climate Change the optimal strategy here? Do you suppose Trump could (pretend) to embrace Climate Change as the “opiate of the (SJW) masses” and then pivot to Things That Really Matter?

    I am concerned he could get bogged down over building more coal-fired power plants and missing the Big Picture? Thoughts?

    • urquhart says:

      The silence of the ecofascist faction of frogtwitter (including one guy who actually worked on the Trump campaign, IIRC) on this point is just deafening. I don’t mean to be gleeful here, am a little worried myself in fact. But an interesting anthropological observation.

    • TheBigH says:

      >I like my car and my AC as much as the next guy, but is pushing back against Climate Change the optimal strategy here? Do you suppose Trump could (pretend) to embrace Climate Change as the “opiate of the (SJW) masses” and then pivot to Things That Really Matter?

      >I am concerned he could get bogged down over building more coal-fired power plants and missing the Big Picture? Thoughts?

      Trump’s pivot would probably be more nuke plants with talk of natural gas (but in reality coal) until we get them built. Makes the right and the left insane left happy.

    • Stephen W says:

      I think that CO2 probably does have some effect on climate but I dont care about the political aspect as there is no political solution to climate change. Reduced energy usage would be the biggest economic depression in history no politician would ever implement policies that reduce energy usage they will be removed from office in an instant. You will only get carbon taxes just high enough to move any remaining industry to somewhere like China with less efficient and more polluting factories and power. Except for the inevitable depletion of fossil fuel resources, the only way to reduce fossil fuel use, and have people willingly leave dense portable chemical energy in the ground, is if other energy sources become just as cheap and practical. Some kind of superbattery and dirt cheap solar panels or fusion power. So if there is something a politician can do to reduce carbon emissions it is to increase R&D of alternative energy sources and storage. Rather than just moving industry to less regulated countries.

      • peppermint says:

        you forgot U and Th (which hopefully Trump won’t, but that’s a low priority)

      • pdimov says:

        All models that assume that CO2 affects climate have failed in their predictions. The climate sensitivity to CO2 is probably zero or close enough to zero for practical purposes.

  8. Oliver Cromwell says:

    The academics on my facebook feed are loudly proclaiming that they cannot, should not, and will not permit the right even the freedom of its conscience. Despite the fact that the right will soon control every branch of government, the left’s brain is still thinking as the side that is handing down judgments, not risking being judged itself.

    So the left does not foresee any serious threat to its seat of power in the bureaucracy. If Trump does intend to deal the bureaucracy a hammer blow, it probably will not be seen coming.

  9. vxxc2014 says:

    Be organized so you have options.

    We don’t know what’s going to happen and for the 1st year we’ll see how much success he has…having said that Jim you’re projecting your wishes and desired solution of repression by forces of order onto this man. We must keep at least our option of self-defense and yes organized self-defense. You must also recognize this is America not Germany or Continental Europe. People have their own minds – and their own means.

    A purge that gets out 50 years of self-loathing, worship of treason and cowardice as holy as the educational program out in 100 days ? Using your methods perhaps 100 years.

    Finally we cannot overlook the fact that we’re bankrupt and way over-leveraged on Derivatives again. That wild card can turn over the entire table. So BE READY and ORGANIZE.


    • jim says:

      Actually I thought the methods I was proposing (reorganize education on the leadership principle and have an inquisition to make sure the leaders conform to the new Trumpian political correctness) were unthinkably drastic, unlikely to be applied, but if applied would have effect almost overnight.

  10. glenfilthie says:


    A little sanity is now in order. Now that Trump has won he has a problem: what to do with all these useful fools. It is clear that he has quite a few enemies to the right and he will need to neutralize or cull them. Idiots, for example, like Vox Day. That kid isn’t fit to shine his shoes, never mind put words in his mouth. He’s a liability as are some other rightward clowns preposterous enough to think they can speak for him or advise him.

    Being the successful businessman and power broker he is, Trump understands the necessity of dealing and compromising with people you don’t like, and shamelessly betraying those you might otherwise favour to appease them. I suspect he will sacrifice a few of the more useless allies as a sop to his enemies to purchase some short term cooperation or consideration.

    Just as he will dispense with former allies too stupid to be of any further use, he will also move against anyone smart enough to threaten him. We had all be vigilant in the days ahead, for various reasons.

    • Stephen W says:

      Trump would know that SJW’s are not agreement capable talking to them only encourages them. Trump has no need to say anything at all about writers or bloggers like Vox Day and ignoring the existence of Vox is in no way harming him he is not asking for a government job, no one in the meme army is begging for acknowledgement from on high Trump can just leave them to do their thing nudging the overton window rightwards. And if any Journalist asks him any questions about any of them he can simply say it is not the presidents job to review countless internet bloggers. He has no need to hit to his right, he does not even need to acknowledge the existence of those right of him existence, and they do not need his official acknowledgement, they can continue nudging the overton window by themselves.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        The SJW’s have taken a serious hit amidships – but they’re still very much in the game, Stephen. Your ‘cathedral’ is in a very temporary state of disarray. They are going to react and regroup faster than you think and the counter attack will begin soon.

        If I had to offer some very preliminary predictions about their tactics, I think I would agree with you in that they will go with the window and start attacking Trump from closer to the political center… perhaps through the ‘cucks’ rather than the SJW. There are a lot of borderline cucks in the Alt Right and they are vulnerable to the donks – and they will not put up with fascists among their number for long. The donks don’t even have to produce goose-steping Nazis to sway the cucks – all they have to do is sell the fringe elements of the Alt Right as fascists – and the borderline cucks are gone.

        Do not under-estimate your enemies, Stephen. Always plan for the worst. Now is not the time to get cocky.

    • jim says:

      It is clear that he has quite a few enemies to the right

      Everyone to the right of Trump, which is the entire alt right, loves Trump. It would be foolish of him to throw his most loyal supporters to his enemies. Loyalty is in short supply in Washington.

      That said, he might well succumb to the flattery of his enemies.

      But though he is vulnerable to flattery, he is good at knowing who his enemies are.

      • Grampy_bone says:

        >That said, he might well succumb to the flattery of his enemies.

        I had a similar thought. So far his enemies consider it heretical to even try to convert him. They could probably whisper kind words, earn a place of trust near him, and slowly subvert him, but they’re too busy marching in the streets calling for his head instead.

        As long as they demand holy war, their influence remains minimal.

  11. spandrell says:

    Brownshirting is fun though. Surely the leader has to give his grasshoots some carrot now and then.

    Although brownshirts always get purged sooner or later; I’m sure they all found it worthwhile nonetheless. Being a peaceful bourgeois in Weimar had to be frustrating as hell.

  12. lalit says:

    Jim, Can I log this in as your 5th prediction? So we can look forward to a strong Rightist/reactionary move either in April or March? You know what, I’ll give your prediction time until June 2019. I’m willing to wait.

    Would you like to extend the scope of your prediction and anticipate that exact move or the General area.

    Your score so far
    Predictions made: 4
    Predictions correct: 4
    Predictions wrong: 0

    • Zach says:

      What were the correct predictions?

      • Zach says:

        I remember 2 off the top of my head. Election, and no violence at convention.

        • lalit says:

          The other two pertain to India where I live.

          1. That Atheists in India are likely to be crypto progressive Christians. They are.

          2. That Hindu temples in ancient India were likely to be controlled by families. they are govt controlled now

          He could not have known these unless he lived here as this info is not available in the internet and even most Indians who live here have no idea of these. That points to the solidity of his social models that he is able to correctly ascertain the situation in places he has never been to. They have all the weight of predictions as far as I am concerned.

  13. Ryan C says:

    wouldn’t it be simpler to say revolutions are the purview of insular rural communities, multi-billionaires, and first world countries?

    We virtually have no choice in the matter, as a practical perspective.

  14. Mike K says:

    Just look at his wife. Now imagine that she looks up to him.
    Whatever he decides to do, it will be on his terms. One does not compromise or sell out when one has to be an alfa for such woman. Not to mention his children.

    Heck, if she gave him four more kids, she would be as great as my wife.

  15. Master Distiller says:

    Also, what do you think of his tentatively placing neocons in his cabinet? John Bolton, some Goldman Sachs people, etc? Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

    • jim says:

      That is what it looks like, but appearances can be deceptive. We shall know the truth in March, or a little after March.

  16. Master Distiller says:


    What are your first impressions of Trump’s demeanor/body language after meeting President Obama and other political bigwigs today? Did it seem to you like he just realized what he has gotten himself into?


    • jim says:

      He looked to me like he believed he successfully put one over Obama and the press.

      Obama has agreed to a smooth transfer of power, in return for vague words.

      In the “Art of the Deal” Trump makes it clear that in order to get a deal, he will tell people whatever they want to hear. The question is, who is being conned? Us or Obama? From the expression on Trump’s face, I rather think it was Obama. Which would imply that if Trump showed his true face, we would see a serious effort to obstruct democratic outcomes.

      But I don’t know. We shall see.

      • Cavalier says:

        I think there’s something deeper going on. Trump looked like he was suddenly bearing a very heavy burden, and Obama looked like his testosterone levels had suddenly shot through the roof—he wasn’t just sitting with his legs uncrossed, something I’ve literally never seen him do before, he was spreading them wider than Trump was spreading his.

        • Master Distiller says:

          This! That’s exactly what I observed, too. Heavy burden on Trump and Obama actually NOT acting like a fag for the first time in his presidency…

          • trident says:

            Trump looked ponderous and tense. He doesn’t like Obama but has to pay penance for the time being. He a/B tests things in real time. His first meeting and event in the white house wasn’t going to be him gloating and doing “told ya so” nonsense.

            His second act is always his true measure. Debates, big policy speeches, ads, etc he always takes initial feedback into something stronger.

            He gains nothing by showboating when his runway is still obstructed by Obama and the media.

            The tell was the feet. Obama’s right foot was pointed unnecessaryily at Trump, deference. And the handshake, Trump took the power position.

          • Zach says:

            Probably because that’s Obama’s stomping ground. He looked comfortable there. It’s not Trump’s place yet.

            Put Obama in Trump tower. May have changed things quite a bit.

  17. Tealdear says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but Trump’s presidential transition page is already up and he’s looking to hire to fill 4000+ appointments. Jim, looks like your prediction about Trump firing everyone and cleaning house was spot on.

    Also a great opportunity for some of you guys to get in on the ground floor. Something tells me the Trump administration will be looking for some fresh faces. You can apply here:

    • jim says:

      The problem is not the political appointees, who in practice have a well paid job, lots of status, no actual work, and are not particularly political.

      The problem is the supposedly non political appointees, who exercise enormous power, particularly in the justice department, and who are therefore extremely political. To alter the current program of breaking up families, of tearing fathers from their children and handing businesses to social justice warriors you have to fire almost the entire justice department.

      Thus Trump’s “political” appointees are likely to be a pretty bland lot, for their jobs have no actual power. Pay no attention.

      “political” appointees are just halloween candy.

    • lalit says:

      It hasn’t happened yet, Tealdear. I’m watching this prediction as well. On this I am willing to give Jim a two year time lease, not until April as Jim was prediction. If this happens even within 2 years, I will still credit Jim has having predicted this. But it is too early to call this in favor of Jim.

  18. M says:

    Jim, I agree with you that you shouldn’t look at what Trump says now. However, there is a way to figure out if he means to do what he promised. The key is where he puts the core team of his alt-right ideological support in his administration, which is *exclusively* made up of Stephen K. Bannon, Jeff Sessions and Sessions’ former protege turned Trump policy maker, Stephen Miller. If those three are given key appointments in the administration, we are going to have some very fun times ahead. The rest of them — Giuliani, Christie, Ben Carson, Gingrich, are all part of the establishment old guard and can’t picture what is actually needed to save America. Conway is more toward the latter than the former although she’s a mix.

  19. BlackChop says:

    Trump’s playing it smart, as usual. You don’t give people two months’ notice that they’re fired, you plan and then surprise them. You don’t attack them head on, you gather your allies in secret and cut his support, and then all at once pull the trigger. A lot of this will happen organically over the next 2 months until he is inaugurated.

    • Wagner says:

      Even if Trump does drain the swamp I don’t get why you guys assume he isn’t going to replace one stripe of Cathedralist with another. Oliver Cromwell the other day said the alt-right is the Democratic Party of 1935–so far I have no reason to believe that Trump doesn’t share that same kind of faux-right temperament.

      • jim says:

        If all Trump does is build a wall and deport ten million Democratic Party voters, well, he has gained us some time.

        What I am hoping for is that this will involve a confrontation with entrenched progressives that leads to him breaking their power, that forces him to break their power.

        As I said, that is if we are lucky and good.

        The laws that give social justice warriors their power within corporations were not passed by congress, but rather are the result of consent decrees engineered by the Justice Department. These can be reversed by the president and his justice department stage managing cases.

        Fixing the universities is harder, but I have outlined how it can be done

        • Alrenous says:

          If it leads to a confrontation the Cathedral loses even if they win. Can’t privately block the wall – it’s already public. If they win, it will demonstrate the impotence of POTUS, and the impotence of voting, and thus sandblast their legitimacy.

        • Dave says:

          Fixing the universities is easy: Abolish all government loans and tuition grants, and forbid private lenders to take a dime from the first $40,000 a borrower earns each year after graduation. If the borrower can’t land a job that pays at least that much, the lender eats the loss with no bailouts.

          That would re-orient higher education toward degree programs that lead to high-paying jobs, and students capable of completing them. Forced to compete for good students, schools would promise not to waste their time on subjects unrelated to their majors. Aspiring engineers would never have to sit through another psychology or sociology lecture!

        • Sam J. says:

          “…If all Trump does is build a wall and deport ten million Democratic Party voters, well, he has gained us some time…”

          I read an article the other day where they said there were several states that Republicans have the power to pass legislation that would split up the electoral college vote in that State to be equal to the votes cast instead of winner take all. If that was done then the Republicans could keep winning the White House for another fifty years. Combine that with winner take all in the States we control where there’s not enough Democrats to win the whole State and it would be even better.

      • Cavalier says:

        Did you ever notice Trump’s theme song?

  20. R7_Rocket says:

    Listen to Jim, fellow members of the alt-right. Discipline wins wars, not aggression.

    • peppermint says:

      if there’s one example of alt-right sidewalk chalk, the left will call it the violence that Trump was calling for and find a google to look sad.

      We’re going to keep up the aggression at current levels.

      • R7_Rocket says:

        Aggression is good, but keep it disciplined. Nig Nogs are aggressive, but the Ice People’s are disciplined… especially the Europeans.

  21. Koanic says:

    Please clarify brownshirts vs blackshirts. I don’t understand the reference.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:


      B.U.F., disturbingly sympathetic to mixed-Trentian heretical regimes in contintental Europe, plebians who hit the street for reasons of short-sighted comeraderie rather than self-sacrificial long-term power projection.

      Ref.: Trentian heresy or “religion” originated at the 16th Century council of the same name –

      Best regards,


    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Brownshirts are the official “unofficial” enforcers of the regime. Blackshirts are the official law enforcement. The left uses “spontaneous protesters” as their brownshirts, with lawyers and the courts acting as their blackshirts.

      The AltRight wants to go up beating leftists as brownshirts, but if Trump does as he should, the newly cleared DoJ will free the police to do it for him.

      The Shadowed Knight

  22. Alan J. Perrick says:

    It’s still nauseating to me to see how many people wait for salvation from on high, a leader who does it all, while considering themselves members of the male sex. A man doesn’t wait for power to fall into his grasp, he reaches out and takes it for himself.

    • Cavalier says:

      Okay, genius. Tell us how you plan to take control of the government and purge a bunch of people who drink bloody semen cocktails and dissolve children in vats for recreation.

    • peppermint says:

      I’ll look like a pretty naive Trumpkin until it’s time to act. Fortunately we have the Internet to coordinate when it’s time to act, though I don’t expect to be the first person to find out.

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