Duerte Harry

If the votes are honestly counted, Duerte Harry will be the next president of the Philippines.

He was previously mayor of Davao, where he solved a crime problem, in substantial part a problem of Muslim criminals predating on Christians, by killing criminals.  A lot of criminals.  Of all religions.

When I was in Davao, some people threatened him with lawfare, and he responded in his newspaper that if they sued him, he would kill them, their wives, and their children.

Motorized tricycles are the major form of public transportation in some parts of Davao and most places near Davao.  My tricycle driver stopped to buy fuel, and told me how a street kid had snatched a fuel payment, equivalent to six US dollars, and subsequently been killed by one of Duerte Harry’s death squads.

I wonder how many other payments that kid snatched before they nailed him. Also, how big was this “kid”?  Had to be strong enough to snatch, and fast enough to get away.

The people who were allegedly death squads were wonderfully disciplined, always perfectly polite and courteous, their uniforms extremely neat, their guns and decorations shiny.  I felt very safe with them, whereas I don’t feel safe with western police, who are conspicuously undisciplined and discourteous.  I always get the feeling that western police may capriciously decide I have done something illegal (after all, there are so many things that are illegal) just to show me who is boss.   I have always been able to talk my way out of trouble with police even when caught red handed, except for traffic offenses, or else my lawyer was able to talk me out of trouble, but why the hell should I need to talk my way out of trouble? I am an honest decent guy.  Anarcho tyranny is that they enforce all sorts of laws against people like me, and not against the kid who snatches six dollars.

When car-burning riots raged in Sweden, police had a policy of deliberately doing nothing about the rioters while cracking down decisively on so-called “vigilantes” who tried to stop immigrant rioters burning cars and neighborhoods. To add insult to injury, authorities issued parking tickets on burned cars.

In America, a four year old boy was groped in a bathroom.  His father slugged the groper.  Father arrested, groper not arrested.

See Will’s anarcho tyranny blog for a long long list of what police do while allowing criminals to run amuck.  He tends to focus on tyranny.  Here is some anarchy. And more anarchy.

Duerte Harry’s death squads don’t do anything like that, any more than they would let the brass on their uniforms get dull, or drink while on duty, or wear uniforms that were less than perfectly neat and pressed.  Their scrupulous neatness and rigid discipline is a symbol that they do not engage in such self indulgent bullying.  Their perfect courtesy and crisply pressed uniforms are a promise that they do not threaten people like me.  They threaten people who would snatch six dollars out of my hand.

There a pattern all over the West of excessive force against the innocent, the weak, the law-abiding, and those defending themselves and others but excessive deference to actual violent criminals.

This reflects a more general problem of the state, and members of the state apparatus, displaying ever less discipline.  Which problem starts at the top with fireproof senior public servants.



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  6. […] Jim wrote about the future president of the Philippines, affectionately known as Duerte Harry because of a slight similarity of his last name to the first name in the movie dirty harry as well […]

  7. […] Jim wrote about the future president of the Philippines, affectionately known as Duerte Harry because of a slight similarity of his last name to the first name in the movie dirty harry as well […]

  8. jack arcalon says:

    Truly a wonderful post.
    I can’t find it to hate the diverse thugs as much as the shitlib traitors who enable them.

  9. Aeroguy says:

    I’ve seen the enforcers of diversity and other bullshit in the military have shinny uniforms while the guys who actually get shit done often have better things to do than focus on appearances. Shininess can certainly be a symbol but it proves nothing. Emphasis on shiny sets off my bullshit detector, competency speaks for itself.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Shiny uniforms mean that the police work for someone, rather than themselves.

      The diversity guys work for the government; they’re high status, connected, the government cares what they’re doing.

      The fighting guys are tolerated by the government; they’re low status, not connected, and the government only cares what they’re doing if it embarrasses the government.

      Since the government is evil and its priorities are wrong, in this case slovenliness is a positive indicator, but one hundred years ago fighting guys had shiny uniforms.

    • jim says:

      Shiny means your boss cares.

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  11. A.B. Prosper says:

    Duerte Harry is the arch example of what values are missing on our right, the willingness to act and take responsibility when you have the power to do so.

    We have all kinds of legal tools for reining in the Left much less less legal ones and even when we have power we are too afraid to use them.

    The Left certainly wasn’t. Eisenhower was perfectly happy to invade and force the South to desegregate. Imagine if we had half the nerve.

    A perfect example would be the sanctuary city movement. Simply arresting and charging anyone who allows it with conspiracy to commit human trafficking and if you feel splashy, providing material aid to terrorists under the NDAA . All it takes in one prayer rug to make ones case.

    As they put it in the old street argot, break them off hard, a few dozen life sentences , massive asset forfeiture and boom. Movement ended. The law doesn’t even mandate a trial for them.

    The other problems media backlash etc can be dealt with the same way, punishment, asset forfeiture nd yes I suppose a militia uprising is possible, If you direct your wrath carefully, be professional, no one will care enough to do anything and the military will go along in any case. They want this.

    I suppose the Left could try the same thing but they are already willing to use State force. If you act, you act hard enough to make it so they don’t want to act. if in the end they say remove legally your ability to do this, good. Your work is done.

    However the reason they won’t is not only is much of the Republican party is really cucked but they are not a Conservative party . They are looters and as such, the short term chaos would cause their stock portfolios to drop precipitously and they can’t have that.

    • peppermint says:

      (psst – the conservatives have been consenting because they are Christian, as Revilo Oliver bitterly complained about between the ’50s when he started noticing things until his death in 1994)

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        I don’t disagree though its mostly the leadership that is in favor of immigration , not the rank and file. More souls for the grist mill means more power and prestige for the church even if its destructive to the rank and file.

        Of course from a material view, these days the most “Churched” countries are increasingly the shittiest to live in. Even only 1 in 5 or so attend services weekly in the falling apart US. In the UK its basically no one, except the Muslims

        That is a problem for the elite and with the Muslims, everyone.

        Also its little wonder the “elite” are going insane, They spent a fortune and vast effort to create homo-economius and when people start behaving that way, put off kids, chase material goods society falls apart. Hell if they took it up a notch, got frugal, the’d Galt the place to death even faster,

        well anyone with any brains could tell you this would happen but as Upton Sinclair wrote, you can’t tech a man something his job requires him not to know.

        However while most of the teachings have been banished from say Europe and to an extent the US, the good ones went away and the worst of them “niceness” is still around. Its like a reoccurring infection and combined with equalism and a need for growth quite deadly

        To get well we need to cure “niceness” with 10cc of nationalism or Fash or ethnic solidarity, lance the equalism boil and put down the growth obsessed greed heads.

        Its not easy though at least there are targets which is something.

        Future world will be authoritarian and right wing or it won’t survive and will end up with more dead and authoritarian and right wing anyway.

    • jay says:

      ”a few dozen life sentences”

      If an individual is so anti-social that society can find no better use for him than to store him in a warehouse to keep him from being around other people, he should be executed.

      Such people that live in prison commit crime from behind bars and exercise power on the streets:

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        jay, refusing to enforce laws on grounds of conscience even immigration one does not call for dancing the Tyburn jig

        It probably doesn’t call for life either but it isn’t 25 to or life without I was thinking, 5-life is morelike it

        • jay says:

          You are not making sense. I think your approach does not solve crime and waste taxpayer’s money.

          Execution for the worst crimes, incorrigible criminals and restitution for the petty criminals is much better punishments than prison.

  12. Glenfilthie says:

    Years ago I had a factory rep stop by the office – from South Africa. Before we got down to business he went into the spare office to call back home – and I could hear muffled cursing and suppressed rage.

    When he came out he saw our curious looks and explained: on the way to the airport in South Africa, two vibrants came out of nowhere and tried to car jack him. He shot and killed them both – and still managed to make his flight! The bodies of the vibrants were taken care of with all the care and consideration one picks up a piece of litter. The car was in the shop and our boy was bitching at the insurance company that some of the brain juice had spattered across the leather upholstery of the car and stained it – and he wanted it replaced! HAR HAR HAR! Awesome!

    I don’t think negroes need to be assaulted and harassed but when they go bad – they should be shot and/or put down without a second thought. Hell, that should go for any race really. We destroy dogs that attack humans and we should do the same to feral humans too.

    • Marcus says:

      > “I don’t think negroes need to be assaulted and harassed but when they go bad – they should be shot and/or put down without a second thought. Hell, that should go for any race really. We destroy dogs that attack humans and we should do the same to feral humans too.”

      Keep them occupied with meaningful (make) work, and you won’t have to.

      • A.B. Prosper says:

        I’d rather deport or shoot them frankly. Build a wall and pay Mexico back by tossing our problems onto them. Its a bit “Almost Human” dystopia but it would probably work pretty well.

        And while I agree that we are going to have to have make work and mandate inefficiency in order to prevent a mass welfare state/rat utopia or a die back among sane average people, we still don’t need ferals.

        Honestly we don’t really need non Whites tough a modest number was not harmful.

        The goal should to move to 85% or more White going forward , very limited new immigration except for South African Boers or other Whites facing actual genocide and basically save for a few “spousal” visas, none of it non white,

        My preference would be to disallow European Whites, not on ethnic grounds, We want that but so they can get their own populations up at home. If they get about 2.1 say , we should reconsider. However taking people from Poland or the UK helps no one. The US should not allow nations to opt out of doing better, No one should

  13. Mandos says:

    My Filipino maid voted for him. So did most of her acquaintances and family. Not casually, enthusiastically. She wouldn’t have missed the election for anything. The others? “all totally corrupt”.

    Duterte is wildly popular. My personal feeling is that the vote count probably understates the reality of the support he enjoys as the local powers-that-be as well as the foreign influences are against him. But in a country where corruption is pretty much a way of life, go figure. All I can say is his victory margin speaks volumes on the way his message resonates with the base. Modest people who want to be safe and make a honest living.

    Odds are high that he will find some common ground with the Chinese indeed. Duterte’s independent stance will certainly find echo in Beijing where the nationalistic trend has never been so high since Chairman Mao’s years. His willingness not to appear as a US proxy alone should be enough to give him credit. Whatever way you look at it, this is a blow to the US globalists and their influence in the region.

  14. lalit says:

    The Philippines must conquer the United States and provide them Law and Order. The Whites will be freer under Filipinos than under Harvard Law school.

  15. Mister Grumpus says:

    I was interested in visiting Davao before, and now I’m even MORE interested. Thank you for this.

  16. Minion says:

    “Vigilante groups tied to Duterte are thought to be responsible for the execution of drug traffickers, criminals, gang members and other lawless elements. Over a period of 20 years, he turned Davao City from the “murder capital of The Philippines” to what tourism organisations now describe as “the most peaceful city in southeast Asia,” and what numbeo.com ranks as the world’s fourth safest place.”


    If anything triggers libshits, its the fact that this approach to crime actually works. At least if Duterte failed to stop crime, liberals could pat themselves on the back for how evilly stupid he was.

  17. Mycroft Jones says:

    Duterte is tough on crime, but sounds like he is pushing the full feminist and LGBT agenda. Also, he was abused as a boy by Catholic priests. How much of his rage was triggered by that. Also he opened the floodgates to Muslims buying property and living in Davao.

    • jim says:

      Not the full feminist agenda by any means. He is perfectly clear about the proper place of women.

      And yes, he made peace with Muslims after defeating them and forcing them to become good citizens.

  18. spandrell says:

    “In 2015, Duterte confirmed his links to extrajudicial killings in Davao, and warned that, if elected president he, may kill up to 100,000 criminals.”

    I’d love to see how he deals with China and the South Sea islands.

    • jim says:

      My guess would be that he will de-escalate.

      • Duke of Qin says:


        Duterte at least during his campaign stated he wanted to revert to bilateral negotiations with China as opposed to “multilateral” (read as U.S. state department sock puppetry). As well as being open to joint exploration. He even made off the cuff jokes about trading the reefs for a metro system for Manilla. However this was just all campaign hot air so who knows how it will all play out eventually.

        However, what is certain is that the janissaries for the American Imperium are most displeased with this turn of events. Both because they dislike and mistrust Duterte, but also because he defeated their preferred candidate, Grace Poe. One cursory glance at her biography would tell you all you need to know about what her presidency would amount to.

        • jim says:

          The state department favored candidate, Grace Poe, like so many world leaders, was educated within an hour’s walking distance from Harvard and spent most of her adult life in America in the close vicinity of Harvard.

          The constitution requires the president to be a native born Filipino. She is not exactly native born, being born American and adopted to a Filipino father, but the courts were untroubled by this. She moved to the Philippines in 2006, and ten years later running for president, an oddly meteoric rise.

          The Filipino courts are in the pockets of the State Department.

          • Rhetocrates says:

            Which is why we get extra-judicial death squads. As the name says, they don’t answer to the courts.

  19. marlon says:

    “I am saying that this is the choice a civilization is faced with when it has failed.”

    Very true.
    It means you will clamour for it soon.

  20. Wombat says:

    Keep an eye on the public prosecutors who prefer to nail honest citizens for trivial bullshit because they know that the target has so very much to lose and will cop a plea for a suspended sentence.

    The prosecutor gets to stuff their resume with great win-to-loss ratio. Meanwhile they will turn loose career murderers on the flimsiest of pretenses because the murderer has nothing to lose, will see the case through and suck up too much of the prosecutor’s valuable time trawling for middle-class drive-thru plea bargains.

    As for the term “law abiding”, it’s a load of shit. Ask anyone who claims to be “law abiding” how many tomes of law they’ve flipped through. No man on earth has any fucking clue how many laws he breaks each and every day. “Honest” and “decent” at least have some sort of reference point.

  21. Chris B says:

    It is not being fireproof that is the problem. Their interests are not alligned correctly, and are in fact alligned with letting scum off the leash and cracking down on those trying to make their position precarious. It is only a matter of time until the left get back in control in democracy, and once in control, they have every incentive to set scum free.

    • jay says:

      That’s why I think Guiliani went wrong in New York. If he executed all of the scumbags. There would be no scum to set free.

      • Ron says:

        Giuliani did his job, and he did it while respecting the law. He was the greatest mayor of the city since Laguardia.

        Duterte sounds like a maniac. I am not saying that the Phillipinos should not vote for him, I have no idea what they should do.

        I am saying that this is the choice a civilization is faced with when it has failed.

        • peppermint says:

          Look, another cuckservative with the pearl clutching about dhimmocracy. Heaven forbid he innocent are protected and the guilty punished on Earth. They’re not even punished in the afterlife due to universal salvation! Cucks are all trannies who love criminals and want to get fucked by them. Why don’t you go walk around the parts of my city that are off limits to me at night.

          The third Dirty Harry movie was about Dirty Harry stopping RWDS, and was a lot less successful because that’s not what Americans want to see even though they need to talk about liberty opportunity of freedom all day. The last Dirty Harry movie was about Dirty Harry going along with RWDS, specifically, letting a woman get away with murdering rapists. That also flopped because everyone knows that a woman can get justice against a FUCKING WHITE MALE without ever actually going through the trouble of being victimized! Bill Clinton’s victims excluded, of course.

          Americans have been ready for this kind of violence for some time, so much so that it even finds its way to expression through the Jews of Hollywood. Except for the preachers, who have a good thing going telling the goyim to worship the kike on the pike in between opposing abortions of niggers and adopting niggers as embryos.

          I hope you are given the sexual liberation you crave soon.

          • Ron says:

            That was incoherent. I have no idea what you driving at. I probably dont care either.

          • jack arcalon says:

            I hope you’re right in the first sentence of your third paragraph.

            The angriest I’ve ever been wasn’t about the terrorist hijacking fiasco of 2001, but about the infuriatingly wimpy public response at the time.

      • Orthodox says:

        Giuliani didn’t need to execute people. He exiled/deported them. The crime rates in surrounding municipalities went up because the criminals fled NYC.

        • jay says:

          ”Giuliani didn’t need to execute people. He exiled/deported them. The crime rates in surrounding municipalities went up because the criminals fled NYC.”

          Exactly why career criminals and murderers need to be executed. Why push this problem on others?

          • Ron says:

            Banishment is a legitimate solution.

            As for why push the problem on others, its not so cut and dry. It depends on the siituation. Some problems can only be solved with summary street executions, some are best solved by pushing the problem to others.

            joking aside, banishment from NYC is not a minor punishment.

          • jay says:

            Banishment of career criminals only makes it someone elses problem.

            Doesn’t put an end to the career criminal.

  22. Marcus says:

    Sounds like this Duterte Harry guy is a real Arthur MacArthur – but with the “correct” epidermis attached. Good for them.

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