Anarcho tyranny in the Chicago riots

Police in Chicago were set up to take a kayfabe fall, to be the bad guys, and lose.

The plan was that at a pre-arranged signal, multiple mobs would simultaneously rush the podium, and nail Trump, thereby solving the Trump problem.

Police would be unable to prevent this, having been disarmed, forbidden to use effective force and set up to be legally at fault in any lawsuit.

What really happened at the Chicago Rally.

How the cops were set up to lose and be defeated.

It is entertaining just how much the Chicago Chief of Police hates the police.  I assume something similar is happening in the Army.


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  1. […] Here is compelling evidence of Anarcho tyranny in the Chicago riots. […]

  2. Zach says:

    If true, then Trump as President is corrupt enough to push the bullshit in the other direction.

    As with all of these exaggerations I note them. No orders to stand down. However many nonorders to not organize help to a proper extent.

    I think the mass of retards in this country can still surprise people. Some may have been caught off guard.

  3. jay says:

    Quick and efficient Death penalty would be a good way to keep order among Africans.

  4. Dave says:

    “The plan was that at a pre-arranged signal, …”

    In that case they botched it, because anti-Trumpers lack the discipline to wait for a pre-arranged signal. Donald wasn’t even in the building when they started attacking.

    Just like Muslims could easily take over Europe if they held off the violence until they’re 80% of the population, but they’re blowing their chance now because they lack self-restraint.

  5. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Third-world people create third-world environments.


  6. Mister Grumpus says:

    Our future isn’t “secession”, but rather “amputation.”

  7. Hillary is one among many who risk prison or worse if Trump comes to power, and billions if not trillions are at stake.

    JFK when he went to rock the boat, MLK, RFK, Wallace all took bullets, and Perot testified that he was intimidated out of the race. Reagan took a bullet from a madman scheduled to meet Bush’s son for dinner that very night.

    I don’t think Trump’s enemies can afford to sit around and hope a madman gets him. Madmen make good patsies though.

    • peppermint says:

      All those cuckservatives with tarbabies, however they got them, will live out their lives humiliated as cucks if Trump wins. That’s worse than going to prison for being too far ahead of the curve pushing Marxism.

      I’m guessing one of those guys takes a shot at Trump. In fact, I’m hoping for it. They need to commit some form of crime so that the god-emperor can behead them on live steaming 2160p.

  8. Dave says:

    The rule is that any city with a significant population of Africans shall be cleansed of sentient people and turned into Detroit. Chicago was an “unprincipled exception” only as long as the iron fist of the Daley family kept democracy at bay. Without them, Chicago is doomed.

  9. How many rioters were there? Few hundred? Trump had tens of thousands of supporters, and dozens of armed security.

    Now maybe they could cause enough confusion and get close enough for a hidden team of pros to get off some shots, but its a little hard to imaging the SS not getting Trump covered up before that happened.

    • TheBigH says:

      A 3ed of of the arena was rioters.

      • If that’s true, they really left him no choice but to cancel.
        If he cancelled, as happened, they couldn’t get him.

        • Bo says:

          I’m guessing you haven’t spent much time managing crowds.

          A small, organized mob of even a few hundred with a purpose can be likened to a tsunami. You either get out of the way or you get smashed.

          • Zach says:


            Extreme defensive measures need to be taken. Then offensive measures once the cancer starts chimping.

          • peppermint says:

            …and the crowd in the theater in Paris were what, with a purpose to die?

            A few hundred with sticks can stop knights. They can’t do anything against robocop, rentacop, cops with pepper spray, or even sand monkies. Crowds have never been easier to control. Every riot that happens happens because the police were determined to let it happen.

  10. Alrenous says:

    “We hope it is understood that this email is not meant to be malicious and it is not an attack on you.”

    Which is why they lost, and will continue to lose. ProTip: don’t fail to attack your enemies.

    “This level of incompetence”
    I harp constantly on not giving them the benefit of the doubt. This is why: this idiot genuinely believes its incompetence, not a high competence at Machiavellianism.

    • peppermint says:

      — Disrespectfully, this is an attack on you. I believe that you organized a riot with the intention of causing physical injury to Trump.

      — fired

      — look at those angry cops with their conspiracy theories

      — libel lawsuit time

      • Alrenous says:

        If that’s what you really think I was suggesting, then I feel sorry for you. Not a lot, but a bit.

        • peppermint says:

          If we had some media institutions like Breitbart or DailyStormer, it would be a good idea to call him a cuck for thinking it’s incompetence instead of malice, just to put pressure on him.

          It’s been a big problem for us not to be able to know who to trust since there isn’t a way to signal to us that you’re not going to cuck out when you don’t need to, but cuckstains demand that people signal that they will cuck out. Thus Reagan and Newt Gingrich cucked out when we were hoping for them not to.

  11. TheBigH says:

    Trump is picking up buckloads of Asains. He might win parts of the west coast if he makes it to the general election alive.

  12. lalit says:

    I think the narrator was Indian. There was also an Indian commenter there hating on the lefties. Now, You were saying something about Indians/Hindus being the most dependable democratic voters. This “might” be true among the older generation, but definitely not among the younger ones.

  13. B says:

    >The plan was that at a pre-arranged signal, multiple mobs would simultaneously rush the podium, and nail Trump, thereby solving the Trump problem.

    Was that the plan? Is there a source that this was that plan?

    “Nail Trump” means what, club him to death with folding chairs? What an original plan for an assassination.

    I love how you move from one grandiose conjecture to another, without ever acknowledging that the first one was a flop.

    What’s with Aleppo? Fallen yet? Have the Russians marched triumphantly into Rakka? How’s that Turkish armored charge to relieve Aleppo shaping up?

    Maybe you should have a disclaimer on your posts-“for entertainment purposes only, not intended to be taken seriously.”

    • B says:

      >Police would be unable to prevent this, having been disarmed

      As usual, not reading your own sources. The letter in 2nd City Cop says that the cops had their OC spray taken away, being left with only their pistol and baton. “Disarmed.” Not to mention Trump’s private security and Secret Service detail.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        “We were ordered to leave our dark colored gloves in our lockers because they looked too aggressive. This meant our hands were left uncovered, much more easily cut/scraped, and exposed to any number of various fluids (blood, spit, etc.). We were not offered or supplied with any alternatives such as latex gloves which were readily available at the hospital or our station.

        We were told not to place our hands on anyone. Even when escorting out hostile attendees, we were advised to not make physical contact with them. This is contrary to our Controlled F.O.R.C.E. training which the department has invested a significant amount of money and time training us on. More importantly, it placed officers in a situation where they had to choose between their safety and following an order.”

        In other words, the only alternative to doing nothing is to start firing a pistol into a charging crowd. Sure, the department will back you up if you do that – especially after they ordered you not to even touch the protesters.

        C’mon B.

        “Additionally, at least eight of our specialty officers were ordered to be in plainclothes, when only two were requested by the secret service, thereby unnecessarily placing them in increased danger as combatants inside the event could not easily identify them as police officers. We feel that, at every single turn, what we, your officers, needed to perform our job safely and to the best of our abilities was disregarded and ignored. By allowing this, it also placed each and every attendee, student, and VIP in unnecessary danger as we could not provide the appropriate level of protection and safety they deserved.”

    • Steve Johnson says:

      ““Nail Trump” means what, club him to death with folding chairs? What an original plan for an assassination. ”

      Appropriately for the time of year – getting a big gang to attack the target worked on Julius Caesar (they used knives but had a smaller gang).

      • jim says:

        Just as when the press chased Diane they were deliberately setting up a situation in which she might well be killed, and as things turned out, she was killed, these guys (the guys who were planning and organizing both the riot and the police response to the planned riot) were setting up a situation in which Trump might well be killed, without saying out loud to each other “kill him”.

        They intended that Trump be hurt, injured, frightened and made to look weak. Killing him would be icing on the cake.

    • Brit says:

      You don’t need to kill him. Being beaten up on stage and having his microphone taken away would make him look weak in the public eye, significantly reducing his popularity, similarly to the cucking of Bernie Sanders.

    • jim says:

      What’s with Aleppo? Fallen yet?

      There is a “truce” which looks to the losers mighty like the fall of Aleppo.

      And should they reinterpret the truce as not much like the fall of Aleppo, they will find that they are surrounded and cut off.

      So, yes, fallen. Not in the sense that it was taken building by building, but in the sense that Paris fell to the Germans in World War II – a peace reflecting one side’s victory, and the other side’s defeat.

      • B says:

        Oh, yeah, “Aleppo fell for certain values of the word “fell.””

        Words have meaning.

        Paris fell because the French govt surrendered to the Germans and vacated the city.

        Did I miss a surrender ceremony in Syria?

        • jim says:

          German forces arrived in Paris, and the Parisian government made a humiliating peace reflecting this fact. Bashar al-Assad’s forces arrived in Aleppo, and also surround Aleppo, and the turkish forces in Aleppo made a humiliating peace reflecting this fact.

          So yes. Fallen.

          This truce is a direct result of military victories by Bashar al-Assad, and former backers of enemies of Basha al-Assad making up with the Kremlin.

          Your argument that Aleppo did not exactly quite fall could be applied equally well to Grozny.

        • jim says:

          Paris fell because the French govt surrendered to the Germans and vacated the city.

          Did I miss a surrender ceremony in Syria?

          No surrender by the French. Instead an “Armistice” – that is to say truce, which everyone knew perfectly well was a surrender.

          The “Truce” in Aleppo reflects Assad’s military victory in and around the city.

        • jay says:

          Aleppo will fall when the rebels run out of supplies and fighters. Given their supply route has now been cut. Its only a matter of time.

    • peppermint says:

      (1) Aleppo liberated
      (2) Turks, Saudis can’t send tanks or Russia comes back
      (3) Russia leaves so Kurds can’t pull them into a commitment to conquer Turkey
      (4) Moderate terrorists have nothing to offer but their surrender and nothing to threaten but to join ISIS. Assad could kill them all with his Hezbollah and Iranian friends or let them try to reintegrate into society as the dudes who tried to be terrorists and couldn’t mossad the Assad
      (5) Trump doesn’t walk into the Chicago trap, cancels the last GOP debate, gets elected, and cuts funding for ISIS from the budget (pending)

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