Social Justice Warriors believe that all people were created equal.

Kind of obviously, people are not equal. Very few video games were created by women, and those games are crap.

If people are not equal, it must be due to the evil magic of thought criminals thinking thought crimes.

Social Justice Warriors therefore convict the broad mass of gamers as thought criminals, whose evil thoughts are magically causing magical harm, and want to punish them. Hence tranny megaman, etc.

Although these gamers are doubtless entirely innocent, I recommend that since you are going to be convicted and punished, you might as well be guilty.

Here is the news:

People were not created equal. As Darwin explains, some individuals are better than others, some groups and categories are better than others, some races are superior, some inferior.

Women are better than men at the very important job of making babies. (No contest there). They are better than men at cleaning house, and way better than men at finding where the man in their life has left his car keys.

At pretty much everything else, they tend to suck.

And one of the things they particularly suck at is writing video games.

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  2. Zach says:

    Art or…

    Documentary: The Bridge:

    Song: To wish impossible things.

    After watching the film, this song stuck out – have no idea why.

    Some peeps just feel too much.

  3. Zach says:

    Jim called it.

    Chicks in the games industry get shoehorned into jobs where they design flowers or some bullshit. Wannabe cool guys, hire chicks, to be the new guy in town – the cool new guy! What a bunch of pussies. I’m telling you peeps (brahs?), it’s sickening, the pussification in America is jaw-dropping.

    The universities are in sync. The epic Jew, Moldbug, called it.

    Godbless SM. Need more Women like her.

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  5. josh says:

    What a wierd and unnecessary thing to say. Women are good at lots of things. For example, the atomization of society is largely the result of the fact that women start almost all social organizations.

  6. Barnabas says:

    I’m far from a gamer but I did enjoy the Bioshock series in spite of a story line where you kill Randian Objectivists in the first edition and Christians in the second. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the third edition where you kill racist tradcons.

    • jp says:

      At least it makes for a break from the typical jewish revenge-porn German-slaughter simulators.

    • peppermint says:

      in Bioshock Infinite,

      * Elizabeth complains about being forced to do a man’s job, stabbing the nigger rabble-rouser Daisy with a pair of sewing scissors

      * anti-racism is taken by Daisy to its logical conclusion, and the player character is helpless to stop Daisy from murdering a young White boy because “the Founders are like weeds”, a.k.a. “Is it the duty of every good revolutionary to kill newborn White babies?”. That’s why the matter falls to Elizabeth, who as a woman can fit through the vent.

      * Comstock says on a tape you can access a third of the way through the game

      “What exactly was the “Great Emancipator” emancipating the Negro from? From his daily bread. From the nobility of honest work. From wealthy patrons who sponsored them from cradle to grave. From clothing and shelter. And what have they done with their freedom? Why, go to Finkton, and you shall find out. No animal is born free, except the white man. And it is our burden to care for the rest of creation.”

      see http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lie_of_the_Emancipator for audio

      You need to fight Comstock, not because he’s racist but because he’s a fraud, and you need to fight the revolootionaries, because they are scum.

  7. ndf says:

    Hey Jim, could you link me that interview with Linda Currie? I exitated to call her a full fledged game designer because there is always a smoke screen like beta male coders doing all the work like that, even tought she “worked” on one of the best turn based strategy games. There was also this female game designer, Brenda Braiwhite, wife of John Romero who “worked” on Wizardry 8, but she is a proven scam artist.

    Tell me what you think of this cutscene, the closest a game got in explaining the Cathedral(from 2001):


  8. B says:

    Incidentally, now being gay is a choice…again.


    NTTAWT, of course!

    “But having teammates who refuse to wear the T-shirt is only half of the problem with wrapping an identity around desire. Here’s the other: desire is not a fixed or reliable compass. It varies, usually not in a willed way. I know many women who say that they were once so identified with one direction of desire that it never occurred to them it would ever vary—and yet fifteen or thirty years later, are stunned to find that their attractions take a U-turn. Some women who spend their younger adulthood identifying as lesbians shift in midlife and get involved with men. Some straight women have serious, meaningful relationships with men—and are stunned when they fall hard for a woman, not with a mild crush, but with full-on love and desire. These women often don’t call themselves “bisexual.” They say: at one point I was straight and then became gay (or vice versa). And that involves choice. Undoing a marriage or a household, leaving behind the way your social circle imagined you, rewriting your identity: all that takes effort and has social costs. Tackling that is a choice.

    So let’s start talking about it that way. In much of the world—from Argentina to New Zealand—the rainbow faction is winning. And as the stigma fades—as we progressively win acceptance in law and in life—I betcha that more men will stop hiding the fact that their desires vary, just as women’s do. They’ll start saying that, yes, they made a choice to follow one sex or another, one person or another, because either way, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

    Well, except for the massively reduced life expectancy and increased social pathologies (which the rest of us pay for.) And of course, the moral aspect of teaching children that a choice which takes 20 years off their lifespan and destroys their quality of life (I’ve never had a bouquet of chronic STDs but it can’t be very pleasant) is perfectly fine-better than fine!

    Carlyle had it nailed with the Lingam-worship, as he had it nailed with everything except the au’ clothes. In 20 years, they’ll be throwing babies into the fire for Moloch in Times Square if it keeps going this way.

    • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

      >In 20 years, they’ll be throwing babies into the fire for Moloch in Times Square if it keeps going this way.
      Explain to me the difference between abortion and child-sacrifice to Moloch?

      Abortion is done for a bunch of reasons. To “save the environment”, to “let the woman have a career”, to “live a life without the hassle of a child”.

      Child-sacrifice to Moloch was done because Moloch demanded it. Abortion is done because the environment, feminism, et cetera, demands it.

      Moloch is a person, Feminism is a principle. Looks similar to me. The only difference is that Moloch might be a little deeper of an experience, because they pretend he’s a person.

      • B says:

        Moloch is the embodiment of a principle, worshiping which is supposed to bring you material benefits. Abortion is done directly for material benefits. The difference is, I guess, the private and more rationalistic nature of abortion.

        • jim says:

          Moloch did bring you material benefits, in that to be part of the ruling class, you had to demonstrate sufficient faith in Moloch. Hence such sneaky workarounds as adopting poor people’s children and then putting them through the fire while pretending that they were one’s natural children.

          Could a woman be part of today’s ruling class if she did not have some abortions? Consider the condemnation of Sarah Palin for the continued survival of her Down’s syndrome son.

  9. thinkingabout it says:

    There are certainly many more things women are better at than men, chief among which involves being a middleman fixing appointments and things like that. Female secretaries are way better than males. And for the same reason many corporate jobs are becoming better suited for women, who are more pay attention to little details and don’t get bored by inane work.

    • jim says:

      I see a hell of a lot of affirmative action employment.

      For example, in the games industry, generally all the developers, game designers, etc are men, and if some of them are women, they are just figureheads. All the actual work is always done by a male. To compensate for all the developers being male, almost all the artists are female, but this is affirmative action, not because females are naturally good at art. If you need some good art, it is always a male artist.

      If women had a natural advantage, we would not see all this affirmative action employment.

      • Zach says:

        Fact. Figureheads indeed.

      • Red says:

        The really shitty part of the arrangement is how much the games suffer from areas where women are given decision making powers.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Female employees are also cheaper than male employees.

        So, if all you need is someone who can speak, file papers, and write stuff down, then you usually hire a woman. We used to call them secretaries.

        A bunch female employees are just this sort of job:


        Of course, to suit the diversity god, we pretend they’re more than a glorified secretary.

      • thinkingabout it says:

        A woman who does the exact same job as a man gets twice as much credit, sometimes even media attention, and is far more likely to be promoted to be the “female face” of the company. Especially in young sectors like tech.

        The old ways are dying, in the information age a lot of “work” is just clicking things on a screen and conference calling dozens of people. Basically just one extended social networking event. This used to be done by mediocre and stupid men in the past, now the mediocre and stupid men have nowhere to hide and nothing to do. The men at the top have their cake and eat it too. They even play into the feminists’ hands by preferentially hiring females, since women make better underlings than men do.

        Women publish lots and lots of scientific papers in biology and medicine. Know why? Because they make great grad students – being a grad student involves kissing your boss’s ass, and working like a slave on boring tasks. They suck once they are released into the wild as assistant professors, but nobody realizes that during the initial hiring process. Because their resumes have already been built up by sucking up to men.

    • Brian says:

      I suspect that women are secretaries because it’s something they can do, freeing up men to tackle more complex tasks.

  10. VXXC says:

    Well hey here’s a video game you’ll love: Tampon Run!

    you only lose if you run out of Tampons to throw at men.

    Apparently it’s a Hit.


    “Unlike most video games, the gamer doesn’t lose when the bad guys run into her. You lose only when you run out of tampons. (Just like in real life, amirite, ladies?) Even the title of the game, “Tampon Run,” recalls the monthly drudge to CVS so many women experience, unless they have the forethought to keep their bathrooms well stocked.”


    • Lars Grobian says:

      At the risk if sounding like a third este standup comic, why IS it that adult women, after needing tampons every 28 days for 15 years, are so often incapable of projecting the need for tampons 28 days in the future?

      Funny that a girl wrote a video game where the girl character automatically wins regardless of skill. Too predictable, but then women usually are.

    • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

      I am entirely impressed with that game.

      And the title says “Girls who code”, showing that women are again, outperforming their male counterparts.

  11. CuiPertinebit says:

    You hit on a thought I’ve been thinking for a long time: if the SJW types are hell-bent on hurling accusations of racism, trannyphobia, misogyny, etc., even against people who inexplicably still believe in equality, there is no longer any real reward in avoiding their list of evils. You will be found guilty whether you are a racist or not. So, that thin line of pseudo-respectability that has prevented many people from thinking honestly about certain issues, has now been eliminated.

    Are they banking on people being so desperate to avoid censure, that they will join the ranks of those who believe that tolerance is not enough (believing rather that you must positively and proactively celebrate and police correct thought)? They have perhaps not considered that most normal people, content to retain a minimum of pseudo-respectability by smiling and nodding, are perhaps not so willing to retain it if it involves spending the rest of their lives in a metaphorical elevator full of people who enjoy the smell of their own flatulence. People are going to start deciding that, if they’re going to be reviled anyway, and they have too much self respect to spend their lives crying supportively when the local tranny hears a trigger-word, they may as well just endure the opprobrium. Then what will the SJWs do, when even the vast herd of moderate numbskulls have lost all interest in playing their game?

    By the way, gotta disagree on the car keys. My mom, my aunts, my sister-in-law, are always asking the men for help in finding their car keys. Never once heard a man ask his wife!

  12. Some Organization called JOBS WITH JUSTICE is posting:
    “According to a new report, for each child a woman has her wages will decrease by an average of 4%. For each child a man has, his wages will increase by an average of 6%.”
    Only in bigger text.

    Now I presume what this study actually measured (assuming it measured something) was that having more children is correlated with having a lower wage for women and with having a higher wage for men.

    This sounds like good news for the IQ of the population.
    Income is presumably a reasonable proxy for IQ, since IQ is supposed to be about
    an ability useful for solving general problems, and earning money is a particular
    example of a general problem people are motivated to solve. If IQ means much, any problem people are motivated to solve that involves intelligence is something of a proxy for IQ, and they all should give similar results.

    It is sometimes said that the population IQ must be decreasing, because poorer, and hence on average lower IQ women are said to have more children than wealthier and on average smarter ones. However, it appears from the study that higher IQ men are having more children than lower IQ ones, and by more than lower IQ women are having more children than higher IQ ones.
    Moreover, the most obvious two reasons why women having more kids have lower wages is not because they are stupider, but (1) because kids take up their time and effort and thus make them less valuable to employers, and (2) because they sometimes choose jobs that let them spend more time with their kids over ones that pay more. Thus the fact that poorer women have more kids is partly explained away by factors unrelated to their IQ, meaning the amount that dumber women have more kids is greatly exaggerated by the wage proxy. The sign may even be wrong. Moreover, it may well be true in the modern world that for a man to have a child means one average he will devote time and effort to the child, thus making him less valuable to his employer. In this case the extent to which smarter men have more kids is probably underestimated by the wage proxy.

    Thus we conclude this estimate is quite positive for the average genetic IQ of the next generation, with the amount that mean paternal IQ is higher than mean IQ more than compensating for the amount that mean maternal IQ may be lower than mean IQ.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yeah but it’s video games. The best possible outcome would be for SJWs to ruin video games and make white men shun video games. It would get them out into the real world (I can hope…)

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck you. I happen to enjoy video games, because real world is overrated.

      I keep playing them, no matter what.

      I despise people like you.

    • somebody says:

      Video games are awesome, at least some of them.

      Why do you like real world so much, Anon? Reality sucks dog’s balls, and the less i have to do with it the better.

      So fuck you and your “real world”.

      • Just sayin' says:

        Those who are into real life will gain power over those who are into vidya games.

  14. Rasputin says:

    Emma Watson, UN Goodwill Ambasador, on gender equality:


    And here puppy: http://www.heforshe.org

    She’d have your balls Jim.

    • Brian says:

      Notice the echo chamber “I agree” button without a corresponding “I disagree” button.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rasputin, that stupid bitch wouldn’t have anybody’s balls, least of all Jim’s.

      Go spread your cultural Marxism elsewhere, you wretched lib scum.

      Try Huffingtonpost.

  15. Nyan Sandwich says:

    I’ll dispute that video games made by women uniformly suck.

    I’m sure there are plenty of competent women in the video games industry (though not many). The trouble is that many women confuse making video games with attention whoring while pretending to make video games, and those games really do tend to suck. So when we see idiotic attention whores making shitty video games, we are at least partially seeing a selection effect.

    (Is there a female equivalent of Carmack, Notch, Jonathan Blow, etc? I would guess not, but interesting to confirm).

    • spandrell says:

      What a stupid thing to say.

    • jim says:

      Same principle as Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie.

      If their poster girls suck, then they all suck.

      • ndf says:

        Yes, and the rare “real deal” seems to be hidden under the carpet, case in point Linda Currie from Jagged Alliance 2 and Roberta Williams who used to make adventure games and being elitists.

        Post modernism is a problem in video games in the same way it is a problem with traditional art. If urinals and piece of sh*t can be art, so the next step is to make lazy coding, shitty graphics and dumbed down mechanics “art”.

        • Rasputin says:

          Anything can be ‘art’, just as anything can be ‘progress’, just as ‘independence’ has been hollowed out to mean ‘dependance’. But the Reactionary route of returning to a stifling, stratified, craft based competence in art is a pretty unappealing one. Better to accept the expanded field and innovate within it, subvert the Leftist aesthetic lexicon from within.

          • jim says:

            Leftist art is shit. Craft based competence is a necessary, though far from sufficient filter.

            Unappealing you say? Well I suppose it does not appeal to “artists”.

          • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

            Isn’t “you can’t define art” a philosophical movement?

            Post-structuralism, post-modernism, et cetera.

            Sounds like rationalization of bad art.

          • Rasputin says:

            Are you defining leftist art as anything with explicitly Left values, or anything post-Duchamp? I’d agree with the former (obviously) but not the latter, which is too exclusive for my tastes. I’d be interested to read anything you’ve written about modern art / aesthetics to get firm understanding of your position on these things if you have links?

            • jim says:

              I have not written anything very coherent on art.

              Any art that is compatible with the theory that you don’t need technical skills, don’t need to pay your dues, is left wing art. Thus punk is left, Beatles, notwithstanding “Imagine”, not left.

              If an artist can draw a monster, but cannot draw a pretty girl, except by tracing or photoshopping, leftist. Rap is leftist. Blues not leftist.

          • Rasputin says:

            Shit! I wasn’t even thinking about music. I love punk, perhaps I’m still a Leftist. Although, I’ve been more into Prog recently, so maybe there is still some hope… I think I enjoy punk in much the same way I enjoy classical music which is explicitly religious; I appreciate the beauty and conviction of the message, despite being a godless atheist.

            Anyway, it would be great if you were able to add writing something coherent about art to your ‘to do’ list. I think your take on it would be persuasive to many reactionaries, and it would certainly give me something to think about as well.

          • B says:

            Punk is popular music coming back around to the right again. If every generation rebels against the one prior, you go around. So you go from Byron to the Johnny Ramone and the Sex Pistols singing “Bodies”. Of course it’s a very steep downward spiral, and at every turn leftwards, the price for genuine rebellion against the tenets of the previous generation rises.

          • peppermint says:

            haha, funny story about the Beatles.

            Pretty Ado Lamb, was a pakistani, living in another world,
            Want it thrown around, don’t dig no pakistanis, taking all the people jobs.

            Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.
            Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.

            Obviously, this was not released. However, they did have a song critical of revolutionaries, and a song complaining about taxes.

          • peppermint says:

            Meanwhile back at home there’s nineteen Pakistanis,
            Living in a council flat
            Candidate for Labour tells them what the plan is,
            Then he tells them where its at

            …it’s been 55 years.

        • jim says:

          The first person you mentioned was Linda Currie: So I googled up an interview with her, in which she said:

          My days are really never the same and the things I do each day are constantly changing. But there are some constants… lots of meetings, lots of email, and lots of conversations. I do little to no actual game design. I know, sounds weird huh? The reality is that I work with a team of excellent designers and they do the hands-on game design.

          Which sounds like every other female game designer.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Both Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie killed themselves in their jobs. Particularly with Earhart, incompetence plus dangerous tasks equals death.

        • Brian says:

          Not to mention that there is a mountain of evidence indicating that Marie Curie’s husband did the actual research and theorizing… Marie was his bottle-washer who’s name he put on his research in order to drum up more ‘dancing bear’ support.

    • niggosnoggus says:

      Agreed. There are hundreds of people working on modern games, and I bet there are lots of women working at them, probably mostly in the asset (art) creating departments though, not so much in the programming and more technical side of things. Of course those positions are not very showy like for example being the game’s director, but they do have a position.

      • jim says:

        Women work on art. Of course most of the best artists are men, but since everyone is under pressure to hire women and avoid hiring men, it is easier to do this with art that programming and game design.

        Women write stories, thus games genuinely produced by women tend to be stories with no actual game play.

    • Zach says:

      I loled when Carmack shit on Rage. Tim Willits just about a shit himself.

      Women are fucking atrocious coders. SOTN had a decent soundtrack composed by a woman.

      • jim says:

        Yes, the difference between women and men is much greater in coding than in art.

        So, if one expects ones affirmative action hires to do any useful work, rather than merely bother the men who do the actual work, one hires women for art and men for coding. Though is is pretty clear one would get better results hiring men for both. While there is no shortage of bad male artists, if you want really good art for your game, it is going to come from one of the very few males in the art department – who is, unfortunately, in extremely high demand.

        • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

          But having an all-male department looks worse.

          Suppose 10% of your staff are women. And you have an equal number of coders and artists.

          If 20% of the artists are women, and 0% of the coders, then you look more like a sexist than if 10% of each are coders.

          Better to split the difference. 5% of coders, and 15% of artists are women.

          • jim says:

            When I was at Epyx, every single game developer, every single programmer was male. To compensate for this, ninety percent of the artists were female, but all the really good artists were male – not that there was any shortage of really bad male artists.

        • Zach says:

          Art requires a certain X-Factor. I would argue Women are terrible at art as well. But perhaps less terrible than analytical tasks, which require a shit ton of concentration.

          (good god, thanks to a thousand emails a day I’m making my Ws upper-case… holy shit)

    • Brian says:

      It is not how well the bear dances that draws applause, it is the fact that the bear dances at all.

    • anonymous says:

      “Is there a female equivalent of Carmack, Notch, Jonathan Blow, etc?”

      Yeah. Roberta Williams.Don’t even try to minimize her. But yes she is exceptional.

      • jim says:

        Roberta Williams does not design games. She writes stories. Other people make story playable.

        This is typical. Men give women the stuff that they are least bad at – which is stories and art. And then claim that they have women writing games.

        She draws a salary because her husband writes games.

  16. jp says:

    SJWs have been trying to infiltrate gaming and stage their glorious Marxist coup for years. Predictably, the results are always cringe-inducingly bad. Remember Hamburger Hepler? The fat fanfiction-writer chick Bioware hired to shit up the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises with gay sex and ham-handed social justice themes?


    Notice the little Hebrew Chai on the chain around her neck. The ride never ends.

    As much as the united front of censorship against GamerGate makes these morons appear monolithic, they’re always gonna be doomed to failure in the end, because there’s just no market for their crap. There’s a reason leftism is so famously rife in government and academia: it needs that protected environment to survive. Leftism is always the ideology of the sick, the malformed, the runts of the litter, railing at nature and all that is healthy for the unfairness of existence. The Darwinian pressure of the free market eventually weeds them out like it does all sick animals.

    Let them take over 4chan. They’ll make it boring and it will evaporate. Let them make their games about depression and flinging tampons and tranny space marines; their investors will get burned and go back to what sells. Let the game journalists collectively alienate and belittle their own consumers. They’re always gonna lose, because they’re broken people. They would’ve been eaten by wolves in an earlier age; now, thanks to the wonders of modern civilization, they grow up to be social justice commissars.

    • peppermint says:

      ahahahaha they were also going to turn Ashley from ME1 into a tranny.

      But then, the only gay thing that happened in ME3 was the faggot taxi driver in the cargo hold was repeatedly listening to his last conversation with his gay lover until you talk to him. At which point he immediately asks you out. Which is actually pretty truthful about the differences between normal people and faggots.

      (going to the cargo hold is not necessary to complete the game)

    • jim says:

      They’re always gonna lose, because they’re broken people.

      It is now difficult to publish any science fiction other than pink science fiction through the normal channels. All real science fiction is self published these days, mostly as ebooks.

      For example, poor John Ringo, in “Under a graveyard sky”, has to have a girl who is tougher and deadlier than any marine or special ops soldier as a major character. And a couple of completely counterstereotypical gays.

      Oh well, could be worse. Most pink science fiction features sex with werewolves and vampires. At least you can rely on John Ringo to be heteronormative and speciesist – so far.

      • Brian says:

        I think he’s going to stay that way. He knows full well that he just writes in badass chicks to increase his audience, and has stated as much on his FB stream. The only ‘badass’ jobs he can acknowledge truly women are good at is makeshift sniper.

        Mot thinking he’s going to be writing any slash any time soon

    • Barnabas says:

      “… they’re always gonna be doomed to failure in the end, because there’s just no market for their crap.”
      Maybe the tyrannical SJWing in pro sports will drive men away from that mind-numbing garbage and into the real world.

  17. R says:

    Women are also superior at:

    (1) comforting those who are suffering
    (2) making a house into a home – the man builds the framework of the home and the woman fills it in and makes it warm and ‘homey’, e.g. arranging gatherings, holiday celebrations, etc

  18. Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

    >At pretty much everything else, they tend to suck.
    I have four things to add

    3.Cooking (average woman vs. average man, that is, elite chefs are not typical cooks)
    4.Not being violent

    >“’The only way to keep a woman happy, is to keep her barefoot and pregnant.’”
    >Kinder, Küche, Kirche … is a German slogan translated as “children, kitchen, church”

    • Ansible says:

      On #4:

      “When Pharaoh’s horses, chariots and horsemen went into the sea, the Lord brought the waters of the sea back over them, but the Israelites walked through the sea on dry ground. Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women followed her, with timbrels and dancing. Miriam sang to them:

      “Sing to the Lord,
      for he is highly exalted.
      Both horse and driver
      he has hurled into the sea.”

      Also, 55million abortions since Roe V. Wade is pretty damning.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Women like violent men. Women like violent gods.

        Abortion is not in the category of physical violence I was talking about. Killing a fetus is anti-life, but no one is scared to sit next to a woman who had an abortion. They are scared when sitting next to niggers.

      • B says:

        Rejoicing over the death of people who are trying to kill you is not the same thing as being violent. You would have been better off quoting the story of Yael and Sisera and Devora and Barak. But in neither of those cases were women engaging in face-to-face direct violence.

    • jim says:

      Women attend Church, but are harmful to it, tending to corrupt the Church,

      As for violence, women are at least as inclined to commit acts of violence as men, probably more inclined to commit acts of violence. It is just that male violence is a lot more effective, alarmingly more effective.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        Women running churches are a problem. Women attending churches is desirable. The two are not confused in a well-run religion.

        To a large extent, Christianity took over the Roman empire by it’s superior women. Christian women were more sexually pure, and elite Pagans took them for wives. Over time, the elite became more and more Christianized.

        >It is just that male violence is a lot more effective, alarmingly more effective.
        And male construction work is more effective, primarily because of body types. Are men superior at construction work?

        • Alan J. Perrick says:


          Generally pushing women at “Church” is a problem though. And, alongside the other two in your trio, quite demeans Church. National Sociaism, after taking a more than cursory look at it, is quite lax against the Politically Correct doctrines of Feminism and Environmentalsim. Sure, it’s pro-white which eliminates its converse, Anti-Whitism, but if you give the Devil two-thirds of the room to maneuver, then Old Nick will surely be around another day. White people need a full restoration.

          • jay says:

            Preserving the health of the environment is not bad. But the environmentalism hijacked by the left is bad.

          • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

            >is quite lax against the Politically Correct doctrines of Feminism and Environmentalsim.
            It’s explicitly in favor of both. The National Socialist era was a period of sexual liberation.

      • Lars Grobian says:

        If a woman’s man isn’t more or less the god of the Old Testament on her life, she’ll go insane and look for a god elsewhere. Intense religiosity in women is a substitute for a man. An imaginary man in the form of a god can’t tease her into calming down when she’s acting crazy, so she treats her imaginary god-boyfriend like an emasculated “beta”. She makes up all the rules, and all the rules say she gets to do whatever feels good at the moment.

        This is why women screw up religions. If they’re just sitting in church out of duty, if they believe but their female energies are directed elsewhere, they’re fine.

        • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

          Speaking as someone raised in evangelical Protestantism, women seem to want a feminized God. Not the OT God.

          The closest thing to the OT God in modern Protestantism, is the Calvinist God. He is a badass. But it’s mostly men who like him.

          • Lars Grobian says:

            You misread my comment. I said that women need a concrete, real, physically present human man who fills the ROLE OF the OT god in the woman’s life. If they don’t have that, they may invent a Gay Boyfriend Jesus instead. If not religiously inclined, they may turn to politics or “spirituality” or some other crazy thing that they use the same way — but we are discussing religion here.

            The women you describe are the ones who’ve invented a Gay Boyfriend Jesus as a substitute for a proper man in their lives.

            If you think there is no difference among what women want, and need, and think they want, and think they need, and what they SAY out loud about all of the above, you don’t know women very well. What they think they want doesn’t make them happy. It makes them crazy.

    • Brian says:

      Sex? No – women are good to fuck, but they are not good at fucking any more than a chicken is good at dinner.
      Church? H Sure church attendance has really blossomed thanks to feminism… Oh wait.
      Cooking? No. On average men are much better cooks. Women are control freaks and food is one of the things they control. You have Stockholm syndrome.
      Not being violent? No. This is a lack of skill, nerve, and capability.

      • Adolf the Friendly Wolf says:

        >women are good to fuck
        That’s the point. It’s not a skill any more than pregnancy is a skill.

        >church attendance has really blossomed thanks to feminism
        Compared to a more masculine form of leftism (i.e. Marxist-Leninism), church attendance has been pretty good. Regardless, I said women were better at church, not that they should run churches. Women are better at having children, but that doesn’t mean they should be the ultimate authority over a child.

        My experience disagrees with you. But I don’t care enough to argue this point.

        You seem to agree with me on violence. Do you prefer neighbors who lack the skill to kill you? Yes.

  19. Wyrd says:

    I played Zoe Quinn’s Depression quest, but I used a cheat code that gave an unlimited supply of Prozac.

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