Jihad watch reports Obama is Muslim

Jihad watch reports on the anointed one’s visit to India:

Obama is visiting … a Muslim shrine. He has no plans to visit any holy places of the Sikhs (such as the Golden Temple, Amritsar), or any Hindu holy places, Buddhist holy places, or Jain holy places. Nor does he plan to visit Nariman house, the Chabad house in Mumbai that was the chief target of the jihad mass-murderers who killed 173 people in November 2008.

India is majority Hindu. All the faiths of India are in a state of war or near war with Islam, which conflict has within living memory been conducted at the level of full scale pogrom, mass murder, and full scale conventional military operations with tanks and columns of uniformed troops, as well as the more usual level of angry mobs and unconventional small scale operations deploying people out of uniform. Obama is being conspicuously rude to his Hindu hosts in visiting a Muslim shrine without visiting a Hindu Shrine.

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  1. lalit says:

    Thanks for understanding, Mate

    The Hindus have become a degenerate race after 1400 years of fighting Islam and neglecting the sciences and Arts as a consequence. For which race can maintain Liberal (not leftie) values in the face of constant war.

    Around 1750s, the Hindus had almost beaten Islam for Good, but the fresh faced Brits marched in on the scene, defeated the exhausted Hindus and gave Islam another lease of life on the subcontinent. It was British policy to always prefer the minority in any of their colonies. Much like the Cathedral policy that the majority is always wrong, unless that majority happens to be Cultural Marxist or Muslim

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