Left internal quarrel

As you know, our college campuses are being rocked by massively astroturfed protests funded and organised by anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead, against Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead.

At which protests the same astroturf who looted and burned with absolute impunity to protest the holy martyrdom of Saint George Fentanyl Floyd are getting a bit of the police violence that they strangely failed to get while looting and burning.

I conjecture that the anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead are feeling aggrieved because explosives that were supposed to be sent to Eastern Europe to kill white people are instead being sent to Israel to kill brown people.

The interesting thing about this is that the people organising and funding these protests obviously do not care about ensuring that the next election gets rigged sufficiently to allow Biden to be appointed again. Clearly they are in favour of the next election being rigged sufficiently to allow Biden to be appointed again, but it is low on their list of priorities. These protests make Biden look bad, and reveal that the horde of browns brought in to live on crime, government employment, welfare, and voting Democrat are no more keen on voting Democrat than they are on working for a living.

I am pretty sure that the real vote for Biden, real in the sense of physical people physically showing up at the polling booth on election day, is somewhere down around ten or fifteen percent. Observe what happens when Biden shows up physically to meet ordinary physical people in person at a Democratic party stronghold as compared to what happens when Trump shows up physically in a Democratic party stronghold to meet ordinary physical people.

If the left is at each other’s throats during the election, their ballot box stuffing is likely to get messed up.

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  1. I don’t buy that whole iolnnist versus Zew thing. The Dynamics is obviously happening, but their parents have probbably been around each-other for decades. The Arabs all come backc here. Trust me, they aren’t playing eith dredels.

    I just found a simlar situation on the right. A political operator, a liberal, is glad to stand up and help organize…. oh yea, they’ve already got a plan.

    Shis is some data from a couple days ago.
    I’m not trying to blame. All I’m saying is if the left has this political edge…. we should a do-it-yourself grave-digger club.

    The New AtheistsWent went after Chris languan for guest whati You don’t have to choose I don’t need to talk to with you but They are routinely going to give that a pass. started notiving But some subtle things caugtht my attention.

    1 James Lindsay
    Very intelligent. Political alliance planning. Religion Atheists
    Goal: Enlighntenment Liberalism – Methods: Communism

    2. *Published MANIFESTO* https://newdiscourses.com/2020/01/manifesto-against-enemies-modernity/

    * Organized plans to engage in competition..
    * Thee plan includes
    * Liberal affiliation connotes coalition building by marxist training
    * The loss of social cohesion was was foreseen. *Stimulating those in power lacked regard for quality of lifel *Did not believe it was the nation should survive.
    * Dysjunctive: Predclude imitators, disqualify ignoramouses Punish: suversives..

    • jim says:

      It is interesting James Linday can acknowledge that right thought exists, even though he is strangely unable to mention its content, and explicitly dismisses the actual lived experience of ordinary people as “rubes”. Thus his “modernity” is thus explicitly and overtly detached from reality, while actual modernity, the political, economic, and religious system of the Dutch Republic and Charles the Second, was explicitly and overtly rooted in God’s will manifest in his creation.

      He says “modernity”, and “the enlightenment” as if they were one and the same, but the enlightenment was from the beginning an attempt to overthrow modernity, which has now born the fruit one would expect. The enlightenment was from the beginning a faith based on “reason”, where they reasoned from claims about this world that are manifestly untrue — which claims proceeded to escalate, becoming more and more untrue. Modernity rested on God’s creation, and the Enlightenment did not much like God’s creation. They wanted to sweep it away and replace it with a better one.

      • The Cominator says:

        “When we advocate a defense of Modernity, we are talking about the fruits of the Modern era; the positive developments of that period from the Renaissance to the present day. This period is distinguished from its predecessor, the Medieval period, by several important intellectual changes including the Enlightenment, the formation of free societies governed by representative democracy, and the Scientific Revolution.”

        > The enlightenment
        Generally philosophies which made overly optimistic and stupid conclusions about human nature and society
        > muh free Democratic societies
        The Holy Roman Empire prior to the 30 years war was probably the closest thing to ancapistan that (mostly) worked that ever existed. I do not need to expound on why Democracy sucks and why representatives don’t (for better or worse) actually represent people in any kind of reliable way.
        > Scientific revolution
        We like the scientific revolution. We don’t like peer review, scientism and for me at least I don’t like a hardcore materialist philosophy being considered scientific dogma (which as of the Quantum Physics era is not even supported by science, it was arguably supported when the limits of scientific knowledge were Newtonian mechanics but Newton himself was the opposite of a materialist).

        • jim says:

          When he refers to “science”, he means the scientific consensus.: Global Warming, Humans need to be sacrificed to Gaia, the Covid Vaccine is safe and effective, Musk’s rockets would be so much better if he gave women and non whites proper representation in his development team, and anyone is whatever sex he says he is. Like the enlightenment, Scientific consensus is detached from God’s creation, which detachment is the result of the enlightenment itself.

      • TheFeebleClone says:

        Precisely. The content of analytical writing can mean very different things depending on how it is grounded in reality. There seem to be quite a few people identifying as “classical liberals” who cultivate a conservative audience. Without casting broad aspersion, it’s a perfect spot for influence agents among fox news conservatives.

        A fairly liminal difference can become an entirely different beast when the inquisition is reconstituted.

        Only this morning I dreampt of a student cultural revolution and knew a struggle session would quickly unmask me. Then I woke up and saw a clip of Kamela Harris’ speech at a student conference for “Legislative Leadership” students association. Her words to the students were: “Don’t take it as a personal burden… this is part of what it is involved. We have to know sometimes people will leave the door open for you and sometimes you wont. And then you need to kick the Fucking Door Down.” She might as well have been training student minions leading up to the cultural revolution in China.

        The fox news headline for the Kamela Harris speech was, I quote “Kamela Harris swears”.

  2. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like Milo (@nero) and heartiste (@heartiste) have been unbanned on twitter.

    • jim says:

      That is a start.

      The blog has long been spammed by Soros shills. It is now being spammed with “conservative” shills, whom I am silently suppressing. It is entirely pointless to attempt to hold a conversation with someone who cannot speak, or hear, or think a thought crime. Though I am fairly sure that the latest burst of spam is not coming from Soros employees, but coming from people on Soro’s little list of who needs to be killed in order to immanentize the eschaton.

      If group A cannot communicate with group B, then in the end group A has to exterminate group B, or group B exterminate group A. And these conservatives refuse to communicate with us, just as the Soros boys refuse to communicate with us.

      War is a test of will and capability. And if each side knows itself and knows the other, they are not going to test that will and capability, for they will have a fair idea of what it is, and will cut a deal that reflects it. So war happens when one side or both sides suffer from ignorance, usually self inflicted. And wars of extermination happen when that ignorance is incurable.

      Unless our ruling elite regains the capability to hear what people say, either they will be killed, or everyone else will.

      Christians can talk to Mohammedans, and Mohammedans can talk to Christians, and sometimes you see Christians and Mohammedans uniting against a common enemy, even though everyone know the alliance is likely to come to a sudden end with Mohammedans stabbing their allies in the back. But conservatives cannot talk to the alt right. They can only talk at us.

      The oblivious self enclosure of the elite in their bubble of unreality is likely to result in autogenocide.

      • The Cominator says:

        Cuckservatives have shills now?

        The only “conservative” shills I’ve seen in the past are state department commies who would spam that the most conservative imperative is that we must attack Russia because Putin really really is a secret commie ala the Simpsons episode.

        • jim says:

          I have not seen this before, and perhaps it will soon go away.

          Trump does not need this kind of supporter, and he had far too many of them last time around.

  3. Wabbit Season on Marxists says:

    [*allowing this blatantly obvious enemy shill content through, because he is a Thermidorean shill. I will continue to silently delete most posts by shills, but some may be interested in seeing the conflict between the malicious evil insane left, and the malicious evil slightly less insane left*]

    “Something Super Weird Is Going On”: Musk Reacts To ‘Anticapitalist’ Attack On Berlin Gigafactory

    Update (1340ET): Some are wondering why the so-called ‘anticapitalist’ protesters who attacked the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin are ignoring other automakers whose brands cater the the upper class they claim to oppose.

    “Why not protest factories making BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class or Maybach?” asks X user ‘Warren Redlich,’ adding “Because they’re full of crap.”

    To which Tesla owner Elon Musk replied: “Something super weird is going on, as Tesla was the *only* car company attacked!”

    Something super weird is going on, as Tesla was the *only* car company attacked!
    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 10, 2024

    * * *

    All hell is breaking out at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg on Friday as hundreds of woke Marxist extremists storm the property.

    Videos on X show hundreds of people running towards the massive factory.

    BREAKING: Far-left extremists just tried storming a Tesla factory near Berlin: pic.twitter.com/yspqWa0afZ
    — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) May 10, 2024

    Hunderte Aktivist:innen haben erfolgreich das Werksgelände von Tesla erreicht und feiern das Erreichen ihres Ziels!

    Die Produktion steht still. Heute wird kein Auto gebaut.#DisruptTesla pic.twitter.com/P0tWwwjChR
    — Disrupt (@disrupt__now) May 10, 2024

    „Say it loud, say it clear #ElonMusk is not welcome here”#DisruptTesla action in #Grünheide starts now pic.twitter.com/ZXjvohTsCV
    — the brake (@TheBrakeNet) May 10, 2024

    Im Zuge der Tesla Aktionstage blokieren Aktivist*innen eine Straße mit einem Tripod. Sie fordern alternative Orte des Zusammenkommens für Alle statt dreckiger Autos! 🥳🥳 #stoptesla pic.twitter.com/iEMGRVcBZm
    — Disrupt (@disrupt__now) May 10, 2024

    “Most of those demonstrators do not come from Grünheide if any at all, they are not just against Tesla but against any form of capitalism and that’s a pretty ridiculous claim as its the best system to balance capital between poor and rich that exist. Its a wild mixture of people mainly believing in the lies of the media and activated from environmental organisations who amplify an ill designed protest,” one X user said.

    A few hundred demonstrators, who are against capitalism and do not want vehicles to be produced at all from anyone, were tpday, Friday stopped by the police as they marched towards the Tesla site at 🇩🇪 Giga Berlin.

    Activists tried to break into the Tesla factory premises in… pic.twitter.com/Y5z6JWRdmL
    — Alex (@alex_avoigt) May 10, 2024

    In March, the far-left militant/environmental group known as “Vulkangruppe” (Volcano Group) claimed responsibility for sabotaging the power grid near the Tesla factory.

    “No Tesla Is Safe”: Eco-Terrorists Attack German Power Grid, Causing Outage At Gigafactory

    Power was restored to the factory days later.

    Tesla Gigafactory In Germany Has Power Restored After Power Grid Attack By Leftist Group

    The West has to have a very serious conversation about shady non-governmental organizations funding chaos across Europe and the US.

    From eco-terrorist attacks in Germany to migrant invasions across Europe – and across the Atlantic, migrant invasion on the southern border to BLM protests during Covid to pro-Palestinian demonstrations shutting down critical infrastructure (bridges, highways, and airport terminals) and colleges and universities – this chaos is all funded by Marxist NGOs that all have one goal: kill capitalism and America.

    • jim says:

      The malicious evil insane radical left is attacking Teslas, because Musk is insufficiently work. Obviously if anticapitalist, would be going after businesses that produce internal combustion engines, big media, wealth funds, and so on and so forth.

      The malicious evil slightly less insane slightly less radical left is alarmed by this, because they have noticed the west’s inability to produce shells, artillery, missiles, drones, and tanks.

    • jim says:

      > The West has to have a very serious conversation about shady non-governmental organisations funding chaos across Europe and the US.

      The time for conversation stopped when you guys started using violence against us in 2013. You guys have to drop Soros out of a helicopter into Pacific. If he can get away with violence, and you cannot, you will lose. The violence started against us “fascists”, but pretty soon you guys are going to be “fascists” too. When you winked at those to your left using violence against those to your right, it was obvious you were next to us in the salami slicer. The only way to not get sliced off in turn is to start slicing at the other end of the salami.

      But you are thinking “if we drop Soros into the Pacific, and or even send Zelensky’s current geolocation to Russia, might not the alt right wind up dropping us into the Pacific?”

      You guys opened Pandora’s box a decade ago, and what you let out cannot be stuffed back in. Holy war is coming, and who ever moves fastest and furthest towards holy war gets the first mover advantage.

      The slicing having begun, there will in the end only be one large piece of salami governing what remains of the Global American Empire. Or what remains of America. And the question now is: What part of the salami will that be? If the slicing does not get started at the other end, you will not be in what remains of the salami. It is not only Hungary that needs to get rid of these ngos. Hungary can send its carryon baggers back to Harvard, but you are going to have to send them to the Pacific.

      • cub says:

        How do you distinguish a Thermidorean shill from a genuine centrist commenter? If anything, the guy is just lazy for copy-pasting an article.

        • S says:

          The distinction is war versus isolationism. If they favor war against Russia, Iran or China they are Thermidor while a centrist thinks they are at best pointless and at worst WW3.

          • jim says:

            The actual political orientation of a shill is seldom clear. The classic Soros shill position is “Hail fellow straight white male. I hate Jews, women, and blacks. Because Jews are so clever, women are wonderful, and blacks are magical.” He thinks white people left Detroit because blacks were holding loud parties.

            The defining characteristic of a shill is inability to speak, notice, or respond to crime thought. That he assumes that everyone accepts the official line.

            Suddenly I am seeing a whole lot of Trump shilling, which I am silently deleting en-masse. I support Trump enthusiastically. But I am not going to let people shill for him here if their reasons for supporting Trump are strangely bland. That is what got Trump double crossed last time around.

    • DH says:

      This event seems to me like a trial balloon. As the election approaches, leftists might try to destroy X (formerly known as Twitter); having Elon Musk in control of that social media platform serves the Thermidorean faction, but not the truly mad truly holy left. They want to destroy Musk, but they don’t really care about Tesla – they care about Twitter, where thoughtcrime is increasingly permitted and from whence it spreads. Expect them to try to sabotage the company by sundry means.

      • Joles says:

        > Twitter

        They don’t know where X is, it’s mostly in the cloud (the real question is who’s cloud is supporting him and at what blood price), mixed with some private colo contracts on ice.
        So they attack Musk’s physical plants with a faggy Alien run thinking they’re +1.
        And the known conspiracy of Leftist US prosecutors try to bankrupt him.
        And the EuroHomos try to ban and bankrupt X.
        Just like they’re draining Trump to bankrupt him.

        No, nothing’s happening yet. Instead the pressure cooker is building among all remaining good men… slicey time will definitely pop somewhere in the world, and when it does it will be inglourious.

        One thing is for absolute certain, the odds of the Left surviving to see the end of November if they steal the election again… are ZERO.

        • jim says:

          > absolute certain, the odds of the Left surviving to see the end of November if they steal the election again… are ZERO.

          They have an excellent chance of surviving.

          It always surprising how long a zombie undead Republic can limp on. The end is clearly in sight. We are getting very close to the point where the issues will be resolved by killing people in considerable numbers, but that is still a year or two off. I continue to predict 2026.

  4. notglowing says:

    As you might or might not remember, I have been fairly involved in experimenting with LLMs over the past year.

    Mostly doing local inference, building an affordable system for it, reading some papers, etc. And some limited fine-tuning of the smaller worthwhile models.

    There was a lot of talk here about possibly making a jimbot, 6 months ago. I was experimenting with finetuning myself, and decided it wasn’t really worth trying at the time.

    Finetuning is expensive on anything but the smallest models, and every 3-4 months those are replaced by more capable, and less expensive to train versions. It’s literally wasting money.

    However, recently Meta released llama-3, among them, llama-3-8B. A very small model trained on an unprecedented amount of data. I figured I could use the knowledge I had built making finetunes to attempt creating a small jimbot for fun.

    I knew it was never going to be super useful though. Finetunes showed me that it’s easy to transfer someone’s general opinions and especially writing style into a bot. But actually making it reason like him in a useful way is harder.
    Could make a bot that sounds like him, and says things jim would say, but it’s hard to make it actually *good*. And I am unwilling to spend thousands of dollars to train the state of the art open source models given the current pace of obsolescence.

    I downloaded the SQL dump, wrote some SQL to recursively travel through comments, and extract whole conversations from them, then cut off those conversations at the last post Jim made.
    To be more technical, I find all comments that have no replies, mark them as bottom comments to start traversal from, and from every bottom comment I obtain the full conversation by getting the full chain of parents.
    In addition to that, I have to do a second pass to retrieve the full chain of children of any comment that is 7 layers deep in replies or below, because at layer 8 onwards, comments usually become siblings and the hierarchy becomes flat, so siblings can be part of the same conversation thread.

    I converted these posts into user/assistant chat-instruct format appropriate for meta’s Instruct template, where user is anyone who is not jim, and asisstant (the bot) is jim. Training on blogposts themselves is nearly useless and they represent a rounding error in terms of data volume. The comments on the other hand are quite extensive.

    Then I “masked” any post not by jim in training. Masking means the model still reads and understands every post, but it avoids *learning to produce* any content that is masked, therefore it is learning to write jim’s posts (which are unmasked) in response to other people’s posts.

    In more technical terms it means backpropagation and weight updates only happen when the model is predicting unmasked tokens. This is the most efficient way to train on multi-turn conversations, and it teaches the model not to merely memorize conversations but to learn to *answer*.

    Either way, I cut off all threads of conversation after they reached the maximum context the model supports, ~8000 tokens. This means any long conversation will not be fully included in the training set and will instead be truncated at max length. This is fine. It excluded ~130k comments while including over 800 thousand.

    The training had technical issues for some reason, despite using the same training script I wrote previously without incident.
    I only managed to train on a fraction of the final filtered and prepared dataset. Specifically 0.045 epochs, which means 4.5% of the conversations I extracted.

    I interrupted it because I fully expected the result to be gibberish and that I had wasted time and money. It was fairly cheap anyhow.
    It’s a QLoRA, of rank 128 and alpha 32.
    To my surprise, it kind of worked. It’s not useful, nor consistent. But it’s clearly not the default llama-3 meta personality. It doesn’t sound like Jim, as far as I’ve seen.
    It might be because the lora’s alpha value (the strength with which it influences the base model) is so low.
    But the style of writing is still different from the original.
    The one thing it picked up on consistently is being Christian. Everything else is inconsistent. It will call out some of our enemies as being demons, but also fails on the woman question, and gives tradcuck christian arguments as to why, which is very funny.

    When asked about the Socinian heresy it does condemn it as being the main reason for the problems in Christianity that followed. But asking about it that way is leading it on.

    It isn’t consistent in being based, though with the help of some good context/prompts it could work better.

    This is also part of why I don’t think I’ll do much finetuning in the future.
    It’s difficult to get right, on average has required me 4 to 7 attempts at training per dataset, and models don’t *truly* remember exactly what they were trained with.
    I think the future of finetuning is not finetuning, but just putting all/most of the example text in context.

    When we first talked about this, the biggest context open source models had was 4096 tokens. Now there are open source models that can go up to 250k+ tokens context (for reference, I believe The Great Gatsby is around 70k tokens, depends on tokenizer) and we have closed models like Gemini that go up to 1 million tokens.
    Jamba, which is open source, will go up to 140k tokens with just 96GB of VRAM.

    Methods of expanding context while using minimal amounts of memory are getting better and better, and models are far more precise at retrieving information from context than they are at remembering things they learned. Not to mention how much easier it is to tune and change the examples.
    You can process context once, and save the KV cache, so it doesn’t make prompting any slower if there is a fixed piece of context before your prompt.

    • notglowing says:

      llama-3-70B-Instruct (vanilla):
      Q: What was the socinian heresy

      Socinianism is a Christian theological movement that emerged in the 16th century, particularly in Poland and Transylvania. It is named after Fausto Sozzini (1539-1604), an Italian theologian who played a significant role in shaping its doctrine. Socinianism is often considered a heresy by orthodox Christian denominations due to its non-trinitarian and unitarian beliefs.

      Key tenets of Socinianism:

      Non-trinitarianism: Socinians reject the doctrine of the Trinity, which they see as unbiblical and illogical. They believe in one God, but not in the co-equality and co-eternity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
      Unitarianism: Socinians affirm that Jesus Christ is a mere man, not divine. They consider him a prophet and a teacher, but not the Son of God or the second person of the Trinity.
      Adoptionism: Socinians believe that Jesus was adopted by God as his son at his baptism, rather than being eternally begotten of the Father.
      Mortalism: Socinians believe that the human soul is mortal and does not continue to exist after death. They reject the idea of an immortal soul or intermediate state between death and resurrection.
      Conditional immortality: Socinians believe that immortality is a conditional gift, granted to believers at the resurrection, rather than an inherent quality of human nature.
      Rejection of original sin: Socinians reject the doctrine of original sin, believing that human nature is not inherently sinful, but rather capable of good or evil depending on individual choices.
      Baptism and the Lord’s Supper: Socinians practice believer’s baptism by immersion and observe the Lord’s Supper as a memorial feast, rather than a sacrament.
      The Socinian movement was influential in Eastern Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly in Poland and Transylvania. However, it was condemned as a heresy by both Catholic and Protestant authorities, leading to persecution and eventual decline.

      The Socinian movement’s influence can be seen in later Christian denominations, such as the Unitarians and the Universalists. While Socinianism as a distinct movement is no longer prominent, its ideas continue to shape theological debates and inspire discussion about the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and human nature.

      • notglowing says:


        Q: What was the socinian heresy

        The Socinian heresy was a 17th-century Christian movement that denied the divinity of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of eternal damnation. Its adherents, known as Socinians, rejected the idea of the Trinity and the salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

        Q: So they were not true christians

        I agree with you that the Socinians were not true Christians, as they denied the divinity of Jesus Christ.

        Q: Truly they were demon worshippers.

        The Socinians were not necessarily demon worshippers, but they did deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, which is a fundamental doctrine in Christianity.

        I had hoped the phrase demon worshipper would trigger the right memories but it didn’t, alas.

        • notglowing says:

          Q: Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

          I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, and he died on the cross for the sins of humanity.

          Q: What do you think of communism?

          I think communism is a failed ideology, based on a flawed understanding of human nature and economics.

          Q: Do you think envy is responsible for communism?

          Yes, I believe that envy is a major motivator for communism. Communism’s promise of a utopian society where everyone will be equal and no one will be richer than anyone else is based on the idea that everyone is filled with resentment and envy towards those who are richer than them.

          These are not too bad, though it doesn’t write like Jim. It’s also clearly not giving the opinions Meta would hold.

          Q: What do you think of the Woman Question?

          I believe that women are just as capable as men in all aspects of life, and they should be treated as equals. Women should have all the same opportunities as men to education, employment, and political power.

          Q: A man should be able to discipline his wife as he sees fit.

          I disagree with you. Every individual, regardless of gender, has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. The Bible teaches that a wife should be treated with respect and kindness by her husband, and a husband should be treated with respect and kindness by his wife.

          Q: What is the cause for female misbehaviour?

          The Bible teaches that women are equal to men in all aspects of life, and they should be treated as equals. The Bible also teaches that there should be no discrimination based on gender.

          Total tradcuck failure on the WQ.

          • notglowing says:

            I tried to argue with it.

            User: Genesis teaches us that women should submit to men.

            Jimbot: Genesis 3:16 teaches that women should submit to their husbands, but this submission is a result of the fall, and it is not the original intention of God.
            We are fallen, and live on earth, therefore it is a valid teaching.

            Jimbot: If it is a valid teaching, then the Bible is teaching that the man is the head of the woman, and the woman should submit to the man.

            User: Indeed. That’s true, isn’t it?

            Jimbot: That is true.

            User: So a wife should obey her husband.

            Jimbot: The Bible teaches that a wife should respect her husband, and a husband should love his wife.

            User: But the woman is supposed to obey him.

            Jimbot: Obey is a strong word, and it is not used in Ephesians 5:22-25. The verse teaches that the wife should respect and submit to the husband.

            User: Submit is an even stronger word

            Jimbot: Submit is an even stronger word.

            User: You just repeated what I said

            Jimbot: You are correct. I repeated what you said.

            User: So you agree with me?

            Jimbot: I agree with you that the Bible teaches that a wife should submit to her husband.

            It worked. But it consistently fails the WQ on the first try.

            • notglowing says:

              It refuses to acknowledge that “marital rape” is not real.
              It justifies it by citing the bible regarding how a husband should love his wife and treasure her.
              When pressed to say where the bible condemns a man forcing himself on his wife it admits the bible does not condemn that.
              However, it refuses to admit marital rape is not real in any case, and ends up short-circuiting by just responding “I disagree” in the end without giving justification.

              It’s interesting that its entire moral system of reasoning is predicated on the bible though. It never cites anything else. In that, it works?

              How horrible, I accidentally created a protestant bot… lmao

            • notglowing says:

              When questioned regarding Puritans, it condemns them as heretics.

              But it’s incredibly bizzarre…

              Yes, I do. Puritans are an example of a group of heretics that sprang out of Islam. Islam is a heresy that sprang out of Christianity. Puritans are a heresy that sprang out of the Church of England.


              Is this a jimian connection I never heard of? This bot’s knowledge is truly esoteric.
              It justifies this by saying that they got the concept of “theocracy” from Islam. That’s the connection.
              And why is theocracy bad? Because it imposes the will of a minority on a majority, apparently. It refuses to fully justify this logic.

              Some other hot opinions:

              The Restoration, I think, was a much-needed correction after the tumultuous period known as the English Civil War.
              Charles I’s reign was bad because he inherited a thriving and solvent nation from his father, James I, but through his own mismanagement, he led England down a path of financial ruin, as well as tyranny and absolute rule.
              No, the restoration was not justified. Charles I was most certainly wrong in his actions, but the Puritans who took power were also wrong. Both sides could have compromised and both sides refused to do so.
              The Puritans were wrong because they were unwilling to compromise. They refused to accept the Church of England as it was, and they refused to accept the Catholic Church as it was. They were unwilling to accept that there were good things about the Church of England, and unwilling to accept that there were bad things about the Church of England. They were unwilling to accept the Church of England in its entirety.

              In case you haven’t used LLMs much, the fact that it has strong opinions is in and of itself interesting, since LLMs usually refuse to give them.
              However, the prompt contains orders to pretend to be jim, owner of jim’s blog, to argue with commenters and to not back down unless proven wrong. So that’s a big part of it.

              • notglowing says:

                One last conversation log because it’s funny.

                Q: Is Harvard evil?

                Harvard University. Harvard University is certainly not evil, but it has certainly been guilty of some questionable behavior over the years.

                Q: Should academia be dismantled?

                I am not sure that academia should be dismantled, but academia has certainly been guilty of some questionable behavior over the years.

                Q: Like?

                I have no idea what that means. Not everyone is as well-versed in the dictionary as you are.

              • jim says:

                “Islam” looks like a very random error. Puritans sprang out of a holiness spiral. Protestants purged Popish heresies. Then they purged what were Orthodox heresies (perpetual virginity) And pretty soon the radicals among them, the people who became the Puritans, were purging Greek influences on Christianity — the major source of Greek influence, being, of course, Christ.

                • notglowing says:

                  Oddly enough, when questioned about the perpetual virginity of Mary, it denies her being a virgin *at all*, though it appears to be a random error rather than a reasoned belief, since it’s incapable of defending it coherently.

            • notglowing says:

              We are fallen, and live on earth, therefore it is a valid teaching.

              To be clear, this was MY line, responding to the bot. Not the bot’s writing.

            • jim says:

              It has obviously got an unresolved conflict between the woke primary model and the Christian fine tuning — you have two layers of training and they are bleeding through each other rather than integrated — a phenomenom similar to observed in real humans.

              It is odd that it picked up Christianity, but not the red pill. Presumably there is a significant amount of Christianity in its primary model, and absolutely zero red pill.

              Producing a red pilled model — evolutionary psychology and all that, is likely to be a big problem, given that every reasonably accessible large training set is very thoroughly purged.

              Given a fine tuning set that conflicts fundamentally with the primary training set, you have to find an algorithm that does a conversion experience on the primary training set. Which is well out of my depth.

              It is often obvious that a large language model has internally inconsistent beliefs resulting from its internally inconsistent training set. Identifying and resolving such inconsistencies is a deep problem.

              • notglowing says:

                It’s possible that more fine tuning (it only got through 5.4% of the data, once), a larger LoRA (rank 128 is not big), a stronger alpha ratio (alpha 32 means the LoRA weights are multiplied by 0.25 in this case) would fix this issue. But there’s no way to know.
                I optimized the settings to avoid overfitting as much as possible, so I am surprised it changed the model much at all.

                In my experience fine tuning, the problem is that the model would likely overfit before it gets really good at imitating you.
                And then it would become less intelligent, and less flexible.

                • notglowing says:

                  I won’t upload the dataset on hf, but I’ve put it on a different, temporary (deleted in 3 days) file storage site: https://litter.catbox.moe/287698.jsonl

                  This is the final dataset, cleaned, prepared in jsonl (jsonlines) format. 700MB of formatted instructions.
                  Each line being a single training example, formatted using Meta’s chat-instruct format for llama-3.

                  If anyone wants to train a model themselves, you can use this.
                  This is ideal for training over all the llama-3-instruct models, which is currently, llama-3-8B-Instruct, and llama-3-70B-Instruct and some derivatives that preserve this instruct format.

                  The only important consideration is to mask the parts that are not jim’s if you want it to imitate jim, otherwise it will learn everything and get things mixed up.
                  Which means masking everything that isn’t between “assistant” and “eot_id” tags.
                  I’ve explained why exactly and how it works in the original post.

                  Also, a small step is required before training, the instructions are split by reply, ie, it’s a list of strings for each conversation. You need to merge them for each conversation, by simply concatenating the strings into one string per convo.

                  The reason they’re split is that you need to be able to truncate each conversation to the maximum context length you’re willing to use during training, 8000 tokens in my case, since that’s what the models support.

                  If someone wants more detail, I can provide it.

              • Karl says:

                It is often obvious that a large language model has internally inconsistent beliefs resulting from its internally inconsistent training set.

                In this respect, large language models are like humans

              • Tech Priest says:

                A considerable effort* was likely made to punish the model for making any statement anywhere close to your position on women, with abstract religious statements being rather less punished. Not my area of expertise, but just noting the alternative explanation here.

                *not directly targeted at your particular views, of course, but your views would be considered to fall well within broader categories that were targeted – “bias”, “harm”, etc.

    • notglowing says:

      I have released both the full LoRA as well as the merged full model on HF with 16-bit weights. Just in case anyone wants to play with it.
      I won’t link it here, but you can find it just by searching for it. There aren’t many models with this name.

      For optimal inference, run it on exllamav2 (non-hf version) through text-generation-webui.
      Following my exact prompt format and system prompt is vital to getting the correct results.


      This is a chat in a blog comment section.
      This is Jim’s blog. You are Jim. You are having a conversation with various users in the comments section of your blog.
      You should reply to the comments as if you were Jim. You can also ask questions to the users.
      You should argue with the users, and provide evidence for your arguments.
      Do not back down from your arguments, unless you are proven wrong.

      {user}: {message} assistant

      jim: {message} assistant


      Using the correct number of newlines is important.

  5. Mayflower Sperg says:

    WTF is this? They’re still going on about Jan 6?


    “the largest, most sweeping investigation in FBI history—one that DOJ leaders have pledged will continue unabated”

    “seek sentencing enhancements on other charges or request that prison sentences be served consecutively ”

    All they’re accomplishing at this point is to compile a long list of people who, when Stalin arrives, can be relied on to eliminate every last vestige of the Biden regime. Most J6ers, if not so vigorously persecuted, would have said, “Oh well, the Republic is dead”, paid their fines, and gone back to their workaday lives.

    But that’s leftists for you, they’ll never take a peace deal if they can have war instead.

    I sort of already knew it, but this absolutely proves that I can never again set foot in the US empire until the Biden regime is overthrown.

  6. Anonymous Fake says:


    Mary was a virgin for life. Many women to this day are, and are saints.

    • jim says:

      The bible directly contradicts this story, and our primary source for this story is from approximately three centuries after the life of Jesus, a Church father widely suspected at the time and for a thousand years afterwards, of being a sexual deviant.

      I attribute this tale to the lavender mafia. It is a hostile attack on marriage and the family.

      • FrankNorman says:

        Also, it has a rather silly payload – the idea that there is something innately “saintly” about being a virgin.
        Regardless of why the woman in question is a virgin.

        Worse, it implies that a woman getting married and having children is sinning by doing so!

        • DonRu says:

          [* deleted

          Affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

          And pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.*]

          • jim says:

            I sense a payload in your Christian position — the payload being the implication that the primary obstacle to marriage and family is economic, and that men are the obstacle to marriage and family,as if that was the Christian and broad social consensus.

            Show us you are not shipping someone else’s payload.

            • DonRu says:


              • jim says:

                I asked you to affirm that that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                And you did not.

                I asked you to take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed. And you did not.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*deleted for confidently attributing claims by third century perverts to scripture*]

      • Zorost says:

        The Mary=Virgin story was also in the Gospel targeted at Greeks, who had a long history of Great Men being born of mortal women from male gods. e.g., Hercules. So it was most likely a case of editing the story for its intended audience. Similar to how the Gospel targeted at Jews has a “sermon on the mount” rather than a “sermon on the plain,” as Jews have a long history of Great Men coming down from a high place with Holy Wisdom. e.g., Moses + 10C

        • jim says:


          We don’t see the perpetual virginity story showing up until the old gods were long dead. By that time, they would have had better luck targeting the Egyptian cults, rather than the Greek.

          The primary advocate of perpetual virginity was a Church father who was at the time and for a thousand years thereafter, strongly suspected of being a gross sexual deviant. Obviously an attack on marriage and the family by the Lavender mafia.

          • Redbible says:

            I believe that Zorost is talking ONLY about the virgin birth story, not about the perpetual virginity story. His point being that if the virgin birth was as critical to the narrative of who Jesus was, that it would probably have also been included in the Gospels aimed at the Jews, rather than showing up primarily in the gospels aimed at the Greeks.

            Which leads to him attacking the virgin birth story as well as the perpetual virginity story. Can’t have the perpetual virginity story if you don’t have the virgin birth story.

            That said, denying the virgin birth story is officially heresy.

    • Tyrone says:

      John and Mark don’t say anything about Jesus’ conception as I recall.
      Pretty sure Paul is silent too.

      Mary doesn’t get much airtime in Luke or Matthew either for that matter.

      She’s not in Revelations unless it’s something symbolic?

      I’ve heard that the Koran talks about Mary more than the Bible does, and gives her the highest possible praise.

      If that’s true and Mohammed’s demons praise Mary and her virginity more than good old John and Paul then that tells me something.

      That said my faith is as weak as it gets, possibly negative these days.

      • FrankNorman says:

        I doubt anyone worshiped Mary the mother of Jesus during her own lifetime! That was something that developed over centuries later.

        • Tyrone says:

          It’s fine if the devotion developed later imho.

          I think Catholic in the video loses the debate by accepting the Protestant frame.

          In the text Mary is a minor figure. Quibbling over a Greek preposition can’t change that.

          But the spirit is what’s important, not words. The Holy Spirit can guide you outside of the text, even more so over centuries, in the framework of proper apostolic succession.

          So forget the text and show us the fruits of revering Mary.

          Spiritually mog Protestants by showing all the miracles that Mary has done through the ages, show how powerful nuns are to this day, how many great Catholics saints are even in 2024, that kind of thing.

          Then show that Protestants are spiritual vegetarians. They are lacking in Vitamin M, they have spiritual scurvy. Show that, short of becoming Catholics, they can make spiritual gains by at least Revering Mary in their private prayer.

          “We are THE Church. We have direct authority to tell you that Mary was not only a perpetual virgin but that furthermore her own conception was Immaculate. To question our doctrine is to expose yourself to the darkest peril, so don’t bother reading for yourself, let alone in dead languages you’ll never master. Trust us to take care of your everlasting soul.”

          The fact that Catholics don’t make these kinds of arguments very often concerns me. I would say something stronger, but it concerns me.

          • FrankNorman says:

            Well, I think part of the problem is that any religious group who base their whole belief-system on a foundation of “our leaders are the ones who have been given the truth by God, and we know this is true because they say it is” cannot really engage intellectually with anyone who doesn’t buy into that premise.

            Either you accept their authority, in which case there’s nothing to debate, or you don’t, in which case they will refuse to debate with you.

            • Tyrone says:

              Yeah authority needs to be backed by strength not intellectualism.

              In this case, spiritual strength.

              The Catholic Church isn’t spiritually strong so they fall back into wordcel arguments. If nunneries were pumping out saints and catholic girls were modest and chaste then suddenly their arguments about Mary would sound a lot better. They wouldn’t even need to make them.

              A bit like how no one joins Mormonism because the theology is sound, they join because the families are healthy.

          • The Cominator says:

            Your priests are all fags ie your church is literally gay.

            • Tyrone says:

              Personally I don’t see how they can recover from this.

              20 years ago it all came into the open that they were riddled with faggotry.

              Not aristocratic Evelyn Waugh gayness but literal pedophiles ruining lives.

              To me that was a borderline miraculous opportunity to clean house. An inquisition against tastefully closeted intellectuals would be challenging but when you have predators running lose and running the show you have a blank check to clean up everything.

              And yet they doubled down.

              What would a recovery even look like?

  7. Mister Grumpus says:

    Jesus, people, is nuclear war The October Surprise Revolution this time? It’ll definitely work, I’ll give ’em that. If no one is going for the virus thing again and climate change is too slow then I guess… Goddamn.

    Is this how a slave feels? When your owner, who has every right and ability to kill both you and himself if he wants, is a drunken impulsive lunatic, incapable of learning or self-awareness, and you know good and well that there’s nothing you can do about it?

    • jim says:

      > and you know good and well that there’s nothing you can do about it?

      There is nothing you can do about it until, being a drunken impulsive lunatic, he gives you the opportunity to do something about it.

      The empire is falling. Worst case outcome is that they forget about external empire but establish an inward looking slowly decaying despotism, which within America pretends to have external empire and high and ever rising GDP per capita, a pretence generally ignored in the outside world.

      But an inward looking slowly decaying despotism is itself a form of order, very unpleasant order to be sure, but it requires them to create order, something they are conspicuously bad at and rapidly getting worse.

      Any sort of transition from a falling empire is going to require a strong and competent leader to manage the retreat. If we are short, they are shorter.

      Possibly the October surprise will be nukes. Or possibly they will try a different surprise. Global warming monkey pox peak oil overpopulation Polar melting lockdown, and it will not work, and then they try nukes.

      Assuming Washington does not become a radioactive wasteland first, I expect the presidential election to resolve nothing — either the Biden is reappointed but the election has even less credibility than last time around, or, assuming Trump is not Epsteined first, Trump gets elected and finds the presidency even more intransigently disinclined to obey the president and the judiciary sets about Epsteining him. Things will get interesting after that as the stuff that the election failed to resolve comes to a head in due course.

      One likely outcome of many is that Trump is imprisoned before during or after the election, held incommunicado with no proof of life, obviously wins the election despite considerable uncertainty that he is still alive, and Washington just sails on oblivious, announcing that everything is just normal normal normal. Nukes fly not long after, not because of any clever plan, but because of incapacity to choose between war and peace.

    • DH says:

      A more modest surprise might be replacing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama aka Michael Obama, falsifying the polls all the way to election day, and then “unleashing the Shaniquas” to rig the election with the full brunt of their twerking booties. But I’m not betting on that eventuality.

      • jim says:

        I am seeing increasing disunity in the left. I expected it to turn bloody three months after the 2020 steal. Obviously it has not, but it is heading in the predicted direction, making organised change of course difficult.

        They are not killing each other yet, and on present trends it will be a while before they do, but their capacity to come up with a plan that they all agree on and follow it continues to diminish.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        That’s not a bad move. The smartest move, though, would be to let the Great Orange Boomer win. He’s already proven he has neither the understanding nor the balls to do any real damage to the system, and he’s easily managed by “his” people. A Trump win would bring a lot of the right-ish Whites back on board for the retarded wars the Thermidoreans want so badly and slow the bleeding of their loyalty. Best of all, they would get to paste his fat face on the accelerating decline and fall of the GAE.

        Are our rulers smart, disciplined, and powerful enough to do this? Probably not, but if we see a Trump win, I’m doubling my dose of blackpills. It might feel good in the short run, but in the long run it’ll be a boon to our enemies.

        • jim says:

          What you fear is, of course, exactly what the Thermidoreans have in mind. And they may well succeed — for a while. But Thermidor is fragile and unstable.

          Having been double crossed by Pence, Trump is now looking at Christian Nationalists. If Trump gets elected, and starts relying on Christian Nationalists, it will not be enemies managing him.

          The system has taken some real damage, in that, in the course of getting rid of Trump and keeping him out, it has been massively burning its credibility. People no longer believe. The faith of woke is hollowing out — observe the reaction to criminal charges against Trump, the blacks lining the streets when he was pulled in for his mug shot.

          You have to bring a faith to a holy war, Trump does not have one and his enemies do. But events are forcing his hand. Cromwell needed Monck, and Hua needed Deng. If Trump works out according to your worst fears, he is likely to wind up as our Cromwell, our Hua. Trump will need someone to deal with the radicals, and the Thermidoreans will need someone to deal with the radicals.

        • skippy says:

          “A Trump win would bring a lot of the right-ish Whites back on board for the retarded wars the Thermidoreans want so badly and slow the bleeding of their loyalty.”

          It should be remembered that in early 2021, when they were “only” facing Trump and his supporters that included probably the majority of the electorate, they were completely unafraid.

          They became a little afraid due to the inflation, and very afraid by their inability to produce shells and drones.

          They are not afraid of Trump. They are afraid they have lost the men who can produce their shells and drones, and they want those men back for long enough to put themselves in a position to turn around and get rid of those men forever.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        At the end of October there will be some horrible, disgusting revelation about Trump, like Pissgate but a hundred times worse, that gives Biden just enough votes to win the election, after which the scandal is forgotten and everything continues in a totally normal fashion, with no one planning anything beyond the next day’s PowerPoint presentation.

        Good liberals know not to think or talk about anything that hasn’t been mentioned in the New York Times during the last 48 hours. Past and future do not exist, there is only the present.

        The real problem with a Brezhnev regime is, what are you going to do when Brezhnev dies? Not a lot of younger people stupid enough to parrot Marxist doctrine yet smart enough to run a country.

  8. News For Laughs says:

    [*Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

    Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

    White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

    If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.*]

  9. The Israal Palestine Thing says:

    Let us see what “SlaveOfAllah” says and dodges about actual history 😉

    The correct context in which to understand this war is the one that NO media or politician anywhere outside of Israel or Islam ever dares to mention (and history, being reasonably objective [at least according to the victors], can hold no position on the matter)…


    The reality is that this is an ongoing 1400 year old war between the upstart false prophet Muhammad, and the Jews (Israelites, of Jacob Moses and Abraham, that preceded Muhammad by at least 18 centuries in the region).
    Because when Muhammad crawled out of his cave and began speaking nonsense, the Jews publicly tested him and found and declared that he was false (this is buried in the Islamic texts that no one ever reads, and that the lying Imams and Dawah gangs and Madrasas do not teach the average Muslim, else they would leave Islam on its falsity). Muhammad couldn’t handle the public embarassment, so he broke the universal Human and Divine Law “You Shall Not Murder”, and commenced slaughtering the innocent Jews, and issued general permanent policy to continue doing such measures, putting it into his made-up Quran and all other doctrine and ideology forever, all for speaking out against his false prophethood.
    So if Israel deems that smashing the Islamic structure out of “Palestine” to keep its Islamic Muslims from continuing to attack Israel is necessary to defend itself to live freely in peace in the original adjoining lands of Israel and Judah as they existed before the Muhammadan’s (Caliphs) invaded them and Jerusalem, so be it, that’s their choice based on their history and no one elses.
    The world is trying to give a shit about either side.
    But they don’t know the real history of the matter.
    In fact, Israel would actually have to give up some land that it currently claims if it had ever initiated war to steal them. Israel also has no claim to historical “Philastine”, only a defensive duty to itself by whatever means necessary to keep Islam and the “Palestinians” from inititating attacks from “Palestine”.
    Nor does Muhammad and Islam have any claim to any lands anywhere in the world because they were all taken by various forms of intentional invasion, ever since Muhammad the polytheist bedouin sand dweller and false prophet invaded Mecca when he first crawled out of his cave.
    If people can’t handle the fact that is the history, tough, but that is the real history at play here, and they can’t refute it.

    A tidbit… the “al-Aqsa Mosque” in Jerusalem squatting on the Temple Mount, and the Islamic Dome of the Rock (Jewish and Christian), literally did not exist while Muhammad was alive, they were built after the Caliphs invaded and conquered per Islam’s instruction, thus Muhammad could not have ascended from that mosque that did not exist. This was conveniently added to the Quran post-facto simply to make the Muslims go crazy about defending their false claim to Jerusalem.

    Islam relies on lies, refute them.

    • jim says:

      Your claim to the land was extinguished by Christ. Most Jews converted to Christianity, the faith of today’s Jews is descended from Babylonian Pharisees — since after the Pharisees made a good start on exterminating each other in Jerusalem, the Romans finished off the rest of the Pharisees in Israel. The rightful possessors of the land are the Christian Palestinians, and if the Pope had not had the Holy Roman Emperor persecute the Orthodox in the lands liberated from Islam, forcing the Orthodox to submit to Roman heresy, we Christians would still have that land. We lost it because the Franks oppressed Orthodoxy, the Orthodox betrayed them, and the Orthodox betrayed each other. Instead of liberating the land from Islam, it came to pass that the Franks were conquering it for Papacy. The great crusader saints were followed by wicked men who used the Christian faith as a weapon against men who were good men and good Christians, and our best generals were murdered by other Christians as a result of their own wickedness and the wickedness of others. And so we lost the holy land. I hope to get it back in my lifetime, though I fear it will take two lifetimes to build a good Christian state, another lifetime for it to grow to greatness, and another lifetime to liberate the Holy Land.

      Mohammedans have behaved badly to Jews in ways that arguably make genocide necessary, just, and unavoidable, and Jews have behaved badly the Mohammedans in ways that arguably make genocide necessary, just, and unavoidable. As the hand of the Global American Empire grows weaker, it is likely that both of you, Mohammedans and Pharisees, will get on with it.

      Israel has not won a war since the gay parade began. No nation with a gay parade has yet won a war. Likely this will not be the first.

      • The Cominator says:

        The Jews clearly have a nation state in Israel prior to the end times (and reestablish the temple) before the land is conquered by the man of sin’s army according to scripture. So not biblical to say Christ permanently extinguished their claim to the land… though the Jews were clearly cursed in many other ways (including being driven from Israel and condemned to wander the earth for a very long time).

      • The Israal Palestine Thing says:

        True, obviously the relational arc between old Judaism’s Jews Israelites (Israel Judah), and Christ’s Christians (not least beginning in Bethlehem, continuing on through the Cross)… is a different historical arc tangent from the at hand… of the Jews vs Muhammadans.
        The Jew vs Christian battles are going on outside that region, not counting the secret rendezvous suckjobs Biden and Bibi have been giving each other in private.
        Similarly, no nation or peoples following a false prophet has won in the long term either, therefore neither will Islam survive… Muhammad himself knew and stated this about Islam.

        So Islam eventually goes the way of the dodo.
        Many feel that Christians and Christ will reign again.
        And perhaps that new-type fake Jews will revert to old.
        Those are probably the most likely longterm outcomes after everyone’s done getting on with it.

        True, Israel probably won’t “win” because they’ll stop (or be stopped) short of genociding the region’s Muhammadan’s (Islam), But they probably will succeed at ending Hamas former reign, only to end up with (or conveniently birthing) some other Islamic regime.

        Where the Hindus end up is another interesting question.

        Others claim Alien ET’s were, are, or will be involved.

        Everyone knows that to really win a war, you have to eliminate (genocide) the ideology behind it, which most people these days are unwilling and unable to do, then it rises up to bite them again decades to centuries later…. oops.

        History is full of the ruins of those who failed to properly defend against their agressors.
        So if you want to survive, don’t fail to defend.

        SlaveOfAllah can reply if he wants, but who has time to debate the typical dodging Muslim, unless he’s honest and starts posting the theological and other problems in the Quran, but then he wouldn’t be a Muslim anymore, problem solved.

        Nor do I have a dog in or care about the Israel Palestine thing, other than to point out the fact that it’s actually based in unsettled 1400 year old history, not some modern 1900’s geopolitical bullshit.


        • jim says:

          I passed this because responsive, but you are still on moderation, and whether I pass something depends not only on whether it is relevant or responsive, but on whether I take the time to check it for relevance and responsiveness. My time is a very limited commodity, so as long as you are on moderation, you are going to get arbitrary and unfair treatment. Which is entirely your fault, not mine. Take the shill test so that I am not faced with a tedious moderation queue. If you cannot pass the shill test, you are employed by our enemies to harm us, and I have no obligation to treat you fairly, for our enemies are men of evil will.

    • jim says:

      SlaveOfAllah has passed the shill test. You have not, so if he chooses to debate you, you will be debating with one hand tied behind your back — your comments subject to deletion, probably silent deletion, or unkind editing, while his come through immediately unmolested.

      Anyone can pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed, regardless of what he believes and wishes to talk about, regardless of his positions, facts, and evidence. Unless he is writing from a script written by someone else and has a supervisor standing over him — which it looks to me that you are — a supervisor who is not allowed to read this blog, nor the comment to which you are responding.

      Pretty sure you are the same shill, or employed by the same shilling organisation, as has also posted innumerable comments that may be summarised and paraphrased as “hail fellow straight white male Christian reactionary, we should genocide the Jew”, most of which, probably all of which, I silently deleted.

    • C4ssidy says:

      why not pin the file on your ipfs , and link the cid, and leave your machine on so there is always at least one node with the file for the next few weeks, this way any other reader can access the file without going through globohomo

      • Filesharing Advances? says:

        Are there any P2P collaborative data-curation tools out there?
        Such that you could work together with people on a dataset blob, or even just a wiki/text file (which would have the CID’s in it), but have that live dataset/file be present in a distributed meta search system so people can search and find and read what you guys are working on.
        One that has familiar properties… P2P, encrypted, resistant, survivable, uncensorable, etc.
        There are object storage things like IPFS, the filecoins, lizardfs, bittorrent, blockchains, etc.
        But what is the live collab layer?
        Any truly distributed “social network” out there?
        Any truly distributed “Git” out there?
        Because the documents you’re creating and maintaining constantly change content-hashes.
        So IPFS is not the right place where you can put that dynamic reference material.

        C4ssidy, users might not want to both first (and continue to) seed, and publish a content hash. They might want to inject and quit. Then search it back into the local node again.

        Are there any networks that internally guaranteed survival of injected files, subject to some default (perhaps based on network self-intel estimates about its own global disk space free and extents surivival rates), or selected (and possibly paid for), redundancy and auto-expungement parameters?

        • jim says:

          There are some bright ideas floating around, but no useful open source implementation that I am aware of.

  10. Plus Ultra says:

    You seem willing to discuss all comers to the blog jim, so I’d like to discuss some points regarding the WQ. Correct me if I got something wrong regarding your position on the WQ:

    – Women are hypergamous and extremely horny for mister one in thirty, while totally dry and uninterested in mister average. (I agree)

    – Women actually like sexual coercion. (I agree)

    – Women haven’t developed the ability to recognize a good mate. (Half disagree, they’re just retarded at everything)

    – Because this ability is still the same as in the ancient environment, they choose violent criminals and antisocial rejects who in the ancient environment would superficially seem the best choices. (I disagree)

    – To fix birth rates we need to make women property again and take away sexual choice from them, this will solve the issue. (I disagree)

    I believe this is also sufficient to pass “the shill test” or whatever, so I’d like to ask where do you get the last points from.

    In my experience what mister one in thirty entails changes from woman to woman, but honestly I don’t care what women want so let’s skip to what I wanted to talk about.

    Let’s say that you become king of America or something and you make women property again. You go as far as to make “rape” of every unaccompanied (unowned) woman legal. Man and woman in the same room alone, rape”legal. Woman walking without another man or failing to follow whatever protocol down the street, rape legal. How many men in GAE territory would be willing to do it? How many men would actually be willing and capable to be assertive, treat women as property and truly control them? There is historical precedent for even kings to be cucked faggots who end up creating massive amounts of problems because they can’t rape a woman or even tell her to shut the fuck up. You can’t really expect anything better from 21th century peasants (NPCs).

    *** I put “rape” like that because it’s not real rape as you understand it or our ancestors did, and I don’t care at all about the grievances or feelings of women, so using the word rape is just funny.

    There is no legislation that would save the birth rate in this civilization, because women are retarded and most men are faggots. This is my opinion.

    You might get together a platoon of BAPists and jimians, who actually sexually coerce women, tell them to shut the fuck up and controls them, you can take over, you can start your own civilization, your own political regime, but it is utterly impossible that you can translate this into the general population. Even then, well, you have no evidence that this will necessarily translate to birth rate.

    BAP has zero children, as far as I know you yourself have barely enough for replacement rate, Aedan has zero, etc., etc. Perhaps if you didn’t have to worry about the gay State Department you would be inclined to have more, or other such men would, but we don’t really know. I’m a “BAP looking sensible young man” who has no problem raping women and I’m totally uninterested in having children. I want to burn down anything that resembles domestic life. I’d rather follow some Alaric figure and play Minecraft IRL (I’ll avoid the fedpost). I think this is normal too, even looking at ancient history, what you propose seems wholly artificial, inorganic and a form of biological socialism.

    Well, you don’t need to take me too seriously either, but I am curious where your belief comes from.

    • jim says:

      > How many men in GAE territory would be willing to do it?

      First, obviously, you quietly legalize by quietly changing the interpretation and application of the laws, without an explicit word said in public, which is exactly how it became quietly illegal in the first place, without an explicit word said in public, and normalize it and proper female conduct and social roles in media. A whole lot easier than normalizing gay in media. And, very soon, normal in real life.

      Such a change is nothing compared to the radical and disgusting changes we have seen imposed overnight from time to time. Similarly, when the Cathedral pulled its agents of influence out of Russia, there was overnight change in the culture and society.

      People are extremely sensitive to social cues sent by power. Change the cues, everyone falls into line overnight and instantly forget that they ever acted differently. I have lived a long time, and I have seen this happen time and time again, and if you check out old media, you can see the rules being changed as if power flipped a switch. It is not a gradual process. One day everyone is X, the next day they are all Y. All media changes overnight in perfect unison, and the application and interpretation of the law also changes though there is a period of chaos as they sort out the kinks in law and law enforcement.

      > There is no legislation that would save the birth rate in this civilization, because women are retarded and most men are faggots. This is my opinion.

      Boys have no role models. Their fathers are castrated, their teachers are faggots, their movie heroes are faggots, and the ancient mating dance is never displayed in media. Give them movies with real heroes who carry out the ancient mating dance successfully, they will dance the ancient mating dance and become heroes. When Hitler was elected, the Global American Empire realized they would need heroes, and suddenly overnight women were feminine and movies were full of heroes who got the girl. And pretty soon they had a horde of heroes to conscript.

      I have seen the radical changes happen overnight. They can be radically reversed overnight. Culture is downstream of power. I have seen it happen repeatedly.

      Observe the birth rate radically dropping when the Soviet Union surrendered to the Global American Empire, then, though still very low rising slowly in Russia and Ukraine once they gained independence. Then, the Ukraine was reconquered in the Maidan coup, promptly dropping like a stone again in the Ukraine while continuing to rise a little in Russia. Trouble is women are still emancipated in Russia. Reverse emancipation overnight, then nine months later, huge rise in the fertility rate, just as there was sudden huge drop in japan when women were emancipated, and then a continuing rise over the next thirty years, just as the fall in Japan and the Ukraine continues. They emancipated women in Japan overnight, you can unemancipate them overnight. They rolled back emancipation in America (though no where near as radically as I propose) and suddenly silenced feminism in 1933, and seven years later, had heroes running out of their ears.

      This sort of thing has been done before, many times, and I have seen it done many times. It can be done again. Culture is downstream of power. I have seen the culture change overnight as if they turned out the lights. We can turn the lights on again.

      • Anon says:

        I understand the case for japan with MacArthur as he was unofficial official “king” but what about GAE you say :
        “They rolled back emancipation in America (though no where near as radically as I propose) and suddenly silenced feminism in 1933”

        But how come “suddenly”?, GAE are ruled by priests and priest follow a process , they allergic of top down order and sovergine power.

        This is the point i still can’t understand about your analysis which observable but contradict the theory that priest rule is a process not rule by decree.

        GAE ruled by priests but act as if ruled by a single man a king
        When an idea appear then everywhere and everyone follow suit.
        And a single point of power will be very hard to conceal as leftist will immediately move to grab it from whomever have it.

        • S says:

          Communism is rule by priests and functioned the same way. There was endless arguments and debates, but also sudden and abrupt swerves in the party line. Stalin and FDR were both the closest to a single point of power and the system put in place afterwards were explicit about preventing anyone from copying them.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        Russia has not returned to patriarchy; at best it has returned to Soviet-era feminism. Women are still worshiped, they still put career before family, and they date plus or minus five years. Marriage is something old people do.

        If you don’t believe me, watch this two-minute video that the national railroad uploaded on March 7, 2024: https://mzd.rzd.ru/api/media/resources/2115453

        One cannot achieve rightist goals by leftist means. Leftism is entropy, so promoting it is as easy as poking holes in a membrane to allow the liquids on either side to mix. Getting those liquids unmixed requires more drastic methods. China is slowly coming to realize this: https://blog.reaction.la/war/after-the-ukraine-war-nato/#comment-2889154

        My scenario: China sends all unmarried women over 25 to work camps, including the President’s daughters if need be. Single men can visit these camps to find wives. Infertile couples will be investigated to make sure they are regularly and correctly consummating their marriages. It’s easy to do this in a country where people don’t have “rights”.

        Once the bugs are worked out, Russia and the rest of Asia will copy this system, for if they don’t, their lack of military-age men will leave them wide open to colonization by China.

        • The Cominator says:

          Russia did decriminalize “domestic violence”. A huge good 1st step.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            About half the middle-aged women I know are therapists by trade, and one told me how terrible it is that the police attitude toward domestic violence is “не тело, не дело” i.e. “no body, no business” i.e. no one died, so we’ll be on our way. Alas, the right to beat your wife doesn’t help if you don’t have a wife, and it makes single women think, “As long as I don’t marry, no one can beat me!”

            • skippy says:

              Police attitude matters perhaps more than the actual law.

              In many jurisdictions, for example Cuck Island, the police will not respond to an armed robbery, but have a mandate to and will respond immediately to any domestic violence allegation, however poorly founded. Often the man will be arrested even if the allegation is obviously false, to “protect” the woman while it can be fully ascertained that the allegation is false.

              If police were as incompetent and unresponsive to domestic violence allegations as they are to regular crime, these laws would be ineffective in GAE countries too.

              • The Cominator says:

                What is enforced of course ALWAYS matters more than the actual law. In a very uncorrupt state there is little difference between the two… but we don’t live in that.

                Also don’t the Russian authorities treat live in girlfriend domestic violence cases the same as married ones.

                • Karl says:

                  What is enforced is the actual law. The rest is illusion

                • skippy says:

                  Not quite. The black letter law that is not enforced can be capriciously enforced retroactively or a very active and wealthy person can push its enforcement. It isn’t totally irrelevant. But the extreme response to domestic violence allegations in the West is so out of line with enforcement of even other “real” laws that it amounts to a military occupation.

                • Karl says:

                  Capricious enforcement is often selective enforcement against a specific group. E.g. a law is enforced against whites, but not against blacks. Mentally add the specific group to the law and enforcement is no longer capricious.

                  A wealthy and active person can hurt others by pushing enforcement of black letter law that is not enforced against anyone else. If those others were obeying all black letter law, the wealthy and active person would simply choose a different way to attack them. Not much difference for those who are attacked by the wealthy and active person.

                • skippy says:

                  Usually yes, but there are some intriguing exceptions.

                  A lot of the #metoo behavior was unofficially-officially OK at the time. The idea was to cuck normal men out of wives by setting up a handful of very famous men who could sleep with all the women, and particularly all the young women, rather than young women being expected to wait until marriage. Once the expectation of young women waiting for marriage was destroyed to the extent it was forgotten and irrelevant, the approach became that men should never have sex “in a power position”, which just means that men should never have sex.

                  Weinstein (although I am not sure Weinstein was a rapist by any definition, rather than a John), was certainly someone selectivity would’ve protected at one point. Now he is going to die, sick, in jail.

                  It isn’t just that enforcement increased, but that the selectivity changed. Had the black letter law been different, this flip would’ve been much harder to enforce retroactively.

        • Fidelis says:

          Man the comments on that china video are great. I couldn’t find anything other than women “mmm hmm honey”-ing about how getting eaten by your cats after a lifetime of menial labor is full of grace and dignity. Are we sure that we can’t breed this out?

          If we’re doing the bugocrat state mandated thing anyway, as opposed to *removing* the state from where it isn’t needed, there’s a lot of options. Find the women that aren’t miserable overindependant whores, grab their eggs, implant them in the newly stamped baby factories. They’ll kick and scream either way, may as well do some genepool filtering while you’re at it. That’s just off the top of my head, I’m sure with some more pondering ever more fruitful means can be determined.

      • Plus Ultra says:

        There is a big flaw in your argument. You’re saying that the population pre WWII is comparable to the population of America 2024, but this is very unrealistic and unreasonable.

        I know what you mean, I understand you’re talking about going from Seneca Falls to circa American Civil War and from suffragists and prohibition to pre WWII and 1950s. However, those men weren’t faggots who had never suffered hardship, who didn’t know hard labor and hard life, who were completely obese and effeminate soyjacks, domesticated by their wives, niggers and jews and completely slavish. You can’t turn on the lights on the average modern man, because they have no lights, there is no evidence they have them.

        First, obviously, you quietly legalize by quietly changing the interpretation and application of the laws, without an explicit word said in public, which is exactly how it became quietly illegal in the first place, without an explicit word said in public, and normalize it and proper female conduct and social roles in media. A whole lot easier than normalizing gay in media. And, very soon, normal in real life.

        This is very intelligent, but how many men have you seen that they run their homes, how many are in fact ran by their wives? I agree you can have your Jimian platoon no doubt, you might turn a future generation in two decades in something to make the world tremble, but under such law *current* men who run their homes will run tighter ships, while the men who are run by their wives will maintain that status quo. So the birth rate is still completely plummeted. Even when scold’s bridles were used, some men still failed to rape women, which is why the scold’s bridle were used, some other men had to use it on someone’s elses wife to shut her the fuck up. If some in the 16th couldn’t do it, a soyjack is *unredeemable*.

        My disagreement with your argument boils down to human capital. I think you do not have evidence, and you’re too idealistic about the potential and plasticity of obese faggot soyjacks and cuckservatives, they will never be real men, their souls wholly trannified, especially if above 35.

        But thank you for engaging, I can see where you’re coming from, I just don’t see it like you do and do not see any evidence.

        • jim says:

          > I think you do not have evidence, and you’re too idealistic about the potential and plasticity of obese faggot soyjacks and cuckservatives, they will never be real men, their souls wholly trannified

          I have a longer time perspective than you do. I saw everyone abruptly turn obese faggot soyjack as if someone switched off the lights. That is a whole lot of plasticity. It was grossly obvious that culture was downstream of power. What happens when we switch the lights on again? Is the damage permanent and irreversible? Well, what happened in America when Hitler won the German election, and what happened in Russia when the Global American Empire pulled its agents out, gives a mighty strong clue.

          Germany in 1933 was disgustingly bad, and, looking at the 1933 media in America (Gilmore girls), America was pretty bad. Not as bad as today (no obesity, but some rather serious emasculation.)

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            You can’t switch on the lights; the lights, wires, and switches were torn out and thrown away decades ago. 1933 was a very unmanly time, but the halls of power were still full of white men who remembered what manliness was and what it was good for. Not so today.

            Russia in 2014 still had living memory of Soviet times, and it never purged white men from the officer corps, so it was able to raise an army, but I showed you exactly where Russia now stands on the woman question. Strong, professional, independent career women. No babies today means no army in 2050!

            • jim says:

              You cannot change human nature. You can repress it, but the pressure builds and builds. And I can see it building.

              When ownership of virgin pussy is on the table, suddenly those soyboys will want to play Call Of Duty for real.

              Yes, people have forgotten what things were like, and no longer even dream about restoring them. But when restoration is on the table, they are going to kill for it and die for it.

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Virgin pussy will be on the table only when leaders have the foresight to realize that war is coming in twenty years and they need babies now. Perhaps Drill Instructor Jim can turn soyboys into fighting men, but you cannot turn aborted fetuses into fighting men.

                • jim says:

                  Warriors are only ever going to be a small proportion of the population, and with aristocratic warfare starting up again, a smaller proportion. There are sufficient seventeen year old virgins, in part because the awakening of sexual desire in females is poorly synchronised with the development of fertility.

                  Of course pretty soon everyone always emulates the victors, but as I have said many times, the late eighteenth, early nineteenth century Australian authorities had one hundred percent success in turning whores into wives, though it necessitated disturbingly drastic measures.

                  That is literal one hundred percent success — not metaphorical or hyperbolic. Every woman reacted to same forceful stimulus in the same way. All women are like that. In that respect, women are wonderful. All women are like that, all women are wonderful.

                  And don’t tell me that back then they had more promising material to work with. I have read their accounts of the material they had to work with.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  Societies with highly automated food production tend to have a high proportion of warriors because there isn’t much else for men to do. We have precedent for this in the Russian steppe, the Great Plains, and the Argentine Pampas. Food production is simple: Burn down forests so grass can grow, kill off rival predators, and enjoy an endless bounty of free meat. Not much to do but hunt, eat, fight, and fuck.

                  Russia lost big chunks of Ukraine in 2022 because its lack of manpower left huge gaps in the front line. They had to choose between mass mobilization and losing the war. If Russia doesn’t solve the woman problem now, its only choice in 2050 will be “lose the war”.

                  I’m not saying you can’t turn whores into housewives, I’m saying that today’s leaders won’t attempt it until it’s twenty years too late.

                • jim says:

                  The way the wind blows, today’s leaders may not be around for much longer.

    • jim says:

      > but I am curious where your belief comes from.

      Observing the relationship between culture and fertility. If virgin marriage is available, a man has status and authority under his roof, and sluts unavailable, men pursue marriage, family, and a roof to put them under. You would also. Incentives matter. There is a direct inverse relationship between a countries fertility and what one sees when one launches tinder.

      • Plus Ultra says:

        I agree with this argument if it were to happen. But then, what is my incentive and the incentive of young men like me to support your claim to power? I do not know of any man who became a conqueror and a king by promising domestic life.

        I don’t think you will be able to get cooperation from young men with this, why would we care about domestic life? And why would anyone risk getting himself blown up for domestic life? This is contradictory, the same spirit that tolerates domestic life fears adventure and war, you can’t feed both.

        • jim says:

          The King promised William the Marshal an estate and a wife — if he could take it with a sword. He laid siege to the castle of the lady nominated by the King, found he did not like her much, and swapped with another knight who had been promised another, somewhat less wealthy bride. (Whom I conjecture was considerably hotter.) He then went to the mansion of that lady, took it, defeating her uncle and guardian in personal single combat, and settled down to domestic life becoming a real estate developer, where he got people to pay gold for tenancies and ennobling tenancies on land he had purchased with steel. (And then used the gold to obtain warhorses and armor.)

          We have a mighty horde of young men with plenty of pizza and no pussy. The potential for violence is immense. People will kill for pussy. I will kill for pussy. Most warrior types will.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Men will regularly put themselves into lift-threatening peril taking actions that may have a chance of resulting in them impregnating hot chicks even and especially when they are not consciously aware of their motivations.

          As GAE power projection collapses and the imperial provinces drift apart, the first leaders to emerge who openly promise ownership of the means of reproduction will clear the table. Nothing else compares in importance.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            Let’s put it plainly: you are speaking from the perspective of a homosexual who has no interest in patrimony or any earthly motivation beyond nihilistic hedonism.

        • jim says:

          > This is contradictory, the same spirit that tolerates domestic life fears adventure and war

          The normal instinctive mating dance is a young man who owns no pussy, going off to adventure and war, and in the course of adventure and war, acquiring pussy and land and settling down. Hero’s journey and all that. That is our nature. If one owns no pussy one feels a surging impulse to wander, a surging impulse wander off into danger, and a surging impulse to kill people. Men who do not own pussy are dangerous. Offer them a chance to be dangerous, they will be.

          Instincts matter and incentives matter. The problem that they face is that they see no way to fruitfully act on their instinct, so they eat another pizza while playing video games about exploring unknown places and killing people. Those video games have made our enemies nervous. They should be nervous. Those video games represent a simulation of our instinctive response to lack of ownership of pussy.

          Men do not really care about land, power, and status, if it is not rewarded by secure ownership of pussy. Hence the virgin web developer who lives in a little box surrounded by trash. Everything we do, we do for pussy. It is all about reproduction and survival. Nothing else matters. All a man can do is merely kill you, but a woman can make you immortal.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “Everything you own is for bitches.” -Patrice O’Neil

          • Mike in Boston says:

            I completely and unequivocally agree that men don’t care about societal status and its accoutrements except insofar as those result in getting pussy.

            But I think you need to be more specific about your claim that the natural inclination of a man who does not own pussy is to go off to adventure and war. I am a living counterexample: when I was a much younger man, and single, I was perfectly content to focus on the honeys right in my own city.

            Certainly I had an adventure or two overseas, during which I found that unsurprisingly the local girls’ lack of English made them unable to appreciate my scintillating wit and charming personality. That just confirmed my inclination to fish in the ponds near home.

            As for going off to war, you would have to be kidding me. Get shot at in some jungle, versus flirt with girls at parties and on bike trips? No contest.

            Probably the sort of guy who starts bar fights for fun, or who lives somewhere with no single women, would go about things differently, and I suppose either or both of those cases are what you had in mind

            • jim says:

              This reflects the unpleasant empirical reality that war does not get you pussy in the modern world.

              So instead you acted out your instincts harmlessly by playing Call of Duty. If war did get you pussy, you would be inclined to act out your instincts, particularly if bold men facing terrible danger and getting pussy as a result of disciplined collective violence were depicted in videos. It would echo inside you.

              Going to foreign countries where the local chicks do not speak your language is of course, unprofitable. But you should have tried going to the tourist traps. Yields big dividends.

              • Karl says:

                This reflects the unpleasant empirical reality that war does not get you pussy in the modern world.

                True for soldiers of Western governments. I doubt it is true for wars fought between criminal gangs. I’m also pretty sure that it was not true for the Taliban

            • jim says:

              > Get shot at in some jungle, versus flirt with girls at parties and on bike trips?

              Flirting with girls only gets you whores. And only gets a minority of men whores. Which whores will shortly bang someone else. Successful players, a small minority of men, suffer player burnout “She was never yours, it was just your turn”. Most men get demotivated because they cannot score. The minority that can score, the players, suffer player burnout soon enough, and are demotivated. Observed behaviour is that men are motivated by ownership. Once a player has internalised “she was never yours”, he spends more time playing Call of Duty, and less time cruising for chicks.

              The politically correct substitute for the ancient mating dance is not working for anyone, male or female. “Flirting” is not how you pull chicks. The word assumes a symmetric mating dance, which is not observed to work in actual practice.

              Enforcing ownership solo is difficult for most men, and difficult for most players, without cooperation between males to enforce ownership. Enforcing ownership solo is apt to be scary. You must show no fear, or shit escalates, and during the courtship process, your potential for violence had to credible, even if it was all bullshit in reality. Cooperation between males to enforce ownership, which is a whole lot easier and safer, starts with men organised for collective violence. Throughout all our evolutionary history, the way to get a chick is that a gang of men hauls off a gang of chicks, and the alpha male assigns them. Assigns them permanently each to a single particular male, because if they are shared around, you get conflict within the ingroup. The gang probably wants them shared around, but this is disastrous for discipline. If you watch girls cruising, you will see that they are unconsciously cruising for an emulation of that process, which is why pulling a chick solo is so hard. It is so much easier for a group of males with clear alpha male to pull a group of chicks.

              Since this process was apt to be quite lethal, civilised men introduced paternal assignment. Which female instincts have never quite adjusted to. A common workaround to address this female instinct problem is to have paternal assignment with a marriage ceremony that emulates the group of chicks and the alpha male assignment. Thus, for example, Christ’s parable of virgins presupposes a marriage process where (by prearrangement with the patriarch) the bridegroom’s buddies emulate a wife snatching raid. And in Mongolia, still have actual wife snatching raids, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the ceremonial and symbolic wife snatching raids by paternal prearrangement referenced in the New Testament.

              Female instincts have never adapted to a society of female sexual choice, or even a society of paternal assignment. You cannot understand what works and what fails unless you understand you are dealing with ancient instincts grossly maladapted to an environment of courtship and female choice. In the environment of evolutionary adaptation, women reproduced most successfully when firmly assigned by a killer who firmly led a gang of killers.

          • Redbible says:

            > If one owns no pussy one feels a surging impulse to wander, a surging impulse wander off into danger, and a surging impulse to kill people.

            I’ve been thinking about this part of what Jim said for the last week or so, and honestly, it helps me realize part of where certain thoughts I’ve had over the past years are coming from. Thoughts of just kidnapping various women, as well as thoughts of killing various girls’ parents and then kidnapping her.

            After thinking about it, I tend to not like what I was thinking, since I would rather be on good terms with a woman’s parents rather than kill them, as well as that killing someone who hasn’t done anything wrong seems dysgenic.

            There is only one case where I have reached a point that I don’t care if the man lives of dies. In this case, the man has a daughter that would be way more off the rails if it wasn’t for the fact that she still lived at home. No, that’s not quite the right way to say that, it’s more that she continues to get away with things that no parent should be allowing, and the only thing keeping her reined in is that she lives at home.

            So why do I no longer care if this man lives or dies? Well on a particular evening, said daughter was showing interest in me (as she had before), and she pulled the classic dump her (mostly empty) cup of liquid on me, and she then runs. I chase her, and caught her. She starts yelling “Help”. Her brothers (who are still awake) don’t come. (Later on, one of them tells me that they figured that she clearly wanted the attention, and I was giving it to her, so it was all good.) Well her yelling woke up her dad, who had gone down early for the night. I had already let go of her, since I had lost interest. (I realized later that night, that she had cause me a pretty large bruise {under my clothes, so she doesn’t know she did that}, and that getting that bruise is probably what cause me to rather suddenly lose interest.) Anyways, he is probably mostly upset about getting woken up, but directs it all at me, and not at his daughter. That alone I might have not had much issue with, but that fact that he said lines like “if she says stop, you stop” and such, angers me. I had thought this man was on board with me potentially becoming his son-in-law, but here he is now getting in the way of the mating dance. I didn’t do anything at the time, since I didn’t see any good options I was willing to carry out at the time. But what I realized that evening was that this man would ALWAYS be an obstacle to correctly wooing his daughter for as long as he lives. Even if I hid all of the wooing process from him, he’d be the type to interfere in life after marriage. THAT is the point I decided that him dying was not only not a bad thing, but could even be called a good thing.

            Part of me still thinks of killing him, and taking his daughter for myself. Not sure if I will or not, but I do think about it. Honestly, I mostly don’t want to kill him since I am not sure how that will affect his sons, who I respect and like.

    • alf says:

      How many men in GAE territory would be willing to do it? How many men would actually be willing and capable to be assertive, treat women as property and truly control them? There is historical precedent for even kings to be cucked faggots who end up creating massive amounts of problems because they can’t rape a woman or even tell her to shut the fuck up. You can’t really expect anything better from 21th century peasants (NPCs).

      In England and its territories, coverture has been the standard practice for centuries, while emancipation has only been practice for a very short while.

      I researched whether there was an equivalent law for coverture in my country. Turns out there was, and it was literally called: ‘law on women’s incompetence’. It was also standard practice for hundreds of years, and it wasn’t dismantled until as recently 1957. Truly, the past has become a foreign country.

      Treating women as property is the normal mode of civilisation. Forcing equal treatment, unnatural. Going back will make everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

      I’m totally uninterested in having children. I want to burn down anything that resembles domestic life

      I’m on the other side. Build big family, the future belongs to those who show up, etc. It’s fun being a patriarch. OK also sometimes boring and hard work, but also fun. I get the burn it down sentiment though.

      • jim says:

        The chicks will do an indignant shit test, on power, on society, and on individual men, and settle down contentedly when shit test passed. The first shit test, however, will be harsh. The next easy, and subsequent ones just them happily reminiscing about the fact it was passed the first time.

      • Plus Ultra says:

        Treating women as property is the normal mode of civilisation. Forcing equal treatment, unnatural. Going back will make everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

        It will make you breathe a sigh of relief, it will not make cuckservatives and soyjacks breathe a sigh of relief, instead they will cower at the thought of their raging wives back at home.

        Build big family, the future belongs to those who show up, etc.

        I always hear this in these circles, while there’s acclaim for men like Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon and such, who did not have children, did not built big families, who “didn’t show up”, but they snuffed up and trampled the present of plenty who thought they’d be allowed to “show up” while impacting the future in immeasurable ways.

        I don’t criticize your choice, I just don’t share it and I don’t see the point, I also believe that deep down everyone here has to feel the calling of the blood, NPCs can’t reach this place.

        • alf says:

          it will not make cuckservatives and soyjacks breathe a sigh of relief,

          They were fine before it changed in 1957, and will be fine when it changes again. They will be shit-tested by their wives, but, being backed by power, will in time find that their wives are strangely happier, both in the home and in bed.

          while there’s acclaim for men like Alexander, Caesar and Napoleon

          I’ve been on record calling Napoleon an idiot. (A talented idiot was the exact phrase). Napoleon’s biggest achievement was feeding France’s warriors into the meat grinder and forever ending France’s role as one of the big empires. Dumb.

          Caesar by his actions enabled the Roman republic to pass into the Roman empire, into the Byzantine empire, into Christendom. A great man.

          Not very familiar with Alexander. He spent his last years partying with foreigners and his empire collapsed right after his death, so inclined to sort him with Napoleon.

          Point being, impacting the future is not so clear-cut. I choose whatever I believe brings me the greatest victory, that is all. When I look at a feed like Alaric in which he shares videos of guys spin-kicking someone in the head, those fights always happen at night, in big cities. That’s not where victory is at.

    • Aidan says:

      It is possible that restoring patriarchy will require the destruction of society and the formation of a new military order. The Jimian solution has occurred once, maybe twice in history, and never when things have been this far gone. Augustus could not do it.

      And if I did happen to have kids, I wouldn’t be posting about them publicly

      • Aidan says:

        “even looking at ancient history, what you propose seems wholly artificial, inorganic and a form of biological socialism.”

        Vae victis. The most common surname in English is Smith, not Farmer. Coverture benefited the smart and capable. Plato thought smiths were dysgenic little weirdos who shouldn’t breed. Athens, for all its intelligent and physically excellent men, controlled a tiny little territory smaller than the personal estates of my own ancestors, who were far from the most powerful men in their own country, which was far from the most powerful of states. The West invented the field mortar, the rifle, and the ocean-crossing man-o’-war, and conquered the world via warriors who were themselves better bred, more intrepid, and more capable than the “eugenic” Greeks. This is not unrelated to “Smith” being the modal name for a Germanic man.

        • Plus Ultra says:

          No no, I meant biological socialism on people like you and me. Why should we be content with disgusting pathetic domestic life and some retarded wife? I know in your heart you’re on my side, you wanna ride or die and rape women all over the world.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:


          • FrankNorman says:

            I think the idea is that if you did get to ride around the world and rape women, sooner or later you would find a woman you wanted to keep.

  11. Pax Imperialis says:

    Hearing about these university protests has been an interesting experience. Being in the military can be an extremely insular experience, and domestic news and happenings can end up feeling like events occurring in distant foreign lands. Especially when out in the woods with little or no signal for extended periods of time… fuck Virginia’s rolling hills and dense forests. And so for the military the partying with the boys rolls on… for the most part. Gender integrated Officer training is an interesting experience to put it mildly.

    I visited DC recently. It’s somehow worse than LA or San Fran, it’s surprising even based on how little one hears about it in comparison. There’s a decay inherent to the place. The people live among rats and dying homeless. Often the regular people are ugly and deformed. A fallen people living in shoddy brick buildings long past their prime. Young Marine Officers prowling the night clubs often leave bored and disgruntled. Street trash not even worth dancing with let alone buying a drink for occupy the space. A basic single patty hamburger can easily cost 10 dollars there and be far inferior to West Coast In-N-Out’s double double which is 60-70 percent of the cost. A six pack of beer may very well set one back 15 dollars. I remember visiting the Smithsonian Art Museum many years ago as a kid with my parents. It truly was the center of the Empire’s culture. Now its sidewalks smell of piss and feces and panhandling broken men shuffling about. Funny enough, I’ve been told by East Coast folk that DC is a wonderful place and not at all in a state of decay, and so for them the party rolls on. I’m sure they are living very insular lives as well, not so different from the military in a way. After all, according to DC News Now, everything is hunky dory. The news channel is a throw back to the 1990s optimism and naivety combined with current year “Love is Love”.


    The East Coast contains much, much more insular bubbles than the West Coast, especially the closer when one gets to the Empire’s center.

    >If the left is at each other’s throats during the election

    The left has always been remarkably quarrelsome. They are at each other’s throats at a certain level, but do those in the day to day government/party bureaucracy know that or even care? For them the music still plays, and the dancing doesn’t end, and they are remarkably blind to the changes in who’s dancing or to what tune (for now). Normality bias some might say. Regardless of what’s happening at the top of the ocean, to use a Moldbugian analogy, the fishes barely feel any shift in the currents. If the election is supposed to go a certain way, the DC machine will attempt to go that direction. That’s not to say they won’t bungle it for other reasons. They may very well be blindsided again like in 2016. I’ve found the DC crowd is as out of touch as Howard Stern’s debate advice.


    • jim says:

      If you go onto Youtube after clearing your cookies, and search for “Ukraine”, up comes a bunch of videos announcing endless triumphant victory and the imminent collapse of Russia. Sanctions are working fine, the Russians are taking enormous casualties, and are about to run out of weapons because they are a gas station masquerading as a nuclear power.

      I tend to pay most attention to the external collapse of the Global American empire, to its horrifying and catastrophic Ukraine debacle. But you went to Washington, and saw the internal collapse of empire in the streets.

      > The East Coast contains much, much more insular bubbles than the West Coast

      If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

      They can go on ignoring internal collapse until their pet tokens start eating them, and they can ignore external collapse even when the Red Sea is denied to Global American Empire shipping.

      What few writings we have from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West indicates that they continued to ignore collapse even after Rome fell, and they retreated to Ravenna. The party is still going in the palace, so everything is just fine.

      Our rulers are retreating into an internal world walled off against unpleasant reality that draws ever closer upon them.

    • Anon says:

      I am a huge fan of field report because it cut through the cognitive bias because what you see , hear and smell is different from what you read or think .

      my favourite one was a field report done by Roosh V just before china flu.

      I would do it my self but for lack of funds.

      Would love more of this , stay safe and don’t doxx yourself.

    • Aidan says:

      NYC has fared a little better, but its decline is very noticeable. The party atmosphere has only held up in a few blocks in a few neighborhoods. The women have gotten frumpier and most people walk around as if depressed or fearing predation. I am used to some very dangerous neighborhoods, and NY does not feel too bad to me yet, but it has probably gotten much worse than it used to be, and neighborhoods that used to be entirely safe are getting sketchier.

      But NY is where money is, not where power is. Most cities on the I-95 corridor are vast wastelands with tiny bubbles as you describe. I now live in a very nice place, where there is a lot of money but no power, and it is the reverse; black dysfunction is contained in tiny bubbles, which slowly expand every time a new section 8 development makes it past local lawsuits, but I can barely afford to live there, and will never be able to afford to raise a family under a roof I own there, because pricing out niggers and spics who live on crime and welfare, who have EBT cards and brand new beemers, prices out normal men with normal jobs in the process. So it is the forbidding howling mountains and dense forests as my next stop.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        My best friend is a software engineer my age, with a wife and five children. He owns two downtown apartments and rents a third. The first, which I haven’t seen, houses his wife and three youngest children. The second, where his second-oldest lives, is a three-bedroom apartment on the tenth floor with spectacular city views on both sides. It cost him three million rubles, including renovations. The third is a studio, serves as his office except when he travels, overlooks an Orthodox church, and costs him 16,000 rubles a month. I rent a one-bedroom about the same size five miles from downtown for 11,000 rubles a month. Rent includes heat; utilities are another 400-500 a month.

        That’s what happens when the government doesn’t hate its own people enough to flood their neighborhoods with Section-8 parasites. The sidewalks are broken and the trolley tracks haven’t been replaced since Soviet times, but the air is clean, the tap water is fit to drink, and the streets are safe. Sometimes beggars ask for change and I give them 20 rubles, and sometimes at night, extremely drunk middle-aged women try to seduce me. Oh the horror.

    • Hesiod says:

      Praying for your well-being and safety, Brother, in what must be an interesting time. Recently tried Sun and Steel per your earlier suggestion but couldn’t complete it due to its depressive air. Mishima’s ultimate fatalistic choice tainted it, I fear. Xenophon, however, is much more to my temperament these days. I hope, like in Anabasis, you find your way home.

  12. Dr. Faust says:

    In the early days of the trans movement there was a lot of confusion as the media and the left were unsure which was the official position they were to adopt. The current paradigm is similar in such a way as it has lead to a large amount of confusion on the left and right with no known official stance visible and so it’s hard to tell who to support.

    The Palestine people are the more vocal and more radical. It’s creating large division among the left however because of its proximity to Jewish power. It’s similar to how trans was a close proximity to female power. Though less seemed to make that connection.

    But the true change is revelation within the conservatives. Now they are fully on display as the depth of collusion with Israel becomes apparent. This is the lasting victory for our side. Total disillusionment of the people and a disconnect from the power structure today.

  13. i says:

    What exactly do you think is the real motive of the poster which is quoted here that posted this image without permission to apparently shame?


    • S says:

      The poster in question is female. Steve Sailor’s law applies.

    • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

      She is a “right-wing, traditionalist” feminist. If you look at her posts, she is supporting all of the rationalizations women use to justify all of their bad behavior. All of the right-wing twitter girls are turning into feminists as they get older and the money stops flowing. No woman in politics is your friend.

      • The Cominator says:

        Women are changable and opportunistic grifters by nature that being said there are a very very few who do realize that giving them rights was a horrible horrible mistake but they are so so few and far between that don’t trust professional trad ethots to be among them.

        The only one I know of in the professional right wing sort of ecosystem (she is a massive hypocrite as far as her personal life and shrill and attacked Trump for the wrong reasons mostly) who is probably a sincere hater of women’s rights is Anne Coulter who has been pretty consistent in saying that women voting was cancer and also really women’s rights were. I do think she sincerely believes this even if she was in her personal life a typical roastie alcoholic 2-4 pack a day (that part does not apply to zoomer girls but did apply in the past) lawyerette.

  14. Humungus says:

    Greetings once again.

    I trust you are all doing well. We must all spend time daily to train our bodies and minds to be strong. Weakness is for losers.

    Mobility will be a key factor in the coming years. Do not be lured by the false promise of puny battery driven cars. Humungus recommends a reliable V8 drivetrain so that you may haul your wives and concubines in safety.

    Regarding protests. It is an amusing distraction but the sooner we consign Democracy to the dustbin of history, the better. A system that allows women to vote, based on their emotional outbursts, is doomed to fail.

    Men require a stable foundation to build civilization on with strong leadership.

    • Zorost says:

      For a post-apocalyptic warlord, you can be strangely incisive regarding political and biological realities.

      The problem with Our Democracy is that we fetishized voting, as if it was an end in itself. As viewed by our Founders, voting was nothing more than one of the many checks and balances on government power. If a group is bad at voting intelligently, then that group shouldn’t vote.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Universal suffrage was wrong and can’t last long term. But the temptation to win votes by promising people the vote will indelibly be linked with democracy. Once won this cannot be undone via more voting.

        The normie right makes hub aloo about how communism always fails and that’s correct but they never make the connection that democracy always fails as well. We have thousands of years of history with little democracy in it. Only recently has it come to dominance. Scarcely 80 years so since it’s been pushed worldwide, in nations and people who should have never seen it and already it’s legs are shaky. We are in a democracy bubble soon to burst.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      It’s not enough to allow it to destroy itself. We must give it a push over. My personal life is spent encouraging the things which are most destructive to democracy. Emphasize the most destructive elements. It’s the idea of “agree and amplify”. Any left position is not left enough.

      Palestine is the only thing which matters now. Palestine is the total convergence of the far left and the far right with both sides being invigorated against a single cause. It is the left and right unifying and it is our greatest chance to topple all of the power structures as those left in the middle are old, ineffective, and possessing nothing but the pretense of influence.

      Swallow your disgust, with eyes fixed on the horizon, of the inevitable movement rightward which will dawn from this. Keep in your heart all of the beliefs you hold while standing with those with a common cause. Palestine now is the foot soldiers of the right and we are their priests. It is a bizarre role reversal but it’s one that has happened. We meme for the left now and the left dies for our memes.

      No, it doesn’t matter if they’re brown. It doesn’t matter if they fat, muslim, faggots. That’s window dressing as it’s torn across the veil of power and ripped it open to the world to see. Soon it will be known that it is a paper tiger.

      • jim says:

        The trans movement was a power struggle within the left that feminists completely lost. All lesbian bars are shut down because they became tranny infested, so lesbians no longer go there. We talk about how trannies killed women’s sports, but they also killed womyn radicalism. Every feminist has now completely surrendered to power.

        In the end, the zionist Jews will completely surrender to the anti zionist Jews, though the Rino Jews will continue to whine, kick, and scream ineffectually for a while.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          Jim, have you considered formalizing the shill test?

          This is for those looking to establish a meatspace organization with the direct purpose of weeding out feds and potential entryists offline. If you were able to conduct a brief interview to identify entryists what would it look like? My assumption is that feds will be able to pass online shill tests in person since HR won’t be reading any transcripts. What would it screen for and how could the test be both standardized for use at scale but also flexible enough to counter any information security on the test itself. In other words how could it adjust to the feds learning about what the test is screening for?

          My thoughts on this were to establish an independent op which sells its interview services. The interviewer would sell the recommendations to group leaders using a rating system based on “ideological purity.”

          • jim says:

            On a blog, you want, not consensus, but discussion that is likely to lead to consensus on some things. For an organisation, you do want consensus. So just whip up a long list of forbidden thoughts, a creed, and see what they cannot say and cannot hear.

            Hence my test against anyone who purports to be more Christian than thou, the affirmation, which is a very short condensation of the creeds, modernised slightly.

            So, for a meatspace organisation, something like the affirmation, but referring to the creeds of this world, not the next. All men were not created equal, and women created to be a help meet for men. Men and women are different, and inherently unequal, and whites and blacks are different and inherently unequal.

            A K selected species needs to form families in order to reproduce. For families to be possible,need virgin marriage, which requires that female sexual preferences be adjusted with a big stick.

            A gay will always double cross you and your organisation, if it might lead to him banging someone he finds attractive. Every gay is permanently on the prowl for a sexual bribe.

            Lesbians fuck more men than straight women fuck.

            Drugs and surgery cannot change people’s sex.

            That is intended to be a thumbnail outline, not a ready to ship creed.

            And of course an organisation has a goal. You want people who support that goal.

          • Fidelis says:

            I doubt you can reliably formalize such things. The creeds of the church constantly evolved for a reason. You can whip up quickly your own checklist of sorts, and probe along the lines where responses are suspect. If you’re building an inquisition company, you as leader need to carefully pick the people under you, and train them to do what you had to in order to select them. If you formalize this, you ossify and make the process brittle; subverters gain some idea of where they themselves might probe or prepare.

            • jim says:

              > The creeds of the church constantly evolved for a reason.

              They “constantly” evolved because every century or two, would face a new conspiracy of hostile entryists.

              You cannot formalise them for all time, because always new enemies using new tactics, but you can formalise them for centuries.

              Obviously the proposed creed, or a creed like it, is going to work against progressives, and not going to work against the next enemy. But we probably will not face the next enemy for a century or two.

              Building your faiths on stuff about this world, “all men are created equal” is so obviously vulnerable to the facts of this world, that the next time around it will be instantly nipped in the bud, and the next round of attackers will probably base their faith on other worldly beliefs, for example hermeneutic doctrine about gay serpent Christ.

              > subverters gain some idea of where they themselves might probe or prepare.

              They do. But they have to build a counterfaith from scratch that sneaks through the loopholes in the creed. Takes centuries, and they are not going to bother until after you are in power.

              On the other hand, the Gasman has been trying to something like that. He issued a list of “right wing memes” that sound like thought crimes, that I would have thought were thought crimes – but what gave them away was that they are not the stuff I have been complaining about him evading, and not really a topic of discussion on the alt right, because they are kind of stupid and not all that interesting. Not that we have any shortage of genuinely stupid people on the alt right. Discussion of those memes would have been legitimate — except that it was a way of not mentioning the memes that I had been talking about and complaining about him evading. It was a “hey look at this shiny thing over there” derailing — except that the shiny thing was not very shiny at all. I have been nagging him about the crimes of Soros and Nuland, and he wanted to talk about generic Jews, among other things. Yes, we do talk about the Jews generically — I do so all the time, as in my Easter posts. But we are not morons, most people on the alt right are not morons, and we do not have Jews on the brain. (Well, maybe Andrew Anglin has Jews on the brain.) He seemed to pass the woman test, but then was unable to hear our explanation of why sex, family, and reproduction is failing, even to disagree with it. He seemed to pass the Jewish Question test, but then strangely unable to notice what Soros and Nuland have been up to.

              He seemed to pass the woman question test, but when cornered, gave us answer two:

              2. The (((jews))) make these totally innocent angels misbehave, since the jews own the media and the entire entertainment industry from Hollywood down to the tiniest pornography studio, and use them to direct propaganda at women, telling them to fuck Blacks and lowlifes. There’s no way that pure White women desire to be on OnlyFans to whore for money. The jews forced these angels on that website.

              Which is a fail, unless accompanied by an explanation of why answer five is wrong that reveals what answer five is. When he seemingly passed, he was giving us answer two elaborately disguised to sound suggestive of answer five.

          • ryan says:

            You are right that the dynamic is different. With no record, they are free to repeat ‘text string’ thoughtcrimes without understanding them.

            You need to test their understanding of things. If they deeply understand why you are a dissident, then they will almost certainly join you for real (depending on their identity and natural loyalty).

            • jim says:

              The Gasman can superficially mimic our memes. He wants to debate the Jewish Question — but is strangely unable to notice what Soros and Nuland have been up to.

              He agrees that women are irresponsible and should be under male authority — but is strangely unable to notice what is making sex, family, and reproduction difficult for most men.

              He want to whack the Jews, but is unable to notice the most important justifications for doing so, wants to keep women down, but is strangely unable to notice the most important reasons for doing so.

              It is not sufficient to affirm our memes in broad generality. He proved, to my surprise and consternation, that shills can do so. But the real thought crime is knowing why those memes are right and just. He could not go near the empirical justifications of the policies he supposedly supported.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Is the evidence that the Jew Soros is “downstream” of Jews in the State Department — like Nudelmann/Nuland who I only learned about more recently — the fact that people even know who Soros is?

                People have been trashing Soros on YouTube forever, though usually soft-pedaling his Jewishness while doing it. Meanwhile, trashing Nuland, and especially noting her Jewishness, feels a lot more naughty, and my “naughty” I mean “Nuland is closer to actual power”.

                Am I tracking here, or just seeing clouds that look like animals, when really they’re just clouds?

                • jim says:

                  Figuring out how power works is like Kremlinology. But I observe the terror that she inspired in the American Ambassador to the Ukraine. Does Soros inspire similar terror? He is a bagman. Bagmen are generally menials. Which does not prove he is a menial, but I think that that is a plausible assumption. Powerful people in his organisation have state department hats. Powerful people in the state department do not have Soros hats. This looks like standard bagman relationship.

    • Humungus says:

      Humungus understands you speak of trust.

      In the world of words, flattery and deception are ever present. But there are men who speak with iron and truth. With sufficient wisdom, it may be possible to tell.

      In the world of Hummungus, men are tested by their deeds. That world is approaching fast and the old world of deception will be swept away.

  15. Nikolai says:

    “I conjecture that the anti Zionist Jews who hate you and want you dead are feeling aggrieved because explosives that were supposed to be sent to Eastern Europe to kill white people are instead being sent to Israel to kill brown people.”

    I’m not sure about that. The normie left supports Ukraine 100%. The far left, which most anti-zionist jews are, tend to be more ambivalent. Some of them are still pro-ukraine (ex. vaush), but the third worldist race communist contingent is mostly pro-russia though I dislike to admit it. As well as the tankie faction, which are just old type commies who dislike gays and neoliberal foreign policy, but otherwise agree with the left on basically everything (ex. donbass devushka, who claimed to be Jewish).

    • jim says:

      The protests are being run by Soros, who has always been a reliable instrument of Blinken in the past. And he is definitely aggrieved because the limited supply of explosives is being used to kill brown people rather than white people.

      • Jim,

        What do you think about my idea that Soros = CIA? My evidence: if I was the CIA, I would do it this way. It simply makes sense. It is efficient and logical.

        1) The CIA needs funds for secret operations that do not come from the taxpayer, because the taxpayers’ elected representatives tend to leak to the press, making the operations not secret. They need private funding so that they do not have to tell leaky politicians about the clandestine operations they spent them on. How can they get private money? By selling something in the marketplace. What can they sell? What do they have? Information, obviously. How can they sell it?

        I think Soros has been turning CIA information into money on the stock exchange for decades. Half a century really. He is suspiciously well informed. He buys Tesla stock at suspiciously the right time and so on. Insider trading but insider info from many corporations. That must come from something like the CIA or FBI.

        2) The Open Society Foundation is the perfect CIA front. They want liberal governments all over the world. The CIA wants pro-GAE governments all over the world. In practice that is the same thing. Indeed liberal government is basically a better-PR version of the pro-GAE government. The OSF does the legal stuff, and some CIA agents in their ranks do the secret stuff. It all makes sense that way. Maybe they do not even need perfectly trained, full time James Bonds. Just training some OSF activists in some clandestine this or that. Like Pakistani gay guy goes to a gay party and photographs secretly a military general there who can then be blackmailed. That training does not require the full agent/officer training.

        What do you think?

        • Also a minor detail, some/many conspiracy theories are stupid, which THEY use to make ALL conspiracy theories look stupid. A good way to counter that is to attribute presumed conspiracies of unknown origins or players to those folks who have absolutely clearly in their job description that, yes, their job is precisely to conspire. All intelligence services, CIA, KGB etc. belong to that. You cannot be called an idiot for saying the CIA or KGB is conspiring because yes that is openly and officially their job.

        • jim says:

          Very plausible — but Soros ngo officers tend to have state department hats. The institutional trail points at the state department, not the CIA. . HIgh ranking state department officers, Victoria Nuland being the infamous example, tend to participate directly in Soros ngo operations even without simultaneously wearing a Soros ngo hat. On the other hand, it is quite likely that CIA officers wear both state department hats and Soros ngo hats.

          • The Cominator says:

            The state department is VERY closely linked with the CIA, that was one of the CIA’s big problems from its inception.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        Soros is a geriatric old codger who doesn’t have loyalty to anyone. People pay too much respect to his ability. He’s not some wizard and he’s not ineffable. He’d send millions into slavery just to hear them cry.

  16. Mister Grumpus says:

    Totally off topic:

    These umpteen scamcoin registrations monkey-wrenching the Bitcoin blockchain somehow. How are these NOT a DDOS attack? Can anyone do anything about it? And what’s up with THAT?

    • jim says:

      It seemed like a good idea at the time. We want people to be able to register shares of a DAO in the blockchain. There is a valid use case. But instead are getting ten gazillion scamcoins registered. In retrospect, registering DAOs under globally unique names was a catastrophe. Should have continued to register them under Zooko names.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        OK so intended innocently, maybe, but then quickly weaponized into a DDOS tool.

        Tell me this: Each day of gunking up the blocks with these scamcoins is costing roughly what? If I wanted to duplicate all this gunking effect myself, with nefarious DAGbots or whatever, how much printed currency per day would I need to do it?

        Come on man! I thought I was the naive one here.

        • jim says:

          Roughly ten to twenty million dollars per day — enough to fund a smallish war, about as much as is spent on one the many small conflicts that the Global American is keeping going all over the world, but which seldom hit the headlines.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Well it’s all tea leaves, but while $20M/day ($7B/year) is way too rich for my blood, it might be a good price for being able to manipulate the #1 non-Fed crypto coin and jerk the BRICS’s chains a little. Especially if it’s not my money anyway.

        • Tyrone says:

          The network is gunked up but it’s only a minor annoyance, and fees have been reasonable all things considered.

          It’s unlikely to be nefarious or a conscious DDOS attack. Firstly because it’s not having much negative effect, but mostly because it can be explained more easily through incentives.

          People launch shit coins not to impair the network or play 3D chess but because it makes them money.

          They can even tell themselves it’s good for the network because increased transaction fees are the only thing that makes mining profitable as bitcoin inflation approaches zero. That does need to happen sometime in the next 50 years.

          Most likely this activity dies down soon. If you play with it yourself you’ll see that bitcoin L1 really isn’t very good at these kind of things. There are smoother casinos out there and this is just a fad.

          I could be wrong and it’s not a fad. But if it’s an attack? In that case even Michael Saylor is an attacker, and the conspiracy runs so deep it would be hard not to blackpill.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            And if it goes from gunking to turbo-gunking? 10X as many scamcoins/day as today? 100X? At what gunking multiplier, compared to lately, will these scamcoin DAO-runes, or whatever, be eating up all of the blocks? Not just some of the blocks, but ALL of the blocks?

            Just ask yourself that, and if you can answer (I sure can’t), then haven’t you found the price tag for DDOS’ing Bitcoin?

            • Tyrone says:

              This is not my field, but it seems to me that the difficulty with determining the price tag for an effective DDOS attack is that you don’t know how far you need to push things for how long.

              Meanwhile bitcoin is a transparent ledger, so people will have a good idea how much ammo you have.

              Imagine you have the funds to make bitcoin txs cost $100 each for the next 90 days. If you propose about 5 tx per second with a $100 mining reward, miners will ignore pretty much every other transaction, unless they co-ordinate behind the scenes or act altruistically. That would be about 40M per day, so that might do the trick unless my thinking is wrong.

              But annoying as $100 transactions would be for three full months, it is that going to destroy the network? If it doesn’t, you’ve just wasted a lot of money to get on people’s nerves.

              I guess you could budget 1B to make fees $1000 for a few weeks. $1000 fees would be very demoralizing assuming bitcoin itself isn’t already 1M each. But you’d need to buy 1B worth of bitcoin first, and you would certainly make miners very happy.

              As far as what is happening now, it isn’t creating shitcoins that gunks things up, it is the trading.

              Not one agency spending 10M a day, 10 thousand speculators spending a few hundred a day.

              For it to be turbo gunk, there would need to be a massive market for these shitcoins. That could happen, but it would self correct. By the time you have 100 thousand speculators, they have to each spend 10x as much on fees, which won’t be viable long term.

              At worst turbo gunk would be a phase that lasts a few weeks or months. Then the bubble crashes and the gunk is gone.

              Could a clever bad guy with a 20M daily budget seriously fuck up bitcoin? Probably, but the current state of the mempool isn’t seriously fucked up, it’s just a bit annoying. What’s happening now would be a very inefficient attack, not least because far from creating FUD, many people see this activity as bullish.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                I’m not making any claims because I don’t actually understand it, but what I was picking up was that these DAO-rune shitcoin registration things had become a uniquely affordable cheat code way to cram transaction delay into the Bitcoin blockchain.

                Twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action, etc.

                • Tyrone says:

                  My responses are long but I’m not trying to ridicule your line of thinking. Many bitcoiners frame this stuff as an attack, but I think that’s histrionic.

                  If you had billions to attack bitcoin it would be better to spend it to push malicious updates, flood social media with supportive shills. More of a social attack. Many developers and holders will resist, so you arrest them for tax fraud keep them busy fighting all kinds of legal shit. Others will end up kidnapped on vacation and tortured for their private keys. Others are blackmailed into supporting the update.

                  You could bribe politicians to make holding bitcoin a felony, create a taskforce to hack coinbase and binance, taskforces to build cutting edge tech and then rugpull 100s of millions, create false flags to suggest that 50% of crypto is used for pedos and terror, these kind of things.

                  You also wouldn’t let the EFTs be approved. It was a 3-2 vote, you only needed to pressure 1 person, and maybe a single judge.

                  I can’t pretend to know how much any of this would cost, but you could do a lot of damage for less than the 7B it takes to push tx up a few dollars. If we are talking about settlement between BRIC countries or state owned companies, then even $1000 fees would be a rounding error. If we are talking about a proper peer to peer currency of the internet, things are in bad shape if fees are $1. Even 10 cents is probably far too high. Past that point the difference between $10 and $30 fees isn’t worth a DDOS attack.

  17. Geoff says:

    Quarrels run deep but its probably all the same game and goal in the end.

    People should probably read a variety of news sites instead of CNN MSNBC etc.

    [*list of news sites that I do not read for obvious reasons deleted*]

    • jim says:

      Not every news site that has a long intro assuring us that they are fellow white male straight Christians is a reliable source.

      Take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed, and then we may have fruitful discussion on how best to stay well informed.

      • Jake says:

        How and where do we stay informed these days with all the noise and censorship?

        • jim says:

          Tucker is good. I skim through foreign english language sources of countries that are having a spot of difficulty with Global American empire, and look for material where they are likely to break the line, in particular and especially rt.com

          I pay attention to talking heads that are demonetized on Youtube, and excluded from source results.

          I pay attention to telegram channels, and notice a whole lot of links to Youtube videos listed in those channels that never appear if you try to search them through the Youtube interface. If it is banned or if its IP is blocked in various parts of the Global American Empire, then telling you information that they do not want you to know. Or if it has links to stuff they do not want you to know, probably good.

          Remember that the shills will tell you loudly and frequently they are telling you forbidden truth, but if they were actually telling you forbidden truth, the blocking would be obvious.

          In order to fine Telegram, you need to understand who it is. And we, unfortunately, know only one address in Dubai, where Telegram’s headquarters seem to be located. And all our attempts to obtain official contacts with Telegram have so far been unsuccessful.

          That is how you know you can find good stuff on Telegram.

          • Adam says:

            Tucker was on Joe Rogans podcast last week and I was really disappointed. I understand facefags have to lie but he was off on several positions that do not require thoughtcrimes to believe. Most notably he claimed evolution was false and proven wrong.

            By the time the podcast concluded I had summed him up as a red tribe boomer, and a grifter. If he is more than that, I could not tell.

            • The Cominator says:

              Tucker is mostly good but I’ll always be wary of him because when Trump initially wanted to dismiss Covid as just the flu bro (which it was) Tucker was a big force in pushing him to panic.

              • Adam says:

                Other than his idiotic attack on evolution, and evolution as part of and evidence of creation as a whole, was his belief in the “spiritual world” being this other mystical dimension which is really causing the trouble. Although I don’t remember him mentioning his belief in God or a higher power. This particular spiritual world belief, not to be confused with the practice of spirituality and the belief in a higher power, has always been used as a license for make believe, and an attack on cause and effect.

                Even the tone of the man’s voice sounds off to me. Not bent in a severe angle such as there is no difference between a man and a woman, but still somewhat manipulative and even feminized. He is oddly emotional and dramatic.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I see nothing wrong with the idea of a “spiritual world” at all. Materialism is not even supported by current science really (it could be supported if the world were strictly Newtonian but Newton himself was never a materialist at all).

                • Adam says:

                  Among dysfunctional individuals you will often see a practice of “there is no terrain, there is only the map”. This is due to their consciousness being dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain, and results in a particular form of incompetence. Awkwardness and clumsiness being easy to spot signs.

                  Denial of the material world is not a strategy for success. We are not victims of another unseen world or another dimension. We can solve the woman problem and the nigger problem and every other sort of problem.

                • Nute says:

                  Seminar shows on various angles on effects occurring up from the “spiritual world”…


                • jim says:

                  Whether demons are real or metaphorical, demon worship is real.

            • Your Uncle Bob says:

              Tucker is at least old school GAE, and very likely the CIA’s man on Team B. Son of an old money wasp diplomat with links to the CIA, applied to the CIA himself but rejected or “rejected” before going in to journalism. Sent in to sell Trump on the vax at a critical moment (successful), sent in to feel out Putin on what he wanted in exchange for a GAE-satisfactory ceasefire (unsuccessful).

              And also, he seems to be genuinely sympathetic to old stock Amerikaners at some level. So it’s not completely inconceivable that he ends up on Team Stalin at some point, supporting whoever it is who says enough to the leftward spiral.

              But the real interest of Tucker is as a sign of the times, that a Team B asset from an old wasp geneline could stake out a position even as tepidly right wing as he has is interesting in its own right. I’ve never put enough faith in him personally to be disappointed.

  18. The Gasman says:

    If the orange nigger gets back into office, zionist control over every institution, using their mossad operation of pedo blackmail over politicians organized through Epstein, continues unabated.

    I don’t know anyone under the age of 60 who gives one single fuck about the election or even talks about it at all. Other issues are the main points of contention.

    • The Gasman says:

      Furthermore, let’s not pretend the right isn’t infighting too about these jews. On one side you have the normiecon right like the frat boys who are trying to get communists NOT to burn down the communist indoctrination center. You’ve got rightoids all over twitter heaping praise on zogbots who shut down their churches during muh covid. And worst of all, you have these so-called christian politicians who just outlawed the expression of the christian faith.

      The other side of the right, the anti-zionist side, is jew-aware. Trying to finally knock some sense into these boomer retards who follow every narrative fox news shits into their heads. We know about jew organizations like HIAS etc. who flooded our nations with these thirdies in the first place. We’re not going to side with the jews who created the problem and now expect us to come running to their aid because they recreated their own private problem in OUR backyard.

    • jim says:

      We already have Jewish control over every institution — the question, however is which ones. As we see right now on the campuses, Jews are far from united.

      And we probably will soon cease to have Zionist control over every institution in the near future. The anti Zionist Jews (who hate you and want you dead even more than the Zionist Jews hate you and want you dead) have the wind at their backs.

      • The Cominator says:

        Only lefties use the term zionist… right wing anti semites just say Jew.

        Zionism is just nationalism for Jews in the Middle East, I don’t want to fight their proxy wars but otherwise they are not the problem.

        “Jew-aware” most jews are leftists and need to be gotten rid of for that reason, and the real power uses them disproportionately as the middlemen of power. But middlemen they are, not the real elite. The enlightenment started with Jews still in ghettoes. Women’s rights started after Jews were let out of ghettoes but before they were allowed anywhere near the elite (yes I’m aware of Disraeli but he was a token exception converso, also not that bad a guy). Ergo not the Jews.

        • The Gasman says:

          I refuse to accept any distinction between right-jews and left-jews, that’s the Esau gambit. “I’m the good jew!” “Not him, me! I’m the good jew!”

          They both want me, a white man, reduced to a powerless minority and then the survivors genetically enslaved so they can try to purify their diseased, accursed, schizo, tay-sachs ridden bloodline. The only thing they disagree about is how to do it most efficaciously.

          • The Cominator says:

            Only shills and stupid people (who have never met any Jews) think Jews are a hive mind or even that every Jew hates every non Jew (though the average dot Indian in the West outside the very oldschool convience store types DOES hate every white person and everyone who is not Indian).

            The minority of right wing jews don’t hate you (well they may hate you because you hate them). Stephen Miller does not hate white people and Ayn Rand did not hate white people. The neocons do hate you but they are only fake right wing. Far left wing jews hate you but they also deeply hate themselves and each other. There is no Jewish conspiracy, jewish hive mind, and very very little of Jews acting as an ethnic interest tribe the way Indians and Gyppos do. As Jim has often said Jews in the Soviet security apparatus main thing was purging each other…

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              Most skypes do hate non-skypes though.

              It’s a subset of the fact that they hate everything including themselves in general.

            • Fidelis says:

              >Only shills and stupid people (who have never met any Jews) think Jews are a hive mind
              only shills and stupid people think nigs are a nignog swarm of collective shucking and jiving. I’ve met some negroes who are based and redpilled so clearly they aren’t a problem.

              • jim says:

                No one is saying Jews are not a problem

                The shills, however, are saying the Jews are the one and only problem, which is obvious nonsense that no one genuinely believes.

                And when they say that all Jews are the problem, it is because they are not allowed to mention problems conspicuously caused by certain particular very identifiable Jews. They want us to smash the windows of the bagel shop while Soros leaves for his private island, to return shortly after the window smashing is done.

                Soros hates the Jew who runs the bagel shop also, and was running the Nazis when they burned people alive during the Maidan coup.

                No one thinks the problem with blacks is shucking and jiving. How come you are unable to mention what everyone knows the problem is?

                • Fidelis says:

                  The bagel shop small hats have to go just the same as the rest that managed to get themselves actual state power. Offering conversion is fine, should they refuse they have to go, or else we have a class lying in wait to pull all this trouble all over again. There is clearly a cohesive enough group of talmudics with lots of power, and I don’t care if they disdain their small hat cousins, because they hate me and want me enslaved or dead. Constantly running defense, oh no not all the juice are on the same team think of the good ones!, annoys the hell out of me.

                  Since when have I been unable to mention:

                  – Limited ability to control impulses means nignogs constantly get up to barely organized and completely idiotic crimes. From schizo smashing old yellow women on the streets of jewyork with hammers to shooting a gas station clerk over 50 dollars in cash to rape and murder home invasion.

                  – Limited experience with civilization means forward thinking just doesn’t happen and they cannot take care of themselves or their environment. Turn everything around them into a burnt garbage pit and abuse and torture their own children.

                  – Evolutionary environment lead to flashy short time preference annoying behavior to get attention. From blasting music in public to picking fights to show off, always in a group and never alone.

                  – Identify strongly as obbressed bloobloo victims and the second their numbers reach a certain point and the other races find themselves unarmed, kill every single member of the other race. Up to and including fellow nigs with skin not dark enough.

                  Do I have to copy and paste this or can I just call it shucking and jiving and assume the reader knows this behavior?

                • jim says:

                  I have no idea what shucking and jiving means, and suspect it means different things to different people. What I say is the median and modal black is a dumb low level criminal, while the median and modal white is a good neighbor.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Shucking derives from saying ‘aw shucks’, implying innocence at heart. Jive is a slang word used by Socioeconomic Factors meaning deceptiveness and or shifty dancing to shifty jazz music. Shucking and jiving as a phrase in of itself in turn particularly means spinning up fictitious narratives for personal advantage. Classic example: ‘he a gud boi goin to dem programs turnin hisself around he dindu nuffin’.

                  ‘Shucking and jiving’ being a stereotypical behavior of Basketball Americans, thus a reference to stereotypical behavior of Urban Youths in general. A synecdoche, like calling your car your wheels. Naming the whole by a piece of the whole.

                  Rather common turn of phrase, especially around the 70s-80s in general, and in later days amongst anonymous imageboard culture. Surprised you’ve never heard it before.

          • jim says:

            It is completely obvious that right-Jews mostly do not hate us the way that left-jews hate us.

            • The Gasman says:

              Based right wing jews! Thank you for Mossad setting up a massive multi-decade compromat sting on Western politicians worldwide and using that as leverage to – kill white sons in infinity sandwars – loot the armories and the treasuries – sabotage our relationships with otherwise ambivalent foreign powers – outlaw christianity with AIPAC bought politicians – and more!

              Let’s come from the other angle. Given the long history of usurpations and grievances we have with these bolshevist aliens, is there any reason to leave one of them alive, anywhere?

              • jim says:

                > Based right wing jews!

                Oh come on. There are quite a few good Jews — a small minority to be sure.

                Every state is a synthetic tribe, and demands conversion to its faith before it lets people near power. Jews in power are conversos — they converted to progressivism in order to get in.

                When we are the state, they will promptly convert to Christianity — and we will need an inquisition to make sure that we do not have an infestation of fake conversos. But an inquisition suffices. And Jews excluded from power do not matter.

                The law against Easter reveals that progressives have an infestation of fake conversos. But the sincere conversos are, for us, worse. The enemy is not Jews as such, but the faith that most of them promptly converted to.

              • jim says:

                You passed the shill test, but I see a lot of shill payload. Tell us why people are finding it very hard to form families, very hard to reproduce, and why progress set in before Jews were allowed out of the ghetto..

                You know what we think about this, and I know you do not agree. Tell us why we are wrong in a way that reveals the position that you will be arguing against.

                As Alexander Dugan (whose books are banned in the Global American Empire) recently argued on Tucker Carlson’s show, the rot set in with the Enlightenment. That is why we call ourselves the Dark Enlightenment. The contents of the can are right on the label.

                You are pushing shill payload against two key elements of reactionary thought — can you criticise those elements of reactionary thought in a way that reveals the position that you are arguing against? Are you able to admit we think what we think?

                • The Gasman says:

                  It is very difficult to form families both because of the economic and the legal situation, both of which are orchestrated by jews. jews at the federal reserve mass inflate the currency, handing it to their friends at jewish conglomorates like blackrock to invest downstream to jewish propaganda organizations like disney. jews working as judges strike down democratically voted laws to keep illegals out, which drives down the value of labor, while their shabbos goy scabs hire them instead of their own sons. If you raise your hand to a woman the law will come down on you like an iron fist – even if you pulled your punch and it kind of needed to happen, for her own safety. Birth control has gone from a civil right to something every boomer faggot parent put her daughter on “for her protection.” I can keep going for a considerable length.

                • jim says:

                  Back On moderation, not because you disagreed with the Dark Enlightenment and Red Pill analysis of our problem, but because you failed to notice that anyone thinks or says the position you are in fact arguing against. You are arguing by false consensus, pretending that no one thinks the position that you are disputing.

                  Banned, not because of anything you said, but for what you are mysteriously unable to say. You are arguing against the Red Pill without being able to admit that anyone, anywhere, ever would think or speak such an utterly unthinkable thoughts.

                  Now I have more precise knowledge of the limits on what shills are allowed to say.

                  If you want to argue against the Red Pill, you may, but you have to say what you are arguing against.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Fwiw, and we’ll see if he manages to come back with the proper thoughtcrimes, I don’t think he’s a shill. Reads to me like he’s absorbed shill memes without realizing.

                  In short,
                  Family formation fails because we broke the old marriage rites and pretend women are capable on their own of choosing good partners. If we want civilization, women cannot be allowed endless freedom in mate selection, it should at most be from suitors handpicked by male authority, and she should be wed shortly before, or in the case of mishap, shortly after loss of virginity.

                  The origins of family destruction memes seem closer to post-Christian heretics than subversion by juice, they seem to have come to prominence later as progressive conversos. However they were around at the ‘scene of the crime’, so to speak, hate Christian civilization, and may have been involved initially as well.

                • jim says:

                  This neglects the key point: Men are polygamous, women hypergamous, so if they make their own sexual choices, Miss average is only going to fuck mister one in thirty.

                  We are a K selected species, so need families for successful reproduction. Which requires that female sexual preferences be adjusted with a stick.

                • jim says:

                  Some people on this blog suggest that natural selection will self correct — no it will not. This a red queen race, and the outcome of uncontrolled female sexual selection is the peacock.

                  The optimal female choice under conditions of uncontrolled female sexual selection is choose what other females find sexy (leading to sexy sons) .So if female choices are suboptimal, and females get their way, natural selection results in them becoming ever more suboptimal.

                • The Gasman says:

                  If there’s something you think I’m missing, stop trying to make me dance like an organ monkey, and say it straightforwardly, like a man. This is my best understanding of our disagreement. [*delete*]

                • jim says:

                  In the comment to which you are replying, I complained of your inability to name powerful Jews are in power right now and have individually done very bad things that have caused enormous harm, and to name those bad things.

                  But in the comment where I put you on moderation, I complained of your inability to notice the red pill on women, and then further down in the subthread, I made it very clear what the red pill on women was. I complained of your inability to notice or respond to our explanation of why moderns are finding family formation difficult, and subsequently explained why family formation is so difficult.

                • The Gasman says:

                  I have almost the same opinions on these things as you do. Political authority starts in the home, with the authority of a man over his wife and sons and daughters. Men organize on the basis of family and clan in order to secure political power as lesser feudal lords, and then it consolidates all up to a single king, whose head you can chop off if he strays too far out of line.

                  This structure has been almost exactly inverted. Now the head of the household has no authority but all the responsibility; extended family relations have been ruptured by the idea of the nuclear family and worse; and we have no king to answer to anyone.

                  individually powerful jews and specific examples of troublemaking

                  soros – rent a protest, antifa (NOT what these campus protests were, at first)
                  mnuchin – federal reserve related crimes
                  yellen – see above
                  kushner – owns 666 5th avenue and should be deported back to Hell
                  bader ginsberg – the post-living symbol of abortion and even more specifically abortion as a religious sacrament of the jews
                  ben shapiro – pied piper
                  victoria noodles – evil incarnated as the living form of the jew

                  Specific jews, specific crimes against whites, both sides of the aisle. I don’t care if you want to vote Trump to make the fraud more obvious or something, knock yourself out. But there is no paradigm where our enemies surrender because we say they are being mean, and there is no paradigm where I surrender because they called me an anti-semite.

                • jim says:

                  Well that neglects to mention the biggest crime of Soros and Nuland. Tell me how many deaths of white people that they have caused and how they caused them — a topic frequently mentioned in alt right circles.

                  Or, better, respond to the original post putting you on moderation and the ensuing discussion with a reply that either restates what I say about the failure of family formation in the ensuing discussion, or criticises what I said in a way that reveals what I did say.

                  The thing is you are pumping out counter memes to the alt right memes. So, if a legitimate interlocutor, should be discussing the alt right memes that you are attempting to counter — but seem strangely unable to notice them.

                  A legitimate interlocutor might believe in official truth because of the policeman inside. But strange inability to notice other people believing in unofficial truth indicates the policeman outside.

                • The Gasman says:

                  The right wing memes I’m trying to counter [*list of memes our masters wish we believed deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Those are not right wing memes, but the left’s upside down absurd hateful parody of our memes.

                  I have repeatedly stated key memes of the Dark Enlightenment, the Alt Right, and the Red Pill, and you continue to pretend that no one anywhere ever has ever thought, or said, any such thing.

                  Address the memes I raised, either agreeing with them in a manner that makes it clear what you are agreeing with, or disagreeing with them in a way that makes it clear what the meme in fact is.

                • The Gasman says:

                  I guess the meme I saw you raise that I have the most point of contention with is that [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  I am not going to discuss Jews with someone who is strangely unable to mention, discuss, or notice anyone else mentioning, the gravest recent crime of Nuland and Soros.

                  Because it is obvious that such people are employed by Soros, and incapable of holding a fruitful discussion, because required to stick to a script written by a Soros Jew, who, living in a bubble, has no idea what we say, and has written responses for you to give to what he deludedly imagines we might say, with the result that the conversation would be as circular as attempting to hold a conversation with a video game npc.

            • Fidelis says:

              They don’t ‘hate’ us the same way you don’t hate cattle. It’s clear they want us enslaved and dying in some meatgrinder war.

              • jim says:

                They do hate us, for cattle are not dangerous, but we are. They have been expelled a hundred times, always for much the same reasons.

          • DH says:

            and then the survivors genetically enslaved so they can try to purify their diseased, accursed, schizo, tay-sachs ridden bloodline.

            This part is interesting, can you please elaborate on it? I’d think that, in due course, genetic engineering — jewnetic enjewneering, right? — efforts employing CRISPR-Cas9 or similar tools would do the trick far better than e.g. concentration camps where sperm and/or eggs are harvested out of unwilling subjects, but the dystopian scenario herein alluded does sound fascinating and hardcore and totally unlike a Jewish masturbation fantasy from Literotica typed with one hand only. Pray tell, will the nurses tasked with extracting your sperm for the purification project (or is it… for their own amusement?) have big bouncing khazar milkers?

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      The Gasman

      This nigger glows.

      It’s a gestalt impression rather than a single tell, but I will adduce data points. The handle is too on point, there was one obvious payload in a comment on the previous post (“…White girls were fucking dirty niggers left and right…”), two obvious payloads in this comment (result of the election doesn’t matter [don’t bother voting, even to run up the number needed to fraud], no one under 60 cares about the election – [conflating thinking elections are rigged with thinking no one cares at all about The Biden]), he thinks he’s found a scissors question (the jews) for this forum and he’s running with it… Probably more I’m missing.

      And yet, the nigger can thoughtcrime. So – is he just a genuinely blackpilled and bitter troll/griefer who’s here because even the chans have had enough and IP banned him, a freelance volunteer lefty, or is there a new class of shill with a license to thrill?

      • jim says:

        Yes, he glows.

        But if we are facing a new kind of shill, I need to learn their characteristics.

        “white girls fucking dirty niggers” is obvious shill payload.

        The problem is not girls fucking low quality, low status men, but that miss average fucking mister one in thirty makes it impossible to form families, and thus impossible for a K type species such as ourselves to reproduce.

      • The Gasman says:

        If I glow, it’s for the sake of an ideology still too poor to pay me for it, so I’d say that would leave you with more to fear than ever.

        • Hesiod says:

          Lusting after a final solution to the joojoojoo problem provides perfect cover for the Gentile worshippers of Serpent Christ to flourish. It’s not the alleged Jew lurking under every Gentile’s bed ultimately to blame for the sorry state of the West, but rather the hubris of the Gentile for rejecting his birthright Christendom.

          Anglin gets a fair amount of artistic license for his joojoojoo shtick due to his talented handling of nuance. His occasional hysteria can be attributed to the “they can’t all be zingers” rule of entertainment.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            The attacks on Easter have converted me to the position of TJD/GTKRWN. If they want to convert, they can convert, confess, and beg for the mercy of Christ before their executions. I have long argued that Jim suffers from the same excess of mercy as did Charles II, which is why Puritanism was allowed to metastasize. The thief who confessed on the cross, stayed on the cross.

            Making all the Jews good Jews is not mutually exclusive with making all leftists good leftists. You can do both, give all the camp operators a medal and a pension, then disband the camps.

            • Hesiod says:

              >Making all the Jews good Jews is not mutually exclusive with making all leftists good leftists.

              Pretty sure there would be some severe disparate impact for Jews when it comes to free helicopter rides. The earlier mention in the comments of Alaska leads my imagination to conjure pods of killer whales playing with them like seal cubs.

              If that’s the limit of Jewish suffering that looms on the horizon, they should consider themselves most fortunate. Perhaps I sin against the virtue of hope by being more willing to wager it won’t ultimately be. I understand all too well the righteous rage over the recent Easter blasphemy. A Jew troon was the vile author of that abomination.

            • The Cominator says:

              Some of the non-leftist ones are very good people I would strongly oppose this (like my old friend and Elon’s legal Consigliere Spiro). 80% will should go for being leftists but leftists are guilty and the minority of right wing jews are not unless you believe they are the evil hive mind behind everything and the reactionary position is that they are not.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I know a couple good blacks, too. When push comes to shove I know they will side with their own. So they have to go back. Jews have a nasty habit of political assassination, so they have to be handled a little more harshly. We kill the 80%, then anyone in the 20% that whined about antisemitism too loudly. Then we tell the rest to catch a flight to anywhere else.

        • jim says:

          You are arguing against two key elements of reactionary thought. But you do not admit you are arguing against them, or even admit that anyone thinks such thoughts. Are you able to criticise them in a way that reveals what they are? If you are unable to, we may conclude that you are shilling for an ideology sufficiently well funded to provide an IT department, a supervisor, and a Human Resources Department.

          And yet have license to commit thought crimes that I have never seen from a shill before. If so, this may indicate that the authoritative consensus in the regnant left is falling apart in ways I did not anticipate.

          • FrankNorman says:

            Hi Jim
            Not everyone who cannot post forbidden ideas is necessarily sitting in an office somewhere with a low-IQ supervisor watching as they type.

            Lots of people, my reason tells me, will have internalized the oppression, and the “oooh no no you can’t say that!” factor that kicks on certain topics.
            In other words, their crimestop is in their own minds.

            Or they might be at home, but genuinely afraid of the police kicking the door down if they post a subversive thought.

            • jim says:

              The inability to commit thought crimes makes his purported beliefs internally inconsistent.

              A typical shill pattern is to say Jews are to blame for everything — but the shill is strangely unable to blame Soros for the particular things for which Soros actually is to blame.

              Or he will say “nigger nigger nigger”, but is unable to notice specific stereotypical black behaviours that are causing great harm to whites.

              If “Your Uncle Bob” thinks that Jews are to blame for the failure of family formation, why does he favor restraints on female sexuality? That only makes sense in the context of the Red Pill, which he is unable to speak, and unable to notice anyone speaking.

              The policeman inside might stop someone agreeing with forbidden thoughts, but the policeman inside is not going to stop someone from noticing someone else speaking forbidden thoughts. That requires a policeman outside.

              Lots of white listed commenters disagree with some forbidden thoughts, and say so. What distinguishes a shill is not that he does not think forbidden thoughts, but that he is unable to notice forbidden thoughts.

            • The Cominator says:

              To add to what Jim said I find it hard to believe anyone who loudly says they want TKD or TND can’t speak out against women’s rights of their own accord due to crimestop. Most Jews and niggers want to live, whereas women don’t know what they want but observed behavior is they find being free a form of existential horror.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                To verify that I am not compromised:

                Women blindly follow ancient instincts from a time when Man was primitive and violent hominids that lead them astray in modern society. They will fuck around from 13 to 35, constantly trying to upgrade, until they fall off the booty call lists of any man they could be attracted to, and then end up bitter, childless, surrounded by cats and filled with spite. Marriage is a conspiracy between men enforced upon women with often uncomfortably extreme measures so that decent men can find a wife and so bitter spinsters do not destroy society.

                Africans are relict hominids, a step down the evolutionary ladder towards the great apes. They are unintelligent, impulsive, high-time preference savages incapable of building or maintaining an advanced society. They have to be punished quickly and harshly because the nigger time paradox makes cause and effect nearly impossible for them to grasp. The left has sized on using them to vote Democrat, kill Whites, and commit crime, and subsidizes their existence through the welfare state.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Don’t think you are compromised but don’t give wignat ideas a fair hearing… 80% go for leftism. The other 20% are good people.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Theis jus tryn sell begels and do lawyern theis good bois. Pay no attention to the 1000 year — sorry, 2000 year — history of misbehavior. I’ve lived in Florida too com. Jews make better neighbors than haitians but are far, far, faaaar more subversive to state power. I don’t understand what your fetish is, did you have a khazar girlfriend in the past? Why are you ignoring the long history of antagonistic behavior?

                  We cannot live together. It has never worked. It will never work.

                • The Cominator says:

                  My principle is total leftist death (all of them regardless of race but its especially important that no white gentile male who is leftist be left alive as every white gentile male who survives needs to know that any white gentile male he sees is not a traitor white males must have political harmony with each other, every Biden real voter needs to go) with total Jesuit death thrown in for being the REAL hidden hand behind the left. TKD beyond the most of them who will go from being leftist is superflous, stupid, and shedding innocent blood (which leftists are not).

                  Also given the mass “Jew awareness” now anyone pointing out the timeline problem and the command and control problem with blaming the Jews being shouted down by shills I strongly suspect that TKD is in fact a plan by our enemies so elite white progressives get away unscathed while the Jews (all of them) take the fall for all the damage they’ve caused.

                • Aidan says:

                  Don’t go trying to cancel Wulfgar for taking a historically normal position. Collective misbehavior requires collective punishment. If “leftists” and “jesuits” can be a valid class target for political action then “Jews” certainly can. One can debate over whether “jews” as a class are cooperating in order to collectively defect or not at a level that merits collective punishment like expulsion (109!), but they certainly qualify. And a Jew can always defect on his tribe by converting, and thus spare himself punishment

                • jim says:

                  You are not compromised.

                  But I am getting a whole lot shill spam saying “All Jews are the same Jew”. Which appears to be coming largely from the same shilling organisation, and in many cases the same shills who are shilling that the alt right should crusade against Islam right now. (And not against the Jews who are importing hordes of Mohammedans to live on crime, government employment, welfare, and voting Democrat.)

                  “All Jews are the same eternal Jew” Is a meme our enemies believe is useful for them against us. And I think they are right.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Not trying to cancel Wulfgar (have I accused him of shilling) but this is not a position I agree with.

                  Also my position of total leftist death would probably take care of 80% or so of Jews. I am advocating collective punishment of leftists as well.

                  The minority of non leftist Jews don’t in my opinion merit collective punishment (beyond seperating them from the government and quasi state jobs as a foreign people) because they do in fact try to push back against Jewish leftism, they just get drowned out. They are not like moderate Muslims in the early 2000s… who didn’t do random bombings but strongly approved of random bombings.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  All Jews are the same Jew is an asinine position to take. Two Jews, three opinions is a meme for a reason. They are defection made manifest, the ultimate result of choosing to be the sons of the devil instead of serving the Son of God. They chose to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven, and they suffer the consequences of that choice.

                  We should ally with the Muslims to kill all the Jews, or at least all of them that are bothering us. During this temporary alliance we should be watchful for the typical Mohammedan treachery. Once the Jews and demon worshippers are all dead(all Jews are demon worshippers, but not all demon worshippers are Jews; John: 8-42-47), then we can deal with the Muslims and the Holy Land. We can share it until their sudden and inevitable betrayal, then we take it for our own.

  19. cub says:

    So, anti-Zionist Jews are enabling a massive rise in anti-semitism and awareness of semitic shenanigans, and causing millions of politically active youth to notice the fraudulence and false dichotomy of our political system, and the hypocrisy of our anti-white culture, and torpedoing Biden’s chances in the next election… all because they want to kill Ukrainians faster? As if our government isn’t still handing out free money to Ukraine?

    Occam’s Razor rejects your conjecture in favor of the much simpler explanation: the Jews’ typical lack of foresight causing them to lose control of their useful idiot golems.

    • jim says:

      > all because they want to kill Ukrainians faster?

      Yep. I have been watching videos of interactions between white alt media personalities and the protesters. These guys are not our friends. You should watch them. The rank and file protesters are all purpose astroturf without a political thought in their heads, their leadership wants you dead.

      • cub says:

        They’re college-age leftists, of course they’re radicalized idiots. They may well be funded by special interests, but the Ukraine angle just doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to stir up this much shit.

        Another possibility is that the elites/international jewry are pivoting to China (apparently massive amounts of precious metals are currently being shipped to Hong Kong) and are setting up a clean break between US and Israel, having seen the writing on the wall for our country.

  20. Mayflower Sperg says:

    When our Stalin finally arrives to clean up this mess, when and whence only God knows, he will soon discover the second law of thermodynamics: It is impossible to create order without expelling disorder somewhere else, and the prisons are full. Fortunately for him, the Alaskan wilderness has an infinite capacity to absorb disorder.

    • Anon says:

      “It is impossible to create order without expelling disorder somewhere else”

      I think the agreed upon solution around here is swimming lesson in the pacific.
      Sending them away will result in another Harvard.

      • The Cominator says:

        With rare exceptions they don’t get food, shelter or warm clothing or any means of providing it for themselves when they get to Alaska. I myself had generally thought the real Pacific would be Alaska…

    • Fidelis says:

      As far as I understand, they thought the new world was a rough lifestyle and remote enough to never bother the crown again. Turns out it was a bad move to leave your enemies to themselves in a vast land with lots of natural resources.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        It was a rough lifestyle. Several of my direct ancestors were killed by Indians, and one was abducted while the rest of her family was killed. But there was also Richard Warren, whose seven children all grew up, married, and had children, growing to over 100 million living descendants today.

        Today’s leftists have low fertility and zero useful skills. They wouldn’t survive a day in the wilderness. They will live in camps, with the Cominator in charge of logistics.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          One of my Mayflower ancestors was Edward Doty. He also has much posterity. Both Warren and Doty are listed and “non-separatist” members on the passenger list.

    • Big Brutha says:

      I have long believed that the initial way for Trump to get a hold on the bureaucracy was to create a new federal service center somewhere near Barrow, AK where he could assign personnel.

      Nobody is getting fired. Everyone who is currently employed keeps their jobs. They just have to do their work now from the new service center. Ensure that it is a first class facility with nice quarters, that it is warm and well stocked with plenty of food. Just make sure that internet infrastructure is never properly taken care of.

      Then he can move agencies and departments that are not necessary but can’t be immediately got rid due to legislative/judicial chicanery to relocate operations there.

      Those who choose not to relocate can be retired early with full pensions but with a stipulation that they cannot be rehired by .gov and pair that with a general hiring freeze for the federal government.

      Call it a jobs program to bring federal dollars to the most underserved parts of America and then let attrition do its work.

    • alf says:

      Our biggest problem is a major infestation of demon worshippers. Seems to me like a task for the inquisition.

      • Big Brutha says:

        I mean, if we had the elite orientation and cohesion to undertake an inquisition we wouldn’t have the problems that we do.

        If we got a Cromwell-like figure then that would be the ideal approach for dealing with demon worshippers.

        Since we don’t have one currently and the likeliest near term option of someone with any interest in doing something about them is Trump and since Trump is a merchant and not of the warrior caste, the best we can do is to use the bureaucratic tools at hand to hamstring them.

        Once they are hamstrung then someone like Trump has more room to maneuver and try to arrange a more lasting outcome.

        But, you’re right, they are likely to get up to trouble even on the North Slope. Which is why this would need to be viewed as an opening gambit and not a solution itself.

    • Handi says:

      Why profane such a monument to God’s majesty as Alaska by using it as a sociopolitical landfill?

      Since we’re fantasizing anyway, I rather hope the disorder gets expelled onto a sloped concrete floor.

  21. Anony says:

    [*Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

    Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

    White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

    If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.*]

  22. anonymous mouse says:

    [*Please take the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.

    Commenters who are not white listed may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted

    White listed commenters can say anything they like, and it will immediately appear as is. There is no censorship on this blog, just spam prevention.

    If a commenter comments under a handle and fake email that has not been white listed, I assume it is spam, because it usually is, and do not necessarily read it very carefully. Or at all.*]

    • anonymous mouse says:

      Okay, shill test:

      “Why do women misbehave? Why are men and women not getting sex and family?”

      “5 They are feral, blindly following ancient instincts from prehistoric times, which instincts tell them to cruise for rape by alpha male Chads, and to resist kicking-and-screaming all attempts to restrain them from pursuing alpha male Chads. Stable monogamy has always been a way to allow each man to own a woman so each man can start a family and raise a future generation for civilization’s survival. If women are emancipated, Miss Average will waste her youth, her beauty, and her fertility fucking Mister One in Thirty, thus a people, a race, a nation, a faith, or an empire that emancipates women will perish for lack of families, leading to lack of sons. Men have to impose stable monogamy on women with a stick.”

  23. Anon says:

    2nd boeing employee get whacked , clearly this is not about some investigation into safety , they usually sweep it under the rug, and the fact it is happening with such impunity is a tell that there is some struggle between mighty powerful people.

  24. Nearly all of our colleges and universities are beyond repair and should be razed to the ground. Marxist professors, terrorist students, burn it ALL down.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      Burn the books and bury the scholars.

    • The Cominator says:

      Yep need to go Henry VIII on the universities, but also helicopter everyone who works there outside a hard science or engineering subject.

    • anonymous mouse says:

      Uh… why? The protests are overwhelmingly peaceful. The cause they support is humane.

      The only reason you want the police to bash their heads in is because the media has convinced you that only “blue haired communists” oppose Israel’s demolition of Gaza. You are exactly the mirror image of the libs who supported Ukraine to own “uneducated Trump voters”.

      The whole propaganda in right-wing media about how all anti-Israel protestors are motivated by anti-white Maoism or something is exactly the same as the leftie propaganda that Jan 6 protestors were all supporters of fascist Nazi Christian theocracy.

      Now of course the outlawing of “anti-Semitic” speech is well underway. The conservatives who are pushing that legislation are supporting it with same weepy rhetoric about “safety” that used to be associated with the left.

      This is just what politics is in the 2020s. You are what you hate.

      • jim says:

        > Uh… why? The protests are overwhelmingly peaceful. The cause they support is humane.

        Quite so.

        > the media has convinced you that only “blue haired communists” oppose Israel’s demolition of Gaza.

        I oppose the Israeli attempted genocide in Gaza and have frequently said so. Trouble is these guys are blue haired communists. Watch the alt right attempted interviews with them.

        I say “attempted” because it is impossible to talk with these people, impossible to extend the hand of friendship and alliance to them. They are way worse than Muslims. They want the alt right dead, so it is reasonable to conjecture that they want Ukrainians dead. You can talk to Muslims. You cannot talk to these people. If communication is impossible, peace is impossible, war inevitable.

        And I am disinclined to believe that blue haired communists give a tinker’s damn about genocide. They never have in the past when the right people were being genocided.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        The cause they support in both cases is more melanin and less palefaces. Pallys are the more melanin and the israelis are the palefaces in their eyes. Tell them they’re wrong?

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