Leftists intend:

It is often said that leftists intend good, or that they intend the same things that all normal decent people intend.

Leftists intend, among other things, the deaths of several billion of supposedly excess population, in order to protect Gaia from the hand of man. For example the food to fuel mandates have created artificial famine in many parts of world.

Leftists intend, among other things, the destruction of technological civilization by cutting off its energy supply.

Leftists intend, among other things, to make most people slave laborers of the state dominated by leftists, thus maximizing the status and benefits of members of the state apparatus. This is considerably worse than private chattel slavery, since resources owned by a private owner are conserved, whereas resources owned by the state are wasted and destroyed.

Leftists intend and expect that they will use state superpowers for good, in pretty much the way that one expects one will follow a diet and exercise regime, but apart from the fact that it is difficult to use state power for good, it is also distasteful, like a very strict diet. Leftist want power itself, not the benefits that power brings, and one cannot really experience power except by making others suffer, so in practice, leftists delight in the use of power to make others suffer, and when their fellow leftists behaved in this manner, older leftists were unsurprised and undismayed – because any leftists that were surprised and dismayed changed sides.

Likely some leftists believe that with themselves as masters, all the slaves would be happy, but are not much interested in historical reality tests that suggest the contrary.

When the original anglosphere leftists, the puritans, punished people for holding hands, they could plausibly believe that they were doing good, protecting people from fornication, but when they burst into people’s houses to find them celebrating Christmas, and destroyed the Christmas feast, they were enjoying the exercise of power to make people suffer, for the New Testament clearly endorses spraying a thin spray of Christian whitewash over old pagan festivals. If someone performs a 100% pagan festival, but he performs it to the Lord, and giveth God thanks, this makes it, the New Testament tells us, a 100% Christian festival. The Puritans believed that being holier than thou, they were righteously entitled to make thou suffer, and their anti Christmas measures suggest that their anti fornication and anti cruelty to animals measures ultimately rested on delight in making people suffer.

Anti fornication, and anti cruelty to animals had scriptural justification. Anti Christmas did not.

And through all the transformations their movement has undergone, ultimately transforming into modern anti Christian anglosphere leftism, this thread has remained constant, that they will snatch any justification that they are holier than thou, and thus entitled to have power over thou, and thus entitled to take righteous delight in making thou suffer.

They are not holier than me. They are evil power hungry hateful hypocrites, for those few of them that are young and naive leave the movement whenever it shows its true face, which it frequently does.

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    I think this pretty much sum’s up how the left likes life:
    The gold age of NYC was during it’s lawless collapse in the 70s:

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