Trump’s struggle for power.

The president attempting to actually exercise the powers of the presidency is rather like Queen of England attempting to actually rule England. As was revealed in the House impeachment hearings, the permanent government are shocked and outraged that a merely elected politician meddles in running the country, and are disinclined to comply.

Trump cannot get anybody senate confirmed, and those few Senate confirmed appointments, who are seldom loyal, have a great deal of leverage over Trump and effective independence. The problem is disloyal Republicans in the senate are preventing Trump from appointing Trump loyalists.

McCabe was let off, despite committing all the usual crimes that Democrats commit all the time and that they want to give Trump associates such as Stone and General Flynn years in prison for.

If Trump’s people can be punished, and his enemies can commit crimes unpunished, then not yet in power. Further, if his enemies can commit crimes unpunished, the crimes will escalate.

But the Department of Justice team that let off McCabe and persecuted Roger Stone has resigned – probably one step ahead of an investigation into the numerous gross improprieties that Roger Stone and General Flynn’s lawyers have been complaining about. This resignation is going to put a spoke into future efforts to persecute Trump associates and cover up the crimes of his opponents, which makes it easier to get loyalists and harder to commit crimes against the president.

The Durham report, which is likely to find grounds to imprison a pile of people in the DoJ and FBI, and perhaps Obama and Obama associates, is not coming out any time soon. Perhaps it takes time to investigate, perhaps Durham is stalling till he sees which way the wind blows, or perhaps Trump is not yet ready for the explosion that will surely follow if it is not a graywash.

It looks like 2020 may well be a democratic election, perhaps the last democratic federal election, though we will continue to hold elections that everyone piously agrees are democratic for centuries, as the Roman Empire did. If Trump succeeds in increasing the Republican numbers in the Senate, and in arresting the people who used illegal means in the various attempts to overthrow him, then he will be fairly close to being in power, without needing to do anything that would make it too obvious that the Republic is dead and has been dead for quite some time. Augustus Caesar said, and probably believed, that he was restoring the Republic, and I hope that the American Republic gets similarly “restored”.

Elections have been seemingly working because there is nothing actually at stake. It is just a ritual like the Queen riding a stagecoach to open parliament. If you think that things have become too tense for democracy to work, wait till there is real power on the table up for grabs. The conflict is likely to make the first Trump election seem normal. The conflict you are seeing now is like progressive family members blowing up thanksgiving dinner. They are just exploding over mere symbols. Wait till there is money and power at stake.

The job of mainstream conservatism is to move the right edge of the Overton window left, and the job of the mainstream left is to move the left edge of the Overton window left.

And if the Overton window closes, mainstream conservatives do not have a job. They are lying about what their job is, and lying about being disemployed, and therefore engaging in massive crimestop. Their current job is to put themselves out of work. If Trump does not fire them, the Democrats will imprison, then eventually execute, them. It is a dead end career path – that may quite likely end in actual death. They are a mildly inflamed appendix, soon to become a seriously inflamed appendix.

If a mainstream conservative is nice about the left sending people associated with the Trump campaign to jail, and all of them are being nice about it, soon the left will decide that they too are associated with Trump. Indeed they already have. The correspondents to the New York Times all think that the mainstream conservatives are crypto fascists, and that deadly violence is the only thing fascists understand.

If you are mainstream conservative, and want to stay out of jail, the correct course of action is to call for death for those who let off McCabe but threw the book at Stone. When you see the blade of the salami slicer heading your way, it is time to not be nice. Being nice about a grossly political judiciary and department of justice is suicidal for anyone to the right of Pol Pot. But the mainstream conservatives are quietly being nice, as the salami slicer slices closer and closer.

If Trump gains power, it is the end of their careers. If he loses power, it is the end of their careers, and quite possibly the end of their lives.

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  1. Frederick Algernon says:

    Jim, what are your thoughts on TempleOS?

  2. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    >Can’t tell us that a label is false or inappropriate, and then as evidence, point to something that the label was never intended to describe.

    Not really the argument. Sign, signified, signifier. It is possible in a trivial sense to have different signs for the same object. The more objects you want to signify (id est, the more things you want to be able to ‘talk about’ with a language), the more ‘entangled’ signs become, the less ‘interchangeable’ they become; that is to say, choice of using one sign or another for signifying a given object starts to have more consequential entailments.

    In this case, you need to have words to talk about demographics you don’t like that do not cut rather too close to demographics you do like.

    • Not Tom says:

      Low IQ leftist whites who behave socially and politically like blacks are not a demographic that I like and the words describing them don’t cut particularly close to demographics that I like.

      I am indifferent to “whites” as a demographic just as I am indifferent to “East Asians” as a demographic. They aren’t a monolith; they aren’t a cohesive group. I rarely find it useful to talk about white people as if they were, which is why I find “white nationalism” to be a dumb idea and wignats in particular to be annoying bugs.

      You won’t see this stupidity in any European country. There are Germans, French, English, Swedish, perhaps some broad categories like Scandinavian, but no “whites”, because they recognize their own differences. The classification of “white” is inherently progressive. It is the melting-pot idea that ethnic differences in America somehow aren’t relevant, even though New Englanders today are as different from Appalachians as they were 200 years ago. I am not aware of any early 19th century (or earlier) Tories who considered all whites as a class, and I treat all subsequent political philosophy as inherently hostile and dangerous.

      To accept your argument would be to accept your (progressive) framing, and I don’t accept your framing. Wignats aren’t my tribe, and whites aren’t a tribe. Wignattery is the wigger brain manifested as an idiotic and destructive political ideology. If you think you have a better word for it, go ahead and propose it and see if it catches on, but effective rhetoric is hard.

      • Pooch says:

        It’s different in America. White has meaning here. It means European. It means you are contributing positively to America. It means not a stupid fucking black or brown. We ARE a melting pot of European blood. We are a mixture of various DNA including British, Scottish, Irish, German, Nordic, Italian, French, Russian, etc. It’s quite rare to find Americans without at least 2 ethnicities unless they are straight off the boat. Look at Trump. He is German + Scottish = White American.

  3. info says:

    What I am concerned with is why this sodomite ambassador pushing globohomo on the world was appointed head of Intelligence:

    The Trump admin has been the most pro-sodomite admin so far.

    • Strannik says:

      Disturbing as it is, it’s the same reason why the Vatican covertly allows sodomites in the priesthood; because they can be easily controlled from above, and they slavishly if sometimes disgustingly serve the institution and/or person that is their master.

      • Strannik says:

        In other words, the Imperial Palace Eunuchs are back.

        • The Cominator says:

          Eunuchs (who were different than gays) caused big problems of other kinds.

          Its a very good thing that they’ve always been abhorred in the West to the point that no Western monarch would ever use them (and that they would have been strung up by their own troops if they did)…

          • Strannik says:

            The same complex of beliefs in the West that causes men to be Eunuchs, is the same that results in faggotry in other circumstances.

  4. The Cominator says:

    “Democracy and female status is a white thang.”

    Which is why leftist whites are the problem and minorities are not.

    “to deny or repress without understanding the instinct is dangerous.”

    Fuck that anyone who is for feminism or social democracy needs to be put on the helicopter when the time comes. If you want to attack capitalism AND defend feminism definitely automatic helicopter without passing go or collecting 200 dollars.

    Nobody here is talking about doing anything bad to the proles especially the ones that support Trump that is your delusion based on not actually listening to what Jim says. We hate the “priesthood” here not the proles.

  5. Viking says:

    So gather wignat is NRx for white proles that are not cucks. Basically trumps supporters. This is one reason why I can’t identify as NRx too many little code fags flashing their little decoder rings at each other. It’s a circle jerk of neocon 2.0 they think if they become worthy by read Carlyle DAVOS.will call cuz some Jew flattered their beta asses. Old berg to.d them the weak will inherit the patches. But moldberg had to walk away from Urbit because he’s a fascist. DARPA and so masad will always have a better robot or drone swarm that nick land and co. In fact I will have a better swarm than nick and Curtis. Because I have a pilots ticket and have already built a plane and can build anything NRx can only be smarmy online. This is why alt right frame is better they encourage you useless kids to become men have families learn skills. Some fag above called me a Shepard lol no doubt because I mentioned buying piglets in case CoronaChan. Above fag is like Bloomberg except has less money and IQ than even me. I learned animal husbandry while teaching it to my children summers. You think that makes me stupid and you must write so I can understand lol I have higher cog than you just don’t care to learn to type or bother to write carefully.
    How many times have I said no joo conspiracy need be right to understand white men should never allow outsiders to rule them. Outsiders are our competition they will rule us into food fools. Jews are only a temp problem slants will be bigger problem. It’s too clever fags like NRx types who come up with ideas like letting kikes and slopes rule them and muds serve them. What’s always worked blood and soil is not clever enough for your ilk.
    The risk is not has never been proles forgetting their place proles are not even interested in anything but family and such.
    The problem is elites forgetting their place defecting from tribe. namefagging essentially allowing ones economy to subvert ones culture to point where elite think they can not submit to their responsibilities instead disrupt rabble rouse etc. this is why capitalism has to be critiqued from right perspective. NRx fags who think read old books don’t even get that monarchs and church never let merchants forget place. That true conservatives always understood subversive nature of capitalism. Fictitious just read Wharton to paint a picture of how the Jews took over in America and Britain using capital. Just as the slants are following suit. Defecting elites sold out because bright young things like NRx fags wanted to signal snowflake not content with second son rank raise army of nigger musicians kike writers female sluts faggots second rate preachers etc counter culture. Jews quickly cheat new fangs out of counter culture.
    Very naive about capitalism. Little capitalism is like ideal. Most is more like virus. Doesn’t build better mousetrap builds better ads offers financing to make you want cheaper to make mousetraps sues better mousetrap maker for bullshit bribes politician to outlaw better mousetraps. If you don’t like your patch you can leave your patch hmmm sounds like Obamacare. Few are like me risk all for new venture. People stay where planted contra kike and cuck kristol and k Williamson this is a good thing bloodand soil family town region ethnat race.

    • Not Tom says:

      Sometimes I wonder if whoever is behind the Viking account actually writes most of these posts, or if it’s just a bot pulling in copypasta from 8chan and the Daily Stormer message boards.

      Obviously there is a human behind the account since he technically responds (sometimes) to other people, but 98% of it might as well be a bot.

    • The Cominator says:

      Wignats never accomplish anything because (when not government shills) you are useless retards. Being retarded doesn’t make you uncucked.

      ” It’s too clever fags like NRx types who come up with ideas like letting kikes and slopes rule them”

      Not our idea or Jim’s idea retard listen to what Jim actually says.

      • Viking says:

        Yes your idea or rather you jew moldbergs patchwork idea and here you are embodying it with your moldberg decoder ring.
        Land of the Jew wife children and Marxist philosophy and chi com abode also wants cog elites of any race to e it to elysium with him.
        Only radish dared raise the IQ then seemingly stop midway never to be heard from again
        As I said Jews could be solved in months slants a bigger problem literally
        But note how again only slurs no mention of right critique of capitalism or the historical right suspicion of capitalism. No answer to hbd social genes. Or why it is if proles are the problem they vote for trump while elites vote for niggers
        You have been pwnd by a Jew and you’re in a cult signaling cult holiness
        NRx originally appealed to me because for a moment it seemed a kindred spirit willing to question anything but eventually I realized it wasn’t really just edgy neocon kinda like podhereetz writing about niggers beating Jews in Brooklyn in the 40;50s moldbergs neutering mechanism was clever. Politics and violence is demotic so it’s pointless to do anything just sit tight and be smug while we finish you off goy then we will give you a aristocratic title betafag land cont this flattery of beta gamma fagotry.
        Meanwhile in real life actual white men elected trump and began to beat the war drums. I’m not trump acolyte he bought some time maybe but is an idiot and like land in the thrall of Jews. But he has some healthy instincts and has at least drawn the kikes and cucks into the open for all to see. Maybe something will come of it my guess Barr does jack shit and what can he do the republicans are all equally corrupt
        If you mean I am an unaccomplished wignat you would be wrong I don’t live online or work online I build things there’s nothing I haven’t taught myself to build I make lots of money doing things I taught myself. And I have a huge Rocky Mountain kingdom that’s completely self sustainable food energy etc and enough lodging for an army to defend it and expand from it. I have loose relationship agreements with my future “officers” men of intelligence skill or means who have no castle. Also agreements with other Barron kings if Shtf we will be fine not just our little kingdoms we have thought out the gas and electric rail and highway control. We have law enforcement in its proper place an ally because they know they are outgunned 100k-1 and because they are us capable white men.
        What have you built NRx? It’s just some dead links to dead websites. You blew it when you couldn’t face the implications of the very questions you raised. HBD Gnon as it applies to us whites. We know alll about the moral hazards of socialism what about the reasons it’s evolvec what do we do about that. What of the moral hazard of capitalism
        A thousand times on NRx blogs I ask one simple question never once answered
        Why should we love forms of capitalism that do not serve us. I never ever said capitalism can not be made to serve us only that it hasn’t much lately. It’s demonstably more morbid to whites than socialism has been Russians and other eater. Euros survived Stalin with volk religion culture and nations in tact same for slants. Euros on verge of genocide. Can you face this truth no you cant you belong to NRx a Jew cult that tells you kike techno capitalist patchlords are should be allowed to become your actual kings not just oligarchs. But it’s ok if you don’t like serfdom on zuzks farmpatch you can bond yourself to serge of course this is not the solution it’s the problem. But because they imply you’re a special snowflake you pledge to it. I’m a white man I bend the knee to no man least of all fucking kikes slants fags.
        I offer suggestion to problem you won’t face.
        You have to start at first principles which we ought to agree is HBD or the inevitable competition between lifeforms on this planet. You start to get this then balk in same way as cucks kumbaya biodefence begins with self and works out preferentially. It doesn’t start from all life on earth defense and work in. Therefore diminishing returns of social contracts/ defense and increasing risk of competition defection. And this is what actually happened we opened up to far. Whites always make this mistake victim of success. Back to prioritized family nation race. We can flip tortoises BC they can’t compete and taste better fresh slants kikes not so much.
        Listen to what Jim says. Jim is far more right and white than most of reaction. Still Jim likes to go down absurd rabbit holes of his own rhetoric which is funny like Anglim or heartiste so I enjoy. And serves purpose of Overton
        smash but where is rebuild and retest and build again lots of wack ideas thrown out and lapped up. Like moldberg crypto lock toilets
        Again I remind you genes move slower than culture than tech. So tried and true safest path meaning trad culture subordinates all even capital even the cog elites. Even tech not to extent that slopes became retarded but neither do you allow any new tech to do whatever it wants like disrupt sexual reproduction of the volk. Think the same tech that did that could have increased the eugenic reproduction of the volk if it were subordinated to the good of the volk.
        It’s true we here are cog elites even I w my bad writing am over 130 it’s hard for us to want to be constrained. It’s easy to point to genius and say they moved the world if I were unconstrained I could too. Sometimes a General has to die to move the world. But today’s fagggots don’t want to die they want snowflake realization. Also you’re deluded into not understanding space besides there no voice no exit only war there is also reality that it’s one thing to allow snowflake to go conquer Africa another to allow it to conquer internet. Mistake is thinking empire works it’s euros Achilles heel. We need space true but should have eliminated other races around 1900 but we too white and blew it. May never recover from that mistake. Ejecting non whites would be good start for space though
        Oh never happening. Please so easy
        White on white war now.
        Most non whites flee thinking to return later.
        Women realize not equal in war.
        Niggers can’t flee attack urban left
        Suburban uniforms contain urban
        Elsewhere right wins war of course
        And muds kikes slants not allowed to return
        Remaining non whites found to have fraudulent defects in citizenships deported
        The real problem is learning why yet another white super civilization collapsed.
        This is what I try and teach you.
        First premise is:is it good for the volk.
        No empire scorched earth need land plow the occupiers Into it. Or their orphans will ruin you.
        Capital and tech are good when they serve the volk evil when they don’t.
        We have to learn to constrain our elites ourselves included. Culture must not overreach genes. However if we are hbd honest there’s room to improve.
        If we admitted apes are socialist as well as capitalist and white apes prolly most so and understand old genes don’t die only get pwnd then we could outsmart social genes in non hazard support of volk.
        This is why I have larked nazi they kinda did that kinda well. Not the Econ socialism of which can we admit was product of Marxist dawn they came of age in but more in way they reached into Herman apes inherent socialism for groupwork it became a cult religion of the volk for the good of the volk this was brilliant and why kikes had to kill it fast. It’s a much better religion than Jim’s cuckchristianity kike cult. Christianity’s altruism stopped serving as Christendom became non white inclusive then its morbid also because science. Nazism if you will is a cult of scientific racism so no conflict better still
        All questions are tested against is it good for the white volk by which I mean each subtype first then pan euro solidarity. Also nazism ( do I really need to say by Nazism I mean something new not the old ) is hierarchical but meritocratic.

        Democracy and female status is a white thang. Like all our hbd it’s served maybe with some thought could again maybe not. Either way it’s hbd reality
        to deny or repress without understanding the instinct is dangerous. Both recognize the immense human capital wasted in total female and prole slavery. Both express the confidence or hubris that whites think they can safely extract the potential. It’s what we ubermensch do we walk the highest wires of civilization intending to become gods and we could.
        If we really understand what is going on we stand better chance of success whether to act like niggers toward our women as Jim posits is only way or if a safe method of extracting something more than slaves is possible. Proles are another question. It’s undoubtably so that meritocracy was an improvement over aristocracy contra moldbergs idea of restoration of Jew overlords. But that certainly doesn’t mean universal democracy. China has had meritocracy as do kikes look at that model. Notice both always ask is it good for the volk as premise. Proles are not risk in same way as women proles really only want to work and breed. It’s elites that incite them. There’s a case to be made women same situation.

        Again back to real problem of defecting elites. Culture was how we handled this during successful periods. Duty etc. the breakdown happens as marshal culture hands off to techno capitalist and elites become soft. Obviously can’t do without techno capitalism. But awareness and culture counter to subversion built on good for volk. If we can’t do this face that our very traits that have repeatedly made us world hegemonic also eventually lead to our collapse then we are doomed because the kikes and slants are working it from the other end trying to emulate what has worked for us without repeating our mistakes.

        No kings meritocracy but not democracy.

        • Starman says:


          What a faggot-level load of gamma Wall-O-Text.

          I must apologize for calling Strannik a gamma. Holy shit.

          • Strannik says:

            Apology accepted. I understand that that was just you barking at the new dog in the neighborhood.

            Simple fact is that I have my beliefs and I don’t particularly care if they ”gel” with what others are saying. I’m not disruptive but I do ask the questions I think need to be answered. If I get an honest reply I may not like it all the time, but I do respect it.

            Now, this ”Viking” guy; I suspect that he’s ”just” mentally ill.

        • jim says:

          Your lengthy walls of incorrectly paragraphed text are unreadable. Putting paragraph breaks in at random makes them less readable, not more.

          But if I understand you correctly – and I probably don’t because I did not read you carefully, any attempt at careful reading being painful and not really providing any consistency or coherency, Trump is an evil Jewish Capitalist, and we are evil Jewish capitalists practicing class warfare against the proles – communism thinly dressed as nationalism.

          Your boss should hire someone who can write readable commie propaganda.

          You seem to be taking stuff at random from what commies think of as the right, adding a commie spin to random bits of it, and dumping the whole pile on my blog.

  6. Pooch says:

    Anyone know here to find the Social Matter podcasts? There has to be a backup site somewhere.

  7. BC says:

    After the Senate Trial and the Dems beclowning themselves the SOTU the GOP Senate seems to have decided that it’s safe to fight back against Trump. I’m not sure if it’s Bloomberg rising in the polls or if they think Trump is toothless for having let them graywash the trial, but clearly they’re not worried about the left chopping their heads off.

    • jim says:

      They are self deluded, and are likely to die of their delusions.

      The historical record is that once the salami slicer starts slicing faster and faster, it eventually slices the whole salami.

      • BC says:

        So were the men who murdered Cesar. Didn’t stop them from murdering him.

        People tend to do what they view as in their own self interest to do and with the Dems looking less like a murder machine and more like a stupid kittens they’re returning to form. I think the biggest mistake Cesar made was not to make examples of his foes so that no one would dream of killing him. It broadcast weakness.

        • jim says:

          The Democrats are not (yet) looking like a murder machine, but they sure look like an imprisonment and punishment machine, not like stupid kittens.

          • BC says:

            They’re still arresting the foes of the RINOs, which doesn’t make them unhappy. It’s that threat being butchered by the left that was causing them to side with Trump. Now that it seems likely that Trump will win, they’re back to their old ways. Even Barr appears to have backed off from the Durham report now that the threat of deadly violence appears to be lifted.

            Trump needs to be feared in order to rule and currently no one fears him.

            • Strannik says:

              There is only the slightest of social glue holding American society together, one of those still is the very common need for many Americans to be liked by their peers. Once that is removed, as in the years 1858-1860, the result will be terrible civil war. I have a fair idea as to who would win, but I think we need more time to establish victory in what appears to be an inevitable conflict, maybe.

              • jim says:

                Civil war only happens when there is conflict and incohesion in the elite.

                We are seeing increasing levels of conflict and incohesion in the elite – but is well short of the conflict and incohesion in the masses.

                An attempt to remove Trump by measures that skip the inconvenience of a two thirds senate vote would likely resolve in coup and countercoup, but coup and countercoup are apt to resolve in civil war.

                But civil war always starts with civil war in the elite.

                • Strannik says:

                  Yes, an analysis that the Historians like Spengler and Toynbee would agree with. In the phase of the Roman Civil Wars, you had not only the slave Spartacus as a rebel, but also Catiline who was a Senator. In American history, the tangible symbol of a future Civil War was Charles Sumner being beaten by Preston Brooks in the Senate chamber with his gold cane. I soon expect shootings and brawls in Congress before it’s all said and done.

  8. RedBible says:

    Not really on topic, but I recall Jim saying something to the effect that “the problem isn’t that the man had sex with the girl, it’s if he doesn’t keep her around that’s the problem.”

    What I’m trying to wrap my head around is how often does a man need to be “seeing” his woman in order for her “needs” to be met? Clearly a man who can come home every day after works seems to be the ideal situation, but I’m thinking about things like either modern military deployment as well as older professions like pony express riders. In such cases, the man would be off and gone for weeks to months at a time, and then be home for a season of time. I’m trying to figure out how long a man could be “away” for before it can start eating away at the relationship between the man and woman.

    Any insights or thoughts from people have would be appreciated.

    • jim says:

      After a week without sex, a woman starts to burn. That is another reason for a military with a lot of camp followers, plus fairly drastic penalties for female adultery, and especially female adultery that undermines military capability.

      • The Cominator says:

        The roman army did not allow young rankers to get married you had to reenlist (and reenlisting in the Roman army meant rejoining after a TWENTY year stint) or make Centurion to get married and I think the military should go back to this and should instead have a system of military brothels for all but senior NCOs (senior NCOs very very important to the military by the account of everyone whos been in I’ve talked to including officers) and officers.

        • Strannik says:

          My grandfather signed up as a teenager in the US Army during the early 1930’s, when we had an army the size of Portugal’s and it was a small professional force with strict discipline. After he first met my grandmother he had to ask his commanding officer permission to marry her, as per the regulations back then. I do not know exactly when things changed, but I believe that it’s always sound policy in peace or wartime.

        • info says:

          When David’s army travelled with him as his band of brothers they brought their wives and children with them. No need for brothels when wedlock fulfilled the need. (1 Samuel 27:3)

          • The Cominator says:

            The wars of David and the ancient Israelites were over short distances and often consisted of a series of sieges. If the army needs to move deep far and fast into hostile country may need in some circumstances to abandon or not feed certain camp followers, hard to do that if the soldiers have their whole families with them. Hard to station families in ass end frontiers for years on end.

            Wives are sometimes too valuable to go into harms way and too precious to abandon to the enemy if things go bad. Rome had the right idea.

            • info says:

              Which is why Israelite foreign policy is pretty good. Mainly sticks to defense close to homeland and short wars.

              No mention of mobile brothels anywhere in scripture.

              Given the bias against whoring and its association with wickedness there is good reason.

              • Strannik says:

                I agree, the more Israel followed the laws of God, the better run society was and the more prosperous and strong Israel became. But King Solomon late in his life let some of his pagan wives lead him astray and they injected the virus of idolatry into the society of the People of God. Judgement followed.

      • RedBible says:

        Just one week, dang, that does not make any type of long distance relationship reasonably stable… (Looks like I’ll be needing to reconsider a long distance relationship I was looking at having.)

        Now, maybe I’m reading your comment wrong, but it seems like you might be suggesting that Men bringing their women/wives along as camp followers is a good idea, provided that there are strict rules in place against female adultery. My first reaction would be that that seems kind of stupid, but after some reflection doesn’t seem so stupid. Both the soldiers and wives are getting the sex they need, and she can take care of the busy work so he can focus on the fighting and combat stuff.

        • Pooch says:

          Depends how alpha you are in her eyes. A woman will wait an eternity and travel the oceans if it means she will eventually be owned by an alpha. So as long as you give her the expectation that eventually she will be with you and yours, it can be done. I have done it.

          • Mike in Boston says:

            A woman will wait an eternity and travel the oceans if it means she will eventually be owned by an alpha.

            A testament to this fact, and a worthwhile read for many other reasons, is Olga Ilyin’s memoir White Road.

            The author’s husband was a White Russian officer who fought a tenacious rear-guard action against the communists. The bravery he was capable of, and his military acumen, were striking. But as the tide turned against the Whites, his unit had no choice but to escape across Siberia. His wife, the author, was left behind in Soviet-held territory, not knowing for certain whether he was alive or dead, with the odds strongly favoring him being dead.

            The author’s inner struggle whether to hope for her husband’s return, or remarry one of his brother officers, is a major topic of the book– maybe a bit too emphasized, from a guy’s point of view, but it sure illustrates Pooch‘s point above.

            When it turns out that her husband is still alive, the author exits communist-held territory in a way that shows real bravery. Her husband, not her lesser in that department, ends up jumping off a moving train to save his life.

            Spoiler alert, there is a happy ending– as far eastern Russia falls to the communists, the reunited couple escapes by ship to freedom in San Francisco.

            A hundred years later, of course, it is San Francisco that is getting more and more communist and it is readers of this blog who might be contemplating escape. For those of us facing leftism in power, who wonder whether we will be able to hang onto our country, and who may need to become warriors, White Road can provide some insight not only into the mind of a warrior’s wife, but also into what the collapse into communism looked like in Russia and why the Whites couldn’t hang onto their country.

          • jim says:

            But while she is travelling the oceans to find her alpha, if another alpha shows up, she is apt to act crazy.

            You are talking about the alpha widow effect. Women are capable of fidelity. Unfortunately it tends to manifest as a woman getting one booty call from Jeremy Meeks, and then being unavailable to all other men as she waits indefinitely for a second booty call. The nature of women is fidelity to alpha, rather than husbands. Penny was faithful to Odysseus while he was away for ten years, and there are in fact a whole lot of Pennys. No that many Odysseuses.

            The story of Lucretia tells us that Lucretia was rare and exceptional, that all the other aristocratic wives took it rather differently. And since her husband overthrew the King, I suspect her husband was rather different also.

            That Penny was very popular as a girls name for thousands of years, and only stopped being popular when we started demonizing the white past, shows us that for thousands of years, her conduct has been perceived as exceptional, extraordinary, and exemplary.

            • Pooch says:

              Thanks for that Mike in Boston.

              Women swing to the highest branch. If she views you as her highest possible branch, she will go through great lengths to keep you. If not, well, you are hoping the highest branch doesn’t show up.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              Lucretia was rare and exceptional, that all the other aristocratic wives took it rather differently

              Olga Ilyin may have been rare and exceptional too. When she goes to confession and does not confess sleeping with anyone other than her husband, the priest hearing her confession (at a time when the White officer husbands had been gone for quite awhile) was surprised and impressed. Apparently she was one of the few.

              Doesn’t lessen the merits of the book either way.

            • Penelope was the most virtuous woman in history. Odysseus still had to break out a General Butt Naked level of violence to reestablish his alpha cred for her.

              • Strannik says:

                What was the number, 40 suitors killed with his bow? And I’m sure they had attendants and retainers themselves.

  9. Strannik says:

    Trump is not about to interfere with his enemies while they are in the process of destroying themselves, bereft of true leadership that they are. He gets re-elected in 2020, and he has his hands untied after that, no longer restrained by having to take the effort to be elected again.

    • jim says:

      Trump expects to rule till he dies or retires, and I expect that if he fails to do so, he and his family will be imprisoned, and eventually executed.

      He is not ruling yet, but he is getting there. If actually in power, will never be removed.

      That is why Trump Junior gets greeted with chants of “forty six”, not “two thousand and twenty four”

      • Strannik says:

        Yes, he knew that in 2015 if not earlier. He and the faction behind him spent a lot of time and money on private intel and private security well before Trump ran for office, and had a broad strategic outline of a plan extended chronologically well after 2016, clear into after 2024.

  10. Tammy Fan says:

    …”Trump cannot get anybody senate confirmed, and those few Senate confirmed appointments, who are seldom loyal, have a great deal of leverage over Trump and effective independence. The problem is disloyal Republicans in the senate are preventing Trump from appointing Trump loyalists”…
    Yes, this. I read that Trump is the first president since William Henry Harrison(died after a month in office) to not have any recess appointments. Mitch McConnell has kept the Senate in session to block any pro Trump recess appointments that could be made without Senate approval. During breaks they hold one minute pro forma sessions every 3 days to keep the Senate officially in session to block Trump. These are Republicans doing this! They let Obama have recess appointments!

    • Viking says:

      Yup. Because they are all corrupt and can’t risk a non corrupt executive branch emerging obviously trumps not very corrupt or they wouldn’t have exposed themselves to stop him. He’s just not that bright or I suspect dyslexic so unable to gain info through reading.
      CoronaChan May save us if she doesn’t kill us.

      • impenitent says:

        Ixnay the doesn’t read theory. Was reading Ace’s Sunday book thread and it was mentioned (with a cite to LA Times) that when asked Trump “listed his favorite twenty books about China.” Off the top of his head, not in a written response. He is a lot smarter than he lets on, he knows that to govern a mostly illiterate Communist sh*thole he has to speak at an 8th grade level but he knows a lot more than that.

        Pretty sure China didn’t realize what they were getting into either when they opened negotiations with him.

        • Strannik says:

          President Trump isn’t Donald Trump, but plays him on TV. He’s an excellent master persuader, fully understands neuro-linguistic programming, most of all he learned from the best. One of them is his good friend Vince MacMahon of professional wrestling fame. He’s already almost won half his battle, because he’s in the Liberal’s heads; or at least, the persona he projects to them.

          His psychological warfare isn’t addressed to us, so ironically we’re the ones who sometimes come off as being more skeptical of President Trump than anyone else.

          The more authoritarian minded liberals in their instincts, the liberal women such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are half in his camp because men like him give them the tingles. Even Hillary Clinton was like this with Trump and it’s partly why she lost. They’ll submit soon enough.

    • The Cominator says:

      I don’t know enough about Senate rules and pro-forma sessions.

      Could McConnell unilaterally bloc these if he wanted to or not? I know he doesn’t have the support of all the Republicans to block this.

      • BC says:

        It’s McConnell doing the sessions.

        • The Cominator says:

          Looking it up it doesn’t sound that way, it sounds like any Senator can schedule a pro forma session to change the rule it sounds like McConnell would need 60 votes or at least a majority of truly uncucked Republicans and he doesn’t.

          I don’t think its McConnell, McConnell (McConnell’s main interest in political corruption is not having his father in law’s company investigated and I think Trump would easily agree to that if he got his recess appointments) would like for Trump to be able to recess appoint the entire Federalist society to the courts at least it would save him having to sit through a lot of tedious Dems running out the clock before they are confirmed.

          So I think McConnell is (as Trump seems to view him) mostly on our side… and not responsible for blocking Trump’s recess appointments.

        • The Cominator says:

          This talks about the pro forma session in the context of the pre midterm situation but there is no way he can win this now even if he could wear them down on a filibuster… Romney, the broads etc. its questionable whether McConnell could get a simple majority.

          So I don’t think you can blame McConnell for this except that he was the one who effectively employed this strategy and won the lawsuit against Obama.

          • BC says:

            To change the rule all he needs is 50 votes + Pence. It’s not been changed because it’s useful to control Trump with. Nor has he changed the rules required not to drag out confirmation hearings on Trump’s appointees for years. Trump’s not slated to get everyone confirmed until 2022.

  11. Viking says:

    This guys gone the deepest and his conclusions are not encouraging. Of course watching Pages tweet toast to McCabe says it they are laughing at us.
    Unfortunately Trumps to dumb to figure out how to crush the state he hasn’t even released the thousands of documents that expose the dozen conspiracies we know of which is what really allows Barr to cuck. Until white men decide it’s time to settle all family business they will continue to loot and laugh.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Why would revealing conspiracies even matter? Epstein was blatantly murdered and that didn’t change anything.

      • impenitent says:

        Starting to think it is worse. Not only does it not matter how many of their crimes are exposed, think they allow them to be exposed now. They want us to know, want us to see them get away with, literally, murder, and to know there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. Because they no longer fear losing control, or have decided that going all in like this is their best defense.

        Is there anything that would demoralize an enemy worse than seeing your own team locked up for ever longer terms for ever more trivial offenses while the other side, again, gets away with murder.

    • BC says:

      That’s CTH speculating. He does good research, but when he has no idea what’s going on, his conclusions are widely wrong.

      I think Jim’s correct that either Barr doesn’t have control of the DOJ or he’s Trump’s enemy.

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        “no control or Trump’s enemy” is indistinguishable from CTH’s line on Barr.

        Barr opposes the Resistance attempts to make the US ungovernable, supports a strong executive branch, and is OK with moderate Democrats and the Deep State (just as they get along with him, e.g. his farewell to Rosenstein). As far the choices are his to make, he will take action to restore the pre-Trump status quo, pax corrupticana, but I don’t think he will of his own accord purify anything by fire. Trump would have to force his hand through declassification, leaks, further Giulani investigations, or independent leaks from Trump supporters inside the deep state.

        • BC says:

          “no control or Trump’s enemy” is indistinguishable from CTH’s line on Barr.

          Not really. CTH is all over the place with Barr trying to protect the DOJ and still implement Trump’s policy to Barr is Trump’s foe, but the what he doesn’t acknowledge is Barr may not have control of the DOJ.

          Again, CTH is awful with his takes when they’re based on limited information. He’s the guy who invented the thoery that Mueller is working for Trump to go after Obama line when Mueller was appointed despite it being obvious even to his readers what Mueller was appointed for.

          I wish he’d separate his speculation from his investigations better, because he’s excellent at the later, but poor at the former.

        • jim says:

          > he [Barr] will take action to restore the pre-Trump status quo, pax corrupticana, but I don’t think he will of his own accord purify anything by fire.

          He doubtless wants to restore the pre Trump status quo, when Demopublicans contentedly collected the graft while performing a show resembling democracy, but that show depended on members of the elite refraining from imprisoning other members of the elite. The dems have crossed the Rubicon. If you imprison one political opponent, why not all of them? The salami slicer is not going to stop at one more slice of salami.

          • The Cominator says:


            If this is real Barr’s failure to get control of the permanent DOJ might be a distraction from what Devos (Erik Prince’s sister, Erik Prince probably being Trump’s singulary most powerful deep state backer)… and I don’t know if you listen to BAP (and you have to subscribe to get the whole show which cost some money) but his latest show is VERY VERY interesting in regards to talking about the Cathedral’s command and control structure and also what a racket it is…

            The Democrats probably weren’t focused on what the weakest most useless stupid department of the government was doing and even its mostly far left career bureaucrats probably don’t realize the full implications of this… they definitely worried about the Department of Justice and probably covered their bases in the Department of the Treasury but nobody cares much about the Department of Education as anything other than a talking point.

            • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

              Ben Carson is another Trump appointee operating beneath the radar in a fairly important department. Shortly after taking office he had a quick audit done that found half a trillion dollars of “accounting errors” at HUD. Around this time the MSM started running stories of his supposed corruption in buying an expensive desk for a HUD conference room, but it went nowhere and he wasn’t purged.

              Nothing about Carson has been heard in the three years after that, so either he is doing good things the MSM would rather you not know about, or has been controlled somehow. Would be pretty interesting to know what he has been up to. Carson seems like an outsider insane enough to believe that the purpose of HUD is to provide housing and urban development rather than being official cover for a giant graft nexus.

              • The Cominator says:

                Carson is a truly decent black guy (and a black guy with real medical innovation accomplishments behind him) he knows that liberals use blacks and don’t help them (if this sounds like Dems r the real racist sorry but liberals DO merely use blacks) I don’t think he could be controlled or bought off to join the enemy he’d just quit if he was compromised. Given that hes even faithful to fugly wife I don’t think he has too many vices (other than an expensive desk) they could get him on.

      • Viking says:

        Which is Cth theory as well but cth has way more facts and less bombast not that I don’t love Jim’s bombast.

  12. Pooch says:

    Alaska comes to mind.

  13. Pooch says:

    The whitest place you can find with the most guns per household.

  14. RD says:

    Yelling and screaming is not enough since everybody in politics does it. What is needed is less words and to command respect and authority. If the main guy is not respected how can a nation be rulable?

  15. Korth says:

    What if the rot has already set in too deep, it’s too late for Augustus, and it will take a Stalin to rein in the Cathedral and kill the leftist singularity? What if Bloomberg is the real deal?

    • jim says:

      You mean Bloomberg really is a Jewish commie billionaire oligarch?

      Stalin was a warrior priest. Bloomberg does not have what it takes to quell the Cathedral.

      • swhswt says:

        perhaps the Stalin that appears will be an “unknown” similar to Putin’s rise. the only real actionable advice from the BAP book was: join the deep state and bide your time. seems like time-tested advice for warrior-priests, if they can get lucky on the timing.

        • jack boot says:

          how does one join the deep state?

          • jim says:

            Pretty sure you are already hired by the deep state, albeit in a position without power, without much money, and with very little information.

    • Dave says:

      If it does take a Stalin to stop the madness, where’s the safest place to ride out the storm without a passport? I doubt that many Yakut reindeer-herders died in famines or purges — what’s the American equivalent?

      • Pooch says:

        The whitest place you can find with the most guns per household.

        • Dave says:

          And if those whites refuse to hand over their guns, President Stacey Abrams will cut off their EBT and inundate them with African refugees. Whatever will we do?

          • Samuel Skinner says:

            Take out the power infrastructure and watch as Somalians freeze to death in the winter?

            • Dave says:

              The power infrastructure will collapse anyway from socialist incompetence and neglect, as in Venezuela and South Africa. African refugees will be our salvation as each one feeds a white family for a week.

      • Pooch says:

        Ugh My phone hates this site.

        Alaska comes to mind.

      • Viking says:

        Nowhere if by now you haven’t understood the need to prepare for war as people like I did thirty years ago you will and are seen as useless mouths in the places that will be defended. These days in those places we don’t discuss Somalis we discuss marching the yuppie come lately with no skills beyond coding out
        Think of it like this NRx. You know how for 15 years you and faggots like land have been saying you and you hicog Jew and Asian buds were going move it elysium and leave prove whites down with the niggers
        Well while you fags have been typing we paroles have been prepping
        I warned you guys there’s no voice no exit only war but you can’t fight so you wouldn’t listen. I explained cognition is great if it can be expressed as superior violence. But that DARPA will have the drone swarm not NRx and you can read all the Carlyle you want DAVOS is never inviting you to take over the world. The whole NRx dead link project was nothing but another Jew pwning moldberg actually convinced you geniuses that get this it’s not the Jews it’s the Unitarians lmaorotfit
        So moldbergs stepping in nigger shit every time he heads out for a soy latte while land and Jew wife and kids are dying of corona virus with his adopted race.
        So don’t bother coming to Idaho or Alaska etc you’re useless you can’t fight shot weld build things repair machines operate industrial and energy plants plants and a million other things hi cog parole white do in our sleep while you type like a girl.

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          If we are so irrelevant, why are you commenting here?

          • Viking says:

            Basically for same retarded reason I still sometimes argue with libtards I ridiculously think people can be persuaded by reason. I enjoyed moldberg even land to a lesser degree. For a while I had some hope for NRx. It’s sorta like explaining to a millennial why us boomers are less retarded for buying into the possibility that niggers bitches and fags just needed to not be lynched back in the 60/70. But to still be thinking that by the s let alone the Fukien outies is really cucked
            NRx for all its edgy presence looked into the darkness that fag land kept larping and couldn’t deal. Oh no not the Jews too not my Asian buds. Better to throw parole whites under the elysium shuttle and take off with the Davis crowd. So exactly then how does NRx differ from davos. All this hbd red pill but don’t understand the basics of ape group strategy. Proves are praetorians cogs elites need them and they need cog elites hbd requires you get we are a family a species that does group strategy. The insight is the diminishing return post race. Besides do the math half of all new white cog elites are prole outlier kids. This prevents drift. And increases smart quotients and will in time become as stabilized cognates as old cognates because assistive mating. IF YOURE NOT ALLOWING NIGGERS KIKES ETC INTO YOUR INSTITUTIONS AND SOCIETY. So NRx blew it when they holiness signaled alt right ethnat out but of course that was moldbergs plan from the start with his rehashed von knuehnelt leddihn
            This is also why

            • The Cominator says:

              Wignats aren’t welcome because they are controlled op and stupid. Its not because we are anti-“racist”.

              • jim says:

                I am fine with wingnats – it is just that a lot of them are entryists.

                But our ideas are winning, and National Socialist ideas are losing among the wingnats.

                • info says:

                  I do have a problem with obsessing over racial purity imho. Solve the other problems and ethnic preservation is no problem.

                • pdimov says:

                  >But our ideas are winning, and National Socialist ideas are losing among the wingnats.

                  Are they? Which reactionary idea is winning there?

                  This audience – IQ ~100 white men that have figured out that white people are under attack with a genocidal intent – is primarily interested in answers to two questions:

                  (1) who is the enemy that is attacking us?
                  (2) how do we defend ourselves?

                  And the three currently popular “ideologies” give clear, plausible, and accordant to observations, answers to at least (1). (Not necessarily correct answers, but that’s irrelevant.)

                  How does reaction answer (1) and (2)? Are these answers really winning?

                • Not Tom says:

                  Jim, I’m not sure if you do this on purpose or have already discussed it before, but just in case you don’t/haven’t, I’ve been finding it odd how you spell the term as “wingnats” and not “wignats” like the rest of us do.

                  Have you been interpreting it as some crude shorthand for “right-wing nationalist” who presumably don’t care what the economic model is as long as it’s nationalistic? Because if so, that’s not what it means. “Wignat” is short for wigger nationalist, it’s meant to describe the whites who have both the mental capacity and general demeanor of blacks, yammering on about privilege, making everything about their race while ignoring ethnicity entirely, complaining about how the world owes them free shit.

                  Which also addresses pdimov’s point below. Wignats aren’t 100-IQ whites, not most of them anyway. No way in hell Viking (or possibly the persona he imitates) is that smart. Wignats are 85-IQ whites, that’s the whole point; if they were 100+ then we wouldn’t call them wignats as a matter of definition. Not all 85-IQ whites are wiggers, or wignats, but virtually all wiggers and wignats are IQ <=85.

                  Remember, population averages are just averages. The standard deviation for IQ is about 15, which means 1/3 of whites have the same intelligence as the average black. People with an IQ of 85, regardless of race, are just barely above the functional minimum, and generally can't form coherent political opinions.

                  So again, to pdimov's point, "IQ ~100 white men" aren't the people who obsess over an "enemy that is attacking us". Most of them don't think that way at all. Most of them still tend to fall into the normie liberal and cuckservative groups, which is sad on its own, but to suggest that IQ ~100 white men have "figured out" white nationalism is either dishonest or stupid.

                  White nationalism is a fringe ideology among average-intelligence whites, just like reaction is a fringe ideology among the 130+, and the white nationalist fringe is not nearly as obsessed with Jews and persecution as the entryists who claim to be white nationalist clearly are.

                  More importantly: since when have the cognitive elite ever held the exact same ideology as proles? Ideas don't flow in that direction, and we care about the cognitive elite, who are currently getting their ideas from one or more of Progressivism, Libertarianism or Reaction. There aren't really other viable choices; Progressivism is evil, and Libertarianism is autistic and delusional. "National socialism" isn't even a contender among the elite, and never will be. It's a retrovirus deliberately inserted into the prole memeplex by the same establishment that is supposedly persecuting, in order to prevent them from pursuing any productive solutions.

                • jim says:

                  > “Wignat” is short for wigger nationalist, it’s meant to describe the whites who have both the mental capacity and general demeanor of blacks
                  > all wiggers and wignats are IQ <=85.

                  It is entirely obvious that the Daily Stormer is targeting an audience that is at least 105IQ, and is perhaps smarter than the readership of the New York Times, while Trump is targeting an audience that is about 100IQ

                  For example, this article presupposes that the reader knows, or at least finds plausible, that the climate is always changing, and there has been nothing out of the ordinary or unusual about recent climate changes.

                  For the joke to be funny, you have to be able to see through climate alarmism. Everyone who gets the joke has to be near to IQ 120 and fairly well informed. Probably the joke went over the head of the average stormer reader, but the writer expected enough of them to get it.

                  This article, in its own way, makes the same point I made in Holocaustianity. It concedes that the Nazis really did kill a lot of Jews, but rightly complains that Jews have been milking this with absurd and dishonest mythmaking. That is a nuanced position that you have to be significantly over 100IQ to understand and appreciate.

                  Viking is probably well below 100IQ, but he is probably a fed, not a genuine wingnat.

                  The New York Times has a lot of astonishingly stupid material, but it is hard to tell crimestop from genuine stupidity and ignorance.

                • Pooch says:

                  It is rather confusing determining the meanings of wignat, white nationalism, national socialism, and how they contrast to Reaction. They seem to mean different things to different people.

                • Not Tom says:

                  For the joke to be funny, you have to be able to see through climate alarmism

                  I’m surprised that you of all people would resort to such a slapshod analysis. “Seeing through” climate alarmism is only an intellectual feat for liberals and progressives who are expected to believe it as part of their station. The average red stater – intelligent or not – isn’t in the bubble and therefore doesn’t believe the alarmism. It requires no intellect, only a different social environment.

                  I come to the opposite conclusion about that post: it makes hay with the standard anti-intellectual argument against climate alarmism, that weather and climate are the same thing. It is true that climate is also always changing, separately from short-term weather changes, but that post shows no real sign of understanding the distinction. The intellectual critique of climate alarmism is that the measurements are suspect due to constant revision; the climate models are unreliable curve-fitting equations at best and stock picking pump-and-dump scams at worst; and the economic models driving actual policy are so hopeless that even third-tier economists don’t try to peddle them. The anti-intellectual critique is “hurr durr look at all the snow in the middle of winter”. Scott Adams makes the intellectual argument, TDS makes the anti-intellectual argument.

                  Independently formed intellectual and anti-intellectual arguments may converge on the same correct conclusion by pure chance, and anti-intellectual arguments may even arrive at correct conclusions when the intellectual arguments do not. But TDS is unmistakably targeting a lower-IQ audience with anti-intellectual arguments.

                  We can’t fall into the trap of assuming that everyone who agrees with us is smart and everyone who disagrees is dumb. People can be smart and wrong about specific things, and they can be dumb and right about specific things. On average, wignats tend to be wrong about approximately everything, but occasionally stumble accidentally on things that resemble the right answers. That’s no reason to take them seriously and make No True Scotsman arguments that all of the bad ones must really be paid shills in disguise.

                • jim says:

                  Let us compare with the corresponding New York Times article.

                  Science has just discovered that Climate Change is even more disastrous than previously thought. (Unless the reader is born yesterday, he will recall that Science discovers that every year and that we were supposed to be suffering catastrophe ten years ago.)

                  After a a great deal of doomsday ranting, the New York Times gives an example of climate doom. Venice has had its worst flood in fifty years. (Hang on a moment. Shouldn’t that be “worst flood ever”?)

                  The New York Times rant is propaganda addressed to morons. The Daily Stormer rant is not.

                • jim says:

                  > it makes hay with the standard anti-intellectual argument against climate alarmism, that weather and climate are the same thing.

                  Because climate is weather, it is always changing, hence Bloomberg’s promise to “end climate change” was exactly the bombastic grandiose absurdity that the Daily Stormer correctly ridiculed it as being.

                  Weather and climate are the same thing, in that weather autocorrelates substantially on all periods from days to weeks to years to decades to centuries, it is impossible to draw any distinction. You get substantially warmer centuries like the Medieval Climate Optimum, and substantially colder centuries like the little ice age.

                  Climate is just weather averaged over a period. How long a period?

                  As long as a piece of string.

                  A warm year is climate change. A cold year is weather. When arctic ice decreases, it is climate, when it increases it is weather.

                  When the Northwest passage is open for a week in summer and an eco cruise manages to slip through between the ice, it is climate. When it fails to open, and the eco cruise has to be abandoned halfway through, it is weather. When it fails to open, and the eco cruise gets stuck in the ice and has to be rescued by icebreakers, it is weather weather. When it gets stuck in ice impenetrable to icebreakers, and the passengers have to be evacuated at great risk and expense by helicopter, it is weather weather weather.

                  Climate is always and inherently changing because it is weather.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  To not use enemy language in one’s own discourse is a common surface level rule of thumb.

                  More precisely, a wise man should figure out ways to criticise others in terms that don’t implicate categories he himself would subsist in.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “To not use enemy language in one’s own discourse is a common surface level rule of thumb.

                  More precisely, a wise man should figure out ways to criticise others in terms that don’t implicate categories he himself would subsist in.”

                  Wignat is not enemy language I believe the originator of the term was Rick Vaughn or people who followed him.

                  Wignats are the enemy because they oppose the so called “optics cuckery” (aka political sense and realism that is needed to achieve anything positive) of more responsible ethnic nationalists like “Rick Vaughn” and Jared Taylor.

                  Anglin is not a typical wignat but Anglin has some residue from their bad ideas.

                • jim says:

                  > Wignat is not enemy language I believe the originator of the term was Rick Vaughn or people who followed him.

                  Is enemy language.

                  No enemies to the right.

                  Firstly it is obviously false. Stormer is targeted at smart normies, New York Times is targeted at normies.

                  Secondly, even if Nazis were wiggers, it would damage us to mention that fact.

                  If it was one of Rick Vaughn’s followers, probably an entryist.

                • ten says:

                  85 iq people don’t read articles, they watch pictures and snapchat, they don’t make arguments, they point and shoo and pose aggressively. Dailystormer does not have a 85 iq target audience. Wtf.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Rick Vaughn frequently used the term himself. And Paul Nehlen the retarded loser wignat doxxed him…

                • jim says:

                  Well, was he doxxed before or after punching right?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well 1st thing is its not enemy language I’ve never seen a leftist use it ever leftists instead always use the term nazi… and nazi means anyone to the right of Ben Shapiro.

                  There is punching right and punching down and Rick Vaughn was punching down (as he himself made clear), I support punching down. Punching down is fine, the wignats miraculously were mostly well behaved for the 2016 election but afterwords they went right back to their old habits and they forget their place.

                  If we must have wignats in our ranks they have to be treated as convict troopers in penal battalions to be (metaphorically) strung up if they so much as look the wrong way at those who “officer” the movement.

                • jim says:

                  I asked you: Did then wingnat dox Rick Vaughn after he punched right?

                  If he did, I totally support that. Wingats are our friends. Those who punch right are not our friends. The left does not tolerate leftists who punch left, even if they are punching back, no matter how outrageously those on the even more radical left punch those on the insufficiently left, the insufficiently left are not allowed to punch back. If Rick Vaughn punched first, not our friend.

                  We should treat misguided and misinformed allies as misguided and misinformed brothers.

                  Wingnats are not wiggers. They are normies. Trump addresses normies as equals, even though Trump is very smart and very well read. The New York Times addresses normies while telling them they are part of the terribly smart and terribly well read elite, even though it obviously assumes they are not.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Some folks just can’t help their impulse to backbite neighbors welling up to express itself, through some vector or another. Or perhaps more subtly, that they don’t instinctively second-guess themselves when devalidating fellows, reaching first for any odd means in expressing their criticism, without necessarily thinking about more extended implications.

                  Calling stupid people stupid is fine; a white man calling another white man ‘stupid whitey’ would be queer (if you were white).

                  It’d be like, imagine you were an american football player on the philadelphia eagles, you are in practice and saw a teammate fumble the ball during a scrimmage, and you say ‘look at that dumb iggles player’.

                  That’d be a real funny way to say it; the rest of your teammates would start looking at you real funny.

                  (They’d be right to.)

                  ‘Oh im not saying hes an Eagles Player im saying hes an iggles player which is different so-‘ gay.

                  Would you be unable to think of any other way to comment on the situation? Any *better* ways?

                  Men with testosterone don’t shit on their own brand, even if it is humble. When they engage in criticism, they do it in a way that leaves an ‘open door’ for the brand – their thede(s) – to exist above it; that the righter and truer more virtuous ‘brand’ naturally exists above it, and that observed cacophonies are framed as deviations rather than definitions. This is in fact the most noble path, that allows building greater bodies of power; that allows the growth of their mannerbund.

                  (>Winston! You see the logo on those bleachers over there?

                  >Yes coach

                  >Does it say ‘dallas cowboys’ on it?

                  >No coach

                  >What does it say?

                  >It says ‘Eagles’ coach

                  >Damn right it does. Now get back out there and show me you know what that means!

                  >Right coach!)

                  I can tell you one thing ‘social justice warriors’, in their various guises over the past millennia, are consistently smart about; they often instinctively sense the power of group associations.

                  Someone says ‘so the other day this dumb arab guy-‘ and someone else interrupts, ‘what does him being arab got to do with it huh’?

                  Someone says ‘so the other day this dumb wignat guy-‘ and someone else interrupts, ‘what does him being white (or nationalist) got to do with it huh’?

                  A man saying ‘nigger’ is saying ‘dumb black’ is making ‘black’ and ‘dumb’ coincide in the minds of who might listen.

                  Stereotyping is the percolation of Being up into discourse.

                  When a man says ‘stupid whitey’, uses terms that rhetorically translate into ‘stupid whitey’ (like ‘wignat’), it is asserting will into the memetosphere, placing bricks into the building of a stereotype where ‘white person’ and ‘stupidity’ coincide.

                  Does stupidity and whiteness coincide?

                  (Do you *want* it to coincide?)

                • pdimov says:

                  >of more responsible ethnic nationalists like “Rick Vaughn”

                  “Ricky Vaughn” was never an ethnic nationalist, “responsible” or otherwise. He was, in all probability, a paid operative of the Trump campaign. And while acting as such, he never used “wignats”, not even once. Or at least I don’t remember him doing so.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “I asked you: Did then wingnat dox Rick Vaughn after he punched right?”

                  I don’t know all the details, Rick Vaughn was an effective warrior for our side.

                  The people who doxxed him never were and if it were up to me they’d all be broken on the wheel.

                • Not Tom says:

                  [ten] 85 iq people don’t read articles, they watch pictures and snapchat

                  Why do you believe this is true? 1/3 of whites are <= 85 IQ, yet only around 1/5 of white men claim not to have recently read any books, and fewer than 1/10 are considered illiterate.

                  Even if we assume that 100% of the white men who don't read books are also sub-85 and also don't read shorter "articles", the math can't possibly add up. An IQ of 85 makes it difficult to perform most kinds of productive work, but it is not below the literacy threshold.

                  I hate this constant generalizing about how smart or stupid people are supposed to act. I used to see it with the VDers too, constantly obsessing over spergish notions like "VHIQ" vs. "UHIQ". The Achilles heel of the elite right is going to be that it is every bit as out of touch with the proles as the elite left.

                  You want to see how 85-IQ white men think? Go watch a Twitch stream, and read the chat, you'll see a lot of them. They tend to be dim, they may even seem hopeless, but they aren't retarded. They aren't naggers – not most of them, anyway.

                  they don’t make arguments, they point and shoo and pose aggressively.

                  On that point we agree. I’d categorize DSers the same way.

                  [Pseudo-chrysostom] When a man says ‘stupid whitey’, uses terms that rhetorically translate into ‘stupid whitey’ (like ‘wignat’), it is asserting will into the memetosphere, placing bricks into the building of a stereotype where ‘white person’ and ‘stupidity’ coincide.

                  This is a valid argument if we agree with your premise that wignat translates into “stupid whitey”. However, I don’t agree with your premise. “Wigger” translates into “white guy who acts like a stupid black guy” – it very explicitly carries the meme that whites are generally not that stupid, and to act that stupid is to act non-white. “Wignat”, by extension, is just the political version of a wigger, a white man possessed of the same ideology as typical blacks.

                  Not enemy language. Progressives would never use the term, and could not even come up with the term as a weapon, because to acknowledge its existence is to acknowledge that average intelligence is different between the races.

                • jim says:

                  > 1/3 of whites are <= 85 IQ


                  By definition one person in seven is IQ 85 or less, which means far less than one white in seven.

                  And at the concept level, the Stormer is more sophisticated than the New York Times. They just don’t employ the class markers of the New York Times.

                  New York Times used to be targeted at very smart people. Its target audience has dropped like a stone. If it is the paper of our ruling elite, our ruling elite has become spectacularly and quite suddenly very stupid. The Stormer is unambiguously targeting an audience smarter than the New York Times audience.

                  I think that what has happened is that to be a good member of the ruling elite, you have to sincerely affirm a doctrine that has become ever more stupid. So all the new recruits to the ruling elite are stupid.

                  From which it follows that the target audience of Stormer, like our own, is those who are too smart to swallow progressive doctrine. We are targeting the smarter part of that already smart fraction, Stomer is targeting the less smart, but still smarter than normie, part of that smart fraction.

                  We aim for the Caesar and the elite that Caesar will need in order to rule. The Stormer believes in democracy, and targets the masses, but of necessity, targets the smart fraction of the masses.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Not enemy language. Progressives would never use the term, and could not even come up with the term as a weapon, because to acknowledge its existence is to acknowledge that average intelligence is different between the races.”

                  I’ve never once heard of a leftist using the term, its exclusively used by right wingers and in my experience not fake ones either. and you are right that there is a thoughtcrime embedded in the term

                • pdimov says:

                  >1/3 of whites are <= 85 IQ

                  Try again.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  But you aren’t saying wigger, you’re saying ‘wignat’.

                  Why not say wigger then?

                  Adding nationalism into the mix too is muddying the water. ‘Look at this dumb person who is white and believes in nationalism’ great job.

                  Semantic hairsplitting obscures the essential core of the dynamic; people need ‘acceptable targets’ to experience the visceral pleasure of punching down, and equalitarianism is no impediment to this; everyone is a supremacist for something, and the synagogites acceptable target for punching down on to express elite status is the proverbial ‘dumb whitey’.

                  ‘Unlike those dumb flyover hicks, who are white, and probably believe in things like America First, i am a smart and cultured person (who would not associate with things associated with such disdainful persons).’

                  Use of terms like ‘wignat’ is participating in the same dynamics the John Olivers of the world participate in.

                • Anonymous 2 says:

                  Recall that blacks have managed to build a powerful and long-lived civil rights movement. They did have some assistance from what we might call higher-IQ helpers, but then wignats could also have the equivalent.

                  In essence, why discard 1/6 of the white population a priori when we could instead help them preserve and further their interests along with ours. It doesn’t make political sense in a multicultural society.

                • jim says:

                  > Recall that blacks have managed to build a powerful and long-lived civil rights movement.

                  They are just black mascots manipulated by Harvard, from John Brown to the Southern Poverty law center, the black civil rights movement has been an instrument of people who are not black and don’t have much contact with blacks.

                  However, it is obvious that the people who write the daily stormer are adequately smart, and the people that they write for are OK.

                • Anonymous 2 says:

                  They are just black mascots manipulated by Harvard, from John Brown to the Southern Poverty law center, the black civil rights movement has been an instrument of people who are not black and don’t have much contact with blacks.

                  Indeed, that was part of my point; please refer to the sentence after the one you quoted (which may have been a bit murky). They are guided by higher-IQ operatives who in their case are not even of the same race. But note that their organizations are still friendly to their interests rather than what one would today expect with the corresponding ‘white’ organization.

                • jim says:

                  “Black” political organizations are not in fact friendly to black interests. For example the destruction of the black family and schools that will not discipline black kids.

                  Black parents know well that black children need more severe discipline than white kids, and black fathers usually give them the discipline that they desperately need, if they have fathers, but black schools fail to give black kids the discipline that the fathers want them to give.

                  It is not really in black interests to burn down the supermarket where they shop, even if it is arguably in black interests to burn down the supermarket where white people shop.

                  If the “black” organizations were actually black, they would care more about actual black interests.

                • Not Tom says:

                  By definition one person in seven is IQ 85 or less, which means far less than one white in seven.

                  Ha, sorry about that little brain fart, I literally forgot about the right side of the curve. You got me. It should be 16%, or around 1 in 6.

                  I don’t think it changes much. The generalization that smart people always read and dumb people never do is false and counterproductive. I know dumb people who read – though of course they don’t read the same books that I read – and I know smart people who haven’t read a single book in years.

                  I’ll certainly concede that there are smart people who read the DS, in fact I know a few non-anonymously, but that doesn’t mean it’s written for smart people. Smart people also voted for Trump, but his delivery is targeted at a fifth-grade level audience. The market wants what it wants.

                  Of course, no one owes it to me to convince me of anything, but I am definitely not going to be persuaded that DS is for smart cookies by way of a “climate = weather” themed article. If I wanted to use word-lawyering and other intellectual contortions to legitimize awful and inane arguments because they happen to agree with my conclusion, I’d be a Progressive. Nor do I recognize the DS’s monomania over Jews as mere opposition to Holocaustianity; they literally have a manual for their writers telling them to always make everything about Jews and ignore every other issue no matter how pertinent it might seem – just like the shills that come here on a regular basis. And IIRC, that manual specifically says to do that because complexity confuses people.

                  Wignats are not average IQ, they are low IQ, by definition. If we are going to discuss civil white nationalists with average IQ (what few there are), then we should call them something else (like, say, “white nationalist”), because the definition of a wignat doesn’t apply. Can’t tell us that a label is false or inappropriate, and then as evidence, point to something that the label was never intended to describe.

                • jim says:

                  The average IQ of black people is 85, and the vast majority do not read, indicating that IQ85 people generally do not read.

                  The meme that climate equals weather is true, and a good meme because it makes the point that climate cannot be reliably predicted, a point explained in immense detail for very smart people by Wattsupwiththat. It is literally true that if you cannot reliably predict if it will rain tomorrow, you cannot reliably predict the average temperature for the year after next. Climate modelling is fundamentally the same as weather modeling, only harder. As I said, climate is just average weather for some period.

                  But even a dumb person can repeat a smart meme, so that does not prove the readership of Stormer is smart. If they explained the meme, that would prove that they were smart. But they are pumping out smart people memes – as for example Google lobotomized its AI, and this is not a meme intended to be intelligible to normies. Normies do not worry that the ai services that google is selling to developers are crippled.

                • pdimov says:

                  >I don’t think it changes much.

                  It does change much. Your counterargument was that 1/5 don’t read books. Well, 1/5 > 1/6.

                  More generally, it should by now be clear to yourself (as it’s already clear to everyone else) that you don’t have an accurate idea of how IQ 85 people think. I suspect that you don’t have an accurate idea of how IQ 100 think, too. My guess is that in some areas, they would be smarter than you expect, and in some other areas, they wouldn’t be as smart as you expect.

                  This is actually normal. Few intelligent people understand this. You need to actually interact with 85/100 IQ people, not just posit without evidence that the Youtube comment section is 85 IQ and then draw conclusions about their behavior based on that.

                • ten says:

                  Some dumb people read, sure. They don’t read political or theoretical articles. They read about people, gossip, slander, perhaps conspiracy if they crank their engagement level. Their mental world models do not lend themselves to refinement through engagement with intellectual content, so they don’t enjoy it, so they don’t do it.

                  I observe dumb people in comment fields. I have had jobs where i work with some really dumb guys. I don’t interview them on their media habits, but it’s clear enough.

                  They are literate, in the sense that they can read the words and to an extent parse them but compare to intelligence tests where reading comprehension is a part. I have done a few and it is hard for me to see how error is possible. 85s will get most of it wrong. Reading text that is not in the form of “point+describe event”, like news and gossip, does not parse, without an amount of practice they are highly unlikely to put into it, because it’s not their thing.

              • Viking says:

                I made 26k on jnug this morning then bought some pigs in case CoronaChan I’m not natsoc.but you who can’t for a decade to say I am despite hundreds of attempts to explain what I’m pointing out. Are just too fucking stupid and reflexive.
                Besides I was there read moldberg since blowhards own a few Urbit stars it wasn’t natsoc that put NRx off altright it was UTTER FAGOTRY OF SIGNALING AND FACT THAT NRX WAS HALF JEWS. THE SOCIALIST THING WAS JUST AN EXCUSE. WHAT NRX WANTED WAS TO SUCK UP TO JEWS AND TO THINK THEMSELVES SMARTER.
                But NRx is now nothing but dead links on extinct blogs. Alt right is I international nationalism of a thousand flavors. It has presidents and parties
                Back to trying to get you numbskulls to u derstand.
                Apes are both social and traders if you try to deny that gnon fucks you in ass. You can make it work for you if you have brain.
                Capitalism is not conscious it’s stupid paper clipper. Great for making paper lips stupid for designing culture or sustaining volk. Fortunately it’s so robust insidious it survives communists fuedal kings fascists it will be fine under ethnat.
                Ethnat is just natural nation wignat is faggot talk of minds full of jewjizzz.
                You’re just a boomer muh Cold War mentality larping red pill but unable to turn critique on ourselves and our capitalism. Even fucking tucker. Carlsons and Anglim are starting to get it. Have you even wondered why it is you’re supposed to love capitalism? It’s because it serves you the volk. If it harms you it’s your enemy. No ones suggesting welfare but you better understand evolution is random and slower than culture much slower than tech so traits hang on get pwnd. You can’t be monkey see no traits you have to pwn traits better and that means homogeneity no niggers and certainly no fucking kikes and slopes ruling what fucking kind of faggots are good with Jews and slants ruling them you make me sick and I am going to castrate race traitors personally.

                • jim says:

                  The “socialist thing” was a response to the fact that socialists murdered over a hundred million people during the twentieth century, and show every indication of thinking that the reason that they failed was that they did not kill enough.

                  They hate Hitler for the same reason they hate Deng. Not enough mass murder and slavery. Bernie’s program is lifted wholesale from Hugo Chávez. If he intends to implement the same measures, he and his supporters intend the same outcome, and some of them are not shy about saying so.

                  He, unlike Trump, has a lot of supporters in the permanent government, and in the unlikely event that he is elected, which I cannot see happening unless he wins the nomination and then the Democrats arrest Trump, would likely succeed in implementing his program, since Trump and Obama have demonstrated you can do anything with executive orders except quell judicial resistance, and there would be very little judicial resistance to turning America into Venezuela.

                • Pooch says:

                  If Bernie Sanders wins the nominee, what does that do in terms of timeline for civil war? My hunch is that it speeds things up.

                • Bilge_Pump says:

                  “Ethnat is just natural nation wignat is faggot talk of minds full of jewjizzz.”

                  Wtf is the difference between white ethnat and wignat? This is why shepherds like you aren’t allowed to be priests, you are verbally retarded.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I made 26k on jnug this morning

                  Suuure you did. You’re a trading savant who plunks $325k into a single triple-leveraged ETF. Frickin’ LOL.

                  Are you people seeing what I mean about IQ? They’re not only dumb, they have absurd ideas about how smart people supposedly act. They’re so far removed from anything resembling intelligence that they actually believe their posturing is working against people nearly twice their IQ.

              • The Cominator says:

                The ideas of the people behind Trump Putin Orban etc and their movements is much closer to our ideas than wignat ideas. Notice how none of them commit such tactical blunders as being anticapitalist or “naming the jew”.

                • jim says:

                  Trump is extraordinarily smart and massively well read, but no one notices this when he talks to the masses. You have to keep it simple. We have to learn to talk to wingnats.

              • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                If you are white and or nationalist, then using ‘white nationalist’ or ‘wignat’ or other terms that evoke whiteness and or nationalism, as supposed devalidations, associating rhetorical connection between being white and or nationalist as deplorable, is of course twisting your dick backwards and fucking yourself and blowing a huge HIV infected load inside your own ass.

                The art of memetic magic is the understanding that all rhetoric has cardinality; memes don’t just exist in static place, they point in directions, that people travel down those directions. One need to be sensitive of the ground you stand on, that fires you set don’t spread to your lot on the prairie; that the branches you saw into aren’t ones you yourself are (would like to be) sitting on.

        • Paladin says:

          How do you plan to identify entryists?

          • jim says:

            > How do you plan to identify entryists?

            Entryists work for pay, and they or their boss are supervised by a the Human Resources department of a big corporation or government department, typically with an ngo and contracting agency as a cutout between the government and the entryist. So they can say “Kill the Jews, Kill blacks! Who is with me? It is time for action!”, but not, however “Kill the n****rs”. They cannot use “gay” as a slur, or acknowledge that someone else is using it as a slur. More importantly, they cannot say, or even acknowledge other people saying, the red pill on women. They will not quote you speaking red pill questions, because HR does not read what we write, but reads what they write.

            They can be in favor of killing all non whites, but they cannot acknowledge any of the harms done by outgroup immigration, let alone low intelligence, low conscientiousness outgroups, which harms they invariably blame on working class whites. Who is doing acid attacks in London? Supposedly there is no racial or religious element whatsoever. Do the universities affirmative action blacks and women? Totally there on merit.

            But the easiest acid test is the red pill on women.

            The entryist supposedly hates blacks for being magical, Jews for being smart, and women for being wonderful. Just ask him questions you cannot answer on your employer’s email.

            • Anonymous Fake says:

              This is absolutely wrong. To put it bluntly, people who accept abortion or 3 year old transsexuals can accept anything. They can tell any lie they need to gain entry to institutions, and they have no fear of conservatives ever entering their institutions. They use atrocities as a loyalty test. There is a fundamental infiltration asymmetry between left and right, and they know it.

              Institutions that can’t practice merit without attracting cheaters, or conservatism without attracting liberals, have to be run by random selection to avoid adverse selection. Monarchy is random selection.

              Attempting to loyalty test the amoral liberals is just impossible. That’s their strong point, an entrenched position. The best conservatives can do is to attack the cucks among themselves, but infiltrating an atrocity cult is impossible for anyone of good character.

              • Strannik says:

                I want to be clear that I’m understanding you correctly; you’re saying that because Liberals are basically amoral nihilists that they can say anything to anybody to get into their circles, while a Right-Winger is too principled and offended by the things a Liberal will say or do to enter those circles to try and modify their opinions?

                Not 100% sure about that, Eugenics is still popular on the Right, and talking to some Liberals they see abortion and sterilization of minorities in terms of Eugenics as well, as a good thing.

                I think ”Liberalism” goes back a little further than people are prepared on the ”Right” to accept, because they might then discover that they’re yesterday’s Liberal…

                • Anonymous Fake says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for banality – true, but lacking in useful information content. Serves no purpose but to say “Hail fellow reactionary, I totally agree with reaction provided we are sufficiently nebulous about what reaction is”

                  But, I give you plus marks for using our memes and shibboleths correctly, if a little vaguely and inoffensively. Do try to use our memes and shibboleths in ways that would give Human Resources the willies.

                  Also, try to say something substantive.

              • Starman says:

                @Anonymous Fake
                “ To put it bluntly, people who accept abortion or 3 year old transsexuals can accept anything.”

                And yet you and your fellow commie entryists cannot pass RedPill on Women tests.

                • Anonymous Fake says:

                  The point of reaction and restoration is that the red pill BS can be seriously toned down from its current edgy hypertrophy. It’s blown far out of proportion as a consequence of bad economic and social policies that women are only reacting to. It’s almost like a matador’s red cape.

                  Isn’t “trying too hard” a sign of an entryist? Or a beta male, heh. You just can’t win can you?

                • jim says:


                  No one is speaking the truth about the red pill. Even the pua sites tend to go easy or purple, except for Heartiste.

                  And when we are in charge, the red pill in a form that will horrify you will be part of every respectable marriage ceremony, and you will need to be a respectably married man to get a high status government job, quasi government job, or educationist job.

                  Symmetric mating rituals inherently impair the reproductive success of heterogamous organisms. After the restoration, when marriage and courtship is depicted on video, everyone is going to get a dose of red pill, as today we get emasculation, gay normalization, and drag queen normalization. We will return to pre 1928 marriage ceremony – and then start heading towards one thousand AD marriage ceremony, with “I do” becoming optional for the bride and the groom speaking the full oath, rather than “I do”,because “I do” implies that the priest, rather than the groom, is administering the sacrament of marriage.

                • jack boot says:


                • jim says:

                  Unresponsive. Starman did not demand that you affirm the Reactionary Canon on women.

                  He asked you tell us your position – knowing that you do not dare write anything that would give your Human Resources department the conniptions.

                • jack boot says:


                • jim says:

                  Deleted for posting from an alternate universe where Marxism is obviously true, the world is working much as Marx predicted, and we all know and see that world.

                • jack boot says:


              • Dave says:

                I once suggested that in the upcoming race war, we keep white liberals out of our safe zones by making them stand in front of a camera, state their real names and a brief biography, declare that Adolph Hitler is the greatest man who ever lived, and eat a slice of roast nigger.

                The main objections were that (a) liberals would easily pass my test because they have no principles other than their own survival, and (b) younger people would not get the joke and think that we really should follow Hitlerian doctrine.

                • jack boot says:

                  there isn’t going to be a race war because the other races are irrelevant

            • pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Or in other words, an entryist (or personage functionally indistinguishable from an entryist) inevitably gives an impression of how great people he supposedly thinks worth-less are (often likewise, how terribly frail ‘he’ or ‘his allies’ are).

              Insecurity is the rosetta stone; no matter what, where one might want to act obscurely otherwise, most forms of dire ape heretofore will have an extremely hard time really allowing something that would truly devalidate something they put stock in, hold sacred, or otherwise personally identify with; solipsistically minded personages most especially.

  16. Karl says:

    If Trump doesn’t succeed in his struggle, we are already at the stage that elections are about as improtant as in Rome under Augustus. If he succeeds, there might still be meaningful elections, but probably only if he gives power voluntarily away like Sulla.

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