No enemies to the right worked

Because we did not disown Spencer, he got to speak to the world, he was heard by the entire world, saying stuff that we would like the world to hear. And the heat has gone away.

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  1. Zach says:


    I would define the Reactosphere in general, of which NRx is the largest definable subset, as the ivory towers of the Alt-Right. We essentially vacuum in the correctly oriented in spirit, high IQ people from the rest of the Alt-Right and radicalize them to a maximum, aristocratically rightist level. The rest (being the majority) remain at peasant level, concerning themselves with the study of one pet issue usually (race or sex), and they can be to varying degrees ‘harnessed’ towards our own, better informed, ends.//

    Mark, lead a horse to water first.

  2. thinkingabout it says:

    I’m not sure if you still read these comments, because its been many days since you posted your article, Jim, but I was hoping to hear more of your thoughts on something I’ve been ruminating on.

    Historically, what will our movement be seen as, left-wing or right-wing? I always sort of assumed an intellectual continuity with the right-wing movements of the past, like the medieval RCC, monarchical restorations in England and France, and so on.

    But I have started to wonder if there is something inherently radical and revolutionary about Trumpism. We have overthrown an elite that was just beginning to crystallize. Our world was headed towards becoming something like Austria-Hungary – diverse peoples united under the rule of a transnational elite, who shared an insular, elitist worldview. The incredible cultural productivity of Vienna was matched by the cosmopolitan productivity of NY and London. The cities drew in the talented members of various cultures, and to some extent allowed them to rise meritocratically.

    Our nascent elite was beginning to create for itself some sense of noblesse oblige – Harvard and Yale wanted applicants to provide evidence of their involvement in charity work and international aid missions. The elite also had their own elite obsessions like the art of Marina Abramovic and Banksy, which were somewhat out of touch with the tastes of the masses, much like what was seen in the high culture – low culture divides of pre-modern Europe.

    Andrew Jackson is not someone whom we could argue as representing the reactionary elite, and yet he seems to be one of the prototypes for Trumpism. And perhaps Julius Caesar, from what little I know of him.

    Are we, the readers of this blog, right-wing in letter but left-wing in spirit? Which side would we have supported in the English and French revolutions, if we assume the behavior of the aristocrats of that time was not very different from the way our elites are acting today?

    These thoughts made me more sympathetic to the historical left, if anything.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think so

      Harvard required that you demonstrate your sincerity by working for the destruction of the human race in general, western civilization in particular, and the white race. They demanded not noblesse oblige , but evil, hatred, destruction, and fanaticism.

      For Harvard Charity work in action, observe their extraordinarily brutal, murderous, and cruel activities in Haiti.

      Harvard Charity work is analogous to street gangs ensuring loyalty by having recruits murder some random innocent people.

    • Ansible says:

      >The incredible cultural productivity of Vienna was matched by the cosmopolitan productivity of NY and London.

      Believe what you want:

    • Corvinus says:

      “Historically, what will our movement be seen as, left-wing or right-wing?”

      Right wing.

      “But I have started to wonder if there is something inherently radical and revolutionary about Trumpism. We have overthrown an elite that was just beginning to crystallize.”

      Trump was elected as a result of the electorate choosing between two evils, as a result of voter discontent with the establishment, and as a result of blue collar workers and the lower social classes being drawn to his economic promises.

      Please note that he is installing elites and cucks into his cabinet.

      Please note that Trump represents the elite and the rot it stands for.

      Please note that voters in November elected or reelected traditional D’s and R’s at the local, state, and federal level.

      The “Trump Revolution” is only that a non-politician was elected as president for the first time in our history. Will future candidates for the oval office now come from the non-political ranks, or is he is a “one-time wonder”? Time will tell.

      • jim says:

        Trump is installing elites, but only one cuck.

        He is installing some notorious beneficiaries of the revolving regulatory door, but this does not necessarily imply that the regulatory revolving door will continue. We shall see.

        • Corvinus says:

          “He is installing some notorious beneficiaries of the revolving regulatory door, but this does not necessarily imply that the regulatory revolving door will continue. We shall see.”

          It is likely these elites will benefit at the expense of non-elites. So much for draining the swamp.

          • jim says:

            Or perhaps he plans to turn poachers into gamekeepers. We shall see.

            Putting Goldman Sachs in charge of finance is rather like putting Walter White in charge of the DEA. But then I rather wish he would put Walter White in charge of the DEA.

            • Corvinus says:

              “Or perhaps he plans to turn poachers into gamekeepers. We shall see.”

              Trump has demonstrated clearly that his business is his business, and anyone who interferes with his business will incur his wrath. It’s in his and in his friends DNA to poach. They would have to go against their natural inclinations.

              I do appreciate you coming to his defense like a good little gamma.

    • peppermint says:

      》The incredible cultural productivity of Vienna was matched by the cosmopolitan productivity of NY and London.

      Speaking of which. Do you know what glorious works the people who Hitler was passed up for art school for made?

      Hitler complains in the beginning of Mein Kampf about Germans getting cucked by the Habsburg monarchy.

      》The cities drew in the talented members of various cultures, and to some extent allowed them to rise meritocratically

      It is totally false that ((they)) draw in talent and let it rise meritocratically. Taylor Swift is the exception, she’s just that beautiful and talented. Sam Hyde had been blacklisted. Convergence is much more important than money to the ((people)) in charge.

      King Charles was not controlled by Jews. Cromwell was financed by Jews. The Jews were in favor of the French Revolution. In politics, if the Jews are for somethibg, that is reason enough to suspect it.

      But we are on the right not due to anti-Semitism but because we want a reduction in governmental and NGO jobs.

  3. M says:

    Oh, also:

    In an interview with Time magazine announcing him as “Person of the Year,” Trump didn’t go into specifics but signaled that he could find a way to accommodate the Dreamers.

    “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud,” Trump told the magazine. “They got brought here at a very young age, they’ve worked here, they’ve gone to school here. Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. And they’re in never-never land because they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

  4. M says:

    Trump full cuck watch:

    Trump freezing out original political operatives:

    Ann Coulter: Every Trump cabinet pick except Sessions would’ve been picked by Jeb Bush.

    Labor Secretary pick a 100% open borders advocate:

  5. Javier says:

    Off-topic, but reminded me of this blog:

    I was involved in a discussion over Trump’s victory the other day. This grad student was using the standard progressive reasoning, Trump is a racist therefore if you voted for him you are a racist and you are condoning racism. A bunch of people were trying to civilly disagree with him, but he would always manage to circle back into this attack where he would demand the speaker renounce Trump or be branded a racist.

    Where is he a student? Harvard.

    I stepped in and pointed out that accusing people of racism was the same as accusing them of heresy or blasphemy. I told him his progressive views were essentially a religion and he had no right to demand an accounting from people who were non-believers. What was funny was that he didn’t so much disagree with my argument as he was simply unable to comprehend it. The idea that progressivism was some kind of dogmatic ideology was so alien to him his brain could not form coherent thoughts around it.

    He finally just gave up and admitted he didn’t understand what I was saying and had no clue what I was talking about. I said, “Sorry I couldn’t dumb it down enough for Harvard.”

  6. Alan J. Perrick says:

    If people are interested in controversy, then why aren’t pro-white ideas floated on broadcast television or radio? Is it because there is a prohibition, legal or otherwise, stopping such discussions?


  7. Zach says:

    He’s fruity and awkward, but he’s doing the work. He’s the guy out there putting it on the line. We can’t pick and choose.

    I’d prefer others, perhaps Jack Donovan. Perhaps Taylor. But they simply won’t do what he’s doing. So…

  8. Glenfilthie says:

    Spencer isn’t the guy ya gotta worry about. Just because you refuse to acknowledge your enemies doesn’t mean they don’t exist. There are allies among us that will be purged or they will purge us.

    Interesting times in the offing…

  9. anon says:

    Off topic, but if we’re serious about “no enemies to the right” then the French novelist Louis-Ferdinand Céline should be considered an ally.

    (This is from some notes on Céline that I think were copy-pasted years ago from one of Greg Johnson’s essays on Counter-Currents, however I couldn’t find the link)

    Bagatelles pour un massacre (1937)

    “Bagatelles pour un massacre” is one of three legendary anti-Semitic “pamphlets” published by French writer Louis Ferdinand Céline.

    When Céline published Bagatelles, he was fired from his job as a doctor in a state clinic for the poor. He was invited to write for French Right-wing papers, but it is said that his contributions were rejected for being too extreme.

    The pamphlets were also reportedly banned by the Nazis for being too hateful.

    Naturally, for his troubles, Céline also earned a place on the death lists of the Résistance, so when the Americans swept into Paris, he fled with the remnants of the Vichy government to Germany, where he served as the personal physician of President Pierre Laval.

    When Germany fell, Céline fled to Denmark, where he was imprisoned. He was tried in absentia in France and sentenced to a year in prison, “perpetual disgrace,” a fine of 50,000 francs, and the confiscation of his worldly possessions, which hardly mattered since he was a pauper.

    He returned to France in 1951 after an amnesty and went back to practicing medicine and writing.

    Given the trouble they caused, it is perhaps understandable that Céline’s widow has refused to allow the “pamphlets” to be reprinted or translated.

    But the world of literature is subject to higher laws, so the courageous publisher Les Editions de La Reconquête, operating under relative legal impunity in Paraguay, reprinted all three volumes in French and brought out the first translation of Bagatelles.

    So, what is Trifles for a Massacre about?

    Céline served as a soldier in the trenches of the First World War, where he was wounded and where he saw countless men killed and maimed in unimaginably terrifying ways. This gave him an abiding hatred of war.

    When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, a deafening and coordinated din of anti-German, pro-war propaganda began to issue from virtually all the presses of every Western society.

    Céline examined this propaganda, connected the dots, and noticed that its chief propagators were Jews who were urging non-Jews in France and England to spill their blood in another war with Germany to slake Jewish hatred of Hitler.

    That is the “massacre” of the title. It is a massacre of Europeans advocated by Jews, NOT a massacre of Jews advocated by Céline.

    What then was Céline’s solution to the Jewish problem?

    First, he wished to relentlessly expose the roles of Jews as war-mongers as well as agents of Bolshevism and cultural decadence.

    Eventually, he hoped to expel all the Jews from France.

    Literary commentators, of course, shake their heads and play dumb, asking what could possibly have sent Céline off on his tirade against the Jews. Could he have been crazy?

    The answer, of course, was the overwhelming daily evidence of Jewish-instigated anti-German hate- and war-mongering.

    The critics deftly sidestep this problem by seizing on the fact that Céline decodes this propaganda with the aid of The Protocols and other hoary chestnuts of anti-Semitica which, we are constantly told, have been “discredited” by their shady origins even if they seem confirmed by every daily newspaper.

    Céline also harms his case by accusing virtually every agent of decadence of being a Jew. Even the Bourbons, we are told, were Jews. Look at their noses! Some of this, of course, is literary playfulness. But anything you say about Jews can and will be used against you.

    Any American who has paid attention to the nearly fifteen years of intense war-mongering since September 11, 2001, and who has connected the dots and noticed that Americans are killing and dying not for our interests, but for the interests of Israel and Jews around the globe, will find Trifles for a Massacre all too spookily familiar.

    But that shouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

    It is the same people saying and doing the same sorts of things, because we fall for it again and again and again.

  10. Thrasymachus says:

    I don’t care much for Spencer but I think he’s at least a little to my left.

  11. Mister Grumpus says:

    Well shucky ducky and whoop there it is.

    I’m learning so-so much from the Alt-Right and this Trump fellow, it’s just a great (and painfully overdue) experience.

  12. viking says:

    Thats the gamble can the alt right at this time overcome the racist antigens or will they cause them to flare up all over again. One can point to the weariness may have of political correctness,the absurdities of things like safe spaces, and that its become explicitly anti white. On the other hand half the elites are jews and altright loves nazis,Many elites are now some sort of nigger and altright simplistic understanding is white supremacy,everyone was raised on cathedral indoctrination, most on the ‘right’ also steeped in Christian selflessness.Others also steeped in constitutionalism.Certainly there a certain nihilism that can accept race realism. But I think theres a pretty low firewall.Only triggering good whites with nigger atrocities raises the wall the lefts going to be more careful.Trump/bannon are tea party 70s democrats as are the rust belters that put them over the top.Trumps going to betray us on immigration he will do the bare minimum. they are all cucked. war is the only thing that will change things.

    • Cavalier says:

      Right-wing thought must be bound to right-wing power. The information apparatus and the enforcement apparatus must be one. When Church and State are separated, the result is leftism.

      The alt-right is not a political force. Trump is a political force, however Trump matters not as a political force unless he wields the power of the State to purge the Church and bring it under his command, and then sets up a line of succession sure to keep to it in line for good. Once Trump wields this power, an “alt-right” information apparatus will be a liability to him just as a prog information apparatus is a liability to him. The “alt-right” may have helped bring him to power through beating the prog information apparatus at its own game, plus Donald Fucking Trump, a black swan event of the highest order, but that success will not be repeated.

      I don’t think he will betray us. I think he wants to own Washington as he wanted to own New York real estate, and did, and I think he wants to pass it to his son, Donald Trump, Jr., and I am sure that he possesses the competence to do so.

      • viking says:

        I get many christians are trying to signal conservatism as are the cucks. I get its a big part of our cultural past, I too wanted a way to preserve itm but it cant be decucked it is a cuck theology a slave morality it must be put in a museum.In the meantime christcucks must be carefully trained to doublethink on race.Jews can help this. reply to white privilege with yes and jew privilege too, jews should only have 2% of the Harvard slots and 2% of the Goldman sachs slots, jew privilege hurts us all.soon you will see jews making quite cogent arguments why all this privilege stuff must stop

        • Cavalier says:

          For every 6 gorillion people, (Ashkenazi) Jews put up 691k persons of IQ 130+ as compared to Whites’ 138k. A big heaping portion of Jew privilege is genetic, as a big heaping portion of White privilege is genetic. Plus they have the wire in the blood.

          If entry to Harvard is to be merit-based as it has been since it began admitting students on SAT scores in 1960, Jews will be a lot more than 2% of Harvard. If entry to Harvard is to be class- or caste-based, once more rooted in an Anglo/Optimate elite as it was before 1960, then Jews will be a lot less than 2% of Harvard, as near to 0% of Harvard as you can get without excluding Richard P. Feynman.

          • pdimov says:

            Except that (assuming 2%) there are 49 times more non-Jews. So going by your numbers, which I haven’t checked, 49*138:691, meaning 9%. Their current share is supposedly 25%. (Discarding 25% for blacks/Hispanics would yield 12%. Taking Asians into account would likely lower this back to about 10.)

            • Cavalier says:

              The real irony of their reign as America’s dominant elite is that it has come at the price of their blood purity. 71% of non-Orthodox (read: the vast majority of Ashkenazim) marriages are intermarriages, marriages with the filthy sexy blonde and blue-eyed goyim. In all likelihood, most of the Jews at Harvard are really mischlings produced by such coupling.

              If we really do get the chance to reconstitute Harvard, I see no particular reason to admit _any_ kikes, nigs, spics, or SWPLs except in really exceptional cases. Especially SWPLs. Moreover, the percentage of students selected on “merit” alone (intelligence) should probably not exceed 20%. It is necessary to have an infusion of fresh talent, but not at the expense of losing cultural hegemony. Newcomers not raised in the dominant governing culture are potentially hazardous and subversive simply by virtue of having not been raised to rule. The transition from social- to merit-based selection in 1960 is what caused everything to explode, by disenfranchising the old WASP elite, killing the Optimate class by hijacking their _repeaters_ and locking them out for good, granting their position instead to yuppies inherently geared toward revolutionary behavior and animating them with precisely the revolutionary ideology we are afflicted with today.

              The blacks must go back. The mestizos must go back. The Jews can choose to assimilate (intermarry) to civilized Optimate standards, or go back. The Chinese are a fifth column of epic proportions, and must go back, though the already assimilated (intermarried) can stay.

              And there’s no reason whatsoever to enfranchise hostile forces, whether nonwhite or white revolutionary (Brahmin), by admitting them to our elite institutions.

              • pdimov says:

                It’s certainly not clear to me whether the problem is in Jews taking over Harvard as opposed to Harvard taking over the country.

                If Ron Unz is to be believed, merit-based admission would mean 6% Jews or so (Caltech 5.5%). This shouldn’t be a problem; if it is, bringing it to 0% is unlikely to take care of it, as it would be a symptom of something deeper.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Harvard has ruled America since at least 1865.

                  Anglo leftism worked pretty well for a very long time when the rulers of our country were an insular group, whose grandfathers ran the great businesses and the government and whose grandsons would run the great businesses and the government.

                  It went insane when Harvard stopped admitting the WASP ruling class from New England and started admitting the highest scorers of the SAT, people with no exposure to the ruling WASPy culture and, being yuppies, inherently disposed to revolutionary activities.

                  The problem was the school admissions. Harvard is America’s institution of nobility, and it was completely and utterly hijacked.

                • pdimov says:

                  “Harvard is America’s institution of nobility…”

                  That’s true. But Americans have always pretended that they have no nobility. It’s even in muh constitution as AJP reminded us on a previous thread.

                  I don’t know which would be a harder sell, normalizing national socialism or normalizing hereditary nobility.

          • peppermint says:

            You think they’re smart because Jewish psychologists say they have high IQs and Jewish media celebrates Jewish scientists. Initial estimates of Ashkenazi IQ were unremarkable and the Jewish scientists everyone has heard of mostly stole the discoveries they’re known for with accusations of anti-Semitism and media coverage relentlessly acclaiming then.

            • Cavalier says:

              I think they’re smart because with nothing but ideas and words they managed to destroy our world-spanning empires with two internecine wars and to convince us to slaughter untold tens of millions of each other along the way.

              Mexicans couldn’t do that. Not Africans. Not Moslems. Not Orientals. Jews, and only Jews. Stateless, rootless Jews with nothing but the power of their memes.

              Same for owning finance, the news, and the education system. Same for successfully rewriting history—six gorillion, anyone? Writing natural selection out of the biology books? Boas completely subverting anthropology and turning it into the monstrosity we have now?

              None of this shows stupidity. All of it shows frightening intelligence and deviousness far beyond the comprehension of the white man. Don’t underestimate it.

              • jim says:

                I think they’re smart because with nothing but ideas and words they managed to destroy our world-spanning empires with two internecine wars and to convince us to slaughter untold tens of millions of each other along the way

                If they did it with memes alone the fault is ours, not theirs.

                But in practice what happened was that Jews noticed which way the parade was already going and positioned themselves at the head of the parade.

                Thus for example the Russian left singularity started with Alexander the liberator abandoning intellectual sovereignty and his post as the fount of all honors mortal and divine, and sucking up to British intellectuals. Which led to the overthrow of the Czar a couple of generations later. And then the Jews took charge – and promptly proceeded to murder and purge each other.

                So you cannot really blame the Jews for that one – and therefore cannot really blame the Jews for all of the others. We did it to ourselves. Putin reclaimed the intellectual sovereignty that Alexander the Liberator abandoned. Why cannot we do likewise?

                • Cavalier says:

                  The Jews were, of course, top-rate opportunists, as Jews naturally are. For instance, before the depredations of the Jew Franz Boas, the so-called “Father of American Anthropology”, our elite was deeply interested in natural selection, eugenics, and Darwin. And by “father of American anthropology” they of course mean the founder of the branch of anthropology that became dominant after 1945. Anyway, if we were to go into left singularity without having been infected by (((Boas))), likely a big part of that left singularity would involve deporting niggers, obsessing over American racial purity, and expanding the living space of our people. Instead, we have the gun pointing at us, because (((Boas))) “science” says that humans are equal, except when some humans are more equal than others.

                  But the reason that in 1960 we went from rather mild, tepid, restrained Anglo-style leftism to full-blown frothing-at-the-mouth leftism is because when Harvard stopped admitting “good old boys” from New England, the traditional Optimate ruling class of America, it started admitting natural revolutionaries: Jews and White Jews, from all over the country, on nothing more than the results of their SAT scores and school grades, creating the brain-based scholarly Brahmin caste which proceeded to sweep through our institutions like wildfire.

                  But ultimately the men you should shoot if you find time-traveling bullets are Nathan Pusey and McGeorge Bundy.

                • jim says:

                  Not so.

                  Consider the Great Zimbabwe. It was obviously more advanced than anything blacks did, therefore people, on seeing it, assumed it was built by ancient Hebrew gold miners. Which we now know to be true, since the priests of the tribe that built it are descendants of Aaron in the male line, are Hebrews who mingled with blacks.

                  By 1906 it was dangerous to think such thoughts, or say such things, thus the phenomena you attribute to Boaz had set in well before Boaz.

                  Your argument is that leftism was just fine until it came under Jewish influence in 1930 or there abouts. Not so.

                  When the slaves were freed and women were emancipated, leftism had already gone full on evil and crazy.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Has Putin reformed the schools and brought them to heel? Has he set up a proper line of succession? Maybe he has, but if so then I haven’t heard of it. I suspect that Russia’s spiritual sovereignty may be rather short-lived. China is the only success I see, because it has a complete power base on which to stand, and even they are sending many of their students to American schools.

                • peppermint says:

                  》deporting niggers, obsessing over American racial purity, and expanding the living space of our people

                  Are not and never will be leftist goals. These build up the community. Leftism is the individual will to power at odds with the good of the community and is supported by cuckstainty because cuckstains have a bizarre belief in the personal immortality of the individual.

                  Leftists need a way to extract resources from the community and enrich themselves. If the googlers are deported the deportation program shuts down and the people running it have to get some other job, governmental or not, which means fighting for prestige again.

                  Government jobs for everyone was the Communist battle cry.

                  Obsessing over racial purity is useful if you’re selling genetic test kits but there’s a ceiling to that market and it’s non-governmental. A state-owned OKCupid would be great, but also wouldn’t need very much personnel. Feeding hungry mudbloods or state-sponsored cuckoldry programs like the Lebensborn are better ideas from a leftist standpoint, but those aren’t happening l. The best leftist idea right now is state-run medical care for mud “people” so as to prevent their bodies from evolving diseases to give us.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Jim, my argument is not that Anglo leftism was just fine until the Jews happened to it, though you grew up in it and tell us it was mostly fine. My argument is that had the Jews not happened to it we would not have reached homomarriage, transgenderqueerWTFBBQs, and a complete lack of marriageable women by today nor for another 200 years yet. By that time we would be well off this rock, spreading through space on giant space colonies culturally isolated by relativity.

                  Furthermore, I am not really even targeting the Jews, though they are the most egregious example of what happens when the aristocracy, _de jure_ or _de facto_, breaks down, but rather college admissions based not on cultural continuity and the maintenance of the aristocracy, but IQ, and IQ alone.

                • jim says:

                  Abolition of marriage was inherent in the emancipation of women. Victorians figured that the marital contract only needed to be enforced upon men. Since women were naturally angels, no enforcement on women was needed. Homo marriage necessarily follows in due course, Jews or no Jews.

                • Cavalier says:

                  》Are not and never will be leftist goals.

                  They aren’t lefty goals _now_. That left reindustrialized a desperate country, attempted a literal revolution, and then fought a proxy war…and lost. You might have heard of the proxy war; it was called WWII.

            • pdimov says:

              They are obviously smart, just not as superior to the goyim they imagine themselves to be.

              • Cavalier says:

                I read the article. The 5x multiple I mention above, of 691k vs 138k of 130+ IQ persons, is based on an assessed white mean of 100 and an assessed like mean of 112, exactly what is found in your link.

                As the article concludes…

                “Though the implications of a 0.73 standard deviation gap may go unnoticed by the man in the street, they are profoundly evident at the highest levels of achievement — the levels that leave a lasting imprint on civilization. Such a gap makes a random Ashkenazi Jew 40 times more likely to win a Fields Medal than a random non-Jewish white. In all, thirteen Fields Medals have gone to Ashkenazim as well as 37% of the Nobel Prizes in physics won by Americans.”

                That doesn’t mean they should admitted to Harvard, ever. Harvard is political, and we don’t want any Jews in politics—the results are disastrous. It means they should all go to MIT.

            • TTAAC says:

              Four of the six men most frequently credited with inventing the Internet were Jewish (Leonard Kleinrock, Paul Baran, Robert Kahn, and Lawrence Roberts; the non-Jews being Donald Davies and Vint Cerf). It might sound facile to ask–and I probably shouldn’t even have this morbid curiosity about what obviously unstable people like peppermint have to say about anything–but does that sort of thing ever cross the mind of dailystormer types?

              • jim says:

                Individual Jews are grossly overrepresented in the creation of good idea. Groups of Jews, the classic Jewish conspiracy, are overrepresented in the creation of bad ideas. Jews have a propensity to create substitutes for religion, which are invariably evil.

          • viking says:

            assuming your maths right [i know la griffe did this once] and jews are 2% and whites are 60% then 30 x 138/691=5.99 whites for every jew meritocracy.oddly thats not how the meritocracy has been working.

            Yeah sure griiffe says most jew privilege is earned, but he means the digits ought to account for it, I have major problems with how a outside group can since ww2 have acquired effective control over a white nation 500 years in the making, and frankly even if an inquiry turned out they earned every bit of it [as opposed say targetting key sectors in a coordinated attack] I wouldnt care they shouldnt have been allowed to buy it. and lets be clear if they were like the rest of us i wouldnt have a problem and it is they who set themselves not simply apart but in opposition to all we have built they havnt even simply taken over USA but have used usa to destroy Europe.

            Yes Im aware of how many elite whites help them [about an equal number] Im also aware the influence the three waves of jews the very early essentially from the beginning, the late 1800s early 1900s and the ones that came before and after ww2, the influence these groups had on white elites particularly in many of the last wave of white elites that hit our cities from the 30s through 70s were essentially brainwashed by jewish commies. so i dont buy that the jews are not more responsible than their partners, i dont believe that wasp leftism could have ever reached this morbidity without the jews directed attacks, i dont believe we would be reduced to 50% of the non hispanic white population if not for jews

  13. Trollercoaster says:

    Spencer should be disowned not because he is a nazi but because he embraces sodomites and perhaps is himself a sodomite.

    • jim says:

      If we disown him for sodomy, fine. If, however, it looks like we disown him because the left has intellectual sovereignty over us, we lose.

      When he is under attack from the left, and we are under pressure to disown him, is the wrong time to start worrying about sodomy.

      • Trollercoaster says:

        Richard Spencer is just a shining example of what’s wrong with the “alt-right” generally. The “alt-right” is just an accidental coalition of mostly sodomites, socialists, and hedonists of various stripes who agree with all of the tenants of progressivism except for the current speed of white replacement. Most of the people “oppressed” in the current system would rightly experience even harder times economically (no more foreign slaves to do the work – they will have to), in addition to a jackboot to the face for their socially destructive behavior, in a properly functioning reactionary regime.

        If/when we actually remove most non-whites from the USA (and when utopia invariably does not arrive), the attention of these “alt-right” commies will quickly turn to those remaining well-to-do whites to extort and expropriate so that they can get more abortions, food stamps, affirmative action jobs for women, etc. etc. They are the face of our future enemy and perhaps they are an even worse enemy than the current one.

        • pdimov says:

          In all of your post, there’s not a single correct sentence.

        • jim says:

          When we rule, then we will deal with such problems.

        • izvirk says:

          Every single “alt-right” person I’ve ever talked to thinks women shouldn’t have any political power or really any jobs, or at least , should be shunned from devoting time to working instead of to motherhood. This includes the females I’ve spoken with.

          But what to expect from an anonymous shitposter named “Trollercoaster” other than D&C shilling?

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Jim is correct. Spencer will be purged, and purged because he is a Nazi, but not because he is not sufficiently left wing, but because socialism is insufficiently right wing, even nationalist socialism. Right now is not the time. When the left is discredited and consigned to the fringes of siciety, we will give Spencer an opportunity to piously and publicly kneel before the altar of the state church. That is the point at which we consider purging; when we hold the powers of culture and respectability, and he does not conform.

        The Shadowed Knight

        • peppermint says:

          This is what you intend to purge with state power. Which you intend to wrest from it because you are right and it is wrong, which you know because you believe in a son of a whore community organizer’s claim to be the son of a parasitic tribe’s god, and they just believe in the 14w and the prophesies of Kek and Darwin.

          Trump’s people believe in Kek and may even believe in Darwin. Any White man who understands Darwin believes in the 14w.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            I do not have to believe in Darwin or Kek to believe the Fourteen Words. Survival is independent of either.

            No, I will win because in the end, Man looks to the sacred, and all you have to offer is a dead man’s ideas and an Egyptian fairy tale. I offer the transcendent beauty of God. Fighting a religious war with a fake religion works as long as the other side has to hide their fake religion. Nazi memes do not work on Christians. We will see your Nazis and raise you Crusaders and Inquisitors.

            The Shadowed Knight

            • lalit says:

              I believe the Catholic Church was a massive supporter of Nazis until it started to look like the Yanks would cook the Nazi Goose!

            • peppermint says:

              Haha, just as long as you’re attacking from the right. Christians and Nazis aren’t that different anyway. Nazis believe that the White race is sacred and must be preserved, and maybe that White blood is sacred and must never be defiled. Christians also believe that a race is sacred: the race of Israel, because Israel jewed Esau out of his birthright and blessing. Abraham’s descendants were to be like the sands of the seashore and Christians were particularly shocked at the lese majeste of the supposed Holocaust. I’d like to see how you deny Father Abraham without denying Jesus.

        • pdimov says:

          On what do you base the claim that Spencer is a Nazi or a socialist?

  14. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Well done!

  15. Mike says:

    Still think he should have used the Black Power salute (the keks would have been defeaning).

    • fnn says:

      I thought I saw him doing exactly that.

    • Carlyle's Ghost says:

      That’s a great idea. The Nazi/Roman salute sets off too many alarms in the Nazi Detector section of normies’ brains. Re-appropriate the Black Power salute as the Racial Solidarity salute. Sit back and wait for lulz as the mainstream media tries to explain to normies why it’s ok for black people to do it, but not for white people. It would be like that time they tried to explain why a cartoon frog was a symbol of white supremacy.

  16. Alfred says:

    Hail victory.

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