left becomes the movement against Global Apartheidt

The issue used to be capitalism, now it is “global apartheid”. Our enemies believe that everyone in the world has an inherent human right to move to white countries to live on crime, welfare, and voting for less law enforcement and more welfare.

This will be demonstrated when Trump tries to close the borders. The Permanent Government will just flat in your face point blank defy him. If he closes the borders, he will have to do so by demonstrating that an air force commando outranks a supreme court justice.

As the capitalism versus socialism conflict assimilated all conflicts to itself during the early part of the twentieth century, “Global Apartheidt” versus “racism” is now assimilating all conflicts to itself. All politics become identity politics, all identity politics is becoming pro white or anti white, and all anti white politics becomes Muslim, part of the war of Islam on the west. Hence the State Department backing genocidal Sunni terrorists against moderate Muslim regimes like that of Syria.

They don’t realize that they plan to kill the golden goose.

They don’t realize that all the wealth of the world was created by white people originally and still today most of it, with the notable exception of East Asian economies, is created by white people. They think that wealth comes from magic dirt. Hence Obama telling us “You did not build that” in cheerful defiance of the obvious facts. The new emerging majority thinks that white wealth was just magically showered on whites like their EBT cards and obamaphones were magically showered on them. When they burn down a white owned shopping center, and it is not promptly replaced by shopping center run by black women, they figure that is white racism at work. “Why were blacks not given a shopping center the way whites were?” They think EBT cards and Obamaphones just pop out of the magic dirt.

Everyone graduated from Harvard, and everyone in the permanent government, believes that the wealth just sprang from magic dirt, and whites just grabbed more than their fair share, believes “You did not build that” If only those awful white males were not around to prevent wealth from showering on women and people of color. Because if you want to go to Harvard, you need to persuade Harvard that you do believe that.

Hence believe not necessity to allow whites to build stuff. Which belief system leads to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Factories and all that are supposedly evil. Are supposedly instruments of oppression. Hence the regulatory state that makes it impossible to build physical things in America unless your factory is grandfathered in. Everyone in the Harvard and the Permanent Government believes this, and if he does not believe it, keeps his beliefs a deep dark secret. They believe that when they shut down factories and farms and mines and stuff, they are being noble and good, are dripping with saintliness as they erase these horrid sins against Gaia, and anyone trying to keep them open is being sinful, greedy, and corrupt.

They think, everyone in Harvard thinks, everyone in the Permanent Government thinks, that the Golden Goose is keeping people poor by scarfing up all the wealth emerging spontaneously from the magic dirt, they do not realize we are paying for EBT cards and Obamaphones.

When Black Lives Matter burn down a supermarket whites build, Obama tells the owners “You did not build that”.

In the early part of the twentieth century, the left wanted the masses to seize the means of production. But with identity politics replacing class politics, all the stuff that whites do becomes equally evil, so now in the early part of the twenty first century the left wants to shut down the means of production. Everyone is supposedly going to live by swiping EBT cards and get their internet via Obamaphone. The left is now the party of rule by underclass, not the party of dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Daily Stormer reminds us that there is a secretive committee of big Jewish donors that has undue influence over the Democratic party, but the Democratic party will very shortly elect a Muslim terrorist who hates Jews as their leader. By “terrorist” I don’t mean that he personally will strap dynamite around himself and blow himself up in a Jewish synagogue, but that he will be part of an organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, that organizes people to blow themselves up. And the Jews will continue funding the Democrats even as part of these funds are used to strap explosives around suicide bombers to blow themselves up in synagogues. And they will congratulate themselves on having found a brown Bernie with which to sucker the white working class one more time. Until they import enough black African males that they get roasted on spits and eaten.

Jews will probably support the left all the way to the bitter end – as they supported Muslims during the crusades, but the logic of identity politics means that the left will not support Jews. Jews keep telling their brown allies that Jews are not really white, but this fails to have the desired effect. Jews found it a lot easier to lead an anticapitalist movement than an anti white movement.

The army tries to earn brownie points by opposing Muslim patriarchy and repression of homosexuality. General Mattis is a big offender here, pointing out that Afghans beat women, etc. It is like pointing out that Democrats are the real racists. Emancipating Afghan women does not gain the army any brownie points, nor do the rapes of the rapeugees lose the the rapeugees any brownie points. And the Muslim brotherhood can full on flat out openly oppose the emancipation of women, and still be leftists in good standing, indeed the very best of standing.

Hating whites males is the KKKrazy glue that holds the coalition of the fringes together, and the Muslim Brotherhood hates us more than anyone, so, since no friends to the right and no enemies to the left, the left loves the Muslim brotherhood and is busily importing an army of their fighters, even though the Muslim Brotherhood position on women, Jews, and homosexuals is umpteen light years outside the Overton Window. The Muslim Brotherhood is sliding into control of the left, the way communists slid into control in the thirties and forties, because they are the leftmost on the defining issue of our times. Moldbug, reading old books, said that America is a communist country. Pretty soon it is going to be a Muslim country.

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  2. jack arcalon says:

    Radicalization is ultimately the least violent solution.

    Near left enemies are worse than far left enemies.

  3. peppermint says:

    The left is defined by signaling. Cuckservatism thus says that the right must not signal, thereby signaling ideological purity by materially working against their own interests.

    The left is actually defined by leftists, who are social climbers who seek private and public money through signaling. Thus a right wing leftist singularity is an oxymoron and where it’s posed as a rhetorical device it’s actually an accusation that a particular tendency is leftist, i.e. will create government and NGO jobs for its adherents.

    Eliminating support for faggotry kills government jobs. Creating a censorship apparatus just like the one fags use now creates government jobs and will eventually be used by the left. Eliminating government sponsorship of muds kills government jobs, cucking White taxpayers by handing their tax money to Whites creates government jobs and doing it through a save the race charitable foundation creates NGO jobs and opportunities for NGO signaling. Having private banks give loans to young White families based on their propensity to be profitable doesn’t create opportunities for signaling.

    The way to make White family formation affordable is to get rid of the Mexicans and googlers squatting in housing Whites need and get rid of muds in entry level jobs young White men need for their families.

    • peppermint says:

      The government should as much as possible ignore women, leaving them to their fathers and husbands, unless they start whoring, whence they go to the no-kill human shelter until someone comes along to adopt them. The no-kill human shelter is already an intrinsically leftist government program, but for crimes that can’t be punished with beatings or execution, future slaves and garbage not fit for slavery need to be warehoused somewhere.

      • jim says:

        Sound plan.

      • Dave says:

        In Catholic countries, these no-kill shelters were known as “convents”. Great place to lock up teenage girls whose families couldn’t tame them. A cloistered life of austerity and prayer — not until menopause would they be let out into the community to perform charity work.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Your censorship apparatus should be a department of your inquisition. No government jobs, and you do not need laws where custom and culture is a better fit. Your state religion gets to make sure that leftist signalling is punished with a flogging, thus lowering leftist status. Beat and embarrass leftist men and they will get no pussy, which will discourage other men from embracing leftism.

      The Shadowed Knight

    • Cavalier says:

      A right-wing singularity is what happens when an information apparatus creates a sufficiently infectious memeplex to convince a sufficiently numerous and competent minority to seize power and purge the leftists. It doesn’t actually go singular because the newly emancipated power microslices formerly held by leftists coalesces such that one man eventually acquires enough power to say “I am”, and obligate everyone else to toe his line.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        A right wing singularity manifests itself as enormous eugenic population growth. which can permanently alter the significance of nations and political systems.

  4. peppermint says:

    》Everyone is supposedly going to live by swiping EBT cards and get their internet via Obamaphone.

    I know a lot of White men who are still leftists, scientists and teachers who need government money, media and government employees, and tech workers who need to avoid controversy, but few who regularly repeat fake news talking points on their normiebooks, mostly old men, faggots, and a few of the scientists and tech workers who have been convinced that automation means Star Trek replicators and robots making most labor obsolete.

    When I tried to read Keynes years ago I noticed he said that some day economics would be obsoleted by automation but we weren’t there yet.

    Of course, it’s racist to go from, we don’t need normie labor anymore, to we don’t, need foreigners. Instead these sci/tech priests say they’re going to have all the jobs and everyone else is going go be equally unemployable and just the same.

    Occasionally I can get through to one of them and ask them how without working for money the man of the future is entitled to demand the bartender give him a beer. Oddly enough, the reply is that the concept of wage employment is new, therefore having a profession and earning one’s keep can go away, the therefore being a long and smart-sounding digression.

    These unimaginative imaginers will be the first sci/tech people to be replaced by automation, and they will not have welfare to fall back on.

    • peppermint says:

      Oh, can’t forget the tech priests’ gook “wives” and Eliot Rodgerses as a reason they hate White men and want humanity to be obsolete. As Upton Sinclair pointed out, it’s easy for a man not to understand something if his family depends on it.

      I was hoping to see those “marriages” break up with the “wife” and kids self-deporting due to better economic conditions at home. Hopefully increasing racism will do the trick, though.

      Gooks get taken here for schooling and then they are the only female creatures who will give future tech priests who are all male feminists the time of day. I was only saved by being a bit more racist than average – I never really thought of them as contenders – and by being Aryan and sexist enough that skype yentas that looked hwite to me were interested, as well as women. But racism and sexism are obvious to intelligent people.

      • jim says:

        Asian women are very feminine, and are substantially smarter and more logical than white women (East Asian males are about as smart as white men, East Asian women substantially smarter than white women. This is particularly noticeable in tech, where Chinese are fairly comparable to white engineers, but the only genuine female engineers are east Asian women)

        What is wrong with Zuckerberg’s wife is that he is a billionaire who married a mail order Chinese peasant, and she treats him like a dog, bullies him, and pushes him around, treats him like Obama’s stupid wife treated Obama. (If Obama was not gay before he married, he became gay after he married.)

        If I was a billionaire, I would buy a private island and stock it with thirty Chinese peasant girls, not to mention a smorgasbord of girls of other races, including a few from Eastern Europe. And Zuckerberg’s wife would not make the grade.

        • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

          LOL Jim you literally spoke my mind. His wife is actually one of those fake Chinese Brahmin girls trying to be more Brahmin than the whites themselves. Pretty sure Zuckerberg’s life would be substantially better if he actually had a mail order bride.

          Why are East Asian girls are both smarter and more feminine than white girls if historically East Asia was way more patriarchal? Wouldn’t have that selected them for the latter but not the former? I think the former is definitely true but not sure about the latter.

          • Corvinus says:


            “If I was a billionaire, I would buy a private island and stock it with thirty Chinese peasant girls, not to mention a smorgasbord of girls of other races, including a few from Eastern Europe.”

            Exactly the reason why you are a moral degenerate. You talk a good game about Christian values, but fail mightily to uphold them in your own life.


            “His wife is actually one of those fake Chinese Brahmin girls trying to be more Brahmin than the whites themselves.”

            So, how does this “fact” directly impact your life? Virtue signalling is most unbecoming.

            “Pretty sure Zuckerberg’s life would be substantially better if he actually had a mail order bride.”

            Pretty sure you have making a wild guess here.

            “Why are East Asian girls are both smarter and more feminine than white girls if historically East Asia was way more patriarchal?”

            That is an anti-white statement. I suggest that you mind your tone.

            • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

              Corvinus, go check your white privilege and when you come back from your diversity struggle session remember to stop micro aggressing against people of colour.

              If you think a Chinese feminist who learned about feminist class struggle for four years at Harvard, completely repudiated her culture and probably stopped talking to their parents because they are overly reactionary will be a good wife, than Jim must be right that you haven’t had much interaction with women.

              • Corvinus says:

                “Corvinus, go check your white privilege and when you come back from your diversity struggle session remember to stop micro aggressing against people of colour.”

                Your virtue signalling is duly noted.

                “If you think a Chinese feminist who learned about feminist class struggle for four years at Harvard, completely repudiated her culture and probably stopped talking to their parents because they are overly reactionary will be a good wife, than Jim must be right that you haven’t had much interaction with women.”

                It is a False News Story for you to tout that the majority of white women are other than smart and feminine. Clearly you hate your own kind.

                • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

                  Corvinus, what planet do you live on where western women (not just whites) are feminine considering the divorce rate is 40 to 50 percent, women literally hire lawyers 1 year ahead to plan their divorces in a way that maximizes how much they can squeeze from their husbands, and the illegitimacy rate is through the roof (http://www.realworlddivorce.com/)? As for smarts, if you interacted with them at work, it’s pretty obvious they are mostly affirmative action hires at best. There’s a reason why women are making up all of the sob stories about graduates being 200k in debt and jobless.

                  Also did you just assume I’m white? Did you not read my handle? As a libertarian I don’t necessarily agree with Jim on all women being property but its clear the current situation (afflicting East Asia to a lesser extent) is disastrous, unsustainable and needs to be fixed immediately.

                • Corvinus says:

                  “Corvinus, what planet do you live on where western women (not just whites) are feminine considering the divorce rate is 40 to 50 percent…”

                  Just because this trend is the result of more women initiating divorce does not mean women are other than feminine.

                  “**women literally hire lawyers 1 year ahead to plan their divorces** in a way that maximizes how much they can squeeze from their husbands, and the illegitimacy rate is through the roof (http://www.realworlddivorce.com/)?”

                  You listed a detailed source, but neglected to offer exactly where is this statistic**. Moreover, the source acknowledges that there is generally a 50-50 split in assets and custody. About 95% of divorce cases are settled between the man and woman.

                  “As for smarts, if you interacted with them at work, it’s pretty obvious they are mostly affirmative action hires at best.”

                  No, it is other than “pretty obvious”. Anecdotally, the women at my place of employment were hired because of their skill set, not quotas. In general terms, women are hired based on merit. You sound bitter. Do you have a female boss?

                  “There’s a reason why women are making up all of the sob stories about graduates being 200k in debt and jobless.”

                  All of the sob stories? No, not quite. There are a number of jobless male graduates who also demand their college debt be expunged.

                  “Also did you just assume I’m white? Did you not read my handle? As a libertarian I don’t necessarily agree with Jim on all women being property but its clear the current situation (afflicting East Asia to a lesser extent) is disastrous, unsustainable and needs to be fixed immediately.”

                  Your statement, despite your racial designation, was clearly anti-white, and your characterization of the situation is a classic case of virtue signalling.

                • jim says:

                  No, it is other than “pretty obvious”. Anecdotally, the women at my place of employment were hired because of their skill set, not quotas. In general terms, women are hired based on merit.

                  Low level female employees, such as the girls at the checkout counter are hired on merit. High level female employees quite obviously are not. If you think your female coworkers are hired on merit, you are lying, deluded, or are a low level employee.

                • Corvinus says:

                  “High level female employees quite obviously are not. If you think your female coworkers are hired on merit, you are lying, deluded, or are a low level employee.”

                  Corrected for accuracy –> American business owners hire men and women for their positions in most cases by way of merit and in other cases due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. the boss says to hire a relative, the boss says to hire only men or women, the boss says to hire a minority).

                  You are the one lying. You are the one who is deluded.

                • peppermint says:

                  Don’t you have Facebook posts saying Trump is president-elect to correct for accuracy with Hillary won the popular vote and the electoral college hasn’t voted yet?

          • peppermint says:

            East Asian females need to compete with each other for the continued attention of their shared man. White women marry between 16 and 26, thus they are at their most beautiful then.

          • peppermint says:

            I don’t think the gook species has any meaningful sexual dimorphism. It’s said that the female has ovaries and the male has testes but they have the same amount of body hair, the same breasts and pretty much the same external genitalia. This is why our communists inform us that their culture approves of nudity.

            Evolutionary pressure from White men having sexual choice drove the entire White race to more feminine appearance and behavior, while the google people were driven the other way by their proud black women who don’t need no man. However, if the word feminine is replaced with submissive, then the non-sexually-dimorphic people from the rice swamps of Asia are the most feminine of all.

            As to the intelligence of the female gook, you only know the ones who passed the Mandarin exams and ventured to the West. Probably all estimates of gook intelligence are overestimates, though not to the extreme degree of estimates of Jew intelligence.

            • Cavalier says:

              Do you mean chink or do you mean gook? Gook is SEAsian. Chink is NEAsian. Nip is Japanese. There are some subtleties but nobody can tell them apart anyway.

            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              “Evolutionary pressure from White men having sexual choice drove the entire White race to more feminine appearance and behavior”

              A plausible explanation for our current problems and not a ringing condemnation of the oriental.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Considering she got to Harvard medical school on her own, and is probably descended from the Vietnamese upper middle class, she’s a bit more than that.

          It’s true he got a bad deal.

          On the other hand, that bad deal was probably his free choice. If Zuckerberg had wanted to be an intellectually independent rich guy, he would have sold facebook long ago and put the money in Vanguard funds. The decision to stay in an executive position at facebook was a decision to be a political player, which requires believing in all the requisite political silliness. Since his exit option was so easy and so good, chances are that believing in all the requisite political silliness wasn’t a cost for him.

        • Cavalier says:

          NEAsian women, alone amongst the various nigger species, are fine. Hapa women are finer, to the extent that anyone can tell one girl with one drop of ricenigger blood and one girl with ninety-nine drops of ricenigger blood apart.

          The problem with them is they give birth to supreme gentlemen, though you only need to worry about that if you get stuck in the black hole of Hotel Ricefornia.

          • Cavalier says:

            Also, I bet more than a few billionaires are running such programs on their private islands. I bet their islands aren’t stocked with peasant-tier Third World women, though. I bet they’re top-notch White women vacuumed up by model agencies and whatnot.

        • thinkingabout it says:

          I don’t know about this, Jim. I think you are misled by the fact that being a short, awkward foreign male in a country run by tall, confident white males can be very mentally taxing.

          I imagine that every East Asian man in America is basically undergoing the same mental anguish and torture that Eliot Rodger went through, because they are all short, feminine, incel and easily bullied.

          East Asian women in America, on the other hand, seem to benefit from their higher attractiveness compared to White women. This makes them more confident, outgoing and popular than their male counterparts.

          Asian men’s intelligence vis a vis their women should be assessed in their natural habitats, ie Japan, China etc. Where no sexy white males are around to muddy the waters.

          Another unfortunate consequence of race mixing in the setting of HBD.

          • Cavalier says:

            Every second-generation nonwhite male experiences that same mental anguish and torture. Ricenigger, Currynigger, Nigger, and Sandnigger, they, unlike their naïve parents, are all painfully conscious of their status as token negroes for virtue-signaling SWPLs.

            Ricenigger women are popular because, like the other nigger species of women, they’re easy, and unlike the other *nig women, they’re bangable.

            》Asian seem to benefit from their higher attractiveness compared to White women

            》higher attractiveness compared to White women

            》higher attractiveness

            》compared to White women

            You just overshot the shark right into low Earth orbit.

          • Anony-maus says:

            As an East Asian man in America, I dispute your statement. Life’s harder but we have a pretty strong culture and can manage pretty well all things considered.

  5. lalit says:

    Pagans would certainly support the emancipation of White people, but history indicates to us that the moment you lot kick out Muslims from your lands, you will then support the very same Muslims in Pagan Lands. Every battle between Pagan and Muslim has resulted in White support to the Muslims.

    • jim says:

      That is odd. The history of the last thousand years would indicate that Islam is the great threat to the west.

      Did the colonialists support Islam from the beginning, or did they switch to supporting Islam after 1830 or so?

      • Cavalier says:

        Not so odd if you consider that the Abrahamic religions are a whole lot more like each other than the Pagan religions. The fact that the English language has an epithet specifically to erect a distinction between the Abrahamic religions and everyone else is quite interesting in itself.

      • Cavalier says:

        And by “like each other”, I am of course implying common descent, natural selection, and Darwinian whats-its in general.

      • lalit says:

        Jim, I think I may have over-generalized. Of the four European Colonial powers that tried to set up shop in India, only the Brits supported the Muslims at every turn. Some like the Portuguese were hostile to Muslims. Some of the British support to Muslims can be attributed to RealPolitik, but not all of it. Let us examine each of the four powers that tried to set up shop in India

        1. Portuguese: When they arrived, the Muslims were dominant and the Hindus were slightly weaker. So, as is the case with any power that intends to colonize, they supported the slightly weaker party. Also, as you assert with regards to Whites, the Portuguese were deadly foes of Islam and made a name for themselves by setting fire Muslim passenger ships full of pilgrims bound for and returning from Mecca. Their power came to an end in stages. First, the Hindus they were backing suffered a massive defeat in the battle of Talokota https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Talikota
        This was a beginning of the end. They finally ceased to be a serious player in Indian Politics by 1640 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_India

        2. The Dutch: Their first attempt to interfere in local politics ended in defeat at the battle of Colachel and after this, they ceased to be a player. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Colachel

        3. The French: They spent almost all their time fighting the English and so they never got around to Fighting either Muslims or Hindus. The British finished off their influence in India in 1763 at the end of the Seven Years war

        4. The British: Having evicted the French, the Brits found India of the time dominated by the Marathas, who were a Hindu power. So naturally, they strategically started supporting the slightly weaker party (like the Portuguese), in this case the Muslims except for some rare cases where the Muslims would not play Ball (Some like Tipu Sultan fought both the Brits and the Hindus with predictable results). But what bewilders everyone is that after having completed the conquest of India in 1858, this pro-Muslim policy continued. Some instances

        a. Rudyard Kipling calls Islam a Comprehensible civilization, unlike the Pagans who are incomprehensible or uncivilized. http://takimag.com/article/islams_many_faces_allan_massie/print#axzz4Sh6Zm4Iv
        Kipling is significant because he reflects the thinking of the British administrative Class in India. In this matter, Kipling might have been inspired by Motives that Cavalier alludes to.

        b. Winston Churchill almost converts to Islam. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/11314580/Sir-Winston-Churchill-s-family-feared-he-might-convert-to-Islam.html
        Churchill is significant for the same reasons Kipling is

        c. An example of BBC propaganda, where they call a Hindu scientist, a Bangladeshi one. They ignore the fact that there was no Bangladesh when He was living. They ignore the fact that Bangaldesh has been kicking out Hindus for the last 70 years http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/jagadish-chandra-bose-158-birthday-who-is-he-google-doodle-scientist-crescograph-biophysics-a7445526.html
        The BBC is famous for highlighting Rapes in India and alluding to India as a country of rapists while conveniently ignoring the religion of the perpetrator (Muslim) and the victim (Hindu)

        d. The British have persistently Supported the Rohingya Muslims whose merry rape of Buddhist Burmese women came to an end in 2014 when the Fed up Burmese finally kicked them out. The Brits armed and funded Rohingya while they were around in Burma and even today they show great eagerness to Dump the Rohingya on to Nurma, Thailand, India over a phony genocide while ignoring the real genocide faced by the Yezidis who happen to be pagans

        The cases go on and on. So what I am doing really is Blaming the Brits. A white Resurgence against Islam under Russia’s leadership would be cause for much Pagan celebration. But under Anglo-Saxon leadership, not so much

        • peppermint says:

          Haha, I was told Kipling was right wing, and his poem about the White man’s burden sounded like bitter disagreement ready to give up on fucking with other peoples.

          The ride never ends, does it?

          • lalit says:

            When you have a functioning cohesive society and you look around and see disorganized, warring Rabble everywhere else, the temptation to conquer above mentioned Rabble becomes too great. I think this is exactly that temptation that led to the Romans, Mongols and Brits creating an empire and drowning in the mess of the aftermath. Now, in the style of our Grand Inquisitor Jim, let us attempt to make some predictions for the future.

            Looking at the present and what do you see? We see that the entire Western world is about to dissolve into a Ethnic-Religious war, India dissolving into a Pagan-Abrahamic civil war, the middle east being a usual basketcase, Africa and South America not being a factor at all.

            Now I ask you to turn your gaze towards East Asia. Take a look at Japan and China. What do you see? Both these countries are behaving like real nations. Japan guards it’s borders against immigration with a zeal worthy of Religious fanaticism. Of course in Japan, Religion and Nationalism are indistinguishable. Every Japanese is a Shinto and vice versa. Last year they took in 6 Syrian refugees I believe. The Japanese believe homogeneity in culture and ethnicity is indispensable to social harmony. As for as China, it is an expansionary power. The only culture that has expanded against Islam. The only modern power that openly and actively suppresses Islam and tries to Sinicize the Muslims. Don’t you think that one generation from now while the rest of the world is warring Rabble, and these two countries are the only functioning and cohesive societies, and they look around. What do you think they will want to do? Will they be able to resist the temptation of Empire? I think not! Gentlemen, the Japanese Empire will rise again. The future world will be divided into two Spheres of influence. The Japanese Sphere and the Chinese Sphere. Russia, I believe will stay independent and separate.

            Remember this event where the Portuguese and the Spanish divided the world between themselves?

            Perhaps, History does repeat. If the pagans of India get a choice, We choose Japanese Pagan overlordship! Fuck the Chinese and their Legalism. It is as bad as Abrahamism!

            • jim says:

              East Asians have real nations while whites are self destructing, and the American empire is shutting up shop. So yes, an Asian future seems likely.

              On the other hand, whites, when they are not fighting each other, are the most formidable group. On the gripping hand, no one has much motivation for empire while populations imploding. Whoever restores patriarchy first, they are the ones to bet on. Failing that, we are likely to be ruled by Afghans.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Post-roman Europe was rather fractious and backbiting, yet none of the perennial immivasions of migratory populations from the east fleeing other migratory populations even further east made any significant inroads regardless.

              Hwhytes, as that one cute acronym implies, are W.E.I.R.D.O.s, they diverge from a lot of tendencies that tend to hold true for most of the rest of humanity.

              Japanese are the highest of the east asians, but even they appeared practically stuck in time in terms of tactics, technology, and strategy, as compared to the europoid powers, who exponentially leapfrogged both them and themselves in all these areas in vanishingly small time.

              The chinkbots lack the same level of imagination the neandertalics have, which is necessary not simply for better working towards great things, but for even conceiving of greater things in the first place.

              Presently, the aryan peoples over-specialization towards broad spectrum altruism has been a vector for both self destruction and intensification and exploitation of that self-destruction by interested parties (certain central asian mischlings not the least of which); but at the same time imploding traps have a tendency to suddenly explode at some odd point before the internal teleologic actually runs its full course.

              You could say I’m rather agnostically optimistic in that sense, over the long run.

        • Cavalier says:

          That’s nuts tbh fam. I didn’t know half of those things.

          • lalit says:

            That’s alright, cavalier. Most Indians don’t know 90% of those things either. It is Just like Most Westerners have no idea about where Cultural Marxism originates from and what the goals of the FrankFurt school really were.

            What makes Hindus bitter is that while the West and Hindus are fighting the same foe, The Brits unerringly take the side of the Muslims. And it is not just against the Hindus. The Brits seem to hold the same dim view of Orthodox Christianity. Witness their support of the Turkish Caliphate against Orthodox Russia in the Crimean War, then they provide asylum to Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks! And now again in Syria. Why is this? It seems like in 150 years, British foreign policy has simply not changed and if one looks at British Labor party today (which is the Inner party in Britain much like the Democrats in the U.S.), it looks unlikely to change anytime in the near Future. Why?!? And all this after their own girls were held as sex slaves by Muslim Gangs! Does their hatred for Pagans blind them so much that they will harm themselves so?


            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              The British favoured the Muslims prior to the Mutiny because they were a martial minority. After the Mutiny emphasis shifted to other martial minorites like Sikhs and Gurkhas.

              Britain has variously allied with more or less every faction and neighbour against all of its plausible foes. When Austria is strong, back Prussia. When Prussia is strong, back Austria.

            • Cavalier says:

              If the Brits hold a dim view of Orthodox Christianity and favor the Moslems at Christians’ expense, that does raise some questions regarding my suspicion of Darwinian-esque religious family favoritism whatnot. There’s some difference between Protestant and Catholic, but but there isn’t overly much difference between (pre-Second Vatican) Catholic and Orthodox…right?

              …Unless it isn’t an organic phenomenon but there really is a hidden-hand power structure going on beyond the scenes, and Orthodox Christianity is for whatever reason outside of that power structure. I do have my suspicions regarding Freemasonry, but I suspect Freemasonry is just the tip of the iceberg. Clinton & Co.’s Satanic cult may be a bit deeper, but I think there’s a ginormous mountain of very dark, very disturbing ice lurking underneath the surface.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Many great men in history, then and now, were unconsciously leftish.

      What I mean when I say that is that a great deal of their virtuous capacities were devoted to the object of undercutting their rivals; or more pertinently, undercutting whatever the biggest fish in the pond is.

      What a mistake.

      In any sphere, when a great Power begins to coalesce and exert itself, the unenlightened almost instinctively seek to beat it back down, even to the point of abandoning their own previous rivalries to collaborate; either intentionally, or through acausal trade as a schelling point all end up organizing around.

      This tendency has strangled incipient greatness uncountable times over time, in places high, and low.

      There is no greater tragedy then when sublime entities near the height of their powers end up tearing each other down, leaving a vacuum open for lowly vermin to occupy. How much better it would have been to exert their energies outwards first, and only once Outside is is no longer outside, that there are no longer outsiders, then is it safe, then is it Right, to make new outsides, and face each other.

      Man as he is can hardly arrive at such nobility on his own; only when he gives himself to his god, when he accepts the truth and gospel of God’s plan, of Holy War, will he be ready and able to act honorably in the sacred contest, which is both necessary and inevitable, and so will elevate the divine emanations to greater heights, rather than tear them down.

  6. Well said. I saw this happening 20-25 years ago.

    It’s one of the reasons I moved to South Africa in the late ’90s, to see how Whites lived under kaffir rule and to participate in a race war against blacks. Alas, the race war did not materialize there (yet).

    So, I’ve pretty much expected that this anti-White movement would eventually end up in the US.

    I’m preparing for civil war and race war.

  7. Pepe minion says:

    A succinct analysis. Which way will it go? The possibilities seem to me…

    a) Democracy reforms itself, i.e. Trump succeeds in reversing the trends of decades-to-centuries. I think this is the least likely.

    b) The progressives win without much of a fight. This is the course we’ve been following since roughly the French Revolution (which admittedly did cause quite a fight at the time).

    c) War. The designated genocidees start to fight back, and by ‘fight’ I don’t mean tweets, conferences and memes.

    Is there another way?

    • Joe says:

      More or less peaceful separation, e.g.the breakup of the Soviet Union.

      I doubt the Left would let us peacefully separate if they have control of the government, as they will in a couple elections if current demographic trends continue. To them, we are morally bad people and it would be a sort of sin to allow us to have a sinful nation all to ourselves.

      On the other hand, if they are frightened enough of us, they might decide that separation is the best deal they can get. I am cheered by how really incompetent the Coalition of the Fringes is: the weakest, Pajama-Boy slice of the white population, plus all the various failed fringe groups. Only the Asians have any heft to them and I would tend to think they would be more inclined to align with strong whites than with a bunch of freaks and brown people.

      • Pepe minion says:

        > separation

        Good point, I hadn’t considered that possibility. I share your doubts about progressives’ tolerance for the idea. Most likely they would consider a Whites’ state to be a Nazi abomination and incompatible with their ultimate promised land, which is a world without us.

        They are indeed incompetent; however, as their muslim auxiliaries take a growing role we can expect them to become even less compromising and much more violent. A separate state would find itself becoming more or less permanently at war, like Israel. So perhaps this is a variant of (c).

        • Joe says:

          I don’t see a separate White American state being permanently at war. Presumably we would be neighbor to a Leftist America, but that new leftist America would be no threat to us because it would be about as competent as Venezuela. We would still border Canada and Mexico to some degree but I don’t see them as a threat to us. So who would be attacking us?

          I could see a new White American state being considered a pariah state by the leftist, virtue-signaling European countries, just as South Africa was. But those countries are going to become more right-wing as time passes and the “refugees” cause more problems. And meanwhile we can trade with the rest of the world, who won’t give a shit about us being all white. In fact they will respect and favor us because non-whites admire and respect whites who stand up for themselves.

          • Cavalier says:

            If you cede the leftist areas, you cede the epicenter of world finance, you cede the epicenter of the world’s technology, you cede the epicenter of the world’s military power, etc and so forth.

            Nonwhites benefit far more from trade with whites than whites benefit from trade with nonwhites. What do nonwhites have to offer technological civilization, exactly? Cars, motorcycles, airplanes, nuclear tech, computers, cell phones, high-end industrial capacity? What, sweatshop labor? It seems to me that they primarily contribute by simply happening to squat upon valuable natural resources, à la Saudi Arabia, and selling to us what we could and should simply take.

            Nonwhites, though inferior in most respects, are more practical than we are. They don’t “admire and respect whites who stand up for themselves”, rather, they toe the line and repeat the rhetoric because the white man rules the world, and they quietly plan for the day when the white man has eviscerated himself and rules the world no longer.

            Though you do not realize it, you are a leftist, you big dumb idiot, and like the other leftists you must be whipped into obedience, because like it or not we need the top 2% of cognitive ability, which, yes, has been educated into the most stringent leftist ideological uniformity.

            You lack one attribute of leftism, though; you lack the will to power. You want to white flight again, because you’re a coward. You acknowledge the moral high ground of the “leftist, virtue-signaling European countries”, because you’re a cuck. You don’t want to conquer your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women, because you’re an emasculated little weakling-bitch shadow of a man.

            You have to want to win, you sniveling little wretch. Start putting yourself first, Mr. Stain, Mr. Cuck “they will respect us and favor us” Stain. Run along back to your mommy’s skirts, you “because non-whites admire and respect whites who stand up for themselves” faggot. Desire not the admiration and respect of your natural inferiors, the various shit-skinned species of niggers; desire them to grovel in the dirt at your merciless feet. “Stand up for themselves”…good Kek.

            Thirst for CONQUEST.

            • Joe says:

              Your over-emotional response reminds me of the way blacks interact on the black chat boards I visited years back. Someone would make a point and then three others would attack him with the worst insults they could come up with rather than address his points. Every discussion devolved into each trying to one-up the other with the most biting insults. It’s no wonder they can’t maintain a decent society.

              If you can pause in your hyperventilation for a moment to look at Pepe Minion’s post, which I was responding to, he asked if there were any other options. So I laid out the separation option because that is another option. We are allowed to discuss the various options, aren’t we? Is that OK with you, dipshit?

              • Cavalier says:

                I enjoy pompous rhetoric, Clit McGee, you giant pussy, grow a pair.

                Also, try engaging that formidable pair of gelatinous grey blobs you call frontal lobes. I clearly outlined why your plan of separation is retarded: we need the lefty brainpower whipped into line to administer to the future of Western civilization, and we cannot afford to be reduced to a rump breadbasket state, unless you want us to be conquered and reduced to the breadbasket of the to-be world-spanning NCO, the New Chinese Order, slavishly feeding the Chinese space colonists as China, not the West, colonizes the Milky Way.

                We sit at THE watershed moment, this is it, this is the moment of universe-historical proportions.

              • peppermint says:

                Harold Covington thinks he can turn Portlandia into total fascism with extermination for faggots and skypes and googlers with a smalll army of RWDS while the rest of the country and the rest of the world remaining just as commie. That and the implicit feminism are the worst things about his otherwise great Northwest Novels.

                Goading Caliphornia into separatism is a good idea because it is a containment zone and will collapse within a decade while taking its electoral votes off the map, and everyone knows it, so merely talking about it is a good idea.

                But if RWDS ever become possible in Seattle, they’ll be possible elsewhere too. If the left loses anywhere, it means Aryan victory is possible and it will quickly lose everywhere. Secession is thus a tactical maneuver to show how dependent the enemy is on centralization, and if it’s successful we take everything.

                The enemy isn’t stupid enough to actually want secession even though it means a bunch of duplicated government offices to fill.

                • Cavalier says:

                  Ceding the strategic epicenters as a tactical maneuver in order to seize EVERYTHING is entirely different than ceding that which you own by right because you’re a cuck like Joe Schmoe over here.

                  I fully endorse the strategy of elastic defense.

              • Jack Highlands says:

                Sure Cavalier has some strong rhetoric, but the point is that Whites can’t separate our way to greatness. (All this top-down separation stuff is LARPing anyway: since Covington started his novels, at least two states, CO and NV, have flipped red-to-blue because of bottom-up demographics, and White flight is also a longstanding form of grassroots separation.)

                And this stuff does have a personal dimension: the kind of White men who would lack the courage to keep New England, NY and CA in America would all too often be the very kind who would quickly mail-order for Asians and Latinas to marry them, resulting in a Brown country anyway.

                Raising the break-up of the USSR (not to mention CSFR or Yugoslavia) is a good intellectual exercise, but not germane here. The USSR was always a proxy for Russia, which at various times has been Great Russia, Little Russia and White Russia. Every other one of the 15 states in the USSR, 2 in the CSFR and 6 in Yugoslavia is a physically or demographically small buffer state (hell, so are Little Russia and White Russia, but they can at least be seen as historically legitimate parts of Russia).

                The point is that Russia is an organic ethno-historical power that cannot simply be willed in and out of existence at the stroke of a pen. And even Russia had a close call in the 90’s, with repercussions that continue today in Little Russia.

                Note that Russia never separated its way to greatness. Groups of forest and marsh-dwelling Slavs became a proto-state under foreign Viking rulers in the late Dark ages, exchanged those for Tatar dominance in the medieval and finally started their greatest expansion coincidentally with Britain in the Elizabethan. Russians could survive the breakup of the USSR because their ancestors were tough bastards who were willing to drive their enemies before them, leaving their descendants a large territory. White Americans once did the same, but their descendants? – We shall see.

            • jim says:

              White flight is inevitable, and conquest impractical, until we do something about our total fertility rate. We need to disenfranchise and de-emancipate women.

              • Robert says:

                Global Apartheid is the same thing as global communism. We lost world war II, and the communists won, and they have been winning ever since.

                If Trump doesn’t deport millions of blacks and browns from America, then the trends we have been seeing for the last fifty years will continue. This means that we will become a minority in our own lands, and we will see levels of persecution like the whites in South Africa see, probably worse.

                Sheer numbers matter, but numbers aren’t the only thing that matters, what matters more is cohesion, organization. Ten men, completely unified, can dominate one hundred who are unorganized.

                Currently we are scattered and divided. We have taken the idea of independence to ludicrous extremes. Step one is to become better organized, create real life relationships.


                • lalit says:

                  “Ten men, completely unified, can dominate one hundred who are unorganized”

                  Given the ratio of the Armed forces/police to the general population, I’d say the ratio is much more. More like ten men, completely unified, can dominate 1000 men who are unorganized.

              • Cavalier says:

                Vigorous fertility is necessary if we are to have a surplus of people who can make Mexico, Central America, South America, South East Asia, India, Africa, and the Middle East great the way that 17th- and 18th-century England once made America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand great, but it is not strictly speaking necessary to make white flight white fight, to find the balls to say, “Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel…kneel”, and to deport 100 million foreigners, though of all available indicators it is of course the one most apt to herald the grisly execution of the last man, the Patriarchy ascendant, and the coming of the Übermensch.

                Yes, I am now in my mind imagining the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey, space baby and all.

          • Pepe minion says:

            > that new leftist America would be no threat to us
            > those countries are going to become more right-wing

            I wish I could share your optimism. If the current equalist jihad transforms into the old fashioned Islamic kind, the ‘leftist’ America will be (part of) a Caliphate, determined to convert by force. It won’t be content to live next door to infidel Whitey enjoying far greater prosperity. True, being on the receiving end of rockets and suicide bombs is preferable to what the equalists have in mind for us, but it’s not an appealing solution.

            On Europe, we’ve yet to see any major upset unless you count Brexit. If Marine Le Pen wins, OK that’s a good start. I suspect that the votes of women and of the ever-rising tide of colonists mean no hope in democracy. We’ll see.

            • pdimov says:

              “On Europe, we’ve yet to see any major upset unless you count Brexit.”

              You have to keep in mind that post-WW2 (western) Europe is occupied territory.

              Once American influence subsides or vanishes, Europe will be much more upsetting than it is now.

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Won’t happen. As our host said, these guys are going to kill the golden goose. But, he understates. The socialist elements of the world will not only kill the goose – they will carefully cook it, garnish it with all the trimmings, THEN throw away all the food.

        Leftist states and cities are already bankrupting themselves and falling into ruin as per Detroit and California. Without some kind of bailout they will become third world countries within your own borders and they will need to prey on productive states to survive.

        Be watchful. I see some form of ‘equalization payment’ scam for the States similar to that of Canada. A benevolent central gov’t will paint the welfare states as some kind of victim the way Ottowa does with Socialist Quebec. The other provinces pay into a pot, hands out cash to Quebec and divides the rest amongst provinces and territories of lesser importance. Of course, the carpetbagger politicos will take their cut too. Anyone that complains will be outed as heartless and unpatriotic… Or “deplorable” in Yank parlance.

        That will be the peaceful part. Things will get nasty when the parasites bankrupt the producers.

        I see an “equalization payment” scam in the future, similar to Canada’s.

  8. viking says:

    Women are an even bigger target.White men should exert their authority over white women by exerting their protection over them.Ever try to interfere in a fight between a man and his woman, the surest way to get her to stop fighting him is when he starts fighting you.hes gone from a low status man defending himself from a female to a high-status man fighting a male.The muslims must be attacked not as threatening men but as dogs.We will not allow the dogs in we shall kill the curs on site for the sake of the women and children the dogs must die.

  9. viking says:

    Global apartheid should be answered with; But Israel needs a safe space where its people can thrive and its culture can be preserved.So too do the Tibetans,the trannys and Europeans need their nations.
    Yes its a variation on dem be the real racists except GOP fails at that meme cause they suck at memes.GOP memes require a familiarity economic theories. Chimp memes are simple i want what he gots.

  10. viking says:

    If you are correct that all jews are not evil. Only some are, most are like most good whites simply trying to be nice with good jews having added incentive of hiding among sea of minorities not as smart as them.And a few are actually right wing. And I BTW tend to agree with the above, while seeing it as a much bigger problem than you seem to.
    So if we think attempting politics while waiting for collapse is worth while.Then it seems targeting the jews is worth while.Cuckjew approach should be aimed at the donators to a party run by muslim brotherhood. Average goodjews should be forced to think about whether they are really on board with that or would prefer to help Trump and his jew family make america 1955 again.Good nazi bad nazi should be run on jews. Jew Privilege must end should be the response to white privilege must end. Jews should only get 2% of spots at Harvard and Goldman Sachs and working in govt or law or medicine.If whites didnt build that then its even more incredulous that a 2% population could have control of 50% of wealth and power since world war two ended must be Jew privilege. Pretty soon Jews will start writing thoughtful pieces on why actually whites did build that.

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