No enemies to the right

Observe that no enemies to the left works great for the left. Obama was an office boy to Bill Ayers, communist and terrorist, and no one ever asks him to disown communists and terrorists.

Similarly observe that no enemies holier than oneself works great for Islamists:

“Hello, I am a moderate Muslim, a very moderate Muslim, with extensive connections to immoderate Muslims and considerable influence over them, so give me a basket full of degrees from high status universities and a big cadillac with girls in the front and sacks of money in the back, or else my immoderate friends might be displeased with you.”

If we disown Nazis then we have to have to disown those one step removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown those two steps removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown anyone whom the left points the finger at and screams “racist” at, and then we are cuckservatives.

If the lips are gone the mouth will feel cold. Having actual unironic Nazis in the alt-right makes it safe for me to be in the alt-right, since leftists will be too busy having mental breakdowns at the actual unironic Nazis to have mental breakdowns at me.

The left has a thousand points of evil and madness, while anyone who disagrees on a single one of those points is “literally worse than Hitler”. The alt-right is everyone who is “literally worse than Hitler”.

Typically one alt-rightist is “literally worse than Hitler” because he disagrees on one point, while another alt-rightist disagrees on a different point, so typically two alt rightists have nothing in common except the nine hundred and ninety eight points where they agree with the left.

How then should we deal with disagreements within the alt-right?

One cannot debate everyone, but you should never criticize a fellow alt-rightist you are unwilling to debate. And if you do criticize them, and do not wish to debate them, retract, apologize, and affirm alliance against the common enemy.

Remember you grew up immersed in leftism, that your media shows a radically false picture of life. In the media fathers and husbands are always wicked and/or incompetent, and generally bad for women and children, female sexuality is always chaste and pure, blacks are always magical, women never divorce men for foolish and wicked reasons, all criminals are affluent white males. So if you disagree with your fellow alt-rightist there is a very high chance that you do so in ignorance, foolishness, or even wickedness, since you were raised on media that presents evil as clever, nice, and high status, and good as stupid, nasty, and low status.

Always criticize a fellow alt-rightist as a brother, not an enemy. If you criticize your brother, it is because you want to speak to him, and him to speak to you. If you criticize your brother, you must first be willing to learn where he is coming from, you must first want to learn where he is coming from.


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  1. Zach says:

    This is the most important part:

    “If we disown Nazis then we have to have to disown those one step removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown those two steps removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown anyone whom the left points the finger at and screams “racist” at, and then we are cuckservatives.”

    It’s inherent in the logic of “no enemies to the right” but I think that is a nice snapshot explanation of why “no enemies to the right” makes sense, and highlights a disturbing pattern if not followed.

    • jim says:

      If your enemies tell you to do something, it is a pretty good sign that you should not do that thing.

      • viking says:

        yeah but
        there is a difference. not to me Im ok with viral warfare on everyone non white today.
        If we cant actually win a civil war and must win hearts and minds. there a line around nazis most hearts and minds wont cross, because theyre jews and christians or just earthfags.

        There a lot of quality white nationalism that is technically not nazi not even a bit. yeah sure they call everyone a nazi, but coulter richwine buchanan moldbug auster jayman and 10,000 others may be called nazis till blue in face but no reasonable person can agree.
        reasonable people were rare -till recently
        leftism hit the singularity just as those 10,000 hit their stride and the average white became exhausted with leftism.

        so all of a sudden there were reasonable people listening again instead of being told what to think.The boy who cried racist seemed a fool. HBD anti immigration self determination anti islam etc are not at all the same as nazism {it doesnt matter half of us wish hitler had one they cant read minds]
        so people are listening and ignoring the shreiks, the permanent revolution is dying because they were too successful and over reached and targeted nice people, so no one believed them that deporting illegal aliens was like Auschwitz.
        Oh Shure some saw the pepes and other meme work but it was online banter trolling the cucks and libtards
        But honestly very few real american actually saw this. trust me if you post racist sexist crap on breitbart and say youre alt right the christian tea party will tell you your a soros false flag operation making them “the real alt right” who they think is Palin Coulter Trump the tea party Breitbart and maybe some Molyneux videos. So this idea that “we” put trump in the white house is delusional, from our perspective we have grown a thousand fold in the last year or two, from the real perpective we are still a speck.
        So back to
        … so the lefts back on its heels and who comes to its rescue, actual nazis, Oh sure they have worse uniforms kind of hipster suits and danceteria haircuts from the 80s, But they speak goebbelish, they do that funny salute,the whole jew bit, its all their even the KKK and the lads at stormfront dont have such great nazi production values.

        Now heres the thing its not just that the press can actually point at real live nazis but they can link those nazis to every one of us, even the god damn president re tweeted Pepe.

        Ok that may be hillarious in a way but its going to be very expensive.Because we are linked mold bugs linked coulters linked all of us in one way or another has at some point linked to spenser who claims to have coined the term altright.
        Oh yeah youre right theres no point in disavowing him it wouldnt help and would be disgraceful,

        Its Just That

        we lost the edge we had.
        last week they really were leugenpresser and we really were not nazi
        This week we really are nazis so they really are not leugenpresser anymore
        And this will hurt in turning hearts and minds.Now if we had enough hearts and minds we could simply say get in the fucking oven leugenpresser but we dont have the power. we need to right ratchet get a bit more power reset the fulcrum ratchet again- just like they did.
        we have this opportunity because they overeached, now we over reached

        • jim says:

          Ok that may be hillarious in a way but its going to be very expensive.Because we are linked mold bugs linked coulters linked all of us in one way or another has at some point linked to spenser w

          If it is expensive, then we have lost already.

          Because whatever they do to us because linked to Spenser, they are going to do to us because linked to Trump.

          • viking says:

            I get the they will do it anyway, but my point is they are losing their grip on the average joe the average joe has been educated over the last decade on mind control and propaganda ironically by guys like alex jones and glen beck but a lot of others, so the average joe is taking a more rational look at conservative arguments.
            Now you cant underestimate the importance of this. this was moldbugs foundation a mind control cathedral, and this has been the cuckservatives failing reason never worked.But I think reason is working again the spell has been broken partly from exhaustion but mostly from left overreach, so now average joe can follow a right argument and see the left lunacy, but if we start wearing nazi uniforms and cartoons while they continue with pseudo-science thats asking a lot of average joe and right now we need a lot more average joes before we can give zero fucks,maybe i give average joe to little credit but my experience with rural and suburban christians is they dont have a sophisticated sense of humor in fact have armored themselves against that sort of decadence,and jews theyre not coming anywhere near nazis

            • Cavalier says:

              Neo-“Nazis” are the overeager, rambunctious little tykes whose hair you ruffle and send them on their way. The neo-Nazi is the slightly loopy, slightly dumb nephew bumbling about, who you make a few private jokes about but never insult to his face or denounce in public.

              The libs are attacking the neos because the neos are the leftmost of the deplorable coalition. With their shocking words and passé salutes they make those that want to restore the Stuarts look benign in comparison. In short, they absorb the bullets so you don’t have to. And they will be a liability when and only when they are the leftmost group in the political sphere, at which point they will be discarded.

  2. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    The left asking you to condemn someone is precisely *why* you shouldn’t do it.

    lrn2memewar folks.

  3. peppermint says:

    Hippies were always elite elitists. The real 60s counterculture was Rockwell and Johnny Rebel. Hippies have google and tranny children and incredible arrogance because they gaslighted themselves into thinking that gaslighting everyone all the time would always be a winning strategy. Now they will be enslaved or executed.

    Nazis don’t actually exist, but people too far right to take christcuckoldry seriously do exist, and so do people who respect Hitler’s achievements, and hate the same international clique of banksters and communists, i.e. hippies, that Hitler did.

  4. JRM says:

    @Jim: great piece. Should be a “sticky” on every right-leaning website.

  5. Robert says:

    If we define the farthest right you can go as truth, as perfect thought, perfect action, as God, then you would be a fool to criticize any to the right of yourself. The problem is that we all don’t agree what the ideal right man looks like. Some say Hitler is to the left of them and some say he is to the right. If Hitler is not our perfect man, who is?

    • Randy the Random says:

      The Founding Fathers?

      How could Hitler have been perfect when he utterly failed and caused the largest white genocide in the history of mankind?

      Obviously, he fucked up. He should have made peace with his white neighbors. Instead, he was a power hungry lunatic who sacrificed his own white people for his insane ambitions.

      Why do you think people love Trump? He has no malice in his heart. He is richer than a King, has a legion of kids, a goddess of a wife. The man is satisfied, and would not have taken this job unless it was important to him to do some good.

      • Sam J. says:

        “…He should have made peace with his white neighbors…”

        Make peace with Stalin? Please. Stalin’s plan all along was to wait until all of Europe was embroiled in war and weakened then roll the whole lot up. Read Viktor Suvorov’s “Chief Culprit Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II”. His book “Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?”, which covers much of the same material but not as thoroughly can be downloaded here.

        It covers much of the same territory.

      • viking says:

        The Founding Fathers?
        wow dude did you get lost and stumble in here. The founding fathers on the alt right/reaction are considered the leftist masonic globalist revolutionaries that brought us such absurdities as all men are created equal and who fucked the whole world up overthrew a legitimate and good king then exported their revolution to france and russia then the world

  6. […] has done an eloquent argument for having no enemies to the right. I have little to add to it. What I will do is talk what I know about, language. See, the alt-right […]

  7. Edward Liu says:

    I believe that /pol/ has the best strategy: that we are an all-inclusive big tent that allows for deviations from the norm, including neo-nazi larpers, but they cannot be allowed to define all of us, including minorities who support nationalism.

  8. viking says:

    No enemies to the right is a good strategy but the correlation is if youre simply going to be a neo nazi dont try to gain respectability for your losing strategy by linking yourself to more intelligent strategies. This cocksucker faglover spensor is trying to get rich and famous by co opting the dissident right knowing the press only yawn at neo nazis nowadays so hes implying hes with the rest of us. What hes now done is drag many down to his level people like Breitbart ann coulter people who have actually moved the ball now have to explain why they have connections to an alt right that is coined by this spenser whos playing gay nazi, so no enemies to the right and long knives for nazifags who embarrass us

  9. Joe says:

    Also, it would actually be pretty clever to openly abandon the “alt-right” label now. Be fluid, be like water, as Kung Fu said. We’re done with “alt-right” – on to the next political identity. We move on and leave an empty husk for the Left to joust with.

    • viking says:

      yes i misread spenser and kept arguing he should beep a bright line btween his neo white nationalism and neo nazis turns out there was no distinction so abandon ship back to heroic reaction or something

  10. Rick.Sean says:

    I think the core of the debate is that many people joined the alt-right on the premises that it was a hard right movement with enough common sense not to act like actual nazis and klansmen.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, and another way of framing the core of the debate is “what do we do about the historical association of white nationalism (which is normal, health, and perfectly defensible) with Naziism (which is supremacist, genocidal, and evil)? Do we emphatically disassociate ourselves from it, or do we disarm it by laughing at it and mockingly embracing it?”

      While I understand the people who want to take the mocking/meme approach – and they’ve had a lot of success at making the white nationalist movement seem cool and edgy, and have thrown the Left back on their heels – I agree with RamZPaul that anything Nazi-associated is permanently toxic (rightfully so, they were evil) and should be abandoned. There is a clear and sensible line to be drawn between Nazi-style supremacism/conquest/extermination/’Master Race’ ideology and common sense racial realism/peaceful-white-identity ideology. We are unbeatable on the latter because there is no real way to object to peaceful white people wanting to identify as such and live in safety apart from others. But the Nazi stuff is indefensible and it is stupid and frankly juvenile to play around with it.

      • viking says:

        one pretty hard core approach would be the lefts tactic use the ‘far right’ and offer to settle in the reasonable center short of ovens. it might be early for this to be explicit but i think the jews have to be given a chance to flip and might need some persuading otherwise its war im afraid

      • jim says:

        anything Nazi-associated is permanently toxic (rightfully so, they were evil) and should be abandoned.

        Communism is ten times as evil as nazism, and the left has not abandoned it.

        If we let the left tell us who we can associate with, it is weakness that the left will exploit unmercifully.

        • Rick.Sean says:

          I don’t think owning communism was a good move of the left. You are giving them too much credit. An ideology needs a way to purge its heretics. This time their inability to keep in check their SJW component that made them lose the battle. Now they are losing everywhere. They are still strong in the media and the academy of course, and we need to hold on until we defeat them there as well.

          • jim says:

            Alt-right is not an ideology. It is a discussion goup and a community of people who have been deemed literally worse than Hitler for discussing the unthinkable.

            • Oliver Cromwell says:

              Agreed. All attempts I have seen to define the alt-right write out parts of the movement. Let the commies kill one another in schisms.

              • pdimov says:

                The alt right is defined by (1) the desire to win against the left for a change and (2) the realization that to win, winning needs to be a priority.

                • anon says:

                  Guys like Rick.Sean have no idea of how to win, only of how to countersignal.

        • viking says:

          yeah but they also own the cathedral so they control the frame the frame they make is that only wonky rightwingers actually think communists who had good intentions are really as bad as nazis who hated the jews and put them in ovens.They are asleep by the time we start giving them the math.

      • pdimov says:

        “I agree with RamZPaul that anything Nazi-associated is permanently toxic…”

        Permanence doesn’t last as long as it used to. You can see with your own eyes how the toxicity of Nazism has diminished.

        Nazi LARPing, oven memes, #hitlerdidnothingwrong, and so on would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. And I think that, on this point, many confuse cause and effect. The appearance of all these things is a consequence of Nazism becoming less toxic, not a cause.

        Stated bluntly, the people who think that Nazism is permanently toxic are dying out.

        At some point, the proper response to the historical association of white nationalism with Nazism would be to simply ignore it. Maybe we aren’t yet there, but this is the way to bet. Nothing is permanent.

        • anon says:

          Permanently toxic. What a joke. These people understand nothing. Trump was an impossibility two years ago.

          • viking says:

            No we have been asking for trump since at least carter no make that goldwater. and trumps not the one.The question is what do they want, they really only want good governance, if hitler were elected and goverened well theyde re elect him but he will never get a first term

    • viking says:

      you probably havnt been around long alt right only a couple years old and youre right it wasnt really to be more than a schism from reaction that recognized it might be time for action and to stop pretending white nationalism was only theoretically preferable but rather to implement as much as possible in europe total in the usa trump at his most deplorable and then some

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        As a European it is hard for me to get too excited about white nationalism. Sure, white nationalism would improve the US. However, the outcome of the white nationalist programme was the reality in the country of my birth in the year of my birth; there was still plenty of progressivism causing plenty of damage. The Warsaw Pact was de-facto a white nationalist empire; there was still plenty of progressivism causing plenty of damage. Cambodia under Pol Pot was as good as 100% Cambodian; you know what happened to them.

        White nationalism is bandaging up one of the wounds, nothing more than that. White nationalism has always been a bigger deal in the US (both belief in and opposition to it) because the American blacks were so unusually damaging, by far the biggest single immediate problem; white nationalism may therefore appear to Americans like a panacea but it is not.

        The reason I despair of the Trump crowd is that as soon as the non-whites would be gone (and they have no real plan for even getting that far) these same people will become socialists and try to destroy the white elite. A lot of the talk about Jews among white nationalists is just a way of legitimising saying they want to destroy the white elite, without appearing to themselves as traitors.

        This was always Moldbug’s point: there is no demotic solution to problems created by demotism, not in the long run. The Turkeys will never vote for Christmas so the only path to victory is a reactionary elite taking power by force.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          >A lot of the talk about Jews among white nationalists is just a way of legitimising saying they want to destroy the white elite, without appearing to themselves as traitors.

          Or rather, simply an expression of the natural animal instinct of xenoskepticism that any and all right thinking and adaptive people would have. JFC.

          • viking says:

            nah I think you just get into the jew hate if you think about their ingratitude and traitorous behavior too long and that theyre outsiders or see themselves as such

  11. Rick.Sean says:

    > If we disown Nazis then we have to have to disown those one step removed from Nazis, and then we have to have to disown those two steps removed from Nazis

    No we don’t. It’s not hard to draw a line at people who sig-heil or make nazis salutes in public. And the reason we should draw that line is not because the left is asking us to, it’s because those people show incredibly bad judgment and tend to destroy anything they associate with regardless of what the left says about them.

    • pdimov says:

      Whereas people who insist that we should disown Nazis have never destroyed anything.

    • Joe says:

      I agree that it’s not hard to draw a line at Nazi and Klan stuff. Nazi and Klan stuff is poison. The association with Nazis and the Klan is what’s kept common-sense white identity from winning for a long time.

      Sure, we can listen to the misguided brothers who are trying to rehabilitate or meme Nazi stuff, that’s fine. But anyone who tries to associate us with Nazis, whether by throwing Nazi salutes at meetings or in any other way, should be politely but firmly corrected and then shunned if necessary.

      Maybe Obama doesn’t try to defend himself from Commie linkages but he’s not out there at his political rallies calling people “comrade” and asking the crowd to sing the Internationale or whatever that commie song is, either. There’s basic common sense and it’s stupid to make it easy for your enemies to associate you with the indefensible.

      I understand the impulse of young Rightists to try to defeat the Nazi accusations by agreeing and amplifying, but it’s too easy for it to be used against you out of context. You have to be smarter than that for the long game.

      I think it would be better, too, not to have any gatherings of the white nationalist right at all until we are able to have gatherings of 200,000 or more at a time. All it does is provide a way for opponents to sneak in and cause photo-opportunity disruptions like throwing Nazi salutes or starting fights at Trump rallies. We do just fine online and maybe we should focus on this front.

    • peppermint says:

      » just looking at them objectively, they tend to be low skill/low IQ whites with a predisposition toward violence against their political enemies.

      has the ADL been condemned for racketeering over the donation pledged from the restaurant those low IQ NPI goys went to that was attacked and vandalized by parastatals?

      Has anyone condemned the parastatals?

      Does anyone blame the rhetoric of the BLM leaders for the assassinations of police at BLM “peaceful protests”?

      Does anyone even expect leftist 501(c)3’s not to engage in electioneering?

      The line you’re looking for is “Nazis don’t exist, the people who say they’re nazis are just making fun of how everyone who doesn’t like the idea of giving transgender hormones to children is a nazi, there hasn’t been a single murder by nazis but look at BLM, and if there is anyone who looks up to Hitler – and there are people who look up to notorious rapist Eldridge Cleaver, his book is read in college classes – it’s because White men are systematically insulted in college.”

      I’m pretty sure that line is something I could get away with in polite company.

      • viking says:

        yeah the left doesnt respect our rationality and moral equivalence they wont respect it as voxx said until we have a gun to their head

  12. Axel says:

    We should make a rule to keep our criticism or each other private. I myself have made the mistake of violating this rule. I’ll do better.

  13. I agree with no enemies to the right, but Nazis are not on the right. Adolf Hitler hated everything the right traditionally believed in – royalty, aristocracy, and the church. He was a revolutionary, not a reactionary (reaction is condemned by name in the Horst Wessel Lied). His party and movement was a synthesis of two nineteenth century leftisms. Socialism was one. Nationalism was the other. Nationalism is thought of as being on the right today, because of the internationalism, globalism, and universalism of the SJW style left, but the left began with Rousseau’s concept of “the sovereignty of the people” and nationalism was one variation of that, in which the sovereign people were the “volk”, the ethnic nation, and throughout the nineteenth century nationalist movements largely overlapped with anti-royalist, anti-aristocratic, anti-church, revolutionary movements of the left. Hitler’s anti-Bolshevism was not that of polar opposition, it was that of sibling rivalry. Hitler and Nazism were not liberal, but they were certainly leftist. Of course, to the progressive left of the present day, everyone who does not agree with them on racial equality, multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the like is a “Nazi”, and that would include mostly people on the right, but actual Hitlerism, if there is any left in the world, is leftist.

    • Lalit says:

      You’re missing the point of Jim’s post and instead drowning in semantics. The western alt-right needs the Nazis so as to keep the left busy with their antics while the alt right proceeds with it’s agenda staying under the radar.

      Every time an alt rightist is asked to denounce the nazis, he must instead denounce the leftie fringe such as eco terrorists, gulag, Khmer Rouge etc. Learn to play the game guys. No wonder you keep losing to the left.

      • viking says:

        Oh so we should tell the left they are the real nazis? yeah that will work.I think maybe we ought to get away from this populism is leftism and focus on what are the volk asking for are they asking for leftist or rightist policy if they are asking for leftist policy then ask ourselves as their leaders where have we failed the that they would ask for that which is counter to their interests. The case for the people are leftist is not made at least in the USA the people despite two parties playing good cop bad cop, the most sophisticated propaganda machine nay Matrix the lefts total control of the media entertainment academia et etc the people have consistently not voted for leftism the people have consistently voted for passed petitions for thrown out judges and politicians for rightism for order law free markets and a preservation of traditional culture, the left has had to gaslight them they could to think that leftism was the one supporting those rightist things. The people have done yeoman’s work the elites have been the leftists
        additionally the people are sovereign ultimately, all civilization and property right are based on violence or the threat of violence, the people hold that title the people can fire the entire government anytime they want but the people are wise and a are slow to do something so drastic that will lead to much blood and loss of treasure.
        This whole moldbugian theme is clever but it doesnt doesnt match reality Trump proves my theory as if it needed proving, unfortunately the leftist elites are ahead of the game and and trump was a bad choice we were given so it will be war

      • Sam J. says:

        “…Every time an alt rightist is asked to denounce the nazis, he must instead denounce the leftie fringe such as eco terrorists, gulag, Khmer Rouge etc. Learn to play the game guys. No wonder you keep losing to the left…”
        No. We must say Ni!

        • pdimov says:


          What you need to understand about leftists is that

          1. They think of themselves as good
          2. They think of you as bad
          3. They think you share their idea of good or bad, or in other words, that you know that they are good and you are bad.

          When interacting with leftists, the most effective rhetorical strategy is to show them that you don’t share their idea of good and bad, that you think of yourself as good and of them as bad, that you don’t accept their terms, that you don’t cede them the moral authority to determine what is good and what is bad.

          So when they accuse someone of being a Nazi, you should act AS IF they are praising him.

        • Sam J. says:

          What I mean by Ni! is from the Monty Python movie of the Knights of Ni!

          When you say right or wrong I just make fun of them altogether. Try it. Next time someone calls you racist say,”Ni!”.

    • thinkingabout it says:

      We had royalty (the Clintons), aristocracy (trust fund babies and Wall street insiders) and the Church (Harvard/PC/globalism/multicult/homoworship).

      Was that “right wing”? You could make an argument that that was indeed the case – a hereditary aristocracy and caste system was beginning to form in America.

      Trump, this blog, and the alt-right in general rebelled against that emerging hierarchy, in the name of racial identity, nationalism and, frankly, egalitarianism (“drain the swamp!”).

      • Hoyos says:

        Not royalty by a long shot. Royalty isn’t just money and power. By that logic Al Capone was royalty. Same goes for aristocracy. It’s about order, duty, and the source of authority.

        A “church” is also not The Church.

        Come on, by that logic everyone has all three all the time just because there are surface similarities. I can eat bread and I can eat sand, but that doesn’t make sand food.

      • viking says:

        exactly why moldbug might just be a leftist Manchurian we have rule by elites and its leftist the populist people always vote rightist, and to hear Lands version of neoreaction its basically clinton on a space station

    • peppermint says:

      » He was a revolutionary, not a reactionary

      what does this even mean?

      » royalty, aristocracy, and the church

      yes, he explained in Mein Kampf that the Habsburg Monarchy was cucking the Germans in an attempt to buy the loyalty of the Czechs and Serbs.

      • peppermint says:

        Franco had too much respect for royalty and the church, both of which betrayed Spain and turned the country into what it is today. The Romanian Iron Guard was also betrayed by royalty. That’s why Jim emphasizes memetic sovereignty and calls for the general to declare himself king.

        Please consider that the people in control of the institutions are the commies who need to be rooted out of the institutions, so a blanket approval of clergy and aristocrats is suicidal.

        Don Diego de la Vega just wanted to protect the people of Los Angeles from corrupt officials and the bandits they protected or permitted to exist, but didn’t want to stage a full scale fascist insurrection, so he put on the Zorro mask. The KKK has a similar origin story, but they couldn’t stage an insurrection because they had already fought that war and lost.

    • pdimov says:

      “I agree with no enemies to the right, but Nazis are not on the right. Adolf Hitler hated everything the right traditionally believed in – royalty, aristocracy, and the church.”

      Hitler hated royalty and aristocracy? How un-American of him.

      • viking says:

        Jefferson was a leftist revolutionary who later exported his revolution to france and russia now Syria . america is a communist country

        • Cavalier says:

          America is a liberal country, the prototypical liberal country. To refer to it as “communist” is to debase the meaning of the word. It is however fair to say that in the late 19th/early 20th century, America exported communism.

          • viking says:

            we redistribute wealth on a massive scale pretty much the maximum you can and not immediately collapse.I think Moldbugs AIACC is fair, it is probably fair to say America is also a leftist country, America has always been a leftist country it has not always been a communist country.I dont think however americans are communists or leftists, only 10% wanted a war with king George and americans were so anti communist and anti leftists elites had to import niggers to push the agenda through

  14. Glenfilthie says:

    Your mistake, Jim, is in assuming the left’s tactics are working for them, and that we must emulate them to survive. Because the Left does not discriminate between the lunatic and the sensible, they are at constant risk of the loons running away with the party as they did with Obama. When they tried to do the same with a rancid cunt like Hillary, they were soundly defeated. Had the sense to distance themselves from howler monkeys like Obama,or shreieking whores like Hillary, Trump wouldn’t have come anywhere close to winning.

    Fascists and socialists are too stupid to see beyond their own dogma and bullshit. So are many of the Alt-Right. Joe Six Pack is not a racist. He’s a good shit that wants a good job, a slice of the American Dream and a comfy chair in front of the TV on game night.

    Trump understands this and knows that the Alt Right knows nothing about financial prosperity or how to attain it and expand it… Which is why he threw them indefinitely the bus yesterday. Trump is a money man – not an ideologue. Joe Sixpack is sick of that shit which is why he voted for Trump.

    Dunno about you, but yes, we DO have enemies to the right and the left. They are beatable because they are inherently self defeating anyways. $$$ trumps politics every time, boys. That’s why Donald’s in charge.

    • peppermint says:

      » $$$ trumps politics every time, boys. That’s why Donald’s in charge.

      this could not possibly be more wrong

    • Lalit says:

      No enemies to the right until you annihilate everyone to the left. That’s how it works, mate!

    • Steve Johnson says:

      “Dunno about you, but yes, we DO have enemies to the right and the left.”

      You ain’t us.

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Money did Clinton and Jeb so well, after all. The God-Emperor is in charge because he was the only man willing and able to buck the political consensus and seize the opportunity.

      John Q. Public does not want to be racist. Sure, not his problem, but it will be when the wogs grab his daughter or the niggers kill his son. Then he will come to men like us, because the law will put him away for protesting the rape of his daughter or the murder of his son. Does not matter what he wants. He is at the mercy of forces much more powerful than himself–as are we all. We do not control this, but we recognize it, and use its power.

      The Shadowed Knight

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Clinton and Jeb were out to cash in for themselves while selling you down the toilet. Obama wanted to do all that and leave you the bills for the niggers as well.

        Trump understands that if he bankrupts you, it won’t be long before he I’d bankrupt – or hanging from a lamp post. Every partnership has to benefit both sides or it fails. The Establishment forgot this, which gave Trump the election.

    • Hoyos says:

      Who says they’re on the right? The left does and they do. When have Nazis and commies ever been right about anything?

      The tools of the left work for the left because they play to the left’s strengths. Plenty of things work for crooks and bandits that would lead to defeat for legitimate soldiers or officers of the law.

      The NatSoc’s are not on the right, they’re just a rival sect of leftism. The left hates them with the passion reserved for heretics. Like the left, every traditional right wing institution is only “good” insofar as it serves the cause. The left invented its own church, Unitarianism, the NatSocs invented their own church “Christian Identity”. They both define the good of man only in communal terms, they both see the world through the prism of “DNA is god”, they’re both driven by herd instincts. Hey have no connection to the right, other than the scaled down socialism they call patriotism or nationalism. The desire for the local and particular is their only right wing instinct.

      The NatSocs virtue signal as hard as cuckservatives, it’s just the virtues they signal are different. If you disagree it’s because you’re a pussy. They use cuck like leftists use racist.

      They view anyone “to the left” of them as an enemy. Under these rules they are allowed to fight us and our aims, while shrieking “no enemies to the right” if we fight back.

      • thinkingabout it says:

        If you think that the only real conservatism/reactionary position involves acceptance of social hierarchy, as opposed to the relative egalitarianism supported by Nazis, then you need to explain why we had to oppose what we already had with Hillary and Obama. They represented an emerging caste system, with entrenched family power and a nascent hereditary aristocracy.
        Trump, this blog, the alt-right – they all rebelled against that, in the name of tradition, identity and cultural particularism.
        Speaking for myself, that latter set of values seems far more right wing than any vague allegiance to social inequality.

        • Hoyos says:

          Well, no.

          Hierarchy is inevitable, there’s hierarchy in hell. So yes they had hierarchy. They also hate the church, the nuclear family, economic freedom, and their own history.

          They also have a romance with lies and death. Abortion, selective warmongering, breakdown of law and order, the murder of cops. What’s not to oppose for a man of the Right?

          Values have a hierarchy. Those issues are way more important to me than race and Jewish conspiracy theory. The NatSocs add nothing of value and come loaded with liabilities.

          No political party or system is perfect, of course not. But insisting on allying with people who oppose or subvert what is most important to me, just because the left hates them, strikes me as nonsense. Especially when we don’t question why the left hates them. Especially on terms where they can criticize me but I’m not allowed to criticize them, because “no enemies to the right!”.

          • peppermint says:

            tl;dr what do you value?

          • jim says:

            You are allowed to criticize them. But you have to listen to them and understand where they are coming from. You are not allowed to do them what the left does to us, because that way lies cuckservatism.

            We should treat nazis the way the left treats commies and terrorists, such as Obama’s mentor Bill Ayers.

            • Glenfilthie says:

              And thus, you set the stage for an equal but opposite holiness spiral in a clockwise direction. At the end of the day, you still end up with loons running away with the party.

              I have no problem using them as cannon fodder against the Left, but once they’re vanquished they will turn on you. Trump does not need them. All he has to do is redeem the meritocracy. If he does that – when he does that – the Nazis will only be a liability. Joe The Plumber wants to run his roto-rooter and clear stand pipes. He doesn’t want to kill joos or enslave the niggers – he just wants them out of his business and his wallet.

              If Trump can do that – and let me assure you – he certainly can – there is no need for fascist loons on his team.

              • thinking about it 9 says:

                America was founded on similar practical utilitarian principles. And look where that got us. I’m not sure the absence of ideology is necessarily a good thing. Ideology, of course, being the modern equivalent of religion.

                • Glenfilthie says:

                  Well… yeah, let’s look at where that got us.

                  Sure, things aren’t as good as they could be, they never are I suppose – but as for me, I live better probably than 95% of the earth’s population. I own my own home, a couple of cars and dogs and I pretty much have the American Dream. I am not rich, but I’m free. I had to work like a dog to get there (which is a fact that escapes our unemployable young cellar dwellers).

                  My sole interest going forward, is not to kill all the joos and put the niggers on chain gangs. I want an economic climate where those kids can work like I did, and realize the same or better rewards than I got. That’s it.

                  A meritocracy will do that. Whites will naturally displace blacks and browns in leadership positions, vibants will naturally start filling up our jails again and the browns will fall into line for fear of ending up like the blacks. There’s always room at the top for talent, so you will see the odd Asian or black in those positions and that’s fine. All Trump has to do is dispense with political correctness.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  “Sure, things aren’t as good as they could be, they never are I suppose – but as for me, I live better probably than 95% of the earth’s population. I own my own home, a couple of cars and dogs and I pretty much have the American Dream.”


                  The United States was founded by the most productive people on Earth on an amazingly rich continent that was devoid of non-stone age competitors and it managed to fall apart in 200 years.

                  Compare that to historical empires that all dealt with much much harsher competition. The United States has been an unmitigated disaster in the realm of social technology. You have dogs and cars? Wow. You can’t walk the streets of cities at night. If your bubble of isolation fails and you have to take action to defend yourself you either end up dead and unavenged or a national pariah. You have television piping poison directly into the brains of your wife and children. Your neighbors are all fat and slovenly because they’re addicted to government pushed carbs but don’t worry – there are pills you can take every day of your life to make sure that you can still get an erection, don’t get heartburn, etc. from your condition – and those are the lucky ones. The ones who are slightly lower class and aren’t fat stayed thin due to meth or heroin – which is killing them in unprecedented numbers because they have no hope and no future. When you travel you have to be groped by surly negroes.

                  You see all that and say “well, got mine, so fuck them – this country is doing pretty well – maybe just need a tweak or two on the margin” and claim to be on the right? Zero civic concern, nothing but poison for anyone who tries to do something about it and you claim to be on the right? No. Go to slatestarcodex or reason .com with that shit.

                • Glenfilthie says:

                  Let’s have a little honesty around here, Steve.

                  When I graduated the oil bust was at its lowest – youth unemployment ran between 25~35%. The few good jobs were reserved for tokens and vibrants, and I got by with scut part time jobs same as you guys are doing today.

                  But, whereas you lost hope and retreated to your parents’ cellar, or found your escape in drugs – I kept slogging. I will admit I caught a break with my wife – she is not the slut or shrew that pose as women today. Ours is a classical traditional marriage with all the rewards that go along with it. She is too bright to fall for The Feminist Narrative and the heart ache, divorce, and family court rape that goes along with it. Let it not be said that Glen Filthie lies with tire biters.

                  Contrary to the defeatists I went and got a good STEM education. While you are blowing your youth on drugs and video games – I was working to improve myself. I lived in my in-laws cellar with the wife while I did that and all I wanted to do was get out, no matter what hurdles and opposition was involved.

                  For the 75 grads of my program, there were about 6 positions that I would call great entry level career positions. The red niggers got 3, the two women in the program got 2, and maybe one was left for the rest of us. I didn’t win that lottery either. But I kept on truckin’.

                  Today I am in a good position that has nothing to do with my training in school. I pay a premium to live in my little bubble, but again – I’m smart. I am prepping like mad, laying in supplies and investing in physical metals – including brass and lead, if ya catch my drift.

                  If you ever want to improve your lot in life, some mandatory reading is in order: read the autobiographies of Lee Iococca and Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopff. Those guys may be old school, but they are no cucks and neither am I.

                  Trump is not going to save you from your own despair. Only you can do that, and it can only be done with a mature mindset. Put it this way – a cuck gives up. He makes excuses. He refuses to take ownership of his circumstances. Don’t be a cuck!

                • SFC Ton says:

                  Now those good stem jobs go to jib jibs with dots on their forehead and native born White men with stem degrees are stuck with their dick in their hand and shit load of college debt in the other

                  You know fuck all about what most young men are dealing with socially or economically

                  Personally I marvel at how White men of 30 don’t want crush every mother fucker over 45 or so, because boomers and x’s gave those kids the rarest or raw soical inheritance

                • peppermint says:

                  » Now those good stem jobs go to jib jibs with dots on their forehead and native born White men with stem degrees are stuck with their dick in their hand and shit load of college debt in the other

                  bonus: the foreigners, who companies are required to offer jobs to before they offer them to us, like everything else, so really they’re the citizens and we’re stateless, take entry level jobs and stay in them forever, permanently blocking young people while preventing the collapse until the old people die.

                  » Personally I marvel at how White men of 30 don’t want crush every mother fucker over 45 or so

                  When Social Security was passed, conservatives fretted that it would be impossible to end without a total collapse, but that will no longer be necessary.

                  In order for us to win, we probably don’t even need to send right-wing death squads to kill the top 1000 leftism professors, journalists, clergy, and politicians. However, justice probably demands more, and we should fear justice lest we leave incentives in place for our softer children to return to this humiliation. Shadilay.

              • Cavalier says:

                »And thus, you set the stage for an equal but opposite holiness spiral in a clockwise direction.

                Precisely. If we are sufficiently virtuous and very, very lucky, the so-called “alt-right” will turn out to be a Progressive heresy with holiness spirals that cut right instead of left.

                And they will cut right until one man puts an end to their cutting right, declaring his position to be the official line and salami-slicing both those to his left and his right, as Stalin did. Thus will we have achieved that which we need to achieve, and the descendants of that great man will be free to slowly move right in a sane and controlled fashion, as the Chinese “Communist” Party is.

                In other words, “Nazis” will be a liability when and only when they are the furthest left left-wingers, all those left of “Nazis” having already been cast into oblivion.

      • jim says:

        The NatSoc’s are not on the right, they’re just a rival sect of leftism.

        I have said the same thing many times, but still to disown them plays into the hands of the left.

        • Glenfilthie says:

          How so?

          Any alliance you make has to be good for both parties. The left can ally with terrorist scum because they are basically amoral scum themselves.

          What do the fascists have to offer? Just looking at them objectively, they tend to be low skill/low IQ whites with a predisposition toward violence against their political enemies. I can see playing them off against the SJW’s or perhaps the niggers of Black Lives Matter – but beyond that they’re a liability that are as likely to turn on us as against the Left.

          Being nice to your enemies does not necessarily make them your friends. Is there something about these guys that I’ve missed?

          • pdimov says:

            The easiest way to tell if someone is your enemy is to see if the left supports him.

            Leftists always support your enemies. Always. Even at their own expense. They import them from the other side of the world just to put them next to you.

          • peppermint says:

            » Just looking at them objectively, they tend to be low skill/low IQ whites with a predisposition toward violence against their political enemies.

            And you know this because … ?

          • anon says:

            > Just looking at them objectively, they tend to be low skill/low IQ whites with a predisposition toward violence against their political enemies.

            Uh. No.

            I suggest that you actually look at the attendee list of NPI.

      • pdimov says:

        “The NatSoc’s are not on the right, they’re just a rival sect of leftism.”

        Everything is a rival sect of leftism. The right is 5% right, 95% left. And, as Jim says, the alt right doesn’t even agree on which 5% right are the right ones.

        “The left hates them with the passion reserved for heretics.”

        The left is afraid of national socialism, because it’s effective against them. It’s an actual threat.

        • thinking about it 9 says:

          Precisely. Modernity itself is leftist, if you take that to mean egalitarian as opposed to aristocratic. It is getting more so with the internet expanding its reach, bringing everyone into a common conversation, giving nearly equal weights to every lay individual.

    • viking says:

      I think you mistake the loons running away with the party as a bug and not a feature, when the loons run away from the party the lefts says help us settle the common ground between you nazis and the loons. This is also why the cuckservatives are useful when not demarking the the last ground last gained by leftists they can be used as placeholder while things calm down a bit during which they can be counted on to gentrify things like -well dont be surprised if Caitlyn Jenner addresses the GOP convention next time.Because if you notice trump is post social conservatism, and pretty much running as a 70s progressive.
      What does Joe six pack is not a racist mean? what does “racist” mean its a pseudo scientific word that means race doesnt exist and to say it does is hateful. yeah joe six pack gets he better stay in line but joe sixpack knows very well niggers are animals and to stay as far as way as possible which these days isnt far enough and so he has to be humiliated into pretending not to notice they are everywhere and he must act as if yeah he realizes some are not bad but he knows perfecly well that and 50 cent will get him on a bus to downtown Johannesburg. joe six pack will never be a nazi for the same reason he will never take up arms againt the USG that doesnt mean he doesnt wish someone would.
      Trump is a moron who knows nothing jews have been making him rich for decades and hes filling his cabinet with them to make him look good as a president , trump is a racist joe sixpack who just got handed a ticking time bomb probably on purpose so far his economic policy is to hire all clintons jew bankster donors and bushes neocon generals and then backpedal everything he ever said on the trail.

    • Robert says:

      Most of what Trump ran on wasn’t $$$, yet he won. $$$ doesn’t trump everything.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      A great deal of highly advanced academic sophisticalization has gone towards asserting the point that good old neighborhood ‘Joe Six-Pack’ is indeed and in fact a racist.

  15. Lalit says:

    Clap clap clap clap clap ……. Ad infinitum. Pagan Hindus have much to learn from this.

  16. Alfred says:

    Would not be surprised if down the line leftists will focus mental breakdown on dark enlightenment memes rather than unironic nazi memes. Seems to me the former is more dangerous.

  17. coyote says:

    soon you become cuckie mikie pensive, telling everyone how good it was for those vibrant hiv infested actors to publicly call him for racism, etc yada yada. what a waste of a VP.

  18. Dana says:

    I’ve never understood exactly how “national socialists” end up on the US “right”. There is absolutely nothing American or Anglo traditional about nazism and hitler. How many white Americans grampas and great grampas died fighting naxis it doesn’t make sense to me. The Klan is at least uniquely american

    • Mike says:

      Don’t blame the Nazis. Blame the Zionist Jews that incited Poland, and Austria to kill Germans in the land captured from WW!(which was also caused by Jews BTW). Blame the Jews for influencing the US to sanction Japan till they attacked pearl Harbor.

      Go look up how many times Germany sued for peace.

      • Randy the Random says:

        Listen man, there’s a point where a society has to take responsibility for its actions.

        How long are we gonna blame a secret Jewish cabal of supervillains for everything that went wrong in European history?

        Are we really that pathetic that Jews can control an entire continent’s geopolitics with ease?


        1488er: “WE WERE OPPRESSED BY THE JEWS!!!”

        What a sad state of affairs. Men of the west have truly lost their way.

        • JRM says:

          @Randy: Don’t take anyone’s word for it- do the research for yourself.

          I highly recommend “The Culture of Critique”. It is not a rant, it is very convincing that there is a cultural bias active amongst *that* certain group, that tends toward the undermining of White traditionalism.

          Another approach is to pay attention to influential “intellectuals”, the kind that try to steer public policy in the West. Or look at finance, or the entertainment industry. You will find a large number of “the tribe”, and the odds are pretty high for coincidence to be a useful explanation.

    • viking says:

      how do you define “right” one way is more or less order, another is preservation of tradition, another is closer to one man rule. under any of those definitions they qualify.America is a communist country those grandfathers were fighting for the communist dictator FDR allied with the communist dictator Stalin against the nazis.America is born of a leftist revolution that overthrew a decent king for no good reason then took their revolution to france and terror then russia then they spent until today overthrowing lawful rulers while trying to rule the entire world as bolshevik billonairs.That said nazis get the economy wrong.

    • Hermes says:

      The victors write history. “Nazis” were a coalition from Center to the Far Right and Hitler was Cat Herder in Chief. They have a reputation only for their edgiest edgelords.

      The reality is there isn’t very much space between Russel Kirk and Adolf Hitler. Most of that space is going to be cultural idiosyncrasy and the fact that a worldview on paper is very different than one in power. Realistically if the Right had seized power and based their governance of America on Russel Kirk’s 10 points it would look like substantially like National Socialism and National Socialism was itself substantially based American Exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, et cetera. National Socialism winds up on the American Right because significant pillars of it were exported to Germany from America in historical example, and in real terms by people like Ford.

      The Left is correct in that we are all basically Nazis, and for a direct comparison of their theory of mind us calling ourselves traditional conservatives and picking nits over “socialism” is the same thing to them as their claims to endless nuance and diversity of thought in what specific brand of commie or pinko they are to us. Saying you aren’t a Nazi to the Left is just saying you are different kind of Nazi, and they are correct for believing this. It’s an existential divide and while most on the Right would have many criticisms of National Socialism (although most of those critiques would be ill informed and based on pop culture) if we are to be honest with ourselves we are closer to Adolf Hitler than we are to Barack Obama.

      If either man got his absolute vision mandated on Earth we would certainly choose Hitler and if we had in the choice of neighbors only Nazis or only Sons of Obama we’d against certainly choose the Nazis.

      • bob k. mando says:

        [i]Hermes says: November 25, 2016 at 6:09 pm
        The victors write history. “Nazis” were a coalition from Center to the Far Right[/i]

        he says, as he regurgitates the history that was written by the victors.

        i’ve seen “Triumph of the Will”.

        aside from the nationalism, it’s as Left as Castro.

        only, wait, Castro was also pretty nationalist …

      • viking says:

        yes but its not the actual left i am worried about its the volk they are christians and jews and earthfags and as such cant do nazi they can get real close but they cant do nazi

        • jim says:

          They have no idea who nazis were. Just the left points the finger and screams racist.

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