Recent posts on Urban Future vanished

Recent excellent posts on the excellent blog “Urban Future” have mysteriously vanished.

Perhaps the bitbucket ate them, but I suspect the problem was that he said “the Left”, instead of saying the US Government.

Edit:  In the comments, Nick Land reassures me that they were merely eaten by the bitbucket.

He was discussing the left singularity.  He suggests that the left singularity was akin to an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, which not only implies that the future of the US government is likely to resemble an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, but also inadvertently implies that the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution resembled an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter, which of course everyone knows to be true, but is inadvisable to say if your blog is located in China.

Edit:  In the comments, Nick Land  implies that he is not taking any very great risks when indirectly and inadvertently implying that the Cultural Revolution and Great leap forward resembled an alcoholic drinking shoe polish in the gutter.   If so, he is a lot safer in China than in US academia, where it is still inadvisable to be unkind to Mao.


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  1. elf says:

    I just was reading it. Took a little searching. that link works.

  2. Nick Land says:

    The company that supports my blog has undergone a large (and extremely annoying) website transition — I don’t think ideological policing is an issue. The horrors of the Cultural Revolution aren’t really controversial here, and even on the GLF the state of discussion is creeping forward impressively as things continue to open up.

    My expectation is that it will take a while to get back to a (markedly inferior) functioning platform, and several months to restore a semblance of the previous situation (maybe even an improvement!).

    Massive apologies (plus institutional embarrassment) to anybody out there taking an interest.

    • richeyrw says:

      Am I missing where the above explanation is posted on the actual Urban Future blog? Which was the first place I looked…

      • Nick Land says:

        I’m in a Mexican stand-off with our IT people, waiting for them to restore the previous posts before adding anything new. Sorry not to have posted a notice before it flipped out — I didn’t get enough advance warning.

        • richeyrw says:

          Good luck with that. Whole site appears to be down currently… Just one exciting development after another…

        • OlioOx says:

          Why do you need a company to “support” your blog? Why don’t you just get a blog on, which is administered by competent people?

  3. KK says:

    Should’ve used one of those Bermudan servers, eh?

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