Social Justice is highly lucrative.

One of the more noticeable Social Justice Warrior takeovers was the takeover of anarchism reddit. First they banned one “troll”, then another, then every moderator who was not in full agreement with social justice, then anyone who noticed that no discussion was possible except full and firm enthusiasm for social justice, so the anarchism board became yet another social justice board, and pretty much died except for repetitious social justice spam. The fact of censorship was censored, the fact of hostile takeover was censored. And you might well say, “what is the point in that? Silencing anarchists is pointless.”

Yes, in itself, and in isolation, taking over things like the reddit anarchism board was pointless. But its not isolated.

Consider the Effective Altruism movement. Taking Reddit anarchism facilitates taking over the Effective Altruism movement, and taking over the Effective Altruism movement facilitates stealing three billion dollars in aid to Haiti – well, aid to everywhere, but Haiti is a famous example. There was an earthquake in Haiti, which flattened a lot of buildings and destroyed a lot of infrastructure. This led to a lot of aid, which one might expect to rebuild a lot of buildings and infrastructure. Which has conspicuously failed to happen. Very little of the money even reached corrupt Haitian bureaucrats, let alone manifested in bricks and mortar, let alone benefited the supposed beneficiaries. Corrupt Haitian bureaucrats have been complaining about this for some time.

Now if the effective altruism movement was actually interested in altruism being effective, one might expect it to be asking questions about the near total lack of aid funded rebuilding in Haiti, and the fact that the aids epidemic in India and subsaharan Africa is neither heterosexual nor homosexual, but rather caused by needle reuse by aid funded organizations. Foreign aid is the main cause of aids.

But instead, very conveniently, the Effective Altruism movement seems to be forgetting about altruism actually being effective, just as reddit anarchism forgot about anarchism.

The Future Primeval observes that social justice warrior takeovers are driven by:

Ideological hijackings like these are a spontaneous failure mode or result of a widespread vulnerability of human communities, with the social justice leftism stuff just standing in as a common available ideology to take advantage of it.

These ideological hijackings are the result of a conscious conspiracy of social justice wizards plotting in the back room to take over the world one internet community at a time.

“Hijackings” like this are just the removal of unprincipled exceptions to a widely held moral code that, when consistently interpreted and applied, demands that all communities must be primarily concerned with social justice issues.

“Social Justice” is a sort of semi-autonomous collection of ideas evolved or designed like a rudimentary fungus to take root, grow, take over, and expand from communities in certain conditions, a memetic disease, a demon, a system of ideas that perpetuates itself at the expense of its hosts.

Another factor is: No enemies to the left, no friends to the right.

Since the left has been getting ever lefter, and has been ever victorious, and anyone insufficiently left gets destroyed sooner or later, as soon as a social justice warrior screams like a little girl that she is offended, everyone is terrified, and to protect themselves from future destruction, flings feces at the designated target like a monkey in a tree: Yes, Scott and Esr, I am looking at you.

So how do you stop social justice warriors from taking over.

One method is a commitment to free speech and rational argument. One refused to denounce dissent as unacceptable and beyond the pale, and instead engages in rational and relevant discussion, rather than stridently screaming strident stupid ignorant insults like a monkey in a tree. (And if I am specifically mentioning Scott and Esr, that is not because they are the worst, but because I had expected better of them.) That fixes the spontaneous tendency to failure, and the memetic disease, but does not really do much about the organized conspiracy, nor the systematic removal of unprincipled exceptions one by one.

To deal with the organized conscious conspiracy, one has to answer in kind: “You social justice warrior. You evil stupid and hateful. You die.” Only the McCarthy solution works.

To deal with the systematic removal of unprincipled exceptions – well, there is nothing for it but to stop defending them as unprincipled exceptions, but instead to defend them as surviving remnants of the ancient functional social order – in other worlds, no solution other than neoreaction.

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  1. Robert What? says:

    Parasites intuitively know that if the host dies, the parasites due too. And SJWs are nothing if not parasites. The problem for them is: what happens when the number and voraciousness of the parasites overwhelms the host? That is what we are seeing now.

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  3. Mac says:

    I was there.

    It’s absolutely not a stretch to say that my run ins with moderators on Reddit, and particularly r/anarchism, were the catalyst – a continuing one – for my ideological fanaticism against all things left wing.

    Those mods are bullies. They are terrible human beings who are frustrated with their lives and use their anonymity to take out their anger on the world

    Sure, you and I may do that sometimes. But these people have seeked out moderator positions so that they can control and hurt other people directly. That’s sociopathic behavior. It isn’t normal. It’s sick. They aren’t like you and I.

    The experience of being silenced unfairly by someone who is abusing their power to remove your voice is actually very upsetting and emotional. I am just being honest. Those experiences hurt me. But I am comforted every time I achieve a new state of understanding of the people behind this. Sociopathic narcissists whose lives are devoid of value. They are probably quite stupid as well. Their lives are empty and trivial.

    It is the correct position to feel sorry for them. Yet it is not enough. One must also devote oneself toward preventing further harm being done to society by these parasites. Just because one does not choose their biological makeup or innate disposition toward violence – be it mental, physical, or intellectual – that does bot mean it is the responsibility of those without the disposition to tolerate its presence. Particularly in influental positions, or in physical or local proximity. I personally think it is the duty of humans to tolerate most things so long as they are either remote, or having low influence.

    We cannot hurt them. But it is our duty as well to use our minds and voices to expose the issues. In this case, the issue is political correctness. Clearly this wouldn’t be a problem if those ideas the sociopath moderators were advocating were rational and clear, like the sky being blue. The problem is that the ideas they advocate are wrong, or at least in need of serious criticism and open discussion. Thus their abuse of power becomes sheer and blatant injustice.

    This behavior is only accepted because of widespread delusion. If the masses were made aware of political correctness as a “thing,” they would be able to reject it with the exact degree of violence as used by its current proponents. That is the only way.

    There is no other way to fight PC. Ultimately the only thing is to use their tactics in the same proportion. When a SJW threatens to expose a person for being racist by phoning their employer, expose that person. Phone that person’s employer and say that they are engaging in ideological harassment. Send them a link to the person’s Twitter or whatever it may be.

    When bully moderators behave in a sociopathic manner, remember that it is your duty to treat sociopathic SJWs with the exact amount of intolerance. Do not do this to normals. Just remember that they are playing power politics. Think as a sociopath – only toward those who are now doing the same to you. These people feel justified in ruining your life because of your views. That’s what they are. They are defined by it. They are also defined by a blind sense of conformity and a fear of thinking outside the box. Others are defined by completely amoral desire for power or influence which they unconsciously know can be gained through signaling.

    Use all of these things against them. Turn their tactics on themselves. Treat them as they would treat you, but no worse. Do not engage in blind hate. Engage instead in self-respect. You have the moral high ground. It is easy to forget that when leftists devote so much of their energy toward moralizing. We live in a religious society of repression. The feeling of self-disempowement and shame felt by non-PC people has been created by the repressive culture. It is false.

    Ultimately the goal is something like a society where the true and rational ideas and concepts about race, gender, and identity politics are accepted en masse. The solution is extremely simple, but the actual method to getting there can be complex. Solution is simply speaking facts, and trying to determine the correct facts through free thought.

    Implementation is fighting those who spread disease of thought via the internet, media, and university. Today this is grassroots.

    Think about how much money, time, and energy leftists and progressives put into their cause of changing cultural beliefs. Think of the media pumping out brainwashing propaganda in advertising and film.

    I don’t know about getting big influence on their centers of “news.” That is possible. I can’t speak to that though.

    What I can speak to is internet presence. We have to set the goal of at least making our views not equivalent to social suicide. Right now leftists have made it so that it is socially impossible to think outside of the box they have created. This is their strength. And it is their downfall.

    We must not only spread the idea that leftists are horrifically intolerant bullies who are against curiosity and the natural desire to understand, think, and express creatively through freedom. We must also prepare for their revisionist moves that will be made when people begin to notice we are correct. They will begin to carefully coopt radical thought by saying something along the lines of “OK you can do that without us destroying your life but it’s obviously wrong.” The religion will still be maintained. The thing is, at that very moment we will be able to break out and speak openly wothout giving a shit about what anyone thinks. It will be our right to do so.

    The left has a cultural monopoly. It’s really quite odd, actually. People are literally terrified of going outside of that. I don’t know if it has always been like this. The mere thought of a society accepting reactionsry ideas is literally terrifying to most people. Horrifying. They have in their minds the image that has been long fostered of pure evil as the only purveyer of reactionary thought. Dispell this by using their cultural symbols and values against them. Perhaps even do it gently.

    We here know that IQ disparity facts does not mean it is time to wipe out racial groups. This is what is in their minds, though. Don’t let their fantasy take over your own view of who you are. Know thyself. Replace their delusions.

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  5. alfanerd says:

    Oh and also (obviously):
    -anarchism is inherently retarded and unworkable

  6. alfanerd says:

    We need a strong authority to police our internet discussion on how all authority and police are oppressive

    This goes to show a few things:
    -a lot of these people are in it only for joining a social group
    -beta men everywhere are incapable of standing up to women, even when required to act in complete contradiction to their stated goals and ideology

  7. B says:

    I don’t think social justice is highly lucrative to most of its practitioners. It seems to be a large pyramid scheme, and most of the pyramid barely gets by. For every Anil Dash, there are 5000 Gawker journos making $25k a year and 10000 idiot twitterers making nothing. Like heroin, homosexuality and promiscuity, social justice is a losing proposition, a mental coconut monkey trap, for the vast, vast majority.

    • spandrell says:

      It’s not like those Gawker journos have a better alternative out there. It’s either $25k a year as SJWs or Walmart. As SJWs at least they get pokemon points.

      • B says:

        I disagree.

        First, a plumber makes $50K per year or better. A qualified carpenter can do significantly better.

        Second, working a marketing job, they could be doing as good or better. You know, the skill set involved in creating content to get idiots riled up about the latest injustice is very similar to that involved in creating content to get idiots to buy your stuff. In fact, that’s more or less how the whole mess makes money.

        • Steve Johnson says:

          If you make $25k and tell yourself and everyone around you that you’re suffering to make the world a better place then you can convince yourself that you’re not a loser who can’t cut it.

          If you take those same skills and make $50k in marketing then you’ve got nothing to fall back on when you compare yourself to people you consider beneath you – like plumbers and electricians. They make more money and produce something tangible. Making less money than them but not being on the same scale is fine. Making less money than them and having no dimension on which you’re superior makes the SJW see their own status way too clearly.

          • B says:

            As I said, not lucrative to most of its practitioners. Obviously they get something out of it-if they didn’t, they wouldn’t do it.

            I suggest that what they get out of it is not a sense of superiority to plumbers-any office drone feels that. Rather, it is the excitement of denunciation. That chimp-like rush of the hunt. The reason terriers wag their tail when they fight.

            As they said in Russia, “it wasn’t Stalin who wrote 10 million denunciations.”

            We could put some game theory down here, prisoner’s dilemma, etc., but since I think that game theory is just another stupid nerd way of analyzing human interactions that has low predictive value, I’ll refrain. Suffice it to say that a lot of people will pass up personal profit for the chance to do evil, turning a positive sum game into a negative sum game.

            • jim says:

              Sure, the rank and file don’t get anything except the pleasure of rage and destruction, but the leadership gets cream.

          • Alan J. Perrick says:

            “Jim”, I don’t know why you spend so much time with that Jew. They can’t be de-Jewed. History has proven that they can’t be converted.

            Best regards,


          • Hidden Author says:

            >>Sure, the rank and file don’t get anything except the pleasure of rage and destruction, but the leadership gets cream.

            Isn’t that the story of white supremacy in the Confederacy/Southern U.S.?

          • peppermint says:

            » Isn’t that the story of white supremacy in the Confederacy/Southern U.S.?

            no. only an idiot with no sense of history or what Whites are like would think that.

            fortunately, a sense of history is being bashed into people by internet nazis. see

            By the way, Google thinks that the proper genus for the north american “velcrohead” pavement ape is not homo but gorilla.

          • B says:

            >Sure, the rank and file don’t get anything except the pleasure of rage and destruction, but the leadership gets cream.

            People with the talent and drive to create/lead large organizations will get the cream one way or the other.

            Surely if the leadership council of the Black Gangster Disciples had applied their drive and talent to legitimate business, they would have done ok.

            • jim says:

              Not necessarily. While I think the leadership of the Gangster Disciples probably has higher IQ than the average white, they don’t do loansharking, which suggests that they are not as intelligent as the average smart white.

          • B says:

            >While I think the leadership of the Gangster Disciples probably has higher IQ than the average white, they don’t do loansharking, which suggests that they are not as intelligent as the average smart white.

            I’m not sure they don’t do loansharking.

            If, in fact, they don’t do loansharking, the parsimonious explanation is that there’s not a lot of money to be made in it where they are, as opposed to selling coke and heroin.

            Reason being that loan sharking works where you have a lot of working people and a reasonable expectation of being paid back, which is not Baltimore or Detroit.

          • B says:

            Loan sharking makes sense where people have a steady stream of income and a basic work ethic, but occasionally like to gamble/launch an enterprise. I.e., where you have a lower-middle class. Guys make $2000-3000 a paycheck, and they need to borrow $10K. Worst comes to worse, you can always beat it out of them, but if you end up having to beat it out of too many people, others won’t borrow from you. You need dudes who will borrow enough money to make it worth your while and most of whom will actually pay it back. I suspect payday loan shops and credit cards have eaten into this niche.

            With blacks, the equivalent is selling dope on consignment.

            Blacks used to have big “numbers” rackets, too, but I don’t think it exists anymore; wonder what happened.

          • peppermint says:

            One guy works 70 hour weeks for someone he doesn’t like on stuff that doesn’t!t matter, gets $60k and pays most of it in taxes, another gets most of his compensation in kind fomented a network of nonprofits the first guy fears, does less than 10 hours of facebook-postable work in a week, and tells women he could just as easily be the first guy, except that he cares.

            And maybe our rebel intellectual with edgy attitudes towards sex could be a solid man if he wanted to. We’ll find out when there’s anarcho whatever, and men who can’t provide for themselves aren’t allowed to pretend to be free.

            Mugabe just let some Whites back in. This is retarded because, if niggers and jews can’t live without us, why do we allow them to live in the first place? His shithole should be walled in and allowed to fester until a new Cecil Rhodes decides to arrange things.

          • B says:

            >One guy works 70 hour weeks for someone he doesn’t like on stuff that doesn’t!t matter, gets $60k and pays most of it in taxes, another gets most of his compensation in kind fomented a network of nonprofits the first guy fears, does less than 10 hours of facebook-postable work in a week, and tells women he could just as easily be the first guy, except that he cares.

            Now I know you’ve never worked with blue collar professionals in your life.

          • B says:

            >They can’t be de-Jewed. History has proven that they can’t be converted.

            Thank you, that’s what I’ve been saying all along. My descendants will be Jews when yours are ooking Muslim slogans in broken English.

  8. fnd says:

    It’s interesting how frail the leftist organizations seems to be in regards to SocJus. I mean, christianity is in bad shape nowadays, but atheists, anarchists and your average geek is in much worse shape against these atacks.

    I used to hang out with a crpg board forum that was against SocJus in general and devoted to free speech(meaning you can say nigger,kike,fag without short term consequences), and while the people there made fun of Moot for selling out 4chan to SJW’s, they conveniently forget that the off-topic discussions where locked to veteran members so that newbies don’t get triggered because of the horrible threads critical of social justice,feminism,race,etc(or the fear that newbies would like these boards). In fact, the moderation team was made for the convenience of the more liberal crownd(woman, leftists and gays where often appointed for mod positions). The libertarian/right folks would prefer a light approach to moderation, but the admin folks would have none of that.

    It’s curious that these boards where critical of gaming journalism for being incompetent, often having official articles bashing gaming journalism. Then comes gamergate, and while the whole community seems supportive of the movement, the staff woudn’t touch the issue with a ten-feet pool to publish an article denouncing gaming journalism most fucked up behaviour because it envolves social justice.

    In conclusion, it’s like a pathological lack of introspection. For chrissakes why does anarchists of reddit need mods in the first place?

    • peppermint says:

      anarchists need mods to keep people like me from botposting goatse and gay mlp fan fiction all over. Anarchy only works when there’s a solution to faggotry, either built in to the system like winter freeze or zombie plague, or an oppressive government ready to take away problems. See also id software’s irrelevant Rage game.

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  10. Alan J. Perrick says:

    I don’t know if we need a so-called McCarthy solution as that would mean encouraging at least one Vatican-Roman “Catholic” into your capitol. But, overall I agree with this sentiment. If you want to pick from the Christian denominations, look at the hardcore Evangelicals. The anti-white, genocidal maniacs can’t even handle their women (Coulter, Palin) so imagine what you’d get if one of their men were allowed to tee off.


    • Recusant says:

      Interesting how both of the women that you listed as great Evangelicals had Catholic parents. Seems statistically unlikely. Coulter has dated Jews, Indians, Sicilians,(read her Wikipedia page if you don’t believe me) and Black men and doesn’t have a single child to her name. Not really making a very good case for Evangelicals. Also, you seem to imply that you aren’t a Christian yourself. Are you an Evangelical, a pagan, agnostic, or atheist?

    • Ion says:

      If you think Palin is substantially to the right of Obama, you need to read this blog more. Or maybe read some Moldbug.

      Culturally, she’s from “middle America”, and so is very much part of the cultural conflict between White rural America and liberal elites. But nothing more.

  11. Ion says:

    >Only the McCarthy solution works.
    McCarthy wanted to fire them. Try the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Hidden Author says:

      Doesn’t it confirm the SJW narrative if they really are the victims? And if they persevere in one place in the world, they can return to the other places.

      • jim says:

        Doesn’t it confirm the SJW narrative if they really are the victims?

        Hey, see the video from Russia where Pussy Riot really are the victims and get the whipping they so thoroughly deserve. Social Justice Warriors avert their eyes in horror. They don’t want to know about it, they don’t want to think about it, it totally shatters their self image, their self image being a high heeled boot stamping on the face of humanity forever. If a Cossack gets to whip a Pussy Rioter, maybe the tide of history is not on their side after all.

        They no more fancy being actual victims than women fancy being actual soldiers or actual firemen.

        • Hidden Author says:

          I guess you have a point: modern-day SJWs tend to be prissy women and effete men who complain about micro-aggressions. On the other hand, more hardcore Leftists have been known to wage terrorist insurgencies against military dictatorships that tortured them in dungeons and made them disappear by executing them and throwing their corpses into the ocean without telling their families. Heck, even the civil rights advocates of half a century ago faced down fire hoses, attack dogs and baton strikes by the police in the South so what comes down to is how hardcore and militant any leftist in particular happens to be.

          • jim says:

            On the other hand, more hardcore Leftists have been known to wage terrorist insurgencies against military dictatorships that tortured them in dungeons and made them disappear by executing them and throwing their corpses into the ocean without telling their families.

            Actually they did not intentionally do any of that. On very rare occasions leftists have run into harsh repression from the right – and have invariably been as shocked and surprised as Pussy Riot was.

            On frequent occasions however, leftists have run into repression from those even further left, and never seem surprised, or even indignant.

            One dose of even very mild and humane repression, for example Pinochet, has massive effect, and the effect lasts for decades, even after Pinochet is long gone. When the left encounters real repression, even quite mild and humane repression, it is quelled, and stays quelled for a long time.

          • Dave says:

            HA has a point, Jim. The Bolsheviks were willing to die en masse for their leftism. When and why did leftists become the pussies they are today?

            • jim says:

              Don’t think the Bolsheviks were willing to die en masse for leftism when opposed by armed rightists. Bolsheviks took power in a coup with a tiny handful of people, no casualties, and no real opposition (the Chilean coup involved enormously more actual fighting) and once in power, fought using conscripts with death squads standing right behind the conscripts with guns pointed at them.

          • Hidden Author says:

            Yes because what I described didn’t happen in Argentina, Uruguay, etc. Instead everyone should believe your shock jock pronouncements because *you say so*!

            • jim says:

              What you describe did not happen in Argentina, Uruguay, etc to any significant extent, and to the very slight extent that it did happen, was a total shock to leftists, and was devastatingly and lastingly effective in quelling leftism.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            Name one specific time you’re referring to because the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was a great change but met with little resistance by anyone. The same can be said of feminism in America. Feminists have said the same thing. There has been very little opposition to leftism.

          • peppermint says:

            fire hoses and muzzled dogs, which are less dangerous than pepperballs, that killed Victoria Snelgrove. But fire hoses and muzzled dogs were used against MLK’s protesters, who were paid 100$ each, so the Occupy kids, who were paid if at all in college credit, get blasted with invisible hearing-destroying sound and vision-destroying microwaves.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          That video brings tears of joy to my eyes.

          • Brian says:

            I don’t know what would have happened if Martin O’Malley had slapped Tia Oso , told Vargas to ‘self deport,’ and told the audience at NetRoots to calm the fuck down. But, surely, his odds of becoming president would be better than what they are right now.

    • jim says:

      Agreed. I should have said “McCarthy times ten thousand”. Spanish Inquisition is the only solution for society as a whole.

  12. Spinoza says:

    Anthony Sutton wrote in 1985 how America was dominated by Skull and Bones.
    He was a respected Hoover Institute Historian who was supplied with membership books, which opened his eyes (by the daughter of a member on his death bed.)

    Since then Bush (The Order), Clinton (The Group, the Oxford affiliate), Bush (The Order), and he ran against Kerry (The Order). Not bad for 15 guys a year picked at 21. Cheney is an old Bones family too, and he went back east to Yale, but failed out. Presumably later recruited. A secret society so scary, no member in near 200 years has broken confidence.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      It’s absurd to think that those in power conspire in secret to retain and increase their power. This is the ostensible belief of the voice of those in power to those without.

    • B says:


      I really enjoyed his books on Wall Street’s involvement with the rise of the Communists and the Nazis.

  13. Mark Citadel says:

    It is also observable that Social Justice Warriors win really only on occasions where they are unopposed. In the great examples of recent years where the right has actually managed to mount a defense and a fight back, the parasites have left with their tails between their legs looking incredibly stupid (Sarkeesian acolytes, Scalzi, etc.)

    Being such a lucrative industry, the SJW bit will be an attractive proposition to low-intelligence level haiku poetry graduates from Columbia, and if you want to dissuade them from bolstering the leftist front line, you have to make it cost something to be an SJW.

    • Dr. Faust says:

      They’re almost all white females and the errant effete white male. They’re belief is religious. A hundred years ago most of them would have been Christian and would – with the same temerity – profess that all things must acknowledge the perfect morality of the gospels and be a representation of Jesus. Lacking any culture, masculine guidance, or religion, they desperately seek something to believe in which will fulfill their need for moral superiority and crusade. They cannot fathom opposition since their minds are all feminine and thus weak. In solipsistic fashion they conceive of another mind as itself and the existence of an opposing view is so foreign, disturbing, and alien that exposure to it threatens identity death. Their first response is universally to outgroup any dissident with various insults, and if the dissident does not repent, to detach from the situation and reaffirm their identity through repetition of prayers, mantras, and spells. In this case the prayers, mantras, and spells are visiting SJW websites and forums and the spells are ingesting one of the various psychoactive medications they are all on.

      Their consciousness is so tragic and full of suffering that I can’t help feel sympathy for them. They would have been better off in virtually any other time in history where their natural inclinations would have supported something less insane than leftism.

      • Mark Citadel says:

        I think you may be pointing out what Evola called an inherent ‘Lunar’ nature that is feminine in its constitution and inferior to the ‘Solar’ spirit which in the World of Tradition, dominated and subjugated those inclined towards what we today might deem ‘left wing’ thinking. Leftists have always existed, for their leftism may be inherent in their spiritual makeup, but throughout history, rightists have intelligently put them to good use, by force where necessary, but typically by simply defining the institutions of the society and not allowing these inferior ‘Lunar’ types to run things. This wasn’t hard, because most of them would have trouble running an easy-bake oven.

        Unfortunately, Solar man has largely been killed off, his great institutions from the political (monarchy) to the transcendent (revealed religion) lie in ruin because the left has grabbed a hold of all the levers of power.

        • Dr. Faust says:

          “because the left has grabbed a hold of all the levers of power.”

          An article on talked about the idea of leftists claming to have no power. “The Sickening Pretense of Non-Power” is the name of the article but unfortunately they changed their search feature and I can’t find it anymore. It was one of the most poignant refutations of leftism I’ve read.

          The idea of solar/lunar is similar to the yin and yang theory in taoism from what you’ve pointed out. Taoism asserts that the male is the creative force, the fire, the light, and that the female is the destructive force, cold, unstable, and empty.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        The word should be temerity but there’s no way to edit.

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