Sunshine Mary bows out

I will greatly miss you, Sunshine.

8 Responses to “Sunshine Mary bows out”

  1. Zach says:

    I bowed out in 2002 or so….

    Got death threats.

  2. sue says:

    Dear Jim, sounds like Sunshine Mary has aroused the jealousy of a few people who find it easier to trash her and her blog, than it is to take the time and effort to write their own.

    • SoSad says:

      This is really sad news. I didn’t think CL was like this. I hope Sunshine will leave her old posts up as an archive. And hope also that she will return soon. Be well Sunshine.

  3. thinkingabout it says:

    WTF. I tried to read that good bye post and my mind was blown by how feminine and catty it was. Felt like high school all over again.
    I wanted to criticize Jim for being part of this estrogen fest but then I realized that reactionaries and the manosphere actually want to encourage women to be more feminine. So we should curb our impulses to point and laugh, and ensure that more women spend their time bitching about each other.

    • jim says:

      It would be most embarrassing if reactionary men said that men should dominate those women that they have duty and incentive to care about and protect, but no reactionary women said that women should submit to men that have duty and incentive to care about them and protect them.

  4. sunshinemary says:

    Why thank you, sir.

    I’m not shooting my wireless router and leaving teh interwebz 4evah mind you. 🙂 I will still be around here and there in comment threads. I’m just done posting to my blog because I always end up being a lightening rod for crazy bitchez (of both sexes).

    Apparently Rollo Tomassi is asking his readers to lay odds, though, on how long before I start yet another blog.

    • Glenfilthie says:

      Well Mary if you aren’t enjoying it any more – then get out and to hell with them.

      If, however, it’s something you enjoy and are good at…it galls me to think you would pack it in because of some shit birds.

      Follow your heart and good luck to you and yours!

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