The left devour their own

In the latest re-run of Racefail09, Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick are being demonized for insufficient leftism – primarily Barry Malzberg, previously a leading leftist of Science Fiction, who, in his younger days, was substantially influential in imposing the then new and rigidly boring political orthodoxy on science fiction and fantasy. Now in their seventies, they failed to quite keep up with the latest orthodoxy, falling two or three years behind the latest feminist line. Or rather they were in their seventies. They are now, like Winston Smith at the end of “1984”, pre-dead.

In my post Always Betraying and Always Betrayed I point out how the conservative movement is always destroyed from within by betrayal, but leftists suffer more from this than anyone. The conservative movement is destroyed, the leftist movement is strengthened, but leftists personally and individually are destroyed. You know how the arch villain drops one of his loyal minions into the piranha tank, and all the other minions are inspired to be twice as loyal? That is leftism. When Aristide personally with his own hand gouged out the eyes of one his loyal minions, his non political minions joined the revolution against him, but his politically sincere minions were inspired to be twice as loyal and twice as sincere. Similarly Stalin, though Stalin, unlike Trotsky, was not so crass as to get his own hands covered with the disgusting body fluids of his fellow leftists, instead having his minions torture each other.

But I get away with stuff, Neill Blomkamp, the writer/director of District 9, gets away with stuff. From the trailer of his movie Elysium, it looks like waves of subhuman illegal immigrants overwhelm the remaining nice, technologically advanced parts of earth, turning the city of tomorrow into a third world garbage heap and forcing the elites to flee into space. Hard to tell from the trailer, but just as “District 9” was about the end of white rule (the prawns, metaphor for the blacks, were abandoned by their betters to fester in their own filth), looks like “Elysium” is about illegal immigration.

The further you are from the left, the less likely you are to be mau maued for insufficient leftism. Real reactionaries, like Neill Blomkamp, are doing fine, while Barry Malzberg, one of the architects of the reinvention of science fiction and fantasy as a repetitious megaphone screaming trite propaganda with the volume turned up hard, is pre-dead.


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    The left devour their own « Jim?s Blog

  2. Brandi says:

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  3. […] to find common ground with feminists and the left in general is pointless because they will always throw you overboard for being insufficiently progressive. Be angry, and take pride in your anger; despite what you’ve been told, it’s a perfectly […]

  4. […] to find common ground with feminists and the left in general is pointless because they will always throw you overboard for being insufficiently progressive. Be angry, and take pride in your anger; despite what you’ve been told, it’s a […]

  5. Zach says:

    Never saw the Racefail post. But I’ll argue that this:

    “The left claims authority to convict people for thought crimes committed in other people’s dreams. The hearer can find an offensive meaning without concern for authorial intent, and the author is guilty regardless of his intended meaning. This leads to conflict […]”.

    …is a fact. At least for me. Personally and professionally.

  6. fnn says:

    Do you have a source for the eye gouging?

      • fnn says:

        Didn’t get anywhere near the coverage of your typical priestly pedophilia case-most of which were said to cases of mild fondling, not Sandusky-style penetration.

        • jim says:

          Aristide’s career:

          1. Terrorism and brutal murders
          2. US insists on an election in which he is allowed to run as if he was a normal political candidate.
          3. It becomes obvious he would lose. US insists that the candidate who would beat him not be allowed to run.
          4. Aristide’s goon squads make sure that no one else who would beat him dares run.
          5. Aristide wins. The horrified Haitian establishment ignores the election result.
          6. US invades, installs Aristide at gunpoint.
          7. Economy goes to hell in a handbasket due to usual Marxist/Harvard NGO economics.
          8. Aristide applies terror to keep the lid on.
          9. Pot boils over anyway. Aristide overthrown.

          This is the real imperialism.

  7. B says:

    When did Trotsky get the body fluids of his enemies on his hands?

    • jim says:

      He personally supervised torture. There is no direct evidence of him getting the body fluids of his enemies on his hands directly from his enemies, but Emma Goldman says he shook hands with Krimsky while Krimsky was covered in blood.

  8. Thales says:

    Also, Paula Deen.

  9. Bob Wallace says:

    I find it curious that I have always found Malzberg and Resnick unreadable.

  10. Gordon Freece says:

    Can you give some examples of Barry N. Malzberg (Robert Malzburg doesn’t even exist) being a figure in the leftification of SF? If that’s your idea of his name, I wonder how familiar you are with his work.

    • jim says:

      Thanks for the correction. I edited the correction into my post.

      Barry Malzberg was an ideologist and activist for “New Wave” science fiction, which in practice became a megaphone for the state and official leftism. Consider for example the capitalist imperialist bad guys of “the dispossessed”. It is as if le Guin made herself extremely stupid when writing those bad guys. Story stops, replaced by Goodthink.

      And, of course, the reason I am giving Guin’s works rather than Malzberg’s, is that Malzberg is unreadable – I am giving the best of the New Wave, because I could not read the worst.

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