The likely shape of a Trump autocoup

For Trump to actually be the executive of the United States government would be something very like a autocoup, a coup by the merely elected government against the permanent government. At present the government continues to fund the left, the IRS continues to target the tea party and conservative organizations. An overwhelming proportion of the “refugees” admitted to the US are still black male military age Muslims screaming for infidel blood and white pussy. Planned Parenthood has not been defunded,

Trump has the praetorians in his pocket, the military in his pocket, but the spies are an obstacle I did not expect.

To get control of the spies, Trump has to fire some spies – but he cannot fire spies without a self coup, and cannot have a self coup until he gets control of the spies. The solution, of course, is to charge some spies with crimes against national security and then place them on administrative leave pending resolution of the charges. It would only take removal of a very few to get enough leverage to get the rest in line.

So why no charges yet? Maybe he is a cuck, but that does not sound like Trump.

In his tweets, he is focusing on getting Gorsuch on the supreme court. Maybe he is worried that anything that looks like preparation for a self coup would make it difficult to get Gorsuch confirmed.

I hope and I believe that the reason that Trump has been pussyfooting around lately is that he wants to get his man on the supremes first, and that once Gorsuch is in, we shall see the old Trump once more, that once his man his in, he will, we will, confront the judiciary and purge the spies.

His inaction so far on the judiciary and the spies has me worried – but not that worried. I expect to see the old Trump back once Gorsuch is confirmed.

It took Abbott ten months of confrontation before he deemed the time ripe to go Andrew Jackson on the judges, and I am not necessarily expecting Trump to go any quicker, but I expect the sparks to start flying very shortly after Gorsuch is in.

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  1. Clytemnestra says:

    The intelligence community has been around since the end of WWII. It was there before Trump and will be there long after Trump. I understand any Nationalist’s antipathy for the Deep State apparatus, but to criticize it is not going to extinguish it. Rather than trying to destroy, it Trump should be less concerned that it exists and more concerned with who controls it. IOW, he needs to find a way to take control of it, and to rail against it is not the way to do that.

    Trump’s big mistake was not making the public “assumption” that the intelligence community are great patriots and unsung heroes who are fanatical in trying to keep America safe from all threats foreign and domestic. So, if accusations and inquiries from the Obama Administration were enough to alarm and galvanize them into investigating the Trump campaign and unmasking certain players who were in communications with Russia, Trump should understand that.

    Once he establishes the patriotic unsung heroism of the intelligence community meme, he needs to deplore Clintonista factions in the Obama administration for exploiting what the intelligence community found to destroy his administration by whispering campaigns and innuendo.

    But as for the patriotic, unsung heroes of the intelligence community? They were just doing their duty to the country as they saw fit. They’re the good guys, not the bad guys and Trump should appreciate that.

    Trump needs to get the intelligence community behind him and he’s not going to do that if he does anything to undermine their status or credibility. It’s that simple.

    • jim says:

      The intelligence community needs to be purged. The CIA is full of communists, and has been since Kennedy.

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  3. Mister Grumpus says:

    I know that I don’t really understand how huge the USG really is, and how shot-through it is with saboteurs.

    So I’m impatient, but I’m not worried. If anyone can pull off an auto-coup then it’s Don, and I trust Don’s instincts, methods and time-preference.

    • James says:

      Yeah, he’s started with gutting the top of various departments. He’ll continue along those lines for some time, I imagine.

      This is the man famous for saying “You’re fired”, after all.

  4. John Morris says:

    Trump might want to keep his powder dry a bit longer if the rumors of Kennedy’s impending retirement are true. Going into an all out fight for survival with five solid Justices on SCOTUS is a lot better than 4 1/2. Might make it possible to clean up the courts without needing to give any judges a helicopter ride, which is a very high risk tactic.

  5. Learner says:

    I would have sworn that, by now, every Nazi out there would know that Trump isn’t going to do anything at all. I mean, but for taking bribes for each globalist deal. Trump won’t be a bad president nor a good president. He will just do nothing. Take the last few months, multiply it times eight or so and that’s what you’ll get. Nothing. Which isn’t really bad, if you ask me. Doing nothing is no bad policy. He will just need to repeat his promises to get a second term. Nazis aren’t very smart.

    • jim says:

      Trump intends to rule. Pretty sure he knew this was going to be resisted and intends to deal with it. That he invokes Andrew Jackson, notorious for ignoring judges and declaring martial law, and that he is pissing on the judges, tells me he has a plan.

    • pdimov says:

      It’s pretty obvious from his executive orders that he never intended to do nothing.

      • jim says:

        People like Learner get stack overflow on processing a sentence with two negatives.

        To be more readily understandable, you should have said “It’s pretty obvious from Trump’s executive orders that he intends to rule.”

        • Learner says:

          Yes, Mr. Can’t-Pass-A-Health-Bill has a plan to rule the universe. And Nazis will support it. That’s some good news!

        • lalit says:

          Yep, this Learner fellow is beginning to bug me too. Kinda like how AJP used to bug me earlier. Peppermint is at least entertaining.

          How do we keep the comments section high IQ? This is a problem.

          • Cavalier says:

            I, too, like Peppermint for his entertaining bombast. I hope I’ve successfully assimilated that flavor into my writings.

            Regarding the comments section, the problem is that the really smart guys know all this already. The medium-smart guys read, understand, and move on. It’s the marginal-smart guys like me who have to spend a bunch of time writing in order to work through the ideas and their implications.

            • lalit says:

              You need to give yourself more credit, Cav! A lot more actually. I won’t say more.

  6. Glenfilthie says:

    Well Jim, ya talk about this like it’s a chessboard.

    We’re talking a game more like Rollerball here. The people opposing Trump kill people. They’ve slain kings before, they’ll do it again and it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You get on the wrong side of that crowd – and you are dead.

    Trump knows who the spies are. He needs to know who the traitors are, and who is playing them.

  7. B says:

    Would you care to make another bet? I will put up another bottle of good whiskey that there will be no Trump coup in 2017.

    (since this place has turned into a swarming hive of Nazi masturbators and you sound like a broken record with the pedo stuff and calls to give women the status of livestock, I’m just looking for some way to benefit from the unfortunate situation.)

    • jim says:

      I guarantee that you will never agree on what constitutes a Trump coup. Do you acknowledge that Aleppo has fallen, and no guerrilla war ensued? Or are you still quibbling that it has not quite fallen yet, and guerrilla war is coming real soon now? And because of the fearsome effectiveness of guerrilla war the Russians are going to be in a horrid quagmire?

      Recall that until the fall of Rome in the West, Romans believed, and to some extent acted, as if the Republic was still in effect, thus a Trump coup will be inherently difficult to define – the more successful it is, the less it will be called a coup. If Trump wins, people will say it is regrettable, but completely normal, that the president gets to run the government, and there is absolute nothing unusual about this.

      • B says:

        Aleppo fell in December 2016, a year+ after the Russians came in:

        There was really no ambiguity about it.

        Guerrilla war is the reason that it took a year+ from Russia’s entry into the war and 4+ years of attempts by Syria’s conventional military.

        Guerrilla attacks will continue for the next several years, unless Syria is cantonized, Bosnia-style, which seems to be the direction things are moving. Guerrillas need foreign backers, and the US has cut backing and leaned on the Turks and Gulf Arabs to do so as well.

        Please point me to the exact place I talked about fearsome effectiveness.

        As for a Trump coup, it’s funny how there was no ambiguity about Pinochet’s coup, or the coup which overthrew the Shah, or the 1917 Revolutions, etc. Propose some unambiguous criteria.

        • jim says:

          Guerrilla war is the reason that it took a year+ from Russia’s entry into the war and 4+ years of attempts by Syria’s conventional military.

          Bullshit. There is and was no guerrila war anywhere near Aleppo – and previously you admitted this but promised guerrilla war would come real soon. And now you are telling me that like invisible pink unicorns, it was always there.

          You are lying about what is happening now, and lying about your past position.

          As for a Trump coup, it’s funny how there was no ambiguity about Pinochet’s coup

          That is one of the differences between a coup and an autocoup.

          • B says:

            What, you think they got lost driving down the road to Aleppo and it took them 1/4 years to get the map out of the glove compartment?

            Please propose some unambiguous criteria for a Trump “autocoup.” Or is this some spiritual phenomenon, like the Quaker Inner Light? If so, you’re right, I can’t bet on that which can’t be measured…

            • jim says:

              Artillery duels from heavily reinforced sandbagged positions that change by a short distance at long intervals are not guerrilla war. Indeed, they are pretty much the opposite of guerrilla war. The entire war around Alleppo had a clear front line marked by sandbags, piled up rubble, and emplaced heavy weapons, which front line moved infrequently by small amounts.

              And previously you knew this perfectly well.

              It took the Russians a long time because that kind of conventional warfare, flattening cities, takes a long time.

              Please propose some unambiguous criteria for a Trump “autocoup.”

              I am not going to make a bet with someone who just lied about his own words and is now redefining guerrilla war.

              • B says:

                Amazing how you didn’t notice that the Syrian war was not a guerrilla one when the Russians showed up in October 2015 and you were crowing about how in a month or two, the rebels would fold.

                Of course, you’d decline to make a bet on clearly observable criteria and put your money where your mouth is. As the Russians say, “bullshitting is not like carrying heavy sacks.” Or, as the Arabs would have it, “there’s no tax on words.”

        • pdimov says:

          “Guerrilla war is the reason that it took a year+ from Russia’s entry into the war and 4+ years of attempts by Syria’s conventional military.”

          It took a year because Assad didn’t have the numbers to fight everywhere at once (he still doesn’t – Palmyra re-fell because Aleppo) and because the Russians, to keep their relations with Turkey above zero, didn’t want to let/help the Kurds cut the supply routes.

    • lalit says:

      Mate, let’s have a look at some of your predictions. You have a blog of your own? Perhaps you should get one and start to concisely explain yourself there.

    • Antipas says:

      “…calls to give women the status of livestock”

      You mean the way hard-line Orthodox Jews treat women?

  8. BC45 says:

    Traditionally, spies aren’t fired. They’re…eliminated.

    • Cavalier says:

      The Larry King Admission makes it clear that Trump is in it for power and nothing else.

      Long live the king.

    • jim says:

      Remember Trump on the Holocaust. He is subtle.

      • Ryan C says:

        I do not see how it changes anything.

        On the otherhand, I don’t even see how the world is the way it is.

        • jim says:

          The subtlety is that his girls, the new exemplars of emancipated women, do jobs under the supervision of husbands and fathers – his daughter was an asset traded in a real estate deal

  9. viking says:

    Occam’s razor Jim, the donald as all NY knows is an idiot, he doesnt fucking read Jim.He wanted to be president because no matter haow rich he got he never got any respect- because hes a fucking idiot, hes so fucking stupid he couldn’t even figure out how to be liked by the elite assholes who worship money, worship NY, Just think about that with billions and a NY upbringing he couldn’t figure out social climbing, And you think hes going to figure out washington and foreign affairs? You we like him simply because he triggered all the right people, but that was a fluke, there was no coherence behind that. he was simply a bridge and tunnel troll being typically joey about the moulys- Mo they gotta go these moulys, even the children.His anti globalism is really from when japan was buying NY real estate, he doesnt understand shit and he demonstrated during the debates after having had a year to prepare that he was contemptuous and incapable of learning.So of course what happened was they cucked him, in fairness he doesnt know hes been turned put, he thinks hes delegated, he realized he was an idiot and had better delegate or lose the respect he so desperately craves.He doesnt give a shit as long as he can play the part. hes backed away from every position we liked, but still they are going to kill the chicken to scare the monkeys. They want this settled there will be no democracy, democracy is what we call it when you vote the way we tell you, fascism is what we call it when you vote bad.There is only one way this ends we find the fucking balls to kill them

  10. Dave says:

    Even if you are dealt a winning hand you have to play your cards right. Even an army that outnumbers it’s foe has to approach the enemy in such a way as to avoid defeat, and avoid missteps. The war was not won with his election, and he must proceed with awareness and care. MAGA

  11. Jack Highlands says:

    Good reasoning Jim, if Gorsich were an abstract, unequivocably Trumpian force. Unfortunately, he is a real-life, middle-aged, GOPe-type, cool-state Harvard product who has trained his whole adult life to be part of the unelected vanguard of political globalism, the judiciary. He will be a huge disappointment, unless judicial power is eviscerated.

    After gutting the spies, Trump must gut the courts, including SCOTUS, even harder. The only way forward is Empire – the Republic has been dying for decades and it’s time for the mortal blow. I’m certain Trump does not understand this, and I suspect even Bannon lacks the will for it. Maybe Bibi will implant the seed in Kushner, but Yahweh forbid another Skype-dominated American presidency.

    Sooner or later, the Trump admin will be backed into a corner. The only questions are whether they will see what must be done to fight their way out, and whether they are prepared to do it.

    • viking says:

      exactly gorsucks first public stament was to express his fear and sadness that trump had dared question the court decision, and assert the executive had absolute authority over immigration. Think about that. I would have removed his nomination within the hour. and I will bet every name on that supremes list the neocons so helpfully provided trump would have said the same.
      Trumps not gutting anyone he just want the prestige of being president. Eventually he will come to see bannon as a trouble maker that causes him to to lose respect and will can him.Trumps a big fag

      • jim says:

        He expresses regret, and says Trump has absolute authority.

        Weep, weep, weep. “Sad to say, my fellow losers, regrettably we must bow down before the God Emperor. I am very sad about this”

        Sounds like the right man to me.

        • Jack Highlands says:

          I hope you’re right Jim, but do you have specific support for this scenario?

          It’s not that I strongly disagree – seems unlikely Trump would choose Gorsuch unless he expected this – it’s just that’s only relying on the general vigor of Trump and team and nothing more particular. For instance, MSM or no, this article seems to make a case that Gorsuch’s record prevents a read on his immigration stance at present:

          • jim says:

            That is the prog reading of Gorsuch. They cannot hear his dog whistles. I hear him loud and clear. Gorsuch is going to rule that the president is the chief executive officer of the US government, and that Congress legislates and budgets, which is a revolutionary position that at present only has one other supporter on the Supreme court.

  12. lalit says:

    Fighting the Permanent Government is not easy. Prime Minister Modi of India is also finding the going tough tackling the Judiciary.

    They are too entreched and not accountable to anyone. That’s the case in India and seems to be so in the States as well.

    Now, any predictions regarding how long it will take for Gorusch to get confirmed?

    • viking says:

      gorsuck the cuck is a shoe in. No ones fighting the deep state

      • jim says:

        While much remains to be done, Trump has already significant cut government funding for the left. That is fighting the deep state.

        He gave the Jews Israel, and took the Holocaust away from them. That is fighting the deep state.

  13. vxxc2014 says:

    Trump’s situation is the reverse of Obama’s last 2 years.

    Trump has 2623 Red voting Counties. All life sustainment comes from them.

    Left has 489. Those 489 include the Capitol DC, NYC [money] LA [Hollywood] and normal urban power centers.
    Critical note: they produce nothing of what is needed to sustain life.

    Obama had DC completely and indeed the DC/Cathedral Party/Whatever still has DC and the 2016 Blue map areas. 2014 is the key year: Law Enforcement backed down even at Federal Level from massacring Bundy Ranch defiant militia and O/K in the open. Also at that time the gun control push was met as it has been all along with mass purchases BUT KEY LEO orgs openly defied enforcing it as well as what was clearly LEOs turning to the people.

    Blue Empire response was twofold: 1] Open borders in USA and EU.
    2] In USA with DOJ clearly encouraging it a campaign of terror began against local Law Enforcement. You will note that in each case the campaign was preceded by and took place with LEO orgs usually local police that were already in conflict with DOJ legally. This was an escalation of an existing campaign of DOJ Supervision of local law enforcement organizations that has been running since the 1990s under Clinton. Interest note that all the orgs that knuckled under no campaign of suits, doxxing of cops, charges etc which escalate to shooting campaign. –this is war by definition BTW.

    Interest note – the DOJ makes local or state jurisdictions pay for their supervision. This allows DOJ to escape Congressional Funding and hence oversight or appeal of besieged local police. Clever.

    This is a classic conflict of Centralizing govt vs local/provincial govts.
    The cops are targeted as they are the legitimate local arms of force and critically [non-Americans take note] USA law enforcement answers to their level of govts respectively. The President and AG can’t legally give direct orders [like shoot Tea Partiers] to non Federal Cops.

    Question is WHY take this enormous and costly risk?
    answer is DC/AG/Holder/DEMS/Obama judged it worth the risk.
    They may yet be proved correct.

    They’ll be proved correct if America’s and the Right’s response is to cling to Constitutional Forms that have lost their power, if they expect to vote their way out of this and not to have to fight for survival and what’s theirs [by fight I ALWAYS MEAN WAR/VIOLENCE] and frankly expect Trump to do all the heavy lifting. Trump can’t do all the heavy lifting, can’t do all the work, can’t do all the dirty work anymore than Patton could do it all for 3d Army or Napoleon for the Grand Armee etc..

    If you won’t fight KILL/MURDER/WAR for what’s yours then you don’t deserve it. Certainly skin color doesn’t impress anyone — bitches.

    May I suggest you organize for a fight. All you need is a few men where you live. Just simple self defense of local lives, safety, property, order. Don’t even argue with local police, don’t protest, don’t give police or anyone else lectures on Constitutional rights, 2d amdnt etc. ORGANIZE.

    Once there are many squads then the army as needed builds itself. That’s baked into human nature. Worry about your squad not the country.

    • viking says:

      I think they let bundy deescalate because they know they cant win a shooting civil war and they are close to civil war so dont want to risk a black swan. They want to first replace all armed forces police etc with niggers fags bitches cucks, so are using same tactics on police they used to enforce affirmative action etc, consent decrees etc.

      once this is accomplished they might be able to win a hot civil war especially if tech continues to favor them.sadly its now or never, trump proves politics is hopeless, war is only option while war is winnable. however we are too soft.

  14. vxxc2014 says:

    “So why no charges yet?”

    Because he doesn’t see things the way you do?
    Also he has a different data set?

    Worst case scenario at present: he thinks he can save DC and The Republic and America. DC is mutually exclusive of anyone else surviving. The Republic is less of a priority than survival of Americans by far.

    He may not have gotten there yet and thinks he can just be a President and may have to have his hands forced to act as is needed. He may not know this yet. He may wait until his hand is forced. Now ++worst worst++ case scenario for him is he waits too long; You can do anything with bayonets but sit on them.

    If he misses his chance then don’t despair, thanks to our vastly decentralized polity of Jeffersonian Democracy of 85K political entities, 19K Police Depts/LEO and 52 state National Guards as well as hundreds of millions of guns and over 12 Trillion rounds of ammo on hand + 2d Amendment + 60 million aroused WE have many more options.

    Trump however does not. I would hope someone is telling him if he loses his entire bloodline is in jeopardy. America will survive they may not.

    • viking says:

      Think his (((bloodlines))) already shot

      • Jack Highlands says:

        Breeding with Jews is never optimal for us, but there is a huge difference between a daughter marrying an orthodox Jew and converting, and a shitlord son in close touch with his Czech roots marrying a secular half-Jew. That’s DJT; Jewish media is reporting that Eric Trump’s wife isn’t Jewish at all.

        I’d say of Trump’s 8 grand-kids so far, 5 are biological quarter-Jews who can be considered White and 3 are biological half-Jews who can be considered Jewish. When Eric Trump’s first is born in September, that’s one that won’t be Jewish at all, unless there’s some crypto stuff going on.

        • jim says:

          To solve the Jewish problem, Jews have to mix or move to Israel. Some mix, some move to Israel. I cannot see any civilized or half civilized solution to the Jewish problem that does not involve a whole lot of mixing. Moving them from one white country has not worked. Apart, of course, from the solution gleefully advocated by our Jewish Orthodox friends, that prog Jews commit autogenocide.

        • peppermint says:

          quarter Ashkenazic is 85% White, just below the Anglin threshold of 88% to be considered White, and also Hitler’s standard

        • Anonymous says:

          Does anyone know if Dr. Richard Carrier is Jewish or a Mischling? For those who don’t know, he’s a militant atheist author and blogger who’s written extensively about Jesus not existing and other extreme Fedora stuff, triggering the Christians unsurprisingly. The reason I suspect he’s Jewish is because his phenotype is Jewish or at least Jewy, he has divorced his wife of 20 years and became a “polyamorist” (i.e literal cuckold), and thinks that accusing his debaters of “sexism” should automatically end all discussion, of course with the vindication of his perspective. If anyone has evidence he’s Jewish, plz post.

          • jim says:

            Why are you calling his stuff “fedora stuff”. A fedora is a red pill symbol and is arguably becoming part of the reactionary aesthetic.

            Feminists claim that fedora wearers are awkward nerds who are losers with women, because they have these bad oppressive attitudes towards women, because they feel “entitled”. But I well know that women love men who feel entitled, feminists as much as the rest. Entitlement is the outward manifestation of truly internalizing the red pill.

            • Cavalier says:

              Maybe in ten or twenty years. It hasn’t happened yet, and there have been no signs of it either. The only piece of fashionable headwear in the last half-century is the Trumpenhat — only because of the impending Trumpenreich, of course — and the only reason the baseball cap is still extant is because it has a legitimate sporting function. Furthermore, the fedora is the smallest and lowest hat, as evidenced by its immediate progressive successor: nothing.

            • Anonymous says:

              “Fedora” is an alt-right, /pol/, TRS, and MPC slang used derogatorily/humorosly to describe an autistic, obsessive keyboard-atheist who can’t shut up about his anti-religious views – usually reclusive people living within their own (intelligent but often) fantastical minds.

              This descriptor fits him like a glove, and you should google (duckduckgo) “richard carrier poly” to see how out-of-touch this militant atheist blogger is. I’m just curious about whether or not he’s Jewish or part-Jewish.

              • jim says:

                I will continue to wear my fedora, because chicks dig it.

                • Anonymous says:

                  The real “Fedora” is rather hooded around one’s spirit than worn on one’s head, albeit a real Fedora atheist would perforce have to repudiate this proposition, needless to say.

                  In other words, this term doesn’t refer to you, Jim, and still more-so if chicks dig rather than denigrate your chapeau.

            • Anonymous says:

              Actually now that I think about it, he’s not a typical “Fedora” type himself, but the material he’s produced over the years definitely is Fedora-tier, and that real Fedoras are his fanclub attests to the veracity of my observation. He’s more of a typical sterile Jew, auto-genocide enthusiast.

              Fat neckbeard gamers, a distinct species of Fedora, are universally detested and despised by the female sex and especially by Feminists, but we all know why biatches be like dis, and have common ground to formulate a solution, so that’s not the point.

              The point is that they’re here, they’re (in their own way) queer, so get used to it. Anthropologically these people are, if nothing else, odd – thus they make for an interesting subject matter. Plus, it’s funny to mock their silliness. I wish they’ll all get lai…. err, married, but before the fat neckbeard gamers get to recite their vows, a radical change, a shift or perhaps a rift, has to occur.

              Radicalizing the Fedoras is a good thing, frankly, everyone should be radicalized. It’s a work in progress!

    • jim says:

      During the nomination and the election, he was seeing things very much as I see them.

  15. Cavalier says:

    I came across something enormously encouraging yesterday.

    The whole thing is worth watching — pivotal moment at about 3:20.

    • viking says:

      why do you find that encouraging?King is right Trumps too dumb to have strong political opinions. And so he will be led by his nose by whoevers closest to him until they cost him prestige which is the only thing that motivates him. eventually he will see bannon as a bad influence that makes people hate him and will listen to his trusty jews who have gotten him this far

      • Cavalier says:

        Shriveled-Up Fossil: “Donald Trump is one of my oldest, dearest friends.”

        Interviewer Guy: “Do you speak to him now?”

        Shriveled-Up Fossil in self-comforting posture: “I haven’t heard from him since he was elected. I think the defeat on the health bill taught him a lesson… [smirk] that he’s a politician…[stammer]…that he can’t get out of that, that he’s a politician [and nothing more]. He has the work with [for] the Democrats [ruling elite Brahmins], etc.”

        Interviewer Guy: “He said all kinds of shit about how terrible we are during his campaign. Some people say this, others say that some say he just HAS no ideology; do you think there’s a CORE, politically, to God-Emperor Trump?”

        Shriveled-Up “Donald Trump is one of my oldest, dearest friends” Fossil rubbing his merchant hands together: “You know, I’ve known him all of these years AND NOW I DON’T KNOW. I previously thought he was a liberal: he donated to Clinton, supported Obamacare, hated Bush, etc. etc. And now he’s in office and he’s trying to kill the Hydra [hand-rubbing intensifies] and needs to be whipped back into line, etc.”

      • jim says:

        So, you think that Trump has a flying palace, a hot wife, and the presidency by sheer dumb luck.

        Trump knew exactly how the campaign would go, years in advance. It is likely therefore he knew exactly how the presidency will go. You guys counted him out a thousand times during his campaign for the nomination, and after he won the nomination, counted him out a thousand times during his campaign for the presidency. Now you are counting him out in his campaign to actually govern.

        • Alrenous says:

          And folk say Dunning-Kruger isn’t real.

          Indeed, not only can’t incompetent folk recognize competence, they actively discriminate against truly exception competence.

  16. Alrenous says:

    Can grunt spies be fired, unlike every other government employee?

    I don’t see why he needs the official spies onside. He just needs them unable to fight back, which a little obstructive cooperation on the part of the grunts would accomplish.

    • jim says:

      A coup is a short victorious war. An autocoup needs both arms and eyes. He needs to be able to see, and to blind his opponents.

      • Alrenous says:

        Civilly disobedient grunt spies blind his opponents.

        He doesn’t need government spies for eyes, he can get his own. Indeed he has many already.

        • jim says:

          The left is listening in on his phone calls and reading his emails. He cannot listen in on their phone calls and read their emails. When this is reversed, then his autocoup will go like a hot knife through butter.

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