The Trumpening

Polls indicate that Trump is going to the Republican candidate, and going to win, going to be the next president.

In substantial part because he gets a lot more black and hispanic votes than Republicans usually do, which is to say, a lot of votes from those who are most directly hurt by illegal immigration.

The Cathedral attitude is that the voters are throwing a silly temper tantrum, which will be ignored. It is possible that they will declare his election unconstitutional, because racism, but more likely that they will just carry on as if he is not president, because racism.

This is pretty much what happened when Kevin Rudd attempted to stop illegal immigration to Australia and deport illegal immigrants. Totally failed. This is what Jorge means when he correctly tells Trump that Trump’s plan is unworkable. The country is ruled by priests, not politicians, and Jorge is a priest and Trump is not. Therefore Trump’s plan is unworkable. However, Kevin Rudd’s efforts eventually made possible Tony Abbots efforts. Tony Abbot just ignored the judges and used the military directly.

At one point the judges ruled that a bunch of Tamil illegal immigrants from India could not be expelled, unless their asylum status was checked with the Indian government. Tony Abbot readily agreed, since it is ridiculous for anyone to claim asylum from the Indian government these days. Then the judges pulled a switcheroo – their asylum status could not be checked unless they consented to it be being checked. Within minutes, airforce commandos were stuffing the Tamils onto airforce planes, which proceeded to fly the Tamils to some place far from Australia, with total disregard for Australian court rulings, supposed international law, and such. The judges hair caught fire, (only metaphorically, unfortunately) but since then they have been mighty quiet, and have stopped trying to meddle. Warriors 1, priests 0.

You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them. At some point we will find out whether soldiers obey priests or presidents.


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  1. Karl says:

    No, men do not hate all other men. Men still have friends and will back them. Part of the problem is that having and backing freinds is illegal once your circle of friends reaches a certain size.

    • Andre says:

      It is illegal to back your friends no matter what size your circle of friends is. The fact you even mention legality as a problem shows that you don’t even know what it means to back a friend. And it is precisely the fact that men DO NOT have real friends which they back up that makes it illegal to back them up. Legality is determined by what a man and his friends decide is appropriate or not. Your circle of friends being larger only makes them more powerful. Men still have people they care about, but it’s a feminine caring which is filled with resignation over the state of the world. There is no power or loyalty behind their friendships. Of course I’m being general here, there is always the odd exception, but those are exceptions. And an example that disproves your claims can be seen in islamic communities within western countries. Their size makes them stronger, not weaker.

      • jim says:

        Some forms of backing your friends work and are legal. My social circle throws parties from which bad women are excluded. Thus women feel that if they misbehaved, would be cast out of the tribe and lose contact with their friends, which women care about a great deal.

        In smaller gatherings we sometimes joke (ha ha) about methods of corpse disposal for misbehaving wives. We only make such jokes when the ladies are present.

  2. lalit says:

    Jim, based on all your knowledge, why don’t you go ahead and make a prediction. When push comes to shove, who will the American soldiers obey? Priest, president or will the U.S. military see a split along these lines?

    • jim says:

      Coups are inherently unpredictable, because if a prediction can be made, people would act to falsify it. However, in a conflict between president and priesthood, soldiers will of course obey the president.

      A conflict between the supremes and a president willing to employ the army will end undramatically, with the judiciary temporarily ceasing to legislate, administer, tax and spend from the bench, but only temporarily.

      • Irving says:

        The US military is mostly a gigantic welfare program for poor whites, so it would never turn against the Cathedral. Those parts of the military whose existence hasn’t anything to do with providing make-work for poor whites are basically R and D, intelligence, policy stuff, and other high-IQ related stuff, and people involved in that are too smart to get involved in politics

        • jim says:

          Lot of soldiers have been injured fighting for their country, so, not a welfare program.

          Also, we need the military. Don’t need people on welfare.

          Should get rid of most of the people in logistics, who are not really military. Logistics should be done primarily by civilian contractors answerable to the regimental commander. They should be known as “Camp followers” and should be disproportionately female. As in “Starship Troopers”, our military should actually be military, and, of course, 100% heterosexual male. (Death penalty for homosexuality, because the presence of homosexuals undermines group cohesion in many ways, primarily by making it difficult for heterosexual males to express affection for each other.)

          Because we want our military to reproduce as a military caste, we want to encourage soldiers to marry, and because there are special stresses on soldier’s families, different rules should apply to military marriages. Therefore, adultery by a soldier’s wife should be more severely punished than adultery by a civilian wife. A wife should only be able to divorce her military husband for extraordinary and severe fault, more severe than required for civilian divorce. The benefits received by a wife who has divorced her military husband for extraordinary and severe fault should be less than those for a civilian divorcee. Military men should have greater patriarchal authority in their families than civilians.

          • Irving says:

            I would never say that soldiers who were wounded, who were killed, or who participated in combat are welfare dependents. The problem, however, is that only ~20 percent of the military are involved in combat related occupations. Of those ~20 percent, only very few have ever seen, or will ever see, combat. Of the non-combat occupations that make up ~80 percent, only a small proportion of that is made of occupations requiring high-IQ.

            So, the military as a whole really is a gigantic welfare system. Besides the actual soldiers and the non-combat personnel with high-IQs doing high-IQ jobs, everyone is there doing make-work jobs that pay them much higher salary and benefits than they would otherwise get in the private sector, if they were to get anything at all.

            No wonder the military will never involve itself in politics, when most of them depend on Washington for their livelihoods.

            • jim says:

              As I said, the non combat 80% of the military should be replaced by civilian contractors answering to regimental commanders – by camp followers.

              And we really only care about the combat twenty percent, since they are the ones that can ultimately decide our political order.

              • Karl says:

                I can see a regimental commander procuring uniforms, food, ammunition, fuel and such things that can be bought cheaply from a lot of suppliers.

                I can’t see how a regimental commander could be procuring fighter planes or battle tanks. Therefore I think that some parts of logistics have to be handled at a level significantly above regimental commander

                • jim says:

                  Build tanks the way we build cars or merchant ships. A regimental commander just purchases the tanks he needs from Ford.

          • The Cominator says:

            Old thread I saw due to the other guy still I must ask… Why would we allow ANY wife to initiate divorce?

            Maybe in case of criminal exile, drug use, or severe disability….

            • Andre says:

              The issue of divorce is simple, men back up their friends and allies, which are other men. The only reason to stop backing up another man is if he ceases to be a friend and ally. We allow wives to initiate divorce because we hate the men they are divorcing, not for the sake of the woman. I think part of why the left “keeps winning” is because of cities and the breakdown of natural social relationships. Men no longer have friends and allies because they live in these massive beehives, so they hate all other men and know that all other men hate them. There is no longer male cooperation. I think the extension of suffrage to women, the fact that men allowed that to happen, was a sign that male hierarchies had been corrupted beyond repair. I think it is foolish to put faith in Trump or some other top down “restoration”. The restoration will happen as organized crime cements its authority on the ground displacing the legal governments, as it is already doing. Organized crime is the only place where you can find men loyal to one another. Right now they still use the legal governments to interface with certain elements of society but I think these groups will come out of the shadows at some point.

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  4. mukatsuku says:

    Abbott kicked out yesterday!

    His ‘moderate’ successor praised the vanquished Abbott, saying “He stopped the boats.”

    • jim says:

      No one ever admits that they are changing the rules to allow in a flood of illegals.

      We shall see what he does.

  5. Candide III says:

    You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them.

    Zaporizhya Cossacks wrote in their letter to the Sultan of Ottoman Porta, “what sort of a Cossack are you if you can’t squash a hedgehog with your bare ass?”

    • Hidden Author says:

      Context, please!

      • Erik says:

        The Ottoman Sultan writes to the Cossacks that he’s fucking awesome and has many titles, so they’d better submit voluntarily before he has to come crush them.

        “As the Sultan; son of Muhammad; brother of the sun and moon; grandson and viceroy of God; ruler of the kingdoms of Macedonia, Babylon, Jerusalem, Upper and Lower Egypt; emperor of emperors; sovereign of sovereigns; extraordinary knight, never defeated…”

        The Cossacks write back mocking all his titles and telling the Sultan where he can shove it.

        “O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil’s kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are you, that can’t slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil excretes, and your army eats. You will not, you son of a bitch, make subjects of Christian sons; we’ve no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck your mother. You Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick…”

  6. Kevin C. says:

    “At some point we will find out whether soldiers obey priests or presidents.”

    And when — not if, when — it turns out they obey priests?

    And you keep going on about how Trump’s campaign will discredit voting. If it does, and people realize voting doesn’t matter, so what?

    • jim says:

      That the people are in charge is integral to the priestly theology. If the majority of the voters cannot implement their will, the state religion is revealed as a lie.

      Plus, in Australia, when it was put to the test, soldiers obeyed the prime minister and disobeyed the priests. The high point in the confrontation came in the business over Tamils claiming asylum from India.

      The high court (Australia’s equivalent of the supremes) said that they had to get asylum if you could not prove they did not need it, and you were not allowed to prove that they did not need it. The legal term for this is substantive due process, meaning it is only due process if the politically correct outcome is absolutely guaranteed. Just as the lefties were breaking out the champagne on television and celebrating this mighty victory, air force commandos showed up and spoiled the party.

      • Kevin C. says:

        “That the people are in charge is integral to the priestly theology. If the majority of the voters cannot implement their will, the state religion is revealed as a lie.”

        I’m not so sure this is the case. I remember time and again it being emphasized, particularly every time the courts overturn popular legislation, that we are a liberal democracy, and thus, whenever the people vote for something “illiberal”, the courts must, for the sake of “human rights”, step in to ensure the correct outcome. See also Lisbon treaty votes. Or consider that when Bryan Caplan wrote an article showing that when American elites and the electorate disagree, elites get their way, he said this was a good thing, as elites are more “libertarian” than the masses. Throw in some Rousseauan “general will” talk, mentions of non-voters (“everyone who didn’t vote would have voted against Trump!”). The new doctrine will likely be along the lines of: the people are in charge – not the people as they are, but as they would be were not so many mired in false consciousness and riddled with heretic wreckers. Once the flyover country kulaks have been properly stomped and the rest have “educated themselves” and undergone “consciousness raising”, the proper democratic order will be healthy again. With the universities and the media megaphone to provide all needed spin, re-education, and any needed sophistries to reconcile the new dispensation with the old, anyone who cares about status or regular employment will soon come to piously spout the modified dogma with the same fervor they spout the present dogma. The Cathedral will survive it; whatever small (for reasons outlined above) hit they take to their legitimacy can be pushed past by virtue of their sheer power.

        And as for the Australian example, Australia is different from America, the fons et origo of the Progressive mind-virus and home of the core Cathedral organs. I doubt any other nation’s armed forces have been marinated as deeply and for as long in Cathedral dogma as those of the USA. Remember how many have gone through public school, and so consider how many have thus internalized the lesson that the Constitution — which our soldiers swear to defend — is whatever five people in robes say it is.

        And what happens Down Under after Abbott is gone? How long until Cathedral agents ensure his policies are rolled back? And how long before the schools work to make sure any future next generation of Australian soldiers have learned from an early age how Abbott’s actions are Not Acceptable and must never happen again?

        But even dialing back my certainty on the issue, my first question still stands: if Amercan soldiers obey priests instead of presidents, what then?

        • peppermint says:

          America, the fons et origo of the Progressive mind-virus

          Latin, very impressive. The treason in 18th and 17th century England is now being paid for with the hymen blood of English girls.

          the Constitution — which our soldiers swear to defend — is whatever five people in robes say it is.

          yes, and in England, they have what, English values and traditions?

          if Amercan soldiers obey priests instead of presidents, what then?

          then we’re cucked, just like England.

        • R7_Rocket says:

          @Kevin C.

          You’re not familiar with military life, are you?

    • R7_Rocket says:

      @Kevin C.

      Priest don’t make for very good commanders.

      • Hidden Author says:

        Jihadist commanders going back to Mohammed himself have doubled as imams. In the American Revolution, some Patriot units had the same man as Chaplain and Commander.

        • Hidden Author says:

          I forgot another examples: Roman Emperors holding the offices of Imperator (Commander-in-Chief) and Pontifex Maximus (High Priest) at the same time…

        • jim says:

          You neglect the most famous example of all , John III Sobieski, King of Poland, who defied the Roman Catholic Church by himself holding mass with his sword as a crucifix, and then immediately proceeded to save Christendom from Islam by personally leading the greatest, and most important, cavalry charge in all of history.

          But all these people were primarily warriors, taking priestly functions only to keep the priests in line, with the exception of Mohammed.

          • Hidden Author says:

            But is Mohammed really in a class of his own? The Torah, the earliest record of Jewish history coming down to the present day, has prophets like Abraham and Moses preside over armies as military commanders. Heck, if ideologues (such as Communist Party commissars) of godless movements can be classed with ancient prophets as a form of priest, then Trotsky and Mao were priest-commanders. Indeed in Communist nations, the Army is not the army of the State but of the Party itself!

            • jim says:

              Moses was not a priest. Aaron was the priest. Moses was the political and military leader. Abraham was a priest only in that all patriarchs were priests. He was primarily a patriarch. Stalin was a priest, and was a correspondingly shitty military leader.

              It is famously said, that Stalin, the least trusting of men, trusted Hitler, the most untrustworthy of men.

              Indeed in Communist nations, the Army is not the army of the State but of the Party itself!

              The party is the priesthood. Competent military leaders are automatically untrusted, leading to a dual system of political and military commissars, where they put priests beside warriors to keep an eye on the warriors.

          • Richard Nixon's Ghost says:

            >Moses was not a priest.
            Moses was a prophet. He talked to God, and spoke for God. Similar figure to Muhammad, which is something Muhammad noticed.

            >Abraham was a priest only in that all patriarchs were priests.
            He was more of a prophet. Which Muhammad also noticed.

        • peppermint says:

          Islam says sandniggers must conquer and rape. Like all supernatural fantasies, it can be twisted into cuck faggotry, but, to see that cuck faggotry, we need to look to the golden age of Islam, since faggotry becomes popular during golden ages.

  7. alex fouts says:

    Sadly violence is now the only remaining hope.

    • jim says:

      Except that the potentially inconvenient elections have been cancelled, and no one in Greece is allowed to hear the voices of those Greeks being ethnically cleansed from the island.

      Recall that no one in America recalls the ethnic cleansing of whites from the inner cities and Detroit.

      • Mark Citadel says:

        The difference is, I don’t think American whites have any sense of nation at all. Greeks do. I am optimistic that within a year, some immigrants are going to pay in that country.

        • peppermint says:

          How did B come across the position that

          The idea of racism, that you can judge men primarily by their race (as opposed to their belonging to a particular people or religion) is a 19th century invention


          The word ‘nation’ had been brutally raped by Abraham Lincoln, Emma Lazarus, and other cucks and kikes, and eventually gave birth to a bastard child, the word ‘people’, whose mission is to destroy the world that raped xir mother.

          In an abstract sense, the word ‘people’ should mean the same thing as ‘nation’ and ‘ethne’. In reality, it’s used when progressives like B don’t want to use the word ‘nation’.

          It’s not out of shame for raping words, and, thus, their own brains. It’s a political calculation.

          People know that ‘nationalism’ is a right-wing thing, even though many of them, such as Sinn Fein, Icelandic people who build temples to Thor while clamoring for immigrants, and glibertarian civic nationalists, don’t know what ‘nationalism’ really means. Progressives, of course, can’t be seen using a word for a right-wing thing in a positive sense, so they use the word ‘people’ instead.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Not from the perspective of people who comment at this blog, “Mark Citadel”. Or else we’d have celebrated those New Yorkers who were supporters of Mr Trump and who beat up a coloured newcomer to the United States a few weeks back.


  8. vxxc2014 says:

    Trump is a Leader.
    Really all that’s been lacking.

  9. E35 says:

    Also, regarding a controversy that sinks the Bismarck: it’s ironic that the Left has spent the past 40 years immunizing the polity against shock, and quite successfully. Cheerio-box boy becomes a she? Yawn. Buggerers want wedding appliances? Yawn. Another spree killing? So sleepy. Pedos can be Boy Scout leaders? Snore. The abomination of desolation? ZZzzz. So one wonders precisely what sort of controversy could explode the HindenTrump.

    But the Permanent Establishment always has the Dallas option. They frightened Perot away, didn’t they?

  10. E35 says:

    A bully pulpit, indeed, and talk about a mandate (no, not that kind, dammit)! Also, don’t forget, the President controls the OMB, whose functions include:

    Budget development and execution, a significant government-wide process managed from the Executive Office of the President and a mechanism by which a President implements decisions, policies, priorities, and actions in all areas (from economic recovery to health care to energy policy to national security);

    2.Management — oversight of agency performance, Federal procurement, financial management, and information/IT (including paperwork reduction, privacy, and security);

    3.Coordination and review of all significant Federal regulations by executive agencies, to reflect Presidential priorities and to ensure that economic and other impacts are assessed as part of regulatory decision-making, along with review and assessment of information collection requests;

    4.Legislative clearance and coordination (review and clearance of all agency communications with Congress, including testimony and draft bills) to ensure consistency of agency legislative views and proposals with Presidential policy; and

    5.Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda to agency heads and officials, the mechanisms by which the President directs specific government-wide actions by Executive Branch officials.

    Hey, it’s a start. #NROrevolt!

  11. Mark Citadel says:

    Liberals will likely hate me for saying I want Trump to Pinochet America, but then again I don’t care if Liberals hate me. They can go to the stadium.

    • Dave says:

      Put them all in the Superdome with twice as many of their beloved knee grows, and let the fun begin. “I’m on your side, I voted for Obama twice!!”

    • jim says:

      I don’t think it is in him to Pinochet America, but he is a lot closer than anyone we are likely to get, and, by challenging the priesthood for control of the Overton window, may well create the conditions for a future Pinochet.

      • Dr. Faust says:

        I see Trump as the John the Baptist was to Jesus. He’s not the Dude but he’s the dude who heralds the Dude.

        • jim says:

          Quite so. Every time he opens his mouth he enlarges the Overton Window.

          And if it is revealed that majority vote cannot stop illegal immigration or expel illegals, that terminally discredits voting.

          • Mark Citadel says:

            Viktor Orban is impressing me too. If Trump could even get to that level I’d be happy. Shut down the left wing judiciary, and actually punish liberals. It won’t save anything, but it would be justice.

          • peppermint says:

            If Trump can block the DoJ from initiating new snivel rights lawsuits, claiming that America doesn’t have time for political correctness while China is cleaning our clocks or whatever, that’s glasnost.

            If a president declares glasnost, the Cathedral will have to try to continue their reign of terror by suing to suspend the policy, with the judiciary almost certain to rule against the president wherever possible. Then we get to see if the president has the authority to fire people in the executive branch.

            AFAIK, the House of Representatives can declare that the Supreme Court doesn’t have the authority rule on various cases without the Senate, which could be the next best thing to repealing various 20th century laws. They can devolve election monitoring and civil rights monitoring to the states. A few states where people know that they can openly say the word ‘nigger’ and remain employed will embolden everyone.

            • jim says:

              You make the classic nazi error. You have too much confidence in the people and democratic politics, and in the capacity of the democratic process to produce results that reflect the will of the people.

              Trump makes a difference for freedom simply by opening his mouth. Every time he opens his mouth he widens the Overton Window, and causes Cathedralites hair to catch fire. As president, he has the bully pulpit, and will do the same thing from the bully pulpit. But actually governing the country? I doubt it. Rather, I hope for democracy to be exposed as the fraud that it is, thereby discrediting it. At best, Trump will be John the Baptist, leading the way for the man who ends elections.

          • peppermint says:

            It’s popular in the NRx to say that the people don’t matter, but, Trump was one of the people just a few months ago. Trump is on the edge of the Overton window, and if he wasn’t the private owner of a company with too many individual holdings for the commies to bully suppliers to, he would have been fired a while ago under the snivel rights.

            How many people are out there who want to say the word ‘nigger’, but know that they will be punished for it? Occasionally, the progressives will even say outright that the reason for punishing people for saying the word ‘nigger’ is the fear that nigger-sayers will quickly rise in prestige if the punishment stops. Glasnost does matter, because social status matters.

            Elections also matter, though, of course, politics is war by other means, and first casualty of any war is the truth; a vote for Conservatism, Inc has for the past few election cycles been a vote against the disappearing White majority.

            It’s unlikely for this next President and House of Representatives to end the Civil Rights Era, but that’s the easiest path I see to getting rid of it.

            Ideally, we eliminate elections since they’re a ridiculous sham after we win, and the #allsoulsmatter cuckservatives do their ‘tut tut’ thing, but without cucktianity that everyone must at least pretend to respect to be taken seriously, they won’t be able to get prestige by saying cuck things.

            Getting rid of cucktianity was the single biggest strategic mistake our enemies ever made, other than not aggressively policing the Internet, viewing it instead as a porn distribution channel. Ironically, the same website, 4chan, served both to distribute porn and racism.

            • jim says:

              Trump was one of the people just a few months ago.

              Trump was never one of the people. Always one of the elite. Realizing that the elite had gone out on a limb on the highly unpopular program of ending white majority states, he decided to go populist.

              His words are expanding the overton window. And as president, he will have the bully pulpit. But we will see, as we saw with Kevin Rudd, massive bureaucratic non compliance, as government employees simply ignore the president.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            Discrediting voting pushes the Overton window to outright armed rebellion. The US is fairly close to that now, closer than in the 1990’s . This is a mixed blessing though.

            Its probably much needed but I’m too old for that kind of folly. By the time it happens I’ll be a senior citizen probably

            Now as far as the Court goes there is an easy solution if anyone had and was willing to use the power,

            Article 3 Section 1 US Constitution
            The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

            All the Congress need do is declare certain judgement are prima facie bad conduct and remove them.

            If they want to they can also remove all members of the lower courts by simply majority vote since they serve only as Congress wishes.

            This is unlikely but its quite legal

            Another option is to pull a Roosevelt and stack the court with your loyalists

            All these are solution that won’t be implemented, since many of the Republicans are also Leftists and engaged in much the same social signalling as the Democrats

  12. Jorge… Bergoglio?

    • CuiPertinebit says:

      Thanks, man; that was good for a chuckle.

      Truth is, Jorge Ramos is as much a Catholic priest as is Jorge Bergoglio. But they are certainly both hierophants of La Catedral.

  13. Alan J. Perrick says:

    Indeed. There is a lot more to an administration than one man, but there is so much that needs to be changed in the culture. That is why a lot of pro-white people are saying that it isn’t only the man-it’s also the message. In fact, if only one thing could be chosen the message to stop the crime of wiping out the white genotype would come before any one person. There is too much to do to be waiting for that official, and not fixing and improving outside of the official political system.

    Learn something from Neo-Reaction! Voting and the elected officials that come from it do not have the power to really make the change!


    • jim says:

      Trumps campaign is more important than whether he gets elected.

      • Alan J. Perrick says:

        Assuming, “Jim”, that you are not only interested in Theonomist solutions to Progressivism or The Cathderal, but also interested in Ethno-Nationalist ones, the article from Rolling Stone magasine explains the crime of White Genocide in an article where they’re obviously desperate to smear Mr Trump so as to derail his campaign:

        …even the most far-out Tea Party paranoia. Gone are the salad days when red-staters merely worried about Barack Obama inviting UN tanks to mass on the borders of Lubbock. Trump supporters have gone next-level, obsessed with gooney-bird fantasies about “white genocide,” a global plan to exterminate white people by sending waves of third-world immigrants across American and European borders to settle and intermarry. The white-power nerds pushing this stuff don’t like the term RINO (Republican In Name Only) and prefer “cuckservative,” a term that’s a mix of “cuckold” and “conservative.” Cuck is also a porn term that refers to a white guy who gets off on watching his wife take it from (usually) a black man. A cuck is therefore a kind of desexualized race traitor. So you can see why the Internet lights up when Donald Trump tosses Jorge Ramos from a presser and tells him “mine’s bigger than yours” (Trump was referring to his heart, but again, whatever). All of Trump’s constant bragging…

        “The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia”


        • Alan J. Perrick says:

          September the Fourth, by the way…

        • Erik says:

          Ha ha, Raping Stone, cocksuckers for the party of dumb black people (i.e. most black people), all upset that there’s now a party for dumb white people.

        • jim says:


          Trump is charismatic and popular, and they proceed to give us a huge boost by linking us to him and then explaining our beliefs in clear, accurate, and compelling language.

          Instead of (truthfully) telling the public we are secret conspiracy to put blacks back to picking cotton, they (truthfully) tell the public we are a secret conspiracy to preserve suburbs from black crime and dysfunction – knowing that all correct thinkers will find such a conspiracy equally horrifying.

        • vxxc2014 says:

          FEAR. The Cathedral is rank with it….

          Soon we’ll ease their pain.

          • James1 says:

            Not cathedral – synagogue.

          • Dr. Faust says:

            “Not cathedral – synagogue”

            Why not both?

            Are the Jews responsible? Maybe. Why take a risk in either case?

            Whites don’t need Jews, don’t need anyone but whites to acknowledge who they are. Jews are leftist by nature, promote social agitation, and are currently the leaders of leftist thought in most western countries. Maybe not the heart but certainly the face of progressivism.

            Jim and Moldbug blame puritans. WN blame Jews.

            Why not both?

          • peppermint says:

            WN used to blame Jews. Thanks to the restoration of the word ‘cuck’, WN now blame cucks and kikes, see a recent post by prominent WN weev.

            Who restored the word cuck? Was it the manosphere that set the stage for moot’s cringeworthy behavior to lead /pol/ to call him a cuck, making him rage hard enough to fuck with /pol/’s CSS until /pol/ left halfchan? Certainly NRx played a role in documenting the fact that kikes could never have done anything without cucks and their social signaling.

    • red says:

      >Learn something from Neo-Reaction! Voting and the elected officials that come from it do not have the power to really make the change!

      Mencius Moldbug proven wrong? I guess we’ll find out.

  14. red says:

    I wonder if Trump knows what he’s getting himself into?

    • jim says:

      Reading between the lines, looks to me that he is going to toss anchor babies out, then let the courts struggle to bring them in again. I find it unlikely that he proposed his program without observing how similar programs have played out elsewhere.

    • bomag says:

      Trump probably sees that the political power in this country is gravitating to the executive branch, and he could step in and get in on this action.

      All meaningful legislation is proposed by the president; he appoints the federal judges; he appoints department heads in the bureaucracy which more and more govern by regulatory fiat. Of course, these appointments are from the Cathedral “pipeline”, so I wonder how much an outsider like Trump could buck the system.

      For that matter, most of the candidates are from the “pipeline”, so they are waiting for their handlers to gin up a controversy that will sink Trump.

      Also here, the House of Representatives seems to have become a total non-factor in public policy. Supposedly, they have the Power of the Purse, but there is not a peep about using that to change anything. Civics class tells me that the House was designed to let the people quickly vote in a group that could rein in the excess of an entrenched political class. The thing has become a summer camp for Cathedral priest wannabes.

      • jim says:

        To give effect to his immigration program, Trump is going to have to buck the system somewhat.

        There is so many interesting ways this thing could blow up. At the very least, will further discredit democracy. If they stop Trump, then obviously democracy is fake. If they let him be president, but do not let him rule, then obviously democracy is fake.

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