Tim Cook “I am proud to be gay” spys on Mac users

In the recent release of the Mac operating system:

If you set up an email that does not belong to Apple, the OS phones your email domain home to Apple to help them dox you.

No matter who you use a search provider, the browser reports your search strings to Apple

14 Responses to “Tim Cook “I am proud to be gay” spys on Mac users”

  1. jaimeastorga2000 says:

    Off topic: Scott’s girlfriend, Ozy, has her own blog now, and is hosting the [race-and-gender open threads](http://thingofthings.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/open-thread-2-the-amazing-race/) that Scott doesn’t want in his blog. If you still want to talk to the SSC crowd, you could post there.

  2. spandrell says:

    Obscure, unusable OSs aren’t gonna help, as even if non specialists were to take the trouble to learn how to install and use them; the fact remains that all usable browsers are also spy machines. Most Linux users use Chrome, or Firefox; which is also proud to be gay.

    • Merovan says:

      Agreed I guess no one will follow the suggestions. But what else is there to suggest?

  3. spandrell says:

    Come on Jim, put some suggestions forward. The illiterate masses look up to you.

  4. Brian says:

    What is the most secure OS?

    • jim says:

      All suck. Linux is theoretically safest, in part because people focus their attacks on windows.

  5. Thales says:

    Doxxing is gay.

  6. Adolf the anti-White says:

    All the apple users are wondering “what’s a string? and what’s a domain?”.

    • Samson J. says:

      I wonder that too. I am frequently amazed at how many people on this site seem to be computer gurus.

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