Trump Derangement Syndrom and Status

Trump’s 2017 order on Muslim immigration is not very different from Obama’s 2011 order.  But what makes it different, the reason liberals weep tears of outrage, is that during his election campaign Trump committed Lèse-majesté, blasphemy, against Muslims.

Now suppose a bunch of sluts and whores go into a Cathedral and perform obscene acts on the altar disrupting the service, and get away with it, then that lowers the status of Christians, and raises the status of sluts and whores.

Thus, when Russian cops jailed Pussy Riot for trespassing in a cathedral and committing obscene acts, the progs were outraged, because sluts and whores are high status, while Christians are low status, and obviously high status people should be able to give low status people a hard time, and low status people should just suck it up.   High status chickens peck low status chickens, and low status chickens do not peck back, they peck lower status chickens. High status chickens go where they please, and lower status chickens get out of the way.

If Putin does not let sluts and whores give Christians a hard time, he implies that sluts and whores are lower status than Christians, which of course causes progs apoplectic rage, because it casts doubt on the status of progs.  Until Trump was elected, looked very much as if progs were going to defend their status with nuclear weapons.

If Muslims are allowed to go where they please and give ordinary white people, aka racists, a hard time, that implies that Muslims are higher status.  Which implies that progs are even higher status.  If they are not allowed, that implies that progs are not higher status.

You will notice that Trump is creating safe zones in the Middle East for Muslim refugees.  Which is arguably a lot better for Muslim refugees than coming to an alien country where they cannot get wives or jobs.  The problem for progs is that not just that they want Muslims to go where they please, they want them to go where they please and give ordinary whites (racists) a hard time.  They are not worried about the welfare of Muslims refugees, but their status.  Safe zones, instead of US migration, undermines Muslim status relative to white Americans. It denies Muslims the opportunity to prove that working class white people in flyover country are low status contemptible hateful people who do not matter.

Hence the seemingly peculiar proposition that Trump is being racist.  Islam is not a race.  Banning Muslims is like banning communists. There are Muslims of all races and communists of all races. Trump is not banning Hindus. There are plenty of Muslims in Russia with better claims to Aryan ancestry than any Southern white gentleman, and there are plenty of Muslims in the countries on Trump’s ban list that are as white as any American – for example Assad’s wife, Asma al-Assad.

Trump’s ban is racist because it raises the status of white Americans, not because it lowers the status of Muslims. It is racist not because it lowers the status of nonwhites, but because it raises the status of people that progs hate and wish to destroy. Same as Putin’s police arresting Pussy Riot for vandalizing a Cathedral.

That Alawites tend to marginally whiter than some other Syrians is of course a major part of the reason why the State Department wants them genocided, but there is a very large minority of Syrians of all religions as white as Asma al-Assad. Asma was a Sunni, and Sunnis are a major part of the refugees from Syria. The ban is not racist because it lowers the status of Muslims, it is racist because it raises the status of American whites, particularly those American whites in marginal electorates in flyover country who have had large numbers of Muslims refugees dumped on them and are now suffering inner city levels of murder and Rotherham levels of rape, due partly to the fact that Muslims tend to rape infidels, indeed arguably this is a religious duty, and partly due to the fact that the refugees are generally single military age men who do not speak English. Of course they are going to rape, even if it was not their religious duty.

Progs are apoplectic with rage because the Muslim ban raises the status of the sort of people in flyover country who voted for Trump, and thus lowers the status of progs. People in flyover country are low status, so should get pecked, and Muslim refugees are dumped upon them to do the pecking. Trump grants the people in flyover country high status. Trump is acting like a King, the fount of all honors mortal and divine, hence the prog cry “Not our president”. They reject his status, and his power to grant status, because they see he is disinclined to grant them the status they deem appropriate.

Long may the God Emperor reign.

You will notice that progs are almost as much outraged by Trump’s safe zones as by his ban on Muslim immigration, for the one takes away their power to rub their enemies faces in the dirt almost as much as the other.


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  2. viking says:

    Keep deluding yourself the guy comes across as a clown to anyone with half a brain, even when they are much farther to the right than Trump bannon and the jews will ever be.He comes across that way because he is he can not argue only bully, and this makes his positions which are easily arguable seem not. he makes so many gaffes his spokespeople have to do triage rather than make the case the way it ought to have been in the first place.There is no strategy that reflects the precarious position he is in, despite Jim he is not in fact a god emperor, he is one piece of of a democracy that could so easily be deposed. He needed to build power by triangulation taking them out one at a time,He needed to lock the cucks in with a deals they did not want to risk losing, same with foreign powers,instead hes attacking everyone at once.Its not that hes exacuting his campaign promises which BTW hes way short on, its how he does it, has the GOP already told him hes on his own with immigration or does he not get its better to force them to get on board it as the republican platform that was voted for.Does he not get he can easily make the case for a complete moratorium on all immigration if he were smart enough. He is destroying our last chance short of war.

    What fake news only fact i included is he has insisted on keeping his old phone for tweets really stupid after running against hillary for doing something similar

    • Steel T Post says:

      Trump the Berserker! (A viking should appreciate that.)

      • viking says:

        You misunderstand me, I have no problem with super aggressive, i love to watch them gnash their teeth. My problem is he is losing, maybe you cant see it yet but he is, I just watched him make a utter fool of himself and the office of the president of the united states at a prayer breakfast first by some chaotic inventory of his petty resentments and revenges then denigrating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s alleged inability to maintain trumps ratings on “The Apprentice” Then starts saying we should pray for arnold to get better ratings- this at a national prayer breakfast.Yesterday he is supposed to have threatened to invade mexico and hung up on austrailian PM, Now it may turn out to be false or exagerated but Ill bet it was pretty close to the truth because and the thing is both countries could have been very cleverly put in their place while creating a teachable moment for the average american to understand how we are indeed getting fucked, instead of coming out if he were competent or sending a speaker since he is not and explaining how Obama out of spite agreed to take fake refugees so dangerous they were in australia’s version of Guantanamo Bay and that while we really really value australia’s “special relationship with the US, We hoped that Australia will understand that The US like Australia’s when they sanely elected its previous Prime minister is taking seriously the interests of its own citizens. And then he could launch into a little history on Australia’s new immigration policy – but no instead he tweets like retarded teenagers

        • peppermint says:

          Trump doesn’t have to say why the deal was in place, he just needs to say no and hang up, which implies that he’s angry and thinks refugees are the equivalent of nuclear waste. Leave it to normies to ask why Australia is sending refugees they don’t want to the US. The subtext is that refugees are nuclear waste and if that premise is rejected the question is why two Western leaders seem to agree about that.

          • peppermint says:

            Haha, how’d you get me to say refugee, they’re illegal immigrants, as the God-Emperor tweeted.

            Oh yeah, and he treated the prayer breakfast with exactly the gravitas it deserved. Christcuckoldry supposedly had strict dogmas far to the right of the former ruling establishment, in practice it’s run by more or less radical leftists and exclusively pushes left wing causes or ideas.

            • jim says:

              These “refugees” were arrested and imprisoned for illegally entering Australia, or attempting to do so. They may or may not be refugees, but they are quite definitely illegal immigrants, every single one. We don’t really know where they came from, but we definitely do know where the cops caught them.

              • Steve Johnson says:

                “Non-uniformed combatants” or “unlawful combatants” is the most fitting phrase.

              • Hidden Author says:

                The refugees may be good or bad but international law–not in the vague sense of what leftists want binding for all nations but in the actually existing sense of what sovereign nations have agreed amongst themselves to abide by in various treaties–does give people fleeing from war or political persecution the right of asylum. Of course, one could quibble about the numbers or which ones are harmful or real refugees but technically there is a difference between refugees and illegal immigrants.

                • jim says:

                  If they were at one time refugees, by the time Australian cops arrested them, they were a long way from anyone persecuting them, and a long way past their country of first refuge, therefore no longer refugees, but illegal economic migrants.

                  I simply repeat: We don’t know where these people came from originally. They passed through many countries on the way to Australia. We do know that when the cops arrested them, they were illegally trying to enter Australia. They may or may not have once been refugees, but they are undeniably illegal economic immigrants.

                • viking says:

                  technically there is supposed to be a difference in reality probably not so much.
                  The west is the last place any nigger should be an immigrant or refugee for too many reasons to mention, If they are genuinely in danger they can go to another nigger country.
                  The refugee laws are first of all bullshit but they were made for jews fleeing western nations to western nation not niggers from nigger nations

                • Hidden Author says:

                  What if the country of first refuge refuses to grant refuge? You see, it’s more complex and morally ambiguous than simple slogans make it out to be. Of course, if a treaty harms a nation’s people and/or interests, it can be renegotiated, particularly if the counterparties–and this is particularly true in the Third World–don’t abide by the treaty or treaties in question. But that doesn’t change the fact that the starting point in the developed world of the 21st century is the existence of treaties and conventions granting people the right of asylum when in danger…

                • jim says:

                  What if the country of first refuge refuses to grant refuge?

                  What if martians attacked? We have no evidence that any of these people came from war torn countries at all. I am pretty sure that the vast majority of them come from Bangladesh or from near Bangladesh. If you are actually from Syria, Greece is a whole lot closer than Australia, but if you are from Bangladesh, Australia is a whole lot closer. The ones I have seen look more Bangladeshi than Middle Eastern. Has anyone given these guys a test in language spoken in their supposed place of origin?

                • pdimov says:

                  “But that doesn’t change the fact that the starting point in the developed world of the 21st century is the existence of treaties and conventions granting people the right of asylum when in danger…”

                  You meant 20st century. In the 21st century, treaties, conventions and the term “refugee” have been rendered meaningless.

                  If you insist on calling illegal economic migrants “refugees”, you should not be surprised when real refugees start getting treated as illegal economic migrants.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  What’s this 20st Century? Is it between the 20th and 21st centuries?

                • pdimov says:

                  20th, sorry. You win.

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Your graceful apology makes me feel petty. It’s just that I figured that if I had to be a Nazi to fit in, it would be better to be a grammar Nazi than a real Nazi…

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “Trump doesn’t have to say why the deal was in place, he just needs to say no and hang up, which implies that he’s angry and thinks refugees are the equivalent of nuclear waste.”

            Once again, another awesome Jim-esque Status Play. “Those people are pollution, and my people don’t deserve this pollution, period.”

            Or to keep the peace, maybe he’ll receive them anyway, but DIRECTLY into a special ready-made prison colony on Midway Island or American Samoa (or Puerto Rico?) or someplace. We’ll happily pay the necessary expenses, after all.

            • Mister Grumpus says:


              Note how Producer Americans would happily pay Full Lifetime Gibs for these people, so long as the deal included
              o no voting rights
              o keeping them behind walls
              o no sharing infrastructure/schools/etc.

              Even THAT is a killer deal compared to what we have now.

          • viking says:

            Again thats works for actual god emperors it will not work in the USA today.
            BTW I prefer illegal aliens. Yeah I agree Christianity is inherently a cuck religion, but right now cuckstains are in deplorable camp however its not the cuckstains i worry about its joe sixpack, its me for christsake this is humiliating to be associated with this guy.
            Since this morning hes done it again he is in a twitter war with Iran and losing BTW. Of course the second he stooped to using twitter for diplomacy he lost. So i can hear the narrative on CNN hes fired the top half of our diplomatic care and has taken to twitter and angry phone calls to personally conduct diplomacy. Dont get me wrong if he could actually pull it off id admire it but hes not he a foolish egotistical insecure old man just like they say and we knew it was fun as a troll but when he got elected this isnt going to stand

    • jim says:

      Trump looks, and acts, like a King.

      Like a King, he defines what status is. People who don’t like his definition of status say he looks like a clown – because otherwise, they would like clowns. But they do look like clowns – the newsmen he throws out, the rioters smashing windows, they look low status.

      One of the big jobs of a King is to be the fount of all honors, mortal and divine. He is doing that job. People are resisting him, but their resistance is unsuccessful.

      • viking says:

        Seriously Jim thats what you think a king ought to look like? Mine looks like Holger Danske. I wouldnt let leave this guy in charge of my dry cleaners. Kings dont get in petty fights they just imperceptibly move their fingers and attendants read their minds, kings are three steps ahead of their adversaries, trumps just runs his mouth the second hes been triggered which is becoming a game to leftists. There is nothing kinglike about conducting foreign policy via twitter. For the umpteenth time I have no problem with the policy would prefer much much more serious policies as promised, but his amateur attempts to execute policies is blowing up his presidency in days and preventing me getting what was promised.

        All Right whatever i can see youre all invested in this denial Frankly theres nothing we can do either his advisors talk some sense in them or they dont since its highly unlikely they are as deluded as you all they have likely been trying for months but cant.

        • TheBigH says:

          > Kings dont get in petty fights they just imperceptibly move their fingers and attendants read their minds, kings are three steps ahead of their adversaries, trumps just runs his mouth the second hes been triggered which is becoming a game to leftists.

          You must have watched a different election than I did. Trump was three steps ahead of his enemies during the entire run. He blew Jeb Bush out of the race by attacking GWB and the Iraq war. Everyone thought he was dead, instead Jeb was dead. Trump pretended to not to have a ground game while his analytics crew was micro targeting voters on facebook using Trump’s A-B tested campaign rally material against Hillary. The guy specializes in playing the clown while cleaning your clock.

          As far as running his mouth, Steve Jobs is probably the best candidate Monarch we’ve seen in the last 40 years and he endlessly ran his mouth and fought over petty things. Great men are often like that. Get used it, cuck.

          • Dan says:

            I’m still a little on the fence regarding Trump having the qualities of a King, but Steve jobs are you kidding me; a poster boy for millennial hipsters? My 12yr old could snap his neck..

            I tend to agree with Viking. A king was traditionally head of the Kshatriya caste; a warrior par excellence. I fear that Trump is simply of the Vaishya class (Merchant ie banker), who has managed to outwit the rest of his peers in this election.

            Don’t get me wrong, even us on the right never expected ANYONE to achieve what Trump has; winning an election against the Cathedral at this time is nothing short of miraculous.

            But be honest, when you first started embracing a philosophy of ‘rule by Aristocracy’, did you seriously envisage a pasty business man with a comb-over, or a military general type?

            I will say, Trump does seem to be a fitting example of Moldbug’s ‘CEO’ though…

            • peppermint says:

              Trump is brilliant at strategy and won, which is what the first king of a dynasty does. If it pleases Him, Barron serve in the army first before assuming the throne, but winning is what pleases Kek, not what checkboxes you tick off on your scorecard before other men.

  3. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim everything you wrote is well put and true enough for practical politics. In fact it’s generally preferable in practical politics to downplay race.

    But here in this discussion, there are some significant racial aspects to the Muslim question. By far the most important is that race works two ways. Islam is not exactly a race, but at this time in history it is 99% not-our-race. Imagine a religious world that consisted of nothing but White atheists in Europe, Yellow and Black and fringe-Brown Muslims far away from Europe, and center-Brown Zoroastrians in between. In that world, it would only be slightly more obvious than it already is that racially, Muslims are not us.
    The reason this is so important is that we Whites have to get back a sense of Us much more than we have to get back a sense of Them. Cuck Derbyshire’s Jew friends are not Us and They are not the only problem. Cuck Taylor’s uncivil negroes are not Us and They are not the only problem. The tiger –moms competing with the children of (((Ron Unz))) are not Us and They are not the only problem.

    We are Us, and failure to recognize that, with all its consequences, is the biggest problem.

    Now flipping back from the exclusive to the inclusive aspects of race, Islam is, to a first order approximation, the religion of the racially mixed Brown center of the Old World. Racio-religiously, the old World in the time of Marco Polo consisted of White Christians in Europe, Black idolators south of the Sahara, Yellow idolators in the Far East, varied Brown and Yellow idolators in south and southeast Asia, , and Brown Muslims breathing down European necks in Iberia, North Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

    Seven centuries before Marco Polo, Islam began within an ethnicity, the actual Arabs of the Arabian peninsula. Now, seven centuries after Polo, Islam has grown to include almost all the Brown peoples of the Old World who are not White, Yellow or Black. The only major exceptions are Hindus and Jews. And these Brown people are a race-in-flux, as they have been for millennia, occupying as they do the battle zone of the globe, without the seas and mountains of Europe to isolate them, without a vast Sahara or a Himalayan plateau to isolate them. As such, and because they are somewhat closer to us Whites genetically than they are to Blacks and Yellows, they are for us the second most dangerous race, or quasi-race, in the world.

    • viking says:

      To the right of Derbyshire Taylor and Jim, Im impressed.

      Right now it is not possible to start a race civil war in the USA and if it were, right now we would lose before it could even be considered more than a police matter. It may never be possible but the only way you get there is to carefully divide conquer and right ratchet. Even then you do realize we are talking about at best killing half the population unless some of them make it out alive. Morally i have no problem but others might. Do you see the problem, not only would we be playing hitler against the world in all likelihood we would have the same logistics problems he had. Better to slowly encourage them to leave to not have children to deport them as we can as we ratchet stronger and stronger anti immigration laws. If we cant do that you will get your race war anyway.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        So as I wrote: “it’s generally preferable in practical politics to downplay race.” And thereby, among other benefits, not hope or agitate for, race war.

        Also, as you probably know, almost everyone in the Alt Right is to the right of Derb and Taylor. Especially those Spencer’s age on down.

      • Cavalier says:

        No one need die, only stop having children.

  4. Mister Grumpus says:

    (I should be smart/educated enough by now to be able to outline it myself, but still I’m not, so I can’t wait for you to address the Berkeley riots.)

    • jim says:

      The usual theatrical fake riot on safe turf in front of friendly cops. Rioters do massive damage to Berkeley, committing numerous felony crimes while Berkeley police stand around like potted palms. After the “rioters” do sufficient property damage, the university does what it wants to do anyway, cancels Milo’s event. Of course, the same authority is organizing and choreographing the rioters, the police, and the damage, thereby creating a theatrical event that portrays the protesters as manly, dangerous, and powerful.

      The organizers have to pay ten thousand dollars for damage done by their enemies, damage that the police made absolutely no attempt to prevent.

      • viking says:

        True but its also staged to our benefit, Americans have to decide if they actually believe in free speech or shutting speech down by riot.Now we know what the niggers feel, what the commies are plotting,the question is will the left understand they are asking for civil war.
        A BIG problem is Trump is a clumsy communicator and a moron to not get this about himself and delegate. Its not at all that he has taken hard lines, he could actually take much harder lines if he knew what the fuck he was doing.He seems to think he is the most powerful man in the world by enough of a margin to not have to care. He does not seem to grasp the entire world except some low information proles and a handful of reactionaries are aligned against him.All that has to happen for the republicans to decide to impeach him is to go far enough a propaganda case can be made he is a danger to the empire. The governments of the other nations that were made into Cathedral lap dogs are just as determined as the commies back home to restore the new world order. He should be the wizard of OZ never seen or heard talented right wing propagandists should sculpt all the pronouncements after war gaming them thoroughly but no trumps ego insists he use his unsecured old phone to tweet retarded sounding insults clueless to how he sounds and how it looks to rant about clintons carelessness with national security while keeping a smart phone in his pock a 12 year old to turn into a spy station.As soon as the republicucks gauge they are better off with pence and can get away with it because trump cant figure out how to make his case to the people who count, this means enoungh elite intelectuals and power brokers havce to understand he actually has a coherant plan not just a wrecker, if you think they are worried about some racists and tea partier with pitch forks youre all deluded.His advisors have to know all this and yet can not stop him

        • TheBigH says:

          Could you have packed any more fake news in your rant, vikingcuck?

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            (To packed with fake news to even wedge in a few carriage-returns or line-feeds, the dumbass. Walltext is not an argument.)

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “The organizers have to pay ten thousand dollars for damage done by their enemies, damage that the police made absolutely no attempt to prevent.”

        Ah yes. That’s the hook. That’s the special sauce right there. The parting insult. Having to directly pay for the protected rioters who shut down your own event. No refunds.

        • Jack Highlands says:

          Since Milo is backed by Breitbart, and Bannon is now one of the more powerful men on the planet, I cannot imagine that Milo’s backers will be forced to pay such bills for the next four years. Which is a subset of the issue of whether the Trump admin will tolerate these riots for the next four years. Which they won’t.

          Using my own very limited insights into 4D chess, I would bet good money that Bannon is developing a plan to end the Milo protests in the next several weeks. Much sooner than any general protests and riots will cease – the stakes are much higher, and the optics more delicate, for those.

  5. Mark Citadel says:

    “That Alawites tend to marginally whiter than some other Syrians is of course a major part of the reason why the State Department wants them genocided, but there is a very large minority of Syrians of all religions as white as Asma al-Assad. Asma was a Sunni, and Sunnis are a major part of the refugees from Syria. The ban is not racist because it lowers the status of Muslims, it is racist because it raises the status of American whites”

    Damn, Jim. Sometimes you just hit such a right note it’s left singing in my ear. We should of course not doubt that if the geopolitics permitted it, the left would be using the same tactics against us that they use against Assad and the Alawites. And that will be a question going forward, how much more will leftist hysteria spiral before one of them flips their lid and does the inevitable? Time will tell.

    By the way, I have finally moved over to WordPress. You can now find me at:

  6. ql says:

    Hey Jim, off-topic: is Jim7z on yours? (He says he’s you, but it doesn’t look like you’ve mentioned it on your blog.)

  7. Anony-maus says:

    “If Putin does not let sluts and whores give Christians a hard time, he implies that sluts and whores are lower status than Christians, which of course causes progs apoplectic rage, because it casts doubt on the status of progs.”

    That’s amazing. I’m surprised that I never thought of this before. Its so true.

  8. Alrenous says:

    “The conventional word is impact. Impact implies social status: it determines how often you get laid, and with whom.”
    “Similarly, there is no impact unless you (a) produce some change, and (b) do so against some resistance.”

    The point of putting Muslims in the country is simply because folk don’t want Muslims in the country. The more resistance, the more impact.

  9. Mister Grumpus says:

    Seriously now. I have found the “Jim’s Status Filter”, through which to interpret events — and my own emotional reactions to them also, when I’m being smart enough to self-reflect — to be uniquely helpful and predictive.

    Along the same lines…:

    This “Muslim Travel Ban” reminds me of the abused child. The abused child accepts that he rightfully deserves abuse until a man steps into the situation and (effectively) says/asserts “No. I’m not standing for this. This child is worth defending.”

    This child is worth defending.

    The man has asserted the status-flip. The formerly-abused child proceeds to love and respect and follow this man forever.

  10. TheBigH says:

    This really makes a lot of sense.

  11. Dave says:

    I just noticed that Trump’s flag has only 48 stars. Which two states did he expel from the Union?

    California believes in diversity, open borders, and welfare for all. I suggest we hold them to it by rounding up all our Latinos, Muslims, refugees, and other assorted parasites, and dumping them in California.

    • A.B. Prosper says:

      Hawaii we could part with and we split off part of the north of California , the part they call Jefferson. Its a normal part of America and very White.

      Before all that wait till I leave. Thanks.

      • Steel T Post says:

        The few counties in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles need to be reconquered by normal America. Letting them fester as an independent enemy isn’t a solution. Nuken’em suits me.

        Can there any good thing come out of LA?

  12. Cavalier says:

    Long live the God-Emperor.

  13. PJ says:

    The point about about status can not be made enough. Human instincts built around status and pride are some of the most fundamental in our nature. They are primal and shared with many other animals.

    Status is the right to not be offended. When a high status animal gets angry, low status animals respond with deference. It does not matter what causes the anger or if the anger is justified. You see this in wolves, in chimps, and in humans. Low status animals will maintain a constant posture of deference. High status animals a constant posture of pride. Females are acutely aware of status differences and attracted to high status males.

    Throughout Western history into the early modern era nobility had a right to not be offended. Now, an alliance of Jewish people and black people are increasingly formalizing this right for themselves into law. If you are low status and make a high status person angry you will increasingly not just face social opprobrium but legal repercussions for hate speech/crimes.

    • peppermint says:

      The cucks don’t actually recognize this, since it’s not found in the Bible and not actually formalized in old laws except for lese-majeste which is in the law because it needs to be actionable to prevent attempts at coups and riots. They also only know about marriage only inasmuch as ((Jesus)) adopted White marriage and old poets wrote about how highly they esteemed some woman or other.

      The cucks refuse to see what is and ask why, instead they see what isn’t and ask why not, as the motivational poster on my seventh grade “social studies” classroom wall had it. Social studies replaced history with bullshit.

      Basic biology is lost on the readers and dreamers of the universities.

  14. Alfred says:


  15. Liz Warren says:

    If you don’t think lots of terrorism & bombs & surveillance from primitive, alie.,races is a small price to pay for Diversity, you’re a racist.

    Just ask a whiney, peanut head, black-as-coal puny Somali retard. Slow down when you speak.

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