Women and gays ruin everything

The KDE foundation was converged, and predictably stopped maintaining KDE software.

Meanwhile, in an area far less important to me, military discipline in the US military officer class is collapsing. At the same time the US government is engaged in unsuccessful wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Uganda, and unsuccessful regime change that requires the threat of war and is likely to drift into war in Russia, China, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Macedonia.

If you have women in your organization, they need to stick to making coffee and such. The smarter ones can do a decent job at database organization and some kinds of database programming, and there are plenty of good female content creators, though the top ones are always male. But women are maladapted to large group dynamics. They are better than men at one on one social dynamics, for example superior ability to read people, but though this impressive in family scale groups, women fail disastrously at functioning larger groups, and if you give women leadership roles in such a group, the group will not accomplish its goals. Gays similarly, although the way they fail is different from the way women fail.

The trouble with convergence is that it leads to obvious and spectacular failure. The converged organization just cannot perform its goals. (Remember the Obamacare website.) Now someone is going to say NAWALT (not all women are like that). But if you have any group of substantial size, the rare exceptions, supposing the rare exceptions exist (and the lack of credible poster girls suggest that they do not exist) are too rare to have much effect on the overall group dynamics. And a group of women, or a group containing any significant number of women, cannot keep its eye on the group goals. Women have to operate under male supervision.

This creates a problem in that if the supervision is actually effective, they will seduce their supervisor. The traditional solution to this was either that they were married to their supervisor, or an all female group with an female hierarchy, but with males monitoring the performance of the all female group at every level, for example the traditional system in hospitals where the doctors and orderlies were all male, the nurses were all female, and were under the authority of a female head of their organization, the matron, but the male doctors monitored and directed the nurses moment to moment. Similarly, priests and nuns.

The modern state exists because of modern military discipline. The modern industrial economy exists because of the scientific method, and the joint stock corporation, and the joint stock corporation exists because of double entry accounting. SoX has smashed double entry accounting, Harvard has smashed the scientific method, and convergence is now smashing military discipline.

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  1. […] you have any group of substantial size, the rare exceptions, supposing the rare exceptions exist (and the lack of credible poster girls suggest that they do not exist) are too rare to have much effect on the overall group dynamics. And a group of women, or a group […]

  2. […] If you have women in your organization, they need to stick to making coffee and such. The smarter ones can do a decent job at database organization and some kinds of database programming, and there are plenty of good female content creators, though the top ones are always male. But women are maladapted to large group dynamics. They are better than men at one on one social dynamics, for example superior ability to read people, but though this impressive in family scale groups, women fail disastrously at functioning larger groups, and if you give women leadership roles in such a group, the group will not accomplish its goals. Gays similarly, although the way they fail is different from the way women fail. […]

  3. […] week with something that ought to be obvious, but that we all need reminding of from time to time: women and gays ruin everything. Fact check: […]

  4. Your Wife's Son says:

    Oh noes, we have here an EPHEBOPHILE on the loose – quick everyone, lock up your daughters, because Roy Moore’s back in town:


    She was “just” 16!

    As I said, “pedophile” and “rapist” have now become interchangeable — and equally meaningless — categories in the media’s and public’s mind.

  5. Stanley Clarke says:

    Hey James –

    How does the whole Weinstein backlash, which is tearing through every sector of society, play into your perverse ideas about female slavery and giving 10-year old girls a good dicking?

    You think things are headed in your direction? It would seem not, but you know I don’t have a 165 IQ like the rest of you alt-right superstars.. 😉

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      Of course nothing is headed in our direction and the “white pillers” are contemptible drooling retards. But what your tiny brain wouldn’t even grasp is that it’s no reason for demoralization, but for celebration. Because the more absurd the pedo-hysteria grows (and I’ve been saying for quite some time now that it’ll only get worse and worse), the more untenable the situation will become, and at some point — I believe around 2065 — the entire ideology, this fourth wave feminism we’re going through, will dissipate and implode. The Russians, the Chinese, and the Arabs are not buying into it, and after pedo-hysteria falls down, I will enslave your young female relatives and rape them to death.

      Understood, fag?

    • Your Wife's Son says:

      What I’m trying to tell you is: please, really, double down as hard as you can on this shining new ideology that the CIA and the professors gave you. Make it illegal to *look* at 15-year-olds. Raise the AOC to 30. Take it as far as you can imagine, sky’s the limit. I want to see millions of young heterosexual fucking white males sent to jail for French kissing their female peers. I want to see half of the male population on the Sex Offender Registry, and a third of the female population. Remove every single “unprincipled exception” to your modern-day puritanism until no exceptions are permitted at all.

      You will lose this game. Your progressivism necessitates your doubling down, and I couldn’t be happier about it. We will be seeing every single good-natured, pleasant, decent white male terrorized by your ideology, AND THAT’S EXCELLENT. That all the celebrities and all the politicians are going to be labelled pedophiles is my wet dream. Everyone will be labelled a pedophile. You too, proggie. You’re a pedophile just like us, but you’re a sissy about it, unlike us. A commenter told me to seek psychological health – lol, when I’m done with my targets, *they* will have to seek psychological health.

      You cannot win this game, but please, show us your frenzy and give it your best effort. I want to see Roy Moore behind bars for “child abuse.” I want to see (and expect to see) Donald Trump, whom you hate with all your guts like the rest of your ilk, denounced from all quarters for being a kid-rapist. If the alphabets can’t find a real “victim,” they will “create” the victims. Hehehe. This is excellent. Bring it on, I say. It’s gon’ get gud.

      Bring it on.

    • jim says:

      Going great:

      The rules today applied in Hollywood are similar to those I recall being applied to ordinary people in Silicon Valley in 1990, twenty seven years ago.

      Reality is that colleges were under the gun to find more white male heterosexual rapists by any means necessary, regardless of whether they actually existed or not, similar to Mao’s infamous ten percent quota for traitors, hence the University of Virginia witch hunt, and today they are no longer under that gun.

      This is unambiguously a huge improvement for ordinary people, and if the rules today applied in Hollywood are applied to ordinary people, as seems likely, this is an enormous reduction in stringency. If we return to 1990 Silicon Valley rules, this will be experienced by most people as permission to breath followed by a breath of fresh air.

      When Trump rescinded the find-more-white-male-rapists directive in 2017 June 16, the left launched a campaign that he was pro rape. Weinstein is just what the doctor ordered. It is like turning the Russia business back on Hillary.

      Turning the rape thing back on progressives is great. Trump cancels the “Find more white rapists” directive, left starts campaigning that he is pro rape – and suddenly Rapeywood hits the headlines. Looks to me like Trump playing 4D chess.

      • Your Wife's Son says:

        I dunno, Jim. Something tells me that “leftists are the real rapists” will work about as well as “leftists are the real racists.” But we shall see. Whoever is correct, in the long run, the left is toast.

        • jim says:

          “Rapeugees” is not working, despite its glaringly obvious truth. And yet, “Hollywood left wing Jews are the real rapists” definitely is working. This reflects a power struggle within the left. With intersectionality, Jews are getting the heave ho, getting sent to the back of the bus, with blacks and Mohammedans in front.

      • Stanley Clarke says:

        That’s funny, Jim, I didn’t realize Roy Moore was a progressive. Nor countless other right wing rape-o types like yourself that have been caught up, but get less media attention (because they aren’t Hollywood stars, obviously).

        Trump playing chess? That’s a fucking laugh. This whole backlash may have it’s roots in Trump’s own well known mysoginy, but it is not anything he directed or planned for. You’re so blind you actually believe that?

        And you’re also so blind you actually believe this helps your female-as-slaves and rape-10-year-old-girls movement? The ramifications of this are not limited to any one ideology – except the ideology of the patriarchy, for which they are another nail in the coffin (which is being built, ever so slowly and consistently, despite your best efforts 🙂

        • jim says:

          Roy Moore looks like he, like Trump, can win the election against Republicans and Democrats combined.

          And, like Trump, has the Evangelicals voting solidly for him.

          Here is the sequence of events:

          Obama prepares class action suits against the universities, that by not finding and convicting sufficient white male heterosexuals for rape, they are creating a hostile environment for women, which would be impossible to defend against without committing heresy.

          Trump drops this.

          Left doubles down on rape. Accuses Trump of being pro rape.

          Rape hysteria turns around and bites them. Rapeywood purge.

          Left, including Republican cuckservatives, attempt to purge Roy Moore on grounds of rape.

          Not working. Not working on Trump, not working on Roy Moore.

          Patriarchy always returns – unfortunately, the usual mechanism for its return is the physical eradication of non patriarchal peoples. If women are not property, no one wants to defend them. Result: Sweden: rape capital of the world, with a white reproduction rate that causes the white population to halve in each generation, as the diminishing number of children born to white women are generally little brown bastards, the result of rape or casual anonymous sex with brown Muslim gangsters.

        • Your Wife's Son says:

          You believe that your triumph is assured forever; delusional. In fact, you are going to win the next 50 years, then lose everything, everywhere, at once.

          A key question is: can you subvert Mohammed, the patriarchal pedophile rapist? If not – GTFO with your concern trolling.

  6. Mr. Roboto says:

    More than ten years ago when I was in my early 20´s I worked as a voluntier in a museum. I remeber that one of the museum manager was a gay man, it was very dificult to deal with him because of the abruptly changes in his mood. Sometimes he was very nice and friendly and sometimes he was very rude and agressive and alway, always, always he was looking for new fresh dick among the young males that worked there. Never ever work with a gay man as a boss!!!

  7. Speaking of women and gays ruining everything, everyone can see how leftism has taken over movies and TV shows. I would like to suggest a right-wing version of Rotten Tomatoes or IMBD, with a focus of analyzing media for the leftism it contains. The more leftist propaganda, the lower the score. This not only helps us find high-quality content, but it also helps us show media to our children without having to vet content in advance

    • You know, reversed stupidity is not intelligence. Voat.co is a good example of content being very right-wing and not high quality at all. To put it differently, the central thing is to think in mechanisms, not intentions or personalities. The central mechanism for leftism is a kind of outgroup-preference signalling spiral. If you just reverse you get the kind of lowbrow voat-like ingroup-preference signalling spiral which is not much more than talking random name-calling shit about the preferred groups of libs. It does not assure quality in itself.

      Rather it is the other way around. Focus on actual quality, and then find the only way to do that is to be truthful, and then you realize truth happens to be mostly right-wing. That is the proper relationship between the cart and the horse.

      • Dave says:

        Conservapedia being an especially embarrassing example of this.

      • TBeholder says:

        A smart thing to do (also, more useful and actually entertaining) would be to start analysis tracking influences, roots and where legs grow from in general. From art, philosohy and ideology alike.
        E.g. Wells was on Kool-Aid, of course, but the whole “time travel” thing that became such a brain bug is merely Protestant “Predestination” plus “another turtle under World Turtle” fallacy (treat time as space, but then you move across it in some “other time”).
        There’s still vice made useful component, in that you can have fun gleefully exposing thinly veiled plagiarism and suchlike.
        And inverted cases as “who argued with whom and about what”.
        It can be big. Something like troping community – you know how addictive this shit is? People spend lots of efforts on it. Even after the first site (TVTropes) was converged, it was mirrored and resurrected (as AllTheTropes). And after ATT’s wiki-farm was killed, it was resurrected elsewhere AGAIN.

    • Garr says:

      I think that Thor:Ragnarok has an anti-Feminist theme (the Cate Blanchett Death-goddess character representing Feminism; she’s the haughty, sneering career-lady ideal) and a NWEuropean Identity theme (“Asgard isn’t a place, it’s a people” repeated twice with emphasis — yes, Heimdall is Black, but he’s helpful and polite.) Also, Thor chatting with Hulk in Hulk’s hotel room pictures a healthy relationship between a White non-psychopathic natural leader (Thor) and a huge, emotionally unstable but basically amiable Black Man (Hulk).

      The movie’s funny portrayal of the psychopathic Jewish entertainment-mogul-type (Jeff Goldblum as The Collector) is too obvious to be worth commenting on, but fits together, I guess, with the generally Rightward thrust of the movie. (Also, Loki might be seen as Thor’s infuriatingly unreliable Jewish friend.)

    • Dave says:

      I remember a scene in a Soviet sci-fi film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070233/ where a nerd needs parts to fix his time machine but the electronics store has only empty shelves. “And the burglar stole my *imported* camera!”, implying that it was worth much more than Soviet junk. This got past the censors because the nerd wakes up at the end, revealing that the whole story was just a dream.

      Likewise “Elysium” and “Zootopia” tear progressivism to pieces throughout, then tack on an ending that says, “just kidding, progressivism is awesome!”

      The Lego Movie is about free-thinkers breaking out of a fascist, consumerist dystopia, yet even when Hollywood tries to portray fascism in the worst possible light, it still looks pretty good.

      Then there’s “Idiocracy”. I cannot think of any way to make that movie more anti-progressive than it already is.

  8. > The smarter ones can do a decent job at database organization

    I have good experiences with female accountants which probably counts as database organization, but actually they were mostly doing data entry and left the organization to me. There is a certain capability for bearing monotony, for repetitive tasks, a kind of patience, that men don’t seem to have. I’d probably hang myself if I had to be an accountant, or most likely automate most of the job, I could not do the exact same task a million times. In fact while I automated most of our household budgeting my wife still keeps a tally of expenses with pen and paper – claims this sort of a repetitive work actually calms her and counts as meditation. Weird.

    Other than this – monotonous, repetitive tasks, attention to annoyingly boring detail – the general systematizing vs. empathizing divide works well.

    I have noticed one pattern in my behavior: when I cannot figure out after hours of googling what is my problem, I go to a male doctor. When it is mostly routine, I go to female doctors because that extra empathy, sort of being mothered around, feels better when I am ill.

    Another, somewhat unusual field where I found women are good was software testing, as in, using empathizing skills to figure out what kind of idiotic inputs users can come up with. However, those users were mostly female accountants.

    Finally, we should make a difference between classical and modern types of women. Classical women, low-T, who considered motherhood entirely normal and look forward to it, are the ones actually good at these empathizing roles, my favorite tester had three kids, and all those mothering, soothing female doctors I go to are usually grandmothers. Overfucked modern women with manjaws and high-T are probably far less good at it – I have seen it at the local hospital, the young female doctors didn’t really care about patients that much, they were busy discussing partying and suchlike.

    BTW I have read your post about SOx and not sure I am getting it. Accountants should not ask people where the valuables are nor tell them where they should be. WTF. Accounting is based on documents. Take inventory, as the simplest example. Goods come in with a delivery note from a vendor, shipping note, warehouse boss receives a copy and signs it, another copy signed by him goes back to the vendor. When it is time to bill it, the people in the office will not accept an invoice from the vendor without a photocopy of that delivery note signed by the warehouse boss. Goods go out with a delivery note, shipment note issued by the company, signed by warehouse boss. The guard at the gate simply does not let goods leave without that paper. Accounting is simply tallying it all up, and mostly automated anyway. Nobody has to ask or tell anything. It’s all signed papers, and the good thing is that in a modern automated software issuing bullshit papers is pretty much automatically punished. Suppose you issue a fake delivery note because you want to steal some inventory, it automatically shows up as delivery waiting to be billed, the salespeople will notice that.

    OK, my view is probably a bit too “Prussian” here, but the admirable thing about America is the good ability to combine individualistic innovation with an almost “Prussian” reverence for paperwork and standards and general discipline. As opposed to, say, the UK, where you buy books from Amazon and not at home when the delivery guy comes he just leaves at your door, without having any signed proof of the delivery, your neighbor could steal it and the delivery guy would never be able to prove he was not the one who stole it. America is generally better in taking these paper trails seriously.

    • jim says:

      Obviously the accountant does not himself go and check inventory. But he needs to know that his numbers are connected to real things, and know how and why his numbers are connected to real things, and his efforts to make sure that his numbers are connected ultimately results in someone checking inventory.

      • Yes, and did SOx screw that up? The real things are represented by documents people sign and are responsible for them.

        Do you mean something akin to what happened to a warehouse manager I know? Some salesdude ordered a some expensive equipment as a special order for a customer, then changed his mind, talked the customer into getting an even more expensive equipment, and the previous one was collecting dust in the warehouse. At year end the warehouse manager was told he gets no bonus because the inventory value is too high. He was like WTF he is only reponsible for it being correct and accurate, too high is a responsibility of people who buy and sell. But they insisted. Internal politics, stick it to the guy who doesn’t wear a tie and doesn’t play golf. All right. He wrote the thing off to scrap in the accounting software, printed out a report, picked up his bonus, cancelled the write-off and handed in his resignation with a f*** you.

        Something of this sort?

        • jim says:


          The problem is more subtle.

          Because it is impossible to comply with SoX, people just don’t comply. Instead they hire accountants who have a connection with the state such that whatever they do is deemed to constitute compliance. But this tacitly tolerated noncompliance with Sox elevates the status of these accountants to such a high level that they just don’t acknowledge input from external reality.

          So, when you hire an Sox accountant, you don’t get accounts in compliance with actual reality, instead you get a state blessing that your accounts are in compliance with official reality, which blessing has the same effect on actual linkage to reality as hiring a Bishop to sprinkle your accounts with holy water would.

          With SOX, accountants stopped being accountants, and became, like HR, yet another branch of the state whose blessing you need at regular intervals to be allowed to continue to operate, a tentacle of the state extruded into your office.

          In the long run this is likely to result in accountancy becoming as female and minority as HR or the DMV, since no actual performance of any useful activity is required.

          Under SOX, instead of providing the company with a system for tracking value, accountants provide a company with official permission to continue to operate.

          • Ah. I think the EU is playing this game as well and might be head.

            Story time.

            If you remember, the EU came from the idea that it is useful for businesses to have a large home market, like America, so let’s make a Common Market. One good feature of large markets is that a shoe factory in Cali does not need to make a subsidiary in NY to sell shoes there. But formerly a business in France did need to register a subsidiary, rent them an office, hire accountants and other people to sell stuff in Germany. That is a why a Common Market is a good idea.

            Decades after the Common Market concept, in the recent year, the EU actually managed to somewhat achieve that and basically told businesses now you can, without making a subsidiary, register a tax number in other countries and do things normally there. Just sort out your local taxes through a local fiscal representative accounting company. Ugh, that still sounds far harder than interstate trade in the US but a start. So let’s do this.

            And I came to realize nobody actually understand how it should work. I have sat with Big 4 auditors who admitted they have no idea what exactly to do if you are a company in county A having a vendor in country B producing stuff for you, and then you ask them to ship it to your customer in country C and you will bill it to your customers mother company in country D. Nobody is sure how would it be theoretically correct, if it is theoretically correct would all 4 tax offices accept it, and why our accounting software cannot do anything like that without months of customization. It is a absolutely a FAIL. I hope this sort of four-party deal works easily in US interstate deal. The whole idea of a Common Market back then was to make it happen here and it is decades later and it does not.

            And it is absolutely like you explained, we are asking our accountants, auditors, as representatives of the state, permission to make these deals at all. And often we end up with absurd results, like ship goods back to home country and ship out again, just to make the paperwork right.

          • Alrenous says:

            Strictly speaking this isn’t about SOx accountant status.

            Since whatever they do is deemed to be compliance, they have discretion to skip basically any work they don’t like; particularly when most other compliance officers are also skipping, as that forms a Schelling point. Keeping in contact with reality is finicky, annoying, and difficult, and thus one of the first things on the chopping block.

  9. Narm says:

    Funny story…

    We recently hired a technical guy at work.

    When I interviewed him he wasn’t very good technically, failing the logic puzzle. Kept trying to communicate in an “articulate” way (e.g. complete sentences) and using fashionable terms like “machine learning.”

    His social media was pure prog signaling.

    I was really harsh on him in the interview feedback, as I should be, but they liked his independent projects and wanted to hire someone, so they hired him.

    I was hard on him when he started a few months ago. Tried to drill into him the importance of conscientiousness. He was a young melancholic guy who had trouble finding work after college and goes to therapy regularly. I hoped his brain would be reasonably malleable.

    Surprisingly, he worked pretty hard and they were pretty happy with his output.

    But whenever anything REMOTELY related to politics came up, he couldn’t resist the urge to prog virtue signal. I fought this a bit with a couple tactics:

    – Never ever getting involved when it’s over e-mail, Slack, etc: ignore, save time, hope the left-singularity takeover attempts die out. Use Slack like a professional: in a minimal, non-reactive, appealing way, never touching prog territory (or giving away I’m not a prog).
    – Whenever the prog signaling is in-person, run interference: try a couple jokes, troll him a bit, use the extra 1-2 stdev of IQ I have against him, run the anti-prog frame “you’re a young guy, do what’s in your best interest now, and improve your own little corner of the world.” Break the prog spirit very very slowly, while seeming moderate and not making him look too bad.

    For example, recently someone comments the US is a resource-rich country. He immediately shares a NYT article, starts talking about “we” need to help the suffering poor, even suggests the US should help other countries. I ignore the NYT article as if it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on (it’s not), and ramble a bit on the importance of frugality, how it’s unnatural how materially rich we are (it’s a special point in history), and so on. I feel the prog spirit breaking a little.

    Now two interesting things have happened:
    – Cuckservative Texan (went to a church as a kid, went to college in a blue city and had zero memetic defenses against progressivism, turning into an “everything is subjective, there are no true decision rules, and conservatives are just a little ignorant” prog– fortunately he’s amenable to right-wing ideas) stupidly tells someone that his high school friends would tell “gay jokes” in Texas. The new hire immediately pipes up (“I heard the word gay! As a gay man..”). Yep…. it turns out the new hire is gay…
    – The female sysadmin (hired by a jew of course– there are 3 jews at work, one of which was hired by a jew with the *same* surname….) emotes that she’s so “thankful” that “for the first time in over a decade in tech” someone at work has mentioned the “uncomfortable” working environment male “asses” like Linus Torvalds can promote. Yep…. the gay guy is feeding the girl progressivism. Fortunately, I’m at least an order of magnitude more charming than the gay guy, so I think she’ll be ok for now, though I’m aware they could easily team up against me at any time.

    Two SJWs at work: the woman and the narcissistic gay.

    The stereotypes are true. Female leaders fail, unless perhaps they’re Italian. Gay leaders fail, unless perhaps they have exceptional virtue like Peter Thiel.

    And I still can’t believe the guy is gay…

    • peppermint says:

      I think SJW women gay men should be forced to marry

      • Steve Johnson says:

        They used to be. That’s how we got feminism.

        The sad thing is that we’ll never get them to realize that they were better off that way.

    • Cavalier says:

      No female can lead except a butch lez, and no gay man can lead except an otherwise normal dude who just happens to fuck men.

      Tim Cook is also a fag, and Apple seems as well-run now as it did before, though now without taste.

      I’d trust my country in the hands of the old buggers of Eton and suchlike back when Eton and suchlike ran the world, at least over this current crop, those weasels and child-fuckers.

      Bring back the closets, however.

      • jim says:

        > Tim Cook is also a fag, and Apple seems as well-run now as it did before, though now without taste.

        I don’t think so.

        The lack of taste is not the result of his personal lack of taste, it is the result of him handing taste decisions to a committee – that is lack of leadership, not lack of taste. Similarly various software and hardware debacles.

      • “No female can lead except a butch lez…”

        Counterexample: Margaret Thatcher. There haven’t been many Thatchers, of course, but one is enough to refute the absolute.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      You should manage the gay one out asap. He sounds like poison.

      Probably the woman too. She seems to like stirring up shit with some list of Women in Tech talking points. That’s not a useful attitude.

      • Narm says:


        I have zero connections with non-progs in tech (mostly my fault), so even a little internet advice from a fellow traveler helps. Definitely gotta watch how I spend my energy.

    • anon says:

      In your story, I hope you obfuscated every detail, else beware doxxing.

  10. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    Can anyone recommend a sane overview of SoX? It’s rather opaque to me, but I’ve got a bit of a rubberneck urge now to find out how they killed double entry book-keeping.

  11. CanSpeccy says:

    “If only we could understand what is causing average IQ levels to plummet in the US (and elsewhere in the West).”

    What’s hard to understand? Western governments tax the productive, thereby reducing their reproductive capacity, to fund reproduction by the unproductive, i.e., the welfare class. At the same time governments and their media enablers do everything possible to neuter intelligent girls by encouraging them to pursue careers in law, medicine, business, and education, which largely precluded the raising children.

    Oh, and then they promote no-fault divorce which makes pursuing a career in preference to motherhood every intelligent girl’s rational objective.

    The situation could easily be turned around if anyone cared:

    (a) stifle the media lies and the legislated incentives to ensure that girls compete with boys in every sphere of employment;

    (b) huge tax breaks for kids, said breaks on income of both parents paid in cash to the mother, thereby giving some economic security to intelligent girls who raise distinguished sons, rather than competing to with their husbands and brother to distinguish themselves;

    (c) mandatory DNA identification of all parents (with penalties for mothers who fail to identify fathers) and strict enforcement of paternity support payments, with jail time for non-payment.

    • jim says:

      > strict enforcement of paternity support payments, with jail time for non-payment.

      That empowers women. Empowered women simply do not reproduce. Also, hunger for men with the will and capability to disempower them – observe the hunger for rapeugees.

      The original and correct deal is shotgun marriage: The father is forced love and cherish, the mother forced to honor and obey. And if he cannot be forced to love, he can indeed be forced to cherish, and if she cannot be forced to honor, she can at least be forced to obey.

      And, human nature being what it is, if cherishing and obedience is performed, loving and honoring is likely to follow.

      • CanSpeccy says:

        “That empowers women.”

        Not under our present welfare regime. It merely transfers the cost of child support from the taxpayer to the father upon whom the burden belongs.

        Moreover, it will give incentive to those with minimal capacity for child support to use a contraceptive or face time in jail where the opportunity for fathering additional children will be minimal.

        But by all means consign indigent mother to jail too. This would, in fact, be a return to the system of debtors’ jail, since the welfare parenting crowd would be incarcerated for imposing on society the cost of child support that they themselves are unable to pay.

        As in debtor’s jail, the incarcerated lovers should have the opportunity to engage in productive labor, and thus earn their way out of public debt and back to freedom.

        • Cavalier says:

          There’s a big difference between subsidizing a bastard child at the general public’s expense and turning paternity into a weapon to be wielded by a faithless woman against an individual man.

          • TBeholder says:

            Indeed. Exploits and perverse incentives must be consideration #1, otherwise it’s just handing power to the robbers on a silver plate.
            Having legislators who make a show of “Do Something” and don’t get the whole “do least harm” thing even when they are obviously asked to spend other peole’s money on building guillotines for themselves is exactly how you got where you are in the first place.

        • jim says:

          CanSpeccy says:
          November 8, 2017 at 4:05 am (Edit)

          > > “That empowers women.”

          > Not under our present welfare regime. It merely transfers the cost of child support from the taxpayer to the father upon whom the burden belongs.

          The guys that are fathering most of the bastards are generally unemployable. You cannot get blood from a stone.

          Force the women to marry them, and they to marry the women, and women would be more inclined to sleep with men capable of holding down jobs.

          You have to control women. Female misbehavior is the problem.

          • CanSpeccy says:

            “Force the women to marry them”

            Pointless. Marriage for the welfare breeding class is a meaningless concept. There are no effective social, religious or economic pressures to bind those married against their will in a mutually supportive and economically productive relationship.

            The only hope of ending the dysgenic breeding regime adopted by liberal western states is to make reproduction without means of support a crime punishable by incarceration in a segregated work house.

            • Your Wife's Son says:

              >make reproduction without means of support a crime punishable by incarceration

              Thanks for sinking down white TFR below replacement level, boomer; I’m sure the restaurants and the theaters were worth it

              • CanSpeccy says:

                “Thanks for sinking down white TFR below replacement level, boomer”

                Don’t talk rubbish.

                If productive and responsible white people are no longer burdened by the cost of the reproduction of a parasitic welfare class, they will more readily reproduced their own kind, and indeed should be encouraged to do so in the several ways I already indicated.

                • Your Wife's Son says:

                  Dipshit, when you prioritize and incentivize resource acquisition by making it a preliminary condition for reproduction, you end up exactly where we are today, with or without a “parasitic class.” Whites stop reproducing because they fear it would lead to poverty (oy vey) which according to people like you is the worst thing ever. Fuck off with this modernist ideology. Let people reproduce and God/Malthus will take care of the rest.

                • peppermint says:

                  Resource acquisition has always been a preliminary for reproduction of territory-limites species like humans. It is not necessarily for food-limited species like chinks and niggers.

                  The problem isn’t that a man needs a reason to expect to be able to take care of his kids, the problem is that women are told to spend their most fertile years larping as men.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  A man who does not wish to do something, sets preconditions, standards, or criteria, that he imagines he must meet first, before he actually does it.

                  A man who does wish to do something, does it, and figures out how to keep supporting it afterwards.

                • peppermint says:

                  You’re just not going to convice non-autistic White men to marry if they don’t think they have a future, I have tried, they’ll take up holy orders instead, thus White men must be told that it’s okay to be White and work that can support a family must be available. The female behavior is far more pathological, so easier to fix.

            • jim says:

              If we don’t allow women to be single mothers, we don’t have to give them welfare.

              Able bodied males persistently on welfare should be sold into slavery, able bodied women persistently on welfare into concubinage.

  12. j says:

    When a nation’s schools can’t turn out young men able to handle a wrench and read an instruction manual, the girls coming out of those schools are no better.

    A 100 million dollar jet fighter is not maintained by country boys good with wrenches. The operation and maintenance manuals are thousand pages long. The schools are not producing enough capable technicians and engineers, but don’t blame the schools but the people that are not producing enough quality babies.

    • glosoli says:

      ‘but don’t blame the schools but the people that are not producing enough quality babies.’

      If only we could understand what is causing average IQ levels to plummet in the US (and elsewhere in the West).

      They’re still the same countries, with the same people….oh, hang on.

      Satan wants there to be collapse and mayhem, so he has done his best to destroy the best (nations). Time will tell if he has succeeded.

  13. j says:

    You are framing the problem in a wrong way. The problem is that a modern army requires high quality people, and they is a growing scarcity of capable young people. Individuals with leadership capability (charisma) are extremely rare. Homosexuals (male and female) and Africans make good officers, the Israeli army seems to like them.

    Not only SA but also Argentina and many other countries cannot find capable airplane maintenance manpower. The Argentine air force has not one jet in the air. Israeli air force is recruiting women and not out of PCness.

    • Alf says:

      The problem is that any army, including modern ones, require functional hierarchies and mannerbünds. Which excludes women and gays.

      Plenty of high quality people, but they’re not allowed to act on their talent.

    • Dave says:

      If that’s true, it’s an act of desperation. When a nation’s schools can’t turn out young men able to handle a wrench and read an instruction manual, the girls coming out of those schools are no better.

      Next time you’re at an air show (assuming your country still has flyable aircraft), notice what the children are doing. Little boys watch the aircraft with rapt attention, while little girls play tag with each other or stand around looking bored, no matter how much their son-less fathers try to get them interested.

      Be careful of using Israel as an example. They last won a war in 1973, before they had women and minorities in the military. Everything they’ve done since has turned into a quagmire.

    • peppermint says:

      》Homosexuals (male and female) and Africans make good officers

      how can you pick the singularly worst people to have in decision-making roles and say they’re good at leadership?

      Homosexuals and Africans are good at acting. If what you want is to be convincingly lied to while the actual war fighting isn’t in their hands, well, the Bomb means you don’t need to actually fight a serious war.

      • Ron says:

        “the bomb means…”

        And then the devices stop working.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        And is the bomb not our whole problem.

        Ideological insanity used to be constrained by the practical requirements of war. The bomb allows states near complete defence against all other states, with a weapon that has almost no coup potential, and requires very few loyal staff.

        • Cavalier says:

          >The bomb allows states near complete defence against all other states, with a weapon that has almost no coup potential, and requires very few loyal staff.


          And soon there will be small, highly lethal drones, similar except for “almost no coup potential”.

      • Starman says:

        The Bomb (the nuke) is the holy grail of sovereignty. With The Bomb, no one can tell you what to do.

    • pdimov says:

      “Homosexuals (male and female) and Africans make good officers, the Israeli army seems to like them.”

      “Israeli air force is recruiting women and not out of PCness.”

      The future of Israel is so bright you gotta wear shades.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Charisma and leadership aren’t really the same thing. Charisma is a substitute for discipline, which is necessary, but leadership is getting people to do the right things, not just do anything that is what you told them to do.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Women in technical fields are nearly always organizational virtue signaling. Open homosexuals anywhere, likewise. African officers … yeah, I’ll take the other side of that bet thanks.

  14. Garr says:

    What’s the different way in which homosexual management results in failure?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      They use their power to hire more gays. More sexual opportunities for them and more drama for everyone in the immediate vicinity.

    • jim says:

      Gays show up for work infrequently, drunk, and stoned, steal the petty cash and office equipment, commit acts of violence against co-workers. If a high socioeconomic status male commits a crime typical of low socioeconomic status males, he is probably gay. Women are more conscientious than men, gays considerably less conscientious than straights. If a lawyer swindles his client, probably Jewish. If he flat out robs his client with a knife, probably gay.

      Drug tests are low status, for low status people and low status jobs, and high status people resent them, so you lose some smart people by drug testing, but on the other hand, you keep out most of the gays without committing sacrilege against political correctness. Discriminating against drug users is a good proxy for discriminating against all the people you are forbidden to discriminate against.

      Unfortunately drug testing does not discriminate against women, but fizzbuzz type tests do discriminate against women very effectively. If you insist that those who manage technical people have enough technical ability to understand what those they manage are doing, you can keep women out.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        Hard to discriminate against women by any means because sex is obvious and subject to quota evaluation. (Officially) hard to tell who is gay and in any case employer can just say he is MYOB when it comes to employee sexual orientation.

      • Cloudswrest says:

        BTW, I just looked up the FizzBuzz test. The solution is f*cking obvious. Assuming you’re a “real” programmer you’d have to be a complete moron not to be able to program it. In pseudocode

        for i=1 to 100
        if (3 does not divide i) and (5 does not divide i) print i\n
        if 3 divides i print Fizz
        if 5 divides i print Buzz
        print \n

        • peppermint says:

          Your pseudocode is poorly formatted and it looks like you used 4 integer divisions. It is marginally more difficult to count in decimal strings, however, divisibility by 3 and 5 is simplified to addition and subtraction.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            Blame the formatting on Jim. I had the code indented but his app/interface stripped it out.

            • Cloudswrest says:

              Good catch with the efficiency though. How about:

              for i=1 to 100 {

              a= 5 divides i?
              b= 3 divides i?
              case (ab) {

              00: print i\n
              01: print Fizz\n
              10: print Buzz\n
              11: print FizzBuzz\n


              Like you implied, could get rid of the divides altogether by keeping track of 3 and 5 increments, but I’m too lazy.

        • Dave says:

          Set a null string, and concatenate “Fizz”, “Buzz”, etc. to that string as needed. If that string is still null, print the number, otherwise print the string:

          for (i=1; i < 100; i++) {
          str[0] = 0;
          if (i % 3 == 0) strcat (str,"Fizz");
          if (i % 5 == 0) strcat (str,"Buzz");
          if (i % 7 == 0) strcat (str,"Beep");
          if (i % 11 == 0) strcat (str,"Boop");
          if (str[0]) puts (str);
          else printf ("%d\n",i);

          This is especially efficient in C, because the zeroth byte of a string is zero if and only if it is a null string, so no need to call a function.

          • peppermint says:

            if you maintained the length you could use strcpy(str+len,literal) instead of searching the string constantly

            • jim says:

              That is clever, I see we are all techies here, although, of course, a true techie never does premature optimization.

              But here is your exceedingly clever premature optimization, just to show it can be done.

              for (int i{ 1 }; i <= 100; i++) {

              char str[21]{ "" };

              /* String size 11 would suffice, but a buffer overflow would ensue if the range went past 104
              String size 21 cannot have a buffer overflow */

              int len{ 0 };
              if (i % 3 == 0) {

              strcpy(str, "Fizz ");
              len += 5;

              if (i % 5 == 0) {

              strcpy(str + len, "Buzz ");
              len += 5;

              if (i % 7 == 0) {

              strcpy(str + len, "Beep ");
              len += 5;

              if (i % 11 == 0) {

              strcpy(str + len, "Boop ");

              if (str[0])

              std::cout << str;


              std::cout << i;

              std::cout << "\n";


              • Narm says:

                So not only do you solve FizzBuzz, you implement your own buffer.

                Still I feel as if I could’ve done that when I was seven years old… And yet when you look at average “coders”…. Boy…

              • pdimov says:

                sprintf( str, “%s%s%s%s”, i%3? “”: “fuzz”, i%5? “”: “buzz”, i%7? “”: “beep”, i%11? “”: “boop”);

                But there’s really no need for that. Just print “fuzz” directly and keep a “printed” flag.

                • pdimov says:

                  Actually you can be even more of a smartass and do

                  printf( “%s%s%s%s”, i%3? “”: “fuzz”, i%5? “”: “buzz”, i%7? “”: “beep”, i%11? “”: “boop” ) > 0 || printf( “%d”, i ); puts( “” );

                • pdimov says:

                  On third thought, drop the `> 0`. Not only does that add further smartassery points, it’s arguably more correct.

                  Also, it’s “fizz”, not “fuzz”, a mistake caught by the agile testing technique of taking a second look at the code after having already posted it.

                • peppermint says:

                  sprintf has overhead. Since fizz and buzz and the others are 32 bits, stuff them in ints, then put a newline and three nulls on the end when it’s time to call printf

                • pdimov says:

                  You forgot to properly capitalize the word Overhead.

                • pdimov says:

                  g++/clang++ are smart enough nowadays to stuff the strings into ints by the way. https://godbolt.org/g/KM3otA

                • Dave says:

                  “Since fizz and buzz and the others are 32 bits, stuff them in ints”

                  I thought of that, but some CPUs store an int with the most-significant byte first, while others store the least-significant byte first, so you’d need e.g.

                  #ifdef BIG_ENDIAN
                  #define FIZZ_INT 0x46697a7a
                  #define BUZZ_INT 0x42757a7a
                  #define FIZZ_INT 0x7a7a6946
                  #define BUZZ_INT 0x7a7a7542

                • jim says:

                  We are now beyond premature optimization and into deranged optimization.

                  Which is entertaining as a parlor game. Can anyone figure out a way to do this using C++11 anonymous functions and logical operators?

                • Dave says:

                  Or a way to do it in x86 assembler with no forward jumps (i.e. no “if” statements) and no function calls except to print a line.

              • Cavalier says:

                >although, of course, a true techie never does premature optimization

                And a smart techie makes interesting new things in the simplest and most straightforward ways and then lets the “true techies” do the optimization.

                I would leave my implementation of FizzBuzz as I conceived of it: like Dave’s example but with an empty string instead of a null string. What’s the performance difference between an empty string and a null string? Literally who cares.

                Hell, I’d probably write the thing in Python, or even Javascript.

                The meaning of “premature optimization” should be that which saves computer time (which is abundant, cheap, and lightning-fast) before it costs more than developer time (which is scarce, expensive, and human-slow).

                I guess it just comes down to priorities.

              • SJ, Esquire says:

                ***I see we are all techies here***

                Just an interjection – no, we are manifestly not all techies here, and I have frequently observed the extremely high proportion of IT/computer-type men in the alt-Right sphere. I mention it because I think it says something, or things, about our movement.

                • Cavalier says:

                  One thing it says is that this “movement” is going nowhere and another is that the people who think that it’s something are deluded.

                  Tech is the easiest and quickest way to have a reasonable middle-class life, and has other benefits besides, not the least of which, at least for software, is that it is effectively unbounded by real space.

                  Artists make neat profitable things in unregulated spaces. Autists obsess over implementation details. Probably, regulation is not all that far off.

                • peppermint says:

                  Right-wing techies are an essential precondition to the continued existence of our race because cyberspace is the critical battlefield. If we lose it to our enemies, we will be efficiently and completely destroyed. If there was no such thing as a semiconductor, we might not be in as dire a position, but the Internet enabling White men to communicate without being filtered through academics and journalists is the only thing standing in the way of total oblivion.

        • Reziac says:

          I’m not a programmer (well, Fortran 45 years ago), and even I got this far — in about ten seconds, due to sheer obviousness.

      • Grampy_bone says:

        >Gays show up for work infrequently, drunk, and stoned, steal the petty cash and office equipment, commit acts of violence against co-workers.

        You just described every gay coworker I’ve ever had.

      • TBeholder says:

        > If a lawyer […] flat out robs his client with a knife
        Psychopaths do “Because I Can” like this and they tend toward “anything that moves”.
        Under pink flag advertising themselves as gay is simply “something that gives more perks” for them, so there’s that. I mean, they will always use mimicry and flat out bullshit, so it’s not a good criterion when looking at times/places with other trends.
        Weeding them out via bad impulse control tests looks like a good idea – but drug test can catch only the dregs, for more functional threats you’d need more different tests. The problem is that tests working against an adversary who specializes on mimicry and memorizing tests are a matter of arms race for the last 2 million years or so, and formal use is limited, since the relevant laws are made distinctly in their favor.

        • jim says:

          Pschopathy is anticoncept.

          Identify a real life psychopath whose character we have accurate information about.

          They do not exist.

          Psychopathy is a fantasy category that leftists made up to demonize those that they hate.

          Evil exists. Evil men exist. Psychopaths and psychopathy do not exist, or are so very rare as to be completely insignificant. Poster boy principle applies. If poster boy psychopaths do not fit the model, no one fits the model.

          • alf says:

            Ok, I’ll bite. What were Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, if not psychopaths?

            • jim says:

              Evil men. But not psychopaths.

              • TBeholder says:

                Because using concepts vague to the point of undefined and twisted for convenience for millennia is better than crude to the point of ill-defined and twisted for convenience merely for decades?

          • TBeholder says:

            Look at Shrink4Men for practical examples. The problem is disconnect between practice and theory.

            Weeping, singing crocodiles from a stupid cartoon, obviously, do not exist – but this does not mean crocodiles do not exist.
            Empirically, crocodiles are out there, and if you give them a chance, they will do their best to devour you. The idea that crocodiles are just a sort of sad cows who can’t eat grass and join a herd, however, is deeply idiotic and must be thrown away if you want to make predictions useful for your survival in a crocodile-infested area.

            Same here. Empirically, humans adapted to predation on other humans exist. The theology of this matter built by the Thrice Reformed Priests of Freud, however, is deeply idiotic and must be thrown away, if you want to make predictions useful for your survival in a typical human settlement.

            The best study on this matter that caught my eyes so far is “The Psychopath Code – Cracking The Predators That Stalk Us” by Pieter Hintjens (content.psychopathcode.com). Underlying principles and specific tactics, all in evolutionary viewpoint, and reads well, too. No theology, Freudian doll-LEGO, or whatever. And he obviously wrote it after being burned a few times and puzzled as to what the hell (he mentioned in articles how it runs in infested corporations).
            “Psychophysiological adaptations for cannibalism” makes far more sense than “Dark Triad” mysticism. Of course, it follows that there’s selection pressure for co-evolving adaptations protecting from this, too (an “arms race”).

          • TBeholder says:

            The problem with poster boys is that usually they are chosen for being the most sensational and attention-grabbing cases. But the most sensational is by definition the most unusual – that is, opposite of typical cases required to understand basics of a problem.
            Also, for those who deal in sensational things analysis is simply not an objective. Even if they do it quite honestly (which is… not so common). Such sources can’t be expected to give high quality data even in the best-case scenario.
            Both of these issues make naturally famous cases misleading enough to hinder understanding of what is actually going on. And deliberately promoted ones are misleading by design.
            Thus –
            «In pop culture, the psychopath is the caricature of an unpredictable and deadly killer. It is how the mouse describes the cat. “The monster was upon us! All teeth and claws… it got my family, luckily I escaped! Crazy!!” The cat does not share mouse emotions »

            • jim says:

              This is a rationalization, an excuse, and a lie.

              Your rationalization is a lie, and it is an evil lie, intended to destroy the innocent and inflict suffering on the hated enemy groups, a malevolent lie motivated by lust for harm and suffering.

              Poster boys are chosen for educating the masses in what the state religion wants them to believe – they are a continuation of the “lives of the saints” literary tradition. So the poster girl and poster boy is not the controversial case, but rather the best case possible to provide evidence for the official state religion, unusual in being the best possible case, not unusual in being controversial or unclear.

              Thus if the poster girl is crappy evidence for the state religion, no one exists who fits the pattern that the state religion claims is typical and representative.

              If in the entire world and all of history, one person existed who fitted, they would have produced that one person.

              Example: “A rape on campus”:

              Feminists claimed that there where huge numbers of rapes by middle class successful white heterosexual males. The federal government demanded that universities find and punish the guilty, much like Chairman Mao announcing that ten percent of party members are traitors, and demanding that the party find and punish these traitors. The University of Virginia aggressively and vigorously set about pressuring women to report that they were raped (by affluent white heterosexual males – Muslim, brown and black rapes of white girls did not count) applying quite alarming, extreme, and punitive pressure.

              Thirty six rapes were reported (under pressure) to the University of Virginia. Precisely zero disciplinary actions were taken. Either every single rape accusation was transparently false (which is what is going to happen if you push women too hard to report rapes) or the University of Virginia was letting frat boys rape.

              Naturally feminists concluded that the University of Virginia was letting frat boys rape, and went looking for an evil poster boy, and a cruelly violated poster girl. You know what happened to their poster.

              On your theory, there should have been a thousand rapes on the university of Virginia campus, of which nine hundred and ninety nine resulted in the offender being uncontroversially and undramatically thrown in jail, and the “rape on campus” poster girl was the one in a thousand case, the unfortunate case where the rape turned out to be false, and it made the headlines because of genuine and reasonable disagreement about what really happened.

              But there were precisely zero uncontroversial rape cases on the University of Virginia campus (apart, of course, from blacks and Muslims raping white girls, as they are totally entitled to do because of racism and islamophobia, so everyone politely ignores such impolite events, and if anyone complains, Snopes will explain that it is an urban myth.)

              • TBeholder says:

                That pretty much anything red-pink-pseudogreen propaganda bothers to trumpet is bullshit is obvious and doesn’t require more than a footnote.
                But there won’t be an exploit if there wasn’t something to exploit. Poster boys, obviously, did exist long before CNN/MSNBC/whatevers. That’s just how human brain and rumor mill (as its hairy extension) work.

              • TBeholder says:

                Not sure with whom of us you argue, but it’s exactly my point: a famous case by definition is something that does not happen every day, thus its value for understanding the picture is almost inevitably negative.

                This time it was deliberately misleading, but an exploit is no more than a deliberate distortion of some existing mechanism, otherwise it won’t work well.
                Which leads to my second point: to defend from exploits one needs to remember what mechanisms/protocols are being exploited. “If you don’t breathe, you won’t inhale poison” is technically true, but it’s not a good strategy.

                Socialists didn’t create pearl clutching industry, they merely took over yellow journalism and gradually displaced all other as dangerous to them. If someone dragged out such a case without agenda, it would be equally misleading. And a run-of-the-mill yellow journalist would do exactly this, without any agenda other than selling more of his toilet paper. Which in turn sells only because it’s no more than a corrupt extension of a naturally existing mechanism: rumor mill.

                For comparison, 419 scam is not a major threat because helping Nigerian Princes In Exile somehow never became a common pastime – it’s a hook without live bait. The people gullible enough to bite are less numerous than those who point and laugh, and in its basic form it works at all only because negligible time investment makes any success rate >0 acceptable. Thus when the problem glasses crowd learned to do the same, this mostly allowed them to shear each other’s sheeple and sheep dogs (http://patri-archie-comics.tumblr.com/post/144251056427).

                • jim says:

                  Your point is misleading and deceptive. We are talking poster boys and poster girls. These cases are famous because they were found or created to serve the propaganda objectives of the Cathedral, to be educational, thus are unrepresentative in a particular direction – that girls are typically capable of doing manly things, that blacks are overrepresented as criminals because mistreated by the justice system, that blacks are in danger from whites, rather than whites in danger from blacks, and so on and so forth.

                  Thus if a poster girl, on careful examination, does not in fact support the claim of the cathedral, we may conclude that there is not a single case of the alleged phenomenon – thus no plausibly innocent blacks were ever lynched, there are no female great scientists, no competent female executives, no good female software engineers, and it is extremely rare for handsome affluent white male college students to rape college girls.

                  It is not that these cases are famous, but that they are posters, hence if they fail to be an example of they are supposedly a poster boy for, we may conclude that the alleged phenomenon does not exist.

                • peppermint says:

                  Has there ever been any run of the mill yellow journalism? Jon Liebowiz claimed ten years ago to be in it for the money and fame.

      • Stanley Clarke says:

        You really think there aren’t women coders who couldn’t write FizzBuzz? A fucking 6 year old could write a version of FizzBuzz. There’s no way Google, et al use FizzBuzzz as a test of programming capability.. it’s a joke.

        written in about 20 seconds by me:

        for (my $i = 1; $i <= 100; $i++) {
        my $s = "";
        $s = $i % 3 == 0 ? "Fizz" : "";
        $s .= $i % 5 == 0 ? "Buzz" : "";
        print length($s) ? "$s\n" : "$i\n";

        • jim says:

          The best women coders are not very good. A very simple test suffices to keep them out.

          By the way, there is an error in your code, so if I was hiring and wanted to find a legally acceptable excuse to not hire you, I would have one.

          • Narm says:

            Code looks OK to me. Where’s the error?

            • jim says:

              The specification is that if the number is divisible by both three and five, for example the number thirty, the line should read “fizz buzz” (two words, corresponding to the two factors)

              Because that is the specification. in Wikipedia, and that is what the example in the comments does.

              Your program will print out one word “FizzBuzz”. Which is the name of the problem, but not what is specified. In some job interviews, the specification may well be one word, but the example code here, and the wikipedia account of the problem, is two words.

              Suppose we had posed the slightly more complex, but very similar problem, of printing out the factors of a number for the range one to N, where N is not known in advance, then the user interface error would be significant. One would want to print the factors of 24 as 2 2 2 3, not as 2223

              Indeed, since everyone these days has memorized fizzbuzz, and has an exceptionally clever solution ready to roll, no one tests to fizzbuzz any more, but always some variant, such as the one I just gave.

              Print out all the prime factors of the numbers two to N, where N is not known in advance.

              The whole point of fizzbuzz is to be ridiculously easy, to weed out the complete idiots. But the complete idiots now have it memorized, so we are forced to hit them with something a little harder.

      • Carlylean Restorationist says:

        Sadly I don’t have access to Delphi at work, and I don’t speak C, so Excel will have to do:

        =IF(MOD(A1,3)>0, IF(MOD(A1,5)>0,A1,”Buzz”), IF(MOD(A1,15)>0,”Fizz”,”FizzBuzz”) )

  15. Glenfilthie says:

    In rare cases I can work with women. I will not work for them. I will quit before I will have one for a manager.
    Queers are generally bad news too.

    • peppermint says:

      There was a Dragnet episode making fun of low-wage men who don’t want women as bosses. Dragnet was disgusting.

  16. pdimov says:

    You mean the GNOME foundation, I think. The description of the outreach program is a marvel.


    I see that Karen Sandler has moved to SFC, taking the program with her, which fills me with concern for SFC’s member projects. Related drama:


    • TBeholder says:

      > GNOME foundation, I think.
      Hence coming of Unity – a collection of widgets dumped together by the obvious Apple fanboi, and of dubious usability for intended purpose for those of us who used to computers rather than puzzle boxes.

      >The description of the outreach program is a marvel.
      The obvious question: why it’s on pedowikia rather than gnome.org?

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    Dammit man.

    If Don can kick out trannies then can he kick out women too? Especially if we catch a crisis that we actually need the Navy to survive?

    • Kevin C. says:

      “If Don can kick out trannies”

      The key word being “if”. Because that’s the question: *can* he? The way things are right now, it’s looking like the answer is no, he can’t.

    • Stanley Clarke says:

      “Don” the con can’t get spell the word transvestite – he sure hasn’t been able to get them banned from the military.

      He can’t get *anything* done because he’s an incompetent, self-sabotaging, tiny-handed idiot. It’s hilarious watching the east asian governments pamper him and puff him up on his little trip, keeping his ego stoked. He’s a child. He misspelled the world “heal” like 5 times in one day, over and over, as “heel” – he is a fucking heel.

      It’s a sad state of affairs, for the “alt-right” and “neo-retard”… sorry, “neo-reactionary” (whats the difference? the retard was born that way, the neo-reactionary has no excuse) movement, when this man is the great hope.

      • jim says:

        Trump cannot get anything done because judges claim to exercise judicial powers, legislative powers, and executive powers – a flagrant barefaced violation of the constitution, which at some point is likely to lead to confrontation, after the style of Tony Abbot, Duterte, and Viktor Orbán, who ran into this exact same problem.

        Tony Abbot, after a bit over year of confrontation, proceeded to successfully demonstrate that airforce commando outranks a high court justice.

        The judges interpreted “refugee status” so broadly that it was open door for illegal immigration. Tony Abbot proceeded to stop illegal immigration. The judges ruled this illegal. The matter came to a head as a result of a boatload of Tamil “refugees”, who were supposedly fleeing Tamil state – even though they were the same race, religion, and ethnicity as the people who rule Tamil state, the same race, religion, and ethnicity as the landowners, police, and judges in Tamil State, and even though Tamil state is a peaceful democracy. The judges ruled in favor of these “refugees”, Tony Abbot just deported them anyway, and since then the judges have been mighty quiet.

        Duterte and Viktor Orbán have successfully followed in Tony Abbot’s footsteps. We shall see if Trump follows this increasingly well trodden path.

        The left is still in power in Australia, Hungary and the Philippines, albeit regrouping and cautious, but it is still in power because the American State Department is still in power. Their local bases have largely collapsed, and they are increasingly dependent on US “non government” intervention. In other words, the Australian, Hungarian, and Philippine left is more openly dependent on Washington. If the core of the US empire, Washington itself, follows the same path as Australia, Hungary, and the Philippines, the results will be more interesting.

        The prime minister of Australia can piss on the judges, but it turns out he cannot piss on the United States state department. Trump may well be able to piss on the United States State Department.

        • Stanley Clarke says:

          You didn’t address my central point:

          Trump is incompetent. He is, to use plain words, a big fucking DUMMY. He can’t be trusted to stay on topic – he doesn’t even know what the topic is. He can’t speak intelligently about world affairs. He lies as a matter of course, over and above the lying typical of an American president – he’s a fucking pathological liar, if such a thing exists.

          Also, he seems to have lost all the people with white ethno-state ideological credentials.. he’s just another rich republican, only more vulgar, dumber, more tone deaf, and leading the nutless GOP to destruction (w00t).

          • jim says:

            Trump’s competence is obvious.

            You lost, he won. Therefore, competent.

            • Stanley Clarke says:

              Hahah…lol. A fluke of circumstance, a horrible democratic candidate, a fucking moronic electorate (that’s you and your bunch), Russian interference – this is not proof of Trumps competence. He is a half decent huckster, but that’s it.

              If he were competent he would do something with his presidency.

              You have a remarkably simplistic grasp of logic. Autistic, a bit?

              • pdimov says:

                This reminds me of a chess chat room dialog.

                – I won my game!
                – That’s because you’re an FM. Were you a GM, you’d have drawn it.

              • Alrenous says:

                Your propaganda isn’t as bad as Hidden Author’s. Are you his supervisor? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AuthorityEqualsAsskicking You’ll have to go a few more rings up the chain…except of course Jim’s doesn’t warrant that kind of budget. Bit of a catch-22 there.

                Autistic? That’s ableist. Just in case anyone was still wondering whether Trump’s enemies actually care about the disadvantaged.

              • jim says:

                The electorate has noticed that you hate and despise them and that Hillary hates and despises them.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  They really can’t stop shooting themselves in the foot. Let all pretenses be cast off and open antagonism be acknowledged; let the lines be drawn and clearly and definitively as possible; let enemies recognize each other as enemies.

                  (That’s why ‘It’s okay to be white’ is perhaps the spiciest meme masterstroke since cuck.)

                • pdimov says:

                  “It’s okay to be white” is genius.

          • Markus says:

            What kind of man writes “dummy”? Are you a fag or a woman?

  18. Dave says:

    I gave up on KDE a few years ago — too crash-prone, slow to start, and a memory hog –and went back to FVWM, a lightweight window manager that hasn’t changed much in two decades.

    Unfortunately, the US military has a vast collection of excellent weapons unavailable to the general public, left over from when American industry could still make stuff. Someday the diversified US Army will be routinely humiliated by redneck militias with pickup trucks and AR-15s, but that day is very far off.

    • jim says:

      Excellent weapons that they are losing the capacity to operate. The navy has decided it needs to “reduce operational requirements”

      • Dave says:

        The South African Air Force recently sold off all its aircraft because, after replacing their mechanics with affirmative-action hires, none of the planes were in flyable condition. This is excellent news for the all-white enclave of Orania, because any Zulu army that attacks without air support will be re-enacting the Battle of Blood River.

        Our job now is to stay alive, which in the absence of immortality pills requires us to marry and reproduce. Unarmed white liberals have graciously volunteered to be our canaries in the coal mine; when they start getting killed in large numbers (e.g. Kevin Sutherland), we’ll know the time to fight is approaching.

    • Reziac says:

      Try Trinity — it’s basically an updated KDE3. I like the PCLinuxOS incarnation. It’s also the nearest desktop replacement for those of us who preferred Windows XP.

      As to the KDE Foundation — I hadn’t heard about it becoming converged; any details?

      But that would explain the permanently halfbaked state of Plasma, and the sudden shift to the horrid flat interface (seriously, people, if I could stand Windows 10, I’d just use the real thing), and maybe why Konqueror is now abandoned and why that trainwreck Calligra has replaced KOffice and then itself started down the road to being dropped.

  19. vxcc2014 says:

    “Meanwhile, in an area far less important to me, military discipline in the US military officer class is collapsing.”

    Well good because our problem isn’t our soldiers, or our discipline.
    It’s our fucking coward leadership and bitches don’t help.

    Soldiers great, Generals – esp male ones – proven cowards.

    However may I ask what bought this on or is offered in support?
    You just throw that out there and there’s no context. At all.

    If you mean women are a ‘leadership challenge’ cough cough yes
    but we’ve been adapting [around] them for decades.

    • jim says:

      There is a limit to how far you can adapt, we have passed that limit, and everything is falling apart.

      Navy ships keep crashing. Their study concludes that too much time is “spent on operational mission” – in other words, just as NASA step by step abandoned space travel, the Navy is about to step by step abandon the projection of force.

      • Mediocre IQ White Nationalist says:

        > > the Navy is about to step by step abandon the projection of force

        > Isn’t that a good thing?

        We are projecting more force while our capability to project force is falling. Ideally, one should speak softly while carrying a big stick. The US government is speaking louder and louder as its stick melts away.

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