Vaccination safety

Some of my commenters have been arguing that vaccinations are dangerous. So I have been looking into it.

I am not going to present the evidence, just my interpretation of the evidence.

Autism presents at about the same age as kids get a bunch of shots, so by shear coincidence it will frequently happen that a kid gets a bunch of shots, a week or so later has some health crisis, is taken to hospital, and gets diagnosed with autism. So if you search for such coincidences, you will find a pile of them. Some people have gone looking for such coincidences, and the health industry has responded with demonization and persecution rather than investigation – a violently unscientific response to an extremely unscientific search.

Looking for coincidences between autism diagnosis and vaccinations is anti scientific, because you are bound to find what you are looking for – but it is also anti scientific to go forth and apply the power of the state to punish people who look for such coincidences, and pressure and punish the families that they found. The search muddies the waters, but the coercive reaction to the search muddied the waters even more.

Those searching found a bunch of coincidences. The reaction of the state and official science was to “prove” that these coincidences were all fraudulent, that they did not really happen, and proceed to coercively punish the “fraud”. But by shear chance, there were bound to be plenty of real coincidences, so it was the charge of fraud itself that was fraudulent.

Official science is that the mercury preservative used in vaccines is completely different to mercury found in fish. This is just a lie. The differences are not significant. If mercury in fish is dangerous, mercury in vaccines is dangerous. If vaccines are safe, fish are safe.

What happens is that when they research mercury in fish, they design the experiments to get the desired result, that mercury in fish is dangerous, and no matter what results they get, they torture the data to prove the desired conclusion, that mercury in fish is dangerous. And similarly, when they research mercury in almost the same form in vaccines, they design the experiments to get the desired result, that mercury in vaccines is safe, and no matter what results they get, they torture the data to prove the desired conclusion, that mercury in vaccines is safe.

I believe the results that mercury preservative in vaccines in safe, and disbelieve the result that mercury in fish is dangerous. But if you believe the one conclusion of official science, you have to disbelieve in the other conclusion. There is a disturbing lack of interest in reconciling the supposed science on mercury in fish with the supposed science on mercury in vaccines. If one is real science, the other is pseudo science. I rather think that the data on fish is pseudo science.

But in any case, mercury has been removed from vaccines since 2000, so this issue is now irrelevant. The scandalous inconsistency between fish mercury science and preservative mercury science casts grave doubt on scientific conduct, but no longer casts doubt on the safety of vaccines.

So what about aluminum salts in vaccines?

Aluminum salts in vaccines are very tiny compared to oral intake of aluminum salts – but oral intake is mostly not absorbed, while injections are absorbed. The FDA has calculated that injected alumina is still insignificant compared to what is absorbed from oral intake. But given the long history of gross data torture on mercury, I would be a lot happier if this was measured, rather than merely calculated.

Why not measure aluminum salts in the urine before and after a course of vaccinations? Better still, isotopically label the injected salts, so you can distinguish where the aluminum salts in urine are coming from. It does not seem very hard to do, and if they have not done it, it is likely because they fear the results. Official research on vaccine safety is not research, but circling the wagons.

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  1. Alan J. Perrick says:

    A big, fat, totalitarian state is unscientific because it forces the imperial mindset of globalism. It equalises religions (philosophy), genotypes, geography, industry and more.

    My understanding is that autism, which is a name for a secular curse as the vast majority of psychological “diagnoses” are, is discovered in a child who realises the difference between a healthy society and the insane mess that it is required to feign belief in during the current year, who tries in vain to reject the garbage. The parents who are ideal rascals of the current regime and make sure their children have all of the recommended activities in their lives, are the ones inflicting totalitarian or effeminate (not authoritarian or masculine) environments on their own offspring. The results, mostly manifesting in boy children, aren’t pretty, but evil literally begets evil; wickedness, wickedness.


  2. Alrenous says:

    Vaccines are of course awesome with a side of amazing.

    Government vaccines are probably garbage with a side of vomit. It’s a testament to some lab rat’s virtue and moral fortitude that they don’t cause widespread catastrophe.

  3. Candide III says:

    > if they have not done it, it is likely because they fear the results
    That’s silly. Those who could order such studies view the anti-vaccination people like geologists view the Young Earth people, with some justification too. Geologists wouldn’t go out of their way to set up experiments to prove Young Earthers wrong, the latter would not listen or call the experiments fraudulent and not believe them. If FDA ran a study of aluminum salts like you suggest, would the anti-vaccination people believe it? Only a tiny fraction not worth bothering about. In fact, you yourself say that you believe some experiments and not other experiments because they seem suspicious to you on non-scientific grounds, so why would anti-vaccination people believe anything purporting to show they are wrong and the official science is right. Anti-vac is a well-established ‘industry’ now, like magnet healing.

    • jim says:

      How do they know that adjuvants are safe without such tests? Does not matter what they think of anti vaxxers, does not matter whether anti vaxxers exist or not. They should do such experiments so that they can sleep at night. That they fail to do such tests is both wickedness, and sign of guilt.

      They should do such tests so that they know whether adjuvants are safe, regardless of whether anti vaxxers will believe them or not.

    • I became an anti-vaxxer after spending hundreds of hours reading the scientific literature on vaccines. The tests are there and they show clearly the vaccines are damaging and dangerous. The pro-vaxxers I simply ignoring all the negative results.

  4. Mike K says:

    Aluminum salts in the vaccines serve as adjuvant.
    Adjuvants act – are necessary – to induce immune reaction to antigens. Various antigens.

    Consider as a mental experiment what you would expect to see if you injected a child only with the doses of adjuvants without any other components of vaccines…

  5. arqiduka says:

    I always assume that if a correlation makes it into the folk wisdom repertoire (stereotypes, vaccines cause autism, etc.) than it must be strong AF, and remains uninvestigated only due to certain concerns.

  6. peppermint says:

    GRIDS comes from the immune system being overwhelmed by the amount of drugs and pathogens in the rectal cavity and queers suffering from it lose the ability to fight off any disease. Similarly, in autism, the brain is overwhelmed as by antigens and adjuvants and is unable to resist any idea that comes along to colonize it, leading to the most bizarre permutations of ideology imaginable. No cure is known for GRIDS or autism, as they are God’s plan to marginalize degeneracy.

  7. thinkingabout it says:

    Reading most of the comments here – the common thread seems to be a sense of “government and big pharma are out to get you”.

    I don’t see why. Vaccines are not the biggest money spinners for pharma companies. Drugs like Vioxx, Fen-phen and countless others with huge market potential were withdrawn after health risks were documented. Heck, DDT was banned for being a threat to birds.

    Why would a vast international conspiracy fight to protect vaccines from criticism, while allowing so many other drugs to be taken off the market for unwanted side effects?

    • pdimov says:

      Probably because vaccines are no threat to birds.

    • jim says:

      That is logical, but what I see is scientists and the state circling the wagon on vaccines in a way that is not good for science. Even if vaccines are perfectly safe, they do not want to know if they are harmful.

      Most drugs are subject to unreasonable and excessive scrutiny. Vaccines are subject to reasonable scrutiny for effectiveness. But you can throw pretty much any old odds and ends into a vaccine, and no one worries what the effects of those odds and ends might be.

      Part of it is that vaccines are really effective in stopping epidemics, and epidemics are really terrible. Vaccines have saved more lives than all of modern medicine put together. Vaccines stopped smallpox and polio. If stuff like that was still going around, I would not worry what odds and ends they threw into a vaccine either. On the other hand, the administration of some vaccines is sort of religious and fetishistic, unrelated to epidemic risk. If you actually wanted to stop HPV, you would vaccinate gay men, not nine year old schoolgirls. We have a bureaucracy that wants to vaccinate everyone with every vaccine, and does not want anything to get in its way, that vaccinates more as religious observance than out of considered cost benefit and epidemic risk.

      When they were fighting smallpox and polio, they got into the habit of anything goes, by any means necessary, and now that that war is won, inertia makes them reluctant to change.

      As with mercury in fish, an ever growing bureaucracy continues to escalate a war won long ago.

      • thinkingabout it says:

        That’s a far more reasoned anti-vaccine position than the ones I’ve seen elsewhere.

        I agree with your point about scientists becoming dogmatic – most of my scientific and healthcare acquaintances on facebook treat vaccines as an item of faith, mocking those who raise safety concerns.

        And I agree with the latter point as well. The risks of vaccines were minor compared to the epidemics of the past, but in the current scenario, with few massive epidemics of polio and measles, the risk-benefit calculus is different. Perhaps we are moving towards having different vaccination schedules depending on the socioeconomic status of the child.

        • pdimov says:

          In a first world country, the SES of the child doesn’t matter, except as a proxy for immigrant background. Immigration matters. That’s how these diseases get back in.

      • pdimov says:

        “Vaccines stopped smallpox and polio. If stuff like that was still going around, I would not worry what odds and ends they threw into a vaccine either.”

        Smallpox was the real deal, at 35% mortality. Once you get to MMR land things become murkier though. Check the rate of scarlet fever epidemics as a control. If vaccines eliminated MMR, what eliminated scarlet fever? Nobody knows. It probably mutated. Why is scarlet fever back now (as are MMR)? Nobody knows. It probably mutated again in the other direction.

        Open your borders to the third world, get third world diseases. Can’t say that though. Mutations are it, then.

      • As best I can determine it is a delusion that the smallpox vaccine was effective against smallpox. There were periodic epidemics in hundred percent vaccinated populations throughout the 19th century in England Sweden Germany and Boston. The last smallpox epidemic on earth, the index case and three quarters of the adult victims had been vaccinated according to the WHO report. The only published papers claiming evidence for effectiveness that I’ve been able to find measure effectiveness under the assumption that patients in epidemics had only been vaccinated if Dr. recorded observing a vaccination scar. This is pure cognitive bias or fraud. Alfred Russell Watson demonstrated in 1895 that this method classifies large numbers of vaccinated people as non vaccinated.
        According to a paper in jama 1959, scientists examined the Detroit polio epidemic of 1958 and found that less than one third of the patients had even had polio virus exposure or antibodies. It is unclear today if polio vaccine is doing anything beside replacing wild type polio with laboratory type.
        The polio epidemics in the US back in the day were likely caused by exposure to DDT.
        The polio vaccine was injected although it was known at the time to be contaminated with SV40, a simian virus that was strongly suspected at the time to cause cancer and is still believed to cause cancer. Peer-reviewed scientific publications established that SV40 was still contaminating polio vaccines as late as 1978. There is some evidence it is still. Other contaminants in polio vaccines were even more important. Chimpanzee virus became known in humans as RSV, a virus which hospitalizes 100,000 infants a year in the US and kills millions worldwide.
        Other vaccines are known to be contaminated with various animal viruses to this day. The effects of these viruses are unknown.
        The toxicity of parenteral aluminum was measured in a placebo-controlled study on preemies and reported in the New England Journal of Medicine 1998 Bishop et al. they reported that every 40 µg per kilogram of parenteral aluminum costs one mental development point out of 100 measured in a test at 18 months. The current vaccine series injects 4400 µg in the first six months.
        A paper by two Europeans last year electron microscopes 44 off-the-shelf vaccines and found that every one of them except the single veterinary vaccine they examined was contaminated with heavy metal microparticles and/or nanoparticles.

        • Correction: Alfred Russell Wallace (the coinventor of evolution).
          Incidentally, smallpox was eradicated by a campaign that knocked on literally billions of doors to catch smallpox cases early and quarantine them. Vaccine was a red herring.

    • Cavalier says:

      Here are a couple hundred billion dollars worth of “medical” and “medical-like” things I know to be massively overprescribed or otherwise overused, some of them with horrifying side-effects, or are otherwise bullshit.

      * Myopia, a 150 billion dollar industry, completely manufactured. Long story short, corrective lenses stimulate the eye to elongate, causing myopia. Glasses cause myopia. I had glasses for 8 years, -2.50 prescription (clear vision to approximately half an armslength), now my vision is 20/15. See

      * Red Skin Syndrome. In short, corticosteroids are highly addictive, any use longer than about 2 weeks rapidly causes massive dependence, withdrawal symptoms are horrifying. Go to any doctor (I went to 8 or 9) and they’ll want to load you on more of the stuff, as “there is no cause, there is no cure, there is only lifelong treatment”. Total bullshit. Horrifying personal run-in with the symptoms as described at, total recovery three years later after complete cessation of use contrary to every specialist’s recommendation at multiple you’d-recognize-the-names world-class facilities.

      * Shampoo. Using shampoo causes the need to use shampoo.


      • Cavalier says:

        And there are some others, but extraneous bullet point to the contrary, that’s all for now.

      • Cavalier says:

        My error, it’s

      • peppermint says:

        as any autistic-minded neet knows, lack of shampoo leads to dirty towels, smelling like a loser, dreadlocks, and eventual rashes/dandruff

        • Cavalier says:

          That’s the first 4 weeks. Then your scalp glands realize that you’re no longer stripping your hair of its natural oils with industrial chemicals and that they no longer have to desperately overcompensate. Somewhere around 6-8 weeks you realize that your hair doesn’t smell, never sticks out in the morning, doesn’t feel icky if you wake up late and fail to wash it in the morning, develops a wave and stays where you want it, and has more body than it’s ever had before.

          Your scalp health improves too, because you’re no longer drenching it with paint-stripping chemicals.

          And girls run their fingers through your hair and ask you what magical product you use, and you sit there smirking, feeling smug, and asking them what they’d be willing to do to find out.

          • lalit says:

            Thanks Brother. I’ma try this and see if it works. If it works, I will subscribe to any religion it is that you proclaim. FYI, I’m already studying the theology of Kek (who I believe you proclaim as well), the avatara (incarnation) of Gnon and we’re working on Adapting Kek as the 10th Avatara of Vishnu (The God of preservation) for Make benefit Hindu Nation in endless war against Muslims.

            But as I said, if this works, and you have an alternate theology of Kek to propose, I am all ears.

            Glory to Kek!

            • Cavalier says:

              You will want to very thoroughly rinse and vigorously towel dry 2 or 3 times a day for the first 2 or 3 weeks, and change out your pillowcases nightly if you don’t already, though you should consider doing that anyway. It may be a bit unpleasant, but you only ever have to go through it once.

  8. fwh says:

    Masanobu Fukuoka reports in his book “The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming” on page 80

    “The speaker said that the amount of mercury in the bodies of tuna, even those taken in the Antarctic Ocean and near the North Pole, was extremely high. However, when a laboratory specimen taken several hundred years ago was dissected and analyzed, this fish, contrary to expectation, also contained mercury. His tentative conclusion suggested that mercury consumption was necessary for the fish to live.”

  9. Cloudswrest says:

    I’ve often marveled that, while it takes years and millions of dollars for “safety and effectiveness testing” to approve a new drug, they seem to be able to spit out a new flu vaccine every year. And this is a substance that is INJECTED.

  10. Cloudswrest says:

    Regarding mercury in fish, the fish high in mercury tend to be also high in selenium and the two are biological antagonists. They have an extremely high chemical affinity for each other (and to sulfur to a lesser extent). In fact much of mercury’s toxic effects are due to chelation of biological selenium. It strips it right out of the selenoproteins, denaturing them.

    From here:

    One mechanism of mercury toxicity involves its irreversible inhibition of selenoenzymes, such as thioredoxin reductase (IC50 = 9 nM).[18] Although it has many functions, thioredoxin reductase restores vitamins C and E, as well as a number of other important antioxidant molecules, back into their reduced forms, enabling them to counteract oxidative damage.[19] Since the rate of oxygen consumption is particularly high in brain tissues, production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is accentuated in these vital cells, making them particularly vulnerable to oxidative damage and especially dependent upon the antioxidant protection provided by selenoenzymes. High mercury exposures deplete the amount of cellular selenium available for the biosynthesis of thioredoxin reductase and other selenoenzymes that prevent and reverse oxidative damage,[20] which, if the depletion is severe and long lasting, results in brain cell dysfunctions that can ultimately cause death.

  11. Orthodox says:

    Look up the old vaccine schedules vs today. I’m sold on the idea of vaccines being excessive and given too early. I’m not really sold on the idea of today’s vaccines being harmful, although it depends if I’m the parent facing almost no risk to my child, versus if I was making the guidelines and know there will be complications.

    Several of the new vaccines aren’t even life threatening, like chicken pox and rotovirus. Asked about Hep B vacc, doc said, you don’t plan on baby having unprotected sex or doing IV drugs, right? Then no worries.

    • thinkingabout it says:

      Hep B is one of the most easily transmitted blood borne illnesses. It is several orders of magnitude more transmissible than HIV. The hep B vaccine is extremely effective.

  12. Mycroft Jones says:

    Here is the link:

    It discusses the early Hepatitis B vaccination. Yep, to cure HepB, Scienmajistics gave us AIDS. Thanks Science. And now the social lady will take your baby away if you don’t let Hospital inject your infant with HepB vaccination at birth.

  13. Mycroft Jones says:

    Any time you inject something into the bloodstream, you are dealing with unknowns. I recently saw the linkage between peanut oil in vaccines, and peanut allergies. Peanut allergies were unknown until they started injecting people with vaccines that had peanut oil. In Israel where they use sesame oil instead of peanut oil, they have sesame allergies instead of peanut allergies.

    So, thimerosol mercury may be harmless. The content of vaccines is always changing, and it goes directly into the bloodstream where our bodies normal filters and defenses don’t have a chance to protect us. The safeties are off.

    HIV has been traced to a time period when vaccine experiments were being done that involved some substance from the blood of monkeys. Which species of monkeys are carriers of HIV. Thanks science, now HIV has crossed over into humans.

  14. Steel T Post says:

    We’ve followed this practical advice, and dodged the bullet.

    PS. If you must vaccinate, you can protect your children with the following guidelines:
    • Wait until the child is at least two years old.
    • Do not give more than one vaccination at a time.
    • Never vaccinate when the child is sick.
    • Be sure that the vaccines are thimerosal-free.
    • Supplement the child with extra cod liver oil, vitamin C and B12 before and after each shot.

    I remember breaking glass of old thermometers and mercury switches to get mercury, and roll it around in my hand. Just as healthy as melting lead to cast sinkers. Fun times!

    Another factor in the mix is that “autism” is over-diagnosed by female schoolmarms to petticoat boys who exhibit “normally active boy syndrome” with chemical restraints like Ritalin.

    • thinkingabout it says:

      What are the cod liver oil, vitamin C and B12 supposed to do?

      That’s just the 21st century version of wearing talismans to ward off evil spirits.

  15. peppermint says:

    maybe autism is nature’s way of dealing with social signaling destroying civilization by creating people relatively immune to social pressure

    • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:


    • thinkingabout it says:

      Simon Baron Cohen of Cambridge thinks autism is nature’s way of punishing nerds who think marrying someone who’s “compatible” is the most important thing in the world. A rebuke to the entire idea of “soulmates”, “love” and “a partnership of equals”.

      • Dave says:

        Nerd here who married someone “compatible” and got autistic children. You need compatibility so you don’t get divorce-raped. A better solution would be not to allow divorce-rape, but I don’t write the laws, I just live by them.

        • thinkingabout it says:

          Sorry to hear that. I’m pretty nerdy, and I was entertaining the possibility of marrying the smartest girl in my high school – she was a math prodigy of sorts, and we could have landed up with kids with Nobel-winning IQs.
          But I thought the autism risk was too high, so now I’m getting married to a social butterfly with interests in fashion and dancing. We’ll see how that works out..

      • peppermint says:

        ((Simon Baron Cohen)) of ((Cambridge)) is just butthurt that his nation isn’t big and homogeneous to allow marriage for compatibility

    • True but then sometimes we end up with people like you, who don’t really get that out of control signalling spirals are built around a much smaller core of actually socially useful behavior. We have these problems precisely because to a limited extent these behaviors were useful and obviously good, and it was their obviously goodness that made them status tokens and thus mimetic competition exaggerated them to the level when they turned from virtues into destructive vices.

      For instance, a very limited and selective non-xenophobia towards foreign and weird refugees is useful, that is how the US got many useful Jewish, Russian, Nazi (Wernher von Braun) etc. etc. etc. scientists.

      Then it spiralled into destructiveness.

      The problem with you nazi autists is that it is great that you do not participate in these extreme spirals but you also don’t get their small, limited useful core.

      • EDIT: limited and selective non-xenophobia, I mistakenly doubled the “non” for auitistic reasons

      • peppermint says:

        Russian and German scientists are White and can integrate. Theoretically, they could also not integrate but perform useful services to the nation as slaves.

        Jewish scientists should simply be killed. There is no shortage of high IQ individuals among the White race and everything Jews did for science is overshadowed by what they did to us partly through claiming to be the foremost scientists. For the same reason, no university scientist should be able to avoid enslavement.

        The Great Man theory of science comes from discoveries being named after one guy. Newton was preceded by Kepler and Tycho, but if Newton had never lived, Leibniz’ calculus would have led to the same physics. Without Einstein, relativity would likely have been attributed to Poincarë. The Great Man theory of philosophy is the same way – philosophers are the ones who record the zeitgeist.

        The Great Man theory of politics, however, is crucial, because Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries for a proximate reason, and without Trump, we would likely be trying to convince Ted Cruz to ban trannies from the military while accepting that his special relationship to Cuba and Canada are just the way things work.

        • Sigh. In a hypothetical case you would have any power, just send the Jewish scientists to Israel. No Jews work both at undermining white nationalism and strengthening Jewish nationalism. They either undermine both if they are liberals or at least accept both if they are Zionists. So if your Jewish scientists is a Zionist he will do okay there and if he is an underminer the Zionists will just kill him or otherwise neutralize him for you.

          • peppermint says:

            Really? Because it seems like virtually all Jews undermine White nationalism, especially the scientists, while virtually all Jews support Jewish ethic interests regardless of whether they see the Zionist project as ultimately good for the Jews.

            Meanwhile science is slowed more by scientists being bogged down in university classes and dealing with affirmative action than it would by a reduction in the number of scientists that would come with a loss of state funding. But I think we could have state funding of scientific research that doesn’t go through universities.

            Ultimately we need to break the perception that scientists are angels mediating between laymen and Science as the priests who own them mediate between laymen and Social Justice. Publicly beating the ones of them that participated in that March for Science thing earlier this year would help.

  16. Jack Highlands says:

    Jim, I haven’t followed the mercury issue in a long time, but I assume the original Minamata disease was real, plus classic Mad Hatter syndrome, etc. If so, it seems that when you write ‘mercury in fish was a fraud’ you are referring to monitoring for levels thousands of times lower than Minimata disease is a fraud. Is that about it?

    • pdimov says:

      Mercury in sufficient quantity is of course poisonous.

      I remember reading an article about a millionaire (or was it a billionaire) who ate fish three times a day for years because he thought it healthy, and managed to poison himself. But I can’t find it now.

    • jim says:

      Yes, there was real mercury poisoning long ago, controls were rightly imposed long ago, and the bureaucracy managing those controls grew and grew, and cooked up ever more far fetched rationales for ever more restrictive controls and ever greater restrictions on mercury pollution.

      • Jack Highlands says:

        My grandfather was a hard rock miner. When I was a boy, he once pulled a small vial from his pocket and asked me if I had ever seen mercury. I was fascinated that something so dense was so shining, and at its homogeneity as it rolled around on my palm, sluggishly then all at once, like an element going bankrupt.

        It has often occurred to me since that many ancient tradesmen must have been well familiar with quicksilver yet still lived out their threescore and ten.

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