Progressive Jews divorce Israel and religious Jews.

German court calls torching a synagogue free speech against Israel. Arsonists get suspended sentences, which is to say, go unpunished.

If you say that the holocaust was not exactly as officially depicted, that is not free speech, but an act of hate. Molotov cocktails, however are OK.

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  1. Karl says:

    Such sentences do not depend on the deed, but rather on the ethnos of those who commited it.

  2. lalit says:

    Hmm! What if someone died in those Molotov attacks on the Synagogues? Still Free Speech? Or involuntary manslaughter? Aaah! Why am I bothering to even ask.

    If I were cynical, I’d say them Huns have found a new way to hurt them Semites given that the old way is now closed to them forever.

    • A.B. Prosper says:

      Exactly this.

      Germans hate Jews and regard the government of Israel as illegitimate however out of fear of nationalism or men deciding to act and because of US occupation Germans aren’t allowed to do anything

      However Muslims aren’t Germans no?

      • lalit says:

        I think I detect Sarcasm. But I’ll give you the benefit of doubt.

        Regarding your question “Muslims aren’t germans, no?” Muslims can only be Muslims and can never be anything else. A German Muslim is as much of an oxymoron as an Indian Muslim which is as much of an oxymoron as a Sober Drunk with is as much of an oxymoron as a tough weakling. Islam transcends national boundaries and supersedes them. Apparently this is something only Muslims understand and the Kaffirs do not even want to understand. Apparently a Kaffir brain explodes if he tries to understand this. I understand this and so I am wondering if I am secretly a Muslim and not a Kaffir.

        Next item, I said that my statement is half out of cynicism and not from any deep seated belief that Germans hate Jews.

        Finally, it “may seem” that German dislike of Jews definitely had something to do with those three Muslims getting suspended sentences. It “does seem” that those three Muslims did something that the Germans might have wanted to do themselves, but cannot and hence the suspended sentence. It does seem now that the Muslims were acting as anti-Semitic proxies for the Germans.

        When German courts do evil-dumb things like this, this is the first thought that comes to mind. May the Germans be mindful of this.

        • Cavalier says:

          “May the Germans be mindful of this.”

          Or what? Aren’t they supposedly a sovereign nation with authority over goes on within their borders?

  3. bob k. mando says:

    this is the kind of retarded stupidity that you should expect when the Judiciary conflates Physical Action with Free Speech.

    flag burning is NOT speech, it’s an Act.

    to the extent that flag burning IS speech, it’s simply a declaration in the desire for the nation of that flag to be destroyed. ie – if citizens of that nation are burning their own flag … they are committing Treason and / or expressing Sedition.

  4. viking says:

    This is good, The jews are hoisted by their own petard. They either come to their senses and work as hard for a white nationalism that includes them; or they serve a dual purpose of awakening non jew whites through their martyrdom because non jew whites are not actually anti semites and will naturally be enraged by these things. and also it will drive jews out of europe so when whites finally get fed up they will not have jew interference in what needs to be done and how to proceed from there

  5. ReluctantReactionary says:

    What is the ranking of grievance minorities now?

    1. Black trannies
    2. Black lesbians
    3. Black Muslims
    4. Other Muslims
    5. Hispanics


    I guess Jews are now near the bottom of the list just above whites and northeast Asians. Unfortunately Jews, northeast Asians, and whites seem to have a hard time finding common ground.

  6. Karl says:

    Well, the torching was done by three guys from palestina. In Germany, the question of who did it is more important than what was done.

    If a European would have done it, he’d be jailed for a long time. German Courts don’t treat people equally.

    Moreover, the mainstream media will not mention where the guys who did the crime came form (unless they are ethic Europeans).

  7. Steel T Post says:

    My speech writer just handed me gasoline in a beer bottle; hear ye, hear ye!

  8. Alfred says:

    Molotov cocktails are free speech if used by the magical brown and black people. White people throw molotovs only with hate on their mind.

  9. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    >German court calls torching a synagogue free speech against Israel.

    This is the kind of asinine rationalization id expect to see from shitlibs in america attempting to justify googles chimping out and vandalizing a white neighborhood.

    Im not sure exactly what, but this indicates *some* kind of sea change occurring.

    • Alfred says:

      Think it signifies Ctulhu moving even further left, perhaps inspired by the overseas spectre of Trump (scorched earth tactics).

    • jim says:

      I am reminded of the debate on George Zimmerman and the Duke University Lacrosse team. There was a widespread attitude that attacks by nonwhites on whites were simply OK, but in the end we won those in courts – the court in effect ruled it is not open season for browns to attack whites, which position was startlingly and disturbingly controversial. In Germany, the court has ruled open season for browns to attack Jews.

      • Alrenous says:

        Gnon’s mercy being that browns are slow and won’t catch on right away. The attack was probably impulsive and they’ll continue to be impulsive, not calculated.

  10. Cavalier says:

    Praise the God-Emperor.

    • Hesiod says:


      • Cavalier says:

        Trump drove a big thick wedge in and divorced the Zionist Jews from the Internationalist Jews. Now Zionist Jews are finding themselves absorbed into the Trumpian Order whether they much like it or not and Prog Jews are finding themselves without another big chunk of their power base in Washington, increasingly unwelcome in Europe, their Jewland home apparently slipping away from them, and one step closer to the precipice.

        Does the man responsible not deserve our praise?

  11. arqiduka says:

    Accidental or a coy wink in a certain direction?

  12. thinkingabout it says:

    Looks like the Trumpenreich is going to serve as an experiment to determine whether its Jews or neo-Puritans who make up the Cathedral.

    There are rumors that several members of the fancy Jewish golf club in DC want to deny membership to Obama.. and after the UN vote against Israel, more and more Jews are going to back Trump.

    • Jack Highlands says:

      Do you mean who has made up the Cathedral recently, or who will get to run it going forward?

      Regarding the past, it has not been an either/or situation. The perfect parasite requires the perfect host. Underneath all the seeming tumult, genes roll smoothly on.

    • Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

      Dude it’s already settled. If Jews ran the Cathedral Gaza would be a national park of Israel and Ashkenazi intermarriage rate would not be 58 percent.

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