Praise the Holy StarProphet!

Americans back in space on an American rocket, launched by Musk, who was protected from Nasa by Trump.

The reason he can successfully launch stuff from the Nasa launch pad, is that he could launch stuff from a pad where the Range Safety Officer is Space Force, rather than Nasa, a pad that gets blown up from time to time. The space suits they are wearing have Nasa logos, but they are SpaceX suits, were personally designed by Musk as the prototype for Space Force’s space uniform. The primary design criterion for SpaceX space suits, is that they can be worn by heroes in space. The primary design criterion for Nasa’s space suits, is that they can be worn by morbidly obese middle aged lesbians larping space travel and no one can notice the difference between a hero and a morbidly obese middle aged lesbian.

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  1. Starman says:

    On of the minions of the foul Eye of Soros complains about too many White men on the SpaceX CrewDragon engineering team.

    “But if the space community wants to really have a uniting effect on the world, it must be deeply rooted in the happenings of Earth.”

    Notice how earthbound this Soros witch, Loren, is. Starship absolutely terrifies her. A Martian could care less about Earth’s low IQ politics.

    • Oog en Hand says:


      “We have to restructure our society. Otherwise we will be overrun by eight billion Christian earthmen screaming for heathen blood and green pussy!”

      • Starman says:

        More likely Islamic Earthmen. But the IQ barrier is mighty tall outside the Earth. And both Earth and Mars will be dominated by a patriarchal religion. Whatever patriarchal religion rises on Mars, who knows. But Islam is the most likely for Earth.

    • yewotm8 says:

      I’d like to see him order the arrest of police chiefs that don’t do their job, that’d be nice.

  2. ERTZ says:

    Observe this, it’s extraordinarily instructive:

    “Making white people kneel and apologize on livestream”

    It’s fascinating to see how easy people an be made to submit, allow themselves to be commanded.
    Also observe it’s mostly women.
    All it literally takes to command women is to take authority and literally command them.

  3. Eli says:

    Have to post here, since it is too good:

    “The Revolution eats its children”

    As one aging Jewess once rightly told me: America, the land of not-yet-scared idiots.

  4. Anon 1 says:

    Jim ,
    any update to your article :
    After white male america
    especially this :
    “Ethnic cleansing of white males from most of America, with the probable exception of Alaska, begins. It will not happen all at once, but rather, one city after another, one excuse after another. First Ferguson, now Baltimore, Krystalnacht proceeds.”
    is this riots it ?
    and is trump just a delay ?

  5. notglowing says:

    The holiness is spiraling out of control extremely quickly now.
    Now people are not only policed in what they can and cannot say, but they are directly attacked for insufficient holiness if they do not actively submit and signal their approval.

    • notglowing says:

      It’s an interesting mechanic, because obviously, even if you don’t believe these things, being forced to repeat them yourself leads to internalizing these ideas over time.

  6. Icon says:

    Amidst all this rioting, the FBI is tweeting that “diversity makes us stronger.”

    That doesn’t even make sense. Now they’re just screwing with people. They’re not going to seriously investigate these rioters.

    • jim says:

      The God Emperor announces order.

      Order ensues.

      It warmed my heart to see the very holy press in being chased out of Lafayette Park like stray dogs.

      “Non violent, non violent, non violent” say the press – but the park, and Church, was damaged in this “non violent” “peaceful” protest.

      They hate us and they intend to harm us. Non violent my ass. If stray dogs don’t want to be kicked, they should stop barking.

      Monuments to the war dead were vandalized because that peaceful non violent press hates us, and hates those that died for God and Country.

      • notglowing says:
        The people want the protesters to be suppressed by the military.

      • Eli says:

        Purposeful desecration of monuments to veterans should be punished by death sentence. This should be especially enforced in a country like America, with separation of church and state. Graves and monuments to ancestors who sacrificed their lives for God and country are the holiest sites.

  7. The Cominator says:

    It appears the radleft or as jim would say the most holy has lost patience with gradual Gramscian victory and is intent on attempting a retarded physical overthrow of not only Trump but the slightly less holy cathedral left, i did not anticipate this till after the election but good they have no chance of victory…

    • jim says:

      The radical faction have no chance of victory if the champagne socialists decide to go along with Trump throwing the radical faction in jail and leaving them there. What they are betting on is being protected by superior holiness. If that shield works, they will win, and the champagne socialists will die. If that shield fails, they have no chance of victory, and the left will be profoundly weakened by the sight of its shield failing, as it was when the shield of the Italian Red Brigades failed.

      • Pooch says:

        What is the scenario where they win?

        • The Cominator says:

          At this point i think they are fucked unless they can kill Trump and Penceboth and install Pelosi.

          • BC says:

            I agree.

          • Viking says:

            Pence wlike Obama and McCain are wholly owned by deep state so they can use him or tell him to step down or commit sepuku or kill him if they want to replace him with cuomo they will or kill him and replace with vp who they will choose

        • jim says:

          Everyone likes the strong horse. If they can get away with this stuff, they are the strong horse, and anyone who notices what they are doing gets the crap beaten out of him. If they cannot, then they are not. The group that can commit violence without being met by violence, rules. This is how direct revolutionary seizure of power works. The priestly group somehow holds back the sovereign from upholding the sovereign’s order, and someone else imposes their order, or in this case their disorder. Direct revolutionary seizure of power works if the state somehow is inhibited from defending itself, otherwise always fails horribly. We saw this play out over and over again in the color revolutions, also in the Russian and French revolutions.

          Direct revolutionary seizure of power is a long shot in normal times, because the state defends itself and maintains order, if only order for the elite, almost instinctively and spontaneously, but today, if you support order, then Orange Man Bad, just as if you treat patients with hydroxychloroquine, then Orange Man Bad. Thus you see police standing around like potted palms while Antifa destroys stuff. The CNN crew were arrested for creating and stage managing the events that they were filming, and were immediately released by the governor’s order and the police were immediately reprimanded. If CNN can burn stuff down, and police cannot arrest them, then CNN rules and Bad Orange Man does not rule.

          However, by far the most likely outcome is that the corruptocrats, kleptocrats, and champagne socialists get the message that unless someone does something to prevent direct revolutionary seizure of power, they are going to die too. The state will defend itself, if only feebly, and assorted Antifa agents go to jail. This looks like a Red Brigade moment. The state will be allowed a little bit of defense, and a little bit is all that is needed to quell the violence. It is all that is ever needed. Upon Antifa being quelled, the left will suffer massive loss of status and power.

          • The Cominator says:

            On the other hand people really don’t like people who shit where they eat, Al Qaeda was quite popular in Saudi Arabia when it was blowing up the infidels when they started bombing targets inside Saudi Arabia their popularity their decreased rapidly.

            • jim says:


              Al Qaeda attempted to overthrow the princes. Princes did not like that. Princes strong horse, Al Qaeda weak horse. Then unpopular.

          • The Cominator says:


            Dispersed in DC. Its strange if Trump weren’t in power I’d generally be all for DC being sacked by well almost anyone.

            • jim says:

              Trump issues a speech on law and order, invokes God – and then deploys military in Washington.

              The left has issued their prewritten scripts that this is just empty rhetoric, and Trump has no power, but military helicopters are buzzing Washington, and the streets are lined with troops.

              Trump walks from the podium to Saint John’s Church. Trump stands in front of Saint John’s Church holding his bible. The helicopters say that they are mighty big, and that they obey the biggest alpha male in the US, and the biggest alpha male in the US says he is backed by the biggest alpha male in the Universe. Your guts are going to believe him.

              • Karl says:

                My guts are going to believe him when he fulfils his “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” promise.

                But it doesn’t matter what I believe. What matters is what the rioters believe. They’ll stop only when they believe that further rioting will get them a bullet.

                Maybe it is enough if the men with guns believe that they won’t be imprisoned for shooting rioters.

                Anyway, I don’t think a speech and good optics suffice after violence has started as it has.

              • Icon says:

                That’s good Jim, that Trump is projecting strength. I wouldn’t object to even a brief use of The Insurrection Act provided it’s used to take down Antifa.

                Antifa are domestic terrorist. They wear a quasi-uniform, fly a terrorist flag, and carry deadly weapons. Enough of an enemy to literally be tried under military tribunals. They fit every definition of an unlawful combatant under The Law of Armed Conflict.

                Round em up, route em out!

          • Viking says:

            moron would have know this decades ago.
            Good whites don’t care they see the,selves as martyres
            Bad whites ie business don’t care they have been told no more actual communism that failed more corporatism like so they ok with
            Since their eventual profits begin life by being taken from good whites given to niggers to Who then spend directly or indirectly on iPads etc
            Evil whites like comey and Brennan are actual communists think the Jew boys will reward them with dacha level immunity
            Jews think they got this once whites are neutralized they imagine they can handle niggers easy
            It’s pretty much land/mold bugs plan ((( techno cap patchlords )):ruling a sea of niggers and whiners NRx is just mad they didn’t get in on ground floor and want a redo.

      • notglowing says:

        It seems to me that the behaviour of the radicals is being normalized like never before in this situation, which is why I don’t share your optimism on them being thrown in jail, and then the elite turning on them. The direction seems to be the opposite.

        Everyone in the mainstream is falling over themselves signalling their support for BLM. Including all major corporations, governors, and mainstream politicians. More so than in the Obama era.
        It’s coming from all directions and I see many “conservatives” try to isolate Antifa as the ones who made the protests violent while still supporting the protests and pretending black people did no wrong, and the entire thing is legitimate if not for some bad apples.

        Overall it seems like a major disaster, even if it will likely at least somewhat improve Trump’s chances of winning since it doesn’t make the left look good among his supporters, there’s also quantitative evidence that riots do increase republican support marginally.

        • The Cominator says:

          There are three groups in these protests.

          The ones who are actually peaceful and their agenda is about reigning in kwap tactics. Mostly black from across the spectrum with some virtue signalling busybody whites.

          The mostly young black male looters. They don’t care about the politics at all just want to steal. They are NOT the ones setting fires really though that is group 3…

          Antifa and the like (mostly white) and most of the violence DOES come from this group though some of the property damage comes from group 2.

          • Pooch says:

            Saw some chatter that Antifa will escalate violence all the way to the election, to even go as far to target neighborhoods. Could this be even possible?

            • The Cominator says:

              They’ve already done some stuff in deep blue suburbs they won’t dare target non urban areas in redneck country.

              Maybe antifa would but they want the 1352 looters to come with them to cover them and the 1352s know better than to riot outside the ghetto here.

              Even the redneck broads down here are facebook posting about how looters=target practice.

              If antifa tries that down here they are absolutely going to die.

    • BC says:

      People are turning on the Dems. They’re so fucked without a violent overthrow the goverment.

      • The Cominator says:

        When radical leftists are burning down dem cities (tyrone is mostly just looting its the antifa types setting fires) while dems refuse to stop them yeah they are kind of fucked.

      • Dave says:

        Saw this on Twitter:

        Just had a conversation with a progressive Democrat in Colorado. Major fundraiser.

        “The protestors got a few blocks from my house. And I don’t know anybody who owns a gun.”

        He’s buying one today.

        The left is losing their base, folks.

        People choose order over anarchy.

        • Javier says:

          Progs are good at doublethink–they have to be due to the overwhelming contradictions in their ideology, it’s the only way to hang onto their sanity for any length of time. If a dozen cities going up in flames overnight doesn’t red pill someone, nothing will.

          What Trump should do is evacuate congress and then leave the building unguarded, while diverting all the protesters towards it. Let them burn the Reichstag, and we’ll have our God Emperor.

          • Karl says:

            If the point of doublethink is to preserve sanity, it is failing miserably. A better reason for doublethink is maintaining or gaining status within progressive groups.

            • Mr.P says:

              It doesn’t matter, a fine point, but …

              “… gaining status” — sure, lots of that.

              But I also see Prog heads exploding with cognitive dissonance now, desperately trying to hold onto the distinction between “peaceful protest” and (international marxist revolution) “rioting.”

              “Why are they attacking us? We’re a Progressive city!”

              Because you’re Bourgeoisie, bitch, and here’s your bullet, as Jim points out.

              “Support the troops,” “honor the fallen” patriot types who stand with the protesters yet cannot for the life of them understand why their treasured fallen veteran memorials are spray-painted with indecipherable gang symbols and “kill all whites.”

              It’s bad, full-on psychotic break out there, from what I can see, where I am.

          • Viking says:

            Only involving Christianity enlightement cogdis
            Other times good instincts regardless they don’t really doublethink they don’t bother to think. even train by kikes not to
            Elites on other hand really good at doublethink Orwell said some ideas so stupid only an in telectual could fall for them

  8. Pooch says:

    Strong speech just now by Trump talking directly to White Americans that he will restore order. Zero virtue signaling.

    • notglowing says:

      That’s great to hear.
      I feel that he’s been too weak on this situation until now, mostly talking about the injustice done to Floyd or whatever his name was, and other things, and not really responding to the emergency. I haven’t watched the speech yet but people I know are praising it in a similar way.
      I’ve heard that his campaign advised him on not responding strongly because of fears of losing his nonexistent black coalition. There’s nothing wrong with outreach to black people but pandering to them at the expense of your base makes no sense.

      • Pooch says:

        Exactly. Immediately after the speech he calmly walked through the park with a 500 cop escort passed the graffiti and burnt debris to the burned historic church and held a bible in front of it, completely destroying the meme of him cowering in a bunker going around. It was a powerful image.

  9. notglowing says:
    This article seems pretty on-point on the current situation. What do you think of it?

    • The Cominator says:

      > Name is notglowing

      > Article doesn’t callout Covid as a fake and gay scam to destroy the economy and you call it a good summation of current events

      Nigga plz.

    • Fred says:

      It’s the usual bourgeois-leftist antagonism of red team, disguised as criticism of the US in general, ie. the usual phony self-criticism blue team bootlickers do to ingratiate themselves with blue team.

      The author writes for Vice, which – duh – is a bourgeois-leftist blue-empire mouthpiece.

    • Encelad says:

      A bunch of progressive BS thinly disguised as neutral.

      Just one quote:

      “Obama’s attempts to reposition US foreign policy away from its destructive and self-defeating entanglement…”


    • Starman says:


      The Democrat planned Antifa/nig riots have pretty much exposed COVID19 hysteria as fake and gay.

    • Dave says:

      America is a thoroughly leftist state, and it is falling apart. When our vice-president tweets,

      “Our prayers are with the family of George Floyd and our prayers are also with the family of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia. We have no tolerance for racism in America. We have no tolerance for violence inspired by racism. And, as President Trump said, justice will be served.”,

      he is part of that state and part of the problem.

      Most white people will survive this if they ignore the propaganda and keep their wits about them. Almost no blacks will survive because whoever rules the ruins of this country will have no use for them.

      • Pooch says:

        It’s hard to see a solution that isn’t enforced segregation into separate nation states or shipping them back to Africa.

    • notglowing says:

      It seems many of the replies are criticizing the article because of the fact that it exaggerates the virus situation, I didn’t pay too much attention to that particular part.
      And of course the writer is not really right-wing at all. I don’t think he’s “based”.
      But looking past the writer’s bias I do think that it’s a good description of america’s current situation and a lot of it is factual.

      • jim says:

        The article is totally moronic and is enclosed in a progressive bubble of homicidally insane unreality.

        Obama’s Arab Spring adventure was the the complete opposite of the article’s depiction of it, it was a lunatic adventure in the middle east whose fallout still burns us, the direct opposite of disengagement. Obama launched holy war on the middle east relying on “allies” that were openly unreliable, and attempted to launch holy war on Chin. The holy war in the Middle East petered out with us bombing Libya flat to no avail, then fleeing Libya in disgrace.

        Trump is not “burning international capital” He is shrinking the American empire in favor of a system of Westphalian equals. You are not disengaging from the Middle East when you murder heads of State and bomb countries flat.

        You are burning international capital when you murder heads of state in countries that are peacefully subject to the American Empire. You are not burning international capital by upholding the Peace of Westphalia. Obama burned down the American Empire in a spectacularly unsuccessful effort to make it even holier than it was already. Trump is spinning off the money losing divisions of the American Empire, downsizing to a more defensible, manageable, and profitable size.

        • notglowing says:

          I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying here, to be honest.
          But I don’t think I see the article as moronic despite that, maybe I have far too charitable a view of it and I mostly overlooked the things I disagree with to pick the parts I think are correct. The things you talk about are an example.

          Although, on second thought, I can see why you dislike it. Obviously it does portray Obama as trying to pull out of the middle east which was never actually true, but it was true in rhetoric. He did bomb many countries but I do see this as overall a “failure” in disengaging from these conflicts in the sense that it didn’t happen, not that Obama tried and failed. But it was what americans asked for and he promised.

          If I can say anything about your overall take on things, I think I agree with you directionally but I think you are too optimistic about Trump. I like him, I think he’s a good man himself, I think his rhetoric is on point (much of the time), but I don’t think he’s delivering on half the things he promised. There is still a chance for recovery but time will tell. To me he seems like he lets himself be controlled and routed by snakes like Kushner, who he appears to trust, despite even publicly acknowledging he’s caused him problems.

  10. ERTZ says:

    Here in Germany the current riots are under-reported and the Negroes are made into heroic freedom fighters for justice; serious violence, the German public is told, is mostly caused by “white nationalists”.

    It seems understandable to me that these lies are told here, because it’s a current political goal of the EU+German government to have significantly more mass immigration from Africa, which is vastly unpopular with the population here; the interests behind that must avoid stirring up any ideas there could be something wrong with blacks.

    What I cannot understand is that the German mass media (almost completely under control of big business and German government) goes to great lengths to present Trump as an incompetent, arrogant, narcissistic, evil “almost 2nd Hitler” who is extremely unpopular with the US people. I cannot remember one single good thing having been said about him by our media in the last years, everything is spun to make him look bad – and so much so it’s unreal, almost comical.
    But why? Germans cannot influence US elections in any meaningful way.

    • Pooch says:

      It’s the same here in America. Progressivism is a One World religion.

      • They are using George Floyd as an excuse. In Germany. My models are unable to predict stuff like that. Do they only see race, not stuff like nation or jurisdiction?

        • Pooch says:

          Yes. Europe is just a client state of the US which has imported its state religion of Progressivism.

          • Oliver Cromwell says:

            Right. The people at the top of the German social hierarchy wish to be invited to parties in NYC where everyone is speaking English. They instruct their subordinates to promote this stuff not to bring about a practical effect by influencing Germans but to prove their own worthiness to be part of the international Progressive elite.

            This is very different to the situation in, say, Japan, another US-conquered country, where the elite still wish to be invited to parties in Tokyo where everyone is speaking Japanese. And, very few Africans in Japan.

            • Anonymous 2 says:

              The Japanese are excellent at apologizing and reflecting on what they have done. Perhaps not truly as repentant as we might expect though.

      • Starman says:

        It’s interesting to note how earthbound Harvard’s outlook is. A multiplanetary civilization is simply outside their mental box.

        Even some commentators here are baffled by it, and space travel/orbital mechanics are simply outside their mental sphere.

    • Fred says:

      But why? Germans cannot influence US elections in any meaningful way.

      Moldbug’s explanation (start reading at the paragraph that starts with “The Eurocrats”) was that the further one is from power, the harder you have to signal to get anywhere.

    • Starman says:

      Germany is a vassal state of the City of Harvard, so they must try harder to please their master. If Germany wasn’t a vassal state, nobody in Germany would give a rat’s ass about Harvard/Washington politics.

    • Viking says:

      Simple answer
      Because humans are followers and they don’t want you getting ideas about electing your own trump.
      Also because Jews are globalist so it’s all one game to them.
      Why would a socialist state and business even be on the same page about anything let alone about importing 60 IQ useless violent apes who will be no use to business and collapse the welfare system. Because they will outvote and allegedly prevent you from winning a civil war they will destroy you. That’s the plan incredible as it is business and bureaucrats know better than you how utterly useless and destructive non whites are yet both move heaven and earth to bring millions in.
      Some business get that even a welfare nigger will get money from white taxpayers and use it to buy their products directly or indirectly
      Others think they have no choice or power and so must position themselves as on the right side.

  11. Mister Grumpus says:

    To all our historians and big brains out there:

    I eagerly await your compare-and-contrast takes on the present USA rioting vs. 1) the Tet offensive in Vietnam, and 2) modern day “color revolution” in general.

    • jim says:

      The difference is that the left elite are getting a taste of their own medicine, administered by their fellow leftists. This is reminiscent of the Red Brigades. With the Red Brigades, the corruptocrat left elite finally decided that there was such a thing as enemies to the left, proceeded to punish the Red Brigade crimes, and the fact that for once, left wing violence was punished, had a huge chilling effect on the left world wide. Some elements of the the left are today coming towards the position its time to throw Antifa to the Trump. And even if reluctant to say so to loudly, they will not effectually resist. This would be like the Great Wall of Trump finally and belatedly starting to go up.

      • Karl says:

        I can see a parallel to the Red Brigades, but do not see the left elite being hurt by the riots. Why should the left elite care about burning inner cities? They do not live there.

        Moreover, the Red Brigades clearly and undeniably were leftists. Riots are different. Pretty soon we’ll be told that evil right wingers were organizing the riots.

        • The Cominator says:

          “I can see a parallel to the Red Brigades, but do not see the left elite being hurt by the riots. Why should the left elite care about burning inner cities? They do not live there.”

          They live in better neighborhoods of blue cities and in blue suburbs the rioters have showed up in (such as Beverly Hills). Meanwhile here in redneck country they don’t dare leave certain inner city containment zones.

          • Karl says:

            Very interesting that rioters showed up in blue suburbs where left elite resides. So what did the police do there? Did they tolerate looting and burning or use force to stop it?

            • Pooch says:

              Rioters showed up last 2 nights in my blue suburb to pillage the Walmart and Chickfila. Not an elite town. Very middle class with large non-white population. To the cops credit they prevented most of the destruction and looting with minimal arrests. The cops are gaining a HUGE amount of respect in my eyes. Of course local liberal politicians are complaining of excessive force (tear gas and no injuries).

              Everything the cops lost with the lockdowns they’ve gained back 10 fold. They are being thrown under the bus by all the blue politicians. Trump needs to come out with a STRONG show of support for all cops.

              • The Cominator says:

                “Everything the cops lost with the lockdowns they’ve gained back 10 fold. They are being thrown under the bus by all the blue politicians. Trump needs to come out with a STRONG show of support for all cops.”

                Nah fuck em. Cops are mindless corrupt low IQ thugs which are occasionally ordered to be on the right side of things but in blue areas mostly controlled by the left. Be against rioters not for cops.

                The rioters won’t dare venture out into suburbs in redneck country even in suburbs that have a fair amount of blacks, and it aint the cops they are afraid of.

                • Pooch says:

                  Well I’m not lucky enough to be redneck country yet. The way I see it, the mostly-white police force of my purple county are the only thing preventing a black and brown horde from pulling me and my girlfriend out of my car on the way to the grocery store and killing us in the most horrifying way possible. They are mostly definitely on my side.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  What was the average IQ of the men who made Suharto’s will manifest in reality? The difference between ideas and action is a coalition of men. If not the police (check the demographics), where do you think you will be recruiting for your helicopter tours startup?

                • jim says:

                  I don’t know the foot soldiers who quelled leftism for Suharto, but I have met Duterte’s death squads. They were smart people and good people. They were the sort of people that you need for any enterprise to succeed. I would hire them to do anything. Duterte had good personnel recruitment.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “What was the average IQ of the men who made Suharto’s will manifest in reality?”

                  Indonesia is one of your lower IQ Asian countries and you don’t need a lot of intel to be a rank and file death squad guy.

                  I’m just saying lets not imagine that any blue zone police are on our side or have any higher loyalty to anything. Low IQ corrupt thugs is what they are. Sometimes they will be ordered to be on your side… but its not something you should count on.

                • jim says:

                  The Philippines is a low IQ Asian country, but Duterte death squads were not low IQ back when he was mayor in Davao, and probably are not low IQ now. One dumb thug on the death squad, and the entire death squad will fail.

                • Frederick Algernon says:

                  @Cominator There is a pretty wide spectrum of Blue in terms of IQ and political proclivity. The narrative that police are stupid thugs is almost purely leftist. As with every facet in our society, HLvM is the order of the day. The boys in blue, like the boys in marpat, have a choice to make. I’d be careful of writing off willing and capable allies.

              • Viking says:

                Polls show cops enjoy highest favorability of any institution in America. Even a,omg blacks

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          “I can see a parallel to the Red Brigades, but do not see the left elite being hurt by the riots.”

          WHICH left elite?

          In one corner we have the “champagne socialists”, the corporate Harvard Pelosi Clinton types.

          But in this further-left corner we have the full-on Antifa gutter-punks, smelling terrible and graffitiing “liberals get a bullet too” on the local Starbucks.

          Now I could never have imagined either that these two would ever be in actual conflict, in an actual real life struggle for power, with each other, but those people besieging the CNN building in Atlanta has made me a believer.

          • jim says:

            Suddenly the champagne socialists see with their eyes that leftism inherently cannot produce a reliable priesthood. Of course, to see it with their minds is hard, because crimestop. The “arc of history” is not to virtue, social justice, and the immanent eschaton. It is to them getting the bullet with us. Only Trump can save them, and only we can save Trump. The time approaches for our escalator moment.

            We are the last man standing among the opposition to progressivism. Libertarianism is a skinsuit. Progressives killed it, gutted it, and wear its skin. At meetings of the Libertarian party, the people speaking are as unfamiliar with the great minds of libertarianism as your pastor is unfamiliar with Christianity. Anarcho capitalists are converting, as they see the need for large scale organized violence, for an authority capable of declaring the whole ingroup at war with the whole outgroup, or the whole ingroup at peace with the whole outgroup. You have to have national capitalism, for without a nation, you get conquered. It is like Trump winning the Republican nomination. OK, he was the Republican nominee, and we are the faith that opposes the progressive faith. If anyone does not like it, and a whole lot of people do not like it, they are sol like the Never Trumpers. If you opposed the Democrats, you had no alternative to Trump, and if you oppose progressivism, you have no alternative to us. And if progressivism continues to win, as it has been winning for two centuries, you get the bullet.

            Democrats had consumed the Republican Party, and Trump was all that actual Republicans had. It was Trump, Hillary, or Romney, and everyone knew that Romney was a Democrat in a skinsuit. Progressives have consumed all major opposition faiths to progressivism, and progressivism is now self destructing. It is us, an obese transexual, or an obese transexual claiming to be a Christian pastor. We don’t have a Christian opposition to convert, and we don’t have a Libertarian opposition to convert. We never did. Current “Christianity” is not Christian, and the old folks continue to show up only because the priest at their Church retains a careful ambiguity between old type Christianity and new type “Christianity”, while the young stop showing up altogether, and the same for big L Libertarianism.

            Trump walked down the escalator as an optimate, a faction of the Old Republican party that was never popular, but if a primary voter wanted an actual Republican, who else was there? If you were a Republican primary voter, and you needed an actual Republican, there was no alternative. And if you are a sovereign and want a functional priesthood that will maintain order, cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, and support the authority of the sovereign, who else is there but us?

            We don’t have a Christian opposition to convert, and we don’t have a Libertarian opposition to convert. We never did. Current “Christianity” is not Christian, and the old folks continue to show up only because the priest at their Church retains a careful ambiguity between old type Christianity and new type “Christianity”, while the young stop showing up altogether, and the same for big L Libertarianism.

            Vox Day does not have to tell people to stop buying Marvel comics in order to get them to start buying Vox Day comics. They have already stopped buying Marvel comics. We don’t have opposing minds to change, except for progressives. Libertarianism is dead, Christianity is dead, and progressives wear their gutted corpses as skin suits. I am not interested in changing the minds of Libertarians and Christians, because there aren’t any. I was never progressive, so never changed my mind on that. I was one of the last of the old type red pillers, born and raised in a small island of old type culture that never took female agency seriously, but superficially pretended to go along with the official joke, and now I am one of the new type red pillers, who openly challenge the lie of female agency.

            I did not leave libertarianism, Libertarianism left me. I still am a libertarian anarcho capitalist, in the sense that I believe if only people stopped forming big gangs to oppress people in smaller gangs, anarcho capitalism would be great. Unfortunately Anarcho Capitalism presupposes a broad consensus on basic principles, and, though we now do have a broad consensus on the market and private property, we do not have a broad consensus on the right of private property owners to defend their property with potentially deadly violence, and female agency in sexual matters, and we are not going to have such a broad consensus when people can form large synthetic tribes over disagreements in such matters, and a power struggle ensues that enables people to knock over the apple cart and grab some apples. People will cook up disagreements to justify taking what other people have. You need an official priesthood to quell such enterprises.

            Two centuries ago, leftism came to power, not on the modern issues of inequality and all that – that is all whig history. It came to power by criticizing the inherent flagrant contradiction of the Trinity. Leftists got entry into the official priesthood of the Anglican Church over Socinianism, an attempt to provide a logically coherent reconciliation of the humanity and divinity of Christ. And since then, it has been downhill all the way to “Liberals get the bullet too” as the officially unofficial priesthood became ever holier. Jesus as John the Baptist for Obama the Lightbringer is a few more steps down the slippery slope from Christ not being eternal and uncreated, and not a very large number of steps, and “liberals get the bullet too” just one step from Obama the lightbringer.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “…for an authority capable of declaring the whole ingroup at war with the whole outgroup, or the whole ingroup at peace with the whole outgroup.”

              OK there you go again, answering my question before I find a place to ask it, that question being “simply”:

              “Why don’t the lefties just all stop where they are?”

              They have tenured professorships, non-profit gigs that at least pay the bills, six-figure “skin-jobs” at the University endowment office, or whatever. Better gigs than I got.

              So why not just… cool it? Just everybody shut the heck up, keep it to themselves, dab a spot of blood on the mailbox and let the revolutionary spirit pass over their condos?

              And did you just answer with the above? That they lack a consensual single authority to blow the whistle, so instead, to keep from getting run over, their only remaining option is to just keep on running?

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Please clarify: Do you mean the Red Brigades of Italy or the Red Guards of China?

        • The Cominator says:

          Hes talking about Italy (and probably this could be applied to a similar group in then West Germany), the Red Guards were backed by Mao given that the politburo tried to sideline him after the catastrophically failed great leap forward.

        • jim says:

          Italian Red Brigades – but it was a world wide movement under a variety of names, with the biggest actions in Italy. It gets downplayed.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        So this could be the a “Stalin’s Moment” where, for once and at long last, it might become both legally and socially dangerous to be TOO far left. Because there’s just so much video now of Antifa’s throwing bricks and attacking people.

        (And then daintily sauntering off with The Man’s cheesecakes, so watch out for Cheesecake Antifa Girl to become their “poster face” if she’s pretty enough. You heard it here first, folks.)

        So the inexplicably magical saintly negroes will stay inexplicably magical and saintly for now, OK fine, BUT, for once, there might become a label and association, “Antifa”, that’s TOO far left. That first leftward safe target. And not just because Antifa’s break the law, but because they break the law on camera AND look horrible doing it.

        Am I catching on?

        I presume this would be a good reason to let the rioting continue, to stock up on videos, names, tweets, cell phone records for “contact tracing”, etc.

        “I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not Antifa, but…”


        Also, I’m a sucker for optimism, but watch for:

        Antifa: “But those weren’t REAL Antifas! Those were Feds/Russians/agents there to start trouble and make us look bad!”

        America: (Remembers 2017) “Oh really? Tell me more about this.”

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          Russia is already in circulation. I hear it could also be white supremacists exploiting the legitimate grievances of the people.

        • notglowing says:

          “So this could be the a “Stalin’s Moment” where, for once and at long last, it might become both legally and socially dangerous to be TOO far left. Because there’s just so much video now of Antifa’s throwing bricks and attacking people.”
          If only.
          It seems like the opposite actually.
          From all sides, mainstream “conservatives”, mainstream “democrats”, large corporations, and government officials as well as lots of normal liberals, the “protests” have received explicit approval repeatedly, it is being normalized and legitimized to a degree I have never seen before.
          Even Obama would have, at least in words, condemned the violence at the time of his presidency, conservatives would have no tolerance for it.
          But I see some of them even speaking of “white privilege” unironically. And admitting that the protesters have a point, and only their “methods” are wrong.

          On the other hand those condemning it try to spin it as being the responsibility of specifically “white antifa” “smearing” “legitimate” “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests, even on the right. Because they could never blame minorities for anything.

          Looting is being called a process of “grievance”.

          • Dave says:

            If today’s protests are indeed being “normalized” as you say, tomorrow’s protests will be worse, and the next day’s even worse, ad infinitum. There is no point at which Antifa says, “Great, everyone agrees with us, we can go home now.”

            The word “civilization” derives from the Latin “civitas”, meaning “city”. Is it possible to have a civilization without cities? We’re about to find out, because America has lost the social technologies that allowed cities to exist.

      • Oliver Cromwell says:

        It was the media who first attacked antifa, seemingly to disassociate themselves, blacks, and progressivism as a whole from the riots after they spread widely enough that an effective suppression seems inevitable.

        If the riots had only burned down Minneapolis, where no important people live, they would not have done this.

        Now, though, there doesn’t seem to have been a crackdown, and NYPD are kneeling in the streets worshiping black criminals they killed, so maybe the USA is actually about to collapse Gorbachev-style instead.

        • Dave says:

          I’ve seen a few videos of black citizens politely asking white Antifa not to vandalize their neighborhoods. What if they instead grabbed these white instigators, smashed all their limbs, and left them flopping around on the pavement like beached octopuses? How would the media spin that?

        • Icon says:

          Tucker interviewed one of these Antifa nutjobs named Isaacson. He literally acted and sounded like he was right off the psych ward.

          I’m sick and tired of this Antifa BS. Jail em all in Getmo.

  12. Frederick Algernon says:

    The rioters have set structures ablaze on actual white house grounds. Soros has fired a shot directly across the bow of the USS Trump. Is it bait?

    • jim says:

      Never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Mistake? We’ll see. It looks to me like the lefties are using violence whenever and wherever they please, while their opponents cower and beg to be passed over. “No, I’m not racist! I’m one of the good ones!” One a basic primate level, the Left look like strong, high-status winners here. What was it you said about gays? It was their ability to riot with impunity that won them their “cool.”

        • The Cominator says:

          The radical left is burning leftist strongholds down and looting them and storming CNN headquarters while the establishment left looks terrible and while we watch and laugh and the center gets redpilled.

          This is great. We needed something like this after locktardism ruined the economy.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            All niggling semantics aside, the white house is Trump’s territory. I’m not saying it was a victory for the Left, but it sure does look like the foot soldiers of Soros are operating with impunity.

            • jim says:

              They have always been operating with impunity. All my life. How come people are acting surprised?

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                It is like the farm violence of South Africa. The blacks control the country and government, but it is still shocking to read about their conduct on the Afrikaaner farms. Consider, too, that I’m not speaking from a hard-bitten reactionary position, rather a denizen of normie space.

                • Starman says:

                  More and more, the Cominator solution to the Leftist problem becomes increasingly desirable.

                • jim says:

                  When the left is planning to kill the left, we have to walk down the escalator as the alternative to them dying.

                  Our argument has to be that if you want to live, you have revert to the most recent working version of social software. If you don’t want to die, only do you have to ditch Obama the lightbringer healing the earth and ending the rise of the oceans, not only do you have to end men being women and women being men, but also ditch Socinianism and female emancipation. The priesthood that wanted reversion to 1980 is dead. The priesthood that wants reversion to 1933 is composed of FBI agents larping as Nazis. It is time to revert to Operating System 1660. The 1669 boot up only resulted in a lot losing their jobs, a moderate number beaten through the streets, a handful being executed, and one burned at the stake.

                  Of course they want to keep their jobs, but they also don’t want to die. They want to revert to operating system Bill Clinton, and are attempting to do so. But Clinton- is retired. Who do they have? They have Trump, and Trump has not got people. When Trump declares Antifa a terrorist organization, they laugh, because they figure that the police will not obey him – they figure the police will obey the priesthood of Harvard. And if they are right, the police will be obeying a priesthood bent on suicide. If they want to live, Trump has to have people who are not bent on overthrowing him and bent on then murdering each other. The police would probably obey Biden’s people, but Biden’s people are incompetent and plotting to murder each other. Trump needs people who will self police to ensure that they are not in bed with enemies, and they need Trump to have people who will self police to ensure that they are not in bed with enemies. If Clinton’s people were more cohesive than Biden’s people, it was because of shared participation in blackmailable activities.

                • Atavistic Morality says:


                  The lockdown was for me the proverbial straw, Cominator could kill half my country and I’d be okay with it, I wouldn’t move a single finger, I’m done with people that vote left, I’m done with them because otherwise they’ll actually get us all killed.

                  I still can’t believe that millions of people would support ritualistic mass starvation and gulag to this degree. I could understand the whole pretending and yes man thing to survive, but for suicide? It’s over.

            • Pooch says:

              The White House is a small Trump-controlled compound within a massive deep blue leftist region.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          > What was it you said about gays? It was their ability to riot
          > with impunity that won them their “cool.”

          I certainly hear you. But when it comes to re-election, what happens in September and October is pretty much all that matters. The last word. And in swing states in particular.

          Don didn’t get to the White House by having a high time-preference. My only idea is that he understands people, and how large groups of them think and feel, through time, much better than I do, and that he’s doing his best to gather up his marbles and act, when the time is right, in a way in which he actually can act, that will also work.

          What a conundrum!

          How can Don put down this rioting — through institutions that largely still hate him — in a way that doesn’t make the rioters look like unfairly victimized heroes?

          When your enemies hold all the cameras?

          How do you stomp these people while also making them look like they deserved it, from all camera angles?

          It has to be staged perfectly, executed perfectly, shot perfectly and edited perfectly, with no competing cameramen or editors. But just 120 seconds, of just the right video, could turn the tide of morale and win this thing.

          (If only the President had successful previous experience in social media and reality TV…)

        • jim says:

          We have long seen that leftists can use violence wherever and whenever they please – don’t you remember how gay became high status? Don’t you remember Waco? Don’t you remember Ruby Ridge? Charlottesville?

          What is different this time is that leftist violence is very poorly targeted.

          • Starman says:

            More of that poor targeting. The Left is losing cohesion.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Yeah no shit. First CNN, and now the AFL-CIO. I would have bet anyone $1000, just seven days ago, that that could never happen.

              There’s more than one person wrestling under that carpet, and none of them are us.

              • RedBible says:

                Interesting, there might a chance that various left wing factions all start calling each other “white supremacists” because the see said other faction as being willing to kill them. If that’s the case, the shit show is only starting, and it’s time to grab the popcorn, since the left will all be attacking other parts of the left.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  “Interesting, there might a chance that various left wing factions all start calling each other “white supremacists” because they see said other faction as being willing to kill them.”

                  Probably too good to be true. But how fun. “You’re a witch!” “No you’re the witch!”

                  The idea is to offer the less-left a lifeline if they convert to the new true church. It will save their lives, so they won’t even notice themselves doing it, and will instantly forget having worshipped at Harvard the previous year. Or that’s the idea.

                  I live in a socio-political bubble and so do they. Maybe they’ll end up obsessing over each other more than anyone else, like how I bitch about Marco Rubio but find AoC uninteresting.

                  After Charlottesville and Proud Boys and all that, our side said “OK got it, fuck this, we were wrong, forget this IRL stuff,” and pulled back to our mommas’ bathrooms so Antifa would go attack someone else.

                  And then, perhaps one could argue that once that big Virginia gun rights rally went off OK, Antifa ran out of productive targets there too, so now they have no one left to steal apples from than the merely-less-left Clinton-Pelosi types. So “liberals get the bullet too”.

                  It’s seductive to imagine the left wing just going full Khmer Rouge and auto-genociding each other while everyone else mutely watches from across the street, but I’m afraid of letting myself run with that because it’s an excuse to be complacent. And boy do I love to be complacent.

        • Viking says:

          Apparently though a majority of Democrats and even blacks want the military or guard used to quell riots. And apparently trump approval among blacks is 25%
          If true left may have overreached. And given trump like Nixon White House again. Though trumps as usual not helping himself much.
          Certainly if left thinks they can militarily defeat whites in current year they’re getting high on own supply.

  13. Not Tom says:

    Those suits do look far superior to the antiquated NASA garbage. I never understood why they had to be so ridiculously bulky. Maybe it was necessary back in the ’60s, I’m certainly no expert, but our astronauts deserved better after 60 years of progress in materials science. If we can make 80″ TVs that roll up into tight cylinders, we can make a low-pressure suit that doesn’t look like Robby the Robot.

    • ERTZ says:

      Those SpaceX suits are not suitable for exposure to space (“space walk”).

      They lack micrometeorite armor, radiation shielding and highly redundant life support systems;
      they are only meant to protect against accidental pressure loss in the crew compartment (allow survival in vacuum for some time) and are rather comparable to the suits SR-71 crews wore.
      They offer little or no internal oxygen/pressure supplies, and are meant to receive those by cable from an external source.

      Nevertheless they are indeed more advanced, especially lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear.

      • jim says:

        Put a big life support backpack on them (unsuitable for earth gravity or wearing inside a crew compartment), and outer layer of kevlar long sleeved shirt and pants, and they will be fine. In an emergency you put on the backpack, and when exposed to potential things that might damage the air tight layer, put on another abrasion and impact resistant layer that covers the body, but not the helmet, boots, or hands.

        • ERTZ says:

          For a spacewalk, things add up quickly:
          Micrometeorite armor,
          CO2 capture/O2 support,
          thermal isolation (from cold of space+intense heat in sun),
          heating and cooling system,
          thermal transport system (much like computer water cooling systems),
          cold gas thrusters (to get back/reorient towards the spacecraft if tethering fails),
          electrical system for comm, processors, actuators and perhaps heating/cooling,
          anti-leak membrane in case micrometeors pierce through armor (two layers of liquid chemicals separated by a foil, if something pierces trough they leak out into the hole, mix+react with each other and become solid in seconds, automatically self-sealing the suit again – theoretically it should be possible to fire shotgun shot at the suit and have it reseal and repressurize automatically; much like bullet-resistant fuel tanks in military aircraft).

          Probably I forgot a lot, it’s quite a list and it adds up in mass and suit thickness quickly, and you tend to end up
          with a heavy, unwieldy suit.

          If you want to not just float around but walk on mars/moon it gets even more complicated.
          For example, moon dust is uniquely abrasive; made from moon rock and meteorite impacts,
          it’s chemically not much unlike earth rock, but the lack of atmosphere and water/moisture in addition to (micro-)meteorite and radiation bombardment for millions of years produced a material that is counterintuitively physically much unlike the dust on earth:
          It has a high surface area, its “unrounded”, jagged, macroscopically and microscopically (atom-level) spiky and “bladed” – on earth, water/oxygen/co2/carbonic acid react with such high-surface-area structures and quickly “dull” them down – this is not happening on the moon at all – so this dust becomes only more jagged and higher-surface-area over time.
          This was a surprising and serious problem for the Apollo program – the dust is both very fine and highly aggressive, it crept into seals and joints that were deemed dust-proof, damaging them, caused malfunctions and gas leaks; back in the lander, astronauts were exposed to tiny amounts of it, causing serious eye and nose/throat irritation that almost incapacitated them.
          Lunar soil/rock samples, stored in what should have been gas-tight containers, have had all their seals leak because of the nasty stuff and let earth’s air/moisture in – enough to react with the dust so that it no longer exhibits the unique properties and now resembles common earth dust. In other words, we don’t have real moon dust for experiments available anymore.
          Mars dust may be more benign, but the moon’s is a technical challenge.

          • ERTZ says:

            I think the future is not super-capable suits for humans,
            but anthropoid robots with avatar-like controls:

            A “space worker” would not be a human in a protective and supportive suit,
            but more like a pilot in a control suit far away full of sensors and actors, remote-controlling a robot formed like a human, with hands, feet, all the joints in the typical places etc.
            This is awkwardly over-complex with current remote controls (buttons, switches, joysticks etc.), but the avatar-control system puts a human in a virtual reality system that remotely controls multi-sensory inputs and outputs: The pilot not only sees from the POV of the robot, but is fed real-time data on sense of balance/position in space (by being suspended in a “control suit” himself), forces experienced on feet or hands/fingers, sense of temperature, one camera for each eye of the same distance and POV like the human pilot etc. – this allows for highly natural, intuitive, low-training requirement sophisticated control of a robot very much like a real human were operating in its place. Of course, the robot can be stronger and have more endurance.

            This avatar control system for robots is actually currently being researched on (beyond prototype status) in EU/USA for military means: Urban and close quarters combat is and will remain extremely risky for soldiers.
            If you want to storm a building or even just a room, there can be sudden gun fire from many angles, including rooftops, alleys, corners or other rooms, and there can be a lot of booby traps. This is extremely dangerous soldiering. The idea of using armed and perhaps armored robots for that task is old, but has been limited by difficulty with quick response control, situational awareness and limited mobility of the robot (stairs, barriers like fallen-over furniture etc.). Still, a close-urban combat robot is cheap compared to a soldier and can be repaired quickly, so the capability is very tempting to have, especially with future military operations probably bring more, not less, of such urban close-combat.
            A well-working avatar control system for anthropoid human robots would practically eliminate the risk for soldiers on such missions and would bring the advantage on the side of the attacker, at last against low-tech combatants like Muslims in caves or labyrinthine urban building complexes,

            • Starman says:

              The SpaceX IVA suits are the equivalent of Space Shuttle pumpkin suits. The pumpkin suits were designed so that a hero is indistinguishable from an Ugly obese lesbian.

              An orbital EVA suit will have armor, a life support pack and RCS.
              A mpMoon suit will have a life support pack with armor against the razor sharp moon dust and debris impacts,
              A Mars suit will be similar to the IVA suit, except it will have a life support pack. Mars dust is similar to Earth dust due to erosion and weathering.

            • ERTZ says:

              Sorry, I hit “submit” accidentally.

              The point is, the design goal of that avatar control/remote anthropoid robotic system is to have a remote controlled, humanoid robot that makes it sense and react as clearly, accurately, and quickly as if a real human were in its place.

              One of the engineers said that the goal is to be able to operate doors, replace a building electricity fuse, hang a painting and move around with the robot avatar as intuitively and naturally as if the “pilot” were in the same place.

              Electrical energy storage for the robot on such missions is already good enough, because storming and taking buildings and rooms with such advantage should usually not take long.
              In space or on mars, the robot can be powered by an external energy source, having it connected by a cable is not much of a hindrance there.

              “Space construction” work is also very much unlike construction on earth:
              Even very heavy things float freely, you could move around two Abrams tanks just with your finger (it just may take a bit of time and constant pressure/force) and position them with sub-millimetre accuracy, all you have to overcome is inertia. On earth, building big, heavy things is energetically costly, expensive, limited by having to construct transport and support structures.
              The hull of, say, an air craft carrier is slow and expensive to build because of it.
              If it were to happen in space it could be made much more quickly and cheaper.
              This generally opens up vast potential for space-based, automated large structure construction from small modules – if there were a way to produce such modules in space from space-based materials and energy sources.

          • Cloudswrest says:

            “It has a high surface area, its “unrounded”, jagged, macroscopically and microscopically (atom-level) spiky and “bladed” – on earth, water/oxygen/co2/carbonic acid react with such high-surface-area structures and quickly “dull” them down – this is not happening on the moon at all – so this dust becomes only more jagged and higher-surface-area over time.”

            Being dehydrated and abraded by billions of years of solar and cosmic radiation, and (micro) meteorite bombardment, this stuff should make awesome concrete ready-mix for lunar construction projects! Imagine you’re a lunar civil engineer being surrounded by billions of tons of ready-mix!

            • jim says:

              Trouble is, you are not surrounded by millions of tons of water. If you mix moon dust with water and compact it, it will probably set into remarkably good concrete, but the trouble is you have to keep enough pressure on it to prevent the water from boiling off into the vacuum. You not only have to compact the moon dust, you have to keep the pressure on while it sets. You will need a pressure tent, in which you precast the objects to make your structure.

              You ram the dust into the required shape, and then leave it in the mold in the tent with a mister to set for weeks. You will need a big tent.

      • Dave says:

        I’m sure they’ll keep you alive in a vacuum, but do they allow you to move around in one? They don’t seem to have any joints.

        • jim says:

          The upper forearm and lower knee appear to be hardened, and attached to a hinge inside the seal. Looks like the airtight suit is outside the joint mechanism. Obviously they can flex in external atmospheric pressure. Do they still flex in a vacuum? I see stuff that looks like it is designed to allow flexing in a vacuum, but we have not seen what happens to the suit in a vacuum.

          What I think happens is that in a vacuum the internal pressure tries to stretch out the suit to maximum volume, and if allowed to do so would iron out the creases in the knee and elbow, preventing movement, and this is resisted by the hardstuff at the joints.

          But Musk is notorious for producing fake products first, and then producing real products four years later than promised. Maybe these are fake spacesuits which swell up in vacuum and immobilize the occupants. Not too worried. He is working on Mars suits, and they will be ready in time, and probably look cool or cooler, as Starship looks cool.

          • Starman says:

            The SpaceX IVA suits were tested in vacuum chambers.

            • The Cominator says:

              The spacesuits are probably suitable for short trips with no going outside in the vacuum or otherwise being out of ship, long trips with out of ship work probably require the thicker type suits in order to shield people from the high level of cosmic radiation they’d be exposed to.

              • jim says:

                Cosmic radiation is an exaggerated risk, and also difficult to shield against.

              • Starman says:

                Space suits don’t provide protection from penetrating radiation. That’s what the spacecraft is for. Moon and orbital EVA suits need armor against impacts, and Moon suits need armor against razor sharp Moon dust.

                This is not an issue for Mars suits. Add just a life support pack, and the SpaceX IVA suit becomes a Mars suit.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I stand corrected, I know the craft was supposed to protect against cosmic rays but I thought the old heavy suits were supposed to provide secondary protection as well (and temporary partial protection if people left the craft).

                • jim says:

                  There are two problems – cosmic radiation, which is very hard to shield against, and not all that dangerous, not clear if it is all that harmful in the long term, and the solar wind, particularly during solar flares, which is easy the shield against, but can be quite deadly in a quite short period.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      Some of the most interesting advances i look for in materials science these days is in ceramics.

      For instance, a garment spun from high tensile fibers is strong, abrasion resistant, chemically inert, and thermally protective (eg; everything you’d like to have in technical fabrics in a variety of rough conditions.

      And these properties can be even more useful in construction engineering. An essential principle of elegance in design is elements that can satisfy multiple objectives within themselves, minimizing ‘dead space’. A classic example would be the chines on the SR-71, where the contours of the fuselage itself provided additional lift, thus allowing wing elements to be shorter, thus reducing frontal area, and thus reducing atmospheric drag that much more.

      With such sorts of materials, functional elements can also be structural elements, insulating elements, shielding elements, and et cetera (eg As well as many other more specialized applications, such as ‘fire vacuums’ (sucking up burning or other hazardous materials to effect damage control, where more voluminous extinguishers would be inappropriate), or more seemingly mundane, but not less essential ones (like earthbags to quickly and easily build structures with long term durability).

      For a long time many of the biggest players spent their energies down the hydrocarbon rabbit hole, which were new and exciting, cataloging every combination they can be put in together. As time went on though, it became increasingly obvious that one of the primary limiting factors to higher performance in many applications, is plain simple heat. And if there is one thing that characterizes hydrocarbons as a class of materials, it is middling performance at best with regards to thermal intensity. The implications are not just for the materials themselves, but how they may be combined with other materials, as well; different methods of manufacturing, fabricating, and constructing, that they may be utilized in.

      Fatigue strength in general, and minimization of crack propagation in particular, has been an abiding interest in later years; and a lot of it basically comes down to adding fiber reinforcement to everything. Metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, castable geosynthetics (ie, cementeous materials), ‘whisker’ inclusions in tool steel bits, you name it.

      For example, one of the biggest developments in turbine design has been utilization of CMC blades and housings, in place of common superalloys. Attempts at the use of plain ceramics had been tried in the past, which have high strength, but brittleness was always a stumbling block. The innovation of 3d woven ceramic fibers, which were then impregnated with solid ceramic, produced a stiff element with even greater strength, resilience, and thermal performance, allowing engines to both run hotter, and be built lighter. Aside that, one of the best ‘transitional’ technologies is the use of ceramic coatings on metal substrates, which greatly improves the wear, corrosion, and heat resistance of the element, useful anywhere from low friction bearings to firearm parts.

      Pure covalents, like oxides, carbides, and nitrides, have the highest heat resistance, while ceramics fluxed with alkali metals can be melted at lower temperatures, which allows them to be produced more easily with equipment constructed of more economical materials. The later are often called ‘glasses’ in common parlance, though they can have a wide range of formulations of various elements compared to ordinary soda-lime glass, producing materials with a range of different properties useful for one application or another; anything from greater strength, to resistance to certain chemical environments, to thermoptic performance (like low expansion), to unique electrical properties, or more besides (fibers of S-2 glass, for example, are one of the most common reinforcing elements around in aerospace applications, anywhere from radomes to laminated aluminum hull elements).

      These materials can be utilized in almost any purpose; i might even go so far as to say that they are the most versatile materials there are to mankind; and more pertinently, the elements they are composed of are the most commonly found floating around in space. Ingenuity in their utilization is copacetic to the development of forms of capital that can, not just sustain themselves in space, but *grow* themselves in space.

      As with many things in life, the solutions can already be out there; the biggest requirement is a broadminded visionary, who can see how solutions in one area, can be adapted to another. Erudition is not the product of a four year course or other momentary occupation, but occurs in men of habitual curiosity; those with a lifelong instinct for noting and following and acquiring anecdotes of curiosity, wherever they sense them, furnishing an arsenal of unknown knowns that can find themselves realized when the hours of decision come.

  14. Cloudswrest says:

    I’m pretty sure Obama never attended a space launch. It was not his thing.

  15. The Cominator says:

    Antifa is now officially a terrorist organization (or is in the process of being put on the list).

    BTW to anyone who still doubts that Covid was 100% a plot of shitlib hype (although unlike everything else the left has done in Trump’s term it was an effective and well thought out one) notice how nobody on the left cares about Covid anymore.

    If you don’t realize it was always fake and gay at this point you have descended from midwit to outright retard.

    • Starman says:

      Notice how the lockdowns are effectively officially over when the Soros riots started.

      • jim says:

        Wu Flu was not working, so they have tossed that card aside, and are playing one of their old favorites.

        • The Cominator says:

          Wu Flu worked great for the enemy the economic damage was severe and Trump cucked, but this was a chimpout by the holy flaggelants and pets and is only going to benefit us.

          • Pooch says:

            If this is the appetizer for the election I can only imagine what the main course will be.

          • James says:

            The economy hit job may yet backfire. The median replacement rate of income on unemployment is 134% due to the federal enhanced benefits. America’s savings rate is at a nearly 40-year high, and people ate staying home and de-stressing. Unemployment may be a chance to re-shuffle people into higher productivity jobs while shoring up their balance sheets.

            My suspicion is that we’re going to see a huge, probably historically unrivaled recovery going into election season.

            • The Cominator says:

              James, you could well be right.

              • Jehu says:

                Not sure if he’s right or not, but looking at the stock market last night, it’s back to about what it was on Halloween last year. It’s like the market expects everything to rebound really quickly and the God Emperor to assume His Eternal Throne and usher in a thousand years of prosperity.

          • Pooch says:

            Trump does need to intervene eventually before everything goes to shit. If there was one time to come down hard on the cops who choked the poor black guy this would be it. Ring em all up on murder charges so what.

    • Starman says:

      Caesar Augustus Trump: “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

      • Pooch says:

        Is Antifa FBI?

        • BC says:

          No Soros and DNC.

        • jim says:

          Antifa is Soros, and Soros is an employee of the State Department and Harvard.

        • Icon says:

          A doubt Antifa is literally FBI. But, their handlers are in government. Mainly local city governments.

          Here one of the state legislators (also a lawyer) has volunteered to represent the arrested Antifa for free.

          They are networked through Twitter. Run a search on twitter, then follow the connections. Who do they follow. Read what they post. Occasionally they drop a name of some city official that is helping them.

      • The Cominator says:

        In my dreams this is a small 1st step to a Suharto reenactment.

    • Viking says:

      The deep state and Obama administration are all documented felons and traitors subject to death penalty do you think they will get even six months?

      Until you pick up your musket and resume power nothing changes.

  16. Icon says:

    Elon Musk is a South Afrikaner turned Canadian turned U.S. Citizen. The fact that he pulled off these launch in spite of government trying to shut him down, including his Tesla factory, shows his leadership not any leadership on the part of government.

    Regarding agent provocateurs, pallets of bricks keep mysteriously finding themselves in the middle of these “peaceful protests” with no apparent construction project in site. The game will be stepped up when the agents of chaos decide to leave a box of machetes, crowbars, or worse. This is being engineered, and government is playing us.

    • jim says:

      You are not a Nietzschean, any more than CR was a monarchist. No Nietzscheans here. I will debate nietzscheanism if an actual Nietzschean should turn up, but until an actual Nietzschean shows up, silencing that debate.

      Try discussing the red pill movement. We are all red pillers here, and it is on topic.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        Do the Amish know that daughters have to marry before twelve or else they become thots?!

        • Starman says:

          @Oog en Hand
          Instead of trying to post drive-by posts, maybe you should actually start responding to people.

          • Oog en Hand says:

            Feel free to come along and “vandalize” my blog.

            Carlylean Restorationist didn’t explain or define Marxist terminology, because Marxism is the official religion of the West. You do not explain Trinity, Incarnation and Transsubstantiation in Poland, 1925.

            He didn’t prove Marxism, because common sense tells you money buys power. The onus is on the one that says that e.g. WN trailer trash has more political influence than George Soros because of White Privilege.

            • Starman says:

              @Oog en Hand

              I do recall that I asked you a RedPill on Women question, and you didn’t respond at all. In fact, you rarely respond to anyone else. You just post drive-by posts without responding to anyone else.

              I think this is the first time you actually responded because I called you out.

              • Oog en Hand says:

                To quote:
                “A sane society would allow this sort of thing and encourage it to keep population numbers high. Feminists and socon white knights who protested would be arrested, tortured, given show trials, and executed in a sane society.”

                Date: January 15, 2013 at 12:29

                Again, comment over there…

                • Starman says:

                  @Oog en Hand

                  The reason I asked you a RedPill on women question in the earlier threads was because you were making statements that were anti-natalist and anti space colonization. And you just refused to answer.

                  There’s a reason I despise “Good Boy Christians” more than I despise open commies. At least the open commies display their enemy flag openly.

                  “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

                • Starman says:

                  @Oog en Hand
                  Aren’t you the least bit interested why I asked you a RedPill on women question?

            • Viking says:

              At a certain point in a civilization money can buy power this leads to the collapse and the point where power just takes the money again. This infers the problem with land/ mold bug idea that power and cognition is interchangeable it often seems that way until like the plutocrat you describe the intellectual i finds himself in some trailer park at an inconvenient temporality. During this weeks riots in the northwest mountains we met antifa and bpm with massive firepower and followed them and beat them whenever they attempted to riot which was only once in Spokane no doubt our trailer trash is not that smart but they have superior violent ability our men are often vets grew up fist fighting each other in cowboy hats and wranglers most weekends but fights were always fair and ended in a handshake.
              Yes of course cognition can be powerful I routinely outsmart the wolves lions and grizzly bears I live among but they set the terms of engagement it’s not chess or crossword puzzles it’s fights to the death
              Elites might on average be smarter than proles but their power is not unilateral they negotiate for the Temporary use or allegiance of the real power holders white men. Who could change their minds at anytime
              Of course you can argue the aggregate intelligence of all the white men is actually more cognition than that of the elites. And observe that say nations with a genetic cognitive overclass have ruled over much larger groups of cognitive inferiors. This is true but that’s just me and the wolves again. And this isn’t what land moldberg mean they think a handful of techno Jew overlords will outsmart all white men. Or at least as is the case now outsmart enough white men and bring in enough apes to make the other whites submit. NRx and the left interprets whites current acquiescence as proof whites are going to continue to submit.

              They ignore all white history and the laws of genetics and seem to think we have been bred meek in a matter of decades. Rather than the the more likely assumption that our good will caused us to give benefit of doubt to leftist please for a more perfect justice and that now we begin to see we have been exploited our wisdom re what civil war entails along with our calculations about how long it will take for the rest of us to come to same conclusion.

              Even now many whites don’t feel the pain needed to change minds but can clearly see the pain that changing minds would cost them. Left using debt not taxes very clever. Also Christianity and it’s bastard enlightenment very hard to detach from.

              Which brings me to the problem with what Jim said which he gets from Commie land and jewboy moldbug who entertaining and smart they may be are nevertheless wrong about a lot.
              When civil war comes white men like the ones in the west is who will assume power because as (((moldbug))) posits they have made themselves worthy. That’s actually rubbish taking power is what makes you worthy whether idi Ami.
              Anyway Jim thinks he’s then going to slip in and tell these guys how to run the show. Like the left that most of NRx arose from you don’t know these guys. Nx will seem just as toxic and egg headed as cultural Marxism to them. They’re not nearly as dumb as you all think. Some really ignorant shit comes out of their mouths like it does trumps but like him it’s because they early on decided that shit wasn’t worth knowing and set about more practical skills. But like trump their instincts are keen And true.

              Now personally there’s elements of NRx alt right I value but I’m afraid both are a lot like progressivism in love with their idea and willing to blind themselves to evidence that doesn’t fit and exaggerate evidence that does.

        • jim says:

          The Amish generally do not shotgun marry off daughters that misbehave early, but this has the effect that Amish daughters who misbehave early cease to be Amish.

          As a result, the Amish are biologically selected for late female sexuality. Their daughters generally start fucking late, because the Amish are descended in the female line from a long line of women who started fucking late. Early female misbehavior remains a huge problem for the Amish, who continue to suffer a significant rate of loss.

          • Viking says:

            No true Amish ?

            All white women come from an almost equally long line of late fucking females a couple decades longer wouldn’t make a genetic change. What has kept them a bit more chaste thus far is cultural continuity particularly patriarchal elements but mostly just strong shared values
            Up here in Idaho we have a lot of Mennonite Amish with cellphones and pickup trucks but still beards and little house on prairie clothes. Sure you’re not going to catch their women’s eyes and make them blush in the supermarket no matter how good you are at that game. But most of the native women here are also still like that their cultures still intact though since cellular has brought the media to the mountains And refugees from elsewhere move in we are under assault
            Women like their men masculine and want to be feminine Heartiste wouldn’t get laid here by the local girls.

            I’ve figured out part of what’s going on.
            In large part we are still pioneers here. Women simply can’t survive without a man here. You need a 4×4 truck and the ability to maintain it ever put chains on a truck stuck in mud or snow? We still heat with wood to a great extent. Animals can still kill you and your kids or pets livestock the good paying jobs are too hard for a woman logging lineman railroad Ranching equipment operators mining oil field roughnecking etc
            But women are given high status for mothering and wiving
            Intellectuals be they marxists or nrx or both like land think culture is fungible but it’s part of the biological feedback loop NRx gets this when convenient then forgets it when they think they’re going to assume power.

  17. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    The symmetry of this moment is sublime.

    On one hand: the fungal refuse of decomposing civilizations spilling out onto the streets.

    On the other: hyperborean supermen ascending to heavens, borne aloft on chariots of fire; the ascension of civilization to greater heights, in all the senses of the word.

    The question is posed emphatically; where do your values lie?

    • Starman says:

      Forward, O’ Holy StarProphet!
      Verily he shall spread civilization to the planets and stars,
      where the hyperborean man thrives,
      and the subhuman fungal refuse shall breathe the vacuum of space.

  18. Contaminated NEET says:

    The new line is that “White supremacists” are infiltrating the noble Blacks’ peaceful protests and committing acts of arson, vandalism, and violence. There are more White faces mixed in with the crowds than I’d expect, but this narrative is beyond absurd. Do you suppose they’ll manage to make it stick? I’m curious to see how long it takes before I hear it from a real life friend or acquaintance.

    • RedBible says:

      Reasons for the new line is that there are people (as well as places like 4chin) who noticed White guy(s) in all black with gas mask(s), and umbrella(s) (and the only purpose of the umbrella seems to be hiding their identity) who seem to have be the first to start the “rioting”.
      Obviously need to spin up a line fast or else the right wing understanding of this will become the mainstream version, namely that since we’ve seen this shit before, that it is a DNC or Soros agent, possibly of the “glow in the dark” kind.

      The “white supremacists” is truly moronic, except for purposes of trying to make blacks distrust all white forever. Because of how universally “hated” “white supremacists” are, all it takes is one person that hears about or learns about some group planning things, and boom, cops or fed on them or infeltrate them immediately. Organizing rioting in multiple states is not something a handful of people can realistically pull off, unless they have access to lots of resources and state backing/protection.

    • ten says:

      During the last spate of grenades, car bombs, pipe bombs, public murders and other entrepreneurial ventures of a darker complexion in my area, i was shocked to hear from my smartest leftist friend (anarcho-primitivist christian flavour leftist, he is smart, not sane, pragmatic or realistic) that he thought our local nazis did it as a false flag.

      After pointing out those nazis routinely have their homes invaded and all their weapons confiscated, that they can not drive to the city from their rural small towns without having their activities closely monitored, that they impossibly could have gotten to the city in the dead of night every week with bombs they impossibly could possess without getting traced, and that they by their own demonstration clearly lack both the stones and the organizational capacity to pull it off, he was forced to agree – and speculated that probably the police were in on it, maybe even orchestrated it and armed the nazis – or maybe it was the police themselves doing it..?

      Utter lunacy, and this from a guy that i in spite of many things not only like but admire, certainly the prime example of a good leftist samaritan that i personally know.

      So yeah, they can make anything stick.

      People don’t think twice, they map a story and its subjects to their confirmation biased categories. Sand niggers bomb calm living areas, naahh, too convenient for evil nazis, cui bono? Nazis. Nazis done did it. Apparently, there is no alarm going off as this prima facie interpretation takes hold, and it holds until someone he considers a good samaritan rightist points to its obvious impossibility – buttered up with some gossip about the goofy incompetent misadventures of the local nazis.

      • info says:

        Fools will be fools. Stay out of their way and let them pay for their actions.

        If they are liquidated by very people they are purported to support. So be it.

        In fact its better that it happens that way. Foolishness in this way is solved.

    • Dave says:

      I proudly salute my white supremacist brothers for infiltrating enemy territory and burning down hundreds of buildings in the heart of America’s most left-wing cities, without a single one of them getting caught. Vae victis!

      • The Cominator says:

        No its antifa being retarded. But for sure Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

      • nate higgers says:

        Heil Victory.

      • Dave says:

        Maybe white supremacists are poisoning city water supplies with chemicals that make people go crazy and attack each other. There’s a narrative the MSM could push for the next ten minutes!

  19. Mister Grumpus says:

    Guys our First Lady is thin and can still pull off a ponytail. I’ve never seen that in my life. Incredible.

  20. pyrrhus says:

    Only Trump could harness a politically incorrect remnant of apartheid, virtually without media criticism….

  21. The Cominator says:

    Be sure to mention on facebook that Musk is the 1st African American to launch a rocket into space.

  22. BC says:

    An amazing day.

  23. Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

    Speaking of prophets, are you (Jim) still not taking credit for the 2026 prediction coming early? It’s looking more like that by the day. The center still holds, on paper, but things fall apart.

    • BC says:

      This are pretty minor riots. Real civil war will be much worse.

      • James says:

        This is nothing compared to the protests when Trump was elected — at least in my locale. Flipping police cars and lighting things on fire is passe. The weather is nice and quarantines are expiring, of course we’re going to see a dumpster fire or three this weekend.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Foolishness. The anti-Trump “””riots””” were literally Kleenex commercials. The District is on fire right now.

          • James says:

            Yeah, things got a lot worse just a few hours before I posted that, and I wasn’t totally up to data.

      • Corvinus says:

        Civil war is not in the cards. Not enough He-Man whites to go full Pinochet. Just talkers, that’s all.

    • jim says:

      The center holds on paper. Twitter has gone right along violating the long violated law on platform immunity. It still the case that we have a horde of FBI agents trying to induce “nazis” to commit crimes so that they can arrest white Christian males, while you can burn down CNN provided you are burning them down for insufficient leftism and the authorities display a curiously total lack of interest. The dynamic to ever greater leftism is still running, and not yet apocalyptic.

      At sometime the dynamic will become so destructive that we will see radical social dysfunction, civil war and coups, or else the dynamic will be halted by arresting and punishing leftists who commit illegal acts – which is a self coup by an elected leader. We are still heading into the left singularity relatively smoothly.

      As we head further and further in, it becomes harder and harder to pretend that normality continues, unless normality is redefined to be ever increasing conflict, chaos, and destruction. The pretext is wearing thin. Wu Flu was an excuse for shutting down everything, some misconduct by police is another excuse. There will be ever more excuses, they will come closer and closer together, and will supposedly justify ever more drastic events.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        Here is a video that is an interesting way to introduce a number of Jim Level topics in a subtle way:


        • jim says:


          If it is on YouTube and addresses our topics, it is an enemy false flag operation, operated by a Soros operative, and Soros is a State Department and Harvard operative.

      • Karl says:

        Progressives need not pretend that there is still normality. Much easier to say that society is under attack from evil nazis, white supremacits, right winger etc. Progressive script is that normality can only return after these groups are defeated.

        At least that is the script communists usually followed in the past. It worked. I do not see any reason to deviate from it

    • Dave says:

      Since 2008 the government has printed over ten trillion dollars, and all that time I’ve been expecting the dollar to collapse, whereupon Obama voters would riot, loot, and burn down all the stores.

      It seems that the Obama voters got tired of waiting for the dollar to collapse and decided to just go ahead and burn everything down anyway.

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