Status and violence

Observe that everywhere throughout the American hegemony, it is cool and hip to protest the murder of George Floyd. Enormous crowds are protesting in Germany, in Australia, in Amsterdam. Suddenly no one remembers Wu Flu.

Look for the dog that did not bark: They are not protesting in Russia and China. People behind the shield of Russian and Chinese nukes are laughing as virtue signallers in the US get their windows smashed in. When the mob can smash your windows in while police stand around like potted palms, then it is cool and high status to join the mob that could smash windows in. Even if you are not smashing windows in, you could, therefore cool, powerful, and high status.
[evp_embed_video url=”/videos/virtue_signal.mp4″]
I can see that violence works. If they can sic a mob on certain speakers, and the mob can break things and hurt people with impunity, then the speakers who instigate the mob are high status, and the people being beaten and chased are low status. I see this work over and over again. The left started using the mob for deniable violence in the early 1600s. It worked then, it works now.

If I were to speak at Berkeley, I would be beaten, and those doing the beating would suffer no consequences. Therefore I am low status. If someone attempts to practice the scientific method at Berkeley, he will be beaten and will lose tenure, therefore the scientific method is low status and peer review is high status. If Trump had gone to church without first having the press beaten and kicked out of the park like stray dogs creating a nuisance, would have been stoned, with stones provided by the peaceful non violent press that is merely doing its job, while the press who are merely doing their job heroically put the heroic peaceful non violent stone throwing protesters on television. That is where status comes from. From the rocks thrown at Attorney General Barr, and the bombs that landed on Syria and Libya. They manipulate people with status, but the status comes from rocks and fires, and when rocks and fires are met with shields and batons, they escalate to fire and steel.

If Trump cannot visit Lafayette Park because peaceful non violent protesters would throw rocks at him, as they threw rocks at Attorney General Barr, Trump is low status. If non violent peaceful protesters organized and instigated by the peaceful non violent press who is merely doing its job can vandalize Trump’s Church with impunity, Trump’s congregation and his God is low status.

If the peaceful non violent protesters and the peaceful non violent press who is merely doing its job gets chased out of the park with blows and kicks like stray dogs who are creating a nuisance, then Trump his high status. Watch.

When Barr dispersed the mob that threw stones at him, Barr was high status, and thus Trump was high status. When pastor and Bishop of Saint John’s praised the mob that defaced their church, and started a fire in it, they were low status, like the helpless and terrified virtue signalers in the video above, and thus Father, Son, and Holy Spirit low status. When they praised the mob that defaced their church and started a fire in it, they joined the mob that spat on Christ.

Being civilized people, we prefer not to notice what the house of status is built on. The Cathedral manipulates with status carrots and status sticks, but when that does not work, high altitude area bombing, as recently in Libya and Syria. Syria was color revolutioned, and when color revolution failed, bombed, because Assad followed the letter of Cathedral law, protecting minorities and affirmative actioning women to exactly equal numbers and status in Academia, but failed to have a majority cat lady Academia. Assad protected minorities – but protected Christians and Churches, as if Christians and Churches qualified as a minority. He was not supposed to stop affirmative action at mere equality, and was not supposed to protect all minorities. The press merely doing its job was shocked and outraged when Putin stopped Pussy Riot, aka Soros, from vandalizing and obscenely desecrating Russian Orthodox cathedrals, and were shocked and outraged by brutal repression when Assad brutally repressed Church burnings, lynching of Christians, and rape of Christians.

Why was the scientific method high status from 1663 to 1944?

Ostensibly, because King Charles the Second, doing his job as the fount of all honors, mortal and divine, declared it to be high status, making the invisible college into the Royal Society, following his policy of making prosocial productive activities high status, and antisocial destructive activities low status. The Puritans did not like the scientific method, preferring truth by consensus, just as today we get truth by peer review in place of truth based on empirical evidence obtained by the scientific method, and sent the mob around to the Royal Society to break them up, as their ideological descendants deal today with anyone who attempts to practice the scientific method at Berkeley. King Charles the Second’s men, wearing steel, and with steel in their hands, took care of that mob, and then the scientific method was high status.

The invisible college had to be invisible, because the mob would have beaten them up for practicing the scientific method. Therefore low status. When the Royal Society were protected by the steel of King Charles the Second, and the Puritans not protected, then they and their method were high status. When Charles the First’s Bishops were beaten up by the mob, then Charles the First’s official Church was low status, his Bishops were low status and he was low status, so he lost power. When Charles the Second’s Bishops and scientists were protected from the mob, and Puritan preachers unprotected from the mob, then the scientific method, his scientists, his Bishops, and he himself was high status, and held onto power.

If Trump’s Attorney General can have people who throw rocks at him chased out of the park like stray dogs for creating a nuisance, then Trump is high status, and will hold onto power, as Charles the Second did.

You cannot throw rocks at Trump’s Attorney General, and you could not throw rocks and Charles the Second’s Bishops nor his scientists. That is where status comes from. Power comes from status, the power to control status comes from rocks, and the power to control rocks comes from steel. Russian Orthodox is high status in Russia because Pussy Riot, aka Soros, cannot vandalize Cathedrals. Christianity is low status in America because they can. Christianity is low status because the pastor and Bishop of the Church that Trump attends have to suck it up when the mob vandalizes their Church, and praise the mob. Praising God is low status, because it is dangerous. Since we are all civilized men, just as the peaceful press is merely doing its job reporting peaceful protests, we support and praise the mob smashing our windows because status, rather than because violence, being civilized men, as we are all civilized men, and civilized men respond to status, rather than violence, but the status comes from violence. We are not actually all that civilized. We are still risen killer apes, and not very far risen.

Everyone knows in their heart that the blue state governors are complicit in burning down their own cities, that the police who still have the time and energy to arrest abortion protesters are complicit in burning down their own police stations. And this makes them high status, and Trump low status. “See, we can destroy our own cities, and Trump cannot stop us. He is weak, weak, weak, getting weaker, weaker, weaker”. That path ends in color revolution, with the color revolutionaries seizing power, then with Trump being killed, then his family killed, and eventually, my children killed. Trump would be arrested by those blue state cops who were strangely unable to arrest those burning down their own police station, with the enthusiastic support of the pastor and Bishop of Saint John’s church who were unable to criticize those setting fire to their own church.

Attorney General Barr clearing out Lafayette Park under the authority of President Trump after the peacefully protesting mob peacefully threw rocks at him, and having the press that is merely doing their job beaten like stray dogs merely chasing chickens, is the first step on a path that, if walked to the end, brings us to a better place.

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  1. Anon 1 says:

    Interesting :

    Title : ” Gutfeld on defunding the police”
    starting at 4:00
    “… john oliver has become the spokesperson for the CATHEDRAL … ”

    with them it never a slip of tongue , and the way he dropped it .

    like a matter of fact .

    This is probably the first time the name dropped and correctly used to describe the meaning .

    There faces was quite something specially the blond one

  2. Mister Grumpus says:

    If anyone has a particularly “based” review and timeline of the Maidan experience in Ukraine I’d love to be pointed to it. Thank you.

  3. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    [deleted for incoherence. I have no idea what you are talking about or which side you are on.]

  4. Eli says:

    I just learned that George Floyd held a gun to a (white) pregnant woman’s belly, during his robbery of her house. So, this is what this has come to: a large portion of the population is demonstrating and even rioting and looting as retaliation for the death of an utter piece of shit! Honestly, I feel extremely bad for the police officer who is now facing murder charges. What a shame and what a disgrace… no, not of police (who, I’m yet to see proof of the opposite, did anything wrong here) — but on America. Trump should’ve never expressed his condolences and should’ve never tried to go along with trying to pacify the scum who terrorized decent people.

    • BC says:

      >a large portion of the population is demonstrating and even rioting and looting as retaliation for the death of an utter piece of shit!

      It’s not a large portion, it’s the kids and the easily influenced. What is going on is anyone who speaks against it loses their job and even if you remain silent it has the same effect. It’s the most totalitarian thing I’ve ever wittinessed in America.

    • Not Tom says:

      All of the BLM riots going back to 2015-2016 were for utter pieces of shit. That’s how you know the narrative is false and has nothing to do with racism or police abuse. Poster boy principle.

  5. Fred says:

    Anyone who doubts Jim’s “falling, falling, fallen” exegesis of color revolution should see the title of this article.

    Also note the content of the tweet itself – he’s implying that this is a color revolution (although by saying “a lot like”, he’s presumably trying to give himself plausible deniability).

    • simplyconnected says:

      I was just going to post a link to that article as well.
      Surprising not so much what he says, but the fact that it’s in the atlantic, which I have to assume means it is leftists telling other leftists what the narrative is.

  6. Viking says:

    Btw been trolling my lib frenemies with a couple witticisms I came up with

  7. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    What i’ve been seeing around the discourses is a frantic effort to converge as many people as possible as quickly as possible, to prevent the spread of anyone drawing the ‘wrong’ conclusions from events; preemptive crash installation of their own backdoored mental OS first to turn those heads off.

    If there was ever a sense that the unholiness spiral was fast before, it’s got nothing on this; huge ranges of people, places, and organizations, are suddenly finding themselves ambushed by troops of voluntary auxiliary thought police and Put To The Question.

    Everyone who is anyone must be made and is being made to say ‘shibboleth’. That is to say, to unreservedly avow the new canon law: that it is open season on europoid folk for anyone who isn’t, so of course there is no problem with ongoing events; and that if you are white, you should thank them for the privilege of being robbed and or killed by them – if you don’t have the courtesy to do so for them yourself first.

    This will probably have ‘unintended consequences’.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      My best guess is that it’ll be the fat negress for president, the election all fucked up and frauded to hell, and Trump’s win being violently reversed — or perhaps without a peep of resistance due to social terror — in color revolution because he dared say “no” to a holy negro.

      Or maybe they’ll just do it right away, like next month, because white votes are racist anyway.

      But shit man this is a VERY fast boil. I’ve been caught up in the black pill hysteria myself and WOW that was quick.

      • The Cominator says:

        Its not going to be Stacey Abrams nobody but other fat women want her as president (which is a lot of American women but not enough).

        It might be Kamala but the Dems are retarded if they use her, she was exposed by Tulsi live as a crooked prosecutor and niggers HATE crooked prosecutors she’ll bleed the black male vote away.

        For these reasons and for name recognition most likely Moochelle Obama IMHO.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      One can’t help but notice the plethora of all these “Black Box” “BLM” “Oaths of Fealty” from all the big corporations. They’re even harassing the gamers with them ( One wonders if it’s not just virtue signalling but really a coded message to the powers that be as to whose side they are on, disguised as virtue signalling.

  8. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Just a little bit of historical memory:

    Ended by deployment of marines, national guard, and other armed forces on patrol.,_D.C._riots

    Ended by deployment of marines, national guard, and other armed forces on patrol.

    ‘Trump deploying armed forces is totally unprecedented in our constitutionally constitutional nation people.’

    • jim says:

      What is unprecedented is Trump deploying armed forces, not the president deploying armed forces.

      When the blue checks said he could not do that, what they meant is that the government would ignore him, not that the president does not have the constitutional right to do it and innumerable precedents, going all the way back to George Washington, for doing it. But if the army fails to obey the commander in chief, it is a coup. The blue checks believed their coup was already successful, and that Trump was being allowed to hang around to preserve the illusion that the dead republic still lives.

  9. One aspect of this is virtue/holiness signals morph into threat and caving in to such threats signals. While still the same lingo. Woke Capital does sound positively afraid these days?

  10. Starman says:

    Status and Violence:
    Here is an excellent example of power vs money. A prophet flexes his muscle against a merchant. Even though the merchant Jeff Bezos has more money than StarProphet Elon Musk, the prophet was able to exert his will on the wealthier merchant.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Jeff Bezos has to be the walking example of how money doesn’t really give power or status.

  11. Starman says:

    I have two comments stuck in moderation.

  12. Icon says:

    [formulaic and repetitious script deleted]

  13. Frederick Algernon says:

    [deleted, spam link, link contains only boring and predictable content that we have all heard before far too many times]

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      It was a link to Tim Pool, a YouTuber both referenced and linked ITT. The link was about events that have just occurred or are occuring at the New York Times. Pool claims that their is an SJW coup in the midst of happening.

      • jim says:

        Tim Pool is a good guy, and often broadcasts stuff that matters, but anything he broadcasts that actually matters appears on his Bitchute @Timcast and not on his YouTube channel. If he puts it in on YouTube, or on both YouTube and Bitchute, boring. And far too much stuff on @Timcast is precensored to fit YouTube sensibilities.

        On YouTube, and on videos appearing in both places, he minds his manners, and does not stray very far from the narrative.

        Tim Pool is reporting that antifa caused the violence, and that this was a national and international operation. That is interesting, and it is important, but we already know this.

        What he is not reporting is that law enforcement does not want to name Antifa, and does not want to look at the connections between Antifa and the Democrats.

        “It is hard to know”, he says. No it is not hard to know. Antifa, Soros, and the Democratic Party.

        “They are going to jail for a long time”, says Tim Pool. Did Bill Ayers go to jail for a long time?

        If they go to jail for a long time, Trump does not go to jail and does not get Epsteined. If they do not go to jail, Trump does go to jail and does get Epsteined.

        Tim Poole is reporting on stuff that we are interested in, and that fits our expectations of how the world works, but he then puts it in a YouTube acceptable frame. “They are going to jail for a very long time.” There is the big untruth. They expect that like Bill Ayers, they will go to Harvard for a very long time. They may be unduly optimistic, but they are not being naive. Maybe Tim Pool is right, but for Tim Poole to be right, a whole lot of people in the deep state would have to go to jail first. If no Democrats and FBI operatives go to jail, the people that organized and funded riots and arson are going to Harvard for a very long time.

        Tim Pool reports news we are interested in and care about, but he reports it from within the enemy’s frame. Maybe he is dog whistling to us, but I cannot hear the dog whistle. In return for being allowed on You Tube despite reporting the news that matters, he toes the line.

        When Tim Pool says “They are going to jail for a long time” he denies that these riots are an attempt to at color revolution, and that very powerful people very close to Trump created these riots in an attempt to overthrow Trump by color revolution. Tim Pool is a good guy, and if he abandons YouTube, he will then be able to say stuff that is interesting, important, and true. But he is not able to say anything that matters until he does. I have high hopes he will come across to the Dark Enlightenment, but so far, if he has, he is keeping it rather too well hidden.

        • Not Tom says:

          Vox and his buddy NR finally picked up on the color revolution script, although the latter got it all mixed up with Q asshattery.

          Still, progress. And it’s another demonstration of reaction meme outflow. Slowly but surely.

        • Cis Scum says:

          Jim, although the color revolution template is clearly in play, I think there is an additional ingredient present, one not in the Gene Sharpe toolkit: Religion.

          The Negrophilic Flagellants that we are seeing ecstatically genuflecting before blacks are a religious cult, a new one.

          They consist of nominal atheists who have grown up in a Christian culture and who consider themselves too super duper smart to believe in invisible beings.

          Yet their cultural conditioning makes them adopt a Christian worldview. This synthesizes into them swapping out the spiritual elements of the Christian faith for real ones.

          The crucifixion is replaced with slavery.

          Original sin is replaced with racism.

          Salvation is replaced with white dissolution.

          I would appreciate your thoughts regarding this new religious cult. Negrophilic Flagellants are progs, yes, but this isn’t the unofficially official state religion. It’s more like a sub religion within it, one that is specific to atheist whites.

          • The Cominator says:

            Its not a new religious cult, it is the flaggelant fanatics of the existing progressive religious cult.

            The red guards of the Great Cultural Revolution were not a new religious cult but flaggelant religious fanatics of the communist cult.

            This is just the left wing purity/holiness spiral of an existing cult.

          • Not Tom says:

            As TC says, to call it a cult is technically inaccurate. Progressivism is a full-fledged non-theistic religion dating back to the Reverend John Harvard in 1636. It’s the dominant and unofficially official state religion of the USA. The people you’re describing are merely the most pious, engaged in their perpetual mission to out-holy the other progressives.

            We don’t really dwell on that much here because it’s already widely understood and accepted as ground truth – except by a handful of nazbol faggots that like to show up every so often and insist that it’s actually all a Jewish plot that dates back no farther than the 1950s. Anyway, ignoring the cladistic flat-earthers, religion isn’t an ingredient in progressivism, it’s its very essence.

  14. Icon says:

    [deleted, black pill bullshit. The blue states are not Trump, and are not America.]

    • jim says:

      You used a word from our meme warriors, but gave it an enemy meaning. This was either an attempt to make our thoughts unspeakable, or excessive exposure and acceptance of enemy shills who are attempting to poison the good work of our meme warriors.

    • Starman says:

      You shills can’t even leave your urban centers, LOL!

  15. Pooch says:

    After watching blacks around the western world riot and loot in the name of American police brutality to blacks has made it clear that blacks by and large have no affinity for their host nations yet have a strong transnational Black identity.

    They are rejecting Western Civilization as a whole and intrinsically wish to subvert it and replace it with something more compatible with black interests. If we are lucky enough to halt or destroy leftism, the negro problem will remain. I don’t see many other options besides repatriation back to Africa (I’d even throw in reparations as a sign of good will).

    • Theshadowedknight says:

      Why offer reparations? The riots show they will destroy anything you give them. Send them back with what they can carry.

      • Pooch says:

        With the hope that it prevents violent removal. Regardless, it’s becoming more obvious that the starting point needs to be that the vast majority cannot stay.

      • Icon says:

        When Rodney King was given his settlement, he ODed on drugs within a few years. “We must safeguard our precious blacks from their own vices” says the negrophile.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        The reparations wouldn’t be “for” their negro recipients, but for Trevor’s and Karen’s trembling conscience.

        And they’d be a bargain. We’re so many trillions and planets behind now, all for a little cotton, that anything short of everything is cheap as fucking chips.

    • The Cominator says:

      You offer poor dumb people with little hope of ever rising in legitimate society a plausible hope of loot and plunder some of them are going to take you up on the offer.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        True, a parallel society gives blacks an opportunity to rise on hard work and good behavior, but then you still have to keep them separate. Segregation works, but it works better if we keep them segregated in their own countries. I’m not totally averse to arming blacks, pointing them at some patch of Africa, say Somalia, then let them kill the current inhabitants and settle it. Two birds, one stone. Maintain some of the comforts of civilization for them in return for raw materials, such as electrical power and water/waste treatment plants in exchange for whatever the fuck Somalia has buried.

      • Pooch says:

        The problem is the overwhelming majority of middle class and rich blacks supported the riots and encouraged them. Obama did not condemn them. I saw rich black entertainer after black entertainer state “The time for peaceful protest is over”.

    • jim says:

      Lots of reasonably successful states where whites or whiteish blacks ruled blacks. Ethiopia was OK when ruled by blacks with a substantial amount of Jewish blood. Rhodesia and the Congo worked fine under white rule. Within America, lots of high quality blacks have gainful employment and some are operating small businesses, many of which are genuine small businesses rather than government makework. Don’t need to get rid of those guys.

      Slavery for able bodied blacks who will not work. Segregation for the rest. We end sexual and reproductive opportunity for underclass blacks. We create independent black nations within America, ruled by high quality blacks, ruling over low quality blacks, and protectorates in Africa. We ship high quality blacks to the African protectorates as ruling elite, low quality blacks there as serfs. Liberia worked when it was run by high quality American blacks. Ethiopia did OK under the descendants of Solomon.

      • Pooch says:

        Within America, lots of high quality blacks have gainful employment and some are operating small businesses, many of which are genuine small businesses rather than government makework. Don’t need to get rid of those guys.

        Yes I agree but the percentage of the good blacks that supported the riots was shockingly high. Western civilization is not optimal for their collective interests.

        Slavery for able bodied blacks who will not work.

        No more slavery. If we are all created in god’s image then we shouldn’t be slaves. If the choice is slavery or repatriation to Africa. I choose Africa.

        • The Cominator says:

          Slavery like mass immigration fucks up the labor market for everyone, low agency people who can never function economically should just be sterilized.

        • Not Tom says:

          Yes I agree but the percentage of the good blacks that supported the riots was shockingly high. Western civilization is not optimal for their collective interests.

          Because they’re black, or because they were following the state religion?

          How many whites also supported the riots?

          Are you sure those blacks would be supporting race riots if race riots were low status? Obama the “community organizer” still would, yes, but let’s broaden the field beyond well-known agitators and lifetime Democratic Party operators.

          There were even some lower-class blacks calling out the antifas. Mostly for the wrong reasons, but it shows a glimmer of self-awareness. Many of them can do better, with the right incentives and the right people in charge. Some of them can’t, and we’ll ship them away.

          • Pooch says:

            Because they’re black, or because they were following the state religion?

            Yes because they’re black African. Blacks aren’t leftists.

            How many whites also supported the riots?

            Only the leftists to signal virtue.

            • Not Tom says:

              Blacks aren’t leftists.

              No, niggers aren’t leftists. Black intellectuals – and rest assured I use that term very, very loosely – are most assuredly leftists. Obama isn’t even properly black, he’s mulatto.

              Go visit your local college’s African Studies department some day. These folks aren’t out robbing convenience stores, they’re writing walls of text explaining to credulous white leftists how the police, the landlords, and the STEM professors are all evil terrible racists. They are priests offering confessionals and spiritual guidance to the white leftists.

              They are primarily in service to the Cathedral and don’t even really consider themselves to be the same race as the “youths” – just ask them.

              History is more informative than news here. There was even a brief period during the mid 20th century when black families were slightly more stable than white families. Remember, these people are the descendants of slaves; it’s literally in their DNA to do what they’re told, but when they don’t have a strong authority figure to follow, they go apeshit. Literally.

            • Fred says:

              Blacks might not be leftists, but they are clients of the left. So they might not care about the official state ideology, but the people who do care find blacks useful as pawns.

              You don’t need to actually believe in the official state ideology to have a place in the official state ideology; you don’t need to believe in the state religion to be useful to it.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Made by GNON in the image evolution and effort renders. We are all children of GNON, born and imbued with different gifts and curses. The idea that Equality exists is the wellspring of all that is evil in man.

      • Pooch says:

        Trump got 8% of the black vote, that’s probably a good proxy for the percentage of blacks that thought violence wasn’t an acceptable form of protest.

        • Jehu says:

          If memory serves, almost all that 8% was from the black male vote (something like 2% of black women and like 15% of black men). That points to some interesting dynamics I think.

      • Corvinus says:

        It never ceases to amaze me your continued bat shit insane “solutions”.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “Abraham Lincoln was right about negroes.”

  16. vroom says:

    Moldbug is writing a new book.

    • Atavistic Morality says:

      Moldbug is now Curtis, a namefag. Probably nothing interesting to say.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        What is the value in demolishing our own, and who could be more our own than Moldy? Just reread the core corpus very recently; pretty staggering in breadth and depth, and in 2008. His work set me, and many others, on our path here. Jim was in the game before him; Jim can talk smack. Were you? If so, I personally feel that gives you the privilege of bad mouthing the man and the means. If not, you only have critical license for the means. And if it isn’t out yet, you’re just edgefagging. It may be cool to spit on elders in some places, but not where I’m from.

        • Atavistic Morality says:

          I don’t know how I am spitting on my elders by pointing out a simple fact.

          Moldbug was an obscure anonymous intellectual that could commit thoughtcrime 3 times per line because no one could get to him.

          Curtis Yarvin is a man with a wife and children to think about (IIRC), he cannot commit thoughtcrime, thus, nothing interesting to say. Even if he didn’t have a family to be afraid about, he doesn’t seem to be the martyr type, so it’s just…

          I don’t understand the reaction, I’m not attacking anything. But purple-pill stuff is seldom interesting to post here. Is it the “namefag” term that sounded aggressive perhaps? But I used it because Jim uses it.

          • jim says:

            Moldbug can no longer speak the truth. If our enemies knew who my children were, I could not speak the truth either. Therefore, boring.

      • Not Tom says:

        Perhaps nothing interesting left for you, or for many of us, but let’s remember just how many people out there are still clueless, including people in the 115-140 IQ range. Curtis made his name by successfully red-pilling a small number of intellectual progressives, which is very hard to do, rather than a large number of disaffected white proles, which is pretty easy to do.

        Like it or not, Jim’s material isn’t digestible to a lot of the people we want on our side. Not yet, anyway. It’s not a question of who’s more technically correct or edgier than whom, it’s who is able to deliver the manpower. Moldbug is easy reading – yes, really – to the kinds of people who already consume long thinkpieces from The Atlantic or the New York Times. Give the guy some credit.

        It’s the same sort of thing with Vox and his SSH. Yes it’s silly and wrong and cringeworthy to the crimson-pilled, but it’s less wrong than the blue-pilled narrative normies still accept. I’d rather have people rambling about gammas and sigmas than simping on social media and white-knighting in meatspace. People who accept the Vox code have an easier time accepting the Heartiste code, and if they don’t, well then at least they’re running a program that’s merely buggy rather than malicious. So it is with Moldbug and his libertarian sympathies.

        Pointless schisms are weakening the Cathedral. There’s far too much of the same thing going on in the various flavors of the right. By all means let’s enforce our own norms on our own turf and not allow (for example) tradcons to pollute this space with drive-by posts about muh sinister pixels, but at the same time, I don’t see any value in using this space to bitch about other people on the right and their own business on their own platforms; Jim has specifically stated that he doesn’t do that and has stated why, and I think we should follow his example.

      • The Cominator says:

        He still says interesting things but he virtue signals a lot more… just ignore the virtue signalling (ie I hope Bernie wins) crap.

        You can tell he is still redpilled by the fact that he promotes BAP.

    • Fred says:

      We’re still waiting for the final three instalments of Clear Pill.

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    Oh God:

    The word on twitter is that a million people will be bussed in for a huge anti-Trump rally in DC this weekend.

    In which case I’m worried sick they’ll make sure some people get shot and make it look like Trump did it. Color revolution tactics, Ukraine and Venezuela, etc.

    Please bounce this around and maybe somehow, if enough people are talking about this, it won’t work out.

    Vox Day posted just the other day about the cops busting some guy trying to weasel his way into the National Guard in LA. An amateur, sure, but pro’s can play this game as well:

    • Karl says:

      Well, if just one guy is shot, Trump might have a problem. If a few thousand are shot, color revolution is dead.

      I guess even if just one guy ist, not really a problem if Trump maintains frame, but pretty soon he has to drain the swam if he wants to survive.

  18. BC says:

    Any way to gauge how bad the riots and looting are? Media is blacking it out and social media is censoring.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Would they hide their being peaceful, or hide their being violent? I wonder.

  19. Anon 1 says:

    Interesting :

    Title “National Guard, top Pentagon officials on DC streets for protests”

    The Golden Quote is at 00:51

    Gen. Mark Milley :
    “We’ve got the D.C. National Guard out here and I’m just checking their …
    Seeing how well they’re doing , that’s all.”

    “checking their …” What ? Orders!

    some are either out the loop or planning something .

    • Anon 1 says:

      aslo at 1:58
      STAFF SGT. key word ” Role of Law ”
      This make it look like trump is truly in power.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        @Anon 1:
        “STAFF SGT. key word ‘Rule of Law’.
        This make it look like Trump is truly in power.”


        • Anon 1 says:

          Total disconnect between Top Brass and the Grunts .
          The Top official has to go around on the ground to know whats up .
          Mean there is a break of normal chain of command . Meaning trump has his loyalist in the army ( or so it appear ) .
          Most importantly while Gen. Milley talked about Constitution etc and nothing about enforcing the law , which trump mention AND STAFF SGT, meaning
          trump is in the same wave with the army grunts , who take there queue from him.
          hence the military is in his hand and he has his own chain of command .
          this is of course all conjecture , but I am quite confident from the look of Esper and Milley (they looked confused ,disoriented and do not have a grasp
          of the situation ).

          • jim says:

            Their disorientation indicates that they were out of the loop, and subsequent events indicate that their attempt to stick themselves in the loop was ignored.

            The blue checks on Twitter assumed that Trump could not simply command the army and be obeyed. They thought he would have to humbly communicate his wishes to the priesthood, who would of course ignore such impious wishes. Seems likely Esper was of the same belief, and was startled and disoriented when it turned out to be incorrect.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              Jesus and now Esper is ordering the DC National Guard to disarm. What next, fucker.

              Anyway, I could black pill, or I could nod that it’s only glowing dots and what the hell do I know. Maybe it’s to stop a false-flag from within. I can sorta believe that actually.

        • jim says:

          That was Trump’s slogan in his speech announcing his action.

          Trump, if all goes well, with not destroy the Republic, but restore it, as Augustus restored the Roman Republic.

  20. Pharmacist says:

    Two normie liberal childhood friends rang me up over the last two nights to ask me WTF is going on. I’m in Australia. They’re waking up and looking for answers.

    I took the opportunity to mainline them red pills. I told them they have a choice: either you join the cult or they will eventually come to kill you and your children.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “Or” my ass. It’s only a matter of negotiating scheduling with these people.

  21. Aldo says:

    You have to be coping, think Harry Potter and Star Wars and Capeshit reflects reality, a woman, a Dindu, or a shill to think the elites are frightened by the chimpouts and aren’t supportive of them.

    • jim says:

      They are not frightened of plains apes chimping out.

      They are terrified of their own monster, that they created, and theoretically control: Antifa.

      • Aldo says:

        They aren’t though. They control the military enough. Have a grip on resources. If Antifa ever got too chimpy for them they can just say “yeah Trump is right Antifa is behind all the violence” to the public and so arrange a crackdown (arrests, show trials, making examples of a few businesses if need be).

        • Not Tom says:

          If Trump rolls up Antifa – and he should roll them up, like the LAPD rolls up gangs, by arresting every single one of them – then their handlers are next.

          Ugly, low-status, college-educated middle-class white progressives are not known for their physical bravery, and that’s to say nothing of the women involved. Sweat them out for 10 minutes (OK, maybe 10 days) and they’ll be squealing the names of all their handlers.

          When Antifa runs amok, elites must rally behind them, because even though they are clearly in the crosshairs, to do otherwise would be to give away the game, which would be to lose the game.

          • Aldo says:

            All of that can be easily addressed by show trials and scapegoats. Pin the blame on disposable figures like say, General Matthis. Make examples of companies and either cripple rivals within the system or arrange for new management (same as the old management). Even George Soros is disposable and could be easy enough be pinned for it all.

          • Pooch says:

            The press goes to great lengths to never ever utter the word Antifa. It’s quite amazing, and they frequently use white supremacist groups instead.

        • jim says:

          No they cannot. They know that if Antifa is behind all the violence, then they themselves are behind all the violence. At an individual level, it is a thought crime, or rather dangerously adjacent to a thought crime. At the collective level, Trump can purge them. If they throw Antifa to the bad Orange Man, he will undoubtedly discover that they are, in fact, Antifa. They are frightened to call out Antifa, because they know that they are Antifa. No enemies to the left, no friends to the right, so all their friends are their enemies. They have only enemies, so they are frightened and weak. Only the leftmost and the deplorables can be brave.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Well then Don needs to offer them some kind of sell-out rat-line to a proverbial Argentina, then.

            Surely half of Don’s (remaining) guys have read Sun Tzu and know that his enemies need some kind of way out.

            We can help, maybe-hopefully, by brainstorming here just what that mechanism could be.

            To start with, he could use Army bases and Trump Tower for temporary “witness protection” for the self-preserving sellouts and their families.

            • jim says:

              You cannot offer the enemy a way out, until their destruction looms, and then you can offer them a way out. Which way out should involve ratting on their friends. Some have to be destroyed to persuade the others.

          • Karl says:

            They cannot throw Antifa to bad Orange Man. Antifa cannot stop, like the Cathedral cannot stop the holiness spiral. Antifa’s strategy can only lead to success or destruction. They have no choice to support Antifa for the reason that you spelled out.

            They might try to slow things down a bit as some probaly see the risks and problem’s of Antifa’s strategy. I do not see how they can prevent further escalation.

            • jim says:

              A shark must swim forward, or die, and the left must move ever lefter, or die. If no new applecarts to knock over, leftism collapses. If the left is stopped from getting lefter by savage repression, leftism melts away. Happens every time.

              What is happening now has happened before many times.

              Of course, you are apt to still get a dark age, but a dark age sets in slowly. A dark age is 1% decline a year, while a left singularity can destroy a nation in a very short period. By 2020 standards, 2008 Obama was extreme right nazi Hitler Hitler Hitler. Once we end leftism, we have the time and the ability to restore elite fertility, science, and technology.

  22. Marlow Colt says:

    Trump should just set a national curfew. Then, have the Marines mow down all violators with M27s. Boom. Problem solved in an single night.

    Most of the surviving Antifa soldiers and fake protestors would probably flip sides and vote Republican come November after seeing The Don pass a nuclear shit test with such flying colors.

    • The Cominator says:

      No fucking national curfews I’ve had enough of fucking lockdowns. Urban areas with disturbances only.

    • Starman says:

      @Marlow Colt
      Urbanite detected.
      A national curfew is unnecessary since the Democrat-organized riots are only occurring in Democrat jurisdictions.

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        Consider this, though: Trump instantiates a curfew, nationally, with a bullet point code of conduct. He explains, minimally, what and why about the Code, then ends the address with a call to all “loyal and true patriots” to aid in upholding the Code. It seems like a lot of upstanding white men are very ok with getting strapped and protecting their towns. It would be a massive show if force as wells as an unmistakable line in the sand.

        • jim says:


          Only rioting in blue states, not nationally. Only rioting where Antifa gets police and judicial protection.

          What we need is the Democratic Party in jail. Trump needs to investigate the Democrats, and charge them with instigating riots across state lines.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            For the DNC to be locked up, the cops, jailers, guards, and magistrates need to be certain that the midnight telephone will not ring. They also need to be certain that should the rats get released, they will move from formal incarceration to temporary, gallows-side holding cells erected hastily and handily by soon to be back to work contractors, cheered on by every working man, his wife, and his kids. This is not people power, or mob rule; it’s GNON’s perfect will made manifest by His perfect instrument, the true wielder of his people’s will. A king must have 3 things: GNON’s will, a willing army, and obedient subjects. Name a restoration or rise that did not have these, and I’ll accept your Nuts.

            • jim says:


              I intend reboot of the social operating system that was running in 1800, which was booted up successfully in 1660 without such measures.

              The Cominator solution is only required if you don’t have a viable state religion, in which situation you are permanently threatened by resurgence of the hostile old state religion of Harvard, as post Napoleonic permanently had problems, which problems eventually manifested in the Paris Commune and the committee of Public Safety.

              “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has a problem, since the key part that makes it work is Hong Kong Economic Theory 101, which is derived from Manchester market economics, and whenever the leader stresses continuity with Maoist China, he refers to this only indirectly and through circumlocution, albeit a circumlocution whose meaning is absolutely clear in context. He also invokes the scientific method fairly directly, using Marxist terminology, but with a meaning that in context is blatantly contrary to what it means when that terminology normally used by Marxists outside China. Thus socialism with Chinese characteristics leaves the door unlocked for
              socialists without Chinese characteristics to truthfully claim to be more socialist than high officials, and thus adhering to a more holy version of the officially official state religion, much as State Anglicanism came under attack by Unitarians claiming to be more Trinitarian than thou.

              • The Cominator says:

                We dont need a national curfew but how do we get out of killing the dem leadership, most of the priestly types and a great deal of ordinary shitlibs.

                Furthermore in the case of the 1st two categories at least… Why would we want to avoid it.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                Then we’ve arrived at a (for me) dreaded point: I call bullshit. You don’t have a viable state religion, and if you claim otherwise, I challenge you to produce a coherent, unified holy book or books, the names of priests, and the locations of temples and/or high holy houses.

                It appears to me that, among many other things, Yarvin was very astute in pointing out one thing: those who build the house have no room for themselves if the structure is engineered properly. You are either lying about having a viable state religion (if not, answer the challenges) or you have realized that prophets are not and cannot be priests. And that must suck for you.

                I made my peace long ago: I accept that the future I am working for has no place for me. I’m not going to stop in that endeavor.

                But you’ve made it clear that I’m no longer welcome here, so I will stay gone this time, unless something comes along that must reach you all first.

                Take care, Jim. I still believe in your words. I hope I always do.

                • jim says:

                  > I challenge you to produce a coherent, unified holy book or books, the names of priests, and the locations of temples and/or high holy houses.

                  Neither Harvard nor traditional Christianity have or ever had a coherent unified holy book or books, and that was the vulnerability that caused my favorite state Religion, 1660 Anglicanism, to lose power in 1832. Our Cathedrals are occupied by our enemies, because we are out of power, but come the time, we will re-consecrate and re-occupy them, and build new and bigger ones of steel and stained glass. The robes that Harvard professors quite recently wore are priestly vestments. Now they wear labcoats, having murdered science and dressed themselves its gutted corpse, as in the early twentieth century they still dressed themselves in the gutted corpse of Christianity. We will return the labcoats to real scientists, and take Harvard’s priestly vestments out of storage and give them a dry cleaning, ready to put them on once the tanks move out of the ruins of Harvard.

                  Christianity is dead except behind the shield of Putin’s and, to a lesser extent, Xi’s nuclear weapons, but it is good at resurrections. It rose from its grave in Putin’s Russia, while it survives persecution in China, far better than it survived progressivism’s suffocating embrace in the West. Wearing the priestly vestments Harvard professors very recently wore, we will rebuild Harvard, possibly in a new location, reconsecrate our old Cathedrals, and build new ones.

                  Priestly vestments look ridiculous, except that the people wearing them are officers of the state religion. Then they do not look so silly. When the time comes, we will get in some holy oil from Mount Athos, and put on those priestly vestments that we will recover from the ruins of Harvard once the sovereign’s warriors finish quieting Harvard down.

                  The congregations are not showing up in the churches because they await true priests. The true priests will come out of the ruins of Harvard or the halls of New Harvard to reconsecrate the congregation’s church, as they were still coming out of Harvard a hundred years ago to desecrate the congregation’s Church.

                • Starman says:

                  @F. A. the Urbanite

                  “I challenge you to produce a coherent, unified holy book or books, the names of priests, and the locations of temples and/or high holy houses.”

                  Intelligent Design doesn’t usually work with creating new successful religions. It didn’t work for the Romans when they “intelligently designed” Sol Invictus (the imperial purple really sucks when your life expectancy is only eighteen months).
                  Great religions rise through a Darwinian process, even when they have a single founder.
                  This is why Jihad-Complete is so fiendishly difficult. Russia has the easiest path to Jihad-Complete but it’s still very difficult for them.

                • Not Tom says:

                  Wearing the priestly vestments Harvard professors very recently wore, we will rebuild Harvard, possibly in a new location, reconsecrate our old Cathedrals, and build new ones.

                  That gave me the mental image of a Papal schism, two universities simultaneously claiming to be the true Harvard. Would certainly be a lot of fun.

                • jim says:

                  I am sure that the refugees from Harvard will set up shop somewhere and claim to be the true Harvard. Worst case outcome is that one Harvard gets state backing from one state, and sets up residence there, and another Harvard gets state backing from another state, and sets up residence there. But if all goes well, only one Harvard will be acceptable for state and quasi state jobs in the Holy American Empire. It would be preferable to set up shop in the old Harvard, unless it proves necessary to flatten the place. It may turn out that that swamp is too deep to drain by lesser measures.

                • Deaderick Algernon says:

                  Jim – You paint a pretty picture, and indeed you always have. As I said, I still believe. But I guess I was optimistically foolish in thinking I could be a priest. I stand by two assertions made: until you have the physical manifestations, yours is a church of words; you are the Prophet, and you will have no home in the New Empire.

                  In regards to the first, I will be doing my part. In regards to the second,you absolutely must put together A Book. Stop fucking blogging, stop fucking practicing; write the foundational scripture of the Infinite Church Reborn. You have everything you need, just take the leap and make manifest your Words. I want to give my son the Map, and GNON has chosen you as his imperfect vessel. You have assembled everything you need; the time for you to act is now.

                  Little Red Rocket – never change, ponyboi. Some of us have to be in the cities for a while longer, but not forever.

                  To all the faithful,GNON keep you safe and strong.

                • Starman says:

                  @Urbanite Deader1ck Algern0n

                  “‘Little Red Rocket – never change, ponyboi. Some of us have to be in the cities for a while longer, but not forever.”

                  Still trying to avoid the Jihad-Complete problem.

                  “you are the Prophet,”

                  Where’s your miracles?

                  “In regards to the first, I will be doing my part. In regards to the second,you absolutely must put together A Book. Stop fucking blogging, stop fucking practicing; write the foundational scripture of the Infinite Church Reborn.”

                  Complete and total failure to understand that great religions are not “intelligently designed,” they rise through a Darwinian process.
                  Yet again you ignored what I said.

        • Starman says:

          @Frederick Algernon

          ” Consider this, though: Trump instantiates a curfew, nationally,”

          Another urbanite detected. The rest of America, Real America, isn’t your blue urban center.

          Perhaps President Trump can issue an executive order nullifying Democrat gun laws and Democrat prosecutors.

  23. Frederick Algernon says:

    So the question in my mind is, when do the knives come out? Someone posted a video of an Idaho town up in arms, literally. It may have been memory holed, but not long ago, armed demonstrators were protesting lockdowns. This question is largely for uncucked bros in uncucked states: when do we start open carrying with Christian symbols worn openly?

    • jim says:

      It is not yet time to descend the escalator.

      The left wing holiness spiral is never stopped by armed resistance from the bottom, but by one man seizing control.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not totally true, Weimar Republic after the 1st world war.

        The Freikorps stopped the complete communist takeover by executing a lot of communist revolutionaries in the street, the communist never had the strength to take over after that but because of the depression the establishment right had to agree to hand things over to Hitler to keep them out.

        • jim says:

          Wiemar was left and getting lefter, and Hitler was lefter than Wiemar. The night of the long knives stopped the movement left, not the rise of Hitler.

          • The Cominator says:

            There was a left wing purity spiral before that right after the Kaiser fell which was ended at least for a long time by the Freikorps shooting communist revolutionaries in the street.

            Hitler did not really stop the movement lefter because he was left himself (even if he believed in leftist utopia for Germanic Alpines and Nords only) after he crushed the left he adopted most of their policies.

          • info says:

            Didn’t Hitler also slay the Monarchists too?

      • Frederick Algernon says:

        If it was truly “one man seizing control” that stops the left, it would be over by now. Where history remembers 1 man, reality holds thousands standing behind him. We have the king; he needs a Legion.

        • jim says:

          > If it was truly “one man seizing control” that stops the left, it would be over by now.


          Are you claiming that one man has already seized control in the American Empire? You are not making any sense.

          The reason we are still in trouble, and that trouble getting worse, is that one man has not yet seized control of the American Empire. When Cromwell dismissed Barebones parliament, England stopped getting lefter, and with no prospect of knocking over new applecarts, the Puritans lost their faith. When Stalin seized control, Russia stopped getting lefter, and with no prospect of knocking over new applecarts, the Communists lost their faith.

          The trouble is that it is always in the interest of each individual leftist to go ever lefter, even if going ever lefter results in everyone dying, going lefter still will keep the person who is leftmost alive for a little while longer and will mean he is closer to the next applecart when it gets knocked over. And when every applecart has been knocked over, and every apple eaten, it will make him less likely to be killed by other leftists going through the empty pockets of the dead. To act collectively in a sane manner, one man has to take control, because for the left, what is sane for the individual leftist is insane for the left as a whole and for the entire society.

          The natural and inevitable outcome of leftism is infinite leftism in finite time, that the last torturer tortures the second last torturer to death for insufficiently enthusiastic torture, and then commits suicide because he failed to inflict infinite torture. Of course, it never actually goes all the way left to totally suicidal self extermination, because either one man seizes power and puts an end to ever lefter leftism, as with Russia and England, or the society collapses, and foreigners conquer, as with Cambodia.

          if no one is able to securely and stably seize power, we could potentially go all the way to Szechuan and the Seven Kill Stele, where everyone tortured everyone to death for insufficient leftism until there was almost no one left. Province came mighty close to total self extermination. Of a population of millions, only seven thousand were left when the empire finally moved in on them.

          The French Revolution analogously to the Soviet Union. Napoleon ended the drift left, but he still had, and supported and believed in, a gravely dysfunctional economic order. As a result he suffered, like the Soviets in Afghanistan, logistic failure, and France was conquered, like Cambodia, by foreigners. Like the Soviets, a dysfunctional economic order meant he had to conquer or collapse, and, like the Soviets, it also meant he could not continue conquering. But France was conquered by foreigners before the holy faith of the Revolution expired in cynicism, the way it did in Russia.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            It wasn’t Cromwell; it was Cromwell and his bund. I get and agree with what you are saying Jim. I remain a staunch Jimmian Restorationist. I am merely trying to suss out at what point do We™ need to rip off the veil. You said it is not yet time to descend the escalator; my question is “when?” I totally get it if there isn’t a cut and dried answer to that question yet, but things seem to be rapidly approaching a historical focal point.

            I humbly request to be taken off moderation. If not, I ask what I must do to regain non-moderation status. Also, I am striving to contribute; if I am wasting bandwidth, please tell me how and I will stop.

            • jim says:

              Cromwell was commander of the army. He had loyalist soldiers, a band of brothers whom he had fought beside. If he said “this guy is making problems, make the problems stop” those who had stood with him in battle were not going to get into a debate about the Trinity and the nature of the Resurrection with that guy. Cromwell was in the position to settle religious issues with the sword, and when he became disgusted with the absurdities of Barebones parliament, proceeded to do so. Being holier than Cromwell became a poor career move, while up to Barebones parliament, it had been a good career move, and no end of people had been way holier than Cromwell. After Cromwell dissolved Barebones parliament, suddenly it became possible to laugh at them. Once Cromwell laughed, everyone found them ridiculous.

              We descend the elevator when it is safe to do so. When there is space for an alternative to progressivism, we are last man standing in that space, just as Trump was the only Republican running for the Republican nomination. But right now, though Trump needs us badly he cannot afford anyone who is not ostensibly and plausibly an adherent to the ever lefter unofficially official state religion.

  24. No alpha around, but still aroused by the power vibes of the whole thing. They kept looking around as if they expected Caesar to come on a triumphal chariot. Makes sense. In the past, masses acting coordinatedly always implied an alpha leader.

  25. Pooch says:

    Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff cucking out like Mattis. Reminding armed forces they serve the Constitution and not the president.

    • BC says:

      Link doesn’t work.

        • Mike says:

          Yep, saw this on Twitter. The military, if not already obvious, is now now just an arm of the civil service and/or the priestly bureaucratic state. We will have to search out the loyal, actual warriors within it, because right now it isn’t looking like the Reichwehr in the 1920s. It more-so reminds me of the Spanish Army just prior to the Spanish Civil War.

            • jim says:

              The entire high ranking officer class is converged. The tip of the spear, not converged. Further, the behavior of Barr suggests that his evaluation is that when push comes to shove, the direct support of the low ranking officers is going to matter more than the direct support of the high ranking officers, suggests that he anticipates the likelihood that events will occur that “would undermine the discipline and unity of the armed forces”.

              It rather looks to me that one such event has already occurred.

              If Trump can successfully order the deployment of troops to patrol civilian areas, he cannot be removed by means of questionable constitutionality. If he orders the deployment of troops to patrol civilian areas, and the permanent government successfully ignores him, he would have already been removed, and impeachment, followed by imprisonment and being Epsteined to forestall a restoration movement would be a mere formality. He gave the order. The permanent government countermanded that order, and was ignored. The troops were ordered to return to barracks by the permanent government, but continued to deploy from their barracks in accordance with the orders of the Commander in Chief. They did not return, and in fact kept on coming.

              The permanent government quickly backed off. If they had not backed off, or if it had been too late to back off, because openly committed to a grossly illegal removal of Trump, things would have become ugly very quickly.

              Indeed, that was the twitter conversation. Trump talked about deploying troops on twitter, and the blue checks laughed “Empty bluster, Bad Orange Man cannot do that.” And so it came to pass that whether it was empty bluster, whether he could do that, was put to the test.

              Why did the blue checks think he could not do that? What would stop him?

              The blue checks expected the permanent government to successfully ignore him, or that Trump would not try it because the permanent government would successfully ignore him and this would likely result in his death.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                The shit test heard ‘round the world.

                • NilsSild says:

                  Lol, the feminine left living up to its reputation of needing a proper beating and an early bedtime

                • jim says:

                  The struggle continues, and the outcome is unclear.

                  It is not over yet. I though it was over, but the drama continues.

                • Anon 1 says:

                  Very much , the question is the struggle over trump decisions or on the army ? if it the former then trump has his hand firmly on the army , if the later then either it is over , or it is a toss up , time will tell .
                  surprised that the top brass are putting such a fight especially
                  after trump tactic of compromising them to the cathedral (through the walk ) and then keeping them out the loop .

                • The Cominator says:

                  The combat arms troops have demonstrated they will obey Trump over the bureaucracy thus its over, autistic screeching from Pentagon bureaucrats and the DC mayor notwithstanding.

                  Trump should assemble a special unit led by Eddie Gallagher and other such veterans draw up a list and order the night of the long lives to commence.

                  Then he needs to go on tv outline the attempted coup plot, the names of the people he had shot, and why. Fauci should be tied into the coup and he definitely should be high on the list of people to be shot.

                • jim says:

                  I thought it was over. It is not over yet.

                  The Democrats burned down their own cities to make a color revolution. If Trump and his family survive this, they will undoubtedly find connections from inside the government to Antifa dropping of bombs and petrol.

                  And when the blue checks said that putting troops on the streets was empty bluster, they or their handlers writing the scripts knew it was color revolution.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Night of the long knives… not long lives quite the contrary for those on the list…

                • BC says:

                  I’d expect a massive false flag attack organized by 3 letter agency as well.

        • Anonymous 2 says:

          The generals are ready to surrender to BLM without a shot fired. While not entirely unexpected, cf. Mattis, it is undeniably a historic moment.

  26. …and BLM arrived to Austria, blocking my way to the subway for a good 25 minutes. Average college students in a party mood, little aggressive tension in the air. Ugly fat women, as usual for college students, except some super hot sluts in a state of visible sexual arousal. The badly accented English chants were hilarious. “No justice, no piss!” “Black lives, mother!”

    • Pooch says:

      The absolute fervor displayed by young fertile-age women has been shocking.

    • Fred says:

      Female norm-breaking is always felt as sexual arousal.

      I wonder what the story is there – maybe it’s just as simple as norm-breaking (and getting away with it) is high status, and women are aroused by status.

      • Oak says:

        Seems like the opposite of norm-breaking. More like in-group status-signalling.

        But there’s definitely a sexual element. Probably some deep instinct to be close to conflict to make themselves available for capture by the winners.

        Very revealing clothing even by american standards. Not exaactly riot gear.

        • jim says:

          They want to be around, wearing revealing and easily removed clothing, while alpha males are successfully breaking norms.

          When those alpha males break norms, they are going to shit test them by piously upholding norms with great moral indignation.

          As I said before, the tomcat yowls while standing in a prominent position, thereby proving no other tomcat can knock him off his perch, then the pussy cat in heat rips her way through the mosquito netting, goes out to his perch, and gives him a hard time till he forcibly and violently subdues her.

  27. Dave says:

    2026 arrived early. The American Republic is dead and gone forever. A month from now Trump will be absolute ruler of at least DC and its suburbs, or he and his entire circle will be dead. Reading Wiki’s account of the Nika Riots, I scarcely believed that such mass insanity was possible, but here we are.

    Does anyone think things will calm down and go back to the way they were in 2019? Anyone?

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The 2020 election has dropped off the radar so no, it is going to be extralegal from here on out. Personally I’m hoping Biden drops dead and the Dems fail to nominate anyone so it is openly a farce.

  28. Mister Grumpus says:

    BTW: The word is “Kristallnacht”.

  29. Anon 1 says:

    W Bush come in support for the cathedral .

    George W. Bush finally steps onto the right side of history

    all the Rats are coming out.

  30. BC says:

    They’re pushing really hard to have Trump removed by the Military, Mattis just came out in favor of it. GOP Senators as well. I’m sure it’s related to Trump rolling up Obamagate but their cover is Trump purging the left from the park.

    • Pooch says:

      Yeah I posted up thread. It’s not Obamagate. It’s the pushing them out of the park which was a massive show of strength to show Trump is the strong horse. The left is losing its mind about it and it’s seems like it could be the crossing of the Rubicon.

      • jim says:

        Whacking the legacy media with batons looks like crossing the Rubicon. Putting soldiers on the streets of Washington looks like crossing the Rubicon. The left sees military copters buzzing overhead and think that the Rubicon has been crossed.

        Have we crossed the Rubicon?

        Not yet. I regard this as a dry fire exercise for a Rubicon crossing.

        The Democrats and the Deep State have committed no end of illegal acts. When and if the hammer comes down on blatant illegality, then we cross the Rubicon, and we will likely see troops again on the streets of Washington as subpoenas are served. The Rubicon is not Obamagate. It is the muscle that makes it possible to prosecute Obamagate and imprison the offenders.

    • Pooch says:

      My comment went into moderation for some reason:

      It’s not Obamagate its the clearing of the park. The left seems to be viewing it as a crossing of the Rubicon moment.

    • The Cominator says:

      Won’t happen, nor will barack obama be on the ticket because ineligible.

    • jim says:

      The attempt to send the soldiers back to their barracks was a trial of strength. If the soldiers had left the streets and had gone back to their barracks, if the generals had successfully defied the orders of the Commander in Chief, Trump would have been effectively removed. The generals failed to send them back, it is over for them.

      Trump has massive support for this among the public, and, far more importantly, among the warriors at the tip of the spear. The warriors are chanting. They await the order for a coup to roll. They are probably not going to get that order this time, but the left is terrified because it is apparent what would happen if Trump was to give that order.

      To preserve the illusion of the Republic, it is necessary that all legalities be strictly observed. It seems that the legalities may not yet be ready to be rolled out, but the warriors are waiting impatiently. It is now physically possible to prosecute criminal acts among the ruling elites without dying.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        I did not see anything about an attempt to call back the troops. Are you referring to Mattis or something else? Can you post the link or write a post on it? That’s a big deal, depending on how exactly it happened. Where did the break in the chain of command occur?

        • jim says:

          Cannot find the link, it was in short video of troops arriving outside the White House in military buses, which said that their deployment had been countermanded, but here they were anyway. It looks like the conflict over deployment being made to unhappen.

          • Theshadowedknight says:

            Damn, but I figured. The judge that retroactively allowed ICE to do their job didn’t fight it or make noise, and I bet the general was in much the same boat. Once the God-Emperor spoke to him the countermand order likely either never happened or was a miscommunication so as to save face.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              Not quite the same, but close. The issue is where the break happened. Did a colonel tell a general to take it up with the president? Did a company commander blow off the batallion commander? Where the break happened tells us a lot. If it was company grade officer or enlisted, it means Trump has the Praetorians on his side. If it was a field grade officer, it means the men who are looking at the future of military politics(who gets stars) have decided that Trump is the future and are aligning accordingly.

            • jim says:

              “Defense Secretary Mark Esper abruptly reversed a decision to order active-duty troops home from the national capital region on Wednesday”

              Reversed my ass. Esper countermanded the Commander in Chief, his countermand went out, failed to have the desired effect, and then his countermand unhappened.

              He did not reverse his decision to order. The order went out, and more troops continued to show up anyway. He reversed not the decision to order, but reversed the order.

              Much as when ICE did a Jackson, the judicial order that they ignored unhappened.

              I conjecture that what happened behind the scenes is that the left, shocked and horrified by the sight of the legacy media getting the baton, terrified by the sight of soldiers in the streets, decided that it was time for Trump to be urgently removed, attempted to do so, and it just did not happen. The military just went right on, unsurprisingly, obeying the Commander in Chief. If they had obeyed the bureaucracy and disobeyed the Commander in Chief, impeachment would have followed 1,2,3, and then Trump would have been arrested and Epsteined to prevent a restorationist movement, swiftly followed by Trump Junior.

              • BC says:

                That sure fits all the facts well. Interesting times.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Was it Esper and Barr (and some other people) who Trump brought with him on his terrible and unholy very bad walk to church and back? And they got some rocks thrown at them too?

                Maybe that was Trump making sure they got a good look, through their own eyes and perhaps for the very first time, at the people who would be feeding them to the crocodiles right after him.

              • The Cominator says:

                “I conjecture that what happened behind the scenes is that the left, shocked and horrified by the sight of the legacy media getting the baton, terrified by the sight of soldiers in the streets, decided that it was time for Trump to be urgently removed, attempted to do so, and it just did not happen. The military just went right on, unsurprisingly, obeying the Commander in Chief. If they had obeyed the bureaucracy and disobeyed the Commander in Chief, impeachment would have followed 1,2,3, and then Trump would have been arrested and Epsteined to prevent a restorationist movement, swiftly followed by Trump Junior.”

                They have counted heads and come up short… but now Trump needs to within a short time announce their coup attempt and have them shot coinciding with the riots being put down and the publication of all the cathedral/left/derp state corruption.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  His guys need to truly believe and understand that they’re Crocodile Chow now unless they find a way to do this. Do they?

                • jim says:

                  I see Barr running around drumming up support among the praetorians, which would suggest he has figured it out.

                  The left used their tried and true tactic to win praetorian support: Shills and astroturf: “Hail fellow warrior. Trump is a horrible monster because he allows us to eat Muslim babies, and those desks in Afghanistan are really hard on our backsides”. Did not go over too well. You cannot stay on script, and still sound like a fellow warrior because the script is written by priests. Not to mention that it is hard for anyone who has not seen the elephant to sound like a fellow warrior.

                • The Cominator says:

                  100% Barr knows it. I don’t know about the average trooper in the army and national guard but the radleft burning down the dems own cities seems to have redpilled a lot of people.

                • Pooch says:

                  There’s nothing more redpill quite like watching a bunch of blacks beat an unarmed white person on video.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Give me your angle on this:

                  I feel that I have at least a 101-level “kids table” understanding of these “status mechanics” now, though only and entirely from this blog. If I were more intellectually diligent then surely I’d have gone out and found them elsewhere as well, but haven’t been. I found all the Living Water I was looking for, right here, and stopped looking.

                  And I’m just some nobody on the internet (checks window blinds), a bit farther away from the crocodiles than many.

                  So could it really be, today, that anyone in Trump’s cabinet and family, for example, is less versed and grounded in this material than you or I are?

                  Could there really be anyone (still) in Trump’s inner circle who doesn’t understand, today understand, that he’s Uncle Epstein’s Crocodile Chow unless they can show/display/imply superior violent power, this week and every following week for some time, for the above given reasons?

                  I just can’t believe that we could be ahead of them on this curve (if you’ll humor the “we”), given their surely-decent brains, experienced IRL political acumen, and certainly more perilous stakes.

                  What do you think? Roughly yes? Roughly no? Some exotic and mind-bending “quadrant” of Dunning-Kruger at work?

                • jim says:

                  I envisage and hope for a more gradual process, but one I think likely to have more permanent effects.

                  First, halt the holiness spiral, by making excessive leftism dangerous. The Sovereign tells the priesthood not to worry, he is not abandoning the very holy state religion of Harvard, which he totally subscribes to, he is just taking care of the priesthoods holier than thou elements, which are demonstrably dangerous to the rest of the priesthood. After all, those lefter than thou assassinated Sergei Kirov so they need to be taken care of. The priesthood gets nervous, for they expect the salami slicer to come for them taking slices from the left, but with antifa attacking CNN as fascist, their own salami slicer is already coming for them taking slices from the right.

                  But, with leftism no longer going ever lefter, there are not going to be more applecarts to knock over, no more apples to grab, which is what is really upsetting them. They could after all have just moved ever further left, staying one step ahead of their own salami slicer. But, they fail to resist very effectually, and suddenly real support for leftism softly and silently fades away, leaving the officially unofficial priesthood an empty shell, that, absent the prospect of knocking over more apple carts, no one takes seriously any more.

                  OK, stage one is Stalin rolling up the conspiracy that assassinated Sergei Kirov, Cromwell dismissing Barebones’ Parliament.

                  Stage two is Emperor Constantine making Christianity “tolerated”. It is no longer career suicide, and no longer exposes you to violence, to subscribe to the Red Pill and the Dark Enlightenment. Which means the Sovereign can employ priests more likely to back his authority, and more able and inclined to police each other, to cooperate with him and each other, than priests of the empty shell of the officially unofficial state religion. Emperor Constantine, of course, is not a Christian. He just seems strangely cozy with them. And somehow, employs quite a few of them. Needless to say, they don’t get the plum jobs, but somehow the jobs that are supposed to be plum jobs turn out to gradually cease being so plummy, and the jobs the Christians get turn out to be plummy indeed. In a strangely short time everyone, or everyone with his eyes on a state or quasi statal job, converts as if Christianity is already the state religion that it officially is not yet. And in due course, Emperor Constantine, equipped with a priesthood that is wholly Christian, builds a new capital somewhere a safe distance from Rome, abandoning a swamp too deep and vast to be drained. The dignitaries in the new capital have titles that are theoretically lesser than those of the dignitaries in the old capital, and theoretically the old capital does not lose anything important. And, theoretically, still a Republic.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  In the inner circle? Probably not now, except possibly Javanka. She’s a woman and he’s a Jew, both groups that have a long history of rapidly switching alliances and so disinclined to completely alienate either side. Trump may have solved that little problem by putting Jared on The Wall, poisoning him to the left and ensuring his loyalty.

                  Problem is, it isn’t just his inner circle that needs to know that they are dead. Mattis might have just been covering his ass from a coup that he heard coming. Funny that he comes out right as a coup attempt crops up, the sneaky fucker. The rest might have heard about the coup attempt as it was in progress. Barry knew, probably a few more, but plenty of the right still think they can negotiate their way out of this and go back to the comfortable sinecures.

                  Now, though? With Barr in on the Lafayette Massacre(I am being sarcastic, but YouTube wanted to show me a video from some lawyer called “American Carnage” about the park clearing) and a pretty obvious coup attempt? I think that changes. American cities are burning, there is armed insurrection in multiple states, and the military is following Trump, who is showing major strength.

                  At this point, if you aren’t on Trump’s side you are either on the other side, or too far away from power to have any meaningful impact on the result. Any politician who doesn’t side with Trump should be considered an enemy. Only the oblivious cannot see what is coming.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      “…but their cover is Trump purging the left from the park.”

      Seriously? All of this looting, assault, rape, robbery and murder going on, but Trump has to quit because he cleared out a park for a few hours during a national emergency?

      That’s really their argument?

      I’m not calling you liar. I just can’t believe it.

      • BC says:

        It’s all over reddit as their primary talking point and it’s the talking point Mattis referenced.

        As far as I can tell there’s an almost complete new black out on most of the rioting and violence at this point. Social media posts that post the videos are quickly deleted.

  31. Not Tom says:

    The reason we have governments is to outsource the task of committing violence and achieve economies of scale. Clearly a government that commits violence, especially violence for the clear purpose of maintaining order, is going to be much higher status than one that is afraid to commit violence. Ideology is secondary.

    But while clearing out a few mobs in DC is a good start, it’s not going to be sufficient. Cities all over the country are burning, and nobody outside DC really cares about DC. While perhaps it’s wise in the short term to allow blue-state governors and blue-city mayors to put their disgusting and pathetic weakness on public display, eventually he (or his proxy) needs to amog them and demonstrate that his administration actually is capable of restoring order, otherwise it will appear to be a selfish act and fade into irrelevancy. He doesn’t have to save the whole country; victory in even one “real” city will probably win a lot of people’s hearts and minds, but DC won’t.

    As always, I hope for the best but expect the worst. I anticipate no national guard, no federal riot-breakers, just the communists and pavement apes eventually running out of energy or victims or both, or the media getting tired of the story, as it was with the same events in 2015. And that, in my opinion, is a disaster for Trump. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, but strike while the iron is hot.

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      Consider the following:

      1) In times of crisis, the President is the Governor of DC. Governors are like Justices; herd creatures.

      2) Despite what has been stated ITT about cops being brainless thugs, law enforcement are mostly men, mostly white, and mostly heavily armed males with kids.

      3) Currently, the Governor of DC is using SORT squads from RedStateAmerica to hold the line.

      4) If GET can demonstrate efficacy in maintaining order, the choice for Governors becomes binary.

      That being said, I agree with your analysis. As I posted before, I am concerned that this Action is bait attempting to get GET to strike too soon. The Left may be in disarray; that doesn’t mean they aren’t in power, just as they have been since FDR.

      • The Cominator says:

        “2) Despite what has been stated ITT about cops being brainless thugs, law enforcement are mostly men, mostly white, and mostly heavily armed males with kids.”

        Overwhelmingly divorced (cop divorce rate is like 90%) with the ex wife having custody… though this should make them make them hate the family court system more than anyone theoretically.

    • Marlow Colt says:

      Watching with folded arms as the riots slowly simmer down will not be ideal optics for Trump, but I’m not convinced that it will devastate his reputation as an authority or hurt his re-election chances.

      A lot of people on the right and left are scared and disgusted. I wager that normal people are thinking something like “If this is how the looneys of the radical left behave when disenfranchised, imagine the hellscape that awaits us if a swamp creature captures the throne again.

      I just don’t think Trump will lose his base, because Trump is the only viable option that decent people have left.

      • Not Tom says:

        On the surface, I agree with you. Looking exclusively through the democratic lens, a lukewarm but not totally incompetent response does not necessarily cost him reelection.

        But he loses credibility as a strongman. His capacity for an autocoup would shrink, maybe permanently. And as we know ’round these parts, it’s coup or die for Trump. He might get to serve out his second term as a purely constitutional President, but if he fails to put down the attack dogs of the Cathedral (or better yet, their masters) while in office, he is going to spend the rest of his post-political life in federal prison – if he’s lucky.

        The outcome of the election matters a little, but not a lot. To put it more directly, reelection is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Trump to be able to wield any real power over the next 4 years.

        • The Cominator says:

          The dogs will not stop until they are put down so Trump can wait until not just far right wingers but centrist normies are demanding that every leftist be shot to move decisively and put them down.

          The more blood that is spilled putting this down the stronger Trump looks but popular opinion must be on his side when he orders them shot en masse…

          • Pooch says:

            It’s quite amazing watching Fox News hosts getting red pilled overnight as their high end uppety Manhattan neighborhoods get plundered.

        • Marlow Colt says:

          Good points. I’m hoping that Trump is strategically holding back so that a bright light may shine on the treasonous responses of the establishment thus far.

          To show all and sundry that Cathedral governors, mayors and pundits truly do have horrible intentions.

          Then, Trump and the troops swoop in to save the day just when we’re all begging for it the loudest.

          Interesting times.

  32. Atavistic Morality says:

    Calling non-Americans to pay attention to their own media to see if the end of the world coronavirus news suddenly disappear and are replaced with whatever color fluff is appropriate for the country.

    In Spain it’s already happening, just last week 90% was all about coronavirus somehow but suddenly they’ve been reduced to a minimum.

    Apparently the Cathedral is tired of the holohoa… I mean *con*ronavirus, time for a new way to immanentize the eschaton.

    • jim says:

      Yes, I noticed the overnight disappearance of Wu Flu drama world wide. I wake up this morning, and see work being done that had been delayed due to Wu Flu drama.

      Everything was on hold pending the Immanent Eschaton. When Trump whacks the legacy media in Lafayette park with police batons, the Eschaton is no longer immanent, so people get back to work. Everyone shrugs their shoulders and resumes normal life.

  33. BC says:

    A Biden/Obama(Not the chimp in the dress) is looking more likely now. To prove you’re not racist, vote for a black man again!

  34. ss says:

    On status… hydroxychloroquine study fraud finally broke through to the mainstream. Reported in Guardian… forced a statement from Lancet… WHO trials resumed… explosive retraction soon?

    Opening for mainstream-acceptable criticism of “peer review” without getting yourself called a conspiracy theorist and banned? An opportunity for Trump to slay the medical priesthood?

    • jim says:

      Peer reviewed, and they cannot reveal their data source because of patient privacy. Which somehow also means hospital privacy.

  35. Starman says:

    The nigger worship cult is such a shitty cult! I fucking hate it. No redemption at all. Worshiping a race that couldn’t even invent the wheel.

    If only there’s something that’s actually inspiring with real redemption.

  36. Icon says:

    Jim is 100% correct. You must always operate from a position of strength if you expect to lead. The Minneapolis mayor (Frey) displayed the first weakness, then liberals across the country virtue signaled their way into mass vandalism.

    The code of conduct says to never give up while you still have the means to resist. Commanders have always known that there will be more casualties while in retreat than during a frontal assault.

    Police have riot gear, tear gas, flash bangs, and even sonic equipment that could give rioters an instant migraine while emptying their bowls on themselves. Police stood down, because they were restrained. As Jim says, steel trumps stones, and police have a monopoly on steel.

    We’ll have to see where this all goes in the coming months. In the mean time, you can be your own alpha ape over your own property. Let the liberals virtue signal themselves into oblivion.

  37. Anonymous 2 says:

    “I am also taking swift and decisive action to protect our great capital, Washington, D.C. What happened in the city last night was a total disgrace. As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults and the wanton destruction of property.”

    “These are not the words of a president. They are the words of a dictator,” Democratic Senator Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter.

    Oh ho ho. Was, or even still is, this the great opportunity to actually seize power? Along with rooting out domestic terrorism, of course. Those certainly are some deep roots.

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      I’ve been trying to figure out what is actually going on, as the narrative and contra-narrative both seem paper thin. We here are fairly certain Antifa™ is a product of the State Department. We are also fairly certain that Trump is not in control of the Executive, at least not completely. We know these riots are coordinated. The opposed forces are not polar; there are a number of factions involved. I believe (others here disagree) that Law Enforcement is divided in its loyalty in a HLvM configuration (Affirmative Action chiefs & brass and diversity hires v. career/culture police).

      Is the ongoing conflagration the result of the disunity/uncoordination of the left, meaning segments of status/power are now up for grabs? Is this a coordinated operation, therefore the chess game is afoot? Is it another thing entirely?

      Disregarding the third option… If it is #1, GET should strike hard. If it is the second option, it may be a trap, a ploy to get Trump to move early and thereby negate his chance to go full Augustus.

      …or I’m completely in the dark. Interesting times, regardless.

      • jim says:

        It is inherent in the left that leftists are always fighting, and that the leftmost faction is always attacking all the other factions, and all the other factions failing to defend themselves. No enemies to the left, no friends to the right, which means all your enemies are your friends and all your friends are you enemies: Asymmetric “friendship”

      • The Cominator says:

        Covid panic was coordinated and planned at the higher levels of the left by leftists who by leftist standards pass as rational (though still evil and insane).

        This is a chimpout by their holy lunatics and to the extent there is coordination its between the lunatics and its not very good. Tyrone the looter for instance wants to steal a big screen plasma tv, he does not care about the politics. The antifa types (mostly white and to the extent they are black tend to be high yellows) who are setting fires and vandalizing war memorials (which the more rational left as bad as they are knows is a really stupid thing to do) are not really under anyone’s control now.

        They are not going to be doing any damage in red areas without stupid laws against self defense and if they try they are going to die.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        The big question is whether the GE controls the armed forces or not. My impression during the Mattis fiasco was that the generals were not firmly on his side.

        Leaving that aside, what next? The left is used to always play hawk and winning escalations, so taking a tough stance in DC with the military might provoke them to go one step too high on the ladder. Then Trump can declare an insurrection and really get rolling.

        Finally, I’d also like to draw attention to a former military commander’s assessment of antifa.

        Briefly, they seem to have gotten a lot better since 2015.

          • Anonymous 2 says:

            Most amusing, more like this please.

            To continue the above a bit, Trump should simultaneously use the domestic terrorism card to the max, even if there is no escalation.

            In short, roll up the antifa networks and their sponsors. NSA has all the metadata, the whole surveillance state was built for this sort of thing and it should really be straightforward to extract the necessary information. From what I have read, it might literally be just a few massive queries.

            It would be useful to injure the rotten judicial system at the same time — it doesn’t seem far fetched that activist judges and lawyers of various stripes would be involved in unsavoury ways.

            In short, it looks like a great opportunity. Seize the day, Mr Trump.

            • jim says:

              There are traitors within. The traitors are in bed with domestic terrorism.

              The plains apes did most of the actual damage, but Antifa manipulated them. Antifa arranged for a peaceful parade, well as peaceful as plains apes can be, which is not all that peaceful, and when the parade passed one of their targets, would smash their way in and start a fire, and the plains apes, like sharks manipulated by the fisherman casting blood in the water, would go in to loot. A feeding frenzy ensued. Once the plains apes, attracted by the sound of breaking glass, went in, the Antifa operatives went out, moving on to their next target, leaving the feeding frenzy behind them to do most of the damage. Antifa did this primarily in blue states, because the governors and the judiciary are in the pocket of the same people who give Antifa their marching orders and the governors gave the police orders to not interfere.

            • jim says:

              I expect that if anyone looks, they will find anomalous conversations with judges, police, and prosecutors in situations where the police made the career threatening mistake of arresting the wrong person merely because he was committing a crime, that whenever an Antifa case comes up, certain people make certain phone calls to the police, prosecutors, and judges involved. This should be readily detectable in the metadata.

              Interesting metadata provides grounds for a warrant. Then, once you get the people making those phone calls, you get them to rat out the people giving them orders. And then you roll up the top leadership of the Democratic party, the State Department, Harvard, and the FBI. Get the top level connection between supposedly non governmental people who are overtly running Antifa, and the people in government who are funding them and providing them with immunity. Get the cutouts between Antifa and the deep state.

              The left has been pulling this stunt over and over again for four centuries. It is time for it to blow up in their faces. A successful roll up of the people who pulled this stunt would be a Trump self coup. It would be the assassination of Kirov all over again. The lineage of Trump would likely rule for generations.

              Sergei Kirov was assassinated by some random expendable dolt, but it rapidly became obvious that a party faction had been controlling that random dolt and had set up the assassination. Stalin rolled up those responsible, and anyone connected to them, and then anyone connected to anyone connected to them, then anyone of the same lefter than thou and lefter than Stalin ideology. Doubtless the vast majority of those rolled up had no direct connection, but were merely sympathetic, or suspected of being sympathetic, to the belief system of those who were actually involved in the conspiracy.

              But an ideology is a synthetic tribe. You need to purge that tribe. Exposing the connections between the deep state and Antifa is a start, because you can get the tribe ratting each other out. Suddenly getting in with that synthetic tribe ceases to be attractive, and their support base of sympathizers within the state melts away, which then creates an environment where the sovereign can take further effective action against hostile and treasonous members of the elite.

              • Frederick Algernon says:

                If anyone were dumb enough to follow this line of reasoning, a look into paralegals, law firm interns, court clerks, and civilian police employees would be total dead end. It would be completely unlikely that those interns at law firms in question might report directly to attorneys whose peerage teach at their law schools. And it would just be blind coincidence that the DAs office has a lot of personnel in the same cohort. Of course, only racists and need-sexs would even care that most civilian police employees are college educated princess material that exceed at HR paperwork and public policy minutia.

                What a pointless wild goose chase that would be.

                • jim says:

                  That is precisely what will make those phone calls stick out from the metadata like sore thumbs. When we look at the metadata, we will see some phone calls from the princes of Harvard and the State Department, to the grunts of Fishtown. A cop of no importance, far from the centers of power, arrests an Antifa of no importance, far from the centers of power. And the metadata will show judges, police, and prosecutors of no importance far from the centers of power then getting phone calls from people that they would never normally get to talk to.

                  Stalin and Cromwell did not roll back leftism, but they halted the movement ever leftwards. With no prospect of new apple carts to knock over, leftism quietly died. If Trump rolls up the Kirov conspiracy, then it becomes dangerous to be too far left. Still less dangerous than being too far right, but dangerous enough. Dangerous enough to kill the engine of leftism, the enticing prospect of new apple carts to knock over. At that point, a new faith will be needed to replace the old faith.

                  The Kirov conspiracy fell apart because of unusual patterns of communication and behavior. We have better metadata on the communications of the Antifa conspiracy than Stalin had on the Kirov conspiracy.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Its probably going to be the state department and academic prince’s assistants calling the police chiefs and criminal court judges.

              • The Cominator says:

                Trump Jr apparently thinks Trump/Barr has this info already…

        • jim says:


          Like Pussy Riot, Antifa take their orders from Soros, and George Soros takes his orders from the people who made him rich. Soros is a laundry for US government funding.

          They are able to operate because the police and the judiciary look the other way.

          The left has been pulling this trick for four centuries. It is getting old. This is yet another rerun of the successful attack on King Charles the First’s Bishops.

        • Pooch says:

          Mattis comparing Trump to Nazis.

          The forces against Trump are making themselves known.

          • Not Tom says:

            Sad. I knew Mattis was not our friend, but had no idea he was such a piece of garbage. How could this asshat have ever been regarded as a military hero?

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              Something something hero something something villain. All the best officers get purged by Senate subcommittees. From my armchair [redacted] position, the loyal officers, and consequently the actual targets of Soros’ handlers are anyone that made their bones with DIA. If I had to put my money on a final wager, I’d say it is DIA + Trumpen Bund + ??? v. CIA + IC + FBI + State + ???. The brass in the IC world is dead set against GET. Read Devil’s Chessboard, Relentless Strike, War Dogs, The Amateur, and The Case for Trump. It isn’t an explicit playbill, but I think those books outline the crowd(s) involved.

            • Theshadowedknight says:

              As a former Marine, he has been a disappointment. When I was in we heard all the stories. “Be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet,” or, “I come in peace; I didn’t bring artillery…” while AC-130 gunships are circling above the meeting. He was apparently a great guy to serve under. They used to call him the warrior-monk, but the problem is that at some point he either went all monk and no warrior or is just too old and set in his ways to accept that anything has changed or any problems exist.

              • Pooch says:

                If shit hits the fan, what percentage of the Military will pledge loyalty to him in your opinion?

                • Pooch says:

                  Obviously he’ll get all the non-whites

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  It’s really hard to tell. I sort of expect that most whites hear the NaziMegaHitler comparisons and just tune him out. He isn’t in anymore, so he doesn’t have the pull he once did. I think it depends on how it goes. If Trump is putting down rioters and Mattis tries to be the military face of the leftist coup, it goes nowhere and Trump arrests him no problem. In some other case, I can see a portion of the whites joining him.

                  The problem is that leftists aren’t cool anymore. The college kids I talk to that have any social status think that Bernie is an angry old lunatic and out of touch. They hold the kind of unconscious contempt for the left that will probably be the most fatal in the long term. If the cool kids in college think the left is lame without necessarily being all that far right, then I doubt they have much status within the military, and Mattis is burning credibility. When faggot lefties cheer on a leader, the grunts peg him as a cuck or a bitch, so I doubt he will pull much, but that might be my bias speaking.

                • jim says:

                  The military is ninety five percent logistics dressed in false uniforms to give them stolen valor.

                  The interesting question is: What proportion at the tip of the spear will pledge loyalty to their commander in chief, when their general is in open defiance of their commander in chief’s orders – as nearly happened over the issue of putting troops on the streets. Trump had a little chat with the mutineer and he quieted down.

                  Logistics workers larping as soldiers do not matter.

                  My estimate is that the men at the tip of the spear, all of them, will follow Trump’s commands, over the commands of some fatassed bureaucrat whose face they have never seen.

                  This is an exercise for the self coup. If Trump was obeyed once, will be obeyed twice. If he can bypass enemies in the command structure once, he can bypass them twice.

                • Theshadowedknight says:

                  Yes, Jim, that was what I was assuming. Where the infantry and SOCOM falls is all that ultimately matters, and to a lesser extent tankers, armored cav, and arty. Trump can bypass compromised military supply networks to provide resources to trigger pullers, but supply cannot provide trigger pullers to counter the men who do it full time. Where the rubber meets the road, tip of the spear, etc, it all comes to the men who actually make the military work.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              @Not Tom:
              “Sad. I knew Mattis was not our friend, but had no idea he was such a piece of garbage.”

              Mattis fell for and co-signed Elizabeth Holmes’ black turtleneck, blonde hair, perky tits and biotech vaporware.

              (An especially easy call to make in hindsight.)

              • Starman says:

                Ah yes, the programerette who cosplayed as the female Steve Jobs complete with black turtlenecks.

                She even tried to speak in a low fake male voice every time she talked… so she can cosplay as a supercereal Silicon Valley Steve Jobette.

  38. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Looks like some comments stuck in moderation.

    • jim says:

      You mistyped your handle, with the result it went not just to moderation, but to spam.

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        So it seems; my first thought was maybe it was the external link, but typos would do it too.

  39. ERTZ says:

    “Power comes from status, the power to control status comes from rocks, and the power to control rocks comes from steel.”

    Status simply comes from power.
    Specifically the power to kill and cause pain.
    Nobody else can have status if those in power (those who can kill with impunity) won’t allow it.

    But for modern societies this open power is tricky.
    Open oppression does not work well, because for biological reasons:
    If people live in fear they suffer from elevated chronic stress hormones, which then shut down their brains.
    This is the reason modern societies don’t have open slavery.
    You can use slavery for simple physical work – just kill resisters, and regularly kill the slowest workers.
    Works well, is historically proven for erecting pyramids and digging huge canals and such.
    But if you have a workforce that needs their brains, you cannot have open, stressful slavery.
    It has to be hidden.
    That’s the fundamental reason we have human rights and pleasant conditions for non-rulers in the West:
    To have and grow an advanced, cognitive-ability based economy, you cannot use open terror to motivate
    workers. You have to treat them well and reward them.

    Your analysis seems correct to me, but I feel it lacks a level on top:
    The right vs. left struggle is not the highest level of what happens here strategically.
    The left cannot be fought, suppressed openly, it would end in a replay of the cold war in the West,
    with leftist groups becoming underground fighters, laying bombs, killing and abducting the rich etc.
    It would be a social mess again.
    There is a better way: Trick them into believing they have won, at least partially, and have them thus subdued.
    I think this is the strategy of our upper class.
    What is the strategic goal?
    Having the most people work hardest at their highest potential.
    This is what serves everyone best, those needing social welfare, the workers themselves, the upper class getting the most profits, science advancing fastest, having least internal social and economic frictions that slow down everything.

    Consider feminism.
    Let feminists “win”.
    What have they “won”, actually?
    The “right”, which is actually a duty, to work. It’s simply social pressure for women to study hard, work hard, earn hard.
    They have been tricked into working hard, which they had resisted fiercely if they had been pressured openly to do it.

    Consider Negroes.
    I predict if those riots are over, affirmative action and such programs will end with Negroes becoming “equal” to Whites even more officially, somehow it will be spun Negroes will have “won” over “Whites”.
    Now they are “free” to work. No racial oppression anymore, just like businesses and government make sure gays and lesbians and trans creatures and all that ilk is given high status, that is, having them believe they have “won” somehow, something. All they end up is being integrated into the corporate machine, working jobs, making the upper class money,
    paying taxes and being integrated in the economy.

    Consider leftists.
    They envy the rich and stir up victim groups to fight the rich.
    But the rich, top companies, upper class, now have openly not only embraced, but aggressively elevated status of any and all possible victim classes out there – blacks, gays, women, fatties, LGBTXYZ – they are all given high status,
    are all overwhelmed with sudden displays of huge respect and love from big business and government, all that “wokeness”.
    Now what?
    Lefties have no victim groups anymore, they are all given artificially high status by gov and businesses,
    all given preferential treatment over the common White person.
    There are no victim classes left for the left,
    they are now under the corporate or welfare-job umbrella, integrated into the economy, and showered with (words and gestures are cheap) “respect” and artificially elevated status. The left has no weapons left, no victim classes, no oppressed to point to.

    They now all work. Work as practically slaves for the upper class, serve big business.
    They all feel they have won a huge victory, have fought for it and earned huge respect, can be proud…
    The only tangible real outcome is that they now all SERVE the corporate-economic machine.

    A lot of Whites don’t like it, but they have no choice on the matter, will continue to work and pay taxes.
    White men will actually even have to work even harder, because the artificially elevated status of nonwhite men and women generally makes it harder for them to get sex, they have to become even more successful to impress women.
    This is good for the economy, for civilization.
    If women were low status, were put under men like in Islam, then many men would get women and sex easily, but that would make them lazy, because most men work hard and have a career and income and built wealth only to attract women.
    Feminism is a stress on most men, but a necessary one – it forces them to work harder, achieve more, from which civilization can only profit.
    Nothing is more important than maximizing the incentive for men, and also women, to achieve.

    Those riots are ridiculously mild.
    Consider all the guns out there, a barrel behind each leaf of grass or so.
    Notice the deafening silence of actual gunfire. Americans take extreme care to not shoot at each other.
    This is a play-riot, a childish adventure for most, a make-scare, an exciting, but mostly harmless event.
    The looting is not economically significant, petty cash compared with the government’s trillion-$ bailouts.
    If anything, it only will serve to stimulate the economy, provide jobs, because the stuff has to be replaced, repaired and rebuilt.
    Look at the stock market. No trace of fear of the upper class, no baisse.
    Buffett and Munger and Dimon and Gates are totally relaxed.
    There is no real danger. It’s a play, set up so that the oppressed may “win”, and then have their “victory”, which is them becoming working slaves without realizing they have been subjected to slavery, because they have “fought” for their right to work as “equals”, have earned their “respect”.
    It all seems more like entertainment, a huge adventure park, people playing riot and revolution, childish. A lot of women even dance, Negresses twerking in front of burning and looting shops. They are enjoying themselves, there is no trace of terror.
    And the upper class and government plays make them lose by making them believe they have won.

    Why not also give blacks those reparations for slavery?
    It will further increase their perception they have “won” at last, while in reality it will be just another economic stimulus,
    because they money blacks receive will end up with the owner class, the ruling class, real soon, because blacks cannot hold on money and will immediately spend it. So it cascades up into the top companies, making the upper class richer.

    The overarching strategic goal of civilization is to have the most people work as hard as they can,
    make things, learn things, improve things, invent things, grow productivity.
    Leftists will always be there, so they have to be dealt with, and this has to be done by avoiding open
    oppression, because this is what gives leftists their actual power. They must be manipulated, tricked, into believing they have won.
    It’s key to subdue leftists, but it’s irrelevant to have them humiliated – they don’t have to know that they have been defeated, as long as they serve as slaves.
    Let them believe they have won, so that they will work.
    The upper class, those owning the key businesses in which all economic profits end up, and the whole of society, whole of civilization will benefit maximally from that solution.

    This is my interpretation of what is really going on.
    And I predict that in the future, America will be an even stronger, more prosperous civilization coming out of it.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      >The left cannot be fought, suppressed openly,

      The lack of anyone actually openly fighting and suppressing left-ish modes of conduct is exactly the historical problem heretofore.

      >it would end in a replay of the cold war in the West

      Where the left openly fought and suppressed the insufficiently left?

      Looks like you’ve got some wires crossed in your head right now.

      • ERTZ says:

        >Where the left openly fought and suppressed the insufficiently left?

        What is the left, what do they want?
        Equality = getting higher status.
        This is impossible, because the inferior cannot be truly elevated, the ugly not made beautiful, the stupid not made intelligent etc.
        The left thus sabotages the superior people, tries to bring down society if only the superior people are destroyed, so that the leftist must no longer suffer low status, must not suffer being openly and obviously inferior.

        The only really effective weapon the left ever had is that the majority is genetically inferior to the genetically superior minority, using status-envy driven hatred to incite the inferior minority to fight for the left to destroy the superior majority to bring leftists into power.
        To do this, they made the majority to be outraged at “injustices”, to oppression, poverty, etc.
        This was a problem in the past, but due to economic growth in the West, is not longer a real problem.
        The inferior majority has grown fat and lazy in a pleasant environment of prosperity, entertainment, fast food. The left has no REAL oppressed classes anymore to incite class warfare,
        and has to make use of pathetic irrelevant fringe groups like gays and trannies and some (actually not oppressed, but uppity) blacks to incite revolutionary spirit in the inferior majority.
        This is their LAST LINE OF DEFENSE. If those fringe groups of victimized oppressed are taken from the left, the left is out of munition, out of soldiers, out of victim groups to incite “change”, aka revolution.
        So the upper class, business elites, became “woke” – all and every damn pathetic, disgusting potential victim group,
        black translesbian fatpositive whatever-genetic-failures have been aggressively embraced, welcomed with open corporate and governmental arms, showered with respect and love, given status.

        Now all and every potential victim group is totally supported by business+government.
        Now what?
        How can the left further incite the majority?
        For what can they fight now?
        There are no victims left, even the most disgusting and ridiculous victim groups are taken in for loving care by big business and big government.

        In the 60s, 70s, 80s Europe was under siege by leftists, communist terror groups.
        By crushing them openly with the power of police and military they were made into victims, and it’s human instinct to take the side of the weak, the “unfairly” oppressed, to take the side of the little guy rather than the huge guy.
        So leftists not only were successful terrorists because they were supported by a sizable fraction of the population, abducted and killed many rich people, industrialists, politicians in that period, but also leftist parties were voted for by a large part of the population.

        Crushing leftists by open force is possible, but has high costs, it makes them into victims, which incites sympathies for them with much of the population, and then gives them more power. The crushing has to go on, which has costs, and the whole situation is unstable.
        Destroying leftists by removing all possible victim groups for them to point to, removing all obvious causes for them to scream “Oppression!Injustice!” is much cheaper, more effective, and a lasting solution.

        This strategy has only become possible now, because productivity growth has enabled Western economies to provide well for and integrate the genetically inferior through synthetic jobs (“bullshit jobs”) and welfare expansion.
        But if this is managed well, more people than ever will work, growing the economy even more, because if there are no victim classes left, people have no real reason to resist and sabotage and seek revolution anymore, freeing resources and human capital.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          The problem here is your incorrect perception of reality.

          The national guard wasn’t sent to keep negroes out nice whitopias, it was sent to bus them in and point bayonets at anyone who might get funny ideas.

          • ERTZ says:

            The upper class uses “diversity”, the forced race-mixing in housing and employment to stabilize society by destabilizing it:
            This might seem weird, crazy, or counter-intuitive, but increasing social fractions causes microinstabilities that lead to macrostability:
            Civil wars, inter-country wars only happen when big, powerful, united fractions of people can attack each other.
            The US civil war, for example, only happened because the US was fractions roughly in half, two strong sides having strong power and ability to engage in warfare. The results were catastrophic.
            But if there are dozens, hundreds of fractions that each have unique interests and loyalties, they tend to block each other, cancel each other out.

            Divide et impera: USA vs. Confederates means terrible war. Left vs. Right means terrible war.

            But women vs. men vs. immigrants vs. citizens vs. young vs. old vs. rich vs. poor vs. educated vs. simple workers vs. feminists vs. men’s rights activists vs. animal rights activists vs. meat eaters union vs. pacifists vs. veteran’s union vs. etc. etc. is such a fractioned state that no major unions can form, therefore no major powers can form, therefore no big military conflict can happen.
            Social stability through enforced social diversity.

            If this is not enforced by the government and big business, people will self-segregate, blacks to blacks, whites to whites, Hispanics with Hispanics, into rich and poor neighborhoods, etc.
            Then large fractions can form, which then can unite, then become powerful, then become a big problem for the ruling class.
            If you force different people to mix in daily life, this causes a constant stress and mutual distrust, a sense of powerlessness from disunity, and therefore a sense of powerlessness.

            As a concrete example, consider Amazon’s use of diversity to prevent unions:

            If you have Negroes, Whites, Feminists, Hispanics etc. all forced into a single employee unit,
            racism and mutual distrust will make it unlikely they will cooperate to form a union.

            This is a concrete and practical intelligent way to sabotage leftism!
            Superficially it’s open leftism to enforce corporate diversity, but in reality it INCREASES feelings of racism, racial hatred, mutual racial and social distrust, growing profits and stabilizing society under upper class rule.

            See, you don’t fight intelligently by destroying your enemy head-on.
            A better way is to give him what he wants, if this will actually destroy him, and then give him a lot of it!
            If you try to kill an alcoholic legally, you make sure he has lots of money to buy alcohol, or give him alcohol
            directly, so that he’ll be soon dead from liver cirrhosis.
            The same principle you use to kill a junkie.
            Other people you can overfeed so they cripple themselves from becoming obese, are removed as socio-sexual competition.
            With leftists, it often serves well to finance leftist organisations, like Soros does (among other purposes), because then leftists will begin to fight each other internally for high-status, high-income positions in those organizations, which saps their time and energy to cause outside trouble. You then, like Soros can, use those leftists organizations to engage in anti-leftist work under the superficial appearance of being pro-leftist, for example using the Open Society Foundation for color revolutions or destabilizing America’s enemies by activating and strengthening leftist organisations in those countries to destabilize their governments and expand US/Western influence.
            To incite revolutions, you must use youths, students, discontent population fractions like gays, lesbians etc., because older and socially/economically established parts of the population have no incentive to revolt.

            Leftism will never go away, cannot be defeated by simple force.
            But it can be made into an unsuspecting servant and slave, rather than having it as an open enemy.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              You are living in a world where a man like Bill Ayers not only was not hung from a noose, but in fact, was the next-door neighbor and mentor of your president, enjoying invites to a laundry list of think-tanks, universities, NGOs, and other pseudopods of sovereignty.

              The order of the 20th century was a leftist order, and the 20th century order was a leftist order because it rewarded doing leftism with fabulous prizes and honors; and anyone who got in the way of doing that leftism, brutally stomped on.

              Any argument that proceeds from a presumption like ‘well USG tried to stomp on leftism and that didnt work so…’ fails to even cross the starting line, because that is not the reality you are living in.

    • Pseud-chrysostom says:

      >I predict if those riots are over, affirmative action and such programs will end with Negroes becoming “equal” to Whites even more officially, somehow it will be spun Negroes will have “won” over “Whites”.

      Laughably delusive. If taking a little bit of blood and treasure from europoids is validatory, then taking even more blood and treasure is even more validatory.

      In an environment where ‘doctrine’ is set by ‘the priesthood of all believers’, ie, demotism, there is no such thing as ‘we want to go so and so, but no further!’. Ideologies are not stations, they are trains; what what directions they go in, *what directions they pull each other in*, is what matters. You can be in different stations at different times; but you’re still on the same train.

      • ERTZ says:

        The train can reach his terminus.
        Then people get out, some may stay in the train, but the train won’t move anymore.

        Leftism is still alive, because it’s a social/biological phenomenon.
        But the communist train has come to a halt, and now rots into rust, soon will be dissolved into dust completely.
        And while the leftist train will move on, it can be sabotaged by diverting it onto another rail,
        or even by secretly making it pulling non-leftist freight wagons.
        Contemporary leftists have become pathetic, just look at them, half of them are children, the rest are man-children and sexual and mentally defectives. This is all they have got, all that they are left with. Not even a pale shadow of the leftist threat the communist/socialist block was until it dissolved around 1990 with the dissolution of the UdSSR.

        Western elites find and will find new and better ways to exploit leftists, making them into useful idiots for non-leftist means.

        • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

          The train did not stop by itself in communist russia; Stalin stopped the train by openly executing and suppressing anyone to the left of him.

          The train did not stop by itself in the english civil war: Cromwell stopped the train by openly executing and suppressing anyone to the left of him.

          The train did not stop by itself in revolutionary france; Napoleon stopped the train by openly executing and suppressing anyone to the left of him.

          The train did not stop by itself in khmer cambodia; it kept going until everyone was already dead.

          • ERTZ says:

            The train will always stop eventually, because it cannot go on, it simply runs out of rail.
            This can be more or less destructive to society, but it must happen eventually.

            Crazy, dysfunctional ideologies will come to an end eventually, leftism is just one kind, but a common one, because it can appeal so much to he inferior majority.

            The real enemy is irrationality, especially due to human social psychology which is based in primate biology, being susceptible to it. Leftism is not the only ideology that can holiness spiral and go destructively crazy.
            I think all ideologies are very dangerous, because ideology means being sure of something, “believing” something to be true, without actually really being able to know what is true, and then interpreting reality from that standpoint. That’s ruinous, crazy, the opposite of logical and rational.

            We have no real grasp what reality actually is; we cannot really prove anything outside of imagined systems based on made-up axioms. We can just experiment and see what works, and what doesn’t.
            Scientific method.
            The truth so far is that we as a species do not know where we come from,
            where we are (What is the universe actually?),
            what we are,
            why we are,
            where we are going to.
            We have learned little bits about it all, but it just rises more complicated questions, and makes us seem primitive, animal-like, and insignificant (just try to understand the size of the “known” universe and time scales).

            By the way, I don’t think Stalin stopped the craziness through any deliberate plan:
            He just tried to survive.
            The irony of the “humanitarian” Soviet system is that not only the common man, but also its leadership lived in constant danger and fear!
            Their system was so outrageously bad, that even the supreme leaders could not sleep calmly because they feared execution or assassination, even Stalin himself!
            (Compare that to the Western systems: Despite our internal conflicts, almost all people can sleep without fear.)
            When Stalin was surprised by Hitler’s early attack, he was in his dacha.
            A strategic mistake of Stalin/Soviet leadership was revealed, because they were not yet ready for war, believed they’d longer to prepare.
            This lead to a bizarre situation:
            Stalin sat in his dacha and expected his minsters and generals to visit him. He feared for his life, feared they would kill him for incompetence.
            But the approaching ministers and generals had exactly the same fears – they thought Stalin would have THEM executed!
            In this psychological game of chicken both sides did not really realize at first they were in,
            Stalin grasped the situation 1st and realized which power he had in his system – before that day,
            he was in constant fear for his life, too! Only then he became a true dictator, could relax himself and rule.
            I just describe this to point out how ridiculously horrible the whole Soviet system was, even for his top leadership, destructively stressful for everybody from the lowest worker to the leader himself.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Your perception of what ‘leftism’ is is apparently like your perception of everything; confused and schizophrenic.

              • ERTZ says:

                Well, maybe.
                They say you cannot know when you are crazy, like a color-blind person cannot know he is so on his own, only by indirectly learning that others can see color.

                We all have very incomplete internal world models of reality full of explicit and implicit false beliefs.
                Each and every single one of us.

                We cannot be sure of reality,
                but we can observe if predictions based on our models of the world come true.
                I predict a future along the lines of my posts above,
                a future without civil war, one of prosperity, ongoing multiple conflicts but lack of big social catastrophes because of it.
                I predict that if Trump or somebody else becomes next president will not make much of a difference.
                There will be no race war, and most people will just work, consume and live rather well.

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Leftism is not any one particular set of precepts, notions, goals, objectives, items, statues, or demands. People who you could call leftist can call and have called for many different things at many different times; including things in one time that contradict things in other times. It is not a ‘checklist’, but a strategy; or more than that, an *attitude*. The consistency is never in the ideas, but in the *targets*.

                  Where something attacks what is nearer in stead of what is further; where something tears down neighbors that might be greater than it, that it’s own stature may then appear more impressive by relative comparison; where something tears down neighbors as a whole, that nothing might come to rival it’s relative status atop the rubble pile. For something to be ‘doing leftism’ is for it to be destructive to kith and kin; for it to just be an obstacle to construction, in general. Whenever that attitude pays, naturally there will be incentive to indulge in it, some kinds more prone than others… so, if you desire nice things, good things, great things… you make sure it doesn’t pay. (And make sure such sorts of kinds don’t win the ‘continued existence’ sweepstakes.)

                  Incidentally the introduction of women into male spaces is a negative and unproductive development (much like the introduction of aliens to theretofore homogenous spaces in general) so using talking points like ‘feminism sent women to the general workforce and therefore increased economic capacity’ betrays possession by globohomo mindviruses.

                • Starman says:

                  Disjointed gamma wall-O’-text causes people to roll their eyes. People won’t read your shit… especially when it claims that women’s bullshit paper jobs “adds to productivity.”

                • Mr.P says:


                  To summarize Pseudo-chrysostom’s excellent exegesis without, I hope, any distortion …

                  Leftism == HLvM

                  Same as it ever was.

                • ten says:

                  Your mode of analysis is an interesting one, but man learn to get to the point. Short and concise wins every time.

                  Attempting to suppress self destruction will sustain self destruction by mechanism of forcing parts of self destruction to not self destruct – a hands off approach will get rid of all self destruction.

                  Things that are heading to the void will still be heading there if you block the way, just unable to progress.

                  From this fact, you pull all manner of rabbits from a hat, some sensible, some not. Some of those rabbits i think deserve the accusations of delirious schizophrenia, and all in all they are too numerous to respond to.

                  Fundamentally, some of your claims and predictions do not map to history, implying leftism is not exhaustively described by this mode of analysis.

                  And leftists will happily tell you exactly where you go wrong: They do not consider their actions and goals to be means to placate human nature, they consider western civilization to be an enemy to be undone. Since they are observably unable to produce or reproduce, we see they are not wise manipulators crafting the new world order, but diabolical parasites – they do not want to rule their utopia, they do not merely want to self destruct, they want to kill their host.

            • jim says:

              > The train will always stop eventually, because it cannot go on, it simply runs out of rail.


              Leftism always drives off the cliff, except a Stalin or a Cromwell stops it.

        • jim says:

          > The train can reach his terminus.
          > Then people get out, some may stay in the train, but the train won’t move anymore.

          Leftism has no terminus. It is an attitude and a collection of tactics, not a goal, not a set of objectives or demands.

          Leftism is not like driving to some destination. It is like going for a drive and then your accelerator gets stuck, you start riding the brakes intending to drive to a service station, and then the brakes overheat and fail.

          Leftism is not headed anywhere in particular. One day it is transsexuals, one day it is fracking, one day it is blacks, one day it is global warming, one day it is China Flu lockdown, tomorrow it will be liberating China from the tyranny of the communist party.

          Not so very long ago, leftism was prohibition of alcohol and raising the age of consent – they are now circling back to the Old Testament position that women are incapable of consent, albeit the Old Testament position was that consensual sex was a crime, and the left is adopting the position is that non consensual sex was a crime, and all heterosexual activity is non consensual.

          The terminus of leftism is that the last leftist tortures the second last person alive to death – albeit when it gets close to this stage someone usually moves in and takes over the now near vacant territory.

          If the “international community”, aka the American Hegemony, succeeded in conquering the entire world, and no Stalin or Cromwell was able to grab the power necessary to stop leftism from going ever lefter, there would be no one outside to take over, and every human would be murdered except for a handful hiding out in the forest and jungle.

          I have made preparations for that eventuality, but I think a Stalin, a Sulla, or conquest of a depopulated brown America by China far more likely.

    • Frederick Algernon says:

      You are using 10 words when 3 would suffice. I ask that you respond to my question with as few words as possible. Don’t waste time on explaining why you are verbose; answer the question (s) directly.

      Question: If the Left is demanding something that does not exist, how will any form of placation be a permanent solution?

      Left == the various forces of uncoordinated progressivism

      Demanding == requiring an entity to render

      Something…exist == a non-real object: a battery that doesn’t die, universal equality, suspended entropy, etc.

      Placation == delivery in full or in part of what was required

      Permanent == the historical last word

      Solution == the balancing of variables, stasis, equilibrium

      • ERTZ says:

        No need to comply unless left has power, which it hasn’t really.
        Never-ending demands are childish and will be frustrated by reality.
        Frustration leads to aggression/tantrums, in kids as well as leftists.
        If they lack power their tantrums are harmless and futile.
        If left has power, great destruction may happen.
        Therefore left must be reined in.

        No permanent solution, because genes and ideas mutate and ever new forms grow out of chaos.
        Only eternal conflict between vessels of different genes and ideas for existence, power, supremacy.
        Fitter ones eternally displace or destroy the inferior ones.
        Never permanent peace or order.
        The eternal order is eternal change.
        Leftists are an embodiment of change, mutation, “progressivism” for it’s own sake. Most change is not improvement but morbid and fails and dies and vanishes again, but in the process produces struggle with the traditional, which is mostly static.
        But all improvements are born from the source of change, chaos.
        Each element of the traditional was once a progressive one when it came to exist.

        • Frederick Algernon says:

          Botposting is bad form. I guess Shaman and I leaving really left the gate unguarded. I am loathe to respond to such a frenetic, incoherent mess of twisted faux shibboleths.

  40. BC says:

    The attacks on the press are glorious. Rioters beating the press, cops pepper spraying them with impunity, it’s wonderful.

    • Corvinus says:

      And why aren’t you in on the fun? Curious bi-stander without the testosterone?

  41. Dave says:

    Good news: In the next few days we’ll know for sure if COVID is real, because if it is, these riots will set off a huge spike in new cases, followed by a spike in deaths.

    • Mike says:

      When you consider that the entire mainstream press has already moved to a completely new George Floyd based script, it should be absolutely obvious that Corona is as near to an overblown, artificial panic as to make no difference.

  42. Will Russell says:

    But what would happen if they used them?

  43. Pooch says:

    Can Trump sidestep dumb and dumber and deploy to NYC?

  44. Mister Grumpus says:

    “Being civilized people, we prefer not to notice what the house of status is built on.”

    Yes indeed. It’s one of the harder lessons for a domesticated adult to accept.

    The abrupt switch from “protestors bad because virus” to “protesters good because racism” was so abrupt. (In fact, maybe they’ll have to use the brown paper bag test to determine which rule applies on a case by case basis.)

    The three-day progression from “look at those negroes stealing” to “kneel to the negroes and apologize for their theft” was so abrupt.

    Not long ago we each had a tighter safety net of friends and family and colleagues who actually knew us. But now we have names and government ID numbers, and Google-Twitter-Facebook remembers everything. It *especially* remembers the accusations and denouncements made against us by people we’ve never met.

    Terror terror terror.

    In 1994 even the die hard kaffir-whipping Afrikaner was given a way out. A path of retreat into humble silence. Havel’s Greengrocer. But now? Other than weaseling our way under someone else’s nukes, what’s left? (Call me insecure.)

    The answer — and grade me on this please — must be to build our fluency in the principles and patterns of Jim’s “Status Mechanics”, even though our instincts scream “no no!” That solidifies into comfort and confidence that they really “work”. And then we can apply it toward constructing a future of freedom and safety.

    It’s like how one’s first boxing match is scary as hell, but his 100th boxing match is “OK, how shall I do this one?”

    Or like fear of flying. The very first time I got into an airplane I was nervous. Air moving over the wings, yeah sure OK, but it sure didn’t feel like that would be enough to keep us from crashing. But now I’m more fluent with the concept, and I’ve also had that fluency solidified by many successful flights IRL, so that now I can confidently use flying as a tool to do other greater things.

    • Karl says:

      Who is this group you are implying in your phrase “even though our instincts scream “no no!”? You and who else?

  45. info says:

    Napoleon stopped revolutionary mobs really quick once he used Grapeshot.

  46. pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Trump’s sortie was a glorious moment, and the only issue was that the expeditionary force stopped at merely one location.

    Imagine after securing the church grounds the commander in chief says, ‘you know boys, there are still more places to see in this city; lets go’. Trump and his entourage riding in person, at the head of a conquering column, the men of the mannerbund cheering in their hearts at finally being able to act like one, enacting justice for their homes, sweeping through the metropolitan, sweeping any concentrations of refuse that stand in their way. There is no more powerful of a demonstration. Not even CNN could spin that as anything but a humiliating defeat, and a triumphant victory for the Holy American Imperium.

    Perhaps that day was not today, but it could well be soon; should well be soon; and it will be even more glorious.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      We certainly have a model and format now, don’t we? They’ll need plenty more for the campaign ads.

      I think I finally just now understood what parades are for.

  47. Sher Arya says:

    White genocide is good for fighting negrolatry though.

    Whites will just try to force their negrophilia onto other races as the havoc from this riotous “display of power” dies down.

    Whites believe in the christian notion of free and consentual marriage so have no real theological opposition to inter-racial marriage, in fact the opposite.

    Therefore, the white race needs to die to prevent the negro flood coming in the next few decades.

    This need not be a complete death just a political subjugation.
    Whites may emerge in a saner state in a few decades or centuries and be able to handle self-rule again||

    • Corvinus says:

      “Therefore, the white race needs to die to prevent the negro flood coming in the next few decades.”

      LOL. This has to be a parody.

    • Starman says:

      The Sher Arya acid trip…

  48. Pooch says:

    Excellent piece Jim. I am worried that Trump will be surrounded by too many snakes. If surrounded by enough snakes, he can be stabbed in the back like Julius Caesar.

    Pence has signaled for the enemy and Kushner did not want Trump to declare law and order so he is our enemy. Both of their actions cannot be reconciled.

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