The strong horse and the weak horse

When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, they will naturally want to side with the strong horse.

Israel has a law that people who call for the destruction of Israel are not allowed visas. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar intended to go on tour organized by a “Palestinian” ngo aimed at highlighting the plight of the Palestinians. The important signal that would have been sent by that tour would not have been the plight of the Palestinians, but that the left is strong, and laws are not for it, and that the right is too weak to dare defend itself.

A “Palestinian” ngo is the USG State Department in transracial dress, so this was the USG left saying “We are strong, and you are weak”.

Israel would have allowed the tour because of US pressure, the public face of that pressure being House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Trump’s staff were playing both sides, supporting the tour while pretending neutrality, but Trump bypassed the enemies that surround him by tweeting:

It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib to visit.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 15, 2019

This tweet had two effects: It made the brown commie squad the face of the Democratic Party, as Trump Derangement Syndrome forced the entire left to come to the defense of the squad, and that it was followed by Israel barring them a few minutes later shows Trump is the strong horse – he issues a tweet, and his will instantly prevails. When the left tweets “Bad Orange man nasty to brown Democrats” they sound like whiny losers. Successful nastiness shows strength – it is failed nastiness that will bite you. If Trump halts the invasion, everyone will stop caring about mistreatment of the invaders.

A similar dynamic has been playing out with brexit, with the remainers telling everyone that Europe is the strong horse, Britain the weak horse, and supporting Europe (far) against Britain (near) .

In fact of course, Europe is the weak horse, for brexit will likely cause Britain to prosper, and Europe to fall apart. Europe is bluffing from an absurdly weak hand. The British elite love Europe, because they can blame intrusive, stupid, and disruptive regulation on people far away, because they can use the power of far against near. The Common Market made economic sense, because of market economies of scale, but the European Union does not make economic sense for larger countries with larger markets, because of administrative diseconomies of scale, which are biting, and biting hard.

Every time a British bureaucrat meddles, he is saying he is strong, because he is backed by mighty Europe, and the Briton whose life he turns upside down is weak. Government officials love laws that are confusing, contradictory, and incomprehensible, and Europe gives them an ample supply of what they love.

But the referendum made brexit a political issue, whereupon everyone saw the spectacle of remainers siding not just with remain against brexit, but siding with Europe against Britain. Corbyn has sided with every group and faction that is anti British. The squad in America, and brexit in Britain, reveals the leftist strategy of siding with far against near as treasonous and hateful – which gets overlooked if they look like the strong horse, but is apt to burn them when their weakness is revealed. If brexit prevails, the remainers will be burned for supporting Europe against Britain.

The problem with the coalition of the fringes is that fringes have to march endlessly from victory to greater victory, or else normies will notice that the left is not on their side. The converse of this, however is that Trump has to achieve substantial victory against the invasion before the 2020 election, or else it will continue to not be seen as the invasion that it is.

The Tony Abbott victory over illegal immigration in Australia demonstrates this. When it looked like he was going to fail, everyone worried that the methods he was using were harsh and cruel, and judges kept granting themselves vast powers and overruling him. When he successfully halted illegal immigration, everyone stopped worrying about that, leftist complaints about cruelty to poor pitiful illegals fell on deaf ears, and all lawfare for illegal immigrants was stopped dead by the judiciary, who quietly complied with a radical diminution in their authority.

Cathay Pacific staff and executives assisted and supported Hong Kong protests that massively inconvenienced their customers and disrupted their flights, losing the airline an immense amount of money. It seems that the Hong Kong airport occupation was an inside job. The disruption, disrupting the lives of countless important people, seemingly proved the democracy movement to be the strong horse.

In the company statement, chairman John Slosar said “recent events” had called into question Cathay’s commitment to flight safety and security and put the carrier’s reputation and brand under pressure. It was time to “reset confidence” with new management.

In other words, he and the board fired the leftists in top management shortly after their role in the disruption was revealed.

I predict that the protesters will swiftly and silently melt away – that the firings show them to be the weak horse, that this will quell the protests more effectively than hosing down the streets with machine gun fire. I also feel confident once again in using Cathay Pacific’s services – that if they don’t want their flights disrupted by Democracy protesters, their flights will not be disrupted. My confidence has indeed been reset.

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  1. Frederick Algernon says:

    So Comey walks and gets a huge payout to boot. Starting to feel like Trump’s horse is wobbling. Why didn’t they nail him to the wall? Not trying to be excessively blackpilled, but if they can’t even call the guilty, “guilty,” if the DS can publicly crunch hyoid bones with no repercussion, it gets hard to be and stay optimistic.

    • The Cominator says:

      Trump did something unusual when Comey (and I stand by my belief that Comey is a double agent and not an enemy) was let off, he praised Barr for doing it.

      Not like Trump to do that… even if Comey is not a double agent there is something up with him being let go.

      If McCabe avoids indictment then things are bad.

    • jim says:

      We have dual, and duelling, investigations of the Epstein suicide. Repercussions are likely coming.

      Pretty sure the FBI assisted Epstein’s “suicide” for the Clintons. If so, Barr is still pressuring the low level operatives to turn in the higher level operatives. It will take a while, no need to black pill yet.

  2. Polifugue says:


    When I try to tell an cuckservative (libs are the real racists) the Woman Question, he gives the same response that any progressive like Communist Revolutionary would. He can’t even comprehend that women are anything less than wonderful.

    My thinking is that because Leftism is in power, cuckservatives love to spew Leftist drivel because they can grandstand.

    If we are currently not yet the strong horse, what is the best method of dealing with them right now?

    At the end of the day, I don’t think that there is much difference between Leftists and cuckervatives, considering at a fundamental level they say the same things. Disagree? Do you think the cucks will do a 180 when we take power, and if so, wouldn’t the Leftists do the same?

    • jim says:

      Cuckservatives will turn 180 degrees when we are in power and will not remember ever facing in the other direction.

  3. Andre says:

    Any comments on the Bolsonaro/Macron stuff?

  4. BC says:

    Ok this is sounding like the strong horse:

    FBI and IRS Raid Home of UAW President Gary Jones – Find “Bundles of Cash” – Nationwide Union Corruption Sweep…

    • The Cominator says:

      Could be Trump but could easily be Dem infighting, the union people within the dems don’t always get along with the rest of the Dem party and different unions sometimes back different candidates.

  5. Starman says:


    Praise be to StarProphet Elon Musk, Peace Be Upon Him!

  6. CVLR says:

    Your logic is infallible.

    Therefore, I support the CIA, the Strong Horse of the World.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      The CIA kneels to Harvard and Harvard wants you dead. When the strong horse wants you dead, sucking up to it is pointless.

      • CVLR says:

        Oh, please. The CIA serves at the pleasure of the president, and HYPMS+ is an empty vessel whose contents are those of the predominant secret society of the day.

        • jim says:

          Deep state shenangicans demonstrate that CIA has a great deal of power over the president and presidential candidates.

          The first two years of Trump have been a struggle for power between president and presidency.

  7. Bruce says:

    Jim, your Briggs link contains extra characters.

  8. The Cominator says:

    The winning never stops! You know how I said that the Cathedral REALLY wants to subvert the evangelical churches. One of the point men is getting pinched.

    • jim says:

      It is a chronic problem when attempting entryism. Entryism requires bad deeds and bad faith, so your entryists tend to be unreliable, and require tight supervision by the faithful.

  9. […] A similar dynamic has been playing out with brexit, with the remainers telling everyone that Europe …, Britain the weak horse, and supporting Europe (far) against Britain (near) . […]

  10. Starman says:

    Whatcha doin’ Chief Justice John Roberts?

  11. Contaminated NEET says:

    If only Trump were a strong horse. I look at him and I see a tired, beaten creature barely good enough to make into dog food. He still acts like he can step down and go on speaking tours and sign his name to ghost-written books like your typical ex-pres. He thinks “compromise” and “moderation” will win him credit and respect from his enemies. Pathetic.

    • jim says:


      The jobs are coming back, and coming back to flyover country. Remember “Those jobs are gone and they are not coming back”

      The wall is being built and Mexico is paying for it.

      The asylum loophole has been closed.

      H1Bs are now on merit, which makes it a hell of a lot harder to bring in H1Bs.

      Check the You Tube videos of the wall. Yes, there was a wall there before, but the old wall you could step over or lean down and crawl under, while the new wall is 25 feet tall.

      • Contaminated NEET says:

        Illegal immigration is the highest it’s ever been. He’s driven the dems to openly embrace open borders; the moment they have the power, it will be full-on Camp of the Saints. He’s going to die in prison.

        It was a good try at first, but our guy blew it.

        • jim says:

          Trump dies in prison if the Democrats ever regain power – which is looking less and less likely. 2020 will probably be the last democratic election, and he is going to win it. Potential Democratic party presidential candidates have difficulty filling a Taco Bell.

          And Trump did not drive the Democrats to go full on camp of Saints – they had already gone full on Camp of the Saints during Obama

          • BC says:

            > 2020 will probably be the last democratic election, and he is going to win it.

            I’m not seeing it. Unless he starts putting people in jail for the crimes they’ve been getting away with, he’ll lose in a landslide of voter fraud. The Dems don’t care how rigged the election looks, as long as they win it.

            • Starman says:


              The Trump GOP can neutralize voter fraud by simply not counting ballots from Democrat districts (successfully done in 2018 in Atlanta, GA and Broward County, FL).

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                That requires the GOP to recognize they’re in a war. They won’t understand that until they’re literally digging their own graves at gunpoint.

                • jim says:

                  They are noticing, have noticed. Just they are keeping their heads down while looking for the strong horse. When the Democrats declare them all racists anyway, they are going to figure that laying low will not help.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Most of the big names who either didn’t notice or were working with the enemy are gone, Romney is the last of the big open cucks.

                  Scaramucci is 85% a Trump plant and is running the to find Trump´s secret enemies.

                • jim says:

                  The key power points are not parties, as we have seen control of the legislature makes little difference. Power is in the FBI, the State Department, the New York Times, and Harvard.

                  The most critical in the short term being the FBI, which can arrest Trump’s friends, and allow his enemies to murder people. The FBI has been mastered.

                  The New York Times switching from “Russia” to “racism” means switching from FBI/Impeachment to State Department / Color Revolution.

                  That the State Department is attacking Hong Kong indicates that Trump has not mastered it. So, color revolution. But if Antifa gets designated a terrorist organization, color revolution in the US will meet a sudden end, as color revolution in Hong Kong has.

                  Early in the Trump presidency, the State Department was putting mass demonstrations on the streets. That has not happened in a while. Maybe Trump is mastering the State Department also.

                  After the FBI and the State Department, comes Google, the New York Times, and Wall Street.

                  The board fired the leftist management in Cathay Pacific for organizing the takeover and shutdown of Hong Kong Airport. When the board fires Google management for pissing away their search reputation, and Disney management purges the people who destroyed Star Wars, then Trump will be in power.

                • BC says:

                  >The most critical in the short term being the FBI, which can arrest Trump’s friends, and allow his enemies to murder people. The FBI has been mastered.

                  Didn’t the FBI just help Epstein with his “suicide”? And Roger Stone is still being prosecuted. Jim, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing when it comes to the FBI. They appear to be 100% in the hands of the left.

                • jim says:

                  It has been fixed at the top. It will take some considerable time for this fix to percolate to the bottom – but the key players in Epstein’s murder have been placed on leave and designated as not cooperating with the investigation, which is a good start.

                • Not Tom says:

                  And Roger Stone is still being prosecuted.

                  Empire-building is for those with low time preference. The attitude you are currently espousing – “if we can’t have everything we want right now then it’s all a failure and I’m voting for my neetbux!” – would fit right in with the Antifa mobs.

                  I understand it’s hard to maintain a low time preference in today’s political environment, but that is what’s going to separate the wheat from the chaff. Discipline is required, both physical and mental.

                  If your team can’t distinguish between progress and regress, between improvement and atrophy, then your team isn’t going to win.

                • The Cominator says:

                  What I don’t understand is why Trump hasn’t fired Christopher Wray.

                • jim says:

                  Christopher Wray is capable of committing thought crimes. He might be more of a Trumpist than he lets on. What makes you think he is one of the enemies seeking to overthrow the president?

                • info says:

                  The chinese empire by not being very expansionist. And spending most of its effort consolidating what they already have is the most sustainable empire.

                  They havent lost much territory at all compared with other empires in history.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Trump doesn’t seem to like him continued reports that he opposes “declass” AND there is this.


                • Not Tom says:

                  What makes you think he is one of the enemies seeking to overthrow the president?

                  Worth adding, in my opinion, that until the 2020 election, it’s in Trump’s best interest to maintain the image of struggling for control of most areas, even if he has attained a substantial amount of control. Most presidents don’t enact much of their real agendas until term 2, and even if Trump plans to have an infinitely-long second term, for the time being he still needs to be legitimately reelected.

                  And if half-asleep GOP partisans think he’s already won, they won’t vote. He needs them to vote. Unfortunately.

                  If it wasn’t for democracy, we wouldn’t need all of these lies. But since that’s the system we have, we must assume that most of what we see is either lies or hammed-up theatrics.

                  Of course it’s still possible that Wray is another anklebiter. But there are other explanations.

                • alf says:

                  And if half-asleep GOP partisans think he’s already won, they won’t vote. He needs them to vote. Unfortunately.

                  By no means an insider, but I’d imagine that Trump rallies his voters by being the strong horse. If he is winning, they want to see him keep winning, so more likely to vote.

                • The Cominator says:

                  @Not Tom.

                  Great point.

                • Not Tom says:

                  By no means an insider, but I’d imagine that Trump rallies his voters by being the strong horse.

                  As do all democratic politicians. But voters have to perceive at least the possibility of defeat. Hillary had very poor voter turnout in the rust belt, and that’s a big reason why she lost.

                  White Republican voters are in a strange place, psychologically. They need to understand that there’s a problem to be solved – it needs to be viscerally apparent to them or else they immediately start backsliding into cuck thinking and promote idiots like Mitt Romney. Yet there must also be some hope of winning, otherwise they’ll decide that their vote makes no difference.

                  It’s a very fine line to straddle. Let’s hope the charade ends soon so that the executive branch can start really solving problems instead of playing petty games with Congress, SCOTUS and the official press.

                • “They need to understand that there’s a problem to be solved – it needs to be viscerally apparent to them or else they immediately start backsliding into cuck thinking and promote idiots like Mitt Romney. Yet there must also be some hope of winning, otherwise they’ll decide that their vote makes no difference.”

                  Extremely insightful.

                  Let me try to expand it. From here it sounds like White Reps are one of the last groups who still believe in democracy.

                  White Libs? They accept the undemocratic civil service state, the Cathedral. Brown Libs? Votes for handouts: feudalism. In Europe? Things more and more go in the direction of unconditional, subject-like support for charismatic leaders on the Right, as long as they don’t cuck out. As long as they don’t betray the basic interests of the voters, the voters no longer care what they do, it does not matter anymore whether they agree with them on most things or not, they just trust them in a personal, loyal way, instead of shopping around for election promises or something.

                  White Republicans still seem to care about democracy. That they should vote for values, not be the loyal supporters of a leader.

                • jim says:

                  > White Republicans still seem to care about democracy. That they should vote for values, not be the loyal supporters of a leader.

                  To hell with values. War approaches. We need a leader, and a leader needs loyalty to fight and win the coming war.

          • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

            If Trump is able to buy Greenland at a good price, that will go a long way toward enabling him to become king. The deal of the century and just in time to peek at what lies under the ice, now that it’s melting.

            • The Cominator says:

              Greenland is a good idea… inhospitable as hell but probably has more oil then Saudi Arabia and as likely as mineral rich as South Africa if not more so.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Are you confident in Greenland’s mineral resources out of some real underground survey work that’s been done there… or rather simply because it’s a huge hunk of land that’s had next to no such underground surveys done yet?

                Like, if I’ve eaten every cupboard bare, except for this last cupboard on the end, which I haven’t even opened yet, then there probably is some food in there. Maybe saltines, maybe sardines or maybe Oreos, but probably something. Or at least it’s the right bet.

                Like that?

                • stewart miller says:

                  That’s kinda what happened with the Louisiana Purchase.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m with you on 2020 Jim.

            Neet… Illegal immigration spiked ultra high because the Democrats hired the central America rabble as a sort of mercenary army. I live in Florida (which while not as bad as Texas or Arizona would be a place Central American border stormers would tend to go) I don’t see any of them getting in as far as I know they are either in Mexico or under lock and key.

            If you think the Democrats needed Trump to radicalize them you haven’t been paying attention here.

            • yuo are all spurdo sheeb says:

              when I have to countersignal Trump, it comes out more like McDonalds is trash and real people eat 5guys and Wendy’s or at least BK. The new student loan forgiveness plan is great though what should happen to the people whomst’ve defaulted on their student loans should be the bank reposesses the degree, we could even have a protest where dudes set their degrees on fire when the repo men come knocking. Dhimmis are seething because Black Mr Rogers didn’t cause automated transhumanist space communism and the working men who told me it would happen in ’16 are probably Bernie, Yang, or Trump now, while /our guys/ hide behind the fact that the differences between those sort of mirror the differences between historical fascism and us. Countersignals are out of place here but it’s not like everywhere is either a working class bar or a hipster coffee shop.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              >Illegal immigration spiked ultra high because the Democrats hired the central America rabble as a sort of mercenary army.
              Yes. And why’d they do that? Because Trump picked a fight with them on immigration and then surrendered when he saw how hard it was going to be.

              Obviously the Dems were always trying to bring in as many third-world clients as they could. By challenging them on it, Trump got them to really crank it into high gear. Then he completely failed in opposing them.

              • The Cominator says:

                Blackpill shill lies.

                Trump almost completely stopped all normal organic illegal immigration and for his 1st year in office there was virtually none.

                Then the army is hired and a few months later it arrives, but it has mostly been detained so no Trump didn’t fail, you are either listening to enemy propaganda or are here to spread it. The armies of illegals to the extent they haven’t left are in various detention camps and the liberals have been unable for all their lawfare to get Trump to let them out except as they sign an agreement to be deported.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >stopped all normal organic illegal immigration and for his 1st year in office
                  >1st year
                  At first, the immigrants mistakenly thought they’d no longer be allowed in. They heard what Trump said, they saw that he won the election, and they thought it meant something. Then the Dems demonstrated that it was all bullshit and they can hold doors open wider than ever, even when they’re opposed by the President and half the electorate.

                • The Cominator says:

                  They aren’t being allowed in.

                  They are detained in camps mostly. Remember the Bush years when you notice that there were constantly more and more illegals rapidly increasing (I don’t care where you were except rural Maine New Hampshire Alaska and Vermont)…

                  And Obama tried to get more illegals and sometimes they would increase but for the most part they didn’t want to come because the economy was so miserable.

                  Well the economy hasn’t sucked in the Trump years… but I haven’t noticed anymore illegals walking around then before.

    • alf says:

      Some years ago, Trump was portrayed in video games as the weak horse. Nowadays, they portray him as the strong horse. He’s obviously winning.

  12. Frederick Algernon says:

    Food for thought. Sometimes victory is just past heinous losses.

    C-SPAN Podcast:
    1864 Civil War Overland Campaign

  13. Does the Australian right’s lackluster success in curbing and reversing legal immigration, especially from China showcase weakness? It’s a sad statement if the poster child for victories against illegal immigration is overrun by a legal yellow human wave attack.

    • jim says:

      Still a poster for victory against illegal immigration.

      • White Australians are still under attack, now by a more sophisticated foe exploiting legal holes in the country’s defences and collaboration from the domestic lunatic left. Can’t galvanize a coalition to fight the threat without directly attacking universalism, can’t masquerade as a campaign against crime. Wat do?

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          Surrender to China and get the Chinese to prohibit immigration to Australia in order to keep Han nationals from smuggling valuables out of the mainland?

        • Joe says:

          Do you have evidence that the Chinese government is collaborating with the Australian left?

    • Joe says:

      Australia’s high legal immigration is the answer to the question: What would be the outcome if we sold off everything we owned, borrowed as much as we could, then spent the proceeds on European holidays and cheap plastic junk?

  14. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    I hereby retract my endorsement of a recent article. On second reading, it was obviously intended to distract from the role of the Tribe in recent events.

    I have nothing at all to say about this current Randian diatribe, but do have inconvenient truths to speak to tw@ts who think they have aristocratic power:

    • jim says:

      Your link shows the struggle between priests and merchants. That priests are seizing the value that merchants created and destroying it is not news to us – that Star Wars became Soy Wars illustrates the problem, as does the comicsgate crisis- and similarly, the power struggle in Cathay Air (which Cathay shareholders won decisively, being outside the USG Hegemony).

    • alf says:

      I feel like we should’ve composed a list of the twenty times CR promised to leave us alone, just to show how much of a hypocritical piece of shit he is.

  15. The Cominator says:

    Looks like the progs really really want to take down the evangelical and southern Baptist churches now…

    The only thing this article is missing is an intro that says “hail fellow Christians, fuck Drumpf and fuck white people”.

    • jim says:

      According to progressives, true Christianity is exemplified by hating white males, hating and denigrating fathers, sending your children to drag queen story hour to have sex with men in dresses, and transitioning your nine year old son.

    • Moon says:

      Quotes from the article

      Patriarchy, a male-dominated society and culture, is a result of human fallenness, “which does not mean that within that structure there are not exceptional women doing exceptional things,” Witherington said.

      “But Jesus came to reverse this.”

      He concluded: “Jesus came to reverse the curse as far as the curse was found. And that includes violence, and murder, patriarchy, and the things that have just made society difficult to endure and inherently self-destructive.”

      There’s your culture of Europe.

      • The Cominator says:

        The article’s author is not a Christian, he claims to be a Christian but he is a progressive and as such worships demons.

      • info says:

        Good is Evil and Evil is Good. Satanic subversion through inversion.

      • Moon says:

        You can decide to label the person as not being Christian, but what does that do? The writer and (from looking at the comment section) it’s readers, agree with this thinking, talk about the Jesus freeing people from sin, and engage with like-minded people. For all practical purposes, they are Christians.

        Then again maybe it’s the demon thing. Don’t real Christians have the power to expel demons by invoking the name of god or something? Maybe you can go in there and get the demons to possess a pig or something.

        • jim says:


          They do not agree with any of that. Just as the commie posters on this blog who say “Hail fellow fascist nazi racist” are unable to speak or even acknowledge our thought crimes, the Satanists who say “Hail fellow Christian” are unable to say, or even acknowledge, key and fundamental points of Christianity, as if they would burst into flames when exposed to the cross.

          As Angela Merkel flinched from the German flag, they flinch from the altar, the crucifix, and the bible.

          Subconsciously, these “hail fellow Christians” feel that symbols and shibboleths of Christianity emit a potent radiation that might set them on fire. They are particularly allergic to altars.

          • Steve Johnson says:

            Zerohedge quotes a retired German general who says she cant’ / won’t use the phrase “German people”.


            Also illustrates google’s corrupted search results – remembered the article but couldn’t find it with google – switched to duckduckgo and found it in seconds.

            • Joe says:

              DuckDuckGo is excellent! It delivers the internet as it was about 20 years ago, before Google et al. took control.

          • Moon says:

            These people go to church’s, wear the crosses. They have their sermons, go to the divinity schools, and write their theology books. One of them is even the Pope.

            The idea that they act like Nosferuto towards the cross is just your coping mechanism. Maybe they don’t believe in the second coming of Christ, but than again you don’t either. In that sence neither of you are Christians in the way that the old ones were, who take all that talk about magic seriously. You’re both trying to communicate how people ought to live by dropping bible quotes and trying to make their historical context look like it’s in agreement with your values. In that sense you are both Christian. Maybe you guys even get some warm feeling in your stomach when you think about your heavenly father loving you.

            Christianity is about the Jesus saving us from sin and earthly suffering. You have equality before god. You have oppressed victims being nailed to crosses and crying out for justice and salvation. And the hidden vindication that the evil oppressors will be tortured and humiliated when the day of judgment comes and the old social order is destroyed. It isn’t very hard to see how this religion could be interpreted to be about social justice.

            • Joe says:

              Maybe you guys even get some warm feeling in your stomach when you think about your heavenly father loving you.

              I get a warm feeling in my stomach because I am following a set of instructions with a direct lineage peoples who existed before there were even nations, because I am following in the footsteps of peoples who survived countless wars and famines, multiple genocides, long periods in exile, and at least two complete civilizational collapses, and because no matter what life might throw at me, there is someone in the past who has been through it before, and survived.

            • info says:

              They never believed. For their fruits are evil and rotten.

            • jim says:

              The Pope fears the Altar, as Merkel fears the flag.

              The Pope will not speak, or even go near, the ancient shibboleths of apostolic succession. No unlimited dilution of ancient holy oil for him. He is frightened of holy oil with claims of ancient origins, as though the real stuff might burn him.

            • Starman says:


              The Sol Invictus problem.

              Religions rise in a Darwinian manner thru meme propagation and high birth rates, not intelligent design. With intelligent design, you just end up with Sol Invictus.


            • Not Tom says:

              These people go to church’s, wear the crosses. They have their sermons, go to the divinity schools, and write their theology books. One of them is even the Pope.

              Progressivism likes to parade around wearing the corpses of its enemies as skinsuits. What else is new?

              It’s not that the genuine article is literally going to burn them with holy fire at the slightest touch, but subconsciously they do fear it because they know they are frauds, and that they’ll be guillotined if the mob ever discovers what they’re really doing. They don’t have any identity of their own, so the idea of being exposed as fake is terrifying – it quite literally, as they will readily admit, feels like their very existence is being erased.

            • white russian shill says:

              Yeah the question is whether thir ideas are compatible with the philosophy of the NT and maybe this dude doesn’t even know he’s lying but his scholarship is as taught in Freshman English. It’s good that your not interested in basing yoru worldview on feelings and magic if only Dawkins and Whitehead agrees with you you know? We all want a clear separation between natural and spiritual and logic. Equality means the call to salvation, you know knock and the door will be opened.

  16. Jim talks about Christian cathedrals, as if a cathedral is a proof of anything. Yes, they are beautiful, but to suggest that Christianity built Europe? Only in the sense that it domesticated the barbarians with its disease. So yes, it HAS been useful, but obviously its use is over now! Our problem now is that we are TOO domesticated, to the point of total fagotry! MORE Christianity (=weak fagotry) is not the solution now! If anything we SHOULD become Satanists now!

    • alf says:

      Right you are my non-subhuman friend! Here this meme will help you on your way.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Cathedrals are proof Christians can engage in projects that have no payoff for multiple generations. The length of time and number built is unique to European Christianity.

      • The Cominator says:

        As much as I’m probably by far the most anti-catholic NRxer I will give the devil his due here…

        I think the long long long term time horizon was not with the general European populace or even the monarchs or nobles but with only the institution of the Catholic Church itself which probably financed the building of the Cathedrals (the Catholic Church being richer then monarchs and great lords, monarchs and great lords had to pay soldiers and only had to sell the promise of heaven to reprobates).

        The high bureaucrats (bishops) of that institution have always been noted (at least until the present day) of thinking in terms of centuries.

    • neetch's syphillisgf says:

      epicureanism is the real sklavenmoral

    • Imminent Cant says:

      dont u have an imperative 2 act lik a cathedral builder tho?

    • Ancient Christians: “war and glory is christian”

      Modern faggots: “Christianity is weak faggotry”

      Modern faggots: “Ancient paganism is true manly Nietzscheanism”

      Ancient pagans: “That woman is scary, better throw my son in a pond to appease her”

  17. Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

    On a related subject, here’s a list of major Trump 2020 campaign donors.

    In this sample it looks like about half of Trump’s big money (1M+) support, both in dollars and donors, is Jewish. Not surprising for someone who spent 4 decades in lines of business brimming with New York Jews, but hopefully also a sign that flows of money are slowly re-orienting toward the strong horse and that it is increasingly seen as safe to openly support Trump. We will know it’s completely safe when Goldman Sachs partners start to come out as Trumpists (without receiving any White House jobs or major government favors as rewards). Not in 2019 they won’t, but maybe in 2020-21 if Trump wins re-election and starts consolidating power.

  18. For the record, I am a born and bred Greek who was raised in the country that invented civilization, and that currently is host to the most right-wing EU organization: Golden Dawn.

    We CREATED Europe in Greece, and we are not going to let it die. Not on my watch.

    • jim says:

      Europe is the faith, the faith is Europe. Christianity created Europe.

      Classic Greeks suffered total race replacement as a result of successive waves of conquest where seminomadic barbarians passing through on their way to the Roman Empire killed all the men and raped all the women. Todays Romanians are a lot more Greek than the Greeks are.

      • Christianity is a Jewish disease. And to even support a religion today, for any reason whatsoever, is a subhuman sentiment.

      • Moon says:

        Jim, do you have ‘faith’ that a wafer turns into human flesh when a Catholic priest speaks in Latin?

        • Samuel Skinner says:

          Of course not- Catholicism is a heresy.

          • Nikolai says:

            Guess Jesus, Paul and John were heretics

            • info says:

              Jesus paul and john didnt teach transubstantiation.

              • Nikolai says:

                Pretty sure they did. I’m uncertain how else one would interpret John 6, The Last Supper and 1 Corinthians 11.

                • jim says:

                  Jesus was not noted for excessive literalism

                • Not Necessarily Thomist says:

                  This debate is off topic but probably the best counterpoint is the Areopagus Sermon. It might be on topic to remark that claim that this claim is materially spiritually true functionally excludes reinterpretation of “do this in memory of Me”.

                • info says:

                  Through faith in jesus and thereby abiding in him. Man eats his flesh and drinks his blood. For in doing so eats the bread of life and drinks the living water.

                  And then the last supper since its done in remembrance would imply the symbolic nature.

                  1 corinthians 11 regards the respect in regards to the love feast. And treating such remembrance with reverence. For as the sacrilege of Nadab and Abihu in regards to atonement that such a thing represents so it is with the symbol of Christs sacrifice.

                • jim says:

                  Sacrifice is a central and necessary ritual of worship.

                  In demon worship, people are sacrificed, and sometimes eaten – a small part symbolically, or a major part.

                  In temple worship, the Jews would sacrifice a lamb or such, and usually most of the lamb was eaten by the worshippers.

                  The eucharist turns this on its head. God is sacrificed to man.

                • info says:


                • info says:

                  Whats unique to Christianity is the promise of theosis to the righteous.

                  Dont know what implications that has for society.

                • jim says:

                  If the church is performing its earthly job of getting everyone on the same page as to what constitutes cooperation, and what constitutes defection, then the promise of theosis is very good for society.

                  If it is not, then the promise of theosis is bad for society.

                  By their fruits you will know them.

                • I AM says:

                  [*deleted for obscurity*]

                • jim says:

                  If you have a point, need to explain it in a more straightforward manner.

            • info says:

              But Transubstantiation is not a problem in my Prot opinion.

      • Pooch says:

        Were the Romans race replaced as well? Most sources I’ve read don’t really mention what happened to their DNA.

        • jim says:

          Romans failed to reproduce, and were replaced by the descendants of slaves. Greeks in Greece (but not Romania) were genocided and raped into oblivion.

          • Mackus says:

            Wait, Greece? East survived collapse of Roman Empire relatively intact.

            Who replaced Ancient Greeks? Slavs? Avars? Bulgars?

            And why would Greeks in Romania be better off, considering that Dacia was permanently lost to barbarians two centuries before Rome collapsed.

            • jim says:

              No one replaced the Greeks. Various people passed through and killed all the males and raped all the females, but no one specific group settled the place. Barbarians conquered a Greek population in what is now Romania, and the locals successfully reproduced. I conjecture they assimilated to, or had imposed upon them, the conqueror’s marriage system.

              • Most modern Greeks outside of the islands are Arvanites, which are orthodox Albanians who until the mid 19th century spoke a greek-influenced dialect of Albanian. Prussian-style education and nation-building erased their dialect and conception of self as a distinct tribe, but the typical Albanian cave goblin physiognomy and behavior patterns persist.

                “Greek” in the Ottoman Empire was a religious designation, meaning that one belonged to the Rum millet, under the auspices of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In the 19th century reforms, when millets were redefined to at least partially reflect national boundaries, many orthodox Albanians were lumped in with the Greeks (those would be the Arvanites) due to the differentiation of the Serbs and Bulgarians from the Rum millet.

                • uranus rises says:

                  Any source for this?

                  Which regions in your opinion contain the most of the original blood?

          • Pooch says:

            Wouldn’t the Roman women have been taken as wives by the invading germanic tribes, thus mixing with Roman DNA?

      • TheVenerableBede says:

        Did the Greeks undergo race replacement? I was under the impression, based on ancient DNA analysis, that they largely survived intact down to the present. According to the PCA chart in the article below, modern Greeks are very similar to the ancient Aegeans.

    • Not Tom says:

      Ancient Greeks were the first society to take centuries of stored human capital and just shred the hell out of it with democracy, feminism, buggery, pederasty, and other assorted degeneracy; modern Greeks are, as Jim pointed out, heavily miscegenated with an estimated 30-point drop in IQ from the ancients.

      Rome contributed far more to European civilization than Greece; in fact, the contributions of Greece would have been largely forgotten were it not for Roman scholars who decided to pick up and reassemble some of the formerly-Greek pieces. And when Rome went down in flames, it was the Christians who preserved what was left.

      You don’t define what Europe is, and apparently don’t even understand it. Greece is the black sheep even in the eyes of the EU bureaucracy whom you love so much, because they can’t manage any kind of fiscal restraint. America and Europe have severe financial problems, sure, but Greece is the literal deadbeat who collects welfare for 30 years while refusing to even send out a job application, and based on what’s written on the website you so conspicuously link to, you very much enjoy that lifestyle. A little less misplaced ethnic pride and a little more introspection would serve you well.

        • jim says:

          If you disagree with someone’s claims, and you don’t have past history of informative posting that gives you substantial credibility, you have to explain why someone’s claims are false, or provide evidence that they are false.

          In general, if two people are comparably credible, the one disputing the claims has to provide evidence, or demand evidence without rejecting the claims.

          You are not comparably credible. You have to provide evidence.

  19. You all feel inferior to Europe because all cutting-edge thought is European, and always has been, and we have outsourced our security to low IQ middle America grunts.

    There has never been an American philosopher of note. Fact.

    Your idea of masculinity in the US, that involves oil changes and DIY home improvement, that we in Europe delegate to the poor classes, is laughable to us.

    The deep analytical powers of “practical” and “pragmatic” Anglo-Saxons has been a matter of ridicule on the continent for centuries, and the shallowness of this blog when it comes to deep subjects is merely the latest manifestation of that.

    Europe cannot face the future as a collection of tiny unconnected states. The EU is the future. And in fact the last bastion of civilization might well end up being Eastern and Southern Europe, taking over at some point and turning the whole continent right-wing.

    • The Cominator says:

      Dude your shit is fucked up, you talk like a fag and your shit is retarded.

    • jim says:


      Europe has not been the leading edge of thought since 1944, and has been entirely stagnant since the EU.

      Stagnation being an inevitable byproduct of Satanism.

      • Google Jean Baudrillard. He died in 2007.

        Not that I expect you to understand him.

        And that’s without even mentioning me, being alive today.

        • Joe says:

          Are you trolling?

        • Not Tom says:

          Astounding. Shall we all enjoy some Foucault and Derrida while we’re at it?

          I see a lot of shilling for subversive communist-disguised-as-reactionary propaganda on right-wing blogs, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen anyone shilling for straight-up postmodernism. Apparently we’ve exhausted the supply of crypto-communists and are attracting actual card-carrying communists.

          As to whether or not America has produced great philosophers, that’s a matter of perspective. For argument’s sake, let’s put all of the Founding Fathers out of bounds and say they were technically English, not American. Do Adam Smith and Milton Friedman count? What about Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Roy D’Andrade, Leo Strauss, or even Noam Chomsky? My guess is that you don’t count any of these people as “philosophers” because you consider “philosophy” to mean impenetrable babble that advances leftist platforms, and all of these people – even Chomsky, at times – were critical of socialism and postmodernism.

          • Frederick Algernon says:

            I was just about to comment on how refreshing it is to have a different species of shill on the board. If you go back a ways you can scroll through his virginal posts. A few months ago he was shilling hard for some kind of faggotized Landian/Kurzweilien techno-dis/utopia wherein he was king and his kingdom was ashes. He makes for a moments entertainment and little more.

            Interestingly enough, one of the philosophy adjuncts i shared OotW’s “work” with made a very similar assessment; he is the possibly inevitable result of post-modernism made manifest in a simple mind with access to the internet. He is probably the poster child for Bezmenov’s so-called 4th stage.

          • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

            As a description of impenetrable babbling, I like the recent phrase from Katie Hopkins (re UK judges in Tommy Robinson case):

            “chuntering meaningless phrases of incomprehensible twat-waffle”.

            Regarding strange new shills, the simplest explanation (though I don’t have the stats) is that this site is getting more popular. Jim will remember the early 1990’s internet and how the terminally stupid began showing up once every college student got a university account, and then en masse when AOL came on the scene.

            • Frederick Algernon says:

              lol i almost made a BBS joke in a response i never posted to FF. OotW posted a while back, but i dont disagree that Jim may be getting elevated eyeball counts. I’d love to see a graph of monthly hits.

          • Bob says:

            William James was American.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        > Stagnation being an inevitable byproduct of Satanism.

        I’d love it if you could elaborate on that.

        On one hand, I think of Satanism as being about infinite possibilities, and the creation of new realities and futures with the power of one’s Secret Magic Miracle Mind Rays, and all that. So that sounds pretty anti-stagnant to me, just going off their word choices.

        But also, if Satanism doesn’t believe in an afterlife, and any sort of permanent accountability, well then, even with all those infinite possibilities blah blah blah, who really CARES about much of anything after age 30 or so? Just hump your sexbot again and crawl back into the cloud. Done. The end.

        Is that it?

        • jim says:

          Atheists, Satanists, and such can do science and technology just fine, but they fall down on science as a social endeavor, the collective, rather than individual, pursuit of truth, Satanists falling down far worse than atheists.

          Thus, for example, the drug companies are failing to develop new drugs, because they discover that other people’s research is irreproducible, and if, despite that, they discover a new drug, we cannot trust their research, resulting in impossible and ever growing hurdles to getting new drugs approved.

          Satanists are notoriously prone to obfuscation and making shit up. So though one Satanist can do good research, ten Satanists cannot.

          • Jehu says:

            Satanists and Atheists as groups pretty much can’t do anything effectively, because they have no mechanism for generating social trust that actually scales. They can burn social capital from previous generations for a while, but it always runs out.

          • Satanists and atheists have no internal or external check against bullshit. A Neo-Thomist Christian scientist considers lying about his findings blasphemy. A Thomist Christian scientist believes he will literally burn in literal hell for all eternity if he lies about his findings.
            An atheist scientist believes the only punishment for lying comes in this world, if he gets caught. A satanist scientist believes the only punishment for lying comes in this world, if, and it’s a big if, he gets caught by all those normie morons who still believe in something as childish as “the truth” (retards, lol).
            This is only the beginning of it. It gets worse with scale.

  20. When I see Americans hate Europe, I see fear. The fear that this superstate that’s twice the population of theirs may one day overtake them. And it’s a well-founded fear, but no less pathetic because of it.

    The Western superstates are the only way to beat all the inferior non-Western ones. The EU and the US and the USSR will one day have to fight together. And though manginas currently rule the EU just like they rule the US, it will be fairly easy for the switch to be flipped that lands someone like Orban in the top EU positions (exactly like the switch that put Trump there in the US).

    tl;dr hatred of Europe is either fear, when it’s coming from without, or parochial stupidity (like the Brits have) when it’s coming from within.

    • Yetanotherpoorlythoughtouthandle says:

      It is hatred of weakness. You are a faggot and don’t know what you are talking about. STOP POASTING!!

    • jim says:


      No one, left or right hates Europe, or thinks much about it, except brexit brings it to our attention.

      It is a client state, whose politicians and elites grovel desperately for the approval of the New York Times and Harvard, but their grovelling is generally ignored with contempt, by us, and by the New York Times.

      The entirely absurd military weakness of Europe was demonstrated in the wars between Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia.

    • Not Tom says:

      When I see Americans hate Europe

      Equating the European Union to “Europe”. Typical shitlib.

      It’s not “Americans hate Europe”, it’s “Reactionaries hate dysfunctional bureaucratic leftist governments”. That includes the U.S. government.

      • jim says:

        Reactionaries of course love Europe – we identify as Europeans, we identify with the great Cathedrals and the Scientific Revolution. It is the overtly satanist European Union we hate. (EU uses demonic symbology in its artworks and architecture.) And the anti capitalist and anti Christian enlightenment.

  21. Joe says:

    From your comment:


    And from your blog:

    I am a perpetual winner

    Why are you here?

  22. You can gauge how much Britain “will flourish” outside the EU by the kind of morons leading her there. London is already a shell of what it was now that so much EU capital and services have left it. Britain is over, and the EU is already stronger for it. When you have geniuses like Nietzsche calling for an EU superstate to rule the world versus some dude named Jim and some retards like Boris and Corbyn and that UKIP fool calling for its destruction you have to be pretty dense to side with the losers.

    Rest of the article is decent tho, good job.

    • Samuel Skinner says:

      Yes, I’m sure the pervasive stabbings had nothing to do with people leaving London.

    • pyrrhus says:

      The UK is the most important luxury market in the EU, by far, so Germany and France would enter deep recessions without a trade deal with Britain…Britain holds the whip hand here, and will easily be able to negotiate a trade deal with Trump as well…

    • jim says:

      And who is leading Europe?

      Hint. It is not Nietzsche.

    • Not Tom says:

      The UK has 67 million people, 87% white, and white mostly means Anglo there. Demographically, they’re in way better shape than the USA.

      Good demographics don’t guarantee good government, as we all know, but when it comes to sheer ability to outlast the other world powers – and especially the other European powers – in a war of attrition, Britain has it pretty good.

      Living there right now must be extremely frustrating for the common man, but one thing is certain: the UK is far more likely to flourish without the EU than within. This was the issue with Remainer/Remoaner propaganda all along: you can claim that the UK will crash and burn on its own, and maybe it will, but the EU can’t offer anything better. Even with the easily-gamed metric of GDP, the EU can barely manage 1% growth.

  23. Dave says:

    When all paper currencies converge on their intrinsic value, which is zero, and the world’s economy returns to gold, sovereign states will have to sell bonds whenever they need money in a hurry. The interest rate on those bonds will reflect the likelihood of bondholders getting repaid in gold, which likelihood is inversely proportional to the number of people who have a say in the state’s spending decisions.

    When the streets fill with pro-democracy protesters, sovereign bond prices will fall, as democracies always default on their debts. When the king’s journalists set up 60FPS HD cameras and film the king’s soldiers mowing down men, women, and children in a brutal daylight massacre broadcast to the entire world, bond prices will recover, as investors are reassured that their money is safe.

    • The Cominator says:

      You won’t see paper currencies go to zero anytime soon…

      • Dave says:

        Q: How long can a state subsist by printing money and lending it to itself?
        A: A great deal longer than any rational person would think possible.

        If the correct answer is “forever”, we have truly reached the end of history, able to spend our way out of any problem with freshly printed money. Heaven on Earth.

        (States that can’t print money are not held to fiscal discipline by this fact; they are held in thrall to states or super-states that can. Only a currency whose supply is regulated by the laws of physics or mathematics imposes restraint.)

        • Not Tom says:

          Fiat currency makes no sense if you think of it as an asset, or even as debt. It does, however, make a lot of sense if you think of it as equity.

          Of course, thinking of the U.S. dollar as equity (which it is) means that it was converted from debt to equity at some point, which is what happens during a bankruptcy proceeding and means that the U.S. government has been insolvent for some time (which it has). Like you said, democracies always default on their debts.

          But the USD will remain the USD until such time as the USG can no longer force merchants – either foreign or domestic – to accept it as legal tender.

          Fiat currency can actually be made “harder” than any metallic currency, it just generally isn’t, because fiat looks like equity, and institutions in a financial death-spiral always keep issuing more equity to try to dig themselves out. But there’s nothing special about gold in particular; any arguments revolving around the intrinsic usefulness of gold as a material are actually arguments against its use as a currency. Currencies are rare collectibles; if you plan to actually use it somehow, then it’s not a currency at all, it’s a trade good.

          Before fiat, we had debasing, which is pretty much the same thing, but less efficient. Fiscal discipline is more about the entity issuing the currency than the currency itself. And I say that as an individual who owns a lot of crypto and a decent bit of gold.

          • Dave says:

            Much is special about gold — it’s durable, portable, homogeneous, divisible, and valuable, which last adjective I’d split into limited supply, easy to recognize, and hard to fake. Crypto is not divisible because fees are independent of transaction size and can grow without limit, making it useless for small transactions.

            Life would be much better if people kept their savings in gold instead of real estate like they do now. Our kids don’t need gold but they do need homes large enough to raise a family. Paper money encourages speculators to bid up the cost of housing, which leads to Japanification and eventual extinction.

            • jim says:

              Problem with gold is that it is vulnerable to confiscation during transport. You frequently want to move value from one location to a very distant location.

              Bitcoin transaction fees become a problem when the network hits its scaling limit. We need a system like bitcoin but which can scale all the way to replacing the US$ as the currency of international transactions.

              • Eli says:

                I’m not up to date on all the bitcoin related stuff, but the biggest problem, to me, are manifold:

                1) protocol transactions can be traced and simply blocked via deep packet inspection.
                2) bitcoin isn’t fundamentally truly anonymous (perhaps, zcash or something like it can solve the issue)
                3) the marketplace isn’t large enough, and in order to have a functional market, I believe you need a diversity of players accepting it. Iow, e.g., a farmer should be able to accept such coins for his produce or crops and then be able to use it to buy equipment and fuel (as well as services, including paying his workers). So, bootstrapping seems to be a problem.
                4) any sovereign, esp the US, would be strongly against having a currency which it cannot control (even taxing alone might be insufficient), and see the points above, esp 1) and 2), to understand what they’ll be likely doing to prevent it.

                From what I understand, Moldbug was quite skeptical on cryptocurrencies, but you seem to be more optimistic.

                • jim says:

                  Bootstrapping is done – I need bitcoins to buy stuff. It is useful right now.

                  Traceability is partially offset by the fact that ever coin is its own account, its own identity, as if you had not just one swiss bank account, but a dozen.

                  The sovereign can look at the block chain, and get an alarming amount of information off it, but he cannot do deep packet inspection. It is all encrypted channels. People can transact whether the sovereign likes it or not. He might be able to glean too much information about who is transacting and why by looking at the blockchain after the fact.

                • Dave says:

                  Criminals often receive payment in Bitcoin, buy Monero with it, and convert it back to Bitcoin in different amounts at a later date, because Monero is untraceable. Which raises the question, why not skip Bitcoin and just use Monero?

              • Not Tom says:

                Expensive/slow transactions is kind of a feature and not a bug when considering a store of value.

                Gold is pretty mobile or “portable” today, since every physical good is pretty mobile today, but only a few centuries ago it was considered highly immobile, with entire economic theories (e.g. Ricardo’s) being significantly based on the assumption of said immobility. That’s why historical metallic currencies tended to use multiple metals – gold for the treasury, silver for trade.

                A lot of people even use this strategy unconsciously when they think about their investing or financial planning. The majority goes into fairly illiquid assets – real estate, bonds, some stocks (which used to be illiquid), collectibles, etc. Then a much smaller amount stays in a checking account, which you generally want to minimize because of inflation. All of these complicated financial instruments, which we are essentially using to recreate the monetary systems of the distant past.

                If crypto wins, Bitcoin will probably be the treasury, while some other fast crypto (Litecoin, Stellar, or Monero for anonymity) will be the trade. Hopefully not Ripple which still looks fraudulent.

                Eli’s points tend to conflate store-of-value with medium-of-trade. When both are exactly the same, it is “money”, and the thing about money is that governments always get to decide what counts as money.

                • Dave says:

                  If crypto wins, the winning crypto will be used for everything and all others will become worthless. Other illiquid assets can be used in some way or draw some sort of income, but crypto is either liquid money or it is nothing.

                  Bimetallism was always a kludge — it depended on all governments setting the same exchange rate between two metals, and that exchange rate not being too far from the market rate.

                  Governments do not always get to decide what counts as money:


                  Or the more recent case where the Indian government voided all 500- and 1000-rupee notes but people went on using them anyway. In fact, those notes became more valuable because the government wasn’t printing any more of them.

              • Mister Grumpus says:

                Well Bitcoin is still fine for large amounts like $1000 or more, right? That is, waiting 30 minutes is OK as long as it’s not for cigarettes and a candy bar.

                You know, like to fill up a North Korean oil tanker that’s docked up next to Iran or something. 60 minutes to clear, who cares right?

                Or is it that there are lots of people out there, right now, doing multi-million dollar transactions who genuinely do need them done in seconds rather than minutes? (Because heck if I know.)

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  Not saying it’s impossible but it would surprise me if there were a lot of one time (hence where reputation doesn’t matter) multi-million dollar transactions that needed to clear in seconds.

                • Not Tom says:

                  The main source of multi-million dollar transactions that need to clear instantly are automated high-frequency trading algorithms. I wouldn’t be at all sad to see that entire industry put out of business, as it’s quite literally parasitical.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  HFT doesn’t fit the use case though – they’re transactions with known parties so reputation comes into it and AFAIK the transactions don’t settle within fractions of a second, they’re just executed that way.

                • Not Tom says:

                  AFAIK the transactions don’t settle within fractions of a second, they’re just executed that way.

                  True enough. We could do the same with crypto as the medium of exchange.

                  Technically, even bank transactions take 3 business days to settle, and credit card transactions take at least a day or two, yet we still manage to hum along as if they’re really instant.

                  Blockchain transactions are created instantly, they just aren’t verified instantly. Bitcoin is actually rather fast when compared to how long USD transactions actually take, as opposed to how long we prefer to act like they take.

                • jim says:

                  We are able to pretend that bank transactions are instant, because they are reversible. And then they get reversed for the wrong reasons, often very bad reasons.

                  This can be solved by setting up the blockchain to support precommitment to a transaction, but the transaction goes away after a certain time unless a certain secret is supplied. And then, when you really need the transaction to go through one the instant, you supply the counterparty with that secret that makes the transaction stick.

                  But in general, with irreversible transactions, hard to pretend they go through in an instant. Bitcoin times are pretty good, but not good enough to pay at the cash register.

                  To support transactions at the cash register, going to need credit rating agencies. If you make the payment as an identity that has an adequate credit rating, the cash register trusts that the transaction will go through.

                • Steve Johnson says:

                  This can be solved by setting up the blockchain to support precommitment to a transaction, but the transaction goes away after a certain time unless a certain secret is supplied. And then, when you really need the transaction to go through one the instant, you supply the counterparty with that secret that makes the transaction stick.

                  My understanding is that ETH allows complex contracts written in executable code so could implement this.

                  To support transactions at the cash register, going to need credit rating agencies. If you make the payment as an identity that has an adequate credit rating, the cash register trusts that the transaction will go through.

                  Which is how HFT operates except rather than generic credit ratings they use bespoke credit ratings.

                • Not Tom says:

                  [Jim] We are able to pretend that bank transactions are instant, because they are reversible.

                  Hence my claim that a crypto-based monetary system would likely use more than one currency type. There are inherent tradeoffs between liquidity, stability, and counterparty risk. Illiquid assets tend to have near-zero counterparty risk and hold their value better over time.

                  If you want very fast trades you either need a system of identity and trust (credit ratings), or a currency with high liquidity that would be of low value as a treasury reserve.

                  My understanding is that ETH allows complex contracts written in executable code so could implement this.

                  Also a major threat vector to ETH, with known security exploits having been published. A lot of people don’t realize that Bitcoin is also perfectly capable of doing smart contracts. But again, I wouldn’t use Bitcoin for trade.

                  Personally, I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all for people to save and transact in different currencies. Most people have at least a savings and a checking account, and most banks penalize for too-frequent savings withdrawals. Stability of minor currencies is a theoretical issue, but if one were to be adopted as actual money, I think it would stabilize against BTC.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        A dollar will of course always be worth a dollar.

    • Stephen says:

      A single metallic asteroid once exploited could completely flood the worlds gold and platinum markets.

      • sophire says:

        we should base the currency on good arguments, it would be good if anyone could come up with better mining techniques

      • Dave says:

        There are also nuclear reactions that can turn mercury into gold; it’s all a matter of cost. I suppose the cheapest way would be to identify a small metallic asteroid in an Earth-grazing orbit and use nuclear bombs and/or rockets to guide it to a desert impact decades later. It might yield a nice payoff for patient investors, but would be a drop in the bucket compared to the Vredefort crater.

        Mining and refining the asteroid belt requires a space-based civilization, which is not going to happen until we have a centuries-long dark age to clean out the gene pool and purge all traces of liberalism. Liberal societies can’t colonize space because the necessary startup capital gets taxed away to feed the poor, and they can’t survive in space because when one affirmative-action hire fucks up, everyone dies.

        • Starman says:


          China doesn’t care about apefirmative action. Far away colonies will ignore apefirmative action demands from Earth.

          • Dave says:

            The Chinese can only build things that white men invent. They could crash an asteroid into the desert because that only requires today’s tech plus an utter lack of concern for environmental consequences.

            Even white people are losing their edge to easy living and dysgenic breeding.To get back into space, we’d have to perfect human cloning and gene editing, then dig up the graves of scientific geniuses and steal their teeth.

            (Do clones get offended when you address them as the person they were cloned from? Welcome to SpaceTech, where half our engineers look like Werner von Braun!)

            • Not Tom says:

              As has been repeatedly pointed out by Jim, myself and others, the Chinese do know how to innovate, and they are starting to innovate more than the USA and other “white men” nations. They copy because it’s easy and allows them to focus their efforts on building the industrial base. That does not mean they are unable to innovate, just as receiving welfare does not mean one is unable to work, it is simply how the incentives line up right now.

              If you have evidence that disproves or calls into suspicion the observation that Western innovation is sharply declining while Chinese innovation is rapidly rising, you should present it. Otherwise, please stop asserting it without evidence and using it as the basis for subsequent claims.

              • info says:

                Why do you think pre-modern china is not so innovative once the 4 great inventions occurred?

                • jim says:

                  Socialism, followed by conquest.

                • jim says:

                  China rapidly advanced technologically under the Northern Song Empire, then they went socialist, got into stupid wars – rather like the Democratic Party program of socialism at home, war with Russia over Syria, war with China over Hong Kong, and war with North Korea over God only knows what.

                  They lost.

                  They crossed side A and allied with side B to attack them, then they double crossed side B. Bad idea.

                • info says:

                  How so? Elaborate.

                • info says:

                  Pre-mongol and Mongol conquests?

                  If so. They were still socialist in the Ming and Qing?

                • jim says:

                  The Song empire in the North was conquered by the Juchen after it had already stopped advancing technologically.

                  It was finally conquered in the South by the Mongols, but something went wrong before the Mongols.

                  Subsequent regimes were not exactly socialist, but property rights were insecure. The merchant class was kept down, and you need wealthy high status secure members of the merchant class for capitalism to function well. A capitalist is a wealthy high status member of the merchant class.

                  If you keep the merchant class poor, insecure, and low status, going to have technological and cultural stagnation.

                • The Cominator says:

                  China has been somewhat Confucian at all times since the Han (until the communists that is) and Confucian social philosophy always makes the merchants low status.

                  But from the Han to the Tang period they did well technologically, are you arguing that perhaps they didn’t take that part of Confucian philosophy all that seriously until then?

                • jim says:

                  I don’t know enough to answer that.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Apparently it was not always all that popular at all times in the Han-Tang period… I did some research.

                  “Confucianism was not always popular during the Han dynasty. In fact, the first Han emperor Liu Bang, who ruled until 195 BCE, did not feel any respect at all for the Confucian school. The famous Chinese historian Sima Qian tells us that whenever Liu Bang identified a Confucian (an easy thing to do because they used to wear a very distinctive pointed hat), “immediately snatches the hat from the visitor’s head and pissed in it.”


            • Oak says:

              East asians have a higher average IQ, but a feminine distribution (clustered around mean) and are more agreeable. There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence from when the NPC meme came out that many do not have an inner monologue of any kind.

              Radical innovation requires ultra high IQ, disagreeableness and a powerful imagination/dominant inner monologue. Hence why even ultra-high IQ women are incapable of intellectual greatness.

              East asians are great at passing exams on theory developed by white men and playing their musical compositions, but they are much less likely to actually innovate themselves.

              However, the sheer size of their population and the bioleninism and dysgenics of the west means they will still outcompete, but that’s not saying much. I would expect more from Russia than China.

              • Not Tom says:

                East asians have a higher average IQ, but a feminine distribution (clustered around mean) and are more agreeable.

                Interesting claim. I don’t deny that it could be true, but is there evidence?

                There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence from when the NPC meme came out that many do not have an inner monologue of any kind.

                NPC is a fun meme, but the “inner monologue” study doesn’t prove what the memesmiths appear to think it does. I won’t get into the gory details here, but suffice it to say that that the study only supported conclusions about the frequency of inner monologues, not their mere existence. We should stick to using NPC as a meme, not try to extrapolate serious physical and metaphysical conclusions from it.

                East asians are great at passing exams on theory developed by white men and playing their musical compositions, but they are much less likely to actually innovate themselves.

                This is how East Asians in the West behave. Not how things work in China.

                I would expect more from Russia than China.

                Corruption is a problem. European whites have high social trust with both ingroup and outgroup; Chinese have high social trust with ingroup only; but Russians appear to struggle to develop any social trust at all. They’re very strongly attracted to defect-defect equilibrium, more than any other “white” ethnicity I know of.

                That may be a temporary situation, with Orthodox Christianity on the rise in Russia, but unlike China, Russia does not appear to be leapfrogging the West except maybe in certain military-tech niches.

  24. simplyconnected says:

    Maybe I’m too literally minded to get it, but what’s a “diseconomy of scale”?

  25. Friendly Fred says:

    Glad you “feel confident once again in using Cathay Pacific’s services,” Mr. J — the confidence of wealthy “alphas” in the reliability of trans-continental airlines is what matters above all to paradigmatic “boomer posters” such as myself.

    Meanwhile, let us hope that the boys of Hong Kong University, who give evidence of some flickering of consciousness and are thereby differentiated (along with those Chinese girls who present themselves in slender nakedness unto Western nerds) from almost the entire mass of the Chinese population, are getting extra fucks out of their efforts, from those conscious girls of Hong Kong University who have not yet presented themselves in slender nakedness unto Western nerds but will do so within a year or two.

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