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This blog does not normally report, nor pay much attention to, current events, except as they illustrate the long sweep of history.

But, there is a bunch of stuff happening now. Four demons doing a weak-ass imitation of the the four horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way.

First and foremost for me is that the heat on crypto currency is going up, and it looks like the blood diamonds attack on bitcoin may well be imminent. Executive order coming this week. Chances are it will be a big nothing burger, because Shaniqua will be leading the charge against crypto currency, but we will see.

Justification being that bitcoin is being used to get around SWIFT.

Well then, big profits to be made in whatever crypto currency winds up being used to get around SWIFT. When last I checked zk-SNARKs were not yet ready for prime time, and the lightning network was not yet ready for prime time, but it is time to check again.

Getting ready to move again, and not at all sure where to move to.

And on the first horseman, plague:

I have been following Igor Chudov for a little while, and at first it was “Oh wow. The craziest conspiracy theories about Covid are true”

And then after a bit it was more “too long, don’t read. Of course the worshipers of the Mighty and Awesome Covid Demon are evil and insane. What did you expect?”

Looks like the Covid hysteria was demonic, not merely evil. The story now coming out around Covid is not necessarily proof that people who seem to be be demon possessed are possessed by literal demons rather than figurative demons, but it is compelling evidence that modeling them as possessed by literal demons is predictive of their behavior, and predicts better than the rational pursuit of short term self interest by evil means.

Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Integrates into your DNA

If the demons keep the upper hand, war with Russia will aim not at victory, but nukes.

With the attention of the Global American Empire on war, it has now become suddenly safer to examine the truth about the Awesome, Mighty, and Holy Covid Demon, but I still see a lot of stubborn resistance and denial, and a heavy handed and hamfisted effort to prevent discovery.

No very dramatic news on the second horseman: War. Globohomo is murdering civilians who attempt to flee Ukrainian cities, and Ukrainian politicians who are trying to get peace, or at least position themselves for a new Russian aligned regime. The Global American Empire is planning a never ending asymmetric war in the Ukraine.

Looking at the movement of Russian forces, looks like they intend to restore the 1914 border between Russian Europe and Western Europe. They seem to be positioning a significant force along the 1914 border. Ukrainians east of the 1914 border mostly speak Russian, of a sort, Ukranians west of the 1914 border mostly speak “Ukranian”.

If they adequately secure the border, either the Global American Empire winds up enduring an unfavorable peace, or escalating to conventional war. Which, with demons literal or figurative running the operation, is likely to go nuclear.

In the long sweep of history, we are not headed for one specific destination, for when glass shatters, it can break in any of a thousand ways, but the pace of events so far is consistent with the continuing trend, in place since 1820, of chaotic and entropic events driven by ever increasing leftism getting faster and faster, despite the fact that we are no longer being bombarded with tales of peaceful dark skinned joggers being attacked by white males, and enforcement of the rituals of Covid Worship seems to have been forgotten. The direction keeps changing, so difficult to make an assessment of how fast movement is happening, except in retrospect.

In 1970 we fell of the track headed towards technological singularity. So far, we still seem to be on track for left singularity, or at least not yet obviously off the track.

Everything is ultimately driven by faith, for an army needs a state religion, and a state needs an army. Our Churches are celebrating gay sex with obscene sacraments, those that do not go along are apt to be burned down, and the police uninterested in finding who burned them down, just as in the Ukraine, people who seek peace, or merely attempt to flee war, are apt to be murdered, while in Russia, for all its grave faults, white men are once again building Cathedrals.

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  1. [*commie propaganda thinly disguised as reactionary propaganda deleted*]

    • jim says:

      We have heard it all before far too many times from people who were not pretending to be right wing.

  2. The posited Nakamoto proof-of-work ‘blood diamonds’ censorship Schelling point suffers from an egregious myopia about the economics of Bitcoin. Any attempt to censor transactions with less than a majority of the hashrate required to enforce it, thus decreases the available block space for uncensored transactions. Which increases the transaction fees for miners that accept said transactions. As the protocol block reward halves and transaction fees become a larger percentage of the miner’s revenue, the survival-of-the-fittest miners (profitability determines which can buy the latest and most efficient ASICs) will jurisdiction hop to those such as El Salvador which have jettisoned the dying extant global monetary system underpining the FATF and the alleged network effects (SWIFT, etc). All the FATF can do is force a hard fork which will die because nobody will transact on it due to Bitcoin’s entire raison d’etre (and thus value proposition) is to be an alternative to undisciplined political fiat systems.

    This is how Bitcoin becomes the global settlement and reserve currency in a fragmented monetary system world taking form with the sanctions against Russia (and eventually China et al) — the underlying goal for the war by the entities behind the curtain who are playing the various actors (USG, Cathedral, Russia, etc) off on each other to enslave the profligate nation-states in John Nash’s Ideal money manifesto paradigm. But eventually only for $billion transactions in a two-tiered monetary system where the plebs are kicked off by the limited block space driving transaction fees to $10,000+. Additionally the destruction of the HTLC scaling paradigms which rely on variants of Gavin Andresen’s pay-to-script-hash (and subsequently the 2017 soft fork) which said UTXO are an ANYONECANSPEND donations-to-the-miners booty in the legacy protocol which will be restored by the game theory and economics of mining — said booty has disrupted the Nash equilibrium until taken by the miners. I could email you my irrefutable ELI5 proof and explanation if you are interested (will not link it publicly yet my permission is granted to paraphrase publicly if you find it worthy). I could really careless if you want to censor the facts it’s your and your readers loss not mine. And who other than James A. Donald is the namefag on your blog now?

    P.S. I recently articulated on Bitcoin Stackexchange why Satoshi employed double-hashing. Ostensibly no one else had been able to figure it out correctly. I also refuted Craig Faketoshi Wright’s attempt. There’s no benefit to me whatsoever to waste my time fighting on your blog. We could discuss in email or not, your choice.

    • jim says:

      The miners are dangerously few, dangerously centralized, and dangerously immobile.

      We are going to need proof of stake, where proof rests on secrets, which are harder to find and send goons to than enormous mining rigs.

      • Proof-of-stake liveness rubberhosed via stake’s power-law distribution resolves to the democrazy power-vacuum — nothing ventured, nothing gained technologically w.r.t. the status quo dire need for a bastion of sovereignty. Proof-of-stake is just slightly obfuscated Weberian fiat. Whereas, the posited liveness attacks on proof-of-work — majority hashrate censorship and mining difficulty rug-pull, non-readjustment attacks — don’t appl to the Moldbug/Sztorc’s One Chain To Rule Them All wherein the power-law distribution of wealth decides which protocol rules win and which lose by selling the free airdrop on the offending fork and using the proceeds to buy the immutable protocol fork. The Cathedral is subservient to the ₿millionaires analogous to your correct point that Information Epoch war vulnerability is proportion to the power-weighted surface area vulnerable to precision (e.g. assassination bounty) attack. The State is very vulnerable, the ₿millionaires invisible. Did you notice that ₿500,000 to ₿millionaire Mircea Popescu drowned himself after predicting it. Did you pay attention when he ruled that Hillary’s campaign would not be allowed to proceed after she threatened to ban encryption (Wikileaks leaks followed soon thereafter).

        • *apply, *proportional

          Your thesis is the regulatory captured miners will not be allowed to mine the immutable protocol fork, thus it follows they will not be allowed to difficulty bomb attack it either.

        • jim says:

          Proof of stake, done correctly (which it usually is not) is controlled by distributed secrets. Cannot be rubber hosed, because each party’s master secret likely only exists as a note in the margins of a certain passage in the family bible, which bible is strangely locked up with probate papers to only be read by executors in the event of the death of the owner.

          Big mining rigs with their own power station and building sized cooling towers, easy to rubber hose.

          Proof of stake, done correctly, works like shares in a startup. If you own enough shares, you have proportionate influence over the startup.

          Thus a proof of stake currency will be managed in accordance with the interests of the whales, as bitcoin is not being managed.

          • Another. Readers should deduce that the ‘hero’ hacker who leaked was (or was paid by) MP.


            Jim, periodic stake participation in the block production consensus requires continuous access to the signing key. The individual and/or his signing server can be hosed. Delegation doesn’t alleviate the threat. The power-law distribution dictates that the 1% will control more than 50% of the state. Liveness fails (i.e. no blocks produced) if 33% fail to participate in block consensus. If 50% is unresponsive a quorum can’t even be formed to restart the block chain by abdicating unresponsive stake. Abdicating unresponsive stake can’t be distinguished from an ephemeral network failure or life circumstances event. There are other egregious, insoluble flaws in proof-of-stake such as the lack of internal objectivity (i.e. no proof of work in the chain itself) because no resources are consumed during block production.

            • jim says:

              > periodic stake participation in the block production consensus requires continuous access to the signing key

              Not if correctly implemented, which it seldom if ever is.

              The value, the signing keys for the primary fungible token of the blockchain, is held in a client wallet. For the whales, likely a cold paper wallet located in the margin of a certain passage in the family bible. The human readable and writeable master key can generate the secrets for signing any number of unspent transaction outputs on the blockchain.

              All wallets should be client wallets. The client wallets, to transact, initiate a client connection to a host that is a peer on the blockchain. No peer wallets. Peers may only hold transient and frequently erased secret keys, or frequently made public to render signed messages authenticated but unsigned, authenticated to the legitimate recipients of the cleartext because the legitimate recipient received them before publication, but not authenticated to anyone who received them in subsequent leak.

              By default, the always up peer that the client wallet uses to perform transactions gets authority to represent the stake. Whales will likely do the non default thing, and nominate a particular peer, which they or their pals probably control, but do not themselves use, using instead other peers that they may well also control. Stake is authority to represent value, and is possessed by a peer identity. That peer identity is again rooted in a client wallet, probably a cold wallet, possibly the same wallet, by a chain of signatures.

              So the sometimes changing peer representing the value uses its always changing hot key, which is signed by a somewhat cooler key, which is signed by a cold key, which is signed by a stone cold key on paper locked in a box in someone’s cellar, and the man who has ultimate authority over that peer, because its master key is on paper in his cellar, is probably not the man who owns the key that controls that value. He is the man that the man who actually owns the key that ultimately controls value on the blockchain chose to represent him.

              This is, or should be, the blockchain analog of the system implemented by Charles the Second for the publicly traded joint stock corporation, and the human decision making process about blockchain protocol parameters will behind the scene be made in a way similar to that of those corporations, and given effect by the non human decision making process of the peers.

              The shareholders of a publicly traded joint stock corporation did not need to show up in person at the business premises.

              Which peers get to participate in that non human decision making process will be ultimately and indirectly controlled by ownership of the blockchain’s primary fungible token, which ownership will for larger stakeholders will be enforced through cold client wallets. In the short to medium run, controlled by which peers have the most stake. Stake is not value, not the primary fungible token, but in the long run reflects the decisions of those that hold that token.

              The hot keys that prove the peer’s identity, and through which it influences the blockchain consensus, are determined through a chain of keys likely to be ultimately rooted in a cold client wallet.

              Value rests in client wallets, for larger values mostly cold client wallets, value controls stake of peers, peer identities rest on client wallets, for peers with substantial stake, mostly cold client wallets.

              All secrets that peers have access to are transient, frequently created, frequently erased. There are, or should be, no peer wallets. That was a grave design mistake in the original bitcoin.

              Client wallets that hold major value in the form of unspent transaction outputs on the blockchain, or the master key for peers that represent a large amount of stake, are generally cold, and when warmed up for actual use, should never be connected to internet, communicating secrets generated for a particular transaction from their master secrets by showing a QR code on screen, or printing it out, and receiving secrets similarly, requiring sneakernet messages, human transport of messages, for every important transaction.

              • Ostensibly your intended design is to force your adversary to play whac-a-mole against ephemeral delegate ‘peers’. Your presumptions include that your adversary will not find and hose nor bribe nor entrap the 1% whale(s) in control of the 50+% stake ‘primary value’. The functioning of the system such as permissionless transactions depends on the 1% not colluding with, being captured by or actually being the adversary to profit on censoring and/or rent seeking (on the minnows in the system). As one Coase theorem example of how power harvests externalities for optimum economic outcomes consider that the whale can short his own token, temporarily rekt it, collect profits, wash, rinse, repeat. Yarvin had a recent blog about how power can’t be altruistic.

                Let’s presume as you ostensibly wish that the stable, enduring economic incentives occupied by your fantastic Charles align with forever protecting his minnows at all costs to himself.

                1. As a minnow I have no way to know if that will remain the case. Unlike Bitcoin this is not a trustless system because it lacks a Nash equilibrium (will elaborate this point in a follow-up).

                2. The whac-a-mole game is asymmetrical in favor of the adversary, because every reestablishment of a ‘peer’ can either become equivalent to a live signing key or the blockchain becomes stalled more often than not. Also every said reestablishment is another opportunity to figuratively traceroute the source of the stake authority.

                3. Captured delegated stake have options to do harm other than become unresponsive in the interim time until their scheduled replacement. Without a timer schedule then there’s no consensus objectivity on the timing of the replacement of delegated authority because the entire raison d‘être of blockchain consensus. So your adversary can effectively take control the blockchain via your ephemeral delegation — but I already told you that before you replied.

              • Nakamoto proof-of-work’s Nash equilibrium includes the economic reality that miners can’t profit by shorting and rekting their own token because unlike proof-of-stake there are actual burned resources (electricity and Moore’s law h/w depreciation) as well as sunk costs at stake.

                I don’t think it’s plausible for the FATF-GAE to impose its will on miners in every patch of earth’s land and ocean (and Musk is working on Mars for the future). Heck a miner could locate with a solar panel in the lawless Sahara desert, because miners only need to receive the hash of the block and reply with the hash attempts (sent to a mining pool) for finding the block solution. Musk’s Starlink may enable that. If necessary steganography can be employed to obscure the nature of the communication.

                Russia and China et al are in the process of disconnecting from the FATF-GAE financial system. How are these disparate regimes going to agree on a UXTO black and white list? Bitcoin splits into two forks?

                To the extent any said regulation is successful, those will become forks of Bitcoin that have no value, because the only value proposition of Bitcoin is as an independent store-of-value.

                The miners who find a way to mine on the immutable Bitcoin protocol will be profitable, and those foolish enough to be entrapped will perish. Survival-of-the-fittest and competition insures that the immutable Bitcoin protocol fork wins and enslaves the GAE.

                The miners work for the Bitcoin whales, not vice versa. Those who fail to grok this aren’t worth my nor MP’s time in arguing with. Why should we care about those who refuse or are incapable of grasping the reality?

                Note the implication is that the plebs are probably fucked. Because the dysfunctional nation-states although enslaved by the Bitcoin whales, will tax and castrate everyone in the fiat world with the plan to replace cash with centralized central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) — a two-tier monetary system. Ostensibly only those wealthy enough to buy influence and jurisdictional arbitrage will be able to keep their head above the dragnet. Welcome to the NWO. I also have been trying to find an alternative solution but after 9 years of studying blockchains, I’m confident I know more about this than you do and frankly the prospects don’t look good for the plebs.

                There’s no benefit for me to continue to argue with you if your replies continue to ignore reality. I commented to try to help you understand, but we can’t force the camel to drink from the oasis of truth.

          • jim says:

            These links indicate will to regulate bitcoin.

            They don’t indicate GAE awareness of how they could successfully regulate proof of work, let alone successfully regulate proof of stake.

            • Shelby Henry Moore III says:

              ₿millionaire MP destroyed the GAE threat with a snap of his fingers ostensibly by paying to release the hacked and/or hack the files. He claims the GAE is already subservient to ₿millionaires. MP was, created of funded the DAO (Ethereum) attacker.

              Abstract Bitcoin miners as replaceable, powerless delegates of ₿millionaires. They will sprout up as necessary to serve them and prove the immutable protocol chain. Proof-of-stake delegate stake authority which invalidates spontaneous replacement, thus hose-able.

              • jim says:

                You obviously do not know shit from beans about blockchains, and the stuff you link to was not written by or for anyone who knows anything about blockchains.

                What your links reveal to me is that Shaniqua is in charge of the attack on crypto currency, and what your posts reveal to me is that Shaniqua is in charge of the bitcoin shills.

                • Shelby Henry Moore III says:

                  [*deleted for low quality discussion of the complex topic of crypto currency*]

                • jim says:

                  Idiots talking to idiots about idiocy.

                  Putting you on moderation for low quality linking.

                  No one you link to has the foggiest idea what they are talking about.

  3. Cloudswrest says:

    Well I’m pleasantly surprised. The Webb telescope seems to be coming along nicely.

  4. […] discusses current events, including crypto-contra SWIFT, FAUXVID, and Ukraine. Jim also sees the war in Ukraine as a religious one as well. As does Ianto Watt, over at […]

    • jim says:

      “Yoon has blamed the country’s low birthrate on feminism. He has called for the abolishment of the gender equality ministry, which he says focuses too much on women’s rights and is no longer necessary. He has promised to enhance punishments for false accusations of sexual violence,”

      • James says:


        • The Cominator says:

          I wonder if the Cathedral will dare react badly to this, or wait for his actions, or react badly to his actions if he tries to do anything.

          Japan just sort of quietly ignored anything beyond the bare minimum of feminism, South Korea used to do that too but somehow the feminists actually got in there. Japan birthrate is IMHO (Jim disagrees) not so much because of feminism which they only have in a minimal form but because its so dense as to be a sort of rat utopia in most places… South Korea otoh with its “ministry of gender equality” which is staffed by the kind of bulldyke prog cat ladies you would expect.

          • Skippy says:

            Japan’s TFR should be compared to other Asian countries, not to all countries. Japanese have almost twice as many children than Koreans.

            Asians are beta, but Japanese have more children than Germans, Poles, Spanish or Italians.

  5. […] Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has given a sermon that reduced numerous official unofficial mouthpieces of the Global American Empire’s […]

  6. restitutor_orbis says:

    I recently saw a post here mention Patton as an American warrior-priest, and Putin as a Russian warrior-priest. Both surprised me.

    In the military, I’ve heard Petraeus and his “Jedi” were allegedly reverenced as something like warrior-priests, and Mattis was allegedly talked about like he was some sort of warrior-priest. But neither of those gentlemen get mentioned hereabouts as warrior-priests.

    So this made me want to ask: What qualifies one a warrior-priest? Who are some historical examples? Does it come down to attitude or to training?

    • The Cominator says:

      I didn’t bother objecting but Patton despite being a very well read and intellectual man in some ways was prettymuch a pure warrior type.

    • Aidan says:

      Warriors are “men of facts” who can intuit the right thing to do in a situation and decisively implement it without an intellectualized or even conscious world-theory. A priest is a man of ideas, and ideas seldom survive contact with reality. A warrior-priest uses his experience in the world of facts to intellectualize. So we cannot really know who is a warrior-priest until they retire and collect their experience as theory.

      • anoon says:

        > A warrior-priest uses his experience in the world of facts to intellectualize.

        By this definition, the Ancient Greeks were the warrior-priests par excellence.

    • Red says:

      Petraeus was a shit warrior, I’ve never bothered to look into his religious side because he was garbage. Mattis was a faggot Globohomo priest aping being a warrior.

      A warrior priest is a warrior who motivates his men via his faith. Patton is a warrior priest because he motivated his men via his American Civic religion.

      At 11 a.m. on the morning of Dec. 8, Patton phoned the Head Chaplain of the Third Army, James H. O’Neill, a Catholic priest.

      “This is General Patton; do you have a good prayer for weather? We must do something about those rains if we are to win the war.”

      The taciturn O’Neill told Patton that he would research the topic and report back to him within an hour. After hanging up the receiver, O’Neill looked out at the immoderate rains, which had plagued the Third Army’s operations for the past three months. As he searched through his prayer books, he could find no formal prayers pertaining to weather so he composed an original prayer, which he typed on a note card:

      Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory, and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies and establish Thy justice among men and nations.

      O’Neill threw on his trench coat and crossed the quadrangle of the old French military barracks then serving as the Third Army’s headquarters and reported to Patton’s office. Patton read the prayer, returned it to O’Neill and directed him to “have 250,000 copies printed and see to it that every man in the Third Army gets one.”

      Patton’s best speech:

      It’s not an accident that the 3ed army outperformed pretty much every other army in the west. They were lead by a warrior priest.

      Probably the finest General America has produced is Stonewall Jackson who was deeply religious man. But he failed use his faith to motivate his troops and others. One of the primary reason’s he failed to save the south was his inability to convince his commanders to implement burn the North down strategy that Sherman later so successfully used to defeat the South. They couldn’t grasp the idea and Jackson was not priest enough to persuade them.

      Elon Musk says little about God and faith, but he is the Holy Star Prophet. His holy mission is to make humans interplanetary. He does this by convincing others of his righteous cause. He is an engineer/priest.

      • restitutor_orbis says:

        Aidan and Red, both of these are good definitions but they are not the same definition. One speaks to intellect and theory, the other to motivation.

        As an example, Rommel was a warrior-priest by Aidan’s definition but he is not by Red’s definition, I don’t think.

        (And I don’t have a particular definition in mind to argue for, I was just curious what the Jim Brain Trust had come up with.)

        • Red says:

          Correct, Rommel was not a priest. I think the only sort of priestly leaders in the German army was some of SS generals. Though their creed was generally Hitlerism. This resulted in some rather fanatical fighting by SS divisions, where they took 90% losses before breaking.

          For comparison a typical tribal army only takes 10% losses before fleeing, a typical civilized army around 30% and a western civilized army (Romans then 14th century Europe and up) used to take 50-70% before breaking. Religion can be very powerful in battle.

          Honestly Aidan’s definition of warrior/priest doesn’t make sense to me. Theory is generally written by Generals of all stripes. He may want to take another stab at it.

        • jim says:

          Depends on whether we are defining a warrior priest by his job description, or whether he is successfully performing the job, or whether he is any good at it, or whether he would be good at it if he had the job.

          Putin’s priesting sucks big time, and stalling eight years on the war with Ukraine was a poor military decision. We now know from the bioweapon labs that the American Global Empire was preparing for all out war the whole time.

          But Putin knows he has to build both weapons to deny America the sky and the sea, and great Cathedrals to deny America the minds of his subjects. Whatever complaints I may make about his job performance, knowing what job needs, knowing what the job is, is a good start.

          His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia should be doing more to prepare Christianity for holy war, but he has made start on it. Chances are it will be a while before things escalate to full scale holy war.

  7. anoon says:

    > Looks like the Covid hysteria was demonic, not merely evil. The story now coming out around Covid is not necessarily proof that people who seem to be be demon possessed are possessed by literal demons rather than figurative demons, but it is compelling evidence that modeling them as possessed by literal demons is predictive of their behavior, and predicts better than the rational pursuit of short term self interest by evil means.

    It’s just madness/stupidity. It is a mistake to assume that the damage inflicted is proportional to the “evil” or malice of those who are inflicting the damage.

  8. i says:

    Something is on my mind lately about the Nerd Archetype. Which features weak, sickly bodies of Men and Women with eyesight issues like astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, anisometropia and so on yet intelligent.

    Eyesight issues also correlates with IQ apparently:

    Whilst Werner Von Braun looks like a Total Chad with perfect eyesight and well built masculine bodies and facial features.

    Whilst Bill Gates fits the Nerd Archetype.

    • i says:

      Quota on the high heritability of this condition and IQ.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Myopia is by far the most common nerd ailment, and it happens because the eyeballs grow too big, causing light to focus short of the retina. Which eyeballs happen to sit just under the frontal lobe of the brain, so maybe one gene causes hypertrophy in both.

      In the future we’ll solve this problem by cloning Wernher von Braun. Clones will dominate 22nd-century society as thoroughly as they now dominate the supermarket fruit section, because sexual reproduction is just too unpredictable.

      • i says:

        Apparently refined carbohydrates plus lack of sunlight is why so many intelligent Men have eyesight problems too:

        Hunter-Gatherers have almost no refractive error at all. And I believe there were stories of Australian Aboriginals with sharp eagle vision:

        So its the combination of mutation load, carbohydrates and lack of sunlight. Carbohydrates and lack of sunlight can be resolved.

        But mutation load that involve higher IQ but causes physical diseases and weaknesses need to be filtered out in favor of higher IQ genes that are compatible with a well rounded fit Man like Werner Von Braun.

        Selection pressure against all refractive error but selection pressure in favor of IQ at the same time.

        If we have to work with sexual selection. That would have to happen.

      • i says:

        Here is data on Hunter-Gatherer prevalence of eyesight problems:

        Very low from 0.4-1.2% and very low deviation from the 20/20 norm even in those effected.

        • The Cominator says:

          Maybe in hunter gatherer societies eyesight problems meant very likely to die.

        • Pseudo-CHrysostom says:

          Spending too much time looking at objects that are too close to you (like bad reading/computer posture), and not enough time looking at things far away (like practicing your shutzen), causes myopia (and in most cases can be corrected the same way).

          • C4ssidy says:

            I heard from what seemed a competent authority that this is a myth, but that uv had a partial component. Seems no surprise that refined carbs turned out to be the other piece of the puzzle. If it was only a case of reading or looking at screens too much, would have become common knowledge decades ago rather than once of the biggest medical mysteries in human history

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >If it was only a case of reading or looking at screens too much, would have become common knowledge decades ago rather than once of the biggest medical mysteries in human history

              I mean, it kinda was though? A lot of things were common knowledge before they suddenly became ‘the biggest medical mysteries in human history’ in the 20th century.

            • Red says:

              >Seems no surprise that refined carbs turned out to be the other piece of the puzzle.

              We’ve lost the ability to correct poor eyesight via eye exercise because the knowledge was forgotten. We also we no longer get enough of the nutrients and good fats we need because we’ve forgotten how to cook nutritious healthy food leading to endless health problems. Refined carbs isn’t the issue, we simply don’t feed people real food any more because we’ve forgotten how to make it. We’re losing health knowledge tech at an alarming rate and it’s having very real and harmful outcomes on everyone.

    • Skippy says:

      Myopia is probably due to lack of UV light exposure in children i.e. spending too much time indoors. Unlike most outcomes it isn’t heritable.

      • Aidan says:

        Yes. Smart kids more likely to spend time indoors looking at screens and develop nearsightedness.

    • Adam says:

      There is a massive shortage of courage among men today. When a man encounters stress or danger, he can act with courage and overcome danger, or shrink from danger and intellectualize the situation. And then become priests.

      Or something like that.

  9. linker says:

    what the fuck is a pseudochad

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Definitely not a guy that can’t link comments properly while using the pseudonym “linker” lol.

  10. Kunning Drueger says:

    So a bit ago, we were discussing nuclear strikes and safety plans and other stuff. I am neither programmer nor scientist, so I have no idea what underpins the software, but for your consideration:

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      Jim, would you agree that there is sane policy analysis and professors in the Cathedral still, or is it completely converged?

      Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Salon

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        I hope some of you big brains take the time to watch that video. Each speaker sounds like they are taking up space at death’s door. they are old, confused, and scared. And they are the actual adults in the room, which is to say they are the best that Bommeranity has to offer. They probably believe a bunch of dumb shit about race and women and other things that invalidate their perspective in our frame, but in comparison to the younger, louder, more influential members of their tribe, they are probably the best we have. this is troubling, but it is also refreshing. These guys can’t really grasp that the Elite hate America, want billions to die, and will do pretty much anything to get that outcome. All their smarts, all their experience, is useless in the face of the demonic character of the Elite.

        I will now clumsily segway into my old refrain: we need to write a book. Yarvin has the right idea, even if his execution is abortive at best. We need to put together an instruction manual on how to build and maintain a GNON compliant society.

        • Red says:

          I hope some of you big brains take the time to watch that video.

          I skimmed the video but didn’t watch it because A) it’s super long and they’re just saying stuff I knew back in 2014 and B) these old guys are on death’s door. They’re irrelevant.

          I will now clumsily segway into my old refrain: we need to write a book. Yarvin has the right idea, even if his execution is abortive at best. We need to put together an instruction manual on how to build and maintain a GNON compliant society.

          KD you need to write the book. The master rarely writes it, instead one of his followers takes up the task of records his words.

        • alf says:

          we need to write a book

          Books are for boring people. Just host your own site, preferably anonymously and paid for with crypto, and slather it with your manifest. Easy as pie.

  11. Reziac says:

    “Worst Fears Realized: Pfizer mRNA Integrates into your DNA”

    Every time you have a viral infection, you can acquire new DNA or RNA inclusions, because viruses hijack the cellular DNA replication process and insert their own genome, and sometimes other cells screw up and incorporate bits from that.

    If the vaccine can do it, so can the virus. About 40% of the human genone originated as viral inclusions (most of which does absolutely nothing; however the whole DNA replication process probably originated with viruses), and mitochondria probably started as free-living microbes. Humans are not simon-pure examples of isolated genetics; like all things alive today, we’re a mishmash of inclusions and mutations.

    So what’s it likely to do? Well… from the paper: “The cell model that we used in this study is a carcinoma cell line, with active DNA replication which differs from non-dividing somatic cells.” So they’re not using normal cell models, but one that’s inherently hyperactive. Even so, the upshot is likely to be… nothing, or perhaps an enhancement of immune response to similar RNA viruses. But does-nothing is the most likely result.

    [disclaimer: my background is biochemistry]

    • Frontier says:

      “But does-nothing is the most likely result”

      Not an expert, but this sounds like survivor bias. Yes, the surviving virus DNA which has been incorporated into the human genome is by large harmless junk DNA, because the harmful interjections, which is what usually happens when you fuck around with DNA, killed the hosts or reduced their fitness to the point their linage died out.

  12. [*deleted for inane idiocy*]

  13. Adam says:

    Jim you have mentioned that the globohomo elite are not just defecting for material or other short term gains, that it is demonic. I agree and have a few thoughts.

    I think it’s accurate to describe demonic evil as defecting spiritually. It’s not the same as knocking over apple carts to steal apples.

    In our case, obviously the sin of pride is at the forefront of these spiritual defects. You could say there is a spiritual component to envy and covetousness, as of course there is, the material consequences just sort of overshadowed the spiritual side.

    I’m not sure if all defective behavior is rooted in the spirit, but I bet one could make a good argument that it is.

    That’s the reason I am not entirely on board with the Comminator solution. Leftism can never be eliminated from the gene pool because you will never get rid of envy and covetousness, or any other sin.

    Christ offers us the Truth, and the Truth saves people from hell. That cannot be denied.

    Can’t have a state religion of Christianity and deny Christ. The Truth literally performs what would otherwise be considered miracles in peoples lives.

    I am not in favor of turning infinite cheeks, not at all. But just as an engineering problem alone, leftism cannot be eliminated with culling and breeding.

    • The Cominator says:

      Pride is the most demonic foundational sin but those who are under a strong demonic delusional where they cannot correct course due to pride are unreformable and that is precisely why my solution is the only way for them…

      If you have a good way to truly humble the fanatics into admitting their errors and truly see them id like to hear it…

      • Redbible says:

        Some food for thought:

        All of the accounts in the Bible where we see or hear Jesus casting out demons and devils from a person, the person wanted to be free from the devils and demons, and either asked directly, or indirectly, for help.

        There is no way to help someone be free from their demons if they choose to cling to them. As scripture says, “Ye can not serve God and mammon.”

        • The Cominator says:

          This is why when someone suggested cuckservatives had to go too i said no… only those who actively shilled for the worst demon worship. Cuckservatives should atone via being forced to carry out our worst dirty work… we won’t kill Ben Shapiro we will make Ben Shapiro be commandant of our biggest leftist happy fun camp.

          • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

            Traitors get shot first. Fuck them for stabbing their people in the back. They go against the wall along with the leftists who’s approval they craved more than loyalty, fidelity, or honor. I am not going to kill them all, but prominent examples need to be made. National Review is just the easiest and most obvious example available to us, and also one of the most egregious. Also the Lincoln Project, but there is so much overlap it feels almost like being redundant.

            When Kevin Williamson dies sobbing beneath the whip and Jonah Goldberg is slowly expiring on a stake, then we can discuss putting them as death camp staff. “You are in this camp until it is over. One way or another. If your conscience bothers you, you can take your uniform off and join the leftists at any time, and share their fate.” That is the deal we make, and it is made when they know that not being invited to society dinners is the least of their problems.

            • Adam says:

              I think the top of the order as far as the purge goes has to be the christcucks. If your a pastor or priest using Christs name to push globohomo and corrupt the youth, you get the rope first.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                I would like a little more discrimination than, “supported globohomo ideas,” but same principle. Those churches putting up pictures of fucking queers as a sacrament, though, need to be aggressively purged. Impale them, then burn them at the stake. The American Inquisition should be feared more than the Spanish version before we are done.

                • Adam says:

                  Definitely. I was more referring to the purple-pilled that speak on Sundays. It’s worse than being blue-pilled, because they know better but are too cowardly to take the red pill.

                  Nothing gets sorted out until we take care of the woman problem, and once we sort out the woman problem everything else will be fairly easy. So to preach blue and purple nonsense, in a church, with a cross on it, and quoting scripture, that is about as bad as it gets.

                  Worse than outright fag and tranny worship.

        • Adam says:

          Absolutely true. You have to want to be free, and have to be willing to let go of everything.

      • Adam says:

        Exposure to the truth.

        Maybe nothing can be done practically for many especially the frothing at the mouth mad ones. And there may be punishment for failing to defeat our enemies. I don’t have a problem with a rather large purge of the priesthood. Where to draw the line exactly is still the debate. I was more remarking on the problem of leftism being a permanent one and not just something genetic. Not to mention, the truth does actually work, as far as reforming people.

        • The Cominator says:

          I would argue that those who went thru 2020 and still reject truth are too proud to course correct and have rejected truth for there is no truth in them… they have committed the eternal sin and cannot be saved in this world or the next.

          • Varna says:

            I’m watching a guy awaken in real time right now, and this only started after the Ukraine invasion. He was floored by the realization “OMG western propaganda is as bad as the Russian one.”

            Through this crack it was fairly easy to sow the seeds of skepticism of the holy booster ride. So, you know, different people reach the point at different times.

            Plus, age is a factor as well. Some are only starting to turn into aware adults right about now.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              As with everyone, our priests have strengths and weaknesses. One of the weaknesses appears to be nuance in the enemy faction; they only see a monolithic block of enemies. This is a feature, not a bug. But it does mean that our priests shouldn’t be involved in recruiting and reeducation/rehabilitation, and it also means that our priestly propaganda won’t be as effective at finding and peeling away converts from the enemy.

              • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                That is alright. Since we cannot convert them, that makes the “convert or die” calculus quite simple. I like to keep things simple.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Understand, and I don’t begrudge you the sentiment, but it is counterproductive to my goals and the campaign I would run. It is all academic, of course, but assuming I had some say in the process, I would work to delineate the zones of the battle space. I would insist that General Thundercock and his units open up a narrow front in an area that we have low/no chance of ideological ingress and wait for you to make an example of them. Concurrently, I would move our Cultural Fortification regiments in behind you and to the flanks, to screen refugees and hand out Groupons to Com’s one way summer camp/helicopter tours. In close consultation with Chief Advisors Alf and St. John, I would prepare an alternate campaign to your operation (Operation Sister Fister) that would be dedicated to spreading relevant propaganda in areas that fit a specific profile for possible defection, engagement, and recruiting. These folks would also be filtered through Com’s guys, but with some of my guys there to make sure anyone with a shred of propaganda value (including both negative examples and positive examples) doesn’t get sorted into the Tours without being value maximized.

                  This is the Gloved Nettle Grasp approach, and we’d have to be ready and willing to pivot to Gloves Off just as quickly as to Light Touch. People are infrastructure, and I don’t like wasting resources out of spite or rage. Consider too the strategic value of your enemy being divided on multiple lines, limiting cohesion, unity of purpose, and lines of command. We’re seeing this in UKR right now with the political leadership being unable to establish and maintain the evacuation corridors because the troops don’t/won’t follow orders. That is a bad place to be, and a wonderful place for your enemies to be.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  I like your enthusiasm and the thought that has gone into this. However, military command falls under the purview of military commanders. The priesthood’s job will be to explain to the normies why my battle zones look like the bastard children of Prince Vlad Tepes III and the Roman highways, and why this is a good thing. Cleaning up the survivors is your job, but I get first pick of who gets to feed crows.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Makes sense to me. Are you of the opinion that Priesthood and Military has no overlap, or is it ok for priests to be military leaders? I am inclined toward the former, with priests serving as Commissars and Inquisitors.

                  Also, I think priests should be kept clear of logistics without supervision. Logistics seems like a place that can be used as an exploit, psycho/ideologically. Logistics should have military advisors and security forces, but otherwise are independent contractors.

                • jim says:

                  The inquisition always needs warrior priests, and warrior priests were absolutely vital and central to the crusades.

                  The warrior priest combines in one man the skills of violence, organizing violence, and organizing social cohesion.

                  Putin is a good example His is memes are crap, and he is vulnerable to intellectual domination by the Cathedral. His priesting is not very good, but he realizes that the job requires both skill sets.

                  Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia seems to be considerably better than Putin at priesting. Which is unsurprising, since he is a priest. Putin, being a warrior priest, and not that good at the priesting side of the job, is good enough to know he needs a priest.

                  Christianity is inherently weak at warrior priesting. Good at social cohesion. Also, not being very good at warrior priesting tends to support clear division of authority and responsibility between high priest and King, which has been demonstrated to be a superior system since the Bronze Age.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  You can have warrior priests, but paladins fall in under the military chain of command. You will have chaplains, which can be another type of warrior priest, but not necessarily. They fall in the chain of command if a fighter, under logistics if not. Military chain of command supersedes religious hierarchy, and the military rank should be more important than the religious rank. At regular social gatherings, a man who is both a general and a bishop is introduced as General So-and-so, and only in a specifically religious ceremony is his ecclesiastical rank used.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Also, I think that the Inquisition needs to be a third branch. A combination of FBI/FSB secret police and the historical Spanish Inquisition. Warrior priests, but also investigators, assassins, and the other aspects of wetwork. Sometime you need a book or a man publicly burned. Sometimes, it is better if they just disappear. The army is a good place to recruit the warrior priests, but you need to pull from some other walks of life, as well.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Specifically, the Inquisition should answer only to the king. The nobility staffs and funds the military, the priesthood runs the Church, and the Inquisition is the kings personal band of killers.

                • Red says:

                  General Patton was a warrior priest for the American civic religion. It’s one of the reasons he was very effective as a leader and why FDR/Truman feared him.

                • Red says:

                  Also, not being very good at warrior priesting tends to support clear division of authority and responsibility between high priest and King, which has been demonstrated to be a superior system since the Bronze Age.

                  The speed at which almost all bronze age civilizations switched from priestly rule to warrior rule supported by the priesthood is pretty astounding. It was clear to everyone that it was the superior form of governance.

                • Neofugue says:

                  > Also, I think that the Inquisition needs to be a third branch. A combination of FBI/FSB secret police and the historical Spanish Inquisition.

                  The FBI is the Inquisition. FBI agents are paladins, recruited directly from the top schools of the Cathedral. Waco and Ruby Ridge were larger operations conducted against heretics.

                  The Church of the future should supplant the Cathedral on a smaller scale while retaining potency of necessary institutions.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Powerful commisars tend to end up with a dispute whos really in command.

                  You can’t sale a ship with two captains.

                • Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

                  Agreed. A commisariat seems to be a leftist idea. Not something we should try.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  It should be naturally understood that the captain of a company is also a minister of the faith – just as the housefather is also high priest of his gens.

                  He may, at his discretion, also deputize men who are not primarily also his fighting men, but it is understood that tributaries converge into the river at the mouth.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  This is an important issue: for the Comminator Solution to work, you will need an Account Manager in addition to the guys playing Minecraft. Playing Minecraft is noble, laudable, and honorable. Curating accounts is scut work, beneath that of the regular player. Of course, for high profile enemies in the game, you’ll have players willing and able to take care of it, but that kind of work loses its savor quickly. How to get around this without a commissariat?

                • i says:

                  In Christianity only Jesus Christ. The God-Man is permitted to be High Priest and King. Who alone is permitted to enter the Holy of Holies of the Throne Room in the Highest Heaven by his own blood and as our intercessor(Book of Hebrews)

                  That’s what’s stopping the bronze age position of being both King and High Priest being a single office in Christianity

        • Joe W. says:

          > Not to mention, the truth does actually work, as far as reforming people.

          First of all, leftists aren’t people.

          Secondly, if you have even 10 seconds of familiarity with leftists, you know that the truth does not, in fact, reform them. Leftists have seemingly been vaccinated against the truth—with a vaccine that, unlike with the Wuhan flu, actually works. Trying to reform leftists with the truth is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket.

          • Adam says:

            So the problem I have with this is that a great deal of leftists are just kids. And as they grow older and accept responsibility the become more sane.

            Also as far as leftists not being people, your going to have a hard time squaring that with the New Testament, where there is a great deal of importance placed on mercy, grace and forgiveness.

            Leftism can be corrected. It is a spiritual issue and it has a spiritual solution. Killing someone for being a leftist is like kicking someone for not knowing how to read. Even if you have to kill someone only for being a leftist, it can’t be that simple as far as the official position.

            You can teach someone the truth, like you can teach someone to read. If they reject it ok fair enough but some effort has to be made to allow them to repent.

            • S says:

              “So the problem I have with this is that a great deal of leftists are just kids. ”

              Those are NPCs.

              “Also as far as leftists not being people, your going to have a hard time squaring that with the New Testament, where there is a great deal of importance placed on mercy, grace and forgiveness.”

              Modern leftism is adapted to exploit New Testament mercy, grace and forgiveness in a similar method as Islam is. Notice Islam still holds ALL of the territory it conquered from Christianity in its first century.

              It turns out the only way to deal with systematic defection is to kill the defector.

              Leftism can be corrected. It is a spiritual issue and it has a spiritual solution. Killing someone for being a leftist is like kicking someone for not knowing how to read. Even if you have to kill someone only for being a leftist, it can’t be that simple as far as the official position.”

              This is Nrx. God made the world in general and cause and effect specifically so bullet to the head is a valid spiritual solution to possessed by demons.

              “You can teach someone the truth, like you can teach someone to read. If they reject it ok fair enough but some effort has to be made to allow them to repent.”

              Most people are NPCs and cannot be taught the truth- they merely repeat whatever is expected of them because ‘not being crushed by those in power’ is how they function.

            • The Cominator says:

              The unforgivable sin is the total conscious rejection of truth, this is the true blasphemy of the holy spirit and NPC leftists qualify.

              High school kids ain’t leftists thats college and post college… the women can be taken as concubines but the men have to go. History supports me…

          • Adam says:

            We will end up with our own holiness spiral like Islam if we just say leftists aren’t people and there is no path to repentance, while undermining the concept and practice of salvation.

            • S says:

              How? “It is okay to murder thieves and people who try to cuck you” is stable.

              • Kunning Drueger says:

                True, but it is neither correct nor useful to just label all criminals as the equivalent of murderers and thieves. Not everyone on the Left is a priest. Discriminating between shepherd and flock is worthwhile, as we want, need really, to control the stock. A good boundary to establish is that when someone calls for the account deletion of a given player in the game, they must be able to articulate the net positives without arguing from consensus (everyone knows that/all intelligent people agree that/etc) or an appeal to an avalanche of examples (there are so many reasons i don’t need to list any). This doesn’t preclude concepts like obliterating thieves as a group, as there are very obvious, concrete, and simple reasons why such defectors are a net loss, regardless of particular circumstances. redemption has to be on the table; this is something leftism abhors, so i think it is something we should embrace. There is utility to absorbing the masses standing behind your foes.

                • S says:

                  We call the flock NPCs.

                  “redemption has to be on the table;”

                  Everyone here is perfectly fine with leftists attempting to redeem themselves before the eyes of God.

              • Adam says:

                Is it? Honestly I’m not that well read as far as history so I don’t know. Killing someone is making someone very low status, permanently while making the killer high status.

                I don’t know for certain but it seems anything that can affect status can become a holiness spiral or a purity spiral.

                I’m not saying a great deal needs to be made of tolerance but stability will require restraint.

                I’ve never tried to rid the world of leftism, but I would start with beatings for minor offenses first, and reserve killing for serial offenders.

                • S says:

                  “Is it? Honestly I’m not that well read as far as history so I don’t know. Killing someone is making someone very low status, permanently while making the killer high status.”

                  It doesn’t really come up because people only do leftism when there is a payoff (aka they think they can win). It is like how traitors never win because if they win they aren’t traitors. Trying and failing just ends up with normal political violence.

                  The best I can think of is Fra Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) for historical ‘leftism gets you put to death’.

                  “I don’t know for certain but it seems anything that can affect status can become a holiness spiral or a purity spiral.”

                  Punishing enemies of the faith doesn’t innately create a feedback loop. The purity spiral would be expanding who counts as an enemy, but that is a problem regardless of whatever the punishment for enemy is.

                  “I’ve never tried to rid the world of leftism, but I would start with beatings for minor offenses first, and reserve killing for serial offenders.”

                  That doesn’t work. The problem is the underclass ranting about the rich or idiots reading Marx or women shit testing with feminism. The problem is when elite men do it; the people who are in charge of administering the punishments.

                • S says:

                  Sorry, typo. Should be “The problem isn’t the underclass”

              • The Cominator says:

                I’ve consistently agree that allowing murder in response to suspected jealousy is a bad idea…

                Challenges to duels sure…

                • jim says:

                  Well, suspicion is vague, but allowing killing in response to compelling evidence of infidelity should be absolutely standard.

                  Indeed attempting to ban it is stupid, because men are going to kill anyway, and the state just winds up going after good men with whom it should have no quarrel. No point in passing laws that are not going to be obeyed.

                  Infidelity is as much a threat to you as a hostile man pointing a knife. Standard self defense law in most countries is the reasonable man defense, that a reasonable man would have thought he was likely to suffer death or serious injury if he did not take out the dangerous man. A similar defense should apply to killing in response to infidelity.

                  You have been fucking too many whores. It has silenced your healthy natural instincts and rotted your brain.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Well as far as more attractive to women men trying to poach wives…

                  Why you still need regularly available brothels, Augustine and Aquinas agreed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m a sperg in clownworld who grew up in 90s feminism and saw it get worse…

                  I guess this makes me blackpilled on women in general.

                • Adam says:

                  I don’t think fucking whores silences your healthy natural instincts.

                  I think seeing woman behave the way that they do, and seeing the consequences that your natural and healthy instincts are going to bring about, and then choosing to do nothing causes you to accept defect/defect.

                  Players and bitches is better than a jail cell.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, in our society, players and bitches is the only way to obtain a woman, so that you can then, with luck and considerable skill, transition to co-operate co-operate.

                  But defect-defect is painful and psychologically disturbing. Acceptance of defect-defect is a dispiriting defeat that undermines your manliness.

                  “She was never yours, it was just your turn” is the voice of failure and defeat. If you are incel, maybe it is time to kill someone, and if you feel like accepting failure and defeat, maybe it is time to kill someone.

                  And we need a state religion, a high priest, and a King to direct that necessary and justified killing into effective and prosocial channels.

                • jim says:

                  The stable isotope ratio in old bones reveals that in the ancestral environment of humans we lived on meat. Therefore women and children were fed by adult males. Therefore, in the ancestral environment of humans, someone trying to cuck you was as much a threat as someone trying to kill you.

                  It is therefore stupid and perverse to attempt to outlaw honor killing.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Minecraft deletion of random low value targets is useless and counterproductive, if one is to do stuff like that he should be like St. Br#vik or not do it at all.

                • Adam says:

                  Nothing changes without authorization from a bigger alpha. Even Mr. 1 in 30 doesn’t have it in him to kill someone over a woman. No chance a lesser man will.

                • Red says:

                  Why you still need regularly available brothels, Augustine and Aquinas agreed.

                  Sure we need legal brothels, but we don’t need men becoming whore mongers, it’s not healthy for men. Fucking a whore is a genetic dead end if it doesn’t result in family and children.

                  Com you’re a sperg, so get spergy about sex and family formation. If there’s one thing spergs are good at his hyper focusing learning something into the ground and winning the game of players and bitches is about the most important thing you’ll ever learn.

                  If you’re out of shape then get on TRT and start lifting iron. If your think America women suck, then travel and find bitches from other countries that would love for you to marry them. If you’re weak and fear losing a fight then learn a combat sport and start carrying a gun or other weapon everyday(get training for it).

                • The Cominator says:

                  The social reform movement in the late 1800s caused a severe crackdown on brothels and prostitution (which was notoriously common beforehand) and men began failing collective shit tests almost immediately afterwords because they valued pussy too much. I cannot prove this but its my theory.

                  Women’s suffrage followed the social reformers crackdown on brothels… I don’t think its coincidental.

                  Which to me proves to me the points of Augustine and Aquinas that prostitution is not just tangentially good but that society will eventually collapse if you try to suppress it.

                  So I’m not arguing that its healthy family life or an alterative to it… but men need it collectively because without it they fail collective shit test whereas in the pre reform movement west where you could have a woman for the price of a good meal almost everywhere… men never overvalued pussy. Can’t have price discovery without an open market…

                • jim says:

                  > Women’s suffrage followed the social reformers crackdown on brothels… I don’t think its coincidental.

                  Your history starts at the wrong point.

                  Before 1820, doctrine was that women were naturally lustful, and if allowed off the leash would destroy family, and thus society and the state, that women were extremely difficult to control, and it was vital to control them.

                  Then, in the attempted divorce of slut queen Caroline, we saw the doctrine that women were naturally pure and chaste, and no amount of evidence to the contrary could possibly prove a woman impure and unchaste, and if women kept popping out babies in dark muddy allies in the rain, it was because evil men made them do bad things.

                  So keeping women on a tight leash was totally unnecessary gratuitous cruelty, and it was vitally important to keep men on a tight leash.

                  And then, family was destroyed, society is now collapsing, and the state is likely to follow in due course.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The meme of women being naturally pure and virtuous spawned the “social reform” movement so im not sure where we disagree here exactly.

                • jim says:

                  You are blaming the closing of the brothels for causing the problem.

                  I blame the problem for causing the closure of brothels. Supposedly brothels oppressed women, and supposedly those women were victims who needed to be protected from this oppression.

                  We are not going to close brothels. But we are going to allow their staff to be abducted and shotgun married, though the the more it looks like a real abduction, the more the abductor is going to have to throw an impressive wedding party and all that.

                  We are also going to cheerfully tolerate quite a lot of violence against whores and pimps. Thus lowering the status of pimps, and thus making a whoring career less attractive to women. Tolerating violence against whores will not do much to lower the attractiveness of the career, but it will facilitate shotgun marriage.

                  The problem with closing the brothels was not that they closed the brothels, but that they elevated the status of whores. A whore needs to be horrifyingly and cruelly low status, and the path to higher status has to be marriage.

                • The Cominator says:


                  Scott Adams overvalued pussy (yeah we know Teddy Spaghetti is a fag too) and thus failed a shit test… now scale that.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I’m saying one problem led to another problem… and so on. Typical holiness spiral.

                • jim says:

                  Whores are a problem. They are independent, empowered, and all that.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Perhaps but yet necessary… no price discovery without a market. Without a market men overvalue pussy and fail shit test individually and especially disastrous collectively.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Also I’m not sure they think of themselves as high status, the one thing you can say to a stripper that will make her hate you and also as dry as the sahara (ie its not the kind of thing she theoretically hates but makes her horny) is shit like you’re too good for this, why is a nice girl like you a stripper etc… basically anything that indicates any kind of negative judgment of their profession.

                  That is not indicative of them feeling secure in their status.

                • Red says:

                  > Without a market men overvalue pussy and fail shit test individually and especially disastrous collectively.

                  How does one over value pussy? Scott Adam’s got fucked because he’s a beta. All beta’s get fucked over by Globohomo.

                  Scott had all the money in the world to fuck a new hot whore every night but no amount of money will give him ownership of a wife and his own children, which is what every man desires. Like most beta’s, he tried to buy it and women want to be conquered and owned, not bribed.

                • The Cominator says:

                  The vax and vax shilling were a shit test he absolutely failed.

                • Red says:

                  the one thing you can say to a stripper that will make her hate you and also as dry as the sahara (ie its not the kind of thing she theoretically hates but makes her horny) is shit like you’re too good for this, why is a nice girl like you a stripper etc… basically anything that indicates any kind of negative judgment of their profession.

                  Your failure to treat her like a slut indicates you’re lower status than her which makes her dry.

                  I’ve insulted whores by implying their old or fat and that tends to result in both anger and a very wet pussy.

                • Red says:

                  The vax and vax shilling were a shit test he absolutely failed.

                  I knew Scott was fucked the moment he married the girl unless he’d grown a pair and decided to keep her inline with a beating stick. Beta’s always get fucked in the end because they always fail shit tests when things get rough.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Treating them like sluts is fine and they love it, treating them like a white knight who wants to save a fallen woman from her evil profession… they hate that. Its not like they laugh at it which they would if they were secure they hate that.

                • Red says:

                  Again, your confusing the issue. With sex it’s all about demonstrated higher value. I once told a women in her early 30s that I was trying to fuck, who really wasn’t into me that my 23 year old girl friend was out of town and I was looking for some fun. She instantly changed her mind about me.

                  Treating a slut, like a slut demonstrated that you’re higher value than her. White knight her and you’ve demonstrated that you’re lower value than her. That’s all the thinking that’s going on with women, if you can call it thinking. Passing tests are easy after you’ve established who’s higher status.

    • BANE says:

      Just the truth is not enough. In fact, the Truth, as offered by Christ is probably something distinct from mundane, secular truth.

      If the fake pandemic and the sudden narrative shift into Russia/Ukraine has shown me anything, it’s that there’s 3 types of people in this world – regular people (NPCs”), deranged (demonically possessed) leftists and (moral) truth-sensitives (spergs, high IQ chads , other typical nrx demographics). This is a fundamental nrx insight, already implied by spandrell’s Bioleninism, but it took this pandemic for me to really internalize the concept. A key consequence however is knowing how to approach convincing these groups of people.

      1) truth-sensitives – simple, just show them the truth, and if they are not morally bankrupt (aka demonically possessed) you will convert them to the side of Truth
      2) deranged leftists – they don’t care about the truth, some even know they are incorrect, they are motivated by the subversion and destruction of society and Natural Law
      3) NPCs – they are unfortunately not sensitive to truth, thus vulnerable to consensus. However, unlike deranged leftists they retain the capability to be awed by beauty (beauty is objective and has a transcendental character) and inspired by greatness, thus they will instinctively align themselves with a sufficiently Chad-like speaker of truth. Consensus beats truth, but truth beats consensus if its speaker is sufficiently more beautiful, inspiring, chadlike, whatever you want to call it than the speaker(s) of consensus.

      Notice that, as shown by bioleninism, everyone who peddles consensus and acts as a mouthpiece for ZOG looks incredibly dysgenic and ugly. Normies (NPCs) only echo these sacraments as long as no Chad offers a counterpoint, at which point they are happy to switch to the side of truth. This is why it’s imperative for everyone to lift, looksmaxx and also chad-behavior-maxx. That’s how you redpill the normies, the truth itself is sadly useless.

      • BANE says:

        Forgot to add, demonically possessed leftists otoh recoil at the face of beauty, that’s how you can distinguish them from simple NPCs.

  14. Kunning Drueger says:

    Hey Jim and Starman, what’s the perspective on the X-37?

    • jim says:

      The X37 is designed as spaceplane capable of re-entry and landing.

      I doubt it will ever fly.

      It is intended to be launched by the Senate Lunch System Rocket, which does not seem likely to fly either.

      It is another incarnation of the space shuttle. They could not make the space shuttle work, and as time went by it worked worse and worse, as the people who had been trained under Wernher von Braun retired. Those people are long gone now.

      There is a fundamental conflict between the requirements for landing like a plane, and re-entering like a space vehicle. A space vehicle needs to land like a rocket.

      Because a booster does not go as fast or as high as space vehicle, it is plausible that it might be desirable to give a booster hypersonic missile aerodynamic surfaces to fly back to its launch site, and then land like a rocket. But wings on a space vehicle are fundamentally stupid, and a booster landing like a plane, though less stupid than a space vehicle landing like a plane, is still stupid.

      The design of the X37 indicates idiots in charge, and the history of the space shuttle program indicates idiots in charge, whose ignorance, incompetence, and stupidity was revealed when they opened their mouths during the inquiry into the space shuttle disaster and tried to pretend to talk science and engineering, of which they obviously knew nothing. Startrek technobabble came out of their mouths.

      I think a good case can be made for hypersonic aerodynamics on a booster, to fly hypersonically using aerodynamic lift to return to launch site. But landing like a plane would be stupid for a booster because the flight requirements for hypersonic flight are very different from the flight requirements for landing like a plane, and it is a lot more stupid in a space vehicle.

      The photos of the X37 reveal idiocy, incompetence, and ignorance.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Negative. X-37B has flown 6-7 times, on the Atlas 5 and the SpaceX Falcon 9.

        • jim says:

          Has it?

          It is designed to land. The landing would be impressive, obvious, and well known, and it would need a special and extraordinary air strip to land on. Where is that airstrip? If it went up, where did it come down?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            Footage of the X-37 landing in the video link I posted.

            • jim says:

              Not seeing it.

              Where exactly in the video do we see it landing?

              • Kunning Drueger says:


                • Red says:

                  That thing’s so small that a F250 hauled it away.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  1000lb capacity. There’s a slightly smaller one, and a slightly larger one. Seems like a larp.

                • jim says:

                  OK, now I see it. I was skimming the video, and the landing segment was mighty brief.

                  So, it went up, and definitely came down – presumably came down from space.

                  If it came down from space, impressed, and considerably surprised.

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  They also could have just released it in the upper atmosphere and had it “fly” back down. Smoke and mirrors seems to be the thing GAE can still sort of accomplish.

                  “Who needs that lame old Greek Fire when we have the new, improved Regular Fire? Sure, it doesn’t work anywhere near as well, and sure, we may have cancelled all the Greek Fire engineers to provide social equity for Huns who were systematically oppressed, but the important thing is progress!”

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Worth noting that X-37B is entirely military, started on paper in 1999, first flew in 2010, and most recently in 2019.

                  It was started simply as “Screw this we need our own Space Shuttle,” so the winged meme was built in from the start.

                  Whether it really needed wings to do everything they’ve done with it, is a worthy debate to have. Just remember that there were no American working space capsules back then, so the winged form factor made more intuitive sense to people.

                  I’ll hazard a guess that they liked the idea of a super-light touch-down onto a runway behind a fence, rather than a harder splash-down into salt water out in the open.

                • Aidan says:

                  1000lb? a truck has more hauling capacity than the X37 lol

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  It is definitely useful tech as a bomber. According to the vid posted, the X-37 can change its orbital position easily, and is thus hard to detect/track. Combine that with a hyper-sonic payload (probably have to be the X-37C, the larger one) ind you’ve got a good “gap filler” between orbital bombardment platforms (Rods from GNON) and terrestrial forces.

                  This is all assuming it actually works.

                • Starman says:

                  There appears to be such confusion in this comment thread between the spacecraft/payload.

                  The X-37B is not a launch vehicle, it’s a payload. It’s a spacecraft in a fixed orbit that can de-orbit and re-enter the atmosphere.

                  Launch vehicles going to orbit from Earth surface or Mars surface are majority propellant, so they must be bottle shaped. Spacecraft in fixed orbits or in orbit with high ISP electric thrusters do not need to be majority propellant (X-37B, Starlink), and therefore don’t need to be bottle shaped.

                  Here’s a picture of the Soviet Energiya/Buran.
                  The bottle-shaped part is the Energiya launch vehicle.
                  The spaceplane part is the Buran spacecraft/payload.

                • Starman says:

                  Image link failure. Will try again

                  There appears to be such confusion in this comment thread between the spacecraft/payload.

                  The X-37B is not a launch vehicle, it’s a payload. It’s a spacecraft in a fixed orbit that can de-orbit and re-enter the atmosphere.

                  Launch vehicles going to orbit from Earth surface or Mars surface are majority propellant, so they must be bottle shaped. Spacecraft in fixed orbits or in orbit with high ISP electric thrusters do not need to be majority propellant (X-37B, Starlink), and therefore don’t need to be bottle shaped.

                  Here’s a picture of the Soviet Energiya/Buran.
                  The bottle-shaped part is the Energiya launch vehicle.
                  The spaceplane part is the Buran spacecraft/payload.

                • Starman says:

                  Third attempt at image link.

                  Image link failure. Will try again

                  There appears to be such confusion in this comment thread between the spacecraft/payload.

                  The X-37B is not a launch vehicle, it’s a payload. It’s a spacecraft in a fixed orbit that can de-orbit and re-enter the atmosphere.

                  Launch vehicles going to orbit from Earth surface or Mars surface are majority propellant, so they must be bottle shaped. Spacecraft in fixed orbits or in orbit with high ISP electric thrusters do not need to be majority propellant (X-37B, Starlink), and therefore don’t need to be bottle shaped.

                  Here’s a picture of the Soviet Energiya/Buran.
                  The bottle-shaped part is the Energiya launch vehicle.
                  The spaceplane part is the Buran spacecraft/payload.


                • Starman says:

                  “ There appears to be such confusion in this comment thread between the spacecraft/payload.”

                  I meant, “ There appears to be such confusion in this comment thread between the launch vehicle and the spacecraft/payload.

    • Starman says:

      The X-37B is not a launch vehicle, it is a spacecraft, a payload. And it was placed in Earth orbit multiple times by the Atlas V and the Falcon 9 (the actual launch vehicles).

      The Starship upper stage (the “Ship”) is both a launch vehicle and a spacecraft.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        So Starship is basically all of our eggs in one basket at this point? Are the Chinese or Russians working on something similar?

        Fuck, I’m so glad Arthur C. Clarke isn’t around to witness this. I actually turn hi books around on my bookshelf because I’m so embarrassed about what we are v. what we were supposed to be.

        I know you’re pretty hardline on this topic, and I genuinely apologize if this is just a dumb line of inquiry, but isn’t it good to have more than one space vehicle to work with? Yes, 1000lbs is pitiful, but a constellation of X-37s could be useful, right? Is X-37 just more SSTO niggory diggory?

        • Starman says:

          The X-37B is not a launch vehicle.

        • Red says:

          So Starship is basically all of our eggs in one basket at this point? Are the Chinese or Russians working on something similar?

          Falcon 9 and Starship are the first real advances in rockets since Wernher von Braun died. No one has anything like them. Though the Chinese are pouring massive resources into their space program and their rockets are getting bigger and better, but nothing like the leap that is Falcon 9 and Starship.

        • Red says:

          Things like the X-37 and the Dream Chaser are basically reusable crew/cargo capsules designed to land more gently. They’re launched from rockets and have no capability to reach space on their own. They’re the equivalent of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, though the Dragon can fly people while the X-37 can’t.

        • jim says:

          I am, to my surprise, impressed by the X37.

          • Red says:

            It’s basically a military space drone. Though it sounds like it’s a bit of a dead program. It’s the sort of thing that SpaceForce should been work on before Biden gutted the branch.

  15. Pooch says:

    Seems like American Vets have been planning for the coming guerrilla war for a while now.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      GWoT Vets: a case study in Stockholm Syndrome

    • clovis says:

      Put out by Black Rifle Coffee, who we already knew were pozzed. You’d like to think that most vets learned from Iraq that fighting for “muh freedom” overseas is a scam.

      • Pooch says:

        You would think. In reality it’s motivating them to double down even harder setting up the Ukrainian mujadeen, knowing their attempts in Iraq and Afghanistan ended in failure.

        It’s a bitter red pill for GWoT vets to realize their lives were dedicated to a complete scam. Red pills don’t tend to go down that easily.

        • clovis says:

          right, and any number of republicans who spent four years being told trump was installed by russia are now beating the war drum with Hannity. And for that matter so is Trump. Sad!

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Most people who sign up for America’s military now admit that money is a motivating factor, although dressed up in terms like “career” or “education”. They’re mercenaries. They aren’t fighting for Allah. They aren’t the good guys anymore/”anymore”.

        9/11 produced a lot of gullible patriots, but the sign of decadence is that it didn’t produce any sympathy for those patriots and desire for revenge on an unpatriotic government. They meant well, and were the last generation of soldiers who meant well, and they were treated dishonorably. The red tribe can’t do anything but reflexively withdraw from the empire game at this point.

  16. The Cominator says:

    Poland seems hellbent on collaborating with the Biden insane war with Russia faction to get WWIII started, something I don’t think Biden can do on his own because both NATO and the US military brass just keep telling him no.

    If we avoid war we should let the Krauts and Russians partition them again, we can’t have fake Versailles countries starting world wars because their national identity is based on eternally seething at Russia.

    • Pooch says:

      Seems like Blinkin is trying to get Poland to instigate it. The State Department is the pro-war faction. Biden and the WH are actually the anti-war faction.

      • The Cominator says:

        Biden and WH are blue empire and they aren’t antiwar just the DoD.

        If we get out of this crisis Poland should be partitioned again for this.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Why? Poland isn’t giving those planes to Ukraine, it’s giving them to the USA on German soil. Where the planes go from there is no concern of Poland’s.

      • jim says:

        State Department is war faction, Department of Defense is peace faction. White house was sitting firmly on the war faction keeping it out of mischief, but with the war now getting full Harvard backing, is being reluctantly dragged along.

        As I have been saying for some time, Biden and company want Brezhnevian stagnation, but the horse they rode in on has other ideas.

        I expected that idea to be escalated would be white racial genocide or Covidian mass human sacrifice, but, looks like it is going to be war. Or maybe there will be a few more abrupt turns on the way to the left singularity.

        • The Cominator says:

          Woodrow Wilson is the gift that keeps on giving and so is his Versailles bastard Poland…

          My interpretation of events (much like Thomas777) is that the military keeps getting told to attack Russian targets and keeps saying no… so the White House which is now with the war faction (I think Susan Rice was part of the peace faction but has lost influence and now Ron Klain the commie jew is now firmly in charge) is using the Poles and their eternal seething against Russia to try to provoke Russia into attacking Poland via this incredible provocation.

        • Pooch says:

          Ukrainian gureilla war is probably the compromise between the two then. State Department gets its war and Department of Defense doesn’t get to die.

          • The Cominator says:

            The Polacks seem determined to start a war though…

            • Joe W. says:

              You’re reading this all wrong. The Polacks publicly shot down Blinken’s stupid proposal for Poland to send planes to Ukraine by calling it “Fake News” on Twitter. It was only after the U.S. kept foolishly pushing the idea that the Polacks offered to “give” their old planes to Ukraine … in exchange for newer and better planes from the U.S.

              Can’t blame the Polacks for trying. Biden and Blinken certainly would have gone for it, if the DoD hadn’t balked.

              • The Cominator says:

                The DoD blocked it possibly by threatening a coup, Poland did not. They should be partioned again for this if we get in.

          • jim says:

            Undoubtedly that is the deal, but deals with the devil are apt to turn out in ways that the party making the deal did not intend or expect.

            • The Cominator says:

              Sounds like plan got blocked again with the Pentagon … maybe the military threatened a coup…

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              “Oft evil will will evil mar.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

        • clovis says:

          You seem to have determined the singularity is a fait accompli now, which is ironic, because so did Marx. So that’s something you agree with him on maybe.

          Once it arrives, is it your opinion that it will last for a thousand years or some indeterminate time, and there’s nothing that can be done?

          • jim says:

            Left singularities seldom start dark ages, and sometimes end them.

            They destroy the social technology embedded in the state religion, which is apt to die with them. Sometimes this this is arguably a significant and substantial contributor to an ensuing dark age, but one could also argue that it is not.

            What tends to happen after a state religion dies is that eventually a Caesar institutes a replacement – which often sucks so badly that there is a large slow decline in technology, knowledge, skills, and the economy that continues for a thousand years. And sometimes it is a very good replacement, as with Restoration Anglicanism, that gave us science, technology, industrialization, and empire.

    • jim says:

      Russia looks like it is going to put a line of steel on or near the the 1914 border between eastern and western Europe,dividing the fake state of Ukraine into two real states.

      If that line of steel successfully prevents globohomo, the GAE, the Global American Empire, from fostering asymmetric war east of the border, we are likely to get symmetric conventional war over that line, with Poland in the front line of that symmetric war.

      If we get symmetric war, likely to proceed to nukes.

      • Pooch says:

        Looks to me there are 3 factions in the GAE: the thermonuclear war faction, the insurgency faction, and the peace faction. The peace faction may not even exist in the US itself.

    • Herman says:

      No surprising. Polish people hate the Germans, but they really hate the Russians.

      The whole situation has a historical precedent. The polish allied with the British before the second world war, who did not support them when they were conquered by the Germans and Russians.

      I think the war fraction in the cathedral wants them to fight Russia to the last polish man and not support them. The war fraction has done this before in Chechenia, Georgia and now in Ukraine.

      Of course this would test how much a Nato Membership is worth. Other then the Nato membership on paper, the situation is similar to the situation in western Ukraine.
      Lately a lot of paper has become worthless…

      But after all the passive resistance the polish put up in the 1980s I don’t think Russia wants to play the occupation force there once more.

      • The Cominator says:

        Well I think their fake Versailles country should cease to exist for this…

        • Ex says:

          Poland’s current borders are fake after being moved around by various treaties and forcible displacement, but Poland is very real. The Poles can tell you what their kings were doing in Krakow 500 years ago.

    • Red says:

      This sounds more plausible on Poland:

      #1. Poland never knew about the plan for them to send jets to Ukraine because Blinken made it up.

      #2. Blinken was trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      #3. Poland rejected Blinken’s claims twice. Then, to prove it, said fine here’s the planes, go to war.

      • The Cominator says:

        Have you been browsing /pol lately… shilling is worse than ever but every fucking Polish poster almost without exception is pro globohomo and Ukraine on this.

        They wanted to start the war, they just wanted to drag the US into it. The Pentagon blocked this shit not Biden and certainly not the state department.

        • jim says:

          > The Pentagon blocked this shit not Biden

          The prospect of sudden death is apt to wonderfully clarify someone’s mind.

          • Pooch says:

            The prospect of sudden death is apt to wonderfully clarify someone’s mind.

            If the Pentagon is blocking escalation, it means the Generals are quite competently assessing Russia’s capability and taking Putin’s threat of retribution seriously.

            That they are able to do this and not blindly follow along to the beat of Harvard/State Department/NY Times means if the time comes for thermonuclear war, the military may coup to avoid it. Small white pill perhaps.

        • Red says:

          Almost all young people in the west are followers globohomo. Globohomo demonstrated strength when they crushed Trump in such a blatant manner. Kids follow power since that’s the traditional path to reproductive success.

          We’ve consumed more of the poison in America than else where so we’re less enamored with it, but given the mass conversion to faggtroy and trannyism I’m seeing in the US, I’d say the majority of kids in the US follow Globohomo as well. It’s our state religion after all.

    • pyrrhus says:

      No, the MIG-29s were elderly Soviet junk that probably had not been maintained, win/win for Poland if the US took them—Pentagon refused to take them…

      • pyrrhus says:

        Gotta give Poland points for that poison pill gambit, which initially suckered Nuland and company…

  17. The Cominator says:

    I’m surprised he seems to be trying to negotiate now… I thought he would want the carefree life of a puppet leader in exile. Does he fear the Russians whacking him more than the Ukranian/globohomo “security services” now.

    • Pooch says:

      Yeah I’m not sure what to make of that. The US press is reporting absolutely zero coverage on any negotiations. It is clear the Cathedral wants to draw Russia into a long bloody insurgency. I would imagine the Cathedral will need to sabotage these “negotiations”. Any ceasefire or terms will greatly hinder their insurgency.

      We now see globohomo’s grand strategy and to be honest I have to tip my hat to it. It is actually quite brilliant. The goal from the beginning was to provoke Russia into a full invasion to which they will then back a long years long insurgency against to inflict maximum damage to Putin.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Not going to work because the Russians only care about the eastern provinces and aren’t going to occupy the rest…

        • Pooch says:

          They intend to at least keep the Cathedral out of Kiev. I imagine that would be ground-zero for the insurgency.

      • Aidan says:

        Nah. Insurgency does not work without threat of military action by the insurgency’s sponsor. (The Cathedral believes it does, because it has gone long past the point of drinking its own Kool-Aid) Globohomo has shown that it is too scared for open war with Russia, so its insurgency is thus toothless. If the Gay Empire only sponsors insurgents, but cannot invade anything, and if the alternative to SWIFT gains ground, the US becomes no longer an empire, but the angry and poor sponsor of gay terrorism, the fag Iran of the 2030s.

        • Pooch says:

          Insurgency does not work without threat of military action by the insurgency’s sponsor.

          Where have you seen this in historical precedent? I’m not seeing that.

          The Taliban’s sponsor (Pakistan) was no threat of military action in Afghanistan. Again in Afghanistan, the mujahideen’s sponsor against the Soviets (the US) was not threatening military action against the Soviets.

          Likewise in Iraq against US occupation. All a guerrilla war needs to succeed is elite backing and an endless supply of bodies. The Ukrainian mujahideen will have US elite backing. Looks like they have an endless supply of bodies reading too much US media. They will have infinite Javelins, Stingers, and training.

          • Aidan says:

            If Russia had taken the necessary measures against the mujahideen, the US would absolutely have gotten involved. And Pakistan’s involvement against the US was the use of Pakistan as a base for training and hiding men. The US should have invaded Pakistan if they wanted to root out the insurgency, but did not want war against a nuclear armed power; threat of violence.

            Same as Vietnam; the NVA using Cambodia as a base, and the threat of war with China. “Elite sponsorship” does not just mean guns and money, it means the plausible threat of violence from the elite sponsor.

      • clovis says:

        Maybe you’re right, but an alternate reading is that globohomo is just being incompetent. Some are saying the sanctions will end up harming us more than Putin and cause the dollar to implode.

        • Doom says:

          Russia and China still have resources and production capacity.

          You need skilled and willing workers to extract natural resources.

          Shaniqua cannot operate the oil drill, and Joe is pissed off because he has to pay 600 a week in child support and isn’t allowed to see his children.

          Plus add to that that both of them are filled with stupid pointless religious nonsense (climate change, muh original sin of slavery, whatever whatever)

          Unfortunately for the West, the cudgels designed to break people down have, in fact, broken them down.

    • Aidan says:

      Poland and Hungary both capitulated on military aid to Ukraine. Looks like the western slavic nations are accepting the fact that they need to sleep next to the bear, like they have for most of their history. Far preferable than being the stage of WWIII.

      I predicted that Zelensky would defect because actors are empty men. He is not a zealot for Globohomo, he was chosen for his ability to affect nationalism. I do not know if he is just acting now or if he really will negotiate. But if exile is likely to get him poisoned, and cooperation with Putin allows him to remain in power over “Ruthenia”…

      If the US refuses to directly intervene, as they have done, they look weak and the Empire begins to fall apart. If the US intervenes and loses, the Empire is done on the spot. The only future in which the US Empire stays together after being challenged like that is victory. And somebody probably sat down and showed Biden’s handlers a report showing that the US has 10,000 men tops who can actually fight, and most of the equipment is of uncertain combat readiness.

      Putin has shown himself able and willing to defeat insurgency and color revolution. Every time there is a “protest” in Moscow, he puts several hundred or thousand people in jail for a few days, because each and every protest could become color revolution against him. So I trust his ability to mitigate or win asymmetric warfare.

      • Pooch says:

        I predicted that Zelensky would defect because actors are empty men. He is not a zealot for Globohomo, he was chosen for his ability to affect nationalism. I do not know if he is just acting now or if he really will negotiate. But if exile is likely to get him poisoned, and cooperation with Putin allows him to remain in power over “Ruthenia”…

        Cooperation with Putin seems to be getting Ukrainian officials shot twice in the head and their bodies dumped in the street by the security forces.

        • Aidan says:

          While UKR still controls those cities. When Russia controls the cities, Ukraine may find a shortage of men willing to shoot people in the head, especially with a robust “demilitarization” program.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Being a professional actor must be serving Zelensky well, then. It enables him to go out there, strike heroic poses, and not show his terror of being martyred for the cause by his own employer.

          If that’s actually what’s going on then this is a hostage negotiation, and Zelensky is trying to figure out how to get himself and his family out of this.

  18. Encelad says:

    Interesting speech by Kirill, Moscow Orthodox patriarch, in which he points the elephant in the room about soft and hard power. Taking Donbas as example, he explicitly states that the reason why countries organize gay parades is ultimately due to avoid being carpet bombed by USG.

    • Mike in Boston says:

      Got a link to Kirill’s speech?

        • clovis says:

          Google Translate of the sermon:

          Patriarchal Sermon on Cheesefare Week after the Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

          March 6, 2022 13:31
          On March 6, 2022, on Cheesefare Week, in remembrance of Adam’s exile (Forgiveness Sunday), His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. At the end of the service, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church delivered a sermon.

          In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!

          I heartily congratulate all of you, my dear masters, fathers, brothers and sisters, on this Sunday, on Forgiveness Sunday, on the last Sunday before the start of the field of Holy Forty Days – Great Lent!

          Great Lent is referred to by many ascetics of piety as spiritual spring. It coincides with the physical spring and at the same time is perceived by the consciousness of the Church as a spiritual spring. What is spring? Spring is the rebirth of life, it is renewal, it is new strength. We know that it is in the spring that powerful juice breaks through to a height of ten, twenty, one hundred meters, reviving the tree. This is truly an amazing miracle of God, a miracle of life. Spring is the rebirth of life, it is a kind of great symbol of life. And therefore, it is not at all accidental that the main spring holiday is the Easter of the Lord – also a sign, a sign, a symbol of eternal life. And we believe that this is so, which means that the entire Christian faith that we share with you is a faith that affirms life, which is against death, against destruction, which affirms the need to follow Divine laws in order to live, in order not to perish either in this world or in the world to come. But we know that this spring has been overshadowed by grave events related to the deterioration of the political situation in the Donbass, practically the outbreak of hostilities. I would like to say something on this subject.

          For eight years there have been attempts to destroy what exists in the Donbass. And in the Donbass there is rejection, a fundamental rejection of the so-called values that are offered today by those who claim world power. Today there is such a test for the loyalty of this government, a kind of pass to that “happy” world, the world of excess consumption, the world of visible “freedom”. Do you know what this test is? The test is very simple and at the same time terrible – this is a gay parade. The demands on many to hold a gay parade are a test of loyalty to that very powerful world; and we know that if people or countries reject these demands, then they do not enter into that world, they become strangers to it.

          But we know what this sin is, which is promoted through the so-called marches of dignity. This is a sin that is condemned by the Word of God – both the Old and the New Testament. Moreover, the Lord, condemning sin, does not condemn the sinner. He only calls him to repentance, but not to ensure that through a sinful person and his behavior, sin becomes a life standard, a variation of human behavior – respected and acceptable.

          If humanity recognizes that sin is not a violation of God’s law, if humanity agrees that sin is one of the options for human behavior, then human civilization will end there. And gay parades are designed to demonstrate that sin is one of the variations of human behavior. That is why in order to enter the club of those countries, it is necessary to hold a gay pride parade. Not to make a political statement “we are with you”, not to sign any agreements, but to hold a gay parade. And we know how people resist these demands and how this resistance is suppressed by force. This means that we are talking about imposing by force a sin condemned by God’s law, and therefore, by force to impose on people the denial of God and His truth.

          Therefore, what is happening today in the sphere of international relations has not only political significance. We are talking about something different and much more important than politics. We are talking about human salvation, about where humanity will end up, on which side of God the Savior, who comes into the world as the Judge and Creator, on the right or on the left. Today, out of weakness, stupidity, ignorance, and most often out of unwillingness to resist, many go there, to the left side. And all that is connected with the justification of sin, condemned by the Bible, is today a test for our faithfulness to the Lord, for our ability to confess faith in our Savior.
          And so today, on Forgiveness Sunday, on the one hand, as your shepherd, I call on everyone to forgive sins and insults, including where it is very difficult to do this, where people are at war with each other. But forgiveness without justice is capitulation and weakness. Therefore, forgiveness must be accompanied by the indispensable preservation of the right to stand on the side of the world, on the side of God’s truth, on the side of the Divine commandments, on the side of what reveals to us the light of Christ, His Word, His Gospel, His greatest testaments given to the human race.

          All of the above indicates that we have entered into a struggle that has not a physical, but a metaphysical significance. I know how, unfortunately, Orthodox people, believers, choosing the path of least resistance in this war, do not reflect on everything that we are thinking about today, but humbly follow the path that the powers that be show them. We do not condemn anyone, we do not invite anyone to come to the cross, we just say to ourselves: we will be faithful to the word of God, we will be faithful to His law, we will be faithful to the law of love and justice, and if we see violations of this law, we will never let’s put up with those who destroy this law, blurring the line between holiness and sin, and even more so with those who promote sin as an example or as one of the models of human behavior.

          Today, our brothers in the Donbass, Orthodox people, are undoubtedly suffering, and we cannot but be with them, first of all in prayer. It is necessary to pray that the Lord would help them to preserve the Orthodox faith, not to succumb to temptations and temptations. At the same time, we must pray that peace will come as soon as possible, that the blood of our brothers and sisters will stop, that the Lord will incline His mercy to the long-suffering Donbass land, which has been bearing this mournful stamp for eight years, generated by human sin and hatred.

          Entering the field of Great Lent, let us try to forgive everyone. What is forgiveness? If you ask for forgiveness from a person who has broken the law or done something evil and unfair to you, you thereby do not justify his behavior, but simply stop hating this person. He ceases to be your enemy, which means that by your forgiveness you betray him to the judgment of God. This is the true meaning of forgiving each other our sins and mistakes. We forgive, we renounce hatred and vindictiveness, but we cannot, in heaven, cross out human untruth; therefore, by our forgiveness, we commit our offenders into the hands of God, so that both judgment and God’s mercy may be performed on them. So that our Christian attitude towards human sins, delusions and insults would not be the cause of their death, but that God’s just judgment would be made on everyone, including those who take on the heaviest responsibility, widening the gap between brothers, filling it with hatred, malice and death.

          May the merciful Lord execute His righteous judgment on all of us. And so that as a result of this judgment we do not stand on the left side of the Savior who came into the world, we must repent of our own sins. Approach your life with a very deep and impartial analysis, ask yourself what is good and what is bad, and in no case justify yourself, they say, I quarreled with this or that, because they were wrong . This is a false argument, this is the wrong approach. One must always ask before God: Lord, what have I done wrong? And if the Lord helps us to realize our own untruth, then repent of this untruth.

          It is today, on Forgiveness Sunday, that we must accomplish this feat of self-denial from our own sins and our unrighteousness, the feat of surrendering ourselves into the hands of God, and the most important feat is the forgiveness of those who offended us.

          May the Lord help us all to pass through the days of the Holy Forty Day so as to worthily enter into the joy of the Bright Resurrection of Christ. And let us pray that all those who are fighting today, who are shedding blood, who are suffering, will also enter into this joy of the Resurrection in peace and tranquility. Because what joy will there be if some are in the world, while others are in the power of evil and in the sorrow of internecine warfare?

          May the Lord help us all in this way, and not otherwise, to enter the field of Holy Great Lent, in order to save our souls and contribute to the multiplication of goodness in our sinful and often terribly erroneous world, so that the truth of God reigns and dominates and leads the human race. Amen.

          Press Service of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

  19. Fireball says:

    That 2026 date of yours is starting to sound extremely possible. For me it will probably happen sooner. I doubt i will get to the end of 2024 without having to deal with some level of starvation.

  20. David says:

    Things are going to be *really really* bad in my country (Chile), i don’t known if you know that the new president will assume in this friday and he is a maniac degenerate, he is very pro-GLBT, 4th wave feminist (it is terrible since even the first wave was atrocious), pro-immigration and indigenist (though he is white), without taking into account that he is a secularist and doesn’t have an universitary title (a retard).
    Jim, i hope Chile will not turn into a mestizo-amerindian venezuela or worse.

    • David says:

      He will only fasten Chile’s decadence since the country was castizo until now (there is racial replacement in here, though to a lesser extent than in the USA, for example in the 60′ and 50′ most of the population was “white” and the numbers are now dwindling really fast, in the past there were almost 0% of negroes and they are 2% or more rn) , i am sure that there will be a political collapse and chaos in some time more (especially considering the chaos with those amerindian activists, the inflation and the prices of the bencine).

      • Varna says:

        You’ve got your Portugal, your Ireland, Taiwan, and so on, as examples of “trad” countries being completely subverted by globohomo.

        It is, however, quite possible to live a decent life in all three. Some might say still more possible than in much of Russia or SE Europe.

        Just gotta be aware, and not allow the flow of bullshit to grind down your nervous system and overall health. Combine keeping an eye on it without letting it overwhelm you, and just enjoy life.

        When driving a vehicle we’re frequently an instant away from mutilation or death, sometimes for hours on end on a daily basis. Yet we learn to accept this without obsessing about it, and do it on autopilot, while the surface of the mind enjoys the scenery, or a song, or a chat, or a mild meditative bliss.

        Same can be said for navigating a globohomo society. Unlike driving, the rules will constantly be changing, but thus far not really at an impossible rate. It just takes some effort to figure out what the real rules are behind the bullshit. But hey, this frequently goes for normal life as well.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Chile had several decades of prosperous sanity due to Allende’s blunder and Pinochet’s adoption of sane economics…but as most countries do, it is now reverting to form and will rapidly go down the drain…

  21. Starman says:

    What Czar Putin should do is carry out an above ground nuclear test on livestream and then challenge the US to do a similar test on livestream.

    • jim says:

      By law, if the president orders a test, the test cannot take place until sufficient time has passed that a new president is in power. Which law tells me that the people in charge of nukes do not want to test them, in case they fail the tests.

    • David says:


  22. notglowing says:

    I am still optimistic about the crypto regulation, for now.
    Looking at the newsfeed in the past few weeks qualitatively, there’s less on crypto being used by Russia and more positive news about using it to donate to the UA government, or people escaping the country with crypto.

    They seem convinced that Russia and China will develop a centralized alternative to SWIFT which is far more likely than Bitcoin being Russia’s main tool to evade sanctions.

    I don’t see BTC being demonized much more than usual. There might be some negative consequences from this, though, I think a significant portion of the elite is now invested in it.
    The EU was going to ban PoW currencies altogether, and they got lobbied into not doing it a few days after it leaked.

  23. Karl says:

    Worship of the Awesome, Mighty, and Holy Covid Demon cannot be stopped like negro worhip, feminism or other globohomo project. Of course, you still see a lot of stubborn resistance and denial, and a heavy handed and hamfisted effort to prevent discovery.

    Many people died from the clot shot, many childern will suffer for the rest of their lives from sequela. Physicians who administered the clot shot, bureaucrats who granted licence to adminster the clot shot, any public person who pushed people to get the clot shot – they all want to be seen as good people with a pristine record of helping people. These people might be willing to drop the issue, but will resist discovery. If the don’t deny, they admit fault. There might be some very rare individuals who do that, but as a group they will deny as ling as they live

    • David says:

      The elites are focusing on the Ukraine war, so they will not talk publically about covid though they will enforce harsher measures on the population

    • jim says:

      The periphery of the Global American Empire grows restless.

      The current troop deployment in the Ukraine hints that the Russian military are readying to halt movement across the 1914 border between Russian Europe and Western Europe. This, if successful, may well make it difficult to keep an asymmetric war going in Ukraine. In which case the war goes conventional, and likely ends in nuclear fire, or the Global American Empire loses. Either way, the provinces of empire are likely to grow more restless.

    • pyrrhus says:

      Sanctions against Russian energy by an energy poor region like the EU are nothing less than a form of national suicide…Will be interesting to see if the demons do it…

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        It appears that Germany has already pumped the brakes on ceasing Russian petroleum imports. But Russia is halting raw material exports, so they may have to make some big decisions going forward. If things get as bad as they could, there’s going to be a lot of resentment for the Gaia Worshiper faction.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          For any hardships caused by a leftist’s provocations, he will assign blame to the target of his provocations. It is ever thus.

          When a leftist coronatarian brings productive society to a crashing halt, it says the faithless antivaxers failing to demonstrate sufficient obsequiousness to appeasing the covid daemon are to blame.

          When it causes a famine by stealing landowner’s cultivated land, it says that landowners are to blame.

          When it causes death of fertility by destroying patriarchy, it says patriarchy is to blame.

          When it throws the entente into chaos and leaves subjects huddling in the cold dark by compulsively pursuing the expansion of it’s demon faith in far flung lands, it will say those powers not subject to it’s whims that it tried to subjugate are to blame.

          When it stabs you in the back, it cries out in pain.

  24. Cloudswrest says:

    Musk is definitely not an NPC!

  25. Yul Bornhold says:

    Eugyppius shares vax anecdotes:

    Some interesting points. From a nurse:

    “Oddly, a small minority (3 in my personal experience) reported “I didn’t notice anything at all. My arm wasn’t even sore like with the flu shot”. I remember thinking how bizarre this seemed given the mechanism of action etc but it happened.”

    Dud doses? Hypothetically, if vax were intended to produce mass sterility, would include some duds so as to leave a small portion of the population able to reproduce. But that theory makes no sense if you go on to require multiple doses. So don’t know what to make of these seeming duds.

    From a professor:

    “I will also say that in general since the vaccines, students have been much sicker more often than I’ve ever experienced as a professor. We held classes in person last semester (hybrid), and there was no problem with sickness – similar to my other years as a prof. This year it’s been sick kid after sick kid. And everyone got covid in January, despite the fact that the student population is 99% vaccinated, and the fac/staff are at 95%.”

    Obviously, young students ought to be healthy. I personally know a guy in an elite branch of the US military. The first dose of the vaccine was sufficient to knock them all out for several days. Puzzling because Eugyp’s anecdotes relate that most people unaffected by first dose. Why would it be so effective on a military group renowned for physical fitness?

    It’s over for Mormons:

    “I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka “Mormon”), and in August 2021 the Prophet of my church came out with a statement that encouraged all members of the church to be vaccinated. This was very difficult for me because I had been skeptical of the vaccines from the very start”

    • Varna says:

      The other day a nice young couple told me how Moderna laid them out, and then they got the kung flu anyway. The husband was shrugging this all off and trying to change the topic to Hitler Putin, while the wife simmered with what looked like growing skepticism and rage.

      She was diagnosed with some “minor heart problems”, which she was assured “were utterly unconnected to vaccination”.

      That aside, here’s a December thing on the toxicity of different batches

  26. jdgalt1 says:

    This attempt at sanctions is hilarious.

    Russia has formed an alternative to the SWIFT system, and already has both China and India using it. Just those three countries are more than half the world’s population — about 3.8 billion people — and they have more than half the manufacturing capacity, too.

    Try to fence out that much of the world and you find that your idea of who is “inside” the fence and who is “outside” are backwards.

    • The Cominator says:

      The effect of the sanctions was always going to hurt the dollar more than Russia and probably more negatively effect our economy and that of Europe more than ours.

      1) Russia’s main importation from the West are luxury items, they probably get some necessities but they likely have them stockpiled

      2) They can get Chinese goods no problem and they won’t starve, China needs their oil, raw materials and aerospace engineering skills.

      3) Germany has never functioned well without Russian gas since the car was invented, Hitler had that problem too. Germany was always going to face overwhelming temptation to defect on the American government and break the sanctions in circuitous fashion.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        In regards to point #03, Germany has a relatively low opinion of the US with Schengen Zone. I knew w I’m a broken record on Scandinavia, but if the unterNorse and the Germans decide to flout State Department, the global salt supply could last for generations. This is hopeful/wishful thinking most likely, but I like to believe there is a lot of nascent/quiet support/desire for a multipolar world. Yes, GAE seems to be monolithic, but dominant powers always do, even when they are in the process of decay. While the rot is deep, and the diabolists are loud and legion, nothing is ever all one thing. Plenty of Germans, Norwegians, and Finns going along to get along, not necessarily biding their time, but probably just as able to break with the perceived status quo if the rewards are great enough.

        A smashing Russian success moves the needle demonstrably, but for core and periphery GAE protectorates to defect, I think they would need diverse grounds. NATO being exposed as a paper eagle is substantial, but it wouldn’t be enough on its own. The soft European needs some kind of moral cause to provide cover for selfish action. Some Trucker Crackdown event could give them that cover. Something that the defecting Elites could use to drum up “grassroots” support.

        The GAE has built a well entrenched tradition of holocaustianity (as well as color revolution methodology, but that is somewhat tangential). We’ve yet to see it really backfire on them. Is that possible?

        • Varna says:

          >A smashing Russian success moves the needle demonstrably,

          Can’t be a smashing success or globohomo will overreact. There’s unsaid boundaries in every situation which sides have to intuitively follow according to “what their right is” on a primitive, almost pre-verbal level.

          For example when Syrian forces with Russian help achieved one victory too many, Trump ordered a bunch of Tomahawks to obliterate some empty army barracks. It was a shot across the bow in the sense of “I have to do this but also take care to not embarrass me visibly or else”.

          Likewise when the US offed that Iranian general, and thus Iran this time had “the obvious right” to send some rockets against US empty army barracks as righteous retaliation.

          It’s a complex dance where beneath all the official talk and documents there’s a constantly shifting web of primal lines of force, of might and right, of consensus righteousness and so on, and sometimes the most important thing is to recognize the right moment to recognize and respect one of these lines.

          • jim says:

            > > A smashing Russian success moves the needle demonstrably,

            > Can’t be a smashing success or globohomo will overreact.

            It is inherent in the leftist singularity that Globohomo will overreact no matter what happens.

            Trump was an adherent to the peace of westphalia, so observed certain lines and expected others to observe those lines. Globohomo has a different perspective.

            • Varna says:

              True, of course, Trump would not have destroyed Libya or had Gaddafi sodomized to death.

              But still, sadistic megalomaniac satanists in different situations get their sick kicks at a) no cost, b) some cost, c) huge cost, d) global suicide cost.

              Normally they’d prefer the “no cost” option, but, perhaps because of a lifetime of passing on costs to others, they can in certain situations convince themselves that huge costs and suicidal costs are also acceptable, deluding themselves these can also be passed on to everyone else but not them.

              Right now both Moscow and China have to walk the fine line of not triggering the global suicide cost from the globohomo side, and try to keep thing in the area between huge cost and some cost. And this definitely calls for some “PR”.

              • jim says:

                > But still, sadistic megalomaniac satanists in different situations get their sick kicks at a) no cost, b) some cost, c) huge cost, d) global suicide cost.

                > Normally they’d prefer the “no cost” option

                You are attributing to them rational evil, defecting on cooperators for short term gain. The evidence is suggestive of demonic evil.

                The frog happens upon a scorpion at the shore of the lake. And the scorpion says to the frog, “Mr. Frog, I’m very very tired today. I’m very tired. Perhaps, if it’s not too much trouble, you could ferry me across the lake.”

                And the frog looks at him, and says, “Mr. Scorpion, I would love to help you out, but you’re a scorpion, and I’m a frog, and surely, by the time I get to the middle of the lake, you will sting me, and I will die.”

                “No! Mr. Frog, why would I do that? If I were to sting you in the middle of the lake, we would both surely drown! I cannot swim ,you are my boat, why would I do that?”

                And the frog thinks about it, and the frog is a bit nervous, but is of a good nature, and decides to help the scorpion. So he scoots along the shore, the scorpion crawls on his back and the frog starts swimming. and then they get to the middle of the pond, and the frog begins to think, “I guess that the scorpion won’t sting me. It makes perfect sense.” And all of a sudden, when he gets to the middle, he feels a sharp pain in his back. Wham! The scorpion has stung the frog. And the frog, as he struggles, his limbs, his legs are getting heavy, and he starts to go under, and he says, “Why Mr. Scorpion, Why did you sting me? Now we will both surely drown.”

                And the scorpion says, “I guess it’s just my nature.”

              • Mayflower Sperg says:

                Jim wrote in 2017:

                Because the Cathedral is primarily driven by holiness competition, it is incapable of acting rationally. This is in some ways a strength. The way to win at chicken is to first drink a bottle of vodka, then at the last moment rip out the steering wheel and throw it out the window.

                But it is also a weakness. The likely result is, sooner or later, to blunder into war, state to state, state level civil war, nonstate war, and likely all of the above.

                This fits better than the scorpion fable because the US gov’t is posing not as a rational actor but as a suicidal maniac determined to win or die.

                • jim says:

                  My previous reply appeared in the wrong thread.

                  I was ranting about something else completely different

                • Kunning Drueger says:

                  Jim, maybe you should take some time and go out in the garden Move some dirt, do something helpful. But then just sit.

                  Watch the sun trace the shape of the leaves.

                  Watch the sun illuminate the grass, the dirt, the spikes of tree branches budding.

                  Watch time flow with little regard for the kingdoms and colonies of the man shaped ants as they skitter hither and yon.

                  I walked out, once, with bold intention.
                  I sat, soon after, with hopeless abandon.
                  I watched, then waited, and restrained the fidget.
                  I lost hope, then found it, crawling up my calf.
                  I stood, renewed, with purpose and point,
                  I knew full well that time was short.

                  You need a break; I need more dirt.

                  We all need work, our work is worship.

                  Take stock, and contemplate, and remember that all we are, all we do, is nothing more than green leaves, blithely unaware that Fall comes, and that suddenly.

      • James says:

        Finland a large conduit into Russian markets. Many fortunes have been made smuggling goods from Helsinki to St Petersburg.

      • pyrrhus says:

        Very true…and when America can no longer pay for imports with fake money, all hell will break out in North America…

        • jim says:

          SWIFT has been suffering numerous mortal illnesses for a very long time, but remained strangely alive.

          This is likely to be the fatal blow. The periphery of empire, and even Mexico, has no intent to observe sanctions, and need a medium of international exchange with which to do business.

          The commodity exchanges seem to be suffering death throws, which no one admits to noticing, and the pretense that they are still operating will doubtless continue for a long time.

          • Yul Bornhold says:

            Mexico is bizarre. On some matters, slave to the Cathedral. On others, completely independent.

            Becomes a lot less bizarre when you realize the Cathedral is not a state as traditionally defined but a labyrinth of power controlling institutions. As such, it can weld plastic penises onto public transportation seating in Mexico city (for feminism, of course) but it can’t easily force Mexico to sanction Russia.

            In freehold, the state (king) likewise allows some of his power to diffuse but only to those who have incentive to use it wisely. Patriarchs rather than childless cat ladies.

            • Joe W. says:

              > Mexico is bizarre. On some matters, slave to the Cathedral. On others, completely independent.

              Not bizarre at all if you’ve been there. Countries require a certain amount of wealth before they can be full slaves to the Cathedral, and Mexico doesn’t have it.

              Covid is a good example.

              Mexicans did all the stupid Covid things that didn’t cost much money—e.g., they’re still wearing masks everywhere, including outside in 105-degree heat—but Mexico didn’t even attempt full economic lockdowns, since millions of people would have starved (or rioted). Mexico can’t just print trillions of pesos and have them magically appear in people’s (non-existent) bank accounts.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              The other thing is that our regnant whig theocracy, being instantiated in europoid nations, through europoid leftists, is thus also primarily animated against other europoids; the farther the distance of relation to the leftist, the less ‘visible’ they are to it’s sectarian instincts, the more they can flout it’s ostensible ‘principles’. They simply can’t, for example, muster the same kind of acrimony against China, that they do against Russia. Many such cases.

  27. Joe says:

    A low-tech workaround to the blood diamonds attack is to generate a new address for every donation request and to combine outputs only when necessary. A final trip through the lightning network before transfer onto a crypto-fiat exchange will make sure that the exchange does not start asking questions about any marked payments that your adversary might have made.

    • Cloudswrest says:

      A low-tech workaround to the blood diamonds attack is to generate a new address for every donation request …

      Duh! I am always amazed at bloggers and dissidents who publish some constant permanent address so every Cathedral agent out there knows what your total donations receipts are! I remember the Wikileaks page used to have some donation form that would generate a unique address that only you (and of course Wikileaks) were aware of.

    • jim says:

      The low tech workaround is only convenient to use, and safely doable, in Wasabi wallet.

      The countermeasure that the state could apply is to make use of Wasabi wallet likely to get your transactions deemed dirty.

      As soon as the fungibility of bitcoins becomes a problem, then there are no end of people who can gain power over other people’s wealth by making that problem worse.

      • Joe says:

        In Bitcoin, yes; transaction costs can be a few dollars each, and it is quite likely that transaction costs for creating the initial channel transaction (and closing it out) would be higher than many donations; also peers might not accept incoming channels for very small amounts. Thus, coinjoin is the only economical way to pool the funds while de-linking their exact origin, and as you say, coinjoin looks different to other transactions.

        Would not a proof-of-stake, blockdag cryptocurrency have lower transaction costs and thus lower overhead for low-value lightning channels?

      • Aryaman says:

        Many reports there of exchanges freezing accounts associated with or with a deposit history of Wasabi tainted BTC.

        • jim says:

          As I said, this is the ten percent attack, likely to become the 34% attack very shortly, at which point it succeeds. And Bitcoin then goes the way of uncut diamonds.

          • Aryaman says:

            Sorry I don’t follow.

            Since all of this is so far about censorship by KYC exchanges connected to fiat, I don’t read any of it as (yet) referring to any known attack on Bitcoin itself by way of miners systematically refusing to add certain transactions to the blockchain.

            (Obviously this still matters if you care about KYC exchanges connected to fiat.)

            • jim says:

              None of it is an attack on bitcoin itself.

              But it is worrying.

              In particular the mining pool that mines “clean” coins is not just KYC exchange being censorious.

  28. Drien says:

    As far as crypto do you really need to report it for taxes? Supposedly they want every shitcoin swap accounted for precisely and every piddly staking reward. I am new to it and trying to figure out if I actually need to bother or if they won’t care about my insignificant activity. /biz/ isn’t making it any clearer

    • Paul Le Roux says:

      In most countries, technically yes. As to whether or not anyone will know is another story. If you’ve bought crypto using fiat via an exchange, they know you have it. If you’ve then taken this to a metamask and traded mostly using pancakeswap, etc. then in theory they can see all of your trades, though I doubt in practice they will care. If you’ve made signifcant profit and withdrawn substantially more fiat than you deposited, potentially more likely to be looked at with scrutiny.

      I went back and made a record of my transactions for this purpose, and can tell you what an absolute clusterfuck it is. It’s difficult piecing together transactions from a few weeks ago for which I knew all of the wallets involved and knew exactly what was going on (at least I knew at some point). For some third party trying to piece together things, best case scenario is they could flag potentially suspsicious accounts using some chain analysis software and then expect you to produce records of your transactions.

      There are millions of crypto users and there is no way they can target them all, tax-wise at least. My advice, which is to be taken with a grain of salt, is that if you’ve made crypto profits and have entered via a fiat exchange in your country, is to declare you’ve made some amount of capital gains which is substantially less than what you’ve actually made. Would want a believable enough reason why this may be true, in the case you are audited. e.g. If you at some point sent your money to multiple different metamasks of your own, only one of these you actually control, the others were sent off to other users to buy something? I’m not sure exactly how to do this, but something that could potentially true based on transaction history. However, very likely that no one cares at all about this and no one looks into you.

      In the future, might be a good practice to do:

      Fiat -> Exchange -> BTC/ETH -> Personal Wallet -> Swap to XMR -> Swap back to ETH (in two parts and at different time) -> Personal ETH Wallet

      And from there you can do what you want, as you normally would. But now for all anyone knows you just purchased XMR to hold and thats all. If things go poorly and you have capital losses, you can still produce proof that this was your money. If things go well, no one knows this profit of yours exists.

      However, the XMR idea may have drawbacks, in the sense that some exchanges, etc. may not touch funds that have come from sources like this. I think Wasabi, which Jim is tlaking about further in the comments, might have similar issues.

      The longer term situation, if you happen to make a lot of money after doing this, means you probably moving to a country with favorable crypto laws and slowly making money “trading crypto” in a way that wouldn’t be suspicious to any AML nonsense. As to which countries are best for this, I’m not certain yet. Some countries have an “exit tax” on assets including crypto. If they knew it existed, they’d either 1) want to tax it when you leave (leaving is equivalent to you selling and then immediately rebuying the asset, creating a taxable event), or 2) would expect their cut when you sell it further down the line, even if you’re no longer a tax resident. I’m not sure how this works for US citizens but I imagine they get raped harder than anyone else. If you’ve first taken your crypto through XMR this shouldn’t be an issue as they won’t know about it.

      I believe something like the following could work, once in a jurisdiction with low crypto tax. You have your wallet full of all your crypto profits that are not at all connected to you personally (Wallet A). You then put money into crypto, that is connected to you personally (Wallet B), and don’t do anything with XMR, etc. for this wallet. With your funds from Wallet B, you invest in a very early shitcoin (perhaps one that you have created yourself with a third wallet, also not connected to you). Being an early holder you have a large share of the tokens. More investors come along (Wallet A, split up), pumping the price. You (Wallet B), sell your tokens, making a substantial profit, and leaving Wallet A holding bags. That is a capital gain from trading crypto, but now you’ve done it in a way where you won’t have much tax, if any.

      In the meantime, if you’re not moving jurisdictions, you can do as Jim suggests and simply spend crypto online or use Bisq. This option is not adequate for me as I eventually want to buy a house for my family to live in, which can’t be done with crypto yet. Also, I’d like to dip my toes into other markets and not really sure what can be done via crypto alone. Is there a tether equivalent for other countries currencies? For gold? For stocks? All of my ideas are hypothetical so perhaps some other commenters can weigh in on if this would work. Also, if we are hurtling towards collapse of the empire, whether or not things like this are likely to get harder or easier to accomplish? Are there regions where banks can be opened that don’t report transactions to the US? Are Swiss banks still like this?

      • Bouncer says:

        >Are there regions where banks can be opened that don’t report transactions to the US?
        If the person opening the account is from the USA, they have to.

        >Are Swiss banks still like this?
        No. Look into Andorra, Lichtenstein, and maybe China. You’re best off getting dual citizenship first. If Mr. Paul Le Roux opens an account in the Caymans, the Cayman bank must report it to the US. If Monsieur Paul Le Roux does it, they don’t need to report it to the US.

  29. Adam says:

    Jim I have a question about merchants and entrepreneurs I’d like to get your perspective on. I am a finish carpenter, and I fabricate custom cabinets and architectural millwork. Consistently over the years, the quality of everything has gone down. Material gets worse and worse. Veneer gets thinner and thinner. Shops get smaller and smaller as everyone is running way past maximum capacity. Working conditions get worse and worse.

    I am not an entrepreneur I am an artisan. It is a labor of love (although I am payed well). As far as I can tell, there are no men running businesses that exercise restraint. Every manufacturer wants to run a sweat shop. Even the ones doing million dollar installations.

    I would love to start my own shop, I just find the game you have to play to succeed in construction to be disgusting. You have to live by lies, and in general treat everyone like shit.

    What keeps this from happening after the restoration?

    • jim says:

      Two problems: Loss of skills, due to destruction of apprenticeship, and that every business, and even open source projects, is being assimilated into the evil religion of an evil, incompetent, and stupid priesthood. Due to the massive overproduction of “elite” the state intervenes to create priestly jobs – exhibit A being the many new functions that HR has created, and that HR personnel are being hired for, which means you get evil management, since their main qualification is plausible pretense at faith in an evil religion.

      The cure is the restoration of apprenticeship, and a vastly smaller priesthood recruited on the principles laid down by Saint Paul in the New Testament, and thus a virtuous priesthood.

      • Adam says:

        The relationship between the customer, the proprietor and labor are still subject to entropy. And even in shops with over 50 employees there is no HR. There is just a book keeper. You can call someone a nigger or a faggot for any reason or no reason and nobody would even notice).

        It just seems like sorting out the priesthood and the state religion is not really going to affect much. It would be nice to eliminate permitting though.

        Every quality carpenter was an apprentice even if informally (not really something you can learn yourself).

        It’s a bigger problem than just my trade though. How does the state deal with defective entrepreneurs? No shortage of defective customers and defective laborers either.

        • Guy says:

          The decrease in the quality of goods is not a function of cost cutting entrepreneurs deciding to make cheaper goods. The problem is the destruction of the currency. The price for the high quality goods and labor has been increasing for a very long time. Over the years people substituted cheaper and cheaper products (or labor) for those they once would have bought, sometimes it seemed like prices were going down because the substitute was adequate, though maybe did not last multiple lifetimes or did not look as nice.

          A beautiful oak cabinet could be made, but few could afford it, so the market moves to particle board.

          My television from 2006 was more expensive than my television from 2017, but has less inputs, is less sturdy, and has a shorter life. The picture is better, and it’s thinner, but you can see cost cutting even when technology allows certain aspects to improve.

          • Adam says:

            That’s a good point. Better material is possible, but rarely available, and as you said mostly unaffordable.

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Why would the state concern itself with something so elegantly solved by manipulation free markets? Priesthood management isn’t a panacea, but it does allow things to work as well as they can.

          • Adam says:

            I’m not really sure it should I’m just trying to find the root of the problem and what to do about it. How to promote and support cooperate/cooperate among merchants and entrepreneurs, as well as what to do (if anything) about those who defect.

            Guy made an excellent point though, about the currency. Also if the priesthood was in order, and construction was not considered low status, it might attract men with considerably more to offer.

            • Kunning Drueger says:

              The rampant priesthood is the root problem. Hard to fight it as an individual, as they’ve made it their business to find and destroy good men, healthy families, and safe communities.

            • James says:

              My observation in tech is that the CEO says ‘Launch this feature faster, it’s okay to accumulate tech debt, we’ll resolve it after launch’. Then immediately post-launch, and you’re onto the next feature, being asked to accumulate more tech debt

              The CEO has been there for 6 months and knows that he can retire with $10 million in the bank if he can pump out impressive numbers for another 18 months. If everything falls apart after that, not his problem.

              This is largely solved by vetting people’s backgrounds for having the same religion and race as the owners, customers, and employees, but to do such a thing is illegal.

        • The Ducking Man says:

          Jim is missing the bigger elephant in room which big part of market is simply not interested nor able to afford quality products anymore.

          When I started my first job I wore $120 artisan shoes (bought from local craftsman) despite I made $400/month (at that time) and I had 4. I can tell that I had the better shoes than what the company owner and manager wore.

          I’ve spoken with a lot of craftsmen, they’ll be more than happy to create custom none bar hold product if customer willing to pay. But so far 99% of their time are spent making cheap products with ever shrinking margin because only cheap products sells.

          The general population are getting poorer and stupider because we’ve been stolen and robbed by the likes of cathedral.

          • James says:

            Genpop is getting poorer and stupider because we’re importing stupid, poor 3rd worlders en masse. American Whites have IQs higher than White Europeans, have fairly rapidly growing incomes, higher net worths, etc. But we’re being zerged hard. It’s dragging the numbers down a lot and really muddying the picture.

        • jim says:

          I don’t think so.

          Not seeing it.

          I see HR pervading everywhere in one form or another. It has been expanding rapidly and endlessly inventing new HR activities that intrude into and disrupt the business in new ways.

          And you cannot call someone a nigger or a faggot in the workplace, any workplace, without dire consequences. Evil priesthood, resulting in evil management.

          “Informal” apprenticeship is not apprenticeship. Apprenticeship has to be enforceable to give the master an incentive to skill up the apprentice.

          • Adam says:

            For the sake of argument, you are officially not allowed to call someone a nigger. Yet every shop is staffed with guys who routinely call each other niggers and faggots, along with calling each other’s mother a whore or worse. Never once in all my years has this been considered out of the ordinary. Granted it is in good fun. New guys have an adjustment period but eventually they join in.

            I will also argue that the informal apprenticeship is functional (perhaps not optimal) and to some extent supported by employers. If a new hire is competent otherwise and generally hard working, employers will often help them buy tools. This happens less and less now though. The guys who do the real work still take care of each other to some extent and train the new hires well if they show aptitude. I do anyway.

            All is not completely lost there is something resembling what could be had if things were better. Definitely among whites you’ll find guys investing in one another for no other reason than that they can.

            • jim says:

              > Yet every shop is staffed with guys who routinely call each other niggers and faggots

              Try calling a nigger a nigger, or a faggot a faggot.

              • Adam says:

                I see your point.

              • The Cominator says:

                Among construction workers I believe it Jim… though perhaps they’ve lost their edge. The same semi NAWALTish girl I knew who liked one of your articles back when I could share you to facebook…

                Once wrote a status that she
                1) Loved being catcalled

                • The Cominator says:

                  Eh hit something that printed the last comment by accident…


                  1) She loved being catcalled passing construction sites (yes she openly stated this) when she lived in the city.
                  2) Thought women who didn’t were in so many words asexual old cunts and not of the heterosexual persuasion… that its not something any normal woman should ever really personally object to and if they did she could not understand it.
                  3) Thought it terrible that there was a campaign to discourage it

                  Don’t know what kind of legal threats there are but construction guys don’t do it anymore apparently… is this a sign of them getting pozzed. Before the anti catcalling campaign if the priesthood had zero influence anywhere it was on construction crews.

                • Adam says:

                  There are no blacks and gays in my field but you can openly call Mexicans beaners and things like that.

                  No shortage of openly racist language between whites and Hispanics. Even if it was bad natured, nobody would give a shit if someone complained.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If you’re in Florida being a leftist outside of groups of faggots in West Palm is generally despised anyway. Even most of the niggers I talk to hate Democrats here. I would imagine a guy shilling for Biden or talking about the evils of racism or some such pozzed issue among Florida construction guys would quickly end up getting the shit kicked out of him.

              • Doom says:

                I’ve had a number of gay co-workers who don’t mind, including one who I would greet with “suck some good dicks on the weekend, faggot?” who would gleefully respond with “threeway in the club bathroom, and I got free meth, woo I need a nap!” (I would go on to call him a disgusting degenerate, which he also loved) But, different work environment.

                I dont think I’d get away with it now though, you’re right. The most recent gay coworker I have had was much more “I’m a victim of life” in attitude. Peoples sense of humour depends on payoff from defecting in your good natured ribbing.

                • Ron says:

                  Thats disgusting.

                  If it was your son he was fucking, would you still be so blase? What if it was your daughters husband?

                  They get us with this bs. “Lets all just be friends”. “Lets jist be reasonable buddies”. When they are actively tearing our entire society to pieces.

                  Take a look around. 10 yo old boys being taught that they are girls is where they always intended to take it.

                  When they startrd this vile filth you rarely saw any girls engaging in lesbianism. Now you will be lucky if you find one that hasnt or isnt actively thinking about it

                  In the 90s something like 4% of the population identified as gay. Now for the current youth its up to a fifth

                  This is why healthy societies throw faggots off of rooftops

                  Dont ever be friends with these degenerate scum again

          • Doom says:

            I read you a lot (obviously) and repetition of your core ideas has begun to give me other ideas.

            I think the HR issue is a symptom of the greater disease. If you solve it, another will pop up to replace it.

            The loss of skills is also a symptom.

            People are (obviously) creatures of nature and fit inside natural structures.

            I suppose one line of questioning can go as follows.
            Lions have a 50/50 gender birth rate.

            Is the way lion society is managed evil? No, it’s just how it is.

            But there are strict limitations to this model of management. ie, male strength is never co-operatively used for group/species benefit.

            I think it’s obvious where I’m going with this, but, further hint – which groups of people still have obvious male co-ordination.

            • jim says:

              > I think the HR issue is a symptom of the greater disease. If you solve it, another will pop up to replace it.

              And the greater disease of which HR is one of many symptoms is elite overproduction, an elite production process that systematically favors wicked elites (lying outrageously on on your college application essay is absolutely mandatory), that has ceased to filter for smarts, and is actively filtering against the dangerously smart.

              • Doom says:

                Elite overproduction without appropriate reproduction, ie , the elites are functionally gay.

                Elites have become very good at controlling people but have made that their meaning in life, rather than actually living.

                >ceased to filter for smarts

                Most smart people I know personally, and groups of intelligent people on the internet eg at blogs like this, are not evil. I don’t get the sense that anyone here wants to enslave large portions of the population.

                I’ve read some argument that pedo behaviour is meant to be self replicating; ie, they’re pedos because stepdaddy touched them, the only way they can “breed” their personality is advocating for more child touching.

                They’re filtering for elites that can continue the technology of the elites, which requires people spend their entire lifes energy on controlling others, rather than their own families.

                If they allow actual meritocracy it “kills” their lineage – they’re not focused on genetics anymore but personality/ social technology.

                Consider this idea in the context of what is considered evil in our elite vocabulary.

                Racism, women having children early, intact families are considered “privilege”, nepotism, religious groups of functional humans..

                I used to think it was “tha gyews” but now I’m coming to realise its an artefact of actual human philosophical evolution.

                Henry the 8th was not very good at having children, nor was Louis the XIV. What’s the point of all that “alpha”? This disease is over a much longer timescale than I previously considered.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Louis XIV had many children but he outlived them all…

                • Doom says:

                  >Louis XIV had many children but he outlived them all…

                  Eh I should have been clearer, you’re right. The implication being that you have kids to further your family rule. Kinging is a skill like blacksmithing; many children with surname Smith, not so much with “Windsor”, see?

                  The problem is massive populations, unmanageable by the human mind. Dunbars number, in effect, is the limitation.

                  Think : theres 300 odd million americans, if you could convince 1 percent of them to give you a quarter of one US dollar…. these kinds of things can be conceptualised by human intellect but, I think, not so much by the lizard brain.

                • i says:

                  Its the duty of the King to be in top physical fitness.

                  As much as having a high libido for young pretty fertile women to breed with in order to continue the family line.

                • Doom says:

                  Yes.. but, with that said, also the duty of the King to show that he isn’t defecting on the rest of (relatively beta) society by playing by a different ruleset.

                  A chief of a group of 100 people, 1 man, 1 wife, easier to see if he’s defecting on it.

                  Much easier to hide that evidence when you have 10,000 subjects, but, also, strong incentive for women to then crow about how they’re fucking the King.

                  I think the duty of the King is to be the archetypical man of the culture. Hard to do when there is such a variety of personalities. You can’t be relatable to 100,000 different personality types, how do you then rule them if they can’t relate to you?

                • S says:

                  The king is to be the archtypical man of his caste, which is much easier. No one expects a king to be a good craftsmen, but we all expect his focus to be on war and politics.

                • alf says:

                  Its the duty of the King to be in top physical fitness.

                  As much as having a high libido for young pretty fertile women to breed with in order to continue the family line.

                  The king sets the example. The best example to set is the Christian example: marrying, no forbidden sex, plenty of allowed sex leading to plenty of children. No sinning.

                  Now, nobody is perfect. Every man has his sins. And that’s fine, living completely sin-free is a holiness spiral failure mode — Roosh writes lots of great stuff, but how a man can unironically aspire to ‘faith maximising’ and not see the pride trap in that beats me.

                  But you don’t invert sinning into a virtue, which is globohomo’s MO.

                  If the king wants a mistress, let him have it. As long as he keeps it on the low. Louis XIV had too many mistresses, gave them too much power, and it bit him. But Louis realized his mistake and corrected. Which is exactly the kind of example you’d hope for in a king.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          I recently spoke to a retired carpenter from California. Obviously, he’d seen an increase of Mexicans over the years. When they were running projects, the whites would act fairly and hire Mexicans who were or who appeared qualified. When they ran projects, the Mexicans favored hiring their own even (I specifically asked) when the other Mexicans weren’t family.

          The retired carpenter also mentioned that a lot of superintendents disliked hiring subordinates with more skill than they had. Most carpenters wanted to rise up the management ladder but, for those who didn’t (because running things is not enjoyable for some), this, of course, selected against skill.

          • Adam says:

            I live in Florida and I have worked with all kinds, except blacks (never met a black carpenter, or a gay one). Whites make the best cabinet makers by far. And they hire non-whites indiscriminately and it is stupid (communication problems). If you find a shop owned by a Cuban, or a Mexican, it will be staffed with Cubans or Mexicans.

            Finish carpenters especially are a fairly sensitive bunch. It’s a really difficult skill to acquire. Maybe 1 in 100 could do it well. And everyone who is good at it has their own way of solving problems. Tools and methods they favor. It’s never that big of a deal but everyone makes a big deal out of being right. It’s stupid. The guys who are really good can get it done every which way.

            As far as supervising goes, from experience I can say it’s best that the supervisor is the highest skilled, as well as most experienced, and older in age than his subordinates. It makes for smoother sailing.

      • Jamesthe1st says:

        I agree with you on the need to restore proper apprenticeship. I got into plumbing back and August, and it is quite hard for anyone to break in because no one cares about training new people. Some companies with their commission model make the plumber pay to have an apprentice, so guess what happens? They don’t take one on!

  30. Kunning Drueger says:


    As the convergence of GAE approaches 100%, namefags and pseudochads will approach overlap in messaging. I think this is because GAE is staffed and run by the dumbest in the room, as well the elements of Clown World drive the socially accepted quietly insane until they start “””ironically schizoposting.”””

    I’m not married to the idea, just interesting to read Yarvin’s latest and then this post in that order. I’m a Yarvinite firmly in the Jimian School, so I don’t care what people say about Yarvin and I know that Jim Is Right.

    An old proverb from Hestia: I went to Master Moldbug in search of the truth, but the way was too long; so I went to Master Jim, and he beat me with a stick.

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