Democracy in action

Lara Logan, CBS chief foreign correspondent

Lara Logan

Lara Logan, about to be gang raped

was beaten and gang raped by a mob of 200 enthusiastic pro democracy protestors chanting “Jew, Jew”

There is an effort to blame Mubarak for this, but if the goons of a US ally had done this, if the goons of a man who accepted peace with the west had done this, the mainstream media would be covering this with headlines the size of tombstones, instead of piously sweeping it under the carpet.

No one is going to be punished for this, and the good progressives really do not want anyone to be punished, since whites and Americans are always in the wrong, and the enemies of civilization always in the right.  I doubt that even Lara Logan wants anyone punished for this, for she is surely a true believing progressive.  Only a true believing progressive would have wandered into a mob of savages without adequate backup, preferably backup from such evil white capitalist imperialists as the men of Blackwater or Executive Outcomes.

This incident reminds me of that Yellowstone park incident where a woman who had seen too many Disney movies poured honey on the hands of her little girl, and asked the girl to feed the bear.  The bear, of course, ate the girl, starting with her hands.

Like the commenters at Atlas shrugged, I can’t wait to hear her report after her recovery calling for understanding of her rapists and how it’s all Bush’s fault.

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